Cebu school counterattacks, sues parents for bad child-rearing


CEBU CITY—A Catholic school that barred four of its high school students from attending graduation rites for posting their pictures wearing bikinis on Facebook has sued the students’ parents for alleged failure to properly supervise their children.

In a case it filed at the city prosecutor’s office, St. Theresa’s College (STC) sued the parents for violating Republic Act No. 7610, or the Anti-Child Abuse Law, for alleged failure to supervise their children that resulted in the children’s engaging in vices and other immoral acts, like taking pictures of themselves wearing bikinis and posting these on Facebook.

The complaint was signed by STC Directress Sr. Purisima Pe, assistant high school department principal Musollini Yap and three private citizens—Salome B. Lape, Maria Teresa V. Atienza and Jo-ann A. Zaldumbide, who are either parents or alumna of the school.

“Lest we regress to a culture of juvenile delinquency and errant behavior, the parents and the school need to consciously and constantly take to heart their respective responsibilities,” said a statement issued by lawyers Joan Largo and Bernardito Florido on behalf of the complainants.

“We wish to affirm the overriding responsibility of parents to partner with the school in molding their children into persons of character and integrity,” it said.

The students’ parents earlier sued STC for damages, demanding P1.5 million. The parents also sued STC officials for alleged verbal abuse against the students and for violating a law against voyeurism when the students’ pictures were made public to justify the students’ being barred from graduation rites.

In its suit, STC said the parents “failed to instill in them (students) the virtues required to be instilled in these minors, both by law and traditions.”

STC said the parents “encouraged these minor children to engage in immoral and dissolute life.”

The students’ offenses were detailed in an affidavit executed by STC officials. These include drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking in public and displaying themselves wearing only underwear.

Lawyer Cornelio Mercado, counsel of the parents, described the case as ridiculous. “They are aggravating the issues,” said Mercado.

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  • notmeitsthedog

    A bikini is not an underwear no matter how you disagree with it. It is a bathing/swimming suit. It is a clothing designed for swimmers and bathers. Bigotry and ignorance comes hand in hand. WWJD?

    • boycottstc

      Hmmm. kasi ang mga madre, di makapag swimsuit in public. inggit lang yan. lol. baka gusto nila ipagbawal na lang talaga ang bikini ang swimsuits sa mga beaches, resorts and other public appropriate places. ang mga madreng yan talaga. dapat jan sa STC, i boycott eh. #boycottSTC

  • Gevon


  • paul

    actually i agree with the case filed by the school but only to the extent of neglect as to vices…
    such if not seen or brought to the court, will consider the parents cool and updated, liberal and somewhat understanding parents… But in all legal sense, it is but a violation of law.

    as to the underwear thing… that is subject to debate depending on your point of view. But my logical, reasonable and legal standpoint to it, it is not illegal nor is a violation per se committed by the parents.

    kung yung swimsuit (a.k.a.) bathing suit ang paguusapan, i think, the STC is going overboard and nagpapaka ipokrito talaga sila. naghahanap lang talaga ng palusot. pero on other views like alcoholic beverages and smoking… i totally agree with the skul. dapat kasuhan ang mga pabayang magulang

    • raggster

      The case itself may have legal basis vis-a-vis the vices. The question is, does the school have proper legal standing to sue, especially now that the girls have been graduated from the school and are no longer enrolled students? Seems to me that this is just a red herring to muddle the issues surrounding the lawsuit by the parents against the school.

    • Kahlil

       Nope. Wala tayong pakialam kung paano palakihin ang mga bata. Bakit Paul,nuong high school ka ba di ka uminom or nag yosi? Also: di nila ginawa yun on an official school function. Private moment yun nuong mga tao, wala tayo pake dun. Sorry pero it’s a matter between the parent and child. Not between the school at student. There is a fine line between the two, Paul.

    • cefirrh

      did they really drink? Or was it just that their pictures were taken with bottles of beer around them? They could be just posing. A picture is one thing and having done the alleged is another. 

  • john_constantine

    Malabo manalo yung school.  Lol.  Gusto lang siguro mamaximize ang binabayad nila sa lawyer nila hahahaha.

  • Roving Eye

    This is hypocrisy at it’s best! However, it is not at all surprising since the catholic church here in our country is the epitome of hypocrisy. I am a catholic but I do not agree with a lot of what the CBCP preaches. Just look at their stand on divorce – we are the only country with no divorce law. Even Vatican City has one! 

  • Tim Della

    Hypocrites!!!!!!!! I cannot say more!! I am overwhelmed with disgust over the administration of the school and the dogma of imposing what is moral or not!!! Religion at its best! tsk3

  • ThePattern

    mga ipokrito.

  • rnoldrmada

    This is so unbelievably funny and incredible, too, how this issue has gone far. It’s like taking everyone back to the middle ages or the period of inquistion. Man, next thing we know this is going to be in the vatican for a ruling since I’m sure the secular world will not touch this with a ten foot pole not even the SC which already lost its moral highround. 

  • Jaoh

    Immoral act as described by a malicious mind.

  • Sam

    The STC Taliban are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on
    the inside are full of dead men’s bones and everything unclean.

  • Sam

    “displaying themselves wearing only underwear.”

    A bikini is not underwear, you fracking morons! The STC makes me so angry!!!!!!!!!

    • diamond_digger

       I grew up as a catholic as my lolo was a real spaniard and a truly dvout catholic but this hypocrisy of the STC administrators would make me puke! And they are supposed to be an institution of learning. Cebuanos, are you allowing your children to be raised as ‘morons’ by these people masquerading as educators. Also, spread the news that whosoever in Cebu would need a lawyer, would better stay away from this lawyer moron who initiated the filing of this outrageous complaint. Paano ba yan pumasa sa bar? He’s a disgrace to the bar.

  • JosephNess

    the students should have swam the beach with their complete clothes on, that will be modest for the school to note…LOL..

    • Sam

       Or a nun’s habit from the 15th Century!

  • str8boy

    It’s more fun in the Philippines! Beachgoers wear maong pants and t-shirts when swimming.

  • Sword

    Wow, only in the Philippines!

    • Al Calde

      ur misinformed!

      • Sword

         It’s “you’re”, not “ur.”

  • doublecross

    freedom…freedom…freedom…rights…so, kelan nila mararanasan kung sila  ay oldies na…hehehe

  • boyfarmer

    There are a lot of parents who are guilty of bad child rearing, some have actually neglected the children just look at the streets there are a lot of street children sleeping in the sidewalks, this children  are  future criminals. Where are the parents of this children? there should be a law penalizing parents for bad child rearing

  • Neo

    HA! the hypocrisy of the Catholic faith……
    Kids will be kids.
    You have no right to tell parents how to raise their kids.

    • boyfarmer

       Yes we dont need to tell parents how to raise their kids, look at America, so lenient with children that kids bring guns to school and shoot to death their classmates and teachers.

      Other parents just leave their kids in the street to sniff shabu.

      • tamumd

        America only? Please.. don’t look any further….just look around your backyard!!! Just in Manila alone how many vagrant children do you see? How many homeless, hungry kids do you see begging in the streets? How old are these kids involved in crimes randomly opening taxi doors while in the middle of heavy traffic? What happened to their parents? Oh this issue is not only limited to killings and carrying guns and using drugs!!! It also touches on the honesty and dealing of government officials!!! Just look around your government it’s fraught with corruption in every direction….. considering you’re supposedly a catholic country!!!!

  • Felix Gaboc

    Wow….nag bikini lang, bad child-rearing na ang tawag dyan. Nagamit pa ang Anti-child abuse law?!

    • boyfarmer

       so let your daughters wear bikini in public place, in the beach or swimming resorts so eyes of men will feast looking at them.

      • Bansot

        I don’t know which part of the world you are from or what religion you belong to, but I don’t believe that all men will eye feastly on someone’s body simply because she is wearing bikini. Maybe only those who have dirty minds or with uncivilized orientation. In Australia, US, Canada, and other countries in Europe there are beaches for nude bathers , but they don’t have any problem with that. Everything depends on your orientation, customs and tradition. You can see beauty contestants in bikinis all over the world and that is an accepted practise.

    • Rolito


  • DVeridian

    Now here’s one news I’d probably hear:  

    STCC changes name, prescribes new uniform and school rules

    CEBU CITY – STCC, formerly St. Theresa’s College of Cebu, has officially changed its name to St. Taliban College for Morally Apt Girls of Cebu.  Also, the nuns running the school have also prescribed new uniforms for its students; in order to reflect its new name and moral/spiritual philosophy, students are now required to wear the burqa, a head piece traditionally worn by Afghan women, and should be covered from hair to toenails.  The school has also changed its Goldilocks Bakeshop-style uniform to plain black to hide any suggestion of body curves and humps.  Any exposure of skin or nail, whether accidental or intentional, shall be dealt with the full extent of Judaic moral law by the new director of discipline, aptly named Mussolini Yap.  Also, the school has imposed a new set of rules, with an emphasis on school violations that concern indecent exposure and parental supervision. One rule of note is on the mere verbal mention and written use of the words “alcohol,” “cigarettes,” “bikini,” “sex/sexual,” “intercourse,” “penis” and “vagina.” by the students while in school premises.  They are also banning the use of cameras and devices with photographic capabilities such as camera phones, computer tablets and laptops both in the students’ homes and in school premises, believing that photography is the work of the devil and it snatches the soul of those whose almost nude pictures are taken. Any violation shall be met with the newest form of punishment being imposed by the school, mainly first by stoning then by slow slicing, to be done by the nuns and the director themselves to erring students.  Parents are not exempt, as they will be dealt with through the exposure of the guilty children’s compromising pictures, clad in bikini costumes through the school’s official website and social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. A parent who disagrees and sues the school will be required to attend a nine-and-a-half hour lecture and “debriefing” by the school’s newest morality director, Atty. Jo Imbong, whose knowledge of Philippine secular laws and Vatican and Taliban laws and statutes will be used to remind them of the severity of their errors.  “Before we punish the children, the parents deserve our high moral-grounding lecture so that they will set a good example to their children,” said Atty. Imbong, who is very much excited that she almost wet her knickers upon Malacanang’s announcement of her appointment as Ambassador to the Holy See. 

    Already, parents of the school children and former alumna are decrying the school’s methods, which hark back to the Dark Ages.  They are also threatening to withdraw school donations, but the school administration is not yielding.  “We are purifying the school’s image after its pollution by the erring students.  We may have lost and allowed those immoral female dogs to graduate, but we are back with a vengeance.  Let us purify society by getting them into schools with astronomically high moral standards.  The new St. Taliban College for Morally Apt Girls will cover them, literally from head to foot, and morally with our new set of rules for a future meant for them: a life of virginity through convent life, or a family life devoid of pleasures of the flesh,” said Sr. Purisisisima Pe vda de Sto. Cristo, head of the STCMAG.

    • Wilder

       Very well said….Just a defense for their hypocrisy..

    • diamond_digger

      I thought the new name is: SCHOOL OF TWISTED CONCEPTS.  And by the way, it may help expose the hypocrites to ask all readers who may have personally known the dictators to find out if any of their relatives are wearing the now controversial ‘bikinis or with pictures exposing some skin or cleavage. The Facebook may be a contain a trove of evidences against these hypocrites. And you know what, it seems that this hypocrite of a nun may not have really read the Bible. Mahiya ka naman madam!

  • jarjargon

    They should change the name from St. Theresa’s College to St. Theresa’s Monastery of Nuns.

  • mangtomas

    Why do lawyers even take these cases

  • mangtomas

    Why do lawyers even take these cases

    • TeabagDeluxe

      Easy money.

  • rem1911

    The Catholic church should reprimand this nuns for being over zealous.They are giving the church a bad name, common sue drug addicts, rapist or murderers. But to sue parents for letting their kids wear “swimsuits” wow it’s simply absurd. Do they have personal knowledge that the kids drank or used cigarettes, were they actually even there. Anyway is drinking and using a cigarette a CRIME? common they should get a life…

  • Nelj

    Sue the school for violating the same law and under the same charge.  The school “failed to instill in them (students) the virtues required to be instilled in these minors, both by law and traditions.”  The anguish experienced by these minors because they were barred from attending the graduation rites was abuse by itself. Ridiculous!  Hypocrisy at its peak!

  • bahog_itlog

    Tapos na sana ang issue, binuhay pa. 

    • Rolito

      baho ka man itlog,bogok tingali !

  • bong

    Are they nuns?  They’re acting unchristian.

  • $5699914

    Nag-bikini lang, imoral na?

    • popeyee

      Oo nga, yong mga nasa night club nga ni bikini wala pero walang nakasuhang mga saka yong mga minor na nangre-rape at nakakapatay hindi rin nakakasuhan yong mga magulang…

      • Rolito


  • $16638896

    ridiculous! kelan pa pwedeng manghimasok ang isang institution para sa pagpapalaki ng anak? anong karapatan nila magdikta sa magulang? sino sila para magsabi na mali ito at tama silang mga madre? mga self righteous anmputa!
    pwede lng makialam ang isang institution kung sinasaktan na nila ung mga bata. in the end, magulang pa din ang may last say para sa mga anak nila lalo na kung minors ito. tangnang school yan. kung ako may anak jan papaliptain ko na nung skul, mga walang kwentang madre amputa!

    • Aspo resurrection

      have you been enrolled in a private school like STC?Well, mayroon akong 4 yrs experience dyan sa STC if you failed to follow schools rules/classroom rules buti pa huwag ka nalang pumasok.Iba dyan, parents lang ang pwedeng kuma-usap sa principal tungkol sa warnings mo.Ang student di pwedeng siya lang pupunta’t hihingi ng forgiveness sa principal dapat alam ng parents at dapat nandoon ang parents.Nangyari sa akin yan dalawang beses kaya pangatlo (I was in my 4th yr) nag-quit nalang…

      • $16638896

         nandun nko sa school rules pero ibang usapan na kapag ang mentality ng mga namumuno sa skul like principal at teacher na mas magaling sila sa mga magulang.

  • wehd1nga

    ang kulit!!! eto talaga mga madre na ito di marunong makahalata niloloko lang sila ng nakuha nila abogado, una hindi ginalang ang TRO ni judge, ngayon eto naman nag sampa pa ng reklamo laban sa magulang ng mga bata, HOY! attorney no case halatang pine-perahan mo lang ang mga madre ng STC tigilan mo kalokohan na yan.

  • white scorpion

    my child is also enrolled in catholic school. next time we went to beach. i’ll see to it they wear their PAJAMAS.


    I went to a catholic high school before, these NUNS are out of touch from reality, the judge should not intertain this kind of stupidity.
    I am a parent now too, since when that if teenage girls use bikinis is a failed parenting. adn for them to not allow those kids to be a part of thier graduation ceremonies is unchirstian and only ignorant people could do such things.
    the community should let this school know that thier intrusion in thier lives is not welcome.

  • Raphael

    idedemanda ko din ang school ko dahil 6 years ako sa high school!!hahahaha

  • opinyonlangpo

    I think these nuns live in their own little perfect world. After what they did to those kids they still have the gut to sue the parents. And they are what again? A catholic school? Christian school? Its very christian like I suppose. What the school did was very traumatic for the kids and could curse the church for the rest of their lives include their grandchildren lives too. As an spectator, I see it more as a failure of the school for the kids to do as they did rather than as a failure of the parents. That is what schools are for.

    • Observer18

      These nuns are just sexually repressed, and envious of the girls who are showing off with their bikinis.

  • 711sense

    Last time I check, wearing bikini is not a crime. If you don’t believe me, go to any beach anywhere in the Philippines and arrest everyone wearing bikini there and we will see who is going to jail. This is what you call, religion gone haywire and their attorney is in cohorts with the school.

  • GustoKoHappyKa

    ay naku sina mother gusto ata naka baro’t saya pa ang mga babae pag maligo sa beach..

  • Rolito

    go go STC offense is the best defense !

  • Amber_2012

    Anong klase kayong alagad nang dios sisirain nyo buhay nang bata….

  • Erin Masangcay

    what stc did is correct. I have studied in STC since prep to high school.

    what kind of parent are you if you allow your daughter to drink alcoholic beverage and smoke cigarettes? wearing a bikini is not the issue here but her actions while wearing it and posing it all in the internet for the whole world to see. 

  • breadstick

    is the issue underage drinking or wearing bikini?

  • basti2682

    I can sense the student body in this school to be dwindling soon.

  • $5699914

    Minors wearing bikini, their parents being charges with child abuse in the court!

    Minors being put in the front line of demonstrations and rallies by the far-left groups, their parents go scot-free. They reason out, it’s a democratic country.

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