‘What will America do if China attacks Filipino forces in Spratlys?’


(Editor’s Note: This is the official statement of Foreign Secretary Albert F. del Rosario regarding the Philippines-US Mutual Defense Treaty.)

In view of inaccurate information on the subject of whether or not the US is prepared to respond to its commitment to the Philippines under the Philippines-US Mutual Defense Treaty, the Department of Foreign Affairs would like to establish as a matter of record that:

1. The Philippines and the United States entered into a Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT) on August 30, 1951, in Washington, D.C.

2. As stated in the MDT’s preamble, both the Philippines and the US desire to publicly declare, through the MDT, their sense of unity and common determination to defend themselves against external armed attack, so that no potential aggressor could be under the illusion that either of them stands alone in the Pacific Area. (Refer to the third paragraph of the MDT’s preamble.)

3. Article IV of the MDT states: “Each party recognizes that an armed attack in the Pacific area on either of the parties would be dangerous to its own peace and safety and declares that it would act to meet the common dangers in accordance with its constitutional processes.”

4. Article V of the MDT further provides that “an armed attack on either of the parties is deemed to include an armed attack on:

a. The metropolitan territory of either of the parties, or

b. On the island territories under its jurisdiction in the Pacific Ocean, and

c. Its armed forces, public vessels or aircraft in the Pacific.”

5. On Jan. 6, 1979, US Secretary of State Cyrus Vance in his letter to Foreign Secretary Carlos P. Romulo, cited Article V of the MDT and stated that “… as provided in Article V, an attack on Philippine armed forces, public vessels or aircraft in the Pacific would not have to occur within the metropolitan territory of the Philippines or island territories under its jurisdiction in the Pacific in order to come within the definition of Pacific area in Article V” (underscoring supplied).

6. On May 24, 1999, US Ambassador to the Philippines Thomas C. Hubbard wrote a letter to Foreign Secretary Domingo L. Siazon affirming that “the US government stands by its statements in the Vance-Romulo letter of Jan. 6, 1979.” Moreover, in the same letter, Ambassador Hubbard cited US Defense Secretary William Cohen’s statement that “the US considers the South China Sea to be part of the Pacific Area” (underscoring supplied).

7. On June 23, 2011, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reaffirmed to Foreign Secretary Albert F. del Rosario during their meeting in Washington, D.C., that the US “will honor its treaty obligations to the Philippines.”

8. In her remarks to the media after the said meeting, Clinton declared: “The Philippines and the United States are longstanding allies, and we are committed to honoring our mutual obligation.”

9. During the question-and-answer session in the same media event, Clinton was asked by a correspondent from ABS-CBN this question: “What will America do if China attacks Filipino forces in the Spratly Islands?” Clinton’s reply was: “Well, as to your first question, the United States honors our Mutual Defense Treaty and our strategic alliance with the Philippines. I’m not going to discuss hypothetical events, but I want to underscore our commitment to the defense of the Philippines.” (Source: “Remarks with Philippines Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario After Their Meeting,” Washington, D.C., June 23, 2011)

10. On Nov. 16, 2011, Clinton and Del Rosario signed the Manila Declaration which states: “The Republic of the Philippines and the United States today reaffirm our shared obligations under the Mutual Defense Treaty.” (Source: “Manila Declaration on US-Philippine Alliance,” Nov. 16, 2011)

11. On April 30, 2012, during the 2+2 meeting in Washington, D.C., Clinton reiterated that the US “reaffirms our commitment and obligations under the mutual defense treaty.” (Source: “Remarks during Press Availability,” State Department, Washington, D.C., April 30, 2012)

12.  As additional information, under the US Constitution, the US president as commander in chief may commit US armed forces into action overseas although the US president is obliged to notify the US Congress within 48 hours of such action, as provided for under the US War Powers Resolution of 1973. The same resolution requires that such commitment of US armed forces could not go beyond 60 days, with a further 30-day withdrawal period, without US congressional authorization. This means that a US congressional authorization is needed only if the engagement of US armed forces abroad would go beyond 60 days.

13. It is important to note that, even in the absence of an actual armed attack against either the Philippines and the US, Article III of the MDT provides that the Philippines and the US, “through their foreign ministers or their deputies, will consult together from time to time regarding the implementation of this treaty and whenever in the opinion of either of them the territorial integrity, political independence or security of either of the parties is threatened by external armed attack in the Pacific” (underscoring supplied).

14. The recently concluded 2+2 meeting, at the ministerial level, is a new mechanism for such high-level consultations.

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  • okabato

    If China attacks us in the Shoals, then we don’t have any alternative but to fight back and defend our territory. It’s going to be a limited war confined to the disputed area only and we will be on the losing side considering our military capability. That’s why the war hawks in the chinese military are  pushing for an attack soonest because it will be decisive in their favor. So what do we do now? A temporary withdrawal of our ships from the area can be considered and just fight it out in the international courts or fight it out with the chinese and see how the US will react.

    • michael_angelo

      Lets hire the NPA and Abusayyaf

      • reddfrog

         They can go there on a banca or swim to get there.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/VB3NMMWZGEQ3QHR4OROJGD2YKA Rudy

        siguro nakalimutan mo na ang NPA ay comunista at sa China sila kumokuha ng Fund,, ang dapat mong bantayan ay pag ang mga yan ay bumaba nang bundok at suot na nila ang uniforme ng china at may isang  pulang star sa kanilang cap ay ibig sabihin ay nakuha na nula nag pilipinas, diyan mo na makikita si Manny Pangilinan, Chavit Singson at nagunguna na si Gloria at ang kanyang mga alalay

  • bobingski

    an appeal to the filipino people, do not buy products made in china….boycott chinese products, they are communist anyways……fight for our  land, mabuhay ang pilipinas!!!!!!

    • dannyflorencio

      mahirap para sa mahirap sundin ang panawagan mo bro ! kasi ang produkto ng china kahit mahina ang kaledad mura naman ito. Sa hirap ng buhay na tinatamasa nila ngayon sa pamumuno ni abnoy isang malaking sakripisyo sa mga mahirap ang di pagbili ng produktong china. May local nga tayo dito mahal naman pano ma-aafford ng mga mahihirap ito?

      • bobingski

        just sacrifice a little bit, rather than buying chinese products, your boycott of chinese made products is a sign of philippine patriotism for the sake of our country..tell our countrymen to do the same…..down to china!!!!they want our land!!!!! Don’t allow china to take our country!!!!!!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/T3LKRKYXQZ4GQQOH7JAUPCKW3U Ponciano

        I be live China is in the direction of stopping their trade with Pinas as a result of these stand off. If that happens then we will be forced to look for another trading source like Vietnam or Thailand. Most likely for that same Chinese products, but more expensive.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZZ4MCQMMYR5LRODBCTQHLPFEN4 romulus Ignacio

        The problem is we refuse to stand up. We prefer to remain passive. Hindi mauuto ang pilipino kung hindi tayo magpapauto.

    • michael_angelo

      Kung gawin mo yan, Itapon mo yang Computer or Laptop mo, 70% sa loob yan part gawa ng China…

      What can we do best is read the Art of War of Sun Tzu and apply to them….

  • dannyflorencio

    Of course, America will stay away from this conflict. America has learned a bitter lesson in Vietnam, so why commit the same mistake again ? only foolish filipinos believe that America will back us up in case the tension in the China sea escalated into a full blown war.

    President Obama has been recalling american servicemen serving overseas lately due to a huge public outcry in America to send american soldiers home , so why send american troops to fight for us and suffer the consequences of war ? America will never involve itself to a war when there is nothing to gain.

    • michael_angelo

      The Business of America is WAR, they supply weapons worldwide

      • Loggnat

         Then why is it that in the countries with internal conflict, the weapons that are in abundance are Chinese made and Russian designed AK’s and other weapons? There is even an African nation that has a symbol in their flag of an arm holding up an AK.


    • taga_labas

      Afghanistan rings a bell?

      • reddfrog

         Because Afghanistan is known to harbor terrorists who are known to be preparing to attack American interests at home and abroad. What interest does America have over a shoal? They don’t even dare attack NK but rather appease them. How much more China?

      • taga_labas

        And RP doesn’t harbor any of those with bad intentions?  There is a lot more at stake, my friend, than the obvious.  America has learned her lessons not to be so vocal when dealing with Asian countries.    

      • Loggnat

        If the Philippines gives the US a favorable business partner status and partner with the US companies to developed the resources in the shoal. Also make it more profitable for them to invest in the country than in China, you will be killing two or maybe three birds with one stone. First, it will increase the US investment in the country and it will bring more jobs to the people and would likely result in raising the standard of living of those employed. Second, The US companies will move their manufacturing business from China to the Philippines which will be beneficial to both US and the Philippines and will be an economic setback to China. Third, all the money invested and business properties of the USA in the country should give them plenty of reasons to protect those investments and the Philippines.

      • topolcats

        With due respect you are the epitome of a Flips who seems in this day and age no idea how the world functions. I am totally amazed at your comments: Here is why.
        The US controls the Philippines, the Gov. the country the corporations the thieving family Oligarchs who have been raping the country for years with the acquiescence of the US.
        You have nothing to bargain with the US..your completely controlled.

        Secondly China with 1.4 billion is not the Philippines in workforce, the Phil worker is considered lazy compared to the Chinese therefore the productivity levels are almost 100% more in China than the PI.
        This is why no one wants to invest in the Philippines without even touching the level of corruption in the Philippines.
        The Filipino has one service only to the US and that has never been changed since 1911…..to be killed by others for the sake of others!
        Simply put you are a bunch of colonialist donkey who’s  only service to the US is human sacrifice!    

      • Loggnat

        I heard that line in the 60’s from the so called progressive youth groups when I was a student in Manila. These groups use to call their underground meetings as indoctrination classes from Mao or Lenin University. =)) A miniscule number of students believed it then and it seems they are still peddling the same old line and you swallowed it hook, line and sinker.=)) There is nobody to blame for the sorry state of the country but the Filipinos itself and quit trying to pass the blame to others. I guess, the next country to blame is China who’s companies are raping the countries natural resources with the help of corrupt local politicians. Illegally fishing protected waters, illegally mining and logging virgin forests in protected watersheds. Maybe not, the new imperialist bully in the block is your master and you cannot possible go against them, ha? You will now learn the lesson about benevolent masters and tyrannical masters and I’m confident that you will figure out which is which. =)) Here’s some hints; Myanmar, Kampuchea, and Tibet as examples.  =)))

  • ricardo ricafort

    It was repeatedly mentioned that they will honor the MDA, otherwise they will appear liars and incompetent bastards.  

    • reddfrog

       They already said that they will not take sides. How much clearer can they make it? As for being liars, which country lied about WMD to invade Iraq?

    • http://twitter.com/stevebyrd1 steve byrd

      They are liars and incompetent in my opinion , so they say they not take sides then they say that they will honor the treaty. A rather wishy-washy bunch. 

    • universalbeing

      Sure, they will definitely honor the MDA when the Philippines is attacked, but i don’t think it will cover territories which the Philippines went into dispute recently, post-UNCLOS 1982.

      Quite unfortunately, when the MDA was signed in 1951 the defined territory of the Philippines did not include Scarborough.

      the US is most certainly aware of the 3 treaties, because they signed it:

      1. The “Treaty of Paris between Spain and the United States” (1898).
      2. “Treaty of Washington between Spain and the United States” (1900).
      3. “Anglo-American Treaty” (1930).

      All 3 treaties clearly and unambiguously defined the western limit of the Philippines at 118 degrees east longitude. That is the big problem, and Scarborough is outside this limit.

      So, the US when asked, will coyly say they will honor the MDA. But they never specifically say Spratly’s is included. They signed all the treaties in 1898, 1900 and 1930, so they are aware.

  • tomahawk3

    In commerce, Philippines has 60/40 foreign investment agreement. 
    that is, 60% local investors and 40% foreign investors. of the 60% local investors, 60% are chinese, of the 40% foreign investors, 50% are chinese. 

     If you kick all the chinese out, though i’m sure you’ll find it hard to do, and if so happen you succeed: more than half of all the businesses in the country will be closed. why? who owns SMs who owns SMB?  

    You filipinos thought chinese are cheap, no they’re selling cheap to you because you buy cheap.

    • redpula

      Yes they own the majority of the said companies but if war will come to pass and they opt to ally with China, the government can embargo and freeze all its property on its favor, the mechanism and situation in time of war are different from peace time, find time to read what Great Britain and Allied nations did to Germany, Italy and Japan when they declared war. 

  • Elio Madama

    In my personal opinion, USA won’t do anything to help Philippines.
    They not going to risk a third war world with a powerful country like China.
    Stop dreaming, soon China will take over the disputed territories and is nothing Philippines can do to avoid it.
    You will scream, cry, beg for USA help, but you will get nothing.
    Stop buying products from China?………sure, and then, where are we going to buy their products?
    Why Philippines don’t start to open new factories and produce everything China is selling in Philippines?
    You have almost eleven million filipinos working overseas, many with excellent skills.
    Bring them back to help the  Country.

    • reddfrog

      How exactly do you propose bringing those almost eleven million filipinos working overseas back? We do not have jobs here. To have jobs you need investors. And who wants to invest in a country that wants to engage in a trade war with China?

      “Why Philippines don’t start to open new factories and produce everything China is selling in Philippines?”

      ===> And where will you get the machineries and equipment for your factory?

      • KapitanBagwis

         red, you are always the pessimistic. If there is the will, there must be a way.

        The politicians might have learned from this experienced and hopefully they will aspire to develop and progress the country.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/VB3NMMWZGEQ3QHR4OROJGD2YKA Rudy

        reddfrog,,, alam kung desperado tayo,, pero bakit hinde natin tingnan ang Vietnam,, hide ba kasama sila sa World War 2 tapos nagkaroon pa sila ng Vietnam war,,, matinde ang kanilang pinagdaanan,,wala silang tulong galing sa US,,, pero ngayon tingnan natin silang ng mabuti,,,, gumagawa na sila ng sarili nilang war ship,,, tayo, wala tayong inabangan kundi ano ang bagong gadgets na galing sa China,,,,

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZZ4MCQMMYR5LRODBCTQHLPFEN4 romulus Ignacio

        Problema kasi sa karamihan ng mga pilipino, mapili sa trabaho. May kakilala nga ako na inoffer ng trabaho, pero hindi niya tinanggap kasi maliit ang kita tsaka ayaw niya. We should have the patience on everything. Gusto kasi ng karamihan sa atin instant, parang pamumuhay ng amerikano. We try to be like the americans. Well it’s time we know that WE ARE NOT AMERICANS AND WE WILL NEVER BE AND WE SHOULD BE PROUD OF THAT!

      • maribojoc

        Last year OFW remitted US$20 billion. By appealing to the nationalistic fervor of our OFW (as an OFW myself, I observe that OFW are very passionate about their nationality), we can create a defense fund that can generate $1 billion a year, merely by  increasing our remittance by 5%. Surely more affluent OFW can do more. I believe USA’s military aid to Phil is $30Million a year?Imagine what a $1 billion a year in arms and modern military equipment can do to modernize our defense?

    • KapitanBagwis

       That is why I kept saying, let the Chinese shoot first and let us see what will happen.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VB3NMMWZGEQ3QHR4OROJGD2YKA Rudy

      Elio, kahit papano may point ka pero mas mabuti na ang may inaasahan na alam naman natin kahit na noong panahon pa ng kastila ay nandiyan na ang mga amerikano…kung babalik tayo sa panahon ng kastila ay binayaran ng US ang Spain ng 25 milyong dolyar para lang sa kalayaan ng ating lahi..hanggang giyara ng hapon nandoon sila nagbuwis ng buhay para sa atin,, tapos pinalayas natin sila ng maupo si Erap,,,, siguro dapat mag isip tayo at tingnan natin kung sino ang talagang kaaway at kakampi,,,,

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZZ4MCQMMYR5LRODBCTQHLPFEN4 romulus Ignacio

        actually, it’s not kalayaan. hinabaan lang nila ang ating tali but we’re still chained dogs. Besides, hindi nawawalan ng hidden agenda ang US. May possibility din na ang naganap na labanan sa pagitan ng amerikano at kastila dito sa pilipinas matapos ang Kasunduan sa Paris ay scripted.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6LVAN7WBZHVKDAY7A65MB4V34I Rolando

    Tawagin ang mga ‘magagaling na Senadores’ na nagpa-alis sa base militar ng Estados Unidos. Sila ang dapat na isalang sa depensa ng lupa natin. Sino-sino na nga ba sila?

  • http://karmaeconomics.blogspot.com/ lavista4u

    America has no permanent friends only permanent interest. History is evident of this fact, from Iraq, Iran, Afghan, Pakistan, Vietnam and now Philippines….US has clearly said, they will not side with any parties and will seek a balanced resolution …People have no clue whatsoever…WHAT REALLY USA IS…

    China will slowly take over the island..while the people in power do nothing and US silently watches….THIS IS THE FACT…DO NOT DREAM US WILL RISK ITS STRATEGIC INTEREST FOR PH….If US was infact interested…You could have by now heard from obama himself..

    like…We stand shoulder to shoulder with our filipino brothers and any attack on PH would be deemed as an attack on US..etc lines

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VB3NMMWZGEQ3QHR4OROJGD2YKA Rudy

     lavista4u you don;t know what you are writing in your comments or you are just nothing but a chinese symphathizer,,, it is better for you to go back to your motherland chich is china and stop pretending to be a filipino…

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZZ4MCQMMYR5LRODBCTQHLPFEN4 romulus Ignacio

      Rudy, wag ka masyadong madala ng iyong damdamin. Maaaring may katotohanan ang kanyang sinasabi. Huwag ka mabulag sa  mga nakikita at naririnig mo. Sa panahon ngayon, mahirap na malaman ang katotohanan sa bawat bagay. Every situation is open to all possible outcomes based from that situation. Huwag ka masyado magpuri sa amerika. Hindi mo lang alam ang tindi ng baho na itinatago ng US mula sa mga allies nito. Kaya naalarma sila ng madisclose ng wikileaks ang government secrets ng amerika.

  • Pinoy Tagabantay

    For me..,let’s form in line all the corrupt President, Generals, Senators, Congressmen and LGUs.., isa isa silang ibala mistulang Philippine Missile papuntang China.., sila ang dahilan kung bakit naging “WEAKEST LINK” ang ating bansa at AFP in general.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TIVN4C2Q5DOBDD7HJMNU7RZBD4 Eagle from Davao

    The best way is to purchase or lease to own agreement to acquire missiles on  mobile but cheap platform.
    I recommend RBS-15 mark 3 on land base mobile launchers with radar system ,2 or 3 batteries with 4 missiles with 4 reloads stationed in zambales.
    plus gripen fighter bomber with 4 RBS 15 mark 3 that have harden hangar both in palawan and clark and batangas.
    These missiles are proven superior than harpoon and any chinese anti-ship missiles.
    RBS 15 mark 3 are proven powerful deterrent against soviet navy and even today,russian navy feared these weapon system.This is manufactured by Saab.-Sweden.
    With 280 km range with multiple waypoints (it can fly around the target undetected) and skimming ability to dodge and evade CIWs and SAM,flying just 5 to 6 meters above the waves at more 900km per hour. This best part-the price is negotiable or open to lease to own agreement.
    We dont need powerul ships,we just need land based-missiles to sink any ships intruding within our EEZ.
    Chinese fighter aircraft will not dare to bomb us and enter mainland for they know the big respond from US. for it is a clear violation against MDT.If we have Gripen ,we can counter any advance chinese fighter on any weather.

    • http://www.facebook.com/sherwin.abad Sherwin Abad

      i agree with you. the gripen is a nimble fighter. land-based antiship missiles will serve as a deterrent. one more thing though, i think we should start making nuclear weapons.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZZ4MCQMMYR5LRODBCTQHLPFEN4 romulus Ignacio

    America is absolutely not the country we should be trusting. America is like a snake guised as a puppy.

  • Rafa Arandas

    Filipinos don’t trust the US? Then what nations SHOULD Philippines trust? You guys want to trust China instead?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZZ4MCQMMYR5LRODBCTQHLPFEN4 romulus Ignacio

      I say that we should not trust any country. We can befriend them but not trust them. China is also not a good country to trust. I’m saying this because I myself has a Chinese blood. Hindi masyadong maganda experience ko sa Chinese side ng family ko. They are very stubborn. They would refuse to give up on something. We should have our true independence. Look at Japan. They are very independent. They are able to enhance their economy and yet, they can preserve their culture. At pansin ko lang, kung sinong bansa pa yung hindi magaling magsalita ng Ingles as their second language, sila pa yung mauunlad. Kaya hindi ka dapat proud sa kagalingan ng mga pilipino sa pagsasalita ng ingles. This can be a sign that we are a dying country and culture.

    • topolcats

      Trust is not or has never been an item in respect to the interests of nations.
      So your comment simply is naive!……not to mention illogical!

    • anakpinas

      Don’t say Filipinos, only the communist few pretending to be nationalistics dont trust US.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZZ4MCQMMYR5LRODBCTQHLPFEN4 romulus Ignacio

    If Philippines would only prioritize education and loyalty to their country instead of show business and self-centered ambitions and glory, then we would probably have the need to hide under America’s skirt. Philippines need wise people, not hypocrites, brawns, abusive businessmen and senseless things. Basta kasi makarinig ang Pilipino ng mga kababayan na marunong mag-Ingles, nagkakaroonagad sila ng persepsyon na ang mga taong iyon ay matalino. Hindi nila masayadong kinikilatis ang bawat detalye. Sanay sila sa phrase na “Bahala na. Puwede na yan.”. If only Filipinos would change some of their erroneous ways, then maybe we would not have any worries on China. (Just an opinion) May God bless the Filipino people.

  • WeAry_Bat

    The context of the agreement was Russia and Vietnam, where the US did not have economic and manufacturing ties unlike with China.

    I have a feeling the US is doing silent diplomatic talks to avoid having to follow the word-by-word of the treaty.  It would be embarrassing for both countries when the Philippines is attacked.

    I know my place would be somewhere when government troops are exhausted and before a call for civilian volunteers.  I hope there will not have to be a war even if limited.  The price of even one bullet is, well, good for a small amount of food.

    If we are attacked?  I think it is ok to retreat under armed assault.  We will always have another day.  But I feel it is more likely there will emerge saboteurs on military and manufacturing which China, like the US, can never put down at any given time.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3RMNEZCQQHXWOQRXJROQ2CORFU Homer Guo

    US will sit back and watch…until their own interest is at stake, then they’ll make their move.

  • DinngMae

    The Department of Foreign Affairs should wake-up to the reality that the United States will not come to the aid of the Philippines in the event of an armed engagement with China. That piece of sheet called Mutual Defense Treaty is useless in today’s geopolitics.

    I don’t know if Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert Del Rosario is playing dumb but the pronouncement of State Department Secretary Clinton is a clear indication that the US is in no position to confront China over the Scarborough Shoal affair. Del Rosario should stop relying on a piece of sheet that was made in the Jurassic era.

    “What will America do if China attacks Filipino forces in Spratly?” Nothing. Why? There are several reasons into this:

    1. The treaty does not provide a mechanism that will automatically commit US forces in the conflict. Will a ship collision be considered an attack? If the Philippines’ Ukay-Ukay Navy fired the first shot and China retaliated with the sinking of a ship, will it be considered an attack?
    2. A limited skirmish can never be used as a justification for the US to confront China.
    3. The Philippines’ territorial claim is unsettled and is still pending before an international arbitration process sans the cooperation of China.
    4. The strategic bilateral relationship between China and the US is more important than the Philippines.

    The Philippines is already under attack through China’s economic offensive with the suspension of travel and more restrictions in fruit imports yet President Aquino got no plan on how counter it except to continuously beg the US for more substandard ships. Instead of posing the question “what will America do if China attack Filipino forces?,” the DFA should answer China’s statement that it is prepared to escalate the situation.

    What is worse is the DFA would like the Filipino people to be complacent with the thinking that Uncle Sam is right behind us when it is not. The least the US can do is to loan us their antiquated warships and let us do the shooting in their behalf as well. This also explains the reason why there is no need for them to commit their own forces. We are the cannon fodder.

    It is high time for this government and the future leaders of this country to realize that only through self-reliance and sufficiency can we stand as a nation. Our subservience to the US, coupled with export oriented – import dependent economic policy, did us more harm than good as we now reap the fruits of what we sow. We totally failed to industrialize!

    We cannot depend on America. We are on our own. It is stupid to think that American people will carry the Philippine flag in asserting our own sovereignty. It is time to wake up and be sensible to admit that the vaunted Philippine – US alliance is all but a farce.

    • topolcats

      I respect what you say!. 
      And if you are a Filipina? 
      I respect that at least some people that live in the Philippines.. are Not simple minded,unlike most of the comments being posted. 
      In retrospect understanding the Filipino mindset (I speak fluent Tagalog-having been a student in the PI). Having said that: I have absolutely no respect for the Philippines as a nation of corrupt Oligarchs who are in place due to there subservience to the US as the most flips simply SIP SIP the member of US. And stupidly expect the emperor to protect such a pitiful nation…….having lived in the US…the US has no respect for the Philippines at all. Even they respect people who dissent imperialism………not a nation who says bugger me more? 

      Living in South America has proven that antique forms of Gov based on South America still exist! 
      The Philippines and its form of clumsy Government & level of Gov is a JOKE!!. 
      This was how Latin American was ruled in the 1930’s. 
      It is really pathetic to see a Country so backward and savage.even from a south american point of view.  
      Asia the Philippines is looked upon as a state of seriously stupid people who’s only thought is to love America and anything the white man has to offer.
      Someone should tell the Flips they need to get more educated!¬           

      • Christopher Corvino

        keep telling those lies dipshit. U probably never set foot on US soil in your life. And assuming u have, if u are dumb enough to think every american has no respect for the Phil when u probably only talked with a few individuals, then u either need to stop drinking the Chinese propaganda cool aid or your just retarded. 

        From an American who has immense respect for the Philippines and its people! Long live US Philippine relations!

  • adrianaraneta

    I think this excerpts from the treaty must be sent to Sen. Trillanes, as he said in Philstar that US will only defend RP once invaded but not if attacked.

  • redpula

    This is the product of procrastination on the part of the government, we can not defend our own because many had dip the pockets of the government and transferred it to their bank accounts, now the nation is asking assistance to the US because we are weaken by grave corruption in the system.  I am not skeptical but if this will become a shooting war we must be ready to respond, the taste of the pudding is on the eating, then we shall know what truly is the MDT if bombs and bullets are flying over our heads.  We are buying US defense articles but almost incapable of defending itself, no CIWS, no radar, and only essentials for the Cutter Class ships to float into the ocean but a seating duck and amoving target if it will be fired upon.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2TPP2LQWDYQBWRFHA3K6WY7OVM L

     I do not see how your entire comment would be helpful. What the DFA
    says is only a reiteration of facts.  Complacency from Filipinos’ end
    was not by any means explicitly solicited.  While you accuse the DFA of
    conditioning Pinoys to be complacent, your comment can also be accused
    of doing a similar a thing — as you lead your readers on to believe
    that “only through self-reliance and [self]-sufficiency” that Pinoys can
    “stand as a nation.”  You did not make sense when you said that what
    the  “… US can do is to loan us their antiquated warships and let us
    do the shooting in their behalf as well” then concluded that “we cannot
    depend on America” and that “we are on our own.”  You are absolutely
    negating your self.

    For your benefit DinngMae, and for the whole Filipino population as
    well, please don’t make unintelligible and impractical motherhood
    statements like this if you are not well aware of what you are talking
    about.  While you offer no viable course of action to take other than
    the need to “wake up and admit” that the “Philippines-US alliance is all
    but a farce,” your comment only contributes to the aggravation of the
    rift between two contesting nations (I say nations, not governments,
    because there is a difference).  

    This is not to say that I am for the continued dependence of the
    Philippines upon the US (or for any other country of potential hegemonic
    influence), but at the moment, we only have very limited options, and
    pragmatism would dictate that these options (one of which is to assert
    the MDT) should be weighed carefully.  Your dismissal of a potential
    option should have been coupled by your suggestion of a more feasible,
    potent solution.  I didn’t want to have to educate you, but the
    country’s failure to industrialize is not solely attributable to the
    export-oriented, import-dependent quality of the economy, as there’s a
    multitude of factors (booty capitalism, etc).  While there are heaps of
    literature about development and industrialisation, your comment borders
    on reductionism.  I hope that next time, you will be more prudent and
    responsible when making comments on sensitive matters.


    BA Political Science, Univ. of the Philippines

    Master of Public Policy major in Development Policy, Australian National University

    Master of Diplomacy and International Strategy, London School of Economics & Political Science

    • DinngMae

      Your assumptions made your Masters suspect, doubtful, and most of all irrelevant. You can have all the Masters in the universe but you don’t have the monopoly of knowledge. Who gives a hoot with your degrees anyway?

      How can you call self-reliance and sufficiency as being complacent? Oh well, in Graduate School they don’t teach common sense so I can forgive you for that but allow me to educate you. Self-reliance and sufficiency can never be achieved if you are complacent.

      If you cannot accept the fact that the Philippines is alone in this issue that would be your problem but I suggest that you review the pronouncements of State Secretary Hillary Clinton vis-a-vis the official position of the US in the disputed shoal. I would take the words of Sec. Clinton seriously rather than your statements that are bereft of any factual basis.

      I am sorry to tell you this but I am in no position to offer a viable course of action or else the officials of the Philippine government could be seen as inutile. It is their job to find a solution in this impasse that’s why I pay them through my taxes. Besides, it is within my right to castigate them, specifically the officials of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), for their lack of a concrete plan of action. If there is one, this plan of action is the most important thing to communicate to the Filipino people but relying merely on the Mutual Defense Treaty is evident of ill preparedness.

      The treaty, in fact, is no assurance that China will back off from their claim in the disputed territory. Of course, China knows about the MDT yet it doesn’t deter them from trampling on the country’s territorial integrity, which in essence, made a mockery of the defense treaty. How can we appreciate such “reiteration of facts” if we all know that the MDT had been reduced to a piece of sheet?

      To educate you further, there is no such thing as “export-oriented, import-dependent quality of the economy.” Our export-oriented, import-dependent economy is a national policy adopted by the government as a result of its subservience to America. This has since been replaced by neo-liberalism that only made things worse. What I cited is a major factor why we remained semi-feudal.

      Further, booty capitalism is only the result of a neo-liberal economic policy that breeds corruption in the public sector coupled with a fascist character. This the reason why booty capitalism or to be politically correct, bureaucrat capitalism, thrives under a neo-liberal economy.

      I suggest that you try to read my comment between the lines and not to quote it out of context.

  • pepengkabayo

    What will America do if China attacks Filipino forces in Spratlys?’….

    US helped already after the war and we have not helped ourselves.
    Japan after the war, worked from the ravage, ruins and devastation and they recover.

    China did not ask for help and they do it by themselves, look what they are now.
    America will do nothing if attack in Spratlys….what is there is Spratlys.
    What is at stake at Spratlys, nothing, all speculations.

    US is tired of us dependent on them, aside from being whiners and complains.
    Who cares for Cry babies…

  • pepengkabayo

    What will America do if China attacks Filipino forces in Spratlys?’…

    What will the Philippines do if the US let China attacks Filipino forces in Spratlys?
    Nothing for the Philippines can do nothing.
    Enough of this war mongering….US is busy with Arab nations where there are plenty of oils.
    Philippines nothing….

  • 俊熙 桂

    The United States will do??????? What the United States can’t do. Why should the Philippines consumption because U.S. military? Americans for many years ago what a word to check? The United States will not like the Philippines regardless of life of the people. Is China against, the Philippines do not profit, but will continue to fight, that the yankees o’s not security considerations for the people. Only to meet their own political desire.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/2TPP2LQWDYQBWRFHA3K6WY7OVM L

       Please write clearly, we can’t understand your English.  If you can’t use English well, try using Chinese, or better yet, don’t comment at all — no one would understand your flawed grammar anyway.

    • indiosbravos2002

      Translate ko lang… Abuchiki ekek ek….

    • attybongkag

      俊熙 桂-you talk to much..you are just like your retarded government, your country is hopeless to feed your billion 
      people, so they are desperately need our resources 
      in order to survive,look at your face on the mirror!have you 
      observe?the shape of your face is like a mentally retarded
      person or Mongoloid..LOL

  • $17531445

    What – is that the question to ask? Shouldn’t it be  what will we do if the Chinese attack? Maybe, we can play “pom pyang” with the Chinese.

  • djpinoy

    Politicians, Media and Activist should be the front liner if China will attack the Philippines/Spratly island!
    They all should deal with this problem not the Filipino People. Too much corruption, contradiction and sweet words that is why we depend on other nation/countries.

  • djpinoy

    Politician, Media and Activist should be the front liner if an attack will happen.
    A lot of corrupt, sweet talkers and antagonist that leads us to depend on some other countries.

  • Dawn Dare

    China’s dubious claim that the Scarborough Shoal is part of its territory is contrary to what its own defense minister, Liang Guanglie, said in the June 2011 Asian Security Summit in Singapore. He declared that “there has always been freedom of navigation in the South China Sea because nobody owns it”.

  • valsore

    What will enforce a piece of paper between nations these days?  Nothing.  Filipinos, you are on your own.  Hilary Clinton is just playing nice to you because it is election year in USA if you don’t notice, and there are a few million American Filipino votes at stake.  After the election, just watch. No US help is in the offing.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Q2ZP3RJ4RPF5X2COPIUNFYO5JY Kennedy

    kaya pala hindi na natutong tumayong mag isa ang pinas… hayyy umasa na lang

  • 1015540453


    • indiosbravos2002

      Translate ko ulit. Verbatim to mga pre….

      Pong chuwala (pong chuwalai)
      Chi chi ri kong koila
      Butse kik (butse kik) ek-ek-ek (ek-ek-ek)
      Bo bochichang (bo-bochichang)
      Chi chiri kong tong nang
      Butse kik (butse kik) ek-ek-ek (ek-ek-ek)

    • agong1

      hindi dapat patulan.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6VHMKUSSO52FRGAFXHS2KFOIAQ Daren mathew Espinoza

    U.S. assures Philippines of its support on issues including Spratlys Islands — The United States threw its support for the Philippines claim on the highly contested Spratlys Islands located in the West Philippine Sea, a high-ranking American official announced.US Ambassador to the Philippines Harry Thomas issued this declaration in his speech during the formal launch of the government’s NationalRenewable Energy Program at the Makati Shangri-La Tuesday, June 14, 2011. 

  • Michael de la Cruz

    Are we still hoping that Mac Arthur will keep his words until now? Can we really protect our territory? “Negotiations might include 80%-20% share of the resources on the disputed Islands where Philippines get 20% and half of it goes to the negotiators pocket!”. It looks like we are being sold if you’ll ask me. US will only help us if they will get something in return. How about offering them 80% of the oil deposits? Whatever the outcome of this crisis, Philippines have already been lost even before it started.  

  • Rommel Senga

    May that day never come….our military strength is no match to the Chinese. The Philippine army is outnumbered by their Chines counterparts. The economy would greatly suffer as if the present sufferings are not enough. Many will die and even worse, the whole nation  will live in constant fear of an impending attack by missiles and other sophisticated weapons we thought never existed. Lets all pray and hope that this day will never come…

  • universalbeing

    our claim is based on UNCLOS which the Philippines signed on Dec 10, 1982.

    Before 1982, what do we base our claims on ?

  • indiosbravos2002

    Si Panday at Asiong Salonga lang katapat nyan. Let send Bong and Erap, bawas busit pa.

    • agong1

      ano ba indio 2:39 am sunday…
      none sense talaga ang sinsabi mo

      • indiosbravos2002

        Pagong1, are you hurt by me demeaning your idols. Wahaha. Shooo! Fly.

  • Garote

    US will do nothing as usual if the Phil. forces will be attacked by China. Making pact with the US is like making pact with the devil. US will not respect any treaty if it will not redound to its benefits. These commitments, treaties, pacts are worthless pieces of paper to the US. US entered into these agreements with no intention of complying with its side of the obligation, but it will demand the other party to fully comply.How many times did the US overstretch the meaning of a provision of these agreements in order not to comply with its side of the bargain. When will we learn that the US has never considered us its an ally, but has been abusing our trust and friendship. The case of the US military man who raped a Filipina, remember? How did the US interpret who had his custody while the trial was going on? We the Filipinos were had. The US now wants us again to be its sacrificial pawn in its fight with China, and our “Am-boy” “mongoloidian” president is acceding to its wishes.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XALR35ENV2XKV327BZGZ7Q5Z5Q Ernesto

      sir parang alam mo na hindi tayo tutulungan ng america.,napakatalino mo talaga ang hindi alam ng iba alam mo na.dapat sa u doon sa china maniraharan tingnan natin kung gusto mo

      • agong1

        omg ano ba yan…shah of Iran, Mubarak, Libya. Syria, Me nakita ba kayong, 7fleet, o barkong pang giyera ng kano. pag nag kakagulo dito, coup, election naka traka na yan sa pinas… me nakita ba kayo ngayon…..bull craft  God made heaven and Earth but Levi, Nike,disney toys  are made in China…..

      • Garote

        It’s not that I am bright, but it’s because you’re a cretin Ernesto.

    • roman_p

       Yeps, yeps, pro-proxy war na naman tayo. Hehehe! Tulad ng dati tapos sila ang makikinabang.

  • rapas_gamrud

    Ang US maghihintay lamang na kumilos ang China against Phil. at saka pa lamang gagawa ng hakbang. Alam ng US na ito ang magandang pagkakataon na ipakita ang kanilang pagkampi sa Pinas at kalabanin ang China. Alam naman natin na kayang kaya ng US ang kapasidad ng China  pagdating sa larangan ng military defense at offense. So kapag nangyari ang sagupaan sa pagitan ng China at US ay maaring magiging daan ito para mabura ang pagkakautang ng US sa China na aabot na sa trilliones USD. Ang China napapalibutan ng mga kaalyado ng US nandyan ang Japan,South Korea, Vietnam at pati na ang Taiwan. And Taiwan ngayon ay humihingi sa US ng maraming fighter jets to boost its armaments. Meron din kakampi ang China sa pamamagitan ng North Korea at Russia pero walang kasiguruhan na tutulong ang mga ito sa China.

    • Noynoy8is8inutil

       Hehehe. Ang mga kababayan natin na katulad mo mag-isip, delikado. Anong palagay mo sa mga Amerikano? Kikilos sila pag nagkaputukan na?
      Pagod na sa gyera yung Amerikano at hirap na ang ekonomiya nila. Parang mali yata ang isip mo panyero.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/B2O3EN66GOBWW4Z53VZTDWM5NQ Secret Agent

        wala / onte lang alam mo sa history / cold war ngayun baka dmopanga alam na meron puro fliptop sa Sandigan saka chismis sa pinas lan kasi pinapanood / binabasa mo balita

  • agong1

    omg ano ba yan…shah of Iran, Mubarak, Libya. Syria, Me nakita ba kayong, 7fleet, o barkong pang giyera ng kano. pag nag kakagulo dito, coup election naka traka na yan sa pinas… me nakita ba kayo ngayon…..bull craft  God made heaven and Earth but Levi, Nike,disney toys  are made in China…..

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/PZCXQC5RPCJ3DOUA2GD3I7CAQU rex

      general answer kung bakit walang 7th fleet, walang MDT. other reasons:

      iran: wala naman talagang treat sa israel. gawagawa lang ng israel yung nukes ng iran. kinokondisyon lang nila yung mga taong meron kahit wala. hindi sila magkasundo pero hindi susugod ang iran.

      Libya: tumulong din lang sila sa huli. ang problema talaga ay civil war yun at hindi dalawang bansa. pati naman tayo noon, humingi si Marcos sa US na gamitin ang MDT para labanan ang mga NPA pero hindi daw yun sakop ng MDT sabi ng US. At may sense din naman, pag tumulong sila na labanan ang NPA, baka maging Vietnam ang istorya natin.

      Syria: wala silang pakialam kasi hindi nila ally at client-stae sila ng Russia. tayo US.lol at isa pa kailangan pumayag ng China at Russia kasi sa UN yun. ang MDt between US-RP lang. hnd na kailangan ng UN.

      Hindi pa sila makagalaw ngayon dahil hindi pa umaatake ang China. Baka sila ang magmumukhang masama pag gumala sila agad. Marami silang incentives pag nagkagiyera. Mawawala na yung ibang utang nila, babalik yung ibang mga trabaho sa kanila, mawawalan ng malakas na komunista, at magiging kakampi na nila ang China dahil sa Taiwan (na ayaw ko sana munang mangyari, pag sila ang nang-agaw, ewan ko kung kanino kakampi ang US). Pag-isipan…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QIZOIB3MWXHXOY7X3PGRCM5ISY Jerich Sandoval

    It is time for the Philippines to build nuclear bomb.  If Pakistan can do it, why can’t the Philippines?  Relying in our own capability is much better alternative than relying on the USA for military help.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/PZCXQC5RPCJ3DOUA2GD3I7CAQU rex

      nukes? tapos uso na naman an MAD. kaya ang mas mainit yata ang ulo ng China kesa Soviet Union noon. hindi mo na kailangan ng Cuban missile crisis para magtakutan.lol hindi siguro papayag ang US.

  • attybongkag

    their are many ways to defeat Chinese PLA.

    1. Send 60,000 kidnap for ransom Group
    2. 100,000 karnapers
    3. 250,000 Pick Pocketers
    4. 3,000 Arsonist
    5. 500 hackers
    6. 10,000 gun for hire
    7. and all corrupt officials

    ewan ko lang kung hindi malulugi ang China nito…..kahit na US susuko sa ganitong paraan…

    • universalbeing

      Send 60,000 kidnap for ransom Group” ?

      This would turn us from international victims into international pariahs.
      Please, think before saying such things.

  • Roberto Torres

    According to Chinese officials, PH has already fired first by using navy force and attempting arrest of Chinese fishmen in Chinese territory. It has stepped over The Redline. So, when China exhausted diplomatic effort, military action will follow. China has fought two wars with US, one in Korea another in Vietnam and today China posses big nuclear loaded missiles and situation is completely different. It is not China who is afraid of being beaten up by USA, but it is USA who is afraid of being dragged into a war by an insignificant small friend. It may explain why this official statement is made at this time. Let us put this statement in another way: this island belongs to PH, why PH does not dare to “drive” all Chinese ships out or invoke the treaty and ask USa to do that? The reason is simple: this island is a stolen property. Government is afraid of the angry old owner demanding it back.

    • pololoy

      ano sa chineses ang roberto torres?

  • lokim itil

    what will america do? that depends on what strategy america will formulate in relation to their US$ Trillions Debt to Chinese organizations.

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