Enrile slams Corona lawyers for seeking Angara inhibition


Edgardo Angara

Senator Edgardo Angara. INQUIRER file photo

MANILA, Philippines—Has Chief Justice Renato Corona just lost the possible vote of another senator-judge when his lawyers asked Senator Edgardo Angara to inhibit himself from the impeachment trial for alleged conflict of interest?

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile on Tuesday assailed defense lawyers for the call, saying they should just “attend to the defense of their client.”

“Why should he inhibit himself? His son is an adult. He is not a dependent of Senator Angara,” he told reporters, referring to Aurora Representative Juan Edgardo “Sonny” Angara, a spokesperson for the House prosecution panel.

The elder Angara vowed Tuesday to stay put and pointed out that Corona’s lawyers were not helping his case by “antagonizing” senators sitting as judges in the impeachment court.

“How would this tactic by his lawyers help his cause? Isn’t it that as a whole, this tactic is meant to antagonize the judge? So they shouldn’t say that they’re doing this to defend the rights of their client because on the contrary, the sum of all this is it antagonizes the senator sitting as a judge,” he said.

The Senate rule favors an impeached official in the sense that House prosecutors need at least 16 votes to secure a conviction. Since there are only 23 senators now sitting in the chamber, Corona would be acquitted if he could convince at least eight senators that he committed no impeachable offense.

An abstention is also seen as a move in favor of the impeached official because it would help keep the prosecution from getting the needed votes.

Angara acknowledged this scenario, saying, “It is more difficult to get the number for conviction… I think they should do their homework as the Senate president said yesterday,” he said.

Angara was the second senator defense lawyers had asked to inhibit. The first one was Sen. Franklin Drilon, an ally of President Aquino, for allegedly assisting House prosecutors by eliciting information from witnesses during trial.

The Senate simply ignored the inhibition call because the decision is left to the individual senator.

In the case of Angara, Corona’s lawyers cited “conflict of interest” for two reasons: his son’s work with the prosecution team, and the multibillion-peso projects approved by the government in his home province of Aurora.

Saying he was mandated by the Constitution to sit as a judge in the trial, Angara said his son’s appointment as prosecution spokesperson was an “independent action of a co-equal body in Congress, the House of Representatives.”

“I had nothing to do with the appointment of Congressman Sonny as spokesperson,” he said.

Among the projects in question are the P1.66-billion Baler-Casiguran Road Improvement Project and the P798.56-million Umiray Bridge Construction Project in Aurora, and the P1.81-billion Samar Pacific Coastal Road Project in the Visayas region.

“The scale and timing of these projects appear more as political favors and inducements, rather than just honest-to-goodness responses to development concerns,” Corona’s lawyers said in their seven-page motion.

“While such projects may involve legitimate infrastructure projects, their approval seems timed to coincide with the voting period of the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Corona and in preparation for the forthcoming 2013 national elections.”

Angara disowned two of the three projects.

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  • Bart Simpson

    double whammy for the defense? just focus on your palusot please, not on immaterial and irrelevant matters. :)

    • SignTheWaiverNow

      kahit na triple quadruple whammy pa… :)

      ang importante, nasa records na iyan at kahit ano pang mangyare sa impeachment trial… time will tell that what the Angaras did and was tolerated by his fellow senatord did was a clear violation of due process…

      tsk tsk tsk…. the fight of the CJ is already bigger than the CJ himself. It has become the fight for the rule of law already.

  • morale_reform

    It doesn’t take a genius to know that the chief justice is guilty. Ikaw na may hawak ng pinakamataas na posisyon sa hukidatura na syang inaasahan ng lahat to uphold the law by being righteous eh di maipagtanggol ang sarili by standing before the witness stand… Kung di ka pa guilty, it’s no brainer ikaw pa mismo ang mag piprisinta ng sarili mo sa witness stand para d na tumagal ang trial… Kung minsan talaga, pag masyado ka nang maraming alam, nakakalimutan na ang BASIC, ang LOGIC.

    • atong_mangongotong

      Kabayan, dahan-dahan ka naman diy-an! Ako namay subrang nasasaktan sa mga sinasabi mo eh! Palibhasay naiinggit ka sa ganda kong lalake!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Melchor-Sonza/100002356861753 Melchor Sonza

         LOL!!ala ey tama ka reyan kabayan!!yaang guapo ba nmn ni pareng atong ey!!mukha nmn tlgang di kawatan ey!!wala naman silang ebedensya na sa knyang bulsa ang pera ey!!e di kung makita nila ey kanila na!!!bahala na c pareng pascual diyan!!!barya lng d2 sa bulsa ko e,,pinadala ko sa koreo sealed w/ a kiss pa yaon ky eva!!at meron pang PS(bank) i love you,,ay nadulas ako e,,sana di mabasa ni cristina ere

  • atong_mangongotong

    Anak ng… Enrile! Bakin ga nagagalit ka sa aking mga abugado? Ala, eh pati si Cuevas ay napapahiya na sa ginagawa mo eh! Akala ko pa naman ay magkakampi kita? Hinay-hinay laang naman, ala eh baka matalo ako nare! Di kita babalatuhan diyan kapag akoy nainis, ikaw din…

  • balut123

    Prediction>>>>>Corona will resign in two weeks!!!

    • atong_mangongotong

       Ayaw ko! Bakin ga marunong ka pa sa aken?

    • F_U_FedUp

      or in due time

  • sacrebleau

    Is this all that the “topnotch” defense legal team is capable of doing? Antagonize the Sen-Judges? No, they’re also good at wasting time and  making phony stories.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EDXEVEFHW2ZT5VWHDWBNM6XGE4 RyanE

    Corona’s defense team is now desperate, trying any diversionary tactic that would take the heat off its client.

    The “intimidating” top-notch defense team after all turned out to be just a kitten and not a tiger.

    • atong_mangongotong

       Ala eh, wala akong alam diy-an!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JS3RT4LED3KK6XU4FEK3E7CIQY kupal-ka!

    corona’s lawyer has great imagination. every good thing that the government is doing has only one reason and that is to get favor and convict him. what a bunch of losers!

  • ztefertilizerscam5

    Chief Justice is man enough, He should admit the fact that he has a long-standing romantic relationship with a gentle lady named EVA with whom the Chief Justice has two (2) illegitimate sons. EVA also hails from Batangas and had her education from Assumption College just like his wife Cristina who also graduated earlier from the same school.

    • atong_mangongotong

       Hehe…kabayan, bilib ka ba tulis ko? Mahina ka pala sa balita eh, mayroon pa akong mga reserba diy-an sa tabi-tabi…

  • ztefertilizerscam5


    just change the dot…

    First, UST requires a dissertation. Dissertation writing takes all of 15 units spread out in four
    courses.Second, only students who complete their doctorate degrees in five years are qualified to graduate with honors: “A student who has overstayed beyond the residency limit…will also be disqualified to graduate with honors.”Corona does not have a dissertation. Neither did he fulfill the five-year residency requirement.

    • http://twitter.com/MarkMen2000 MarkMen2000

      He faked his resume.
      He faked his SALNs.
      He was appointed by a FAKE president!

    • Atheist

      Ang cute naman ng dissertation (kuno) nya: “To Everyone His Due Time: The Philippine Judiciary at the Forefront of Promoting Backyard Gardening and Landscaping Justice”

      May dissenting opinion ang UST and his C.V.

      Paano ngayon yan,sigurado magkaka-problem sila in the future.

  • quirinomayer

    The house of cards of the Defense is crumbling all over them and their client – and a lot of the blame is on the Defense. First, they “admit” that Corona monkeyed with his SALN by planning to submit a corrected Corona SALN and by saying that doctoring the SALN is not an impeachable offense as everybody is doing it. Second, the refuse to present their client in the Senate which of course they cannot be blamed for as there is no way he could clear himself. And now this inhibition of Angara which has caught the ire of even their friend – perhaps erstwhile now –  the Senate President. Apparently, they have lost their composure under the pressure of defending the indefensible.

    With the way things are going, it is noticeable that even Bongbong has lost his tongue. May be he is thinking of his political and his family’s national political future and will play safe and vote for conviction. That leaves the senile Arroyo and Brenda to vote for acquittal.

  • atong_mangongotong

    Nakakarami na ang mga kontra sa akin dine ah! Wala pa ang mga hinayupak na mga binayaran ko para akoy ipagtanggol! Nagbubulakbol na naman ang mga hin..t!
    Hoy!!!! Mga bayaran ko!! Nasaan kayo!!! Magtrabaho kayo dito!!!

    • JJF724

      Ha ha ha … nag tagay tagay na kasi muna :-)

    • indiots

      natutulog ang mga pinagbababayaran mo. yong testigong dala mukhang supply ng prosecution…

  • JJF724

    Corona is just relaxing, drinking wine and listening to his theme music “The Impossible Dream”

  • SignTheWaiverNow

    the question is simple…. let us not divert things….

    do angara need to inhibit himself due to conflict of interest where he is a judge and his son is part of the prosecution?

    simple lang naman e…. huwag na natin pang pahabain na “antagonize”, “enrile slams”, “desperate act” and etc etc…..

    mr. enrile, this is a pointed question to you, don’t you think that angara clearly can not be impartial in rendering its judgement over the case? huwag na natin pang takutin ang akusado, at kung ano ano pang salita….

    like i said, this impeachment trial will set a precedent to the next generations to come and a lot of students are watching it with enthusiasm for learning. if this court will tolerate such a violation of conflict of interest then i believe there will be no brighter future for this country.

    i understand that you, mr. enrile is trying to defend one of your colleagues but the situation has called upon all of us to rise above party affiliations, protecting colleagues, and etc… but render justice where evidence and rules of law must prevail…. 

    • ofwvnpsh

      more simple if mr. corona will go up the witness stand bro.

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        its not the point though bro. if these are the kind of character these senator judges have. the more i believe mr. corona must not go up the witness stand. you know why?

        we have judges who are already made up their minds and why does mr. corona give them the satisfaction where in fact their votes has already been cast?

        i would rather have him convicted than give them the satisfaction of ridiculing him or any accused for that matter in front of national tv.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RUZ7KDJNWQV5FZNM326KYRCUHQ jack ryan

        midas ikaw ba yan?

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        pathetic! lol

    • Bart Simpson

      the defense should just stick to defending their client instead of antagonizing the judges, or have they already run out of alibis? 

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        hehehe like i said… the question is so simple…

        does angara need to inhibit due to clear conflict of interest or not?

        dami pang satsat e…. ganun lang kasimple lang tanong… kung ang tatay ang judge at ang anak nya ang prosecutor, dapat ba mag inhibit ng judge o hindi?

        may pa run out of alibis pa, antagonizing the judges, and etc… etc… it does not matter kung ma antagonize pa lahat ng judge sa mundo, kung ang tama ang pinaglalaban dapat ito ang manaig… RULE OF LAW!

        so sagot na… tsk tsk tsk

      • Bart Simpson

        whether angara inhibits himself or not all the defense has to do is to show evidences that will make the senator judges acquit him no matter what their political agenda is. convince the people that corona is innocent, if they can do that i don’t think that those senator judges will sacrifice their political careers in exchange for pnoy’s favor, for in the end it’s us who will vote them in the next election. your RULE OF LAW is hollow if it does not uphold JUSTICE!

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        u still dont get it, dont you? or maybe you are just pretending to be blind when all the facts and evidences are pointing towards conflict of interest. tsk tsk tsk…

        again, just to put us back to proper perspective. just answer a plain and simple question. do angara need to inhibit himself due to conflict of interest?

        that’s the simple pointed question that you need to answer… no more corona dilatory tactics, no more convincing, no more sacrificing careers, and many more blah blahs. just answer the simple question.

        tsk tsk tsk…. does having a son in the prosecution and him being a judge of that case constitute a conflict of interest? simple. right?

    • JJF724

      He he he…  What about Brenda and Arroyo inhibit them selves for obvious reason?  The thing is, the burden is with the defense if they can twist na rule law to force Angara to setp aside…  Last time I heard they don’t have jurisdiction to dictate the IC.  They can only ask but I’m sure by now they already know the fact of the matter is.

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        why? is santiago and arroyo also has a son in the defense team? or maybe they are related to the coronas? lol

        what can be more obvious reason than that the father is a judge and the son is a prosecutor? lol

        tsk tsk tsk….

  • ofwvnpsh

    it is really difficult to defend a guilty client. mr. corona better resign and return your loot to the filipino people. change while u still have the chance. paangatin naman natin pinas.

    • white scorpion

      i second the motion. it’s about time we do something for our country. i terribly hope ALL poiliticianS, government officialS, and government ANAYS will realized, we cannot go on like this. we’re at the bottom na. don’t make us reach the very bottom pa.

      • ofwvnpsh

        yes we need unity. it is very sad to sometimes hear (even here abroad) from kababayans such phrases “mga pinoy ang kaisipan watak-watak parang ating mapa”. it is high time na magkaisa inaatake na tau ng china.

  • AnastacioMamaril

    Totoo naman talaga yan. Binenta ni Hudas este ANGARA pala ang kanyang boto sa pamamagitan ng mga infra projects para may makurakot, Iyan ang isang typical TRAPO.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VZVAUJSOBEZZMZ2QE7JZ23ORAY Ricardo

      Patunayan mo at mag lahad ka ng ebidensiya mo tapos magsampa ka ng reklamo sa Ombudsman. walang mangyayari pag dito ka lang magngangangak.

  • magsasakasanayon

    is this corona’s defense team all can do? antagonize the judges instead of ferreting out the truth?back to the drawing board, team. time for plan b. resign na lang.

    • Toby Maguire

      they are afraid of the truth, plain and simple

  • http://twitter.com/MarkMen2000 MarkMen2000

    Who will be the next Senator who will be ask by the defnse team to INHIBIT? Obviuosly a psyche war tactic being practice by CORONA’s lawyers.

    • Gina_Cole

      Palagay ko si Jinggoy kasi kapatid niya na si JV bumoto sa congress impeaching TJ. Next si Enrile kasi anak niya cong Jack Enrile bumoto din sa impeachment ni TJ.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5QJUD47DAPM2Y5J3AEMCE2C624 John TWT

    The Angaras are as trapo as trapo can get.
    But this impeachment is also a political exercise; Phl politics is trapo politics; ergo, this impeachment is also a trapo exercise.

  • kismaytami

    Wala nang bala ang baril ng defense team.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VZVAUJSOBEZZMZ2QE7JZ23ORAY Ricardo

      OO Kase pag kasinungalingan, resulta BUTATA heheheheheheeeee tameme ngayon ang mga Pro-Corona heheheheheeee. para silang basang sisiw sa gitna ng malakas pang ulang darating. at the BEHIND THE BARS si CROCONADILE. HAHAA HAHHAHAHAHA BUTI nga sayo.

  • bahog_itlog

    Among the projects in question are the P1.66-billion Baler-Casiguran Road Improvement Project and the P798.56-million Umiray Bridge Construction Project in Aurora, and the P1.81-billion Samar Pacific Coastal Road Project in the Visayas region.

    Laking pera nito. Kaya na nitong bumili ng 2 Frigate at 1 destroyer para may panlaban sa China.

  • markx2012

    anybody who is NOT afraid of light and truth…
    anybody who will NOT do everything to kill, thwart, suppress light and truth…
    anybody who is NOT hiding from any form of darkness and lies…
    will just say “BRING IT ON!”

  • Atheist

    The defense is not refuting the accusations that CJ did bad things, but instead they are proving that CJ did bad things in a “legal way”. Legally innocent but not morally Innocent.


  • ztefertilizerscam5

    Corona:Open your Dollar account….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QKIKXLTZATX3UJQM2OE4PED2UE Shinigami

    This is why we could have a law that prevents political dynaties in the country. We can never say that Sen. Angara will be partial towards Corona considering Sen. Angara’s vote will matter for his son’s political aspirations later on. We cannot deny that fact that a acquittal verdict will make his son look like a lame duck, if you are a father, would you want your son’s political aspirations put to an end? No father would destroy a son’s career when he could do something to catapult him into greatness.

    • indiots

      paano mo pipigilan ang dynasties? kung ang magulang ay gumagawa ng tama at ang anak ay kinkikitaan din ng kabutihan?

      Patakbuhin mo ngang senador ang isang anak ni gloria arroyo kung mananalo? nagkakaroon lang ng dynasty kung ang pamilya ay di mo matatawaran ang kakayahan sa kanilang ginagawa katulad ng mga cayetano.

      kailangan bang gumawa ng maling hakbang ang magulang taliwas sa kanyang anak upang di mapagsabihan na magkakampi? kung iisa ang kanilang pananaw tama ba na bigyan ng malisya ang kanilang ginawa?

      ang mag-iisip lang ng ganyan ay yong mga ipokrito at sarado ang pag-iisp.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QKIKXLTZATX3UJQM2OE4PED2UE Shinigami

         I am not insinuating that Sen. Angara should vote the other way around just to prove their independence, I am just explaining a possibility and a possible dilemma for Sen. Angara. Blood is thicker that water right?

        That is why, I am wishing that we could have crafted something in our Constitution to prevent political dynasty, but what else can we do when we all have them in our present society?

        Since when did thinking of a possibility became closed minded? Isn’t it the other way around, thinking that they will always be independent in their vote with a father-to-son relationship in the current situation? If it is closed minded sir, then let’s say during a raffle draw for a company, why do they stipulate that the employees up to the 2nd degree of affinity is not allowed to join it? was the rule placed there for no reason at all?

        Think again sir, it is you who should be open minded instead.

      • indiots

        i said “sarado ang pag-iisip” kung ang paniniwala mo ay sarado na sa ibang pang posibilities.

        sa kaso ng pa-raffle, prerogative yon ng company. at sarado ang pag-iisip mo kung hindi mo uunawain ang rule at pipilitin mo pa ring makasali.

        kamukha yan ng hindi ka na pweding mag-appoint ilang araw bago ka maalis sa pwesto, tapos nag-appoint ka pa rin…

      • wawa2172

         I simply agree with you that blood is thicker than water. Senator Angara is so quiet at one corner because he knows that the family political power will be maintain and stronger. His province is flooded with project and Noy  visited his province lately. So whereto Angara?  I know he will answer there no other way but to join Noy so the governemt could bring more cash to the family.

      • kolambogan

        Anong dynasty ka kasali idonsr? Cguro hindi ka ipokrito at cerrado and isip.

      • indiots

        korokan dynasty. he he he. seguradong hindi ako ipokrito dahil pag may punto ka tumutupi ako at lalong hindi sirado ang isip, dahil masakit sa ulo pag hindi ka flexible sa mga nangyayari.

      • kolambogan

        mabuti naman, maige na ang malinaw, salamat na rin kung akala mo magkaminsan akoy pumupunto, tama ka rin naman na dapat flexible ang sinuman, dahil may natural na limitasyon ang lahat sa kanilang kaalaman, kasama si ako at dapat lang i accept kung mali na ang ating pinatutunguhan. Yun lang. Salamat uli. Belated condolence sa inyong patriarch na si (Barok/Yoyoy Villame).

        From: Disqus
        To: noliastillero@yahoo.com
        Sent: Wednesday, May 9, 2012 1:29 AM
        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Enrile slams Corona lawyers for seeking Angara inhibition

        Disqus generic email template

        idongsr wrote, in response to kolambogan:
        korokan dynasty. he he he. seguradong hindi ako ipokrito dahil pag may punto ka tumutupi ako at lalong hindi sirado ang isip, dahil masakit sa ulo pag hindi ka flexible sa mga nangyayari. Link to comment

  • Apolinario Mabini



  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VZVAUJSOBEZZMZ2QE7JZ23ORAY Ricardo

    And Now the End is Near. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa malamig na rehas ang katapat ng mga taong nagsamantala sa bayan. pagkatapos ng Impeachment. OMBUDSMAN naman hehehehea pagkatapos ng Ombudsman. Sandigang Bayan, tapos ano ang sususnod, BILIBID Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. beh buti nga, beh beh beh buti nga

  • calipso_2100

    It is clear with the tactics the defense are using that they know they already lost.

  • http://twitter.com/BaiFault Joeker

    it’s the defense way of saying that the Supreme Court decisions are indeed not based on evidences presented but by individual interests of the judges, in our case, most are appointed by you-know-who…   lol

  • Atheist

    On this cross examination, Lumalabas parang ganto, May celphone kang and may load na 1,000,000 pero ibinenta mo lang na 100 pesos. tsk tsk tsk. sana ako nalang naka bili ng BGEI, may asset na 34M pero binenta lang ng mura hahahahaha.

    guess who kung sino din ang bumili? hahahahha

    Corona is done.

  • otoling

    Sa aking opinion, produkto ito ng dynasty abuses, na dapat lang na mag-inhibit si Angara. 

    Kahit ano pang ganda at husay ng ng kanyang reasons not to inhibit; he must inhibit himself.  Iyan ang produkto ng dynasty rule, wala kang magagawa.

    Magkakaruon ng malansang amoy at masamang panlasa sa tao dahil ang anak ni Angara ay isa sa mga prosecutors. 

    Tigilan mo Angara.  Dapat lang isa sa inyo ang tumigil.  

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/OG6MRT3FVJJMP4SIYIDZOTZTZU kabalens – titan

      ikaw at si corona ang dapat tumigil he he he

    • akobait

      si mirriam ang dapat mag inhibit kasi siya ang obvious na one sided since the beginning..si angara nga tumatahimik lang..

      • otoling

        I belib na belib na galit ako sa gagong Corona, pero ang produkto ng dynasty ay ito – si Angara at ang anak na Angara.  Ito ay parusa sa kanya o sa kanilang dalawa. 

        Kaya nga dapat, isa-isa lang. Wag kayong nagsasabay; Matakaw eh.

        Ngayun lamunin nila, dapat lang na isa lang naka-participate sa impeachment trial – meron conflict of interest na malinaw na naka-lantad. 

        Quese hoda pa . . . meron komplik of interest sa dalawa.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OHOD5EA75DBBUH53UKLRXRK764 Mang Teban

    Tapos na ang boksing!
    Umamin na rin sa wakas ang depensa …heto ang istorya:
    1. Cristina Corona got a “blanket authority” from a ghost Board of Directors of BGEI to sell 90% of its equity (shares of stock) on public auction (?).
    2. Cristina manipulated the sale of the shares to her daughter who paid allegedly 28,0000 pesos only when its par value was already a little less than 500,000 pesos.
    3. The daughter as the new owner of the shares bought them with clear information that the sale was “negotiated” as no other buyer was physically around.
    4. The property of the BGEI was eventually sold to the City of Manila and Cristina Corona also negotiated the sale according to the former mayor of Manila, Lito Atienza. The purchase price paid by the City of Manila was 34.7 million pesos.
    5. Instead of distributing the proceeds of sale to the stockholders of BGEI, Cristina Corona held “in  trust” the huge amount of money and did not inform the other stockholders about the sale. She used again the spurious “blanket authority” to justify the sale.
    6. Renato Corona “borrowed eleven million pesos” from BGEI as “cash advance.” Cristina Corona released the funds to her husband.

    The years covered by such transactions were the years that Renato Corona was already an associate justice of the Supreme Court. Ano pa ang ebidensiya ang kailangan? Wala na po. Naniniwala ba kayo na walang kinalaman si Renato Corona sa mga pagmamanipula ng kanyang asawa para makuha ng pamilyang Corona ang perang 34.7 million pesos?

    The remaining days of the impeachment trial will just be a waste of time. The big question though is how do the senator-judges see the case? Abangan…

  • agila888

    The standard line of lawyers when they want to win by doing squid tactics and raising technicalities no matter how guilty their client is:  “We are just protecting the interest of our client”.  Bwahahahaha…kala nila malilinlang nila ang mga senator-judges!!!  Kala ko ba ilalabas ninyo ang dollar accounts ni Corona!!! Ilabas niyo na para mas mapabilis ang kaso sa Ombudsman and Sandiganbayan at makulong na sa bilibid kliyente ninyo!!!  As far as the impeachment is concerned, matagal na kayong TALO!!!  Ang mga ebidensiya ninyo sa innocence ni corona ay palpak.  Pina-enumerate nyo ba naman ang lahat pera na natanggap ni Corona sa Supreme Court, e karamihan naman pala nun e cash advances.  Hindi nyo ba alam anong ibig sabihin ng cash advances!!!  Hindi po yan pwede gamitin for personal expenses.  Kung may sobra sa cash advance, the excess should be returned to the coffers!!! BOBO!!!

  • marionics

    wow! sexing sexy ngayon ang suot ni atty. karen jimeno a. fuschia (o pink ba yun) na sleeveless. awoooo!!

  • Cubano

    I am watching the impeachment trial where the sheriff testified that he auctioned Basa Guidote shares, around 90% of the outstanding shares of the company, and was sold to a daughter of the CJ for P28K to satisfy the court judgment of P500K damages.  At that time, the company has P34M in the bank which was the proceeds of the sale of land to the city of Manila.  In short, the P34M was bought for P28K.  Napakabobo naman ang nag plano nito.

  • Ulipur

    The hands of Renato in all the machinations involving the control and sale of the BGEI were detected by Sen Lacson when he asked the question: What was the position of RC during the time that all transactions were happening?

    Renato is not morally fit to continue as CJ of the SC.

    TRO = Take Renato Out…..before the end of May 2012.

  • indiots

    magmula pa kahapon butata ang mga witness ng defense. atong_mangongotong nasaan ka? magsalita ka!

  • Pablo Juan

    the sheriff testimony is damning to the coronas.. the defense is trying to show that cristina corona effectively bought out the shares of the basas because she ‘won’ her libel case against them and they didnt pay.. it turns out that a) the basas had filed a motion for reconsideration b) the basa patriarch died soon after that c) according to the law, if there is a motion for reconsideration and the case is not final and executory then the criminal and civil aspect against the accused is automatically dropped (hes dead afterall) and that if they wanted to pursue the case anyway, they (coronas) should have filed another case against their relatives. Inspite of this, they still went ahead and did a sarsuela sale of stocks (to their beloved daughter of course!) with the idiot of a sheriff in attendance.

    They are digging their own graves with their incredible tales! or to borrow JPE’s term: “machinations”.. tumpak!

    • white scorpion

      marami kasi sa mga common tao, hindi alam ang malalalim na aspect ng batas. thank heaven, nandiyan pa si enrile. kung hindi, napaikot na tayo ng mga ito. and the sheriff, he looks st—d to me.

  • Cubano

    Gusto pang palabasin ng mga Corona na nalugi sila sa pagbili ng anak nila sa Basa Guidote shares.  Biro mo P500K ang damages pero P28K lang ang nakuha nila.  Lukuhin pa nila tayo.  May P34M ang company na nakadeposito sa bank account ni hon. cj.

    • white scorpion

      correction please. dishonorable cj. bow!!

  • w4d

    Cuevas to Enrile: “Yer Honor, with all due respect, what happened to you during the holy week?” LOL…..

  • Cubano

    If this sheriff is telling the truth, he should be fired.  He seems not to know what he is supposed to do.

  • firmelilia_12LAF

    Why do defense lawyers look around and fish for untennable, if not foolish reason, in their uphill climb for the acquittal of Corona? Presumably, they have dismally run out of factually substantial and convincing arguments that can rip apart into pieces the prosecution’s exposures of the unsavory wrongdoings of Corona and their psychological impact on the people’s sense of righteousness. Apparently, the defense is now in disarray as evidenced by its loss of focus on the defense of their client. Their stupendous delaying technicalities have miserably backfired on them, antagonizing Pinoys no end.
    Hindi na bebenta mga denials mo, Corona. To erase the thick and overwhelming doubts in the minds of the people about your innocence, buksan mo na yang dollar accounts mo. Prove  that you have no ill-gotten wealth.
    Anyway, kung ayaw mo, you still have to reckon with your “original sin” : acceptance of a midnight appointment (culpable violation of the constitution).
    Ikaw din… even an iota of a doubt can hammer you with a conviction.

    So be it, amen!

    • white scorpion

      mahirap kasi sa taong sobra tiwala sa sarili. mas magaling pa ang street wise. kung nagresign na lang siya from the start. hindi na mauungkat itong mga anomalya. amazingly, heaven has a peculiar way of doing JUSTICE.

  • indiots

    mas marami pang na-extract ang prosecution sa witness ng defense… tsk tsk tsk

  • ztefertilizerscam5

    34million minus 28 thousand=Pamilyang magnanakaw Corona

    • Jon70

       Corona family is officially the “Pambansang magnanakaw”.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E5Q5PV6KNYNVSOCHXJVJPYUVFE cion

        magkano ang bayad sayo, maniwala ako sayo kung mapatunayan mo.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E5Q5PV6KNYNVSOCHXJVJPYUVFE cion

      Humanap ka ng ebidensya.ang magananakaw ay mga politicain

  • Pablo Juan

    wow this is gettign more exciting.. roy is saying if the impeachment court will subpoena those who showed the $10M deposit then the CJ “may” defend himself… turns out they dont have any more witnesses and just want to extend the trial..

    Looks like a red herring.. the defense is giving the court a carrot..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5UOZM4PWIDKO7G64HL3PPMXUTM Constantine

    I thought Justice Cuevas told Senate President Enrile that they do not believe that the prosecution has a case against the Thief Justice but look who is now against the ropes.  The defense team has already ran out of witnesses but they have not yet demolished the evidence presented by Prosecution.

    And even the seemingly Corona sympathizers like Jinggoy and Enrile are getting impatient with the way the defense team is presenting their witnesses.

    Dilatory tactics is being employed by the defense including the continuance for the next two hearing days.

    Wala na talaga!  The defense team is just looking for a way out!

    • victorts

      Ano ba ang ginawa ni Corona na hindi ginawa ng lahat ng mga congresita at senador?  Kung may hindi nailagay sa SALN si Corona, sinong opisyal ng gobyerno ang naglagay ng totoong ari-arian niya sa kaniyang SALN?  Kahit nga si Pnoy sinasabing nag-divest na sa Hacienda Luisita at siguradong wala na sa SALN niya ang interes niya sa HL.  Pero halatang-halata na kasali pa rin siya doon dahil galit na galit siya sa desisyon ng SC na ipamahagi na sa mga magsasaka ang asyenda.  Ni hindi nga siya nagkomento ng ibaba and final decision kamakailan.  Iyan ang dapat mawala sa gobyerno.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E5Q5PV6KNYNVSOCHXJVJPYUVFE cion

        Good point-kaya lang marami pa ring di makaintiendi.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JQBHSHS22G65Z6V5Z64XBRCIZQ simon

    the defense panel are running out of argument,, 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E5Q5PV6KNYNVSOCHXJVJPYUVFE cion

      Kamo yong mga ginawani Keh ay naboking,, kaya si Keh at alapores ay nenerbyos na dahil wala ng pag-asa ang plano nilang ibitay si CJ-talo na sila.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MIQDQTQUTZG2IKF73OODCLQMPY R

    If you are a good lawyer you HAVE to point this out and let the judge decide. Because this impeachment is a political excersice, it is unlikely a judge would inhibit.

  • victorts

    Would you referee a basketball champiionship game where your son is in a team vying for the crown?  Would you sit as a judge in a boxing match where one of the pugilists is your son?  If Enrile could answer yes to these questions, I would side with him that the defense was wrong in filing a motion for inhibition of Sen. Angara to sit as judge in the impeachment.

    • gerrkits

      Would you accept your own appointment as chief justice a midst controversy? if you have  the right to question their motives then the more we have the right to a good and clean Chief Justice.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QNY75VSKM4I35WA2R6Q7B7TZGE RubenC

      You’re right if you are in a game but this is an impeachment case not a mere game. Talking of delicadeza, Corona, if has any, should not have run to the SC for support against the Senate when things were getting tough. At least, he should have inhibited himself from the SC deliberation.  

      • white scorpion

        natumbok mo igan…. parang ibig sabihin niyan. pwede sa kanila. pagsa iba mali na. masyadong naghahari harian na itong mga ito. …kailangan pugot na!!!

  • Kite Kate


  • TheMightyOne

    GRABE ANG GARAPAL talaga ni thief justice , mga tactics nila bulok!!!

  • reydomingo

    self destruct ang defense… akala mo magaling si cuevas? 

  • otoling

    Angara (anak), you studied in America, sa america ba puede yan that your father can sit as a one of justice or jurors, and you as one of the prosecuting team?

    Kahit, ano pang court ito, hinde puede mangyayari yan.  Bakit kayo nag sabay-sabay manungkulan? Greed?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BWFXXBJ4RBNOYTNM6UMRCNKRUI Rey

      another boobo in the making

  • white scorpion

    bilisan niyo kasi ang presentation ng defense niyo. para wala na kayo suspicion na timing ng projects. ano gusto niyo, hindi na kikilos ang executive. para mapag-iwanan na tayo ng kabit bahay natin.

  • Francis81

     Bumabaha ang pera ngayon sa Kongreso at Senado. Ang mga Prosecutors biglang tumaas ang SALN nila.  Ang mga Senador kaliwa’t kanan ang mga approved projects nila.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NU25UAHRAOFV3M63M2XTFBQIFI bong

      Why not file case of bribery at Ombudsman against those people distributing the public money. Karapatan mo at ng lahat na Filipino na ikulong sino ang mga crooks! Don’t use your sarcastic opinion to be conclusive, dahil wala kang mapapala. Kaya nga malaki ang problema ng bansa hindi uunlad dahil sa mga taong nagbebengtang ng walang hawak na ibedensya, gaya ng nagsasabi na ang mga 188 congressmen ay walang ibedensya laban sa CJ Corona kaya nagkaroon ng Impeachment trial, ngayon pati pa ba ikaw gagayahin mo sila maging isang sinungalin? 

  • Malik62

    BS Aquino x3 Admin is using the stick and carrot approach in swaying the senators to vote for conviction.  Typical Communist ala gangster approach: Money or bullet?

  • tarikan

    Mr. Sheriff, you’ve been in your post for 17 years and it looked like you don’t know a thing. Tell me Mr. Sheriff, di ba may alam ka naman na hindi nila alam, katulad ng kung magkano ang kalakaran ngayon? Tsaka Mr. Sheriff, kahit si mrs mo hindi maniniwala sa iyo na hindi mo kinukuha ang commission mo legal & illegal hehehe! Pa-cute ka pa Mr. Sheriff lalo kang bumaho.  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E5Q5PV6KNYNVSOCHXJVJPYUVFE cion

    Sen. Enrile is a lawyer and he should know the rules if there is obvious conflict of interest. A common tao with common sense will not  have to know the law to identify the serious conflict interest-to see a son as a prosecutor  and a Father as a judge of a case (where both of them are players ) cannot fulfill a just and fair hearing of a case of any kind of lawsuit (be it Impeachment nor any other kind of lawsuit.I myself noticed this incident while the prosecution is conducting the hearing (Two Angara’s  a Congressmen prosecutor and A Senator -Judge ) both with same blood-relation vs CJ .Corona.-that’s grossly not right (objectionable and one of them has to inhibit if rules of law must be applied .

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