Corona, Supreme Court justices submit SALNs, ban disclosures



Chief Justice Renato Corona. INQUIRER PHOTO

Impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona and the rest of the 15-member Supreme Court have filed on time their statements of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALNs), but the court is withholding their public disclosure in line with a 23-year-old resolution.

Jose Midas Marquez, court spokesperson and concurrent administrator, on Wednesday said the magistrates submitted their SALNs to the Office of the Clerk of Court as mandated by the Constitution. He said the submissions were made within the April 30 filing deadline.

Marquez declined to provide any details of the justices’ financial records in line with the tribunal’s 1989 ruling prohibiting the release of their SALNs.

One of the accusations against Corona in his impeachment trial was his failure to disclose his net worth.

Marquez told reporters that the high court had yet to act on a pending request for the release of the SALNs which was filed by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ).

“There is an existing court resolution that prevents public disclosure of SALNs. Until and unless that resolution is reconsidered by the court, it stays (effective),” Marquez said.

Individual request

However, Marquez said groups and individuals may directly request a justice for a copy of his SALN.

“If individual justices opt to release their respective SALNs, that’s their own decision,”

Marquez said. “They can just explain [before the court] why they agreed to release their SALN.”

Marquez added: “The court issued a resolution on this issue in 1989. That ruling is still the policy of the court to prevent the SALN from being used for other purposes.”

In its May 2, 1989, resolution,  the high tribunal unanimously voted to deny the request for SALN “directly or indirectly traced to a litigant, lawyer or interested party in a case pending before the court.” The court issued the resolution after a petition filed by one Jose Alejandrino.

“The independence of the judiciary is constitutionally as important as the right to information which is subject to the limitations provided by law,” the tribunal said then.

It said the court must deny requests for the release of SALN which were “not made in good faith and for a legitimate purpose, but to fish for information and … to influence a decision or to warn the court of the unpleasant consequences of an adverse judgment.”

In 1992, the high court upheld its 1989 ruling and restricted the release of the SALNs of justices and judges to shield them from acts which may “endanger, diminish or destroy their independence and objectivity in the performance of their judicial functions.”

House members, too

Nearly five months after impeaching Corona for, among others, failing to disclose his net worth, members of the House of Representatives continue to impose rigid requirements to keep the records of their personal fortunes hush-hush from the public.

Executives from the House Secretary General office have rejected requests for copies of the full version of the SALNs of the lawmakers despite declarations from members of the House panel prosecuting Corona that they would release their SALNs without any hassle.

Bobby Maling, a House director, said the SALNs were still subject to review by the House’s legal advisers. Maling, however, could not explain the purpose of the review.

Disclosure of net worth is mandatory for all government employees, including lawmakers.

Less burdensome

Maling said that under standard operating procedure (SOP), requests for copies of the SALNs should be made in  writing, the person making the request should agree to  be interviewed by the secretariat, the request would undergo further evaluation by the secretary general and the legislative affairs department, and the request would be forwarded to the House member for final approval.

Maling said the process would take at least 10 days. When told that the senators voluntarily released copies of their SALNs, Maling said the House and the Senate operated under their own rules.

Artemio Adasa, the deputy secretary general, said his office was drafting a new set of SOP that would make the process less burdensome both for the person making the request and the concerned representative.

No reply

But Adasa said the House would continue to require an interview of the person requesting for the SALN out of concern that the SALN might  be used for criminal purposes, such as kidnapping.

Adasa said all 286 House members had submitted their SALNs, including fugitive Dinagat Island  Representative Ruben Ecleo Jr., a convicted wife killer.

Iloilo Representative Niel Tupas Jr. and other members of the House prosecution team did not reply to the Inquirer’s query on the public disclosure of their SALNs, which they demanded of Corona in December when 188 members approved and transmitted the articles of impeachment against the Chief Justice. With Tetch Torres,

Originally posted at 10:31 pm | Wednesday, May 02,  2012

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  • Rare Earthling

    Hahahahaha, Talaga naman. this is your beloved CJ. Transparent.

    “Individual justices who opt to disclose their own SALN, that’s their own decision and it’s up to the Court to require them to perhaps explain if they do so,”


    • Toits

      ay naku! Talagang yang si Corona eh dapat nang alisin sa SC. Masyadong secretive sa kanyang nakatagong yaman. Di siguro galing sa mabuti kaya ayaw ilabas eh.

      • JasminCubacub

        Corona will release his SALN to the IC.. there is no problem about it. But why should he release his SALN to others? Why don’t you ask all the other justices individually, to release their SALNs?

    • JasminCubacub

      WHAT IS YOUR POINT NOW? Are you admitting that no public officer has filed a perfect SALN including the president of this country? then why make big fuss about Corona’s SALN?

      • Rare Earthling

        what did i do?

        Btw. I like your name.

  • Jon70

    What constitute a “legitimate reason? If I just want to see his Net worth, it that legitimate enough?

    • mervin factor

      apparently, the “legitimate reason” here is “false accusations”

  • RomyLitz

    The Corona Orchestra is back into action, secretive, evasive, opaque, prohibitive , arrogant ,private, elusive, slick and unavailable.

  • doublecross

    why disclosure…. public officials is public property,no sense.

  • barada69

    .. Court decision not to disclose is self-serving to cover-up their unexplained wealth, what else could it be. Why the rest of the universe are disclosing their SALNs and Not them,  what so special about them? after all they should be the first to do so in declaring their SALN as required by the 1987 Constitution, being guardian of law and justice I suppose.

  • TheMightyOne

    hocus pocus talaga neto ni thief justice , HOY nakakakatulog ka pa ba nyan!?? makunsensya ka naman!!! tigas talaga..

  • aSwedishguy

    If  anyone who should show its SALN it should  definitely   be the judges in a court system!!

    If you want grow a corrupt system this is the way to get it

  • Rigoberto_Tigdas

    Nakadeklara na kaya yung mga Dollar accounts?

    • Rare Earthling

      Yeah, isinulat sa likod ng form, playing safe.

      Para kapag tinanong kung nasa SALN nya yung dollar account, simple lang ang sagot, yes.

      • Concur_Dissent

        in “fine print” pa! 

  • Rey



    • simondj

      i believe also this SC resolution is STUPID. because it is unconstitutional and it welcomes corruption. this is HYPOCRISY. they claimed they dod not corruption but they themselves created a resolution to welcome corruption.

  • ningcho

    huwag na lang silang mag file ng SALN. what for?  kung nobody can check the truthfulness ng mga sinulat nila dun? dagdag trabaho pa yan ng mga secretaries nila. at sayang ang papel na ginamit nila.

  • Ilonggobyblood

    does the non disclosure of the SALN defeats the entire purpose of the SALN itself? If the constitution has envisioned the SALN to be a method to combat corruption then blocking its expose to the world would render the constitutional provision itself useless. Iba na talaga pag hawak mo mismo ang batas!

  • Filipino

    To our fellow Filipinos

    As per Renato Corona own statement after the release of final decision of HLI and he is proudly
    say it in radio and TV news ” I only do what is right and fair”.

    Re; Supreme Court SALN

    1. Did you think this is fair and right to all government official including the lowest government employee?
    2. Did you think this is fair and right for being guardian of law justice? 
    3. Can we trust our Philippine judicial in come of danger? While they are also AFRAID of DANGER.
        As Marquez said” To shield them from acts that may ” ENDANGER,DIMINISH or DESTROY their independence and objectivity in the performance of their jdicial functions”.

    As we are a tax payer in the Philippines, Would it be best if we unit to ask our Congress to pass a law total disclosure of SALN of all govt. officers? What do you think? Do you have any suggestions?

  • aSwedishguy

    It is totally safe to bribe a judge in Philippines,,it is totally safe to BE a bribed judge in the Philippines

    Just refuse show your SALN and hide your blood-money in a dollar account!!

    is this a JOKE!????

  • bert

    its really sickening to note that the members of our judiciary are shielded by their own resolution to cover up their SALNs from the prying eyes of the people of this country who are the ones paying for their salaries..they are posing as demi gods, unreachable from our eyes and covers themselves under the scrutiny of the public..for fear of retaliation? thats balooney.huwag na kayong maging public officials/servants kung ayaw niyong makita mga SALNs niyo. they are putting themselves all above the law which is the same law which should provide protection to our citizenry!  

  • tony

    In the Philippines, SC stands for Supremely Corrupt and the people working for it are well Supremely Conyo! If anyone out there knows the names of the family members of the all the GMA-appointed justices, what their home addresses are and where they work, kindly publish them so the Pinoy masa can take appropriate measures.

  • al gero

    the SC is an autonomous region with-in the phuilipppines, the justices crafted a resolution for their protection and use, they are aswerable to nobody nor to the Filipino people, that is how they see themselves above anybody else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey_Dudes

    Is the supreme court a separate republic of the Philippines or is it just among hungry pack of wolves whom ERAP used to savor calling  hoodlums in robes?  Why is every government officials mandated to make public their SALN’s when warranted but not justices of the supreme court?  By golly, they even created a resolution barring anyone from seeing their SALN’s?  I am wondering since no one else can see their SALN, what is the purpose of filling up the forms?  Let’s just renamed this court from it’s current form to ‘The Mediocre Court”.

  • opinyonlangpo

    Really an independent judiciary. Its as if they are their own government. Maybe its best to send them to establish their own independent country in Panatag Shoal with  the CJ as president and Marquez as press secretary. 

  • JosephNess

    here we go again, the SALN secrecy law…the invented law that will invite and tempt public servants to practice corruption by legalizing hidden wealth…

  • aSwedishguy

    I suggest you Filipinos take a tour to the SC and demand Corona to step down!

    He is a circus clown playing a game with you all talaga!!

    • Melchor Sonza

       tama,convince natin lht na mag rally sa loob ng SC,,para matanggal na c corona@isunod pa ang 7 justices na bumubuhat ng buntot nya,,ask hontiveros@lea navarro to organize the rally!!oust corona@7 justices

  • PutingAgila

    Let’s get down to simple common sense; for what purpose is the requirement for members of the SUPREME KURAKOT to file their SALN if these documents are hidden from the public? Interdepartmental independence? But where is decency and openness? Someone suggested for these legal scoundrels to leave the Philippines, I go for that.     

  • jiroarturo

    The Philstar: The $2,858,977.22 consists of seven alleged dealings in Philippine Savings Bank-Katipunan branch, near Corona’s Quezon City residence. Six, totaling $2,387,298.76, are deposits and credit memos; one, for $471,678.46, is an outward remittance. The supposed details: Account # Transaction Date Nature US $ Amount 1. 141019349 08-05-2008 Deposit $ 764,344.782. 141019678 10-06-2008 Deposit 455,210.07 
    3. 191000373 10-31-2008 Deposit 768,733.96 
    4. 141019678 07-06-2009 Credit Memo 9,280.70 
    5. 141022046 12-23-2009 Credit Memo 254,729.25 
    6. 1024292 07-27-2011 Credit Memo 135,000.00
    SUB TOTAL ———————— $ 2,387,298.76 
    7. 12-15-2009 Outward Remittance $ 471,678.46
    TOTAL ——————————— $ 2,858,977.22.

    Ganyan karami ang dollar ni Corona sa PSB pa lang. 
    Nailagay kaya ni Corona ang dollar accounts niya sa kanyang 2011 SALN? Hindi yata papayagan i-disclose dahil sa SC resolution noon 1989. Ang SC lang ba ang exempted sa SALN? Bakit pa kaya meron pang SALN kung meron naman palang exempted?

  • Lucky Luciano

    When I was young I thought that bureau of customs was the most corrupt.

    • indiosbravos2002

      Well, Corona promised the judiciary  that will be #1… at something.  Promised delivered!

  • simondj

    the SC can not impose their resolution (SALN to keep secret) because that is only a resolution and resolution is not a law, only the congress can make a law. is resolution higher than the constitution? definitely no. maybe that resolution is intended only for their own use in that branch of government.

  • michael_angelo

    Para ano pa ang SALN kung itatago lang? Mas mabuti pa tanggalin na yan kung wala rin purpose…

    SC, gumising naman kayo… mahiya kayo sa nagswesweldo sa inyo… at saka sa mga ninakawan ninyong taumbayan ng Hustisya at Pera…

  • opinyonlangpo

    Hard to accept but they are making a fool of the whole nation. I am sure they are laughing at how they fooled the whole nation. Even their pockets are linked to the judiciary budget as the CJ allowance is bigger than his salary. It is corruption protected by law. The current set up is a stroke of the master – to protect themselves.

  • michael_angelo

    Im calling everyone to try wearing a Tshirt of OUST CORONA and go to SC to file complain to Chief Justice, We have all the right to go inside Government Buildings and File a complain…

  • iriga1_city1_boy1

    As a Filipino,i love this country.People are asking for these justices to show their SALN.if you love your country,POR DIOS POR SANTO,show it!! Don’t try to be evasive and hide through these legalities.The country needs you now for the sake of unity and openness.We are now in a dire situation.There is some entity out there trying to steal our reefs and territories.If you love your country,”MAGPAKABAYAN” kayo.Don’t bleed the country and punish it more.I lived from those corruptions and scandals since the 50’s and the perpetual malaise are still continuing up to this day.Mentioning and writing those anomalies would fill up a dictionary.
    We are now in a pitiful and mendicant situation in the eyes of the world.Almost begging to defend our shores from a bully.Maybe you can help by being transparent and start restoring confidence in our government.
    If you desist from even volunteering to show your SALN,and delaying it,could you in conscience be considered a true Filipino?

  • Hey_Dudes

    It all boils down again to the very meaning of the word – “INTEGRITY”.  If 60 to 80% of those working in the supreme court have this word embodied in their spirit, mind and soul, they would walk out of the agency to protest the shenanigan of these justices.  They should know how to say enough is enough it is time we –  the employees of this court being run down to the gutter by these corrupt vvbbastards. They should not go back to their work until these corrupt individuals leave office on their own volition.

    Question is, in the past, we have seen countless of judges around the country giving their pledge to this kind of mental attitude and blessed by the bishops?  In short, where is integrity to be found in this body? 

  • iriga1_city1_boy1

    If the SC and justices don’t want to show their SALN,id’ like to suggest something.There are still airplanes at NAIA that can be used for them to exit out of our beloved country.And never come back.

    • Melchor Sonza

       that’s the best idea!!but im not sure if the planes crew will allow them to carry sacks of money w/them,,its a curse!!!row,row their boat is the best gate away…

  • AntiAko

    Medyo ang O-OA nyo ha… 1992 pa pinagbawalan na ilabas ang SALN ng supreme court. ba’t ngayon lang kayo nagrereklamo? ngayon lang ba naging corrupt ang supreme court? dati pa naman ata ah…

    • iriga1_city1_boy1

      There is no OA about this AntiAko.Thanks,for the info. I didn’t even know that it was in 1992 that it was forbidden to ferry out that information. Believe me,there is no OA-ying whatever i post here(if i’m included from what you post).Everything posted from my part has all intentions to help to change,in a small way,our country for the better.


      1992 everybody presumed judges to be honest and incompetent!

      Until Gloria came that Corona was exposed.

    • Lucky Luciano

      1992 mo pa pala alam dapat i-inform mo na ang mga katulad namin na nagtitiwala sa kanila, that makes you an accomplice to the crime.

      • indiosbravos2002

        Kaboom! Barado is Antiako.

      • AntiAko

        Ang tanging barado rito ay ang utak mo at utak ni kamu-kamu. ignorance of the law excuses no one! at ngayon kasalanan ko pa na hindi ninyo alam na 1992 pa pinagbawalan ng SC ang paglabas ng SALN…

      • Guest

        Everyone knows it bopols. Also, Its an internsl SC policy, stupid, its not a law. Technically, the current SC can easily repel IT anytime, if they wanted to. However, it seems it works for them (lalo na kaperahan na under the table).

        Ignorance of the law applies to you alone. Hehehe.

        Oist, pahiram kabilang pisngi mo…. WAPAK! Barado ka na naman.

      • indiosbravos2002

        Kaboom. Alaskado na naman si Antiako. Hehehe

      • AntiAko

        oist, argumentum ad hominem once again? try another tack, it might work for you…

        yeah right, the current SC can “REPEL” it anytime. like north – north, south – south, positive – positive and negative – negative repel. 

        REPEL mo mukha mo! seriously, nakapag-aral ka ba?

  • Hey_Dudes

    After having filed their SALN’s and kept in their vault never to be seen again, you can only imagine the grin on the faces of each of these highly honorable and respectable justices not only demonstrating their contempt for the Filipino people, you can also read their lips as they utter….”.hhhinnndruut kayong lahat”!

    • RobertoMagtuytoy

      What are we in power for? Sabay FU sa sa bayan. 

  • Samboy_rod

    Ito mga hay*p na ito ang dapat unang tamaan ng nuclear galing ng China.Mga mag*anakaw.

  • quirinomayer

    Corona is the Supreme Court justice who took advantage of the SALN secrecy policy of the court to the hilt. Thinking that it is foolproof, he even had the audacity to declare that his bank deposits was P3.5M when it was P31M! Malas lang nya dahil natiklo. 

  • Beguine

    Same old thing.

    Let this Supreme Court gang keep trying to protect themselves
    by sitting smugly on their fattened up haunches on their SALN.

    Like Renato Corona they will be impeached anyway if they
    don’t watch out. They cannot keep their evil doing under wraps, simply
    because the strong smell and stink of their satanical deed(s)
    cannot help leaking out.

  • isbuk02

    nasaan na kaya yung mga bayaran dito ni thief justice? paging MARK, BATANGSINGAPORE, EDGAR EDGAR niyayari na dito ang amo nyong mandarambong! magtrabaho na kayo, kung hindi gutom ang aabutin nyo at wala na kayong ipapakain sa pamilya nyo! nasaan na kayo mga ogag!!!!!!!

  • cliff_castillo

    All govt officials are required to file and disclose their SALN.  If they do not want their SALN disclosed for whatever reason, then they should don’t accept their govt position.  If the SC justices are afraid of disclosing their SALN, then they should just resign and let those who are not afraid of disclosing their SALN to take over.  This applies also to all the senators and congressmen who do not want their SALN disclosed.

  • kulittwit

    The supreme court is above the law. A mere resolution can overpower the law mandating accurate and timely submission of and transparency on the SALN.


    I can lie, cheat and steal, report it and you will still never know the truth of my corruption.  I am a corrupt Filipino.  So what.

    • Taiko_Kauna

      the supreme court is accountable only to god, that is the message of these corrupt judges!

  • freemystic

    All the more they should be made accountable for their decisions and actions.  Unless the Supreme Court is manned by credible and trustworthy public officials, its decisions will be met by the public with skepticism, if not outright refusal.  A Supreme Court that cannot maintain its objectivity, impartiality and integrity is as worse as a presidency that has no moral ground to stand on.  Time to clean up the judiciary, the legislature and the whole Cabinet structure.

    Corona knows where he stands — and where he’s going to fall.

    Along with him will go this so-called spokesman of his.  

  • to0

    Walang hiya talaga itong mga singkit sa SC natin. Ayaw nilang idisclose ang kanilang SALN sa public. What makes them different from the President of the Philippines? He he he. It’s really time to pull the rag under their feet to make them realize that they are no different from the rest of the Filipino people. “Mali.” Filipino-Chinese pals.” 




  • McOlans

    Can the SUPREME COURT culpably violate the Constitution?
    Section 17. A public officer or employee shall, upon assumption of office and as often thereafter as may be required by law, submit a declaration under oath of his assets, liabilities, and net worth. In the case of the President, the Vice-President, the Members of the Cabinet, the Congress, the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Commissions and other constitutional offices, and officers of the armed forces with general or flag rank, the declaration shall be disclosed to the public in the manner provided by law.
                If they did, all of them should be IMPEACHED!
    Section 2. The President, the Vice-President, the Members of the Supreme Court, the Members of the Constitutional Commissions, and the Ombudsman may be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, culpable violation of the Constitution, treason, bribery, graft and corruption, other high crimes, or betrayal of public trust. All other public officers and employees may be removed from office as provided by law, but not by impeachment.

    • edgar_calor


      now what law are you referring to, when the Constitution merely provides ‘ as required by law” and ” in the manner required by law”

      WHO made those laws? your congressmen and senators, signed by the President and not questioned before the Supreme Court!

      • McOlans

        The LAW I am referring to is the HIGHEST or SUPREME LAW of the land, which is CONSTITUTION itself. It says “DECLARE…” What the SUPREME COURT is saying, “HIDE!!”
        Is’nt that MESSING with the LAW??


  • Taiko_Kauna

    kung panahon lang ng hapon ngayon seguro ‘huwes de kutsilyo’ na ang parusa ipapataw sa mga corrupt na ito! Ba’t pa kayo nag file kung tinatago nyo lang!

  • Taiko_Kauna

    Conchita Morales push hard with your demand for a reply from this fat bellied master of deceit

  • Boysee

    mga hinayupak na corona at marquez, kasama ang gang ni thief justice. Hueves na hueves, sinisira ang araw ko. pwe, pwe at sampung milyong dolyares worth of PWE pa. gising, pinoy! niloloko na tayo ng mga hinayupak na hoodlums in robes na mga ito.

  • Nutting Moore

    yang mga justices na yan porke alam ang batas, walang ginawa kundi paikutin ng paikutin ang sambayanan.  kung wala silang itinatago, kahit ang mga mambabatas, bakit hindi nila ipakita sa publiko ang SALN? anyway, kung si Corona nga na kaniLang punong magnanakaw, este mahistrado ayaw ipakita ang SALN, ung iba pa kaya?  follow the leader ika nga.. SALN KAYO!  SUMALANGIT NA SANA KAYO! (mas tama yata na sa ibaba sila pumunta bwahahahaha!)

  • Regd

    Weird, I miss my corona-fans friends, they seem silent. Calling all corona-gma loyalists, lets keep democracy rolling! We want your silly opinions & reason together so we can tempt & pull you out from your prejudice cages! OOppss… I forgot…bayaran lang pala, ubos na ang pondo. My bad.

  • Pedro_Kawawa

    i guess that policy is absurd. Why can it be used against them? Unless of course they are really hiding something. Of wchich I guess was the reason behind the making of this absurd policy!

  • bert

    Does a mere supreme court resolution OVER RULE or CIRCUMVENT a certain provision in our constitution regarding the SALNs of public officials?..may i invite views from some of our legal minds please?

    • Regd

      I say, you don’t need legal minds here, by that I mean legal students or practitioners, otherwise they’ll just be speaking in tongues, besides it’ll only muddy the issue and no definitive solution. Even a clear cut law can be twisted in many different ways by lawyers. Witness the raping of the constitution by the SC via the midnight appointment, flip-flop decisions, their immunity in SALN declaration scrutiny etc need I add more. Ordinary people can give you a decent legal opinion and this is just mine.

      • simondj

        that is why, Jesus Christ in his earhtly ministry, called the teachers of the law  HYPOCRITES. the parishees wants (all the people) to follow the law but they themselves disobey the law. look what renato CORONA is doing.

  • wakeupbayan

    Executive, Legislative are mandated to disclosed their SALN`s when needed. What is the fuss of the Judiciary ?????? Cannot see any sense, regardless of all the reasons aforementioned. They still are classified by our constitution as public servants unless they think of themselves as “GOD” .  I am not pro or anti Corona, but I think this impeachment process is a very good light constitutional opener. Sa UK there is transparency law regardless of your position even the Queen of the land, HM Queen Elizabeth.  The public is aware of their assets and income publicly scrutinized and debated upon regularly and adjusted to the demands of the nation (UK) THAT IS WHY A SMALL COUNTRY GREAT BRITAIN IS IS GREAT BECAUSE OF THEIR PARLIAMENTARY LAWS. Maski Prime Minister, member of the parliament (congressmen) Lords (Senators)  natatanggal at nakukulong once proven guilty.  Ang bansa natin,,,, haaaaay naku di na aasenso kasi MAJORITY AY CORRUPT AT MANGUNGURAKOT !

  • tipay

    there’s only one reason why the justices banned the disclosure of SALN, marami kasi tinatago na pera na pinagha-hatian ang mga yan, galing sa mga lagay sa kaso na niluluto. syempre malaki ak parte ng chief. ” lahat yan hoodlum in robes” 

  • Darwin

    Leaders lead the way. How can we convince everyone to be transparent when the other co-equal branch doesn’t even want to.

    • William Tyre

      Have Congress declared their SALN? 

  • reydomingo

    what’s the use of filing their SALN but refusing to let it go public… this is a contradiction….  it is not helping the SC redeem the trust it so badly needed.

  • Darwin


  • Lucky Luciano

    “Marquez said groups and individuals may directly request a justice for a copy of his SALN”. LOL

    “Maling said that under standard operating procedure (SOP), requests
    for copies of the SALNs should be made in  writing, the person making
    the request should agree to  be interviewed by the secretariat, the
    request would undergo further evaluation by the secretary general and
    the legislative affairs department, and the request would be forwarded
    to the House member for final approval. Maling said the process would take at least 10 days.”

    Wow, how tedious it is just to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, if there is indeed truth in those SALN’s.

    kaya pala naman a single case takes more than 20 years bago ma-resolve. 

    It’s better to seek justice somewhere else.

    • Regd

      Any ordinary public servants SALN can be disclose & scrutinize by the public, they suffer the same and even worse work related conditions possible. Why should it be different from these justices? Selective disclosures will not work, there is no equal treatment.

  • Regd

    Public office is a public trust, how can you hold public office when you don’t trust the public? And how can you be sitting in that office when the public doesn’t trust you?

    • jimiji

      what public?

      • Regd

        Decent ordinary people unlike you.

  • Rare Earthling

    Hala, naging iba na ang meaning ng SALN sa mga Justiis natin, naging Secrets And Lies Namin.

  • Regd

    This SC SALN selective disclosure resolution is unfair & unreasonable. There is no equal treatment.

    • William Tyre

      tanga mo boy, basahin mo pati sa baba. Pati Congressmen ayaw ilabas SALN nila.

      • Regd

        I told you to insert your medication in the hole above you, not the bottom. Guess you didn’t understand huh? You want me to repeat?

  • Melchor Sonza

    OUST CORONA AND 7 JUSTICES na bumuhat ng buntot nya,,page miss hontiveros to organize the rally to supreme court,,ito na nag tamang panahon para mapaalis na ang mga buayang ito..calling all ofw to support this cause,,,

    • Jaw Elle

      what a moronic thinking. tsk tsk tsk….

  • bernabep

    Talagang Supreme ang Supreme Court natin at si CJ Corona ang Supremo. Sabi niya si Pnoy ay dictator. Siya naman pala ang dictator. Di ba ayaw ng hari na meron magtanong sa kanya? Anong saysay ng pagfile nila ng SALN kung hindi lang naman iyon makikita ng taongbayan? Dapat hindi na iyon inilagay sa saligang batas. Paano na iyan Fr. Bernas, mali mali yata ang ginawa ninyong constitution, palaging nabubutasan.

    • Jaw Elle

      ipa-amyenda mo muna ang 20 years old policy/ruling ng SC. sumusunod lang ang mga justices. napakalinaw naman diba?  

      • dave

        Jaw Elle, soo correct, so simple.  If we don’t like the rules, then lets change the rules.  Get the SC to change the rule and they will comply.  Its been the law for 20years, we’re only complaining now.  So lets change the laws.

      • indiosbravos2002

        Thats their internal policy which they can easily remove, anytime…. if they want to.  However, it seems, that this policy works in their favor especially when big  bribery money comes into their bank accounts. 

  • PH2011

    This is one of the very reason why
    the majority of the people don’t trust the Supreme Court Justices ( including
    the SC spokeman).

    The supreme court justifications failed
    to convinced the Pilipino people.

    Obviously, they are banking on mere
    1989 “Self Serving Memorandum” , to protect their hidden assets.  

    If they can not follow a simple
    law. Better resign, there’s  lot of
    people interested on their positions who are willing to follow the law. The SALN
    Republic Act call for transparency in the government. Why ? Are they ashamed of
    their “ hard earned” properties?

    Public servant is Slavery.

    But supreme court justices
    interpret it the other way around.

    That’s  what  we

    • William Tyre

      bumanat na communications group….

    • James Liston

      I was just wondering… how about those in the congress? And in the executive? 

  • ApoLapullapu

    The Resoultion was passed by the Supreme Court during th time of President Cory Aquino.  At that time nobody dreamed that they would not like it when Renato Corona becomes Chief Justice.  At that time the Chief Justice was an appointee of the President, so there was no problem. Will the administration also ask all the members of the Corona Impeachment Team to disclose their SALN’s?

  • Jaz

    Yung mga SALN na hindi idine-clare at ayaw i disclose ng mga magnanakaw sa gobyerno at SC SALN din tawag dun…Secretly Acquired Loot from our Nation!

  • RomeoAC

    The Constitution is very clear.  Let Congress decide.

  • Efren

    Corona, may impeachment case ka involving SALN’s . Therefore, huwag ka nang mahiya, i-disclose mo na !  Sige ka kapag nabulok yan sa taguan ng Supreme Court , babaho yan at madadamay ang buong Supreme Court sa alingasaw ng bantot ! 

  • kilabot

    good decision by the sc. let the usiseros’ and prostitutes’ and yellow fanatics’ imaginations run wild. let them keep on guessing and guessing till their minds blow away. then, after the acquittal of the cj, release the saln to quiet the noisy mob. it will be sweet victory for the rule of law.

  • RomyLitz

    The SC justices are now behaving like Pharisees and Sadducees, hypocrites but dont want their honesty and integrity to be questioned. In that case, let the appointing power open their individual SALN or the BIR chief. The Corona Orchestra must be disbanded since they are always out of tune.

  • JosephNess

    can the impeachment court subpoena the SALN of the CJ for use as a rebuttal evidence ? this will corroborate whether the SALN filed was really intentionally misdeclared, as well as the issue of his dollar accounts, if they were already declared in his SALN, which should be there, knowing these dollar accounts existed…  

    • RomyLitz

      That is the most logical and patriotic act of the Senator-Judges to give closure to Corona’s now you see, now you dont SALN.

  • RomyLitz

    Kim Henares,

    Who is the constitutionally assigned custodian of the SALN files? What if the 95 million Filipinos will file their SALN and keep it in their rooms like the SC justices did? It is hightime for a BIR Chief to issue an statement regarding this ” I Own My SALN document”.

    • SignTheWaiverNow

      Hey Dumba$$!

      FYI, first, not all 95 million Filipinos are working in the government. second, BIR is not the custodian of the SALN.

      You fukcing moron!

  • noypisiTED

    Alright Chief Cook errr…justice, don’t show to the people what were in
    your SALN. Since if the 2011 SALN of yours don’t match with the
    previous ones then it only means you’ve lied before and lied all these
    years. Also, by not showing your SALN the people’s curiosity that you
    really lied would grow until its full weight crashes on you Chief cook

    “Oh, what tangled web you weave when you first tried to deceive.” Now,
    you’re in a quicksand slowly sinking away. The nation cannot wait for a
    new Chief Magistrate worthy of the people’s trust and respect. Anyway,
    ilang tulog na lang naman and the Promethean senators will kick Corona’s
    a_s out of his lofty seat in Padre Faura since he doesn’t rightfully belong there.

  • jimiji

    the yellow army forgot to read the issue on congressmen SALN after the justices…..what a selective reading

    • indiosbravos2002

      Why dont you go to congress and ask them to disclose yourself. hehehe

      • jimiji

        kung marunong kayong magbasa ang issue dito ay hindi impeachment kundi filing of SALN ngayong taon na pilit itinatago hindi lang ng justices kundi pati mga congressmen. ngayon ko naintindihan kung bakit yellowtards ang tawag ng iba sa inyo… morons

      • indiosbravos2002

        Oo, tama ka. Corrupt nga mga justices.

      • indiosbravos2002

        Black mob. Hehehe

    • JosephNess

      file a complaint so they would be force to disclose their SALN…or wait for their turn to be tried…

      • jimiji

        this article is about the 2012 saln which is not part of the impeachment. pareho lang kayo ng amo mo na hindi marunong mag-isip

      • JosephNess

        sinong amo ? not part ??? for all you know, this can be a rebuttal evidence that can be use to corroborate the truthfulness of the previous filed SALN which they insisted that can be corrected…now, if the same manner of filing this SALN is done until this time, what does this prove ? at bakit kailangang pang pagisipan ng matagal ito ? sino ba ang nasasakdal ? tama lang na magfile ka ng complaints sa mga nirereklamo mo kung gusto mong malaman ang kanilang mga tinatagong kayamanan…and for your information, wala akong amo, ako ang amo ng sarili ko, walang sinumang may karapatang diktahan ako…yang mga katwiran mo ang karaniwang ginagamit ng mga tauhan ng boss mo…

      • Regd

        2012 saln? Pwede palang mag declare ng advance declaration?

  • joshmale2004

    Section 1. Public office is a public trust. Public officers and employees must, at all times, be accountable to the people, serve them with utmost responsibility, integrity, loyalty, and efficiency; act with patriotism and justice, and lead modest Section 17. A public officer or employee shall, upon assumption of office and as often thereafter as may be required by law, submit a declaration under oath of his assets, liabilities, and net worth. In the case of the President, the Vice-President, the Members of the Cabinet, the Congress, the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Commissions and other constitutional offices, and officers of the armed forces with general or flag rank, the declaration shall be disclosed to the public in the manner provided by law.lives.ACCOUNTABILITY OF PUBLIC OFFICERS
    This provision in the constitution is very clear. Which is more legal and binding, our constitution or the 1989 internal memorandum of the Supreme Court? This do not cover only the SC but including the President, the Congress and the Senate.

    • indiosbravos2002

      Thats the problem.  They interpret the law selectively. It just goes to show how corrupt the current batch of SC justices are.  If they fear for their safety, they should have refused the SC position.

      • James Liston

        I am not sure if they were the ones who passed the resolution of keeping the record of their SALN confidential. So, would it be safe to conclude that those batches of SC Justices (before this one) are also corrupt and interpretes the law differently? 

        Perhaps, it is time to amend the constitution and make things clear and distinct. I am just wondering why the current admin not keen on it…. 

    • JosephNess

      they are just deaf-mute to the clamor of the constitution and the people…maybe, they are just waiting for the people to mass up there and unseat them all…

    • RomyLitz

      They thought that by the 1992 resolution, they can escape with their loot and illegally obtained wealth. The $ 10 million is just the tip of the iceberg. That is the effect of Corona being a Midnight Appointee and his Orchestra’s unlimited flip flopping decisions.Let us hope that Impeachment Court Presiding Senator-Judge Enrile will demand the new SALN of Corona and his dollar deposits.

    • johndcross1

      That 1989 internal memorandum or resolution passed and confirmed by the very same justices is ILLEGAL.  The constitution is the supreme law of the land and SC justices could not enact any court regulations that violate the requirements of the constitution period!

  • Simplify1

    corona expects to be tried fair and square and be judged solely based on evidence.  However he is so stubborn and unwilling to come clean by releasing his SALN but continues to claim he has nothing to hide.   Palabas ka naman ng info kahit “estimate” na lang ng cash and properties… 

    • gardy_versozi

       because the prosecution won’t disclose their SALN’s also.

      • Simplify1

        Is that your best shot? You are truly a comedian…

      • joshmale2004

        Kasuhan nyo muna prosecution para mapwersa ding maglabas ng SALN. 

      • ethicsingov


      • boypalaban

        sablay na argumento

      • gardy_versozi

         bakit sablay sir? totoo naman ah? eto pinag pipilitan nyo na disclose ang SALN. na disclose naman. eh yung prosecution? nag de-disclose ba ng SALN nila hanggang ngayon? hindi. bakit?

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        ka sablay ng utak mo!


  • $16638896

    hahaha nakakatuwa to sila tupas, mahilig magbintang pero ung saln nila ayaw din pakita hehehe

  • SignTheWaiverNow

    For all yellow retards,

    Here are two quotes for you. HAHAHAHAHA

    In the Bible: Let He who is without sin may cast the first stone! – John 8:7
    In Latin: Quid Pro Quo


    • RomyLitz

      In other words, those hundreds of thousands in jails nationwide must be set free since the accusers and the judges are sinners all? That should be the consummating act of what you just misinterpreted from the Bible my friend?

    • Rare Earthling

      Isama mo na ito para kumpleto,

      Old saying: Ang Sinungaling ay loyal sa mga magnanakaw
      In latin:  res ipsa loquitur

      In French: Mon Dieu Vive L’amour Je T’adore
      In English: Google is your friend

    • Pedro_Kawawa

      oi gloria, kaw ba yan?!  ala ka magawa dyan sa kulungan mo ano kundi mag bwahahahaha….


    • I_kabod

      pre! tagal mo nawala ah…mukhang wala kang internet connection lately? hehe

      • Rare Earthling

        natrangkaso, inulan sila sa rally.

      • Regd

        Transfer ng internet cafe, sarado yung una.

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        oo nga, mahina ang dial up sa bahay! may party line pa!


      • I_kabod

        ayos! kamusta naman sila mark, dark at night? wala pa din ba ang tropa dito? hehe

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        bwahaahahaha kawawa ka naman boi…..

        kung ano ano na pinagsasabi mo…. di ko alam kung maawa ako sa iyo o matatawa e….. hahahaahahahaha

        desperado ka na boi? lolololol

      • I_kabod

        nalimutan ko…e si fulpol pala, boi? wala na ata yun tropa mo? hahaha in denial para kang si corona hehehe

      • Rare Earthling

        Si Mark nasira na ang career,nervous breakdown yata, lahat ng makita nyang kasama sa save corona movement inaaway, pinagbibintangan na nagpapanggap. Si Night, nasira narin ang career simula nung mabuking na nasa Pinas pala at wala sa U.S.

      • I_kabod

        ayun buking pala! change username agad! hehehe

    • Den

      If being a yellow retard means going against those who abuse their public offices, then count me in!

      And please, stop using the Bible to justify your idols. If someone raped and murdered your mother, sisters, wife and daughter and their lawyers asked the judge to dismiss the case you filed because you have been a prodigal son and an unfaithful husband anyway, will you just say BWAHAHAHA?

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Who wants to play “put as many definition to yellow retard”?


    • Karina Carinosa

      hello uphold na nagtatago sa maraming account.. baka sumagot ka na naman sa isang guest account mo kagaya nung dati na nahuli ka.. ahihihhihi!

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        hihihihihi dahil pinauuulit ulit mo ang katangahan mo… sasabihin ko na sa iyo ang secret!

        ganito lang yun…. try mo magsulat tapus punta ka sa Disqus at idelete mo…. Ang lalabas ay GUEST!


        Ang bobo nga naman… feeling nya pa may nahuli sya! ahihihihihihihihihih

        BOBO! ayaw na sana kita patulan kasi napakababaw mo e, kaso inulit ulit mo pa! ahihihihihihihihihihihihihihi

  • Concur_Dissent

    These are the exact words  in ALL SALNs that government officers and employees certify to:

    “I/We hereby authorize the Ombudsman or his duly authorized representative to obtain and secure from all appropriate agencies including the Bureau of Internal Revenue such documents that may show such assets, liabilities , net worth, business interests and financial connection….”

    People are looking forward to the next move of the Ombudsman….

    • RomyLitz

      Goes without saying that the Ombudsman will subpoena duces tecum the SC staff for their SALNs at the PAdre Faura, otherwise the PNP men will arrest Sexy Midas and those hoodlums in robes.

    • nopassword

      If these are the exact words in SALN, Ombudsman go ka na po para makita na namin ang tinatago ng mga nasa SC.

  • Hannah Blake

     Tulungan nyo naman akong sagotin ang tanong ng anak ko na Grade 6. Nahirapan kasi akong sagoting tanong nya.

    Ang tanong nya: “Mommy, bakit nag file pa ng SALN ang mga justices eh di naman pala ipa2kita?”

    Ang sagot ko ay: “Kasi anak gumawa sila ng memo na wag ipakita sa public ang SALN nila.”

    Tanong ng anak ko: “Sabi ng teacher ko ang SALN daw ay public record bakit ayaw ipakita sa public?”

    Sagot ko: “Di ko alam kasagutan ng tanong mo anak. Itanong mo na lang sa teacher mo baka sakali alam nya ang sagot.”

    • RomyLitz

      Sagot ko : Anak, itanong mo sa Teacher kung saan i-file ang mga SALNs na yan at doon na lang tayo hihingi ng copya.

    • RomyLitz

      Anak : Inay ano bang ibig sabihin ng SALN?
      Sagot ko : Society of All Looters Nationwide  !!

      • PagpagEaters

        HAAH HAH HAH HAH!  BIG WINNER ITO @RomyLitz:disqus  and HANAH BLAKE.

        SALN = Society of All Looters Nationwide   

      • Rare Earthling

        Anak: Inay ano po ba ibig sabihin ng S.C.?
        Inay: Supreme Crooks.

        Anak: Paano po makasali duon?
        Inay: Kailangan nasa honor roll ka, pero ok lang dayain mo nalang credentials mo.

    • Rare Earthling

      Anak: Inay, para saan po ba ang SALN?
      Inay: Hoy!!! Renato, ikaw magpaliwanag dito sa anak mo, kung ano anong kabulastugan pinasok mo!!!

  • pololoy

    manay, ibig mong sabihin ang resolution ay mas mataas kesa constitution?
    your intelligence is really very insulting to us…

  • mario

    mga ju$tice$ at $upreme Court mismo ang bumababoy sa batas natin, bakit ayaw nila sundan ang nakasaad sa constitution natin tungkol sa SALN????

  • johndcross1

    Ano ang tingin ng mga mahistrado sa SC na tayo ay mga tanga!  Sila ang gumawa ng isang resolution na ipinagbawal sa kanila na ilabas ang kanilang SALN kahit kanino na walang pahintulot sa kina-ukolang mahistrado o sa buong mahistrado. Pagkatapos kinumperma na itong resolution ay legal.  MALI!  Ito ay LABAG sa “Constitution”! Malinaw sa “Constitution” na ipakita ang SALN sa taong bayan.  Ang mga rason na ibinigay ng mga mahistrado ay hindi sapat!  DAPAT ILABAS AT IPAKITA SA BUONG MAMAMAYAN ANG INYONG SALN!!!!  Mahiya kayo!!

  • johndcross1

    Ano ang tingin ng mga mahistrado sa SC na tayo ay mga tanga!  Sila ang gumawa ng isang resolution na ipinagbawal sa kanila na ilabas ang kanilang SALN kahit kanino na walang pahintulot sa kina-ukolang mahistrado o sa buong mahistrado. Pagkatapos kinumperma na itong resolution ay legal.  MALI!  Ito ay LABAG sa “Constitution”! Malinaw sa “Constitution” na ipakita ang SALN sa taong bayan.  Ang mga rason na ibinigay ng mga mahistrado ay hindi sapat!  DAPAT ILABAS AT IPAKITA SA BUONG MAMAMAYAN ANG INYONG SALN!!!!  Mahiya kayo!!

    • rtgrtg

      Wag ka namang magsalita ng ganyan kabayan. Ang mga SC Justices eh matitino, honorable, kagalang galang at kung baga eh puting puting puti na walang bahid ng kabaluktutuan. Kayat magtiwala ka ang Supreme Court lead by his honor, the Thief Justice Renato Corona eh hindi na dapat pang check cheken or silip silipin pa..Trust them…mababait at matitino ang mga iyan. Tanong mo pa ke sa mga auntie ni Mrs. Corona, kahit ipakiusap pa ninyo sa isperitista ang taong tinutukan ng Thief Justice at tanong mo pa sa opisina ni Estelito Mendoza kung saan eh tinangkilik ng SC ang travel agency nito para sa mga travel abroad ng SC employees. Tanong mo pa sa PAL kung saan eh naging mabait na pasahero ng mga ito ang mag-asawang Corona sa libreng ticket na binigay nila.

  • onin3

    I was just expecting this all along: Renato Corona will hide again behind that foolish SC resolution banning publication or release of their SALNs. All he does is issue flat denials. The Ombudsman has just asked him to explain his alleged 10 million dollars in deposits. He just ignored the Ombudsman saying it has no jurisdiction over him (even if the constitution says otherwise). Corona blames Pnoy, and lately the media, for what he called an attack against the judiciatry through his person, and branded his being pilloried in media as a”retaliation” of Pres. aquino against him for his “honorable” stand” against the interest of the Cojuanco family on the Hacienda Luisita. Time and again, Corona pledged to open all, tell all to the public about his true wealth. He has not done so until now. Should the public still believe this man? The Ombudsman should forthwith proceed in investigating this rogue chief justice, and get rid of him from the face of this republic!

    • aSwedishguy

       He is a disgrace both for his country and  for the juridical community  

      He have no backbone what so ever!

      He should be forced to go out and explain to the millions who have to live in poverty why they have no future ! explain why you need 20 bank accounts!!

      By the way, with so many PH accounts only a fool will believe you do not have the same abroad  

      • onin3

        I agree swedish guy, good you said it with emphasis, thank for replying

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Agree your face! eh iisang tao lang ito e!

        gumamit ka pa ng isang account para papurihan ang sarili mo!


      • Concur_Dissent

        very typical of a corona supporter, loud and uneducated individual with very uncouth manners…tsk tsk tsk kaya… hindi maka intindi kung anong tama o mali…

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        and you are a typical yellow ignorant hypocrit who thinks that they are the only one who are educated and morally upright!

        kaya kayo naloloko ni budoy…. tsk tsk tsk…

  • goodguy

    Why do you need to hide your saln?Walang kuwenta walang pakinabang saying lang ang pag pa file nyo di rin naman makikita…pina gugulo nyo ang buhay natin instead of simply lang.

  • benjie

    Si Tupas nga at mga house presecutor itinatago din ang SALN! Ayaw ding ilabas! Nandun kasi yung 50 Million na bagong mansion property ni TUPAS sa xavierville! Pati si Quimbo may itinatagong 15 Million property sa varsity hills loyola heights! Oh Come on!

  • akramgolteb

    Kumag talaga itong mga taga SC. Eh bakit pa nagsubmit ng SALN kung hindi indisclose sa publico?

  • RomyLitz

    If anybody in the government service can keep their SALN to their chest, what’s the point of filing their SALN? Why not abolish it? The SC have their own rules in filing their SALN will the other gov’t employees follow the same?

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      Good afternoon sir,

      ” The SC have their own rules in filing their SALN will the other gov’t employees follow the same?”

      Its standard practice across the government, apparently.

      I shall also respond by another article from the tribune:

      SALn release goes thru red tape gauntlet
      By Charlie V. Manalo dated 05/03/2012

      “Yesterday, a couple of reporters covering the House of
      Representatives, including this Tribune reporter, were firmly rejected
      by an official from the House Secretary-General office when they
      requested copies of the full version
      of the SALns of 286 House members, citing the standard operating
      procedure (SOP) issued in 2009 which imposes rigid requirements in
      obtaing copies of House documents including the SALns of the lawmakers.
      despite earlier declarations from members of the House prosecution they
      would release their SALns to anyone seeking copies.”

      In that sense, if the house has its own rules, then why not the SC. Is the reason for the withholding of the House SALN same as the reason for the SC SALN? Could it be that security is, after all a valid reason not to disclose the SALN to any Tom, Dick or Harry that would want such information?

      Is it any easier to get PNoy’s SALN? 

  • aSwedishguy

    Corona think he is smart hiding behind technicality’s , in fact he lost his face big time and anger people for each day passing.

    Even if you go to your church 5 times a day you can´t fool the mass

  • bonifaciokatipunero
  • I_kabod

    pwede ba malaman kung na doktor yun SALN? pano kung may undeclared assets? malalaman pa ba yun?

  • markx2012


  • Handiong

    The Ombudsman and the BIR should take hold of the SALNs of these Supreme Court bast*rds and verify their contents. The Justices have authorized them under oath to do that. 

  • repapips

    taeng SALN ng SC. useless.

  • doublecross

    hoiy….baklang MIDAS, bkt ayaw ninyo ilabas sa publiko ang SALN ng mga SCJ’s….may naa-amoy na naman akong kalokohan. di kayo mismo ang lumalabag sa konstitusion natin….palibhasa mga MAGNANAKAW at LIAR….

    • SignTheWaiverNow

      Ilalabas daw nila kung ilabas ni PENOY at tongressman tupaks ang kanila!


  • w4d

    LMAO…Is that how smart they think they are? Just leaves you speechless…I guess desperate times require desperate measures, including sacrificing their little credibility. Pathetic liars….

    • SignTheWaiverNow

      I guess you are referring to the prosecutors, isn’t it? hahahahaahaha

      unless you intentionally missed that part?!?!

      LMAO…… Pathetic reader!

  • Regd

    The fear against SALN fishing for information by the public is RUBBISH! I have the same right as any public servant. If that’s the case, I can also selectively deny anybody requesting for my SALN from hereon. If they have that right, why can’t I have the same! WE MUST DO THIS!

    What makes the right of this justices higher than the public? We are paying them through our taxes to serve us! We certainly do not serve them!

    • SignTheWaiverNow

      Don’t forget your beloved prosecutors!

      Or i might just brand you as a yellow retard with so much love for PENOY ABNOY!


      • Regd

        Hey its my friend Up, whatsUp? Was looking for you this morning. I was worried and thought you smashed your PC to pieces. Nice to hear from you. We need to keep democracy rolling.

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Ahhhh…. As i suspected…. Another yellow retard!


      • Regd

        What’s the color of your pee?

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        What? even your pee is color yellow?


      • Regd

        ANd yours is red? There’s something wrong man. Did your hear your a ss when you blow?

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        you admit that your pee is yellow!hahahahahahahaahha

        how about your mom’s underwear? is it yellow too?

        i know its not, coz my dog just fcuk her last night!

      • boypalaban

        ayos.. lumabas na naman natural mo..kumusta nangyari sa kamay ng dumukot sa keps ng nanay mo? naputol dahil sa sangsang ng amoy ng kepyas nya…

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        KABOOM! galing sa mabahong kili kili ng nanay mo!


    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      But then, the house is doing it too.

      If the house is doing it, is it wrong for the SC to do it.  We must not discount the rationale behind that regulation. Which is to protect the government officials from any reprisals that would use the information stated in that document.

      And please, just facts.

      Mukhang tumitindi personalan nyo ni Up.


      The Daily Tribune
      SALn release goes thru red tape gauntlet
      By Charlie V. Manalo dated 05/03/2012

      “Yesterday, a couple of reporters covering the House of Representatives, including this Tribune reporter, were firmly rejected by an official from the House Secretary-General office when they requested copies of the

      full version of the SALns of 286 House members, citing the standard operating procedure (SOP) issued in 2009 which imposes rigid requirements in obtaing copies of House documents including the SALns of the lawmakers.

      This, despite earlier declarations from members of the House prosecution they would release their SALns to anyone seeking copies.”

  • walaKA

    CORONA kung pilit mo itatago yang SALN mo, parang hinukay mo na rin sarili mo libingan..Hindi ka ba nag-iisip??Yan ang nagsadlak sa ‘yo sa impeachment..Kung wala ka itinatago, pagkakataon mo na ipakita sa taumbayan na malinis ka..Or takot ka na makita ng tao na guilty ka nga??

    • SignTheWaiverNow

      takot sya na makita ni PENOY at TUPAKS ang kanyang SALN tapus sisigaw na naman ng 45 properties!!!!!

      Yun pala 5 lang!


      • walaKA

        Eh di i-disclose nga nya ng sa ganun eh mapahiya si Pnoy at ang Prosecution..Pro kung insist nila yun 1989 ruling na yan, public perception is..May itinatago talaga sya..

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        public perception? nino? ng mga yellow retards?

        dream on……


      • Regd

        Up, you can collect your idol genius _ _ erm by bending down or opening up your mouth. It’s easier faster that way. Hows that?

      • roswell1105

        take it from the expert hahahaha

      • Regd

        Up, have you start collecting your idols _ _ erm for inbreeding? So that you and your cohorts can repopulate & improve your numbers?

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Regd, start collecting you mom’s underwear… my dog just made love with her….

        If we are lucky, you might have a german shepherd half brother or sister!


    • Shinigami

       “Impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona and the rest of the 15-member
      Supreme Court have filed on time their statements of assets, liabilities
      and net worth (SALNs), but the court is withholding their public
      disclosure in line with a 23-year-old resolution.” Marunong ka bang magbasa sir? Or puro nalang si Corona iniisip mo? ang problema sa inyo mga yellow tards, ang kitid ng pag-iisip ang parang may tunnel vision sa taong ayaw ng Ogag na presidente ‘nyo. Alamin ‘nyo di ho kung ng disclose ba ang Congress bago kayo mg comment.

      • Lincon

        ha..ha..he..he Malapit ng mag-Angelo si Cheat Corona ha. .ha..he..he

      • Mr.JAy88

          hindi ah, kaya nga madami syang binabayaran na tao para iapagtanggol sya eh…

  • Carlito Jimenez

    Hoodlums in robes. Never thought Erap was right all along.

    • Rare Earthling

      Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  • stanfordmillbrand

    hebigat ang mga justices natin. bawal makita ang net worth nila no. above the law. 

  • Efren

    Mabantot na nga itatago pa !  Kapag itinago ang isang bulok na bagay, kakalat ang bantot sa buong Supreme Court !  ANG BANTOT NGAYON NG SUPREME COURT !

  • wawa2172

    The none disclosure of SALN to public is under the strict rules that SC had imposed. It is their rules and all justices have to observed it. It must be noted that strict as may seem, request from individual justices to have a copy of the SALN is allowed only is allowed by the rules but the justices will have to get permission from the SC. The house who filed an impeachment against the CJ has same rules. It is not easy to obtain a SALN of a congressman, you can try getting a copy of Tupas SALN and you well be frustrated. Still, the SALN of the executives, judiciary and lawmakers have lots of loopholes. Lifestyle checks will make one aghast with how our politicians as low a councilor or mayor having millions in deposits and properties more than they can afford from their salaries. Beside the CJ is only person that is targeted in relation to his SALN. Most of magistrate have SALN which is disproportionate to their income and capacities. Well, we can only say kasi si CJ ang nasasakdal ngayon. Maybe I could say, parang si Renato lang ang masasakdal with regards to SALN. A paid Corona fan? I know I will be accused of it but whatever I know that we have lots of corrupt justices, politician and execution around and for sure they will never be persecuted because they are friendly with the government. Abad for example admitted a lot of understatements in his SALN but no one is bringing him to court. Well he is a person so closed tot the sitting president. Most of the violators are well covered and protected by this government.

  • igoy101

    Iyong mga bloggers dito na si CJ Corona ang sinisisi sa ban on disclosure of Sc Justices SALNs, bakit hindi ninyo imulat ang iyong nakadilat na mga mata at unawain ninyo ang Constitution?  May rulings diyan na kanilang sinusundan at kung gusto ninyong idisclose nila ang kanilang SALN ay kausapin ninyo ang ating Legislature para palitan ang rulings na iyan.  Walang mangyayari kung ating mismo SC Justices ang lalabag sa batas natin.  ENTIENDE mga mangmang na mamamayan??? Para lang may maisulat ay banat ng banat, wala naman sa tono.

    • Lito G

      Ang talino mo…. BOBO!

  • JasminCubacub

    Corona’s SALN can be released to the PCIJ if  Malou Mangahas gives to his defense panel  copies of the SALNs of the Congressmen, Senators and  Simeon. Otherwise, there is no need to please the PCIJ..   NO FREE LUNCH!

    • Efren

      Under impeachment nga pala ang mga congressmen, senators, president at si Corona ay walang kaso !  Ang labo !

      • JasminCubacub

        Kulang kasi utak mo.. you don’t know our intent! JPE said that if the defense presents the SALNs of other public officials, he will refer them to the DOJ/OMBUDSMAN for investigation  and filing of cases against them.

      • Efren

        Of course your intent is to shift the burden of defense from Corona to everyone but himself !

      • JasminCubacub

        is it an admission on your part that everyone besides Corona is delinquent in filing his SALN?

      • Fudge

        Kung tanga si Corona mas tanga mga abogado niya! Kundi ba naman mga sira ulo ang gawing dahilan eh… “Magnanakaw naman lahat bakit ako lang pinagtitripan.” Di ba naman sobrang kabobohan yun!!! Kung yan ang gagawin ng defense panel aba dapat dun sila magtrabaho sa Ombudsman!

    • Martin

      Its not Corona’s fault the SC has this policy, its been there for decades.   Corona certainly can gain a lot of respect by the people….by changing this policy of non-disclosure of SC SALN.

      • JasminCubacub

        nice of you to admit that Corona is merely following SC Rules on filing SALNs..

    • Efren

      Malabo yata ang katwiran na :  ” Magnanakaw nga ako pero ang dami namang magnanakaw ah ! ”

      • JasminCubacub

        MALABO? A Filipino claims that he is a citizen of this country like any other Filipino. What is malabo there?

  • Joey

    SALN’s should be made READILY available to the public as these are all PUBLIC DOCUMENTS!

  • oracle888

    Sabi si Christie isang gabi sa asawa niya, “Reny. ilabas mo na. Sakit ang ulo ko sa dami mong arte.”

    “In due time,” he whisper into her ears.

  • oracle888

    You still don’t get it, ha?

    Will the thieves show to the public their loots?

  • Trooper

    Sana tanungin ang mga nagvote noong May 1992 kung bakit ayaw ipalathala ng SC ang SALN ng mg Justices. Kasi dating ruling lang naman ang pinatutupad ngayon e.

  • lennonpaul

     what the use of filing the saln if it is not disclosed..this is crap!

  • Martin

    This policy of non-disclosure of a SALN needs to be changed.  Each and every government employee who submits a SALN must understand that it can become public record.  Even the Supreme Court Justices must release their SALN to the public.  This policy should be challenged.

  • Garote

    This is “bulls__t”! The SC justices cannot just file their SALNs without disclosing them to the public. The law requires them to make  their SALNs public, and they should obey the law. These justices should not engage in judicial legislation. This judicial legislation process starts with the justices abusing their powers to interpret the law. They gave the law an interpretation which, in effect, actually amends the law. Since the decision of SC forms part of the law of the land, the intended interpretation becomes the law. The law that was interpreted ceased to be the law. An example of judicial legislation, is the decision of the SC that allowed non-disclosure of justices’ SALNs.

    What is happening to our SC?: When will these justices stop embarrassing the judicial institution?

  • Fudge

    SALN used for other purpose? FCUK!!! What kind of reason is that? Only in the Philippines… Somebody should file a law forcing those idiots in the Supreme Court to make their SALN public!!!

  • Lando

    No. 1 ang UNA !

  • Lando

    with freedom of information bill not a priority of Noynoy , noynoying again

  • oracle888

    The banning on the public disclosure of government high officials SALN by its own agency such as Supreme Court has negated the very purpose or reason that the SALN is implemented and required by the law to fight graft and corruption in the government.

  • aSwedishguy

    How can you expect and ask that the average citizen should  obey the laws, pay taxes etc when this scumbags behave like this !?

  • Leonardof

    Are the SC justices hiding something in their SALNs? YES, it seems.  Is a policy adopted by a branch of government can be above the law? Or to be specific, is the SC resolution banning the disclosure of the SC justices SALNs is above the law that makes the SALN  a public document in order to fight graft and corruption in the government? If we subscribe to the rule of law, our answer is a big NO.

    It is apparent now what kind of justices are sitting in the SC. Despecable indeed..

  • parekoy







  • Hey_Dudes

    All we can hear from these very special robed folks inside that inferno is…….’ngee…..belat kayo!…..   SALN’s is for every stiff working in government but our SALN’s is ours and ours alone ya hear?

    But knowing ourselves, we Filipinos won’t lift a finger to change some things in the country.  On this note, I think the late strongman Marcos did well – at least he tried.

  • Babyloy

    The way these supreme court justices are behaving is unbelievable who do they think they are, we the people must do something to remove them to our society especially in the supreme court.

  • simondj

    yes,,The way these supreme court justices are behaving is unthinkable and unspeakable (i can not describe) maybe there will come a time they will self destruct. 

  • WAJ

    If everyone within the Civil Service of the Philippines can be subject to investigation about their statement of assets and liabilities so are the Chief Justices of the Supreme Court. Every citizen of the Philippines are not exempt specifically if someone is subjected to fraud.

  • Regd

    The impeachment trial is an eye opener, so many trivial issues taken for granted and comes to light. We can only improve from hereon. The policy of non-disclosure by the SC since 1989 is water under the bridge. Crying over spilt milk will not improve our lives. The Legislative body need to step up and pass a law of total SALN transparency of all public officials irrespective of position, the higher especially the appointed ones, the more accessible it should be for scrutiny. We payed these people to do their job. We will only be heard if we make an official complain. 


    • Russell Ariola

       Kaya nga. simple lang naman yan eh.

      Bat nila pilit pinagtatakpan kung walang masamang dapat makita ng taongbayan?

  • F_U_FedUp

    No wonder the SC is held in contempt by the public. Their unconstitutional internal rules are for them to hide that which they do not want the public to see. Their rationale is pure cover up of their unexplained wealth. The way it is now it seems that the SC is a dictatorship made up of at least eight people required to defy any accountability. We threw out one dictator twenty six years ago only to be replaced by eight with deceitful purposes.

    Perhaps we need a Harry Lee Kuan Yew style of benevolent dictatorship, where the Rule of Law meant something.

  • francoalminolibre

    and the house of congress is no far better. pharisees in the modern world, why art though still exist? pious accusers who can’t figure out the dirt in their own backyard.  sc justices  not disclosing their salns are bad, whereas congress not disclosing theirs are saints. but the invalid reason of the yellow fanatics is that congress is not on trial. that is probably their sense of “daang tuwid” logic. dumb!dumb!dumb! WHEN YOU PREACH GOODNESS, TEACH IT TO YOURSELF FIRST BEFORE YOU DO IT UNTO OTHERS. that is something biblical hard for the morons to understand.

    • francoalminolibre

      by the way, the president announced a significant increase of his saln.In an ambush interview with the press, President Aquino refused to give the exact amounts of his SALN this year due to not having the copy with him. magaling na magi-noo! clap!clap!clap! we need a hard copy mr. president, not a saliva assurances. you are a nitpicker, hence be ready to be nitpicked. if you are transparent, you need not worry. your errand can easily show and submit copies to the media sir and this should not require earnest efforts. not a having it in your hands is a flimsy excuse of not remembering your net worth. you can still vividly recall the minutest detail of corona saln but you can’t remember your net wort. tsktsktsk.

      • simon

        we are not talking about the SALN, we are talking about why renato CORONA needs to issue a TRO in order to hide his dollar account. 

      • francoalminolibre

        no, i am talking about saln, don’t put a side issue on my discussion or you talk to somebody else!

      • simondj

        why we should talk about the SALN? it is useless because we already see it, and the descripancies.

    • simon

       franco you can not compare the politicos to the magistrate because the politicos present their names to voters once every three years, and the voters can decide to retain him or not. the politicos spend a tremendous amount of money during campaign, not that i encourage corruption but they give money to the poor every election,, and politicos know how to admit criticism, it is their way of life. on the other hand a magistrate must be blameless and without controversy.
      the modern day pharisee is the like of renato CORONA because of his HYPOCRISY, he wants to implement his resolution but he trample the constitution,  

      • francoalminolibre

        lousy reasoning.why? the constitution exempts the politicos from disclosure of saln without any hassle because they are elected? obviously NO! where the law does not distinguish, don’t preach me about distinction. “Ubi lex non distinguish nec nos distinguire debemos”

  • Pablo Juan

    which has more weight: an internal gag order for supreme court SALN’s or the constitution requiring public disclosure?

    Isnt the constitution above anybody’s internal memo, rules, executive order etc? 

  • Russell Ariola

    Ban disclosures.

    Op kors para sila lang magkaka-alaman kung sinung mey pinakamaraming condo, kung kanino yung pinakamalaking yatch sa Manila Bay, kung sinong mey pinakamagarang bahay sa Amerika, kung sinoong mey pinakamalaking secret dollar account atbp.


    Pagpalain po nawa kayo lagi ng Diyos.

  • Robert Ragudo

    In the fight for transparency and accountability, the Supreme Court is the biggest hurdle and the most devious obstacle.  The supposed upholders of the law are the most incorrigible flouters of the law.  Tama na.  Sobra na.  Ibasura na ang mga justices katulad ni Corona and his likes.

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