UNA part of ‘constructive opposition’, says Estrada



MANILA, Philippines – Vice President Jejomar Binay’s United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) will be part of the political opposition, though a “constructive” one, according to former President Joseph Estrada.

But Estrada, one of the three senior leaders of the alliance, said President Benigno Aquino III should not take it against senators identified with UNA if they would vote against the removal of Chief Justice Renato Corona in the impeachment trial.

“That will not destroy our relationship with [the President’s] LP [Liberal Party],” Estrada told the Philippine Daily Inquirer in an interview at his residence in San Juan last Friday.

But what if the President did not feel the same way? Estrada replied: “So what? We’re not Liberals.”

The former president was asked about the fact Mr. Aquino had been openly campaigning for Corona’s removal. While the impeachment trial was in recess, news about UNA mobilizing its forces broke out, apparently in preparation for Binay’s presidential run in 2016.

Estrada said among candidates being considered to be part of UNA’s senatorial ticket in next year’s elections were Senators Gregorio Honasan and Francis Escudero. Both senators serve as judges in the Corona trial.

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, the presiding officer of the trial, is part of the UNA executive committee, along with Estrada and Binay. Another UNA stalwart is Estrada’s son Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada, the Senate president pro tempore.

Enrile, Honasan, and the younger Estrada form the so-called “macho bloc” in the Senate. With them is Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III.

At a meeting of the UNA executive committee earlier this week, Estrada said Enrile told the group that senators would vote solely according to the evidence. Estrada said even his son was unsure about the general “temperament” on whether to acquit or convict Corona.

“This involves the future of the country so party [affiliation] is only secondary,” Estrada said. “As I could see, the Senate president wants to leave a legacy. This is his last term. He is no longer running.”

Estrada said UNA would not interfere with the way senators affiliated with the alliance would vote in the impeachment trial.

“We will not take it against any member of the party,” he said.

In beefing up UNA’s roster, Estrada did not appear keen on getting the Nacionalista Party into the coalition. The LP is said to be eyeing its own alliance with the NP, the oldest political party in the country.

Estrada belittled the impact the NP could have on the chances of UNA bets winning in the mid-term elections.

“Nakita mo kung saan pinulot yung mga Nacionalista in the last election?” he asked, referring in particular to Sen. Manuel Villar, who landed third in the 2010 presidential race “despite spending billions.”

Estrada, who was second to Mr. Aquino, noted that he got more votes than Villar despite supposedly spending “only P600 million.”

The former president was confident that his endorsement and that of Binay were enough to catapult UNA candidates to victory. He referred to a recent Pulse Asia survey that showed Binay as the top endorser. Mr. Aquino was second while Estrada came in third.

“We have a big advantage over all,” Estrada said.

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  • $23257130

    mabuhay si president binay! ang tunay na pag asa ng bayan!!!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JOQHH2NQ2PIYETLOKBAPQVZSKU GP

      Oops, excuse me while I retch.  Mukhang sumama ang pakiramdam ko nung mabasa ko ang post mo.  Maghunos dili ka kung sino ka man.  Si Binay ang tunay na pag-asa ng bayan?  Excuse me again I’m still retching.

      • RHumabon

        At babalik na naman ang korupsyon? Mali !

        Ipagpatuloy ang naumpisahang Daang Matuwid ni P-Noy. Mar Roxas dapat tayo sa 2016.

  • nalasnaville

    pag pinapatuloy ni chiz at honasan at iba pa na boboto para di matanggal si corona ay talagang wala silang aasahang boto

    • bigmach4

       Mali yata ang pananaw mo hehehe! Lalo silang itatapon sa kangkungan kung iboboto nila si Coronangbaboy! Nagsawa na ang mga tao sa corruption!

      • nalasnaville

        basahin mo ulit at nang maintindihan mo

  • Atagalong

    The UNA and other coalation of parties are effectively killing the representative form of government of the Philippines. It’s mind boggling why people from the Visayas and Mindanao do not see what is going on. If people from Luzon continue to make even expert in coup ‘d etat their senator, or senators coming from the same family,so be it, for as long as people from the Visayas and Mindanao have their own senators representing them. Probably token senators from the two regions are themselves satisfied that their own families are also in control down there, or they could have voiced their concerns of how the senate has been hijacked by the same old, same old people from Luzon, expecially concentrated in Metro Manila. Have senators, governors, representatives from the Visayas and Mindanao known the disparity of representation because of sheer majority of population, resulting in inequality of voices in Congress? Why don’t they say anything, at least, putting the original intent of the senate, i.e., 8 senators from Mindanao, 8 senators from the Visayas and 8 senators from Luzon? Luzon can install all their oligarchs and their dynasties, if they so desire but  the two southern regions MUST of necessity have their own senators, so at least there are 16 of them who can stop the overwhelming force from the House ofr Representatives from ramroding their own bills. Sad to say, but appointments to high positions in government, including Justices of the Supreme Court, because of sheer numbers of senators and representatives from Luzon, plus the fact that except for Manuel A. Roxas, all Presidents of the Philippines come from Luzon. Think!!!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EXZXXDTJF4I35VTIKWDYWKMJ7I Eldrich Y

       Pres Sergio Osmena is from Cebu. You forgot one more exceptions.

  • bagombong

    Another kind of opposition party which to come out everytime there is election coming…every election this politicians always try to build a new alliance and mostly comes from the politicians who are this administration and from opposition at pati na rin yun mga dating nakaupo at natalo.This is the face of Pinoy politics…siyempre nangunguna lagi yung boss nilang alam nilang may laban sa pagka-presidente…eh saan ka ba naman kakapit doon..at para mabango ka rin sa tao, panay din ang papuri sa boss nyo at sa bait sya ang pinakabait at matalino…kung tignan nyo si Binay tahimik lang sya….that is the way to get the simpatya ng tao…kita nyo naman noon nasa Makati pa sya madaldal din…kasi ayaw makagawa ng mali at this time…siyempre maraming politiko ang sasakay sa kanya…tignan nyo pati yung mga nasa administrayon na ito may lilipat na sa upuan…lalo na yun ayaw umalis sa puwesto na ang pinagkakakitaan ay politics..the same people the same people in politics for 30 yrs. will run the Philippines ..sabi nga nila… paulit ulit man daw mabago ang taon ang katotohanan sila pa rin ang nagpapatakbo ng Pilipinas…heheheh

  • bagombong

    wala yung comment ko..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LLPTRPFUTYJXKI3KJS4B2UO4LI Jim De Garman

    huwag ka ng mambola estrada..alam ng mamayan na convicted plunderer ka at kung di ka binigyan ng pardon ng queen of VMMC nandoon kapa sa kulungan hanggang ngayon..itigil na yang boladas tumulong ka na lang kay aquino ng mapalayas na ang mga instik sa scarborough.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JJ3EVCTQXRCB24IEJDP7G5YTB4 Jerry

    Lolo Erap, ano ba? pag may nabaasa ako sa diyaryo tungkol sa iyo, eh puro nalang po pamumulitika….sobra pa po aga Lolo. hayaan mo muna magtrabaho ang mga politicians natin, buti sa iyo wala ka po ginagawa kundi politika politika politika nalang po…..wala na po ba iba ka sasabihin para sa ikakabuti ng bayan natin?

  • wawa2172

    Let it be that senator judges decide on Corona issue based on evidence rather than the emotion of the people. I guess the Corona issue will not put an axed on the senators running for re-election. Take the case of Bongbong whose father was kick out of office by the Filipinos, he is now a senator of he republic. Joker was with the Lakas Kampi but still won a seat at the senate because of his performance and excellence in doing things at the chamber rather than his affiliation to the party of a very unpopular president. I am hoping that we Filipinos would be intelligent voters rather than a usual wimpy of the politician. Erap was sentenced with plunder but still landed second to Noy.  

  • mariaanda

    Noynoy Aquino and Jojo Binay were elected by the people, meaning, the people wanted that team to lead the country. The people did not vote for Estrada-Binay nor for Aquino-Roxas, these were not their choices. Hence, technically they cannot be in opposition with each other. Aquino-Binay carry the mandate of the people to form a government – together!

    Aquino cannot claim that his administration is minus Binay. The Liberal Party cannot advance that proposition. The Liberal party is not the administration party. It is merely the party where the president belongs. We are not a parliamentary form of government. The congress is a different story. We say the “majority party” and the “minority party”. The congress does not form the government. Political Science 101.

    Maybe Estrada wants to consider himself as an outsider of the administration. That is a choice that he makes but Estrada cannot divorce Jojo Binay from the administration. The people married them. Estrada should not drag Binay away from the government and include Binay in the opposition!

    I think Mr. Estrada should rethink his concept of government. By the way, what is the true meaning of constructive opposition? Opposition is opposition whether it is destructive(?) or constructive.

    As they say, misery loves company! Right, Mr. Estrada?

  • NoronJamel

    Erap Boy, wag muna pulitika script gawin mo, gawa ka muna drama wat gawin ntin sa mga Insekto na gustong lusubin ang Pilipinas! Matagal pa election samantalang ang mga Insekto nasa bakuran na natin! Pwede ba, kumita na script mo, harapin muna ntin mga Insekto!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5STEU22AD7YRHQSB6RE56ZDSYA J

    Sa Pilipinas talagang marami ang napakababa o wala ng kahihiyan na mga politikos. Na-impeach, na-convict at nakulong na presidente may mukha pa ring mamuno at sumali sa partido. Yung mga kasama niya ride-on din kahit alam nila na mali ang nagawa niya. Sana isama ito sa mga criteria sa pagboto sa election. Pagbutihin na ang pagpili ng maging pinuno kasi tayo din ang magsisisi sa bandang huli.

  • watot

    I like Binay but 2016 still far what at stake short term is Coronas’ ouster. So those who will acquit the CJ will lose my vote. UNA advisers are stupid to make of the impeachment as their bargaining chip.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YAU43R25CAHGNYPHE6HLAM3V6Y Benjamin

    wala ng ibang adhikain si erap kundi maging presidente si jinggoy….kahit magtitiwarik ka at iuntog mo ang ang ulo mo sa  pader,,, hinde magiging presidente ang anak mo…

    • ACT2012

      really? inggit kalang

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ESOLZFVKAWYGCVFPVUANFVV4W4 Efren

    Constructive opposition daw !  “Constructive” para hinddi mawala ang boto ng Cory votes;
    “opposition” para makuha ang  votes ng Gloria-Corona group .  The problem is, many voters
    can think !

    • ACT2012

      Yes that’s why Erap landed second to Noy last Presidential Elections

  • UsoUso82

    welcome for all on this type of potical rhetorics. mabuti pa si Erap, kahit papaano naka-kita ng magandang landas para sa mga Pinoys. we all need this type of politicians bec we are still a third-world country where attitudes of governance needs improvement, and that pertains to all, people,
    politicians, enforcers of the law, community leaders, and the youngs, we need improvement in the way we conduct our lives today. si Pnoy, sini-sira ang ibang tao, para umangat, well that is child-dish. Learn from Pakistan, where a President is guilty but no jail-term, and that is good for the soul.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O5TQQYPGVHXCQLU4BRQR4FVBNA ramone

    Constructive opposition is necessary in any functioning democracy. But Erap is not credible as its leader. He didn’t take opposition lightly. Two of many examples can be cited: 1. He asked advertisers to boycott PDI when the newspapers criticized his policies. 2. When Yasay criticized him on TV, he very unpresidentially told him on TV, “matamaan ka sana ng kidlat.”

  • John_Galt_II

    Wala talagang kahihiyan tong animal na to! Ang daming problema ng pilipinas puro pulitika ang inaatupag. Bakit hindi pa mamatay tong mga hukluban na Erap, Enrile at Binay. Mga pusakal na pulitiko!

    • ACT2012

      ang alam ko ikaw muna mamamatay

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HR6ZUASYQVJDOQZXV7ROMEF2YI Abnoy tupak

    ok yan constructive opposition..
    papano kung un leader ay isip bata?
    lahat ng opposition para sa kanya ay pro GMA at MARCOS loyalist lang..

  • marlaw

    Ano bang aral ang makukuha ng bansa sa isang convicted plunderer? Itong si Erap na-convict na nga at nakulong feeling parang mga Marcos hanggang ngayon itinatangging meron siyang nagawang kasalanan. Pero di natin masisisi si Erap dahil hindi ganoonka garapal ang naging kasalanan niya kumpara sa mga Arroyo na garapalan na kakupalan talaga ang ginawa. Ganon pa man, dapat magising na ang mga Pinoy at mag ingat sa mga pulitikong ito na paulit ulit na nanloloko sa sambayanan.  

  • 2rey3

    With due respect to  former President  Estrada, any Senator who will vote for the acquittal or not to vote at all either for the acquittal or dismissal of CJ Corona will suffer electoral disadvantage this coming elections either for themselves if they are running again or for their replacement relative. That is what the survey implicates where the majority of the Filipinos believe that CJ Corona is guilty. I think this is the strategy of political adviser Llamas when he predicted at a very early stage of the impeachment process that he thinks CJ Corona will not be impeached because Senators who will not dismiss Corona will be perceived to be against the Matuwid na Daan. The chances therefore of administration Senatoriables of winning will be enhanced especially with the President himself campaigning for them compare to the non administration candidates unless of course they have something uniquely good to offer to the people. Then another round of impeachment proceedings will be filed again against impeachable officials including CJ Corona. I can be wrong but I am convinced that this is the scenario the administration will be pursuing in the event CJ Corona will be acquitted starting with people demonstration  immediately after the acquittal until the elections next year.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/HR6ZUASYQVJDOQZXV7ROMEF2YI Abnoy tupak

      isip bata ka ?

      • joselito cerance

         paano ka naman nakakasiguro na ang karamihan ng mga pinoy eh iniisip na guilty si Corona?

  • mang_empoy

    Constructive ba ito?

    Parang “recycled oppostion” nga eh. Sila-sila na naman! Different party name, same faces.
    Sigurado talaga ako na marami pang mga mabubuting pilipino na mas may karapatan umupo
    sa gobyerno. Ang problema, mga low profile sila at hindi iboboto ng masa.

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