Aquino ‘good news’ not good enough

President slammed for ‘disconnect’ with PH laborers


TWO IN ONE Antiriot police block protesters on their way to Mendiola from getting too close to the United States embassy in Manila on Tuesday. The militants condemn last week’s Philippine-US joint military exercises even as they also take to the streets to demand wage increases and better benefits on May Day which is observed almost universally as Labor Day. NIÑO JESUS ORBETA

The “good news” that President Benigno Aquino III announced at his breakfast meeting with labor leaders on Labor Day Tuesday was not good enough for workers.

The package of benefits that Mr. Aquino unveiled included an P11.2-billion educational assistance fund for members of the Social Security System and the Government Service Insurance System; a P1.1-billion scholarship program for the youth; and the advance release in June of P2.7 billion in salary increases for government employees.

“Another good news is that there will be a quarterly dialogue to discuss and address the demands of the workers,” said Budget Secretary Florencio Abad who announced the package of benefits before thousands of workers gathered at Don Chino Roces (formerly Mendiola) Bridge near Malacañang.

The President rejected calls for a P125 across-the-board increase for minimum wage earners, saying the economy could not afford it, that it would scare off foreign investors and would lead to layoffs.

Some 15,000 members of the newly formed Nagka1sa coalition of labor groups gave Abad a courteous applause while he left the stage along with presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda and presidential adviser on political affairs Ronald Llamas.

A group of Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) street sweepers were hardly impressed by Abad’s pronouncement.

“Promises again. I hope they make good on their word this time,” one of the street sweepers, who asked not to be named, said.

Lorna, 25, said MMDA street sweepers were paid P254.55 daily as contractual workers and had not been given a chance to be regular employees.

“I have been working here for three years. We have to buy our own brooms and dustpans, and pay for our own uniforms,” she said.


Lorna said that she was assigned to sweep 1,000 square meters of Edsa without hazard pay. “They promised to raise our daily pay to P404 last year but until now they have not. The increase would have meant so much to our families,” she said.

The moderate Associated Labor Unions-Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (ALU-TUCP) joined the Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU), Partido ng Manggawa (PM) and Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino in castigating the President for his “disconnect” with the country’s laborers.

“President Aquino disappointed the thousands of workers who went to Mendiola waiting to hear his good news. He failed the workers and yet he doesn’t get it,” said Alan Tanjusay, ALU-TUCP advocacy officer.

Tanjusay said President Aquino’s computation to illustrate how unreasonable the [P125 across-the-board] increase for minimum wage earners was a signal to regional wage boards and Congress to thumb down any significant wage increase.

“It is also to project that he knows the issue very well when in fact he obviously doesn’t,” he added.

[In his computation, the President said the country could not afford the P125 across-the-board wage increase for 40 million workers as the amount would cost the economy a whopping P1.43 trillion.

4.3M unpaid workers

Mr. Aquino was referring to the entire labor force of 40.3 million as of January 2012, both employed and underemployed. Among the 37.4 million who were employed were 4.3 million unpaid family workers, according to the National Statistics Office (NSO).]

Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz defended the President. “The President just can’t remove the present system of wage boards because that is the law,” she told reporters at the Department of Labor and Employment’s jobs fair in Pasay City.

Baldoz said wage boards in Metro Manila, the Ilocos Region, Central Luzon and the Cordillera Administration Region were tackling wage hike petitions and would come out with their decisions soon.

“The commitment of NCR [Metro Manila] is that they’ll come out with their decision within this month. Even if the anniversary of the last wage hike is still on May 26, they decided on Monday to already start with the public consultations,” Baldoz said.

Grace Lee luckier

PM chairman Renato Magtubo said Grace Lee, the President’s  “girlfriend,” was “far luckier than private sector workers” for Mr. Aquino had “surprises for (her) but no gifts for (workers) on Labor Day.”

“The recently released ‘Global Wage Report’ of the ILO (International Labor Organization) notes that workers in the Philippines are among the lowest paid in the world and wages are falling still. But President Aquino remains deaf and blind to the call for salary increase,” Magtubo said.

He said low wages particularly afflicted women workers and even those with high educational attainment.

KMU said the administration had nothing to brag about the country’s employment situation, saying Mr. Aquino’s first full year in office witnessed a measly decrease in unemployment.

Security of tenure

The labor center cited data for 2011 from the NSO showing a reduction in the ranks of the unemployed from 7.3 percent to 7 percent, amounting to a measly 100,000 reduction.

The KMU also said that the increase in the underemployed from 18.8 percent in 2010 to 19.3 percent in 2011—which translates to more than 186,000—showed that it was low-quality jobs which accounted for the slight increase in employment.

“Despite the growing clamor from workers and the poor, he refuses to junk contractualization and implement a significant wage hike. He blackmails workers voicing these demands with the threat of massive layoffs,”  KMU chairman Elmer Labog said.

At Chino Roces Bridge, most of the protesters, including government employees, food-chain employees, seafarers and hospital workers, clamored for the certification by the President of the security of tenure bill for the public and private sectors as urgent and for a reasonable wage increase.

Magtubo told the Philippine Daily Inquirer that while a P30 minimum daily wage increase would be good enough for a worker to buy a kilo of rice, P90 would be the most workers could ask for to afford a sack of the staple.

Letter for President

It was Magtubo who personally handed a letter for the President to Abad’s group. The letter listed at least six demands which included the immediate passage of the security of tenure bill to do away with contractualization; the President’s support for an across-the-board wage increases for the public and private sectors; repeal of the oil deregulation law and the energy and power industry reform act; and the prevention of violent demolitions in informal settlements.

Abad, addressing the protesters, repeatedly assured that the President would thoroughly study the wish list of the coalition.

Katherine Loh, the subregional secretary for Southeast Asia of the Public Services International, led a contingent of some 70 foreign labor leaders from several Asian countries to ask for the Asian Development Bank to take full responsibility for the energy crisis in Mindanao.

On right path

Jeff Johnson, ILO country director, said the Aquino administration was “taking the right path” and was trying to find solutions for the country’s labor woes.

“This is no ordinary Labor Day. Many countries throughout the world had been facing a lot of challenges since the [global] economic crisis of 2008. The challenge we’re facing here in the Philippines is how to turn growth and development into decent and productive work,” Johnson said in an interview at the World Trade Center in Pasay City where the jobs fair was held.

“Is the government on the right path? Yes … They’ve acknowledged the problems and they’re looking at ways to address these. I also know the public can be frustrated, these things take time. Twenty-four months might seem like a lot (but) this administration in the last 24 months had got a lot of things started,” he said. With report a from Julliane de Jesus, trainee

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  • patriotic_act

    I suggest magtipid.. or if one minimum wage earner can waste 2 or 3 of his/her 10 kids it will help, sadly its not that simple.

    Bottomline, magtiis, downgrade your lifestyle and work harder and for those with already 3+ children? neuter yourselves.

  • Al Calde

    Quarterly dialogue with the workers?!!! What for? Para mapag budgetan nanaman, at wlang patutunguhan na pag-uusap?! Until now these lousy leaders have no idea on what the workers need!

    1. We need a decent wage from these greedy employers whose profit are ten times more from the capital!!! 
    2. Less working hours.. from 40 to 35/hrs per week..
    3. Well compensated when working on Bank Holidays and Sundays- means a double pay and a rest day after working
    4. more annual leave entitlement- 4 weeks with pay!
    5. Sabbatical leave after 2 years of service.

    • pickledtrout

      or start your own business and make it the way you like it. if you dont like what you make then quit and start your own business and provide to your employees your system of fairness

      • Al Calde

        ur deceive by ur employer.. these are my entitlements and im telling u these are also possible in the Phils talagang garapal lang talaga ang mga negosyante sa atin… Ang totoo nyan lugi sila sa profit, gusto nila boung-buo at utang na loob mo pa na nakapag trabaho sa kanila..

        Ang tawag dito?! SAKIM

        SAKIM na pickledtrout!

  • michael_angelo

    Mabuti na yung may trabaho kesa wala, kung gusto nyo mataas na sweldo, e di mag abroad… simpol solution…

  • isalexus

    ““The President just can’t remove the present system of wage boards because that is the law,”  AND THAT IS WHY WANGWANG WAS VOTED IN AS PRESIDENT so that he can make STEPS to CHANGE THAT LAW AND IMPROVE THE LOT OF THE MADLANGBAYAN!!!! Ka hina naman ng ulo– if he does not understand why he was elected as president!!!!!!!!!

  • isalexus

    “The President just can’t remove the present system of wage boards because that is the law,”  HOW COME lT DOES NOT DETER WANGWANG TO EXACT REVENGE– LAW OR NO LAW-AGAINST THOSE WHO WERE AGAINST HIM?

  • tony

    It really does not matter how much wage increase any president gives to the workers, it will never be enough. What people fail to realize is that there are 2 sides to wages – one side pays the wages and the other side receives the wages. If the employee demands and gets a high wage increase, that simply means that the employer needs to make up for the added wages somewhere as the employer needs to make a profit in order to make the business viable. And in order for the employer to achieve this, they end up raising the prices of their products which in the end the employees end paying for anyway. That is what capitalism is all about. If the workers do not like this system, then they are free to migrate to any one of the few communist countries still surviving.

    • isalexus

      Totally Agree with you! AND- that is where Wangwang has to do the “balancing” act to try and reach a “compromise” in his socio-economic program ( IF HE HAS ONE– HE BETTER COME OUT WITH IT NOW!!)m instead of Noynoying!!

  • santosboi

    pnoy  cant you get the message? all we want is today! what you could on today! we dont want to hear on what would you gonna do for our tomorrow. all we want is today! what you could promise us for today! matalino ka kaya ka naging presidente! wag ka padadala sa payo ng alam mong mali! di porke di ka komporme sa negosyante ay iiwan na nila tayo! magaling ang pinoy! malaking pang hihinayang kung iiwan nila tayo! manalig ka sa galing natin! wag sa payo ng namumuhunan! tatagan mo lang! nsa likod mo kami!

  • Kudi

    GREED is human nature.   doesn’t matter if you have  100, 1,000,  100,000 or 1,000.000 million pesos in your pocket.  you would always want to have  more.    

    in short,  ang tao walang kasiyahan.

    • santosboi

      hindi nila hiniling yan dahil sa di sila kuntento! hiniling yan kasi talagang indi ito sapat! taong 1994 pa dapat na ang minimum wage ay 800pesos kada araw para makasapat. kung magaling kang mamumuno.. gagawan mo to ng paraan!

      • reformist


      • santosboi

        subukan sana muna ng presidente na dingin ang hiling ng manggagawa! at gawan ito ng parran kung talagang di ito makatarungan para sa namumuhunan.

      • Kudi

        obviously, kailangan mong magbasa ng history ng pilipinas.   
        sinong presidente ng pinas na  nakuntento hindi lang ang mga manggagawa kundi karamihan sa pilipino?  wala!

        bakit wala?  kasi imposible!   magugunaw na ang mundo hindi mangyayari ang mga iniisip ninyo na very subjective in the first place.

        yeah,  kung magsalita kayo parang ang daling gawin.

      • santosboi

        bakit nasubukan mo na bang magka increase ng sweldo na 125pesos per day? bakit ng gawin yan ng kumpayang pinasukan ko di naman sila naghirap? lahat ng empleyado( nasa 900 ang bilang ng empleyado) pa motorsiklo! pa kotse lahat ng manager at supervisor nito! bakit hanggang ngayon matatag sila? kala mo lang imposible!

      • Christopher

        lawakan sana ang pag-iisip. hindi lahat ng kompanya, capable magbigay ng katulad ng sa inyo. Malamang kayang ibigay sa inyong kompanya ang gnayang increase dahil malaki ang kinikita nila. Hindi mo maikukumpara ang isang kompanya na may 900 na empleyado sa isang bansa na merong milyong-milyon na trabahador.

  • santosboi

    bat kami dati last 2002. lugmok din ang kahirapan ng namumuhunan na dayo. pero ang natanggap naming increase eh umabot ng 125 pesos per day. pero hindi nalugi ang kumpanya kundi lalo itong lumakas. kalokohan na pag tinaas mo ang sweldo ng manggagawa eh kahulugan na ng katapusan ginoong pnoy! mali ka dyan! 

  • dan4321

    WHAT THE FILIPINOS SHOULD KNOW.You elected the President and expected him to make a SUDDEN CHANGE and IMPROVEMENT yet you didn’t realize you were suffering already prior to
    electing him. Secondly,your SUFFERINGS are not isolated in the WORLD. Even here in the US
    workers are demanding for Higher Wages,while many stil lost and are losing their JOBS. Pls.
    be realistic,give time for the Government and the Private Employers. Going to the street as fast as you can WILL NEVER SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

    • santosboi

      indi porke naghihirap ang manggagawa ng US dapat ganun na din tayo o anumang bansa na kaalyado nito! bakit me bansang di nag dudusa sa liit ng sweldo? bakit kabilang tayo sa naghihirap? bakit ang singapore di naman ganoon? bakit ang malaysia di rin ganoon na katulad natin? dapat yan ang mga talakayin na pagtuunan ng mga namumuno!

  • santosboi

    indi porke naghihirap ang manggagawa ng US dapat ganun na din tayo o anumang bansa na kaalyado nito! bakit me bansang di nag dudusa sa liit ng sweldo? bakit kabilang tayo sa naghihirap? bakit ang singapore di naman ganoon? bakit ang malaysia di rin ganoon na katulad natin? dapat yan ang mga talakayin na pagtuunan ng mga namumuno!

  • tadasolo

    Here we go again with these militant organization. Same old argument without recommending solutions to our deep structural problem. They are wasting their time and effort and blaming others including capitalism while China their benefactor before have abandoned socialism in favor of controlled capitalism meaning you can make money as long as we are in power. The Philippines should provide targeted solutions and most of them are not political in nature. All it is for government to allow private and multi-national corporations to provide the resources and make us compete in a increasing globalized economy. The failure to do this has encouraged most of our people to move abroad and find jobs and bring home a lot of good ideas. The narrative is to support good work and encouraged the Filipinos to excel. I left the Philippines 36 years ago and are in contact with a lot of successful engineers from the Philippines in the USA with advance degrees and they are all interested in helping. The major perception we have in the Philippines is “It is not ready to do business” The climate for business is chronically against foreign capital. You should emulate Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Vietnam and now Burma. The solutions are NOT NEW FACES in government but the SYSTEM of stability for foreign capital and work to move in. Militant organizations and some leftist politicians are calling these exploitation but look at how our neighbors have prospered to the so called “EXPLOITATION”.

  • dan4321

    I somewhat agree with you santosboi,yet my point is,there is no one and/or quick solution to the problem in the Philippines.GRAFT and CORRUPTION,OVERPOPULATION,LACK of DISCIPLINE are but Few of the ISSUES that COMPLICATE the problem.Besides increasing the wage of the workers will not Totally eradicate POVERTY. And besides Singapore has fewer mouths to feed as compared to their supplies.

    • santosboi

      dan have a ratio! indi yan usapin ng population! oo sandamakmak ang tao at corruption sa bansa! dahil ba dyan titigil na tayo? indi ba sila pede pakulong para tumino ang bansa? ang akala ba natin kaya umunlad ang bansang israel at singapore at iba pa kasi kunsintidor sila sa ng masasama? we are the most disciplined people! wala lang naniniwala nito sa atin mismo. 

      • nestleraisinets

        most disciplined people? Nakow po… 

      • isalexus

        Sama ako sa iyo– “most disciplined people”- buwahahahaha!

      • zouk28

        “we are the most disciplined people”?????? lumalabas ka ba ng bahay?

      • dan4321

        santosboi hindi ko sinasabing titigil na tayo para sa ikakaunlad ng bansa,pls do read again my previous comment and try to open your brains.You also pointed the discipline,yet it is clear to me that you have a myopic view about it.Try to TRAVEL outside your country and you will see the difference.Or better yet,go out of your house,just go to Malls,go to  Bars,or Restaurants.Just go to Public Washrooms and you will notice the Discipline of the People.Or even in your neighborhood. Sa tingin mo disiplinado na tayo kasi hindi mo pa nakita ang diperensya.Walang umiihi sa labas dito my friend.Walang nagtatapon na lang ng kalat sa kalye,or kung nagdadrive ka,hindi mo na lang basta basta itatapon kalat mo sa daan.Hindi rin nagtutulakan mga tao dito,kung pila pila talaga.Mga tao dito sa Bus Stop talaga naghihintay ng masakyan.Hindi lang dito sa US,pati sa Hong Kong at Singapore.Ganun din sa Karamihang bansa sa Europe.Wala ka rin makikita na humihingi ng suhol ang mga empleyado sa Airport,though sa iba may mga namamalimos rin,pero hindi mga empleyado. I should know.
        Though hindi ko rin sinasabi na walang corruption dito,meron din,mas TALAMAK nga lang dyan sa PILIPINAS. I hope you got my POINT.

      • Francis Allan

        The most disciplined people? Are you still dreaming? Gumising ka na. Lumabas ka ng bahay at sobrang daming tambay. Kasi naman mga tamad, mahihina ang loob (kunware inaapi tulad ng mga soap opera natin), at di nag iisip upang umasenso!

  • Jon70

    If P125 is too much of an increase…try P100. The point is, the workers must have an increase to at least compensate the increasing prices of commodities and services.

  • sleepy

    these protesters are the very same people who voted for Pnoy to presidency…what now?…you deserve the government you voted for….

  • SeanPhilippe

    Get real.

    Would you rather have a job or would you rather have the business close down, move somewhere else or simply close down?

    Cheap labor are what businesses looks for.

    Here’s the breakdown of daily wages in countries close to us, as listed by ECOP:

    China: $3.75-$5.00
    Thailand: $5.20-$5.90
    Indonesia: $2.90-$3.00
    Cambodia: $2
    Vietnam: $2.20

    Daily wage in Metro Manila: Approx.: $10

    The issue should not be on wages but the lack of equal opportunity in the country.

    Employers should hire employees regardless of age, s.e.x, religion, ethnicity and they should not discriminate on what school you graduated.

    These labor groups is nothing more but a bully regardless who is the President and they do not really represent the welfare of the employees.

    • Yxon

      add to it the list of companies in the country closed down due to their efforts

    • Handiong_Haringmakabayan

      Right. The real motive of these communist barbarians is to bring down the legitimate government and install their imbecile tyrant Joma.

  • joerizal

    KMU and other fake unions: Gusto niyo bigyan kayo ng isda at ayaw niyong turuan kayong mangisda?

    Ayaw niyo nito

        P11.2-billion educational assistance fund
        P1.1-billion scholarship program for the youth
        advance release in June of P2.7 billion in salary increases for government employees

    Gusto niyo eto:
        passage of the security of tenure bill
        across-the-board wage increases for the public and private sectors
        repeal of the oil deregulation law and energy and power industry reform act
        the prevention of violent demolitions in informal settlements.

    Dapat ito gawin niyo:
        Mag-aral at magtrabaho kayo!!!! Mga tamad.

  • isalexus

    Taas ang sahod– dapat may kahambing na taas rin ang productivity! Kung wala ito– inflationary ang taas ng sahod at ang mangyayari ay tumaas man ang sahod pero nawawala naman ang “buying power”— kaya balik sa dati – hindi pa rin sapat ang sahod lumaki lang  ang bilangan!

  • Al Calde

    The ” sick man of Asia” is also of Home of the Greedy Businessmen!!!

    These businessmen would rather spend their monies bribing our politicians to keep the wages to the lowest of the low than give a salary increase to the workers who made them rich!!!!

  • balut123

    Until we solve the population explosion in the Philipines…hindi aangat ang buhay ng mga maralita.

  • Raven

    Namamayagpag ang mga huwad at traidor sa mga manggagawa na labor leaders sa Mendiola kahapon Labor Day. Nandiyan ang Partido Manggagawa kunwari laban ng laban sa issue ng PAL tuta naman pala ni Lucio Tan. Nandiyan ang Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL) na tuta naman ng Noytards na presidente. Nandiyan ang TUCP na puro company/yellow unions (unions for a fee). Nandiyan din ang KMU na kunwari rah rah rah puro pawelga mangongotong lang pala (kunwari para sa kilusan yun pala para sa bulsa ng mga tulisan). Kawawang manggagawang Pilipino. Mabibilang na lang sa daliri ang natitirang matinong grupo sa kilusang paggawa.

  • yumahuman

    Holy cow! The Philippines have a lower unemployment rate (7%) than the US (8.2%)? Could it be the data is inaccurate that makes the numbers look better than what it is.

    • 070844

       It is naive to believe any statistic released by any Philippine government agency.

      Working just one day a month makes you employed! GDP growth is mostly inflation

  • K Fun

    Bakit ba di i-encourage ang mag small business instead of being an employee?  Ang gusto kasi ng lahat ay puro ibigay ibigay ang nararapat sa atin at kung tayo naman ang empleyado—puro facebook ang inaatupag at pangalawa lang ang trabaho.  Kung sarili mong business ang inaatupag mo, tiyak tututukan mo yan para ka kumita.  Tingnan mo ang Hong Kong—with all the overpopulation that it has, Kokonti lang ang kumakain sa bahay at sa labas o street food kumakain ang karamihan.  Nabubuhay ang mga small entrepreneurs na kain kainan lang ang business nila.  We have to start somewhere and to imbibe good work attitude ang kailangan nating mga pilipino at hindi puro lang hingi ng hingi sa ating Pangulo na di masyado makagalaw.

    • antonioluna

      there is no way a small legitimate businesses will survive in a free enterprise, in order for the small businesses to survive our government should protect their own, almost every existing laws here in pinas is in protection of foreign interest.
      one plain example is a close van cannot use edsa during business hours but multi-national comapanies are exempted from this policy, as simple as that.

  • dan4321

    Obviously this santosboi has a myopic view of almost everything.It’s useless exchanging ideas with him,yung pinapaniwalaan lang nya ang gusto nya paniwalaan.How I wish he would have traveled and stayed in other countries.Or how I wished he would have learned a lot from school.
    RIGHT EDUCATION indeed HELPS A LOT.Hindi kaya nya na narealize,bakit umuunlad na ang CHINA ngayon? At bakit karamihang companies/corporations from US at EUROPE pumunta sa CHINA? Unang una,mababa ang pasweldo sa kanila or CHEAP LABOR,then hindi TALAMAK ang CORRUPTION or mahigpit and GOBYERNONG KOMUNISMO though hindi ko sinasabi
    na sinusuportahan ko karamihang prinsipyo or gawain ng KOMUNISMO.Ang usapan dito sapat na sahod and walang corruption at magiging productive ang both employees and employers and in the long run,uunlad ang bansa.

    • antonioluna

      i agree bro, china is now in progress because they protect their own interest unlike here in pinas where our government protects foreign interest.

  • isbuk02

    It’s not bad at all,  P11.2-billion educational assistance fund, P1.1-billion scholarship program for the youth and advance increase of salary for government employees.

    You are still very lucky to have this perks. Here in UK, we haven’t had any salary increase for almost 3 years now. Average price of gasoline is £1.50/L, diesel is £1.61/L food and clothings are up and worst is we are in a double recession with only point 2% GDP this first quarter of the year. But you know what? we do manage to survive by doing overtime, doing extra job even if you hate it and trying to save some if you have extra money. Let’s just be grateful for whatever we have, live a simple life and work hard to provide a decent life for your family.

  • jose

    Legislating or decrring a wage increase is the worst thing a goverment could do as investor’s could just simply back up their bags and move to countries like Vietnam, and Cambodia w/c has only $2 average wage. Life is tough every where, ti-is, ti-is lang muna.

    Mabuti na iyong may trabaho kesa wala.

  • KapitanBagwis

    The reason why big business in USA moved and outsourced their business because of high wages. Now USA have unemployment problem.  How can we attract more business to come into the country if businessman will see all these different unions and organizations rallying and protesting for more pay. How can we compete economically with other third world countries?

    • kismaytami

      You’re wrong, the reason why big business in USA moved and outsourced their business away from USA is GREED in profits.

      • KapitanBagwis

        Wrong??? From where are you anyway? If you are not from USA you have no idea how much labor are making here per hour. If they can only outsource patients in the hospital they will do it. Not only salaries but benefits like health insurance that is why some workers in USA are contractual. Of course business needs to make profits. And be happy because of outsourcing Filipinos shared some of the business like call centers.
        And I hope next time don’t bluntly say someone else opinion is wrong and you are right. Learn to respect others opinion.

    • antonioluna

      how can a laborer live decently if you they have no purchasing power?
      FYI, economy is both labor and business, economy here in pinas suffers because the existing laws are biased and protect only the businesses and not both.
      huwag kang masyadong nagmamarunong puro sablay naman mga sinasabi mo

      • KapitanBagwis

        Opinion mo lang yun. Sablay??? Kaya pala hangga ngayon ganito Pilipinas dahil sa mga taong ang katwiran gaya mo. Bakit hindi ikaw ang gumawa ng batas kung talagang
        magaling ka? Sige samahan mo silang mag rally baka sakaling tumaas ang sweldo nila kung ikaw ang kasama kasi magaling ka. Bilib ka din lang sa sarile mo.

        Mas marunong ka pa sa nagpapatakbo ng gobierno. At matuto kang gumalang sa opinion ng iba kung may pinagaralan ka

      • antonioluna

        iba ang opinyon sa gusto mong palabasin na facts na yang sinasabi mo, sablay naman.
        FYI ulit, hindi kailangan nga mga laborer na magrally para magkaroon ng just compensation, kailangan lang mayroong isang straight na gobyerno dahil kapag straight ang gobyerno makikita nya ang pangangailangan ng labor force at business sector.

      • KapitanBagwis

        Nakita mo o nabasa mo ba ang sinabi ng presidente. Kapag itinaas ang sweldo,ang gagawin ng mga negosyante itataas ang halaga ng bilihin para habulin ang pagtaas ng sahod ang resulta “inflation” Ilagay mo ang sarile mo bilang isang negosyante at sinabi sa iyong itaas mo ang sahod ng tauhan mo, siyempre susunod ka pero itataas mo din ang halaga ng produkto mo para habulin yung taas ng sahod. Meron bang logic? Sablay ba? Maliit pa ako naririnig ko na yang Mayo Uno sa pag protesta, hangga ngayon wala pa din straight na gobierno para sa inyo. Anong straight na gobierno? Meron bang perfecto sa mundo. Bakit ganyan kalakas ang China? Kasi ang labor nila meron lang ration mula sa pagkain hanggang sa damit at sapatos kaya naipagbibili nila ng mura ang produkto nila. Hindi ko alam kung alam mo yun.
        At yung opinion ko wala akong hinihikayat na maniwala. Lahat tayo dito sa forum ang post natin opinion or speculation or conjecture. Kung gusto mo mang sagutin magpakatao ka ng salita. Tingnan mo ang mga post ko dito kung meron akong binastos. Kung meron man dahil sa sumagot lamang ako gaya sa iyo.

      • antonioluna

        haha kung magsalita ka pa parang nakarating ka na sa china, sablay talaga, ang straight na gobyerno ay katulad ng mga gobyerno sa first world countries dahil ang mga batas nila doon ay balanse, ibig sabihin hindi kumikiling sa labor at hindi rin kumikiling sa negosyante, total kung magsalita ka ay parang nakarating ka na sa china eh, subukan mo ring pumunta sa france para makita mo ang ibig kong sabihin.

      • KapitanBagwis

        Kita mo na dak dak ka ng dak dak hindi mo alam ang sinasabi mo. Ayaw kong magayabang pero nakita mo handle ko Kapitan? Kapitan ako ng barko at isa sa narating ko ang China at North Korea. Kaya huwag kang masyadong kasisiguro sa kausap mo. Galing din ako sa Southern France sa Brest and Lorient.

        First world countries ba ika mo? Alam mo ba kung saan ako nakatira? Ang Area Code ng phone ko is (813), hanapin mo kung saan yan. Mapapahiya ka sa akin mamang antonioluna.

      • antonioluna

         ahahaha, halatang yabang ka lang puro sablay mga pinagsasabi mo, parang nakikipagkwentuhan ka lang sa kanto

      • KapitanBagwis

         Hanggang dyan ka na lang. Wala kang binatbat. Akala mo siguro kung sino lang yung kausap mo. Ingat ka hindi ito kanto boy gaya mo.

      • antonioluna

        hanggang yabang ka lang dahil masahol ka pa sa tambay hehehe, baka kapitan ka ng bangka dahil kung totoong kapitan ka ng barkong naglalayag sa buong mundo dapat alam mo na kung ano ang totoo sa mga lugar na napuntahan mo eh puro sablay ka eh, puro tsimis lang pinagsasabi mo.

      • Michael

        anong logic ni kapitan? dahil kapitan siya, bright na siya? hehehe, mapapahiya yata yan sa akin pag nagkita kami, hehehe. kung mas mataas ako sa kanya, ibig sabihin mas bright ako sa kanya. parang sablay talaga si kapitan.

      • antonioluna

        yon nga bro, puro sablay ang sinasabi, sana lang based on facts parang propagandista ang dating eh hehehe

      • Michael

        sablay pa din. ang alam ko, kung wrong ang data, kahit correct and multiplication, wrong pa din ang answer. 40 million ang labor force? tinatakot lang tayo ng manlilinlang. transparency lang naman ang dulo nito, konting hingi lang sa malaking tubo ng mga mayayamang kapitalista. hindi naman ito ganoong kasimple, magmultiply lang. aba, e, kung ganyan, kahit grade one, puwede nang mapgresidente.

  • Shinigami

    If Pnoy couldn’t thumbs up on this increase, what he could have done is to ease out the tax that he has burdened our workers. Henares has implemented a tax for meal, transportation and any other allowances to the workers salary including the bonuses. This was not made aware to everybody other than the accounting department of each company. Simple lang naman, if he can’t increase the wage, he could have lessened our burden. This taxable income change was implemented when Henares’ stepped in, so Pnoy could have a say on what he can do to help.

    • Bernadette Almoradie

      yeah you’re talking.. thumbs up for this.. the only thing that increases is the tax and the credits that makes it difficult for living

  • Mattino2011

    Nothing would ever be good news to the militant labor groups believe me.. Even if you grant them 1000 peso across the board. After a while balik sa calsada yan , pag nag sara mga companya at sasabihin kasalanan ng gobierno..Yan mga linya nila Teddy casino, Renato iba pa..Di ba si Casino nung EDSA dos andun pa tabi lagi ni GMA,,sumisipsip , but nung unti mahalatang di napagbibigyan mga hinhingi nila  aun bumalimbing

    • billy31

       naku, sinabi mo tama lahat. kasi mga professional protesters ang mga iyan.

  • J

    “I have been working here for three years. We have to buy our own brooms and dustpans, and pay for our own uniforms,” she said.

    Hah!… It is just like hiring a family driver with his own car. MMDA/gov’t. wake-up! Pinagyayabang ninyo malinis ang kalsada pero sa hirap ng iba. This is a modern vampiratism!

  • Rare Earthling

    Can’t please all then………………….


  • Abnoy tupak

    the highest cost of electricity in the world is the main reason why foriegn wont invest in the philippines

    • Rare Earthling


      Kung walang magagawang improvement sa cost of operation like lower cost of electricity magdadalawang isip ang mga investors.

      few investors few job opportunities high competition for jobs. Add to that ang population number 4 tayo sa density ng tao every sq/km buong mundo. Pag walang work madaming time for “tralala activities” then 9 months and 18 years later may addition na naman sa mga mag-rarally. Magiging ordinary day nalang ang every year May 1 rally.

  • bongbong39

    ai ang alam ko may tulo si kris aquino tulad ni abnoy at abad may tulo ang utak kaya lagas buhok bwehehehehehe

    • balut123

      Ako kahit di maka Noynoy…i still respect him and his family with utmost respect…..because
      he is our president and was duly elected by the Filipino people.

      Hindi katulad ni bongbong39….such a waste!…siguro ang buhay ng taong ito ay kaawa-awa
      at dito na lang niya dinadala ang mga pasakit na dinadala niya….

    • iskurokutoy

      Ang talino ni bongbong39.

    • Guest

      ito ang isa sa mga ikinasasama ng loob ng mga sundalo. Magbubuwis ng buhay at sa karampot na sweldo para lang protektahan ang mga taong katulad nito???

    • sinauna

       balita  ko yung nanay mo tagasubok kung kung may tulo ang kabayo sa manila zoo,yung mga kapatid mo namang babae at asawa  ay tagasubok kung meron ngang syphilis yung mga aso dun

  • Nagagalitna

    Itong mga milatante ang pahirap sa bayan natin…alam nyo kahit 500pesos ang idagdag sa sahod nila hindi pa din naman matuwa mga ito eh kasi mga gahaman ang mga ito kaya dapat maubos na talaga mga ito eh.
    Mga salot sa lipunan ano bang buhay na maganda ang ginawa sa inyo ng CPP/NPA? Pinaaral ba mga anak nyo, pinagawan ba kayo ng kalsada or binigyan kayo ng trabaho para may ipakain sa pamilya nyo? Kasi galit kayo sa gobyerno dahil walang ginawa na tama para sa inyo.

    Now e justify nyo kon ano ang ginawang tama ng mga amo nyo sa CCP/NPA para sa sambayanan Pilipinas at baka sakali ma convince nyo ako at makasali din kong may ipakita kayo.

  • Bulagas



    • iskurokutoy

      Don’t expect Noynoy to be accused of lying, cheating and stealing like Gloria and Corona.

      • Bulagas



      • xoce


      • Bulagas

        bagong create ang account mo ah. yellow paid blogger….

        stupid believers of the inutil mongoloid

      • Jaw Elle

        ano ang connection nina corona at arroyo s hindi pagpayag ni abnoy ng dagdag-sahod s manggagawa? moron!

    • joel genese

      Bakit the PAST 2 YEARS lang!

  • wigwam

    masyado nga
    naman mataas ang dagdag na P125/day. oras na mangyari yan lalong
    mababawasan ang mga trabaho dito dahil lilipat ang mga foreign
    businesses sa mga bansang mas mababa ang pasahod.

    kung tutuusin isa na tayo sa may pinakamalaking minimum wage sa parte
    na tin ng mundo at 9$/day, ang china at vietnam nasa 2-3$/day lang pero
    buhay sila. ewan ko kung papano nila nagagawa yun, isang wild guess ko
    ay dahil mahal nila at binibili ang sarili nilang produkto kaya
    nakakatipid sila, tayo mahilig sa imported kaya napapamahal.

    nung lumakas ang piso nahihirapan na rin ang ibang bansa na ma-afford
    ang labor cost natin. kung nung bandang 2000’s 56php=1$ ang palitan, sa
    php7500/mo na sahod kailangan lang nila maglabas ng $134/mo kada tao.
    ngayong 43php=1$, at sa php9500/mo na sweldo ang kelangan nilang ilabas
    ay $220/mo kada tao. halos doble para sa 2000php na diperensya. kahit
    kaya ibigay ng mga foreign investors yan sa tingin ko magtitipid pa rin
    sila dahil kakagaling rin lang nila sa pinakamalalang economic crisis ng
    panahon natin. ayun, dun na sila sa china at vietnam na mura. ano nga
    ba ang magagawa ng presidente natin diyan?

    ngayon papasok nanaman ang tanong kung kaya bumuhay ng minimum wage
    sa tin? ang sagot ko oo, kaya ng isang tao. pero ang bumuhay ng isang
    pamilya hindi, malabo yun. ang tanong lang naman ay bakit ka
    magpapamilya kung hindi mo naman kaya buhayin? ang minimum wage sana
    ginagamit pang jumpstart ng career, hindi ng pamilya.

    • Michael

       bobong analysis, bobong arithmetic…

      • wigwam

      • wigwam

        hindi ako naghahanap ng away ser. saka, ok lang maging bobo at least kaya ko buhayin at tulungan ang sarili ko… ano ang mairerekumenda mo para matulungan ng iba ang sarili nila?

  • kismaytami

    Si Abnoy, lahing Tsekwa yan. At ang ayaw na ayaw ng mga Tsekwa ay mabawasan ang kanilang kita.

    Yung sa SSS, educational assistance nga ba o UTANG???

  • daniboy2012

    I wonder if there’s really a common ground  or solution on the cries of these group of our people. Is their demand worth even listening to?…Can we make sacrifices for the common good for all of us…Are some of them have hardcore foreign ideologies? or are they simply the backbones of our economy asking for few more crumbs?…Filipinos, we better on take a good look  on ourselves ..weve been left behind …are you not tired of being the” sickman of asia” we love fighting each other. 

  • Abnoy tupak

    medyo malayo pa kasi un eleksyon
    kaya dedma si pnoy sa needs ng workers
    kapag malapit na eleksyon
    expect niyo ang sigaw ni pnoy:

    • balut123

      basahin mo nga muna yung sinulat mo!…….

  • Beguine

    What will really be good, even great news, is for the President
    to categorically announce that henceforth there will no longer
    be any pork barrel for senators and congressmen.

    Instead, the money will be distributed to the poor in the form
    of welfare programs and free rice and other staple food
    distribution to the poor on a regular basis.

    Incidentally, what happened to Dinky Soliman’s project to
    ameliorate poverty?  Went thataway again? As usual!

  • joel genese

    11.2B Educational Assistance fund. It is not clear what is it. I’m sure its a kind of loan. Granting It is not a loan but will be given to GSIS/SSS members in cash for tuition fee payment, still it is not a bright idea. The fund instead should be use to upgrade public educational system.

  • Bernadette Almoradie

    san na un comment ko huhu

  • Bulagas

    tangna mo Pwenoy…. 2 years ka ng Presidente wala pa din kami nakikitang improvement sa gobyerno……


    • noonyan

       Hintay ka lang at malapit mo nang makita na poposasan ang Queen of thieves mo at mga kasangga bwahahahahahahaha

  • Bernadette Almoradie

    This may sound ironic for us filipinos but dont we realized the only reason why foreign investors only invests in the Philippine is because of the small wage bill , not because Philippine has many potentials or rich in natural resources OMG inuuto lang nila tayo to get MAN POWER because Philippine has a huge HUMAN RESOURCES haha populated e.. but plz give us filipino workers a chance of good life for HUMAN sake! I know it’s good having a capitalists but why should we scared if no more foreign investors would invest in Philippines? So what? It’s time for us to be a real INDEPENDENT and benefits our own land or natural resources by letting or prioritize our own investors to emerge than those foreign businessmen. Dont wait until all filipinos work in abroad just because of poor livelyhood and small wages in our own country. sigh!

    • daniboy2012

      you got it right!

    • Rare Earthling

      Right, and it’s ironic that most of these activists are wearing Levi’s and Converse shoes.

      Hahahaha, ayaw natin ng chinese products pero buong mundo bumibili or nagpapagawa sa china.

      Kung dadami investors dito at magiisip lahat na hindi pareho ang situation sa ibang bansa baka malayo na narating natin.

      Parang isang batang mahirap na inaaway nanay nya kasi yung kapit bahay nila naka Ferrari siya naka Sarao lang, it’s Unfair daw. Potek.

      • Bernadette Almoradie

        hahahha ang taray naka converse!!

  • sievert

    this militant group is just a nuisance in our country,their asset is only the mouth not their common sense and principles.when can this group of people vanish in our country forever…

    • alice_in_chains

      sabi ng isang representative ng BAYAN sa interview , hindi daw matatapos ang pamumuna nila sa maski ano o sinong  administrasyon pa ang uupo. dapat, palagi
      silang salungat para makita ng gobyerno ang mali nila.  kaso ang lahat sa kanila, basta gobyerno ang may pakana…MALI! hehe

  • Abnoy tupak

    un 1987 constitution ng pinas is not foriegn investors friendly, 
    designed ng mga KKK to dicourage foriegn investors
    kasi to them foriegn investors means business competition.

  • henry21

    Businessmen supported PNoy, In return, PNoy will not increase the salaries of workers. 
    Every month, you can read in the monthly report of big companies… PLDT earned 10 Billions, Meralco earned 5 Billion, SMC earned 15 Billion, Big banks earned not less 1 Billion, Henry Sy Companies earned billions… Smart…. Globe…. Cebu Pac….. PAL…. Ayala Companies earned… Lopez companies earned…  GMA earned…. P&G earned…. Abotiz Companies earned…. Megaworld earned…  Gokongwie companies earned…. Jolibee companies earned….setc…. etc…And yet PNOY said the country/businesses cannot afford another salary increase…. economy is good… business is good….

    workers salaries????? no good…..

    • Bernadette Almoradie

      yup! if they’re not good they are no longer in business industry .. :/ 

  • JJF724

    If what you are earning is not enough, work harder!  Ask for overtime if none, look for a 2nd Job!  This what we do in Australia!  Filipino here work harder that you people who only hardwork is to complain!  Labor leaders, earned money from the sweat of the labourer… can you believe this S H I T

    • Bulagas

      ang tanga mo….. look for a 2nd job? eh marami nga unemployed… what makes you think an employer would hire someone who already has a job????? what a dumb fcuk poster this guy……. Australia with its labor protection, excellent health benefits, good governance is different to the basket case pinas…… 

      Filipinos in the Philippines also work hard you dumb as$… there is just little opportunity and the abuse is high

      • JJF724


      • Rare Earthling

        Paano yung prinsipyo na ayaw mag simula sa mababa kasi nakakahiya daw. Gusto agad paa na employ ay CEO na ang position at dapat 1 milyon na ang sweldo.

      • Palparan

        Tama… ugali talaga ng karamihan ang gusto ng mataas na posisyon… 

      • Bernadette Almoradie

        hahahaha! hanep un a! CEO agad gusto

      • Bulagas





      • Rare Earthling

        Correct, katulad nung nasa balita nung isang araw sinunog ang bahay nila kasi ayaw daw siyang bigyan ng pang-yosi ng tatay nya.

        18 years pataas bahala kana sa buhay mo, lahat ng nagrarally walang minor diyan. Nasa kanila na kung gusto nilang tapusin ang pag aaral nila o hindi, hindi mo pwedeng iasa sa magulang mo ang mga susunod na desisyon sa buhay mo.

        MGA BATUGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Bernadette Almoradie

        oo nga po .. :( naranasan ko kaya un .. ung tipong want mo maghanap ng trabaho kaso la ka naman pamasahe grrr

      • Bernadette Almoradie

        ang tapang neto.. gusto ko yan .. haha

      • reformist

        I too once worked in Manila. I do not know anyone in Manila except those colleagues who knew me during our internship program in school. I hop from one employer to another for better salary and perks. I never applied for a job even though I belong to the lowest 1/3 of the class (124ths out of 142) when we graduated. I end up working abroad and here I also hop from one employer to another without applying to any company. I was pirated twice by 2 multinational companies and I grasp the highest bidder for a better paycheck because after all, employment too is a kind of enterprise. My only key to success, is hard work (most important), perseverance and discipline. My loyalty is to my career and not to the employer. I’ll be retiring at the age of 50 (if not maybe 46) coz my hardly earned money where invested in several funds in Philippines and abroad. I did not depend of my government as I found them useless since I started my job after graduation.   

      • Bulagas

        reformist, either you do not understand my post or you are as stupid as the australian guy….. 

        let me give you context: most Filipinos who are dirt poor, the 50% of families who live on $2 per day….. they do not have children who went to prestigious schools, they have children who went to ordinary schools, 90% of graduates in Philippines do not get a job until after 1 year of applying and searching….. giving yourself as an example is not statistically relevant… you and stupid australian guy were lucky…. not applying and getting a job…. the rest of us SOB’s are not as lucky as you… do you get it???????? 

        stop your all high and mighty talk, as if people in the philippines are just fcuking lazy to find a job….. some people spend more than 2 years trying to look for a job and still don’t get a job because the conditions are bad and the competition is great…. Do not cite examples like yourself where you got lucky dumb fcuk

    • Enrico

      Mga masisipag lang talaga ang nakakahanap ng maganda trabaho at matataas na sweldo. Yung mga tamad, mas maraming oras sa pagrereklamo. Kung di sapat ang kita, hanap uli ng malilipatan hanggang ma satisfy ka.

  • kilabot

    why, has noynoy kapon done anything good enough? or done anything at all? as congressman, senator, and now president? he has done best in noynoying and abnoying though.

    • noonyan

       Mag sipag kayo huwag kayo asa lagi sa gobierno!!!

    • noonyan

       Tanungin mo sarili bakit ka hindi umasenso?

  • Rare Earthling

    Ang maliwanag na solution  diyan ay. humingi tayo ng tulong sa mga Miss Universe and other beauty pageant contestant, kasi they all claim that they know how to achieve “World Peace” and “Eradicate Poverty”.

  • Enrico

    Mag overseas na lang para sigurado mas malaki ang kita. Makakapili ka pa ng mataas na sahod. Tiis na lang na malayo sa pamilya. Yan din ang plano ng gobyerno sa K12 para ready ang graduates to work overseas and to discourage us to work locally by keeping the salary as low as possible.

  • Eric

    nag  dedemand sila pero mga tamad naman, just a simply watch the way they do things, masipag lang sila one their first 6 months or bago lang sa trabaho, pero kong magtagal na tamad na and it cost the company for paying these tamad.

  • xoce

    Looking at the “List of Wishes” given to the government:

    1. Security of Tenure Law to minimize contractualization.  This actually sounds like a good idea but to remove contractualization may not be completely possible as there are project based jobs that cannot be given tenure.  That said, the law does need to be modified to prevent employers from using contractualization as a way of avoiding giving proper benefits to employees. 

    2. Across the board wage increases also sound like a good idea, if it’s actually viable.  The problem is not with the larger, profitable companies, but the smaller ones who may not be as financially stable.  Implementing an across the board increase, especially the perennial P125 per day requested by the leftists may not be the best solution.  There are other ways to increase the take-home pay of workers, and that can be a way of bridging the demand of the leftists and the actual financial capacities of the companies in the country. 

    3. Repeal the Oil deregulation law.  Funny that the Left, which demanded for the removal of the Energy Regulatory Board, is now asking to return to that policy.  The difficulty with any possible price regulation of oil is that it will require that the government shoulder the differences between whatever price they pegged it at and the actual market price.  That would further drain the finances of the government and worsen the already weak services being provided.  Unfortunately, global prices remain high and will, most likely, go even higher as oil supplies shrink.  One possible alternative is to tap the oil reserves in the country (yes, there are) for local use and, thus, reduce the cost of oil.  

    This is, however, a short term solution.  Long term, we need to reduce our oil dependency via alternative fuels, which we can develop.  

    4. Repeal the Energy and Power reform act.  The government is trying to remove these companies from their responsibility because it’s broke.  The high cost of power can be traced to the emergency measures that the Ramos administration had to do to end the brownouts in the ’90s, which were very expensive and not efficient power plants.  To remove this act would mean doing nothing to resolve the power situation, and with it becoming critical, that would amount to massive power failures again.  It’s expensive but it is reflective of the true costs we have to deal with, for now, to be able to eventually reduce the cost of energy and power in the country.  It is a very shortsighted request.  

    5. Avoidance of violent dispersals of informal settlers.  There are two sides to this problem: one is that these settlers are occupying land that can be used for more beneficial purposes and they are staying there with no real claim on the property.  Settlers have been known to demand significant amounts as payment for them to leave, despite their lack of any claim on the property.  The other is that the landowners are often trapped by their desire to use their land versus the expense of removing these settlers from their property. Dispersals become violent when both sides cannot agree.  It is not a matter of pitying the settlers, they knew that they were not legally supposed to be there.  The demand is both unrealistic and unfair because it assumes that the violent dispersals are caused by only one side of the equation, which isn’t the case in most instances.  

    I do think that there are genuine merits to the list, which the government can work on.  There are also pieces that are just there because they know it cannot be agreed to and, thus, militants would have a continuous sources of complaints to launch in their unending campaign against the government (and, if you haven’t noticed, it’s been EVERY government since Marcos).

    I do hope the government does not dismiss the list, and that they communicate more regularly so that we are also made aware of what they are doing.  

  • paul

    actually problema talaga ang work salaries natin. kunsidering na marami di sumusunod sa minimum wage rate, pagbigay ng hazard pay, at security of tenure.
    yun nga lang… hindi rin natin pde ipilit yung 125 peso increase PER DAY, kahit na maganda sa ating lahat ito.

    kaya naman saluhin ng malaking kumpanya yan, kung payag silang bawasan ang kita nila… ang problema… yung nasa manufacturing, exporting, textile, milling, travel and hospitality industries talo dito… kasi nakaasa sila sa direct production output vis a vis sales.. hindi naman malakas ang mga to eh, at grabe kung maapektuhan ng konting kibot ng environment, or other international climate changes.

    saka kung hindi ka din naman kumikita ng malaki, lugi ka kung SME ka lang or mga maliliit na business na kumikita ng PhP 1,000,000 isang taon.

    i had an experience with this (nasa travel agency ako) a decade ago. Nine kami sa office… minimum wage pa halos lahat kami except for the 3 officers na 3000 lang ang itinaas ang sweldo sa amin. We worked our butts out including Saturdays (ako pumapasok pa minsan nun ng Sunday just to try to be available for clients who would want to buy a ticket on Sundays) para lang kumita ng 100k (nett na to, tanggal na yung gross ticket sales, pero hindi pa tanggal ang expenses ng kumpanya dito) a month…

    hindi kami maloloko ng boss namin nun, kasi ako at ang immediate supervisor ko ang humahawak ng lahat ng pera (Acctg & Finance kami). Wala talaga. talo.. imagine sweldo palang talo na sila.. e iawas mo pa yung kuryente, tubig, taxes na ibabayad, renta, supplies, pang-gas gamit yung kotse. pagattend ng conventions, PTAA, IATA, CP, AP, PAL meetings, at kung anong anik anik pa… tapos dadagdagan mo pa ng 125/day na increase.

    hindi ako employer ngayon, kasi naalala ko yung hirap na magtayo at magmanage ng negosyo na ginawa ng mga boss ko nuon. (hindi nga ako boss, pero lagi kaming nagmeeting para pagusapan ang pera at pano palaguin yung business — putcha, hindi naman ako nakikinabang dun pero dahil nasa finance — kelangan magsuggest. saka parang pamilya na din dun eh)

    madalas makita yung mga malalaking business na kumikita ng malaki kaya ang dali sabihin na dapat itaas sweldo ng mga empleyado.. pero di ba natin natanong, sa REVENUES na yan, gaano ba kalaki utang ng kumpanya… gano ba kalaki expenses nila.. gano ba kalaki ang operating fund na kelangan nila para mapaikot yung pera… gano ba kalaki pera kelangan nila to keep the appearances (kasi kelangan to, hindi ka makikipagnegosyo sa isang tao na sa tingin mo walang maibibigay sayo) eh ung mga unexpected na maintenance expenses… gasto sa retirement, na pinasasalba sa mga employers… lastly, dibidendo na ibabayad sa mga investors….

    mas madali magtrabaho sa isang tao, kesa maglabas ka ng perang malaki at antayin mong bahagian ka sa kita nila. Kung madali lang tong gawin, karamihan ng mga Employees nag iinvest sa mutual fund, stocks, bumibili ng stocks ng ibang kumpanya o nag-IINVEST directly sa mga nagtatayo ng business (gaya ng ginawa ng mga venture capitalists).. pero hindi ginagawa, kasi hindi madali ito… at malaki ang perang kelangan… anu’t anuman… hindi madali gawin ang mga to..

    kaya… kung hihingi tayo ng mataas na sahod.. magbigay din tayo ng solusyon pano mangyayari yun na hindi maaapektuhan ng grabe ang mga kumpanya. kasi gaya ko nuon, bilang isang empleyado, madali lang umalis at maghanap ng ibang trabaho, di ba? e pano kung mahirap lumipat, e di paktay kang bata ka? parang nangyari sa isang DETRIOT UNION sa tate, kabig ng kabig… nang magkarecession, nagkatanggalan tuloy… INIISIP KASI NILA PAGIGING EMPLEADO NILA, wala namang naidagdag sa overall kita ng kumpanya.

    kung pangit trato ng kumpanya at masama talaga ang sistema, pabagsakin! pataubin! palubugin!
    pero sana… kung nagbibigay naman kahit maliit.. tingnan natin, kasi baka hirap din talaga sila!!!
    two process kasi ito — nagtatrabaho tayo…. nagpapasahod sila…. kumikita sila

    • JuanCrisostomoIbarra

      kapatid, i agree on your idea. hindi kayang itaas ng 125.00 ang sweldo ng mga manggagawa dahil hindi naman lahat ng negosyante ay kaya ito. isipin mo na lang kung may 4 staff/workers ka (125.00×4), di ba 500.00 yun? paano kung yung net income mo sa panahon na ito ay 1000.00 per day? e di  500.00 na lang. paano mo ngayon mapapalago ang negosyo mo? I’m not a businessman, simpleng manggagawa lang din ako. pero naisip ko rin, kahit papaano matutuwa na lang rin ako kahit 30.00 na increase man lang. 

  • Rare Earthling

    Buti pa si Fulpol at Bulagas kahit below minimum ang rate na natatanggap from CJ trabaho parin, iyan ang ulirang mga manggagawa, walang karekla-reklamo. Basta ikauunland ng mga kliyenteng tulisan sa mamamayan.

    • Rare Earthling

      speaking of Fulpol, sickleave? baka maylagnat, naluanan kahapon sa mendiola.

  • Francis Allan

    Pwede naman kayong mag part-time job ah. Dami kaya jan. Hwag nyo nang i-asa sa gobyerno. Dependent kayo masyado.

    • Palparan

      Daming trabaho, wag lang masyadong mapili… gusto kasi manager o supervisor agad… Anak ng tinapa talaga…

      • noonyan

         OO nga kasamahan ko rin dito , kapapasok pa lang nag tanong na kung may increase ba maasahan sa compania namin whahhhhh

      • Palparan


        baka miyembro yan ng KMU… hahahaha!

      • noonyan

         pina infiltrate yata compania namin ng mga buwishit na yan hahahahaha

  • benjie



    • noonyan

       Ikaw ang mag trabaho KUPAL, para maka tolong ka sa gobierno!

      • benjie

         Tell that to your President! Wag siyang mag-NOYNOYING sa Malacanang! Kawawa ang mga Pilipino dahil siya ang naging presidente ng Pilipinas!

      • noonyan

         Ikaw ang kawawa pag ayaw mong mag bago, ipa iral yang katamaran mo…MAGSIPAG KA!!!

      • benjie

         KATAMARAN equals NOYNOYING! Ang mahal mong Presidente! HAHA

      • noonyan

         aba sarap buhay namin dahil nag sipag kami , hindi katulad nyo mamatay nalang kayo sa karereklamo hindi nyo malasap ang ginhawa sa buhay hahahahahahaha

      • benjie


      • noonyan

         Aba siyempre samantalang ikaw naglalakad sa kalsada na mainit at sigaw ng sigaw mamama-os ka nalang hindi ka marinig ng gobierno…pobre ka parin dahil ayaw mag sipag bwahahahahaha

      • balut123

        tol!…umaasa na lang yan sa bayad ni Thief justice….yan ang mga gusto niyan easy money!

      • Taxpayer1996

         balut123, malaki ang bayad siguro ni thief justice at pandak arroyo dyan kay benjie…  hehehe!  kung sabagay, sa dami ng kurakot ng mga yun, barya lang sa kanila ang ibinabayad sa mga reklamador na si benjie…

  • noonyan

    The rallyist capital of the world…Philippines
    poro reklamo ayaw magsipag, huwag kayong lagi umasa sa gobierno

    • benjie

      Dapat yang pagsisipag na yang sinasabi mo simulan ng Presidente ng Pilipinas! Hindi puro NOYNOYING na lang!~ HAHA

      • noonyan

         Ikaw ang mag sipagKUPAL huwag kang aasa lagi sa gobierno, gusto mo tanggap lang ng tanggap ayaw tulungan sarili BOG!!!!1

      • benjie

         Wala man lang maibigay na tulong ang Presidente mong si Noynoy sa Pilipinas! Eh paano nandun lang sa Palasyo nakatunganga sa kisame! HAHA


      • noonyan

         kahit mamatay ka sa karereklamo huwag kang umasa sa gobierno, tulungan mo sarili mo KUWATOG hehehe

      • Taxpayer1996

         may punto ka noonyan…  kung ang isang tulad ni benjie BOG! eh mag-trabaho kesa mag-komento ng kung anu-ano dito, mas may kakahinatnan pa ang buhay nyan…  ngayon kung yang si benjie KUWATOG eh may trabaho naman, hoy KUPS benjie, mag-trabaho ka nang tapat!  di yung puro ka komento dyan!  kung ako ang boss mo, matagal na kitang sinisante!  binabayaran ka para mag-trabaho, di para mag-komento!  hehehe!

      • noonyan

         oo nga gusto humingi ng increase tapos nasa internetan naka babad eh oras ng trabaho hehehehe



    • benjie


    • Bulagas


  • noel

    paano magbibigay ng 125 na dagdag sahod mga intsik naman kasi ang karamihang negosyo sa bansa natin………… si pinoy ay intsik din…………..kaya walang mangyayari dyan ………maganda nyang unti unting paalisin ang mga intsik sa bansa natin at tayo na ang magnegosyo…………………..

    • noonyan

       You can do business sama intsik huwag hintay layas sila….basta ikaw sipag huwag lang tamad

    • Bernadette Almoradie

      pati girlfriend intsik.. speaking of intsik walangya ungisang may pwesto sa DIVISORIA MALL minumura ung tindera nya habang dinuduro sa noo..kala mo naman mataas pasahod.. 90 pesos lang naman di pa libre pagkain tas allday pa.. mga kuripot na malulupit pa.

      • noonyan

         Mga intsik sipag sila hindi tulad pilipino poro reklamo, kung ayaw mo ang sahud, bat ka pasok kanila ttrabaho hehehehe

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    Alam naman ng lahat na ultimo sa “hacienda luista” ay hindi sinusunod ang “minimum wage” na sahod sa kanilang mga empleyado!!!! lumaki si BS aquino sa kalinga ng mga naghaharing-uri ,kaya’t bingi at bulag si BS sa mga hinaing ng mga ordinaryong mangagawa!!!

  • benjie

    andami nang nangyari — namatay na si Steve Jobs, naloko tyo ng Magnum,
    nag-timeline na ang FB, wala pa ring nagagawa si Noynoy sa Pilipinas at sa mga Pilipino! #NOYNOYING!

    • noonyan

       Sa iyo walang nangyari kasi poro katamaran gusto kumita ng biglaan ,huwag mo gayahin mga KHAWATAN ha, mag SIPAG ka hehehehe

      • benjie

         KAWATAN?? Eh andami nyan! Mga alipores ng idol mong si Noynoy! O baka isa ka rin dun! Masipag ka rin pagdating sa kaban ng bayan! HAHA

      • noonyan

          in line waiting for the trip to BILIBID  ang amo mong si Queen of Thieves  ..nangunguna sa pila hahahahaha

    • noonyan

       wait ka lang iho , as usual just recieved another email to claim my share from my networking sites , kailangan ko lang makuha hehehehehe

      • benjie


      • noonyan

         oras ng trabaho nandiyan ka intrnetan , pagnanakaw yang ginagawa mo , iyan ang gusto mo easy money tapos gusto pa ma increasan eh tamad naman pala hehehehe

    • noonyan

       yohhhh! andyan ka pa iho? sumisigaw ka pa ba dyan? hehehehe

    • noonyan

       Tapos naba oras mo dyan sa internetan iho? balik ka sa trabaho para kumita hindi yong mag sisigaw para kumita …mag sipag at magtrabaho para aasenso hehehehehe

  • Guest

     sa ibang nagkokomento sa inyo.paano kayo bibigyan ng P125, eh ang ginagawa nyo lang naman ay magbasa sa PDI tapos magkomento habang nasa trabaho?

    at sa mga nagpoprotesta, magkano pasweldo nyo sa clerk nyo, kayong mga makakaliwang organisasyon? o sa katulong nyo sa bahay?minimum
    wage PLUS P125?  eh minimum wage din pala ibinibigay nyo eh?  bakit di
    nyo dagdagan para masubukan nyo mismo muna, kung maganda ang idea nyo?

    • Enrico

      Ang katulong ay iba ang wage scale na sinusunod. Kung di ako nagkakamali, sa probinsya 1500 minimum pataas at sa NCR naman o mga City, 3K ang minimum pataas.

  • Enrico

    Kung gusto tumaas ang sweldo, lalong magsikap na ma promote o kaya hanap ng trabaho na mas mataas ang sweldo. Laging nakakita ang naghahanap pero hindi ang puro reklamo.

  • Mang Teban

    The truth is this – there is nothing the government can do but provide the incentives and lay the groundwork for employers to have an easier time to budget their financial resources.

    P-Noy can give any increases to government workers anytime and at any rate but, definitely, he cannot compel private business owners to pay increases, except when Congress legislates a law for a special assistance to the labor sector.

    Thus, it is a waste of time to burn the effigy (every year) of the sitting president (all of them without exceptions) and spend time in the streets. No labor day has been celebrated with an emphasis on what labor has done for the country – why is that? Instead, we see the usual routine of fiery speeches, enticing “militant” chants of protests (only the name of the president is changed), burning effigies, causing traffic, making street shows, painting graffiti, blowing horns and all sorts of things that we see annually.

    May 1st is the feast day of San Jose de Labrador or St. Joseph the Worker. He is none other than the husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus, the only begotten Son of God. If the “laborers” yesterday did not celebrate the day for the patron saint of the working class, it would have been ideal if the labor sector remembered the value of industry and the virtue of humility.

    Whatever talents we have in doing our respective careers, we owe it to God. Yet, if workers are unaware of this spiritual aspect of our humanity, they must give more importance to their accomplishments and be humble enough to feel fortunate (or blessed) that they can support a family or fend for themselves.

    I am sorry but I am getting tired of the same gripes every year on May 1st that they demand to claim the sky when it is unreachable. Humility means being “rooted to the ground”. How admirable it is to see an employee who counts his blessings and would ask from his boss for a raise when he knows that he deserves it (the raise). If the boss does not give what he thinks he deserves, he needs to know why and if he is unconvinced, he goes to search for a new employer. Unfortunately, most of our workers complain too much. If one cannot stand the situation in his work environment, he must move on to find a solution to his problem.

    Pagpakatao po tayo at hindi parang mababangis na hayop na handang manakit at manuhol sa mga namumunuhan sa negosyo at binabaling ang sisi sa gobyerno na wala naman talaga itong kapangyarihan na pilitin ang mga pribadong employers na taasan ang sweldo na ACROSS THE BOARD. Imposible po ito. Dapat kasi ang minimum wage ay totoong minimum sa halip na sa ngayon ang kahulugan nito ay “optimum wage that can pay for the needs of a family of four to five persons.”

    BUT, the president, Noynoy Aquino, has not done much to provide incentives to the employers to motivate to seek ways to create industrial harmony in factories or simply a happy alliance of management and employees to work for the success of the company. Instead, we find no road map for employers to be assured that government will not be adding taxes year after year or control energy costs to reduce overhead. By doing something that companies can make attainable forecasts such as a tax holiday (no tax rate increases for five years, for instance)
    or clear direction on economic plans, the employers will be able to do optimistic financial projections that will include wage increases to DESERVING EMPLOYEES (those who meet performance standards of operations). Yet, May 1 celebration can be more civil and less agitating  if government, private employers, and workers join hands to thank themselves for a good year that passed. And, can the labor sector be less “revolutionary in nature” and more forward looking? Only labor leaders and their followers can answer that question.

  • rosamistika16

    dagdag sahod ——-> inflation ——–> decrease in peso purchasing power ——> dagdag sahod ——> inflation ———> decrease in peso purchasing power ——–> dagdag sahod ——>inflation ——> and so on and so forth…..

    cycle po o walang katapusan ang impact ng pagtaas ng sahod at mas malaki ang negative effect nyan kaya dapat before humingi ng dagdag sahod ay pag-aralan din muna ang impact.

    suggestion po lamang –

    1.  mas maigi po yata na ang gawin ng gobyerno ay pag-aralan ang tax ng mga mangagawa kc sobra pong mataas ang income tax ng pinas. tandaan po natin na ang binibili natin o kinakain natin sa resto ay meron din tax which makes it more so expensive! double or triple jeopardy ang nangyayari sa pagbabayad ng tax dyan sa pinas at ang apektado ay ang simple at ordinaryong mamamayan lamang.

    2.  dahil sa masyadong mataas na din ang presyo ng petrolyo ay cguro din bawasan din ng konti ulit ang tax neto.

    3.  sana naman ay wag masyadong ganid ang mga negosyante sa pinas lalo na ang mga taga shell, caltex, petron, etc. at mga manufacturing companies. wag nyo naman lakihan ang expected profit nyo. medyo maghipgpit din kau ng sinturon kagaya ng mga trbahador nyo.

    4.  at sana naman ang mga manggagawa ay babawasan din ang idle time at ang pakikipagchat o facebook at taasan din ninyo ang level of productivity. 

    Get high on Productivity and Efficiency!!!

    • Rhyane

      by far, i think your comment is most sensible, good thinking.

  • Henry

    P’Noy as with our past presidents still are clueless why the labor sector regularly asks for minimum wage pay increases. Are they and were they blind to the uncontrolled price hikes of basic commodities brought about by uncontrolled fuel price hikes? In other countries, fuel price fluctuations do not affect the price of basic commodities. Their govt. sees to that. Also, free market competition among businesses to entice consumers are the norm in these countries. Here in our country however, businesses form associations or cartels to dictate prices so that consumers cannot avail of free market competition as the law of economics in demand and supply is negated. The labor sector naturally will not ask for wage increases if prices of basic commodities are stable. Furthermore, college education for the children of us ordinary Filipinos is becoming more and more out of reach. To our present and future presidents this should not be so hard to perceive. Please listen to Juan dela Cruz.

  • Bert

    A GOOD NEWS for the labor sector will be BAD NEWS for OLIGARCHS who control philippine business and many of whom are PNOY’S FINANCIAL DONORS in the last election.

    It’s PAYBACK TIME, so who do you think PNOY will FAVOR? Obvious naman, di ba?

    • balut123

      So kung ibigay ang hinhingi ng mga workers na itaas ang minimum wage eh babango na si PNOY?….kung hindi ka ba naman utak biya… kapag nangyari yun sa tingin mo hindi magtatanggalan?….walang magsasarang business?…since wala kang ginawa kundi dumakdak…hindi mo man lang i research na ang Pilipinas ang isa sa pinakamataas na minimum wage  compared sa ibang  bansa sa SEA…approx $10 a day….sa Vietnam, China…etc….$2 to $5 lang…
      Ang gawin mo….magbahay-bahay ka at sabihan mo ang mga tao na mag anak ng isa hanggang dalawa hindi sampu….para may pakinabang sa iyo.

      • noonyan

         Nice job my friend …pina iral kasi nila ang TIGAS tapos gobierno ang may kasalanan pag walang BIGAS hehehehe

      • Abnoy tupak

        mura kuryente sa SEA, vietnam, china  etc. 
        sa ibang bansa mura un kuryente
        dito tayo pinakamahal kuryente sa mundo.
        halos lahat sweldo bayad sa KKK kuryente

      • balut123

        agree…pinakamahal tayo sa kuryente..pero there are ways of conserving electricity…
        pero sa pagkain…..mas mura sa Pilipinas…

      • Abnoy tupak

        hindi din.. the same lang kung ikaw mag luluto..
        the truth exploited ang mga pinoy ng mga KKK

      • Bert

        Ay naku Bodoy, yan palagi ang sinasabe ng mga Oligarch Employer every time the labor sector demands for salary increase: marami matanggal sa trabaho o lugi akyen negosyo…And you, who probably belong to the “maralitang” trabahante, accept the justification hook line and sinker.

        And YES, kung si Pnoy ay di magpapagalong sa mga employers who happen to be his financial supporters in the last election, BABANGO na parang HALIMUYAW ng sampagitang bulaklak si Pnoy sa pang amoy ng maralitang

  • Rare Earthling


  • Bernadette Almoradie

    kung ayaw talaga itaas ang sahod.. bawasan nalng ang working hours .. halfday everyday but the salary hahahah.. 8hrs down to 4hrs haha … para makapag part time job at lumaki ang kita.. ;DD

  • D L

    So goverment employees get 2.5 times more than needy students.

    Because a stupid nation is easier to manipulate by clans.

  • bangenge

    complains about minimum wage. has 5 kids. drinking and smoking vice.

  • Bulagas


    • balut123

      hahaha….ur so pathetic!

      • Bulagas

        pathetic si Noynoy na 2 years ng Presidente ay 0 output!!!!

        YAN ANG PATHETIC…. kamusta nga pala ang smuggling ng baboy sa pier at blackout sa Mindanao??? WALA kamusta ang pang lulusob sa atin ng mga Intsik!!!! WALA!!!

      • ghzoc

        gag0 ka bulagas, b0b0 pa! mwahahaha

      • Bulagas

        ok lang kung gag0 ako pero maawa na sana si Pwenoy sa bayan… kapag INUTIL ka wag ka nag mag pumilit pa mag resign k nalang!!

      • pizza ria


      • dell reyes

        nakahawak lang ng keyboard napakarami ng alam.. konting aral muna BULAGAS iwas bisyo ng may mas maintindihan ka pa at maging pino ugali mo huwag asal iskwater…

      • Bulagas

        eh tado pala to eh, squatter talaga ako… masama ba yun! tarantado talaga mga tao ng hayop na cojuangco aquino!!!

      • noonyan

         Kaya pala wala sa isip bwahahahahaha, sayang yang binayad mo sa internetan eh kung binili mo yan ng bigas kay sa sigaw ka ng sigaw dyan gugutumin ka lalo hahahahaha

    • noonyan

       Si Pnoy ba may kasalanan sa pagka YAGIT mo dre? hehehehehehe

  • dennis

    Sa opinyon ko lang naman,Napapansin ko kasi na ang demonstration or rallies eh naka-focus mainly sa NCR from which Manila is the center of business in our country aside as being our capital.Sa palagay ko lang,it would be appropriate for our economic situation na maging FEDERAL FORM OF GOVERNMENT tayo! Kasi bawat region ng bansa natin eh iba´t iba ang kinikita,so,the pressures are more likely in Manila than any other places in our country….Napansin ko kasi na yung in-approve na dagdag sahod eh hindi nakapagbigay ng sakit ng ulo sa mga taga ibang lugar (Cebu..Davao..other provinces) upon which there are less posibility to SPEND MONEY!….LOGIC! Alin ba ang magastos,Ang mamuhay sa Manila or sa ibang Probinsiya?
    To make things short,Federal form in a sense that,We have to have 4 federal places,(LUZON..VISAYAS…MINDANAO and NCR).Mangyayari,magkakaroon ngayon ng chance ang ibang investors na magtayo ng business sa ibang federal place na MAS MABABA ANG TAX like LUZON or VISAYAS or MINDANAO sa halip na ma-concentrate lang ang business sa NCR!

    Another option is to LOWER THE VAT from 12% to 10%,para mapunta sa manggagawa ang 2% na babawasin sa VAT!

  • Iggy Ramirez

    Of course, nothing will ever be good enough until these people live like kings and queens.

    Work more, work harder, f*ck less, and talk less.

  • San Miguel

    Ang tanging masasabi ko lang ay ……. dumarami ang kalaban ni PNOY… Bumababa ang kanyang trust ratings… At patuloy na lalaos… Di magtatagal, yung kumakampi sa kanya dito ay sasali na ring tutuligsa sa kanya… Agree or disagree mangyayari din yan…. Sa mabilis na panahon…….. Itaga nyo yan sa kokote nyo….

    At ang dyaryong ito ay mahihirapang ipagtanggol sya.. at dahil mawawalan na ng credibility at bababa ang readership, pati ang dyaryong ito ay tutuligsa na rin… kumbaga makikiuso…


    • Rey Nhatz

      korek ka dyan, talagang mangyayari yan…

  • dennis

    Sa napapansin ko lang sa Presidente natin,Hindi ko alam kung tama bang term ang KURIPOT…HINDI MAGASTOS NA TAO?….Kasi,kung pupunahin nyo ang Business section ng PDI,Minsan mababasa natin na,”OUR GOVERNMENT HAS UNDERSPENDING DURING Q1″ example lang po yan!…In relation sa HINDI AGAD PAGBIGAY NG AMOUNT NA HINIHINGI NG MGA MANGGAGAWA!

  • raffybaltazar

    I don’t think Noynoy is doing bad on his performance – maybe we are just asking and expecting too much from the government. instead of criticizing, why not do our own share by working hard, pay our taxes right and make sure that our family have the right and proper values. Instead of criticizing Noynoy, why don’t we just ask ourselves – what is my contribution so far to my family, society and country?

    • patriotic_act

      well said my friend..

      Lots of people here only know how to complain but most of them dont really help themselves thus adding to their predicament..

      People who pop babies more than the food they bring into their own tables should “NOT be given help” by the government and let them fend for themselves.

      People always wanted a comfortable life, but they dont understand the fact that before having it one must sacrifice first by working hard.. people are born poor because their parents did not do a better job, thus those born into poverty must do better than their parents by making sure they will not repeat that mistakes and pass on again to their children.. lots of children.. another cycle of poverty.

      • Rey Nhatz

        marami ang mahirap dahil eni exploit ng mga mayaman at ng mga politikong sakim sa kapangyarihan, during election period, may politiko bang pumupunta sa mga high-end subdivition, mukhang wala yata, kadalasan doon pumupunta sa mga squater ang mga sakim na politiko at mag papapogi para makakuha ng boto. mas gusto ng mga politiko na dadami ang mahirap para may ma exploit sila during election

      • patriotic_act

        altho you are right about “political exploitation” of slum-people I believe you are misguided about the true meaning of why “poverty is rampant” and the “reason behind it”.

        the rich and the politicians have a “part to do with it” but they are not the “reason” kung bakit maraming mahirap..

        so kung gagamitin natin as logic yung sinabi mo eh di “yayaman” ba ang mga mahihirap pag hindi na sila pwede bumoto? since pag di na sila pwede bumoto eh hindi na sila gagamitin ng mga politiko? at hindi na rin gugustuhin ng mga politiko na dumami sila?

  • dennis

    I´m not a conservative person but sa palagay ko lang,Pilipinas ay isa sa mga bansa na pinakamataas ang number ng “GIMIKAN”(Entertainment places)…Restaurant,Eateries,Carinderias…Mapapansin mo,nagsisimula pa lang ang trabaho sa umaga eh nagtatawagan na or txtmessaging asking “Oh! Saan tayo mamaya?”…Nagiging Juan Tamad ngayon ang mga tao!

    • San Miguel

      Eh yung playing PSP, partying, dating, Noynoying…. anung masasabi mo dyan?

      • dennis

        Kung anuman ang gawin ng Presidente nya about things na mga nasabi mo,Yun eh parte ng buhay nya!….Pareho din yan kung ikaw eh walang trabaho,mag-inom sa kung saan-saan,magdelihensya,mangutang,or mang-gulpi ng asawa! That´s your private!….Ang pinag-uusapan dito eh Trabaho!

      • San Miguel

        Asan ang trabaho….. wala nga eh.. kaya nga nag-aabroadan na lang ang mga pinoy kasi walang trabaho dito sa Pinas… At yan dapat ginagawan ng paraan ng gobyerno ni PNOY…

        At yung namang may trabaho, underpaid naman…

      • dennis

        May point ka dyan,lalung lalo na sa sinabi ng isang worker sa article,in the name of “Lorna”…i feel disappointed din duon!…Mababa na nga ang sweldo tapos SI LORNA PA ANG BIBILI NG WALIS AT DUSTPAN,PATI NA DIN SA UNIFORM NYA!

    • antonioluna

       punta ka sa kentucky magtanong tanong ka doon dahil malalaman mo na maraming tao doon na tumanda na pero hindi man lang nakapagtrabaho
      para kasing gusto mong palabasin na mas makararaming pinoy ang tamad eh kahit saan namang sulok ng mundo may tamad

      • dennis

        Ask those OFW na naka-base sa Middle East(Saudi Arabia…Bahrain..UAE) Humingi ka ng opinyon kung bakit sila nakaka-ipon!….Kapag nasubukan mong lumabas ng bansa…MAKIKITA MO ANG PAGKAKAIBA!…Hindi sa dahilan na malaki ang sweldo,BUT THE KIND OF WORLD YOU ARE LIVING WITH!…Kakaiba!….Meron silang “GIMIKAN” but not as many as ours! Sa Pinas,lahat ng sulok eh puro VIDEOKE,DRINKING PLACE na umaabot hanggang hindi umuuwi ang LAST CUSTOMER!

      • antonioluna

        so katamaran sa iyo ang pagtatrabaho ng mga nagpapatakbo ng gimikan hanggang madaling araw, ironic

      • dennis

        Dapat may oras na sinusunod para sa mga manggagawa! 8hrs/ day lang! May shifting of duties kung kinakailangan! Let me say,kung isang Gimikan eh bukas from 10am,dapat 2am eh magsara na! Mangyayari may nagta-trabaho from 10am-6pm and from 6pm-2am…Di ba?

        Ngayon,let me say,ikaw naman eh isang Customer lang(Guest) After work,nagkayayaan ang barkada…Dinner,then afterwards,gimikan(syempre may inom,di ba?)…KUNG WALANG DISIPLINA NA HANGGANG 2AM lang…Mangyayari,maghahanap ng ibang bukas na drinking place,alam mo naman ang ugali ng Pinoy “sky is the limit”…Inuman hanggang 5am…TAPOS TATAWAG SA TRABAHO DAHIL MASAMA ANG PAKIRAMDAM???….TAMA BA YUN?

      • antonioluna

         direct experience mo ba yan?hindi kasi ako mahilig sa alak, lalo na sa gimikan pero may punto ka din naman
        sa isang banda kapag ganyan ang asal ng isang trabahador dapat yang disiplinahin ng HR lalo na kung recurrent ang ginagawa nya

      • dennis

        KOREK!!!!….AGREE NGAYON AKO SA SINABI MO!….Kahit wala kang bisyo! Apektado ka! Lalung-lalo na yung mga MAY BISYO!…”Easy go lucky”…”One day millionaire kung gumastos”…DISIPLINA LANG TOL! Walang mahirap sa taong MARUNONG MAGPATAKBO NG PAMEMERA SA BUHAY!

    • Enrico

      Di naman tamad. Work and play lang. Sobra nga lang gumastos. Lahat ng kinikita sa gimikan lang nauubos o sa mga gadget. At the end, hayon tumanda na na nkikitira pa rin at nakikikain sa mga magulang o kapatid.

      • dennis

        KOREK!!! I Agree!!!

      • rosamistika16

        ugaling pinoy kc lalo na ang mga nsa pinas nagtatrabaho ay kadalasan sya pa ang mayabang. kpag oras ng sweldo ay akala mo sobrang laki ng sinasahod kaya diretso sa gimikan. bumibili ng mga gadgets na mahal dhil naiinggit lng dun sa kabarkada na meron kakayahang bumili.  pero wag ka 3days after ay nangungutang na yan sa 5-6!

        sana lng kung medyo maikli ang kumot ay matuto munang mamaluktot. saka na lng muna ang good times kpag medyo may karapatan na…

        peace! sa mga tinamaan at umuusok ang ilong sa galit.

      • dennis

        BRAVO!!!…Korek ka dyan!

  • Peregrino Natividad

    Habang sa labas ako ng bansa, nakikita ko ang kamali-an sa Pilipinas. Noong panahon ng Soviet Union (now Russia) ang mga leaders ng Communist government doon ina-alok ang kanilang program sa mangagawa sa Western Europe at tinatawag ito “Social Reform” ang pag-asikaso ng mang-gagawa. The Western governments were responsive to this program of reforms, and Socialist parties sprung up. The Socialist government of Holland took sympathhy to Joma Sison (leader of Communist labour movement) and granted him assylum in the Netherlands up  to now. Because Western governments of Europe reactted favorably to their workers demand, the labour day celebration introduced by Communist Russia DIED DOWN. Now these government DO NOT CELEBRATE LABOUR DAY ANYMORE. Workers can demonstrate anytime of the year to protest. They do not need to wait on so called Labour Day. The celebration is taken out of the Calendar, the Socialist Party disappeared, but their economic program remains for the people. Thus the country became prosperous. And Joma still remains here as his political assylum was approve by the former Socialist Government of Holland.

  • dennis

    Ang suggestion ko lang para hindi masakal ang mga mamamayan eh ibaba ang VAT! From 12% to 10%! At yung kabawasan na yun eh mapupunta sa mga manggagawa!…Hindi na masama yun! Kasi we cannot raise our VAT standard,same as other country na may 12% kung MABABA ang kinikita na INCOME ng bansa natin! Example: Indonesia or Malaysia,may 12% sila BUT mataas ang standard ata nila sa atin! Or in compare in some Western countries!

    • Shinigami

      Didn’t see this post but yes, this is very much a very good solution. Hindi ko alam kung bakit hindi ito nakita ni Pnoy.

  • dennis

    Tama lang ang desisyon ng Presidente natin!…Huwag mabigla sa 125 na hinihingi ng bayan! Obserbahan muna!!!….Tandaan nyo,kadalasan,ang pagtaas ng sweldo eh may mas mabigat na kapalit yan!…Sa dagdag na inapprove ng Presidente natin,Hindi basta-basta makapagtataas ng presyo ng malaki ang mga Investors dahil hindi naman sila na-argabyado!…OBSERBAHAN MUNA!

    • Shinigami

      In my opinion, if there are economic hindrances for the increase, he could have at least do what he can on other government controlled variables like taxes. Bakit parang kulang palagi ang solusyon niya? Bakita parang para lang sa mga negosyante? E, kung hindi pwede ang salary increase, babaan nalang ang tax, kung mas mababa ang tax, tataas din naman ang spending kasi yung purchasing power ng mamamayan ay tataas ng konti. Hindi ko alam kung nag-iisip si Pnoy, kontrolado naman niya ang Kongreso, makikita natin ang mabilis ng pag-impeach ni Corona. Bakit parang, palaging may pagkukulang?

  • Jeyms

    Tama nga. isipin nyo rin mas mahirap walang trabaho. pag tumaas ng bigla mapipilitang mg bawas ng trabaho ang mga kompanya or baka mapilitang mag sara ang iba. we have only 2 choices   “walang trabaho” or “maliit na sweldo” the choice is yours.

    • mike mike

      i like the two choices you mentioned! pero kelan kaya mababago ang choices na yan? baka pagkatapos ng termino nya ganun parin ang choices natin..hahaha!

      • marionics

        pag hindi na 100 M ang population he he

  • Abnoy tupak

    pinoy sweldo US$300 a month cheapest in the world na..
    un kuryente highest in the world na..
    masyado na exploited mga pinoy ng mga KKK

    • Jose

      The last one is opinion, so I’ll let that slide, but the first two sentences are just wrong.

      If you’re going to throw around accusations, at least make some that can’t be disproven by a simple Google search.

  • pizza ria


    Wala kayong maaasahan sa kasalukuyang presidenteng ito, lalo na tayong mahirap.  Hindi man lang nakaranas ng anumang hirap sa buhay (kumakalam ang sikmura, nagtrabaho sa isang pabrika, etc) ang taong ito.  Ni hindi niya naranasan ang kasalatan ng pera sa pitaka.  Ipinanganak ng mayaman, lumaking mayaman, tumandang binatang mayaman, walang asawa, walang responsibilidad sa buhay, sa edad na 50+ years old meron pang nag-aalagang yaya,  ni hindi nagbanat ng buto o nagsaka sa pinakamalawak na pribadong lupain na pag-aari lang ng isang angkan sa buong Asya, at marami pang iba na puro minus points para intindihin nya ang kapakanan ng higit na nakararaming maralita nating kababayan.  Umaasa ba kayo sa isang ACCIDENTAL PRESIDENT?  Accidental dahil ibinoto siyang presidente dahil sa taas pa ng emosyon sa pagkamatay ng kanyang nanay, hindi dahil sa kanyang kwalipikasyon o nagawa bilang kongresman at senador ng bansa na wala naman talaga.  Isipin nyong mabuti at magtiis tayong lahat sa ganitong sitwasyon ng ating bansa at mga kababayan sa mga susunod pang apat na taon.

    • Enrico

      Binoto ng nakararami kaya tiis muna tayo hanggang sa susunod na eleksyon. 

      • dell reyes

        presidente na naman ang may kasalanan.. mayo 1 araw ng mga kaliwa na mahihilig magwelga kaya ang mga pabrika nagsasara tao nagugutom ang mga lider ng wewelga nakangiti kasi may allowance dahil sa koleksyon.. tanong lang may mga filchinese ba sa mga nagrally??.. alam mo na ang sagot at alam mo na ang dapat gawin..kong di mo alam ganito huwag umasa sa gobyerno.. kong marunong kang maghayag ng saloobin dito alam kong marunong ka rin mag isip..

      • Enrico

        Di ko nman talagang sinisisi ang presidente. Sabihin ko na lang na magtiis muna tayo habang nandyan sya sa pwesto dahil di naman sya makagawa ng magagandang solusyon sa mga problema ng bayan ngayon. Di rin ako umaasa sa gobyerno at galit din ako sa mga pa rally rally na yan dahil mga istorbo yan sa daan at totoo na marami ang nawalan ng trabaho at nagsarang mga pabrika dahil na  rin sa mga welga welga na yan. Ang ginagawa ng Presidente o gobyerno ngayon ay ipaintindi sa tao na may existing na problema at ganito lang ka liit na solusyon ang magagawa nila. Magaling ang grupo ni Pnoy magturo kung sino ang dapat sisihin, magaling magbintang, magaling mangulimbat ng maling ebidensya at magaling lang sa salita.

      • noonyan

         BLAME yourself kupal kung bakit ganyan ang pilipinas hehehe

      • Enrico

        Di ko ibinoto si Pnoy, bka ikaw kya ibalik mo sa sarili mo sinabi mo.

      • noonyan

         Hintayin mo si BINAY maging Presidente ang BAYAWAK sa Makati hehehehehe

      • Enrico

        Sa ngayon si Binay pa lang ang nagsiguro na tatakbo wala pang kalaban kya panalo na sya kung ngayon ang eleksyon hehehe

      • noonyan

         pag naging presidente yaan , hindi lang yan BAYAWAK kundi BUWAYA na bwahahahaha

      • Enrico

        Wala pa akong masasabi kontra kay Binay

      • Darwin

        and yet makati is not broke, their senior citizens are well-taken care of, and is orderly and the center of business. kung ganun ang buwaya, mas maganda na rin. a ceo gets a bonus when his company profits, why not peg a bonus to a performing president? why moralize on good performance? i don’t care if he’s a gambler, womanizing drunk or even an occasional thief so long as the economy runs well, we have jobs, our children are educated. as it is, you are always fooled by their election piety. 

      • noonyan

        all i can say …a blind stupid fool idiot follower of black crocodile…that is you kaya wala asenso ang pilipinas dahil maraming katulad sa iyo!!!

        From: Disqus
        Sent: Thursday, May 3, 2012 4:07 AM
        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Aquino ‘good news’ not good enough

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        Darwin wrote, in response to noonyan:
        and yet makati is not broke, their senior citizens are well-taken care of, and is orderly and the center of business. kung ganun ang buwaya, mas maganda na rin. a ceo gets a bonus when his company profits, why not peg a bonus to a performing president? why moralize on good performance? i don’t care if he’s a gambler, womanizing drunk or even an occasional thief so long as the economy runs well, we have jobs, our children are educated. as it is, you are always fooled by their election piety. Link to comment

      • Billy

        Tama lang na magtiis muna tayo dahil matatapos din ang kanyang termino. Walang tayong maaasahan sa presidenteng may net worth na 56 million lang naman noong 2010.

        Let us forgive him kasi di niya alam kung paano magbanat ng boto dahil lahat ng gawain ang yaya niya ang gumagawa para sa kanya sa edad niyang 51.

        Sana… may immersion program para sa presidente tulad ng pagwawalis sa buong EDSA sa buong araw.

        God bless his leadership at sana hindi makuha ng China ang pag-aari ng Pilipinas dahil sa ating presidenteng mahilig mag NOYNOYING!

      • Enrico

        Abangan na lang natin ang susunod na kabanata. 

  • dennis

    My most concern here is for our President to AMEND Art.287 (Retirement) in LABOR CODE IN THE PHILIPPINES…WHY?
    Our retirement age is NO LONGER IN PROPORTION AND VALID with the new system sa mundo! “We are already at a HIGH TECH AGE”

    Ganito yun,Retirement age sa BABAE…55yrs of age
         (They MAY go for retirement but not a MUST!)….depende yan sa individual kung kakayanin na mabuhay…..May receive ONLY 80% of their retirement fee…but if they reach the age of 60,a full of 100% retirement fee is STANDARD LAW!

    Retirement age sa LALAKE…60yrs of age
        Same as i´ve mentioned sa BABAE,may recieve ONLY 80%…but if they reach the age of 65,compulsory retirement with a 100% retirement fee is STANDARD LAW!

    Now,Kung gusto nilang magtrabaho pa,then UNTIL AGE OF 62,BUT with a proper separation pay!

    Why did i mentioned 55yrs sa babae and 60 sa lalake?
    This is TO REDUCE THE NO# of JOBLESS PEOPLE sa bansa natin!…It´s quite logic na walang vacancies sa mga trabaho dahil mataas pa ang retirement age!!!…..It is no longer proportion to the no# of population ng bansa natin!….Kung kukunin ang statistics….MAS MATAAS ANG BILANG NG WALANG TRABAHO KESA SA MGA NAGRE-RETIRE! Mangyayari,maghihintay ng isang taong umabot muna sa 60yrs of age bago mabakante!!!

    Now,Why did i mentioned 80% of retirement fee?
    The other 20% MUST GO sa pondo ng Security System ng Pilipinas(Health Insurance for Government Employees) para kapag dumating ang maturity age ng tao with a 100% retirement fee,LIBRE NAMAN ANG PAGPAPAGAMOT NG MGA RETIREES NATIN! Kasi napondohan na!

    • pizza ria

      hindi ito problema ng mamayan.  tungkulin ng gobyerno na magbigay ng trabaho sa mamayan.

      • dennis

        The logic is simple! As you said,”tungkulin ng gobyerno na magbigay ng trabaho sa mamamayan!”…KOREK!,,,BUT Let me explain,The year 70´s We are around 40million filipinos!…NOW,It´s 2102….WE ARE 92Million FILIPINOS!…Tanong: “Nadodoble din ba ang trabaho???….Why are those several towns in our country TURNED INTO CITY?…WHY?…REVENUES?…TOWN´S GROWING INCOME?…POPULATION?…..Ang trabaho ba,nado-doble din ba?…HINDI!

      • pizza ria

        that’s precisely what i was saying:  trabaho hindi nadoble.  what has our government been doing all these years is beyond my wild imagination.  if it were not be overseas works available to filipinos, where would we be?

  • dennis

    Sooner or later,those who are aged 55-60 AND STILL WORKING! I doubt it na hindi nyo mai-enjoy ang Retirement age nyo kung puro COMPUTER SCREEN ang kaharap nyo!…This is a system of a YOUNGER NEW GENERATION!!!…..Siguradong tutubuan na kayo ng katarata sa mga mata nyo nyan!

  • dennis

    Haven´t you noticed why most of the Japanese people wearing EYEGLASSES!…They are already High Tech BEFORE!

  • JaDee P

    Wag na tayong umasa sa gobyerno. Sariling sikap na tayo. may internet naman na pwedeng magnegosyo. Madali lang maging mayaman, di lang natin alam kung papaano.

  • Francis Allan

    Magsumikap lang kayo! Ano ba yan? Malalaki na kayo, may dalawang kamay at paa. Try nyo subukan baka ang alam nyo lang ang humingi sa iba!

    Baka naman kasi namimili kayo ng trabaho. Gusto nyo boss agad kayo sa isang kumpanya! Palagi kayong umaasa sa iba. Kung para sa iyo kulang sahod mo, mag sideline ka. Dami jan. Sobrang dami….grabe. 

    Gamitin nyo din utak nyo. Baka kasi sa soap opera lang gumagana utak nyo kakapanood. Mahihina kasi loob nyo. Kunwari aping-api kayo ng lipunan, pero sa totoo lang ay hindi! Kayo lang nag-isip na ganun. Kasi naman, sa soap opera lang nakatutok palagi. Ito ding TV stations natin, instead of producing shows that will help empower the Filipino people, hayan pag-ibig puro na lang pag-ibig inaatupag ng show. Bihira lang yung tituturuan mga pinoy kung pano dumiskarte ng tama at kumita ng pera. Ako din naman ah, nagsimula ako sa wala dati.

  • Enrico

    Mahirap itaas ang sweldo ngayon dahil marami ang walang trabaho. Marami ang pagpipilian at kahit manggalaiti sa galit ang mga worker, o kahit magsilayas pa sila, maraming papalit na nag aantay lang ng pagkakataon.

  • dennis

    1970´s…We are 40+ Million filipinos…Now,it´s 2012…92Million filipinos na tayo!!! Let me say,2016,We have our new President…2022(new President)…2028(new President) and so on!…Now,think of a possible stimated NO# OF POPULATION SA BAWAT YEAR NA DADATING PA NA NASABI KO?…Di ba tumataas??? TANONG:”NADO-DOBLE DIN BA ANG TRABAHO???”…..Kahit si VP Binay pa ang umupo dyan after President Aquino as a President,KUNG GUSTO MONG MAG-ANAK NG SAMPU(10)!…May magagawa ba siya???…Problema ba ng magiging Presidente yan dahil mahal na ang bilihin at WALA KANG MAIPAKAIN SA MGA ANAK MO???…TANONG,”Bakit ka nag-anak ng di mo kayang buhayin?….Pagkatapos,pupunta ka TUWING MAYO 1 at magpo-protesta???

    • Ignacio150

       Population is not the cause of poverty but the unjust distribution of wealth.  As a matter of fact population is asset.  You reflect very much the mind of this present government which is anti-life.  I can’t understand why the Jesuits Catalino Arevalo and Manoling Francisco support a president who is anti-life.  At least Bp. Soc Villegas has already shy away from the president.

      • Jose

        Don’t be daft.

        The administration is in no way anti-life: it’s pro-knowledge.  The whole point of the bill isn’t to limit how many kids couples can have, it’s to INFORM them of their options, and to give them an idea of how much of a responsibility raising a child is.  Yet you people would rather see poor families having 10+ kids despite being unable to support them while pretending that the more people there are, the better it is for the economy.  It’s not. 

        Population is only really an asset when people are trained.  Do you honestly believe the average beggar on the street contributes positively to the national economy?  It’s not the main reason for the bill, but there is certainly a sound economic rationale it.

        Opposing the RH Bill means supporting poverty, ignorance, and suffering, whether you know it or not.

      • reddfrog

         “As a matter of fact population is asset.”

        ===> To the RCC, yes it is. And the dumber the better.

    • allandel

      please, wag kang magbibiro na si binay ang uupo after aquino. you don’t know what this guy is capable of. do you know how many billionaires are there in the Philippines? one is binay i am sure, i don’t know who the rest are.

  • dennis

    Now,you will got the point of RH BILL!!!

    • gudwil2all

      totally agree with you dennis
      hihintayin pa nilang magpapatayan tayo for space,food and other basic needs

  • Anne Torre

    Good news not enough simply because you are just Noynoying, doint not good enough, @$$#%!&!

  • Anne Torre

    LAWLESSNESS is the main problem of the nation, from the squatting to rebellion, from the crime protector-authorities to the corrupt politicians and government officials, from the lawbreaking decision of courts and mendicancy inspiring Noynoying administration.

    • Joe

      You’re right about government corruption and crime-protecting authorities(also government corruption)Your best examples to prove lawlessness are barely crimes.  However I disagree that squatting and rebellion are crimes, squatting is a result of displacement and lack of jobs in the provinces while rebellion is a political act which was practiced by Philippine heroes like Dagohoy, Silang ang Bonifacio,

      • Anne Torre

        Squatters who illegal settlers start by breaking laws on anti-squatting. What more?

        Rebellion is a crime anywhere in the world even if it’s maybe a political act but it’s a crime.

        BTW, Bonifacio, Dagohoy and Silang were revolutionaries fighting the colonizers for freedom of their country. NPAs and MILFs are not.

  • Carrot

    I agree with P-NOY, as much as we workers would like the Php125/- wage hike, our economy cannot afford it. On a business point of view, they will look for cheaper labor force. Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand have already snatched away large scale business from our country. And now, Myanmar even Bangladesh is promising a cheaper labor as well. It will be difficult to compete. The best that the Gov’t can do is encourage every Filipino to have an entreprenuer mindset and not to wish an employee or an OFW. I believe that is the only way. Hey Chinese will insist their children to study hard so they can be a good business man but Filipino insist their children to study hard so they can get a good paying job. Notice any difference? Sad but true.

  • sievert

    when can this militant group be satisfied? there’s no perfect government in this world,a lot of countries in Europe were suffering too,even the former colonial powers.most countries today is in the midst of survival,we cannot blame our president,even you hate him all of your life,you cannot change the present situation of our country,do anything for yourself.


      I certainly 200% agree with you…. All we can do now is to find a way to help our very own beloved home country instead of complaining and complaining over and over again without even giving any Ideas or doin sumthin to help even in our own little ways as Filipinos…. Little help like, sending money to our loved ones back in Philippines.. Paying our taxes diligently… Puting up new businessess.. Sending our childred for a quality education… Etc… If we all do these things then collectively diz wud be a great impact to our Philippine economy…

      • $5699914

        But there is one thing that I want to be achieved here. Since contractualization is here to stay (same with what’s been happening in other nations), let the contractual-pay be higher than the regular fo the same position.
        Why? It’s because the work is in limited time only and these contractuals does not have the same benfits like the regulars has.
        This should the case in the Philippines.

  • Francis81

    Hahahaha! Si Abad puro pangako ng dialogo mula nung nakaraang taon pero hanggang ngayon ni isang dialogo walang nangyari.   May hangganan ang pang uuto niyo sa sambayanan!

    • malaya1962

      francis request lang, please change your picture … pls LOL!!!

  • Malik62

    BS AQUINO X3  is the very bad news himself!  He is not what he claims to be! Gising mga kababayan!


      Baka po ikaw ang tulog… just tell me san kaba lumaki??? Sa Pinas or sa China??? Alamin mo muna ang roots ng problema bagu ka magsalita.. Do u hav any opinion how to solve da problem of our Country?? Ikaw wat do u contribute to help ease up our current situation as a Filipino??? R U a diligent Filipino tax payer??? Baka puro Playstation lang yata inaatupag mo ehh…   

  • Jose

    Hoenstly, if the P125 hike had pushed through, alot of people would’ve lost their jobs, as many businesses operating on tight margins would’ve had no choice but to scale down.

    And of course, those who rallied for the wage increase and got laid off as a result would probably have blamed the government.


  • novaliches

    ang problema talaga tamad lang ang pinoy, tignan mo yung mga intsik diyan sa divisoria, hindi pa marunong mag tagalog pero malakas ang kita.  

  • frudo

    tama rin ang sinasabi ni Bulagas at agree ako dun, pero mas ok sana kung  isulat ang opinion na walang mga salitang nkakasakit sa ibang nagpapahayag ng saloobin or opinion, hindi totoong tamad ang mga Pilipino kulang lang talaga sa opportunidad, kay reformist tama na rin na umasenso ka dahil syong hardwork at perseverance or tyaga. pero marami rin na Pilipino ang sobrang sipag at tumanda na sa pagtratrabaho ng hindi umasenso sa buhay, kasi nga hindi balanse ang distribution ng wealth dito sa bansa natin, reformist nag abroad ka pansinin mo ang pagkakaiba ng ibang bansa satin, sa ibang bansa kahit ordinaryong mangagawa ka lang pde ka makabili ng sasakyan or makapag loan ng sariling bahay, pero dito sa pinas pag ordinaryong mangagawa ka lang mahirap yatang makabili ka ng sariling sasakyan siguro tricycle pde or baka hirap pa. maraming masisipag na Pilipino  tumanda lang na mahirap pa rin kasi nga hindi sila  nabigyan ng magandang opportunidad, kasi maraming Pilipino na hindi nagawang mapagaral ng mga magulang nila dhil sa kahirapan, kaya hirap din sila mapromote sa mataas na posistion.


    Palala lang po… baka po kayu ang tulog at ang dapat magising… Just tell us san kaba pinalaki at san ka Lumaki at mukhang dimu alam sinasabi mong DAPAT MAGISING ANG PINOY??? Sa Pinas or sa China??? Alamin mo muna ang roots ng problema bagu ka magsasat-sat at wala ka namn clues wats goin on in the real World.. Do u hav any opinion how to solve da problem of our Country?? Ikaw wat do u contribute to help ease up a bit our current situation as a Filipino??? R U a diligent Filipino tax payer??? Baka puro Playstation lang yata inaatupag mo ehh…


    Very good point Carrot… Totally agree with you. Dats right dat is every Filipino’s mind get quality education to land a good paying job… Instead of aiming to get a good life by having your own business or making ur own a “BOSS”… We got lots of opportunity in the Philippines.. AGRICULTURE, FISHERY, LIVESTOCK, SMALL & MEDIUM ENTERPRISE, BUY & SELL, & etc.. Konting tsaga at dobleng sipag lang kailangan… We are all born poor but grow differently and to hav success differently too kc may kanya kanya tayung deskarte sa buhay… Bakit yung iba yumaman in good ways… and others do not… Aanhin natin ang malaki ang Sweldu peru iilan lang naman kumikita kc nagsasarahan na business at naglilipatan na ang mga Investors to our developing neighboring countries… China is one having the Cheapest Labor.. look at China now… Problems with these MILITANTS and ACTIVISTS they were born to CRITICIZE, TO GO ALWAYS AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT REGARDLESS OF WHO EVER IS SITTING…. they were born to COMPLAIN… Sila actually ang nakakagulo sa Pilipinas ehh… Since I was born, Until now the same Faces of the Activists & Militants I am seeing on the streets every almost every seasons of Rally… Protest.. March.. at kung anu anupang kaingayan… But bottom line wat do they get??? WALA..!!! WALA..!! The rest of us Yumaman s sipag at tsaga.. ehh sila until now nasa kalye parin.. Arent they tired of doing dat for the rest of their lives??? Panu na mga anak nila at mg apo?? From father to Son to grandson ehhh activist at militant at laborer habang buhay… I NEVER EVER SEE THE LOGIC DER..!!!

  • frudo

    sa mga di naka pag ara lor nakapagtapos na mga Pilipino na mga walang college degree, suggestion ko lang na wag kayo mawalan ng pagasa, kung sa tingin nyo di nyo kayang magbusiness dahil wla kayo puhunan or di rin kayo mapromote promote sa present job kung may trabaho nga, kung sa tingin nyo or paniniwala nyo ay masipag kayo at determinado na umasenso, ang gawin nyo ay improve nyo ang skills ninyo, magaral kayo sa testda ng WELDING, CARPENTRY, MECHANICS, OR IBA PA NA INDEMAND SA ABROAD, kikita kayo ng mas malaki at makakatulong pa kayo sa ating Gobyerno, kasi nga may kasabihan nga na  WAG NYO TANUNGIN KUNG ANO ANG MAGAGAWA NG BANSAN SA IYO KUNG HINDI TANUNGIN MO KUNG ANO ANG MAGAGAWA MO SA IYONG BANSA. 

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