Burqa caption ‘uncalled for;’ PDI: ‘We say so sorry’



We would like to call your attention to the caption of a photograph showing President (Benigno) Aquino (III) shaking hands with a veiled Muslim woman published on May 9, 2012.

The heading SECURITY RISK! [A question mark -Ed] we believe is uncalled for, insensitive and even libelous.

Although the burqa is frowned upon in some Western societies, it remains to be part of the culture of Islamic societies. We believe labeling a dress a security risk does not take into account the nuances of the Islamic culture.

It is also an affront to the minority Muslim population of this country that a symbol of Muslim culture is labeled outright a security risk and further fuels the stereotyping of our Muslim brothers as terrorists.

We therefore request that the Philippine Daily Inquirer, being a respected publication and a leading newspaper in the country, exercise the proper course of action by issuing a retraction and printing a public apology to the offended parties.

The Philippine Center for Photojournalism is an organization established in 1997 and count as its members photojournalists from various newspapers, wire agencies and other publications.

Part of the group’s mission is to establish professionalism in the industry and to promote the ethical practice of photography in the Philippines. We therefore deem it our role to cite instances detrimental to our profession, such as this incident, and call the responsible party/ies to action.

We thank you.


—Fernando Sepe Jr.

Chair Philippine Center for Photojournalism

Disturbed, bothered

The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines is deeply concerned about the caption that accompanied the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s photo of a woman in a burqa shaking President Aquino’s hand, which was captioned “Security Risk.” [With a question mark –Ed]

It is disturbing that the paper cleared such a blatantly bigoted caption, especially after the firestorm of criticism it reaped in the wake of the Demetrio Vicente fiasco, when the PDI ran a series of unflattering photos of the stroke victim when he appeared at the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona and labeled it “Character witness.”

We are also bothered by the thought that because of the caption writer’s irresponsibility, the blame might be unfairly laid on the photographer whose byline accompanied the photograph.

Clearly, the PDI owes an apology and an explanation to the public, to Muslims and to its own staff photographer.

Needless to say, it should also promise to be extra careful never to let this happen again.


Secretary General


So very sorry

We say so sorry to those who have taken offense over the caption head (“Security Risk?”) for the photo of President Benigno Aquino III shaking the hand of a Muslim woman garbed in a burqa, which appeared on Page 1 of the May 9 issue of the Inquirer.

We are especially sorry to have hurt the feelings of our Muslim brothers and sisters.


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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YFXRRDRKGHWMCFX6XJWEBPDDNI religiously not

    Its okay..They can take it.. Thats why they need their own “homeland”..But you people will not give them complete autonomy. They want to govern themselves in Islamic ways..But, you refused..What else is there for them to do?? Armed struggle?? Either you take them or let them go and govern themselves..You cannot convert them into your religion..Im sure a lot of you will insult me again for saying this. But think. Put youself in their situation. How would you feel..?

    • lliam_S

      Is it not possible to coexist in harmony? 

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/6OXGWPS5Y7D3B4NAW5TWEPRK7E Abdulaziz Abdulhamid

        Not when our women are considered security threat.

      • Lena Maranda

        Abdulaziz, I am a woman and my father is Muslim, your comment made my day.

      • lliam_S

        Well I always viewed that headline to be bordering on stupidity. They don’t know what their talking about. I was born and raised in Mindanao and I never even held that view even once.

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        Abdulaziz Abdulhamid wrote, in response to lliam_S:
        Not when our women are considered security threat.
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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KYHQOFE6JOGLCZNCCWDWK6GE6U Pauline

    hay nako. eh kung madre yun na naka-veil at balot din ng tela ang katawan…. “security risk” din ba yun, Inquirer? 

    Echoserang Inquirer! Fire your editors and proof readers because they are not doing their job well! 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MCLMMXBQZWSQRAX5P3B72QO36Q wala lang

    seriosuly, you must fire him. bigotry and discrimination!

  • alfred sanchez

    racist daw sabi ng iba kailan pa naging race ang islam? dapat dito sa
    pinas e pagbawalan na din mag practice at magtayo ng religion ang mga
    muslim kagaya ng ginagawa ng saudi at ibang middle east countries, mga
    muslim ang tunay na bigot, racist at takot malaman ng taong bayan kung
    ano ba itong religion of peace na ito

    tama na ang taqiya, muslim ang tunay na pakialamero sa pulitika ng
    pilipinas, bakit sangkatutak ang mga muslim affairs na funded ng
    gobyerno, milf peace panel, etc, may sharia law pa e meron bang catholic
    law satin at pati sa up may islamic studies pa kailan kaya magkakaron
    ng iglesia ni kristo studies dun

    dito sa baclaran kuyog lagi mga tao dahil lang hindi bumili ng
    cellphone housing, mga mmda bugbog lagi pag pinaalis sila, taong bayan
    gising kayo ng malaman nyo ang totoong ugali nitong mga muslim 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3RMNEZCQQHXWOQRXJROQ2CORFU Homer Guo

      “race is described today not in observable
      physical features but rather in such genetic characteristics as blood
      groups and metabolic processes…” yan ang meaning ng race FYI sa kasalukuyang panahon. your premise re islam is wrong my friend as to what race is.

      • alfred sanchez

        haha so pag muslim ang religion nyo it pertains to genes, blood or metabolic processes kaya kayo naging race? labo mo taqiya boy, style mo bulok sa mga anti catholic lang uubra yan

    • shinuhada

      pards, igigisa ko lang mga commentS mo:

      “dapat dito sa pinas e pagbawalan na din mag practice at magtayo ng religion ang mga muslim kagaya ng ginagawa ng saudi at ibang middle east countries, mga muslim ang tunay na bigot, racist at takot malaman ng taong bayan kung ano ba itong religion of peace na ito”…..Tanong ko lang, sa statement mo na to, hindi ka rin ba  (in a way) racist?at aba teka, idinamay mo pa ang “taong bayan”…

      “tama na ang taqiya, muslim ang tunay na pakialamero sa pulitika ng pilipinas” ———so sa tingin mo hindi dapat makialam ang muslims sa philippine politics?e kung ganon,magbago na tayo ng gobyerno,kamuka siguro nung sa North Korea,para wala ng people participation na isang katangian ng demokrasya..

      “bakit sangkatutak ang mga muslim affairs na funded ng gobyerno, milf peace panel, etc,”—-so andaming funds na inilalaan ng gobyerno,kaso walang improvement..baka siguro pards, corrupted ng mga beaurocrats naten(christian/muslim alike)? 

      “taong bayan gising kayo ng malaman nyo ang totoong ugali nitong mga muslim”—–gaano mo sila (muslims) kakilala, para sabihan ng ganyan?ka close mo ba sila tulad ng parents o special someone mo? nako po,idinamay mo na naman ang taong bayan…

      • alfred sanchez

         wow classic way of shooting the messenger ng mga muslim, magpalit ka naman ng taqiya mo, ako pa pala racist sinasabi ko lang ang totoo na sa middle east bawal magtayo ng ibang religion, pag pasko aarestuhin nila pag may dala ka regalo or pang handa, so sino ang bigot? ako pa? sa mindanao  uso din ang mga katoliko na pinapalayas lalo na sa mga muslim territories, so sino ang bigot at racist ako?

        kunyari pa kayong mga muslim kayo puro kuyog ang ginagawa nyo dito sa baclaran, quiapo, greenhills, maharlika village, culiat, globo de oro, etc dahil lang sa walang kwentang bagay, araw araw ko kayo nakikita dito sa baclaran mga mmda, mga tao binubugbog nyo dahil lang sa simpleng pinaalis kayo o kaya hindi kayo binilhan ng cellphone housing o kaya mabangga lang kayo sasabihin nyo na papatayin nyo yung tao, at kung hindi ganyan ang ugali nyo imbes na awatin nyo bakit nyo kukuyugin yung tao?

        tama na ang taqiya nyo, mga anti catholic na lang ang maniniwala sa inyo dahil wala naman kayo naidudulot na mabuti dito sa mundo kung nasan kayo dun lagi magulo, kung nasan kayo dito sa manila bagsak presyo na ang lupa, ang hilig nyo pa magtayo ng squatter na mosque sa tabi ng mga simbahan, sana naman pakidemolished nyo na yung sa baclaran, napakadumi at pugad ng droga at kalokohan, ilang pulis asset na ba napatay nyo dun?

        ayan ang religion of peace!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/735MU6OSQ2XXBUSX2O6WA6TE64 Dave

    the same editor again…one is enough two is to much.

  • http://twitter.com/sam_manlosa Sam Manlosa

    Yung lang? “So very sorry?” Does not even qualify as proper journalism etiquette for a retraction and public apology? What the heck is happening to PDI?!?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3RMNEZCQQHXWOQRXJROQ2CORFU Homer Guo

    so ganun ganun nalang? sorry, tapos end of discussion? how many times have you been saying sorry PDI? irresponsible journalists and company

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/735MU6OSQ2XXBUSX2O6WA6TE64 Dave

    swerte nmn ng editor n yan…d parin natatangal..sorry nga pero parang wala la…ayos tlga kau

  • http://migsbassig.blogspot.com/ Migs Bassig

    Wow. Seriously, Inquirer? First, you couldn’t find a better headline than the petty Tulfo-Santiago story. Then: this caption. Then: the most pathetic public apology in the history of public apologies. Your slogan “Balanced News, Fearless Views” sounds more a joke than ever.

  • dead_pixel

    noyAbnoy attitude = PDI attitude!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2V5ZV5LL7BSDH6B77IWJX62IJA Fudge

    WHY DON’T YOU, PDI, SIMPLY ACCEPT ITS YOUR POLICY TO MAKE FUN OF PEOPLE! You are more like tabloids than a respectable newspaper. Hello!!! Last time it was that poor guy, Demetrio Vicente, in the Impeachment Court. ITS INQUIRER POLICY TO BE CONTROVERSIAL. That’s what you do all the time. YOU WANT TO BE TALKED ABOUT!!! What a DISGUSTING way of attracting attention!

  • Aleah Dipatuan

    I felt even more sorry for the ignorance and illiteracy that has lead you to have thought of, uttered, mentioned, printed such phrase and caption. We may have accepted your apology, but learn from this and from the rest that you have committed against the public. Word is sharper than any sword, so to say. Help bridge peaceful and orderly living that this country is thirsty of. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AIYSIJJOL4JNRLHXVTGUH3NYHM The Overlord

    France banned the practice of covering every part of the body, because it is indeed a security risk. Buti na lang walang nakatagong granada ang babaeng yun when she shook PNoy’s hand. Muslims, esp. in the country, can get very radical about their religion, and that is a valid reason to tag burqa-clad women (or men) as security risks. Inquirer doesn’t need to say sorry, totoo lang na you can get paranoid over things like this. 

    Besides, why cover every part of your body except for your eyes? Hindi naman lahat ng Muslim girls dun were wearing burqa ah. Pa-epal lang kasi si girl kaya gustong mag-cover up para to invite controversy. She knew it was coming. Para naman ma-issue sa isang newspaper then her radical-minded Muslim friends will cry foul. Radical Muslims will kill anyone in the name of their so-called religion. Gusto pang agawin ang Mindanao na never naman naging sa kanila. Nandyan na nga ang ARMM (na hindi nila ma-develop and where corruption is the worst in this country –  take note – the worst), nandyan na rin ang Sharia courts, gusto pa talaga nila kumuha ng territory and separate from the Republic. 

    I have Muslim friends who shy away from these practices. In fact, they eat pork, smoke, consume alcohol, and shake hands with the opposite sex just like ANY NORMAL PERSON would do. Stop fooling yourselves with the possibility of having your own state. Just like the recent AirPhil Express incident kung saan the Muslim guy even had the balls to demand kahit siya naman ang mali, you will never be part of society if kayo mismo ang gustong mag-separate. 
    Ang kakapal ng mukha nyo to demand to govern yourselves through a separate state. Manila will never agree to your selfish demands. This is a country founded on democratic ideals, not on laws that demean the dignity of a woman, having sexual relations with a minor, not shaving facial hair, and having a gazillion wives, which are all perfectly acceptable practices in your flawed religion. Either live with it or you are all welcome to migrate to other Muslim/Arab countries where you can pray all day if you want. 

    • Aleah Dipatuan

      tsk 2x!

    • shinuhada

      overlord,why don’t you go?”
      I have Muslim friends who shy away from …”…stupid naman ng comment mo pards?..isang kaibigan mo lang may gawa nag conclude ka na agad na ganun ugali lahat ng muslims…kaawa ka tsong!!!….magbasa ka nga ng ibang libro man..

  • DilawNaPlema

    PDI’ statement is interpreted as this:  If no one noticed, no one is offended.  Still a security risk [with a question mark – ED].

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/A3DN5CJ5CPFKY6LOVCPTU4UEFA Mohammed ryann

    This is how the Christians majority treat us Muslim…IN THAT SITUATION, naramdaman natin ang tunay na KULAY ng mga FILIPINO(majority) papaano nila tina trato ang KULTURA nating mga Muslim kaya MARAPAT lang We must establish our OWN BANGSAMORO INDEPENDENT ISLAMIC state separate from the Philippines TOTALLY. I would say that the existing PEACE PROCESS is just a trick of GPH  for maintaining the Status Quo of the situation, yet, really DESIGNED TO FAIL  the experiment in ARMM, whatever the way it UPGRADE this, it will going to fail because no matters how good their (Muslim) intention in governance, in the END what PREVAILS is the ” TYRANNY OF MAJORITY ” espouses in an immature DEMOCRATIC state like Philippines. the IMPERIAL MANILA is always dictated by ELITES to control us not for the benefits of the MUSLIMS but for their OWN BUSINESS agenda. Reminders to all Muslims the verse in Qur’an: 2:120″Never will the Jews nor the Christians be pleased with
    you (O Muhammad Peace be upon him ) till you follow their religion. Say:
    “Verily, the Guidance of Allah (i.e. Islamic Monotheism) that is the
    (only) Guidance. And if you (O Muhammad Peace be upon him ) were to
    follow their (Jews and Christians) desires after what you have received
    of Knowledge (i.e. the Qur’an), then you would have against Allah
    neither any Wali (protector or guardian) nor any helper.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/AIYSIJJOL4JNRLHXVTGUH3NYHM The Overlord

      Sure, you are welcome to establish your own state. Maghanap nga lang kayo ng sarili nyong territory. Stop dreaming that Mindanao is for the Moros. Mindanao is part of the Republic of the Philippines. Kakapal ng mukha nyo to think that you are entitled to a separate piece of land. It’s your fault (majority of the radical Muslims, at least) that the conflicts are getting worse. You think most of you can get your own way by beheading your kidnapped victims and looting legit businesses in Mindanao?

      The last time I checked; there are quite a number of uninhabited islands in the Pacific. All you radical Muslims that would rather kill others in the name of your flawed religion are free to move there and leave us alone. No wonder why ARMM is the poorest in the country, ni mismo leaders niyo di maka-agree sa policies. Tingnan nyo ang ARMM: pinakatalamak ang corruption sa buong bansa, andaming armed guerillas, all the officials are from powerful clans. Yan ang gusto ng mga radical Muslims: ang tapakan ang dignidad ng babae by treating them as second-class citizens and tolerate polygamy by having multiple wives. Ni mismo nga si Muhammad nagkaroon ng sexual relations with a minor. And what does that make him? A pedophile! Yan gusto ng mga radical Muslims sa Mindanao. 

      So stop dreaming about having a separate state carved out from Mindanao. We’d be more happy to kill you all rather than giving you a piece of land that belongs to the Republic.

      • Aleah Dipatuan

        You may have the right to your own opinion but do not overdo it, freedom is also regulated. Do not say too much which might jeopardize you. Hope you’ll take this seriously. Naka-pseudonym ka lang.

      • Warina_Sushil

        The OverLoRd because of bias OverLoAd is going OverBoard and thus He is “jettisoning” ALL-Xcess-LoaD to keep himself AFloAT.

        However, as The OverLoAd is at the brink of sinking, why must he use PDI’s turf as his “disposal system”?  It will “toxically pollute” the PDI high seas, so to speak.

        Will PDI moderate, please!


      • http://profile.yahoo.com/AIYSIJJOL4JNRLHXVTGUH3NYHM The Overlord

        Ano daw? Can someone translate what he said to a civilized, comprehensible language, like English? The first sentence is so muddled no educated person will ever type like that.

      • Warina_Sushil

        :) The Overlord! If your denotation and connotation of a “CIVILIZED COMPREHENSIBLE LANGUAGE” is what YOU ARE USING in this PDI e-COMMENT BOARD, I’d rather stick to mine. :) 

      • Warina_Sushil

        The educated person just did that :)
        Will oblige and translate for your “educated consumption.”

        RE: Pagsasalin sa Wikang Filipino ng matalinhagang pangungusap o tayutay mula sa Wikang Ingles . Humigit kumulang ito po ang diwa:

        “Mahuhulog na si Oberlod dahil nasobrahan siya sa bagahe niyang
        diskriminasyon. Kung kaya’t kailangan niyang magtapon ng mga sarplas ;P
        na bagahe kumbaga ( kagaya sa isang papalubog na barko) upang manatili
        siyang lumulutang sa laot!

        Subalit, habang nanganganib na nga siyang tuluyang lumubog, bakit naman kailangan pa niyang
        gawin ang teritoryo ng PDI bilang tapunan ng basuRa niya? dahil
        nanganganib namang ma-polyut ng toxic na dumi ang laot ng PDI.” 

        You owe me more than one. I translated and it may not suit your standards but pls bear with me. So I can humor you even more, define the terms that you used here; your terms have perked my curiosity to the max.

        “terrorists, security risks, outcasts, religious fanatics, and whatnot????  the ways of modern, civilized society????

        Pax!  :D

      • Warina_Sushil

        WHILE PDI Editors/Moderators are perhaps SLEEPING.  WARNING: Someone will be sued for issuing libelous statements in print soon. Let me humor The Overlord’s overbearing attitude/aLtitude. :) The Security Risk? Syndrome.

        “Sure, you are welcome to establish your own state.”
        Thanks for the GO signal, The Overlord. How gracious of you. Be part of the GPH peace panel. Hope it takes you aboard.

        “Maghanap nga lang
        kayo ng sarili nyong territory.
        Stop dreaming that Mindanao is for the
        Moros. ”

        Thanks so much for the unsolicited pieces of advice, The Overlord. Uh-oh. Not a good idea to involve you in the peace process. Sad, it is EASY to rob a nation’s sovereignty and so hard to return it back. The robbing did not involve a consti process; why should the return involve a CP? Btw, Asking myself, thinking aloud.  And… dreaming is free— sky is the limit. Why curtail the freedom to dream? That’s cruel. :p

        “Mindanao is part of the Republic of the Philippines.”

        Thanks for highlighting the info, The Overlord.

        “Kakapal ng
        mukha nyo to think that you are entitled to a separate piece of land.”

        ?!? Hmm from Security Challenged to Facially challenged? Did you measure the dimension of thickness, The Overlord? Statistical data please.

         “It’s your fault (majority of the radical Muslims, at least) that the
        conflicts are getting worse. ”

        Prudent. Thank your for qualifying the “marginal fault line.” by identifying your perpetrators. Hmm, “some quarters” must have made the conflicts, then they made it BAD. Now, you are accusing (majority of the radical Muslims, at least) of making conflicts WORSE. Please do not The Overlord contribute your share in making conflicts WORST.

        “You think most of you can get your own way
        by beheading your kidnapped victims and looting legit businesses in

        Thank you, The Overlord for being sensible and asking the perpetrators this question. I just hope they are reading so they can answer you. Beheading and looting must surely be forbidden and penalized. For the record, I know you are not K9, certainly NOT. But I must tell you with an idiom that please You are barking at the wrong tree!

        WHILE PDI Editors/Moderators are perhaps SLEEPING.  WARNING: Someone
        will be sued for issuing libelous statements in print soon. Let me
        humor The Overlord’s overbearing attitude/aLtitude. :) The Security
        Risk? Syndrome.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/AIYSIJJOL4JNRLHXVTGUH3NYHM The Overlord

        I stopped reading after the first line. I cannot stand your horrible grammar. Do your people learn proper sentence mechanics at school? I cannot think of anyone who would take you seriously after reading your composition. Reword it first then maybe I will consider it. But then again, I am right. Your rebuttal did not even weaken my argument at all.

      • Warina_Sushil

        Takbir! Allaahu akbar! Got ya, The Overlord!
        You ARE deliberately changing tactic. Come on, The Overlord! Let us stick to “Security Risk stimulus that Provoked You to show who you really are . :)
        Suffering from stiff phalanges? Or you mean you cannot THINK of ANYTHING to SAY because your ability to counter my rebuttal is totally lost? NgWL!
        Try to convince YOURSELF that my rebuttal did not weaken your  “argument” at all.
        Bothered and irked, You BOTHERED to reply. I admire your temerity to gear the discussion towards grammar and syntax. You must have an excellent grade in semantics. Congratulations, The Overlord.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/AIYSIJJOL4JNRLHXVTGUH3NYHM The Overlord

        Yes, I do, and I’m quite pleased you have acknowledged that. Going back to the topic, yes, I still stand by my decision that your rebuttal has not weakened my stance at all. People who adhere to your religion are still regarded as terrorists, security risks, outcasts, religious fanatics, and whatnot. Look all over the news here and abroad. Now, that’s your call if you want to change the perception regarding your people. You should all start shaping up to the ways of modern, civilized society. If you do otherwise, then people’s impression upon you will never change.

      • Warina_Sushil

        Look who’s talking! Educated Stance?!? The “stench” is unmistakable. Is this one of your personalized ways of modern-civilized-society? Read Iqra!

        You wrote: “….People who adhere to your religion are still regarded as terrorists, security risks, outcasts, religious fanatics, and whatnot….” You are dangerously generalizing. Why sweep?

        Consider the list of Muslim reverts below:
        Omar Penalber of ISCAG • Abdul aziz nee Robin Padilla • Isabelle Eberhardt • Uluç Ali Reis • Claude Alexandre • Parameswara • Marmaduke Pickthall • Jacques-Francois Menou • Rudolf Carl von Slatin  • Lord Headley • Malcolm X • Samori Ture • Muhammad Ali • Keith Ellison • Ahmad Rashad • Cat Stevens • Dave Chappelle • Nicolas Anelka • Kareem Abdul Jabbar • Murad Wilfried Hofmann • Jermaine Jackson • Yvonne Ridley

        Are you saying that THESE Muslims and the rest of the Ummah who adhere to Islam are still regarded (BY WHO? BY YOU?)  as terrorists, security risks, outcasts, religious fanatics, and whatnot….???

        Talking about hoRRible! How repugnant!  It is a folly to stoop to your “educated with excellent semantics” level. :)

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/735MU6OSQ2XXBUSX2O6WA6TE64 Dave

      Easy ka lang Mohammed RYan wag mong isterotype lht ng christiano ganyan ang utak. Alam nmn na natin na Muslim na ang Maguindanao at Sulu panahon pa bago dumating ang Kastila. Nakapunta na ako sa Middle East at napakaganda nga namn kung Sharia Law ang implement sa region nyo at tapos Islamic Bank system (halos walang interest), Mahigpita ang Disiplina at Maganda Magnegosyo d b. 

    • shinuhada

      so sorry if you feel that way brad.pero gaya ng sabi ni pareng dave,  wag naman sana i stereotype ang mga christians,or jews or prostestants or any believers of any religion..i am working in middle east at kahit paano maipagmamalaki ko na we work very well with other people, maging christian man, muslim, or hindu…ikaw naman OVERLORD, please do not say that to mohammed..di natin alam kung ano ang pinagdaanan niya o ng mga  filipino muslims..sa totoo lang naman kasi,marginalized at oftentimes disregarded ang fil-muslims,kundi man inaapi, mula pa noong spanish colonial period…
      hindi basehan ang religion para ikaw ay mang api at aapihin..kristiyano inaapi din ang kapwa kristiyano,muslim inaapi din ang kapwa muslim (and so forth)…

    • Warina_Sushil

      Bismillaahi walhamdulillaah wassalaatu wassaalaamu alaa rasuulillaah

      Assalamu alaykum Mohammed Ryan  :)

      Your personal comments have the effect of reminding me to exercise utmost restraint and counsel myself not to be angry…. “auto sabar mode”…because of the provocative stimulus that elicited a gamut of reactions RE: Security Risk? Allaah bless your living in this world, Mohammed Ryann– somehow your comments have neutralized “my ire”.  Subhanaallaah. I am reminded to sustain gracious speech with wisdom as well as humility that I can humanly muster. Bi idhnillaah :)

      Indeed, responsible media can be a powerful tool in engendering or even forging peace but when used recklessly/thoughtlessly- irresponsible media can be a lethal tool in perpetuating senseless war.

      Conversely, any religion, creed, or belief can also engender peace just as it can lethally perpetuate senseless war (intolerance, xenophobia etc) in all forms WHEN such religion, creed, or belief is used malevolently out of the “perversion” of certain “human beings.”

      The Omniscient, Omnipresent, Sovereign King, Lord of Mankind and the Universe is Perfect, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, Most Loving and Most Just. Alhamdulillaahi Rabbil Aalaameen. However, human beings can never have those qualities of  The One God.

      Some people -regardless of gender/sogi, creed, race, faith or religion- have the proclivity when hurt and hurting to the max – to become warped and blame the creed, race, faith or religion and worst GOD just because one or anyone of them – acting individually – has done something evil against others.

      It is the obligation of the striving-to-be-God-fearing on the face of this earth to ENJOIN what is good and to FORBID evil; what was commanded by The Almighty God is “NEVER” to FORBID GOOD NOR to ENJOIN EVIL!

      However, every humane person (from the People of the Book or otherwise) must know and understand just as every Muslim who surrenders himself to the will of ALLAH must likewise do- that in enjoining good and in forbidding evil: one must in all circumspection weigh the maslaha (benefit) and the mafsaada (harm) that it will bring the community.

      In enjoining good and forbidding evil, the maslaha or the benefit must outweigh the mafsada. Are we stoking the Flames of Goodwill or are we unconsciously stoking the Flames of ILL FEELINGS? I inwardly ask myself these questions foremost. In so doing, I invite all readers along with Mohammed Ryan :) and The OverLord who are both (seemingly) traumatically hurting and consequently are now hurting themselves in the process of self-healing. :)  I can just imagine where ALL of these hurt and pains are coming. La hawla wa la quwwata illaa billaah.

      Thus, this is my personal supplication: May this SECURITY RISK? RIGHT TO COMMENT bring us peoples of Faith greatest benefit and least harm. aameen Ya Rabb.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/735MU6OSQ2XXBUSX2O6WA6TE64 Dave

    walang respeto sa ibang cultura itong INQUIRER..wala ng nga respeto sa matandang may stroke..pati b nmn un damit ng kapatid ng muslim eh PAGPEPERAHAN na nmn nila PARA MAGING CATCHY yun DYaryo Nila..KAMPON KAU NI DAJAL SA MUSLIM OR ANTICHRIST SA CHRISTIAN.

  • Zechs Tamano


  • http://twitter.com/Ummu_Hurairah92 Sadikah Lomondot

    I am a muslim by words and action. And I tell you, some muslim are just by name and not by action because they still lack of understanding of religion and practice. Not all Muslims are good just as not all Christians are good.. I’ve grown up as a Muslim and never did I show disrespect to any religion because we are also commanded to  be fair upon anyone regardless of  race , status, and religion. I am surrounded mostly by christian acquaintances here in ILIGAN CITY and I really feel  their full respect at me. And the same way, I respect them and we always talk about our the differences in our religion with an open minds. I hope you all do the same. Sadly, people used to look at the dark side of things without knowing first the reality behind . ISLAM has nothing to say with the bad action of its followers. Islam is perfect, Muslims are not. And I want also to stress that Allah said: La ikraaha fid Deen (There is no compulsion in religion).. Wearing veil is MY CHOICE. Virgin Mary is wearing veil, the nuns do the same but why question the Muslim women who wears it? 

    I’m really hoping that we must first know the life of prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) Whatever you claim wrong about him then I strongly disagree with you.  

  • Lea-Grace Salcedo

    I agree with Sadikah Lomondot. Equality and fairness should be needed to understand culture, add an open mind as well.

    I have good friends who are Moslems and they respect Christians. Why dont we extend the same to our Muslim brothers and sisters?

  • Simon Ward

    Personally, I find nothing wrong whatsoever with the headline “Security Risk?” and you can tell from the way the PDI editor has added references to the question mark in the letters above that he/she still feels the same way. So I don’t consider that a real apology, which is fine by me ‘cos I don’t think the PDI has anything to apologise for.

    • Jiponbuster

      PDI realizes that the risking woman was also a holder of Filipino passport.

  • alfred sanchez

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali:The Global War on Christians in the Muslim World

    search nyo yung article at pakibasa para makita nyo gaano kawawa ang mga christians sa mga muslim country

    • Jiponbuster

      Puede sila umayaw o umatras sa  bansa na yan kung kinawawa sila at pumunta na lang sa Vatican o Spain para wala na lang issue.

      • alfred sanchez

        wow e d bakit hindi ang mga muslim ang bumalik sa libya o afghanistan kung feeling nila kinakawawa sila sa america or europe, kakaiba ang line of thinking mo kinampihan mo pa ang pagpatay ng mga muslim sa ibang mga religion sa bansa nila, kayo na lang mga muslim ang umalis dito sa metro manila at bumalik na lang kayo sa mindanao dun kayo manggulo at manguyog

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/AIYSIJJOL4JNRLHXVTGUH3NYHM The Overlord

        Ang kakapal ng mga Muslim! Sana mamatay na silang lahat! Walang kwentang relihiyon (kung relihiyon nga yun, parang kulto lang ata eh). Akalain mo, they condone slavery, pedophilia, polygamy, and suppression of women’s rights! Thank goodness hindi ako Muslim.

  • Elena751

    Di ba po araw araw sa news yung mga rapist,holdapers,carnappers,kidnappers,scandals, mga salot sa lipunan  etc d naman po sila mga muslim. so papaano nyo pong masasabi na masasama ang mga muslim eh mismo pong mga minors na sampung gulang na batang babae pinapatay at rape ng sariling tatay o kamag anak, d naman po sila mga muslim eh.. dami pong news sa ibat ibang channel eh puros namn laman ng balita ang mga masasamang tao na ito eh nde naman mo po mga muslim…

    d ba po majority mga tao sa pilipinas eh nde muslim so majority po ng mga criminal sa pilipinas eh nde po muslim kc minority lang po sila. eh d ba po yung kurakot na politician sa pilipinas sample na lang po sa luzon eh d naman po cla muslim.

    yung mga nagkalat po na bar clubs sa buong pilipinas eh d naman po pag aari ng mga muslim, yung factory po ng mga alak nde naman po muslim , at mga sangkatutak ng sindikato karamihan d naman po muslim.

    pakilawakan naman po yung mga isip natin.

  • http://www.almadzharblog.blogspot.in/ alMadz

    Hold on to forgiveness. Command what is right. TURN AWAY FROM THE IGNORANTS. Quran 7:199

  • http://www.almadzharblog.blogspot.in/ alMadz

    NICOLA Tesla said after listening to a hateful speech: if all the hatred can be turned into electricity their hatred could light the whole world. I say: if only all the hatred put forward in this forum like espousing genocide can be turned into electricity it could solve the constant power outage in Mindanao and even sell the surplus electricity to China. Lolzzz

    • Warina_Sushil

      What an electrifying comment!
      Proactive. NgWL

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