Did Corona report it in his SALN?


Malacañang on Saturday mocked Chief Justice Renato Corona’s lawyers claim that they have “cracked the code” in Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales’ testimony on the impeached magistrate’s alleged $12 million in 82 dollar accounts.

“They didn’t have to crack the code. All they needed to do was ask their client if he had dollar deposits,” deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said over government radio station dzRB.

Defense lawyers on Friday that they were confident Corona would be acquitted after the trial. They said that out of the 82 accounts Morales testified to, only three or four actually exist and they don’t necessarily belong to the Chief Justice.

“It doesn’t matter whether there’s three, whether there’s four, whether there’s 82. What matters is what’s in them. How much is the amount that is in those [bank accounts],” Valte said.

“These are simple questions that must be answered. First, is it true that there are dollar deposits? Second, if it’s true, how much do they contain? Third, if there are indeed deposits, were these declared in his SALN (statement of assets, liabilities and net worth)?” she added.

Quezon Rep. Lorenzo Tañada III, a spokesperson for the prosecution panel, also said the number of accounts and how much was in them didn’t matter. What matters is whether Corona declared those accounts or not.

For Sen. Franklin Drilon, that is the issue. “Whether or not there are eight or 82 accounts, or $12 million or $1.2 million, is immaterial to me,” Drilon said by phone. “What is material to me is whether these amounts were reported in the SALN.”

Corona is scheduled to testify on Tuesday. With reports from TJ Burgonio and Leila B. Salaverria

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  • RiverHorse

    This is my position – The mandate of the office of the OMB, coupled with the waiver on the
    SALN are enough to satisfy the “written permission of the depositor”
    clause stated on the FCDA. Besides, no one can argue the OMB has too
    much powers since the OMB’s mandate only covers government
    employees/officials NOT private citizens. Sen. Miriam Santiago, there
    lies the flaw on your argument. Yes, the OMB has powers over you but
    not over me. The power is not unlimited, though vast. So who should be afraid of the OMB doing his/her job? Certainly, not ordinary citizens like me. Corrupt government officials, MOST DEFINITELY!

  • quirinomayer

    The line of defense of Corona is to drastically cut down the number of accounts as compared to the 82 cited by the Ombudsman. But then that would not get their client off the hook because he has not declared the reduced number of accounts in his SALN either. So this futile and foolish exercise on their part is just like the Ampatuans admitting they only slaughtered three to four of their 50 plus victims.

    All those who think that there simply is no way Corona can explain his dollar hoard Like this comment.

  • joshmale2004

    Lest we forget and start assuming conviction for the CJ, the fact is that the USD10m testified by the Ombudsman is a transactional balance which is very different in what we call in accounting as year End Balance. The transactional balance will hold true and will have a very significant importance for the Ombudsman, as she is investigating a complaint on ill-gotten. The Who and How will have to be explained on every dollar transaction in case of Ill Gotten Wealth cases. However, in this impeachment, the issue is whether the CJ includes his dollar deposits every year. In this case, what matters is the ending balance or year end balance figures of his deposits. The transactional balances he made before Dec 31 of every year will not matter if at the end of the year, the account balance is reduced to zero or have been closed.
       The prosecution should be aware of this and must be alert at all times in case the defense will eventually open the Thief Justice’s year end balances with no substantial amounts. Further, they should not rely solely on Article 2for conviction. They should also prepare well to Cross Examine the TJ on the Betrayal of Public Trust in case the TJ can defend will the article 2. They should keep in mind that if the TJ is acquitted, then even the case being built up by the Ombudsman on the Ill gotten wealth complaints will also go down the drain and perhaps will have to wait again another year to initiate an impeachment.

  • johndcross1

    Iyan ang tama.  Kung tutuo na may dollar account si Corona at saka magkano, ang tanong ay kung ito ay sinama niya sa kanyang SALN o hindi.  Hindi na kailangan kung isa o dalawa o 82 accounts.  Ang importante kung idiniklara niya sa kanyang SALN. Dito nating malaman kung siya ay honest or dishonest.  Kung dishonest din guilty siya sa BETRYAL OF PUBLIC TRUST!  Tapos ang boksing!!!

    • tiktikrobong

      at kung wala siyang itinatago na hukos pukos ay bakit kailangan pa na magpraktis kung papaano niya sagutin ang mga simpleng tanong…….!?  bakit sa Martes pa…?

  • gisingyu

    Ano bang ending ending balance ang mga pinagsasabi ng mga aso ni Thief Justice Corona.  Kahit na ba ang ending balance ay zero, kung ang ipinasok na pera sa taon na 2004 ay sampung milyon, at ang inilabas ng taon rin iyon ay zero, ang kuwestiyon ay kung saan galing ang pera ipinasok.  Galing ba sa pagbebenta niya ng kaso sa Supreme Court?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2VLO53PRSSY76BZOWLOHJDM33M jeray

      gising ka! 80 ay naging 4. excited ka panu panu kung zero?

      • pakita_ko_sayo

         Sabi ng depends yan……..apat lang. Manood ka na lang sa Martes

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BQ3ZZ7UKLRGHXAV7LMDSXWM5IQ Nong

        For clarity
        The omb is doing investigative work… analyzing available data for further verification..omb is not a bank  task to maintain subsidiary records for bank transactions.
        Given the amla report..forensic financial analysis was done… result,,, for further verification.
        Ok…705 (?) line transactions for the 82 (?) accounts opened and closed period 2004 to 2011.
        A transaction reported by the financial institution to AMLAC represents either a deposit/placement or a withdrawal/transfer for an amount more than 500,000 pesos covered account unless these are suspicious accounts which are also reported by the bank to amla  within 5 working days. these were the red flags.
        To RECONSTRUCT  the aggregate transactional balance, assume all 705 line transactions as transactions for a single “mother account”. Using the T-account, a tool of the accountants in determining account balances, post/place all deposits reported by AMLA (additions/inflows) in the left side of the T-account; also post/place all withdrawals (deductions/outflows) in the right side of the T-account. Add all entries in the left side and also those in the right. Get the difference (net) or the transactional balance. This procedure will not give you the beginning and ending balance of the account as it can only be determined by the banks and not by amla or the ombudsman.
        Ok..2 million net outlows (28 million inflows and 30 million transactional outflows. The deficit 2 million represent deductions from existing beginning balances of dollar accounts as of 2003. So there are dollar accounts since then.
        Within the 705 line transactions, there may be a time deposit that was opened and closed within a time frame, but for purposes of reporting this is considered an account (with zero balance). However, there may be a time/savings deposit that was opened and remained outstanding as of 2010… I believe these were what was termed as fresh deposits by the OMB and there were 12 of them aggregating 10 milion dollars. … as conclusive analysis that there were no more movements from the time of the opening up to the present.
        Ok… according to the defense .. Possible remaining active accounts ( accounts closed not considered)  may be only 3 or 4.
        If given all the leeway to get (audit) the bank records and determine the actual number of accounts and their individual outstanding  balances as of a given year, the aggregate amount in question may be more than 10 milion dollars.
        Individual balances for each account could not be determined from the AMLC records as it is the responsibility of the official to report the same in the SALN for the period 2003 to 2011… unless he has a different theory.
        Defense argument that you get the individual balances from the bank is a trap  for they will invoke the confidentiality of bank accounts… its like there is air.. your breathe air.. but you are not in the position to see the air…
        The fact remains that there are dollar transactions during the period 2003 to 2011…Even claiming that there are only 3 or 4 active accounts.. it should be reported according to the prosecution… THIS IS THE BONE OF CONTENTION.
        Extra…What is the basis of 1 billion asset declared by pacquaio in his saln… considering that pacquaio is earning dollars. Mas alam pa ng isang boksingero magfill-up ng SALN ke sa CHIEF JUSTICE?
        .how about income of resident filipinos  from outside sources…hindi na ba kailangan I edeclare ito kasi confidential???…Whaa.. magait ang bir dito.. baka maraming tax evasion cases ang resulta nito

  • tiktikrobong

    MALAKING pagpapasalamat namin kay Madam Morales, kung hindi sa kanya ay hindi lalabas sa saya ni miriam c cj.   Kalimutan muna natin ang mga tiknikalitis o galing galingan ni kuebas. Hayaan natin magtanong c juan kung saan nanggaling ang dollar NIYA.  (kasi hindi naman $ ang sahod sa Pinas. balita pa nga eh mayroon pa daw euro.) 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2VLO53PRSSY76BZOWLOHJDM33M jeray

      tsismoso ka. elan daw 80 kung 79 lang anu tawag kay morales?

      • tiktikrobong

        kahit na dadalawa o iisa ang $account ng amo mo ay dapat ipaliwanag niya kung saan nanggaling at isinama ba sa SALN niya…..?  Kung hindi kay madam Morales, nalaman mo ba na mayroon pala siyang $ acnt na ipinagpipilit niya noon na wala siyang $ account……?

  • Diepor

    Why is the President interfering in the trail ? Only in the Philippines .

    • pakita_ko_sayo

       hhhmmmm, medyo magbasa ka muna sa international currrent events bago ka mag comment ng Only in the Philippines, bata!

  • Russell Ariola

    Nireport daw nya.
    Pero dun sa bagong SALN na ginawa lang pagkatapos ng congress impeachment.

    “I KNOW MY LOW.” – Thief Ju$tice Renato CoCORRUPTna

  • Hey_Dudes

    This must be the comedy of the week.  If this eskambag illegal midnight appointee to the high court declared it, would we be locking horns here in this great forum today?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U6I5Z47EK5YM3VCD3GXEPJB3CU cutie boy

    tamad na presidente, mga bobong prosecutor-congressmen—- siguradong acquitted si corona.  ibagsak ang diktaduryang aquino…….

    • scorpio15

      Cutie boy magsalamin ka kaya. Tingnan mo yong sarili mo kung merong dumi ang iyong mukha bago mo punahin ang ibang ta-o.

      Kung diktador itong pamahala-an ngayon, yong mga sinulat mo rine palagay mo’y wala kang paglalagyan???

    • zkenpachi

      in ur dreams boy…

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/3REK5HOCWMPNJWPUBQYU2DCHQA Michael

      Kaya hindi umaasenso ang Pilipinas dahil sa mga utak ng kapwa natin na Pilipino. Walang ginawa kundi mag-rally at pabagsakin ang nakaupong presidente. Kung kayo kaya ang maupo may magagawa ba kayo? Cutie boy kumilos ka muna para sa sarili at tingnan ang sarili mo sa salamin. Baka ikaw walang asenso sa buhay makikiaalam ka pa sa iba!

      • Mr.JAy88

        dapat pumasok muna sya sa school at nag magkalaman ang kokote…

    • pakita_ko_sayo

       Nabaliw na ang ito sa impeachement hahahaha.  Kung nabuhay ka lang nuon panahon ni Macoy, nasa kangkungan ka na ngayon. hahahaha. kawawa ka.

    • doncleo

       Diktaduryang Aquino?….Bobong prosecutor?…gaano ka ba katalino?…Boy di mo naiintindihan sinasabi mo…pwedeng gaya-gaya ka lang o may diperensya na pag iisip mo..kawawa ka naman..

    • ukoysakabo

      tigilan mo na yang pagdradrugs boy wala kang mapapala dyan….lol

    • Erewhon Revisited

      Ganun nalang ang nasabi. Hahahaha

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3REK5HOCWMPNJWPUBQYU2DCHQA Michael

    Corona lied to the Filipino people.. He lied in his SALN.. What other proof does the defense will show?  Corona did not fill up and submit his SALN in good faith.  Some of his assets were not declared.  Is there anything else to prove?  

    • bogart73

      can you elaborate which assets he did not declare?

  • JosephNess

    know what…what ever questions, allegations are thrown at the defense, they are always on the combative mood, defending and retaliating, not so much ever did the people hear them say, yes maybe he has assets like that, we’ll see if he really has and look too if  those were in his SALN…di sana pagnarinig ng mga mamayan yan, di imbes na lalong mainis, magkakaroon pang pag unawa sa kanila,,,hindi yon…sasabihin mong ayan na cracked na namin ang codeattack…counter attack and advance…fight…like these dollar accounts, what did they say…these accounts will be likened to the 45 real estate properties, later it will be just 3 or 4…how can the people appreciate that ? instead of convincing the people of his innocence, the more people think that he is really guilty of hiding something, having this defense…well, maybe too much battle in court has honed them to be too much defensive to the teeth never show weakness…parang boksing…no retreat, no surrender…parang laban ng desperadong tao, wala nang matinong pag-iisip…patay kung patay…remember, Jesus was so persuasive even in the face of his insulting enemies, never did we read in the bible, or depicted in the movies, that he was seen in anger arguing or fighting back…maybe, some lawyers need to have His character of coolness…the omb. has it, speaking low and with humility dispensing her submission, even when she’s been indirectly maligned, berated with high resonating voice from her interrogator she remain calm and compose, never seen obvious losing her temper…who else from this court has this….yes, delima, never responded in the same tone as her inquisitor…see how these two person managed their cool ?… 

  • JaoKulai

    I dream na makulong din si CJ Corona… impeachment is not enough!!!!

  • JaoKulai

    Sana Makulong din ung mga nagsisinungaling na tagapagtangol ni CJ Corona… para wala na magtangol sa mga sinungaling!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/W4HIXRAMS5DRO6LEWGA3V25WPQ jimjones111

      sana makulong na din yung nag embento ng ebidencya para wala na small lady.

      • Mr.JAy88

        ang tanong eh totoo ba na magnanakaw (BGEI) at may tagong yaman si C

        CoRoNA?  kahit san pa nanggaling or ano man ang rason, sa qualities ni CORONA, dapat pa ba syang mag stay bilang “PUNONG MAHISTRADO”?

  • albuster

    It may be that Corona was able to unload most of his dollar accounts before he became a CJ so that the defense can claim that the dollar accounts and large transactions happened before he was a CJ thus he cannot be liable for non disclosure of his dollar assets while sitting as a CJ. Maybe the timeline is the “code” that Salvador mentioned.
    Still, OMB Morales said that there is a “fresh” amount of dollars currently sitting in Corona’s accounts.
    Regadless, even without the Morales bombshell, Corona has to explain his undervalued assets and his dubious “sale” of his other properties, his 36million in two banks and their admitted existing dollar accounts which was confirmed by the PSBank president.
    If the senators are true to their duty to the country, which I do not really expect, and find their conscience, at least for this trial, then there is no way Corona can truthfully get away with his guilt.

    • doncleo

       Very good point albuster..

    • bogart73

      under value? papano mo nalaman na undervalue ang kaniya mga properties eh yong mga assesor na nga ng taguig at makati ang tumestigo na tama ang fair market value na deniklara ni corona sa kanyang saln..

  • taga_labas

    I wonder what happens to Corona should (hindi IF EVER, ha) he resign on Tuesday?  

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EDXEVEFHW2ZT5VWHDWBNM6XGE4 RyanE

       His problems will still continue but in another venue.. the Sandiganbayan.

      • Erewhon Revisited

        And BIR

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Y2T5H72YDYLXFJUFWVDLZQLW2I OSCAR

    If CJ Corona is impeached because of his failure to report all his assets in his SALN then all impeachable government official starting from Pnoy should also be impeached because all of them are also guilty of the same crime.

    • Guest

       we will start with Corona. we will discuss the others after him. Okay?

      • bogart73

        why it did not start from the president.. people of the philippines should know his real gender and the condition of his mind.. ipalabas ang resulta ng kaniyang psychiatric evaluation.

      • tcbernardo

        Naku, bogart, nandyan ka pa rin ba? Gising!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/HFYQYPW6MLJC7OLGLCJRS4IAC4 Regd

      Are you mad bro? Just because everybody’s doing it doesn’t mean it’s right. That’s why we bring people back to sanity & reality. We start with corona, the rest follows, and then you.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/Y2T5H72YDYLXFJUFWVDLZQLW2I OSCAR

      I’m so sorry that you did not understand what I was trying to point out man. My point is these people are hypocrites. Can you understand me now?

    • jawaini

      tama ka oscar…para wala nang maiwan sa kanila….neutral ako..sa akin lang bakit ba naging chief Justice si Corona kung ang appintment nya ay kwestionable at walang umangal noon para d n sana umabot n maging chief Justice sya butin fairness bakit nga sya lang ang i impeach…lahat ng may parehong crime should be impeach.

  • willbillywilly

    What kind of bullshit is this code about. all the thief needs to do is open his bank account & prove that that those transactions were not his. Everything that transpired will come out from his bank statements & kung anong kagaguhan pa itong code na parang pinanalabas spy movie.

    • Mr.JAy88

            Syempre madaming mangmang na Pilipino na naniniwala sa mga kagaguhan ni 

      Corona…Mabiling mabili ang mga ganyang rason sa mga Pilipino….

  • leodegardompruna

    Let the “Rule of Law” and “Due Process” work. Never speculate. God bless the Philippines.

  • Huwes_dkutsilyo

    Hay mga dilaw, sa umpisa pa lang malabo na ang prosecution, wala kayong solid evidence panay fishing expedition 45=5 properties, ngyon 82=4.. yan ba ang tuwid na daan?? Ayaw din namin ng corruption pero yong ginagawa ninyo hindi maganda. wala ni isang witness ang tumayo na nagsabi humingi ng lagay si Corona, kung SALN naman ang paguusapan halos lahat ng government officials may kulang sa kanilang SALN.. Tandaan ninyo nong time ni Cory Aquino ang daming 15/30(sisipot lang pag may sueldo)  at daming corruption (sa immigration at iba pa)hanggang sa time ni FVR,,

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EDXEVEFHW2ZT5VWHDWBNM6XGE4 RyanE

    All these waste of time and efforts could have been avoided if only the senate impeachment court has not subordinated itself to the SC. If the senator-judges just voted for the opening of Corona’s dollar accounts then all these “codes”, “lantern of lies” and what have you would be all moot and academic by now.

    If TJ Corona would still insist at the stand that the 3, 5 or 82 dollar accounts are not his, then the senate impeachment court should assert its constitutional mandate and order the banks to open those accounts once and for all.

  • Renato Cozener

    I did not report all my assets in my SALN.  I have many assets that are hidden and I dont want them to get exposed lest you the public will pry on it.  The justices of the SC are with me.. remember the TRO?  They will save me and I will see you next year.. I am Renato.. and i am a COZENER..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/W4HIXRAMS5DRO6LEWGA3V25WPQ jimjones111

    Foreign Currency Deposits Act
    Section 8. Secrecy of foreign currency deposits. All foreign currency deposits authorized under this Act, as amended by PD No. 1035, as well as foreign currency deposits authorized under PD No. 1034, are hereby declared as and considered of an absolutely confidential nature and, except upon the written permission of the depositor, in no instance shall foreign currency deposits be examined, inquired or looked into by any person, government official, bureau or office whether judicial or administrative or legislative, or any other entity whether public or private; …

    • Philhealth

      Puzzled lang ako sa post mo, whatever ang reason mo, asset is asset. Meaning sa SALN, as gov’t employee, kailangan mong ideklara ang foreign currency mo converted into peso. Ang FCDA ay pertaining to accessing the dollar account without court order or concent from the depositor. Nevertheless, kung may dollar account ka kailangang ideklara mo ito sa SALN, converted sa peso value.

    • DWAYNE11


      “I hereby authorize the Ombudsman or his duly representative to obtain and secure from all appropriate government agencies, including the Bureau of Internal Revenue, such documents that may show my assets, liabilities, net worth, business interests and financial connections,”

      • Vince222

        Yan na nga ang “written permission” quoted ni jimjones111

  • Ulipur


    I am thanking in advance the following senator judges who have already assured me of their support:

    1. joker
    2. miriam
    3. bong
    4. bongbong
    5. lito
    6. manny

    7. Secreto (alam niya kung sino sya).

    For others who are similarly  inclined, pls do not be shy. Pls let Atty Esguerra know.

    • catmanjohn

      The names listed represents the lowest form of moral character, and like excrement of political corruption, should be flushed down the sewers asap. Bong Revilla is such a slimy character, one has to wonder who in their right mind elects, to the seat of the Senate, charlatans like him.

    • RHumabon

      7 for Acquital – 16 for Conviction. That would be a Good Verdict. . .It would be much better if there is a Unanimous 23 Votes for Conviction, especially on the Impeachment Article on Betrayal of the Public Trust.

  • ConcernedAko

    First thing that needs to be established is if he owns any of the accounts. If he does own any, should he have declared them in his SALN. If so, why didn’t he? If not, why should he not declare them?

    Drilon is so easy to read. His bias is so obvious. He is not judging to find out the truth but judging to convict. 

    • Mr.JAy88

          CONCERNEDAKO, You believe CORONAKOT?  

      Umabot ng ilangpung buwan na at ngayon sasabihin nila na  “they don’t necessarily 

      belong to CORONA”…Of COurse indi kanya dahil pera ng taong bayan, pera ni Arroyo at Tan…

      nga pala, i have a bridge that i want to sell you…

      magandang investment yun…

      • ConcernedAko

        Please don’t take me for stupid.

        I’m neither pro or anti Corona at this point in time. I don’t get swayed by propaganda that easily. 

        I suggest that you wait what the other side is going to say first before making any conclusion. That’s the most logical thing to do. Remember that in a court of law, everybody, not only Corona, is innocent until proven guilty. 

      • tcbernardo

        This time, I’m concerned about your English. “Please don’t take me for  stupid.” It should be please don’t take me for a stupid person. “I’m neither pro or … ” It should be I’m neither pro nor … (neither/nor; either/or). Okay?

      • ConcernedAko

        Oh come on. Is that the best you can offer? sheesh..  But okay, I’ll give it you. Next time, I’ll proof read what I will post

      • tcbernardo

        There should be “to” before “you” in your sentence “…Ill give it you.” Also, “proofread” is one (1) word.

    • tcbernardo

      I’m concerned about the flow of (or is it the flaw in?)  your reasoning. Please review what you posted. Thank you. 

      • ConcernedAko

        Would you care to explain?

      • tcbernardo

        Gladly. “If he does own any (of the accounts), should he have declared them in his SALN. If so, why didn’t he?” Yeah, why didn’t he? “If not, why should he not declare them?” Precisely. If he does not own any of the accounts, he should not declare it (not “them,” because the subject is “any”). For there is nothing to declare. Clear enough?

  • simplengmamayan

    If i have a dollar account and want to declare it in my SALN, i need to convert in Peso right? Given the nature of foreign currency, the value is changing everyday depending on our forex. It will render then my SALN in-accurate, is it not?

    • Mr.JAy88

      pag ipinalit mo sa peso den i declare sa peso, pro pag dollar lng den dollar ang dapat mo i declare…

    • pinklace88

      the exchange rate will be based at the time of filing. it’s not like manghuhula ka and this can be explained by actual bank records if in case there will be an issue on the amount. wala naman problema as long as you can prove whatever information you filed in the SALN.

    • kabiliran

      he can always check and use the conversion rates of the BSP.

    • fojar

      There is no provision of the law that you have to convert your dollars into pesos before it can be declared in the SALN. Both dollar deposits and peso deposits form part of your assets so both must be declared in the SALN.

  • Philhealth

    Ito ang karma ni Corona. Kung naresign  na lang ba sya noon pa eh hindi na siguro mauungkat ang SALN at dollar account nya. Ngayon damay damay na yan. Kapag pinag aralan kung kani-kanino nanggaling ang mga dollar nya eh malalaman ng taong bayan kung ano anong kaso ang pinaboran nya at kung sino sino ang nagbigay sa kanya.Malaking kahihiyaan ito sa pangalang Corona (kung may hiya pa sya).

  • bogart73

    nag ingay na naman itong si baboy drilon. parang hindi abogado kung magsalita, tinatanong pa kung nailagay ba ni corona sa kanyang saln ang dollar account eh siya mismo ang bumusisi sa saln ni corona.. hay naku baboy drilon syempre wala kasi hindi naman iyon pera ni corona yan ay pera ng basa guidote na hinahabol ngayon ni ana basa..sana mabasa mo itong comment ko ng maliwanagan ang pag iisip mo..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JVNTCIME57OARVX76J75DT7XHU benjie

    Bakit naman ilalagay ni Corona eh kung hindi naman sa kanya! at bakit naman ilalagay sa SALN kung ang mga properties that never existed! HAHA Remember 45 LRA list properties pero yun pala 5 o 6 lang! Sinungaling si Noynoy at Malacanang pati si Tupas, Quimbo, Angara at TaÑada!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BQ3ZZ7UKLRGHXAV7LMDSXWM5IQ Nong

      There are 45 tcts in the LRA records.
      If 40 of these tcts were covered by 40 deeds of sale, but the dos were not transferred/registered in the name of the new owners, ERGO…the LRA records will still show  45 tcts in the name of the respondent… getz mo.
      Magmagic lang ba ang LRA to transfer the 40 tcts to the new owners… paano kaYa kung nasa pangalan ko natransfer..parang nanalo ako sa lotto…. di ba aangal ang new owners.

      Hindi nga niregister ng unlce nya ano… getz mo

      Kaya nga bulok na ang isyong ito…kasi me personal interference ng buyer and seller…
      Ibahin mo ang amla case. Automatic reporting ng covered accounts..by financial institutions..banks

      Try mo magtransact ng P500,000 and above para ma report ka rin sa AMLAC.. NOW KUNG LEGAL O HINDI ang transaction mo.. problema na ng AMLAC YOON.

      Kasalanan ba ng LRA kung hindi nagchange title ang 40 tcts? Knowing this …nagpa change title ba ang bagong buyers…? That I would like to know.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W7KWUC4QI6BBJICY2Z4GHKOWFI rafi

    Kung 1/piso or 100/isang daan….ang nakaw ay nakaw pa rin…kahit ano pa ang halaga na pinag-uusapan.

    Sya ba talaga may-ari? Kung OO – goodluck sa pagpapaliwanag
    Kung hindi – yari sila Noynoy at Tupas & Co.

    Walang kwenta na magtalo pa tayo dito…in the end…majority ng mga Pilipino ay kawawa at dehado na kasi noon pa tayo ninanakawan at patuloy na pagnanakawan.

    Goodluck na lang sa future ng Pilipinas.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XLNCVH7M5S7WX4YCDTTEGE4UL4 Eltee

    >>> Gng Valte at Senador Drilon… tama po kayo hindi mahalaga kung 3 o 82, ang mahalaga ay ano ang naroon. KAYA DAPAT KAYO ANG MAGBIGAY NG EBIDENSIYA NA MAY ACCOUNT SI CJ AT SAAN AT PAANO NAKUHA NINYO ITO DAHIL MAY BATAS SA $ ACCOUNT.
    >>> ayon din sa mga nakaalam, ang dollar account ay no place in SALN dahil na rin sa mahigpit na pinag-uutos sa RA6426.  AT ANUMAN DOLLAR TRANSACTION AY HINDI DINIDEKLARA SA SALN.
    >>> ayon din sa nakakaalam , ang dollar account ay hindi pwede idekalra bilang asset sa SALN dahil this will not affect his /or her net worth (HINDI NETWORK).  At ang increaase nman sa NETWORTH ay taxable under Section 24 of the Tax Code, kasi net worth comprises such acquisition sa PESO LANG.

    • deadlyshooter

      sir, maari bang sabihing hindi pera ang dollars at sinsabi natin na hind assets ang mga ito? ano ngayon ang puwedeng itawag dito ? ano nga po pala ang tawag sa tagalog ng assets ?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AR3F3RNQX4U3PKBI526NJI6BYM Jose

        Pwede bang tawaging hidden wealth?  Di daw kasi kasali sa impeachment yung hidden wealth, he he he.  Pero teka pag wealth eh di ba asset yun? english na parehas yan.  Magulo itong mga tinamaan ng lintik na depensa, paikot ikot lang ang usapan. 

      • deadlyshooter

        assets ay pag aari o ariarian…ganyan ang lawyer…pinabaril ang batas hanggang mabutas….

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_S2BRZ7WPV53I5SYQK3IZXCY7SY Josephus

      non-sense! parang utak pre-schooler!

    • tiktikrobong

      kadugong Eltee, mawalang galang na po…. payag ka ba na halimbawa may pera na pesos c corona (hindi natin alam kung saan nanggaling) at itoy ipinalit niya sa dollar dahil alam niya ang RA5425 pdi mabuksan kung maimpitz siya ay di na nasabing kayamanan niya o pera niya …? 

      pakisagut nga lang po….!  salamat.

    • tcbernardo

      – Hay, naku … matagal nang inamin ng presidente ng PSBank na may dollar account sa kanila itong si Coronarroyo, kanya nga lang tumakbo sa Supreme Court ang PSBank para h’wag silang i-obliga na buksan ang sinasabing dollar account.
        — Saan ba sa RA6426 nakasaad na ang “dollar account ay no place in SALN” dahil ito’y “mahigpit na pinag-uutos”?

      — Sino ba yang sinasabi mong “nakakaalam”  na nagsabing “ang dollar account  ay hindi pwede idekalra (sic) bilang asset sa SALN dahil this will not affect his/or her net worth”? Siempre, pag hindi dinaklara, di walang epecto sa net worth. Pag dineklara (converted to pesos), kasama na yan sa asset (minus liabilities, net worth na). Wala naman yatang alam yang sinasabi mong “nakakaalam.” 


    • fojar

      I am a Government employee and we are mandated by law to declare truthfully our SALN and we don’t make any distinction whether it is peso or dollar account because we are talking here of assets. It’s just sad that some people make a twisted interpretation of the law just to suit their whims.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2KPLSAFUYID2E4EBSRWTEII4JM Hijo

    kunwari po xe ung impeachment court hinayaang mg accept ng ebidensya base sa haka haka, xerox, small lady, kahit hindi tau atty, alam naten dapat original na papel ang ipakita, hindi ipasubpoena para madala ang original, ung sa saln po, nabanggit na laht ni eltee and i definitely agree, ngbabasa nman lahat tau, mas plausible ung rason ng retired bir kaysa kina atty valte, sen. drilon, sabi nga nya, sino ba ang high official ang ngdeclara ng dollar account sa saln? THE IMPEACHMENT court allowed itself to be insulted by parties who submitted evidence that as they say napupulot sa basura, wala nga sa complaint pinag uusapan pa, pano po ung RULES nyo?

    • deadlyshooter

      hijo, kung hindi assets ang tawag doon sa mga ariarian na mga dolyares, puwede bang sabihing tagong yaman ang mga ito ?

      • tcbernardo

        “Tagong yaman” — ba, mas matinding kaso yata ‘yan, a.

  • tiktikrobong

    ilang oras na lang at makita natin ang paglakad, pag-upo at pagsumpa ni cj sa trial niya.

    ilang oras na lang at maipakita na niya ang prinaktis niyang pagngiti-pagmamakaawa at parang galit na galit dahil inosente sa mga paratang sa kanya….!

    ilang oras na lang at magamit na niya ang abilidad niyang sasagot sa mga tanong kung dapat pa bang manatili sa puesto niya bilang tj, est cj….!  ang tanong kung totoong kanya ang mga dollar accounts na sinasabi ni madam ombudsman……!  ang tanong kung may tatatlo lang naman na $ acnts ay saang galing….!

    ang tanong na bakit mayroon pala siyang mga ari-arian na kahit lilima lang ay hindi lahat nailagay sa SALN niya…..!

    at iba pang mga tanong galing kay jinggoy, kay manong johnie, kay drillon, kay escudero, at pag may time pa ay marami pang tanong sa kanya…..!

    at baka sa mierkoles at huwebes pa babalik para masagot niya lahat ang maraming tanong….!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IE6OU4ODQIVS6F5HKL6QPTTDNI RonnieV

    How long will they end their constant beating of the CJ? This only shows that all the prosecution, Morales etc., all their allegations against the CJ is just nothing but only a bait. Lawmakers are the one who made the law and now they want to break the law. If they wanted the CJ or anybody else to open the $ accounts they they should first repeal or amend that RA6426 law. This is the problem of the prosecutors, before they thought their evidence is strong, now that they feel the CJ can disprove all those allegations they want Corona to sign a waiver and open the $ account? If the CJ or his defense can disprove all these allegations then this case should put into rest, or case closed so that we can move on. Just follow the legal process and from that time if they think this law is grossly disadvantageous then they should repeal, scrap or amend that RA 6426.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/JS3RT4LED3KK6XU4FEK3E7CIQY kupal-ka!

      simpleng tanong sayo, kung walang tinatago si Corona bakit hindi sya mag sign ng waiver para mabuksan yung mga binibintang na dollar account sa kanya? kung hindi talaga ito sa kanya di madali nyang maidedepensa. kagaya ka ng mga lawyer ni Corona, ang palusot ay puro technicality ng batas.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IE6OU4ODQIVS6F5HKL6QPTTDNI RonnieV

        Simpling sagot kung ganun pala ang gusto nyo bakit idinaan pa sa ibat ibang mga alegasyong walang katutuhanan at walang ebedinsya, pinapahiya ang tao, ang daming batas pang tao ang hindi sinunud, e dapat noon pa lang bago mag fiel ng impeachment ay ini repeal na nila yung batas RA 6426 at sa ganun pwedi na nilang kasuhan si Corona, kayang gawin ng mga congress yan. Ngayon may complaints sila pero pakiramdam kasi nila na makakalusot si Corona dahil nga gawa gawa lang kasi ang mga charges gusto na naman nilang pa buksan ang accounts ni Corona. Akala ko ba malakas at matibay ang ebdensya nila?

      • parekoy

        Sino ba nagpapahiya sa idol mo?Siya rin mismo nagpapahiya sa sarili nya dahil sa mga lumabas na baho niya pero hindi maamoy ng mga kagaya mo..dapat hindi na humaba ang proceedings sa IC kung sa simula pa lang binuksan na lahat ng dapat buksan pati $ACCOUNTS niya. Ang taong walang itinatago, kahit kalkalin mo ang lahat sa buhay niya, walang sisingaw na baho..kaso dahil sa dami ng mga itinago, talagang magpapakamatay sa pagtatago para hindi mabisto…THE TRUTH IS NOT DIFFICULT TO EXPLAIN..YOU CAN LIE ALL YOU WANT, BUT THE TRUTH WILL ALWAYS FIND ITS WAY TO COME OUT AND EXPOSE YOU…ITS BIBLICAL, YOUR SINS WILL FIND YOU OUT..Let’s wait and witness how your idol will speak lies and hide under the technicalities of the law..CORONA never speaks any truth.BE IT HIS SALN, BANK ACCOUNTS, HIS ACADEMIC RECORDS, HIS APPOINTMENT ETC…it’s his way of life.HE THRIVES in darkness and like to keep things in secret…there is no truth in him..Wala sa lakas ng ebidensya ang kaso ng idol mo..ANG PAGKATAO NIYA NA SIYA MISMO ANG SUMIRA SA TULONG NG ANAK AT ASAWA NIYA MISMO..

      • la mona segrestat

        oo nga kuya.. public official sya so dapat willing syang ipakita sa mga tao ung mga assets nya, peso or dollar.. 

        saka isa pa, judge sya, so dapat fair ung mga transactions nya.. bakit sa dami ng mga issues na lumabas during the impeachment trial, why did i have the impression na ang dami nyang dinayang tao.. regardless kung anak or asawa nya ung sinasabi nilang nagmamay-ari nung mga assets na namention during the hearing.. ang daming nabaluktot, nakalimutan, etc.. daming excuses..

        chief justice pa naman sya, dapat he should be the most fair person in the philippines.. kaso, sa lagay na to, nakakatakot na magtiwala sa justice system ng pinas.

    • tcbernardo

      The provision is very, very clear: the owner of the account CAN consent in writing to the opening of his account. What law is being broken there? By the way, if you have to argue in English, better hire an editor who can straighten your grammar. Okay?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JS3RT4LED3KK6XU4FEK3E7CIQY kupal-ka!

    Sa mga pro-Corona, isang tanong lang sa inyo. Bakit hindi pabuksan ni CJ yung dollar account nya kung wala syang tinatago? at bakit hindi nya nilagay sa SALN yun? Kung ano ano ang mga palusot pero yang simpleng tanong na yan hind nyo masagot. Kung walang tinatago, mag sign sya ng waiver para mabuksan. Ganun ka-simple.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IE6OU4ODQIVS6F5HKL6QPTTDNI RonnieV

      Hindi ako pro Corona, ako ay para sa batas na kailangang sundin at hindi ina abuso. Maghintay ka nalang sa Martes at doon mo masasagot ang hinihingi mo kupal.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/JS3RT4LED3KK6XU4FEK3E7CIQY kupal-ka!

        parang ang sagot mo ay in due time. isa ka ba sa mga lawyer ni Corona?

      • kolambogan

        Alam mo ba kung ano ang kupal,? Kung hindi, iyon ay yung maputing accumulated buggar like sa loob ng uncircumscised ari na napakabaho. Kung hindi ka pa tuli huwag mong ipagmalaki dahil may kupal ka rin.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BPMOT757VYO6WUBAVPVPCPGU5I Robert

    Hindi alam ni Eltee na ang export and import bzness are in $. So dapat ang kinikita ng mga import at export bzness companies ay wag e palit sa piso para di maisama sa taxation….great input hehehe

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/H64OMUZZAV6WFG3XNO4SUAYSJU bobski43

    Itong mga defense lawyers always talk big, “cracked the code”, who do they think they are Turing? who cracked the German ENIGMA CODE in WORLD WAR II ?????

  • walaKA

    The END is NEAR!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/oustcorona ILL_HIT_YOUR_FACE

    Kahit 4 lang yung Dollar Account ni Corona,wala pa rin siyang ligtas BIR. bwahahaha

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7KVABKOHHRKZ27CI64CXHUZWMI Noel

    Just open your bank accounts by issuing a waver. It’s that simple. Or is it difficult because you have something to hide? 

  • Rigoberto_Tigdas

    After all these revelations, including the ones from the defense’ witness themselves. On how the Coronas robbed their relatives in broad daylight. Stolen money from the dead. At the end of the day, the Senators just need to ask themselves this…

    Is Corona still deserving to be the Chief Magistrate of my Country?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ESOLZFVKAWYGCVFPVUANFVV4W4 Efren

    Corona, his defense team and his loyal fans have been drumbeating the following lines of defense :  “Hindi totoo ang 82 accounts” ;  “Hindi totoo ang “$12M” ; “Hindi totoo ang 45 properties” ;  ” Si Carla ang may-ari ng BGEI ” !

    Mental Dishonesty !  Evading the Issues !  Palusot ! 

  • Francis81

    Kuryente itong dollar account na kinagat naman ng Malakanyang.  Pahiya tuloy sila ngayon.

    • hustlergalore

      tsk tsk. ang sabi niya “bloated” dollar accounts. he never denied that he has none. LOL

  • hustlergalore

    Code? sila ba si robert langdon? LOL

  • manggoding

    Did Corona report “it” in his SALN?

    I am confused with the question “Did Corona report it”
    What is the ” it ” being talked about.
    The it, it is really confusing.
    Don’t make us guess on the it…possibly like it bulaga.

  • anu12345

     For Sen. Franklin Drilon, that is the issue. “Whether or not there are
    eight or 82 accounts, or $12 million or $1.2 million, is immaterial to
    me,” Drilon said by phone. “What is material to me is whether these amounts were reported in the SALN.”

    At kung saan nanggaling. Kaya lang bad word sa IC ang “ill-gotten”

  • http://rltjs.wordpress.com/ Rod

    Everybody is talking about it. But as far as the court is concerned, the dollar accounts are good as non-existent yet. Hindi nga tiningnan ni Senator Enrile mga iyon na ikinalat ng “Civil Society group” because it smelled like poison fruit of a poisonous tree.

    • Rolly257

      Eh ano ang ibig sabihin ngTRO para huwag buksan ang dollar acoount ni Corona…bakit kailangan pa ng TRO.

  • http://rltjs.wordpress.com/ Rod

    Kung ibasura natin lahat na bagay at simpling politika na lang, I think Corona  to stay is best for the Filipino people. He is better than any probable replacement.

    Pareho lang yan sila lahat kung may hinahanap ka.

    • Rolly257

      The best???? As a magician siguro.

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