I will not take revenge



I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of public support for me on that one-way brawl at the NAIA 3 involving me and show-biz couple Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto and their friends.

I got goose bumps on Monday as I reviewed the text messages in my cellular phones and e-mails more than two weeks after the incident.

The sympathy and support I got—and still getting—from friends and strangers show that Filipinos root for the underdog.

Some of the messages call for revenge which—I have decided since after the incident—I will never resort to.

The messages below are typical:

“Kuya, andito lang po ako. sabihin n’yo lang at ako na ang bahala (I am here. Just tell me and I’ll take care of everything),” said a message from a person I helped through my radio program, “Isumbong Mo kay Tulfo,” many years ago.

“Kung gusto mong bumawi, sabihin mo lang (If you want revenge, just say so),” wrote my contact from the underworld when I was still covering the police beat decades ago.

But the most touching message comes from a retired general who was once my father’s subordinate officer and whom I covered as a police reporter.

“Touching” because after all these years this retired general has not forgotten his bond with my Old Man and my friendship with him.

The old soldier’s message reads:

“Carry on the good fight vs the abuses of the rich and powerful. Just like your dad we old constables still around praying that all Filipinos must work hard to make criminals feel that they cannot get away with their crimes. I saw the video Mon and the anger, the rage in me against abusive people surged when those cowardly punks rained blows on one already down. Show no mercy Mon and let them pay for their arrogant abuse of power. Txt me their names and our friends will make them regret they

ever lived.”

The retired general, who fought coup plotters during the time of President Cory Aquino, still has many people in the police and military at his beck and call, as well as members of the underworld.

Sir, thank you for the sympathy and support, but I’d rather leave it to the courts to exact revenge for me.

*                                *                               *

I had a chance to get back at my attackers right there and then.

I could have run to the counter, where guns deposited at the airport of origin can be retrieved by gun-carrying plane passengers, taken my gun and started shooting.

But I didn’t do that. It didn’t even occur to me to do that.

Firstly, I am a responsible gun owner. My life was no longer in danger after I was beaten up and resorting to my gun would be cowardice.

Secondly, and which is more important, I am already a spiritual person.

*                                  *                               *

Roque Estacio won a labor case against his former employer, TAC Furniture and Interior Inc., and was awarded P779,000.

Arbiter Michaela Lontoc of the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC) decided in favor of Estacio.

On May 27, 2011, the NLRC sheriff, took hold of Estacio’s former employer’s car so the monetary award could be paid.

Lontoc allegedly asked Estacio to agree to his former employer’s request that the monetary reward be reduced to P300,000.

Estacio said he turned down the request as he would have to pay his lawyer and get back expenses incurred in the years of litigation.

Lontoc allegedly returned the car to Estacio’s former employer when he didn’t agree.

Why was Lontoc lawyering for Estacio’s former employer?

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  • John_Galt_II

    Tulfing! Nagulpi ka na mahangin ka pa rin!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XS6UPU2I73MYZ2SLJC4G6QFWLE Asia

       yes as far as what I read…he was saying he have underworld connections..so what????it only shows that he is trying to say NO REVENGE but at the back of his mind..mayroon maghihiganti para sa kanya kung gugustuhin lang nya..wow..ke retired Gen. o mga siga I don’t think tama ito na gamitin nya..which he said he won’t..but then the way he wrote this article..may dating na threat..

      • John_Galt_II

        Kaya nga. Nanakot ang animal. Pero puro hangin lang yan!

  • sacrebleau

    The mention of your connections sounds like a veiled threat – if not a way of handwashing, absolving yourself of guilt if anything bad happens to the Santiago camp.

    • turkak

      SACREBAYOT nandito ka na naman !!! hahahahahahahah

  • fasoriamd

    Thank you Mr. Tulfo for following the law. I do agree with you. Let the court decide who is to blame. Although a lot of felons  are still on the loose backed by those people who trample on somebody’s right, I still believe that our country is still ruled by law.    


    Mon Tulfo is not threatening the celebrity couple. He is only telling them that he has no control over the actions of his friends and supporters.

    But to the beke in pink T shirt who boxed Pareng Mon Tulfo. “Lintik lang ang walang ganti.” LOL.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NNAJQQUKFAB4DITXYZPSG26FYA Martin

    Mon should not hide under his pen as columnist here.  The Santiagos are of disadvantage because they’re not journalists.  While Mon said he would not take revenge, he cited all his friends who are willing to do it for him.  So if something happens to one of the Santiagos, Mon has a ready excuse saying he has nothing to do with it.  Nice try, Mon.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T6YOSLK74SEBOC3SNZE6NPPJWM ted

       hey retard martin, read and read the article over and over again.,but i guess you are not fully sane

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ANFIUGORRH3AAYDBDU643NW2K4 Jason

      What Santiagos are you talking about? It is only Raymart among the Santiagos who’s in this controversy. Man, keep you facts straight. If you’re talking about Raymart and Claudine how come they are on the down side? Did you see the video? Is that the epitome of being on the Cons position? Mon  is not threatening on this article. What he said is that there are lots of people who would like to give him a hand to get back at those “people” but he do not want to. Read the article once more.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/NNAJQQUKFAB4DITXYZPSG26FYA Martin

        Of course I was referring to the Santiago couple, idiot !

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ANFIUGORRH3AAYDBDU643NW2K4 Jason

        Hey, haven’t you completed your college degree or perhaps maybe you did not even go to college and just finished senior high school. Calling someone an idiot in an online forum is very unethical. Did I say something bad against you? Nada! I will not get back at you by saying the same words dude. I will just challenge you to get your facts straight.. I guess you’re supposed to say Mr and Mrs Santiago and just Santiagos. Simple grammar. Anyway, going back if something bad happens to “them” does it mean Mon Tulfo is one to be blamed right away? Lots of Mon supporters are ready to take that fight for him. He has no control over it. The only thing he can do is to put them at bay.Now, what’s wrong with Mon telling to the public about his No Revenge attitude in  spite of the fact that many people are willing to revenge for him? wake up Martin.

  • 2GEMINI1

    Mr. Mon Tulfo.  I saw the video. Read tons of news coverage on the incident.  As per the video, it spoke volumes.  Lots of peole say it was just the tail end of the incident, and that it’s not an accurate account of what happened prior to that.  All I can say is, the man is down, have mercy!  Only the cowards will keep on pounding, knowing the man is down, and so outnumbered by them.  Obviously, I don’t know you. This is the first time I am sharing my thoughts, views on this matter, or any matter online.  To all, friends, relatives of Mr. Mon Tulfo, and the Tulfo brothers:  Let us be thankful that Mr. Mon Tulfo, “kuya” to millions of pinoys in the Philippines and abroad is still OK.  Physically beaten up by several men, and maybe a woman, is still spiritually strong to carry on his GOOD work to fight the fight of the POOR, HELPLESS pinoys.  He is a man so connected to His Creator, that to him  vengeance is not his.  He is leaving it to the court. 

    Let us be calm about this.  This situation is bad enough, let us not make it worst.  This incident put the SPOTLIGHT on the UGLY  side of some of the “rich and famous/infamous” people.  They put the MASK of the nice, sweet, and respectful celebrities when on TV.  However behind the cameras, they are NIGHTMARES to people around them, especially the underlings.  Kuya Mon,  through you, the UGLY behavior of certain people was showcased.  Hopefully, others learn a lesson or two from this.  Rich and poor, we are all equal in the eyes of God. 

    Mr. Mon Tulfo, and the Tulfo family, rest assured that you are in our prayers.  May God keep you safe always.  Keep on the good work!!!


    Onli in the Pilipins that they use their being a columnist to condition the minds of the reader that this writer has the most out pouring support from the readers that’s why he said that foreigners don’t respect us. ” bakit mo sya tinadyakan , E sinuntok ako e” , 38 years in martial arts , underground connections” sabihin mo lang , ako ang bahala, even a kinder pupil can understand what this really means. Onli in da pilipins that’s why poriners dont respect us.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ANFIUGORRH3AAYDBDU643NW2K4 Jason

    Martin, re-read the article alright? Don’t presume through your own judgement. Just go back and read the article once more.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/NNAJQQUKFAB4DITXYZPSG26FYA Martin

      I read it twice and concluded it’s indeed an indirect threat.

  • taga_labas

    Mon, you are such a crook.  You just incriminated yourself as having knowledge of a retired general who plays in the underworld.  Ganun ha.  Bakit di mo ilantad ang mga nasa kapulisan at militar na naglalaro sa underworld kundi isa ka rin na naglalaro sa playing field ng mga underworld. Whether you are playing on the same side of the law or not remains to be the question in the minds of those who read your coloumn.  Tutuong kulay mo Tulfo ay untiunting lumalantad.  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AIW2QLRXL6TL7HQ5ZIIL3KK2VQ Go

    the good thing with tulko is you always know he doesn’t tell the truth …. he pretend he is not vindicative but he writes veiled threats … he claims he sides with the victims but he support the rapist as long as he is rich …. he says he fights against the corrupts but he used to hang with be erap’s and the arroyos…. he fakes he is macho and  discriminates against  gays but he is bakla himself ..

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/NNAJQQUKFAB4DITXYZPSG26FYA Martin

      In fact, his article here which he cannot deny because he wrote it could be used as another basis or added to Santiago’s lawsuit.  It’s clearly an indirect threat even mentioning underworld.  Santiago’s lawyer should take note of this.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/AIW2QLRXL6TL7HQ5ZIIL3KK2VQ Go

        The lawyer should take note of this … expect  others blunder from tulko as  as he is used to criminal ways and cannot keep his ego down.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/6BISMCORASUC6BCH5NXX2WMUTA vincent raphael

      bakla himself? sabihin mo yan sa harap niya sir

  • mikerocky

    Nagtatapang tapangan lang ang nananakit ng kalaban na nakahiga na.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EYYDTMYSK2VUPDWIMUDPPSVVU4 romulo

    Hinihingi ba ng kaibigan ng tatay mo ang pangalan ng nakalaban mo? Eh araw araw naman nasa dyaryo bakit kailangan pa hingin sa iyo? Estupidong heneral!

  • Yanong_OFW

    hahahaha..Underworld? Lycans..Vampire or werewolf? i-otot mo yan Mon para ma relieved ka..hahahaha..

  • tabalu

    tingin ko po sa article nyo na ito Mr. Tulfo is INDIRECT na pananakot, parang yung nakalagay sa gate ng bahay na “Beware Of Dogs” hindi ka nga i-pa-pa-habol o ipa-pa-kagat pero mag-ingat ka!.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/NNAJQQUKFAB4DITXYZPSG26FYA Martin

      Iyan nga ang gustong palabasin ni Tulfo.  Parang sinabi niyang “Wala akong magagawa kung ang mga kaibigan ko ang gumanti para sa akin”.  Mantakin mong binanggit pa ang underworld. 

  • j1u2a3n

    Underworld? Napapaghalata talagang utak pulbura ka.

  • joeybg

    tama ka Mon, hindi na kailangan gantihan ang mga Santiago at Baretto, kagaya nga ng nasabi ko sa iyo noon ibang tao ang gaganti sa kanila, tingnan mo lang ngayon hindi sila makalabas ng bahay dahil sa ginawa nilang sariling multo. just continue helping the poor people, pabayaan mo iyong mga naiinggit sa iyo na walang naitutulong sa kapwa nila. kausapin mo si Richard Gordon na kumandidato ulit at magrunning mate ka para mas marami ang inyong matutulungan at linisin ang mga corrupt sa gobyerno.

    • pangurita

      ito namang si joey. galit ka ba kay tulfo at gusto mo siyang kumandidato? alam mong talo yan pag tumakbo  at para lang maubos ang pera nya. halatado ka na.

      • joeybg

        gusto ko talaga  siyang kumandidato para malaman ko kung ilan ang Hindi Tanga na boboto para sa kanila ni Gordon

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/DJRA3CSW5SNUXAQYSAMCVJ4NL4 janice

         Hindi kami boboto dahil hindi kami mas tanga… hahaha

  • taga_labas

    May kinalaman ka ba Tulfo sa nga nagkakalat na shabu sa bansa?  Tirahin mo!

  • kentohtan

    kaya pala ayaw patulan itong si tulfo nila lacson,estrada,arroyo at iba pang mga personalidad na kanyang tinarget ay vakla fala itong hinayufak na nagvavalatkayong lalaki na si ramon tulfo.

    tignan mo nga naman,kundi pa nabugbog ng isang raymart s,hindi lalabas ang tunay na ramon tulfo.

    ramon tulfo sa umaga..

    ramona tiofatulfo sa gabi..


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AIW2QLRXL6TL7HQ5ZIIL3KK2VQ Go

    Threatening R. with your ‘husbands’ from the “underworld” ? maybe werebadings …  hahaha columnist by day and bading by night ….

  • archerfan

    sigurado, sobra tindi ng tawa nila lacson at big mike sa karma na inabot nitong si tulfing. lol marami ng taong inargabyado at inabuso itong magkakapatid na ito na kunwari tumutulong pero puro pang extort lang ginagawa.  mga negosyante na gagawan nila ng storya at kikikilan, pag di nagbigay titirahin sa dyaryo.  nung di na nya makuha ang benepisyo kila lacson at arroyo, hayun at binanatan pero nung may lagay sya, puro praise release kahit puro kalokohan ginagawa nung dalawa.  Nakarma ka lang boy lol 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PBOZBBLRVEOTWHXEXOAXJR3Q3Y Dana

    Mon, I just read what you wrote. You should proofread what you wrote first to avoid shooting yourself on the foot again.  It is to my understanding that that retired general has connections with the criminal underworld and in the police and military who are criminal type.     RIGHT?  THIS IS NOT a good way of describing our police and military. These men are professionals, Mon. Just with the exeption of a few criminal type.
        Think before you write. This could be used against you in the court of law.  Specially now that there’s an ongoing lawsuit on both sides.  

  • beeznet

    Those text messages only prove that your supporters are thugs! Like your bothers! Hahahaha!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DLHLDIPILYZ6FW5ZG7KSZ45NLU Nida

    wala talagang kakupas kupas ang yabang mo tulfong, how can the police or military help you, when in the first place ang laki ng galit nila syo, i still remember by brother’s story (he happens to be an alumni of the PMA) nung huntingin ka ng mga taga HPG, para kang baklang nagtago sa sya ng nanay mo…..kya ka nga nabugbog ng husto sa NAIA, kasi instead na umawat yun security guard at airport police, ikaw ang inawat nila para hindi ka makaporma, it clearly shows in the video how the sekyu and police holding you back, while the guys pummeled you, i even heard a story from my brothers mistah in pnp avsecom, na while you where pummeled, pnp personnel where just watching…..tama na pag yabang  mo,  there is no symphaty for you from police and military

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DLHLDIPILYZ6FW5ZG7KSZ45NLU Nida

    you have the nerve to mention a retired general who is in symphaty with you because of your father, why i am hearing a different story from retired pc, that when your father was still in the service, ang lakas daw mangotong ng tatay mo, kaya nga daw di na promote ang tatay, kasi ang dami mulcting complaints against him…i guess the apple does not fall far from the tree…

    • Yanong_OFW

       Aha..kaya pala..so si Mon nagmana sa tatay nya kaya malakas din itong mangolekta sa mga tinitira nya..so kung ano ang puno yun din ang bunga..

  • Jalantarus

    Sir Mon, young na ka pink na T – shirt dun ako bwisit na bwisit. saling pusa sana mabasa nya tong article mo para makatulog na sya ng mahimbing.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TCQMRK4HVOSF2IGML46TAGKMXU Benjamin

    Do not use your column to gain sympathy Tulfo. What you are reporting here are indirect threats and you know that. Refrain using your column concerning your case which is now in court. In other words, STFU!

  • randyaltarejos

    I’m not saying I’m perfect. But the way I read some of the comments, it seems some of the readers have low reading comprehension. Mr. Tulfo has promised not to get back at the ones who inflicted him harm. Mon was just sharing to us the messages he got from people who believed in him. If he is really that vindictive, he wouldn’t share those threatening messages anymore. Whatever sinister plans his friends had, Tulfo would just leave them up to them to execute the said plans. As what he said, he prevailed over them not to do those dark plans.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/NNAJQQUKFAB4DITXYZPSG26FYA Martin

      But why write it here and tell it to us?  The message was not for us but for his enemies Santiagos. 

      • randyaltarejos

        Mr. Martin, we should be glad that we are in a free country. The Philippines is a democratic country where every citizen, including you, has the right to free expression. Let’s respect that.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DVP4NE2IHZLHNZIQODT3RNGNSM Lawrence

        Writing a column is a privilege not a right.

        …and its obviously prone to abuse as shown above.

      • randyaltarejos

         Privilege or right, or whatever else, it still is a part of free expression. Like what we are doing in writing these comments, we can only do this in a democratic country such as the Philippines and other western countries. Go to North Korea and do this and let’s see what will happen.

    • pangurita

      “some readers have low reading comprehension”…. sorry to disagree with you my good man but these readers are the kind who are analytical readers and thinkers. they know how to read between the lines not like some people na  basta na lang maniwala sa binabasa nila dahil si mon tulfo ang nagsulat. akalain mo yung general hindi pa alam hanggang ngayon kung sinong gumawang blackeyed peas itong si mon. baka ulyanin na si lolo general. 

  • AJ Giorgio

     puro ka parinig.. puro kwento..

  • randyaltarejos

    As to the case of Roque Estacio, I share his joy for winning his case against his employer. But mind you, there’s still a lot of pending cases that have not been acted upon by the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC). However, I still believe in the mission of the NLRC that it uses its fair and reasonable judgment when deciding on labor cases. What keeps bothering me is the way labor cases are dispensed with. If the NLRC accummulates more and more cases on a daily basis but very slow on turnouts, it is likely that those who filed the labor complaints are already starving to death before they could ever realize what are due to them.

  • AJ Giorgio

    para kang batang nagmumukmok kasi may nang bully sa yo.. kung talagang tapos na para sa yo ang issue, tumahimik ka na.. dami mo pang sinasabi.. 

    • randyaltarejos

      Pasalamat ka ala tayo sa China. Otherwise, you will no longer be allowed to write this criticism against Mon Tulfo. We should be glad we are Pinoys who have the right to express ourselves.

    • nipahut88

      hey leave him alone, if he wants to talk, that is Mr. Tulfo’s prerogative, siya ang nasaktan at siya ang nasugatan, di siempre may karapatan siyang isulat ang gusto niyang isulat, ano siya, bato na walang feelings???

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_H47CPJUE4QYKFUCKSUXK3LNBGI Allan

        ok lang kung hindi sya binabayaran sa pagsulat nya. i’m beginning to think wala nang contacts si mon tulfo kaya pati itong naia brawl, pingatyatyagaan nyang isulat. walang tip sa mga contact nya. also, nasaan na ang balanced reporting kung isang side lang lagi ang nagsusulat?

  • bulbuli

    Sabi ng title ” I will not take revenge” pero sabi nya nung huli..”Sir, thank you for the sympathy and support, but I’d rather leave it to the courts to exact revenge for me”  kita mo na.. ha tuso talaga etong si tulfo…  tapos yung retired na general na kilala nya ipatetext pa raw ang pangalan nung umargabyado sa kanya eh ang laki kaya ng mga pangalan sa dyaryo nang mga kalaban nya… hoy sino ang uutuin mo.. hakahaka mo lang yan… nag yayabang ka na naman na may baril ka.. ano nanakot ka na naman… dapat tumahimik ka na lang dahil nasa korte na ang kaso.. pero hindi ka matigil sa kadadak dahil hinidmo matanggap ang nangyari, ganyan ba ang spiritual na tao. na gaya nang huli mong binanggit.

    • AJ Giorgio

       oo nga.. ang PLASTIK talaga.. pwe!

    • Maligalig


      • AJ Giorgio

        ikaw ang magbasa. read between the lines dude!

    • TeabagDeluxe

      The revenge he is talking about not pursuing anymore is physical kind of revenge – hurting the other party. He means that he would leave it to our justice system to mete out the correct punishment.

      • bulbuli

        so.. dapat ang title ng sinulat niya.. “I will not take physical kind of revenge”….. hahhaaa… parang yung song ni olivia newton john.. Let’s get physical, physical.. i wanna make physical….harhahahhh..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HR6ZUASYQVJDOQZXV7ROMEF2YI Abnoy tupak

    I will not take revenge  <<  agree

  • jeproks2002

    i do not get it.  i still can’t understand why mr. tulfo keeps condemning why he was still attacked when he was down.  did he not rain blows on the guy in pink whom he knocked down? it’s bad for him to be beaten while down on the floor but ok when he punched the guy down and kept punching?
    this retired general must be really tired. the names are all over the place. read the papers and you don’t need to be texted if you really mean what you say.  it is sad when a general wants to fight “abuses of the rich and powerful” but would readily commit the same abuse at a text’s notice.
    i don’t get it.
    yes mr. tulfo won’t exact revenge. but he has written about these supposed threatening messages from his ‘underworld’ contacts.  yes i think the santiago’s, barreto’s and atilano’s get it.    

  • Maligalig

    Sir Mon lahat ng nagagalit sa iyo dito sa column mo siguro sila yun mga nakasuhan or natira mo na dti sa column mo na dati.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OKC53SVPRIE3IXH34V7RDHLGQM James

    Mr. Tulfo has decided not to take revenge.  That statement presupposes that revenge was initially on the table.  I have always thought that for honorable men, revenge is never an option to begin with. A peek at Mr. Tulfo’s true colors perhaps?   

    • TeabagDeluxe

      If you were in his position and got your arse handed to you, would you not think of getting revenge?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DVP4NE2IHZLHNZIQODT3RNGNSM Lawrence

        I wouldn’t go telling the world about it.

  • nipahut88

    Mr. Tulfo, admire po ako sainyo, walang revenge na pumasok sa isip ninyo, considering binugbug kayo ng grupo ni raymart kasama na si claudine. Si Claudine at Raymart ang dapat kasuhan ng child abuse dahil pinakikita nila sa mga anak nila na okay pala ang mambugbug ng isang senior citizen. Ang reason nila, sinipa mo ra si Claudine,   Kung sinipa ninyo yaan, in the first place, wala siya doon sa mga nananakit saiyo. Malakas siya na hinihila ka pa. Aba all of the sudden sa court, pilay siya at may saklay hahaha funny and who are you fooling claudine, yourself??
    Sa palagay ko walang part 1 dahil kung mayroon, lumabas na sana. , gaya ng sinabi ninyo na kinunan mo si claudine at 2 ground stewardess ng cell camera at  pilit na kinukuha ang cellphone mo na tinulak mo siya yaan ang Part 1. 
    Marami po ang nagsasabi na mga sinungaling ang mag-asawa. Hindi kami tanga na maniniwala sa kasinungalin nila claudine at raymart !!

  • onin3

    Mon, If my counting is accurate, this is the fifth time you wrote about that fracas at NAIA, in defense of yourself. I admired you when, I guess on your second column, you wrote to apologize and admitted to your indiscretion. To my mind, it was an act of commendable humility, which I did not expect from you, you being a tough guy who considers his manhood his pride.

    Sadly, I find this fifth column of yours, too much, if not totally unethical of you as a journalist. I don’t wish to take the cudgels for the Santiagos, for they too must be accountable for that brawl at NAIA–Claudine for one has figured in many distasteful public rifts in the past. Why unethical? You should know better, you are a journalist. Delicadeza, or basic sense of propriety would have cautioned you against writing extensively about that incident where you portray yourself as the underdog, and the Santiagos the aggressors. At the very least, your access to a public space in the Inquirer is already your undue advantage over the Santiagos, who do not enjoy the same leverage as you do. Realizing this, you could have already stopped writing in a manner that serves only your own interest but unduly disparages your enemies. Or, if you could not help your emotions and you feel tempted to write in defense of yourself, prudence dictates that you take a leave of absence from the Inquirer so that you will avoid using your column to defend yourself.

    Besides, again, you already issued an apology. Shouldn’t it be enough for you, as a man with intelligent and fair disposition? Now this more painful point. You lied, and you lied all too brazenly when, in your previous column you declared categorically that you did not kick Ms. Barreto. A footage of your interview over GMA 7, which was aired prior to, or minutes before your live interview with Mike Enriquez and Mel Tiancgo on 24 Oras, showed very clearly: You admitted to have kicked Claudine! Anybody could ask GMA 7 to retrieve that footage for the world to see again your own confession. Yet, you shocked your own readers when you wrote and said otherwise, that you never kicked Ms. Barreto. Mon, that makes you a blatant liar! And you care too much about your credibility? I’m sorry Mon, but you are damaging your own self.

    Moreover, what your narration about the purported support that you get from the people in the underworld for? You are now showing your readers how well connected you are in the underworld? With generals, with the military, with the police and with people of shadowy characters who are capable, with ammunitions and networks, to send anyone to death? You are either showing the height of braggadocio, or you are sending the Santiagos and anyone else who will dare cross your path a message on how deeply connected you are with the powers that be, and how influential you are you actually have the power to harm your enemy. What is this Mon? You are confirming what some people all along thought about you and your brothers, that you are thugs masquerading as journalists?

    Do you realize what you are writing Mon? Again, if you cannot help it, file your leave of absence with the Inquirer, pronto!

    • TeabagDeluxe

      TL; DR

      • onin3

        Thanks Teabag, but I just cannot get it: What’s TL, DR? Thanks, anyway.

      • http://twitter.com/retoot aris alfaro

        …too long; didnt read.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/MQUFN5MUXJVDJNB3ZOJYN5DYXA magpakatotoo

       di nya lang matanggap na nasuntok siya at nagkaruon ng black eye… dati kasi sya ang nagbubully

      • onin3

        Thank you magpakatotoo for your comment. Well, I think so, too. It’s his ego.

  • dwinner12

    Nakikisimpatiya ako kay Mon before..pero ngayon parang OA na..kung talagang wala ka kasalanan then hintayin nyo na lang ang resulta ng kaso nyo. Hindi kasi maganda tingnan na nagagamit ang column nya na to para kumuha pa ng simpatiya lalo na at nasa korte na ata ang kaso. Wala naman nanalo sa gulo..kasi meron kayo mga nasasaktan at nasaktan sa mga nangyari. Move on na Mon…magfocus ka na sa trabaho mo. Humiliation ay di kahinaan..Enough is Enough.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HEDQ7Y3JBTBBTL6BG4LPAOSPAQ Francis Cobb

    Mr. Tulfo, the space of your column in PDI is limited. You will be wasting the noble purpose of your column if you keep on focusing on that NAIA incident. (You’ve just wasted precious space telling everybody that you are well-connected with Mr. so-and-so.) Let the court handle it. C’mon, man, get back on the track and start doing what you do best–hitting the society’s bigger wrongdoers. Remember the copperhead snake, Mr. Tulfo? When angry, it frequently bites itself. And this is exactly what you are doing right now–biting yourself.

  • http://twitter.com/SidRanter ralph

    Move on Mr.Tulfo..Write something significant.
    We are tired of this sickening nonsense.

  • balut123

    Baka imbento mo lang yang mga sinusulat mo…….sa nakikita ko dito sa column mo majority hates you……just my observation.

    • lliam_S

      True. Bu public support goes out for him from what I’ve observed, and although I don’t necessarily side with anyone involved in that incident, his continued use of his column as a propaganda for himself is improper.. Peace..


    what Tulfo is saying here  (and what his brothers have said before) is more worst than what that lady Baretto have uttered to the poor lady employee. wala bang nagmamatigasan dyan na taga media na aawat din kay Tulfo na tutulad din kay Tulfo na gustong umawat kay baretto.

  • AJ Giorgio

    kung hindi ka pa maka move on, magbakasyon ka na lang muna. sa mga sinasabi mo kasi, parang nagyayabang ka na lang.. wala na eh.. tapos na ang boxing..

  • watot

    still about taking revenge, common we are not that stupid…nanakot ka na naman eh. why you chose those 3 messages to publish instead of those with uplifting spiritual and moral support messages? you’re a big jerk Mon! or Tulfos!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MQUFN5MUXJVDJNB3ZOJYN5DYXA magpakatotoo

     wala kabang ibang issue na pwedeng isulat…

    • gardo_versoza

       di maka move-on si tatang hehe.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VDQFMPCHCB4USJMSELL3IXUIWM Joel

         ganun talaga…ego ng matanda na martial arts expert (pinagmamayabang) ang naupakan at sumadsad sa sahig ng NAIA eh. kaw ba makakatulog at matatahimik ng ganun na bumulaga sa buong mundo na puro lang pala putak ang mga tulfo….at un binti ng babae pa ang medyo napuruhan ng pagka martial art expert nya. harharharhar!!!!!!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/OG6MRT3FVJJMP4SIYIDZOTZTZU kabalens – titan

        kaya nga nagsisintemyento si mon tulfo kasi di nya napatumba sa isang sipa si claudine at sya pa ang inupakan nito kaya sadsad sya sa lupa

  • w4d

    Too late for revenge, Mon after you and your brothers announced it all over the news for all to hear. Anything that happens to the Santiagos’ will point back to you. You better hope no one stupid goes out and harm the couple, because the public’s perception will blame you and your brothers.

    I agree, your article should be a call for your “trigger happy” supporters to standdown, because although you may have suffered some injustice, I’m sure you’d hope to have handled the situation more professionally.

  • anu12345

    “Kuya, andito lang po ako. sabihin n’yo lang at ako na ang bahala (I am here. Just tell me and I’ll take care of everything),” said a message from a person I helped through my radio program, “Isumbong Mo kay Tulfo,” many years ago.
    Kung sa ibang bansa iyan, baka itanong sa iyo ng authorities kung sino iyon.

  • ekalaM_ngek0P

    Looks like you are still raw and bitter. Instead of moving on you still kept writing about the incident in which by the way is a subtle form of making threats by indirectly telling the Santiagos, via this column, you have the means and opportunity to hurt them. Just let go, move on and wait for the court to decide. 
    By the way, there is also an overwhelming public disgust and abhorrence towards you and your brothers. Read the blogs and you will find out.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AHYU6EQASUYJ4CCLMY3WPJYRL4 Malic of arabia

    Hi Mon,you didn’t introduce yourself and you claimed you don’t know the people involved at the time of the incident.Simply taking pix or videos on anyone at that heated discussion may get the ire of the other party.It’s like this kuya,try to take a video or pix sa nagwawalang bata sa family mo or anyone beside the street and you’ll imagine what may happen to you.
    Owning a gun,having friends in the military,having burly body guards,rabid fans is not an issue here.Don’t insinuate those matters because people might percieve that as a coercion.Learn from experience kuya.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AHYU6EQASUYJ4CCLMY3WPJYRL4 Malic of arabia

    Good kuta if you encourage responsible handling of guns.Ang mga iba kasi nag wawala at nag kakasa ng baril pag natatalo sa sabongan sa Muntinlupa.

  • gardo_versoza

    Secondly, and which is more important, I am already a spiritual person (sic)


  • im_not_convinced

    wow saksakan ng yabang ang veiled threats… pinapamukha pa ang connections niya with goons para manakot.

    “Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to say you are, then you are not.”

    • AJ Giorgio


      ako, hindi ako mayabang ha.. maganda at mayaman lang. :-)


    I will not take revenge

    I will continue to write articles that include threats coming from my friends and supporters. 

    -mon tulfo

  • gyvv

    Coming from a family officers, what people dont know most, is that at one point in time, a policeman in service or a good samaritan,  did actually help a certain family who may or not be grateful. But indeed, the grateful ones, being a friend or being appreciative, would gladly in any form or manner, return a favor. Be careful who one crosses. The article is right and concise. Not all people are willing to help other people but those who do, can easily ask for favors, and if wronged blatantly, revenge. The basics are simple: do not do unto others … and always respect elders. ’nuff said.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WYX4ZTAV4BUGW2RIMT45CPYBGA Pio Gante

    mon, siya rin ba ang nagsalba sa iyo kay zondi?

  • aldo19735585

    Just think about this, Mr Mon Tulfo! The Couple Reymart and Claudine are typical pinoy couple aside from being a celebrities! What i mean here is.., they are not criminals whom you want to take revenge (but in your writings, someone from the company of your friends want to do it for you!) Hindi naman kami grade 1, para di namin makuha ang nilalaman ng article mo! You both file a complaint against it others in the court of law,  so,  let the court decide! Pero ang masasabi ko lang sa yo at sa mga kapatid mo ay para kayong lata or tambol na masyadong maingay! Para kayong manok na dumalaga na putak ng putak!!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/O7R2MDZTSDEZYVWUN5Q4PUUOFE Frank Eru

      Aldo, Buang ka pala eh! tumahimik ka na lang….wala kang galang sa nakakatanda sa iyo…ULOL..

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HEDQ7Y3JBTBBTL6BG4LPAOSPAQ Francis Cobb

         Frank Eru, kaputa-putahang-ina mo! At putang-ama mo rin! Manahimik ka na lang sa isang sulok habang nginangatngat mo dulo ng titi mo at nilulunok yung lumalabas na kupal! Hahaha!

  • manggoding

    I will not take revenge….

    Why not?
    Remember the saying ” In some locust days, I will giant you” or in tagalog “Balang araw,paghihigantihan kita”
    Or take a revenge from your underworld contact called Zombie, Revenge from the Underworld,
    Langya ka rin Tulfo, pang kalyeng pananakot yan.

  • manggoding

    But the most touching message comes from a retired general….
    Palparan the retired general was captured…Good news for Raymart, Bad news for Tulfo.

  • http://twitter.com/mcassion6 mike cassion

    Hahahaha! It’s like high school all over again!

  • http://twitter.com/mcassion6 mike cassion

    Thank you mon! For making me laugh! Hahaha

  • jesslink

    Uulitim ko na lang yung palaging sinasabi ni Tatang Mon dito…The universal law of KARMA . . .what comes around goes around….Hindi ka makatulog dito noh? 

  • Ommm

     Mon can’t you just let this go? Tired of hearing you sniffling about being beaten up by a girl.

    Boycotting your stupid column until you get back to your normal stupid self…Ommm out….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_44QGTQXFYHNVPNMX453LWBPMXM Opel

    i don’t condone violence, but when i saw you and raymart etc in a brawl, I said! wow! that entertaining. As long as its the arrogant, rude and elitist people who are both at the receiving end of their own violent action, i won’t feel any sympathy. Ganda nyong paguuntugin.

  • Guest

    MON TULKO: “I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of public support for me on that NAIA brawl. I got goose bumps on Monday as I reviewed the text messages in my cellular phones and e-mails…”

    TRUTH SERUM: “WHAT?!?!? Tulfo must be still in a state of shock and pain as seen by the hallucinations he is undergoing right now.

    What tex and email support? Where is that in this forum?

  • Guest

    MON TULKO: “I will no take revenge.”

    Ano!?!?! You already kicked Claudine and still you are not contented?

    Nagdadalamhati pa rin si mon. ano ba yan sister…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2RVERYUPGBL4EHNMB2QNIQTFS4 Boying

    Putang kapal talga apog ng baklang matandang ito. Anyway normal sa mga kagaya mong nakinabang kay GMA!!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/O7R2MDZTSDEZYVWUN5Q4PUUOFE Frank Eru

      Boying, ikaw ang bakla dahil marami kang sinasabi at hindi ka nagpakilala habang sinisira-an mo ang matanda….wala kang galang…bastos..bayot….bakla…ugok…

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HEDQ7Y3JBTBBTL6BG4LPAOSPAQ Francis Cobb

        Frank Eru, alam ko transgender ka kaya kantotin mo sarili mo! Saang gay bars ka ba tumatambay?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HEDQ7Y3JBTBBTL6BG4LPAOSPAQ Francis Cobb

    Mon, you are becoming a grumpy old man. What’s happening to you? Are acerbic thoughts bothering you because your ego couldn’t handle it? Or are you hearing voices in the dead of the night? Baka naman nananaginip ka pa na lumalaban ka sa MMA cagefight dahil, according to you, martial arts expert ka? Yan ang hirap sa mga taga-Bakbakan martial arts group–nandaya sa eleksyon si Migz Zubiri at si Mon Tulfo naman ay nabugbog at na-“ground & pound” ni Claudine. Dapat magretiro ka na or sibakin ka sa Inquirer. Susunod nyan, ulyanin ka na. Learn to call it quits. Liability ka sa dyaryo. BTW, yang yumaong leader ninyo sa Bakbakan-Kali Ilustrisimo na si Topher Ricketts (utol ni Ronnie) ay basagulero rin at bastos sa mga babae. Nireklamo mo man lamang ba sa column mo ang ginawa ni Topher sa pagpasok sa isang dressing room ng mga babae para manilip at mambastos sa dating gym ng Bakbakan sa Virra Mall? At sinulat mo man lamang ba sa column mo kung paano tinaas ni Topher yung palda ng babae sa isang bus stop at pinakitaan ng front kick yung boyfriend? Alam lahat ito ni Alexander Co, instructor ng Ngo Cho Kune Kung Fu group at miyembro rin ng Bakbakan. What about Migz Zubiri? Binatikos mo ba si Migz nung nanghambalos ng arnis sa Alabang Sports Club when he was still very young and then na-ban for a certain period pagkatapos? You SOBs are a total disgrace to Grandmaster “Tatang” Ilustrisimo and to the tradition of Kali Ilustrisimo! Sabihin mo rin sa mga utol (Erwin, Ben and Raffy) mong bakla na hindi na sila tatagal ng isang minuto sa upakan dahil matatanda na rin sila! If I am not mistaken, and according to our media colleagues, two of them are also wife-beaters, right? Ano yung pangalan na binugbog ni Erwin, na ka-live-in niyang AVP sa Landbank? Ganun din si Ben, di ba?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/O7R2MDZTSDEZYVWUN5Q4PUUOFE Frank Eru

      Francis Cobb, ano ba itong mga pinagsasabi mo,,out of topic ka na…mabuti pa magsusulat ka na rin…haba haba pa ng mga puna mo kay Mon…Duwag ka rin pala kasi tinitira mo si Mon na hindi ka nagpakilala….Ako totoo yong pangalan ko at hanapin mo sa facebook….ikaw saan kita mahanap…mababa-it kaming mga bisaya pero kung kayo lang mga sira ulo ang katapat ay mayron din kami ganon ugali…

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HEDQ7Y3JBTBBTL6BG4LPAOSPAQ Francis Cobb

         Frank Eru, bayot ka! PIM!

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HEDQ7Y3JBTBBTL6BG4LPAOSPAQ Francis Cobb

        By the way, wala akong Facebook account. Pero kung gusto mo nang paluan ng  arnis hanggang sa meron humalik sa lupa, nandun lang ako sa Rizal Park every Sunday 3-5pm, sa likod ng bantayog ni Lapu-Lapu. Papipirmahin kita ng waiver para walang hablahan. Hanapin mo ako sa grupo ng Pasindo Arnis. (Taga-Davao rin yang si Cris Pasindo.) Hihintayin kita, putang-ina mo!

      • bulbuli

        hehehee..SABI NILA BISAYA DAW AKO, WALA NAMAN SILANG “ibidinsya”….harhhahrhhrr……

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/AIW2QLRXL6TL7HQ5ZIIL3KK2VQ Go

       Amen to that bro! Tulko,THE disgrace of FMA …

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HEDQ7Y3JBTBBTL6BG4LPAOSPAQ Francis Cobb

         Indeed! :)

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3NX6SLZAWPDFCZA77EAJ23EYXQ dennis

      Francis Cobb gusto ko yang expose mo, dagdag mo pa dyan ang pag-insist ni Tulfo about Hubert Webb being in the U.S. during the Vizconde massacre when in fact si Hubert at mga hudas na kasamahan nya ay nandoon sa bahay ng mga Vizconde. However, ang kaso ngayon talagang ang mga Santiagos ang mga salbahe kahit saan mo tingnan na anggulo. Yung tungol sa paghamon mo sa mga nag-kokomentahe dito hindi ka rin naiiba kay Tulfo, gusto kitang puntahan dyan sa puntod ni Lapu Lapu kaso wala akong pera kung gusto mo talaga ng challenge punta ka dito sa Datu Paglas, Maguindanao Province susunduin kita sa terminal dito hindi uso yung arnis be ready for any eventualities…tanong mo lang ang pangalan ni X-Ranger sa conductor o sa driver ng Jeepney pwede ka nilang ihatid sa harap ng bahay ko…ayaw ko ng daming satsat leave it o take it!


      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HEDQ7Y3JBTBBTL6BG4LPAOSPAQ Francis Cobb

        Hoy Dennis duwag, ayaw mo nang satsat? Pumunta ka agad dito sa Maynila kung talagang libog ka sa patayan. Marami kang excuses, duwag! Palibhasa, yang bayag mo ay nasa leeg mo! Humanap ka ng paraan para mangutang sa pamasahe mo! Hindi mo kelangan piliin ang kamagong, buri o rattan. Kahit ballpen o barbecue stick eh kaya ko isaksak sa anumang parte ng katawan mo. Ke meron armas o wala, call ako. Wala akong paki kung taga-Maguindanao ka. Batangueno ako kaya mas pwede sa akin kung magtagaan tayo sa itak at balisong. Kung matapang ka talaga, sa munisipyo ng San Juan, Batangas natin gawin ang juego todo. Alam mo naman siguro kung ano ito? O gusto mo sa NBI Manila natin gawin ang patayan. Pwede ko ireserba ang gym doon sa tulong ni NBI Academy Martial Arts Chief Instructor Mandy Amisola. Papipirmahin ka namin ng waiver. Naghamon ako ng juego todo dahil unang naghamon ang bakla at putang-inang Frank Eru na iyan sa akin, bobo!

  • alner

    What you are doing Mr. Tulfo is very wrong. Is that what you think a public opinion? Please revisit your vocabulary and review what is the meaning of public opinion. My prediction is, mapapahiya ka lng sa bandang huli.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/O7R2MDZTSDEZYVWUN5Q4PUUOFE Frank Eru

      Alner, anong sinasabi mong mapapahiya….Ikaw ang dapat mahiya dahil wala kang alam ay kung ano ano pa ang mga sinasabi mo….tumahimik ka na lang…dahil hindi ka naman nagpa kilala…duwag…

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HEDQ7Y3JBTBBTL6BG4LPAOSPAQ Francis Cobb

         Frank Eru, bobo ka! Kasing-bobo mo si Tulfo!

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HEDQ7Y3JBTBBTL6BG4LPAOSPAQ Francis Cobb

        Frank Eru, putang-ina mo uli! Hihintayin kita 3-5pm every Sunday sa likod ng bantayog ni Lapu-Lapu sa Rizal Park! No holds barred ang upakan natin. Bring your pair of rattan or kamagong sticks! Sanay na ang grupo namin na hinahamon ng bobong dayo na tulad mo! Isasaksak ko ang dalawang kamagong ko sa tumbong mo para masiyahan ka dahil alam ko na bading ka!

      • alner

        Frank, kanino ako magpakilala? Sayo ba? Kung masama ang loob mo sa comments, then don’t read comments. It’s my comment to Mr. Tulfo, not you.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HEDQ7Y3JBTBBTL6BG4LPAOSPAQ Francis Cobb

        Mahilig kumain ng titi iyang Frank Eru. Mukhang bino-blowjob niya ang Tulfo brothers. Siguro kasya sa bunganga niya ang apat na titi nila sabay.

    • nipahut88

      Ikaw ang mapapahiya dahil ang mga salbaheng claudine and raymart at mga kaibigan ang nanakit sa isang taong journalist at senior citizen pa. Maski ang ABSCBN ay nag survey na sila ang may kasalanan. Just shut up kamag anakan ka siguro ni raymart..
      Hindi tanga ang judge.

      • alner

        Nipa, kung totoo nga na my survey at ganun nga ang resulta, probably yon ang basehan ni Mr. Tulfo when he says “public opinion” is in favor to him. Ganun pa man, maaring mapapahiya pa din cya sa bandang huli kase a judge in a court of law does not accept survey as evidence. You are correct, judge are not idiots.

      • nipahut88

        Of course, who told you that surveys are being considered in the court. I mentioned surveys, but not for the court, by opinions of people who had seen the video. That the video speaks for itself. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NNAJQQUKFAB4DITXYZPSG26FYA Martin

    You hired a lawyer so let your lawyer speak for you…and in court.  Not in your own column.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PBOZBBLRVEOTWHXEXOAXJR3Q3Y Dana

    Mon, this is non of my business. But I suggest you see a doctor and check your body chemistry. Your hormone levels might be low knowing your age. Specially your testosterone level. it should be between 2.00-8.0.  You are making poor judgment when you write your column.  This could backfire to you.  I am your fan that’s why I am concerned of your welfare. When you wrote about that general, you crossed the line. It sounded like a topic discussed on a table with beer and pulutan.  Sounds like out of class…   Stop shooting yourself on the foot !!!   I’ve been telling you this all along…

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HEDQ7Y3JBTBBTL6BG4LPAOSPAQ Francis Cobb

      Amen to that, Dana. This Tulfo is feeling useless, probably because he is aging. He is displaying helplessness in fending off negative thoughts arising from that ego-pricking incident at NAIA. His balloon of arrogance just burst and this is making it difficult to pick himself up emotionally. He is in a psychological mess right now.

  • manggoding

    The old soldier’s message reads:
    “Carry on the good fight vs the abuses of the rich and powerful…..

    Mon, you are not the underdog here. You are the overdog.
    You said in your column that you are the alpha male dog, it means you are the dominant dog.
    On the other hand, Claudine are not the rich and powerful. You must be dreaming.
    They have been out of work for a long time, they are jobless.

    You are the one you is rich and powerful. You use your column in the inquirer, got help from the underworld and even retired general in fight against Raymart and Claudine.
    You are the abusive and not the abuse.

    Kindly tone down, Mr.Senior citizen.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PBOZBBLRVEOTWHXEXOAXJR3Q3Y Dana

    Mon, here are the topics you need to discuss in your column. You got too focused on the Baretto-Santiago- Tulfo  Thrilla in NAIA incident.
    1. The Allegation that a GMA general a Philippine Navy- Marine  General Juancho Sabban already owned a mini-mansion in Australia with a female politician from Mindanao not his wife.
    2. The Philippine politicians who are now busy strengthening their political powerbases instead of figuring out  on what to do to upgrade the nations armed forces.  China is serious on the Spratlys and the Bajo de Masinloc on their energy needs and their future survival.  I need  you to challenge their PATRIOTISM.  They have a very big export to the Philippines but we have a very small export to China.
    3. The overpopulation situation in Manila where people are already having  shanties hanging under the briges.  Its not there before! It is scaring the tourists away!!  They don’t have the stomach for the smell of garbage and the stench of human waste by the squatters. I have a conversation with some of them.  I want you to challenge to mayor of Manila.
    4. Expose the PASAY CITY POLICE  MAFIA  that’s been thriving since the time if ‘the DON’ mayor Cuneta.  

    WAKE UP MON !!!!!!!!!!   The Philippines need you !!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VDQFMPCHCB4USJMSELL3IXUIWM Joel

    it just shows how you are trying to tide more support for your misdeed Mon.stop using your column as the matter between you and Santiago’s are in the court.stop writing things that points out that OTHERs you know will go to the distance as doing sinister threat to them….it is still a case of intimidation from your side and hope the authorities will see this and stop your dirty bullying tactics.

  • just_and_equitable

    I will not take revenge, yet you’ve been using this precious inquirer column against the Santiagos… sus kasi naman mga tulfo mga nagpapayaman sa panghuhulidap at extortion in guise of public service..

  • pidro2012

    Usually people who project their image to be tough are really soft inside, it’s a defense mechanism that people usually do to hide their low sef esteem, so Mon and your bro undang namo sa inyong kabuang, kung mga matatapang talaga kayo open ang basilan sa mga katulad ninyo, ang dami ninyong satsat, para kayong mga bading na nasa parlor, mahiya sana kayo sa mga pinaglalabas ninyo sa media at pati na din kay claudine mag asal tao ka naman!

    • $14141131

      You’d be glad if your sister, girlfriend or cousin gets the dressing down from virago Claudine? Say yes! 

  • lingling3

    what you wrote in your column mr tulfo is a threat to the santiagos. the authorities should investigate your retired general friend. i thought you reprimanded your brothers for their threat but you are worst. mga kapatid mo sarili lang nila ang idinawit nila ikaw ibang tao pa at inamin mo na ang heneral na ito may mga tauhan na pwedeng ipaghiganti ka. kala ko matapang ka, nagtatapangtapangan ka lang pala

    • $14141131

      You can’t investigate sympathy to a victim of a gang up. Had this been possible, your president Nhoynhoy should have long been investigated for giving P5 million pesos financial aid to the rebels, the MILF. 

      Have your politicans or authorities done something to this treasonous act by no less than your highest official in your country? Have you reacted to this betrayal to the nation? So, c’mon get sober.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SKIOLCJAEBNFN7EF5RL6UMTM4E Lexmark

    Mr. Tulfo, di pa po kayo tapos maglinis ng  sarili nyo? It’s been always your topic . Para kang si Thief Justice at Gloria….. Mr Clean !

  • just_and_equitable

    kung may outpouring ng public sympathy, bakit halos lahat dito negative reaction?

    • $14141131

      Negative reactions are coming from the people who don’t understand propriety and discipline but instead get awed to actresses and actors or rich people because they lack true understanding and education. That’s why they favor Claudine and Raymart Barretto. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TZCGDEQRZZPUM7BIION2RFFI5M Azkal

    you’re a loser. no matter how hard you cleanse yourself, we will always feel that your the bully

    • $14141131

      Are you really serious on what you are saying?

  • $14141131

    Let’s put it this way. True, Tulfo should write other topic than what he writes now. While Tulfo takes advantage of his column to scribe threat through his magnanimous cover, adverse comments albeit slanderous flood this column. Of course that is usual in the Philippine scene where the grapevine rules where Boy Abunda’s appeal awes anti-Tulfo column posters.

    Tulfo has shortcomings but in educated and civilized world, what the termagant Claudine Burritto and henpecked Raymart Santiago did was totally wrong and barbaric. How would you like your sister, mother or cousin to be at the receiving end of the dressing down? You’d curse yourself if you can’t lay your hand on the matron’s face. Or if you are in the shoes of Tulfo, maybe you just can’t wait to have Raymart and Claudine belong to the mortality statistical data.

    But comments we are reading now against Tulfo are in pursuit of their usual trip and incensed grudge or envy or what-not. Almost eight out of ten Pilipinos in foreign countries where education and discipline abound denounce Raymart and Claudine. My survey? Facebook, the prime Pilipino past time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/noli.cabantug Noli C. Cabantug

    One of these days, the PDI headline will read: “Murdered over digital comment.”  Cool lang mga pare, marami na ang mainit ulo sa Afhganistan at Syria, dagdagan niyo pa. Positive lamang, positive.

    • http://www.facebook.com/noli.cabantug Noli C. Cabantug

      Saka mas maganda, huwag ng mag alias dahil kung ginagamit mo ang totoong pangalan mo, hindi ka naman basta-bastang bumitaw ng mga careless comments sa harapharapan. Alam ko ang iba sa inyo diyan may mga position, titulo o reputasyon pero dahil sa nagta-tago kayo sa mga palayaw niyo, naki-kibastos na rin kayo.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WHHNEUFC5ZHD7DNSXOBCXFWGIA x0x0

        ikaw ba yung tinitira ni tulfo sa puwet cabantug?

    • bulbuli

      o nanakot ka na naman…

  • rein1188

    gumawa ka naman ng ibang storyang may kabuluhan at hindi puro sarili mo lang tukmol…

  • http://alasfilipinas.blogspot.com/ Pepe Alas

    This piece is obviously meant to scare an already afraid Mr. Raymart Barretto.


    Ha ha ha….SPIRITUAL, tapos may baril?

    Tama yong obserbasyon ng marami…..nagpaparinig para manakot at marami siyang kakamping mga underworld denizens….kaya mag-ingat kayo!

    Yong mga personal text messages ay PERSONAL para sa kanya….ano ang dahilan at ginawa nyang PUBLIC yong mga mensahe na para sa kanya lamang?  SIGA siya at kaya nyang paligpit ang sinumang gusto nya sa mga taong siga din na tulad nya…sabihin lamang nya.

    Kung tunay siyang spiritual at naniniwala sa kapakanan ng kanyang mga kapwa (di tulad ng palabas nya sa radyo na pang PR lang nya), ipahuli at isumbong nya sa TULFO brothers yong mga nag-o-offer sa kanyang yumari sa underworld at yong heneral na binanggit nya.  Ako mismo hindi naniniwala sa mga birada nyang maraming gustong tumulong sa kanya sa pagligpit ng kaaway nya.  Tao papatay para sa kanya?  Bakit sino ba siya?

    At heto ang tunay na katawa-tawa:  Yong heneral na tinutukoy nya na nagsabi na nakita nya ang video clip ng insidente ay nagsabing: “…….Show no mercy Mon and let them pay for their arrogant abuse of power. Txt me their names and our friends will make them regret they
    ever lived.”  ANP, BAKIT kailangan pang i-text ang NAMES, e, kahit na saang media, e, naka-balandra ang lahat ng pangalan at litrato ng mga pumegol sa kanya?  Meron bang matinong heneral ang magsasabi ng ganyan?  At ang bigat ng huling pangungusap na binitiwan (kuno) ng heneral…” our friends will make them regret they ever lived.” 
    Sa mga tumira kay RTulfo, mapapanatag ang kalooban ninyo ngayon dahil kapag may nangyari sa inyo, heto na ang isang ebidensya na magagamit ninyo.

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