It’s Cuevas vs Roy as defense disintegrates, says Drilon



DURING HAPPIER TIMES. Defense legal counsel Serafin Cuevas and Defense panel member Jose Roy III. INQUIRER fle photo

MANILA, Philippines—Chief Justice Renato Corona’s defense team was “disintegrating” to a point that its own head, former Supreme Court Associate Justice Serafin Cuevas, had allegedly wanted one of its members cited for contempt and detained, a senator bared on Thursday.

“Given what we saw last Tuesday, indeed the defense team was disintegrating,” Senator Franklin Drilon, an administration ally, said at a weekly forum in the Senate.

Drilon revealed that when senators were holding a caucus after Corona’s walk out on Tuesday, Cuevas came in and explained that he had no hand in Corona’s walkout.

Talkative Roy

And when Cuevas saw another defense lawyer, Jose Roy III being interviewed on television about the walkout, Drilon said the lead defense counsel made this remark: “Ayan daldal ng daldal. I-contempt nyo at ikulong nyo ng 10 araw, hindi ako mag o-object (There he goes [referring to Roy], giving a lot of talk. I won’t object if you cite him for contempt and jail him for 10 days).”

“And another incident during the same episode, Atty. Roy was going to join the caucus, hinarang sya ni Justice Cuevas (Cuevas blocked his way). Papasok ka dyan, mumurahin ka (If you go in there, you’ll receive a lot of flak),” Drilon said quoting Cuevas.

Roy now in control

It appeared, the senator said that Cuevas was no longer in control of his team and that Roy seemed to have been taking his place.

“(It was clear) that he (Cuevas) had no control over what was happening. It would appear to me that Atty Roy is the principal lead counsel from what had transpired,” Drilon said, noting Cuevas’ own admission that he had tried to resign from the defense team because of a “conflict of opinion.”

The senator believes Cuevas had indeed no hand in Corona’s walkout, which he described as “premeditated.”

“Somebody else is directing the show,” Drilon said without saying who.

“I have no doubt that the walkout was premeditated, planned. I can conclude reasonably that Justice Cuevas was not part of the plan,” he added.

Originally posted at 12:03 p.m.

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  • Abnoy tupak

    mga corrupt takot sa waiver..
    number one takot: drilon 


    one sided senator judge.

  • Comic Book

    Another one of Pnoy’s stooges. This political butterfly has no honor to suggest such things for one thing is true is that his reliability is just as questionable.

  • Phil

    I thought Sen Drilon is one of the Senator-judges, is he one of the Prosecutors now?

    I think the Senator should sign the waiver so people will not think that he has hidden wealth that he must also declare.

    See what happened to Padaca she is pushing for good governance and now the court declared that she should be arrested for wrongdoing.

  • Tupas flying Objects

    Planado talaga! 

    Naki pag shake hand pa nga si Atty. Roy kay CJ R. CORONA bago sya lumbas ng korte…

    Tapos kumakaway kaway pa si CJ R. CORONA habang papalabas…

    JPE at Senator-Judges, hindi ba kayo na insulto dun sa pagkaway ni CJ R. CORONA noong sya ay papalabas ng korte?

  • indiosbravos2002

    napuno na si Cuevas kay fatty boy Roy. ang epal kasi. Tingin ko eto nga yong bununo kay Corona na magwalkout. ang tatanga kasi.

  • Darwin

    Daming paid commenters dito. Kahit ma-impeach si Corona, malamang Corona pa din sila. Samahan nyo kaya ngayon sa Medical, at magpamisa na din kayo dun. Kaysa naman nasa harap kayo ng computer buong hapon.

  • Pablo Juan

    I agree with drilon..  it looked like this was a script written by Roy+Corona+Cristina.  I saw it on TV too.. Roy was explaining the alternative reality to the reporters.. he’s “too cool” with his answers.. and remember that “may I direct your attention to the $10M..” thing? that was him too..  


      Nanagas, I appointed you to PGH, how come you are on the other side? Ha?

  • Alexis

    Corona was obviously taking an exit but was blocked by the Security Officer.  For him to have done this showed only his true character, truly unbecoming of the head of the magistrate.  If he is too ill to stand in trial, then he is then too ill to work as CJ.  THis was his chance to prove his innocence, but he squandered it.  It just shows he can’t debunk the testimony of the Ombudsman, so like a coward he shoots from afar.  

  • Jon

    Don’t change the topic Fatboy.
    Why aren’t you willing to sign the waiver?
    Skeletons in your closet?
    Afraid that the public might know something that they shouldn’t?
    No balls?
    Or just a plain hypocrite? 

    • nakawan

      well first because he’s not on trial, and second unless you were high as a kite the Mischief Justice signed a conditional waiver which automatically negates itself if the 188 and Drilon don’t sign– textbook blurring of the issue

    • balut123

      there is another time and place for that…wag kang hot!

      Pag tapos ng impeachment let us all clamor for transparency in the government….
      This impeachment should serve us some lessons.

    • Ramses

      your chief justice doesn’t even have the balls to face the cross examination and now you’re riding high with his parlor game for the waiver? if he really wants to end this whole drama in the senate, he would be eager to defend himself and disclose everything.. after the judges’ decision he can file a formal complaint to ask for the disclosure of drilon’s SALN together with the 188 band.. but where is he? nagyayabang..”now, the chief justice of the republic of the philippines wishes to be excused..” tapos dahil di naka-eskapo, nagsasakit-sakitan nalang…

  • Joey

    I can’t imagine this kind of person going back to our Supreme Court!

  • Cernan Pangga

    Sorry Corona supporters, I think there will be a maximum of 3 senators and minimum of 1 (Joker) will acquit Corona. 
    Those who will acquit him will never win in the 2013 elections just like the Erap impeachment.
    Remember, almost 80% of the people wants him to be impeached and almost 50% agree to do people power if Corona will be acquitted. 
    This survey results are before the Lenten break. I strongly believe that after Corona’s walk out and testimony which was baseless and malicious more people wants him to be impeached (95% minimum).

    • nakawan

      can’t argue with the numbers bro

    • MonMayuga

      Joker Arroyo and Miriam Santiago are no longer running for reelection so they won’t really care.

  • anak_mahirap50


  • Martin

    From day one, this Atty. Roy who looks more Bombay than Pinoy behaved arrogantly and talked too much often overshadowing the lead counsel, Cuevas.  There’s always a Judas in every group.

    • Odran89

      So, should I thank Atty Roy then? Hmm…

  • asantoni

    This is the same senator who bragged his position when he was in San Francisco Airport telling the security that he is exempted from search. Unfortunately, the security told him “We don’t care who you are, just follow the rules”. That is the kind of character he has, no wonder he is exhibiting the same in this process. Well the filipinos voted for him, so now everyone of you deserves the kind of official you get. So beware you when you exercise your rights this coming election.

    • Martin

      Correct.  He should stop saying the Defense is disintegrating.  He must disintegrate his big fat body instead.

      • indiots

        drilon is correct. disentegrating na ang defense. there was one stance cuevas already wanted to resign but corona beg. him to stay.

  • balut123

    share ko lang itong nakakatawang excerpt from another website….

    . They live a simple life?
    Corona said his family lives a simple life. They rarely use the air-conditioner and they don’t have any househelp.
    “Simpleng buhay at tahahan lamang. Hindi man kami gumagamit ng aircon sapagkat napakadali naming magkasakit sa lamig. Simpleng pagkain lamang ang kinakain namin sa bahay. Sa maniwala man kayo o hindi, kami po ay walang katulong sa bahay,” Corona said.
    But Corona’s reimbursements in the Supreme Court tell a different story. He dined in fancy restaurants and wore expensive Barong Tagalog, among others.
    Among the documents that the prosecution panel has are the following:
    Corona’s reimbursement of P15,362.37 for a meal at Century Tsukiji restaurant on June 20, 2010. The receipt was under the name “Renato/Cristina Corona.”Corona’s reimbursement of P20,400 and P25,000 for Barong Tagalog purchased at Rustan’s store Design Exchange Corp.A reimbursement of P100,000 for the “purchase Christmas gifts of the Chief Justice”
    Receipts of his reimbursements were part of the evidence that various commercial institutions submitted to the Senate impeachment court based on a request from the prosecution.

    • MonMayuga

      Ikaw naman, e taga Batangas yan eh. Baka Bagoong Balayan na pinigaan ng kalamunding at sawsawan ng nilabong talong, patola at  papaya ang ulam nila.

    • mad_as_Hamlet

      If it comes to refuting the Coronas’ claims of a frugal and simple life, read the following which I just read and copied:

      “Another reliable soure has surfaced just hours ago. She claims that she had worked in the Corona household for 5 years and that her principal duty was brushing Mr. Corona’s teeth. After some questioning by a reporter it appears that she was referring to the Upper Denture of Mr. Corona. She claims that by reason of her special duty, she was fondly known as “Taas” by the Coronas. However, she has refused to divulge the real name of another household help because the girl is still working with the Coronas up to now. But she revealed that this girl had also a special duty exactly like hers. This girl, “Baba,” was a minor when she was hired by the Coronas, according to “Taas.”

      According to “Taas,” she was terminated last year, 2011, December, by the Coronas. Asked why, she said because they were implementing “sterility meaasures.” The reporter deduced that it was probably “austerity measures” she heard because “Baba” was retained. “Taas” disclosed that she was given “100 x 43″ as her separation pay. Asked what she meant, “Taas” giggled, saying, ” kasi 100 Dollars.””

    • VeryDisgusted2

      Irresponsible at waldas ang taong ito sa public funds. That’s why depleted ang World Bank loan intended to improve our justice system. The loan resulted to nothing because this thief justice is used to dip his hand to the cookie jar for himself. 

      Impeachment should not be enough. He should be made to account all missing and misappropriated justice funds under his watch and he should be sent to prison.

  • doublecross

    convict na yan dhl BASTOS!

  • Phil

    This is one example that Senator Miriam was saying that you will see some senators will use this impeachment exercise to do ” EPAL” in front of the public for their advantage on the next election.

    • pinklace88

      Sen Miriam was actually referring to herself.. didn’t you notice, yes she isn’t running for re election but she acted and behaved with more EPAL than you expect from a re electionist.  

  • MonMayuga

    How can you save a person who digs his own grave? Defense Attorney Cuevas must utterly be frustrated.

  • Bart Simpson

    kasuhan nyo ksi c drilon and the 188 congressmen if you have even a little evidence na corrupt sila kung gusto nyo makita mga deposits nla, pag ganyan lang kayo matatapos lng eleksyon ganyan prin kayo, hanggang ngawa lng. sa mga opinion nyo ksi parang my alam tlaga kayo na katiwalian nila e, so tingnan nga ntin mga atty. without law. hehe..

  • kilabot

    pirma ka muna ng waiver drilon bago dumakdak. you are trying to evade the issue. me tatlo ng congs na willing pumirma dahil walang tinatago. ikaw ba? pirma na! pronto! para magkaalaman na sa totoong nangyari sa iloilo hall of justice na pinagawa mo. c’mon porky!

    • Tupas flying Objects

      Uto-uto lang ang taong papayag sa hamon ni CJ R. Corona… 

      Si CJ R. Corona dito ang subject at hindi ang 188 at si Drilon… period.

      • $5699914

        Tama ka, brod. Dahil kung papatulan ng mga congressmen at drilon ang ‘hostage scenario’ na ipinipilit ni corona, maaaring gamitin na ang ganitong strategy ng mga ilang nasasakdal. Yun bang aamin lang sila ng kasalanan kung ibibigay yung ‘ransom’ na nais nila. Sila na nga ang nasasakdal, sila pa ang may kapal ng mukha na mag-demand?
        Naniniwala ako na may mga dungis rin ang ilan o lahat ng 188 congressmen at drilon. Kunf anuman ang mga iyon, ipakita at kasuhan rin sila. Ang daming mata ng bayan para gumawa niyan. Hindi iyan dapat  kinakamkam lang ni corona.
        Hilig ni coronang mang-angkin ng lahat ng papuri at kabayanihan….sariling buhat-bangko!

  • indiots

    mga corona’s supporter, vote more than one at this PDI poll… naiiwanan na kayo ah

  • balut123

    and here is the funniest!!!

    He started investing in foreign exchange in the late 60s when US$1 was equivalent to PhP2?
    The Twitter world was quick to react to Corona’s recollection of his early years as foreign exchange investor. He supposedly started in the late 1960s when US$1 was equivalent to PhP2?

    First, Undersecretary Manolo Quezon of the Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office (PCDSPO) noted that peso devaluation began in the administration of the late President Diosdado Macapagal, who was president from 1961 to 1965.
    And second, Corona was still a college student in the late 1960s. He graduated in college in 1970.

    • willbillywilly

       Aside from that, i do believe the exchange rate at that time was much higher than P2 to a dollar already

  • Filipinoflash

    You are right Sen. Drilon. The defense is collapsing like a deck of cards. During their press con after that infamous Corona walkout, they are faces of lying and manipulating. 

    • beatmanny

      small lady!

  • willbillywilly

    No question about it, cuevas didnt know what was going on, it was roy who was part of the script since he together with another lawyer were the ones congratulating corona on his way out

  • Dynamic

    These are early signs of defeat,you’ll be surprised if some of them don’t even bother showing up…

  • last_mile

    oink oink

  • kilabot

    what are the similarities between drilon and roque?
     1) both are porky;
     2) saliva drips when talking;
     3) gossip-mongers;
     4) wear wigs;
     5) comes from the same prostitution den;

    • VeryDisgusted2

      Pathetic! All run out of reasons from their master Thief Justice down to this jerk poster. Nothing more left to think or say except name-calling.

  • okabato

    I knew it! The unraveling of the case of the CJ began when Roy put the clerk of court of QC RTC and the sheriff on the witness stand and eliciting from them the truth I knew right there and then that Roy Judd is on the side of the TRUTH. He may seemed sarcastic to a lot of viewers but if you analyze his line of questioning, he is really for the truth to come out! More power to you MR. ROY!!!

    • Nhesthy

      hahahahaha love your sarcasm! haha

  • noypisiTED

    Chief cook errr…justice Corona is a lawyer he knew that courtly conduct is expected of every member of the legal profession, such that even sneezing had to have court permission. A lot of pro-Corona commentators even got turned off on the actuation Corona showed to the impeachment court. He failed to measure up to the Code of Chivalry that Noble men are made of. “Whom God wants to destroy He makes him mad first”. ‘Hollow men’ like Corona are made of charlatan types. Each man would have his time of “visitation” as warned by the Galilean master.  Now, if you think Corona would reappear at the Senate Friday, May 25, then you’re wrong.That’s why to the Promethean senator-judges if ain’t fit, convict!!!

    • Tony

      Another self-serving remarks.. 

  • cantonese

    Pirmahan mo ang waiver ng lahat ng bank account mo at patunayan mong malinis ka. Wag mong paki alaman ang defense panel ng impeachment, ang dapat lang bang sabihin ng mamayan na MAGNANAKAW KA? Ipakita mo at isplika ang pinang galingan ng pondo mo.

    Nothing personal Ka Indo, Pakita mo ang lahat ng dollar at pesos account mo at yung mga pondo mong naka lagay sa ibang pangalan.

    • True Orient

      Yup. Malamang na meron s’yang tinatago but he is not the accused. Si Corona!

      • missaya

        yes si corona ang accused but we may also have senathief in the making… buti na maka cguro na matigil na talaga ang corruption at all branches of government…

      • paranoid_penguin

        So….file ka ng impeachment laban sa mga Senators…..

      • willylansangan

        sorry paranoid to interupt hindi ini impeach ang mga senador paki sabi kay missaya sa ombudsman siya magreklamo

  • Ramses

    CJ was supposed to be a justice model.. but walking out because he is the CJ of the RP was just so unjust.. napa-nganga lang si lolo JPE… ang napakataas na respetong binigay nya kay CJ ay sinukli-an ng napaka-bastos na pag-uugali…. and he is the CHIEF JUSTICE of the Republic of the Philippines…

  • UrBosssss

    Oo nga naman! Bakit ayaw nyong patulan ang hamon ni Corona? Kung ang mga senators at  prosecutors na tumatayong taga-usig ay totoong malinis, tanggapin nyo ang hapon. Pakita nyo sa aming na kayo man ay totoong kagalanggalang… walang dungis… hindi kawatan… na iba sa taong isinakdal at inuusig ninyo. Sa gayon ay mawala ang aming pangamba at paniniwala na lahat nang nasa pwesto ay MGA WALANG HIYA.

  • gemini2011

    I felt really very sorry for the old man Cuevas. He tried his best to defend his client, but he was simply overruled by his noisy boys. Sometimes the young ones get this feeling of over confidence and they forget the importance of temperance.

    It’s so sad that Justice Cuevas would end his career this way. It’s humiliating.

  • Satticus

    It would be prudent for them to finish off the impeachment trial first. After that, anyone who has the legal standing  may go file complaint against any public officers they think are unfit to hold office. Let’s just take things one at a time.

    Since public opinion, might more or less reflect the outcome of the trial, i.e., the Chief Justice will be convicted, then those people who still want the 188 congressmen and Sen. Drilon to sign their waivers can go call and demand for them to do so after the pending matter has been resolved. We’ll see how clean they are.

  • Jose

    Corona is not even a wide reader, else he might have known this American wisecrack: If you are in a h e l l h o l e stop digging!

    • gemini2011

      you see, when one starts lying and gets away with it he becomes addicted to doing so. in the end he suffers the consequences.

  • Philcor

    Parang natutuwa na ang baboy ah…Sen Drilon, if you want to be a cheerleader, remove that robe you are wearing…and sign the waiver challenged to you,et al. Palibhasa mas mayaman pa kayo kesa sa accused.

    • paranoid_penguin

      eh impeach nyo muna…ulol…

    • dgboy

      rule of law, waah!

  • willbillywilly

    It would be better if corona would ask his fellow justices to sign the waiver to prove hes not the only one doing favorable decisions

  • Phil

    I heard that  most of the 188 congressmen are willing to sign the waiver except for Sen Drilon – reason? he don’t want to fall to CJ trap, really? or just hidding something. I think the Prosecutor, sorry the Senator should come out clean in the open

    • Dipaloloko

      but that’s another case – in which he will have to answer. what are you waiting for? lead the filing of the case – yan ang kailangan natin ngayon….action!

      but wait! ….di nga pala impeachable position ang senator.  hehehe…

      • marionics

        kay conching mo i-file sabay amlac

  • Ramses

    one of the board in medical city is midas marquez relative.. the family of the husband of carla corona is also connected with medical city… something’s telling me………

    • gardy_versozi

      weird ano? something’s fishy talaga.
      ….oh wait… senator angara is one of the senate judge in the impeachment court… and his son, congressman angara is one of prosecution…
      drilon is the most vocal ally of president aquino and an outspoken critic of corona even before the impeachment trial began.

      nothing fishy there! :)

  • beatmanny

    you, drilon, look like a pig so your opinion does not matter.

    • paranoid_penguin

      At least Drillon is telling us what had happen….eh what about Miriam….is she absent during the proceeding? haven’t heard her lately…

      • beatmanny

        a penguin and 10 noytards like Drilon.

      • dgboy

        magwalkout ka nalang!

  • tiktikrobong

    halos wala na  ang rerespeto sa pinakamataas na empleado sa korte suprema.  sino ba naman kasi ang  maniniwala na ang chief justice ay magawa niya ang nakita nating nangyari sa korte noong martes….!?

    at bakit kindi man lang nag-react si miriam santiago…!?

    ano kaya ang dahilan….?

    madam miriam, ur honor, if u may, can u tell us why u r natameme…?

  • Harry

    The CJ disrobed Drilon and the senator is now walking around with a “see-through”.

  • lt53

    i believe atty cuevas, i watched mr corona touched atty roy as the former stood up to leave the witness stand, that defense lawyer must be in the know of corona’s plan to walk out, i also watched atty cuevas got mad and said “daldal ng daldal”, so atty roy pala yon. i pity and still respect atty cuevas and the others like attys de los angeles and esguerra. one can still discriminate who among the defense panel are misled by mr corona.

  • AprilFool




    • willbillywilly

       wow!!! then free all the convicts since we are all sinners

      • berong

         bwahaahahahh..nadale mo igan.

      • Andres_Bagumbayan

        Mukhang mas kapaki-pakinabang sa lipunan kung lahat ng may sala o makasalanan sa batas ay makulong sa bilibid kesa ito ay palayain tulad ng iyong suhestiyon!!!!

      • dgboy

        unahin mo mga rapist, rule of law, waaha!

      • AprilFool

        sabihin mo yan sa lahat ng mga husgado sa lahat ng Korte sa buong Pilipinas na sumintensiya sa mga nakakulong na kriminal ngayon. Yes, we are all sinners. No exception to that, pero depende yan kung anon’ng klaseng kasalanan ang ginawa mo. Sabinga: “Never point an accusing finger at anyone because your other three fingers are pointing at you.”

  • Tony

    Dapat kay Drilon mag-inhibit sa botohan dahil sa ipinapakita nyang pag-pabor sa guilty verdict. Kahit tambakan mo ito ng mga pekeng dokumento, boboto pa rin ito ng pabor sa amo. 

    • dgboy

      parang si arroyo at brenda

  • ronie

    tsismosong senador ito si drilon. pirma na lang kasi ng waiver at wla na maraming satsat.

  • aSwedishguy

     I am the Chief Justice of the republic of The Philippines and a INC holy
    cow thats why i don´t not give a S”it what you say, Goodbye.

  • agong1

    correction! He has not just hiding something..he has something..the proof when CJ dare and single out Drillon to open and sign the waiver..He even mention and challenge that that drillon will wash out  the CJ..
    If this guy has ball..he can raise his hand and accept the CJ challenge since he started he is the one who eager to get rid of the CJ .and here  gossiping  what this if disintegrating in the defense team!!!!
    after ward I will not fall into trap..
    your trapo and no ball at all..

    • honkgoy

      investigate Drilon’s SALN first,then if there’s a probable cause, you file a case  and then demand him to sign a waiver. Until there is a case filed against him, he has the right to deny your request. For the meantime, since CJ is the one in trial, he should show proof that he is not hiding anything that is not disclosed in his SALN. Sign the waiver.

      • tuldok

        I agree.  Furthermore, if i were one of the congressmen or senators, whether malinis, honest or not, I will not give credence to the challenge or idea of this man.  Bakit mo bibigyan ng importansya ang mungkahi o idea ng taong lubog na sa kahihiyan, sa katarantaduhan, sa kabobohan, sa kabastusan, sa kasinungalingan, sa katusuhan, at kung ano ano pang pang-uri na bumubuo ng kanyang katauhan.   Pipirma lamang ako sa waiver challenge na manggagaling sa isang respetadong tao. 

      • Jose

        Pag nangyari yang gusto niya, lahat na lang mang gagayahan.  Bawat akusado mag demand na mag sign din ng waiver yung mga nagaakusa o kahit sinong trip niya.  Wala nang hutisyang ma-achieve sa Pilipinas.  Ito ba ang idea ng rule of law ni CJ?  Unfit for the position talaga.

      • gardy_versozi

         gaya ng impeachment complaint? na walang verification? walang evidence? kukuha lang ng evidence by way of subpoena? at mag imbento ng fake evidence? ito ba idea ng rule of law sa iyo?

      • Ronilo

        pano nag connect sa waiver yong pagkabuo ng IC? Tama si Jose, kung ganun ganun ang gagawin ng akusado eh walang mangyayari dahil lahat tayo may makikitang butas. Depende na yan sa kung sino ang nahahabla. Aminin man nang mga senador o hindi or ako or ikaw may makikita talaga tayong butas sa isat isa. kaya tama na ang mga palusot mo.

      • gardy_versozi

        wala palang kasalanan or mali ang prosecution sa ginawa nila, kaya wala kayong reklamo. hindi pala mali yung mag file ka ng kaso na walang evidence. hindi rin pala mali na mag imbento ka ng evidence. at hindi pala mali na pilitin si cj na mag sign ng waiver, pero mali pala kung yung iba pilitin rin mag sign ng waiver.

        ok, i got it.

      • Yanong_OFW

         Tahimik ka nalang pre..abangan nalang natin ang resulta..

      • dgboy

         rule of law, waah!

    • antonioluna

       kawawa ka naman inverted talaga utak mo dahil gusto mo pang masunod ang kundisyones ng akusado hahaha

  • berong

     i fairness ,madaldal nga si atty roy.sya ang nagsabi dati na ilalabas ni TJ yung dollar account nya,sya ang nagsabi na tetestigo si TJ kung mauuna sina OMB…sometimes,as a team leader,nakaka-asar talaga at dapat lang na ipakulong ng 10 araw pag may member kang madaldal…hahahahha

  • billygunn23




      • billygunn23


      • antonioluna

        alam mo billy the kid walang nagsasabing malinis si drilon pati na rin ang 188 tongressman pero dapat isaksak mo sa utak mo na hindi sila ang akusado dahil iisa lang ang akusado at yaan ay si asong corona, ngayon pagkatapos ng impeachment kay cheap dog maghain ka naman ng complaint sa ombudsman at huwag sa mga congressman dahil wala tayong panglangis at pangpork barrel nila pero sa ombudsman kahit ordinaryong mamamayan maaring maghain ng kaso at asahan mo susupurta kami sa iyo kaya pwede ba patapusin muna natin ang event na ito dahil alam na alam mo naman na diversionary na lang ang ginagawa ni cheap dog

      • dgboy

         yan ba tintawag mong rule of law? Magsampa ka muna ng kaso. Naghahanap kalang ng palusot

      • alahoy_2012

        Hindi si Drilon ang akusado.  Si Chief justice Corona. Pwede siguro ikaw ang mag-umpisa ng impeachment case kay Drilon at susuportahan kita at idemand din natin sa kanya na iwaive nya din yung confidentility ng bank accounts niya.. pero yun nga , kung talagang walang itinatago si Corona eh iwaive nya na ngayon yung confidentiality ng bank accounts niya ng walang pre condition.     hindi ito asta ng isang lang..peace to all

    • Let’s go, Bob!

      Uuuuuyyyy SI BILLY gumagawa ng issue, divert ng topic, talagang ganyan hanap ng ibang butas, arimunding munding munding arimunding munding

      Hayaan mo Billy, after ni Corona mag kakampi tayo sa pirmahan na iyan.  May tatlo ng pumirma. 185 + senators nalang hihintayin natin.

      • billygunn23

        alam mo conan, kahitn vbaligtarin ang mundo, hindi ka kakampi sa pirmahan kaya ang masasabi ko lang sayo: ESTORYAHE! LOL

      • Let’s go, Bob!

        Sorry about that, maawain lang talaga ako.

    • dgboy

       cge mauna kana

  • ztefertilizerscam5

    Aba naman Coronang  Swapang, Puno ka ng grassa, Pinandidirihan ka ng tao Ang yaman ng bayan ay kinurakot mo lahat Bukod kang mandaraya at sinungaling Sasambahin ka lahat ng sip-sip na alipores? mo Sumaimpierno sana ang kaluluwa mo At pinagmumura din ang lahat ng mga anak mo at asawa mong mabaho pa sa bilasang isda Ang yaman na ninakaw mo Ay sindami ng kasalanan mo Ikaw ay sasantohin ng lahat ng demonyong nakapaligid sa iyo, Dahil sa nakaw mong puwesto
    (Midnight Appointee) ang Tawag sa yo SC THIEF JUSTICE…

    Corona game over
    Fake SC Thief Justice(Midnight Appointment)
    Fake BGEI (34.7 million sold 28 thousand to Carla Corona)
    Fake Doctorate(no Dessertation and residency requirement.
    Fake Saln
    Fake illness

  • Penelope Ong

    Most definitely Atty. Roy knew of the walkout.  As per GMA news video (it was not caught in any of the ABS videos), Corono shook hands with Roy as soon as he left the witness chair.  Roy was not at all surprise that Corona was leaving without leave of court.  He had the opportunity to inquire from Corona why he was leaving, he did not.  Midas and Mrs. Corona also stood up, on cue.

    I think right after his speech, Corona, assuming he really is sick now, still had enough energy to tell JPE that he wasn’t feeling well.  If he could walk and shake hands with Roy, then he could have just as easily ask for leave from the court.

    Corona planned to walkout and Roy knew about it.  Poor Justice Cuevas.

    • Andres_Bagumbayan

      Walang magpapatunay na kasabwat si Ginoong Roy sa naturan paglisan ng punong mahistrado. ngunit malinaw para sa akin na lumisan ng walang paalam ang punong mahistrado…at ito ay makakaapekto sa boto na kanyang makakamit!!!

      • opinyonlangpo

        When Roy shook hands with Corona and give him a tap on his shoulder as Corona and wife were rushing out the session hall, I take that as “Good job. Now hurry up, the cars are waiting in the basement.”

      • Andres_Bagumbayan

        Naniniwala na ako na hindi tatayo sa korte at hindi mabigat na ebidensiya ang pinagbatayan mong pagbati ng kamay(shake hand) at pagtapik sa balikat ni Ginoong roy kay corona…

        Kung maaalala mo,pagkatapos ng testimonya ni corona ay may ilang taong sa gallerya ang pumalakpak…maari ang pagabati ng kamay ni Ginoong roy ay katulad din nuong mga pumalakpak na mga tao, lamang ito ay dinaan niya sa pagbati ng kamay imbes na siya ay pumalakpak!!!! Sa ngayon,Mahirap mapatunayan ang akusasyon laban kay Ginoong Roy kumporme na lamang kung may magsasalita na kapartido nito…

      • dgboy

        mahirap magbulagbulagan boy, panoorin mo mabuti video. 

      • Andres_Bagumbayan

        Napanood ko na Igan at wala akong nakita na magpapatunay na kasabwat si ginoong Roy…Puwede bang isalaysay mo sa amin kung paano mo nasabing kasabwat si Ginoong Roy base sa naturan video iyong napanood?

    • comeandgo

      Tama ka Penelope Ong

      Punta kayo duon sa ABS-CBN news na may title “CJ to Senate Sgt-at-arms: Are you arresting me?” at ito ay part lamang sa mga sinasabi ni Retired Maj. Gen. Jose Balajadia Jr., ang Senate Sgt-at-arms.

      “I’m sorry, sir,” Balajadia recalled telling Corona after Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile ordered all doors in the Senate to be locked.

      Corona then retorted, “Are you arresting me?”

      “He was looking at me straight in the eye,” Balajadia said.

      He said he tried to explain Enrile’s order to Corona, but his wife, Cristina, interrupted him.

      “Is this martial law?” she reportedly told Balajadia

      Keeping himself calm, Balajadia insisted that they cannot leave and asked Senate security personnel to assist him in implementing Enrile’s order. He said someone then asked for a chair for Corona.

      Balajadia later learned from other members of his staff that Corona’s vehicle at the basement parking area appeared ready to leave.

      “When the Senate President was ordering me to close the gates, the car of the Chief Justice was already in position,” he said.

      “Yung sasakyan niya unti-unti nang lumalabas.”

      So, from the statements of the Senate Sgt-at-arms, it is very clear that CJ’s walkout was planned – an act or conduct unbecoming of no less than the Chief Justice. What a shame.

      Kaya sabi ko, tama ka Penelope Ong – Corona planned to walkout and Atty. Roy and even Atty. Manalo knew about it.

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    At Nagbintang ang nilalang minsan na naging kaalyado at kumupkop kay GMA…Masahol pa sa isang Inahing baboy na nagluluwal ng kanyang mga biik kung makahiyaw ang Nilalang na ito….

    Pasensiya na at Mahirap sa ganang akin na tawaging “tao” ang nilalang na ito…

    • dgboy

       eh lahat naman yan kumapi kay gma dati, eh d lahat pala sila baboy, what a logic

      • Andres_Bagumbayan

        Sigurado kang lahat???

        At hindi ko sinabing baboy ang nilalang na ito..ang sabi ko ay Mas masahol pa sa baboy!!!!malinaw iyan Igan…

  • aSwedishguy

    Hopefully In a couple of days he belongs to the history and will be remembered as the “Walker”

  • CerioSantiago

    kaya pala gusto na magresign sa defense kasi di kasama sa script si lolo cuevas bwahaha!
    kasi gusto masolo ni jose roy iii si karen jimeno.nyahahaha

    pano kasi nung practice wala si cuevas. better resign to save yourself before time runs out.

  • AnastacioMamaril

    Please Sen. Drilon pakita mu naman sa publiko na ikaw ay impartial kahit kunwari lang mga ilang araw lang naman pleaseeee.

    • Andres_Bagumbayan

      Tama ka igan…partida pa iyan,Nanumpa pa sa harap ng korte ang nilalang na ito na siya ay walang kikilingan at magiging patas!!!

      Kung kawalan respeto sa korte o pambababastos sa korte ang tawag sa paglisan ni Corona ng walang paalam ay mas masahol itong ginagawa ng nilalang na ito sa dahilan Nanumpa ito sa harap ng Bayan at ng MAYKAPAL na siya ay magiging patas sa nag-aakusa at nasasakdal…Ngunit tignan mo Igan ang nilalang na ito…Palundag-lundag sa lahat ng mga taga-paghatid ng balita(reporters) upang maihatid ang dis-gusto niya sa punong mahistrado!!!!  O,anong klaseng nilalang ka!!!!! Napaka-kurap mo!!!Nawa’y huwag kang gayahin ng mga susunod na henerasyon!!!!

      Talaga yatang kulang na ang matitinong pinuno dito sa ating bayan sa dahilan nananatili pa sa kanyang puwesto ang nilalang na ito!!!!

      • CerioSantiago

         kundi ka bayaran, malamang wala kang isip.
        concentrate tayo kung sino nasa trial. kung gusto mabukasan kina drilon eh di magsampa sa korte. ngakngak!

      • Andres_Bagumbayan

        Basahin mo ang iyong mga katagang nagamit at sabihin mo sa bayan kung sino ang walang pag-iisip….Hindi puwede ang sinasabi mo na ituon kay corona lamang ang pansin sa dahilan nagkokomento ang ipinagtatanggol mong nilalang…

        Ang opinyon o argumento mo ay tulad din ng kina-iinisan mong si corona…puro kayo nagtatago sa teknikalidad ng batas…bakit hindi ilabas ng nilalang na ito ang kanyang yaman ng walang kasong isinasampa sa kanya?? tulad ng lagi nyo akusasyon kay corona,may tinatago ba ang nilalang na ito na ikakukulong niya kapag ito ay nabuklat sa publiko? lagi niyang sinasabi na ang kanyang yaman ay nakalagay sa kanyang SALN…at sino naman ang maniniwala na sapat na ang SALN upang maging batayan?? alam natin na puwedeng dayain ang SALN…

      • antonioluna

         kasalanan iyan ng mga bobotante at mangmang, inc. dahil sila ang mga nagluluklok ng mga walang kwentang pulitiko

      • Andres_Bagumbayan

        Tama ka Igan..hangga’t hindi nagbabago ang ilan natin kababayan sa paghirang ng ating mga pinuno ay walang mangyayari sa ating inang bayan…

      • antonioluna

        actually bro 80 percent pataas ng voting force ay member ng bobotante at mangmang, inc. kaya imposibleng makapagupo tayo ng matinong pulitiko

    • antonioluna

       tama bro, wala rin syang pinagkaiba kay mirriam

  • bogart73

    nagsalita na naman ang baboy ng senado.. patulan mo na ang hamon ni corona, pirma ka na rin ng waiver, hindi ka naman magnanakaw di ba kagalang galang na senador drilon?

    • MannyKingfisher

      May kasabihan – Ang pumatol sa sira ulo ay masahol pa pinapatualn. Ganyan ang nanyari kay Corona, naghamon. Biruin mo Chief Justice ng bansang Pilipinas ito ang alam na depensa sa kanyang impeachment case, ang mangdamay. Kung may ibedensya siya palagay ko masipag si Ombudsman Conching sa pag-imbistiga. Ay, hindi lang siya karapatdapat na chief justice, may crab mentality pa.

  • antonioluna

    bagamat gusto kong maconvict itong si cheap dog ay hindi na maganda ang ipinapakita ni drilon na isa ring self serving
    sa isang banda wala na talagang kahihiyan itong si cheap dog dahil pati ang malinis na pangalan ni ka apin ay idinamay nya, ngayon kailangan pang magsinungaling ang matanda para lang mapagtakpan si asong corona

    • drifter

      Drilon is just sowing intrigue dahil naisahan sya ni Corona. He just wanted to magkasira sira yung nasa defense para nde sya mapansin sa mga pinaggagawa nya.

      • antonioluna

        paano sya naisahan ni corona?kung isa ka sa senator judges papatulan mo ang kundisyon ni cheap dog?

    • archangel uriel

      ano ba kayo……nagtatawanan lang ang lahat sa mga pangyayari… bakit mo pinag-iinitan si drilon……si corona lang ba ang may K na magdrama effect…. ano ba yan….

  • redpula

    justice quevas is a good lawyer, if there is any body who master mind this spectacular walkout it might be the CJ alone, he was about to ask for a break when CJ walked out without the leave of court.  All of his effort will go to the drain because of CJ’s act and he is binded by his client’s actuation in court. 

    • Andres_Bagumbayan

      Naniniwala din ako na mismong ang punong mahistrado lamang ang may kagagawan ng kanyang walang paalam na paglisan…Maaring alam din ng kanyang may-bahay ang kanyang nagawa sa dahilan sinalubong agad siya nito papalabas ng korte…Ngunit maging ano pa man,bagamat hindi naman siguro ito ang magiging batayan ng mga senador ,malalaman natin ang magiging bunga ng kabastusan ng punong mahistrado pagdating ng paghuhukom!!!!

  • Brian

    Footage did show Atty. Roy shook Corona’s hand after stepping down from the witness stand and before proceeding with his walk out.

  • Jude Fawley

    Tapos na si Corona, 99% ma impeach ang CJ. Bakit kasi biglang umalis na hindi nagpa-alam

    • billygunn23

       nananaginip ka yata hehehehe.

      • Jude Fawley

         do you still think he will be acquitted after what he did in the court. Ikaw ang nananaginip

      • kontrapelo

        jude you talk nonsense like the prosecutors! having left the trial is not a ground for conviction and never an impeachable offense, pero ang ginawang panloloko ng prosekusyon sa bayan ay kitang kita. Sama ako sa inyo kung mag waive din si babs drillon at 188 tongressmen. Saan kumuha ng 160M pesos si babs pagbili ng mansion sa Forbes? Si tupaz, saan kinuha ang 60M pesos pambili ng lote pa lang? Di ba may kaso ang pamilya nila sa Iloilo na nasa Sandigan bayan ngayon? 

      • Jude Fawley

        Talo na ang manok mo, humihirit kapa

      • lliam_S

        Di ko lang alam kung tama yung mga sinasabi nitong si kontrapelo. Pero dapat hindi kalimutan yung challenge ni Corona. Dapat gisahin din itong 188 or 189..

      • Chester

        left in the trial not ground for conviction nor impeachable offsense as you said.
        pwede pala yun sa korte to excuse yourself kahit huwag ng antayin ang sasabihin ng judge. 
        after CJ, kasuhan din lahat goverment officials para may ground busisihin mga accounts nila.

      • indiosbravos2002

        To quote Rene Saguisag.

        Sa sabong, pag manok mo ayaw na lumaban, tumakbo at lumipad. Tapos na sabong.

        Pwera kung lutuin ng judges.

      • MannyKingfisher

        If you are the senator-judge.

    • Boyet H. viray

       Eh ano may maganda ba mangyayari sayo? puro puliticong palabas lang iyan

      • Jude Fawley

         What? I think you’re an old fool

    • gore123

       Lumaki ba kita mo pag wala na si Corona.. o sisipsipin na naman ni MR. DRILL ON ang kaban ng bayan para lalo siyang tumaba… Ayaw nga niya pumirma sa hamon ni Corona…Ang ayaw tumogun sa hamon may tinatago…pulitiko talaga o….

  • Let’s go, Bob!

    the defense team maybe disintegrating, but my babes atty.Karen is constantly blooming.

    • lliam_S

      I have to agree with you there.. haha. She looked hot during that “walk-out show” hehe.

  • Night

    my God Drilon, itago mo naman ng konti pagka anti defense mo… susme…. what a political fokfok you are….

    how many Gold points nakuha mo from Pwenoy??? 

    • dgboy

      magwalkout kanalng!

  • cora_s54

    Kitang-kita naman na talagang nag-walk-out si Corona, drama pa siya…akala niya makukuha niya ang taong bayan…..nag-boomerang sa kanya lahat…siya pa ang nagpa-totoo na hindi talaga siya karapat-dapat..GUILTY! 

    • gore123

       Alam mo ba ibig sabihin ng taong bayan…Dapat alamin mo muna kung sino ang talagang mga magnanakaw na hangang ngayon nagmamalinis ok..MR. DRILL ON at TOO PASS…

      • Default

        Then stop voting for corrupt officials, dynasties and actors!

      • Karina Carinosa

        kaya nga unahin na muna si corona and the rest will follow.

  • nsaneindmembrane

    ma-epal talaga at mga sipsip ang mga indiano.

  • ernie

    magandang laban ‘yan. parang jessica vs phillip. si atty roy mukhang ‘di naliligo vs justice cuevas na mukhang bagong embalsamo .malamang taob si lolo cuevas pag tinanggal ni atty roy ang americana nya at biglang ipaamoy ang kili kili nya kay cuevas !

  • jonathan


    • kontrapelo

      Your president BS Noynoying, 188 tongressmen, ombuidsman morales and Senatong Frank Drillon have fooled you and the public by  presenting fake evidences, fake testimonies:

           From 45 alleged properties to 5;
           From 82 bank accounts to only 4;
           From 15 peso accounts to 3!

      Sometimes you can fool some people all the time, all people sometimes, but you can never fool all the people all the time.

      • Default

        Mr Idiot, even if you didn’t vote for President Aquino, he’s still your president too.

      • ernie

         huh ? sabit pa rin si CORONAry bypass mo. walang kawala , ‘igan !  oooops , mayroon pala. kung mag aala angelo reyes sya ….

      • Chester

        yap. you can never fool all the people all the time. kaya naman pakita na kasi mga accounts niya at linawin na niya mga issue. sagutin katanungan ng bwat judge. no more opening  speech.

      • jiroarturo

        Mali naman ang analysis ng defense tungkol sa bilang ng dollar accounts. Yon 17 pages ng AMLC sinasabi ang doon kung ilang accounts ang nagamit sa pag deposit at pag withdraw ng dollars. Meron akong Excel spreadsheet na madaling malaman ang mga accounts na ginamit, kung ano-ano yon, ang date ng transaction, anong bangko ang ginamit. Email ko saiyo para malaman mo ang katotohanan.

      • MannyKingfisher

        You are being fooled by Corona all of the time, ngas-u.

  • Phil

    Another hearsay

    • kabiliran

       hearsay, by definition, is an account based not on a witness’ personal knowledge but on another’s statement. i don’t think you can call Sen. Drilon’s statements as hearsay since he had direct knowledge on what transpired. in other words, he was there to hear and see what happened. the latter part of the article could also not be called hearsay since he was just stating his personal opinion based on the events that unfolded.

  • simon

     si atty ROY,,, hindi ba siya iyong humiling ng KIDLAT?  anong ginawa niya noong nag flash ang testimonia ni sister Flor sa TV at radio?
    yes, i also believe the walk out of CORONA was planned. in the video, when renato stand up, christina stand up also simultaneously.

    • Htee

      Oo…si baroy…sya yung nagturo ng daan kay tj, kitang kita sa video. Nagmistulang usher sya ng magasawang kurakot.

    • gore123

       another hearsay…baka pwede pilitin natin na pumirma si MR. DRILL ON sa hamon ni corona para makita natin ang katotohonan kung katotohanan hanap natin mga kababayan.

  • bongbong39

    o eh ano kung mag disintegrate??di masaya lahat..di naman tulad sila abnoy na nahawa sa tulo ni Kris Aquino..tong si Drilon madaldal din,,tulad ni Meriam “wah!” Defensor..same province yata to sila..

  • CerioSantiago

     However, contrary to what Cuevas earlier said of Corona being
    “incoherent,” Francis said his father is in a stable condition. – laging
    may halong kasinungalingan itong si lolo cuevas.

    nung isang araw, sabi uminom lang ng gamot si TJ, yun pala tumakas na.

    fearleass forecast! pupunta si TJ sa korte para i-announce ang resignation niya.

    Corona: The chief justice of the republic of the philippines could no
    longer continue further its duties and responsibilities – to render
    prejudice decisions to the most chief kurakot GMA.

    patay kang bata ka. disrespect na naman sa senado. ang antay sila yun pala di na aabot sa botohan.

  • la mona segrestat

    poor cuevas.. sya na lang parating nasisigawan.. magresign ka na, baka magkasakit ka pa..

    • shalom shalom

      and take note, this is pro bono! papabugbog ka pero pro bono? hindi siguroooooooooo!!!!

  • Abnoy tupak

    tsismis lang yan ni drilon

  • JasminCubacub

    why is drilon sowing intrigues in the defense team? bucit ka drilon..

  • adamson11

    This is the same lawyer (Att. Roy) who is presenting one of
    the ampatuans and said it so loud in a court that the maguindanao massacre
    victim have taken a poison!!! He should be detained in the senate indefinitely…

    • generalproblem

      hehhee ang mga abogado ng mg kriminal ay may utak baliw na pag iisip hehehe. kaya nga lagi silang lusot dahil sasabihin nila na kaya nagawa ng kliyente nila yung krimen dahil baliw sila.

    • Juan Miguel

      ganun ba? sinabi ba nya yun?anak#@!$#$ sya..

    • aurora

      Talaga!  Wow… So, this lawyer is a defender of criminals.    No wonder. It seems that that’s really his forte. If we review the TV footage, he was there immediately to say something to Corona… para bang  ” you did great”.  , I really believe he was part of the “walk-out” plot.  If we recall, Cuevas was a  little lost of what’s going on. It’s clear in his actions.  I think Cuevas was not a part of the plan.  Roy was.  Eto talaga si Corona….. naka pa maro’ .  In a way, despite all the lawyering of Cuevas, sticking his neck out  to the point of being ridiculed by the public,  he was also betrayed by Corona.  Ano ba talaga ito si Corona?    wala tayong pag asa. Yong pag ka tao niya…. wala nang silbe.  He,  as a person is now worth ZERO.
       Para sa akin, any senator judge who will vote for acquittal is committing a political suicide.

      • pinklace88

        yes i agree, right after that walk out i am more of convinced that Cuevas wasn’t part of the plan, in fairness, he’s too good to swallow a cheap act like this. As we observed, he argues on technical grounds and definitely, this “walk out”   is not of Cuevas’ caliber.

  • gore123

    Eto na naman si MR. DRILL ON. Parang babae… wala man lang tapang na pumirma sa hamon ni Corona.. ngayon satsat nang satsat pa. Do your part so that we will believed you ok..sign it MR. DRILL ON.

    • archangel uriel

      nag-explain na si drilon pare…tigilan mo na siya…… kung di ka nanunood ng tv …. tumahimik ka na lang …..para kang sirang plaka….

  • MonMayuga

    Defense team may be likened to a house of cards. It is falling apart. But how can they save a person who digs his own grave?

  • Abnoy tupak

    drilon tsismoso

    • pinklace88

      hindi tsismis kung totoo!

  • gore123

    MR. DRILL ON can you sign that waiver para makita din namin na malinis ka di ba? Kung ayaw mo baka may tinatago ka rin. Alam naman ng lahat na matagal kana rin sa pulitika…hmmmmm


      in due time…

      • kismaytami

        supalpal si gore123…

  • Juan_Mapalad

    Ang tagal naman ng next week nang matapos na. :)

  • Edwin

    Why miriam is so silent now??? She has no courage at all to scold the chief justice. Matapang lang pala sya sa maliliit na isda.

  • Al Japney J. Loredo

    Now Cuevas is saving his a** so he won’t appear bad before us. hahaha

    • lliam_S

      Maybe he really didn’t know.

  • Benjamin

    makikita sa footage  na ng papaalis na si coronakot ay nagkamayan pa sila ni  hippopotamus roy ……planado talaga ang mga drama at ang nasupalpal na pagtakas……

  • Critique At large

    Paging Miriam Defensor Santiago………how come you’re lost in action if Corona is involved? I’m dying to hear her intellectual views re Corona’s walkout! Balita ko si Miriam pa ang nag escort kay Corona palabas.

    • doublecross

       shameful for miriam…walang delicadeza!

      • hatecorrupt


  • JoelN

    naniwala naman kayo kay patabaing baboy senador drilon! kahanga-hanga ka! di ka dapat naging senador, kasama ka dapat ng prosecution team.

    nagpapabango yan sa taong bayan dahil mula nung sinabe nyang di siya pipirma ng waiver, eh ambaho ng dating sa taong bayan. mukhang maraming tinatago! hahaha!

    this story is biased. di ba dapat kinuha yung statements din nila nila cuevase at roy! nasaan ang balanced news ng inquirer? kulang na lang dilaan mga bayag ni noynoy. Tsk tsk!

    • Chester

      di ba madami rin ang nadismaya noong pumirma nga si CJ ng waiver may kondisyon naman? gusto ba niyang ipakita o hindi?

      • Satticus

        Does it seem like he doesn’t? Because it also seems impossible to make all the 189 officials to sign their respective waivers.

      • Chester

        sa aking pananaw, ayaw niya. kasi kung gusto niya talaga wala nang kondisyon. atleast mas madaming mg iisip na talagang wala siyang tinatago kasi he is open na makita account niya (walang kondisyon para lang makita account niya)
        file na lang siya ng case and hamunin niya lahat ng officials to sign their own waiver. atleast naihiwalay ang issue sa kanya at sa mga ibang officials.

      • Satticus

        Yea. My point is that it really seems that he doesn’t because his condition is close to impossible.

  • Abnoy tupak

    gawa gawa lang ng baboy

    • Chester

      dapat magpainterview ang defense team para pabulaanan nila ang sinasabi ni drillon.

  • lliam_S

    Drilon is trying to steer the attention away from him. haha. He knows that the spotlight shone on him after Corona’s challenge. Now, he’s trying to shine the spotlight on the defense’s altercation and conflict of opinion. He’s trying to fade away from the public’s eye by stirring an issue on the defense panel. Pathetic.

    • kismaytami

      Wala naman kay Drilon ang atensyon, na kay Corona…

      • lliam_S

        Oo nga. Pero sumikat din ng bahagya si Drilon ah.. hehe.. His expression on TV was priceless. natawa talaga ako.

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        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Corona defense team disintegrating, says Senator Drilon

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        kismaytami wrote, in response to lliam_S:
        Wala naman kay Drilon ang atensyon, na kay Corona…
        Link to comment

    • pinklace88

      at least hindi fake senator… hays ang fake chief justice nagpupumilit isiksik ang sarili kahit magmukhang tanga na.

  • junolivo

    Hayaan nyo na lang si taba. Natamaan lang ng nagchallenge si Corona na pumirma rin siya ng waiver gaya ng ginawa ni CJ mismo kayat heto, bi-ik ng bi-ik! lol

    • Chester

      pumirma nga ng waiver pero nasa kanya naman kasi may kondisyon. pwede bang siya muna then sunod natin lahat ng officials?

  • doublecross

    a ploy….better put your attention to corona, para matapos na ang calvary at ayusin ang dapat ayusin sa PILIPINAS.

  • RiverHorse

    is this another one of those propaganda?

  • Francisco

    Gusto lang magpalapad sa INC yan na si Cuevas walang kinalalaman sa mga gimik nila Roy,

  • Ernesto

    Wala yan Drilon mga professional yang mga yan Hindi kagaya mo bayot sana hinarang mo si Corona kasi magkasing Laki kayo, hindi kaya ni Cuevas yon. ingkaso lang baka instead na ma harang mo si Corona baka bumigay ka at mayakap mo nang mahigpit na mahigpit pag bumigay yung toto-ong pagkata-o mo. dependihan mo naman yung inyong federasion masyado na kayong nagpahata sa mga dakdakan, tingnan mo si Binigna hindi talaga nya makalimutan si Corona kahit sa-ang mga speeches nya yon ang pag-ibig francia hanggang sa dulo ng walang hanggan. waaaaa?

  • AprilFool

    Mabuti pa si Kalinga party-list Representative Abigail Faye Ferriol may yagbols kahit isa siyang babae. Pinirmahan kaagad niya yung waiver signifying his approval upang mabuksan ang kanyang bank accounts. She’s so brave dahil wala siyang itinatago. Itong si Drilon, nabahag ang buntot sa harapan at umabot hanggang pwet nang hamunin ni CJ Corona na pumirma din ng waiver para mabuksan din ang kanyang dollar accounts. Ganyan talaga ang attitude ng isang taong may baho ding itinatago. Pero pasasaan ba at aalingasaw din ang bahong yan, Sen. Drilon.

    • lionhearted726

      God knows their deeds! God knows who the real culprit is! If they’re not punished here on earth, they will suffer eternal damnation in the lake of fire! This lazy president will see his own time of misfortune. Look what did they do to the poor peasants in their vast hacienda? Now that the court awarded them the land, he would do in his power to take revenge on the institution who dissolved their hacienda.

  • rexiewexy

    Claiming that he is not obliged to open his bank accounts as he is not the one being tried in the Impeachment Court is Drilon’s cowardly excuse. Sen. Drilon, the Chief Justice is also not obliged to open his dollar account for your pleasure as well as the pleasure of the 188
    pork-barrel-greedy Congressmen who signed the AOIs. He is protected by the law
    – RA 6426 and that law is absolute. Why condemn him for abiding the law? By demanding the Chief Justice to open his dollar account is like telling him to break the law. You’re also a lawyer Sen. Drilon, and I presume you know the law, unless of course, you have your own law governing your dollar accounts. Remember when you were the Justice Secretary during the time of Cory Aquino, you charged then Sen. JP Enrile with “Rebellion complexed with murder.” Sen. Enrile just laughed at you and dared you to show him for that particular law under the Revised Penal Code. Wala kang naipakita kasi inimbento mo lang yung kasong yun. You hyprocitical PIG!

  • indiosbravos2002

    Looks like BANGLADESHI FATTY GUY was the one calling the shots on the alleged WALKOUT. This is really a slap on the face of Cuevas. Being the chief defense counsel, he should know all the things being planned and executed by his staff, including Roy. Otherwise, he is a captain without complete control of his ship.

    The good about this is that he is given an exit strategy from the sinking boat without anyone blaming him in the process.

    On the other hand, this might also be a strategy to deflect accountability from Cuevas in case the whole trial goes further south. INC wouldnt want to taint the good name of their prized lawyer. Time to cut their losses. Roy will be a good fall guy.

  • Rathbumo

    Paeklat lang yan ni Drilon. Nililihis lang ang issue kasi natameme siya nang hamunin ni CJ Corona na pumirma din ng waiver to open his dollar accounts.

    • Tony

      If you are in trial you face it, hindi mandamay ka, he should file cases kay drilon kung may alam sya, hindi yung nag fishing lang ang lam nya. Sila may evidence against him. So sana tayong mga pinoy  seek for the truth hindi gusto lang natin makadalal mski mwalang katuturan.

      • Rathbumo

        CJ Corona is not the only one on trial here. All of them at the Impeachment Court are on trial. Ther non-inclusion of CJ Corona’s dollar accounts in his SALN is all but HYPOCRISY. Sino ba naman sa mga Senators, Congressmen and other high ranking govt officials ang nagdeclare ng truth sa kanilang SALN? Sino ba sa kanila ang walang FCD? Kaya nga inupuan ng mga Mambabatas yung inihaing batas ni Sen. Panfilo Lacson na gawing cumpolsary ang disclosure ng Peso at FCD ng Pres., VP, CJ, Senate President, Speaker of the House, lahat ng Senators, Congressmen, Cabinet members and all govt officials for transparency at para mawala ang pagdududa ng tao, meron din kasi silang skeleton sa closet. Si CJ Corona lang ang naputukan dahil masyado siyang pinersonal ni PNOY. HIndi nandadamay si CJ Corona, he is challenging his accusers to do the same. Mabuti pa si Congresswoman Abigail Faye Ferriol, kahit babae may BAYAG. Pinirmahan niya yung waiver kasi wala siyang itinatago. Si Drilon nabahag ang buntot sa harap at umabot pa sa pwet. Ano’ng sinabi ni Drilon, he is not obliged to open his dollar account since it will “set a bad precedent and would be disastrous to the banking system.” Wow, that beats it all, it’s Drilon at his most HYPOCRITICAL best! What gall. CJ Corona is also not obliged to open his dollar accounts for the pleasure of Drilon and his persecutors. He, and all the FCD account holders are protected by the law – RA 6426 – Secrecy of Foreign Currency Deposit. That law is absolute! Demanding the Chief Justice to open his dollar accounts is like telling him to disobey the law. Like what he said: “HE IS NO FOOL!” We all want the truth. But finding the truth should be done in accordance with the law!

        From: Disqus
        Sent: Friday, May 25, 2012 1:42 AM
        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Corona defense team disintegrating, says Senator Drilon

        Disqus generic email template

        Tony wrote, in response to Rathbumo:
        If you are in trial you face it, hindi mandamay ka, he should file cases kay drilon kung may alam sya, hindi yung nag fishing lang ang lam nya. Sila may evidence against him. So sana tayong mga pinoy  seek for the truth hindi gusto lang natin makadalal mski mwalang katuturan.
        Link to comment

    • MannyKingfisher

      Hindi natamimi si Drilon. Ang nasa isip niya ay “Ganito ba ang taong ito? Bagay bang maging chief justice ito? Nakasuka ang pag-uugali at walang mudo.

      • Rathbumo

        Valid and legitimate naman yung challenge nya a. Bakit si Cong. Abigail Faye Ferriol, pumirama kaagad ng waiver kasi wala siyang itinatago. Babae siya pero may bayag. Si9 Drilon ang daming palusot. Sabi niya to open his bank account would “set a bad precedent and would be disastrous to the banking system.” If it applies to him, it law applies to the Chief Justice. Drilon should remember that he, the CJ, and all FCD account holders are protected by RA 6426 – Secrecy of Foreign Currency Deposit. That law is absolute!

        From: Disqus
        Sent: Friday, May 25, 2012 9:09 AM
        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Corona defense team disintegrating, says Senator Drilon

        Disqus generic email template

        MannyKingfisher wrote, in response to Rathbumo:
        Hindi natamimi si Drilon. Ang nasa isip niya ay “Ganito ba ang taong ito? Bagay bang maging chief justice ito? Nakasuka ang pag-uugali at walang mudo. Link to comment

  • indiosbravos2002

    If Roy is running the show, sure convicted na to siCorona.

  • EdgarEdgar

    Now Mr. Drilon is digressing. Instead of engaging in showbiz gossip, Mr. Drilon should face the challenge head on. The public clamor is growing. There’s no way Mr. Drilon can avoid the issue or insist on not signing the waiver. And this is not just about him, this is about clean government and walking the talk of righteous path. Next thing you know, the BSP and the administration will come to the rescue of Mr. Drilon — warning the public of capital flight.

    • bobski43

       let the impeachment process finish first and tackle the waiver issue!!! one at a time..

    • lionhearted726

      I agree with ur opion. All these 188 reps and Drilon shud not refuse to open their bank accounts. What disaster to the bank industry he’s talking about? They made a fishing expedition against CJ to the point that they accused him of immense wealth hidden in his dollar accounts. Now CJ is waiving his right to allow concerned agencies to open all his bank accounts, why can’t they do just that? What’s the difference between CJ and them?

      • hatecorrupt


  • Abnoy tupak

    drilon acts like a prosector ..  not a judge..

    • pinklace88

      and miriam, joker, bong marcos all act like defense not senator judges. so you act like Corona, selective… only sees and thrives those for the truth.

    • hatecorrupt

      the same thing with brenda and joke, they act like defense counsels….tsk tsk tsk…

  • joaquin_salvador

    An old ploy by a multi-colored croc Drilon: divide the house…. lols!

  • Wake_Me_up


    If you truly want transparency then don’t be SELECTIVE!

    Why only 189?  Why singled out Drilon?  How about Pro-Corona Senators like Miriam Defensor Santiago, Joker Arroyo, Gringo Honasan, Tito Sotto and Bongbong Marcos etc?

    Let me use Pro-Corona slogan “RESPECT THE RULE OF LAW”!  If we will follow your overused slogan then the first thing you must do is to file a complaint against them.  

    How could these people be subjected to investigation when there’s no formal charge against them?  

    According to the Rule of Law we are all entitled to a DUE PROCESS (accorded to Corona) unless Corona and his Underlings do not know how to respect it!?

    Why Corona waited for so long to dare these personalities when his downfall is just a matter of time?

    • lionhearted726

      Why are u incensed at CJ Corona? Can u prove him guilty? U keep saying “RESPECT” in ur message! Do u know what’s that word mean? What respect did d Aquino give to him? What respect did the 188 pro-Aquino give to him? What respect did the Ombudsman give to him? Did d Ombudsman follow the legal process to investigate him? 

      U clearly didn’t follow the whole thing why CJ Corona only dared the 188 reps and Drilon. That’s because they r d ones who went on fishing expedition without giving him preliminary investigation. Didn’t u know how the prosecutors were dressed down by Miriam and other senators for not giving CJ Corona a preliminary trial so as to thresh out the cases to be filed against him. The result? Only 3 articles out of 8 articles of impeachment were admitted by the court. What’s that mean? Incompetence! They acted on pure hearsay! What heppened to 45 properties they said owned by CJ? It turned out only 4 of them! How do u call that Mr. Analyze? And they can’t even name the three “mysterious ladies” who spread poison by handing them out envelopes containing supposed docus showing Corona’s hidden bank accounts and properties? If they have strong case then they shouldn’t be coward enough to name the source. They have the lazy President to support him. Unless they all part of the script as what they have called CJ’s breaking down episode during his testimony.

      Then what happened to Ombudsman Morales powerpoint presentation of 82 dollar accounts? It turned out twas only 4 accounts! Due to foreign deposit secrecy law, CJ didn’t choose to put it in his  SALN. But he has no problem divulging it to the public if only to satisfy the accusers, no problem! Now, that his foreign account is exposed, might as well dare the 188 and Drilon to do the same! So that if found out that he really hid something, then they can pursue the case against him if they can prove that he got it thru illegal means.

      • Jean

        don’t ask respect from aquino, if corona himself did not respect aquino, when corona accepted the midnight appointment. corona knows very well that a new president has just been elected. corona did not accord the respect due to the incoming president. now, corona is demanding respect?

    • William Tyre

      the tuwad na daan was selective, what do you expect? his downfall a matter of time? are you a psychic?

    • joaquin_salvador

      tulog ka nga!
      mas mahirap kung nagtulog-tulogan ka lang!
      gumising ka!

  • pedronimo

    It was planned and scripted. Defense lawyers had a ready answer that their client being diabetic had an attach of glyglsomething and the engine of Corona’s car was already on. Defense lawyers instantly become doctors of medicine,

  • alexdgreat

    come on franklin! talking about the things in caucus?sounds desperate….

  • thunderbolt01

     Sisiraan mo na naman ang panig ni corona sa pagsisinungaling mo. Paano mo nalaman yan? May nagtsismis sa iyo o fabricated na naman ng mga yellow goons. Ang mabuti pa huwag mong iligaw ang usapan at pirmahan mo ang waiver para ilabas ang iyong mga nakaw at illegal wealth. Ang hirap sa gobyernong ito, ang nakaw nila ayaw ilabas, at pinagbibintangan ang iba na may nakaw. 

    • pinklace88

      panu mong nalaman? didn’t you read carefully? it was Cuevas himself joining them inside the senate lounge and made all these remarks when he saw Roy on TV… duh..

      • kim hernandez

        pero bakit kailangan nya sbihin sa media? Judge sya dba? tama ba?

      • pinklace88

        well, it depends really on how one will interpret it, but technically, he is not violating anything. you can say this is being biased to the prosecution, but are the other senator judges not guilty of the same? at the end of the day, it’s still politics,  that’s reality.

      • gardy_versozi

         he violated their own policy in caucus. bawal sabihin ang nangyari sa caucus unless it was approved by majority.

      • Jean

        part ba ng senators’s caucus yung ibinalita ni counsel cuevas? 

      • pinklace88

        Is Cuevas part of the caucus now?

  • aSwedishguy

      All to remind seated,,, F that i give you my finger and backbones Mr.Enrile,,

    signed/  Renato C Corona Chief justice Of The Republic  of The Philippines

  • Anlo

    Mga kababayan buksan lang natin ang ating mga mata sa mga pangyayari. Dahil dito ako sa UK nagkakasya na lang ako sa pagsurf ng mga footages sa mga kaganapan diyan. Kanina pinanood ko ang isang segment ni Arnold Clavio at Vicky Morales kun saan ang panauhin nila ay isang law professor sa UP. Pero di an talakayan ang naka attract sa akin kundi ang paulit-ulit na replay ng portion kun saan si CJ ay bumaba sa witness at lumakad palabas sa impeachment hall habang nag-uusap ang hosts at bisita. Very noticeable na ng dumaan si CJ Corona ay dahan-dahan na tumayo si Atty. Jose Roy at kinamayan ang CJ, may isa pang abogado ng depensa ang tumayo at nakipagkamay din. Nakapagtataka lang kung bakit di pinigilan o at least ni-remind ni Atty. Roy at ng isa pang abogado si CJ na di siya puede basta umalis ng walang pahintulot ng korte. Try niyo sa either pinoytv or you tube ang bahaging ito ng kaganapan. Sayang di ako marunong maglink nito dito sa inquirer

    • hustlergalore

      it was all planned, orchestrated and scripted. hindi nga lang box-office hit at walang critical rave reviews. 

    • pinklace88

      these lawyers should be cited in contempt. masyado nang leeway ito.

  • Pio Gante

    just another prosec-utot fomenting intrigue on the opposing side 

    • str8boy

       pssst mag-account balance ka na sa dollar account mo baka nag-remit na si Renato ng talent fee mo.

  • donvitoandolini

    Panoorin niyo at pakinggan niyo sa GMA coverage ng Day 40 of the impeachment trial at 4:04:00. Habang may binubulong si Roy kay CJ anglakas ng boses ni Cuevas sinasabihan si Roy, ” oh andito na naman ito, ano ba ang sinasabi mo na naman? Eh tira ka kasi ng tira eh…” Hindi tsismis yan kasi may video footage.

    • str8boy

       narinig ko yun…kay roy ba ang patama? hindi kasi kita sa video.

    • storm_02

      hahahhaha comedy ang dating ng defense team 

  • str8boy

    Kahit galit tayo sa mga pulitiko;
    Presidente: Elected official
    Senators: Elected officials
    Congressmen: Elected officials

    Renato Corona: Midnight appointee…

    abutin niya muna ang bilang ng mga boto na nakuha ng pinakakulelat na kandidato sa eleksyon dahil wala siyang mandate…

    ok lang sana ma-appoint kung magaling naman…sa pananalita niya para siyang lashing.

    • William Tyre

      cno papalit sa kanya? ikaw?

      • Ely Alberto

         Baka nga mas magaling pa yung driver ni Corona kaysa sa kanya.

    • Satticus

      Tell that to JBC. After all, that council recommended him to that position.

  • Beguine

    It’s the same old thing.

    United we stand, divided we fall.

    There is a very serious division in Renato Corona’s defense.
    The result of which is Corona’s utter downfall.

    But come to think of it, Corona was never an intelligent man.
    Was he ever? Would you call the things he did intelligent?
    That’s why he is highly susceptible to bad advice. From Gloria
    Arroyo. And now from Roy.

    It is a great pity this country has been saddled with Corona
    for as long as until now. Time to make up in a hurry for
    lost time.  

  • nti_boohaya

    Roy’s dirty tricks backfired.  First, it was the news of bribe to the senators and now the walkout.  .  I wonder what kinda trick Roy has in his sleeves for the rest of the trial.     But then again, for all we know, Roy is  a double dipper working for the government as a DPA (deep penetration attorney).

  • Lord_patawad

    putsa. maglabagay ka ba naman ng bumbay na lawyer like roy. ayan ang sasapitin. eh puro paniningil lang ng 5-6 ang alam nyan. the 3rd pa yan. dapat kinilala muna ni corona kung ano yung nagawa ng the 1st saka ng the 2nd sa bansa.

  • henry21

    dami kwento e… pirma na ng waiver kung wala tinatago….

  • RonnieV

    Drilon is now resorting to intriguing like showbiz, Is this the kiond of senator or congressmen we have? Onli N d Pipilins! Cong sony Angara is giving all his energy to the media for personal agenda. This is a nationwide coverage without fee, 2013 is getting nearer.

  • Rey Monasterial

    intrigerong baboy!!!

  • Ommm

    This happens every-time you don’t pay your workers….


  • Ely Alberto

    History talaga ang nangyayari sa impeachment. Ngayon lang tayo nakakita ng napakaraming de kampanilyang abugado na sabay-sabay nagmukhang engot. Ayun ang isa gumawa na ng excuse, nagpahospital na rin.

  • gahigoo

    May lahing bombay pala ito si Atty. Roy. I remember a saying by the Indons that it is better to cross a path with a snake in the way than to cross a path with a bombay on the way.
    Anyways, kudos to Atty. Roy for championing the cause of the Filipino people. Hulog ka ng langit sa mga taga prosecution panel. Lahat ng mga kapalpakan ng defense panel ay dahil sa iyo…hahaha.

  • Alberto Valerio

    Kinamayan pa ni Roy pagkatapos mag walkout si Corona. Tapos kunwari nagulat daw sya. Nakakatawa. Singaling talaga. Hahaha!

  • FernandoBusi

    Piggy Drilon sign a waiver and lets see which between you and Corona is more corrupt. Wala naman talagang malinis sa inyong high government officials eh. Its a question of degree of dirt and stench. Kaya nga di ka na mapasokpasok as Senate president uli eh … dahil kapwa mo senador nasusuka sayo.

  • isalexus

    Drillon if you are indeed an honourable man– sign a waiver to have your financial records open to level the field of transparency and fair play— or else you are just nothing but an opportunistic hypocrite!

  • Penelope Ong

    Yes, Roy knew about the walkout.  He shook hands with Corona after Corona left the witness chair.  He wasn’t at all surprised.  Cuevas has every right to be upset with him.

  • SignTheWaiverNow

    Dami pang sinasabi nitong baboy na ito!

    Pirma na ng waiver para lumabas na lahat ng taba mo simula nung naging senator ka!


    • indiosbravos2002

      Dude– sa isang account mo yong tawa. Nabibisto ka naman na si Uphold at Fulpol ay iisa.


  • RonnieV

    Another intrigue this time from Drilon, a senator now engage in intrigues like showbiz for the sole purpose to discredit the defense or implying that the defense is now in disarray. This is a strategy to weaken the defense in the hope that people might perceived the CJ as guilty and the defense are in panic resulting to disagreemnt or disarray. This is what Drilon is trying to project. Intrigero pala tong senador bakit di nalng sumali kay Boy Abunda or Cris doon sa showbiz.

  • SignTheWaiverNow

    Mr. Baboy Drilon, tapos na ang impeachment kay Corona…..

    Buksan mo na bank account mo… huwag matigas ang ulo at daanin sa pakapalan ng mukha!

  • Carrmela

    Why dont you open your bank account and your house in FORBES PARK so that the Filipino people can see what a bigtime BALIMBING can acquire.

  • GintongLahi

    The Disintegration of the Defense Team of CJ Corona is a sign that the Lantern of Lies is now becoming the Lantern of Truth.  I feel sorry for Atty Serafin Cuevas, who was initially requested by the CJ to head his Defense Team.  When the boat is about to sink, Atty Cuevas was stubbed behind his back and put Atty Roy to do his part.  That created confusion.  That’s the problem of defending a guilty accused.  No amount of lying can absolve the sin of CJ Corona against the Filipino people.   After witnessing the hostility of many members of the Senator Judges against the Prosecution and witnesses, people were now surprised how timid most of them had become – especially the Senator Brenda Bunganga.  ONE Senate President Enrile, the old man, stood his ground most of the time – who is really deserving of people’s love and admiration for a job well done! Now, the Filipino people knows who really are working for them.

  • DonQuixoteDeRizal

    Magaling mam-bola si corona dahil na-convinced pa niya si cuevas na huwag mag-resign e libre nga yong services niya.  Kapal naman ng mukha ni corona, libre na nga tapos naki-usap pa siya at medyo may pagka-ulyanin na rin yata si cuevas.

    Pero para yatang tumanggap na rin siya ng legal fees.

  • Pepe Alas

    Si Drilón, “gatong king”.

  • jimmy_maranan

    Si Cuevas lang ang magaling sa defense para sa akin.
    Nung kay Erap ang husay ng mga abogado niya. Magaling
    lahat sila. Ang layo sa mga abogado ni corona.

    • doncleo

       maski anong galing ng abogado kung sinungaling ang kliyente  talo rin….pati nga mga abogado ni Corona niloloko nya e..di nya sinasabi totoo.

  • Ka_Beesy

    Wakanga…makit mosyalo molami pela yan coloma?  Singulo hinne na sila kakain nin.  Singulo sila ipon palati laha lahat pela sa kanila.  Pati anak sa kanila.  Mamuti singulo sa akyen ipon nin pala melon ako milyon milyon.

  • robrano

    And now, turncoat Drilon wants to put gis last stupid accusation at Corona. He is really showing the philippine doctors as corrupt, buyable and cheating for perceived criminals, the same as the doctors of GMA before.
    And then, RP wants to become  a target for health tourism because of the “abundant good, very skillful and experienced doctors and hospitals” in the Phlippines. That’s why all who can afford it go to the USA for treatment?

    • 1tiago2bangkilan3

       europe, hon. not the u.s.

  • robrano

    It is too stupid. It would mean that Roy let Corona do the worst he could do, willful embarrassing the senators. And it would mean that all the doctors participated in a show and even made fake medical statements and fake treatment.
    Drilon has really a dirty fantasy, maybe because he sees himself already as the next senate president. He waits for that like Carpio for being Chief Justice.

  • vir_a

    Drilon’s black propaganda seems to be working against him.

  • PutingAgila

    The roaring SENADORA BUNGANGERA purrs into submission by the helplessness of legal luminary lolo Cuevas to “legally” twist the truth on the mounting perception of guilt of his client. Lolo Cuevas’ is pushed against the wall that his final stand rests on his “research” for review by the Supreme Court on a guilty verdict handed to Corona. Lolo Juan, on the other hand, stands firm that the senate has the final say on impeachment case.

    Had truth and honesty been the prevailing demeanor, to include congressmen and senators, in the exercise of official functions, these enormous waste of government time and resources could have been avoided.

    The entire Filipino nation is watching as election draws near.    

  • kwangkwang

    drilon puro hearsay. tsismoso!

  • Aj Opini

    Hoy Drilon, pinalaki mo na naman ang istorya. Kita mo na, si Cuevas pa rin ang lead defense lawyer. Sinungaling!

  • Cyrus D

    Nakita mo ba ang  video ng  mag  walk out si corona  sa  hearing di man  lang  sya  hinarang  ni Atty  Roy  kinamayan  pa  nga nya. Samantala  si  Atty. Cuevas  ay nasa  podium nagsalita  ng  sandali lang. So  mukhang  totoo  ang  sinabisabi  ni  Sen. Drilon   premeditated  ang drama ni  Corona  kasabwat ang  ibang  defense  Lawyer heade by  Atty Roy.  hahahahahaha. kawawa  naman  itong  mga  kampon ni  corona  dito

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