‘It’s like professional money laundering’

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Prosecution spokesperson Neil Tupas reacts to the testimony of Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales in the impeachment trial court on the dollar accounts allegedly owned by Chief Justice Renato Corona. Video by's Matikas Santos

MANILA, Philippines – Chief prosecutor Iloilo representative Niel Tupas Jr. described the movement of money in Chief Justice Renato Corona’s accounts as “like professional money laundering” after the Ombudsman testified on the records given to her by the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC).

“Mukhang professional money laundering ang pattern, at least on the initial testimony of the Ombudsman (The pattern seems like it’s professional money laundering, at least [based on] the initial testimony of the Ombudsman),” Tupas said Monday after Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales testified on the alleged dollar accounts of Corona.

Morales testified that Corona has at least $10 million deposited in 82 accounts in five banks using a power point presentation.

“We knew on the very beginning there were bank accounts, we did not imagine in our wildest dreams it would be this big and this many,” Tupas said.

He said that the revelation of the Ombudsman “shocked the sensibilities of the people to outrageous levels.”

Tupas said that the authenticated copies from AMLC were “automatically captured,” and that it would be very hard for the defense to answer Morales’ testimony.

He added that he could not understand the strategy of the defense in calling the ombudsman but not asking questions on the dollar deposits.

The defense cited unverified reports in a press briefing that Vicente Aquino, executive director of the AMLC, had denied the report Morales was testifying to.

Tupas said that the defense should just call Aquino to the impeachment court because “it was specifically pointed out by the ombudsman that it was Aquino who gave her the records.”

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  • Harry

    When the figures were not backed by paper trails, it’s hard to say money laundering is involved when the account holder is one and the same..


      the AMLA report is the paper trail

  • carlos1968

    minus the paper-evidence, i find it hard to believe this. i really don’t care who’s right or wrong. but, i find it offensive if claims or allegations are easily blurted out without any real evidence. i just don’t like the “45 properties” claim which turned out to be indefensible evidence wise. until now, the pattern of lying is owned by the prosecution.

    • jiroarturo

      Sino ba ang gusto mong tumistigo pa para patunayan meron $12M si Corona? Madali lang yan. Subpoena ang presidente ng mga bangko. Baka lalong lumaki ang pera ni Corona pag nalaman ang ending balance ng 82 dollar accounts.

      • Ronilo

        OO nga yong mga presidente ng banko at pawalang bisa ang tro para mabulatlat na lahat. bakit pa kasi pa issue issue pa ng TRO. ngayon ano na? Umaalingasaw lalo.

  • jiroarturo

    Kaya pala ang tanggi ni Corona na meron siyang $10M. Di pala saktong $10M kungdi $12M. Tama nga naman siya. Wala siyang $10M. $12M meron siya.

    • Ronilo

      Patay si morales nito. MALI SIYA na 10m. TSK TSK. Sobra daw.

      • jiroarturo

        Ipamimigay kaya ni Corona ang milyong-milyong dolares niya? Matutuwa si Cristina niyan kung magpapakamatay ang asawa niya.

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        Patay si morales nito. MALI SIYA na 10m. TSK TSK. Sobra daw.
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  • Constantine

    Again, defense is trying to muddle the situation by floating the idea that the Executive Director of AMLAC has allegedly denied the report given to the OMB. 

    He he he who are they trying to fool now?

    Wala na talaga!  The Defense is frustrated!

  • pinoy63

    parang pera sa ZTE yan , ginawang dummy lang ang mahistrado para di ma trace!!! kaya sya inapoint bago mag election, di nla na anticipate ang impeachment trial,

    • Gina_Cole

       To add; nakalimutan na ng defense na hindi na si Merci ang Ombudsman!

  • Dynamic

    It’s not only a profesional money laundering activity but it is also considered profesional thievery of the century to that extent…

  • Erewhon Revisited

    82 bank accounts. Obsessive compulsive banker.


    When Defense team put Morales on the witness stand its clear that they did not expect her that she will present that power point presentation. prompting Cuevas to object for it to be shown. 

    and also they did not expect that those informations from the obudsman is backed up by AMLC’s documents.

    kala ko prosecution lang palpak… yung defense din pala… hahaha

    • Ronilo

      Cuevas: Yer honor may we present our witness.
      JPE: Proceed.
      Morales: your honor her is the presentation that i have prepared based on the calculations with our cpa and…..
      Cuevas: Objection yer hener.. that is not what we expected…
      JPE: Ano ba talaga kuya…..

  • filipinaskoh

    Ang galing galing naman ni Renato Corona!

    82 accounts non-stop movement withdrawal- deposit, dapat hindi sya sa supreme court dapat nasa Mafia sya o di kaya Triad o di kaya Yakusa, kasi pang syndicate ang mga ganoong uri ng  transaction.


    Halata kapag ang depensa desperado… instead of directly answering the accusation they resort to questioning the technicalities of the issue…

    Cuevas blocking the presentation of Mrs. Morales and also questioning the Procedure why AMLC and Ombudsman are cooperating to trace those accounts? 

    How desperate and how obvious. 

  • PepingCo

    Its so funny how the prosecution took the testimony of Ombadswoman Morales as gospel truth. With all the transactions involved as presented, looks like the job of CJ Corona is a money trader. Ibig sabihin, wala nang ginawa si CJ Corona kundi magwithdraw at magdeposit. Agree ako sa challenge ni CJ kay Ombadswoman. Magresign siya pag napatunayan na mali ang ginawa niyang testimony. Halatang-halata na napag-utusan lang. Bwahahaha

    • palompon

      Then let your boss dispute the testimony of Omb. Morales in Impeachment Court…

      All the defenders of Corona would always say that everything are all lies without presenting any valid arguments to dispute the facts presented…

      Wake- up, wake-up!

    • Ronilo

      Asa ka pa.. dami nyo nang palusot. pinagbigyan na kayo.. ngayon hihirit na naman ulit..

    • pinoynusa

       The defense called Morales as a witness. Who’s stupidity is that?

    • KapitanBagwis

       Another bluff of Corona, because if the Ombudsman is lying as a witness under oath, she can go to jail for perjury. Those who are trying hard to belittle the testimony of the Ombudsman must understand and realize that.

  • jason

    The dollar accounts are enough grounds to prove that renato corona did not declare these on his assets and liabilities.wether he intentionally did not declare it or just forgot to declare it, that large amout could not be easily forgotten once you have it..Di mo nga makalimutan utang ng kaibigan mo sayo kahit 100 lang. $10M pa kaya?

  • EdgarEdgar

    Tupas has the uncanny ability to spot where the TV camera is and beat everyone to it. He just couldn’t help it. And every time he says something in front of the camera, something terribly wrong happens to the prosecution’s case a day or two after. Just like what happened to the falsified LRA data. Doesn’t bode well for his team.


      Laughable that Tupaz, an aspiring Pidol! Hihihi! 1000 likes!

      • Vladymir

         magkapatid kayong dalawa ni edgaredagr?

      • Juan De la Cruz

        iisa lang yan, magkaibang account (like corona).  Tag hirap na eh, nabubuking na….

      • TGM_ERICK

        Hindi, magkaibigan kami sa internet.

      • pinoynusa

        I like Tupas. He knows how to seize the moment.

      • TGM_ERICK

        I’m so glad your back here, friend. I hope you didn’t get sick but just busy with your business. :-)))))

        Tupaz, did he really seize the right moment, with the right things to show or say? Hahaha!

      • pinoynusa

         Just busy with work my friend.

        Tupas started as an underdog but it turns out he is a major thorn on TJ Corona defense team. I have this idea that he always wanted to tease the defense team when he replies to media interviews. Just the look on his face makes me think that.

      • TGM_ERICK

        He is young and perhaps he takes things easy even if he has committed blunders upon blunders. :-)))))

    • freemystic

      You should also join Rene Corona in his would-be fortune-telling booth once he gets the boot.  Oh, he will get the booth. Sorry.

  • Pauline

    Excited na ko para bukas!!! Nasa Climax na tayo mga dire! 

  • Facile1

    Sooo, Corona will take the stand.
    I wonder what line of argument he will use in his defense.
    Perhaps one of the following:
    1. He is married to the “wicked witch of the orient” and his choice for a spouse should not reflect on his fitness to hold public office.
    2. He is married to the “wicked witch of the orient” and she is running a money-laundering service.
    3. He has a bad heart and should be allowed to spend the rest of his days ‘noynoying’ in public office.
    4. He has a bad heart and removal from public office will subject him to the stress of having to face criminal charges from the Ombudsman, the BIR Commissioner, the Sandinganbayan and BGEI.
    5. He has a bad heart and removal from public office will subject him to the stress of having to keep the “wicked witch of the orient” company 24×7.
    6. He has a bad heart and he bursts into tears whenever he needs to read anything in English, especially the Philippine Constitution and that clause on “midnight appointees”.
    7. English is his second language and he was sexually abused as a child by an English-speaking Jesuit.
    8. He is Chief Justice and there is not time enough in the world to prepare for the assault he expects to receive in the hands of the Senator-Judges, who behave more like Senators than Lawyers for the Defense.
    9. He is Chief Justice and he deserves a better-written set of Articles of Impeachment than what he got from the amateurs in the House of Representatives.
    10. He is Chief Justice, with undergraduate degrees in Corporate Law, a master’s from Harvard and a doctorate from UST. He cannot possibly be accused of lying on a SALN (much less seven of them) nor should he be expected even to know how to fill one out correctly.
    I’m sure there are arguments I’ve overlooked. Feel free to jump in.

    • Jet Plain

      11. He is Chief Justice and he will prove that there is another person named “Renato Corona” who owns the dollar accounts. Easy!

      • indiosbravos2002

        Ill legally change my name tomorrow to Renato C. corona and claim the money.

    • freemystic

      Or he will just deny that there was an error in his birth certificate — that his name is not really Renato Coronado Corona but Jose Pidal.  This has become both interesting and entertaining.  It’s like a telenovela with all the twists and turns and melodrama.  Like I said in my other reply, he can always opt to become a fortune teller or an hermit if and when he vacates his office in Padre Faura.  Better yet, he can join Boy Abunda in one of his showbiz talk shows since he had started making the rounds of TV and radio stations.

  • Regd

    All lies, when filtered patiently & correctly, will lead to the truth.

    • Jet Plain

      The truth will set us free! I dont know about Corona though…

      • Regd

        The truth is always there, we will not be free until we know it! He’s just in denial to admit that people knows it. He’s journey to h ell continues.

  • opinyonlangpo

    Tupas got it right. The movement of Corona dollars is same with professional money laundering – at least basing on the movement of the dollars seen on power point presentation. Why the need to cleanse the money if it is legally acquired?

  • 189COWARDS

    Money laundering goes from bank to bank… with different names on the account… and goes out of the original country!!!!

    Or it is done through illegal change of currency… in the streets!

    Or it changes hands with false invoices for undone works or undelivered products!!!

    Same Bank and always to the same name… where is the money laundering???

    Tupas is so a s hit piece and a liar!  Well a politician…

    • pinoynusa

      Did you say all are under Renato Corona’s name? Hahahaha.

      Tupas was a bit over the top but professional money launderers do move money to several banks to avoid detection.

    • Ethan

      Whatever you call it, it is something that CJ must explain to the public. If he can’t explain it then it is called ILL Gotten Wealth! Im still giving him a benefit of the doubt and besides he never ran of out excuses :)

  • FernandoBusi

    OMG Tong Tupak is talking … hey tongressman didnt Ombudsman Morales drop the charges against practically your whole family? Pinocchio boy wag ka ng mang ambisyon ma pasok sa Senado. 

    • goyong inoki

      what charges? want to know this. just being nosy hehe

      • FernandoBusi

        google mo na lang: but here is an example…

        Ombudsman takes interest in bribery-tainted Artech dealJune 30, 2009 in Iloilo news | Tags: Applied Research Technologies Phils. Inc. (Artech), bribery, energy, Gov. Niel Tupas Sr., graft and corruption, Iloilo Electric Cooperative (Ileco) 3, Office of the Ombudsman, power supply agreement | Leave a comment By Francis Allan L. Angelo THE Office of the Ombudsman has taken interest in the controversial power supply agreement (PSA) between Iloilo Electric Cooperative (Ileco-3) and an independent power producer (IPP).The anti-graft body has asked the National Electrification Administration (NEA) for a copy of the fact-finding’s team report on the PSA between Ileco-3 and Applied Research Technologies Phils., Inc. (Artech).The three-man fact-finding team headed by Atty. Omar Mayo, NEA legal department chief, recommended the rescission of the PSA due to its grossly disadvantageous provisions that will burden Ileco-3 consumers.The fact-finding also recommended that Ileco 3 directors will be preventively suspended and investigated for allegedly receiving bribes in exchange for the approval of the deal.Edgardo Piamonte, National Electrification Administration (NEA) deputy administrator, confirmed that Ombudsman central office subpoenaed a copy of the fact-finding team’s report.Mayor also confirmed that the anti-graft body asked for a copy of his report.But the Ombudsman in Western Visayas said they have no records of any compliant or request for investigation on the Ileco 3-Artech deal.Atty. Evangeline Nuñal, assistant graft investigation officer, said the complaint or request may have been filed with the Ombudsman Visayas in Cebu or their central office in Metro Manila.Nuñal said the Ombudsman can also investigate alleged graft and corruption in government reported in the media.Last May 5, former Judge Mateo Baldoza, Ileco 3 board president, told Joel Tormon of Aksyon Radyo that he received P75,000 cash from Gov. Niel Tupas Sr.Baldoza said he received the money from Tupas during a meeting with Artech officials led by president Reynaldo Uy at the governor’s mansion in Jaro, Iloilo City last April 17.The former judge alleged that Tupas asked him to help Artech while handing the money inside a white envelope.The following day, Baldoza modified his statement saying it was a lady employee of Artech who gave him the money at the governor’s house.He received another P75,000 cash from an Artech employee after they approved and signed the PSA in a hotel in Iloilo City April 21.Lately, Baldoza said he stood by his first statement that Tupas gave him the money when the former faced the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) early this month.The NBI had also launched an investigation on the issue based on the complaints of two Ileco 3 consumers.Tupas denied bribing Ileco 3 directors saying he was only concerned with the looming power shortage in the cooperative’s franchise area.Tupas said he wanted to assure that Ileco 3 will have enough power supply when its contract with National Power Corp. expires next year.Domingo Beltran, Artech vice president, said they might sue Ileco 3 and NEA should the cooperative decide to rescind their PSA.Beltran said it is up to Ileco 3 if it will decide to continue with the contract or not.Tupas also accused Presidential Assistant for Western Visayas Raul Banias of spreading unsigned copies of the fact-finding team’s report to the media.The governor said the report is not yet official as it remains unsigned and unapproved by NEA.Banias, who requested the NEA probe, said Mayo and other NEA officials already confirmed the existence of the report which assailed the alleged onerous provisions of the contract.Banias said the deployment of a NEA project supervisor to Ileco 3 is proof that NEA is seriously looking into deals and operations of the cooperative.“NEA can always take over the operations of Ileco 3. We hope that NEA will hear the qualms of the consumers who are seeking justice for this alleged anomalous transaction,” Banias said.


  • FernandoBusi

    Ok tanong ko lang is there a legal precedent for SALN that would contravene a law that has been in effect since marcos time on FCDU secrecy? I think the older law would supercede the newer unless the older law were revoked. So why not include $ in your SALN kasi the law states its a secret. 

  • pinoynusa

    Cuevas was stupid to invoke the bank secrecy law regarding AMLC disclosures. The AMLC is not a bank stupid! Banks already agreed to report any financial transactions with amounts $10,000 or over to the AMLC. The AMLC was specifically created to detect corruption, money laundering and terrorist financial activities; this is courtesy of the United States of America. CJ Corona isn’t a professional launderer after all.

    • joeldcndcn

      a professional launderer? no, no he is just a “thief & bribe taker” using his SC position to get those “ill gotten wealth and dollar deposits”, what else, tsk, tsk, tsk! an immoral and a very corrupt person, now all his hidden acts are expose in the light, he is now as “transparent” as a clear glass to the whole world, tsk, tsk, tsk!

    • $20722540

      at least is he not a moron like you

      • pinoynusa

         Hahaha. Another thief justice fan.

      • aloa123

        Kawawa ka naman iho.. stop name calling, it wont help you in any way… just stick to the issue

  • $20722540

    hahaaa!!! topas, $12M is similar to what said before regarding the 45 real estate properties – fabricated documents 

    • aloa123

      Just wait and see what more would brought up by the OMB Morales, It doesnt matter weather it is 1 or 2 dollar account, the issue is CJ corona did not disclose his dollar account in the SALN 

    • KapitanBagwis

       Not the same. Ombudsman presented authenticated documents from AMLC of Corona’s dollar accounts.

      • Aturni

        The AMLC Report authenticity is UNVERIFIED according to Morales…

      • KapitanBagwis

        On her part, she didn’t verify it, but those accounts submitted by the banks must be authentic. The bank will not submit spurious reports to AMLC. That is logic.

  • wawa2172

    Hmm…nothing is proven yet..the power point presentation of Ombuds Carpio is still to be corroborated by AMLC and the banks where the deposits were made. Baka maging katulad nang 45 properties. Anyway, I will have to wait on what CJ will have to say. Its interesting to know if how he will defend himself with regard to the allegations. Siyanga pala, di pa naisisiwalat ni Tupas ang 50M mansion niya sa QC. He promised to include it in his SALN so Ombuds Carpio pakibusisi naman kung magkano ang na declare ni Tupas baka na undervalue ang property. 

    • aloa123

      Do not bother yourself to invistiagte what Tupas has, just focus on CJ corona. You can file impeachment case agaisnt anybody in the congress after this current impeachement is done. What OMB has just revealed is just tip of an iceberg.

    • KapitanBagwis

      Why don’t you file a graft case against Tupas if you have proof/evidence. You will be helping the country for going against corruption.

  • Shirley

    kaya pala against sya sa Truth Commission… sasabit sya.. the money trail dates back to 2003, in preparation for the fraudulent 2004 election and beyond… tsk tsk..

  • nennen12345

    it’s God’s blessing for the defense to call ombudsman morales as their hostile witness.  now, the real truth came out.  nalilito na ang defense kahit sa witness na ipinatawag nila ay lalo silang nadidiin.

    • KapitanBagwis

       God is in control. He makes that happen to shame Corona.

  • Hey_Dudes

    I will testify in due time but in due time changed to some time.  I need to go to St. Loots hapistal to get a heart transplant.  Sorry till then.

  • basyong

    medyo maganda na ang takbo ng mga pangyayari e eto naman ang anak ng tupa s ? hwag mong sirain yng pinaghirapan ng mga prosekyutongs dahil lang sa mga kapal pakan mo

  • Roman31

    I disagree with Cong. Tupas. With the active account transactions of withdrawals and deposits, it is more speculating in the foreign exchange market. If one is to launder hot money, withdrawals will be spent somewhere else or invested in other transactions, not re-deposited in the same accounts..

    • Marlon

      what do you expect from Tangang Tupas!!!

  • Maximumaries

    It does’nt matter how the dollars was withdrawn and transferred to different accounts.What was more revealing wa that, thief justice CORONA have that much amount of dollars extremely beyond his MEANS!The source was not just came from ordinary person but from AMLC whose job was to dig out Questionable wealth!

  • novaliches

    i-fire out si tupas, ilagay si Morales as lead prosecutor.

  • rodger66

    Mr Tupas, a lawyer who was slapped too often during his presentation of evidence…will you please shut up and let Morales do the job..I don’t know kung mayroong pa bang taong may utak na maniniwala sa iyo???

    • totan

      ako. i believe in  tupas.

    • Boy_PickUp

       Ako rin, naniniwala ako kay Tupas. Pero sa iyo, duda ako sa pagkatao mo. Ang avatar mo si Hitler, pareho kayo ni Topacio na idol din si Hitler. Sira ulo kayong dalawa, o baka naman ikaw si Topacio na nagtatanggol din sa mga magnanakaw at mandarambong? Siguro sipa tadyak ang ginawa sa iyo ng tatay mo habang lumalaki ka kaya ganyan kadilim ang trip ng buhay mo?

    • Francis81

       Mukhang nagka idea si Tonto Tupas kung paano i laundry ang new found wealth niya.

    • John

      i believe in boy_pickup

  • ofwme2807

    these are the works of you know whom, the mother and master plunderer GMA and his corrupt-since-birth evil husband fat gentleman…na master nila during 9 years at itinuro kay nato, nato try and do this, its perfectly done without a trace you can do it also…good luck

  • antonioluna

     “We knew on the very beginning there were bank accounts, we did not
    imagine in our wildest dreams it would be this big and this many,” Tupas

    – napaghahalatang walang intel itong mga ugok na prosecutor, kung hindi pa nagboomerang ang mga testigo ng depensa hindi pa sila makakapuntos ng malaki.

    • Boy_PickUp

       KKK? antonioluna? Di ba sa bayani ang pangalan na iyan? Bakit ginagamit ng nagtatanggol sa magnanakaw at mandarambong sa kaban ng bayan? Parekoy, kung may konting hiya ka pang natitira sa sarili mo, huwag mong gamitin at dungisan ang pangalan na iyan. O talaga lang na walang naiturong mabuti sa iyo ang mga magulang mo kundi sumipsip sa mga walanghiya ng lipunan? Hind.t ka! Mahiya ka sa sarili mo!

      • antonioluna

        basahin mo mga post ko dahil hinusgahan mo na kaagad ako eh, at matuto kang mag-analisa dahil nakakahiya ang mga pinagsasabi ni tupas at pwede ba intindihin mo post ko, sa sobrang baba ng antas ng pagkatao at pag iisip mo walang kang alam kung hindi ay magmura, pathetic

      • joel genese

        Hehehe…mababaw! Kahit ako ay maraming pagpupuna sa mga congressmen-prosecutors pero HINDI nangangahulugan na ang paniniwala ko ay inosente si Corona. Gaya ng karamihan na opisyales ng gobyerno ay marami siyang ginawang mali! 

  • Eltee

    ….”Chief prosecutor Iloilo representative Niel Tupas Jr. described the movement of money in Chief Justice Renato Corona’s accounts as “like professional money laundering” …

    >>> there is no such professional or amateur in case of money laundering. Lahat na involved dito ay pare-pareho, dahil ang halagang involved rito ay hindi baba sa  500 hundred pesos. Kaya kung isang tao o grupo ay gumawa nito ay alam niya kung paano, kung bakit at para saan gagamitin ito.
    >>> naging popular o nagkaroon ng batas ang ilan mga bansa na “anti-money laundering” nang mangyari ang 9/11 sa USA. Upang malaman kung sinu-sino ang mga “financer /supporter at network nito , at para rin mahadlangan at pigilan ang susunod na gagawin ng TERORISTANG GRUPO laban sa USA at sa mga bansang alyado at sumusuporta sa USA.

    >>> sa Pilipinas na iba na ang pakay at paggamit ng batas “anti money laundering”. Ito ay nahaluan ng putik pulitika. Naging paraan ito upang saliksikin ang network ng isang pulitiko o isang individual para tanggalin sa pwesto nito at ibagsak ang katauhan nito.

  • Francis81

    Kuryente yang dollar account ni Corona naniwala naman kayo.

    • John

      more like kidlat… na tumama sa defense.

  • Guest

    PROSECUTION: ‘‘It’s like professional money laundering’

    What the heck do you mean…LIKE money laundering.

    IT IS MONEY LAUNDERING,not like money laundering. Ogag. abugado ka pa naman. Call a spade a spade…

  • gener

    tupas manood ka nalang pls. lang hayaan mo na si madam ombudsman ang dumiskarte

  • bernabep

    Ayaw na ipatawag ng defense ang AMLC. Baka lalong dumami ang accounts at makita ang ending balances. Iyong ipinakita pa lang ay mga transactions sa banko. Pag ipinatwag nila ang AMLC baka meron magtanong kung magkano ang balances at kung existing pa ba iyon.

  • Abnoy tupak

    kapag magsalita na si tupas palagi may sabit..

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