Aquino’s LP, Villar’s NP talk coalition



Budget Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad and former Surigao del Norte Governor Robert Ace  Barbers confirmed to the Philippine Daily Inquirer on Thursday that the talks for a coalition of the Liberal Party (LP) and the Nacionalista Party (NP) in 2013 were in the works.

“We are open to coalition with everyone based on principles, shared advocacies and policy direction of the country in uplifting the lives of the Filipino people,” Barbers said.

In fact, the NP of outgoing Senator Manuel Villar, for instance, has two ardent suitors—the LP of President Aquino and the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) of Vice President Jejomar Binay and former President Joseph Estrada.

LP spokesperson Lorenzo “Erin” Tañada III said Thursday that the LP  was willing to mend fences with the NP to come up with a common senatorial slate in 2013.

Tañada, a Quezon representative, said NP members were welcome to join the LP coalition although the two parties went through an acrimonious presidential campaign in 2010.

Mr. Aquino’s “tuwid na daan” (straight path) campaign slogan was derived from the Daang Hari and C-5 road extension controversies, in which Villar was accused of using his pork barrel to build roads that went straight to his real estate projects.

In the middle of the campaign, Villar challenged then presidential candidate Aquino to take a mental-fitness test. But it was Villar who was the first presidential candidate to concede defeat to Mr. Aquino.

“That was 2010. We are looking beyond 2013,” said Tañada.

Tañada said the LP was keen on getting the wife of Senator Villar, former Las Piñas Representative Cynthia Villar, and three reelectionists—Senators Francis Escudero, Aquilino Pimentel III and Alan Peter Cayetano—for the administration coalition’s senatorial slate.

Tañada, a probable LP senatorial candidate himself, said the LP was also looking to add Barbers, an NP member, to its senatorial slate.

Tañada said the LP was looking at “candidates who believe in the President’s reform agenda and who are willing to push it in his last three years in office.”

Other feelers

Barbers, however, said that UNA, particularly the Partido Demokratikong Pilipino-Laban, which is chaired by Binay, had been sending “feelers” to the NP after the latter announced in February that it was open to an election alliance for 2013.

For a coalition to happen, Barbers underscored the importance of the other party “aligning closely with the programs of NP.”

Asked if the  LP was willing to accommodate the senatorial candidates of the NP, Abad, without elaborating, said: “Not a done deal yet.”

The LP is saddled with the usual political baggage that goes with being the leader of the ruling coalition, which includes having to accommodate candidates of political parties with which it has an existing alliance in both the House of Representatives and the local government level.

So the bone of contention is the inclusion in the LP-led administration senatorial slate of Barbers, Cayetano and Cynthia Villar. All three are running on the NP ticket for 2013.

“The NP knows this political reality when it started talking with the LP,” said Barbers, who has been named by Senator Villar, the NP president, as the new spokesperson to lend a fresh face to the oldest political party in the land.

Except Lakas-Kampi

Tañada said the LP was open to drafting candidates from other parties  except the Lakas-Kampi of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

House Minority Leader Danilo Suarez, an Arroyo ally, said the goal of LP’s coalition building was to get at least 16 senators to kick out impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona. The Chief Justice’s trial at the Senate impeachment court is set to resume on May 7.

“These moves are in the realm of pragmatic politics. I am hopeful they will not use a slot in the LP coalition just to influence the voting in the Corona trial,” Suarez said in a phone interview.

He said it would be a pity if the trial would not be judged on the merits of the case.

The NP has four votes in the Senate—Villar, Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. and the Cayetano siblings, Alan Peter and Pia.

Escudero is an independent while Pimentel is a member of the PDP-Laban, which has formed UNA with Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino of Estrada.

LP leaders Abad and Cavite Representative Joseph E.A. Abaya earlier raised doubts about Binay’s stand on the President’s reform agenda, including his position on the Corona trial.

Tañada said LP had no intention of “politicizing” the Corona impeachment by using the LP coalition senatorial slate as a bargaining chip.

LP leadership meeting

The LP leadership has yet to meet at the end of June to decide whether it would form a coalition slate.

Tañada said LP would then decide which parties it would coalesce with and the potential candidates it would accept into its fold.

“We think the Corona trial will be over by June so I don’t think it will have any bearing on our coalition plans,” he said in a phone interview.

Asked about the progress of the talks, Barbers said that he was not privy to the nitty-gritty of the talks since they were being pursued among the “top guns” of both parties, referring to Abad, top officials of the LP and Senator Villar.

“There were private talks in late February, but these have yet to be followed up and finalized as we come closer to the deadline for the filing of certificates of candidacy in October,” said Barbers.

Barbers served for three terms in the House of Representatives. He was among the so-called “Spice Boys,” along with then Representatives Juan Miguel Zubiri, Michael Defensor, Hernani Braganza (now Mayor of Alaminos, Pangasinan province) Rolando Andaya Jr. and Ricky Sandoval. (Andaya has returned to the House after serving as budget secretary of Arroyo.)

But Barbers parted ways with the group in 2005, when he was among the first lawmakers to question the victory of Arroyo in the fraud-tainted 2004 presidential election.

Barbers said the NP was looking for sincerity on the part of the LP which could come in the form of a “concrete basis for the (election) merger of both parties.”

The former governor said he would be the first to block any attempt to coalesce with parties solely on the basis of personalities. “It’s high time that we reform the way politics is done in this country,” he said.

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  • hatecorrupt


    • Tatak_Nakaw_Arroyo

      Wala nang kakampi si Gloria. At yong LAKAS, MaLakas lang sa Kurakot! Poor Gloria, Sa bilibid na sila pupulutin.

      • Doodz


      • dinadaga

         Totoo yan. Di ba sabi nila noon makukulong ang mga Marcos. Si Bongbong, senador na, si Imelda, congresswoman, si Imee, governor na. Ubod pa rin ng yaman.

      • tiopaero

        dinadaga  hahahaha ginawa mong tatanga ranga si Tatak Nakaw Arroyo sa comment mo.  hahahahahah  Nice one !!!

  • dead_pixel

    This is the kind of politics we have:
    kampi-kampihan —>>> sira-siraan —>>> tawid sa kabilang partido —>>> kampi-kampihan —>>> sira-siraan —>>> tuwid na daan!!!

  • GeorgeR

    Papaano ka maniniwala sa Tuwid na Daan ni Simeon Simsimi Budoy kung ganito na lang palagi ang sistema nang politika…Siraan ang Lakas , PMP at NP tapos tinanggap ang maraming taga Lakas tapos malipag-alyansa sa NP…Hay naku Pinas talaga oo…!!

  • cion

    The Villars should not be easily taken by sweet talks of the LP,and other political parties (Binay)because of the 188 Congressmen especially Tupas,and prosecutor members who has made gross and grave political blunder during the impeachment hearings, they voluntarily hang themselves they are not credible and dependable politicians ,personal interest  to those Congressmen  comes first, rather then looking after the welfare of the poor Filipino masses-their constituents who are still left unheard and remained poor (in the province) farmers.etc.

  • ernie rivera

    I hope it will never happen.The LP and NP must never have a  coalition.Remember the Unido party before this LP after they win the 1986 election. They kick all the former NP on the Unido party.This LP will just going to use you because they know NP and LP will never be together its like water and oil .There is a bad blood on this two party 

  • dinadaga

    Sen Villar must remember who are responsible for the Villaroyo tag and who bannered their claim that you lied about your brother.s death. He could have been a better president.

  • ardong

    Potential merging of LP/NP has already overtaken by events showing their poor performance both in the House and the Senate. The public are seemingly fed-up with traditional politicians, old faces whose mediocre background and non-performing qualities are well-known. While some performed a bit, I guess it is  not sufficient enough to influence voters to renew their confidence for their continuance in office. Both parties should instead, realigned their efforts to those “NEW” candidates without political affiliations whose ideals and visions reflect the common sentiments of  Juan de la Cruz. Why not  ordinary candidates whose advocacy are centered on say, environment and technology expertise, socio-economic reformists, and some political scientists which hinges not on vested personal interest, hidden agenda and those whose records are not of patriarchal type dynasties. Our country needs to undergo a new  paradigm shift in order for us to level-off with our Asian counterparts on the region. Sad to say, we are too left behind in almost all aspects and precisely, it is attributed to “wrong people in a  right situation.” 

  • Jon

    Naku NP, pag-aralan ninyong mabuti ang pasya ninyo.
    Ngayon pa lang, ang mga taga Mindanao ay sinusuka ang administrasyon.
    Tiyak madadamay lang kayo sa pagkaumay ng tao sa kapalpakan at ka-inutilan ng LP.
    Mas mabuti yatang mag-sarili na lang kayo kaysa mapasama sa hanay ng mga tamad, ignorante, at pa-noynoying lang.

    • jurbinsky77

      Bakit isinusuka.? Baka buntis?

      • tabalu

        wala ka bang matino-tinong komento, mag-isip ka naman masyado kang ampalaya.

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    aba, ilang boto rin yan sa impeachment…wala sana kulay if after ng impeachment mag-usap

  • victorts

    The LP is trying to grab anything to save itself from sinking.  It probably saw the handwriting on the wall when the UNA was formed.  This early, the administration that issues a lot of surveys telling the people the LP is rated highly, is now scared of its own lies.  Please NP save us.  A word of advice to the NP – you would be better off going it alone.  You have seen the caliber of the LP politicians (the prosecutors are perfect examples).  You don’t want those crabs to be pulling you down, as Pnoy says.

  • adam_d_ant

    lumalabas na ang tunay na kulay ni kalbo … sinira ng sinira si villar na magnanakaw daw at corrupt …hindi daw sila makikipagsabwatan sa mga corrupt..

    sinungaling na retarded, bumabula ang ibig ni abnoy … ang mga “supoters” parang mga unggoy na sunod ng sunod   … ito ang pulitika sa rehimen ni retard  …..

    naloko na naman ang mga pinoy … at maloloko pa din ulit  …..

    • jurbinsky77

      Animal ka, re-electionist ba ang Presidente?

      Stupid Filipinos can put the likes of Gloria the plunderer and the mother of all corrupt.

      No party or candidate had vowed to eradicate or minimize graft except this LP of  President Noynoy Aquino. You can elect Binay who has perfected the art of family dynasty politics. Or the likes of Joseph Estrada whose mistresses are brazen enough because the electors are “mafi muuk”.

      • Vanni Simon

        animal ka rin. kasama mo si abnoy na retarded!

      • casaysay

        Zombie o braindead ang nakaugalian ng maraming nababasa kong tawag sa tulad mong may blind idolization kay Pnoy. Ngayon ay naintindihan ko na kung bakit ganoon na lang kababa ng nakikitang mental capabilities ng sinasabi nila sa nyong tribong budoy daw. Tulad nito, lumalabas sa posting mo na di mo kayang ma-analyze n si Pnoy bilang presidente ay ang most visible, most powerful and most influentialt LP sa buong Plipinas kaya ipupurga pa ba sa kukote mo na si Pnoy ang may pinakamalaking bahagi sa decision-making ng LP. Tama lang na braindead zombie ang itawag sa mga taong patuloy na mentally malnourished kaya di makaunawa sa mga political maneuverings ng LP ni Pnoy o ng partido ninuman.

      • Lito60

         Let’s see how your Abnoy Penoy explains his courtship of Bongbong Marcos who is, at present, more popular than he is. hahaha! Plastic!

      • aristeosj

        marcos is from kbl party of his father.he was just a guest candidate of NP during the last election.he is as a kbl again now that he won.i don’t know where you got the idea that LP is courting are ridiculous even to insinuate that.

      • adam_d_ant

        he. he. he….

        define natin at suriin kung ano ang animal …. ang pinagkaiba lang natin sa mga totoong animal ay dahil meron tayong isip …. ang mga animal kumakain lang dahil sa pangangailangan …. ang idolo mong “malinis”, minanadali na ma impeach si corona para mapalitan at instead na 8-6 ang boto kung magkano ang bayad sa luisita, magiging 7-7.  at siyempre mapilitan si carpio to break the tie  … tsaraaaaannnnn  . 8-7 ang resulta.  5 billion at least than can go up to 10 billion …. now tell me who’s more corrupt? 

        mas masahol ka pa sa mga animal kabayan …… hindi lang “supoter” ka ni budoy, naniniwala ka pa sa me sayad  … sa bagay, hindi lang ikaw ang hilo — dami n’yo … 

        in the realm of simeon the retard, the citizenry are wearing yellow-colored glasses.  just like in any civilization, there is the “other” side  … he. he. he… hindi ka kasali sa other side kabayan … doon ka sa mga me sayad

  • Filipinoflash

    Pag nag coalesce ang NP at LP, sigurado na impeach na si Corona. Villar and Legarda would vote for Corona’s impeachment. Yehey! Good news! 

  • Milesaway

    Robert Barbers said…. “It’s high time that we reform the way politics is done in this country,”.. ilan beses ko nang naririnig yan tuwing election hindi pa uso ang DVD dialogue na yan ng mga politiko.. meaning parang sirang plaka paulit-ulit… lol 

    • tuldok

      at di ba mga Barbers eh sumuporta pa kay Ecleo? as the other poster above said earlier, political prostitution never dies, it just mutates…. very very true… nakakasuka na ang mga alliances na yan, puro mga trapo namang lahat

  • Guest

    Villar for president, 2016!

    • Ulipur

      Both Villar and Binay came from very poor families.   Parehong alam nila kung papaano ang maging mahirap.

      Si Villar ang daming natutulungan dahil job creator siya.

      Si Binay naman, masipag. Kitang-kita niya ang conditiions sa mga probinsya.

      • sinful_lustful69

        si MANNY VILLAR, kumuha ng yaman kay CYNTHIA VILLAR, solong anak siya nung nasirang MANUELA.

        si JOJO BINAY, kumuha ng yaman sa MAKATI, alam mo ba yun

      • Guest

        Mas magaling si Villar, naglalangoy sa dagat ng basura. Paano kaya sila ma-endorse ni Chiz, eh pareho na silang may bee?

  • joel genese

    Sometime ago, when UNA was booting up, I  was commenting with sarcasm for LP-NP coalition. And now it is becoming reality.bwahahaha…..Its like having a Republican-Democrat Coalition!

  • EdgarEdgar

    Instead of shopping for political alliances and orgy partners, Noynoy and his party will serve the country better by concentrating on the affairs of the state. It’s bad enough that Noynoy looks like a premature fetus, he looks even worse with his party’s premature posturing.


      Fetus? an unborn child, isn’t it too much EdEd? :-)))))

  • FernandoBusi

    I think NP should only agree to a coalition from a position of strength … LP may look all big and powerful but just like Lakas-Kampi it is already at its height and will soon be heading down the hill contrary to what Drilon and Abad thinks. NP has resources so they don’t really need government’s resources the way LP is hoping to squeeze it for 2013.

  • kilabot

    political prostitution never dies, it mutates.

  • James Rams

    sige!!!  mag sama kayo!  the people of Mindanao will make sure you guys ..will get a tomato !!! in every rally!! eheheheheh

  • joboni96

    ok yan
    ng ma leverage din
    expertise ni sen villar at
    mga kasama sa np
    specially good relationships
    with the progressive sectors

    • Madz

      Patawa ka naman,,, sabi ng LP noon ang pwedi lang sumama sa kanila wd same  flatform of governance,,, during campaign sabi ng LP napaka corrupt ni Villar,,, paano din c BONGBONG…
      Sinking ship naba LP kaya kinain nyo na sinuka nyo heeeeeee…

  • Regd

    Efren Penaflorida for President! Teka…teka… congressman muna bago pa-akyat. YES!

  • Ulipur

    The candidates of PNoy will not fare well in Mindanao due to the continuing power crisis in that island.

    How the recent development re negotiation between GoPh and MILF will affect the elections in 2013 is not certain. 

  • Gurruod

    NP wag kayong papayag maluto sa mantika ng LP.

  • Lito60

    Beware NP! LP wants company in its misery. Right now all they can get on their slate are LOSERS like Hontiveros, Abaya, Quimbo, Angara, Tanada and Tupas. Be careful not to fall into their trap.

    But wouldn’t it be interesting how Abnoy will explain his courtship of Bongbong Marcos who is, at this point, more popular than Abnoy Penoy.

  • joel genese

    It’s ridiculous! It’s like merging the Republican and Democrat together! 

  • RomyLitz

    Pnoy should merge with NP and UNA for 100% conviction of Corona.

    • AmBoy24

      lol…kahit kanino makipag-alyansa si panot,inevitable na ang not guilty verdict kay corona.

      • RomyLitz

        The coalition of LP , UNA and NP of Cojuangco will surely put all the nails to the coffin of conviction of the Thief Justice. His case is indefensible in the beginning.

      • tiopaero


        His case is indefensible in the beginning.
        Ganoon pala bakit kailangan pa ng coalition to convict Corona. Tanga tanga mo rin ano ?

      • aristeosj

        talaga???naunahan mo pa ang impeachment court ah…galing mo amboy 24.

    • Guest

       LP SHOULD MERGE WITH CPP/NPA..un dapat sinulat mo!

  • samiam78

    This is proof of LP’s desperation! Hahaha! They are frantically begging anyone who would take them in. Hahaha! NP, it would be wise of you to stay away. 

    • joyes

      correct ka dyan.. kasi pag nagsanib pwersa ang lahat na opposition against sa LP wala na sila… tama si cong. Suarez.. taktika na naman ni Pnoy yan para makakuha boto to convict corona. Ang sasama kay Pnoy nasiraan din ng pag isip… Sana hwag naman pagamit si villar, escudero, legarda at mga cayetano… pag mangyari yan hwag na lang sila natin iboto… Kung ako kay Escudero, Legarda at Cayetanos hwag na sila pa oto kay Pnoy.. Si Villar pwede pa kasi takot lang yan mahabol ng kanyang mga assets kaya pag bigyan si Pnoy pero pag wala ka ginawang masama buti pa mag independent ka na gaya ni Escudero. May panindigan…

  • bosesprobinsyano

     @ sinful_lustful69, I voted and supported Aquino-Binay in 2010. You insinuated that Binay  did something ugly sa Makati. In the provinces,  we received media reports. We need to know who are these people whose decisions, interest, vision, character and integrity affect our nation, specially the president (Binay maybe  the president in 20116). What Binay did to Makati?   

    • FernandoBusi

      How can a mayor who used to be poor become a billionaire? By serving in makati enough said.

  • tuldok

    kahit anong gawing balasa o alyansa ng lahat ng political parties or groups, nasa mamamayang pilipino ang huling paghuhusga.  tayong mga botante ang dapat 100% mag-alyansa at iboto ang mga kandidatong hindi trapo, hindi popular dahil artista,  hindi bahagi ng isang dynasty, hindi lubog sa ano mang anomalya nung nanungkulan sila.

    mga nagmamahal sa bayan na mga Filipino – mag-alyansa tayong lahat para sa TAMANG pagboto!

    kawawa naman ang ating bayan pagpuro walang-hiya na naman ang mananalo.

    • niceguy60

      Correct ka jan. Siguro election reform is needed to give chance to others. Langya eh pag wala na ang tatay, asawa pumapalit. Then the son, the daughter, the grand children. 90million Filipinos only few names in politics.

  • AmBoy24

    desperate move by the LP(losing party) to NP for possible coalition.hahaha…merger by convenience..

  • franciscoyapanalagbate

     Uso na naman po ang “coalition” o ang pagsa-sanib-sanib ng mga partido political.  Nagpapakita lang po na ang bawat nakiki-pag-coalesce ay mahina, walang sariling paninindigan, walang sariling prinsipyo, at higit sa lahat ay walang galang sa mga manghahalal.  Lumalabas din na ang mga partido political ay isa lamang kasangkapan para sa kani-kanilang pangsariling kapakanan.  Kailan kaya makakawala ang bansa sa “sumpa ng rigodon ng mga politiko” na papalit-palit ng partido kapag panahon ng halalan?    

  • billygunn23

    akala ko ba confident ang LP na mananalo next year! bakit pa nila kelangang makipagsanib pwersa sa NP lalo na sa taong minsa’y tinuring din nilang kurap? mukha yatang naliligaw ang LP sa kanilang tuwid na daan a! ahihihi

  • Jose

    Political parties in the Philippines = meaningless.


      Super agree! 10 likes :-)))

  • Desan

    Uso naman ang BALIMBING PARTY………

  • johnnie r

    OMG, after bashing NP’s Manny Villar during the last elections, now they want to form a coalition with him!!! 

  • Aspo resurrection

    2013 election will change the congress line-up and it is not a surprise if some or most of the 188 assult congressmen will split from their Boss Pnoy and possibly going after him… 

  • marriondale

    It’s gonna take a major change to regain public interest on LP.  Anyway, we have a year to go before election.  It’s not too late for Pnoy and his cabinet to gain public attention.  A busy cabinet and major improvements in sight will definitely revive this interest.   Lok at DOTC under Roxas’ plan to rehabilitate all the comfort rooms in our airport terminals and public transport systems.  This will surely help the administration raise its trust rating.  the challenge for Pnoy is to improve the country these coming months before election so that the public will not have an eye on Binay.

  • Bert

    LP is now seeking alliance with a party they once called corrupt… this move in line with Pnoy’s tuwid na daan?

    Like what coup plotter gringo has said, this govt is full of self-righteous HYPOCRITES…..

  • Atagalong

    Wow! LP and NP coalition. Long time ago the NP hijacked a LP stalwart and people elected  him president but eventually became a dictator. But later on political parties sprouted like mushrooms during a rainy season. If one is to look at the names of possible candidates of the senatorial lineup, one notices that it is same old, same old. Nene Q Pimentel, the father of Koko Pimentel, who used to be the mayor of Cagayan, Misamis was revered by many people because of his defiance of the Marcos dictatorship. So with the late Ninoy Aquino, who was murdered leading to the ascension of his wife as a figure head and President of the Philippines. Nice move, but then the Aquino families spoiled it by fielding a lot of their families in  public positions, like senators ande representatives, hence, continuing the dynasties in politics. Why is it that senators are picked from just one region in the Philippines? Where is the concept of the senate being the equalizer of the tremendous disparity of representation in the Lower House? One token senator from Mindanao and not a single one from the Visayas? It would have been a swell idea if the young Pimentel coalesced with, say Pacquiao, and form a solid Mindanao senatorial lineup and so with the Visayas. Why have they been so naive to being continually controlled by people from the North? Why don’t they insist that the intent of the composition of the senate be done, i.e., 8 from Mindanao, 8 from the Visayas and 8 from Luzon. At one time, 19 senators came from Luzon and only 2 from Mindanao and 3 from the Visayas. Just consider the pork of P200 million per senator, 3 trillion pesos against 400 million pesos to Mindanao or 600 million pesos to the Visayas! People from the Visayas and Mindanao, do you see the disparity of how you are under the stranglehold of Manila? One first step is to make the election of senators regional instead of at-large. Each state in the United  States of American elect 2 senators for a purpose.

  • Guest

    LP are really desperate now that UNA looks like it will win majority of the Senate seats in the upcoming elections. They want to form a coalition with the person they once called “Villaroyo” and “C5″. LOL

  • beatmanny

    In order to get 16 senators who will convict corona, you will need 16 of people like Trillanes, Drilon, among other dubious characters elected by the people. Good luck accomplishing that.  

  • beatmanny

    Sabi ni De Quiros nung 2009-2010: VILLAROYO. 

    nuff said.

  • Chly Torres

    Magtrabaho muna kayo bago pag-usapan ang eleksyon. Mahiya naman kayo sa pinaglilingkuran nyong taong bayan!

    • dgp123

       korek ka jan..laganap na ang krimen puro pulitika pa rin!

      • niceguy60

        I agree. Particularly no ones doing anything about assassins on motorbikes. Always in the news to. Someone shot someone then just walk away as if nothing happens. Life has become so cheap. Ano ba yan?

  • ApoLapullapu

    Outpaced by the PDP-Laban and the Partido ng Masang Pilipino, the LP is forced to attract the traditional opponent Nacionalista Party. But the NP must be wary.  LP, the party of the elite, fabricated lies to put down Villar in 2010.  It will just use the NP in the 2013 elections and promptly jettison the latter’s members one by one afterwards. After the split between Manuel Roxas and Sergio Osmeña shortly after World War II, the LP and the NP became “langis at tubig.”

  • ofw2011

    Now,  LP is now beginning to show its true color.   the tuwid na daan is now beginning to baluktot.

  • Guest


  • thunderbolt01

     Kapag nagsama ang dalawang partidong ito ay lalabas na pareho silang sinungaling at hindi na sila dapat paniwalaan pa. Best move for NP, join UNA. Huwag nyong sahurin ang pabagasak na LP.

  • Guest


  • tiopaero

    hahaha ang yabang yabang ni Drilon ng isang araw malakas daw ang LP sa susunod na taong senatorial election tapos ngayon naghahanap ng makakasama sa Coalition. Lumalabas ngayon kayo mismo di kayo makabuo ng sarili niyong slate kaya kailangan ninyo ng kasama sa coalition.

    Napakalaking pagkakamali ng NP pag sumapi ito sa LP, kasi mabahong mabaho na ang LP sa taongbayan.

  • pepengkabayo

    “Barbers served in the House of Representatives.-called “Spice Boys,” along with then Representatives Juan Miguel Zubiri, Michael Defensor, Hernani Braganza (now Mayor of Alaminos, Pangasinan province) Rolando Andaya Jr. and Ricky Sandoval”

    Itong mga Spice Boys wala naman nagawa, baho lang ng bawang at sibuyas ang nakuha ng spice boys.
    Buti pa nga ang tunay na spices, masarap na pansahog, tong spice boys, kahit isahog walang lasa.
    Ngayon, balik na naman ang Spice Boys at gaya ng Spice na matagal na, mga Bugok at Bulok, baho lang ang ibibigay.

  • pepengkabayo

    Aquino’s LP, Villar’s NP talk coalition…

    I think it is better that these two parties have separate ways.
    These are mortal enemies since politics was introduced in the country.
    They have different political goal, agenda,and clashing political approach.
    Nationalist Party and Liberal Party are the Bonafide Political Parties, they are the
    GOP, The Grand Old Party of our Philippine Politics.
    Let’s preserve these two parties by not merging for they are the Grandparents Party, the party of our folks.

    As Quezon used to say….I am Loyal to My Party, But My Loyalty to my party Ends, when my Loyalty to may country begins….
    In short, Be Loyal to your Party and stick to your Party until you are elected.

    Stop Coalition of LP and NP there will be no genuine opposition. It is not healthy democracy if one will always Yes Yes and Yes. There should be NO NO NO in the Senate

    Coalition is Political Opportunism
    Coalition is Turncoatism or in tagalog….Balimbing or Balimbingan.

    • Rolly257

      Ibalik ang 2-party system at ipagbawal ang turncoatism. Nalilito ang botante, kung sino ang pula o puti.

  • tiopaero

    Sige magsama kayo tutal ilalampaso pa din naman kayo pareho ng UNA sa isang taon.

  • Robert Ciagar

    coaliton lang yan habang merong empeachment, pagkatapos hiwalay na naman dba ang dalawang partido na ito ang mgkalaban sapul pa, at ito rin ang pinakamatandang political party  sa pilipinas ibig sabihin magkaiba ang pananaw nila at hnd maaring magkaisa kya bobo na lng ang maniniwala na maganda ang intensyon nila,kaya 99.9% na gusto lang nila makuha ang NP votes laban k cj corona pero sana hnd pagamit ang mga NP senators.

  • Francis81

    Panic mode na ang LP. Maraming Partido kasi ang umiiwas sa kanila.  Kanit si Villar siguradong sa UNA yan makipag alliance at hindi sa LP.  Pababa na kasi si Pweenoy.

  • Philcor

    Akala ko ba napaka lakas yang relihiong LP na yan. Napaka self-righteous kung magsalita na hindi daw sila corrupt at lahat daw ng hindi kasapi sa kanila ay demonyo. Ngayong papalapit na ang eleksion, bakit kayong mga LP kailangan pala sasapi sa labas? Para manalo kayo? Tapos kung after the elections, makikipag-break kayo sa ka-coalesce ninyo citing difference in principles kuno…Kung talagang na-principio kayo and claim that you are righteous,then accept defeat when it is imminent. Pustahan tayo, pag ang nanalo sa next election ay ang UNA, puro defections na naman ang makikita natin….pati na rin yang Drilon na yan…leche…!

    • justin

       words……lol. Every words that comes out, comes back.

    • fernandoridiculo

      hindi leche…LECHON!!!!

      • popeyee

        Baka lechon de leche..

  • WoW Philippines!

    NP with LP ..No

  • RomyLitz

    Noynoying and Budoying better option than Corona and Little Lady.

  • FernandoBusi

    Ha ha ha at this point makipag Alliance na lang sila sa Lakas Kampi baka tanggapin pa sila ni Bong Revilla … NP does not need the Loser Party.

  • BatangSingapore

    Kahit kailan hindi sasama si Manny Villar sa partido ng abnormal na pangulo.

    Pampamgulo lang ang balitang ito at siguradong isusuka ni Manny Villar ang partido ng mga yellow abnormal team.

  • popeyee

    Ano bang meron itong si Cayetano, Escudero, Pemintel at parehong naka-lineup sa UNA at LP? Wala na bang ibang mapagpipilian? Nakakadalawana pareho si Cayetano at Escudero, marami pa ba silang nakalimutan at kailangang bumalik?

  • popeyee

    “Tañada said the LP was open to drafting candidates from other parties  except the Lakas-Kampi of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo”.

    Bakit di ka tumingin sa paligid mo Erin at bilangin kung ilang dating sisip kay Arroyo ang nasa LP ngayon at naka hawak sa saya ni Penoy? Di kana natakot sa lolo mong si Lorenzo…

  • prangka

    Nasira si Sen Villar dahil sa controversy na galing sa LP. Ibig bang sabihin nito ay walang katotohanan ang mga bintang kay Sen. Villar? 

  • white scorpion

    beware of the LAND GRABBER.

  • watot

    LP-NP-NPC merger is possible. Cojuanco Marcos Villar thats the connection.

  • BatangSingapore

    gustong gusto talaga ng partido ng mga Abnormal na sumapi sa partido ni Manny Villar.

    sasampalin lang kayo niyan ng milyon milyon piso at sabihin sa inyo mga sinto sinto maghanap kayo ng kakampi nyo ngayon hahahahhahahha.

    • muddygoose

      Mukhang idol na idol mo si Villar pre. May na-iimagine ka pang macho, showbiz image.

  • Jokjok B

    if all their ideologies are the same why dont they just merge into a single political enitty? Coalitions tend to compromise one’s ideals…. 

    ang daang matuwid .. patungo sa subdivision ni villar….

  • indiots

    kasasabi lang ni villar na ang nakalaban n’ya ay asendero, kaya s’ya natalo. bakit si Pnoy lang inaangalan n’ya? talo pa nga s’ya ni erap..

  • adam_d_ant

    lalong mauubos ang buhok ni retard nito … aba sabi ng weather weather station, lakas daw ng support ni retard  … bago walang mahagilap na kandidato?  he. he. he. patunay na walang naniniwala ke ‘noid  …

    pero pag nakausap mo ang mga “supoters”, popular daw  … ngayon pati partido na corrupt “daw” nililigawan … akala kasi ni retard lahat ng pulitiko kayang bilhin …. eh sa nahahalata na ng mga pulitiko na mangalahati na ang panununungkulan ni retard kaya unit-unti ng naghahanap ng bagong makakapitan … eh. ano ang puwedeng kapitan ke retard? m ni buhok wala ….

    whooo aaaaa … sabi ng mga nauuto ni budoy, popular daw   … popular nga doon sa mga hilo at me sayad din ….popular sa mental

  • esjnapigkit

    This just shows how politicians play the game of fooling the Filipino people. And many of us are so naive in believing them.

    And this is the reason why I never vote for any senator since the first election under the 1987 Constitution.

  • kajaime

    liberal party has the vision for good governance, nacionalista party has the stylistic to achieve it. go for the liberal and nationalista parties’ merging…

  • tp412

    hahahaha.. you only want noynoy suck up comments ha

  • Archie B

    NP with LP?
    ano naman kaya ang stand ni Sen. Marcos diyan?
    at meron na bang “tuwid na daan”? until now hindi pa rin makita yan.
    “same in principles”? anong principles?

    what Rep. Suarez said is the most possible reason why LP wants to get NP. to gain 16votes to kick-out CJ Corona.another reason is, na-threaten sila sa gustong gawin ng UNA.

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