Pacquiao lone billionaire in House of millionaires



Sarangani Representative Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

For the second year running, Manny Pacquiao—the man with the golden fists—has won the distinction of being the richest among the 287 mostly millionaire members of the Philippine House of Representatives.

Ricardo Bering, chief of the House’s record management section, said this was based on the 2011 statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN) filed before the deadline on Monday by the House members.

“His net worth even increased last year. He is still the richest here,” Bering said of the Sarangani representative, whose powerful fists have won him eight boxing division titles and worldwide fame.

Bering said Pacquiao, who claimed  a personal fortune of P1.134 billion in his 2010 SALN, reported an increase in his net worth in 2011. Bering declined to give exact figures since House leaders have not given the go-signal for the public disclosure of the SALNs.

Lone billionaire

Based on the 2010 SALNs, Pacquiao was the richest member of the House last year—and the only billionaire in the chamber.

His assets then consisted of P397.933 million in real properties and P736.3 million in personal and other properties. He had no liabilities.

In contrast, Anakpawis Representative Rafael Mariano was the poorest lawmaker,  with a net worth of P75, 711.

Pacquiao was reported to have earned at least $15 million each from his fights with Shane Mosley and Juan Manuel Marquez in 2011, aside from his earnings from commercial endorsements, businesses and as a member of Congress.

Increased scrutiny

Pacquiao’s increasing wealth is expected to highlight further the supposed steep plunge in his tax payments, which media reports said fell from P100 million in 2008 to only P7 million in 2009.

The Bureau of Internal Revenue has filed charges against Pacquiao for his alleged failure to submit proper documents on his earnings. Pacquiao has  questioned the filing of the case, saying it was baseless.

House Secretary General Marilyn B. Yap said that almost 100 percent of the House members had filed their SALNs as of 5 p.m. yesterday. Yap said her staff would validate the SALNs before releasing information to the public.

Yap also said she had noticed a marked increase in the net worth reported by lawmakers in the face of increased scrutiny by the public and media as a result of the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona in connection with his assets.

More conscious now

“Our members have become more conscious of the SALN. That’s why they have made an effort to make a complete report this time,” said Yap.

Pacquiao topped the list of 10 richest House members last year.

That list included Negros Occidental Representative Alberto Benitez, who was worth P624.847 million; Ilocos Norte Representative Imelda Marcos, who was worth P623.6 million; Negros Occidental Representative Julio Ledesma, P555.069 million; and Leyte Representative Ferdinand Martin Romualdez, worth P475.611 million.

Also in the top 10 were Iloilo Representative Augusto Syjuco, worth P294.602 million; Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr., worth P283.291 million; Tarlac Representative Enrique Cojuangco, P199.593 million; Ilocos Norte Representative Rodolfo Fariñas, P195.78 million; and Iloilo Representative Ferjenel Biron, P165.996 million.

Former President and Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was the 17th richest representative with a net worth of P140.212 million.

Aquino’s assets

Malacañang on Monday said President Benigno Aquino III and almost all of the members of his Cabinet had filed their SALNs.

“We expect all of them to comply with the deadline,” presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said, adding that Mr. Aquino filed his SALN on April 24.

Vice President Jejomar Binay and Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa Jr. have also filed their SALNs.

In his SALN for 2010, Mr. Aquino declared a net worth of P54.9 million. This represented a P4.8-million increase from the previous year. Mr. Aquino has said the increase in his income came from his share of the property owned by his late mother, former President Corazon Aquino.

Corona’s SALN

Lacierda said the Palace was hopeful that Corona, whose ouster from the Supreme Court is being supported by Malacañang, would disclose his SALN as promised by the Chief Justice’s lawyers.

“We certainly hope so because that would be in compliance with the constitutional provision on disclosure and filing of SALNs,” Lacierda said.

He said he would be interested in taking a look at Corona’s SALN. With reports from Christine O. Avendaño and Inquirer Research

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  • joeldcndcn

    does the new SALN of Pacman proves the BIR Henares is correct in questioning why the tax payments of Pacman have considerably went down while his SALN went up in billions, tsk, tsk, tsk? Pacman should be the role model for correct taxpayments being a lawmaker and gospel preacher: ” render unto caesar(government), the things(taxes) that belongs to caesar, and to God  the things that are God!”

  • Flavio

    pacquiao’s name is not as rosy anymore because of missteps. maraming batkos na ang inaabot nya ngayon hindi tulad ng dati. kasi naman mukhang nagiging gahaman sa kwarta at naging traditional politician na si manny at hindi na tutoong tao.  iwas iwasan niya at mga malapit sa kanya ang pagpapakita ng lois vitton at magagarang alahas at sasakyan kung hindi naman sya marunong magbayad ng tamang buwis !!!

    • Ernesto

      brod ganon talaga pag may pera.wag ka ma inggit.kahit sabihin mo na opinion mo lang yan.

    • Regd

      Manny..este…money blinds the human eyes.

    • Drew

      Flavio,  kung ikaw ay mayaman, may kaya sa buhay or yumaman dahil sa kakayahan mo di ako magagalit kung naka louis vuitton ka, naka Ferrari ka at nakatira ka sa Mansyon,  kung ikaw ay politiko na mayaman ng hindi naman likas na mahusay ang kakayahan,  nangurakot or nanlalapastangan sa kababayan tanggap ko ang opinion mo.   Ang totoong balita dito ay, BAKIT SI MANNY LANG ANG BILYONARYO?   Maniwala kang nag iisa lang yan.  Binabatikos ang pagbabayad nya ng buwis?  Kung ang kinita nya ay inilaan nya sa pagkakawang-gawa (through Non-profit orgs), nababawasan ang buwis na babayaran nya.  Matakot kayo sa balitang ganito na ang pinalalabas ay si Manny lang ang mayaman, iisa lang ang ibig sabihin nito… nagtatago sa likod ng yaman ni Manny ang mga gahaman sa kongresso.  

  • hanep

    sigurado ba  kayo  na si  pacman lang  ang  bilionaryo  dyan sa  kongreso?

    • sanamaybukaspa

      daming Bilyonaryo at bilyonarya dyan isa na si PANDAK

  • hanep

     P140.212 million  lang ang kay  gloria ?  e yung  kay  mike?

  • UsoUso82

    welcome news ito sa mga Pinoys. rich in materials things has no connection to be a good person. therefore, Pacman must be appreciated to be once the highest taxpayer of the nation and we all must hope that he will win on his fights, so that his money will be spend locally. he is a person also and needs privacy just like any man on this planet. mabuhay ka manny.

  • nathan o

    There is no point to question Pacquiao’s wealth. It is interesting to know where the other people gotten their wealth?   

  • manggoding

    “Pacquiao LONE BILLIONAIRE in House of millionaires”

    That is correct,
    Pacquiao is the Lone and Known Billionaire among Congressmen.
    That is because Pacquiao is very open on his earnings.

    Pacquiao is the Lone Billionarie, and
    There are congressmen who are Silent Billionaires, Unknown Billionaires, Hidden Billionaires, Dollar Millionaires (billion if pesos)
    Why declare,? Kim Henares of the BIR is watching.

  • Chly Torres

    He did not earn that money by being a “lawmaker”. The rest of the lawmakers’ money are ill gotten. Yes, this is news, thanks PDI.

  • Dana

    Other millionaires like Imelda and the Romualdez should explain where did they get that money. 

  • Lone Ranger

    Magkano kaya tax payment ni pacquiao for 2011? i guess balik P100 million. hehe

  • Rene Pascual

    The money that these congressmen and women have except for Pacquiao’s are the country’s stolen wealth. It was the money alloted for the AFP’s “modernization” program which explains why we have WW2 and Vietnam war era equipments, the sale of Fort Bonifacio, various donations coming from different benefactors and those millions of “projects” that never truly existed. Ship these bastards over to Spratly and Scarborough with their WW2 era military “upgrades” to reap the fruits of their evil deeds and shameful acts. 

  • Ommm

    ” Pacquiao, who claimed  a personal fortune of P1.134 billion”

    Those personal conversations with God are really paying off…

    • Anton Bautista

      Typical Crrab mentality, that’s hitting below the belt.  Judge not lest ye be judged.

      • Ommm

        Is Crrab even a word?…please try to make sense…

        Anyway your national hero donated .5 mil to Sendong victims…kind of generous eh?…its 1/2070th of his personal fortune…and yes he was busy buying a 25mil yacht at the time…so lets please excuse his humble donation…

  • Jacque Toto

    Pastor na si Pacman di po ba??? Tama rin po ba na nakalagay sa Bibliya ang pagbabayad ng buwis, bago sya pumalaot sa pagiging tagapaghatid ng salita ng Diyos ay maigi siguro na bayaran muna nya ang kanyang mga “taxes”. Total bilyonaryo naman pala sya…tinga lang yang babayaran nya kung totoo syang PASTOR at BILYONARYO.

  • tra6Gpeche

    Mr. Manny Pacquiao, you deserve to be called billionaire. You earned your money by working hard, by believing in your talent and by unquestionable honesty. I wish I could say the same thing to most of your colleague in Congress. My only request is for you to pay your Philippine income tax religiously and truthfully. May you win on your next boxing date with Timothy Ray Bradley, Jr.

  • manggoding

    Congressman Pacquiao’s Billion was earned thru sweat and blood;
    Congressmen billions or millions were earned thru no blood, no sweat but sweet talk.

  • Ulipur

    Si cong rafael mariano, parang may vow of poverty. More than 75tau lang ang networth.

  • Regd

    I’m not sure if almost 100% is correct expression? Maybe almost all which means not 100%. Cong. Rafael Mariano is also a farmer, a real servant.

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    If the SALN of Mr. Pacquiao and the SALN of Mr. Corona are compared, both will show two identical omissions which they ought to have entered in their respective SALNs if they were truly honest officials.  In the Liabilities column both failed to write their own names.   And, in the Assets column, both did not enter “Hands.”

    • Regd

      And in coronas SALN, he did not enter the dollar account.

  • ApoLapullapu

    Income Taxes are not computed against assets but on annual income.  But if Pacquiao sides with anybody against the Palace, not only Henares but also the Ombudsman might investigate him.

  • J

    Ibig sabihin ang ibang congress-people poor?
    Sigurado maraming magsisikap dyan para mapantayan o higitan pa ang yaman ni pakyao.
    O kaya tinatago lang ang yaman.

  • hubblecoke

    lahat kawatan…

  • ricky

    “Pacquiao lone billionaire in House of millionaires.”
    The title of this article should have read: “Pacquiao Lone Billionaire in House of Sucker Millionaires”.. or “Pacquiao Lone Bilionaire in House of Salivating Crocodiles!”
    Most of these so-called “senators” and “congressmen”  are nothing but thieves of people’s money feeding themselves and their families + friends with hard-earned taxes of the Filipinos. They should be standing infront of a firing squad and shot al at the same time. It is only then that the country will experience prosperity. These suckers and their businessmen cronies are the cancer of society including many of the so-called religious who take advantage of many religious Filipinos. For more than 50 years, the country is the same because the same so-called “leaders” are the same vampires sucking their blood. Filipinos should learn to sacrifice and remove these pests in the country.

  • kishbuff

    O, ayan na ang katibayan! ‘Wag mong sabihin na hina-harass ka ng BIR! Sana tama ang binayaran mong buwis.

  • Jojo

    Enrile who has been lying and cheating for decades has less than this? The lying and cheating continues for sure!

  • benjie

    Hinaharas ng BIR si Pacman dahil hindi siya pumirma sa Impeachment laban kay Corona! Panghaharas sa utos ni NOynoy at Malakanyang!


    I have P54….

  • Bert


  • Klausoft Studios

    Manny is great! ★★★★★

  • TIM

    Gloria Arroyo is the richest, not Manny Pacquiao.

  • Display Name

    Manny is the ONLY Filipino Billionare that made his money 100% corruption free…!  Just pure talent, blood, sweat and tears…made him rich…

    • manggoding

      Paying not correct taxes is also corruption.

      Lucio Tan, Tan Yu, Gokongwei,Henry Sy,Ayala, Zobel, are also billionaires but never heard of being corrupt.

      • Bert

        WHAATTT? Haven’t you heard of a P25B unpaid tax of Lucio Tan? That’s just for starter. Mag research kasi bago mag post….

        Has it already been proven in court that Manny did not pay the right tax or sabe-sabe ng mga Pnoy attack dogs?

  • manggoding

    Pacquiao lone billionaire in House of millionaires….

    Being a Congressman, it is not how much money you have, but how many bills you have passed.
    Congress is for brain people to think and not for money people to show their money.

  • Drew

    The BIR is questioning his tax payments and our society has been quick to judge Manny’s integrity.  People, WAKE UP!!!  Every taxpayer finds ways to reduce their debt to the government… EVERYONE!  We all pay VAT and many other taxes in our daily lives.  Manny may have non-profit contributions that are exempt from being taxed which is a fairly common deduction.  STOP JUDGING HYPOCRITES!!!    THE REAL NEWS HERE is that ALL OF OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS IN GOVERNMENT ARE HIDING THEIR ILL-GOTTEN WEALTH, hence they don’t appear to be billiionaires… hence, they look good,  hence you believe their bullshit!  News like this is what makes us all cringe here in the Philippines.   Let’s face it… if any of us are given a large amount of money would you give half of that to the government?  Therein lies your answer so stop judging!  I can bet all of you reading this that you are also finding ways NOT TO PAY FULL TAXES come tax time… I know I am.  

    • Bert

      How TRUE!!!! I am not a fan of Gringo, but I believe him when he said that this govt is full of SELF-RIGHTEOUS HYPOCRITES, referring to the yellow zombies….

  • PutingAgila

    Imelda would be twice richer than Pacqiuao had honesty is observed.

  • tabingbakod

    The most important thing to take from this is that our House of Representatives do not represent the country. We are not a country of millionares.

    Pano nila malalaman kung gaano ka hirap magcommute, o mararamdaman gaano kamahal ang kuryente, o gaano kahirap kumita, o maghanap ng trabaho kung ubod ng yaman nila. Meron pa silang business interest na nagconflict sa kanilang trabaho.

    Dapat meron tayong politikal parties na pinipili ang kanilang kandidato ayon sa kanilang kagalingan at katalinuhan hindi lang sa kayang ilabas na pondo para sa kampanya.

  • bobski43

    Some of those millionaires have millions before joining the house of reps. but ask tita imelda how she still have those millions, was she able to pole vault some of those that the PCGG was not  able to recover??? remember pinoys she was the governor of metro-manila during their conjugal dictatorship regime.

  • manggoding

    Pacquiao lone billionaire in House of Millionaires…..

    This is good news.
    At least wala ng mangungurakot dahil mosty millionaires ang ating Congressmen.
    Kung mahirap ang ating mga congressmen tiyak, mangungurakot.
    Kaya sa susunod mga milyonaryo na lang ang mga iboto sa election.
    Segurado tayo na hindi na sila mangungurakot.

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