AFP building ‘modest deterrent capability’ in West Philippine Sea



AFP Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Jessie Dellosa INQUIRER PHOTO

PUERTO PRINCESA CITY, Philippines — The Armed Forces ofthe Philippines is speeding up the deployment of surveillanceequipment which it hopes would, in tandem with newly acquired ships and helicopters, help it build a  “modest deterrent capability” in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea), parts of which are claimed by China and other countries.

Lieutenant General Jessie Dellosa, making his first official visit to Palawan on Wednesday since he was appointed Armed Forces chief of staff four months ago, held a closed-door meeting with Western Command chief Juancho Sabban and his key officers to discuss the situation in the disputed region in light of the ongoing tension between China and the Philippines in the Scarborough Shoal.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Dellosa played down his Palawan visit as “just a regular visit to see the situation here and assess the condition of our troops.”

He acknowledged, however, that the upgrading of the military capability of Wescom was among the priorities of the AFP.

“That’s one of the issues that we are talking about. We would like to establish a modest deterrent capability, modest but credible deterrent support,” Dellosa said.

Dellosa pointed out that the Philippine government will “formally receive” its second Hamilton-class naval vessel from the United States on May 22. The first such vessel, the BRP Gregorio del Pilar, figured in the early part of the Scarborough standoff with Chinese fisheries vessels when its crew tried to arrest a group of Chinese fishers caught poaching internationally protected marine turtles inside the disputed shoal off the mainland province of Zambales in early April.

In addition, Dellosa said, the military was planning to deploy new radar facilities in the Palawan area to enhance its surveillance capability in the West Philippine Sea. The radar equipment, Dellosa

added, would supplement an ongoing program to scale up its surveillance systems.

“Actually we have plans for the Navy, which includes the coast watch systems that we have enhanced and procurement of radars to be installed mainly in Palawan,” Dellosa said.

The Philippine government is also in the process of acquiring a total of eight new attack helicopters, mostly W-3A Sokol combat-utility helicopters, to beef up its firepower.

Dellosa stressed, however, that the current military buildup was still secondary to the government’s main strategy in the West Philippine Sea of dealing with territorial disputes through diplomatic channels.

“As much as a possible, we would like to resolve things through diplomatic means,” he said.

Asked how the Philippine armed forces would respond to an incident similar to the Scarborough standoff in the waters around Palawan, Dellosa said that “based on the briefing that I have received [from Wescom], we are fully ready and prepared for any eventuality.”

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  • Night

    i know our AFP knows what to buy…. just please buy it now

  • Babinski

    Puro kayo salita, mga kurakot, mga putang ina ninyo. Dapat nga my sarili tayong pagawaan ng armas, mga rocket, mga malalaking barko pang gira. ting-nan natin kong kong hindi ba matatakot ang china sa atin, kahit malaki sila pero hindi nila kaya ang mga Filipino, tayo ang pinaka matapang sa lahat ng taong nabubuhay dito sa mundo. kaso lang parang hindi tayo maka galaw dahil sa mga kupal na nakaraang administration, yong coloronang yan, dapat bitayin na yan.

  • Babinski

    Hindi mag tagal, malapit ng karmahin ang mga kurakot.

  • Babinski

    Cge china, attakihin nyo na ang pinas para, mataohan ang mga kurakot diyan sa Pinas. Ang tagal ng ngahirap ang mga taong bayan. Mga dollar account sa mga nakulimbat na pera sa mga kurakot naka deposit pa sa ibang bansa, kaya pala yumaman layo ang ibang bansa, ang dollar na pera sa pinas ginamit sa negusyo sa bank sa ibang bansa. IIlan lang ang mayayaman sa pinas at super yaman talaga, pero maraming mahihirap, bakit kaya?

    • dadinz

      Bago pa umatake ang walang-hiyang china segurado nakaalis na ang mga kurakot dahil sa dami ng pera ay madaling umalis ng bansa..Ang kawawa ay ang maliliit nating mamayan.. kaya huwag naman sana,Babinski…

  • frank

    huwag poh puro salita at tigilan na poh ang pangungurakot nyo sa pamahalaan at dating pamahalaan kaawa awa naman poh ang pilipino na bu bully na nang china at nilulusob na poh tayo nang CHINA aping api napo mga pilipino walang magawa kasi puro kurakot don po dapat ilagay at magbantay sa scalborough shol ang corrupt na opisyal

  • attybongkag

    Go philippines, itayo ang bandera ng mga Kurakot, este PINOY pala…hahahaha..


    Actually, the best deterrent would be if AFP officials will stop stealing money from the Philippines  and spend the limited budget in an honest way.

    To tell you frankly, CHINA looks at AFP and the Philippines very lowly because of these corrupt officials, in the past and present.

    The AFP top brass is the major reason why AFP is weak! and for that, the Philippines as a nation is in danger. We cannot even defend ourselves!

    The reason why China is not attacking the Philippines right now is not because CHINA is afraid of the AFP, but because of the backslash from the international community. Take the international community away, you are feeding the nation to the dogs.

  • tom_batuta

    Mabuhay Ang AFP!!!

  • pepito gwaps

    lakihan ang sweldo at higpitan ng batas sa kurakot para walang mangurakot. Ikaw ba isang general paswelduhan kita ng 1 Milyong piso kada buwan mangungurakot ka pa b? or kung talgang mangungurakot ka pa kasi makati kamay mo pag nahuli ka nman ay ififiring squad ka. O diba Ok na yong 1 milyon kesa naman mafiring squad? Saka syempre ang laki ng 1M na sweldo mo kada buwan so gagalingan mo rin syempre ng performance kasi baka mademote ka at maging 1/2 na lang a sweldo mo.

    • Pinoydin

      Mahigit pa sa isang Million ang sweldo nyan, kaya hwag mo ng bawasan pa at gawing 1 Million na lang.

  • Rhine

    to much talks is like a sounding cymbal…. do what is best for the country’s defense…

  • joboni96

    ‘receive” its second Hamilton-class naval vessel’

    mali general
    uubusin mo lang
    pera ng afp sa diesel
    lugging around 4000 tons of steel
    of attractive missile target
    with insufficient firepower

    the hamilton is for the requirements
    of the imperialist u.s.
    attacking countries worldwide

    not for a country
    protecting its wide eez

    what we need are
    more of the pce’s/auk’s, pkm’s, halter 78’s
    upgraded uparmed upsensored
    multi year series built
    at the naval shipyard

    • Tsinoy Texas Boy

      it cost Philippines Tax Payer around  US$ 100,000 to $200,000 for Diesel and food when the first coast guard cutter ship sailed from east coast usa to philippines- this ship were not free it was purchase

  • Tsinoy Texas Boy

    COMMUNIST China welcomes UN decision over Japanese “island” claims

    BEIJING, May 16 (Xinhua) — China on Wednesday welcomed a decision by a United Nations (UN) commission not to adopt Japanese claims over the geopolitical classification of Okinotori Atoll, an outcropping in the Philippine Sea.

    “Japan’s claim of its outer continental shelf based on Okinotori Atoll was not acknowledged by the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei in response to a question at a regular press conference, quoting information released by the UN agency.

    “Japan’s allegation that Okinotori Atoll has been adopted by the commission as an ‘island’ is absolutely baseless,” said the spokesman.

    Japanese media, quoting government officials in the country, reported on April 28 that the UN Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf agreed with Japan that the sea basin north of Okinotori Atoll is part of its continental shelf, and thus said Okinotori was recognized as an “island” and could be used as a territorial “base point.”

    However, Hong denied Japan’s rights to the outcropping, citing the commission to explain, “As mentioned by the Japanese side, the commission recognized the Shikoku Basin Region north of Okinotori Atoll as part of Japan’s outer continental shelf. But in fact the recognition was based on other parts of Japan’s land territory, not related to Okinotori Atoll.”

    Hong said Japan’s request submitted to the commission involved some 740,000 square km but only 310,000 square km was recognized by the body.

    “The areas claimed by Japan as part of its outer continental shelf but not accepted by the commission include the 250,000-square-km southern Kyushu-Palau ridge based on Okinotori Atoll,” added the spokesman.

    Okinotori Atoll, some 1,700 km south of Tokyo, is only about 10 square meters above sea level at high tide.

    According to Article 121 of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, rocks that cannot sustain human habitation or an economic life of their own shall have no exclusive economic zone (EEZ) or continental shelf status.

    An EEZ is an area of sea over which a state has exclusive rights of exploration.

    China and South Korea have opposed Japan’s illegal attempt to claim areas based on Okinotori Atoll as part of its continental shelf, as Okinotori is a group of rocks and not classifiable as an “island.”

    “Many countries have also expressed their objection against Japan’s illegal claims relating to Okinotori Atoll,” noted the spokesman.

    According to Hong, the commission’s decision concerning Okinotori Atoll is “fair and reasonable” and in line with international law.

    “[The commission] has safeguarded the common interests of the whole international community and China welcomes the decision,” he added

    • PCD_2012

      This is a good precedent.  China’s claim on the whole South China Sea has no merit at all.  Since China protested, Japan must give the favor back to China by also contesting their 9 dotted line claim!

  • $18209031

    Sir General, how s our new mansion being built ? Almost finish ? Sarap pakinggan ng mga bagong gamit natin para sa Westcom. Thank  you sir .Huwag kalimutan yung pay increase namin din. First to fight, first to die kami dito sa Puerto Princesaa kung pagkagulo man vs Red China.

  • dadinz

    Start buying now the neccessary war materiel before it’s too late…Time is running out…Huwag munang bigyan ng pork barrel ang mga senador at congressmen..magsakripisyo po muna tayo lahat alang-alang sa ating inang BAYAN…nakabanta na ang panganib at lahat tayo ay dapat nang kumilos ng sama-sama…MABUHAY ang PILIPINAS…Mabuhay po tayong lahat…

    • jopal


    • Binayers

       dapat nga nagsusubmit na ang senado ng special power bill to Urgently buy Armaments.. saka na muna ang Impechment & 2013 Election…

  • bahog_itlog

    Modest deterrent capability = 42-year old cutter (senior citizen na). hehehe

    Modest deterrent capability = frigates, destroyers, missile batteries, submarines, nukes 


    Ang kabutihan sa may giyera ay malalaman kung sino ang tunay na makabayan at kung sino ang mga traydor na hindi nararapat paupoin sa gobyerno.
    Mas mabuti pangmamatay na lumalaban keysa buhay kang nakikita mong mga anak mo ay pinaparusahan at pinagsasamantalahan.

  • Temujins

    A must have wishlist for Philippines:
    (2)  P-8 Pseidon
    (2) Arleigh Burke class destroyer
    (12) Fast attack littoral combat ship
    (24) F-18 Super Hornet or F-15SE Silent Eagle
    (500+) Harpoon all-weather anti-ship missiles.

    I will assure you these chineszze will think twice before they want to bully Philippines ever again. In fact these cunning chinesezze will be very worry and start to play nice again.


    • PHtaxpayer

      Wow, a $15B wish list!  What are we, Saudi Arabia?  LOL

      Our entire AFP budget is barely $2.5B for 1 year!  Our GDP is only about $200B so that wishlist is 7.5% of GDP which is way way higher than any country in the world.

  • Renz Roger

    800m dollar na buget kaya bumili 3 f35c kahit 3 lang vs 100 jet figter ng china kaya pabagskin lahat dahil mahirap targetin ang f35 kahit abot tanaw na ng kalaban stealth dindi basta mdtect ng radar ng kalaban.ito ang tunay na modest deterrent!!!

  • popcorns

    Bakit kaya di sila gumawa ng sariling armas ang pinas, kaya naman nila gumawa niya ang damidaming mga engineers na walang trabaho kahit mga missile lng muna ung nilalagay sa truck. di ko kc alam name nun


    Ang kabutihan sa may giyera ay malalaman kung sino ang tunay na makabayan at kung sino ang mga traydor na hindi nararapat paupoin sa gobyerno.Mas mabuti pangmamatay na lumalaban keysa buhay kang nakikita mong mga anak mo ay pinaparusahan at pinagsasamantalahan.

  • Russell Ariola

    Hindi ba pwede na mag-press release kayo pag tumatakbo na yung project nyo?
    Ginagawa pa lang pinapangalandakan na.

    Saka military nature yan. Di ba dapat top secret mga ganito?

  • Manny

    suggestion lang sa AFP. Bakit hindi na lang mag assemble ng speed boat at lagyan ng long range machine gun at anti-ship missiles or anti-aircraft missiles. let say 1000 speedboats na madaling makapag penetrate kung may intruders sa EEZ ng pinas. mas mainam ito kaysa sa bumili ng dambuhalang navy ships na isang beses lang tirahin ng kalaban eh lulubog na. mag acquire ang AFP ng at least 5 submarines. at para sa air force at least 3 to 4 squadron na multirole aircraft. maganda nga kung single seated lang para flexible lalo na sa air to air combat. lahat ng new multirole aircraft ng US eh sobrang kamahal!  

    • $5699914

      Good idea.
      Go for missiles.
      The best is nuclear para it will make China think twice in messing up with us.

    • PHtaxpayer

      North Korea has developed their own midget submarines which can carry 2 torpedoes.  The psychological impact on the enemy of submarines is enough to make them avoid an area.  Another weapon is using smart mines, mines which carry a lightweight torpedo or directional explosive device that is only activated when foreign boats are detected.  These mines can serve as security fences around our fishing grounds, keeping poachers out.  Of course, if a Vietnamese or Chinese fishing boat struck a mine and they were killed that could start a war but both these midget subs and smart mines can be sown covertly.

      In 2010, the South Korean ship Cheonan was allegedly sunk by a NK midget sub which the NK govt denied.  

  • Don

    we should have built up our arms a long time ago.  problem is, too many military officers are corrupt. 
    Typical are General Garcia, Ligot, and Angelo Reyes who took his life rather than go to jail.  how can retired generals possibly own large farms and church-like mansions? and they’re even proud enough to display their names in front of their mansions.  there’s one in puerto princesa up in the mountains owned by a former navy officer. in quezon, there’s a big hacienda owned by a former police general.  how can they possibly have these properties on P50k a month?  i know a former soldier who quit because they didn’t have shoes,  had a few bullets, and were fed 2 cups of rice and 2 small fish daily because their officers pocketed the money.  and yet, they had to face the NPAs.  CORRUPTION HAS WEAKENED OUR NATION.  In China, corruption is punished with execution, that is why they are  powerful.  

  • pololoy

    Here is a quote from a previous PDI article written by Mr. Rodel Rodis…

    “Ironically enough, China’s claim to ownership of the Scarborough Shoal — based on historical maps — was debunked by the Philippines top Maoist, Jose Maria Sison, founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines, who described the claim as an “absurdity”. “This would be like Italy claiming all areas previously occupied by the Roman Empire,” Sison said.”
    “It would be like Macedonia laying claim to the Persian Empire (Iran) based on a map drawn by Alexander the Great in 338 B.C. It would be like China laying claim to America based on an old map drawn by Admiral Zheng He, for Emperor Zhu Di, in 1421 as described in the New York Times bestseller by Gavin Menzies entitled “1421: The Year China Discovered America”.”
    “China can plant “It belongs to China” articles in Philippine publications but the Philippines cannot hope to have even one article published anywhere in China that questions China’s claim to the Scarborough Shoal or to the Spratlys. That is the decided advantage of a totalitarian dictatorship – which does not allow freedom of the press –  over a democracy.”

  • Ric


  • PHtaxpayer

    AFP solution for securing our West PH Sea is terribly conventional and therefore inadequate because we cannot win a conventional war against even our weakest competitors.

    We need the AFP to think out of the box and come up with effective solutions.  IMO, using special forces and covert operations are the standard for today’s conflicts.  Cyberwarfare, psychological warfare, smart weapons, electronic surveillance and countermeasures, Quick reaction forces and guerrilla naval warfare is what we need instead of conventional forces.

    Big mistake relying on the US to defend our shoals and islands.  We should be using our own ingenuity and initiative.

  • Ric

    We can defeat the Chinese even if we have limited military hardware…You don’t know war.  It’s not only about guns and bullets.  These things doesn’t even last.  The strength we should rely on is the one that pushes us to love our principles and faith.  We wake up and work because we are focus on doing things and not because our physical strength says so.  And therefore, this will propel us to move and aspire to fight our principles beyond what the Chinese have expected.  It’s not about who is going to die or win.  It’s not about exploding the bomb and firing a gun.  War here is an intellectual war.  

  • Ric

    We should push now our complaint to ITLOS AND UN as soon as possible.  We must stand for our rights.  Let our fishermen go there in Scarborough.  We must not be afraid.  

  • deep

    GO AFP! tumatanggap ba kau ng bakla? ipa enlist nyo nlang si RENATA REYES, naghahanap ng lalaki eh..kaya nasa kalsada palagi rumarampa!

  • Nagagalitna

    slowly but surely ah…go Philippines!

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