Only 3 of 189 take up Corona’s challenge


House Minority Leader Danilo Suarez said that members of the minority bloc who did not sign the impeachment would also sign a waiver on their bank deposits if the 189, including Senator Franklin Drilon, challenged by Corona would open up their bank accounts. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

Only three out of the 188 members of the House of Representatives who signed the impeachment complaint against Chief Justice Renato Corona have so far agreed to take his challenge to sign a waiver disclosing their dollar and peso bank deposits.

Pangasinan Representative Kimi Cojuangco, ACT Teachers Representative Antonio Tinio, and Kalinga party-list Representative Abigail Faye Ferriol have conveyed to the media their plan to take up Corona’s dare.

“If you have nothing to hide, there should be no problem,” said Tinio.

“This constitutes good faith on my part and further proof that I am not hiding anything. It is my hope that the Chief Justice himself would make good on his stand for transparency and public accountability by executing his waiver without conditions and submitting himself to cross-examination by the prosecution,” said Ferriol in a statement.

House Minority Leader Danilo Suarez said that members of the minority bloc who did not sign the impeachment would also sign a waiver on their bank deposits if the 189, including Senator Franklin Drilon, challenged by Corona would open up their bank accounts.

Surigao Representative Philip Pichay, a minority member, said he would gladly sign the waiver “even if only the 189th cited by Corona (referring to Drilon)” would sign his.

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  • Martin

    Why only three?  What about all the others?  The truth is, there’s a lot more politicians and government officials with much more ill-gotten wealth. 

    • ray


  • balut123

    Sige nga Mr. Suarez…..tigas ng mukha mo na maghamon ng bukasan ng bank deposits kasi alam mo na most of them will not let it happen…akala mo kung sinong malinis PWE!….

    Pa EPAL KA PA..
    nakinabang ka din sa kaban ng bayan nung time ni GMA….

    Di ba ito rin ang nagbayad kuno ng dinner nila sa NY na umabot ng isang milyon….

  • ray

    habol kayo nang habol kayo rin pala ang takot eh.tingnan nyo lumalabas 3 lang ang wala pang nakurakot????

  • CesarBelmonte

    Kung mahal nila ang bayan Pilipinas, these politicians mentioned by Corona should sign the waiver of their bank accounts.  Just be fair to Corona.  If nothing to hide, do not be scared.   Isa pa para rin sa ikakaunlad ng bayan.  Pinaguusapan dito ay transparancy at accountability at sumunod sa slogan ni PNoy na Matuwid ang Daan.  O kaya gumawa ng batas ang lower house that all politicians and government employees should sign a  waiver of their bank accounts .   Sa tingin ko napakagandang batas ito para sa ikakaunlad ng bayan.

    • ray


  • mahuli

    anak ng tupa, kung gusto nyong pumirma ng waiver gawin nyo. hindi yung marami pa kayong kundisyones na alam naman nating di mangyayari.

    • totoybelen

      So you mean they are hiding somethig from the public. What is that they are hiding from the public?, of course the stolen moneis from the goverment coffers.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Would you, Mr. Suarez, even if you are not involved in any of this proceedings, volunteer to open up all your financial status?  Would you be admonishing your fellow congress members if GMA is still the president today?  Your problem Mr. Suarez is having a short memory.  How would you like to explain to the Filipino people where you got the $20 thousand dollars you spent for wining and dining with the Pidals plus your 20 congress hangers on at Le Cirque New York?  I bet you have forgotten that event already have you?

  • cantonese

    Yung mga nag mamalinis linis ay ang lalim ng ini isip. Eto nga at at mga ibang hindi nagsi pirma sa impeachment ay voluntaryong pipirma kung si Drillon at 188 ay ganun din. Ito ang oras ng pag papakita ng malinis na budhi na walang ninakaw.


  • dodot

    there should be a law implementing signing of waivers for all elected officials… then i think no one would be interested in becoming a politician

    • ray

      HINDI PA RIN….lalakas ang bentahan ng KAHA DE YERO…

  • Goodson5

    They should amend the law not to allow all Public Officials and their families to open Foreign Deposit Accounts. Or, they should just make it a law to let public officials disclose their accounts when needed.

  • Kllyne

    I can’t believe this is even worth writing. So, the rule of law is, you can’t accuse anyone not unless you can prove first that you’re not guilty of the same offense? If we have 188 dumb lawmakers who would passed this criminal trick, this could easily be argued as the new law. Imagine convicted criminals claiming injustice. My goodness, what kind of curse the country got to deserve this kind of CJ.

    • bogusman

       In the same context: How can you forbid your son to smoke if you yourself is a heavy smoker? Let us come out clean. CJ has signed his waiver, so be it. You who are spotless and white cast the first stone.

      By the way, CJ was right there has been no evidence so strong that can prove his crime. No evidence.; only hearsay; mostly scrap and fragments from the so called small lady and mr anonymous.

  • R

     This isn’t about Corona anymore.

    I want to see 188 congressmen and the whole house of representatives
    sign. I want to see the whole Senate sign…The Executive, including all
    political appointees…and the whole Judiciary. Sign it now.

    For now, I want the 188 and the prosecutors, including Farinas….
    the private prosecutors(and their tax declarations), and all the
    senator-judges. ASAP.

    Sign it now.

    No sign…No right to accuse…No right to judge…No right to be in government.

    Sign it now.

    (Kimi, Tinio and Ferriol….you are the only ones qualified to be in government.  Congratulations!)

  • Jhun S

    Dapat mano o mano na lang CJ Corona vs Ombudsman Morales to waive their bank account to the public..

  • Kllyne

    Ombudsman should be an elected post accountable to the public who have the power to override restrictions when it comes to cross checking public officials SALN, is I believe the simple solution to this.

  • For_the_good_of_man

    Let the Impeachment Process finish first for the sake of the country. Signing of waivers can follow afterwards, Pnoy would make good of his promise if he asks his cabinet members to do the same. However, opening of local & foreign bank accounts ought to start from Renato Corona — he is anyway suppose to be whiter than white and insulated from corruption.

    • jimjones111

      unfair para kay corona..sinungaling! buksan daw asus luma na yan…kailangan sabay sabay para fair ang laban..

  • jimjones111

    PNOY umpisahin mo na imbistigahan si DRILON akala ko ba matuwid na daan..baka daan yan para sa hacienda luisita. come on sign na para makita ng taong bayan na malinis ang budhi niyo..

  • cliff_castillo

    All officials who claim they will sign a waiver if…. are all hypocrites.  They know the conditions they set will never happen so they are sure the won’t have to sign, just like their idol Corona.  Suarez and his minority congressmen should just keep quiet.  Only Corona is on trial. 

    The SALN and bank secrecy law can later be amended to make it more responsive to the anti-corruption campaign.  Now the people are beginning to realize that most are poor because our corrupt officials are stealing our money.

    • jimjones111

      yes…duda ako sa 189 na d pumirma ibig sabihin may dollar account yan cla..corrupt senator and 188 tongresman

  • Hey_Dudes

    This mental attitude currently being demonstrated by these slobs in congress particularly Mr. Suarez (Mr. Suarez, incidentally have you even wondered why you are now in the minority?) gives an arrested criminal something to throw at his arresting officer.  Why not questioned those who arrested you to have their records opened up to check if they too, in the past, got arrested for things they did in the past?  Kung ganyan din lang ang mentalidad ng bayan ngayon why not?  Aba’y kung ganito lahat ang gagawin ng mga nagkasala, walang magiging criminal di po ba?

    • jimjones111

      yes! pirma na para malaman kung wala cla tinatago

      • Hey_Dudes

         Kung yun RAT na na-impeached ayaw pumirma ito pa kayang hindi naman nakasalang sa impeachment trial?  I tell you what, why don’t you file an impeachment complain against all 188 congress members plus Drilon?  You will never know you may get lucky in fact. ANo ka sinusuerti?

    • Windsor Roland

      Dude, IC is a special court, there can be leeways and all. And Corona, the accused, will not be convicted a criminal if ever, but only be ousted in his CJ slot. Why don’t you try to study up once more?

  • ray

    gusto ko si DRILLON….MARAMI NA YANG NASIPSIP NA KAYAMANAN YAN..paano ,bawat presidente na panalo ay andyan kung nararamdaman na nyang medyo tataob eh mangunguna nang tatalon…kay joseph nga nun eh 100 million sya

  • manggoding

    Pnoy should encourage Drilon and Tupaz to open their accounts.
    They are most suspicious.
    This is in adherence to his Straight Path.

    What is happening is…when the Straight Path is going directly to Pnoy officials, nagiging sarado,  nilalagyan ng bakod, lumiliko at nagshort cut.
    Dapat sagasaan na ang dapat sagasaan, yan ang Tuwid na Daan, hindi baluktot.

    On the other hand, I applaud the 3 congressmen and Sen.Cayetano.
    Hindi takot, it means walang itinatago. Makakaasa kayo ng panibagong boto sa publiko.

    • ray

      di kayang gawin yan ni penoy,,,kakampi eh….

  • ray

    nakakapag cast naman kami ng boto dito sa middle east…..ibabandera ko sa aking mga kasamahan at pilipino communities dito na hwag iboboto ang mga di magsa submit ng signed waiver…..lalo na si DRILLON na tigas pangang pagkasabi na di daw sya pipirma…

  • Edward Solilap

    Cong. Danilo Suarez you should set an example to sign a waiver for all your bank account and properties don’t bother other people just because you want to be seen as a good public servant. The titan you are representing speak louder than your words.

  • EdgarEdgar

    Yes, more takers please. All politicians and government officials (excluding the 189 accusers) who voluntarily sign the waiver will gain more political brownie points for next election. The more the merrier. From here on, we will see a huge outflow of funds from those who wish to hide their secret wealth and salt away their foreign currencies to banks outside the country. They may be able to get away with it, but we’ll know how much hidden wealth Noynoy and his administration have been hiding from the people based on the outflow volume. One brilliant move by CJ. Simply brilliant.

    And of all the negative unintended consequences of Noynoy’s vendetta against his perceived enemies, this will come back to hurt him big time — capital flight.

    • Hey_Dudes

       You are too blinded by your hate it almost makes you equally a fool like this scumbag you seem to love so much.

      • EdgarEdgar

        thank you for your emotional outburst. next issue please?

      • Hey_Dudes

         emotional outburst?  You are the one with the issue.  Maybe you should join Corona the rat at the hospital to complete the farce show.

      • EdgarEdgar

        i did not approach you. i certainly did not accuse you of anything. you came at me and started bursting out. but i’m willing to hear you out some more. keep it coming.

      • Marko

         What’s next?

  • mikerocky

    Naku po mga sirs, wag na po kayong pumatol kay Ato. Nag-waiver na po kayo sa inyong respective SALN’s to allow the Ombudsman to verify the veracity of your stated assets. Necessarily including the checking of your bank accounts whether foreign or local. Part lang po ng drama ni Ato yun wag po kayong magpagamit.

  • Nelson

    All Politicians to sign a waiver.  It is high time that Filipinos should be proud as Filipino again.  The last time must be during Pre-Marcos Era?  It is an open secret na kahit gaano ka bobo ang politician basta makapal lang ang mukha ay nagiging mayaman agad.  Pnoy if he is really true to what he is claiming should eradicate this kind of politicians and should set himself as an example.

  • PeteJrfern

    It’s good idea but not because of Corona’s challenge.  Pag na convict na siya then someone should lead  to open up their bank accounts.

  • MangDolphy

    Lintek din naman ang gimik nito si Corona. Para nya rin sinabi na “aaminin ko na nagnakaw ako kung lahat ng magnanakaw ay aamin din”. O dili kaya : “bubuksan ko ang foreign currency accounts ko kung nagyeyelo na ang impierno at naka winter clothes na si satanas” Ok sya, di ba?

    • totoybelen

      This is a different situation Mr. Mangdolphy. These 188
      congressmen including the prosecutions accused Corona of so many things to the
      extent of fabricating evidences, small lady, anonymous, unseen people putting
      fabricated evidences to their mail box so on an so forth. So therefore it is
      also the right of the Chief Justice to challenge them by way of signing a
      waiver to open their accounts so that the public will know who are these
      corrupt government officials of this country who are fitted to stay even for a
      minute in his office.

      • MangDolphy

        Ok ako dyan kung posible lang. Isama na lang lahat ng senator-judges. Kasi sila ang mag huhusga.

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        Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2012 4:02 PM
        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Only 3 of 189 take up Corona’s challenge

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        totoybelen wrote, in response to MangDolphy:

        This is a different situation Mr. Mangdolphy. These 188
        congressmen including the prosecutions accused Corona of so many things to the extent of fabricating evidences, small lady, anonymous, unseen people putting fabricated evidences to their mail box so on an so forth. So therefore it is also the right of the Chief Justice to challenge them by way of signing a waiver to open their accounts so that the public will know who are these corrupt government officials of this country who are fitted to stay even for a minute in his office.

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  • spearheads

    The Kalinga Representative Ferriols was not listening to CJ Corona. She said that she already sign the waiver but doesn’t know where to submit it. Ms. Ferriol, stop the publicity stunt. The waiver itself specifically mentioned the offices, namely: Ombudsman, COA, BIR AND AMLA among others so what’s the problem? You can always voluntarily submit it. Anyways, I appreciate your gesture nonetheless because it shows that you are not hiding anything unlike the Prosecution Team led by Tupaz and Drilon. By the way, CJ Corona in particular and the people in general, are more interested on these lapdogs, not you.

    • spearheads

      In addition, Ferriols said that she “does not know where to submit it because no one was requiring it.” My goodness, that’s the idea of a waiver. It is voluntary hence no one is requiring it. Nakakatawa talaga itong mga congress people daw.

  • Peter L

    Sen Drilon is really a lapdog. His tail is now behind his balls. He is a great accuser but as guilty as Corona. Show us your teeth. You are all bark but no bite. 

  • southernsons

    Bakit hintayin mo pa ang iba para mag sign ng waiver? Why not do it voluntarily? It only means that signing of waiver is not going to happen.

  • athenapallas

    OMG! itong si Suarez ang isa sa pinaka korap na chihuahua ni Glorya. at yung anak nyang sobrang yabang na sobrang ngetpadudel naman eh nagda-drive pa ng sports car sa Malibu Ca. ang daming kinorap yan sa bayan na pinabayaan lang ni Glorya. Di ba sya pa nga ang nagbayad nung almost 20K dollars na dinner nilang masarap na steaks sa NY at Washington DC, tapos sabi nya sa sariling bulsa nya galing ang pinang-treat nya kay Glorya et al.

  • R

    Having just seen the picture of Rep. Abigail Faye Ferriol, and she being the first to sign the waiver….Inquirer would have done good to have her picture on.  She is a babe and would be much easier to look at.

    There’s hope Philippines…a beautiful, brave babe and the “Benjamin of the House” stood up for what is right.

    Senator FMD and everyone else could really learn a thing or two from the youngest in Congress.

    • a1phantom

      Ferriol for senator

      • R

        well….she is not an Aquino nor the daughter of Cory.

        Too early, no real achievements yet, but given time who knows.  She is certainly showing she is made of sterner stuff. By the looks of it, I am very sure if she does run for the Senate, she would do it on merit.

  • anu12345


  • Richard

    lalong mahiya si Drilon nito

  • duviz7533

    ok yan…baka masama pa no korong sa kulungan ang iba diyan na siya gaganti,balugbugan na malaki yan  accused and accuser nagbanatan sa kulungan

  • KapitanBagwis

    Mga uto uto. Mga gunggong na Congressmen. Nagmamagaling ng walang katuturan. Hindi ganyan ang batas mga inutil. Hintayin ninyo matapos si Corona st saka kayo pumirma ng waiver.

    • katabay1106

      Sigurado ka bang pipirma pa sila ng waiver kapag convicted na si CJ Corona? Ha ha ha…

      • KapitanBagwis

        hahaha saan mo nabasa na sinabi kong sigurado silang pipirma? Tila ang sinabi ko malabong mangyari yun. Sang forum ka ba nagbabasa?

  • odiebelmont

    suarez, who? sya yung mga nakinabang na contractor during marcos time.

  • a1phantom

    Aquino said that he is really for Public Accountability and he is not really singling out Corona….be true to your words Mr. Aquino….instruct now your cabinet secretaries and even yourself to sign a waiver on your bank accounts……lead the way

    • EfimacoVelasquez

      Tama …. Umpisahan din dapat ni PNOY at lahat ng buong cabinet members, sigurado sa kanila pa lng di makakuha ng kahit 1/4 or 25% na papayag mag-sign ng waiver ….. tignan din natin ang masasbi lalo na ng mga spokesperson ng Malacanan …

  • odiebelmont

    sino ba ang under investigation? the congresmen and sen drilon or si corona? what corona is trying to insinuate is that all of them are guilty of  raiding the government coffers!

  • SignTheWaiverNow

    Drilon, Tanada, Angara, Tupaks and Colmenares keeps on saying the words accountability and transparency, however, when the time has come for them to show the world that those words truly mean…..

    They hide and run as fast and as far away as they could! It’s a shame, they forget that Action speaks louder than Words!

    • KapitanBagwis

       Hindi ninyo mauuto yang mga tao na yan. Alam nila ang batas. Hindi yan parang bata na pakita mo muna yung sa iyo tapos ipakikita ko yung sa akin.

  • Jon

    Ni isa sa 188 ayaw?
    Ni isa walang itlog na humarap sa hamon na ito?
    Hindi lang kasi si CJ ang naghahamon.
    Taongbayan na mismo ang humihingi na panindigan ito.
    Pinapakita lang nito na puro lang satsat ang mga ito.
    Accountability at transparency sa iba, sige, pero pag sa kanila, aba’y di puede.
    Yan, mga kaibigan, ang pinakamamahal na Matuwid na Daan. 

    • KapitanBagwis

       Mali ang timing. Tapusin muna si Corona at pagkatapos kasuhan ang mga Congressman at senador. Ganun ang batas . Hindi yung inuuto sila.

  • RiverHorse

    the best way to deal with this issue over the waiver is meet with your congressman and ask him to sign the waiver. if he doesn’t eh di vote him off next year. pero, to me, after reviewing the waiver presented by corona, it’s moot and academic. no one has to sign a waiver kasi nasa SALN na yun. corona is just trying to trick everyone into believing that to open a government official’s financial record, the waiver is necessary. every year, pumipirma mga government officials ng waiver sa SALN. that is enough.

  • manggoding

    Ilabas na ang dapat ilabas !!!!
    Wag na kayong mahiya. Kung maliit man o malaki ilabas nyo na.
    Hindi na uso ang patago tago, wala ng lihim lihim pa, ipakita nyo na.
    Kung si Corona na isang Chief Justice hindi nahihiyang ilabas ang kanya kayo pa.
    Si Drilon tiyak malaki kahit mataba at si Tupaz, malaki rin kahit payat.

    Yan si Drilon sa tagal na sa Gobyerno panahon pa ni Marcos, malaki na ang bank deposits niyan dollar at peso baka may euro pa.
    Si Tupaz, kabago bago at bata pang congressman, may bahay na worth 50M.
    Kung kayo ay takot maglabas, ibig sabihin niyan walang bayag.

  • isprikitoy

    Dapat sa susunod na eleksyon….ang mga nanalo, bago e proclaim ng comelec ay dapat pumirma muna ng waiver to their bank accounts..dapat maging requirments bago e proclaim ang mga mananalo sa 2013 eleksyon….

  • Christon Benitez

    Sa mga di pa pumirma sa waiver ni mr. Corona, Goodluck sa susunod na eleksyon.

  • KapitanBagwis

    The best way is to pass the FOI to become a law and amend or revise the FC bank secrecy law. But to ask them to sign a waiver to open their bank account, you are violating their privacy for no reason. File a complaint against them and let the OMB investigate them. If the investigation calls for their bank account to be open, then that is the time they will have to sign a waiver. Or maybe it is not necessary since a waiver is already incorporated in their SALN>

    • R

       Yes to FOI, a true FOI Law.

      The SALN and the waiver in the SALN only covers bank accounts in the Philippines.  It does not cover bank accounts abroad as banks abroad are not covered by Philippine law.

      • KapitanBagwis

        But we are talking about bank accounts in the Philippines, isn’t it? Of course you have no control over bank accounts overseas. Everybody knows that.

      • R

        we are talking about assets not declared in SALN….chances are those assets would be hidden in foreign bank accounts. If they need to be investigated, then the owner has to waive his confidentiality rights.

        Current waiver in current SALN only covers banks in the Philippines.

        Similar to Senator Escudero’s version of amendments to the SALN Law where accounts in foreign banks/countries should be considered waived just as in local banks.

      • KapitanBagwis

        hehehe you are mistaken my friend. I am not sure if the foreign banks will honor a waiver from the depositor to open and investigate the account. Maybe if there is a criminal case like Marcos, they might cooperate but just to look at the account and inquire how much money they have, surely the foreign banks will not entertain you. That is why I said file a complaint so that they will be investigated.

        Another thing, did ever take into consideration how many millions government employees we have to sign a waiver. You can not be selective like Corona. If I am Drilon, I will tell you okay, I will sign a waiver if all government employees like in BIR, BOC, DPWH and all other government bureau and departments will sign. Can you do that? Those departments and bureau are all perceived to be corrupt. So, what you are asking is impossible.

      • R

        yes they will if the depositor gives its consent.

        Yes, you can’t be selective, but you can start somewhere. Top-Down.

        I am also very sure that he who has nothing to hide voluntarily signs the waivers instantly, be they staff, rank-and-file, or officers.

        Perception is not fact…to clear the perception, establish the fact.

        It seems to me, the 188,  Drilon, prosecutors,  the Ombudsman and yes the President were they themselves …SELECTIVE.

        If the impeachment was done in the house in a matter of 4 hours, then nothing else is impossible.

        Someone posted this already “pag-ayaw, ang daming dahilan, pag-gusto, gagawan ng paraan”, I too believe that saying applies.

      • KapitanBagwis

         “yes they will if the depositor gives its consent.” ~ how sure are you? Here in the states they will not let you.

        It is not a matter of nothing to hide. It is about valuing you privacy. Why would I let you open my bank account if I did not do anything wrong?

        I am just being tactful when I said perceived but I know two of the most corrupt bureau in the government are the BIR and BOC.

        When I said selective I am referring to Corona who asked the 188+1 only. Why didn’t he asked all the senators and congressman?

        I still say what you are asking is not viable. You have to file a complaint before the OMB will investigate them.

      • R

        I am very sure. You can check it yourself.  The waiver provides for an SPA which would get things done.

        Valuing your privacy, you say? Civil rights…are you saying Corona had no rights? Or were his rights violated?

        I may agree with you on BOC and BIR and all the others, but both our opinions are merely that, perceptions.

        He directly asked the 188 + 1 because there was a predicate…they were the ones who accused him.

        Like I said, nothing is impossible….

        I’m gonna get a pizza now…Black Jack…. pepperoni.

      • KapitanBagwis

        “are you saying Corona had no rights”? Or were his rights violated?

        What rights does Corona have? He forfeited his rights the moment he accepted that midnight appointment from the fake president.

        You saw or you read what happened at the IC, he left hurriedly because he can not handle the truth. “Punto for punto” he will answer all charges against him. Not punto but punta sa hospital, pathetic man.

        Nothing is impossible, with GOD, but man has limitation of what he can do.

        Enjoy your pizza.

      • R

        Pizza is on it’s way…do you have Black jack in your neck of the woods?

        Any accused has rights, guaranteed by the Constitution.

        Midnight Apptmnt…Fake President…allegations.

        Impeachment in 4 hours?
        Yep, that was a miracle!

      • KapitanBagwis

        “Midnight Apptmnt…Fake President…allegations”. ~ that is why GMA is under arrest now not only for rigging the election but for plunder as well.

        “Impeachment in 4 hours”? That is politics for you.

        We have Papa John and Black Jack too.

      • R

        guess we are neighbors.
        under arrest does not mean guilty..

      • KapitanBagwis

        when you are arrested, there is probable cause or prima facie evidence particularly a non bailable case.

        Why where do you live or what is your area code?

  • compromise500

    no ifs and buts if these congressmen are for transparency and clean government.

  • KapitanBagwis

    You don’t need to ask these people to sign a waiver to open their bank account which definitely they will not. You will have to ask all the justices and all judges, and that will never happen. Just ask them to have their SALN accessible to the public scrutiny.

  • rafael nicolas

    tama lang po na buksan na lahat ng bank account nila para malaman talaga kung sino ang malinis. Kaya di umuunlad ang Pilipinas dahil sa mga kurakot na pulitiko. Dapat malaman ng taong bayan kung sino talaga ang malinis ang hangarin maglingkod sa kanilang kapwa. HIndi aangat ang bansa hanggat may mga ganitong klase ng tao.

    • KapitanBagwis

       At sino ang titingin sa pera nila sa banko? At kung may pera sila, paano mo malalaman na nakaw yun? Wala ng gagawin ang gobyerno kundi isa isahin lahat ng tao sa  gobyerno. Ilan milyon ang empleyado ng gobyerno. Dapat lahat sila bubusisiin mo ang account nila. Hindi papayag yung iba na sila lang yung iba hindi. Kaya yung hamon ni Corona kalokohan yun. Imposibleng gawain yun.

      • simplengmamayan

        Trabaho ng Ombudsman na disiplinahin ang lahat ng tiwali sa Gobyerno. May COA, Sandiganbayan, AMLA, etc.. TRABAHO HO NILA YUN.. So kung ito ang paraan para malinis ang Gobyerno natin bakit hindi natin suportahan. Hindi ho kalokohan yan, ksi matagal na tayong niloloko ng mga ulupong sa Gobyerno.

      • KapitanBagwis

        Sama ko sa iyo pero ang tanong ko, kaya ba ninyong papirmahin ng waiver ang lahat ng empleyado ng gobyerno? Dahil kung ako si Drilon, ang isasagot ko sa inyo ay pipirma ako ng waiver basta lahat ng nasa gobyerno gaya ng BIR, BOC, DPWH at iba pang sangay na pinagsusupetsahan na tiwali. Ilang milyon yan na iimbistigahan ng OMB ng wala namang reklamo sa kanila. Parang imposible yata yun. Hindi puwedeng selective ang pipirma, kailangan lahat ng nasa gobyerno.

      • Odran89

        Simple lang sana iyan, i uphold ng Supreme Court (dapat may mag file muna ng petition) ang interpretasyon na ang wiaver sa SALN ay sapat na para pabuksan ng Ombudsman ang lahat ng accounts, whether peso or dollar or any other currency, ng isang government employee.

        may legal basis ang ganyang interpretasyon sapagkat saligang batas mismo ang nagsabi na dapat magdeklara under oath ang mga government officials ng kanilang assets (no distinction whether pesso or dollar) liabilites and networth. Talo ng Saligang batas ang anumang ordinaryong batas.

      • KapitanBagwis

        I agree with you. That is exactly what I am saying. Nakita mo at natakot si Brenda, Cayetano et al ng makuha ng OMB sa MLAC ang transactional value ng $$$ ni Corona. Duon lang nakita ng mga senador ang power ng waiver incorporated in the SALN. Actually, JPE can go against the SC TRO regarding the $$ account of Corona. SALN waiver says assets, no mention about $$ exempted.

        Kaya hindi na kailangang pumirma ng waiver ang goverment employee. Naroon na sa SALN ang waiver.

      • simplengmamayan

        Sir pakibasa po ang powers,functions and duties ng ombudsman. The following is copied from it’s powers,function and duties.

        nvestigate and prosecute on its own or on complaint by any person, any act or omission of any public officer or employee, office or agency, when such act or omission appears to be illegal, unjust, improper or inefficient. It has primary jurisdiction over cases cognizable by the Sandiganbayan and, in the exercise of his primary jurisdiction, it may take over, at any stage, from any investigatory agency of Government, the investigation of such cases (Sec. 15(1) R.A. No. 6770; see also Sec. 13(1), Article XI, 1987 Constitution);

        Malinaw po na pwede mag imbestiga ang Ombudsman kahit wala pong nagrereklamo.. Kahit mahirap dapat lang gawin ksi kung hindi wala ding magbabago sa gobyerno natin..

      • KapitanBagwis

        “any act or omission of any public officer or employee, office or agency, when such act or omission appears to be illegal, unjust, improper or inefficient”.

        Yan ang condition bago ang OMB mag imbestiga. Hindi siya puwedeng mag imbestiga dahil sa gusto lang niya dahil puwedeng abusuhin ang power at gamitin sa contra partido.

        Nabasa ko na iyang mandate ng OMB sa office of the OMB website.

      • simplengmamayan

        Sir tinanggal nyo yung unang phrase.. “Investigate and prosecute on its own or on complaint by any person”

      • KapitanBagwis

        Yes, OMB can investigate on its own provided the OMB meets those conditions I earlier posted. See what I trying to point out.

      • simplengmamayan

        Good then at least we are clear that even there are no complainants the Ombudsman can investigate as long as the conditions are met.

      • KapitanBagwis

        Correct, that is very clear.

  • KapitanBagwis

    Ang mga Chinese malapit na sa Zambales at marami sila.

    Si Corona tapos na yan.

  • billygunn23

    It looks like the tide has turned. The administration is calling it a trap, the opposition calling it transparency. It’s a mere scrap of paper ladies and gentlemen. Let’s see how worthy you all are to accuse others of the same misgivings you too have. You have been campaigning for transparency and accountability. Now let us see you do your share.

  • rafael nicolas

    nagkakagulo na sa Panatag Shoal puro american Idol at Corona Impeachment ang inaatupag ng ating ating bayan..Magising na kayo, kawawa naman ang taong bayan sa pinaggagagawa nyo. Tapusin na ang impeachment na yan, hatulan ang may kasalanan nang makausad na ang bansang Pilipinas…tsk tsk tsk

  • rafael nicolas

    @kapit bagwis…kawawa naman ang PIlipinas magkakagulo na ,, ang balita sa telebisyon ay American Idol at saka Corona..tsk tsk tsk

    • KapitanBagwis

       hehehe napabayaan na ang Panatag shoal. Malapit na mga Chinese sa Zambales.

  • farmerpo

    Naman naman. May pumatol???? SALN ba di nyo pinirmahan??  A sucker is born every minute.!

  • tanzangluma

    lahatin na natin buksan ang mga accounts.

    Government employee at private employee, kasali na rin ang malalaking kompanya.

    transparency. kapag hindi maipalawanag ang kayaman, kunin ng gobiyerno.

    • Satticus

      Oh, easy. That would be tantamount to a complete disregard of the laws.

  • EfimacoVelasquez

    PAUNAWA ! Ilagay po sana natin ng maayos at sa tama ang ating komento na naaayon sa “HEADLINE” ….

    Dun sa mahilig magkomento patungkol sa CHINESE or SCARBOROUGH SHOAL or PANATAG SHOAL or BAJO DE MASINLOC eh hindi po dito ang pag-post ng comment.


    • KapitanBagwis

       Bawal ba maghalohalo?

  • pintados01

    Prosecution already employed illegal tactics just to ferret out the truth, like the bank statements and the little girl giving the envelope.  If they really want to open Corona’s account then they need to heed his request.  If they have nothing to hide then why refuse.  Ang problema pareho sila kay Corona…magnanakaw din….

  • nero1090

    How about impeaching all those who refuse to sign the waiver? You should be ashamed to have the audacity to accuse a Chief Justice of wrongdoing, and when he asks you to do the same as you requested from him, you hide in the corners. People are showing their true colors!

    • KapitanBagwis

       I know most of you are harping and ranting about rule of law. Now I will ask you, what law does it say that I have to sign bank waiver even if I am not accuse of any wrongdoing. If you believe that I am a corrupt person, then submit your evidence to the OMB and let the OMB investigate me.

      Corona was asked to sign a waiver because he is on trial. And he doesn’t have to sign if he do not want to, but that is point against him.

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        “I know most of you are harping and ranting about rule of law. Now I will ask you, what law does it say that I have to sign bank waiver even if I am not accuse of any wrongdoing.”

        Funny you should mention.

        Actually this was my point the whole way back. What right has anyone to delve into your private life, including what the law has said is protected secret, without proper allegations at a proper forum.

        And that allegation, without specifics, should not merit enough weight for secrecy to surrender one’s protected rights.

        “If you believe that I am a corrupt person, then submit your evidence to the OMB and let the OMB investigate me.”

        If I allege anything without specific details, to any invetigative authority, would that be enough for that authority to start an investigation? Of course not. What if it was heresay? What if it was unconfirmed sources, like a little girl? Of course not.

        But it seems, the CJC Impeachment was an exception.

        It was an abomination in both principle and procedure.

        “Corona was asked to sign a waiver because he is on trial. And he doesn’t have to sign if he do not want to, but that is point against him.”

        Corona was asked to sign a waiver because he is on trial, AND YET not one of his i_complaint specifically mentioned what is wrong. In fact the allegations was broad, too broad, and none of these allegations point to a specific illegal action.**

        And yet the his detractors are clamoring for a waiver.

        A complete allegations should include specifics as to what is wrong, what is there that shouldn’t be, what isn’t there that should be.

        For example ‘I accuse GMA of pilfering funds’ would not have any merit, because it is complete.

        But if I say ‘I accuse GMA of pilfering funds, from Project X, wherein it has a fund of 10B pesos, and portions of it has been transferred to Acct No xxxx amounting to 10M,15M and 20M.’

        **can expound if requested.

        Good morning Kapitan, on a personal note, how r u today? Care to wager on the final CJC verdict? hehehe.

      • KapitanBagwis

        I’m doing good, thank you. How about yourself?

        Well, following the trial in the internet, I understand that his sin is omission on his SALN, and that are the millions of pesos in different banks, high end properties and some $$ accounts not declared in his SALN. JPE said it doesn’t matter whether you have $1Mil, $1K or $10, if not declared, that is betrayal of public trust. The waiver is for the $$ account deposited with PSBank, confirmed by the bank president and under TRO, that is why they need the waiver to open the account. OMB power point presentation confirmed that Corona have several $$ account and at the witness stand he confirmed he have 4 accounts.

        I am for a guilty verdict with or without him in court. Sorry but I don’t gamble.

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        Doing well sir.

        Ah, sorry bout the wager, it was done in the spirit of camaraderie, being engrossed in the trial and all.

        Anyway. have a great day!

      • KapitanBagwis

        You too and be safe always.

        It is my sleeping time. I will see you again.

      • R

        *from another thread

        You said: Prima facie and probable cause and unbailable…….none of those would mean guilt.  Innocent until proven guilty. Any accused has guaranteed rights.

        ….if it is your sleeping time then you are farther east of where I am or you’ve gone Cinderella. Black Jack is available only in a few states. Since you say you have it, you would have guessed where I am.

        it is getting late here too but having been watching the trials got me used to it sort of.

      • KapitanBagwis

        You said: Prima facie and probable cause and unbailable…….none of those would mean guilt. Innocent until proven guilty. Any accused has guaranteed rights.

        Correct, but for what I know in what she did, it is just matter of convicting her.

        Yes, I live in the east coast. My time is EDT.

      • R

        Hey, East Coast…. didn’t think there was Black Jack east or west of the Rockies.

        To even have someone arrested on the say so of a dubious character says something else to me.

      • KapitanBagwis

        Yep, you are right. We don’t have black jack here. I thought the pizza my son-in-law buy is black jack but it’s Marks.

        Home of Black Pizza is Dallas. You must be living somewhere in Central states.

        Anyway, who was arrested on a say so?

  • katabay1106

    It only takes 4 hours for all the members of Movement 188 to sign an Article of Impeachment, why would it be difficult for them to sign the waiver for transparency and accountability. Pnoy should take the lead and immediately sign the waiver to show that he is really against graft and corruption and for accountability and transparency. If you have nothing to hide, why be afraid?

  • dukling

    Hah!!! Sana nga magsimula nang ipakita ng mga nanunungkulan sa gobiyerno na ilantad nila na milinis ang kanilang SALN. Simulan dapat iyan sa mga tongressmen and women, tapos, sa lahat ng emplyeado ng Justice Dept, kasama na riyan ang lahat na judges at fixcal, sa Customs at BIR , at Land management Dept, LTO, pati na rin sa mayor at councilperson. At kung naisagawa iyan, naku, makikita ang biglang pag-unlad ng bayan Pilipinas. Dapat ng tuldukan ang ugaling “pag di dilihensiya” o sa ibang salita, pangungurakot, at pagsasamantala sa mga mangmang na Pilipino. Masakit man sabihin, milyon milyon ang mga mang-mang sa atin at madaling maloko ng mga nakapgaral sa Ateneo at sa iba pang mataas na paaralan. Sa government service naman, dapat ay tuldukan na rin ang mga “duplicative” services or processes, whose purpose is solely to provide employment to the “people” – iyung mga tauhan ni mayor at iba  pa niyang pinagkautangan ng boto. 

  • Philcor

    hindi sila pipirma dahil alam nilang mas mayaman pa sila kesa kay CJ.

  • Alexis

    Much as I want this to happen, this is simply a diversionary tactic of Corona to lay blame on others.  This can be done at another time, meanwhile, he should be a man of honor, being the Chief Justice of the Republic of the Philippines to honor the law that the swore to protect and abide by.  The way he acted in the court just showed that he was more of a thug than the Chief Magistrate.  He had no respect for anyone, not even a dead person.  Now that he needs to account for his words, he suddenly got sick……pathetic man

    • KapitanBagwis

       I agree!

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      “Much as I want this to happen, this is simply a diversionary tactic of
      Corona to lay blame on others.  This can be done at another time”


    • billygunn23

       why not let them sign now? does CJ deserve to be punished? maybe-depending on your affiliation. but do we, as people, deserve a transparent government not later but now through the mere signing of a scrap of paper to show they have nothing to hide? yeah CJ’s action maybe pathetic. but the most pathetic of all are those who still believe that these 188 + 1 prosecutors are as clean as dandelion worthy of accusing another.

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        “why not let them sign now?”

        Because the complaint is focused only on one person.

        If CJC so sues those who impeached him (who themselves are hiding USD), it his CJC’s privilege. However, it is a different story altogether.

      • billygunn23

        i am beginning to doubt your advocacy. is it for transparency or is it persecution? you sound like you’re not even listening.

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        Oh, I beg your pardon.

        Perhaps I was not clear. My advocacy has never changed.

        My advocacy will and always will be, the rule of law.

        Do I want the 189 to sign? Yes, but at its proper time and place.

        Do I want transparency. Yes.

        Do I defend CJC, well its actually the rule of law, when CJC is on its side, yes.

        Do it think it is persecution on the part of this Administration against the former, including CJC?  Yes.

        so going back to “why not let them sign now?”

        Because now, CJC has a formal complaint. It would be in bad from to start accusing your accusers NOW. You can always do it later, right?

      • billygunn23

         “Do I want the 189 to sign? Yes, but at its proper time and place.”

        Your proper time and place seem to be leaving town. why not start now? is it really that hard to sign a waiver to once and for all expose who’s hiding anything. don’t wonder why i doubt you because, your words seems to counter your advocacy. wake up dude! it’s not yet too late!

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        I do not want to start a precedence where the accused, re accuses his accusers at the same time (whew!) and venue. If ever that is to happen, let the originally accused be on one forum, and the accusers, being accused on another forum.

        Otherwise, it’s just a word war against one another, and it’s just plain chaos where the question of the motives muddle the original intention of the complaint.

        I would rather finish one complaint, then continue with the rest.

        Lest we have 2 impeachments that hasn’t any formal ending.

        “your words seems to counter your advocacy”

        I don’t think so.  I have never wavered from my beliefs. Perhaps you misunderstand my advocacy.

        I think we differ on the ‘when’ you want the 189 to sign the waiver. I have stated my reasons above.

      • billygunn23

        well that’s your opinion and your entitled to it (whew too!). but to say what you mean here is quite self-serving when the ball is in your hand. and quite frankly, you sound like one of the prosecutors.

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        “you sound like one of the prosecutors.”

        then, that proves my point. you are mistaken.

      • billygunn23

         yeah no wonder you won’t sign! lol

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      “He had no respect for anyone, not even a dead person.”

      No, i think at the start he did mention that he did not want to say these things specifically because Mr. Basa cannot defend himself anymore.

      But then he came to a point that if he doesn’t tell the truth, then part of the story will never come out, and will always hang in the mind that it was Mrs.Corona who started all the feud, when in fact, it was reciprocity, initiated by Mr. Basa himself.

      Sorta ‘damned if you do, dam*ed if you don’t’ but better be dam*ed for disrespecting the memory of someone, rather than dam*ed for the notion that they started it in the first place.

    • KapitanBagwis

       We are all sinners anyway so let go of all criminals, rapist, thieves, murderers, terrorist etc from penitentiaries and jails.

      Maybe the intent of the Word is because the people are stoning the woman to DEATH.

      We are only removing Corona as CJ because he is not fit to be one.

      • juantamadnatamad

        The Supreme Court just released the “Visconde Massacre” participants, we are getting there.

      • KapitanBagwis

        yes I heard about that. That was Corona’s doing I believed. Possibly part of his hidden wealth.

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        I beg to differ. That was a witch hunt if ever there was one.

  • Allan

    why not just sign the waiver without conditions?

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      because, according to CJC, its a witchhunt.

      this way, everyone is with equal footing.

      (No. I don’t agree with this, that is simply the implication.)

  • katabay1106

    The time for transparency and accountability is NOW! Sen. Franklin M. Drilon and the honest (kuno) 188 members of Congress should show they have nothing to hide by signing the waiver and open ALL their accounts, peso and FCDU accounts to public scrutiny.  Pnoy should lead by example and sign the waiver together with all his cabinet secretaries and undersecretaries, to show the people that they have nothing to hide. SIGN THE WAIVER NOW. NOW NA!

  • Darwin

    sign or resign!!!

  • 2pedrof


  • JohnDoeGB

    Re-posting my post in another article here.

    “He who have not sinned, cast the first stone.” A very striking quote from the Bible. The stone has already been cast. Now, they demanded the CJ to bare open. What fairness can CJ expect when everyone and everything have ganged up on him? Even the Filipino people have already judged him.

    Now, he challenged everyone who pushed the Articles of Impeachment to bare open with him to be scrutinized as well. I join the CJ of his challenge. It is an abuse to our constitution and legal system that one only accuses the person and put him into a trial yet no investigation had been conducted nor evidences been sourced beforehand. It is an abuse that one accuses the other and vilify him in public, deceiving people to cast doubt and pre-judge him of being an evil, yet the accusers themselves may be guilty of the same or even vile and bereft of good intentions.

    I call upon the 188 congressmen and 1 senator to sign the waiver. Being a voter, being a Filipino citizen, I also need to know.

    For a real statesman that these congressmen and senator should be, they ought to bare and waive their privacy as people like me needs to know. Even PNoy must support the call if he is true to his call that “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap.”

    They don’t need to be in a trial if they are really true with their intentions and are indeed weeding out someone that is corrupt who does not belong to their kind. I believe that is the essence of the Bible quote. And then, those found to be tainted, must be weeded out. Such practice will change the psyche of the Filipino politicians that one should be clean in words and in deed when joining public service. And one should be clean in words and in deed when accusing someone of wrong
    doing. When you are accusing someone of a wrong doing and you are doing the same, it doesn’t change the equation. There is no good at all that comes out of it. You would only see mud slinging. After all, it is only the absolute good that can topple the evil.

    I laud these 3 congressmen who willingly accept the challenge. These are the kind of personalities we should vote for public office. If these 3 can take the challenge, why can others not?

    • R

      I too stand with you.

      By the very reasons you have stated…I too stand with you.

    • lapasan

       Bravo my friend! Your proposal should not only include the 188 plus 1. All senators and congressman should be included. No exception. We should not be selective.

      • KapitanBagwis

         Include all government departments and bureaus employees in the nation to be fair. Like BIR, BOC. DPWH etc.

      • JohnDoeGB

         Please refer to my reply to lapasan.

      • JohnDoeGB

        I like that too my friend that it should cover all legislators or even all government employees. I perceived it to be the ideal. I guess another challenge to the 188 congressmen is to enact a law that revises the law that protects the foreign deposit account owners that the confidentiality should not cover public officials. If they did the endorsement of the articles of impeachment in 5 hours, they should be able to do the revision that quickly.

        But without the revision of the law concerning the FCD, as of this pressing moment considering the time constraints, CJ’s challenge should be faced head on. It only took them 5 hours to tackle and endorse the articles of impeachment, it will only take seconds to sign a waiver. But I guess it will take forever if you’ve got a lot to lose in that bank account. :-)

  • 2pedrof

    CJ Corona’s defense hatches out of the Holy Scriptures (John 8:7) where Jesus says, “He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone…”  This may, indeed, be crystal clear to CJ Corona.

    How to get out of this fix? Follow Jesus’ advice, “…go your way. From now on sin no more,” (John 8:11).


    • lapasan

       You got it right! If Corona is going to have his way, will he sin no more? That is the big question. Corona is no Mary Magdalene who atoned for her sins.

    • juantamadnatamad

      He should not challenge the public to throw the stone… marami sa Pilipinas na walang kasalanan na katulad niya baka tig-iisang kurot lang eh buto lang matira sa kanya.

  • im_not_convinced

    All 188 sign na! Don’t worry PNOY’s got your back. there will be media backlash or investigations. remember all government resources are targeted only at his enemies. KKKs are immune parang panamanian diplomats. 

  • kilabot

    kahit kelan sinungaling talaga itong si tupas at drilon. sabi nila wala raw pipirma sa waiver. meron palang tatlong matatapang at walang tinatago. ang minority naman kahit di hinamon, ay kusang pipirma kung pipirma lang si drilon. papano yan drilon/tupas? for once, magpakalalaki naman kayo at wag magtago sa palda ni noynoy kapon. baket, small dick with big accounts ba kayo at ayaw nyo ipakita? pirma na!

  • tiktikrobong

    ang sa akin lang ay kung susundin nila ang taktika nitong si corona na bubuksan din ang kanilang mga bank accounts ay parang sumasang-ayon na sila sa panlilinlang niya sa taong bayan.  huwag sana nilang patulan at tapusin na nila ang hokus pukos na ito.

    • gore123

       O ngayun anong gagawin mo sa mga kababayan natin na mga kurakot na andyan pa sa gobyerno natin… bakit di natin din tangalin sa pwesto.. Kaya natin yan kung sama sama tayo mga Filipino..Yan lang po kabayan.

  • Ronilo

    Palusot ng mga talunan at malapit na ma checkmate

    • gore123

       Wala ka na bang ibang masabi kabayan…. yan lang ba ang ason mo?  Wala ako diyan sa Pinas pero Filipino din ako katulad mo… we really need to change…Kung ma tanggal so corona wala akong pakialam.. pero dapat yung nasa pwesto managot din OK!

  • Fredo Lim

    All of you are fools! We are not fools, We all know that 99.99% of you Tongressmen are crooks!

  • Abnoy tupak

    Only 3 of 189 take up Corona’s challenge << meaning 186 are corrupt

    • PCD_2012

      You will be scolded by your handler, why you admitted that Corona is a thief???

  • simon

    hintayin ninyo po ang 6 months,, pag malapit na ang election, dadami pa iyan.
    waiver in the SALN is enough,,, ginugulo lang ni renato CORONA ang lahat.
    simple lang po ang utos sa atin ng Diyos,,, huwag kang magnanakaw,

    • billygunn23

      no it is not enough. the best thing to do is require all people in the government sector to sign a waiver at thie very moment. it’s simple. thos who say it’s not the issue, well, ain’t you for a change after all?

  • biznizdok

    pwedeng gawin yun ng lahat ng tatakbo sa eleksyon, sign muna waiver sabay file.

  • dennis

    We need a new rule…”NO TO WAIVING OF SALN,THEN NO TO ELECTION OR CANDIDACY FOR 2013 ELECTION”….That must be a new rule of the Filipino people!

  • gore123

    I believed that the challenged should be taken seriously by those who seek to have a good governance in the Philippines. Otherwise, we should not let these people who do not accept the challenge be in the government service. What for, to fools us again and again…This Mr. Drilon has been in the government for quiet sometime…what he did…think mga kababayan…that is the challenge. Good governance means transparency from our leaders.

  • dennis

    Nakowww! Yan ang masama! May 3 alipores na pumirma!!!…Kung ako ang isa sa sambayanang pilipino,Ano kaya ang iisipin ko doon sa 186 na HINDI PUMIRMA?…MAY TINATAGO NGA BA?…HAWR..HAWR..HAWR!!!

  • gore123

     Those who are challenged should accept so that everybody will know who among them are not worthy to serve us. Those who will not accept is a coward not to face the truth especially this MR. DRILL ON…why you will not let the people see who you really are? Are you also hiding something?

    • scorpio22

      I think the question should be “How much are you hiding?”

    • Reynilda de vries

      kasuhan mo muna xa….

  • la mona segrestat

    pag nagsign sila ng waiver, then sila mismo nagsabi na ung SALN doesnt cover the foreign currency accounts.. in short, lusot si corona due to technicalities..

  • maypakialamako

    ang dami talagang gunggung na pro-corona dito! yung gus2 mangyari ni corona is like saying na huwag nang i-convict o ikulong ang isang corrupt, rapist, mamamatay tao, magnanakaw, drug pusher kasi di lang siya ang ganon sa pilipinas! hay mga gunggung talaga!


    signing the waiver shows the person is not afraid to openly scrutinize his/her bank records and properties by allowing us the people to pry on their financial records, if they do not take up the challenge then it shows they are hiding something they don’t want us to discover any malpractice or how they got to get those cash hordes on the banks, drilon lame excuse the banking industry will go messier if they sign the waiver, how could that be when only the 188 congressmen and he sen. drilon are the only ones that are to be openly waive their secrecy both in bank and properties they have and their family members as well just to show how clean and correct are their SALNs is and did they filled up the $$ cash on their SALNs? they must show to us their past SALNs too to see if they truly indicated their $$ cash on their  previous SALNs.

    • Odran89

      You hit it! Corona was too afraid to sign the waiver, he attached an impossible condition to his waiver. He must have been very afraid.

      As to the Congressmen, well it is given, many of them are hiding something and I am not surprised. But for a Chief Justice? i thought the judiciary was a check against these corrupt politician, but with Corona at the helm, I doubt the could do that.

      Actually, it is as simple as interpreting that the waiver in the SALN is in fact a complete waiver which allows looking at dollar deposits. We need only to insist that interpretation but Corona and his defense proposes otherwise.


    offer = not acceptable. DISCLOSE BANK RECORD ONLY IF THE 188 WOULD DO THE SAME THING.  ndi po nmn iniimpeach un 189, bkt po nmn iddare cla. BLACKMAIL b TO?

  • Guest

    hehehe, ito talaga si corona oh. hindi papasok yang pangla lanse mo corona. kung sakaling need yan, bakit 189 lang? yung mga kakampi mo hindi kasama? ano yan 1 is to 189? gulang mo talaga. dapat sa iyo iharap sa mga intsik sa scarboro. dun ka manggulang.

  • Lord_patawad

    hehehe, ito talaga si corona oh. hindi papasok yang pangla lanse mo corona. kung sakaling need yan, bakit 189 lang? yung mga kakampi mo hindi kasama? ano yan 1 is to 189? gulang mo talaga. dapat sa iyo iharap sa mga intsik sa scarboro. dun ka manggulang.  

  • alkatipunero

    If CJ wasn’t mad at Drilon, CJ should have dared/condition all senators to open their bank accounts as well.

  • edward castro

    the challege is goodm but cj is not the right person to issue that challenge. diversionary tactic lang ito at ang daming bobo dito na sumasakay sa pautot ni corona.  but after the impeachment it would be prudent to review the saln law.

    • d3marketers

      Sino sino ang mga bobo bro?

  • FernandoBusi

    Congratulations to Congressmen Kimi Cojuangco, Antonio Tinio, and Abigail Faye Ferriol, you have shown the people you are worthy of our trust we will vote for you if you run for the senate… now Piggy Drilon its your turn… ah di pala pwede kasi masisira ang banking system pag nakitang complicit ito sa corruption ni Drilon.

  • Belekoy

    This is about the impeachment of the Chief Justice, not the signing of waivers to open bank accounts of other individuals. We are just diverting the issue at hand, much like an attempt to confuse and put the impeachment court proceedings in the background.

  • Luthmar

    Ay mayroong naniwala na pinirmahan ni Corona yung waiver.  True, he did sign a piece of
    paper: apparently, it was only a DRAFT.  That did not mean anything.  Perhaps, he just threw it away when he arrogantly left the witness stand.

  • henry21

    sama nyo na rin lahat ng congressman… para malaman natin kung sino talaga ang corrupt at hindi…. yung marami pang salita dyan… may tinatago…..

  • henry21

    pati cabinet secretaries ni Pnoy isama na rin…

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