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Filipino’s grandmama could be Russia’s Anastasia


COMPARE THE PORTRAITS The picture at left is that of the writer’s “Grandmama Tasia” when she was a young girl. The one at right is the portrait of the young Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov of Russia, which she found on the Internet. CONTRIBUTED PHOTOS

I first met Caty Petersen in October 2010 through a mutual friend, who was convinced that I was the right person to write Caty’s story.

She divulged nothing more than that, asking me to just keep an open mind and join them for lunch, which at least promised to be a pleasant one; Kai was one of my favorite restaurants, and we hadn’t seen each other for months.

Caty rushed in, late and breathless and wide-eyed, a large brown envelope in hand, which she handed to me.

Over the next hour, I listened to her relate the highlights of a most unusual tale, riveting in many aspects, and somewhat incredible in others.

The story tumbled out of her, unrestrained. It was a search for roots.

Caty’s grandmother was Russian, but wasn’t someone she really knew that much about, and now she had pieced together a story that was clearly begging to be told. I convinced her to write the story herself.

So this is the story of her grandmother, but it is as much the story of Caty, whose journey of self-discovery really began over a century ago, in the heart of Russia.

By Caty Petersen

(First of two parts)

“You found them!”  My mom half-sobs and half-shrieks on the phone.

WITH a birthday lechon as she celebrated in her late 70s

It’s May, 2009.  I’m on holiday with my husband and son in St. Petersburg, Russia, with a mission to trace my Russian roots and hopefully reunite with relatives of my Russian grandmama. Getting ready to leave my hotel room for more sightseeing, I’m on the phone with my hysterical mom who’s halfway across the world in Manila. She asked that I call her immediately after receiving pictures I e-mailed her from the previous day’s visit to Catherine’s Palace.

“No, Mom, I didn’t.”

“But you have Mama’s picture when she was young!  How did you get this?” my Mom asks, absolutely confusing me.

I reply, “Mom, I don’t know what you’re talking about.  I didn’t find our relatives here because Grandmama gave us the wrong name. What picture are you talking about?”

My Mom identifies the photo I took of a portrait of Russia’s last queen—Czarina Alexandra Romanov.

Having just discovered an hour earlier that my grandmama’s name, Tasia, is actually a diminutive of the name Anastasia, I start hyperventilating.

Anastasia was also the name of the Czar’s youngest daughter, the Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov of Russia, who, according to lore, may have possibly escaped the massacre that killed the last royal family of Russia.

Shocked, I try to calm my Mom and myself. “No Mom, that’s not a picture of grandmama when she was young. That’s a photo of the Tsaritsa (Russian term for their Queen) when she was young.”

My mom cries and insists that this particular photo is indeed her mom when she was that age. I now keep silent. My mom is too emotional for me to continue arguing with.

“TASIA” loved to wear lace dresses even in her old age.

Grandmama’s face

I turn my gaze back to the picture she’s looking at. Suddenly, I seem to see my grandmama’s face staring back at me. Then I, too, start crying.

For some reason, I had always found it funny to call my grandmama “Babushka,” the Russian word for grandmother. Instead, I chose to call her grandmama, while the rest of the grandchildren called her Lola Puti (white grandmother in Tagalog).

But I delighted in her term of endearment for me as a child—“Katushka”—especially when she sang it to me in words that were totally foreign, while she rubbed my back during bouts of my almost-weekly asthma attacks.

On the day I was born, my dad named me Frian, an odd name for a big, bald and loud baby girl. But somehow, his choice was not meant to be. My grandmama rushed to the hospital and announced I was to be called Catherine, after Catherine the Great, her motherland’s greatest Empress of all time.  This was a surprise to all, because she had until then refused to give any of her children and earlier grandchildren Russian names. Until I came along.

Growing up, I was a very talkative, inquisitive and curious child (I still am). Because my grandmama lived with us for many years, I became very familiar with and entranced by her uniqueness.

She said her name was Tasia. And her last name was always a cause for family debates, because it irritated her no end that no one in our family could pronounce it properly. To our Filipino ears, it sounded like Kazzuhina, so that is how we said it and spelled it, much to her chagrin. It didn’t help that she would write it down in Cyrillic, the alphabet she grew up with, which added more to the confusion.

ONA RARE outing, a vacation in Baguio, in front of Hyatt Terraces

She told us this much: that she was 18 when she arrived in the Philippines after spending months on a ship from Russia, escaping the Bolshevik Revolution when it escalated in 1918. Handed over to the ship captain by family members for safekeeping, she was locked in her cabin for her safety, isolated from all other Russian passengers fleeing the revolution.

She did not join the rest of the White Russian émigrés (anti-communist, monarchist Russians who emigrated from Russia in the wake of the Bolshevik Revolution) who got off in China and Japan.

The only passenger left, she alone disembarked in a Philippine port, assisted by the protective ship captain, without any identification papers or documents.

Brought to a monastery or orphanage somewhere in Manila, she was looked after by nuns for some time until she was turned over to a wealthy spinster who played matchmaker to her and my future grandfather, Lope Pelayo.


Refusing to marry my infatuated grandfather on the grounds that she “just can’t,” she nevertheless lived with him for over four decades and bore him nine children.  My mother is their sixth child.

On his deathbed in 1964, my grandfather was finally wed to my grandmama when the Mayor of Manila and family friend, Antonio Villegas, intervened and informed her that none of her children would inherit anything if she did not marry him.

As a precocious child growing up and at times sharing a bedroom with my mysterious grandmama, I reveled in her regal, unchanging daily rituals.

Watching her from my bed, I often lost count of how many strokes the maid brushed my grandmama’s hip-long silver hair nightly, while she sat in her mandated matching slippers and nightgowns. After which, my grandmama would move to sit on the edge of her bed while another maid knelt on the floor with a basin of warm soapy water to wash my grandmama’s feet, then dry and powder them before she would retire for the night. This happened every night without fail, even though she had just bathed less than an hour before.

THE AUTHOR on her milestone visit to Russia

To call her vain would be an understatement. She refused to leave her bedroom without having powdered her face, put on lipstick and perfume, and with a well-coiffed hairdo—even if she was just coming out for breakfast.

More often than not, the family would impatiently wait for her to sit at the head of the table, which had to be set with cloth napkins. She did not allow the use of paper napkins. The same rule applied to tissue paper; only cloth handkerchiefs were to be used at all times. Looking back, I can’t help but smile, knowing that today’s advocates for saving trees would commend her for those little eccentricities.

More enthralling were her stories of growing up in Russia.

She said she was the youngest of four daughters, and the fifth and youngest child of the family was the only boy, Alexei. Her best friend was her older sister, Maria.  These were the only names she mentioned.

She talked about how utterly beautiful Russia was to her, how she rode around in a golden carriage drawn by eight white horses, or by boat whenever she and her family traveled.

Walls covered with jewels

She kept us in awe when she spoke of massive walls covered with jewels, or how they enjoyed the freshest butter, breads and cheeses because they were made right in their own house.


Her love of animals, caring for kittens and lovebirds when I was a child, must have stretched back to her own childhood.  She demonstrated to us how she and her sisters would cut the bottom of their gowns around a sleeping cat or dog when their beloved pets snoozed on top of their long dresses as they sat sewing or doing embroidery. When we protested that it all seemed a bit extravagant, she merely smiled and said that it was how they did things back then.

Because she rarely smiled, it was a pleasure to watch her waltz around the room with a blissful smile on her glowing face whenever we played classical music. So when the time came for me to be introduced to society at the age of 18, I promptly chose Johann Strauss’ “The Blue Danube” as the accompaniment to which my escort and I, with 12 pairs of my accommodating friends, danced and twirled, having spent eight Sundays of rehearsals.

Watching the video of that magical debutante night, I catch glimpses of my grandmama smiling and moving her well-coiffed silver head to the music as she watched her Katushka waltz her waltz.

It was certainly a rare event to get my grandmama out of the house. A recluse, she refused to venture out even to the supermarket or the church. There was always this fear of being seen by her fellow “white-skinned people” that made her shrink away from the outside world.

My incessant pleas during my teenaged years to write to the Russian Embassy to ask for their assistance in locating our Russian relatives so I could have them as my pen pals were rebuffed by her immediately.

Her stern response was always a warning: “If they discover I am here, we will all be killed.”

The family was used to hearing her intone that warning, without fully understanding what it meant, because she never explained why, or who “they” were.  We all acquiesced and lived our lives as privately as possible out of respect for her, resigned to the idea that she was an orphan and that no relatives existed.

Address feedback to peacefortasia@gmail.com

Tomorrow: Living with my grandmother’s past and beyond

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  • joerizal

     ….and my father is Darth Vader.

    • dontblockme

      sorry but you need to come up with a story connecting your father to Darth Vader.. At least Caty Petersen is more creative…

      • joerizal

        I have the pictures to prove it. And I recall Dad’s stories of a Death Star circling the moon Endor which was destroyed by a bunch of rebels. One day, we’ll visit Naboo and visit the funeral pyre where his body was burned. Hope that helps.

    • manual47

      LOL…..then you must be part of the dark alien force.

      • joerizal

        you bet ;=)

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/CSWDYNGYJUKDFMP4JW3RZK52HY Gabrielle

      hello, darth. and I am pricess leia :)

      • joerizal

        it’s Darth Jr.
        Hello half-sis. I’m sure there are lots of other missing persons living in the Philippines. Amelia Earhart may have swam all the way there when she and Noonan ditched their plane in the Pacific.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/CSWDYNGYJUKDFMP4JW3RZK52HY Gabrielle

        Maybe the writer is a descendant of the Black Widow in The Avengers. Wasn’t she a Romanov too?  Superhero pala, not royalty.

      • NYPinoy

        It is uncanny, but the Pinas is really swarming with refugees from historical past.  I posted above my story.  My grandmamma was Cleopatra.

        I am not giving more details until Emily Abrera of the Inquirer will interview me.  I think the Inquirer is into this type of stuff, historical ek ek.

      • sprint_netms

        Hey bro, my grandpapa was Mark Anthony, I think Emily Abrera should interview us both to be more credible, hehehe!

  • rolandtr

    Wow! If this is true (And I fervently hope this is!) modern Russia has so much to thank The Philippines for! Preserving the direct lineage of their last Emperor! A formal medical examination should be done for members of this family. DNA test will settle this exciting possiblity! With our current problem with China, a Russian friendship through this Royal affinity can be a good capital! Wow! Simply wow!  

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/FPGLAYFLIRUSI2NAEG3Q5E6PGU R

      You are so right!  I hear the Palace on the Pasig is abuzz with activity.  They can’t wait to get that DNA tested.

      You may hear Abigail Valte announcing something very soon.

      • sprint_netms

        Hey R, can you give us a hint of that announcement.  I think it will be that Penoy is the grandson of Alexei Romanov, the only son of the Czar who is afflicted with the down syndrome. If this will be the announcement, I will believe it 101%, no need for a DNA test, but perhaps a psychiatric test is needed on the grandson

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/FPGLAYFLIRUSI2NAEG3Q5E6PGU R

        It gets better than that Sprint…..they re still debating on whether to announce that Benigno Simoun is a direct descendant of Caligula by way of Marco Polo, or to declare that he is actually Anastasia hidden expertly by a medical procedure done in Bangkok when he was 5 yrs. old. Now that the side-effects (as you have correctly stated) are pretty much well-known, the Palace spokesperson will soon announce something “very important”.

        They will however deny any truth that pertains to mental retardation…. in keeping with the Presidential tradition of denying……

      • sprint_netms

        Yes R, the plot is really getting better. as of now I can’t guess what’s up at the palace by the river. Can you give me a good guess, tnx.

  • Kayang

    Don’t belive this nonsense…it is absolutely proven, that the entire Romanov family was killed by the the communists…. since all remains had been found and DNA tested, there is absolutely no doubt at all, that nobody escaped. The story about anastasia has a lot of forerunners, who claimed to be her…. just google….

    • wyl5326

      very correct as I’ve also read about it years ago.

  • dontblockme

    wow.. this story is giving me goosies.. if she is indeed the Grand Duchess Anastasia, then the Philippines will be the setting of one of the world’s greatest finds..

  • politics201138

    Wow! I cried reading this…

    It is possible….

    How I wish your Grandmamma opened up even to just one person in her Manila family..it really is a possibility.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy

    THIS IS GOOD NEWS:  Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov of Russia, ESCAPE RUSSIA TO PHILIPPINES 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TNASVGXZ23VCJWV7KO7WPDIKKI George

    When Mary Magdalene impregnated by the “the Dude”, she escaped to Pinas. The descendants where Datu Piang, Datu Puti, Lapu Lapu, Marikudo and finally me the only heir to the throne. Anybody who disagrees will answer to brother Mike and Brother Eddie, oh sorry of course Ka Erdy. Please send the cheque to my church which will be announced soon by Erap and Jingoy.

  • AntiAko

    Wow, if this can be proven (and DNA testing can very well handle this), Russia would surely be on our side… wahahahaha… Goodbye China! Russia Rules!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EXFI4EUGM23PQ4FMQKLVH36OXI Jose

    Nice story, but I don’t buy it.

    Anastasia’s corpse was found buried around 200 feet from the Romanov grave site in 2008.  DNA testing has been done, and it’s been confirmed to be her.

    Really, the Inquirer shouldn’t be lowering itself to printing conspiracy theories.

    • wyl5326

      Thanks for providing exact year as I’ve also read about it before but forgets the exact years and mistakenly stated in my earlier postings here.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OW5VJQTWNFCURYAZ3M3L4GDUM4 Goyong

    I like this, who knows this might be true. Modern day cinderella. 

    • wyl5326

      I saw my own look-alike, but person was Japanese actor in a movie ! We have look-alike in different geographic location as we share common human DNA. That is a fact and Fibonacci theory is more reliable than our individual perception. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CSWDYNGYJUKDFMP4JW3RZK52HY Gabrielle

    Incredible. Incredulous. It’s not DNA testing that is required here but psychiatric testing perhaps?

    • tuldok

      DNA is the final verdict. —  as in Di Naman Anastasia (yan!)

  • Ulipur

    At one time Pres Diosdado Macapagal claimed that he was descended from Alexander the Great as he was directly related to one of the Rajahs of Manla (Rajah Soliman or Rajah Matanda, etc.

  • wyl5326

    Forget about this. This issue have been definitely settled by DNA perhaps over 2 years ago when remains was re-examined using DNA analysis. 

  • rjimenez1226

    I guess we can use this to claim  Russia as our territory as the  Chinese are doing with our Scarborough shoal.

  • asarin

    true or not… i like this story…. hahahaha

  • NYPinoy

    I have a secret too.  My grandmother was Cleopatra. When the forces of Augustus attacked Alexandria, my grand-mamma (we call her grannymommy, the Coptic term for grandmother), my grand-pappa, Marcus Antonius was killed, but my grandmamma was hidden by a kind undocumented pinoy OFW.  When the OFW was repatriated, my grandmamma was smuggled back to Manila with him.  They eventually married.  Until she died, my grand mamma would bawl in tears when she saw the movie Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.  We never understood why, we thought she was a bit tralala, but now we know.  Hushhh, but she was in fact Cleopatra.

    • bahaykubo1015

      You made my day ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!

      • xavier yap

         Some comments are soooo insanely witty and funny. More entertaining, well-written and sensible than the article above. Why, I haven’t laughed this loud for ages! Thanks

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/FPGLAYFLIRUSI2NAEG3Q5E6PGU R

         I know, right!

        From Tom cruise, to Cleopatra and Darth Vader, and everything in between….these guys are so funny!

        It’s good to be laughing real hard and having a hard time stopping!

    • bugaboomang

      i believe you. in fact, my grandpappy, augustus,  told me that he secretly arranged the repatriation of the ofw so that your grandmamma could be smuggled with him because he was full of remorse by your grandpappa’s death.

      the obvious implication in Caty’s story is that her grandmama was Anastasia, that’s why she circumnavigates around the topic of dna identification of the romanovs, a process she could easily pursue, and submit to, to satisfy her hopes, or silence her doubts, once and for all.

    • sprint_netms

      I think you must look for Emily Abrera to set up an interview

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/D5VI7HQWCMRQP4RBLKJW7SYTGY T-Rex

      Comrade, you are so funny! Spasiba!

  • NYPinoy

    sorry, double post.

  • joerizal

    Why is this front page? Why is this news? It’s embarrassing because it just shows how ignorant this writer and this newspaper are. The mystery of the Romanov family’s death has been considered solved since 2009 using DNA identification. There were no survivors from that massacre/execution. All people who claimed they were Anastasia have since been discounted and forgotten. If anyone else is claiming to be a member of that family, they should be committed and flogged until they scream “nanay ko”!!!!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/LNLZ6SS7VEIHSNXH4LQ2JQFIGE Alvin

      Syempre sales… aminin na natin na kahit broadsheet ang inquirer, filipinos loves cheesy and incredible stories. never mind going deeper and look for articles that says may dna test na ginawa na to prove patay na sila lahat.

    • pocogatsby

      I had a good laugh reading some of the comments here. Having said that, my heart goes out for Lola Puti, who led a quiet, humble life.  How sad that her name is been dragged into a globally embarrassing moment by one of her grand daughters who harbors illusions of royalty and grandeur.  The Russian experts have declared the case closed, and here’s a Pinay with her psychic’s pronouncements making such a ludicrous claim which was published by a national newspaper. SO EMBARRASSING.

  • bluestar777

    Do not dismiss this as yet. The two photographs put above side by side is very close indeed! It is just irresponsible and foolhardy to the ignore altogether the similarity of those two photographs put side-by-side for meticulous comparison between the two.

    What if she is really the fabled Anastacia? Wow! Just think about that for a moment.
    Most countries of the world have their royalties–in Europe, Middle East, in Asia and in even in here right in our backyard. Vietnam,Thailand, Japan, China, Brunei etcetera etcetera. All those countries have theirs. So, why not ourselves establish our own, if that possibility is realizable? That is, and provided a thorough verification of her true identity is done consistent with established scientific methods. Russia can help a lot in that regard. Since it’s their citizen. although at one time they wanted to stamp out any traces of them,  (and not just an ordinary citizen) that’s in question here.

    Ultimately, a DNA test will settle this matter into conclusion

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/LNLZ6SS7VEIHSNXH4LQ2JQFIGE Alvin

      We can’t base on pictures lang. it is a fact that we have look-a-like somewhere in this world. just look at park min young and kim so eun in korea. i kept confusing these pretty actresses because they have similarities and pareho maganda.. :-)

      anyway, in college, there is also this story that rizal may have fathered hitler because rizal dated hitler’s mom and was born months after rizal left germany.. this is of course proven untrue and just part of the creative imagination of some people… pinoy talaga.

    • NYPinoy

       And the idea that there is a class of people (royalty) that is exalted and is legally above all of us mere commoners is exciting?  I thought mankind is already advanced enough to dismiss this idea. 

      • bluestar777

        There is no such thing as Equality in this world per se. Even in communism, or in heaven the person higher than you in rank or position constitutes as your Master, and you in the lower rank as their Follower or Subordinate. Total Equality among people is just a Fantasy. Think about of Russia and the most rabid communist regimes of Europe. One by one they fell like a Domino. Now, Russia and those Eastern European communist countries are embracing and glorifying again thier once lost heritage of royalty they had once before. In Japan, they have thier revered Emperor, just as well a King in Thailand, but I haven’t heard any news yet that thier Subjects are revolting against them and clamoring for thier imperial/kingdoms dissolution.

        Let’s say we die. And we go to heaven. There’s no hard and fast rules that will lead us to think that: All of us there would be of equal footing as regards with everyone there. There is always be an ENTITY having a superior level of standing or position vis-a-viz with each other. Like for example the presence of Saint Peter there in heaven. I think GOD would TREAT St. Peter of HIGHER REGARD than us. Since, we are just a COMMONER there vis-a-vis St. Peter in the eyes of GOD.

        I think my argument makes some sense. Isn’t it?
        Total Equality among everyone is just a Fantasy. 

      • bugaboomang

        your logic and outlook, whether you are a commoner or a royal, make you a toxic to homo sapiens in general.

      • tuldok

        “I think my argument makes some sense, doesn’t it? ”  not “Isn’t it”  should be the proper way to end your discourse. – - GrammarCop

        Although I totally agree with what you have said about equality.
        Equality will never be attained in this world, not on all aspects of life anyway.

      • albert13

        Although I totally agree with what you have said about equality,
        it will never be attained in this world, not on all aspects of life anyway.

      • tuldok

        ….had two sentences…. you just combined them into one. My second sentence was just to put emphasis on the subject matter.  yours is just an alternative way of saying it. both are correct and I can argue to death my phrasing/grammar to the highest grammarcop in the world.

      • albert13

        @tuldok, huwag lagyan ng tuldok sa gitna ng isang sentence. i am just correcting your grammar as you have corrected the grammar ng isa nating kasama. peace at cheers !

      • tuldok

        at bakit naman albert? dalawang sentences yun kaya may tuldok, di mo binasa?  di mo na-absorb ang emphasis sa word na Equality? pepreno ka  pag may nakita kang tuldok sa susunod, ok? di mo yata napasin na maling mali yung phrasing nung isa nating kasama.  pero yung akin at sa ]yo, by style, nagkaiba lamang tayo.   yung dot dot dot style din yan. baka  minsan nagbabasa ka ng mga journals o articles nagtataka ka sa ibang bagay nasa sasabihin mong mali, pero baka di mo alam may tinatawag na journalistic license bok.  believe you me.  wag kanang humirit pa at gumaganti ka lamang in favor nung isa nating kasama na totally naman na grammatically wrong yung second part ng sinabi nya.  peace bro,hwag ka nang mag magaling.. i was just trying to help the other guy kung di mo napansin… 

      • albert13

        iyong guy na kinorek mo at least may decency at tahimik na tinanggap ang iyong correction. ikaw ayaw mong aminin ang iyong pagkakamali. “i was just trying to help” you “kung di mo napansin.”

      • tuldok

        labo mo dre…get off that high horse…sobrang kulit mo pa, ka nang si Corona, mali na nga nahirit pa.  kababayan ko si Corona sa Tanauan pero ang personal kung opinon eh mali sya at kailangang ma impeach. at ang personal kong opinion sa iyo eh mababaw ka at kailangan na kitang i-ignore after this.  ito na ang huli kong comment sa iyo. as i wont dare stoop to your level ever again… Sige, mag-aksaya ka ng panahon ma na magrebut again in vain, dahil di ko naman babasahin sunod na reply mo. have a nice day pare, at umamin ka na.

      • albert13

        @tuldok, ikaw ang tuldok na loser.

    • sprint_netms

      Colored pictures came about in the sixties, so by that time, she must be more than 50 years old. Now, look at the two pictures, they look like they are in their early teens

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LNLZ6SS7VEIHSNXH4LQ2JQFIGE Alvin

    Interesting….. let’s see where this goes. Although there are articles saying that they found all the bodies of the royal family but still interesting. i hope inquirer knows what it is doing publishing unverified stories.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5QYMLPTOC3C2UE6EYMGXC2AEKM magku

    A nice piece of story or history of Philippines and Russia.  Unless they open her grandma’s remains, with the advance of DNA technology they could find traces of her DNA if any of it’s left on her grave and combine the two from Russia.  The fascination with Anastasia will never wane even if the Russian authorities finally settled and case closed.  A good story for a hollywood movie.

    • NYPinoy

      Read up.  There is no need to dig up her grand mamma.  Caty’s DNA itself can be checked with the DNA of Prince Philip of the UK.  He donated his DNA, being the closest relative of the Romanov, to compare with the Romanov remains.  All checked out already.  Anatasia was dead and buried. 

      Now, Caty can ask to be tested too.  Photos are too passe.  If photos are proofs, then I can claim to the younger brother of Brad Pitt (Emily, please interview me.) Only naive story writers like Emily of the Inquirer can still peddle tales like this.

      • bahaykubo1015

        Really curious how you look. Picture naman o?????

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YN4GHCMAO22DHQEZAH6ZDVZ6YQ Blinkx

        Brad Pitt? LMAO you crack me xD

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YBW7BQ5XRUBTAI7OPEH3XFTQLM Nicky

      They already found the Romanov bodies including Grand Duchess Anastasia. This entire piece is a fairy tale. This woman probably was a household help from the imperial household staff who decided to pretend to be a Grand Duchess. Shame! 

  • Itata Ponko

    I guess this story didn’t make it to the Inquirer April fool’s edition. Oh, by the way, did you know that Donita Rose is actually Audrey Hepburn’s daughter? Look at their pictures! Haha… I can’t believe this is actually considered “news”…

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/LNLZ6SS7VEIHSNXH4LQ2JQFIGE Alvin

      Aminin na din natin na nacurious tayo at binasa ito. hahaha…. abangan na lng susunod na kabanata kung mag public apology ba inquirer or may katotohanan ito. pusta ko sa una. ;-)

      • Itata Ponko

        Actually,mas una kong binasa ang mga comments bago ko binasa ang “news”…nakaka-tuwa kasi yung ibang comments dito–witty!

  • Guest

    Best story of the year 2012, I must say.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy

    PROBABLY anastasia had escape and replace with a fake daughter

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy

    nicholas 2 is not that dumb  for not arranging some kind of escape plan for her daughter – well at least 1 should had escaped eath

    • NYPinoy

      Kulas was in fact stupid enough not to notice that his family was in a collision course with history.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/CNIIN2JRZ4QUXKNTI2QH4XJTIE ae92

         and the holy bible is no different ;)

  • CyberPinoy

    Another Anastasia…

  • asarin

    i am a sucker for this kind of story! yes, i love fairytales…whatever is the ending to this… i am just ‘entertained’ to say the very least… i looking forward to the second part of this series! hahahaha..

  • txtman


  • NYPinoy

    This story is as weird as a badly written high school fiction.  In the first paragraph alone, I could not control being amused, if not saddened.  The mother of the author was shrieking to see some photos sent to her. The author’s mother thought it was the photo of her mother when her mother was young.   Jeez!  It was the official portrait of the czarina of Russia.  No one sane enough could mistake that photo as one’s mother’s.  It was not as if the czarina was on casual attire.  Russian royalties dressed much more ornately than all the other royalties in the world.  Their heads carried more heavy metals than a mining ore hauler.  How could one mistake that for your mother?  Besides, in their entire life, the author’s family has been bombarded with tales of Russian royalty, so the author’s mother should have recognized already that it was the czarina’s photo.  It sounds so melodramatic not to recognize the photo as an official portrait and instead shriek and claim it to be one’s mother’s photo.

    We need better fiction writers.

    Seriously, this story should have been written more sanely as a story of a Pinoy family’s search for its Russian roots. It is a nice story as that because we don’t know that there were Russian refugees here during the Russian Revolution. Some hints of mistaking the grand mamma as Anastasia can be tolerated for as long as the author won’t abuse our intellectual tolerance level by also respectfully pointing out the fact that official Russian studies have already identified the remains of Anastasia. This story is nice if it were not an over-the-top tralala story.

    • bahaykubo1015

      And to think this is front page news???????
      PDI pababa na ba talaga ang standard ninyo???? This story is embarrassing……

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy

       caty is not a Inquirer writer but she wrote her story in her own way.. whats wrong to shriek she is not a professional writer but true to her narrating the truth of what happened between daughter and mom  —  Inquirer just publish caty own writing of her Grandma Anastasia story

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/NHR5PHABMUMPBZAEYKP2SROOTQ Jon

       Lighten Up!  This story was run to coincide with mother’s day so just let it go.  This is not about winning the Pulitzer Prize!

  • elmar cahambing

    Incredible story about the life of Anastasia.  Hope it is true!!

  • bahaykubo1015

    Sorry to disappoint anybody but the girl in the photo on the left doesn’t at all look Russian to me. Look at the nose.

  • quirinomayer

    I guess this story is in the same mold as the tall tale that Adolf Hitler was fathered by Jose Rizal during one of his advents in Europe. Wild imagination.  

  • Yanong_OFW

    Ms. writer buti ngayon pa to sinalaysay baka kung noon pa pana deport na si grandmama balik sa Russia..kawawa naman baka litsonin sya doon ng mga KGB..actually lola Tasia was just look a like lang sa Grand Duchess..maraming magkamukha sa Russia..like dito sa Ukraine yung mga pok2x dito daming kamukha ng mga model na nag rarampa sa Fashion TV..huwag nyo ng sakitin ulo nya solved na yung kaso nila..naagnas na ang totoong Grand Duchees..pero abangan pa rin natin tong fairy tales..

  • lullabella

    Absolute drivel! I wonder if the writer was hired by the Chinese to spout this fairy tale to divert the Filipinos’  attention from the real news.

  • athenapallas

    last time I checked it’s also free to dream that you are a princess and of royal blood. so dream on… it does make for a fairly interesting fairy tale. a welcome momentary distraction from the sordidness of Corona hullabaloo.  

  • casaysay

    ha ha ha ha!

  • Wake_Me_up

    Caty Petersen must be beautiful!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W6H5DZKUQTUASP4S6CGTK7B3E4 kevin

    Fairy tale can come true ,it can happen to you ,if your’re old at heart♪♪♪♪♪

  • exterminator1

    the two pictures don’t even look alike haha. as i was watching mission impossible i felt like peeeing so i went to the bathroom and as i grabbed my c0ck i noticed the uncanny resemblance of my c0ck and tom cruise. after i got home i immediately searched for a photo of tom cruise and printed it and i held it right next to my c0ck and i was so shocked when i realized i am tom cruise’s son!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/FPGLAYFLIRUSI2NAEG3Q5E6PGU R

      okay…you are a bit off-color, misplaced and crude, but that is so downright funny! You got me laughing real hard here…trying to stop the roll and getting off of the floor.

      That’s hysterical!

      • exterminator1

        and it’s all true! i sent a pic of my c0ck to tom cruise but all i got was “don’t ever try to contact me again perv…” he was probably in as much shock as i was and didn’t know how to handle the news. i’ll be sending the pic to katy holmes as well and probably she’ll have an open mind about it. can’t wait to call her mama

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/FPGLAYFLIRUSI2NAEG3Q5E6PGU R

         I see what you did there………….ROFL all the more!

      • blue carino

        this cracked me up! haha! 

  • albert13

    u nosy people, give the writer a chance until you read the second and third part of the story. if her story is not illegal and causes no damage, let her be. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FPGLAYFLIRUSI2NAEG3Q5E6PGU R

    Emily Abrera is such a wonderful and effective story-teller. She is a marketing and advertising guru as well.  She has contributed greatly to the Cory Aquino phenomenon as well as the grand presidential campaign of Cory’s only son, Noynoy.

    If Emily Abrera was successful in making millions of Filipinos believe that the son, like the mother, should be President of the Philippines, surely one can not blame Ms.Abrera for trying to reach greater heights….finding Anastasia…in the Philippines. 

    “Finding Anastasia….More Fun in the Philippines”. I may just sit back and enjoy reading through to the next episodes.

    Forget the Chinese tourists…let’s go for the Russians this time, right Emily?…..Amazing.

    • dontblockme

       omg.. thank you for the enlightenment.. this may even be part of a scheme to entertain filipinos and forget about PNoynoying..

      • sprint_netms

        You’re right, we are now forgetting Pnoynoying. This yellow paper did it again 

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/FPGLAYFLIRUSI2NAEG3Q5E6PGU R

         consider yourself to be above mere mortals….your insight is keen.

  • lapasan

    A very good and interesting story. By the way, if my memory serves me right the remains of the Russian Royal family who were executed by the communists were discovered sometime in the 80′s or 90′s. It included that of Anastasia as confirmed by the DNA sampling. The monarch, Anastasia’s father, was even canonized as saint by the Orthodox Church. I am not refuting the story of the writer. I will give him the benefit of the doubt of what her experience was about her grandmother who maybe the real Anastasia of Russia. That girl sparked a lot of interest the world over, and books and magazines were publishing stories regarding her life as the only survivor of the  last Russian Royal family. When I was young I heard a song that was sung by Pat Boone entitled “Anastasia”. That song was I think a tribute to Anastasia.

  • Pablo Juan

    I think they already found her bones.. she died along with the rest of her family.  After strafing the family with automatic fire in a small room.. the head of the guards shot each of them in the head for good measure to make sure the approaching loyalist ‘rescuers’ wont get any of them alive… anyway, the forehead and eyes dont match at all.

  • Bryan Kevin Tung

    what kind of an article is this! princess anastasia was already buried along with csar nicolas, her mother, 2 sisters and brother alexei. the romanov family are already resting in peace!

    • bahaykubo1015

      Baka naman yong grandmother nya ay si TASYA, hindi  ANASTASIA…….
      Pagbigyan nalang natin……

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy

       Princess Anastasia had escaped to Philippines while most other russian elite escape to Japan china — i have photo of a Russian Cruiser damage in the Russo Japan war in 1904 dock in Manila for repair

      • NYPinoy

         Were you serious or being sarcastic?  The Russian elites went to Europe, particularly Paris.  Paris was the most prestigious European city and they were comfortable there.  Why would they choose Japan, for example, when Russia had a war with Japan?  Or China, which was about to go through a similar communist revolution?

      • http://twitter.com/aLexiesR aLexies

        The remaining fleet headed by 
        Vice-admiral Stark HAD NO CHOICE but to dock on China. sadly they were forced to leave due to an impending attack. 

  • Demuel Bendano

    This is quite an article either portraying as an impostor or could be the truth that indeed there was one member of Russia’s last royal family survived.  Let me copy and paste a caption from wikipedia:

    DNA testing by multiple international laboratories such as the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory and Innsbruck Medical University confirmed that the remains belong to the Tsarevich Alexei and to one of his sisters, proving conclusively that all family members, including Anastasia, died in 1918. The parents and all five children are now accounted for, and each has his or her own uniqueDNA profile.[66][67] However, in the article[68] Dr. Michael D. Coble (et al.) wrote (see “Supporting Information”, in comments to Fig. S1):
    The identification of either Maria or Anastasia was not possible by DNA analysis alone.
    Also, in the section “Discussion” of this article:[69]
    It should be mentioned that a well publicized debate over which daughter, Maria (according to Russian experts) or Anastasia (according to US experts), has been recovered from the second grave cannot be settled based upon the DNA results reported here. In the absence of a DNA reference from each sister, we can only conclusively identify Alexei – the only son of Nicholas and Alexandra.


  • andotz

    can’t wait to read the conclusion of the second part…i agree with lapasan, let’s give Emily the benefit of the doubt…after all the title of the story itself is not confirming that the grandmama of Caty is the real Anastasia…We are in a country where freedom of expression is highly regarded…Emily has the right to tell the story as this might be a hit in the newspaper stands and internet world…

  • Demuel Bendano

    I read an article that thousands of white russians where temporary living in 
    Tubabao around 1949, an island near Samar. Most of them were survivors of the Bolshevik revolutions. They were once living in China but move out when the communist was in power.

  • Demuel Bendano

     The first batch of white russians that arrived in Manila were from the ships commanded by Oskar Stark.Most of the crew and civilians aboard these ships were supporters of the so called “white army”.

    This will perhaps be able to provide visualization with reference to the arrival of Caty Petersen’s maternal grandmother to the Philippine soil.

    If her grandmother was indeed the last member of Russia’s last royal family remains a mystery. Otherwise, it is the credibility of the author for this article that is at stake.

  • palaigit

    the story of anastacia having survived has countless times already been discredited by experts, let alone the national geographic in their documentary about the infamous supposed alive anastacia who turned out to be a mentally ill escapee… but then if this is the version of the writer,  who are we to discredit her lola. but for me perhaps, she was one of the royal families or nobles or aristocrats in their time in russia but being the famous duchess uhm would be doubtful. 

    also, the royal families of other countries such as the greeks, french or british royalty where the romanovs are also blood relatives or the russian authorities for that fact would also have made massive efforts to root out any clue of survival from the massacre…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HIRIW4OWEIHTILXO4IPYMKLOHE eric

    this  is   a   total   fiction.    anastasia    was  killed   with   all  her  family.  one  of  the   many   claimants   to  the  throne.    the  russian  govt   should   have  taken   your  dnas if  its  indeed   true.    complete  fiction.

  • palaigit

    besides, that royal family was already doomed in the beginning, despite its massive massive wealth and power, its sole heir was bound to die young, he had hemophilia and they tried to hide it from the crowd, if it werent for that rasputin guy, they would have a fair chance of surviving now, there wouldn’t be a communist russian and the cold war would not have transpired and etc…

  • Demuel Bendano


    The writer of this article is Emily Abrera and she was referring to Caty Petersen. Well, the picture of the old beautiful lady sounds intriguing. Either this is a hoax or not yet a DNA testing by exhuming her grandmother will probably provide forgone conclusion to this mystery. The relatives of Caty Petersen can surely coordinate with the British embassy in Manila as Prince Philip (husband of the reigning British monarch) has a direct blood lines to the last royal family of Russia, for DNA verification purposes.

  • Demuel Bendano


    Well, the author can gain fame or will forever lost her credibility. This is not an issue about the doomed Russian’s last monarchy. There were several accounts that a wave of Russian ships sailed from Vladivostok in 1922 going to Manila and then in 1949 (temporary shelter in Tubabao Island, Samar) when the communist seized power in China. The bottomline of this will be a proof that Russians (White Army sympathizers ) set refuge in the Philippines and that will support the arrival of Caty Petersen’s grandmother on Phillippine soil.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KGP2T32B4FOALC5YW7CDCWLB6A Gelo L

    So, Caty was a grandchild of Queen Elizabeth of England, a niece to Prince Charles and a distant cousin of the future king…Puede nang tele-nobela ‘to….

    • tvnatinto

      yay, teleserye i like!!

  • Demuel Bendano

    Gelo L;

    I just suggested that the likelihood of Russia’s Bolshevik revolutions sympathizers arrival on Philippine soil can be proven. And this will correlate how Caty Petersen’s maternal grandmother picture took shape in Philippines.

    Well, Prince Philip of Great Brittain is a known relative of the Russian’s last monarchy. And DNA testing, either in secret or whatever, will validate this claim that Caty Petersen’s maternal grandmother is what she was.

  • http://www.facebook.com/oustcorona ILL_HIT_YOUR_FACE

    DNA testing!… and if proven?… Let Vladimir Putin handle that affair… hehe

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CNIIN2JRZ4QUXKNTI2QH4XJTIE ae92

    question to the author:  does your grandmama have a deformed left foot?

  • Ape

    Masmababa ang kilay Ni Anastasia, closer to her eyes.

  • walangutak

    He he he. Gumagana na naman ang utak malisyoso ng tipikal na Pinoy. Pabayaan na lang ninyo ang kahinatnan ng kasaysayang ito.Wala namang mawawala sa atin kung totoo o malaking kabulastugan ito.Hindi naman sila humihingi ng pera sa inyo. Segurado ako kung sakaling maging totoo (?) ang artikulong ito marami na naman ang magsasabi na “:sa simula pa lang ay alam kung totoo ang fairy tale na ito”.

    • Loggnat

       Inggit lang iyan. =))

  • Demuel Bendano

    The author is Emily A. Abrera and this article refers to Caty Petersen’s Russian grandmother. People, read carefully between the lines before you wrote something more misleading!

  • ajca82

    She’s Russian and she can definitely be a survivor of the Bolshevik revolution, but as to being the Empress herself is too much since the Romanov children’s bodies been found and proven through forensics.

  • Concur_Dissent

    a very creative and amusing fiction…nice writing style too… but, I definitely won’t be wasting my time to read part two tomorrow…

  • http://twitter.com/IRWasted IRWasted Rasuman

    The writer owes it to her readers to exercise caution (in a subject as debatable as the Romanov daughter) before peddling this hyperventilating claim. Having read well-researched articles on the Romanov family, this comes off as an illusion of grand duchess proportion.  I like reading fiction though.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TRVNLKY7J3ZCRUGJCGE4NJULZM NineFour

    the world media spin is that all the Romanov children were dead.
    using scientific DNA result to proclaim them dead is the official declaration, no successor to the throne. This is the way of politics. To prevent ans suppress anyone from claiming the Russian Monarchy.

    Now that the prevailing and accepted ‘truth’  is they are all dead, makes it harder for the Russian-Filipino children to claim the throne. They have to fight out the media and the politicians (Russian, European and American) just to have their DNA checked and compared to the original dead Romanovs, if indeed they were the original Romanovs found on the graves.

    I wish the writer Cath Petersen and her families well. If the Russians find out where they are now, i hope that they are secured well. Good luck.


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HFYQYPW6MLJC7OLGLCJRS4IAC4 Regd

    And you call this newsworthy? I’m posting because people need to stop fantasizing. Wake up to reality and focus more on how to put food in your table.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/NHR5PHABMUMPBZAEYKP2SROOTQ Jon

      You are deeply troubled, aren’t you?  It’s not news, it’s an article about history.  What’s your problem if people indulge in a little mystery?  You worry about putting food on your table, the rest of us we’ll be just fine!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/HFYQYPW6MLJC7OLGLCJRS4IAC4 Regd

        I didn’t realize the rest of the people who don’t eat food will be just fine. My bad. They can do that? Now, that’s a complete mystery. Last I check without water for 2 weeks, you’re dead. Continue with your little mystery.

        Here’s fantasy, there’s the reality. Here’s fiction, there’s the fact. Here’s the problem, there’s the solution. Here’s delusional, there’s sanity.  Here’s idle, there’s the work. Here’s the article, there’s the food. Ring any bells?
        Don’t bother to reply, its a waste of time. It’s only an opinion. You have a nice day.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/WL6PKLZSURMYRXWSN67AIMVX3E tet

        may tama ka Regd…sa ulo nga lang

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IGLQQ2TTZF3BAWUHUWLFWVPZDE Vladymir

      Get a job you lazy slob,then you won’t have problem putting food on your table.

    • tuldok

      so why did you read it

    • bugaboomang

      so everybody should cease posting their opinions here because you say so?

  • Pepe_David

    A fascinating story. Is it really so impossible, given the fog of war at the time and self interest of the Bolshevik regime to maintain that the king is dead, long live the revolution?

  • Demuel Bendano

    In my opinion, this story can be true or false. Truth is always validated with evidence and verifiable records can attest to the fact that there were two waves of Russian dissidents migration to the Philippines:

    - Admiral Stark’s ships from Vladivostok landed in 1922 at Manila Bay carrying “white russians” that symphatized the “White Army”.  

    - In 1949, another round of Russians arrived in Tubabao Island, Samar from China as they fled the country when the communist seized power. And they were exiled supporters of the “white army” as well.

    People here mentioned that all the family members of Russia’s last royal family were all murdered. It can be true or false but that is not an issue here.

    What this article wanted to stress out is that the beautiful old lady can be Anastasia Romanov or just another impostor. Then have the DNA test then.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy

    I CAN EMAIL ANYONE HERE THAT rUSSIAN cRUISER DAMAGE BY rUSSO jAPANESE WAR WERE IN MANILA  – here is my email sabahphilippines at gmail com

  • Rigene Zapatos

    This is a very interesting story. Just this week, I watched the documentary about King George V & Queen Mary of UK and mentioned there were King Nicolas II & Queen Alexandra(the last King & Queen of Russia.) King Nicolas II is a first cousin of King George V of UK. During the revolution in Russia, King Nicolas II desperately asked King George V if he and his family could seek asylum in UK to escape the revolution. While the two kings were described as very close cousins, King George V did not grant the request because he was worried that the Russian Monarch’s presence in UK could lead to an uprising in his country. It was then reported, that the Russian Imperial Family were executed.

    If Caty Petersen were sure their Grandmama was the daughter of King Nicolas II, then they should seek help to get DNA tested. Who knows. If this is proven true, Caty Petersen and Prince Charles are fourth degree cousins.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy

       King Nicholas 2 that he had to sent her family to safety so somehow they cross the trans siberia train ride a boat to japan and philippines

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/2TCNUI54Y7X3LDPPLAYQEHDFWY Carole

      Talk about DNA’s, how about investigation of Lola Puti’s personal stuff, a kept crown jewel or a letter with Anastacia’s signature like one embedded on wiki pages. That will surely be an interesting proof of her identity.
      Happy mother’s day!

  • Rigene Zapatos

    One important detail about this article was that this all happened in 1918, when Russian Imperial family were executed and when Tasia arrived in the Philippines. On the Wikipidea article, there were reports that Anastasia had escaped the execution though forensics claimed that all bodies of the Imperial family were all found.

  • junza

    very interesting indeed. a great story for mother’s day :) 

  • politics201138

    To You Ms. Abrera:

    If you are able to read this comment, do please tell Caty Petersen to try to ask the Catholic nuns whom she stayed with and protected her Grandmamma for all these years (assuming they are still alive) if she had told anyone of them who she really was.

    I understand that nuns have a vow of silence but do try.

    As I have said in my earlier posting, this story migh have a possibility for truth in it. There are times in one’s family that the older generation just kept things they know to their graves to protect the younger generations. It happens and because of that, I am open to the possibility of reality in Caty’s story.

  • imongredneck

    Anastasia sighting is as common as Elvis sighting.

  • Demuel Bendano

    What makes this article interesting was the very fact that Russian dissidents indeed arrived in the Philippines in 1922 and in 1949. This will prove that there were ships that carried these passengers to Philippine shores and one of them could Caty’s maternal grandmother. If she was indeed a Romanov, that remains to be seen. After all, the world we live in are full of surprises and twists.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy

    If you live in LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA then you can see the story about  RUSSO JAPANESE WAR at channel 18.2  on every SUNDAY starting at 8.30pm you will see King Nicholas 2 too

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CW375R72PNNPYQY3ZLDGZKTCU4 Anastacio

    I believed that this is a true story but what Next ???

    • bugaboomang

      Well, we’ll all be proud and excited to have another “great person” with Filipino bloodline, like pacquiao, charice, jessica, dolphy, tulfo, , reymart, barretto, donaire, singson, erap, lim, pineda, kris aquino, that aeta singer in angeles city, that big wrestler, cojuangco, palparan and many, many more!! yehey!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NHR5PHABMUMPBZAEYKP2SROOTQ Jon

    Even if she isn’t the Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov, she might have been part of those the Bolsheviks targeted for execution during the Russian revolution.

    It would be a nice story if it were true, but there were so many claims of Anastasia over the decades and proven false that it kinda hard to believe this one too.

    Who ever she was,  she seems to be Russian royalty.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CSWDYNGYJUKDFMP4JW3RZK52HY Gabrielle

    I believe Caty Petersen with all my heart. BUT it’s the wrong Romanov, she is descended from. It’s Natalia Romanov aka Black Widow in The Avengers that she descends from. Therefore, it’s not royalty but superhero lineage that is being debated here.

    I should know, I’m Batgirl, and Wonder Woman is my cousin. I returned to Gotham City to trace my roots because I had identity issues. Then, I shot pictures of the Batcave, put them side by side with my current abode and OMG, the similarities were just so uncanny!

    How dare you even doubt this story!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/NHR5PHABMUMPBZAEYKP2SROOTQ Jon

      Good for You!  Now why don’t you and your friends go to Scarborough Shoal and Kick the Chinese out of Philippine territory!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/CSWDYNGYJUKDFMP4JW3RZK52HY Gabrielle

        Yes, we’ll do that and invite the Black Widow to join us. Thanks, Jon!

  • thebishop101

    It is also interesting to note that some of the evacuees/refugees aboard the fleet led by Russian  Vice Admiral Oskar Stark which left Vladivostok in 1922 were orthodox nuns. It may be the connection why Caty’s grandmama was taken cared by the nuns when she arrived in Manila.

    • politics201138

      Interesting piece of information..

  • rnoldrmada

    I am not sure about this becasue the Russian government did find the remains of Anastasia in  2008 and interred in St. Petersburg. But if they really want to clear all doubts then a mitochondrial DNA test can prove this matter. This is the same test done when a certain Anna Anderson claimes claimed to be Anastasia but was proven otherwise. Apparently she had all the right angles and stories on being a Romanov which really convinced a lot folks and had many supporters of her claim. But when tissues of herl were compared with samples taken from Romanov relatives it became clear that she was not who she claimed to be.

    • bluestar777

      There’s a difference here. That certain Anna Anderson categorically claimed and announced it to world that she was indeed that Russian princess. Anastacia. So, when exposed and proven otherwise… naturally we call her THE GREAT IMPOSTOR. But here the grandma of this writer never said she is. It’s only her descendants that wants to find and seek  the mystery who she was/is. It is there in her account her grandma didn’t talk much or simply mum about her  whereabouts before. So, let’s give all the benefit of doubt with regards the VERACITY to all of this. Let’s not drop into conclusion and dismiss this outright as falsity
      After all, those two photograph there look very much alike
      Would you say so that it is only a coincidence? I would be if that two photos are dramatically different. But my own very eyes won’t lie to me. I think those photos there are genuine and not Photoshop altered.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HGC2U2QUAREAK42HNUTSNQGBVI SolitaJ

    I will read the 2nd part before I’ll make dismiss this article as nonsense, fantastic or hoax. I do understand Caty and her mother’s longing to know their Russian ancestors. Given the very scant and vague background they got from the late “Tasia”, one could just be tempted to “connect the dots”. However, if Katy is really bent on finding the truth, she should make use of modern technology and the benefits that forensic science could offer. She could have the remains of her grandmother exhumed and DNA tested for comparison to that of the Romanov’s. Expect to raise a lot of eyebrows and get some flak! But that should give her conclusive evidence and peace of mind. I’m wishing her well.

    • Demuel Bendano


      The only known living person who has a verified bloodlines with Russia’s once ruling Romanov family is Prince Philip of Great Britain.

    • annie lanes

      Maybe you don’t need to exhume her grandma. Caty or her mom could simply be tested and their DNA compared with the known living relatives. There are a lot of things the public already know about the Russian royal family that it’s difficult to believe such claims. And in the past, the women who claimed they were anastasia were soon proven false. I am intrigued by this story, I’m looking forward to reading the second part.

  • Sundancekid05

    Wow! definitely a story worth waiting for! 

  • Demuel Bendano

    On the longing of Caty and her mother’s Russian lineage, it all started with the arrival of Russian ships convoy at Manila Bay in 1922. This is a proven fact that Russians arrived at our soil during that year. Therefore, no doubt, her maternal grandmother was from Russia.

    If she was a Romanov or a symphatizer to the White Army remains to be validated.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy

    www DOT angelfire DOT com/pa/ImperialRussian/videos/NII02 DOT html ROMANOV VIDEO

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CSWDYNGYJUKDFMP4JW3RZK52HY Gabrielle

    Thanks, Jon!  That’s actually on our agenda for next week. Maybe we’ll ask the Black Widow to join us.

  • Demuel Bendano

    Does anyone can reckon any software that can show the image of Caty’s maternal grandmother  with that of Anastasia Romanov known pictures?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JDMSKDJ5KM6M34N6W5EB7QNKLY Jake

    This is drivel! Surely the Inquirer can do a lot better than publish an incredible story that can only lead to the further mis-education of its readers, already abundantly clear from this thread.

    Tsar Nicholas; his wife, the Tsaritsa Alexandra; only son, the Tsarevich Alexey; and daughters Olga, Tatiana, Maria and ANASTASIA, together with their family doctor and three servants, were murdered in cold-blood by nine Bolshevik assassins on 17 July 1918, in the basement of Ipatiev House, in the city of Ekaterinburg, while they were under “house arrest.” Their bodies were initially buried in the Koptyaki Forest, in the outskirts of Ekaterinburg, a city in the Urals famed for being the symbolic boundary between European and Asian Russia.

    Their remains have since been exhumed and re-buried, their identities conclusively established.

    So, who is this new pretender to the identity of Anastasia? Did she, somehow, manage to come back from the dead?

    It leaves a bad taste in the mouth that Inquirer has allowed itself to be a participant in this charade. It is an insult to your readers; or, a dreadful thought, maybe you just don’t know any better.

    Come to think of it: You do have a penchant for publishing any story that comes your way, be it from Hontiveros, Keh, or, in this instance, the granddaughter of Anastasia!

    • Demuel Bendano

       It seems you write something for which you have all the facts and evidence at your disposal. Common, you were just googling. The body of Anastasia Romanov was never been found. Yeah, yeah, DNA confirmed that she was discovered here and there as you said but you haven’t provided verifiable evidence here. Until such you can link one, just stay away from here and instead focus your rant on the Chinese as to make yourself a bit useful.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy

        Last Russian Princess Body were not discovered and most probably that is a double of Anastasia who got killed and not the real anastasia escape to Asia Siberia to ride a boat out to Philippines

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/JDMSKDJ5KM6M34N6W5EB7QNKLY Jake

        FYI, Tsinoy, the remains of the Tsar, Tsaritsa, Olga, Tatiana, and Anastasia were re-buried in St. Petersburg on 17 July 1998, the 80th anniversary of the murders. The so-called “lost remains” of Alexey and Maria were finally located on 29 July 2007 by members of the Ekaterinburg Military Historical Club.

      • Demuel Bendano

         And what is your proof of this? Did you extract the your alleged facts from that book you read?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/JDMSKDJ5KM6M34N6W5EB7QNKLY Jake

        Hayaan mo, Demuel, I will bring the remains to you so you can inspect these yourself. Pare, nabo-bobo ako sa iyo!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/WL6PKLZSURMYRXWSN67AIMVX3E tet

        JAKE you’re the MAN!!!  ang galing mo boy…librong libro ang tirada mo…siguro ang kapal na ng reading glasses mo no?  Demuel wala ka dito kay Jake the MAN..sya ang world repository ng lahat ng information tungkol sa mga Romanovs, di ka uubra dito..pag sinabi nya MANIWALA KA NA!! Wag ka na kokontra..libro ba naman kalaban mo

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/JDMSKDJ5KM6M34N6W5EB7QNKLY Jake

        Hi, Demuel. I don’t google. I read books. Do you? For your edification, at para hindi ka masyadong ignorante sa mga bagay-bagay, you may want to read “The Last Days of the Romanovs,” by Helen Rappaport. Baka matauhan ka!

      • Demuel Bendano

        Right, so does the “Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown. Me, I google and I had verified that Russian dissidents that supports the White Army arrived at Manila Bay in 1922. Now, what does your book verified?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/JDMSKDJ5KM6M34N6W5EB7QNKLY Jake

        What does the arrival of “Russian dissidents” at Manila Bay got to do with Anastasia, except that they were Russians like her? It’s a fact that so-called White Russians sought our country as a haven (Ronald Remy, the late actor, was a descendant). Did I even make any reference to that? And the “Da Vinci Code,” where is that coming from? That’s fiction, not history! Stick to your googling, Demuel.  Mukhang natututo ka, hindi mo nga lang alam i-apply!

      • Demuel Bendano

         First, the arrival of Russian dissidents connect the dots between Caty’s maternal grandmother to Russia. Second, the “Da Vince Code” refers to as an analogy of the book you were allegedly reading which is full of hoaxies and forgeries.  Third, can you tell us what are your facts here?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/JDMSKDJ5KM6M34N6W5EB7QNKLY Jake

        The remains were exhaustively examined and verified by experts from both sides of the Atlantic, Demuel. There is no hoax or forgery involved. DNA samples were used. You know what DNA is, Google Boy? Anyway, if you want to persist in your ignorance, so be it. Huwag ka lang sumali sa ganitong usapan, kasi bistado kang wala kang sariling kaalaman, okay?

      • sprint_netms

        Check your facts demuel. She says she was 18 when she arrived in the Philippines at the height of the Bolshevik Rev. in 1918. With this figures, she is 110 to 111 years old today. Don’t be too mesmerized by another tall tale of the PDI. Check your history. 

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/WL6PKLZSURMYRXWSN67AIMVX3E tet

        cant you read sprint_nems? or you are just a moron.  the article did not say that she is alive or dead.  there is a second part..now go check your brain!!!

      • sprint_netms

        Yes Tet, the article did not say if she is alive or dead so that was the presumption of my post. If you did not get the drift of that comment, I suggest you stay longer in school. For me Jake has his facts right. The Reader’s Digest (if you know this publication and its credibility) has also done extensive research regarding that fateful night in 1918 and we can safely conclude that all the bodies of the family were all accounted for and positively identified by forensics and re-buried in 1998.
        Nobody is questioning the arrival of Russian political refugees in the Phils. due to the Bolshevik rev. What is at issue here is the veracity of what is being inferred to in the article. Read the first paragraph of the article or get someone to explain it to you if you cannot understand and you will know what I am talking about.
        Gaya ng sabi ni Jake, nabo-bobo rin ako sa yo, Tet.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/JDMSKDJ5KM6M34N6W5EB7QNKLY Jake

        To quote you, Google Boy, in case you do not understand what you have been writing about:

        “Yeah, yeah, DNA confirmed that she was discovered here and there as you said but you haven’t provided verifiable evidence here.”

        So her remains, as confirmed by DNA, have been discovered here and there, but I haven’t provided verifiable evidence? What the @#$%? Ibig sabihin, hindi talaga siya patay? Nakita na yong mga nakakalat na remains niya, pero buhay pa siya? You really don’t want to be rescued from utter foolishness and ignorance, ano?

  • http://rltjs.wordpress.com/ Rod

    The picture at the right,  claimed to be that of the real Anastasia, is adulterated.

    They did not have color photography in those times. “Retouch” was already a science in photography and they were done by pencils and brushes, either BW or Colored. In the near modern times – 60s to 70s – they were best made with “airbrush”. Pen paint-sprayer. [I was an aspiring young photographer in those days.]

    In the modern day Adobe Photoshop work does job better. Digital.

    • Zorkikat

      Rod- as was the fashion in that time- the photo was not ‘adulterated’.
      Retouching was the norm then, as it is now.  And they hand-coloured photos too, since real colour photography was not readily available. Or perhaps the photo was a published lithograph or postcard.  And such would not have diminished the photograph’s credibility.

      BTW the digital Photoshop methods done now can all be traced from what had been done before.  Only cleaner, but not necessarily ‘better’.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SH6PP7KW34KXEHYDWCR5CSJ5OQ Nichaulson

    did she have a deformity on her left foot? if she did, then you could press the claims more.

  • elimsqui

    Fiction or not, it’s worth reading. Ang iba nga dyan nanonood lang ng telenovela iniisip nila totoo yung istorya…

  • Kristel125

    Hmm… I’m a little apprehensive on this one. I’ve been engrossed with the story of the Romanovs for as long as I can remember, and I once watched a documentary where they found a grave a few miles from the gravesite of the family, confirming Anastasia and Alexei were buried there through DNA tests on the bones. All bodies are all accounted for.

    I want to believe this story. I want to see a happy ending on what happened to the Romanovs. But the facts stated here are just to vague. For instance, you could google Anastasia’s siblings with a single click.  And a lot of people really do look alike.

    I’m curious abut the second part of this story, though.

  • Demuel Bendano

    In retrospect, the writer of this article put her credibility up front and will surely lead to career backlash if this allege claim is a hoax. But what baffles me is the inclusion of three pictures of an old lady. And from my googling, there was never been a conclusive proof beyond reasonable doubt that the body of Anastasia Romanov has been located. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy

    Mother of Emperor Nicholas 2 escape riding this boat called: H.M.S. MARLBOROUGH

    17. Dowager Empress Marie Feodorovna, Princess of Denmark and mother of Emperor Nicholas II. Her daughter:
    18. Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna, wife of Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich, and their daughter and five sons:
    19. Princess Irina Alexandrovna Yussoupova, her husband (Prince Felix
    Felixovich Yussoupov, the murderer of Rasputin) and their daughter
    (Princess Irina Felixovna Yussoupova) and in-laws (Prince Felix
    Felixovich and Princess Zenaida Nicholaievna Yussoupov).
    20. Prince Feodor Alexandrovich.
    21. Prince Nikita Alexandrovich.
    22. Prince Dmitri Alexandrovich.
    23. Prince Rostislav Alexandrovich.
    24. Prince Vassily Alexandrovich.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy

    large number of Romanovs, headed by the Emperor’s mother, had gathered
    at the Villa Ai Todor in the Crimea throughout 1917. In February 1918,
    this group was split and the major members, including the Dowager
    Empress, were placed under detention at the Villa Dulber near Yalta. The
    following month they were freed by the Germans who had occupied the
    area after signing the Treaty of Brest Litovsk. In the summer of 1918
    they were moved to the Villa Harax near Sevastopol and joined the Ai
    Todor group in March 1919. They were rescued by two British battleships,
    HMS Marlborough and HMS Lord Nelson, which had been sent by King George
    V. This party left Russia from Yalta in April 1919.

  • sprint_netms

    She was 18 when she arrived in the Philippines at the height of the Bolshevik Rev. in 1918. With this figures, she is 110 to 111 years old today. She can be a candidate for the Oldest Woman in the Philippines or the world. BEWARE!!!
    Does PDI have no more credible news to tell???  

    • Honey Albiso

      They didn’t say she’s still alive so you can’t use that.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/HPKASSSNJWORRNZIIAOQ7UMLQ4 Kay

      Lola Puti has already passed away, maybe like 20 years ago. Was there any indication that she was still alive? I don’t think the article said so. Please wait for part 2 tomorrow before you all judge!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy

    Grand Duke Boris Vladimirovich, the Emperor’s cousin, and his mistress
    and future wife (Zina Sergeivna Raschevskia) left Russia by boat from
    Anapa in the Caucasus in March 1919. The Grand Duke along with his
    brother, Grand Duke Andrei Vladimirovich, had been arrested and briefly
    imprisoned at Kislovodsk in the summer of 1918

  • http://twitter.com/RSTves RS Teves

    What evils caused the revolution?

    A nationwide crisis had developed in Russia affecting social, economic, and political relations. Disorder in industry and transport had intensified, and difficulties in obtaining provisions had increased. Gross industrial production in 1917 had decreased by over 36 percent from what it had been in 1916. In the autumn, as much as 50 percent of all enterprises were closed down in the Urals, the Donbas, and other industrial centers, leading to mass unemployment. At the same time, the cost of living increased sharply. The real wages of the workers fell about 50 percent from what they had been in 1913. Russia’s national debt in October 1917 had risen to 50 billion rubles. Of this, debts to foreign governments constituted more than 11 billion rubles. The country faced the threat of financial bankruptcy.

    Corruption by the Czar and his family. Will the Caty Petersen stop claiming her corrupt and royal blood because of the evils caused by her corrupt blood?

    • Demuel Bendano

       And where did you get your facts that Anastasia Romanov has played a vital and decisive role on these problems?

      • http://twitter.com/RSTves RS Teves

        Hey, Dem ON.

        massive walls covered with jewels ….

        Do you know why members of that corrupt Czar family were murdered? Enjoying all those massive walls covered with jewels at her young age.

        Caty Petersen should write why members of the Czar family were murdered.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy

    Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich, the Emperor’s cousin and
    brother-in-law, had fled with his family to the Crimea and left Russia
    from Yalta on HMS Forsythe in December 1918 to attend the Paris Peace
    Conference as the representative of the Romanov family. He was
    accompanied by his eldest son:
    15. Prince Andrew Alexandrovich and his wife (Donna Elizabeth Ruffo di Sant’ Antimo). 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy

    Dowager Queen Olga of Greece, the Grand Duchess Olga Constantinovna.
    She was the grandmother of Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna (the younger)
    and sister of the murdered Grand Duke Dmitri Constantinovich. Queen Olga
    had gone back to her homeland to establish a military hospital as soon
    as the War had begun in 1914. She was permitted to leave Russia with her
    lady-in-waiting and maid through the intervention of the Danish
    government in December 1918.

  • palaigit

    for crying out loud, the romanovs are related to other royal families from other country, talk about queen victoria of england, the former prussians, the hesse and etc.also,  the bolshevik revolution is over, this is a new era now, dont you think that the other royal blood would not invest in looking for any other survivor of that said massacre? goodness, even the british crown would invest much or employ their MI6 to look into those details…i believe though that her grandma might be a russian noble or aristocrat but definitely not anastasia…why would her grandma still hide in the shadows about her true identity if such happens, she could have just told the truth and fled to the US or england where she would have been welcomed and protected, she could also have inherited back the riches that the last czar had… the DNA already was confirmed, though the body not totally found…

  • Lolo_Basyong

    I mean the family well.  But the decision to publicize is ill-conceived.  Apart from being seen as ‘too eager to be royal,’ the family could be exposing itself to what ‘Lola Puti’ had tried all her life to run away from.  If indeed they believe the story, they should conduct the verification in private.  That way, they avoid ridicule when proven otherwise.  

    • Kristel125

      I agree! All the efforts of Lola Puti to hide her identity was gone into waste. If this is indeed true, they should have silently celebrated this discovery and not seek media attention.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy

    Helen Petrovna was the daughter of the King of Serbia and widow of the
    murdered Prince Ioann Constantinovich. Princess Helen had served as a
    nurse during the War and had joined her husband in the Urals, but was
    arrested and sent to Perm and later Moscow. She was rescued through the
    intervention of neutral Norway and allowed to leave Russia in December

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy

    Duchess Marie Pavlovna (the younger), a cousin of the Emperor and her
    husband Prince Sergei Mikhailovich Puliatin who left Petrograd by train
    for the German held south in July 1918. From there they moved to
    Austrian occupied Odessa and at the invitation of Queen Marie of
    Roumania crossed the frontier into that country in late November 1918

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy

    Grand Duchess Elizabeth Mavrikievna, Princess of Saxe-Altenburg. At the
    invitation of Queen Victoria of Sweden and with the permission of the
    Communist government, she left Petrograd for neutral Sweden on the
    Swedish ship Angermanland in November 1918. She was the widow of Grand
    Duke Constantine Constantinovich, who was the last Romanov formally
    buried at the Fortress of Peter and Paul. She was also the mother of the
    three Constantinovichi princes murdered at Alapaevks. Accompanying the
    Grand Duchess were her two youngest children:
    7. Prince George Constantinovich.
    8. Princess Vera Constantinovich.
    and her two grandchildren, the children of the murdered Prince Ioann Constantinovich and Princess Helen Petrovna:
    9. Prince Vsevelod Ioannovich.
    10. Princess Katherine Ioannovna.
    Also in the party were Prince and Princess Schakhowskoy (he was the head
    of the Grand Duchess’s household), and a maid and a nanny.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy

    Grand Duke Kyril Vladimirovich, the Emperor’s Nicholas 2 cousin.

    2. Grand Duchess Victoria Feodorovna, Princess of Great Britain, and their two young daughters:

    3. Princess Marie Kyrilovna.

    4. Princess Kira Kyrilovna.

    The Grand Duke obtained permission from the Provisional
    Government to move his family from Petrograd to Borga in Finland and
    left the capital by train in June 1917. Grand Duchess Victoria gave
    birth to their only son, Grand Duke Vladimir Kyrilovich, the following
    month. The family remained in Finland until May 1920 when they moved to
    Germany. Grand Duke Vladimir Kyrilovich died in Miami, Florida on 21
    April, 1992.
    With the departure of the Grand Duke Kyril and family in June 1917,
    Romanov emigration abroad would be terminated until late 1918. During
    the intervening year and a half the Bolsheviks would come to power and
    drop out of the War, having signed the Treaty of Brest Litovsk with
    Germany in 1918. Many of the Romanovs would move into the southern
    Russia areas around the Black Sea during this same time period.
    Some, like Prince Gabriel Constantinovich, would be temporarily
    imprisoned; some, like the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna, would be
    placed under house arrest; all would be harrassed by rival and competing
    Soviets. But there seemed to exist one singular trait among the
    Romanovs remaining in the country. This was the desire–or duty to
    some–to remain in Russia until no other course of action was open to
    Indeed, the King of Sweden offered the services of his diplomatic
    missions in Russia to all Romanovs and both the French and British send
    ships into the Black Sea to evacuate members of the family. All of these
    offers of rescue were rebuffed until, for some, it was too late.
    Finally, as the situation became more and more desperate, the family
    began to trickle out of Russia in small groups. It was not until
    February 1920, three years after the Emperor’s abdication, that the last
    surviving Romanovs left the country. 

    • Demuel Bendano

       What the heck are you writing about?

      • albert13

         what the heck are you asking about history?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy

    Gabriel Constantinovich and his morganatic wife (Antonia Raphailovna
    Nesterovskia). Prince Gabriel was the eldest surviving son of Grand Duke
    Constantine Constantinovich. He had been imprisoned in Petrograd, but
    was released and allowed to go to Finland through the intervention of
    the writer Maxim Gorki whose talent as a writer had been recognized by
    Prince Gabriel’s father. Gorki was unsuccessful in his attempts to save
    the Grand Duke Nicholas Mikhailovich.

  • Kristel125

    If this story is indeed true, there goes all the effort of Lola Puti to hide her identity. Tsk tsk.

    • Demuel Bendano

      Her russian name as said was “Taisa Kazzuhina” but we are talking here of Anastasia Romanov.

      • Justinne Bathan

         Well, that’s the thing. If you see the argument here, she had no papers, and she was hiding from someone. If you were the one hiding, you could instantly change your surname to protect yourself. This may be true, or it may not. But, really interesting.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/J4P2WY3QMOPMCY7GUYWRWVGFVA Rigel

        Google it and find that it resembles how Nikolaevna is pronounciated Neek-oh-lay-EEV-nah 

      • http://twitter.com/Chicherchachin Teacher Sasheen

        It may be Kazzuhina but there was always a debate on how the pronunciation and the spelling was but looking at web searches, Anastasia is called ”Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia (Russian: Великая Княжна Анастасия Николаевна Романова, Velikaya Knyazhna Anastasiya Nikolayevna Romanova)”

        try to see the resemblance of the last name “Kazzuhina” and partly the russian name, “Knyazhna”.

        Still, this does not prove a lot.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/J4P2WY3QMOPMCY7GUYWRWVGFVA Rigel

    Talk about DNA’s, how about investigation of Lola Puti’s personal items, a kept jewel or a letter with Anastacia’s signature like the one on the wiki page. That will surely be an interesting proof of her identity.

    • Demuel Bendano

      Who will investigate?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/M3ZZXXCLDO3PPALLAQWCHG7SJ4 Candice

    wow! i’m at awe reading this story! i’m really glad you wrote an article about it. i’ll wait for any updates regarding this story! God bless!

  • http://twitter.com/RSTves RS Teves

    Hey, Dem ON.massive walls covered with jewels ….Do you know why members of that corrupt Czar family were murdered? Enjoying all those massive walls covered with jewels at her young age.Caty Petersen should write why members of the Czar family were murdered.What evils caused the revolution?A nationwide crisis had developed in Russia affecting social, economic, and political relations. Disorder in industry and transport had intensified, and difficulties in obtaining provisions had increased. Gross industrial production in 1917 had decreased by over 36 percent from what it had been in 1916. In the autumn, as much as 50 percent of all enterprises were closed down in the Urals, the Donbas, and other industrial centers, leading to mass unemployment. At the same time, the cost of living increased sharply. The real wages of the workers fell about 50 percent from what they had been in 1913. Russia’s national debt in October 1917 had risen to 50 billion rubles. Of this, debts to foreign governments constituted more than 11 billion rubles. The country faced the threat of financial bankruptcy.Corruption by the Czar and his family. Will the Caty Petersen stop claiming her corrupt and royal blood because of the evils caused by her corrupt blood?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/J4P2WY3QMOPMCY7GUYWRWVGFVA Rigel

      It’s for NATGEO & historians to answer. =)

    • lapasan

       This comment is a bit off topic. The author’s emphasis is about her grandma who was possibly the Daughter of Czar Nicholas and not what brought about the collapse of the Russian monarchy. Your comment needs to be researched by the readers to get an unbiased view of what took place in Russia during that time. I am not so well versed in history, but it is my opinion that the rule of Czar Nicholas during that time was riddled with crises. There was that disastrous war with Japan, and of course the rise of the marxist ideology. It was not the communists who initiated the revolution, but that they hijacked the revolution. It is a fact that many people died as a result of communist victory in Russia. Pardon me if my history is not accurate.

    • http://twitter.com/KramLass Kram Lass

      Hey, you!why are you maligning ms. peterson over some leftist propaganda?if her account is true, what is the connection with that with you whining?blaming the rich for the miseries of the poor?the bolsheviks who supposedly liberated the country from the imperial rule were monsters who murdered millions just to keep themselves in power.Remember Stalin?Romanovs were members of the royal family of russia who should have been accorded with civilty fit to their status. Well, communists were hypocrites who were adept in manipulating the poor to their cause.

  • cantonese

    Did you find any relatives of Rasputin?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/WL6PKLZSURMYRXWSN67AIMVX3E tet

      oo si rasputin lang ang magpapatunay nito…ilabas si rasputin!!!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/FPGLAYFLIRUSI2NAEG3Q5E6PGU R

       He was last seen buying fake DVDs…..

  • rodjun camerino

    The title says “Filipino’s grandmama could be Russia’s Anastasia” and yet a lot of whiners because the PDI allowed this stuff to be published? It clearly states the writer is not 100% sure.
    But what if Lola Puti is indeed a Romanov? How would you feel?

  • lester2

    I am deeply inspired with your story since i am also SON of WHITE RUSSIAN who seek refuge in our country Philippines during the bolshevik revolution, i am also seeking our root and i was able to get some documents (my father birth certificate ) in russian archives and found out that we belong to prominent family in Russia ( hereditary honorary citizen), still today i am still looking forward that one day i can meet my long lost relatives in PERM CHERDIN RUSSIA  …. thanks  Yuly C. Kibanoff

  • politics201138

    I started comparing the young picture of Grandmama to the different pictures in the internet of Princess Anastasia – there are great similarities of features from the mouth, nose, the way their eyes stare – there is that haunting, sad stare and the shape of the face itself is the same…interesting!!!!

    And GP Muga’s comment earlier that “there were orthodox nuns aboard in that fleet led by Russian Vice Admiral Oskar Stark which left Vladivostok in 1922..and  it may be the connection of Caty’s Grandmama was taken cared of nuns when she arrived in Manila” is very very interesting information.

    Sometimes in one’s life, older generations who really know the truth will hide and keep a secret from their own descendants to wash away memories as if it never happened.

    I also understand Caty’s point of view here. Since she was a child she had been wanting to know her roots and was insistent to extract from Grandmama. And if indeed, Grandmama was Princess Anastasia it is very understandable she will never open her mouth even with her own blood.

    The only people who can really validate the real identity were the nuns who took care of her in Manila. That was why I felt goose bumps when I read the comment of GP Muga because if indeed it was the same group of orthodox nuns in that ship – they definitely know who Grandmama is.

    I am very, very open to the possibility of truth in the story of Caty Petersen.

    • palaigit

      nah, this is so freaking easy, the scientists still have the DNA sample of the romanovs and also from their blood relatives from other current royal bloods..no need to ask the the old nuns and etc, lets go the undisputed and sole way of identification, DNA…they still have the sample.. 

    • Kristel125

      I also understand Caty’s sentiments here, but I wonder why she does have to involve the media in this when all Lola Puti did in her life is to hide her identity and live peacefully. If Lola Puti is really the Grand Duchess and she really wanted to come out, she should have done that a long time ago. 

      • politics201138


        Grandmama will NEVER COME OUT to divulge her real identity if she is really Princess Anastasia after that harrowing past her family had suffered and eventually murdered under the communist regime. That was why she became a recluse because for one thing she did not want her people to recognize her if indeed SHE IS THE ONE.

    • Jhoana Carla de Toro

      This is a lot of rubbish. It has already been proven through DNA testing that all the Romanovs are dead, including the Grand Duchess Anastasia. The entire family were all executed during the Bolshevic Revolution. Watch National Geographic’s Mystery of the Romanovs. 

  • http://twitter.com/RSTves RS Teves

    Caty Petersen should write why members  of the Czar family were murdered.What evils caused the revolution?

    A nationwide crisis had developed in Russia affecting social, economic, and political relations. Disorder in industry and transport had intensified, and difficulties in obtaining provisions had increased. Gross industrial production in 1917 had decreased by over 36 percent from what it had been in 1916. In the autumn, as much as 50 percent of all enterprises were closed down in the Urals, the Donbas, and other industrial centers, leading to mass unemployment. At the same time, the cost of living increased sharply. The real wages of the workers fell about 50 percent from what they had been in 1913. Russia’s national debt in October 1917 had risen to 50 billion rubles. Of this, debts to foreign governments constituted more than 11 billion rubles. The country faced the threat of financial bankruptcy.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/WL6PKLZSURMYRXWSN67AIMVX3E tet

      S Teves…pagbayarin mo sila sa mga kasalanan ng pamilya nila…punta ka sa bahay nila at mag rally..isama mo mga ka wavelength ng utak mo para at least sumaya ka naman…ang lungkot ng buhay mo e hehehehehe

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EXFI4EUGM23PQ4FMQKLVH36OXI Jose

      A.) Alot of their problems were exacerbated by World War I.

      B.) The revolution lead to Stalin, who murdered God knows how many millions, so I don’t think you can say that what happened after was an improvement.

      Really though, I don’t think it’s right to blame all of that on a little girl.

  • Kristel125

    Why seek media attention? Lola Puti appears to hide her identity all her life. She didn’t even want to go back to Russia when she was alive (assuming she’s dead since she’d be over a hundred years by now). What is clearly the intention of this writer, I wonder.

    • Loggnat

       She was building her family tree and she wants to know if she has living relatives, I say. That’s a good enough reason for me. =)) Truth can be found or any doubt could be erased by submitting to DNA testing. She should go for it just for reason of finding the truth.

    • http://profiles.google.com/rtmaramba riiyo nakajima

      Have you not read the article? Open up your eyes!

  • politics201138

    ..And if I may add, if Vice-Admiral Oskar Stark is still alive, he surely would be able to vouch for Princess Anastasia’s identity if indeed she was in that fleet that left Vladivostok in 1922.

    The big question mark: will this people  (assuming they are still alive) open up their mouth knowing the harrowing trauma of the past and danger that the family will face?

  • pilipino_ako6

    Thank you for a truly interesting read. So much mystery and controversy have surrounded Anatasia for decades. She continues to mystify with this article. I eagerly await part two!

  • Manila ByNight


    • tong_its

      long lost sanity.
      don’t pinoys love to ride on the successes or publicity of fellow pinoys, rather than accomplish something from their own effort that would make them proud?
      so what if lola turns out to be? what’s in it that would make the philippines proud? proud of what? unless she’s your blood grandmother, grow up please.

      • zdrx

         we will be a proud race that sheltered russia’s royal decendant. we will be proud as a generous nation that welcomed vietnamese refugees. we will be proud as very humane people who accepted  impoverished chinese to our shores and made them prosper…to the point that they are more nationalistic filipinos than the natives itself.

      • tong_its

        race is genetics and blood.
        you do nothing that makes you rightfully proud.
        using your ‘logic’ every race that ever existed on this earth has reason to be proud.
        ergo, what makes being filipino different?

        you know what? it is what a people does as a nation that makes it proud.
        operative word: DO.

        being a descendant of the tsar does not do anything. how the purported descendant of the tsar got to the philippines does not do anything to make a people proud.

        it is just publicity-hunger.

      • tong_its

        “we will be proud as very humane people who accepted impoverished chinese to our shores and made them prosper” —

        now the chinese are not the ‘impoverished’ seafarers welcomed in the philippines AND mind you, “our shores” did not make them prosper. they prospered because of their effort not only to survive in the new land; they did things to fulfil their desire to prosper. again, operative word: DO/DID.

        the present truth is you do not welcome the chinese encroaching on panatag shoal but they are there just the same. does being humane make you proud?

        humane is a godgiven trait and you do not take pride in a GIVEN. you take pride in ACCOMPLISHMENT.

  • Mark Lester Lacsamana

    sadly it is highly unlikely that this is true

    “However, on August 23, 2007, a Russian archaeologist announced the discovery of two burned, partial skeletons at a bonfire site near Yekaterinburg that appeared to match the site described in Yurovsky’s memoirs. The archaeologists said the bones are from a boy who was roughly between the ages of ten and thirteen years at the time of his death and of a young woman who was roughly between the ages of eighteen and twenty-three years old. Anastasia was seventeen years and one month old at the time of the assassination, while her sister Maria was nineteen years, one month old and her brother Alexei was two weeks shy of his fourteenth birthday. Anastasia’s elder sisters Olga and Tatiana were twenty-two and twenty-one years old respectively at the time of the assassination. Along with the remains of the two bodies, archaeologists found “shards of a container of sulfuric acid, nails, metal strips from a wooden box, and bullets of various caliber.” The bones were found using metal detectors and metal rods as probes.[65]DNA testing by multiple international laboratories such as the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory and Innsbruck Medical University confirmed that the remains belong to the Tsarevich Alexei and to one of his sisters, proving conclusively that all family members, including Anastasia, died in 1918. The parents and all five children are now accounted for, and each has his or her own unique DNA profile.[66][67] However, in the article[68] Dr. Michael D. Coble (et al.) wrote (see “Supporting Information”, in comments to Fig. S1):”

  • http://twitter.com/KramLass Kram Lass

    I have read the lines mentioned by Mark Lester Lacsamana-it is from wikipedia!Well, I am hoping that the author is not posting this story for any ulterior motives. But frankly, the Romanovs just fell prey to the clutches of the communists who as history has shown were cold-blooded marxists who will murder anyone on their way. This is a very interesting story

  • DonQuixoteDeRizal

    I look at this as human story without malice. This is a story about hope and closure. This is a story about love of family. I wish Caty well in her interesting journey of discovery.

    Happy Mother’s Day.

  • http://twitter.com/KramLass Kram Lass

    You should have yourself be placed under DNA testing Ms. Petersen!For mother Russia!

  • http://twitter.com/KramLass Kram Lass

    This is no ordinary story. Claiming descent to a royal bloodline from russia is no joke!

  • Jhoana Carla de Toro

    It seems that the author has not watched the National Geographic documentary, which proved through DNA testing that all the Romanovs are dead, including the Grand Duchess Anastasia, before writing this piece.

    • Charles Factor

      @Jhoana Carla de Toro: But the story of NatGeo makes me think of the West’s influence on and manipulation of world media throughout contemporary history.

      • panhase

         Ahhh, of course, the West influenced through it´s media the DNA test and the whole story (because the knew beforehand that the story would surface now) just to take the throne from this Filipina who is the rightful heiress to the Russian Empire. I knew it all the time.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/HPKASSSNJWORRNZIIAOQ7UMLQ4 Kay

      NatGeo has already gotten in touch with Ms. Petersen. I should know–I’m a family friend.  Everybody should wait for part 2.

      • politics201138


        The first time I read this article, my tears just flowed for no apparent reasons.

        Sometimes in one’s life, older generations will keep their secrets to their grave to protect the younger generations. To people who have not experience that situation, they would easily dismiss this story.

        As I have said over and over in my earlier postings, my mind is very, very, very open with the possibility of truth in Caty’s story of Grandmama.

        Kay, just wondering, is Grandmama still alive?

  • http://twitter.com/KramLass Kram Lass

    “transport Asia were lost with all hands. Stark arrived in Shanghai with only ten ships and 3,000 refugees. However, the Chinese government ordered his stateless navy and its unwelcome refugees to depart Chinese waters in 48 hours or be attacked. Stark disembarked all of his non-naval personnel including former White Army General Mikhail Dieterichs and the civilians in Shanghai and proceeded to Manila Bay where he sold the last of his pitiful fleet at auction to help support the refugees. He ordered the flag of Imperial Russia lowered for the last time in the Pacific on January 15, 1923.
    Stark subsequently went into exile at Helsinki, Finland, where he died in 1928.”

  • Palparan

    MILF author….

  • http://twitter.com/KramLass Kram Lass

    Cute story!

  • innocentyears

    hmmm… interesting. i love historical mysteries.

    having some elderly lady claiming to be the long lost heir to the russian throne is not uncommon. we’ve had dozens of ladies with this same claim during the mid-20th century… but still, it’s worth a DNA test to see.

    it would be interesting to know if the royal russian bloodline is now here in our country.

    • albert13

      it is my impression that lola puti did not even claim to be a romanov or claiming to be a descendant of the russian throne.

    • http://twitter.com/pierresandiego pierre san diego

      From the 1st part I never read that she claimed she was THE Anastacia Romanov. Her stories from childhood though do reveal a very aristocratic lifestyle. This is what intrigues me, because I think if the real Anastacia Romanov escaped from Russia, she would’ve been scared for her life and thus wouldn’t reveal her true identity for fear of endangering her family. She’d live simply and not draw any attention. And from the author’s accounts, her grandma was just that, a recluse. It was actually the author who pieced the stories of her grandma’s youth together with her very secretive life in the Philippines and the image of Anastacia.
      I do wish it was her… That’ll be quite a story. 

  • lilybugan

    maniniwala ako na descendant siya ni anastasia kung maglalaro siya ng tennis. kung kasing galing siya ni sharapova totoo nga siya

  • http://twitter.com/jesuy Jesamine Uy

    If Lola Tasia has a stroy to tell.. Let them be heard. People now a days put malice in every story they hear. If there is a need for them to prove that she is indeed Anastasia Romonov, a DNA test can be quickly done. If they just wish to know their linage and know their roots without claiming Russia’s throne. Then let her story be just that. Caty saying that Lola Tasia is THE Anastasia doesnt mean she’s after the crown.

  • http://twitter.com/KramLass Kram Lass

    Sana lang, hindi tu kwentong kutsero Ms. Peterson!

  • tuldok

    JoeRizal, NY_Pinoy,Gabrielle, Sprint_Netms, buti pa kayo…natrace nyo lineage nyo. kakainggit.  Ako naman – still trying to figure out who I am.   Not even sure of my gender.. Pa’no ba yan? :) :)

    • bahaykubo1015

      Mas exciting nga yan tuldok di ba??? pwede ka pang pumuli kong anong gender ang gusto mo…Have a nice day, evening, good night to you, depending on which country you are in now.

  • http://twitter.com/KramLass Kram Lass

    If it can be proven true that indeed her lola tasia was the anastasia of kremlin, this would make history-albeit, with a very slim chance.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OHOD5EA75DBBUH53UKLRXRK764 Mang Teban

    Although the two photographs have a striking resemblance, the circumstances of the events that took place in Russia and that of the exodus to the Philippines have to jibe somehow.

    It is an interesting story that needs the open minds of readers. Sadly, the comments of some show the very nature of their character…another typical bad, bad Filipino trait – to make fun of others at the expense of one who is trying to piece together a puzzle in their family’s past. As we say in Tagalog – “kung ayaw mo, wag mo.”

    Why don’t do they just say that they do not believe the story? Why is there a need to humor the story teller?

    In my case, I am expecting a good story that is worth reading the second installment of it. I learn this way from the experiences of others and whose experiences inspire me and guide me on many things about the world around us.


    • lain madrigal

       Tama. Puro negative na lang. Tapos Puro din reklamo kung bakit ganun buhay nila. Why don’t these guys appreciate her story and kung hindi totoo then thats it. No harm done, what I really like about this articele is the courage of the author

      • bugaboomang

        tama ka na, lain! ikaw nga ang nagsabing “coz lolo pelayo was a playah!!” nautot nga ako sa katatawa, ah!

  • Zorkikat

    This is a very charming story…  

    The Romanovs were afflicted with a severe form of Haemophilia (a condition that leads to poor blood clotting). The women (the Tsarina and the grand Duchesses, including Anastasiya Nikolayevna) would have transmitted this affliction to their descendants. If the author or her siblings or cousins encounter this condition, this could be one way of establishing the connection.

    • palaigit

      its a long shot, even if they had hemophilia it would not connect or prove anything conclusively, again its just plain DNA..

    • albert13

      another proof is that anastacia has a disability in one of her foot. the author has not mentioned about that disability.

      • Jamie Javier

        maybe the author might mention it in the second part. :) 

        To all: I think we should withhold our judgments first until the entire story is finished. It’s very foolish to make conclusions on something that isn’t even finished. Sabi nga ng author, “keep an open mind”. For all we know, there might be more mysteries and secrets surrounding the life of Anastasia. Truth is relative and is bound to change over time. 

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/X33UMIFAKE5KJFO4SYBCW76JEM Kath

        Anastacia also had her tonsils taken out. 

      • albert13

        thanks kath, according to wikepedia may bunions sa big toes ng paa ni anastacia.

  • lumpiangshanghai

    This Gossip is baseless and Emily needs something to write about.  I have a tip for you Emily, THE EARTH IS FLAT. Write something about this and your editor will put this news on the headline.  Can you write somethis that is news worthy. GOSH!

    • http://twitter.com/Skvyrene Vina Tesoro

      It seems that envy surrounds your personality because Emily has the so called scoop, you know it? How about if it was discovered to be true?Shut your trap! 

    • albert13

      maybe she can write about you and how you used lumpiang shanghai for your own selfish self interests. leave the author to her own fantasy and imagination alone if that is what you want it to be. make your own gossip as being the grandchild of the wife of the french monarchy who  was killed by her own people.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MEYMOTY46Z45APAM3R76AFOXVU Djhupp

    In 1991, the bodies of Nicholas II and his wife, along with three of their five children and four of their servants, were exhumed (although some questioned the authenticity of these bones despite DNA testing). Because two bodies were not present, many people believed that two Romanov children escaped the killings. There was much debate as to which two children’s bodies were missing. A Russian scientist made photographic superimpositions and determined that Marie and Alexei were not accounted for. Later, an American scientist concluded from dental, vertebral, and other remnants that it was Anastasia and Alexei who were missing. Much mystery surrounded Anastasia’s fate. Several films have been produced suggesting that she lived on.
    After the bodies were exhumed in June 1991, they sat in laboratories until 1998, while there was a debate as to whether they should be reburied in Yekaterinburg or St. Petersburg. A commission eventually chose St. Petersburg, so they (along with several loyal servants who died with them) were interred in a special chapel in the Peter and Paul Cathedral near the tombs of their ancestors.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/K2B7LI3JSKHATUAA6N4IOQP2X4 Estenieta

    READING THE STORY , I do believe the truthfulness  of the author. She is telling a story of her grandma  not to claim  AND PROCLAIM ANY ROYAL BLOOD but a true and honest to goodness
    trace up of her lineage. Kudos to those  like her  who  are looking into her roots.More power to you. My  heart goes to your grandmother .It is not easy to be orphaned and away from your love ones.

  • robertcarino

    nonsense.  they’ve found anastasia’s remains not far from the main crime scene several years ago.  confirmed through DNA analysis.

  • http://twitter.com/Love_ly_nez silent_observer

    where is part two??

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HCDTRQN4PR574ALJBMNL4CZGPA VIRGILIO

    Lumpia shanghai, you are just like a lumpia from its origin in China who bullies Filipinos now. What you are doing is bullying. Who are you to judge!  You are disgusting!

  • D L

    It is very sad story, first of all being a native Russian speaker I would discard this naive phantasy as nonsense, instead of forcing her into marriage her foster family was supposed to inform the Soviet consulate, she was clearly taken advantage of and she tried to resist until the end by refusing to marry, she was also clearly delusional towards the end of her life.

    It is/was very uncommon in Russia to bear 9 children, and was unheard of in the bourgeoisie class she likely belonged to, it was quite a shock for her to tolerate living in the Philippines in those times.

    The story belongs to a kind of shameful dark family secrets which shouldn’t be revealed in public.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DBOO7W3CHG4SS6LZKQYEJYMEZA Phil

    Write a book about it and I will definitely buy 1

    The title can be “How The Czar’s youngest daughter, the Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov  escaped Russia and lived in the Philippines”

  • yousef

    if the NatGeo would be interested in this story and do their own research/investigation it would help clarify whatever their findings would be! 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VFXPGKJI3BAN7EVABPMFAL42OA Issa

    perhaps what bugs me is the title of this article. how can her grandmama be anastasia if it had already been proven that she did die along with the rest of the family? there is zero possibility of grandmama being anastasia. i hate when articles have misleading titles like that.

    i love the story, and i feel like i’m joining them in the journey of trying to find out the truth. and i also would love to know more about what they were feeling as they were starting to wonder if grandmama could really be anastasia. but this is an article published in the PDI, can the title at least be improved?? it sounds like a news item that would/should include evidence in support of the possibility of grandmama being anastasia… and they shouldn’t claim anything (or the possibility of anything) that has already been proven otherwise.

    • Demuel Bendano

       Post your link that Anastasia Romanov’s body has been located and DNA test verified that indeed it’s her grave. If you don’t have, do some googling.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/JDMSKDJ5KM6M34N6W5EB7QNKLY Jake

        Still at it, google boy?

      • AkoSiLayla

        you are so cynical. let’s suspend our disbelief and be entertained with the possibility that Anastacia survived and lived the life of this woman’s grandmama. In Cebuano, I’d say: tu-o nalang para lingaw. Hehe :D 

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/VFXPGKJI3BAN7EVABPMFAL42OA Issa

        Sana nagsulat nalang sila ng fictional story, a book or a movie. Kesa ipresent sa Inquirer front page as if may possibility talaga!!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/VFXPGKJI3BAN7EVABPMFAL42OA Issa

        I believe many people have done that on this article’s comments section — and yet ayaw mo magpaconvince. Gusto mo ata kasing multuhin ka pa ni Anastasia :) Maraming sources na pinresent/minention dito (like documentaries, books and articles that can be found online) ay reputable — much more than you are, for sure. Inaral nila yan and mas expert sila kesa sayo or sa akin sooooo di ko alam bakit ayaw mo maniwala haha. Nakakatawa comments mo. Mas nakakaentertain pa ata kesa sa mismong article :)

    • Nicole Kyla Delfin

       Haven’t you read the title, Issa? It says that “Filipino’s grandmama COULD be Russia’s Anastasia” not “Filipino’s grandmama IS Russia’s Anastasia. Could is used when expressing possibility and suggestions.

      This is quite interesting and thrilling. Much study and confirmation still has to be done.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/JDMSKDJ5KM6M34N6W5EB7QNKLY Jake

        Hello! Hindi nga pwedeng COULD, kasi patay na, di ba? And if one is dead, one is dead, right? Sabi nga sa The Crow, “there ain’t no coming back.”

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/VFXPGKJI3BAN7EVABPMFAL42OA Issa

        jake got it right, nicole. there is no COULD — all the remains of the romanov family had been found so there is absolutely NO possibility that grandmama is anastasia. if there was any possibility left then they can say “could” but there is NONE.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YN4GHCMAO22DHQEZAH6ZDVZ6YQ Blinkx

    But the mystery has already been solved in 2008. They have already found Anastacia’s remains and has identified her via DNA testing using the latest technology. You should watch NatGeo’s documentary about it author lady. Filmed long before this.

    Interesting story though. Never knew that some Pinoys also had Russian ancestry.

    • Shadows1

       I have a friend who’s father was a Russian KGB but who is now a businessman back in Russia. Her mother is a Filipina who was born inside a jail as both of my friend’s godparents are “communists” back then.

  • Charles Factor


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FPGLAYFLIRUSI2NAEG3Q5E6PGU R

    Oh…goodie, Caty’s photograph.  Well, it looks like there isn’t very much Russian left in her. Still, Caty is an attractive woman.

    Wait….what is that at the end of the chain around her neck?  Could it be Rasputin’s mythical Eye of the Tiger Stone!

  • alpha3

    i’m waiting for the second part of the story…Ka Oryang

  • SummerRoberts

    It is true that a second grave was discovered in 2007. However, only Alexei’s remains were proven conclusively. The other remains could be that of one of the two sisters, Maria or Anastasia. But as to which one, it was never confirmed. Below is part of the report of the DNA testing done (http://www.plosone.org/article/info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0004838):

    It should be mentioned that a well publicized debate over which
    daughter, Maria (according to Russian experts) or Anastasia (according
    to US experts), has been recovered from the second grave cannot be
    settled based upon the DNA results reported here. In the absence of a
    DNA reference from each sister, we can only conclusively identify Alexei
    – the only son of Nicholas and Alexandra.

    So yes, this story is possible.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YN4GHCMAO22DHQEZAH6ZDVZ6YQ Blinkx

      Nope you’re missing the point there. Even though they couldn’t identify Anastacia and Maria’s bodies, the fact that DNA testing has already shown that all FIVE were related to each other. These includes the TWO unknown bodies possibly of Anastacia and Maria.

      They do not need to know who is who because either way they have all been found

      • Demuel Bendano

         Post the link as evidence of your claim. If you don’t have one, then your argument is good as plain hearsay plus as well as irrelevant and immaterial.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/CYYQ5KBL5PIZBAWM3N7VHROPYA Luigi Bustamante


      • http://profile.yahoo.com/LWT3S3C66MJ4JPRBEPGDDMXBRI Ashley Mahiwaga

        try refuting the claim then :) try watching documentaries. you’ll know what they’re talking about. waiting for evidence to be linked here is like waiting for food to be brought to your table at a buffet. you cannot just say that an argument is irrelevant if you yourself have no knowledge of said evidence. be a mindful reader. matterload please

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/JDMSKDJ5KM6M34N6W5EB7QNKLY Jake

        Hearsay, my foot! You are the one relying on hearsay! If you cannot google it, then it does not exist, right? Kawawa ka naman. Pati mga matitinong entries dito, dinadamay mo sa kamangmangan mo. 

      • EFL

        Might be worth perusing: http://www.plosone.org/article/info:doi/10.1371/journal.pone.0004838

        In 1994, it was reported that 5 of the 7 members of the royal family have been recovered from the first mass grave dug (1991): “… Nuclear DNA testing of five STR markers confirmed the sex of the skeletons and established a familial relationship among the remains of the Tsar, the Tsarina and three of their daughters recovered from the grave.” Reference: http://www.nature.com/ng/journal/v6/n2/abs/ng0294-130.html

        From here, only two have of the five children have not been accounted for: Alexei and the other sister (either Maria or Anastasia). 
        “The identity of the missing princess was the source of a high profile disagreement between Russian and US forensic anthropologists: the Russians were convinced that Maria was missing from the mass grave, while the American experts believed that Anastasia was missing.” Reference:  Massie RK (1995) The Romanovs: The Final Chapter. New York: Random House.

        Then in 2007, second mass grave was found.

        Then in 2009: “We report forensic DNA testing on the remains discovered in 2007 using mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), autosomal STR, and Y- STR testing. Combined with additional DNA testing of material from the 1991 grave, we have virtually irrefutable evidence that the two individuals recovered from the 2007 grave are the two missing children of the Romanov family: the Tsarevich Alexei and one of his sisters.”

        Romanov children mystery solved: “We also present the results of a new analysis of the remains from the first mass grave attributed to Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra, Olga, Tatiana and a third daughter who could be either Anastasia or Maria. The DNA analysis of all three genetic systems confirms that the samples tested from the second grave are one female and one male child of Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra, solving the mystery of the missing Romanov children.”

        Again, here’s the link to the 2009 journal paper, complete with the methods, results, and discussion: http://www.plosone.org/article/info:doi/10.1371/journal.pone.0004838

  • alpha3

    Interesting story…I’m waiting for the second part…

  • buddymigs

    I like the story! 

    What if…. they only said that Anastasia was dead based on supposedly “true” DNA tests to hide her and her bloodline from whoever is still running after her (to eliminate any trace of Tsar Nicholas II’s)?

    I’m sure someone from Kremlin will be interested with this story. What’s 70k Russian rubles (100,000 Philippine pesos = 70,891.6506 Russian rubles) for proving or disproving the story?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SG6YTK6TRVW2VTZXAQGWXMQFMM Sheryll

    This is sooo cool!!! :D

  • palaigit

    part 2 would be all the more evidence linking lola puti to her ever so closely linked lineage to the extinct romanov line and etc…
    a part 3 would be better, Caty and any of her elders would have oral swabs as samples for DNA and if by a godly miracle the british, swis or spanish royals would also allow their oral swabs for DNA samples to finally put the final nail to this story. the only left living descendants of queen victoria, the grandmother of czar nicolas, father of anastasia are now the current royalties of the said countries, no other proof would contest that….

    • Demuel Bendano

       The Romanov bloodlines were not extinct. Fact of matter is, Prince Philip of Great Britain is their known relatives.

      • palaigit

        uhm your kinda wrong, the family’s lineage based on european customs is mainly based on the patriarchal line and the female descent counts for less, except for british royalty like queen elizabeth I, elizabeth II and queen victoria where it was more of matriarchal dominated or as long as it follows the blood line. the fact that the family name is not used anymore means its non existent…yes i know about their relatives, elizabeth II and the windsor house are their relatives, the bulgarian, spanish and i think there are 4 more other royalties that are related to the romanovs, but the pure romanov blood line of the late czar is lost with the death of the youngest alexei…

      • palaigit

        besides, he does not call the shots, rather its queen elizabeth II and her bloodline that will matter, the house of windsor, only recenty did they added mountbatten as also the family names of their descendants but nonetheless its elizabeth’s blood line that is followed, not phillip’s…

  • http://twitter.com/Skvyrene Vina Tesoro

    I really love this story <3

    Please keep your bad comments to yourself!! 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/U2M4QIV6IMYW6LHEW2VHW436OY my2cents

    interesting story, but i am more interested with lola puti’s love story with lolo pelayo. why not get married even after having 9 children? 

    • lain madrigal

       Coz lolo pelay is is a playah!

    • zdrx

       what do you expect from a lady… hounded by her traumatic and bloody past?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VB5VE7COUEVO4B3MKCFLEDDTDM Aaabb

      Probably for the reason that Royalty cannot marry commoners??

  • http://twitter.com/mydesignpod mydesignpod

    I’ll give the author the benefit of the doubt. The Romanov’s bodies have all been accounted for through DNA testing. Maybe her grandmother were one the other Romanovs but not Nicholas and Alexandra’s heir.

    • Demuel Bendano

       I am disagreeing with you. There was no conclusive evidence in whatever form which prove that the body of Anastasia Romanov has been identified thru irrefutable DNA testing. Should you insist, link your evidence here.

      • bibing2011

         This Filipino grandmama could be the Russia’s Anastasia!To hide her true identity, she used the name  Anastasia Zakharyina, instead of Romanov.

        Romanov’s family split into two branches: Zakharin-Yakovlev and Zakharin-Yuriev.To hide her identity more, she used the name Anastasia Khazaryina, by interchanging the first and second syllable of Zakharyina.

        “Khazaryina”, or Хазарина, sounds “Kazzuhina” in Russian.

        Hope this helps.

      • Zorkikat

        Интересно!:) If only we can see how “Kazzuhina” was spelled in Cyrillic. 

      • politics201138

        Interesting analysis!

      • heresmyopinion

        Mydesignpod is correct. Tsar Nicholas, his wife Alexandra, ALL of their children including Anastasia and Nicholas, together with four of their staff were executed. Their remains are in the Peter and Paul Fortress in St Petersburg. There have been numerous women claiming to be the daughter Anastasia because her remains and that of the son Nicholas was not found together with the other family members. All of those who claimed to be Anastasia at one point or another have been proven false when the remains of the 2 “missing” Romanov family were found and identified thru “irrefutable DNA testing.” You should be able to find information on the internet about this if you bothered to search for information. Be sure to look for data after 2008 when the bodies were all identified via DNA. If I am not mistaken, the 2 remains that were separated from the rest (the purpose was supposedly to confuse those who discover the initial burial spot) were those of Maria and Nicholas not Anastasia and Nicholas.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/JDMSKDJ5KM6M34N6W5EB7QNKLY Jake

        You are hopeless, google boy!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VWOWTILIHHYZEOSFI7NGK7AWG4 smb

    wow….. this is amazing story….Where I can buy a copy of her book. I don’t care if the story is true or not. The author is great!!!!! The narration of the story is fantastic.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LW4YJRMZODOB2VT5K4OE2FVFOE Padma

    there are still remaining members of the Romanov clan. DNA testing is the key.

  • EmilyFerrer

    This is magical. <3

  • http://twitter.com/Love_ly_nez silent_observer

    For now I find this highly entertaining. Romanov or not, doesn’ matter. I look forward to read more about Lola Tasia’s early life in Philipplines. Must have been very challenging for any foreigner, and in this case a Russian which is rare. Also, did she learn to speak our language Tagalog?    

  • doublecross

    try it…never lost hope.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KSTCNEH4AZBNLZWJAHJ76FN6RQ Sheldon Blanc

    I want to read the next one already!! :D

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3ADNQJ4WUT4GLEMGJQYFJ2EK44 Marc Jazer Esguerra

    Our whole lives could be lies!

  • http://twitter.com/gerryrvitangcol gerry

    Her possible survival has been conclusively disproven. In January 2008, Russian scientists announced that the charred remains of a young boy and a young woman found near Ekaterinburg in August 2007 were most likely those of the thirteen-year-old Tsarevich and one of the four Romanov grand duchesses. Russian forensic scientists confirmed on April 30, 2008, that the remains were those of the Tsarevich Alexei and one of his four sisters.[1] In March 2009 the final results of the DNA testing were published by Dr. Michael Coble of the US Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory, proving conclusively that the remains of all four Grand Duchesses have now been accounted for, and no one escaped
    “wikipedia” re:anastacia romanov

    • Marcos5

      Wiki and Russian ccp party are known to cook up things.  I would not use them as my reference.

    • RicardoIsmael

      Wikipedia isn’t a dependable, or may I say reliable, source of information as anyone can edit the entries. Not that I’m saying the said story is true, but depending on Wikipedia as a source of info isn’t exactly a bright idea.

  • Zorkikat

    Интересно!:) If only we can see how “Kazzuhina” was spelled in Cyrillic.

  • Cattleya Querubin

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2RVERYUPGBL4EHNMB2QNIQTFS4 Boying

    wake up girl

  • http://twitter.com/49916140 Mirabelle Dorcas

    very enchanting, enthralling, captivating… can’t wait for the second part! though skeptical ako sa truthfulness…

  • Zorkikat

    Regardless of whether its true or not, it’s a very moving story. Another twist to the Anastasiya legend. All that have been written  (including one animated full length feature) were basically romantic tales. This one has an unlikely Asian twist, something which will fit the “alternative history” genre.

    • Demuel Bendano

       It cannot be a twist but probably a shock. Philippine history books doesn’t tell us in schools about the two waves of Russian dissidents migration in Philippine during the 1920s and the 1940s. I am not saying that this story is true or is false but the connection of her maternal grandmother’s arrival in Philippines likely happen.

      If I can recall, her paternal grandfather Lope Pelayo was a close friend of  Antonio Villegas, a mayor of Manila during the early 60s. So there was really a wedding that took place sometime in 1964 but the couple has been living together for 40 years. In the most likelihood,  a marriage certificate does probably exist in NSO.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy


  • robertcarino

    despite conclusive evidence that remains of all tsarist entities have been accounted for (using modern technology), many people will still believe this fantasy for different reasons: some as compensation for low self-esteem, and some for financial interests.  it’s human psychology.  this story will rank up there with the yamashita gold and the maltese falcon tales.  as sam spade said, “it’s the stuff that dreams are made of”.

    • Demuel Bendano

       Where did you get your facts? There is only one member of the Romanov royal family member that is still a mystery and that of Anastasia. Her body was never been found and the latest DNA test in 2008-2009 doesn’t put closure to the myth since it’s not peer reviewed and verified as the irrefutable truth.

      Whereas, this story can be true or not. Also, the posting of pictures can be a strong evidence that this is serious business.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JDMSKDJ5KM6M34N6W5EB7QNKLY Jake

    Emily and Caty, you must think this is the Philippine Enquirer. So, what’s next? That Elvis is somewhere in Metro Manila, operating a karaoke joint? Ginagawa naman ninyong tanga ang mga Filipino. You have so little respect for the intelligence of your readers!

    • Demuel Bendano


      It can be proven that there were once two waves of Russian “white army” supporters and dissidents that arrived on Philippine soil. First was in 1922 from Vladivostok with Vice-Admiral Stark ships that landed in Manila Bay. Second was in 1949 from mainland china with their temporary shelter in Tubabao Island, Samar when the communist seized power. What I am trying to stress out here is the linkage of her maternal grandmother and those Russian refugees which is consistent with known verifiable facts.

      Your Elvis crap is out of touch with this story and never close to being an analogy. And the word Filipino just refer to one person, which is obviously you, of Philippine birth which doubted this plus it doesn’t reflect the whole bunch of Filipinos views – me and the rest.

      Find yourself being useful and throw your garbage to the Chinese.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/JDMSKDJ5KM6M34N6W5EB7QNKLY Jake

        Wow, Demuel, humahataw ka pa rin! May na-google ka na naman, ano? Yong mga pinagpipilit mo na mga Russians na dumating sa Pilipinas, wala namang problema diyan, e. Di ba sinabi ko pa nga na kasama ang mga magulang ni Ronald Remy (and most likely Nanette Medved) sa kanila. Wala namang relasyon yong pagdating nila at yong pagiging Anastasia ng lola ni Caty. Dahil may mga Ruso na dumating, e, Anastasia na yong lola ni Caty?

        At saka yong gamit ko ng Filipino, may kasamang MGA, di ba? Mga Filipino? Plural? Pero, wala sa google yan, kaya hindi mo alam. Kawawa ka naman talaga, oo!

        At saka yong kay Elvis, hindi crap yan. Naunang namatay si Anastasia, pero buhay pa? E, di lalo na si Elvis. Hintayin mo na lang yong susunod na article sa Philippine Enquirer.

      • Demuel Bendano

         Still, you haven’t provide links as evidence. Produce one that I can have something worthwhile to read. Articles that google produce can be true or false but at least there is something to compare.

        The arrival of Russian dissidents in Philippine soil just provide more evidence to the story. It doesn’t necessarily conclude that Caty’s mother was Anastasia Romanov.

      • http://twitter.com/avchan_ Alaina Victoria

        Just leave him alone.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AOKOZS6STCAQGFYWSKENC7Y4KU lance g

        cool ka lang… benefit of the dought muna.. alam ko babasahin mo din ung continuation nito bukas… pustahan pa tau e hehehehe….

    • lain madrigal

       This is an example of a hater with a negative thought process resulting a stupid comment.

    • NYPinoy

       I agree with Jake, although Jake hammered it a bit too hard.  I think a respectable journalist, as Emily should be, should have just packaged this as a Pinoy family looking for its Russian roots.  A lonely grandmother longing for her homeland, her bold adaptation to a new homeland eased by finding a new love.  A mixed-blood family wishing to meet Russian relatives… Somewhere in the farmland of Kazahkstan or in ordinary neighborhoods of St. Petersburg are relatives who would be equally overjoyed… An unlikely connection between an Asian US colony and Russia during the Russian Revolution.   All those make a great historical, human-interest story.  Why didn’t you, Emily?

      Instead, we are treated with yet another Anastasia, with walls encrusted with jewels and carriages pulled by six white horses.  We were not intrigued anymore.  Our intelligence was insulted with yet another Anastasia story.  We are also saddened by a story of a lonely, slightly deluded stranger with a tragic past.  I sympathize with the Russian grandmother, but I blame Emily and Caty for exposing her private delusions and loneliness to shame.   

      • Demuel Bendano

        Your so called intelligence might be insulted in this story but you just ridiculed your own “alleged” intelligence because you are commenting this so called fabricated or can be construed as unlikely true story. If you are with your sane mind, then you should refrained from making comments. And I have a suggestion for yourself to be useful, throw your rant and garbage to the Chinese.

        Why am I commenting here? Well, I was surprised that the Philippines was a kind country welcoming these Russian dissidents in our soil. This was not written in history books and it is indeed a breath of fresh air.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E2V7QUMFK3JR7GWHPUF7MNVIJQ Kudi

      you’re the one who has no respect for our intelligence. you only think you’re smart but thruth is you post from your ars e instead of your brain. your bubble is so tiny weeny that there’s no room for a neuron to grow as shown by your post. a nitwit like you does not decide whether this story is true or not. it’s up to the readers. so it’s none of your da mn business if i believe it or not.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/JDMSKDJ5KM6M34N6W5EB7QNKLY Jake

        You have a right to remain ignorant, Kudi, I grant you that. Sorry for complaining about a story based on illusions, fantasies, and lies. Actually, hindi naman bago iyan sa Inquirer, e.

    • Reezey

      I don’t understand the need for negativism. Your construed arguments are full of fallacies and are based on personal biases. 

      I think, out of the entirety, ikaw lang ang naginsinuate na ginagawang ‘tanga’ ang mga Filipino. Calm down, pare. 

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/JDMSKDJ5KM6M34N6W5EB7QNKLY Jake

        Reezey, binubuhay yong matagal ng patay, ano ang tawag mo doon? The issue of  Anastasia has been settled years ago. If you are a responsible journalist, you should at least research your data before you write it. This is a cock-and-bull story, that should be read only by Marines. Bakit hindi mo basahin yong mga naunang threads para malaman mo kung ano ang sentimiyento ng ibang mga nakabasa nito? This story is just taking advantage of the ignorance and gullibility of people. Wake up, kid, you are being taken for a ride!

  • alexfrommactan

    I hope the author will conclusively trace her grandmamas roots, Anatasia or not. It looks like shes in an incredible journey. Not knowing your roots is like being an orphan.

  • dcrzmae

    I’m curious about what her grandmama’s reactions were on the Disney movie Anastasia.

    • jesspinosa

       Readers commenting on this article are probably too young to know that in 1956, Ingrid Bergman, that great Swedish actress, made an excellent movie called “Anastasia” with Yul Brynner and Helen Hayes.  If I am not mistaken, it won the Oscar Best Picture.  It is available on DVD and probably in your local library.  The Disney version is mainly for children.

      • Demuel Bendano

         What the heck. Are you selling DVDs?

  • http://twitter.com/mackisip Mickey Isip

    I don’t think the real issue here is whether the author’s grandmother is indeed Anastasia. I believe it’s more of finding one’s roots and reliving the precious memories she had with her dear grandmother. It’s a tale of curiosity, of finally identifying one’s roots. I hope the author finds what she’s looking for! I can’t wait to read what’s next! :)

  • rey umadhay

    what if the grandchildren should take DNA tests. and compare to some of Europe’s royal families.. the Romanovs are biologically related to the kings of some European countries. 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy

      Related to Kings of United Kingdom

  • rey umadhay

    they have the issue, i guess it is their responsibility to conclusively gave facts, like give DNA samples, the Romanovs end tragically and its quite sad if people would just stroke their imaginary paintbrushes on the sad canvass. you gave the story, you shocked the world, now gave conclusive evidence like DNA..

  • keyblades

    ang alam lang ng mga tao d2 yung disney na anastasia pero hindi nila alam ang 22o story.. grandma nya tasia wala balita sa kanya at wala nakakaalam kung buhay pa sya sa bansa nila. nanganganib yung buhay nya kaya siguro nag migrate sya. posible totoo yung blog

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/XNVHFPNMANSKIOGSVMRA4SN6TU Anna

      …..Disney didn’t make Anastasia…..nor Anastasia wasn’t a Disney princess…..lol :)) just saying :)) peace bro

      • keyblades

        i know. i didnt say they making the original story. they remake but the story is not the same as the true story. shungaaa

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        Anna wrote, in response to keyblades:
        …..Disney didn’t make Anastasia…..nor Anastasia wasn’t a Disney princess…..lol :)) just saying :)) peace bro Link to comment

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AWY7EE52ZLWHPRRH65YK23DCTE A

    Rubbish story, coming from a lazy journalist who is also a fantacist! Inquirer editors, please check your facts before publishing such a ridiculous column.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RUGSHPOR4XCD577XI4BL7MOQRY SANTO

    The story is nice diversion from our usual news……………………

    well it is worth pondering the possibilities, but the most important of all. Either she is the real Anastasia or not, she enjoys the life here in the Philippines (i think) and settled and have family here even though she is from another country. Her life is not a waste but a sign of strong willed woman who defy all odds and survive and experience the joys of life to the fullest…………

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OFKP2H7372EQOMPUVL77BBFKEQ Alain James

    Interf*cking Interesting!

  • NYPinoy

     Great!  You hide an identity by keeping the original first name — Anastasia.

    She should have renamed herself Imelda or Corazon.  It would be harder for the Bolsheviks to find her that way.

    • http://twitter.com/missuchinkyeyes Krizza Justo

      She actually used the name Tasia as to what I have read in the passage.

  • angelyn nodalo

    “In July 2007, 46-year-old builder Sergei Pogorelov (part of a team from an amateur history group who spent free summer weekends looking for the lost Romanovs) said that after stumbling on a small burned area of ground covered with nettles near Yekaterinburg he had discovered bones that belonged to “a boy and a young woman roughly the ages of Nicholas’ 13-year-old hemophiliac son, Alexei, and a daughter whose remains also never have been found.”

    March 2009, results of the DNA testing were published, confirming that the two bodies discovered in 2007 were those of Alexei and his sister Maria.

    • Demuel Bendano

       So Anastasia is still unaccounted.

  • http://twitter.com/missuchinkyeyes Krizza Justo

    I’ve always been enthralled with the story of the last Romanovs. I actually bought a book about them and so far, best book I’ve read ever. And this passage from PDI, is really convincing that this grandmama of hers is Grand Duchess Anastasia which may have escaped from the Bolsheviks bloody plot of their lives. I’m 50% convinced and the only way to convince me 100% is, “Does this Grandmama Tasia have sons who has the royal disease?”, coz if she have, then I’ll believe this story. Cant wait for the second part of this! ☺

    • Reezey

      I was thinking of the exact same thing! If there are descendants who have inherited the hemophillic gene, then that just amplifies the chance of this being real. =) 

      • http://twitter.com/missuchinkyeyes Krizza Justo

        Exactly! Maybe in the second part she’ll mention something about hemophilia. =)

    • http://twitter.com/DuchessClaudine Claudine Cavendish

      Hey there! May I know the title of the book and its author? I’ve been going through thrift shops where I might find something that fills me in about the Romanovs or any curiosities from the past, in relation to the Western Civilization. This is a find! 

      • http://twitter.com/missuchinkyeyes Krizza Justo

        Yeah sure! It’s “The Curse of the Romanovs” by Staton Rabin. I bought it at a booksale in our place at a very cheap price. But all in all, ’twas a very good book.

  • http://twitter.com/fillibres Fi Libres

    I can’t wait to read the tomorrow’s… “Living with my grandmother’s past and beyond”

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy

       Part 2 will come out today  SUNDAY USA MORNING TIME

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/D6CJHS4P6Z5UNWK5TM6U3EWJOU Jane

    In 2007, they found a small grave not far from where the Tsar and Tsarina Romanovs remains were buried.  They had done tests on these remains  namely; mitochondrial DNA testing, autosomal STR and Y-STR tests so as to establish the identities of these two remains. WELLA what do you know? The tests showed a 100% match with those of the Tsarina’s DNA. Here’s another EUREKA moment–the remains were those  of ALEXEI and ANASTASIA. For goodness sake–do your research before you publish stories like this. This type of story is just indulging some unknown person’s fantasies. 

    • Demuel Bendano

       Links?  Otherwise what your saying is just another hearsay.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/436S7KGFH4NVZJTK4XCUKJZKXM arnel

        I thought it’s Maria who was found together with Alexei?

      • jane0390

        Have you ever watched Mystery of the Romanovs from NatGeo? That answer Jane posted must’ve come from that documentary. The mystery was solved already according to the documentary. But in the end, it’s up to us viewers if we want to believe in the facts the documentary has presented or not. In a way, I kind of feel sorry for Grandma Tasia. The person responsible for this article or that Caty Petersen lady is like the next Anna Anderson minus the crazy. You do know that throughout the years after the Bolshevik Revolution, many Europeans have claimed to be the Romanov princess possibly for the purpose of inheriting the riches or to gain the attention of the world which is a downright insult to the Imperial family.

      • mark ang

        Ito na ang link.  Kulit eh, nakapost na sa taas

    • Lei Z. Buffler

       I think a group of scientists contested this. The remains found  were determined to be that of Alexei and Alexei’s sister. It could not be concluded based on DNA analysis alone that it was indeed Anastacia’s remains that were found alongside her brother’s because there was no DNA to reference it to. It’s still up for debate as to whether or not it was Maria’s or Anastacia’s remains that were discovered with Alexei’s. But this is not to say I believe that the author is really the granddaughter of the late Duchess Anastacia. I think her grandmama and Anastacia look very different. Anastacia’s features are more refined. They don’t look anything alike. (just look at the eye brows  and eyes)

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LIAI3J4PISMOGFVMB4PLRZIMOI str8boy

         ’there was no DNA to reference it to’??????? susmaryosep, basahin mo kaya yung journal article tungkol dito.

      • http://twitter.com/mydesignpod mydesignpod

        It’s mitochondrial DNA testing done on the first and second burial sites found. Meaning to say, it was  definitely Tsarina’s and Nicholas’ 4 daughters and son who were buried in the two burial sites. Not their cousin, aunt, or relative.  So all the Romanov direct heirs have been accounted for. The only reason they can’t tell which is Maria and Anastasia is because of the skeletal structure is close since their age gap is only two years old but the irrefutable DNA shows all the 4 sisters were the Romanovs.

    • histobiochem

      We also discussed a journal about the tests done on the two bodies. And yeah, these tests were able to identify high match. 

      A simple DNA Test can prove her claim. :)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AOKOZS6STCAQGFYWSKENC7Y4KU lance g

    WOW!!!!! Excellent!!!! this is the best story I’ve read so far n in the History of Inquirer!…. I’m exited for the continuation of this story!..A very nice diversion from news on politics and China vs Philippines stand-off but in connection i guess Russia will side with the Philippines no for safe keeping their Queen for DECADES and married to a FILIPINO with a filipino family of her own.. GREAAAATTTT!…

  • rjgc

    Did Caty and siblings and cousins ever not suspect that Lola was a Romanov princess. Parang up until Caty went to Russia siya lang ang hindi nai-intriga tungkol kay Princess Anastacia. There would have been rumors in their neighborhood and suspicion within the family based on what Lola had been telling or hinting. Kahit si Mayor Villegas would have suspected. Wala man lang ba nagtaka ni isa sa mga contemporaries or neighbors nila? Come on, the whole world has been looking for Anastacia.

  • Chekwa

    Maybe they just really look alike and she happened to belong to a rich family in Russia as well. Maybe her family in Russia was also hunted by the communists at that time so she was also very secretive of her background.

  • mike

    parang telenovela news! kung ano man meron ang nagpapagana lang sakin sa balitang to ay kung totoo nga ba ang balita?

  • Tenjenao

    The title of this article just mislead people from the REAL purpose. And that is to find the roots of this Catherine person.. Whatever the result maybe, I wish her the best.

  • Kristian Wang

    Not all humans speak the truth, past or present. June 18, 1901

  • trewthe_rhydd

    interesting story… though there are a lot of “heated” comments.., chill people.. yes, this is a perfect avenue to voice out each and every one of our opinions but let’s just not get nasty.,

    PDI editors should have carefully chosen their article title.. it is what actually draws people’s attention.. this article could have been about  ”tracing back history” of some sort, finding out your roots… but somehow the title gave some people the notion that Caty has some ulterior motives..

  • jane0390


  • trewthe_rhydd

    there is still a part 2 ryt? so maybe…. the catching title is just an attempt by PDI to lure more readers.. anyway, until this article draws its conclusion, we can never say if Caty IS indeed claiming to be a Romanov., benefit of the doubt to the person in question.. :)

  • mike

    baka may alam si Gus Abelgas dito. abangan sa SOCO! lol

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CCZAMS6DW6TTBBE6YXMPOLYKYI Luis

    The two comparative pictures alone give this story a compelling evidence for further investigation on the matter. Add to that the accompanying narrative and the whole package becomes more convincing.
    On the lighter side should this story turn out to be true, it would be interesting to see the reaction of the Russians when they discover that the only direct heirs of the Tzar could be Filipino citizens.
    It would also be mind boggling if these heirs are restored to the throne similar to the British monarchy. Imagine what would be China’s reaction when they realize that their giant neighbor could now have very close ties with the Philippines. That would really make it more fun for Filipinos.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LIAI3J4PISMOGFVMB4PLRZIMOI str8boy

      paano magiging true eh 2008 pa closed ang kaso na ito?? na-identify na via DNA lahat ng anak…masyadong maraming delusional

      • Demuel Bendano

         You are delusional. Show us the links of your proof that indeed the body of Anastasia was recovered and the DNA test can irrefutably confirmed that indeed it was her? Simplez?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LIAI3J4PISMOGFVMB4PLRZIMOI str8boy

         Totoy, mag-kape ka nalang. Kamag-anak mo ba si Caty Petersen? Bakit ka naman masyado nagpapaniwala? Kasama ka ba sa mana?

  • http://twitter.com/benkritz Ben Kritz

    Slow news day at the Inquirer, is it? 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LIAI3J4PISMOGFVMB4PLRZIMOI str8boy

    The Inquirer should fire the editor who made this a front page article. Basics pa lang and verification, nakalimutan gawin. 

  • athenapallas

    Caty is pretty. She looks like Tetchie Agbayani. I hope lola Tasya is indeed the princess Anastasia. This is so charmingly romantic and mystical. Even if it ends up to be untrue after more testings and more analyses, it’s ok. Because it gives us a beautiful story; a fairy tale that is endearing and heartwarming. It gives us inspiration and hope that there is always beauty and kindness and compassion around us in this journey we call life. And that even if there are chaos and war that plague us we have strength to overcome it all.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LIAI3J4PISMOGFVMB4PLRZIMOI str8boy

    Para sa delusional writer, sa tamad na Inquirer editor, atbp mga may internet naman pero ayaw mag-google ng maayos, heto ang link ng Scientific Article www-plosone-org/article/info:doi/10.1371/journal.pone.0004838 (replace dash with period) tungkol sa DNA analysis ng mga romanov…

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/JDMSKDJ5KM6M34N6W5EB7QNKLY Jake

      Demuel Bendano, aka Google Boy:

      Read this, and weep! Prepare to be enlightened!

      • mark ang

        There’s actually another journal article on this!

      • Demuel Bendano

         Jake: You are just a good C&P craptard. To help you with something more mental, read this caption:

        ” An example electropherogram using the MiniFiler STR kit for sample 147 (either Grand Duchess Maria or Anastasia Romanov). ”

        Your link doesn’t prove anything that Anastasia Romanov death.

      • mark ang

        But they found the DNA for all of the five children and the two parents.  Unless Anastasia had a 6th sibling that we don’t know about, one of the 5 DNA samples identified must be hers.  It doesn’t matter if they were unable to identify if the sample buried with Alexei is Maria or Anastasia, the important point is that all 5 strands have been found.

      • Demuel Bendano


        You should be the one that needs a whip of enlighten. Following your article, read the disclaimer as quoted below:

        The opinions and assertions contained herein are solely those of the authors and are not to be construed as official or as views of the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Department of the Army, or the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. Commercial equipment, instruments and materials are identified in order to specify experimental procedures as completely as possible. In no case does such identification imply a recommendation or endorsement by the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Department of the Army, or the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology nor does it imply that any of the materials, instruments or equipment identified are necessarily the best available for the purpose.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LIAI3J4PISMOGFVMB4PLRZIMOI str8boy

         yang parte lang na yan siguro naintindihan mo sa journal article…kung binasa mo sana ng buo baka may natutunan ka pa.

      • Demuel Bendano

         Binabasa mo ba ng buo eh C&P lang ginawa mo. Can you please interpret what you read in such a very easy to understand manner. Nah, you can’t because you  don’t.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/JDMSKDJ5KM6M34N6W5EB7QNKLY Jake

        So? That’s a standard disclaimer. It neither negates nor impugns the findings. You better rest, kid. Tomorrow should be kinder to you.

      • Demuel Bendano

         What? Nobody and nobody dictates what I do and what I say. IF you pride and ego was plastered by my arguments, so be it and I don’t care if it causes a tremendous sponging to your brain.

      • mark ang

        That did not even make sense.  All the disclaimer says is that it’s not an official view of the above agencies.  It isn’t saying that the results are false or what not.  Just that it isn’t an opinion being voiced by the above agencies.  And brain sponging?!?!?!? Ano yun?

      • Demuel Bendano


      • http://profile.yahoo.com/JDMSKDJ5KM6M34N6W5EB7QNKLY Jake

        Ok, bobo ka na! Surrender na ako.

      • sprint_netms

        Hey Jake and Mark, Talagang mabo-bobo kayo dyan kay Demuel, hindi ko na masundan, saan na ba tayo 

  • mark ang

    What the heck is this Demuel Bendano guy talking about? Why is he trying so desperately to prove that Russians arrived in the Philippines?  I don’t think anyone’s disputing that fact. Hahaha.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/JDMSKDJ5KM6M34N6W5EB7QNKLY Jake


      Pasensiya ka na, yan lang kasi ang na-google niya. Sabi ko sa kanya kanina pa na tumigil na, e, mukhang desidido na ipanga-landakan sa buong Networld ang kaunti niyang nalalaman.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LIAI3J4PISMOGFVMB4PLRZIMOI str8boy

         Hindi gumagana internet niya. dial-up kasi.

      • Demuel Bendano

         Got two ISP links. One is with VM and the other is with BT. Got an upstream of 2 Mib and 30 Mib downstream for both these circuits.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/JDMSKDJ5KM6M34N6W5EB7QNKLY Jake

        Ok, then. But do your two ISP links make you more intelligent? Alam mo lang yong info na nakukuha mo, but apparently you can’t process them properly. Sayang ang gastos.

      • Demuel Bendano

         It is not your money at all mate. If you think you are brilliant, only in your wildest dreams. Doing a C&P reminds me of those Indian programmers who were hired by SunMicrosystems. All hot air!

      • mark ang

        Good for you.  Yay.  Have a cookie.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AOKOZS6STCAQGFYWSKENC7Y4KU lance g

        Basahin nio nalang karugton nian at kahit kakampi kau sa writer o hindi cguradong inaabangan nio yan amini… hehehe

      • Demuel Bendano

        Hmm, again, you are wasting more bandwidth.

      • mark ang

        I noticed.  Hahaha

    • Demuel Bendano

       Heck of what? Do you have a problem with me providing proof that indeed there were Russian dissidents that set refuge in the Philippines during the 1920s and 1940s? Then that is your problem not mine.

      • mark ang

        Haha.  U MAD BRO? I have no problem with you providing proof that ”
        indeed there were Russian dissidents that set refuge in the Philippines during the 1920s and 1940s”.  It’s just that I don’t see why you have to do that.  That fact is NOT being contested. :))

      • Demuel Bendano

         Then STFU and if you get mental with what I said, then do something useful to yourself instead of ranting here and there. I have a suggestion, spew your rubbish fucktard loo to the Chinese.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LIAI3J4PISMOGFVMB4PLRZIMOI str8boy

    Nakarating ng Russia si Caty Petersen pero simpleng internet search o bisita sa library hindi niya magawa??  Susmaryosep. Ang dami ng palpak na articles ang Inquirer….mula sa photo nung stroke victim witness, sa naka-burqa na naka shake hands ni noynoy….ngayon naman ito. Hanep!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YN4GHCMAO22DHQEZAH6ZDVZ6YQ Blinkx

    Hi, Mr  Demuel Bendano

    Are you by any chance a relative or close friend of this article’s writer? 
    Because for the last couple of hours/days you’ve been on this article
    constantly attacking people’s comments and denying everything that was said about the DNA analysis story where they identified Anastacia’s body in a bogfire.

    Oh wait…no you’re not serious. You’re just trolling like that guy Tang at the Chinese-revolution articles. Seriously get a life.

    • Demuel Bendano

      What the heck, I don’t even know who this writer in real life. What captures my attention is the missing piece of history. Either this story is true or is false doesn’t matter. It only strikes me when there was a time in Russia’s history that its dissidents seek refuge in the Philippines. 

      • Demuel Bendano

         Mate, I got knakkered by reading about trolls blah blah blah. To set the record straight, the internet was founded and is maintained by trolls.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AOKOZS6STCAQGFYWSKENC7Y4KU lance g

        Basahin nio nalang karugton nian at kahit kakampi kau sa writer o hindi cguradong inaabangan nio yan amini… hehehe

      • winstoncdumas

         Scientists = trolls? You have got to be kidding me.

      • Demuel Bendano

         I am not kidding you yet perhaps you kid yourself. Trolls founded the internet and they will forever maintained the internet. It is unlikely that you maintained any such segment of the internet therefore you can’t be considered as a troll. Me, I have a few so I am and will be a troll. If you contest my argument, then that is your problem.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/JDMSKDJ5KM6M34N6W5EB7QNKLY Jake

        Indeed, “there was a time in Russia’s history that its dissidents seek (sought) refuge in the Philippines.” Ok yan, alam naman natin iyan, e. Satisfied ka na? Pero kung gusto mong sumabak sa iba pang mga issues, e, hinay-hinay ka lang, at medyo pasok ka ng pasok na wala naman sa lugar.

      • Demuel Bendano

        This is time for a serious flame feasting.  The fucktard you care! Don’t dictate me on what I will say or do.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/JDMSKDJ5KM6M34N6W5EB7QNKLY Jake

        You want to stay as you are? Good luck to you then!

      • mark ang

        Flame feasting.  Lol. Please, kind sir, astound us with your scintillating prowess in the art of wordplay, the likes of which makes Shakespeare pale in comparison.

      • Demuel Bendano

         You can’t understand the mean of the phrase “wasting bandwidth” and “flame feasting”? Now, bingo, you are an impostor pretending to be something geeky and literate but your argument is paranoid.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/JDMSKDJ5KM6M34N6W5EB7QNKLY Jake

        Hi, Demuel, the mighty and intelligent one:

        Do you, by any chance, understand what you write?

        Or are you just stringing words that have confused you so you can confuse others?

      • mark ang

        Haha. Now I seriously think you’re trolling.  How can an argument be paranoid?  Is paranoid even an adjective applicable in describing an argument?hahahaha. And when has the term “flame feasting” ever become a “phrase”?  Nice facebook page by the way.  I see you enjoy watching Mon Tulfo and Claudine Baretto.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AOKOZS6STCAQGFYWSKENC7Y4KU lance g

    Tama na ang away about the facts ect… basahin nyo nalang bukas este mamaya ang karugtong at  alam kong siguradong inaabangan nyo na hehehe…

  • Beguine

    Anastasia’s story is one of the most truly romantic and mysterious
    tales ever.

    That now it should finally resurface in a Filipino family, what’s wrong with

    We should accept it with open arms, and never mind about finding
    out the real honest-to-goodness truth for it is meant to touch
    the heart and our own native never-ending love for romance and mystery.

    This family is not thinking of claiming and reviving the Russian throne, are
    they? They will have to confront Putin, who is a no-nonsense
    man, terribly unromantic, and so let’s just keep our very own
    Anastasia tale to ourselves. Maybe make another movie to vie
    with the Ingrid Bergman and Helen Hayes version. Hope Natalie
    Portman will agree to play Anastasia this time and win her
    second Oscar for it.

    • mark ang

      The problem lies not with the family’s search for the truth.  I believe what people are so miffed about here is the lack of fact checking on the part of PDI and the writer as evidenced by the (impossible) claim that Petersen’s grandmother COULD be Anastasia. (read earlier posts for the discussion on impossibility)

      • Demuel Bendano

         And your fact is by doing a C&P of some link that can’t be fully verified as true or as false?

      • mark ang

        It’s a PUBLISHED RESEARCH IN A RESPECTED SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL.  It was published.  If that doesn’t count as “Fully Verified” then I don’t know what is.

        Do you even know what it means, what it entails, to have your research published in a Journal?

      • Demuel Bendano

         Fact checking of PDI? Your logic goes way beyond sane proportion. If you don’t like what PDI was writing, then create your own dubbed PDI and put something in  it whatever you like. Again, this will be may last comment to this thread as it is overtly obvious that more deliberations too irrelevant and impertinent. End of story and case closed.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AF7K6VB7S7AMYKRV2OUU4AWQDE medz p

    ang tino ng pdi. manood kasi ng history channel paminsan-minsan. puro mon tulfo kasi at claudine ang pinagtutu-unan ng diwa. semplang din ang defender. kung ano-anong sinasabi mo dre. then again, people are entitled to their own idiocy. the wonders of democracy.

  • EdgarEdgar

    Filipino’s grandmamma could be Russia’s Anastasia . . . .

    and Rizal and Hitler are connected by blood in some way . . . .

    But Emily Abrera is not bad looking at all. Not at all.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/AF7K6VB7S7AMYKRV2OUU4AWQDE medz p

      yeah i like her, uhhh, pendant.


      How do you connect Emily Abrera of the phallic scandal to Anastacia and Hitler? Hihihi! Come on EdEd please ellucidate!:-)))))

      • EdgarEdgar

        I have no idea. Only Emily can connect the dots for us. Haha:-)))

      • TGM_ERICK

        The emily Abrera is young in the photo different from one of the phallic scandal of the same name. :-)))))

  • http://twitter.com/Earnest_G Earnest Gonzales

    and if proven true, kung sakali baka makahanap tayo ng kakampi against China, haha :D

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/0.TIq2Jyl8Ux0ByQSNxovcCz2jIKLn8Ha3BpqPo-#c05d8 allan de guzman

      ano kakampi sinasabi mo russia kakampi ng china,,lol

  • hopefullPinoy

    can’t wait to read part 2. whatever is in store, i still want to know what happened =)

  • hybridstar

    If this is true then I fear for the SAFETY of their family.

    • http://twitter.com/king_jolme_l Jolme Limvilla

      not anymore, if this turned out to be true, Russia willbe more than happy. THeir lives will only be at risk before USSR collapse

  • mark ang

    Demuel Bendano, don’t know if trolling.. or just..

    Such a beautiful grasp of language, doth Demuel’s tongue portray! 
    Astounding us with his scintillating prowess in the art of wordplay, the likes of which makes Shakespeare pale in comparison!  Such exceptional artistry,  bringing into the light of human consciousness displays of exquisite non existent examples of verbiage such as “flame feasting”, “brain sponging” and my personal favorite, “the fucktard you care”, which offers neither sense nor coherence, grammatically, or contextually.  Thank you for your gift of words.  You are a God among poets, weaving your beautiful words.Pray, kind sage, cease not.  Bless us with the effluence of your mind.

    • Demuel Bendano

      You are out out touch, spewing irrelevant and impertinent rubbish crap.

      • mark ang

        Ahhh. Rubbish crap.  Your redundancy is charming.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QLWEFJL74KFL6NVWVBQT5QX7NI Cyrus D

    tumigil nga kayo  nakausap  ko na ang  national geographic  at ang producer ng  una nilang docu na  mysteries of the romanovs na si Pam Rourke Levy  at gagawa sila ng documentary about this. so shut  up all  of you.

  • http://twitter.com/VanessaVLH Vanessa Lafavilla

    They dont look alike at all. The noses are different and cheekbones are different. Perhaps more pics of younger tasia to include so we can compare?

    • Emem Benares

      prolly because she has another source of genes? like.. her grandpa or dad? question her features more if she claimed she was anastasia’s daughter or something :/

  • mark ang

    Jake: I think this Demuel guy’s a troll.  Either that, or.. medyo mabagal ang “connection” niya, if you catch my drift.  Mabagal ata ang “processor”. ;)

    I present to you, in his own, very confusing words, an admission of guilt!

    “I am not kidding you yet perhaps you kid yourself. Trolls founded the internet and they will forever maintained the internet. It is unlikely that you maintained any such segment of the internet therefore you can’t be considered as a troll. Me, I have a few so I am and will be a troll. If you contest my argument, then that is your problem.”So to you, Mr Bendano, if you are indeed a troll, very well played sir.  And if you prove to be otherwise, then I bid you adieu, I have have contributed my fare share of combating mental retardation this day and have had my fill.  I urge you, therefore, if you pity the human race, please do not further your line (breed, race, genome, species or whatever word you wish).  May the deities that be bless you and your family as they have the Romanovs.  With Hemophilia.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/JDMSKDJ5KM6M34N6W5EB7QNKLY Jake

      Parting words to Demuel:

      Kid, if you want to know what people mean when they say “A little learning is a very dangerous thing,” just look at the mirror and it will be staring at you.

      • Demuel Bendano

         What are you saying? Are you outside of your sanity? You must be having an amnesia or your brain cells are just full of crap creme?

  • http://twitter.com/VanessaVLH Vanessa Lafavilla

    But it is entertaining! Would also be fantastic if true :-)

  • wolfpuppet

    Stop hatin’. The claims of the author have been verified by leading Genealogy experts from Recto.


    It is easy to trace the lineage now.  DNA test will reveal the truth about the story.

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/ONrnFXdwyffidWJbWhNKiHSHkZZGUxMdnOPxHss-#d4974 maria

    i go with pierre san diego’s comment.  yes so sad to see such awful comments on the story.  filipino jokes in wrong timming.  i see lots of coincidences in caty’s stories.  lola tasia was a recluse, afraid to be seen, sounds so real that she was so afraid to be found for safety of her family. her story she kept to her grave.  let’s have an open mind.  i am sure the author is just looking for her grandma’s roots.  this was not to just make story in PDI.  what will the author gain, if the author’s intention was to fool people.  she will just be making a fool of herself.  I feel her intention is not in this direction, but to really seek the truth.  the above comments of crazy jokes…are real disgusting,….poor author….in search for truth she get laughed at.  i would want to read part 2.

    • Demuel Bendano

       Why would you read part 2 if it compels your discretion that the author just wrote rubbish?

      • kolambogan

        There is such thing as curiousity for curiousity sake the same way people laugh at some sick jokes.

  • Angel Layese

    did she mention if her grandmother is still alive? maybe they waited until her natural death to start looking for their russian relatives

    • Demuel Bendano

       Her maternal grandmother is already dead I suppose. In part II, they were doing some “spirit of the glass” stuff.  First stop for verification will be the NSO office as there was a marriage that took place between Lope Pelayo and her maternal grandmother in 1964, 40 years after they were living together (uso na rin pala live-in noon).

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/CPZZDD2WPUVRI43M3SDCVNWYPQ Mao Ren

        haha yeah! (my mum was saying that also; na pwede na pala ang live in noon hihi)

  • http://twitter.com/thoneellaneras Thonee Llaneras

    Cant be true. All bodies of the last Romanov family are now accounted for. Theyrecently found the bodies of Anastasia and young Alexei around 2008. So as much as this story would be enthralling at the possibility of the royal russian blood continuing with the filipino race, i cant deny facts as well as the screaming differences of the portraits and their facial features.

    • Demuel Bendano

       False. Check your facts again.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/VFXPGKJI3BAN7EVABPMFAL42OA Issa

        Just for you, I pulled some citations of peer-reviewed, scholarly articles. Backed up with evidence and all that stuff you seem to not give much importance to. Have fun!!!

        Coble, M. D., Loreille, O.M., Wadhams, M.J. Edson, S.M., Maynard, K., Meyer, C.E., & … Finelli, L.N. (2009). Mystery Solved: The Identification of the Two Missing Romanov Children Using DNA Analysus. Plos ONE, 4(3), 1-9. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0004838

        The identification of the Romanovs: Can we (finally) put the controversies to rest?. (2011). Investigative Genetics, 2(1), 20-26. doi:10.1186/2041-2223-2-20

        Dead Romanovs identified by PCR. (1994). Nature, 367(6463), 580.

        Gill P, Ivanov PL, Kimpton C et al. Identification of the remains of the Romanov family by the DNA analysis. Nat Genet 1994; 6: 130-5.

        Rogaev El, Grigorenko AP, Moliaka YK et al. Genomic identification in the historical case of the Nicholas II royal family. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2009; 106: 5258-63.

      • Demuel Bendano

         So you want me to buy and read all those books? Why can’t you just write the facts in those journals here as it makes life easier and cost effective on my part.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/VFXPGKJI3BAN7EVABPMFAL42OA Issa

        They’re not books; I said they were articles. I don’t know if the full texts are available online for free because I used Academic Search Complete using a University’s database access. You can try searching for them on Google and see if you can get full texts. Some journals make them available, but others don’t. Or if you want, I can e-mail you the PDFs.

        Apparently the facts aren’t enough for you — people have been stating them here and you’ve been calling “fake” on each one. You may need to read the full text of the articles since they explain everything in full detail.

        Oh and next time, it’d be nice if you’d say please! :) Especially since I’d be doig it to make life easier and more cost effective on your part haha. Let me know if you’re interested.

      • mark ang

        I see you’ve met Demuel :))  Our favorite poster here on this article (and possibly the entirety of the internets!). As you can see, he can be a very demanding boy.  I think he wants an apology for the inconvenience of having to actually find the articles.  Shame on you, for not doing all the work for him. *insert sarcasm here* ;)

        The breadth and scope of the references you have supplied are astounding!  Marry me? hahaha.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/VFXPGKJI3BAN7EVABPMFAL42OA Issa

        Gosh, I feel so bad for making him think he had to copy and paste the citations I posted on Google so he can search for full texts and/or abstracts himself. It totally slipped my mind that he’s been arguing with people for doing just that — searching and copy-pasting information. We call it supporting evidence/research, he calls it “fake” if it doesn’t coincide with his stand on things. Haha.

        I’m touched by your marriage proposal. I’m taken, though, so can I offer to set you up with my professor in University instead, since she taught me all I know about research? Haha! :)

      • mark ang

        Is your professor, by any chance, a bipedal endotherm vertebrate?  If so, then count me in!  I’ll powder my wig, brush my merkin, the whole nine yards. I have very low standards you see.  Your professor doesn’t even need to be of the same species! :)

  • pinoy_engr_abroad

    Problem here is that human-interest story was placed in the front page with a title that seem to suggest some historical truth. This is good material for fiction, but I don’t know if reputable newspapers should have these types of things in their front pages. Somehow, Inquirer has proven to have gone the route of sensationalism. My Hunch is probably their sales are going down so they resort to these things – graphic choice of pictures, leading titles, etc. (even the president complained about this. I’m not a fan of the president, but he too seems to confirm the observation).  I am not a journalist, but. I remember in my elective classes that there are some ethics associated with these types of things..

    • Demuel Bendano

       You are out of topic.

      • pinoy_engr_abroad

        It’s  an entertaining article. But to those who read up on the facts, it’s so obvious that this should not be a  discussion anymore. It’s really sad that a lot of people are even misreading the DNA findings just to keep the myth going. Probably that’s why the editors, let it slip because they too, misread the findings.  And because it is good material to keep the interest until Part II is release.  Really frustrating to see this from people whom you expect to practice critical thinking,  I would print it anyway and show it to my two Russian colleagues. Sigh! “Gossip, It’s more fun in the Philippines!”

      • Demuel Bendano

        Even if you show it to your Russian colleagues, it won’t result to anything. This article is about a quest to search your roots and if the author can get a DNA test between her side and Prince Philipp of UK, that would be a step closer to seeking answers.

      • pinoy_engr_abroad

        ??? huh. seems that you too, don’t get the findings right. ok. I won’t spoil it for you buddy. live in the fantasy land.

      • Demuel Bendano

         Mate, I ain’t your buddy and will never be. Just look for your elusive body elsewhere or probably wherever you are now.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/JG7TTEYCEEIQ4RYB5I2T4AR2HQ jasmine capuyan

        i was on ur side the first time demuel…kaya lang if u want other people to have an open mind on this…u should too…

    • Mike Cohen

       it is a good story, nice to read, perhaps, be studied and discussed later on…

  • zdrx

    the last of the romanovs was shown at DISCOVERY channel last month. i didn’t pay much attention to it because i was busy doing my fishing hooks. parts i remember of the show… were investigations, theories, DNA matching and forensic studies of remains… where photographs of family members were computer superimposed on skulls for identification. it was suspected that there were some family members who escaped… and i changed program to HISTORY channel to watch WW II docu.

    NOW, reading this article…i regret i didn’t finish the program of the romanovs at DISCOVERY channel. turning to the internet, WIKIPEDIA seems to conclude that all members of the family were killed…but that assumption might be wrong after all. annastasia might have survived the massacre…as lola puti’s story told to her grandchildren…perfectly matched the romanov household and lifestyle.

    if lola tasia is still alive…she must come out in the open, and declare to the whole world if she is indeed grand duchess anastasia. it will be a very big news…and put closure to speculations  there’s nothing to be afraid of…as the bolsheviks and the communists are things of the past.

    • seventhsense

      ay sir.. sabi ata ni lola puti, 
      “If they discover I am here, we will all be killed.” therefor, she cant come out in the open talaga. ayaw niya tayo mamatay (haha feelinger, i belong ba?)

  • http://twitter.com/yeahmaybeiguess Germae Urbiztondo

    Two curious questions, was she deformed in any way or not and how did she look like?

    • Pablo cruz

       are you blind?

  • Pablo cruz

    WOW! can’t wait for the second part. Russians owe us bigtime for taking care of their Queen! lets all migrate to mother Russia.

  • seventhsense

    cant wait for the part two! 
    The identification of either Maria or Anastasia was not possible by DNA analysis alone.Also, in the section “Discussion” of this article:It should be mentioned that a well publicized debate over which daughter, Maria (according to Russian experts) or Anastasia (according to US experts), has been recovered from the second grave cannot be settled based upon the DNA results reported here. In the absence of a DNA reference from each sister, we can only conclusively identify Alexei – the only son of Nicholas and Alexandra.(Wikipedia.org)(may possibility na kay Maria yong isang body na natagpuan nila…kaya may possibility rin na nakaligtas nga si  Anastasia, her grandmama ^^ )

    • Demuel Bendano

       There is already a part II. The story is just but the beginning.

    • http://twitter.com/mydesignpod mydesignpod

      Seems to me people are not getting it right. All the Romanov’s remains have been accounted for. Yes, there is a debate which is which, but one is true certain fact, all the 4 remains of the girls and the boy were irrefutably identified as Tsarina’s and Nicholas children.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NRCOHCPVOCC3HBNSAXEJYPPCIM John Martin

    pareho silang shape at laki ng tenga

  • pinoy_engr_abroad

    After the second installment, can anyone here, help out Mr. Demuel Bendano (poor guy, a very passionate apologist making quite spectacle of himself here). Explain to him in simple terms, the DNA findings, but wait until the second installment, so as not to spoil his belief in the fairy tale.  The explanation should be as simple as Let “N” be Nicholas and “A” Alexandra. All children known to be related to N and A. But the two variables are unknown.  But please explain to him gently as not to break his heart. But wait after the second installment please.

    • Demuel Bendano

       Are you fucktard nuts. There is already a published part ii of the story.

      • Demuel Bendano

         And why would it break my heart. Common, an engr title doesn’t matter to me or won’t intimidate me at all. You are just another dickface fucktard hiding on some pseduo

      • Bensjur Bulbol

        Fool where is it?

      • http://twitter.com/jolazki Jonathan Lazaro

        where is part II?

    • mark ang

      I see that you’ve met Demuel :))

      • pinoy_engr_abroad

        yup, never have I experienced someone lurking in all threads just to contradict people who don’t agree (and very rudely at that).  And it seems he has moderator rights as he is able to terminate threads.

  • http://twitter.com/rossaden rossano l. jacela

    it is  now linked to  wiki.  But did Lola Tasia have deformity on her left foot?  Did she have hemophilia?  Is Petersen hemophiliac?  There is money involved here. It is said in another link the Romanovs have accounts at Swiss Banks waiting for rightful claimants.

    • http://twitter.com/missuchinkyeyes Krizza Justo

      Women are just carriers of hemophilia po. It should be, “Does Lola Tasia have sons and other male descendants who has the royal disease?”

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/KCUWABRTSMQOAO3PTEULGS2X4I John O

         good answer po.. hahaha natatawa lang ako sa mga tao dito porque na basa lang sa search engine sites eh parang kung sino ng umasta na knowledgeable. @twitter-112697053:disqus, yes sex linked recessive po ang pagiging hemophiliacs of which male children are the one who suffers from the gene that carried by the mother. it will ONLY show up if Lope Pelayo also have the recessive gene. If no defect gene kay Lope then impossible na magkakaroon ng disease ang male children nila kung meron man silang anak na lalaki. Let’s see kug sino sa mga apo nyang babae ang magkaka-anak ng hemophiliac.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CSWDYNGYJUKDFMP4JW3RZK52HY Gabrielle

    Note the pattern of the comments here and you can see which ones are trolls. Now there are more people involved in this conspiracy.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NRCOHCPVOCC3HBNSAXEJYPPCIM John Martin

    On 1 October 2008, Russia’s Supreme Court ruled that Nicholas II and his family were victims of political repression and should be rehabilitated. In March 2009, results of the DNA testing were published, confirming that the two bodies discovered in 2007 were those of Alexei and his sister Maria.
    So lola tasia might be princess anastasia

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VFXPGKJI3BAN7EVABPMFAL42OA Issa

      The two bodies discovered in 2007 could’ve been those of Alexei and Maria but the fact remains that 7 bodies HAD BEEN DISCOVERED. That means Anastasia’s could’ve been one of the bodies discovered earlier. They just can’t conclusive identify each body but they have all been tested and it’s been concluded that ALL 7 ROMANOVS died.

      • Demuel Bendano

         Irrelevant and impertinent. Thus this argument is another round of fabricated balooney.

      • Pablo cruz

         STFU! MOFO

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/JDMSKDJ5KM6M34N6W5EB7QNKLY Jake


        You are not only a troll, but a stupid troll!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GZH7OEOP7ZTETQJKVKLVOBD3BA cupid

    Solution: DNA testing.

  • http://twitter.com/nikolololz Nicole Caniamaso

    she must be a hundred and something now. but really, this needs to be investigated further. Many people will refuse to believe it because there were a lot of anastasia impostors and a lot of them were convincing, and comparing this to those stories, it just seems like another version added to the list. But we still aren’t sure about this one. And it was already confirmed that they found the body somewhere around 2009 and proved via DNA…but who knows? I actually have a bit of faith in your story. Good luck and God bless.

    • edescasin

       The only difference was she never wanted to be KNOWN …  except her granddaughter … 2008 DNA result was not 100 % convincing … sabi ng American scientist doon sa report …

      • http://twitter.com/nikolololz Nicole Caniamaso

        Yeah. That’s another turning point. She didn’t.  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CPZZDD2WPUVRI43M3SDCVNWYPQ Mao Ren

    I was talking to my Croatian uncle and he said, he read one of the books saying Anastasia escaped. I am still verifying with my uncle the book he read. but i am definitely sure that Anastasia was not killed in Russia

    • Demuel Bendano

       Links as proof please?

      • http://profiles.google.com/marinelac.reyes Marinela Reyes

        It’s a book; there’s no link to a book. Unless it is published online. Or do you mean like a link to Amazon so you can buy the book for yourself?
        (and no, I am not cyberbullying you, just merely stating my response. sorry if it sounds harsh)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7FFCQNX2TROQZQS3DJRDTWMQDE abot

    Oh my gosh. Wake up. Get real. You claim to have a royal blood? Mahiya ka. Grab a book and read. National Geographic will be just shaking their heads about this claim. You should know better what happens to people who can not differentiate a fantasy from reality.

    • edescasin

       sa tingin mo kaya ikaw lang ang “nagGrab a book and nagRead” …Eh kung totoo eh di nag ‘Oh my Gosh” ka ulit.   Enjoy the story and wait for the succeeding episodes …

      • VeraP0922

        Kung totoo  edi nga nga lahat ng haters. 

      • edescasin

        Hi VeraPO922,

        Not only did I enjoy the story about Lola Tasia but I also enjoyed all your comments.

        My apology but if i’m not mistaken you gender is “Female” because of the way you expressed those words.
        Again My apology.



        From: Disqus
        To: edescasin@yahoo.com.au
        Sent: Monday, 14 May 2012 4:10 PM
        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Filipino’s grandmama could be Russia’s Anastasia

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        VeraP0922 wrote, in response to edescasin: Kung totoo  edi nga nga lahat ng haters.  Link to comment

  • surion

    dear jake:

    i hope my message does not offend you but i dont think it is right for you to be calling Demuel “google boy” because 1. I bet you also got your facts about the romanov family from google 2. in case that you dont know, most of us gets our facts from google too! so pretty much all of us making these comments in this blog uses google as our source of information. also may i suggest that you be an open-minded person. open your mind to new ideas, new informations, new possibilities and to new mysteries which are yet to unfold. forget that this lola puti might be anastacia or not, but did it not occur to you that caty’s story about her lola puti actually CHALLENGES THE TRUTHFULNESS of the information laid down to us by google?? also, i dont think caty did not submit her story in the inquirer without researching about the romanov family in google, so i can pretty much assume that caty also knows about this scientist who claimed that he found anastacia’s body or corpse. but despite that dilemma or confusion she still chose to have her story printed in the daily inquirer and that meant something. if i were in caty’s place i think i would have done something the same because her lola’s story was indeed fascinating and intruiging! it might even hunt me in my dreams if i didnt do anyting about it! also she didnt actually confirm that her lola puti was really anastacia maybe because she is just as confused as we are because she knows of the fact that some scientist already confirmed that anastacia was killed during the massacre. then again, what is there to lose in telling everyone her lola’s story? infact nag gain pa nga xa eh! o ano naman sau?! no one is forcing you to believe! so if demuel wants to believe then let him believe stop leaving comments not worth reading. 
    even though her lola truns out to be “not anastacia” her story was still enchanting to think about. but if lola puti turns out to be russia’s long lost grand duchess anastacia then that will contest the truthfulness of the informations laid down to us by google, it could be that the scientist was the one who is fraud or they just committed a plain mistake.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/JDMSKDJ5KM6M34N6W5EB7QNKLY Jake


      Why should I be offended? It should be you who should be offended: getting this crap, and actually believing it? Dead is dead, man. Anastacia’s remains have been found, identified, and re-buried. And yet, here you are defending what is a clearly delusional story from a writer who obviously knows the unlimited capacity of people to believe in anything and everything. You are being taken for a ride; the tragedy is, you seem to be actually enjoying it! Wake up; you can do better than believe in everything you read. 

      • surion

        believing?? DID I SAY THAT I BELIEVE IN CATY’S STORY?? like you, i also have doubts but i am still not closing my mind to whats possible because i have an open mind. i agree with you when you said “dead is dead, man (although im not a man) but what is really the assurance that what you read in google or in any other site is indeed true (like caty’s story?). caty is also looking for answers like us. IT MAY SEEM DELUSIONAL BUT IT IS ALSO A MYSTERY THAT NEEDS ANSWERS. also, let me tell you the same thing.. “YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN BELIVE IN EVERYTHING YOU READ” keep asking questions.. i cant also deny the fact that this is really a mind-fucking story.

        i dont mind being taken for a ride as long as their is a destination.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L7PILUDK6IPFGJLJNCM2IROCRY Albin

    There are at least half a dozen movies about Anastacia, the last Czarina. A version from the Philippines can also be more exciting.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/WVSIT2YMW3CLNVIS52IDGKDQPI Kim

       Perhaps the most interesting and exciting version. :) But although not yet proven, I am already convinced that Grandmama Tasia is Russia’s Anastasia. (well this is just my opinion) :D

  • akramgolteb

    You are treading in dangerous waters here tita Caty. Even if your lola isn’t really a descendant of the last Czars of Russia, the group who made sure the Czars are eradicated from the face of this earth still exists just like the Nazis. To be sure that no stone is left unturned, this group will eliminate whatever remnants there is of the Czars, authentic or not, which includes you, your siblings & your children tita.

    • Mike Cohen

       aktsmgolteb – at one time perhaps this was true. but actually most of the former nobles are back in Russia, they still hold many of the same titles some have actually been able (after paying off massive back taxes! ) been able to reclaim some ancestral homes or small castles even.
      Russia laid to rest this long ago has in fact a list of existing noble houses. But none have any real power. Some have joined government, others are in business. And then there are those who because of their past work as tourist guides even in palaces their ancestors once owned.
      there may be some who still relive or remember that past but few of it lives on except in the landmarks and monuments left behind.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/H7QPGYZ4YBMBSN4PES3LPFHP7I FafaBear3l

    magandang storya, sana lang mapatunayan, pwede rin namang may mali  sa findings noong 2008, at doon sa mga nag aaway naman. nakaka diri kayo.. sayang ung ilang taon nyo sa eskwelahan..

  • bongbong39

    Wow!! and wow!

  • http://twitter.com/jolazki Jonathan Lazaro

    this is gonna be one helluva good novel! 

  • Juan Cruz

    Ang basis ko lang ay yung nabasa ko sa net at napanood sa History Channel. Di ba merong isang Polish Girl who was very convincing. She even convinced the relatives. Hangang sa kamatayan, pinanindigan niya. Pero after DNA testing, fake pala. Accounted for ang lahat ng napatay including the servants sabi sa latest History Channel Documentary. Although there is a very very remote possibility na buhay nga ang isang kapatid, mas naniniwala akong nobody survived the massacre.

    Check nyo rin kung may hemophilia si lola, since may hemophilia si Anastasia, Alexie at yung nanay nila.

    • http://twitter.com/missuchinkyeyes Krizza Justo

      carriers lang po yung mga babae. wala pong hemophilia c anastasia at alix. c alexei lang meron. yung mga anak na lalake kaya ni lola tasia o yung mga apong lalake

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/NJ5U4FBZBZAKYY5FKK6TYXHZQQ Romabelle

      Correction lng po, si Anastasia wlang Hemophilia, si Alexei lng ung ntamaan ng sakit

  • surion

    dear demuel:

    you do know you dont NEED to reply at every post dont you? how old are you anyway? its not good to be overly obsess.

    • Demuel Bendano

       Once again, this is my last reply to your thread. And your comments are irrelevant, immaterial and doesn’t provide any merits. End of story and cased closed.

      • surion

        hahaha. wow and you think yours is relevant and deserves merits?? your comments are so hilarious it deserves to be posted in 9gag! stupidity lvl: demuel 
        and please before writing a comment be sure to have dictionary beside you.. 

        it’s “deserve” not “provide”.. i dont care if you’ll call me a grammar nazi or whatever.. it is just worth commenting. please be retarded somewhere else.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NHR5PHABMUMPBZAEYKP2SROOTQ Jon

    Lola Tasia never claim to be Anastasia Romanov.  What she insist on is that the Russians should not know she’s alive and living in the Philippines for fear of being killed.  Even if she isn’t Anastasia Romanov, it is possible that she is member of that royal family.  When the Bolsheviks decreed death to the royalty, I’m sure they killed every royal person they could get their hands on. With all the royals dead, no one can claim the throne!
    If Lola Tasia is royalty, what better place to hide than the Philippines!  It’s not as if the Russians are arriving in boats by the millions.  No one will recognize her here.  Great place to hide if the communist wants you dead. Now if it’s proven that she is Russian Royalty, will the Russians make amends for what the Communist did to the royal family? I think it would be in their best interest to know that the royal blood is still flowing, albeit mixed with Filipino blood now.

    On a side note, Tasia look stunning in her younger days!

    • Mike Cohen


      I agree the russian line of nobility was long and had hundreds among its ranks. No doubt, it could be your lola was one of them.

      Hundreds of white Russians settled in the Philippines after the fall of Vladivostok in the early 1930′s. both side of my family are examples of this. it is true that many were the Romanov and other bloodlines of nobility there.
      There are simple ways to test this and Dna digital files available online to check that information.
      Like your lola, Mine too. on my fathers side feared the ‘reds’ as she called them she witnessed the murder of her brothers and parents at their hands,

      On my maternal grandfathers side as well; he rarely discussed his life and people who came to visit him often told his wife my mom’s mom and his children if they only knew who was in Russia.

      We later uncovered, just by some basic research he was the son or grandson of a count and an officer in the imperial Russian army. but once he set foot in the Philippines this became his home. He was active in the us administrative then later commonwealth gov’t and became a naturalized Filipino for his service as geologist and engineer as well as serving officer in USAFFE.

      In fact, if you look at compostella valley a lake/volcano is named for him there – look for perhaps one of the Russian names on a map of the Philippines. lake Leonard Kniazeff,
      a rare honor given a white russian for his service to his new homeland then. But while he was still russian by blood, he raised his family to be proud of thier mothers homeland. and died proudly a filipino. (albeit one who loved vodka now and then! Good luck with your family search and Godbless! )

  • steven pabalinas

    Gotta read Steve berry’s Romanov prophecy again….

  • http://twitter.com/krizavejar Krizia

    Who really knows the truth? Most of your statements are based on National Geographic, Books, History Channel etc. But sometimes, not all they say, not all they show are true. We really don’t know what’s goin on behind those tv shows, books etc before they actually show it to the public..This world is a place of manipulation, we very know that.  I’m sure there are still people in Russia who want the Romanovs be perfectly eradicated on earth. Who really knows? There may be deeper story behind their killings, beyond our understandings. Sometimes, we have to open our minds in some weird or crazy yet amazing possibilities of life in order for us to find the truth. Lets finish the whole story before we judge. I believe, this is only the part 1?
    So for now, lets enjoy this intriguing story before we conclude.


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KCUWABRTSMQOAO3PTEULGS2X4I John O

    We are indeed knowledgeable about the Romanov, the communist, the death claimed by the scholars as FACTS from the evidence they have gathered and conclusive to the FACT that Romanov are all killed. Let’s say that is true. And let’s say those are the things from the past. Just like the Philippine education taught us that of Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is true, and discoveries from other scholars are true but later on ALL of our knowledge from the BOOK itself are based from hoax! Now I can see the same scenario. National Geographic, Wikipedia, Google, discoverers, etc said they put the Romanov case closed by holding evidences and made books to teach us about Anastasia’s death. My point is, let’s open our mind about this story. This maybe true, who knows. I will not let myself again to believe that a teeth from a cave is an evidence of somebody’s theory which came out to be a horse teeth.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/2CT27WA3AGISUOS2XFXE4JGIFI d max

      I agree. DNA test on these filipino descendants will verify if indeed they are related at all to the russian monarch.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q3QGG5QHBLRMZTIYWUFURY6J2E Night

    how to close this story…. the grand daugther get a dna test versus the bones of the tsar……. 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/T2UJKUFHUVILCL7EOYFHUPWQ64 Mon G

      yun lang.. bago pa mangyari yan, pinangunahan na ng mga katoto natin ang findings.. haysss… =D

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NJ5U4FBZBZAKYY5FKK6TYXHZQQ Romabelle

    This story could be true because after all some of the shared stories by Lola Puti was linked to Anastasia’s life. But on the other hand, this long mysterious tale was already solved by forensic scientists and archaeologists in 2007 and documented by the National Geographic. They were absolutely sure that every member of the royal family including the house servants were all killed. This claim was proven through DNA sequencing, tracing back to their royal relatives especially in the house of Queen Victoria in United Kingdom. But who knows this could be true, that indeed Anastasia escaped? She really deserved the title, the Lost Princess.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UHJYIXWLNP5BQHAVOYYWM3EA64 Jenny

    This is hilarious. All the bodies have been ‘recently’ accounted for. Grandmama Tasha’s portrait looks nowhere like the latter pictures the young grand duchess left behind where she, obviously, matured several years. You should see for yourself. 

    • Mike Cohen

       Looking a little deeper into this most of the Romanoff line escaped via crimea the black sea to europe where they were welcomed with open arms. Few via the Vladivostok route which ended up here in asia.

  • Mike Cohen

    Unfortunately, as wonderful as the story is and not doubting the possibility her grandmother may have been part of the ‘houses of nobility’ considering how vast the royal line of Russia was; the fact is she could not have been Anastasia. Whose remains were recovered and conclusively identified in 2009.

    Nice story, but wishful
    thinking really, since,
    []… survival has been conclusively disproven. In
    January 2008, Russian scientists announced that the charred remains of a
    young boy and a young woman found near Ekaterinburg in August 2007 were
    most likely those of the thirteen-year-old Tsarevich and one of the
    four Romanov grand duchesses. Russian forensic scientists confirmed on
    April 30, 2008, that the remains were those of the Tsarevich Alexei and
    one of his four sisters. In March 2009 the final results of the DNA
    testing were published by Dr. Michael Coble of the US Armed Forces DNA
    Identification Laboratory, proving conclusively that the remains of all
    four Grand Duchesses have now been accounted for, and no one escaped. …[]

    If the author can get in touch with Dr. Cobles team, perhaps a simple test would settle that question for her.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/E4U2PZFXYINQ7RSP5WFIC5FB4U Bea

       i couldn’t agree more.

    • Demuel Bendano

       Dr. Cobles email can be found on the internet and I just sent an email linking these two articles.

      • Mike Cohen

        Also they can write to the recognized successor:

        Of the Head of the Russian Imperial House,
        Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna

        O.g.r. №1037725002842

        Address: Russia, 115280, Moscow, 1-yi Kozhukhovskii pr., d. 13
        Mailing Address: Russia, Moscow, 105066, ul. Staraya Basmannaya, 21/4, 37
        Tel. (499) 261-69-64; fax (499) 265-54-19;

      • Demuel Bendano

         Email address?

    • Demuel Bendano

      Phone: 1-301-975-4330
      Email: michael.coble@nist.govFax: 1-301-975-8505

    • Demuel Bendano

       The official site of the Romanovs  is www_dot_imperialhouse_dot_ru

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XNVHFPNMANSKIOGSVMRA4SN6TU Anna

    Disney…….didn’t make Anastasia…..gosh…..she’s not even a Disney princess…. :)) lol funny, people kept saying that she’s from Disney :))

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/GGTAJGQLNQQWBLCSZDZ6YFUKZA Keshia R

      Anastasia, the movie was made by Fox Movies.

  • gusto667

    “Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there’ll be sun”  I don’t care if she is real or not, but I have a strong feeling Lola Puti is the real McCoy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-Rams/1826483848 James Rams

    ano ba naman kayo.. put them on DNA  test. paternal test.. for sure peke na naman eto.. PDI.. is this your true journalism and profesionalism kuno??

  • EllaTho

    Ambisyosa siya. This is a nice story, but as much as she’d like to be indulged in her wishful thinking, Anastasia’s survival was disproved a long time ago. She obviously has not been watching Discovery Channel. Her remains were discovered a few years ago – and supporting evidence confirmed those remains to be hers.

    • generalproblem

      wag kang maniniwala sa discovery channel dahil hindi lahat duon at tutuo. take note that they care controlled by politics and business. Kung magbabasa ka ng reports nakalagay dun ay probably o kaya eh hindi scientifically accurate yung method ng test.

      • izzy.gore69

         lmao, discovery channel at least has more academic backings and scientific methods in comparison to coincidences brought fort by this woman.

    • http://twitter.com/everizza Eve Castro

      Read the whole wikipedia spot. You’ll understand that only his brother was genuinely identified. 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/2DJRIL7WPYS374M7IK453N5PPU imjustareader

      There are things that needs to be kept for their safety. even yung method of test is probably manufactured para matigil na ang usapin. Sometimes Discovery doesnt have their data right. Pa DNA kaya si Lola Puti and submit it to their embassy.

  • generalproblem

    wag na kayong umangal na mga kontrabida at least napangasawa nya pinoy pa din at the end hehehe. galing talaga ni lolo pelayo keep up the good work lolo kahit dyan kana sa hwaven kasama si lola tasia. ingit kasi yung mga bading dyan sa love story nyo.

  • Mico Cruz-Chopitea

    This is impossible, and the product of wishful thinking. First, Anastasia never bore children. Second, DNA evidence in 2007 showed Anastasia was killed with her immediately family (long live Nicolas II). Get your facts straight, people.

    • Annie James Parker

      It didn’t say that Anastasia bore children while she was at Russia (Assuming that LolaTasia really is Anastasia) We shouldn’t be discouraged by facts that maybe just a fling that they did to avoid the impostors to assume that they’re the princess once and for all. 

      • Mico Cruz-Chopitea

        Facts are facts, Ms. Parker. The fact is that Anastasia was killed along with her father Nicolas, mother Alexandra, and siblings Alexei, Maria, and Olga in the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. DNA evidence in 2007 already proved this. The immediate Romanov dynasty effectively ended that fateful night, with NO surviving heirs.

      • http://profiles.google.com/marinelac.reyes Marinela Reyes

        I majored in Genetics in college, sir, and from what I know DNA evidence is not conclusive when it comes to identifying people. That said, you can confirm if the people tested were of the Romanov blood but you cannot say, conclusively and irrefutably, who is who.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/T2UJKUFHUVILCL7EOYFHUPWQ64 Mon G

        Amen to that! Would like to stress it again.. DNA evidence is NOT CONCLUSIVE! Hope everyone can comprehend on that… So let’s give the story the benefit of the doubt and support on their journey (or just back off) on the search for truth… =D

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/VFXPGKJI3BAN7EVABPMFAL42OA Issa

        DNA evidence is not conclusive when it comes to identifying people but it can definitely say if there are relationships between the bodies found. Tests showed that the bodies were those of a mother, father, four daughters and a son. Their DNA was then compare to a Romanov relative. So ayan na, the bodies are those of the Romanovs. Hindi lang nila maidentify which is Anastasia, which is Maria. The others were identified by testing for their age.

        Good job majoring in Genetics but those who did the research and published them are experts in their fields and they arrived at the conclusion that the Romanovs all died together.

    • liezel angelie crisostomo

      no. the DNA test can’t even tell if it is Maria or Anastasia, because it is impossible for them to identify their identities by using their ashes. 

      • Mico Cruz-Chopitea

        Mam, like I said, DNA evidence in 2007 showed ALL the immediate members of the Romanov dynasty were killed by the Bolsheviks in the Revolution of 1917. This includes Nicolas, Alexandra, Alexei, Maria, Olga, and Anastasia. Read up. You’re facts are outdated.

      • 22_nko

        Take Pluto-planet-or-not issue for example, it’s only smart to challenge the status quo if new evidence comes in. Besides, DNA evidence provide limited conclusions.  It only showed that the specimen they tested were of Romanov blood and does not identify which body is which.  There’s also the question of how they can still manage to get DNA from charred remains. The DNA testing itself just produced more questions and has not completely dissipated doubts.  Even if Lola Tasia isn’t of the Romanovs she may still be of noble lineage. Still worth a shot to investigate.  

  • Annie James Parker

    This article is really tense. You don’t know if you should believe it or be discouraged to believe it because of the fact that they have found the remains of Anastasia Romanov. I can’t even put my own opinion in this because i don’t know if all of the storied that here grandma was the truth. But why would she even lie? Maybe this is the great Mystery solving itself once and for all! We should be open in accepting this and not let our ignorance take it’s place in making us disbelieve something. I’m really curious at what this article would lead to. At first i thought she was only a fictional character at Disney but now i’m really in awe of the tragedy that The Romanov Family has gone through.

    • Jill A

      Anastacia was not a disney character :-) it’s a 20th century fox production

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JLISWYS647NVYBZOCBGLD3XYBI Arlan Ozna

    what i have in my thought is what only usually happens in the movies. but people who do movies perceived things that they put in the movies from what happens in real life, right? to kill the members of a powerful royalty entails a more powerful group of men. so what i have in my thought is maybe the men who are related to those powerful killers could have manipulated the processes of establishing the “scientifically identified” remains of Anastasia so people would think that stories like this is merely a wishful thinking or ambitious or a fantasy or just a “whatever”. Then, Russian govt agreed to the result of the study to shun them from any “responsibilities” or debt of gratitude that would mandate them in case the real Anastasia sought refuge in another 3rd world country. 

  • VeraP0922

    Haters. Tss. All of your facts came from google. HAHA. Funny. Like, do you even know what the family has been going through? They are looking for their roots and they DO NOT claim that she IS indeed Anastasia. Oh and people get your spelling straight. Funny. Why not even consider it for a second? Y’know? Instead of bashing on her. Nakakahiya kayo. If this wasn’t worth reading and publishing then why would Inquirer even publish it, mind you, they even put it on THE FRONT PAGE. Can’t you guys support your kababayan even for once? Check out CNN the comments there are more suportive than your comments are and you guys are Filipinos :)

    • Annie James Parker

      Couldn’t agree with you more! CNN comment were all so positive and quite supportive and come to think of it they’re not Filipinos!

      • VeraP0922

        Yes exactly. And the Filipinos who should be the ones being supportive are actually the ones who are bashing on her. Pinoy nga naman!

      • Annie James Parker

        Yeah. Filipinos really has that kind of attitude wherein instead of supporting their “Kababayan” they’re actually doing the exact opposite! What happened to Filipinos these days?!? It’s such a bummer! -.-”

      • VeraP0922

        And when the truth comes out and it’s positive they’ll be like “I knew it.” Blah. They’re not even thinking on how the author would feel if she saw this. Criticism is good but they don’t need to make fun of her. Like really?! How immature can they be.

      • Demuel Bendano

         The view of some Filipinos doesn’t translate that it will be the view of every Filipinos . Some have an open inquisitive mind but most has a crab mentality still. Me, I am of those some who form my conclusion based from evidence. Right, this story can be true or can be false.

      • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/WNLEMFPG4JAZVLAUHPFEJFNX4Y Meg

        The author knew what she was getting into. Bad press is better than no press, or so they say. 

        I have no crab mentality whatsoever, and the facts that some commenters here state as having “come from Wiki[pedia” – they are sourced from reputable sources. Those little blue numbers next to words in Wikipedia serve a purpose, and that is to link to actual publications, research, news articles, etc. that support the statement that all members of the Romanovs are dead and all have been accounted for. 

      • mark ang

        Finally, someone who makes sense :))  It’s not crab mentality.  It’s the refusal to be supportive of something that is illogical.  Just because the author is Filipino, does not mean we automatically have to support her.  The supportive comments on CNN are reflective of how much they actually know about the Anastasia debate.  The case has been shut, all 7 members of the Romanov family have been accounted for through the identification of 7 different strains of DNA.  Zup Demuel.  Haha

      • pocogatsby

        Wikipedia is more reliable than a crafty psychic. 

      • juan12376

        To VeraP0922 (& others), I’m a Filipino and with all my heart I believe & support the Author just like you and others do. But please, with due respect to you and others, lets be careful in using the word ‘Filipinos’ and in despising its character. There are many decent Filipinos – yourself included. Also remember, the Author, and many people (on this blog alone) are all fine Filipinos. Peace!!!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/T2UJKUFHUVILCL7EOYFHUPWQ64 Mon G

        crabheads, magsama-sama na lang kayo para kayo-kayo na lang ang magtablahan.. harharhar!!! =D

  • VeraP0922

    Show her some respect guys

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HIRIW4OWEIHTILXO4IPYMKLOHE eric


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HIRIW4OWEIHTILXO4IPYMKLOHE eric


    • albert13

       @ eric inggit ka lang. write your own story and write a book yourself. but not at the expense of caty and lola puti. love ya lola puti !

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/G3J53LA54NA54BYDF3ZCXU6LSQ Aaron T

    Lets hope her story will be read by some historians and eventually pursue DNA testing :) 

    • TeabagDeluxe

      They already did, and have accounted for all the members of the Romanov family.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/G3J53LA54NA54BYDF3ZCXU6LSQ Aaron T

    We should support her! this is an Honor if its true!

  • http://twitter.com/lost_soul70 lost_soul70

    Well this is a very interesting story considering the coincidences between Anastasia and Lola Tasia’s background.  I was entertained by the article.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/G3J53LA54NA54BYDF3ZCXU6LSQ Aaron T

    Go for your QUEST Cath! 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GVZVTFAWRK7VLPJNH7PNAK2EYM W345C

    kahit si michael v. kayang gayahin hitsura neto..lol

  • doc_jojo

    I think the story is interesting and it also hinted on the story of the White Russian Emigres which may even include nobility that came and possibly wanted to settle in the Philippines to escape the Bolshevik Revolution and how were they handled when they arrived in the country. Just like Lola Tasia maybe they were put in orphanages and having wealthy Pinoys adopt them or maybe a settlement for White Russians was put in place by the government.  Lola Tasia is just one story representing a whole demographic and how her story links the Philippines to world events. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2AV2UWZRH6DFM35MRDYCURIWWM AMPM

    While this is a nice story, I find it a little weird since DNA evidence not too long ago already confirmed finding all members of the Royal family.

  • angie669

    I am convinced that the author’s grandma “Tasia” was the same Grand Duchess Anastacia Romanov  of Russia. The DNA test will prove that but no need, the story alone and the pictures shown are very convincing! Thank you for this article. It is sad.. but please post some more.

    • TeabagDeluxe

      Man, pyramid scammers would have a field day with you.

  • Omela Tagolgol

    Cath, continue your search in finding the truth. If this is true then it would an honor not only for your family but for our country as well. If not, then because this has caused a big ripple it will perhaps lead you to your grandma’s real relatives.

  • angie669

    The story may be closed. They closed it thinking they have solved the problem. “Finding” that everyone in the royal family died. Probably they can’t completely solve the problem so they say all died.. But this is a new discovery worth knowing. Dear author, you need to pursue this. Start with the pictures that you have. Contact people outside the Philippines and asked for their help.You need to solve this and you need support. Besides, royal or not, you deserve to know your roots.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7IXR5DDMFKTA2KI5K7SSZLZ45M Miaka

    interesting read, however – a little internet research would net the article that DNA testing has
    proven that all Romanov children remains have been accounted for (back
    in Feb 2009) by the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory (AFDIL) which meant that Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia is not alive and living anonymously somewhere.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VB5VE7COUEVO4B3MKCFLEDDTDM Aaabb

    This is possible as “in 1891, the Grand Duke Alexis Alexandrovich of Russia ( son of Czar Alexander II;  brother of Czar Alexander III;  uncle of the last Czar Nicholas II ) was honored with a weekend of balls and hunts in Pampanga” source: toto Gonzales’ blog
    This only shows that as early as 1890′s, our country has a connection with Mother Russia.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AZKYPPUW4IRFCNWNZLZZUI7KYY Elise isobelle Ron

    I’ve read this article in Wikipedia…

    It should be mentioned that a well publicized debate over which
    daughter, Maria (according to Russian experts) or Anastasia (according
    to US experts), has been recovered from the second grave cannot be
    settled based upon the DNA results reported here. In the absence of a
    DNA reference from each sister, we can only conclusively identify Alexei
    – the only son of Nicholas and Alexandra.

  • bahog_itlog

    Now this is more interesting that Corona’s trial.

    • Mike Cohen


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4APLVFSFP4GUAEBVIT2EZMI4E4 Rene Toong

    keep on fighting and look for the roots of your blood… you shall see the truth in the time when no one believes you… in memories of the past you will be reborn… you will  find the way to what is missing and solve the identity of your grand mother… the truth is never hold forever, it will the be revealed…find the family of the ship captain, the nun where your grandmother was left… you shall encounter the best part of your life…

  • pepengkabayo

    A very nice story indeed.
    Maybe you can tell where your grandmama lived, Zamboanga or Manila.
    Your grandmama looks like Etang Ditcher and Mary Walter, mestizas.
    By the looks of it, you did not get the feature of your grandmama.
    Kindly pursue more investigation, it’s getting interesting.

    On the other hand, this story from  PDI is a good deviation from boring poltical news appetized with Corona and GMA.

  • markx2012

    almost cried :) just holding back, i dont know

  • http://twitter.com/xoxoxoooooohana Maureen Ann Bautista

    this is something I need to ask, does Lola Tasia have bunions? it is said that she has, from a reliable source. I was shocked reading this, and i thought that the author was telling the truth, will she have the courage to post her picture here if she wasn’t? 

    • Demuel Bendano

       That’s one of the compelling arguments. There must be something in this. True good to be true but can’t be dismissed as another hoax.

      • beefburrito

         *True good to be true* — you just made my day :)

      • surion

        hahaha! omg! maka 9gag na nga lang! hahaha!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/A2WZK3WX7S5KENX7TF2EXAOTSA precy

    wow..im left begging for more..are you going to publish a book about this??please do..please..

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/AVGLXG2UCFW4HJRYWKOUZRJW7M marvin

      hi precy. i think your beautiful

  • YukiJ

    I don’t know if this is true or what, but I can certainly say that the coincidences are uncanny. I would very much love to find out the truth same with the people who are supportive of this. It would be so great to find out that your grandmother is indeed the Grand Duchess Anastasia!

    I may be one of those that romanticized the tragic end of the Romanov family, devouring whatever article I can find on the subject, from wikipedia articles to youtube clips of reenactment, down to the news announcing the bodies recovered. Their story was heartbreaking, and if your grandmama turns out to be a relative, if not the Grand Duchess herself, it would still be a great discovery. But if it turns out that she truly is the Grand Duchess, then Catherine, you and your whole family from your maternal side are the last of the direct descendants of the ill-fated Romanov family! That would be one of the most miraculous things in this day and age.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KSWULNWBT2EOHH6K6GZMYNQVBQ Chloe Rolson

    Too bad she (the granddaughter) does not look mestiza at all. She just looks plain Filipina. LOL

    • http://profiles.google.com/marinelac.reyes Marinela Reyes

      She’s quarter Russian, you can’t expect her to look so foreign. I am sure she is mestiza. And besides, why do you think that looking “plain Filipina” something to be associated with the words “too bad”? And laughing out loud at that as well. 

      • Demuel Bendano

         If I can reckon, a Rolson is a brand of cheap crap Chinese products sold in the UK.

      • http://twitter.com/Love_ly_nez silent_observer

        yeah, not sure where this mentality about “mestiza” is better than pinay-look. Just told my sister last night I saw the most gorgeous Asian girl y’day and she is pure pinay! I mean without any trace of foreign blood in her. And she had the model height to go with her perfectly symetrical face and light brown doll like skin.  Back to the story, I hope the author gets some help to trace her grandmother’s roots. And some people here are just plain cruel when all they did was read the wiki or old files from the internet. 

  • barangayboso

    Whatever the result of your journey, good luck.. you deserve to know your roots…  whoever they are..

  • D. L. B. Borja

    For some reason, I have always found the last royal family of Russia interesting. My interest began when my sister and I received a CD of the 1997 20th Century Fox animated film “Anastasia”. I liked the movie’s plot and kept wondering if the Grand Duchess really escaped the massacre that killed the rest of her family. My fascination was fueled by the fifth book in “The 39 Clues” historical fiction/sci-fi series, “The Black Circle”, in which Anastasia escaped the massacre, married the then leader of the Lucian branch, Vladimir Radov (however, their daughter’s middle name is Ruslanovna, which means that Vladimir may not have been his real name or that the name Ruslan may be a pseudonym or that the name Vladimir is a factual error, which is possible, since there are many authors who helped write the T39C books and that Mallory Kass, the writer of “The Black Book of Buried Secrets”, was either confused, mistaken, or did not know that Russians’ middle names are based on their fathers’ names), and had a daughter, Nataliya Ruslanovna Radova, who helped Amy and Dan in finding their 5th Clue. I started researching the Romanovs, and my research led me to what Wikipedia had to say about the theory that she could have survived the Yekaterinburg/Ekaterinburg massacre:

    “Her possible survival has been conclusively disproven. In January 2008,
    Russian scientists announced that the charred remains of a young boy and
    a young woman found near Ekaterinburg in August 2007 were most likely
    those of the thirteen-year-old Tsarevich and one of the four Romanov
    grand duchesses. Russian forensic scientists confirmed on April 30, 2008, that the remains were those of the Tsarevich Alexei and one of his four sisters.[1] In March 2009 the final results of the DNA testing were published by Dr. Michael Coble of the US Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory, proving conclusively that the remains of all four Grand Duchesses have now been accounted for, and no one escaped.”

    However, the theory that Caty Petersen’s Grandmama Tasia could really be Russia’s Grand Duchess Anastasia (or at least that she was a member of the royal family) *could* be true. The similarities are too many to be a coincidence. Oh, come on, how many girls are the youngest of four sisters, had a sister named Maria, and had a younger brother named Alexei? It’s not wishful thinking — it could actually be true, even if it was confirmed that no one escaped the massacre. Who knows, maybe the US Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory isn’t telling the truth or that Anastasia’s escape was covered up. But it’s also possible that Grandmama Tasia is simply an impostor.
    However, I just wished that Grandmama Tasia was still alive (I’m pretty sure she’s dead) so they could prove, once and for all, whether or not she was Anastasia or at the very least Russian royalty. But they can still check Caty’s DNA, as well as the other descendants of Grandmama Tasia and her husband Lope Pelayo.
    And next time, please be more polite in your comments. Imagine how the author would feel if she saw all the not-so-polite comments here. And please don’t immediately assume that Miss Petersen/Grandmama Tasia/their family wanted to claim the Romanovs’ money. Miss Petersen could just be searching for her Russian roots, like she said in her article.

  • Vic Mayor

    The Mystery regarding the Grand Duchess Anastasia was one of the Mysteries which glued me to the Library while in College. When I saw the Article on the Front Page of the Inquirer, it was the first thing I read. The Mystery regarding the whereabouts of the Grand Duchess may have already been solved but there is a strong possibility that Lola Tasia could be one of the Grand Duchesses from other Members of the Romanov Family who were able to escape.

    • mark ang

      I agree.  A far more likely possibility.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KZAMBVUAHEUQZVM5Q5H76PNDNQ RV

    Wow, this is really mind-boggling, but nonetheless noteworthy!  The photos associated with the name Anastasia, meaning Resurrection-  and the author’s background of St. Basil Cathedral in Moscow- reveal the monumental Orthodox tradition of Holy Russia since its Christianization in 988, though its religious history was punctuated by the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. After the collapse of Communism in 1991, there was a revival of religious freedom and a regeneration for those who suffered behind the  Iron Curtain. Such religious revival also ushered in the Church re-birth and reunification of the exiled Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia with the present Patriarchate of Moscow.  Lola Puti is such a character that gives meaning to Resurrection, like those who were martyred and persecuted for their Faith, and can be equally honored with the name Anastasia . Eternal Memory to Anastasia. Let the story inspire us God-loving Filipinos! Christ is Risen! Truly, He is Risen! 

  • Aileen Kessop

    Your grandma does look a lot like the grand duchess, especially the photos when she was a child, more than the last known ‘anastacia’ that surfaced and claimed she is who she is. its more likely that if the grand duchess did survive such trauma that her family was subjected to she would choose to stay in hiding for the rest of her life. It would explain a lot of her fears. I hope she kept some heirloom or even linens that can prove her heritage. I hope you find the truth and discover your roots . :)

  • pepengkabayo

    A very suspenseful search for truth.
    The mystery of Lola Tasia Puti heritage relation to the throne might remain unsolved.
     A very interesting story sort of Leon Tolstoy.

    Lola Puti might have died a lonely woman even when she was living.
    She has no relatives, alone in our country. where truth as who she was buried in the grave.
    This is a lesson from us children.
    Be inquisitive to our old folks, ask her to tell story, ask her why she looks mestiza, who are the parents and why she was in the country if she looks foreign.
    Our old folks are the bridge to the past. They are connection to history of forgotten.
    And there might be story waiting to be told.

    Having lived in the US and Canada for so long, white people look alike in their features especially in small cities.
    The picture above of Lola Puti and Anastacia connotes similarities which is normal as they come from same country.
    During Bolshevik revolutions, millions fled the country and Lola Puti was lucky to escape and unlucky to be alone.
    She might belong to the elite families that’s why she looked elegant and smart the way the story told.

    This is not to discourage the granddaughter as to grandmama but with DNA, this could solve the mystery of Lola Puti.
    Was she or was she not….the Catherine of the Czar of Russia.

  • http://twitter.com/avbcruz AntonCruz

    It was on the Top 10 disappearance in Times magazine. There were a couple of ladies claiming that she is the Duchess Anastasia to claim a bank account on a Swiss bank.

  • Rosanne Ransom

    I have read on wikipedia that the young Grand Duchess Anastasia have a deformity on her left foot. Do you recall if Lola Tasia have any deformities on the same area?

  • Guest

    This woman used to be my playmate.. I call her Beldy.. i was 10 she was 17 hahahaha si Cathy Belderol…Her son was named after me AJ. Interesting…

    • brent landon

      AJBabao. Saw you change your name to Guest. HAHAHAHA

  • http://twitter.com/rpgumpic Ritchil P. Gumpic

    I understand why your grandmama wouldn’t want to have your other Russian relatives be traced. She lived in the time of war and that she witnessed her parents and siblings murdered. If I were on her shoes I could have been in shock and would continue running as far as my feet can bring me. What’s worst with what has happen was she was one of the bodies carried out of the prison thinking she was dead. My heart breaks for the fate that the Romanov family has undergone but if this is for the quest of truth and I know for sure that the truth can set you free and your grandmama free from the fear of facing death in the hands of the Russian soldiers. ~ There can be miracles!

  • seventhsense

    may nafefeel talaga ako na something dito eh.. feeling ko talaga ito na.. :p sa lahat ng hindi naniniwala, well it`s your right.and  i have mine too :p

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AOKOZS6STCAQGFYWSKENC7Y4KU lance g

    There are just a lot of things, coincidences that make me shiver and exited about this article!… Let’s see what this would lead… I’m pretty sure it’s a good thing not just for the writer but for a lot of people!…

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/WNLEMFPG4JAZVLAUHPFEJFNX4Y Meg

    When I was a child, my grandfather would use to tease us grandkids with stories about him having met the Emperor of Japan, of having changed our last name in order to avoid detection by the Imperial army, etc. His stories were enthralling, but us kids knew his stories were just that: stories. 
    This lady has delusions of grandeur. She has even gone so far as to call in a medium/feng sui expert or whatever. I have a deformity in my left foot and my family was buried in a “little chapel.” Does that make me Anastasia? No?Also: Alexei and Maria were and are common names in Russia. 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/X4AF6D62JE2UUUR7VD7SNHGXJ4 Collin blu

       It does not necessarily equate that if somebody told a story, it is the same as to your grandfather’s fabricated stories. I don’t think the author publicized this story just for laughs or ridicule or what not. “remember, it is not a crime to give her the benefit of the doubt. who knows! nonetheless, she wrote the article not to prove anything and to convince you of her grandmama of being the royal Anastacia. She was just telling her experince and the words of her grandmama.  So dont just hung a label on her.

    • albert13

      @ meg i wonder whether you know and have a personal grudge with the author or you yourself have some demons and baggages to deal with in your life. kasi napaka personal at violent ang response mo to her stories. she is not hurting you or anybody else with her stories. hayaan mo na lang siya sa kanyang fantasies. mind ur own business na lang. kung gusto mo ng attention, make an appointment with the Inquirer and share your own story. wishing you all the best. peace !

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/74KJ7UHUGBFXZEDBZ6APB2UEZM Batxa

    Now that you have gone public with your story, I don’t see any more reasons not to contact the Russian Authorities so that they themselves could prove your theory of being under the lineage of Anastasia.

    • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/WNLEMFPG4JAZVLAUHPFEJFNX4Y Meg

      She’s probably already tried and been laughed at. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HRFS4EMVVN2HDPDIYUU6MAIVL4 Greg Atari

    Very interesting. 

  • Smirnov8


    The ROMANOV FAMILY still doubts authenticity of remains.

    The RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH still refuses to recognize the remains as that of the Romanovs.

    Unless the detractors of these Filipino’s Grandmama…articles possess better information than what both the ROMANOV FAMILY and RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH have, practicing humility and less know-it-all arrogant behavior toward their fellow men/women is highly suggested.


    • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/WNLEMFPG4JAZVLAUHPFEJFNX4Y Meg

      Actually, according to the link you provided, the Romanov spokesperson stated they do not have adequate information to determine whether or not the remains are authentic. 

      The author is a woman who is trying desperately to forge a connection with the Russian royal family on the basis of mere coincidences. Her excuse for all this media coverage is she wants to find her roots. Did she need to publicize her quest in order to complete it successfully?

  • http://twitter.com/TheDramaticB Erika Bianca D. Arao

    This is really interesting. There are a lot of similarities but like what other people said in the comments, most of these can be googled. 50% in me believes the authenticity of this because, why would they publish this just now if they’re after something. Maybe they are really just after solving the puzzle on where their Grandmother came from. If this is true, we Filipinos are lucky, cause the living descendants of the Romanov’s are half Filipinos, If not, shame on us, cause this will be added to our bad reputation throughout the entire world (if this goes viral). :D 

  • politics201138

    To Caty Petersen:

    One of the usual tradition of Filipinos is to cut some hairs or nails of the deceased while in mourning and keep it as keepsake for the descendants for the rest of their life, do you think your parents was able to do that when Grandmama died? Because, if they did — that is another BIG clue for the cells and DNA to be tested and see if it will match with the royal Romanov family.

    If she really was The Princess Anastasia, I can truly understand her resolve to bring her real identity to the grave.

    As I have mentioned to you in my e-mail, the other group of people who knows her real identity are the Catholic nuns who sheltered her in Manila (assuming they were the same Orthodox nuns that boarded the same ship that Grandmama was in) that time and hoping they are still alive and would be willing to talk and Vice-Admiral Stark who led that ship in 1922. Try knowing if Grandmama was in the ship of Vice-Admiral Stark that time.

    Try asking your parents. 

    Nothing is impossible.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1367736308 Samsara N. Nirvana

      Any of the direct living relatives of the ‘grandmama’, like children and grandchildren can be tested for DNA…and compared with Prince Philip or even Queen Elizabeth because they were all descended from Queen Victoria..Czar Nicholas and Czarina Alexandra as well…

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/2IHBCUYTNV7EHXCD7XFJNVVETI Ma

       looks like you didin’t understand what she wrote…. lol

      • politics201138


        In response to you, I truly understand every word that Caty Petersen wrote and if you have read all the comments from the start, there was a commentor named GPmuga that caught my attention and I’ll quote again what that person said: “there were Orthodox nuns who were aboard the fleet that was led by Vice-Admiral Oskar Stark that left Vladivostok in 1922..and that may explain the connection of Caty’s Grandmama being under the care of nuns in Manila.”

        And if we are trying to help her connect the dots and find out the real truth of Grandmama’s identity, this is one historical fact mentioned by GPmuga that to me, is interesting and worth investigating by Caty.

        The only thing mentioned by Grandmama to them was that she was under the care and protection of the ship captain during that voyage. And from the article, anyone can see that the captain of the ship did its best to protect her from anyone and not letting anyone know about her presence. That was per Grandmama’s statement per article – she was always in the cabin and not getting out. The next question that comes in – will be WHY? So, it is worth knowing WHO and WHAT was the name of the ship captain of the ship that Grandmama was.

        Because if it turns out that Grandmama was in the ship where Vice-Admiral Stark was the captain, then definitely Mr. Stark and the Orthodox nuns who were in that ship were the people who really know WHO Grandmama was and can unravel the mystery whether she was The Princess Anastasia of Russia.

        And in addition, read what Mike Cohen (another commenter) divulged. He said his grandfather was a Viscount in Russia who also escaped from Russia and lived in the Philippines and their family found out that the family name his grandfather used was not really a real family name but really a title.

        Just like Grandmama’s family name that she used – was not really a real family name but more of a title which means Duchess?

        The fact tha Mike Cohen came out and told the blog world that indeed his grandfather was a Russian is another proof (which to me was interesting) why Grandmama became a recluse. It is really true then that there were Russians in the Philippine soil that disembarked while Grandmama was alive during that time. 

        Per article she seems to be afraid to be seen and recognize by her own compatriots. The next question that comes into one’s mind was WHY? Why be afraid to be recognize by her own Russian citizens? WHAT was she afraid of?

        Grandmama per article would always tell them with “if THEY know where I am, they will all kill us.”

        Again questions comes up in one’s mind: Who are “THEY”? and WHO was Grandmama that “THEY” will kill her and her new family if they happen to find out where she was? HOW important was Grandmama in her lifetime in Russia that she would always admonished her grandchild and her family not to contact Russian authorities?

        Now we know that other Russians who have disembarked in the Philippines at that time was not very, very secretive of their identity of who they were. But in Grandmama’s case, she died without telling anyone in her family.

        These are questions that beg for answers…

      • Mike Cohen

        I would just like to correct, vicount or son of one, we really never bothered to check (talot kami baka may mga utang! haha kidding)
        From what I remember, being told by my aunts, Mom, and Lola.
        He, my grandfather on my mothers side. Chose not to really pursue or discuss his past in Russia.
        But. there were a number of them who chose to settle in Zamboanga.
        He married a Filipina mestiza, of the Winters clan. Another very interesting family whose roots trace to a Prussian officer who served with Arthur MacArthur, in the Spanish American War and later settled down in Basilan as the local sheriff, justice of the peace, and local officer of the Moro Affairs office.
        Like his son in law, he remained in the Philippines and his clan includes a long list people best known in the Pagadian and Zamboanga area.
        A number of White Russians, like my grandfather settled down here. 
        But, I am ‘white russian’ also on my fathers side. My grandmother settled in Shanghai coming from russia where she was widowed of her first husband who also was a white russian military officer. She remarried Isac ‘Jack’ Cohen, who later became a fixture in Malate and Manila bay restaurant scene, and they and my dad, moved to Manila in the 1930′s.
        My grandmother on my dad’s side also refused to discuss her past, She per her friends and sister – witnessed the murder of her entire family as a child by the ‘Reds’ as she called them. 
        Anyhow, yes – there was a thriving white russian community in Manila in the 20′s and up to now I believe a number are still here, there, and, everywhere.
        Maybe we all should have a reunion? hahaha

      • politics201138

        Mike Cohen:

        For the purpose of unraveling the mystery of Grandmama, your information is actually valuable.

        Only people who had witnessed horrible things done on their family like your ancestors, would try to forget it as if it never happened especially if they came from noble lineage and was a direct part of that horrible massacre history of Russia.

        More so, if Grandmama turns out to be the real Grand Duchess Anastasia who was the MAIN target of the murderers of that time being  the last remaining heir to the throne alive. If indeed she was the same person.

        You have proven a couple of facts that otherwise would not have been known by Filipinos and the world at large.

        Thank you for the information.

        Indeed, the quest for truth is on with Caty’s Grandmama.

      • politics201138

        Mike Cohen:

        In addition Mike, I would suggest you write a book of your family’s history as a testament to the past.

        At the same time, you would also be helping future generations of Filipinos, Russians and people around the world how noble people from Russia became a part of the Philippines which I think before this article came out never realize that indeed, some of them disembarked in the Philippines and settled in the archipelago. You as a descendant can attest to that.

        For historical purposes, your family story is important to the world at large.

        Who knows God in his mercy will allow one day the real identity of Grandmama to be unraveled whether she is part of the royal Romanov family or The Grand Duchess Anastasia herself.

        Mysteries abound on earth.

        Some are meant to be brought to graves and just that — a secret forever. But some are meant to be discovered.

  • pepengkabayo

    Lola Tasia Puiti, the GrandMama might be really the Anastacia of the Romanov, the Russian Czar who was deposed on the Bolsheviks revolution.
    Who knows? That is Urban Tale waiting to be proven.

    On the other hand, there are so many Urban Tales that surfaced in the Internet like this one about Rizal which I copied and paste;
    “The most infamous mystery is that RIZAL FATHERED GERMAN Fuehrer, ADOLPH HITLER. 
    This rumor began circulating because of an educational film about Nazism and World War II.  In it, a framed photo of Rizal was found hanging on Hitler’s bunker.
    This poses the question, “Was Hitler a fan of our national hero or was it something more?”  Jose Rizal was educated in Europe and he spent a great deal of time in Germany. 

    RIZAL,JACK THE RIPPER is polled as Great Britain’s most evil person on BBC History Magazine. His hatred for women and savage killing of at least 5 prostitutes is a tale of horror still talked about today.
    His case was never solved thus his identity is one of the world’s great mysteries.
    How is this related to Rizal? Our national hero Jose Rizal was in London during the killings from May 1888 to January 1889.
    the killings link to Rizal because he was a doctor. Skilled with the surgical knife, he even performed on his mother’s eye.

    It is showing to the world who we are, famous and infamous.
    Anastacia,the last of the Romanovs, Rizal as Jack the Ripper and Father of Hitler.
    We have homegrown too like Marcos and Pacquiao
    Maybe another Urban Tale will come out that Jesus Christ was actually a filipino,
    Who Knows?

  • beefburrito

    I find it strange that a “Grand Duchess” would pose for a formal photo unadorned with any of her family jewelries.

  • mark ang

    Demuel, Demuel, where art thou Demuel?  We miss your charming wit and intellect.

  • dean eriol

    The family can only know their true ancestry if it is indeed true that Grandmama Tasia is the
    Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia by DNA testing…If Caty’s father is still alive, the family can have his DNA tested if it will matched the ones that the Russian government have…Hope you will find your answer Caty.

  • Pablo cruz

    where is the 2nd part?

  • m1600

    Her picture that is publish  on Inquirer today  looks like she came from a well to do family probably from one of the loyal family  in Russia during her time but not necessary a Romanov . She don’t look like a  Russian peasant to me all they have to do is to have a DNA test to settle the problem period!

     I hope this is not one of the rubbish telenovela of ABS-CBN ng mga nawawalang anak si WAKO-WAKO ng ARUKAN  na lang ang di pa na DNA test.

  • ayajimenez

    privately? then why do u publish this? for what?

  • http://twitter.com/craierahl333 craie rahl

    anything is possible – which is why, to be fair to everyone, including all those who belong to the Romanov family, whether surviving or otherwise, especially the Grand Duchess Anastasia herself, anyone who is claiming a connection should have the decency and good faith to try to substantiate it by the most reliable, if not absolutely conclusive, means available, which is right now DNA testing.

    i don’t usually post comments, but felt compelled to do so because i’ve always felt most sorry for the children involved in this tragedy.  what happened to the adults was, of course, just as deplorable and awful, but the children never stood a chance and were among the most innocent in relation to the political unrest that plagued the empire at the time.  their fate was sealed by an accident of birth, and not due to any choices or acts of their own.  therefore, the least they deserve is to be further exploited beyond the grave.. in fact, the same sentiment perhaps applies to the author’s babushka. it doesn’t appear that she herself made any express or vocal or unequivocal claim to being the Grand Duchess.  

    in my opinion, therefore, (for whatever it’s worth), is that the value of this article lies on whether or not the author and family are prepared and are taking steps to substantiate their claim.  If they are, then at least the truth will eventually be served.  If they try, but are rebuffed because the powers that be in Russia and/or the surviving members of the Romanov family won’t even give them the chance to prove their claim, then at least they tried.

    But if they are content and satisfied with spreading this speculative claim, and thus never give rest to the name and memory of the departed and to those who remain loyal to the royal family, then i hope they’ll re-think their choice because prostituting murder victims just to gain this fifteen minutes of fame is just sad and shameless.

    • albert13

      it is my impression that the caty’s family is not claiming anything at all. they are asking questions like us searching for their roots. i don’t think they are after the money. as you can see in the pictures, lola puti can afford to have a grand vacation in the hyatt hotel in baguio. siguro, mas mayaman pa nga sila sa mga commentators accusing them that they are after the wealth of the romanovs. iilan ba sa mga violent commentators can afford to travel to russia? i can sympathize with caty because i am also looking for my own roots. caty press on and move on. continue with your search and bring closure to it. its bigotry lang para sa mga tanong napakaviolent ang response sa iyong story. inggit lang iyan ang mga nasa puso nila.

  • surion

    i dont think it would be that easy to have the bones of lola puti DNA tested.. because how are you going to ask for the DNA’s of the Romanov family?? just go to Russia and ask for it?? although it could be the only way to really find out..

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/GGTAJGQLNQQWBLCSZDZ6YFUKZA Keshia R

      They’ve already analyzed the DNA of Tsar Nikolas II, their father, so if any descendant pops out of nowhere, they can confirm immediately.

      • surion

        yes, but how is really caty going to ask for Tsar Nikolas II’s DNA? i dont think its dat simple.. i doubt that Russia would just simply allow access to that kind of request i mean its THE Romanov’s DNA.. if that happens, it’ll go viral for sure. 

      • albert13

        @surion tapos na nga na analyze ang dna ng tsar eh. may records na at hindi na kailangan pang mag dna testing ulit. si caty ang kailangang mag dna testing para mai-compare ang dna niya sa mga romanovs. hindi lang viral ang nangyayari, parang nagsasabunutan at magpapatayan na nga ang mga commentator’s dito.nagiging violente na ang reaction ng iba.

      • politics201138


        I can’t help but laugh at your statement “…parang nagsasabunutan at magpapatayan na nga ang mga commentators dito…” you have a way with words.

      • albert13

        sabi ng mga admirers at critics ko may dry humor daw ako. thanks for compliments !

      • politics201138



      • surion

        hindi wat i mean is, kung halimbawa na DNA test na si lola puti.. tapos icocompare na sa DNA ni tsar.. ang tanong nga bakit? papayag ba kaagad ang russia nyan na ilabas ang mga records nila about sa romanov sa isang stranger?? 

        i imagine her going to russia saying “i have a grandma who i think is anastasia.. can i have her dna tested? ska can i compare it dun sa DNA ni tsar?” hindi naman ata ganyan yan kadali. 

        parang yan yung sa thor na humihingi xang horse sa isang pet store! haha! 

        imagine yourself nlang going to russia and asking for the DNA of their tsar
        nicholas II para ma compare mo.. baka pag tawanan kpa dun tanongin kpa kung sino kanaman???

      • pocogatsby

        Kasi this is a global embarrassment for pinoys now that CNN picked up the story. Case closed na kasi, as declared by Russia. 

      • surion

        hi pocogatsby, can you please post the link here? cause i cant find it.. thank you.

      • GuestUzer

         can u give me the CNN story link please. thanks

      • albert13

        @poco, cnn and russia do not have the monopoly of the truth. if pinoys are stupid enough to believe in the virgin birth and the resurrection without the benefit of dna tests, bakit hindi niyo hayaan na magpantasya ang isang tao na wala namang masamang ginagawa sa inyo. ang ugali nating crab mentality ang nakakahiya sa buong mundo. ang pagnanakaw ng thief justice at little red riding hood ang mas masahol na global embarrassment ng mga pinoy sa buong mundo ay hindi niyo ikinahihiya dahil anidiyan na sa inyong lifestyle. mas malaking embarrassment pa para sa inyo ang magpantasya na maging bahagi ng dugo na bughaw. nasaan na ba ang values ninyo? iyan ang dapat suriin at ipa dna test ninyo.

  • Andrei Ustares Acosta

    Philippine actor Mateo Mendoza and broadcaster Michael Cohen have both White Russian mothers from Basilan. Zambo City is home to the Philippine White Russians who survived the 1918 Revolution in Russia.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/D5VI7HQWCMRQP4RBLKJW7SYTGY T-Rex

      Zambo City as in zamboanga city? tovarisch?!

    • Mike Cohen

      Yes, Matt and I our 1st cousins; our mothers are sisters. But proudly filipino til the days they passed away. Their father. Leonard Kniazeff, who is also the Grandpa on his mom’s side of DJ Bob Magoo aka Bob Lopez-Pozas, 
      Leornard we learned much later was also of the noble households if russia, but to him it was of little importance. He found his noblity in service to his adopted country the Philippines He raised his family as Filipino’s he was awarded the honor for service to country  a naturalist and geologist who mapped much of mindanao minerals. 
      One lake which he determined to be also a volcano is named after him in Compostella Valley the caldera lake leonard kniazeff. One of his children, his eldest son,also a naturalist-environmentalist and farmer Wilfred Kniazeff survives he lives in Mindoro. He for decades worked protecting the Tamaraw’s of the highland Mangyan.

      Nice to see you andrei… matameng salamat sa pagbangit.

      • politics201138

        Mike Cohen:

        The first time you posted about the identity of your grandfather proved that indeed there were Russians that landed in Philippine shores at that time.

        And also proved that there were noble Russians that landed in the Philippines which might have recognized WHO Grandmama was which explained why she became a recluse all her life.

        The big question was WHY?

        WHO was Grandmama in Russia that she was afraid to be recognized by her compatriots? because the usual reaction of any citizens from any country would be to gravitate around her own compatriots.

        Thank you for posting your family history.

        Tidbits of information will help Caty unravel the mystery of her Grandmama.

  • Andrei Ustares Acosta

    The same holds truth to the family of Pablo Ponce de Leon who arrived Cuyo Island in Palawan in 1768 happened to be the Prince of Anglona in Spain, and son of the 11th Duke of Arcos, Don Antonio Ponce de Leon… at present about 30,000 Cuyunons in Palawan trace their ascendancy to this Prince Pablo, grandson of King Felipe V de Bourbon of Spain.

    • politics201138

      Andrei Usatres Acosta:

      Hmmm…interesting revelation.

      Thank you for the information.

    • Mike Cohen

      classmate kumusta na!

      I think there were also a few russians post ww1 who settled in Palawan but if I’m not mistaken it was in the north. Someone told me that once. Nice to see you commenting here! 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YY3P3YZVWLSRZ46IRNU7O4H2NM Deza

    truly interesting.i got goosebumps reading the story.well it could be true!

  • William Tyre

    however, you, as her descendants will not be recognized by the remaining members of the Romanovs because you are all non-royal. but at least new facts may be unfolded. 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/576OZDLMRWEYCD4S5TFVYIZBMA kandi


  • joeydetalle

    This novel truly deserves an award. She’s a great writer (Caty). I hope someone would publish this officially in a book. This could be a bestseller beside Harry Potter and Twilight.

    This saga is just truly interesting and convincing in a way. Looking forward for the next chapters of this novel.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/576OZDLMRWEYCD4S5TFVYIZBMA kandi

      my thoughts exactly.

  • pocogatsby

    The two pictures are so very clearly of two different women.  One has a round face, another has  very sharp, angular features.  Besides, I choose to believe what is written in wikipedia. 
    Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia

    Her possible survival has been conclusively disproven. In January 2008, Russian scientists announced that the charred remains of a young boy and a young woman found near Ekaterinburg in August 2007 were most likely those of the thirteen-year-old Tsarevich and one of the four Romanov grand duchesses. Russian forensic scientists confirmed on April 30, 2008, that the remains were those of the Tsarevich Alexei and one of his four sisters.[1]In March 2009 the final results of the DNA testing were published by Dr. Michael Coble of the US Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory, proving conclusively that the remains of all four Grand Duchesses have now been accounted for, and no one escaped.[2]

    • jhujaejyt

      In the NatGeo Documentary, Dr. Michael Coble confirms that they cannot ascertain if the bones belong to Anastasia or Maria. They can only establish that what they found in the burial site 2 are bones from a man and a woman and that they are siblings. It could be one of the sisters.

      Dr. Anthony Falsetti, jumps to conclude that the Romanov has been accounted for, which is contrary to Dr. Coble statement above.

      Thus, no conclusive evidence, that Anastasia was the one with Alexie in burial Site 2

      • politics201138


        Hmmm…another good information.

  • http://twitter.com/joydromano Joy Romano

    I’m fond of the cartoon Anastasia when I was a child. I even read articles and documentaries about it. I thought the case was already closed, I watched a documentary a few years ago, they found a piece of her bone few meters away from her family. But then reading this story gave me goosebumps and made me wonder, What if Anastasia really escaped? 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/S2RIEFDL2SO2U7OTVUIWFZQXVI christine

     read the article yesterday and since then it has been always on my mind…im anxious to read more about the story and even more find out if Grandmama Tasia is the Grand Duchess.

  • http://twitter.com/kofilatte Josielyn Dy-Reyes

    interesting :)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LB5LG7WFJMLB7IRRR4VK5DYVVI Carrie

    This is a difficult case to resolve, but if Cathy truly believes that her grandma was Anastasia Romanov, then she must extract all means to solve the mystery.  Good luck Cathy! I hope you’ll soon find the truth!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ADRZWJHWCQ2LUVQIVU7CCEHKGY pazzy

    i read in one article that the Romanov family had a history of hemophilia in their DNA. It would be even more plausible for your grandmama to have been anastasia if you inherited the hemophiliac gene. that would be so cool.

    • http://twitter.com/GracezylB Gracezyl Blanco

      hemophilia could be passed on to males, so if any male child/grandchild/grand-grandchild  of lola Tasya have that, maybe it could somehow prove that they indeed came from the Romanov family..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ADRZWJHWCQ2LUVQIVU7CCEHKGY pazzy

    looking at the photos though, it seems they don’t have the same facial profile. 

    • pocogatsby

      Yup, round face yung isa, the other one has sharp features.  Why did CNN pick up such a stupid story?  Now global embarrassment na naman for us Pinoys.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/R6QLZ2NELXDGKGNXC6LGFPIZNY ARMI

        po, i don’t know how you’d be concerned of global recognition when you can’t even respect the feelings of your Kababayans:(

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/KFHLZMACCZI7PHQPUV6EZOV57Y Spolarium

         embarrassment agad? ano bang mali sa story? nagclaim ba sila?

  • $18209031

    THis is pure BS ! Bakit pa pinareport itong article. If someone who is white eats adobo, will she be now a Pino ? Mga articles dito sa Phil Inquirer bulok talaga. I dont know why they allow this kind of bs . Masyadong sensationalize ang mga titulo nga  para lang may topic sila. Mga editors ng Phil Inquirer, ayusin naman ninyo itong dapat tutuo at ibasura yung walan kwenta.

    • pocogatsby

      Kasi they want to sell more copies of the newspaper.  Kaya front page. Di man lang nagresearch.  Five minutes lang na internet surfing kita na na nakuha na ang lahat ng remains ng family ng czar.  Psychic lang ang nagsabi front page na sa Inquirer.

      • James

        ^Ignorance at its best.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/R6QLZ2NELXDGKGNXC6LGFPIZNY ARMI

      if you don’t buy it. then don’t… no need to throw BS in this family… pinipilit ba tayo to definitely believe it, di naman ah… kaya nga the article was titled as “could be” sinabi bang definitive na “she really was”, hindi po…

      • $18209031

        Yeah, but the title is deceiving. PHil Inquirer always like to have sensationalized title so readers will be drawn to read it. Ang style bulok, typical bait and hook journalism if you know what i mean

      • James

        The article is not even doing anything that is sensational. The first 2-3 paragraphs of the article were published on the frontpage, with the remaining majority of the whole article placed elsewhere in the feature section of the paper. If it’s “sensational” as you say it is, then by now the mainstream media is gushing all over it by now, which isn’t.

        As per the title, it can really attract readers, especially those who are knowledgeable of about who is Princess Anastasia and the Romanovs. And note, “Filipino’s grandmama could be…” ang sinabi hindi naman nakalagay na “Grandma to Filipina is Missing Russian Royal”.

        It’s not even news but a feature article written by the granddaughter.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/KFHLZMACCZI7PHQPUV6EZOV57Y Spolarium

       Then why read??? Inquirer lang ba nagiisang broadsheet sa pinas? lol. get a life

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3FHRB2PGZ3TZPIVVPDFQFC54HQ Mark

    Does Lola Tasia speak French?  The Grand Duchess Anastasia grew up speaking English, Russian, and French fluently. Moreover, a more scientific way to solve this is to submit your self for a DNA test (and if possible, Lola Tasia’s tissue sample too, with all due respect). Empress Alexandra’s mitochondrial DNA sequence is 16111T, 16357C, 263G, 315.1C, exactly the same with Prince Philip (the prince consort of Queen Elizabeth II who is still alive today) because they have the same maternal lineage that can be traced to Queen Victoria. At this stage, you might already have done your research and that you know for a fact that mitochondrial DNAs get passed on through the maternal lineage. If you prove that this same sequence resembles your own mitochondrial DNA sequence, or Lola Tasia’s, you might be able to correct history.

    • bahaykubo1015

      Hi Mark,
      Always read your blogs, one of the most interesting, sincere about this …..
      But I have a question about this one….As far as I know Prince Philip was and is a male, so why mitochondrial????

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/3FHRB2PGZ3TZPIVVPDFQFC54HQ Mark

        Because Prince Philip had a mitochondrial DNA that he got from her mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg, who is the daughter of Princess Victoria of Hesse, who is the sister of Empress Alexandra of Russia.  Prince Philip is a living great-grandchild in the FEMALE LINE of Alexandra’s mother, Princess Alice of the United Kingdom.  Prince Philip’s blood was previously used to establish that one of the remains found by the authorities belonged to Empress Alexandra, the only member of the Romanov family who is British.  Prince Philip’s great grandmother is Princess Alice of the United Kingdom, and this same Princess Alice is the grandmother of Anastasia. 

      • politics201138


        You are educating us readers in plain language. Thank you.

      • bahaykubo1015

        Mark, thanks for the quick reply,
        I had asked you this question because I always thought mitochondrial DNA samples are always taken from the female (the mitochondrial DNA transmitter) members of the family.
        So citing this example it would be from Queen Victoria of England down to granddaughter Empress Alexandra Feodorovna(mother of Anastasia) of Russia down the female line to Alice of Battenberg, mother of Prince Philip, then to the sisters of Prince Philip, then to Prince Philip’s nieces etc.
        Apparently what I thought is not always the case……

    • politics201138


      Very interesting information…

    • pinoy_engr_abroad

      Good point Mark!  It was common to the Royal Courts then, and my russian colleauges confirm that! would love to translate any journal entry in French if there is any.   And on the DNA, if they have some hair samples of lola tasia, then that’s the way to go. That’s the kind of critical thinking I am always glad to see in any discussion!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ETKNCCDZ3J6K7DUHOXSUIRL6NM nin

    The Duchesses had a French teacher but according to what I’ve read, they liked the language but did not get around to speaking it on daily basis. English and Russian were more the languages they spoke. They went to holidays on their imperial yachts and went to places like Germany, Baltics,Findland, Denmark.  There were also some reports that the lives of the 2 younges may have been spared or at least someone tried to help them, that will be Anastassia and Alexei.   But, hey, what the heck, if Grandma Tasia was the Duchess Anastassia then she should be brought home! 
    Why are the others so harsh with their comments?, I enjoy reading this than the “bugbugan in NAIA”! 

  • Bonggebongge

    Ang lakas mangarap…asus…

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/R6QLZ2NELXDGKGNXC6LGFPIZNY ARMI

      ang lakas mong mainggit… moment nya to.. gawa ka ng moment mo!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/KFHLZMACCZI7PHQPUV6EZOV57Y Spolarium

         oo nga kinukwento nya lang naman yung lola. ingit much naman yung iba. lol. some pinoys talaga.

    • beerhunters

      dream inspires, reality frustrates

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FW5S4Q3EXSSEGQQ3C2MJN2TMAI Andre

    her grandmother is a saint. that would be great.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/K2ZWYJGRYYDKFLFDIIWINN5ELE Regina

    Okay she’s not claiming that her lola is Anastasia Romanov. Theory pa lng yun at nagre-research pa lng siya. KINONFIRM BA NIYA NA LOLA NIYA SI ANASTASIA? wala naman siyang sinabi eh. Pero kung gusto niya malaman pagkatao ng lola niya sana magpa DNA siya.

    • beefburrito

      tama ka pero ang nakakapagtaka lang eh bakit ito nasa front page ng PDI kung ito’y isang spekulasyon lamang?

      • bahaykubo1015

        Search me!!!!!
        Maybe PDI and Emily Abrera thought readers of this newspaper are completely clueless about DNA analysis…baka makalusot nga naman sila…..

        Anyway the story of Caty’s mother apparently mistaking a portrait of the Czarina Alexandra Romanov as that of her own mother should have given PDI editors a double take.
        The Czarina in all her portraits was always loaded with crown jewels. A crown or tiara, heavy jewelry sometimes meter long pearl necklaces.
        To mistake a portrait attired like this to be one’s own mother was a bit overextended  to say the least…..
        Was Caty’s grandmother walking around during her lifetime attired like the Czarina in her official portraits, loaded with the Crown jewels?????? Just asking….

      • beefburrito

        i had exactly the same observation, i actually posted a comment about it yesterday. Aside from the jewelries, the photo may be able to give other clues. If you look closely, there’s a triangular emblem on the grandma’s left sleeve, it has to mean something.
        PDI should’ve done their homework. Writer did a good job telling the story. It’s quite entertaining but not, in the slightest degree, front-page material.

      • claire fernandez

        I have seen many pictures of Alexandra, mother of Anastasia where she was not wearing a crown. There were photos of her where she was just wearing simple jewelries akin to those any ordinary person would wear.

    • bahaykubo1015

      For how long SHALL her research last????
      DNA analysis takes 2-3 weeks. Then she can have her DNA compared to the Romanov’s who’s DNA records are in a database and accessible.
      SUBMITTING TO A DNA TEST is much better than her hyperventilating for several years on the prospects of her being a blue blood!!!!!!!
      How this kind of story landed on the front page of PDI is really beyond me.  I heard that the story was picked up by CNN and a newspaper in Russia.
      Should be an embarrassment for PDI, front page publication of an unverified story ……
      A claim based only on two non-resembling photos plus a spiritual medium’s apparent vision…..
      More fun in the Philippines

  • pepengkabayo

    Natatandaan ko pa may kapitbahay kami noon na matandang mag asawa pero mukhang mga mestiso at mestisa.
    Ang tawag naman sa kanila noon ay si Lola Tasya at Lolo Tasyo.
    When you are a child, you don’t bother who they were, we just play.
    Mabait sila pero masungit, seguro galing din Russia. Mga namatay na at di ko naman natanong sa Tatay ko kung sino sila.

    On the other hand, my mom was mestisa looking and even may grandfather din,my uncles noses were like parrot beck shape, parang loro,malalim ang mata at maitim sa eyelids.
    Hindi ko naman matanong kung anong lahi sila dahil sabi ng matatanda wag sumabat sa usapan ng matatanda.
    The last time I heard was, ang ninuno daw nila ay lahing Turko.
    Thru the years, nawala na sa amin ang lahi ng mestiso, pango na ang  lumalabas at pangit.
    Talagang malakas ang dugo ng pinoy kaya lang di magandang lahi.

    Just like Catherine, wala ng lahing Ruso, pango na rin at bilogan  ang mukha.
    At least may lahi.

  • pepengkabayo

    Pag paulit ulit at lagi mong tinitingnan ang pictures above, you can spot the difference.
    Ang comparison ko parang mga artista noong araw na Flor de Luna.
    Yong sa kanan na portrait ni Anastacia ay parang si Janice de Belen patulis ang mukha;
    Whereas sa kaliwa na si Lola Puti ay bilugan na parang si Julie Vega.

  • Guest

    What a world shocker if this is proven to be the missing Anastasia of Russia? Who knows? I was so fascinated to read about this story. But, anyway this is what I got from reading an Article news dated March 02,2009 which talked about Nicholas II  who survived an assasination attempt during a visit to OSAKA JAPAN in 1891 and his blood stained shirt ended up as a historical RELIC in the  STATE HERMITAGE MUSEUM IN ST. PETERSBURG RUSSIA.Scientist were able to get very good DNA PROFILE from this RELIC. A known scientist researcher EVGENY ROGAEV a MOLECULAR GENETICIST at UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSET who lead the scientific investigation. So, my advice  to the  family is to get hold of this professor if he still around.

  • Guest


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GHH2IPW7ZSTQX4JCYQWL2BLXOE MarcialA

    emily abrera ang  istoryang ito kailangan  makarating sa international media kung dito lang  walang mangyayari.o d kaya ang concerned nation which is the russian federation.contact ka ng russian media yung RT.COM… russia today.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ETKNCCDZ3J6K7DUHOXSUIRL6NM nin

    Bakit ang dami ditong pintasero sa mga kalahi nila? I wish you’d post your faces when you do so, and zoom the nose part please.

  • http://twitter.com/ultimateprime TheSqueezePlayer

    The only solution to prove that your grandmama is the former Anastasia Romanov is to have your DNA taken and compare it with the DNA of any of the Romanov dynasty.  Unfortunately, they were all murdered during the communist October revolution in 1918 and they said that it was only Anastasia who survived the massacre.  A lot of other countries have laid claim to this legend (you can wikipedia it).  Legend said that the reason Anastasia was allowed to live was to provide a safety net just in case the communist revolution fails and thus they can bring back Czarist rule.  It is now close to a century since that dark past in Russian history and we have never seen the true light on what really happened during that one fateful night in October 1918.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/BJDAXP263MPGAYOPSMCZPRRPHE Darth Stitch

      Actually, the Romanov Family still exists.  It is true that the Tsar and (depending on whether you believe the stories of the survival of any of the Romanov children) most/all of his nuclear family were murdered by the Bolsheviks.  However, he has cousins who escaped the Revolution and the House of Romanov exists to this day.  They’re actually debating on who should be considered the Head of House and therefore, the claimant to the Russian throne…. if the Russians ever choose to bring it back, that is. :)  The wiki articles make for an interesting read. 

      Also, it’s not as if there aren’t any other existing family members with a direct blood relation.  As it’s been pointed out elsewhere, Prince Philip of England (yeah, yung asawa mismo ni Queen Elizabeth) is a cousin.  Unless I’m completely off, I believe the current Royal Family of England are blood related even to Tsar Nicholas himself.  I seem to remember that it was a running joke that Nicholas II resembled his cousin Prince George (yung Prince of Wales noon) so much that they’d occasionally swap places.  Queen Victoria had a lot of kids and grandkids – so much so that she was pretty much grandmother to a LOT of Royal Houses all over Europe.

    • zdrx

       i think it’s not october 1918…probably it was almost midnight of july 16, 1918 that they were killed

  • http://twitter.com/ultimateprime TheSqueezePlayer

    This legend can be also likened to who was the real dad of Adolf Hitler.  During our elementary days, we seemed to joke that Adolf Hitler has a great resemblance to our national hero Jose Rizal.  And we thought that since Rizal was a well-travelled illustrado and one of the places he visited was Vienna, Austria, that could have been possible.  However, when we calculated how old Rizal could have been when he possibly sired Hitler, it was off by 10-15 years compared with the published birth years of Hitler. 

  • isalexus

    Fodder for  Bollywood- fantasy adventure genre!!!

    • beerhunters

      Yes, just need a good script writer and a good director

  • http://twitter.com/ultimateprime TheSqueezePlayer

    Even if this article was front page, I hope this will not be picked up by any international media companies because this will definitely result to another black eye for Philippine media.  I do not wish to dampen the spirits of the writer of this article if you don’t want your grandmama to be likened to Anna Anderson, the most notorious of the pretenders of Anastasia.  I pulled out a portion of wikipedia re: Anastasia Romanov and accordingly, “In March 2009 the final results of the DNA testing were published by Dr. Michael Coble of the US Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory, proving conclusively that the remains of all four Grand Duchesses have now been accounted for, and no one escaped.[2]

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BJDAXP263MPGAYOPSMCZPRRPHE Darth Stitch

    Let’s be reasonable.  The writer’s not saying her Grandmother IS the Grand Duchess.  She is merely wondering if it is possible.  Based on the stories the Grandmother told her, I honestly can understand the wonder and the excitement.  It’s true that DNA testing could put the wondering to rest, at least as to whether or not “Lola Tasya” is a Romanov. 

    I do think that it is very likely that if Lola Tasya is NOT the Grand Duchess, she could equally be a member of Russian aristocracy, fleeing the Bolsheviks.  This explains the secrecy and the fear of discovery that had haunted her all her life. 

    Good luck, Ms. Petersen!  I hope you find the answers to your questions and we hope to hear the rest of your story! :) 

    • http://twitter.com/ultimateprime TheSqueezePlayer

       What caught my attention to this article is the TITLE of Ms. Andersen’s piece.  I don’t want us Filipinos to be branded as a celebrity wanna-be albeit a dead one and if the international media will give attention to this, PDI shouldn’t have placed it in the front page, should be included in the column for an entertainment piece.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/BJDAXP263MPGAYOPSMCZPRRPHE Darth Stitch

        Actually, the title says “could be” – which is not the same as saying, “She IS.”  “Could be” simply implies a possibility or the potentiality of something but this does not mean that it is already a statement of fact. 

        As for its front page placement… well, I’m not claiming to know what goes on in the minds of the PDI editors.  I do hope, however, that the story is picked up.  Come on, people – don’t you find the mystery intriguing?  Again, I am stressing that I too am skeptical that Lola Tasya is Anastasia Romanov.  If she actually is, then, WOW.   

        However, it is equally probable that she could be yet another Russian noblewoman and we know that many of them did indeed flee Russia at the time of the Revolution.  Did many of them make it here to the Philippines instead?  What were their lives like?  Who are their families?  It’s one of those untold historical stories that do deserve to be heard, after all these years. 

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/VFXPGKJI3BAN7EVABPMFAL42OA Issa

        I beg to differ, Darth Stitch. Yes, the title says “could be.” Yes, it’s not the same as “is.” However, at this point, we know that there is NO possibility that Grandmama “could” be Anastasia. It’s been proven that Anastasia died with her family and her remains have been recovered. That’s it, ZERO POSSIBILITY na. So hindi “could.”

        I agree, baka noblewoman din sya. Although wala din naman evidence to back that up diba? And sana yun nalang sinabi ng Inquirer sa simula’t sapul palang. Tipong Grandmama was THOUGHT TO BE Anastasia but Anastasia died with her family so perhaps she’s someone else important or noble.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/BJDAXP263MPGAYOPSMCZPRRPHE Darth Stitch

        LOL – moderator needs to approve my comment first.  I’m trying again. :)  Maybe they didn’t like the wiki link.

        Let’s keep an open mind. The “conclusive DNA” evidence was disputed before and even now, it’s still being debated.  If they made a mistake over the “conclusive DNA evidence” of the unknown Titanic baby and had to run it again, why can’t it happen here? 

        But bottom line is corroborating the story.  Who is Lola Tasya?  What happened to her Russian family?  Maybe she really is a Romanov but not Anastasia.  For all we know, she could be a Romanov cousin.  The Romanov family still exists and even now they’re arguing over who should be the head of the house, even if there’s no throne to sit on.  So it’s honestly one of the most intriguing stories I’ve read this year.  :)

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/VFXPGKJI3BAN7EVABPMFAL42OA Issa

        Honestly, I
        wasn’t all that familiar with the Titanic baby so I read up on it a bit after
        reading your response. And I have a few thoughts on that:

        recovered part of the baby’s arm bone and three teeth when they exhumed his
        remains for the testing, and were able to get DNA from that. From there, they
        tested it against the descendants of families with babies on the Titanic, and
        were able to narrow it down to 2 families: the Panulas (who had a 13-month old
        baby) and the Goodwins (who had a 19-month old baby). Analysing the teeth
        showed a possible age of 9-15 months so they decided it must be baby Panula.

        later, the scientists backtracked because of a shoe that was recovered that
        belonged to the Titanic baby. The shoes were too large for a 13-month old so
        they were, again, uncertain of the baby’s true identity. So they performed more
        tests — more extensive ones, like the testing of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA).
        These more extensive tests then changed the conclusion and proved that the baby
        is, with 98% certainty, of the Goodwins.

        I believe
        that if they had performed all those tests to begin with, they would’ve arrived
        at the same conclusion; that the baby is a Goodwin.

        “Titanic’s ‘Unknown Child’ Identified” by Rossella Lorenzi)

        So dun
        palang, you can already see the differences. The Titanic baby was exhumed after
        so many years and tested against several DNA profiles to find a possible match;
        and even then, there were 2 close matches. They initially came to their
        conclusion based on tooth analysis and the baby’s ages. They changed their
        conclusion after performing more scientific experiments.

        In the case
        of the Romanovs, Anastasia was concluded to have perished with the family
        through DNA testing. How? They found 7 bodies buried and through DNA testing,
        established that it was a family of a father, mother, 4 daughters and a son.
        They established that these were the Romanovs based on testing their DNA
        against a known relative. The DNA tests performed already included that which
        was considered to be the “more extensive” one in the case of the Titanic baby, mtDNA,
        and others such as autosomal STR and Y-STR testing.

        And after
        all those tests, they can’t even identify which was Maria and which was Anastasia.
        Upon testing the girl’s body that was found with Alexei’s, they said it was
        probably Maria based on the age. So Anastasia may not have been missing all
        this time, after all.

        But what’s
        left at the end of the day is the fact that 7 bodies were found and were
        established to be a family: mom, dad, 4 daughters and a son, based on very
        extensive DNA testing and experiments.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/3FHRB2PGZ3TZPIVVPDFQFC54HQ Mark

         You don’t know how extensive these DNA tests really were. And the only bases of your whole comment were pieces of information you’ve read on the internet. Surprisingly you were quick to pass this as facts.  Pluto was once regarded as a planet, but when evidences challenged this “fact,” more investigations were undertaken and eventually it was proved otherwise.  The Earth was once thought to be flat, and if not for the people who challenged this “fact” centuries ago, we might still be living today with the concept of a “flat Earth.”

        As for this case, the current “fact” is that all the Romanovs were already unearthed and accounted for.  If this known fact is erroneous, then necessary steps should be undertaken to reverse it, hence the need for the author (and Lola Tasia’s tissue samples) to undergo DNA tests.  To say that no one should undertake DNA tests anymore because the Romanovs are already accounted for (and that this “FACT” is already established) is like saying that the Earth is flat, and that no one should investigate this because it has already been established..

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/VFXPGKJI3BAN7EVABPMFAL42OA Issa

        First of all, the bases of my entire comment weren’t just pieces of information I’ve read on the internet. Yes, I accessed them on the internet but don’t belittle them. I read quite a few peer-reviewed articles published on reputable journals. Would you like me to e-mail you the PDFs? These studies were performed by experts. I tried my best to read them all — even the methodology, and the very detailed discussions. I try not to yak
        without first making sure I have hard evidence I can show people when they question what I’m saying. Can you say the same for your arguments?

        What I’m arguing here is that the results of the DNA tests performed show us, conclusively, that Anastasia did die with her family, and that Grandmama Tasia can’t possibly be Anastasia.

        The DNA tests performed on the Romanovs were just as extensive as I mentioned — these were discussed in great detail in “Mystery Solved: The Identification of the Two Missing Romanov Children Using DNA Analysis” by Michael D. Coble, et al. The full text is available for free online; I invite you to read it and tell me again that I don’t know how extensive those tests were, and that the only bases of my arguments are
        pieces of information I found online that I’m passing off as facts. I pass them off as facts because they were results of extensive studies and research performed by experts.

        In the case of Pluto, it’s not a good example —  it ceased to be considered a planet when a new definition of “planet” was established in, I believe, the year 2006. So it’s not like we thought it was one thing and it turns out all our tests were wrong; it’s just that in light of new evidence, it was decided that the DEFINITION had to be changed. When the International Astronomical Union changed the definition, Pluto was demoted to being a “dwarf planet.” But everything about it stayed the same. It’s not like nabawasan sya ng mass or naiba ang composition nya. Evidence didn’t challenge that Pluto was a planet. Investigations were not performed that resulted in more evidence to prove otherwise.

        So, unless we change the definition of
        Anastasia Romanov…

        In the case of the Earth being flat, well… if someone were to go up to you right now and ask you if the earth is flat, what would you answer? How sure would you be? And what evidence would you use to back up your claim? People say science is
        always changing, always advancing. But would that make you any less sure in claiming that the Earth is, in fact, round? If I were to say that, hey, in 500 years, maybe it’d be discovered that photography is everything we thought it
        wasn’t and that what we were seeing isn’t what actually IS. Would that lead you to believe that the earth could be flat? 

        Let’s put it simply.

        Science can’t prove that anything doesn’t exist, nor can it prove that anything isn’t.

        By itself, we can’t conclusively prove that Grandmama Tasia is NOT Anastasia Romanov.

        However, it has been conclusively proven that Anastasia died with the rest of her family. Her remains had been recovered and DNA tests support this conclusion.

        So, logically, Grandmama Tasia cannot be Anastasia.

        We don’t prove that the Earth is round by just proving the Earth is round. We do this too by showing it is not flat, not a cube, not a diamond. Proving that Grandmama Tasia is Anastasia would entail that there is zero probability that anyone else isn’t. Does that make sense? However, evidence shows that someone else IS.
        Evidence has shown that one of the bodies recovered does, in fact, belong to Anastasia.

        There is no logical reason why further DNA tests need to be performed. Based on what, stories? Coincidences? Same names of siblings, stories of a life fit for
        royalty, of a surname similar to a Russian word attached to Anastasia’s name, pictures of two ladies who may look similar but not exactly alike?

        And why do they need to perform DNA tests on Grandmama Tasia? These are the same tests
        that were used to conclude that Anastasia was among the 7 bodies found. The same technology. The same process. So what do you expect to find? Buti sana if
        magkaroon ng ibang test in the future that would completely throw off what we currently have; meaning, if future technology would show that our current DNA tests are garbage and mean nothing, then sige. Itest nyo ulit.

        Why would you put so much faith in another DNA test, one testing Grandmama Tasia’s against Anastasia’s, when you won’t even accept the results of the test that
        showed Anastasia as one of the bodies already recovered?

        To quote poster MyronS in the other article of the PDI about experts saying
        Anastasia is dead,:

        “Kumbaga, there’s nothing wrong with asking someone to sail around the world again to prove na it’s not, say, cube-shaped. Pero, it’s been shown na it is round, and it’s going to make it that much more difficult, impractical and silly to try to round up a crew of people to sail around the world to try to see kung cube-shaped nga yung mundo.”

      • mark ang

        Issa, I am in awe.  Haha.  Where were you when that Demuel guy was still posting? :))

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/VFXPGKJI3BAN7EVABPMFAL42OA Issa

        Replying here and there (though not in as much detail!) but he stopped replying to me :( huhu why do they all do that?? I’m having so much fun pa naman haha!

        Oh well, it wasn’t as much fun naman to argue with him because most of his retorts consisted of calling our claims fake and calling us morons or whatever. hahaha!

      • mark ang

        Sadly, he never used the word moron.  Dearly departed Demuel, dastardly decided to deign us with (oh screw, it, i’ve run out of d words) marvelous displays of the scope of his scintillating vocabulary, the likes of which mere mortals have yet to hear or see.  Such brilliant displays of verbiage as “The fucktard you care” “flame feasting” and “Brain sponging”.  I think he even called an “argument” of mine “ironic” when clearly meant invalid or the more easily(depends on how you define easily) confused somewhat homonym, erroneous.  Your argument is erronic! errr. Haha.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/BJDAXP263MPGAYOPSMCZPRRPHE Darth Stitch

         To be honest, I enjoy a good debate between two evidently intelligent people.  You do a good job of backing up your points without resorting to name-calling. 

        Caty Petersen does not deserve some of the insults we’ve been seeing on these boards.  At the very least, she deserves some good, reasonable advice on how to prove her grandmother’s identity. 

        Whether or not Lola is Anastasia or not, her story is still very compelling and a good insight into a part of Philippine history that we don’t read in the history books. 

        Until Mark mentioned his Russian grandfather, I did not even know we had White Russians choosing our country to take refuge in.  I would LOVE to see PDI do an actual story on these people. :)

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/BJDAXP263MPGAYOPSMCZPRRPHE Darth Stitch

         And again, what you’re saying merely proves my point.  They CAN make mistakes.  They CAN backtrack and do the research all over again. 

        When you say, “If they had done ‘xyz’ process in the first place, they would have arrived at conclusion ’123.’” – this is not something that scientists could have accomplished immediately.

        DNA testing and forensic investigation is not easy.  As you can see, they kept questioning and questioning and questioning their data.  If they were merely content with the validity of their data, we would never have known that the Titanic baby was actually one of the Goodwins. 

        Yes, the latest data looks conclusive enough but again, who is to say that it cannot be re-examined? 

        And again, for all we know, looking into this again may even surprise us.  Lola Tasya may not be Anastasia herself but she could conceivably be a Romanov cousin. 

  • http://twitter.com/ultimateprime TheSqueezePlayer

    This finding re: the DNA of Anastasia Romanova is beyond refute.  I am so sorry to inform the author of this article that her grandmama is not the long-lost Anastasia.  I want to commend the author of this well-written story because it was really fun reading it.  

    • beerhunters

      a good piece of Fiction

    • seafarerUSA

      The Russian Orthodox Church until now doesn’t recognized that it was Alexei and Anastasia’s DNA because they can’t find their real bones. The Russian Orthodox Church doesn’t believed that the remains found in Ekaterinburg are authentic, so there’s apossibility that Anastasia and Alexei escape the massacre.

      • Crisanto Joseph Lorenzo

        Are you sure of what you are saying? There are skeletal remains and how can two kids escape Gulag several thousands of miles away from the nearest civilization. Are you dreaming ? Read and you will learn. Research online the forensic evidence of this case.

      • politics201138

        Crisanto Joseph Lorenzo:

        I agree with seafarerUSA because I was able to read the article myself the other day because someone in one of the articles posted the website and immediately I went to that website.

        At the moment, I cannot remember the website all I remember was the date which was Mar 18, 2012 when they published it.

        The Romanov house itself and the Russian Orthodox church does not recognize the findings.

        In other words, the case is still open of the missing Grand Duchess of Anastasia.


  • pinoy_engr_abroad

    Sensationalism is a type of editorial bias in mass media in which events and topics in news stories and pieces are over-hyped to increase viewership or readership numbers. Sensationalism may include reporting about generally insignificant matters and events that don’t influence overall society and biased presentations of newsworthy topics in a sensationalist, trivial or tabloid manner.

    • http://twitter.com/aLexiesR aLexies


  • http://twitter.com/dennreed23 Denn Reed Tuvera Jr

    As a matter of response to this article, first of all, we must consider the idea that the author was telling the story of her experiences with her grandmother and the stories of her grandmama to her concerning her real identity. Although for some, the story sound absurd and insofar as this matter is concerned, it appears that a few of the some are close minded people. I agree to one of the comments here when he reiterated that the title did not say, “Filipino’s Grandmother IS Anastasia” but rather, “Filipino’s Grandmother could be Russia’s Anastasia.”

    I was thinking of the possibility of DNA testing but I do believe it won’t be necessary because once the author knew her relatives in Russia, and found out that she had a royal bloodline, it is guarantee that the possibility of her grandmama to be Anastasia Romanov is high.

    Instead of having a closed mind, I suggest that we follow the story along the line that she created because if indeed her grandmother is Anastasia Romanov, it would add a legacy to our nation.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/5SRPSZYSYVEUSHNGKK3BTT7VFA Angie

      i agree with you…this story is very interesting~~~sna nga lola tasia ay c princess anastasia

  • Kuya_Orot

    Take the DNA testing asap Ms. Petersen. This to prove once and for all who your Lola Tasia really is. Interesting story though.

  • mannyvel

    “Filipino’s grandmother may be Mrs. Claus.”

    She mentioned something about snow and reindeer.

  • http://twitter.com/donavalbuena Dona Valbuena

    DNA test will settle all our doubts, Prince Philip of UK generously shared his sample as reference for DNA  testing the Romanovs bones.  We have Russian Jew heritage too.  My father’s biological grandfather was said to be a Russian Jew, who might came to the Philippines in 1880′s.  Sad to say, most of our country’s archives and records were destroyed by US and Japanese occupying forces during WWII. Nothing to research, unknown heritage.

    • Crisanto Joseph Lorenzo

      hello dna was done. Please read the forensics report and not newspaper articles. Hahaha

  • Guest

    Repost: Cathy Belderol.. my oh my. I remember you, i was 10 you were 17 all i remember were hugs and snuggles… My former playmate.. big sis to little bro ….

  • seafarerUSA

    Grandmama Tasia must be the loss princess we may never know until a DNA test is done.

    • Crisanto Joseph Lorenzo

      It was done. Not only DNA but with skeletal remains.

  • seafarerUSA

    Grandmama Tasia must be the lost Russian princess…50 %

  • seafarerUSA


  • seafarerUSA

    The Russian Orthodox Church doesn’t believed that the DNA were that of Alexei and Anastasia, until now the Russian Orthodox Church doesn’t recognized that the remains found in Ekaterinburg are authentic…meaning case is still open…

    • politics201138


      I agree with you because a commenter from one of the 3 articles that was published about this posted a website which I can’t remember at the moment but immediately I checked yesterday and true enough — the Romanov house itself and the Russian Orthodox church have doubts on the findings.

      In other words, they consider the case to still be open.

      The only thing I remember of that article in the website was it was dated Mar 28, 2012.

      Would you mind posting the website seafarerUSA for everybody to read if you happen to remember it.

      Since everybody are  discussing and in some way or another are helping her find out the real identity of Grandmama  — why not throw here and there tid bits in the open that can unravel the real identity of Grandmama.

      • politics201138

        …now I remember it was Russkiy Mir foundation website.

  • bogusman

    I find the article amusing and disturbing. The issue on whether one of the duchesses was able to escape death in 1918 has been put to rest recently after the discovery of remains believed to be the remains of the youngest son and that of either Maria or Anastasia. DNA results did match. Case closed.

  • seafarerUSA

    Until now,  Russian Orthodox Church doesn’t believed that the remains found in Ekaterinburg are authentic.
    Meaning case  is still open. DNA matches but don’t know which, it could be Alexei and their maid or it could be a relative of the Romanov, we do not really know until now…

    • bogusman

      Acceptance is the last stage of grief. Denial is the first. The church is still in denial. It is temporary defense mechanism. denial and refusal from the church doesn’t and cannot refute or disprove what has been proven by science. Case is closed.

  • Cristina Knefel

    i think Lola Tasya looked like Alexandra… just my thought.

    • Cristina Knefel

      If you click “My Parents” on top then scroll down, d mother’s eyes & Lola Tasya are almost identical. Defenitely she’s not d real Anastacia, she could be Maria or a cousin who knows..

    • http://twitter.com/reneildadeleon Reneilda de Leon

      It would be impossible to say that she’s Alexandra, because Lola Tasia said there that she was 18 when she escaped the Bolshevik Revolution. She might be Anastasia, but everyone (well,  mostly) knows that Grand Duchess Anastasia was born on 1901, and she was last seen in 1918, she should be 17 by that time. Oh, well. Who knows? Maybe, she IS the Grand Duchess. 

      Oh, wait. They have this inheritable disease, the hemophilia (Alexei has it, I’m not just sure with Anastasia), maybe they could have Lola Tasia to take a DNA test.

  • Valery Zaporozhchenko

    Because Caty is a purportedly direct female line descendant of Alexandra Feodorovna, there is no problem with mitochondrial DNA testing. At least, it’s enough to disprove the version or the contrary to support it with weighty arguments. The genetic profile of the last Tsarina was independently revealed and published several times in scientific literature and it’s really easy to test Caty and find out if there is a connection. Caty may take a mitochondrial dna test herself, for instance from Family Tree DNA company or any other commercial seller. If both profiles match, she can apply to a Russian court for official forensic dna testing.Things go easy now :)

  • Crisanto Joseph Lorenzo

    My gulay another urban legend. It has been proven that Anastasia was murdered with her family using forensics years ago. This story is like Jose Rizal was the son of Adolf Hitler, Armalite was invented by Armando Lite, flourescent light was invented by Flores and so on. Please do some research, Anastasia was long gone. Filipinos likes to connect themselves with anybody who is e.g. rich and famous.

    • lain madrigal


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/573GKVTQMBD62PQ6XOEPMI7LXA Yugi

      There’s insecurity in your tone. How much do you know all about the 95 million Filipinos and how they think and behave? Whether this story is true or not. You shouldn’t be affected, unless, you’re insecure. You don’t have a Royal blood in you, do you?

    • GuestUzer

      “This story is like Jose Rizal was the son of Adolf Hitler”

      baliktad yata intinde mo sa nabasa mo? you mean Adolf Hitler was Jose Rizal’s son? otherwise Jose Rizal could have been mestizo Austrian..LOL !!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5SRPSZYSYVEUSHNGKK3BTT7VFA Angie

    July 17,1918 the end of the Romanov dystany ended. It lasted for over 3 centuries and ended with a deadly murder. Did Anastaia Escape?Yes, she did and not only her.Alexei did 2.I will explain, many rumors were that the very night of disaster was that Anastasia and Alexei fled once the room went dark from all the gunpower, or that they tricked them into thinking they were dead. All we know, is they escaped.Because, for the next month the Russian public did not know their rulers were murdered.And in that month reports were that they saw Anastsia and Alexei on the streets(Russia). I truly believe that the man who organized the killings of the Romanov family did not get the chance to kill the two that very night. Anastaisa and Alexei fled and finally were tracked down after a month.Sortly after a month the Russian people never saw the two on the streets,because, he found them.Killed them…then shared the rumors of the Romanov death because he finally finished the job.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5SRPSZYSYVEUSHNGKK3BTT7VFA Angie

    the body that they had found with alexei’s body was alittle to short for what they thought Maria’s height would have been. But what people have to know is that Anastasia was actually about four inches shorter than Marie, there is reports that Alix (her mother) wrote that anastasia was much smaller than Marie and that people saw anastasia and Alexei on the streets of Russia for a few months…that would explain why the body looked taller. Because Anastasia grew in that month of survial, but even if she did die that night she was still shorter than Marie. Once the people who were tracking her down found the two last Romanov’s they finally killed them. Thats why the bodies were not with the other. They were killed at completly different times.Once the Romanov’s were finally done, they told the Russian public of the death’s of the Russian Family.He never told them before because, the two, last, youngest Romanov’s were alive. They survived that night….no one now’s how, but the most favored grand duchess and soon to be tsar were blessed and lived by god. they had a meaning on this earth, and a man took that away.And now, its up to me and other followers to prove its true, and i know because….i see the dead Romanov family. There is mant stories about how they lived, some sat they were rescued by guards or the own man who organized the killings….some say when they gor out of the home they were short in they still alive and ran as fast as they could away. if you want info from scientists, message me and i will give you planty books and reasons of why anastasia and Alexei lived. Remember, the greatest mystery of the century?

    The mystery of Anastaia surviving is not only her story,its also Alexei’s…..the two most beloved Romanov’s…..did live.

    • blue carino

      teh may sapi ka? lakas ng amats mo

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/5SRPSZYSYVEUSHNGKK3BTT7VFA Angie

        ikaw naa?ayaw pag boot….istorya pud ug imo~~~****(((((((

      • blue carino

        ewan ko sayo! gulo ng grammar mo! hirap intindihin ng kwento mo! kalerqui ka!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/QTCCSOMX7IIFIASL3LKKDNURNU Angeli

      ha? unsa? kung di ka marun0ng mag english wag mo pilitin..XD katuwa naman ng post mo teh..L0L! by the way, we were not talking about their height in this article and it seems that you really dont know them at all. First, it is really obvious that maria is taller than anastasia because maria is way older than her (thats how I understand your post). Seeing alexei and anastasia in russia after the massacre was just a rumor way back in 1918 because no one knows what actually happens and people were trying to inherit the throne and the wealth of romanovs. What kind of book you have read before?? The old books that is being published from 1918-2007 about the massacre of romanovs didnt tell how the royalties died or disappear everything about it was remain hanging not until the scientist from USA published the 2008 DNA result. My question is how did you see the “dead romanov family”??? its kinda like you ride in a time machine..L0L your father or even your lolo didnt exist that time, i bet that they were all in the penis of your great grand father..XD

      Here are some of your errors in grammar and spelling..XD

      1. the body that they had found with alexei’s body?? (its kinda like you found another body in future tsar)    
      2. .no one now’s how??  (now’s??  or you really meant “knows”?? XD) 

      This phrases caught my attention and this had made me laugh so hard..XD hhahahahahahahahaha! and there are other funny errors in your post that i didnt mention ..XD Im not trying to  offend you but my post is just trying to make you aware that you cant post anything here by simply reading the first paragraph   
      of wikipedia..XD My advice to you my friend is that read and read more there are many blogs  out there that would help you and way cheaper than the books you read who
       only tell lies. I would also suggest that buy an english  one book that would help you improve your grammar..;)      

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/573GKVTQMBD62PQ6XOEPMI7LXA Yugi

    Where is the next part?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/573GKVTQMBD62PQ6XOEPMI7LXA Yugi

    Lola Puti is The Duchess Anastasia. 49 percent.

  • politics201138

    To Caty Petersen:

    If you are able to read this, I suggest you get in touch with Russkiy Mir foundation and see if through them you can get in touch with the House of Romanov itself of your quest for Grandmama’s true identity.

    After all, the House of Romanov spokesman (Alexander Zakatov) himself said in an article dated March 10, 2011 that appeared in Russky Mir Foundation website, “…but the truth must be established after all.”

    If the “House of Romanov itself and the Russian Orthodox church continue to question the identity of the Yekaterinburg remains..” (Mar 28, 2012) to this day, who are we who were not there when it happened and were never involved to say the case is close?

  • Valery Zaporozhchenko

    Dear Caty,

    I strongly recommend you to test your mitochondrial DNA before any legal actions in courts. It takes about 1 month to send a sample to the lab, get your DNA tested and receive the result. In your case it’s sufficient to sequence HVR1 and HVR2 regions of the mitochondrial molecule, this is quite a simple and automated procedure. Unlike her husband, Tsarina Alexandra had a very rare mitochondrial lineage, with the probability of random matching of about 1:50000 – this is a very good result that makes the error neglible. You may opt to test yourself anonymously if there is a suspicion that the result could be falsified. The genetic profile of Tsarina Alexandra (actually the same as one of Queen Victoria of England, Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, Sophia of Spain and many other royals) was published in several papers, for instance: Ivanov and Gill 1994, Rogaev et al 2009 and Coble et al 2010. BTW these studies were conducted by highly qualified forensic scientists and actually the case was closed, but anyway it’s very interesting to see a person with DNA completely matching one of that royal lineage. Were you to claim that purported Anastasia was your father’s mom, it’d be much more complicated job to prove this version by DNA testing. But in your case it’s fairly easy, because the mitochondrial molecule is inherited only from mother, so that you must have one of your Mom, Anastasia, Tsarina Alexandra, Queen Victoria etc.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GRT44TM5DPA7FAMSKKO7IRVPE4 John Walter

    the triangle badge on her left shoulder could be the clue here. was it just a design or what? maybe an emblem.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2J2E5GNPVVXEGZJVUIT7PHA5HQ johnny

    good luck on your quest for the truth!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5X7KPDOGERXC7FSAPVEK3DOTBQ Jace

    all this digging around is bound to attract unwanted attention and somewhat put caty’s family in a “dangerous” situation. whether or not lola tasya was anastasia, the romanov’s certainly had political enemies. who’s to say that they won’t do “something” to anyone who claims to be of the romanov lineage? conspiracy-theory much? hehehe the 2nd part of the story hints at this anyways.
    also, the part where lola tasya said “If they discover i am here, we will all be killed”, that’s scary. if this story gets international attention, all her hiding will have been for nothing? yes, lola tasya passed away already so whoever “they” are won’t be able to hurt her, but what about the rest of the family? like i said, conspiracy theory much? :p

  • Rionito

    To Caty Petersen:

     I understand that there are many claimants to the title of the Grand Duchess Anastacia. Famous of which, according to the book of Alan Landsburg on  “ In Search of Missing Persons”,  was Ms. Anna Anderson Manahan who lives in Virginia,USA where a film was also produced more or less on the basis of her authobiography.Her claim ,however, was not proven. On the same book, it says that there was no evidence of the mass murder at “Ekaterinburg’- only the Czar had been killed per N.Sokolov reports who did the investigation in 1919. Thus, a possibility of Lola Puti as the Grand Duchess can not be discounted if the Sokolov report is to be viewed at. . Seek advise of an expert in your quest of your Grandmama’s identity. .

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HURHTRIVVZLV2NZWFGQHNDGPKY isaac

    try to publish this issue in RUSSIA and you will end up in either mental institution OR Siberia,  for lifetime criminal imprisonment. tsk.tsk.tsk..it only show that the INQ7 are run by the so- intelectual idiot that publish this story….why not try the christian group and they might say that your lola is mary magdalene.  

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/3FHRB2PGZ3TZPIVVPDFQFC54HQ Mark

      It was already picked up by Russian media –  www . lifenews . ru / news / 91628

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/UYLTGZRCTOUMJXZR3HDZ62QGVY Robert

      isaac, it’s called freedom of speech. The author is sharing with us the story of her journey. Why the hostility? You don’t like basic human rights?  You don’t like Christian groups? 

  • $5699914

    No need to bash the writer for this. What the writer is saying is that there might be a possibility but the probability of their theory is not yet there. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.
    What if their claim is true, what then, huh!

  • Avery Solco

    Sorry to burst your bubbles, but they have long found Anastasia’s bones.

    • robertcarino

       yup! but facts and truths won’t get in the way of the claimant.  after all, truth is not what’s important to the claimant… it’s the fanbase.  for what?  that’s the real mystery.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/UYLTGZRCTOUMJXZR3HDZ62QGVY Robert

        robertcarino, why are you confusing the public with your erroneous statements? Really, tell us man!

    • francomontederamos

      sorry to dispute your case, but before reading an article, ensure that it has strong academic/scientific background… you might have been duped by some trying hard science research teams trying to have the glory of being the first ones to have a glimpse of the missing romanovs…I’ve been studying this case since high school…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZJ27FLQTYO6IZBVN6H5YHTLAJA Cela Ayaso

    lakas maka-Princess and I ang peg

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UK7LAZ227CRO6BQ2KSMO46SWZI Gen. Jhanus Demetrium

    The story is quite interesting. And I could say that, hmm, 65% that Filipino’s Grandmama could be the Russia’s Anastasia. Looking at the authors picture, I could say that she has an attribute of a Russian/European. Well God bless for your quest. That is quite adventurous. :D

    • robertcarino

      65%? hahahahahhaah!  it’s been scientifically proven that the probability is exactly 0%.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/UYLTGZRCTOUMJXZR3HDZ62QGVY Robert

        robertcarino, stop issuing statements that are wrong to confuse the public. You need to sharpen up on your comprehension skills man, and re-read all her articles.

  • Christina Villanueva

    Apparently, the Philippines is certainly not the country whose history (or the study of history) is given value enough. Or else we would have improved our museums and furthermore, have citizens who are consciously aware and protective of our history and would at least give our history the accuracy and respect in other forms of media. Having said that, whether or not she is the Duchess Anastacia, the author’s grandmother surely deserves a closure to her roots. Her story remains as enigmatic as those who have been swapped at birth and no one deserves the right not to know where they came from. Similar to the suggestions, DNA testing would be the absolute proof. Whilst I believe that the second half of the article relied on evidences of a supernatural kind, things happen because they happen. But why publish it? The prospect of having a historical mystery solved and having the country as a key to the solution is genuinely brilliant but this has happened before and relaying of delicate information would lessen the credibility. I don’t think it would have helped if someone who possessed information like this would choose to release it publicly.

    But for the peace of her grandmama’s soul (and the writer’s as well): it is a big help to know where you came from and solve whatever questions you have on the family history. Good luck!

    And to some of the comments: how on earth would you invent something like this? Even if she isn’t Anastacia, I’d definitely want to know what happened and why was she so private if at all. I mean, it’s human nature to know where you came from. Of course, it was never our culture’s priority.

  • robertcarino

    whether or not the Russian Orthodox Church or the Romanov descendants accept the 2008 DNA results does not matter, as far as the truth is concerned. and the truth is – the Czar, his wife and their 5 children, together with the doctor, the maid and 2 servants all died almost a century ago. none of them survived. this may come as cold and hard, but i assure you walang malisya, walang katuwaan when i post this. truth hurts, but truth enlightens. this case is CLOSED. what is still open is why this claim is being coyly made and at the same time disavowed by Ms Petersen (read her reaction dated 20 May 2012). i do hope everyone stops encouraging this claim, and let the late Romanov family finally rest in peace.

    mabuhay kayong lahat.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/UYLTGZRCTOUMJXZR3HDZ62QGVY Robert

      Ah-ha!  robertcarino, I’m not surprised you left the other article’s comment thread because I’m pointing out the error in your statements. Who are you to declare it does not matter whether the RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH or the ROMANOV descendants accept the 2009 DNA results or not? Who made you the judge of this case? Ms. Petersen has the right to go on her journey and share her story. You don’t like it, don’t read it. And don’t create confusion with more erroneous statements such as the author coyly made a claim about being a Romanov, re-read her articles. Peace, man.

      • Pablo cruz

         You both are f a g g s!

  • robertcarino

    AH-HA!  really impossible to present facts to a “true believer”.  hahahhahaha!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/UYLTGZRCTOUMJXZR3HDZ62QGVY Robert

      Ah-ha! Really impossible to present facts to a “hired troublemaker.” Hahahahaha!  By the way, where are your facts?

  • francomontederamos

    I don’t understand this people commenting negatively about this case…insecure ba kayo na hindi kayo royalty? give her the benefit of the doubt until she is able to defend her case, as in present her proof… why not DNA testing? kung pumayag sila, then we will all be enlightened thru the results, after all, alleged palang naman di ba, wala pa naman siya sinabing lola nya nga yun…kung ayaw nya magpa-DNA testing, then saka nyo sya pagdudahan… Eh pano kung pumayag sya sa DNA testing, tapos na-prove na lola nya nga yun, eh di kayo ang nagmukhang mga tanga? kasi lumalabas na hindi kayo nagresearch, na marami ngang articles na nagdidispute don sa mga findings na yung huling dalawang bangkay na mga bata e sina alexi and anastasia… let’s have an open mind about this muna ;)

  • mfdo

    You know .. those who are demanding that Caty Peterson be recognised as a heir, are like the case of a French Mountaineer, who died of a broken neck though an ‘expert insisted’ that she died of Carbon monoxide poison in her tent .. even when the Post Morten conclusively proved that she had a broken Neck .. !!!!!!!!!!!!! Yah, of course, if Caty is russian royalty, I am sure a lot are waiting to jump into the bandwagon -oh, that, in my eyes, is the CRAB MENTALITY .. not those who doubt the whole cloak and dagger story be called Crab Mentality .. jeesh .. what a laugh it is. .

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JWGJBCL4CP4CO4DVNFSDJ5Y5FQ Christine Ong

    the romanovs have a heritable blood disorder called hemophilia which are passed down thru offsprings… the women in the family can be carriers of the disorder and the men in the family can have the full blown disease… anastasia was reportedly a carrier of hemophilia, if caty’s grandmama was the real anastasia, then surely remaining family she has left here have the same disorder…. might as well have themselves check if they have it too… 

  • http://twitter.com/kumikomae K

    Where is the next article? 

    • Pablo cruz

       They are still in the process on how to make the story so real. Its been two weeks now hellooooo, looks like there something fishy going on, right?

      • chongkee man

        She has already written the 2nd and 3rd article. Go search again.

  • lolacynch

    I just watched Royal Inquest: Remains of the Romanovs on the Lifestyle Network (ch. 52 on Sky) and it showed conclusive forensic evidence that the remains of ALL family members of the royal family – the Czar, his wife and their 5 children (the 4 daughters, including Anastacia and the only son) have been found and identified. The remains of Anastacia and her brother were found in a separate burial site a few years after the remains of the parents and the 3 older daughters were found and identified. That should put an end to this claim. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3G444S4FIXA7UDBDBA44G4KRQY Rucshmi

    Wow its a sad Story for her If you read the next story of her you will feel pity for her. My question for you Catherine is Why the members of your family never let her write her real name in a piece of paper? or never let her see Rusia Again I think you can afford expenses at that time. If you want her to join her FAMILY that she left in Russia you can contact the Doctor nor the Institute who performed DNA test with Alexei and Maria and maybe they can help you show all your evidence.

  • Pablo cruz

    still waiting on the  f r e a k i n g  2nd part, its been quite awhile now! don’t tell me you guys are still writing it, now that feels like you all are just making up this story!

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