Government rejects P125 pay hike, cites P1.43-T tab

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WAGE HIKE CALL. Former Bayan Muna partylist representative Satur Ocampo called for an immediate legislated wage increase as militant groups set rallies in Plaza Miranda, Quiapo and Don Chino Roces Bridge (formerly Mendiola Bridge). Video by's Matikas Santos

HEROES HALL President Aquino arrives for a breakfast meeting with labor leaders, businessmen and government officials in Malacañang on Tuesday. MALACAÑANG PHOTO

Granting a P125 across-the-board minimum wage increase for 40 million workers is going to cost P1.43 trillion for a P9-trillion economy, President Benigno Aquino III said Tuesday.

With this argument, Mr. Aquino ruled out the grant of such an increase in his Labor Day speech, promising instead a P11.2-billion educational assistance and a P1.1-billion skills upgrade of government workers.

“I repeat, we’re taking out P1.43 trillion from an economy that is worth P8 to P9 trillion,” Mr. Aquino told labor leaders and employers at Heroes’ Hall in Malacañang.

He came up with the figure by multiplying P125 by 22 working days in a month, then by 13 months in a year, and by the 40 million Filipino workers.

“How can the businessmen recover this? Isn’t it that they’re going to raise the prices of goods and services? Aren’t they going to cut costs by laying off employees? Has anybody explained that there are 527,000 Filipinos who could lose jobs this year and next year if this is implemented?” Mr. Aquino said.

4 goals

The government has four goals to address unemployment: Keep jobs, create more jobs, upgrade skills of workers to find jobs that will give them a “better future” and implement the laws to better the welfare of workers, he said.

“Let’s be honest with one another. It’s clear that the proposed P125 increase runs counter to the first goal,” he said.

Mr. Aquino said the minimum wage, pegged at between $9 and $10, was far better than Cambodia’s $2, Vietnam’s $2.4 to $3.21 and Indonesia’s $3.05 to $5.27.

“If it gets higher, who would dare invest here in the country? This might even delay the growth of our economy,” he said.

Count blessings

The President indicated that workers should count their blessings, saying that the government has managed to keep prices of basic commodities stable despite spiraling fuel prices.

“In 2011, the wage increased by 5.24 percent, while inflation rose by 4.8 percent. That’s why we need a thorough dialogue and study of the wage increase which we course through the Regional Tripartite Wage and Productivity Boards. I’m now rushing their consultations with unions so we can come up with a new wage order at the soonest possible time,” he said.

The better strategy then, Mr. Aquino said, would be to invest in realistic, long-term programs.

Educational assistance fund

The President cited, for instance, the P11.2-billion educational assistance fund program (EAFP) for 1.4 million members of the Government Service and Insurance System (GSIS), and 200,000 members of the Social Security System (SSS) for a four-year degree or technical and vocational courses.

“Now the qualified members don’t have to hang on to loan sharks (“5-6”) just so their children could study. There’s now a more practical and fair alternative that Filipino workers can turn to invest in their future,” he said.

Of the amount, P5 billion will be provided by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) out of “excess dividend collections” remitted by government-owned and -controlled corporations (GOCCs), while a counterpart fund of P6.2 billion will come from the GSIS and SSS, Budget Secretary Florencio Abad said.

While all active GSIS members are covered by the program, only SSS members with a monthly salary of P10,000 or less could avail themselves of the assistance, Abad said in a statement.

Work scholarship

Mr. Aquino also cited the P1.1 billion fund for Work Scholarship Program for the youth in IT-business process outsourcing, construction, electronics, tourism and agriculture.

“We have ordered and funded the Tesda (Technical Education Skills and Development Authority) to pinpoint the skills required by industries so that a college education is not wasted.

We’re doing this to end the tragedy of our countrymen enrolling in a good-sounding course only to graduate without a job waiting,” he said.

Advanced release

The DBM is spending an additional P2.7 billion for the advance release of the fourth and last installment of the salary increase for 1.6 million government employees under the Salary Standardization III program.

The advance release of the increase on June 1, instead of July 1, was the “good news” announced by presidential spokespersons ahead of Labor Day.

“June is the resumption of classes. The President thinks that if we advance it to June 1 that will help the parents with their children’s tuition,” Abad told reporters.

The President said he, Vice President Jejomar Binay and the Cabinet secretaries were not availing themselves of the advance release of their salary increase.

The fund will be drawn from the P19.5 billion dividends from GOCCs, according to Abad.

“I hope the private sector doesn’t begrudge us. The salaries of government employees like us have lagged behind for some time. But I repeat, out of sympathy, we—the Vice President and the Cabinet members, and myself—will get our salary increase on schedule in July,” the President said.

Labor leader’s concerns

The President heard pressing labor concerns straight from the horses’ mouth right inside his turf.

With the country’s top CEO listening, labor leader Jose “Sonny” Matula assailed the growing industry practice of renewing workers’ contracts every five months to avoid regularizing them.

“Your Excellency, we’re bothered by the rampant contractualization,” Matula, president of the Federation of Free Workers (FFF), said in a speech during a brief dialogue between the President and labor organizations at Malacañang’s Heroes Hall.

PAL layoffs

Matula said his group was apprehensive that Philippine Airlines’ decision to outsource its services, which precipitated the layoff of thousands of airline employees, would further promote contractualization.

“We sympathize with thousands of PAL employees who lost their jobs after your office set aside the appeal of Palea (PAL Employees’ Association) to stop outsourcing the services of the PAL,” he said, speaking on behalf of the labor unions.

If the profit-earning PAL is allowed to lay off employees, what would stop other companies from doing the same in the name of “management prerogative?” he wondered.

Worse, union employees and members are the first to take the ax under such schemes, contrary to the spirit of the Philippine Development Plan, Matula said.


Mr. Aquino, who spent 10 minutes to respond to Matula’s concerns before delivering his Labor Day speech, admitted that he was caught in a dilemma over the PAL labor issue, given the conflict in the Middle East and Africa.

“If our countrymen in the Middle East had to be repatriated immediately, we have to have the capability to do that. So the question then was: Should we gamble on the capability of this company to continue their flights, or on the fate of our countrymen?” he said.

Mr. Aquino said the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) had issued Department Order 18-A which prohibits the renewal of contracts every five months.

iPads for inspectors

To enforce this, he said the department was tapping 372 inspectors on top of the present 224, to monitor contractualization in industries.

“As far as technology is concerned they can be given iPads so they can immediately translate their findings to the DOLE central office,” he said of the inspectors.

With regards to subcontracting arrangements, the President said the industry could take a look at House Bill No. 4853, a consolidated version of several bills promoting security of tenure.

This, however, might need some fine-tuning because of fears that it could lead to the layoff of 10.3 million workers, he said.

Also present at the dialogue were representatives of the Association of Genuine Labor Organizations, Alliance of Filipino Workers, Alliance of Progressive Labor, Alliance of Independent Hotel and Restaurant Workers Union, Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino, Lakas Manggagawa Labor Center, Manggagawa Para sa Kalayaan ng Bayan, Pambansang Diwa ng Manggagawang Pilipino, Philippine Meatworkers Alliance, Public Services Labor Independent Confederation, Trade Union Congress of the Philippines and Trade Unions of the Philippines and Allied Services.

Edgar Lacson, president of the Employers’ Confederation of the Philippines, appealed for unity with the employees, saying “We’re not your enemies.”

Originally posted: 1:39 pm | Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

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  • Edmund

    There are two sides of a coin… Our president is looking at the point of view of business… why can’t we just look the other way around, the workers…. higher wage means higher purchasing power…

     The thing is, the President failed miserably in generating business and employment….  that’s the truth…

  • benjie

    Yun naman pala eh!! Asan ang good news na naka headline sa PDI na sinasabi ni Lacierda!! Pahirap talga itong si NOYNOY sa mga manggagawa! Walang ibang gawin kundi mag NOYNOYING sa Palasyo!

  • MonMayuga

    There should be a middle ground like a reasonable increase in the salaries of employees and workers that employers can afford without increasing the price of the products and services they produce.  A symbiotic relationship between employers and the workforce is the best alternative. You don’t kill the goose that lays the egg.

    One should have at least a basic knowledge of economics to understand this.

    • barangayboso

      Madami kasing hindi nag-iisip..

  • barangayboso

    Very well said.

    • ely

      ano daw???

      another noynoying…

      • barangayboso

        You are looking at it from the point of view of a worker..

        Try to view it from the point of view of the business owner.. and think of it as if its your business.. would you hike the salary that much??

        akala ng mga tao, mga manggagawa lang ang binabayaran, ung mga makinarya at raw materials, hindi nila sinasama sa kwenta..

        … at mas madali kasing magsalita ng hindi nag-iisip…

  • ely



  • ray

    pamasahe lang sa isang sakayan……paano naman yung kinita ng mga businessmen nay yan kapag tumataas ang benta nila…kawawang manggagawa

  • Rocky6076

    Sa Mindanao Kung gusto ninyo ng ilaw magbayad kayo sa gusto ng elitista,sa trabaho ayaw ninyo ng suweldo ninyo lay off kayo iyan ang plataporma ng Abnoy na Ito. Waah good news.

  • ray

    tubo sa isang pack na noddles … lang ang kayang ibigay…haha…kakatawa

  • EdgarEdgar

    Noynoy will never understand the plight of ordinary Filipinos. That’s why he doesn’t care. He and his clan can take flight anytime this country falls apart. Just like his father did when he faked his heart ailment and got a US visa for free. Shameless family. Shameless clan.

    • dgboy

       yah shameless like you

      • EdgarEdgar

        hey chink, what are you doing here? enslaving our people again.

      • dgboy

         yah go back to work! “slave”. No holidays for you, I pay you to blog.

      • EdgarEdgar

        my apologies, didn’t mean to hurt you chink. just testing your credibility. was wondering all along why you hated us Filipinos so much.

      • dgboy

        i am a Filipino and i love my country, what i hate most are Filipinos who are pretending self righteous like you

      • EdgarEdgar

        Ooops. Sorry to hurt your feelings dgboy. I don’t remember you loving our country in your other blogs. Anyway, you’ve been exposed. So much for pretensions dgboy. And wipe that drool off your face dgboy.

      • Bert

        wasn’t it gringo, the coup plotter, who said that this country is full of self-righteous hypocrites, referring to the allies of the yellow zombies? then you have the reason to hate yourself….hehe


      Super agree! 10B likes!

    • BatangSingapore

      hindi sa hindi nya alam ang bituka ng mahirap.  sadyang tanga at mongoloid yan sinto sintong presidente.


    • MonMayuga

      Even in “hot wars” (as opposed to cold wars) there are intelligence agents who make ruses to deceive the enemy and nobody complains. Granting that Ninoy Aquino faked his heart ailment who would fault him for deceiving a tyrant to escape from his opponent’s iron grip? 

      I was surprised to hear that from you.

      • EdgarEdgar

        Don’t be surprised. Ninoy worked with the CIA closely, too, when it suited his purpose. In the end, our country was at the losing end of any of Ninoy’s designs for personal gain.

  • nestleraisinets

    eh ano binoto boto nyo pa toh, akala nyo siguro pro-poor itong ugok na presidente natin. Alam ko talagang medyo hindi pwede ung 125P na increase sa salary pero nakaktawa lang talaga na binoto siya ng masa para kampihan cla un pala nasupalpal lang…

    hindi na nga pro-poor, incompetent pa hahaha what have we done to our country… para tayong naka slow motion sa Pilipinas…


      Kahit sinong iboboto jan hihilahin pa rin nang mga iilan jan!

    • Montse

      Nasaan kasi ung mga pinagyayabang nyang investors tuwing galing sya sa abroad? Di ba sila makapag isip ng ibang paraan para sa naghihirap na mga Filipino? Where are the economic think tanks?

    • dgboy

       dapa ikaw nalang sir binoto namin, hahaha! sira

  • migg2

    a very typical moronic reaction by the bayan muna representatives. the only hope for all to experience high salary increase is to sell the country, and if we look closely which industry is performing very well it’s the entertainment industry meaning people spend just to enjoy watching their favorite stars forgetting that they too have to earn a living, ironic but it’s reality.

    • Montse

      That’s what they call social anaesthesia. Nakakalimutan ang problema lalo na kung papasukan na ng lovelife ni Pnoy at Kris.

  • titpa0618

    satur ocampo????:ala ka ng kredibilidad, manahimik kana lang, kasama ng iyong mga kaibigang komunista na wla ng ginawa kundi ngumanga ng ngumanga, kahit sino pa umupo sa malakanyang cgurado kakalabanin nyo dahil gusto nyo kayo mga komunista humawak sa gobierno. me magagawa kaya kayo????

  • edmanuel

    Salary increases or not, prices of goods and services will still go up.

  • Iggy Ramirez

    Please brush your teeth Satur Ocampo! You’ve got layers and layers of plaque and tartar! WTF! Magtutbras ka!

  • Rey Nhatz

    ilang taon na rin akong nag tatrabaho, isa lang ang napansin ko sa bawat taon at yon ay ang buwan ng desyembre. during that month, almost all employee recieved extra money from the company thru 13th month pay, bunoses and other incentives, malaking pera rin ang nawala sa mga employer pero bali wala yon dahil alam ng mga negosyante na babalik rin ang nasabing pera sa negosyante dahil ipamimili rin yan ng mga tao. kahit sino pa siguro ang tatanungin, talagang malakas ang negosyo tuwing desyembre dahil halos lahat ng tao ay may sapat na per para ipamili

    kung ang scenario ng desyembre ay dalhin natin mula enero hanggang desyembre, sa tingin ko lalakas ang negosyo

    dagdagan natin ang sahod ng mga empleyado, lalakas ang purchasing power at sigurado akong walang negosyo na malulugi

    mula po yan sa isang simpling utak ng isang simpling mamamayan

  • dgboy

    kung ako sa mga aktibistang ito, huwag na nilang aksayahin panahon nila. Magaral sa TESDA. Update nila skills nila. Tutal magaling sila sumatsat eh d mag train sila sa call center course. Sayang ang daming demand pero ang nagsasayang sila ng panahon. What a waste !

    • wbar

      ETO ANG LINK… wwwDOTyoutubeDOTcom/watch?v=fFumxFCrmr8

    • Montse

      sayang nga panahon nila di naman sila pinapakingan.

      • dgboy

         because they do not know also how to listen. They do not want to adapt to what is in trend right now. Gusto nila ang mundo magadapt sa kanila, wow daig pa si obama.

  • Bert

    Our NOYNOYING HACIENDERO PRESIDENT cannot afford the salary increase but can easily SPLURGE 24 BILLION PESOS (AND INCREASING) on DINKY SOLIMAN’S CASH DOLE OUTS to lazy, non-tax paying ESTAMBAYS…..

    • dgboy

       do you know how to compute?   Do you know how much is the difference between 24 Billion and 1 Trillion, think man!

      • Bert

        gusto mo sabay tayo mag solve advanced integral calculus problems? hehe
        bodoy, with the 24B pesos dole out given to estambays, your noynoying haciendero president can start funding the 1 trillion you’re talking about, with that seed money….gets?

      • dgboy

         kailngan mo pa ng integral para isolve yan ah arithmetic enough na. You’re not efficient. These estambays you call are also Filipinos who want a fair fight but really unfortunate. Isipin mo nalang yan ang tulong mo sa kanila kung naniniwala kapa sa good karma. Pero kung mas mahirap kapa sa kanila, I feel sorry for you.

      • Bert

        bodoy, you still didn’t get my drift… you even understand what seed money is? what about integral calculus? hehe, never mind….

      • dgboy

        fine, you do not need calculus to succeed in life. Those are for academe addicts, what is important is your character. By the way my name is dgboy and not bodoy, if you cannot read it, Bert.

      • Bert

        sige na nga, bodoy, este, dgboy…hehe

      • noiye

        berting..bigyan mo kami ng example ng “advance” intergal  integal mo!….kasi wala kaming sa engineering ng “advance” eh…

      • Avtar Singh

        I am with you dgBoy…and Bert…pls SHUT UP…..

      • Bert

        aba, kapatid na bombay, to the rescue….hehe

      • adam_d_ant

        oy  … si “bombay” … kaya pala umaalingasaw na naman ang pdi dahil meron na naman ditong ma-anghit ..

        ligo ka muna tsong  …. go ….. tapos punta ka na ke carandang …. sahod ka na ….

        ang mga nauuto talaga ni budoy …. ngeee

      • BatangSingapore

        sino naman maniniwala na napunta sa tambay ang perang ibubulsa ng Abnoy na presidente na pinadaan pa kay Dinky Ungas Soliman!

  • OTapaim

    The president is right on this one. Higher legislated minimum wage means higher unemployment rates, lower tax revenues, higher inflation, and slower economic growth. Not many workers would understand this, but the president did workers a favor by resisting the P125 wage increase. Truth be told, I am even hoping that yhe current government would reform labor laws to remove minimum wage altogether along required benefits that obscure the economic nature of employment. A compensation structure promotes transparency and should even result in higher tax revenue for social services. Singapore should seve as an example.

  • John_Galt_II

    Wow! This is very impressive! Sa wakas meron presidente na marunong mag isip ng matino at hindi lang puro political rhetoric. Naniniwala ako na mas makabubuti kung walang legislated salary increase. Let the free market decide what’s good for the economy.

  • wbar

    President Benigno Simeon Aquino III, ushered by Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) Director-General Emmanuel Villanueva, upon arrival for the 110th Labor Day Job and Livelihood Fairs at the World Trade Center, Pasay City Tuesday May 01, 2012. According to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), there are a total of 360,777 job vacancies offered by 1,706 employers across the 16 regions of the country. Of the number, 74,352 vacancies are offered by 1,085 local employers, while the rest are overseas vacancies. The number of job vacancies per region is, as follows:, NCR, 97,888; CAR, 18,293; Region I, 8,940; Region II, 2,276; Region III, 10,000; Region IV-A, 11,055; Region IV-B, 80; Region V, 3,991; Region VI, 5,371; Region VII, 122,756; Region VIII, 396; Region IX, 15,407; Region X, 4,500; Region XI, 21,057; Region XII, 13,767; and CARAGA, 25,000. 

    • dgboy

      over qualified daw si satur dyan kaya hindi siya natanggap.

    • James Liston

      I suspect that the trent of education and courses offered in colleges ad universities are not the need to the industries. The production of thousands of graduates does not meet the demands needed by companies.

      Just for fact checking.. how many nurses and teachers graduate each year and how many are being demanded in these regions you mentioned? And how many of them ended up in a call centre? For a pricey education to end up taking calls from overseas… this call centre jobs can be classified as ‘vocation jobs’ not career jobs. 2 years of intensive english training and hospitality courses are enough to suit this industry.. not 4-5 years.

      Also, how many of these jobs you mentioned are for permanency? Most jobs are either c0-terminus with the current local politicians or contractual. 

  • Daniel

    I am a critic of Pnoy, but im with him this time. Although, it would be ideal to raise salaries, but the state our economy is in now, wage increase could even harm than do good. However, the government and the populace should still do more to live decent lives: How? More jobs must be created, if not by the private sector, then by the government. Population must be controlled, the number of people must be commensurate with the country’s ability to support them. prioritize education. And for the common tao, be productive not reproductive. Stop losing precious time and energy watching telenovelas. Instead, think, think, think and act. Maraming paraan para kumita. Kahit nga basura, napagkakakitaan din e.

  • ern

    Pinilit ba kayong magtrabaho dyan at kayo ang magdidikta kung magkano ang sahod nyo? Magtayo kayo ng kompanya nyo at pasahurin nyo ang tao ng 1000 minimum wage. Dapat siguro piece work na lang lahat para yung masipag malaki kita. yung tamad konti at baka palayasin pa.

    Ikaw satur magtayo ka nga ng hanapbuhay at ipasahod mo ang hinihingi mo. Magkano ba pasahod mo sa mga driver, katulong at alalay mo? Wag mo na hintayin ang gobyerno na magdeclare.

    • Bert

      Yong presidente mong TAMAD, bakit malaki ang sahod????

      • dgboy

         talaga, eh malaki pa sahod ng manager ko sa kanya eh.Kung tamad ang presidente, ano tawag mo sa sarili mo, masipag, wah!

      • Bert

        sure ka? at kung MASIPAG naman tawag mo sa presidente mong walang nagawa sa loob ng 12 na taon nya sa tongreso at senado, ano na kaya ako? Ultra masipag o Incredible man? hehe

      • dgboy

        who cares kung wala siyang nagawa that time. What is important is now, at kung tingin mo tamad siya, it will not make sense anyway. Kaysa naman masipag, masipag mangurakot at manloko ng kapwa. Toink bato bato sa langit, ang tamaan huwag magagalit.

      • Bert

        anong who cares? magkano ba bayad sa kanya sa loob ng 12 years for noynoying? billions worth of pork? di ba ang pagtanggap ng sahod na walang ginawa, pangungurakot din? toink, bato2 sa langit, ang matamaan, buti nga sayo…hehe

      • dgboy

         then punta ka sa malacanang, singilin mo siya about that. What are you waiting for, action na, diba “masipag” ka.

      • Bert

        lame……running out of good defense?

      • dgboy

         walk the talk! are you afraid kasi baka mabokya ka lang pagdating sa malacanang.

      • Bert

        still lame….

      • james

        Bert, yung thread ng usapan ay nag-umpisa kay ern na nagsabi na na dapat subukan ni Satur magnegosyo para makita naman niya yung kabulang panig. Binaling mo yung usapan sa pag-atake sa presidente. Dapat ilipat mo yung post mo sa root ng diskusyon at hindi sa thread ni ern. lumalabas na depensa lang ang punto ng post mo at hindi pagpaliwanag

      • dgp123

         korek..u have a gud point!

      • scorpio15

        Ang tamad ay maghapon nakatunganga. Ganon ba ang ginagawa mo Bert??????

  • Ela Moreno

    ka etchusan… the SSL 3 is under the Arroyo Admin… she has made an earlier implementation during the 2nd tranche… hmmm… copy paste lang ang ginawa ng new admin… it would be a news if the 4th tranche will be implemented retroactive January 2012….

  • Go


    • scorpio15

      Do-on ka magtanong sa Malacanang. Hindi masagot ng dyaryo yan Igan.

  • BatangSingapore

    Aquino rules out P125 wage hike  <<< ETO NA ANG SURPRESA NG ABNOY NA PANGULO


    Tama!! kayo nga ang BOSS nya mga Tungaw hahahahahahaha.

  • Cerise David

    He is correct.   This time.

  • wawa2172

    Fom my mom and dad…thanks for SSL 3 GMA and also to Noy for completing the last tranche salary increases, a brainchild of the little lady. My parents will be retiring three years from now and it is a welcome that they will have a good retirement benefits. I am in private sector and is not expecting any increase but somehow what worries me are those daily minimum wage earners. I am sure that they cannot cope up with the increases of commodities. Sana kahit pang bigas man lang sana ok na. A sack will do and it will reduced a lots of grumbling stomach, kahit NFA rice lang.

  • MarcyPulilan

    Turns out iyong surprise ni PeNoy ay for the businessmen not the workers. Adding insult to injury ika nga with that no 125 peso no wage hike.

  • Jorrel Quilalang

    Weird…I’m actually a critic of the present administration so I watched his speech expecting to hear some crap. But after listening carefully to the pros and cons of allowing a 125 wage would seem to give more negative effects to the economy than good.

  • w4d

    P125 will hurt a lot of businesses, especially the small ones. If they insist in this demand, many owners will potentially layoff workers or close shop, which will be a bigger issue. PNoy’s decision is realistic, but I wish he announced an acceptable wage hike increase during the same speech.  Well, any increase is better than none, at this point.

  • Divina

    poor mentality ang kailangan munang mawala sa mga pilipino kahit kasi bigyan ng 1k additional/month obviously hindi parin sapat yon, ordinary employee lang din po with 12k/monthly salary pero priority ko savings and investment instead of complaining in just 5 years I have more than 1 million investment sa stock market..most of us kasi one day millionaire pag may pera gastos ng gastos hindi maisip na mag save… 

    • Pedro

      buti ka… mayaman… sarili nyo lang kasi ang nakikita nyo… paano ang tulad namin, isang halimbawa na ako.. may sariling negosyo, nagtityaga para mabuhay ang pamilya.. may mga anak na nag-aral.. pero sa panahon ngayon, hindi na sapat ang kinikita ng aking hanapbuhay… bagsak ang ekonomiya, mahal ang mga bilihin.. walang hanapbuhay at walang pera ang karamihan… halos hindi na kumikita ang aking negosyo… pero nagsisikap pa din ako… kaso paano nga kung sa konting kinikita sa araw-araw ay don pa kukunin ang ikabubuhay ng pamilya? paaano na kung hindi na kumikita..? at may mga tauhan din ako na sa hanapbuhay ko umaasa… para ibuhay din naman sa kanilang pamilya… napakaswerte mo, may inaasahan kang 12k buwan buwan… ako may negosyo, nagbabyad ng buwis at nagpapasweldo ng mga tao.. swerte na sigurong kitain ko pa ang 12k na neto sa isang buwan…

  • wbar


  • Ulipur

    ABS-CBN news
    MANILA, Philippines — All eyes are now on the Philippines. But beyond its slick tourism slogan is the “brutal reality” of poverty.

    CNN showed on Tuesday a report on “pagpag,” which it described as a “grim staple for Manila’s poor.”

    The report by Kyung Lah showed Felipa Fabon waiting for trash bags from restaurants. Fabon is seen sorting through the garbage to look for “pagpag” or food scraps, which she said she will later sell or cook.

    The report also showed a 27-year-old mother, Morena Sumanda, who buys the scraps to feed her two children. She later adds vegetables to her broth.

    The report is part of CNN’s week-long special, “Eye on the Philippines,” which coincides with the 45th Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of the Asian Development Bank here in Manila.

    About 4,000 participants, including finance ministers, central bank governors, and representatives from the private sector, academe, media, and civil society are expected to attend the event.


    Many were shocked to see the report, amid the government’s attempt to paint a picture of a growing economy.

    CNN’s own Kristie Lu Stout described it as a “brutal portrait of poverty.”

    Over at Twitter, Filipinos themselves said it was so hard to watch.

    @geoffbits said “Thanks @CNN for featuring this sad reality of ‘pagpag'; this is an eye-opener for the gov’t of the Phils. Hope PH pres. is watching this.”

    @iamHoneyAngel15 said, “Gahg I’m a proud Pinay, but I hate all the corruption that led to 30% of Pinoys below poverty line. Pagpag on CNN tsktsk”

    Others saw the irony of the situation. Comelec spokesman James Jimenez, in his Twitter account, said, “Irony: the ‘it’s more fun in the PHL tvc’ prefacing a CNN videos on pagpag and baby factories.”

    @cajupak agreed, saying “Just watched ‘Pagpag’ on CNN, and they say it’s more fun here… So #ironic”

    Based on the data released by the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) early this year, the total number of poor Filipinos in 2009 increased by 4.4 percent to 23.1 million in 2009 from 22.2 million in 2006.

    It blamed the rise in poverty incidence to a variety of factors such as the food crisis in 2008 and the global financial crisis in 2009.

    Government addressing issue

    The NSCB said the Aquino government needs to reduce poverty incidence by 2 percentage points every year if it wants to meet the Millennium Development Goal on halving poverty by 2015.

    Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said he has yet to see the report.

    Social Welfare Secretary Dinky Soliman, meanwhile, said the government is already addressing the problem.

    “It is an issue we are trying to address. We are conducting supplementary feeding and we are working now on modified conditional cash transfer for street families and street dwellers. We enjoin everyone to work together to help the poor,” she said in a text message.

    • Shinigami

      until when will Pnoy and the yellow media cover up the truth?CNN just showed the hard reality amidst the rosy economy and lessening poverty that Pnoy’s administration claimed it has done?until when will he use other people as his excuse for his inactions?Truth is better told than lying to the very people that supports him.Until when will the blind yellow people who thinks Pnoy is doing a good job?Pnoy is an Oligarch and has been working for his clan rather than the people.

      • PinasK0ngMahal

        and what have GMA done in the 9 years of her presidency? She was the president in 2006 and 2009, the years cited in the pagpag article!

    • wbar

      eto kung bakit mahirap pa rin tayo…ISA LANG ITO SA DAHILAN..ALISIN ANG DOT…http://wwwDOTyoutubeDOTcom/watch?v=v1cUv2Lozk0

    • Cerise David

      That just ruined my day, but thank you.

  • Bulagas



    • kismaytami

      Meron namang output kahit papaano, like power hikes, poverty hikes, basic commodities price hikes, kotong fee hikes…

  • Shinigami

    What Pnoy could have done is to backtrack the allowance taxes that BIR has implemented under Henares.Not everyone is aware or this.If he really wanted to help,he could have stopped getting taxes from those,allowances na nga,kinukunan pa ni Henares.

  • Jon


    Dagdagan nyo na lang ang pag-amoy sa ulam para kunyari dumadami ang pagkain sa mesa nyo.
    DI ba sasarap ang kain nyo nyan?
    Talaga naman oh.
    Kung ito ang “Good News” ni Pwehnoy, talagang kakabahin ako pag may bad news siyang sasabihin.

  • billygunn23

    what else do we expect? this is a glaring fact that penoy is not really serious about his promises of good governance. why did he grant a raise to government employees’ salaries but could not make a move as to the plight of the employees from the private sector? the answer is so simple: he is bound to protect only the interest of the businessmen with whom he has debt of gratitude. As they say, quid pro quo, and penoy is here showing his true colors. i still wonder why some people here defends him…

    • Pedro

      madami kasing tulad nyang a b n o dito sa pinas…

    • bahaykubo1015

      It was not Penoy who granted a raise to government employees. This law was passed a few years back during the time of GMA……..

      • billygunn23

         you’re not getting it. why not grant a raise for both so everybody is happy?

  • bahaykubo1015

    Wala na ngang alam, TAMAD PA  
    Do Philippines a favor and resign!!!!!!!!!

    • wbar

      hay naku….

    • INQ_reader

      BahayKubo1015, a non-performing citizen of the Philippines.

      • bahaykubo1015

        On the contrary INQ_reader,
        I sincerely think I have been performing very well. Not bad at all…

      • Diablo_III

        kawawa ka naman Pandak supporter…hahaha

  • benjie

    Yun naman pala eh!! Asan ang good news na naka headline sa PDI na
    sinasabi ni Lacierda!! Pahirap talga itong si NOYNOY sa mga manggagawa!
    Walang ibang gawin kundi mag NOYNOYING sa Palasyo!


  • INQ_reader

    Si Satur na lang kaya ang magtayo ng negosyo na may dagdag na P125/day ang mga tauhan?

  • adam_d_ant

    he. he. he….

    naisahan na naman kayo ni simeon the retard  — “good news” daw sa labor day …wala kayong increase  .. pahinog kayo ….. silang dalawa ni nognog ang unang example daw  … eh kahit hindi kumuha ng suweldo ang dalawang ‘to, hindi gugutomin …

    si simeon pa …. daming ninakaw na pera sa gobyerno … tatlong term na congressman ang tatlong taon sa senado, walang production …… 12 years na pinalamon ng gobyerno ang hitad …. at okay lang daw sa mga retarded na “supoters” ni simeon the retard  …

    ang mga nauuto talaga ni budoy …. ngeee

    • fairtruth

      Tumpak….walang good news sa labor day….yong sa last tranche ng government due na yan eh..tulad ng dati ..kung gusto ngya..bakit di nalang ginawang may 1 ang effectiviity.?   Negosyante kasi orientation ni Pnoy..hindi pro-labor..kaya..pasenya na labor groups…..

  • Borogol

    dapat  yan ang ipadala dun sa panatag, rally ng rally… now taking credit.. amp!

  • bahaykubo1015

    I got it adam_d_ant,
    Abnoy, 14 na mahabang taon nang kumukubra ng sweldo sa governo, 0 performance (Noynoying pa rin) …. Luging -lugi tayong  mga taxpayers……

  • Hagler

    magdidildil n ulit sa instant noodles na puro msg ang pobreng pinoy, yung may- ari ng noodle company jackpot na naman, all season ang produkto kasama na din na pang relief goods.

  • filipinaskoh

    I support Noynoy for not granting the P125 across the board wage increase. It is really true it will cause economic chaos. There are many small companies who cannot afford this increase, the result would be a mass lay-off or worse closure of small businesses. Producers/ manufacturing companies will simply pass this on to consumers as part of their direct or indirect labor cost. Service companies will pass this too to their customer/clients.

    The sector who would suffer the most are the non-wage earner like farmers, fishermen, small time vendors and others from the “mangangalakal hanggang sa mga namamalimos”. The OFW’s will be much affected too, they are not part of this increase. Kukulang na naman ang pinapadalang pera, extra kayod na namn sila

    These labor groups only thinks of their own needs, hindi man lang nila inisip ang daming tatamaan sa hinihingi nila.

  • Budoy

    Mga lecheng botanteng sumuporta kay Abnoy, yan ang parusa katangahan nyo noong huling eleksyon. ulitin nyo pa iyan at ng lupa na lang ang kakainin nyo sa hapag kainan.  Wala talagang  mangyayari sa Pinas ngayon.Pasakop na kaya tayo sa Tsina para at least lahat ay mura na.

    • scorpio15

      Magsumikap ka!!!
      Hindi yong magmumura ka rine sa dyaryo. Aba kung kaya mong kuma-in ng Lupa ay di kaka-inin mo. Lalong nakakatipid ka pa.
      Ikaw na lang ang umuwi sa Tsina.

      • Budoy

        kinalawang na din ang ga mani mong utak.  hahaha

  • Sandy

    I’ve been working here in Middle East and even the inflation is constantly increasing every year. Ultimo nga gasolina n d2 na nangagaling tumataas pa dyan pa kaya sa Pinas na bumibili lang. Sana yong ibang tao suportahan n lang ang bawat isa at hindi rally ng rally. Magbasa naman sana sila kung anong nangyayari sa buong mundo at wag umasa lagi sa maitutulong ng gobyerno. Andaming pwedeng gawin sa buhay na eto para umasenso magbanat ka lang ng buto. Imbes na criticize at rally ang ginagawa sa araw2.

    • Budoy

      sagot ko lang sa yo, Ogag ka. umuwi ka dito at ng malaman mo mga sinasabi mo. Ogag!

  • Renato_SUPOT_Pacifico

    eh sino dapat sisihin, mga pinoy din bumoto kay president. mga lipunan ng ungas !
    alam nyo lang name recall kapag eleksyon. bumoto kayo dahil sa pangalan at hindi dahil sa kakayahan at gawa kaya yan ang kinalabasan.

    arroyo, aquino, marcos = mga pangalan na matunog sa philippine politics…
    pilipino = mga taong bumoboto ng pangalan sa eleksyon, mga munting kagamitan ng mga trapo !

    • indiots

      sobra ka manglait ng mga pilipino? sa palagay mo sa nagdaang pres. election sino ang matino? but you have to vote at piliin ang medyo mabut-buti.

      • Renato_SUPOT_Pacifico

        huh mabuti-buti ? those surnames are all what the pnas has come to be kaya wag kang magtaka….isama mo na rin si idol mong si Asiong Erap Salonga.

        sabagay, hindi mo rin masisi ng todo mga pilipino, the pathetic philippine media and its sensationalism has contibuted greately to our decay

  • g g

    has productivity increased? if not, then no wage hike!!!

  • migg2

    the formula for success isn’t about whining but hard work and more hard work and learn along the way , be true to you’re desire and never count what you earn ,for hard work will always payoff . 

  • RickyCarandang

    Inquirer Newspaper May 1, 2012 Headline


    Kulang na lang sip-sipin ng inquirer ang bayag ni Noy…

    • kismaytami


  • delpillar

    Sana magtayo ng sariling company si Satur Ocampo at paswelduhin nya ng 550 pesos or higher per day yung mga tauhan nya. I-enroll nya rin sa SSS, PAG-IBIG etc.

    Just a few months ago, some of my friends who are workin in big Japanese and US companies told me that their company headquarters in the US/Japan are excited in Myanmar (Burma) political and economic development after the US/EU/Japan normalized their relations.

    In fact last week, Japan waved over 2 Billion USD na utang ng Myanmar.

    Magsisipagtayo ng factories starting next year ang Japan/US sa Myanmar because the monthly salary of assembly-line and blue-collar workers are only 25-to-30 US Dollars per month. That is only about 1,000 to 1,300 pesos per month.

    • jeray

      Kung buhay si gregorio del pilar ikaw ang una nyang batukan, hahaha.

  • Jose

    Good call.  Much as I sympathize with the poor, a P125 kills so many businesses it’s not even funny.

    • robotwatch

      The wages of the filipino workers has been pressed down for decades already and yet, the Philippines has never become the business capital of Asia. Still, very few was able to put up a businesses inspite of the perpetually pressed down wages. Oligarch owned big businesses in connivance with the government, continues to erode the few remaining rights of the workers. Newly hires are paid less and given even lesser benefits compared to those hired 5 years ago. It’s amazing how the “we will cost cut to prosperity” mantra of the greedy capitalists continues to work and the stupid/corrupt/paid government continues to fall for it. The few workers who got the skills and intelligence continue their migration abroad and those unskilled and stupid workers who stay was forced to swallow whatever excrement the capitalists ram their throats. If you got to travel enough, you’d get a chance to witness that if the government is serious in protecting and looking after the welfare of their citizens, even an illiterate can live decently.        

      Yes, I encountered a businessman in Bahrain who doesn’t know how to read or write but can operate a building construction business there. He doesn’t depend on the government of Bahrain anymore, because his government has given him a chance and opportunity to help himself inspite of his illiteracy.

      But here, it was the greedy preying on the stupid to the detriment of the rest of us. Of course, an unchained wolf will hunt when it sees food, and so will a sociopathic greedy capitalists. That’s why we need the government to protect its workers instead of always thinking about the welfare of the businesses. The blame lies with those who let the greedy capitalists run free in the first place by systematically eliminating the protection accorded to the workers. 

      And no, i don’t see your sympathy for the poor. like the stupid government, you fell for propaganda and groupthink.

      • Jose

        First of all, screw you, you don’t know me.  At all.

        Second, my family runs a small business that employs a number of people, a few of them on minimum wage.  We actually have a branch store that is really just breaking even, and we would close that store if it wouldn’t mean laying people off.  If the P125 increase had passed, we would’ve had to close that store.

        Fact is, that P125 increase would’ve resulted in a LOT of layoffs around the country.  Now, you tell me: would you rather be paid minimum wage at the current levels, or not be paid at all?

        Third, government social programmes are a completely separate discussion from this.  The increased spending from a P125 hike wouldn’t come from government coffers, after all.

        Lastly, propaganda and groupthink?  I’m economics graduate who KNOWS that that hike would’ve killed businesses and damaged the economy.  You can shove your propaganda accusations where the sun doesn’t shine.

  • redreyvn

    Somebody should explain to Mr. Aquino that a wage increase for the lowest wage earners do not get “taken out” of the economy. On the contrary, the lowest wage earners spend a vast majority, if not all, of their wages in consumption. Consumption which leads to a higher demand for businesses which also reduces dependence on government services, and leads to a higher tax revenue for the state, which also leads to a much healthier economy overall. That, mr president, is how “businessmen can recover this.”

    • Renato_SUPOT_Pacifico

      you’re already assuming that the wage hike is the driving mechanism that will increase the consumption of goods where business stand to increase profit and pay higher taxes for the government? nothing but a simplistic insight on the matter.  

      big business earnings are actually from export markets and not by local consumption. no country with a ballooning population will ever adress poverty by local economic activity alone. profits need to come from exports. but because of decades of government neglect, filipinos get low wage as the ticket to play in global trade. we have become a nation of manggagawa. even the call center boom is predominantly services oriented…we need to graduate from this trend and become a tech based filipino industry which commands greater profits for the filipino.

      • redreyvn

        you’re already assuming that the wage hike is the driving mechanism that will increase the consumption of goods where business stand to increase profit and pay higher taxes for the government? 
        nothing but a simplistic insight on the matter. ”

        Yes. Local consumption has been on of the driving forces of progress and industrialization in every nation in the world. That’s true with the nations of South America, and it’s increasingly the path that China and India are taking.

        And what exactly is a “tech based filipino industry”? Gagawa ka ng microchips para sa mga computers na hindi kayang bilhin ng local populace? O we will magically jump from an export agricultural/ light industrial base directly to cutting edge tech? ‘Yun ang simplistic.

      • Renato_SUPOT_Pacifico

        we need to be tech based filipino industry with filipino branding because technology earn better rents translating to more profit and better wages for filipino talents. currently our entry to global trade is cheap labor based. this has been going on for decades. “ANY COUTRY NOT KNOWN FOR TECHNOLOGY DRIVEN PRODUCTS, IN ORDER TO GAIN GLOBAL MARKET SHARE HAS NO RECOURSE BUT TO REDUCE ITS WAGES”
        Why don’t you take a hard look at our agricultural sector. it’s outmoded and ancient. That’s why even for rice-hungry like ours we import rice from our neighbors. FYI, technology isn’t confined to only microchips sus !

        What magic are you talking about? South Korea and Taiwan required their local industries by law to put a predetermined percentage of their revenue to R&D. It is by government initiatives decades ago that they command large profits today.

        Increasing wages with a 92 million populace for the Philippines is rather a simplistic approach when cheap labor is actually your selling point for investors.

      • OZBOYS

        You have a good point here amigo. 

      • redreyvn


        Para ano? Pababaan ng sweldo kung sinong makakagawa ng Iphone? Tapos magrereklamo kang “we are a nation of manggagawas”?

        “Why don’t you take a hard look at our agricultural sector. it’s outmoded and ancient.”

        My point exactly. Tapos gusto mo agad cutting edge tech?

        “FYI, technology isn’t confined to only microchips sus !”

        anong gusto mo, i-lista ko lahat ng tech?

        “What magic are you talking about? South Korea and Taiwan required their local industries by law to put a predetermined percentage of their revenue to R&D.”

        Baka gusto mong basahin ang sagot ko: “R&D sounds good. Wala namang nagde-deny that we shouldn’t invest in research and development. In fact dapat talagang priority ‘yan.”
        Gusto mo ng Tech and R&D? Gusto mo ng siyentipiko at engineer? Tapos hindi ka maka-agree sa 125peso wage hike? Yang pinagmamalaki mong “foreign investment”, hindi yan nag-poproduce ng siyentipiko at engineer. nagpo-produce ‘yan ng assembly line worker. Napakababa ng sweldo sa China, kaya duon pino-produce ang mga Apple products. Tingin mo nasa China ang R&D ng Apple?

      • redreyvn

        “What magic are you talking about? South Korea and Taiwan required their local industries by law to put a predetermined percentage of their revenue to R&D”

        R&D sounds good. Wala namang nagde-deny that we shouldn’t invest in research and development. In fact dapat talagang priority ‘yan. Pero don’t start dreaming that you can “magically” jump from having a service/light manufacturing/18th-century agriculture base to High tech without first raising the purchasing power of your local populace. Even using your examples of South Korea and Taiwan, they had to transcend their export-oriented economic models at kinailangan rin nilang i-stimulate ang local consumption. They didn’t remain export-dependent forever.

      • Renato_SUPOT_Pacifico

        you’re fond of using the word ‘magic’ and increasing wages when the philippines lacks filipino-industrial backbone and relies on foreign investor and cheap labor to attract such investors

        -also you are replying to you own post, funny

        read this and my post below maybe someday you’d get it :

        Increasing wages with a 92 million populace for the Philippines is rather a simplistic approach when cheap labor is actually your selling point for investors

      • redreyvn

        I hope you would understand that a reliance on “foreign investment” leads to a race to the bottom. Kung gusto mo, read up patungkol sa “externalized costs”, o kung bakit ang reliance on foreign investment only leads to perpetual dependence and a “race to the bottom” kumbaga. The more na kaya mong gipitin ang workers mo, the more the hayaan mo ang foreign corporations na babuyin ang environment mo, the less you tax foreign corporations, mas dadami ang foreign investors mo. Outdated na ang neoliberal dependence on foreign investment, lahat ng bansang umunlad tried their hardest to outgrow that. Ikaw pa naman itong nagrereklamo na we are a “nation of manggagawas” tapos ang gusto mong mangyari e maging the lowest-paid workers ng mundo para makalimos tayo ng trabaho sa foreign investors.

        And who cares if I’m replying to my own post? Binasa mo rin naman ‘diba :-/

    • Jose

      That’s assuming the lowest wage owners still have wages to earn, which a lot of them won’t if a P125 wage increase is passed.  Not all products have flexible prices, and not all products are targeted at the poorest of the poor.

      Really, denying the fact that a lot of people will lose their jobs if this pushes through helps nobody.

      • redreyvn

        madaming pwedeng gawin kasabay ng wage increases. nan’d’yan ang state subsidies, o kaya tax breaks, o kaya lending incentives para sa mga banko. Totoong magiging masakit ang wage increase sa mga businesses in the short term, pero madaming pwedeng gawin ang estado para ma-lessen ang sakit nito, at we will all be better in the long term. Ang problema, walang long-term developmental vision ang estado natin.

      • Jose

        Di kaya ng pamahalaan bumigay ng tax breaks sa halos lahat ng mga business sa bansa.

        Show me ANYTHING, any respectable analysis from ANY economist that says a blanket P125 wage increase would be a good thing.  There’s a good reason there aren’t any out there: it would be economic suicide.

      • redreyvn

        Kasali ba sa “respectable analysis” ang analysis na ang 125P wage hike ang kailangan para matustusan ang cost of living ng malaking bahagi ng populace?

      • Jose

        Uulitin ko: ano ang mas gusto mo kung mahirap ka: yung sweldo na nakukuha mo ngayon, o walang sweldo?

        At hindi ka rin ekonomista, basahin mo ang post ko at makikita mo na analysis na galing sa ekonomista ang hinihingi ko.

      • robotwatch

        sa suweldong gusto mo versus walang suweldo? baket ikaw lang ba ang option? kaya nga ang daming nag aabroad dahil di sapat ang minimum wage dito. bugok.

      • Jose

        Tanga ka ba?

        Madaming nag aabroad dahil mas mataas ang sweldo nila doon.  Kung kumikita ka ng P50,000 / month dito, at makakuha ka ng offer ng P100,000 / month sa Singapore, di mo ba kukunin?

        Baka di MO kunin, dahil tanga ka, pero mali ka pag sinasabi mo na dahil lang sa minimum wage may OFW.

      • robotwatch

        dude, ikaw ang tanga kasi akala mo kaya mong papiliin ang mga workers between your own deluded options na “may suweldo? o wala?” nalimutan mo na puwede ka nila sabihan na: “kainin mo yang suweldo mo” mag aabroad kami. bulong mo na lang sa sarili mo “loke nekosyo”. ha,ha… sira ulo.

      • Jose

        Here’s the thing.  We’re discussing an economics issue.  I’m an economics graduate, and you’ve openly admitted you don’t know anything about economics.  However, you persist in arguing your nonsense, when most of your arguments clearly show you don’t have any idea how the world works.

        It’s amazing that you actually think you’re winning this ‘argument’ when all you’re doing is spewing ignorance.

        To summarize for anyone sane listening: minimum wage prices have absolutely nothing to do with OFW numbers.  Foreign countries simply pay better.  Current minimum wage is something like P8,000.  Average salary for a maid in HK would be something like HK$3,500, or P19,000+.

        If you were a domestic helper, would you not still take the OFW job anyway, even if the PH minimum wage increased to something like P10-12,000?

        Again, that’s a question for sane people.  I’ll just go ahead and confirm that no one cares what you think, robotwatch.

      • robotwatch

        “no evidence that minimum wage increases in the range that the United States has experiences led to job losses. Their work has been furiously attacked both because it seems to contradict Econ 101 and because it was ideologically disturbing to many. Yet it has stood up very well to repeated challenges, and new cases confirming its results keep coming in.” (page 261, ‘The Conscience of a Liberal’ by PAUL ROBIN KRUGMAN, American economist, Professor of Economics and International Affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University, Centenary Professor at the London School of Economics, and an op-ed columnist for The New York Times.)

        i’ll only post 1. it may be enough to show you’re full of excrement.

      • Jose

        I know exactly who Paul Krugman is, and I read his column.  He’s a good writer, but his economic theory work has been questioned in several quarters.

        However, I was asking for any economic support for the PHILIPPINE minimum wage increase, as you well know.  Pointing out what is essentially an isolated opinion about a situation that is markedly different from the Philippine situation (as even your brain should be able to comprehend, the US and the Philippines are quite different, economically).

        But hey, there are some OTHER things that adjusted the impact of the 2007 hikes.  The hikes were accompanied by tax breaks for businesses specifically designed to encourage them to not lay people off.  The US is regretting this at the moment, as it’s added to the debt, but it’s still a country with a far bigger budget and more capacity to issue tax breaks.  The Philippines would struggle to do this and balance the budget.

        Also, and this is quite significant, and simple enough a concept that it should get through even YOUR skull, because of how the US government is set up, many states already HAD minimum wages at or above the new, increased rate.  Thus, several obviously wouldn’t have been affected.

        Lastly, that legislation was backed up by actual economic research, and not some idiot activist deciding that P125 sounded like a nice number to ask for.

        Hope this helps.

      • robotwatch

        i know you’re expert in screwing people like your employees and you’re full of excrement. I have news for you: the increase in the minimum wage does not automatically increase the risk of business failure. for so many decades, filipino workers  has been unfairly exploited and their rights eroded. The current minimum wage has failed to assign equal share of economic prosperity for workers. capitalism only raise the living standards if it’s regulated with social measures to reduce exploitation such as the MINIMUM WAGE, public healthcare, unionisation etc. The Philippines has long lost the balance between economic and social capital in favor of businesses and capitalists (always and happening for decades already). The result is unending poverty of the majority and the ever widening gap between the rich and poor. a common threat from capitalists fraud like you is “businesses will close shop if we give P125 increase”. listen greedy man, P125 is not too much to ask for. if you have a business that is “just breaking even” and could easily be tripped by the P125 increase for each of the minimum waged employees you’re screwing, maybe you’re in a wrong business or you’re an inept businessman or your just full of excrement or just plain stupid. 

        btw, nice apocalypse theory there. your groupthink-mates have been parroting that for a very long time but it only shows your insatiable greed. 
        i understand a lot of “businessmen” lovingly use this veiled threat everytime wage increases are proposed and the government controlled by the oligarch continue to fall for this. Now back to your question previously “would you rather be paid minimum wage at the current levels, or not be paid at all?”
        the delusion of capitalist frauds like you is really amazing. You wrongly assume that the filipino workers are not capable of making the best decision. 
        A lot of them are not that stupid to realize that greedy liars like you are really just penny-pinching them. So they go abroad in droves to avoid capitalist leeches here to better their lives. Hence, the OFW phenomenon. Then some of your ilk will cry: “vacancies are not filled because applicants are not qualified.” but what really being said is “vacancies aren’t filled due to lack of qualified workers willing to take saliva for pay.”
        (don’t believe me? ask any OFW, why did you go abroad? 10 times out of 10 they will answer: because of better pay. WAKE UP!)

        another excrement from you: “government social programmes are a completely separate discussion from this.”

        Liar. government social programs aren’t a completely separate discussion because a decent minimum wage decreases the cost of government social welfare programs by increasing incomes for the lowest-paid. A decent minimum wage enough to support a person not only allows them at minimum to make ends meet, it also encourages people to join the workforce rather than pursuing money through illegal means and crimes. So, stop parroting this propaganda and group-think and other bull you hear from your ilk.

      • Jose

        Pathetic drivel.  Keep spewing activist group garbage that has no real basis in reality, and one day you’ll look around and wonder why nobody thinks your opinion is worth a crap.  I mean, ‘groupthink’?  Do you even realize how stupid you sound?

        Discussing this with you would be like discussing international politics with a dog.  You have no understanding of anything beyond ‘poor people good, rich people bad’, and your ignorance is astounding.  I’m not even going to point out specific instances where you’re wrong, as the entire thing is ridiculous.

        If you’re going to ‘debate’ economics, read an economics textbook and maybe next time you won’t sound completely ignorant.

      • robotwatch

        no real basis in reality? oh… look around you will see plenty of reality how leeches like you bleed the country dry. your “priced knowledge” in economics (pseudo-science) failed to understand the ever increasing gap between rich and poor in capitalist countries. i’m not debating you in economics because i don’t believe in pseudo-science. pffft… 

      • Jose

        A.) Economics is a social science, not a pseudo-science.

        B.) It’s good that you aren’t even pretending you know anything.  It’s not good that you DON’T know anything, but at least you’re being honest.

      • robotwatch

        The discipline of economics is assiduously steered away from the truth by those in a position to do so, because there is so much at stake.  This is true of all of the so-called social sciences, for the same reason.  Widespread understanding of society would bring up the irresistible urge to change it, with regard to the maldistribution of power and wealth.  The most dangerous of the social sciences is the study of history.  All the others have been made intentionally ahistorical, in order that they be neutered.  Most of economics, like most social-scientific discourse, is pure brainwash. so yes, economics is pseudo-science.

      • Jose

        Sciences and social sciences can be distorted, correct.

        However, when even basic economic theory shows that you’re wrong, you’re pretty much wrong.

  • indiots

    ito opinion ko lang kasi madali lang sabihin mahirap gawin.

    may alam akong kompanya, hindi dehado sa sweldo at benefits ang mga tao. ang ginawa same machine, minodify, nagawa nilang magproduce ng mahigit 75% kompara sa dating output.

    kaya ang solution d’yan mass production. ah forget it. alam ng mga manufacturer yan…

  • Abnoy tupak

    kay pnoy
    no to P125 wage hike
    yes to KKK power hike

    • Diablo_III

      ikaw membro ka sa KKK. Kaon, Kalibang, Katulog. Mga tapolan. wahaha

      • Abnoy tupak

        tapolan = noynoying

  • Rey Gan

    “Kahit anong hirap, ginagapang ko parin mga anak ko……” Typical pinoy culture.

    Ngunit katangahan….gumagapang ka na nga sa  hirap, anak ka pa ng anak!

  • santosboi

    kasi di ka marunong mamuno! kaya di kita binoto kasi alam ko ala kang magagawa! kala mo porke indi ka corrupt eh tama na ang lahat? alam mo dapat sinubukan mo munang maging mahiap na tao!@delpillar:disqus para alam mo kung gano ito kahirap! nag hirap ang tao dahil sa kapabayaan ng opisyales nito! grrr!!!!! nagugutom din kami mr. president! wag mo kaming tiisin para sa kapakanan ng namumuhunan! 

  • Renato_SUPOT_Pacifico

    we need to be tech based filipino industry with filipino branding because technology earn better rents translating to more profit and better wages for filipino talents. currently our entry to global trade is cheap labor based. this has been going on for decades. “ANY COUTRY NOT KNOWN FOR TECHNOLOGY DRIVEN PRODUCTS, IN ORDER TO GAIN GLOBAL MARKET SHARE HAS NO RECOURSE BUT TO REDUCE ITS WAGES
    What magic are you talking about? South Korea and Taiwan required their local industries by law to put a predetermined percentage of their revenue to R&D. It is by government initiatives decades ago that they command large profits today.

    Increasing wages with a 92 million populace for the Philippines is rather a simplistic approach.

  • dennis

    I think tama ang desisyon ng Presidente natin!…Kung bibiglain mo ang 125 na hinihingi ng workers eh mapipilitan na magkaroon ng layout! Hindi kakayanin ng mga negosyante ang magbigay ng ganung halaga SA PANAHON NG ECONOMIC CRISIS!…Ang mangyayari nyan,mapipilitan na LUMIPAT ANG ISANG COMPANY NG IBANG BANSA KUNG SAAN SILA MAKAKATIPID!…EXAMPLE…MYANMAR!

    • Sword


      • haxedes exadesee

        hey! he’s on your side

      • Sword


  • dennis

    Our country must welcome MORE INVESTORS! Specially for those fields lacking from the bracket of poor people or for those who had just finish vocational courses and out of school people…..Saka,payo ko lang,kung pu-pwede,wag kayong mag-anak ng di kaya ng kabuhayan nyo…I understand your situation,dapat kung hanggang 2 lang ang anak eh baka iba ang magiging takbo sa buhay.

  • Kapit_tuko80


    Ang mga bilihin ay hindi na halos abot kamay ng mga mahirap at ordinaryong mamimili (90 percent ng kabuuang populasyon). Dapat magkaroon ng price contro at sincere monitoringl-siguraduhing katanggap tangap ang mga nagiging presyo ng mga NEGOSYANTE para masiguradong hindi sila  lalangoy sa TUBO.   

    Tangap ng mga maralita at nakikita din nila ng mga balita sa buong mundo ngunit ang hindi nila naiintidihan ay kung bakit may mga negosyanteng mabilis pa sa kidlat sa pagiwas sa tamang buwis, ayaw magbayad ng SSS, nagtitinda ng sub-standard na produkto… 

    Halimbawa nalang may isang probinsya sa Region V na ang presyo ng LPG ay nasa 1000 pesos pa din..Pag tataas ang presyo ang bilis bilis, pag kaylangan ng babaan nababaon na sa LIMOT..

    Ang Regional Wage Boards dapat pagtuuanan ng pansin,my mga rehiyon na 200 lang ang minimum pero ang bilihin ay kapareho at mayroong mas mahal pa kesa sa Manila…

    Contractualization ang isa sa tanikalang gumagapos sa mga ordinaryong manggawa…Kahit anong oras at kahit anong gawin mong pagsusumikap puwdeng puwedeng tanggalin ang isang mangagawa ng walang basehan…Alam nilang maraming talentadong mangggwang Pinoy ang handang pikit matang magtrabaho para sa kanila


    • John_Galt_II

      Ugok! Masyado kang maangal. Magtrabaho ka ng husto o kaya magdagdag ka ng kaalaman para lumaki ang kita mo!

      • Kapit_tuko80

        bugok…..abugado lang naman po ako…

        baka ang bay…..aggggg mo pinalalaki mo

      • John_Galt_II

        Kaya pala para kang may toyo! Pulpol.

  • Viktorio Ungasis Coronel

    Nice! Mga taga MisCom group MacBook ngayon mga inspector iPads!

    “As far as technology is concerned they can be given iPads so they can
    immediately translate their findings to the DOLE central office,” he
    said of the inspectors.

    Hindi kaya pwede na cellphone na lang na pwede mag send ng e-mail? iPad pa talaga!!! Kelangan nila ng dual core, high-res, wi-fi, 3G, at least 8GB na memory para sa pag inspect! Hanep!

  • kismaytami

    Asus yung 11.2 billion pesosesoses na educational assistance kuno, mga Yellowtards lang ang makikinabang diyan!

  • ApoLapullapu

    Since P-Noy rose to power, his position on wage increases is the first to arouse my admiration.  Never in the history of the Philippines has a politician ever told the truth – the reality of economics.  I was always against legislated wages because the increases created thereby are just eaten up by inflation.  Workers must unionize and get increases through collective bargaining where heart to heart talk with Management will determine the amount of wages and benefits  that the business can afford.  Wage increases must be tied up with productivity.  If we increase wages because of increases of oil which is an international commodity that we do not have in our country, we are doomed to economic destruction.  What the government must do is a massive skills training to have an employable labor force and create a climate favorable to business so that more jobs will be created and everybody gets employed. One would notice that during Jobs Fairs thousands of vacancies are not filled because applicants are not qualified.  Where there are more jobs than people wages naturally rise. The problem of “contractualization” will also vanish as employers  compete with one another in offering attractive compensation and benefit packages  in order to hold their workers.

    • Pedro

      skills training? paano…? lahat magwelding, magmasahe, maging bartender o maging magkakatay ng karne? nangyari na yan sa cellphone repair dati… nag-offer ang tesda ng kabikabilang cellphone repair training… santambak ngayon ang techniciang hindi kumikita… wala din naman pera ang tao para magpagawa…

      • ApoLapullapu

        Ang ibig kong sabihin: Machine Shop Technology. Plant Mechanics, Refrigeration n Aiirconditioning, Machine Fitting. Electrical Technology, Electropneumatics, ElectroHydraulics etc. na kinakailangan sa mga employers overseas habang wala pang mga investor dito.  Hindi manicure at pedicure.  Baka maniniwala ang mamayan na hindi kaya ng TESDA ni Villanueva!

    • Sword

      I didn’t vote for Noynoy too, because I thought he was an idiot like his mom (i.e., the housewife that is responsible for our economic ills due to her constitution).  It turns out that unlike his mom, Noynoy knows the reality of economics.  An across the board wage increase will simply put lots of companies out of business.

    • robotwatch

      did the “reality of economics” and “market forces” also dictated that factory workers in South Korea be paid an average of 40,000 pesos and above as opposed to the Filipino factory workers who gets an average pay of 7,000 pesos and below?

      • Jose

        Yes, actually.

        Seriously, go take a basic economics course before you comment on this issue again.

      • robotwatch

        please don’t brag about your pseudo science degree. why did thousands of economics theorists, professors and “graduates” like you “who KNOWS”, failed to see the global financial crisis when finance people messed up the world economy? That one killed way more businesses and damaged a lot of nations economies more than the “minimum wage” increase in the world combined. Mentioning your economics “pseudo-science” degree to me is like someone bragging to be an Astrologer while explaining the Universe.

      • Jose

        We’re discussing what is essentially an economics issue.  I don’t think I’m being off topic when I point out that you clearly know nothing about it.

      • robotwatch

        mr. economics professor, the people are hungry what are we going to do about it? let’s teach them the law of supply and demand! ha,ha… 

      • Jose

        It’s a better reaction than ‘let’s sabotage the entire economy and make MORE people hungry’, which is essentially what you’re suggesting.

      • robotwatch

        dude, the most humane reaction is “ease their hunger” but of course your reaction would be “oh my, my budget! my accounting books! i’m doomed!” but the again, what can we expect from a sociopath like you? 

      • Jose

        It’s like I’m debating with a child.

        No, my concern isn’t my budget.  My concern is the fact that this law, if passed, would have been far more destructive to the poor than the current situation.

        It also would’ve retarded economic growth.  And of course, idiots like you would’ve wanted high economic growth along with the poor getting all the money, because you’re children who don’t understand how the world works.

        Your entire argument boils down to your thinking it’s the right thing to do.  That’s fine, but people who know better (read: people who actually know ANYTHING) say otherwise.  This isn’t a case of everyone but you being wrong / sociopathic / corrupt: it’s a case of you being an ignorant idiot.

        And that’s my last word to you.

    • robotwatch

      the philippines has long been doomed into economic destruction. the decent and intelligent Filipino workers are almost all gone. they’ve become OFW’s. they are building, constructing, managing and creating for the economy of other countries. in return, they are paid hansomely and are allowed to live like human beings instead of like animals, a “human resource” or a slaves like most of the Filipinos in their own country.

      • ApoLapullapu

        In those countries, the government does not legislate wages.  The employers are competing to have and to hold those highly-skilled workers.  Since, we want to legislate wages even if productivity has not increased, our workers are suffering the more because the increases they get are swallowed by inflation.  A legislated increase is a political swindle.  By the time the workers start receiving their increased salary the cost of commodities have already increased correspondingly.

    • robotwatch

      “One would notice that during Jobs Fairs thousands of vacancies are not filled because applicants are not qualified.” 
      no. please notice that during Jobs Fairs, thousands of vacancies are not filled because the salary offered is too insulting for the skills of the worker. The minute the Filipino workers acquired necessary qualifications and skills, they fall in line in DFA and POEA so they can work abroad. so, your “massive skills training” that produces “massive skilled workers” go abroad “en masse” because the pay overseas permits them to live decently instead of here where the business owners insists that they live in squalor while the latter reap all the profits.

      • ApoLapullapu

        You hit the mark.  While Filipino employers can not yet afford higher wages, let our skilled workers go overseas.  If they save their income well enough may be they can become employers when they come back.  I am for collective bargaining rather than a legislative minimum wage.  We would notice that in our country hiring a domestic helper is becoming difficult because the Domestic Helpers have increased their value and overseas employers are competing with our local households..

    • Nieve sa Disyerto

      We have a dismal constricted local job market vis-a-vis the growing number of skilled and highly educated labor force.  This is the main reason why many of our  college graduates can’t find quality/better jobs.  Because of the lack of job and livelihood opportunities, companies treat them as cheap commodities (lima singko) and they just end up as exploited and underpaid workers if ever they’re lucky to land a job. We expect a worsening situation in the coming years unless we do something about it.  Let’s unite.  Let’s all ask the law and policy makers in the government to amend the “protectionist” economic provisions of the Cory Constitution now.  Scrap the 60/40 rule and restrictions on Foreign Direct Investments.  Nakontrol ng Oligarkiya na may mga mala-monopolyong negosyo ang pagpasok ng Foreign Direct Investments na magbibigay sana ng magandang trabaho sa milyun-milyon nating mga kababayan.    

      • ApoLapullapu

        Tama ka.  We must scrap the 1987 Charter tailored by the Oligarchs for themselves.  But will the administration listened to us?

      • Nieve sa Disyerto

        Noong nakaraang taon ay nasimulan na ang pagtalakay sa proposed amendment to the Economic Provisions sa Senate.  Sinuportahan kami ni Sen. Enrile, kaso hinarang ni Noynoy at natabunan pa ito ng impeachment trial.  Malaki ang chance na matuloy na ang pagtalakay ng “issue” ngayong nabawasan na ang popularidad ni Noynoy at humina ang kanyang “clout” sa Senado.  Dagdag na suporta na lang ang kailangan galing sa publiko sa pamamagitan ng pagkalat ng kaalaman tungkol sa kahalagahan nito. Pagtulungan nating lahat na makakalas ang ating ekonomiya sa tanikala ng mga ganid na OLIGARKIYA at Monopolyo nila sa negosyo.  Maraming salamat sa iyo Kabayan.    

  • Guest

    sa ibang nagkokomento sa inyo.
    paano kayo bibigyan ng P125, eh ang ginagawa nyo lang naman ay magbasa sa PDI tapos magkomento habang nasa trabaho?

    at sa mga nagpoprotesta, magkano pasweldo nyo sa clerk ng mga makakaliwang organisasyon nyo? o sa katulong nyo sa bahay?
    minimum wage PLUS P125?  eh minimum wage din pala ibinibigay nyo eh?  bakit di nyo dagdagan para masubukan nyo mismo muna, kung maganda ang idea nyo?

  • robotwatch

    the greedy capitalists (as illustrated by Lucio Tan funded Supreme Court) in connivance with the government wants to turn the whole Philippines into a sweatshop. 

    • Jose

      No, you ignorant buffoon, the ‘greedy capitalists’ don’t want to lose the ability to support their families because of stupid, shortsighted legislation that some activist pulled out of his backside.

      • robotwatch

        Yes! you full of excrement charlatan. charging as much as market can bear for it’s products and paying as small as you can get away with is the ongoing wetdreams of businessmen frauds like you. P125 increase will cause you to “fail to support your family and drive you to poverty”? whom are you fooling? ha,ha…

      • Jose

        P125 / day, multiplied by however many workers you have on minimum wages?  Yes, yes it could, especially given how thin the margins many businesses operate under are.

        I was mistaken in my earlier posts.  Apparently your complete ignorance isn’t limited to economics alone, but also to business.  I’m not really sure why I’m bothering trying to reason with you, actually.

      • robotwatch

        you’re “bothering to reason” because you’re trying to cover up your pretentious lies.

      • Jose

        No, I WAS bothering to reason because i thought you might listen to reason.  I was apparently mistaken.

        And I’m arguing based off basic economic theory.  How could you possibly know enough to call my points ‘pretentious lies’ when you’ve openly claimed you don’t know ANYTHING about economics?

        Answer: Because you’re an idiot who doesn’t understand what’s going on.

      • robotwatch

        no amount of “economic theory” worshiping will improve the lives of grossly underpaid filipinos. leeches like you continue to fleece the people then point to a book of “economic theory” as a poor excuse. there is no greater idiot than the one who can’t realize he’s an idiot (i’m pointing to you between your eyes). you speak of “economic theory this, economic theory that, and feel superior because you think you know all the economic theory bs.” but you can not hide it, everyone is seeing in broad daylight how the government put all the burden to people (taxes, no wage increase, etc.) while capitalists gets all the tax breaks, let the people/employees bear the expenses, etc. the wide gap between the rich and poor in this country speaks louder than all the “economic theory” bs. i hope you don’t suck the blood of your employees dry to a point that they kick your empty deluded head before you can speak “economic theory”.

      • Jose

        I don’t worship economic theory, I use it as a tool.  I also understand it, which is more than you can claim.

        Why are you bothering trying to debate an issue which you’ve admitted you know nothing about?  I’m not even just talking about economics now, you clearly have no idea how both governments and capitalism work.

  • robotwatch

    so “more jobs” instead of wage increase? look at PAL. the starting salary there now is 15,000 pesos a month for Filipino employee in Manila. but in Japan, PAL can pay 450,000 (converted to pesos) to each of it’s Japanese PAL employee. (yes PAL has offices all over the world). see the difference? a single Japanese PAL employee can pay the whole payroll of PAL office in Manila. Why can’t PAL tell the Japanese Government that they will be “lugi” and close shop like what they keep on parroting here? To the point that our government no less than our president becomes the greedy capitalists mouthpiece? Answer: because here,greedy capitalists like Lucio Tan can hold the government by the neck. but he can not do the same outside the Philippines. That’s what “more jobs” and “no wage increase” logic has gotten you Filipinos. a tragedy where a single employee abroad can pay the wages of the entire offices here in your own country. and you call that airline “Philippines” oh how sweet.

  • robotwatch

    “How can the businessmen recover this? Isn’t it that they’re going to raise the prices of goods and services? Aren’t they going to cut costs by laying off employees? Has anybody explained that there are 527,000 Filipinos who could lose jobs this year and next year if this is implemented?” Mr. Aquino said.

    Translation: “As your president looking at all of you living in squalor compared to your counterparts in South East Asia, I implore you to please continue thinking about the welfare of the businessmen. If you still have shirt on, please don’t hesitate to give it to the poor businessmen. if possible, be always ready to give your life and souls to the businessmen including the life, souls and dreams of your family to the businessmen. Has anybody questioned the philosophy of cost cutting to prosperity?” just chant this mantra in your hearts and teach it to your children too. let’s work for peanuts for businessmen! businessmen! businessmen!

  • robotwatch

    The wages of the filipino workers has been pressed down for decades already and yet, the Philippines has never become the business capital of Asia. Still, very few was able to put up a businesses inspite of the perpetually pressed down wages. Oligarch owned big businesses in connivance with the government, continues to erode the few remaining rights of the workers. Newly hires are paid less and given even lesser benefits compared to those hired 5 years ago. It’s amazing how the “we will cost cut to prosperity” mantra of the greedy capitalists continues to work and the stupid/corrupt/paid government continues to fall for it. The few workers who got the skills and intelligence continue their migration abroad and those unskilled and stupid workers who stay was forced to swallow whatever excrement the capitalists ram their throats. If you got to travel enough, you’d get a chance to witness that if the government is serious in protecting and looking after the welfare of their citizens, even an illiterate can live decently.        

    Yes, I encountered a businessman in Bahrain who doesn’t know how to read or write but can operate a building construction business there. He doesn’t depend on the government of Bahrain anymore, because his government has given him a chance and opportunity to help himself inspite of his illiteracy.

    But here, it was the greedy preying on the stupid to the detriment of the rest of us. Of course, an unchained wolf will hunt when it sees food, and so will a sociopathic greedy capitalists. That’s why we need the government to protect its workers instead of always thinking about the welfare of the businesses. The blame lies with those who let the greedy capitalists run free in the first place by systematically eliminating the protection accorded to the workers. 


    Bayad Muna

  • MaySenseBa

    Ka Satur, I think you’ve lost all respect from the Filipino people when you ran under Manny Villar’s banner last elections, please keep quiet.

  • Mhike_Ionstream

    May point naman po c PNOY sa pagsabing saan kukunin ng employers ung dagdag sahod? gusto po ba nating tumaas ang bilihin o mag tanggalan ng tao sa factory? Naging honest at realistic lang namn po ang ating mahal na pangulo. Sa aming mahal na pangulo, sana namn po bigyan nyo namn kahit magkano lng na umento na nkikita nyong karapatdapat sa mga manggagawa upang maibsan ang kanilang hinaing. Sabi nga nuon, kung sakaling maibigay (kung sakali lng namn) ung 125 na dagdag sahod, LAHAT ba ng pamilya ng manggawa e makakasiguradong magkakaruon ng kanin sa kanilang plato??? Malamang hindi parin at patuloy na magproprotesta. Nasa tao na nagdadala kung paano pagkasyahin ang kinikita, maliit man o malaki; kulang, sapat o sobra man. Wag nating isisi sa gobyerno ang kakulangan sa pagkain sa hapag kainan.
    Madami npo kming nakikipagsapalaran sa gitnang silangan at kmi mismo ay pagod na sa pang aalipin at pagyurak sa aming kakayanan, subalit sa aking sariling kuro kuro, kailangan kong tiisin ang lahat HINDI dahil maliit ang sahod sa pinas, KUNGDI, hindi ko lng alam kung paanung pagkasyahin ang aking kinikita upang bigyan ng kasiyahan ang aking pamilya na pinangarap kong magandang buhay subalit higit ito sa aking kakayanan.
    Sa mga bumabatikos at nag tatanggol sa pamahalaan, pag isipan nyong maigi, wag daanin sa init ng ulo, pag isipan nyo mabuti kung kanino o paano dapat isaayos ang problema. At itanung sa sarili kung anung nagawa mo upang makatulong sa pamahalaan, meron ba?

  • Hey_Dudes

    Truth is, I am confused over this issue perhaps one of you can enlighten me.  During my time there was no wage board regional or national.  I worked my butt off as an employee of now defunct International Harvester McLeod Inc. killed by extreme militant strikes and anti-corporate activities in the 60’s.  My salary increase did not depend on anyone in government but from my own skill, understanding of my work and the loyalty to the company albeit a member of the union who never participated in militant activities.  In those days, if you were skilled and educated and met all the criteria for which you got hired for the job, either your immediate boss recommend you for salary increase or you don’t if you don’t know how to get along or having the habit of antagonizing those higher than you.  It is as simple as that.  Sino ba ang kupural nitong wage board na ito ha?

    • Nieve sa Disyerto

      @Hey_Dudes :  Mabuhay Kabayan !  That’s the SOP that is still in practice.  You approach your boss and tell him that you need a raise and of course that’s for those people who have the guts or courage to do it during these times when jobs are scarce. LOL !!!  I also worked for an American company during that glorious part of our history in the 70s up to mid 80s before these OLIGARCHS took hold of our economy.  Pakibasa na lang kabayan ang post ko sa itaas baka nandun yung kasagutan sa tanong mo.  Salamat.

  • Nieve sa Disyerto

    Parang ganito ang logic ng magaling na Presidenteng si Noynoy : Kung itataas daw ang minimum wage ay walang mag-iinvest at malamang marami ang mali-layoff.  Mahabang panahon na rin  binabalasubas ang mga manggagawa kagaya ng ginagawa ninyo sa mga farmers ng Hacienda at hindi na nila matatanggap ang ganitong panloloko.

    Mga Kabayan, hindi po ang pagtaas ng pasahod ang dahilan ng makupad na paglago ng ating ekonomiya at mabagal na pagpasok ng Foreign Investors.  Ang tunay na dahilan po kung bakit ang Pilipinas ay naging kulelat na sa SEAsia  at ang katotohanan na pilit na ikinukubli ng mga nasa kapangyarihan ay ang bulok na sistema ng pangkabuhayan na iilang mayayamang pamilya at mga mala-monopolyong negosyo lamang ang nakikinabang, habang ang milyun-milyon nating mga kababayan ay patuloy na inilulubog sa kahirapan.                                                                  

    We are a democratic state but a few wealthy influential families control the country’s economy, politics and governance.  We call them the  OLIGARCHY.  (in Philippine third world setting)  They dictate the country’s economic policies through our elected national leaders whose candidacy were financed by them in the elections.  Using their wealth and influence they succeeded in enforcing a “protectionist economic policies”  via the 1987 Cory Constitution.  While our neighbor countries in ASEAN opted for a free and open economy,  because they knew that an open policy will attract foreign investments and fast-track economic growth and will create jobs,  the Dilaw President  in the guise of nationalism,   tied our economy to this ridiculous protectionist provisions by having it incorporated in our 1987 Cory Constitution.                            

    The 60/40 rule and restrictions on Foreign Direct Investments in the economic provisions of the Cory Constitution resulted to a snail paced economic growth. The OLIGARCHY controls the free inflow of Foreign Direct Investments that could have been better and quality jobs and livelihood for the millions of Filipinos.  These Investments also could have been sources of much needed revenue for government  to construct and maintain infrastructures that are the lifeblood of  development of communities.  Ano na ang nangyayari ngayon?  We are now witness to the bad effects  of the Privatization Policy in the whole country particularly in Mindanaw  which is experiencing a power crisis.  Sa kagustuhan ng OLIGARKIYA na ang kuryente ay maging negosyo, ay hinayaan na lang ng gubyerno na  mabulok ang mahahalagang power plants na naipatayo ng mga nakaraang administrasyon at ang industriya ng kuryente ay napasakamay na ng mga ganid na negosyante.

    Ang kailangan ng bayan natin ngayon ay total na reporma sa sistema ng kabuhayan at politika. Lahat tayo’y kailangang makialam na.  Makisama na rin ang  mga kababayan natin na hindi gaanong apektado ng issue ng kahirapan at kakulangan ng trabaho o di sapat na sahod. Pilipino ka rin.  Saan ka man dako ng mundo ay nararamdaman mo ang hinagpis ng ating kapos-palad na mga kababayan.  Sumulat o manawagan tayo sa ating mga Kongresista, senador.  Nagkaka-isang boses lang natin ang magpapakilos sa kanila na matagal ng nag-tengang kawali sa mga maliliit na grupong naghahanap ng pagbabago.  Simulan natin ang pagbabago sa economic policy sa Cory Constitution.  Paramihin ang trabaho at oportunidad sa kabuhayan. Malayang papasukin ang mga Investors.  Kumalas na tayo sa monopolyo ng ganid na Oligarkiya.  SCRAP 60/40 RULE AND RESTRICTIONS ON FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENTS.                                           

  • robrano

    True, such general pay hike wouldbe an advantage to those ho have not the lowest salaries. And it would increase all prices and fees, making the hike useless.
    But citing the budget tab is the most possible stupidity. If private employes have a hike, it does not affect the nationa; budget. If gov. employees get it, it is throwing money to the waste. They have alreay much higher salaries than most private employes, plus perks and benefits whil working much less than most private employees who often work 6 andf even 7 days a week and for sure much harder and less comfortable.
    But even there, the budget concern is stupid when end of the year the super economist in Malacanang throws out billions as additional cash gifts.
    There is nowhere a cash gift in the constitution, laws or other rules. Employees are hired with a salary for their work, maybe a 13th salary, but nowhere any cash gift. The more, as this is usually paid out of “savings” whileduring the year there are no more funds for projects. So what is saved? It is nothing than fund misuse for political pogi points.

  • tibs tibs

    Pag tumaas ang minimum wage, malulugi ang businesses (lalo na ang mga small and startup family businesses). Kapag nalugi, sarado ang business.. Mas maraming nawalan ng trabaho…

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