K-12: No more force-feeding


ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY Social Welfare Secretary Dinky Soliman and Education Secretary Armin Luistro share a light moment on their way to the historic launch of President Aquino’s flagship K to 12 Program in Malacañang on Tuesday. LYN RILLON

The days of the old basic education program that President Benigno Aquino III likens to “force-feeding” are over.

At the formal launch of his flagship Kindergarten to Year 12 program—commonly referred to as the K to 12 program—in Malacañang Tuesday, Mr. Aquino said it marked the start of a new day for the country’s youth who will now be given a “good opportunity to learn and achieve knowledge.”

To be implemented in phases starting this school year, the K to 12 program will eventually see two years being added to the old four-year high school program.

Universal kindergarten started in school year 2011-2012. The new curriculum for Grades 1 to 7 (high school year 1) will be implemented in the 2012-2013 school year, and progressively carried out in succeeding school years.

Grade 11 (high school year 5) will be introduced in school year 2016-2017. Grade 12 (high school year 6) will be implemented in school year 2017-2018.

1st batch graduates ’18

The first batch of students to go through K to 12 will graduate in March 2018.

A 12-year program is “found to be [the] adequate period for learning under basic education and is a requirement for recognition of professionals abroad,” according to the Department of Education.

“The new curriculum will give each Filipino child the necessary abilities for our century or what they call 21st-century skills,” Education Secretary Armin Luistro said in a speech at the launch of the new program.

Odds against PH

In his speech, the President said the Philippines is the only country in Asia and the third in the world (the two other nations are in Africa) still adhering to a 10-year basic education cycle.

“How can Filipinos compete when they already fall short in the number of years they spend studying in school? Right from the start the odds are already against us,” he said in Filipino.

Mr. Aquino said the 10-year basic education program cycle could be compared to “force-feeding.”

“You will be given 10 years to swallow, chew and to enter into your system all the lessons. There is no chance for students to savor knowledge—it’s really just force-feeding,” he said.

As a result, the information was not being processed well, not being given the proper context, and the implications not better explained, he said.

“That’s why at times [information] enters one ear and leaves the other. In just a few days, lessons are forgotten,” the President said.

‘Vehicle’ to face world

But with the start of the K to 12 program, the education now being given the youth will be of “top quality” and help spur the development of rich and poor alike.

The program will be the “vehicle” for the country to face the world and its challenges, he said.

“Through the K to 12, I am confident that Juan de la Cruz will be able to prosper not only for him and his  family but even the nation itself,” he said.

The President said that aside from providing this new kind of basic education in the country, his administration will continue to work to correct the shortcomings of the education system, including building more classrooms, training more teachers and buying more textbooks.

All iPad-based

Mr. Aquino disclosed that the government intends that all reading materials in public schools will eventually be “tablet-based.”

This way, if errors are found in the textbooks “we will just ask the server to make the changes,” he said.

“We do not need anymore to order the recall of many textbooks,” the President said.

Mr. Aquino said Luistro is just waiting for the price of tablet devices to go down further to “meet our target.”

He said the purchase of some of these tablet devices will be covered by the P238.8-billion budget of the education department this year.

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  • athenapallas

    sana mabawasan na talaga ang mga magnanakaw sa gobyerno para yung pondo mapunta sa pambili ng computers, decent educational materials, decent classrooms, desk and chairs and even feeding programs for primary school-age children who are lacking in basic nutrition and nourishment. tapyasin na ang pork barrel and allocate a big chunk of it to education and the welfare of our children – our future generation. alisin na lahat ng mga batang nasa ilalim ng tulay na sumisinghot ng rugby at ilagay lahat sa iskwela at pakainin.

    pag tinanggal ang pork barrel wala ng magkaka-interes kumandidato sa kongreso, hindi na sila magpapatayan para sa posisyon. yung mga talagang dedikado at gustong tumulong para umunlad ang bansa lang ang matitira. hayy…*dreaming* it’s pie in the sky! pero sana magtuloy-tuloy na ang paglinis ni Pnoy ng ating gobyerno at bansa. at kuninnasananiHadesang lahatng korapnapolitiko. 

    • http://twitter.com/xelamikila Rey Monasterial

      asa ka pa!

    • http://twitter.com/xelamikila Rey Monasterial


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CFZ2Q7RFJ6PWRYMM3NJ7JB4KSE Dynamic

    Come-up with free public high school and college education…

    Country of Denmark are providing free education from K to College…

    • krzpy

      They can afford to do that since Denmark only has a total population close to 5.5 million, also income tax ranges from 25-50%

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EXFI4EUGM23PQ4FMQKLVH36OXI Jose

      Yes, but Scandinavian countries fund those with much higher tax rates.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aldin.rrt Al Calde

    Abolish Pork Barrel both for Congress and Senate: No more trapos, No more bogus projects!!

  • http://twitter.com/vanyell Peter Santiago

    K-12.. more opportunities for kickbacks and bribes.  Hindi pa nga naaayos yung regular school system, dadagdagagin pa ng 2 taong perwisyo…

  • kulittwit

    K to 12 is the best reform ever to happen in the philippine education system. definitely in line with efforts to be at par with the rest of the world.

  • nestleraisinets

    aanuhin pa yang 2 years na dagdag eh ang dami na ngang walang kwenta na subject sa HS na hindi naman nadadala sa college tapos pag aaralan din naman pala uli sa college ung ibang minor subjects

    ang dapat palawakin ng govt. ay ang universities and colleges

  • pepengkabayo

    K12 is the Prolong Agony of Children and Parents.
    Better to have Bachelor Degree than High School Diploma

    No test case, no blue print, no consulation, no proposition  to amend school system…all done with haste and rush.
    Just pure imagination. Good dreamer but nightmare results.

  • d d

    Ipad-based textbooks? kalokohan. ang dami pa ngang kulang na classrooms/upuan/computers/etc sa madaming school sa bansa, tapos dun pa ilalaan ang ”
    P238.8-billion” budget? get real! nanonood kaya ng mga docu sa tv ang malacanang? or baka naman puro “drawing” at ningas-kugon na naman yan. hay.

  • LALA88

    its not the amount of time you spend in school that is important but the things you learn. if the school teaches rubbish then 2 more years of rubbish equals nothing at all, not to mention additional years of burden for the parents. i voted for PNOY but this is ridiculous!! no more force feeding eh dagdag nga ng 2 years na force feeding yan what the heck is wrong with you people.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/FW2DFDCXBTWGPV2SSC4JHSSJKY kerv007

      i disagree.. I know a lot of people got turned down on their jobs abroad because they didnt have the required “number of years” required for basic education

      Before I entered to an ivy league school here in the U.S for college. I was required to do an extensive whole year of curriculum because Philippine’s didnt have again the ‘required’ number of years to enter college. Im not saying all colleges in U.S. requires that, but many do.

    • dgboy

       can you teach IT in one month or 10 year curriculum. Ano gusto mong mangyari, wala ng bakasyon? Execute before complaining, as if dept ed director kana.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OHOD5EA75DBBUH53UKLRXRK764 Mang Teban

    The way our president compared the said “old” system with the new K + 12 shows a lot of misconceptions he himself has which is far from the rationale of the new system. By the way, P-Noy’s wrong understanding of the new system creates exactly the unfounded fears of parents and those who object to the change.

    The “old” system has its advantages and disadvantages but, definitely, it was, is, and would not be (if nothing is changed) a “FORCE FEEDING SYSTEM.” The “old” system still works and the only innovation in the “new” system is to integrate specific academic subjects inherent in college years into what is now called “senior high school” in the added two years, Grade 11 and 12.
    In fact, the DepEd Secretary Luistro admitted on TV that the curriculum for these two “integrated” years of Grades 11 and 12 is still UNDER STUDY.

    Ask the hundreds of thousands of graduates who have gone through the “old” system if their experiences were what P-Noy calls “force-feeding system” and I will tel you that not even a thousand of them will say that they were forced-fed. It is perception by one who has probably gone through education by being “forced-fed.” Teachers who are ill-equipped to teach usually leave their students on their own to study or, at worst, give passing marks to their students so that their inefficiency will not be discovered by administrators. So, where is force-feeding there?

    On the other hand, teachers who are well-prepared and qualified to teach usually make learning enjoyable to their students or, at best, demand discipline for students to study their lessons that results into good marks by their students who deserve them for striving hard. Again, where is force-feeding here?

    I know of my classmates who had a team of tutors and undergo special classes because of their low marks but the bottom line is MOTIVATION. Even if parents can afford it, tutoring demotivated children is an impossible task. Parents must MOTIVATE their children first at home as well as teachers to MOTIVATE their students similarly in school.

    I am in favor of the K + 12, or better it be coded as K + 6 + 6 because a lot of people think that there is still Grade 7 in elementary and confuses them if high school is only 5 years or 6. Private schools must clearly announce to parents that Grade 7 in elementary is now gone. It is only 6 years in primary and 6 years in secondary. Even the terminologies are quite confusing as DepEd do not adapt to international language for grade levels.

    The unfounded fear is cost of additional two years. It must also be in our future law for Grades 11 and 12 that students desiring to end their high school up to Grade 10 must be allowed to do so. In some countries, their education ministries allow students to graduate at Grade 10 and the additional two years are called “Junior College years” which is more apt and descriptive that they are the preparatory level for college. Also, we must use international names as primary (for elementary), secondary (for high school), and tertiary (for college). The simpler, the better.

    • WeAry_Bat

       Hehe…That is to say, ‘force feeding’ will still occur because the system may change but the people remain the same.

  • in_sOmniac

    bakit ba ang daming mga negative mag-isip? anong masama sa pag-adopt ng international standard to basic education? dahil gastos? that’s just selfish and i pity your children dahil gastos ang tingin nyo sa future nila.

    walang gawin ang gobyerno, reklamo at sumbat dahil di ginawa. may gawin, reklamo pa rin. ano ba? di nga natin mararamdaman ang improvement sa pinas kung ganyan attitude. sige nga, kayo maging presidente, you think you can do better?

  • Winston Alipio Smythe

    iPad-based reading materials? Please, you haven’t even allocated enough budget for more adequate classrooms, facilities and equipment and salaries for efficient teachers.

    THAT’S THE PROBLEM WITH OUR POLITICIANS. They set aside reality and practicality just to keep up with the Joneses. So what if we still use textbooks? So what if we’re the only country in Asia that still uses the 10-year educational system? The system per se is suitable to the needs and conditions of the people, especially considering the financial plight of most of our countrymen.

    There is little assurance for the new system to be effective since they have built it upon a rotting foundation, an educational system that has been left to languish because of greed and corruption, both in government and in the educational system as well.

    • dgboy

       then why not try open university. School at home.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FW2DFDCXBTWGPV2SSC4JHSSJKY kerv007

    People who are mostly against this doesnt have any clue. There are much more advantages than the so-called no chairs no tables disadvantage of having this program in terms of our globally competitiveness thus allowing our graduates to be at par on the global market.

    Any disadvantages this program you think has, can easily be trampled down by the advantages it will achieve in the long run.

    One example is:

    Before I entered to an ivy league school here in the U.S for college. I
    was required to do an extensive whole year of curriculum because
    Philippine’s didnt have  the ‘required’ number of years to enter

    I know many Filipino abroad who got their education in the Philippines got turned down by big companies because of being ‘too young’ to finish education , and the ‘lack of years’ required.
     Im taking about competitive jobs in marketing, business, engineering that could easily pay in 6 six figures..not those jobs when people go abroad to seek for greener pasture and just end to have a mediocre jobs.

  • alice_in_chains

    I have no problem with K12 but the quality of education will still remain in the school. Stricter policy has to be enforced by schools to assess their students from entrance test to graduation.  If a student does not pass the necessary requirements, it is only right to apply appropriate sanction.  What we really want is to have a fine roster of graduates who earn their diplomas through hard work and excellence and get rid of those substandard schools notoriously known as the
    “pagawaan ng diploma” who keeps on producing students who can barely
    spell their names correctly.

    (I’m sick and tired of school wars anyway)     

    • Lakan Kildap

       the problem is the department of education has long had a policy of promoting kids just because they’re attending classes. kasi feeling din ng ibang teacher, ang bumabagsak na estudyante ay mantsa sa kanyang reputasyon bilang tagapagturo. yung mga nasa lowest sections ng malalaking eskwelang pampubliko, multiplication table pa ang pinag-aaralan, high school na.

      • alice_in_chains

        korek ka dyan. isa pa pinapasa na lang para makaaalis na yun mga salot na tuturuan na naman nila sa susunod na taon. sana mabago ang ganitong pamamaraan.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EXFI4EUGM23PQ4FMQKLVH36OXI Jose

    It’ll be painful short term, but long term this simply HAD to be done.  Filipinos simply aren’t academically competitive enough.

    As for the tablet thing, iPads aren’t actually mentioned in the article, and I personally hope cheaper tablets are used, as iPads are notoriously overpriced.  I also hope that proper guidelines are put in place to ensure that the things aren’t stolen, or that they aren’t bought at extortionate prices.

    All in all, this is progress.  Well done to the president for this, though he’s still got ALOT to do.

  • Maldi2

    I don’t believe in this.  The  success of each individual is through his character.  If someone is lazy, no way that he/she would be successful.  At least, I can take myself as a sample.  I’m no graduate of anything.  I’m a plain HS graduate, but, is successful in life because of hard work.

  • Guest

    these idiots in the education department are walking contradictions. they want the poor people to learn, so they add more school years. yet, these morons – ateneans and lasallians at that – allow tuition fees to rise, even when there is absolutely no legal and logical basis to allow an increase. you idiot education people should be hanged. you are nothing but TRAITORS to your countrymen.

  • Guest

    also, these idiots in the education department do not realize that having these so-called tablet pcs is like inviting all drug addicts and robbers to raid the poorly guarded public schools. what a pool of idiots this luistro and company is! why they should not instead address the acute lack of classrooms and facilities for the overpopulating millions of unwanted filipino children who must be fed and educated is beyond me.

    sometimes i believe noynoy has gotten off track and out of touch, if not misinformed. he should rid the government of non-performing idiots like the education secretary and his usecs and assecs. they are nothing but bloodsucking morons who have no empathy for their fellowmen…………….

    • dgboy

       nah, that depends on the parents and teachers on how they control it. My son is using one but very regulated, It makes him more knowledgeable than other kids. remember too much of everything is bad and change is inevitable.

  • Lakan Kildap

     back in the late 90’s when my old company (a multinational one) was deciding between KL and Manila as the site of a “call center” type business unit, the bullet points went like this:

    -KL, low wages, good English
    -Manila, much better English, even lower wages

    no doubt we need to improve, especially in math and science, but we should stop “programming” our kids. keep school fun.

  • robert abada

    K-12 kailangan talaga yan para hind kayo laging negatibo, may mga taong nagbibigy importasya para makasama tayo sa international standard kayo ayaw nyo.. pag naranasan ninyo ang kaibahan pag international ang educ standard sa trabaho..kahit walang alam sa iyo hindi ka pa rin uubra kasi international standard sila..kuha nyo..

  • barangayboso

    Ang daming taong hirap tanggpin ang katotohanan… Gusto nyo palaging EASY WAY..

    Nilalatag na nga ung programa para sa inyong kapakanan, PAGSISIKAPAN nyo na lang na mag-aral aayaw pa kayo…

    Kahit saang bansa K12 na ang programa.. kayo ayaw nyo? 

    Kung tutuusin pwede naman na huwag nang palitan pero ayan at binago ng gobyerno.. PARA SA MGA ANAK NATIN..

    Tayong mga magulang ang palagi nating sinasabi, edukasyon lang ang
    maipapamana natin sa mga anak natin.. heto ang pagkakataon para lalong
    MAS maganda ang maipapamana natin sa mga anak natin..

  • pepengkabayo

    I really don’t understand this K12 of Pnoy. They included kindergarten in the curriculum.
    First of all, kindergarten is more of Day care and play activity of children.

    In the US, Grade 1 to 6 is elementary, Grade 7 to 8 is Middle School or Junior High and
    High School is Grade 9 to 12.
    In High School, there is what we call magnet and AP class where talented and intelligent students are group together to harness their talents.
    In AP class, there are already advanced college subjects being taught but not credited in college.

    After graduation, Kids have 3 options:
    1. Go to College – Kids with good grades are accepted in State University either by grant, scholarship  or pay their own.

    2.Get a Job – Kids who are not keen in pursuing a degree can opt to work. They can join entry level position or join in Mcdo or any fast food co.

    3. Join the Military – In the US it  is not compulsory to join the service, that is why recruiters are always in high school courting the high school kids to join. They can join the Navy, Army,Marine, Airforce.
    Besides of good pay and allowance, 3years of service entitles them education benefit or make the military a career which is rewarding.

    No with K12 of Pnoy….Is the gov’t ready to give these High Schoolers the choices.
    That is the one hundred Dollar questions….

    • dgboy

       that’s a hundred dollar question for you since you always complain. Why not also ask other nations implementing it.

      • pepengkabayo

        Well, they complain too that their K12 is not working.
        That is why, they are importing Filipinos like engineers,accountants, nurses,med tech,welders,seamen,etc etc.
        You name it and we have it.

    • MNLFoodcritic

      funny, I read an article somewhere where majority of high school students in the US can’t find Europe in the world map….

      • pepengkabayo

        Who cares to find Europe if you are in US where everything is there.
        It means to say too that K12 is not working.

      • MNLFoodcritic

        Yes, everything’s there…obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, all types of cancer, Wall Street greed, lard and cholesterol, etc, etc, etc. Enjoy your stay.

      • pepengkabayo

        Harvard, Yale, Hollywood, Universal, Disney, Lakers,NBA, New York Yankees, Football, Bill Gates, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Kim Kardashian,Barack Obama, Microsoft, Apple,Football, Tim Tebow,Abraham Lincoln,UCLA, Stanford,
        Freeways, LAPD, Venice Beach, Malibu, Kennedy.Beverly Hills,Lomborghini, Bentley, Ferrari etc etc, etc….
        I am enjoying my stay…thanks..

      • bahog_itlog

        Add also school massacre…

  • GKLer

    tablets in public schools?  they need to look at the Kindle more if they’re only considering ebook readers. they’re cheaper ($80), battery lasts longer (1 month), no games to distract kids. I don’t why they’re “waiting for tablets to become cheaper”…that won’t happen anytime soon. 

    I bought a $100 bionaire ionizer 12 years ago.  It still sells for P20,000 locally.  LOL!!!

    • MNLFoodcritic

      I agree. Kindle is way much more appropriate here. But I think the budget would be of better use if they were used to build more schools and train more teachers and improve the compensation of the public school teachers.

  • MNLFoodcritic

    I think this is a good change to our educational system. I laud Pnoy on this one. But on the part of buying tablets, I think the budget would be put to better use if they build more public schools. I’ve seen classrooms with a hundred kids packed where 2 kids share one chair on an average. Not to mention classes being held under trees and kids sit on the ground with no table to write on. They HAVE to build more classrooms and schools. They also need to invest more in training our public school teachers as well as improve compensation and benefits of our teachers. The government investing more in our public school system should be a key policy if we were to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

  • txtman

    Sabi nga 
    Maski 25 years pa mag-aral mga yan pag bobo naman mga guro
          Wala, bobo pa rin mga students

    Bakit mga nag-aral noon eh kayang-kaya naman nila
        makipagsabayan sa buong mundo?
    Kasi po MASTAMA mga subjects nila noon
    At masmagagaling mga teachers noon
    SUS,mayroon lang gustong kumita ng limpak-limpak na
        salapi dyan

    Papaano ba naman matoto mga bata kung
         ang mga guro ay natutulog sa loob ng school
         habang nagpapakuto o nagpapatanggal ng puting buhok?
    Or busy sila sa canteen nagtitinda?
    Ni hindi nga sila marunong mag-english ng tama or hindi nila
         Alam ituro ng tama sa mga bata?
    Mga walang upuan
    Walang mga chalks
    Parang mag sardinas sa daminga mga bata
    Ni hindi na ma-intindihan sinasabi ng guro
    Pawang katotohanan ito dahil nasaksihan namin ang mga ito
         noong nag-aaral pa kami
    Ngayon magtaka pa tayo kung bakit, bobo mga bata?
    Tapos magdagdag ka pa ng additional two years?
    Mga teachers itrain ninyo hindi mga bata at mga magulang
         ang paparusahan ninyo!

    IPAD daw?
    NI hindi nga kayo makapagbigay ng mga matitinong mga books, IPAD pa kaya?
    Sino magbabayad ng mg koryente nyan?
    Ano yan every year na bibilhin?
    Papaano pagnasisira?
    Aber, saan kayo kukuha ng pera?

    HINDI na daw FORCE FEEDING sabi ni PENOY?
    Anong tawag mo dyan sa additional two years?
    Matutuwa mga PINOY dyan?
    I’m sure lalong dadami ang mga bata na hindi magtatapos sa pag-aaral
    Kawawang mga PINOYS


    I’m sure mayroon kikita ng limpak-limpak na salapi dyan

    • bahog_itlog

      Maski 25 years pa mag-aral mga yan pag bobo naman mga guro

            Wala, bobo pa rin mga students”

      Terrible logic. 

      • txtman

        Terrible logic?
        Bakit, hindi ka makapaniwala sa REAL and PRESENT PROBLEM
            of our educational system?

    • GKLer

      No such thing as bobo na student…only poor teachers and poor methods of instruction.
      Not all students respond at the same rate of learning using the same instruction.
      Those cases need to be handled differently.

      • txtman

        No such thing as “bobo” students?
        You must be kidding
        That is the problem, people DO NOT WANT to accept the presence of
            this problem.
        What did I said?
        Kung bobo mga teachers, magiging bobo din mga students
        In short mga magiging mga mangmang mga students
            dahil sa kamangmangan ng mga teachers
        How do expect to learn something if the teachers themselves
           are MANGMANG?
        Whether you want to CALL THEM IN DIFFERENT NAMES they are still the same
        If you DO NOT WANT TO USE the word BOBO
        YOU might as WELL TELL to the Philippine Language Society
          to REMOVE THE WORD BOBO coz you said
          there is NO such thing?

      • GKLer

        txtman said “Maski 25 years pa mag-aral mga yan pag bobo naman mga guro Wala, bobo pa rin mga students”

        Translation:  Even if they study 25 years, if the teachers are stupid,  students will remain studpid.

        From your last comment, it seems you believe students are stupid.

      • txtman

        Why you don’t believe that there are also STUPID STUDENTS in this world
              just like the presence of stupid teachers?
        Then MAYBE you came from ANOTHER PLANET.

        Mga Kababayan

      • GKLer

        I am pretty sure now, you never tried teaching anyone.

      • txtman

        Excuse me?
        Yun ang akala mo, Ineng
        Mahirap magbrag.

        That is the problem, people like you
           don’t accept the truth.
        NO TO K12

      • GKLer

        I think you never taught anyone, it shows. Any real/competent/great teacher would know that there is no such thing as stupid students…only lousy teachers. Let’s see you “teach” the pitiful/stupid DepEd what they are doing wrong. Go ahead and post on top and prove me wrong…and take this opportunity to tell them what they are doing wrong. ie. teach them

  • manggoding

    K-12: No more force-feeding….

    First of all, I don’t understand this rhetoric of force feeding.
    K12 might not be force feeding but nakakasawa baka iluwa sa tagal ng pag nguya.

    I appreciate the brain of Pnoy and DepEd for quality education. Giving quality education is not by means of 2 years eyebrows burning or sunog kilay.
    Quality Education means Quality Teachers, Quality materials, quality environment.
    If the classroom is in the open or under tree, that is not quality; if the classroom is overcrowded, that is not quality but inferiority.

    As for me, our education is still the best…Why? we export our professionals which no other countries can do. It means our engineers, our doctors, nurses, engineers,teachers, seamen are the best.
    Even call centers are in the Philippines, it means our english is understandable than Indian or Japanese English.
    Are we not satisfied with that. It means our education program is good quality.
    As americans used to say
    ” If ain’t Boke Don’t Fix” ang labas nito Siraniko as my father used to tell me.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AFDQQH2M3OD6ZGBJNJ34UZHIV4 Enrico

      Nadale mo manggoding

    • GKLer

      I have worked/trained/studied in 7 countries.
      That gave me this conclusion:

      Our education is not the best. Not in grade school to college. Not even close.
      Have you seen preschoolers from the USA study here in the PH? 
      Have you seen the level of maturity college students in the USA conduct themselves compaired to ours?

      Our professionals are not the best – they are just the most available.
      I have worked and studied with “the best”…that’s usually not a Filipino.

      Our educational system is defective.  I will even accuse the DepEd of engineering our students to fail…and they are.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AFDQQH2M3OD6ZGBJNJ34UZHIV4 Enrico

    Wag nang dagdagan ang taon, dagdagan ang classroom at mga teachers. Dagadagan ang oras lalo na sa city 6 hrs lng per day tlagang force feeding yun. Sa probinsya mas matututo ka dahil spoon feeding dun at maghapon ang klase. Di na kelangan pang dagdagan ang pahirap at magiging problema.

  • GKLer

    Adding two more years of defective education and instruction by poorly trained teachers and lack of classroom resources will not help the students.  What’s being done is prolonging the agony.  Address first the defects of the system, then consider adding 2 more years. I hope the DepEd is not rushing into this, with all the scandals (otoscopes, shampoos, noodles, textbooks) they are guilty of.

  • JennelAmargo

    Mr. Aquino disclosed that the government intends that all reading materials in public schools will eventually be “tablet-based.”…wow NOYNOYING and DAYDREAMING COMBINED!

  • youexists

    Adding two more years is good so that we filipinos can compete abroad. Most of those who oppose the idea have no experience working abroad or if they had, they didnt work hand in hand with the westerns who mostly are looking down at our education system. Based on my own experience, my British boss a racist one said “we studied longer that’s why we are elite, you Filipinos are short of two years”.
    I also have many colleagues of other natinalities who also asked about the length of our education and although they are not racist, the comparisons with theirs show that ours is really short.

    I dont believe the DepEd is rushing on this because the year 11 starts only in 2016 so there are four years to prepare for it. I highly support this move and I would rather wait and expect for positive result.

  • kajaime

    i am a college instructor in a state university and i know for a fact that many of my students fail in reading activities. they lack necessary macro skills to survive in college. k-12 will help them to either go for voctech education or get a university diploma. it is time to change the present system of 10 year basic education which puts us the laughing stuff internationally…

    • txtman

      I ask you this
      How come you where able to become a college instructor then without the K12?
      Its the QUALITY NOT the number of years?
      They DO NOT ADMIT that they are the ONE CONTRIBUTING the PROBLEM
      Instead of them acknowledging that it is them who are the
      It is easier to point fingers to the students and number of years
      And of coarse MORE JOBS FOR THE TEACHERS
      Yun lang yun
      To CREATE MORE JOBS for teachers

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IAQLUSKZ7TH4C2FHOD7SLQONQ4 bong

         Are you not aware or you refuse to believe that a college degree here in PH is not recognized as a baccalaureate degree i.e. Australia or USA?   They only treat  the same as a diploma or equivalent to 2 years course.

        The MAIN REASON is the lack of number of years on the basic education which refers to the 10 year program (6 years elementary and 4 years).  

        That’s not the only problem.   Assessment tests revealed a declining proficiency of students and competence of teachers.  

        Under K-12 program,   they have addressed the problems (on paper) and a budget for more classrooms and trainings for teachers were significantly increased.   I guess it’s a bit ambitious but they are targeting a “no classroom shortage” by 2015 or earlier.   Let’s see if they can do it.

        You don’t have to question the employment.  Of course,   companies or institutions will hire among the graduates of PH schools or universities with no K12 yet.     I have no doubt that under the old system,  Filipinos are skilled or can be easily trained.   However, under K12,  I am more positive that a Filipino university graduate will be more confident in facing ANYONE here and in abroad because that Filipino is knowledgeable, competent and aware that PH educational system is at par or even better than other countries in the world.

      • txtman

        College degrees are NOt recognized in USA?
        THAT IS A LIE!


        Excuse me!
        The real problem are the teachers and the curriculum
        For exmaple
        How can you expect to have good quality college graduate if you
            have a lot of fly by night colleges?
        Worst, you have a lot of college professors who are willing
            to GET PAID at the end of each semesters to pass students
        Now, is that what you call quality education?
        Planning for more classrooms and training for teachers?
        Bigger budget?
        Bigger budget probabbly BUT THEY DID NOT SAY,
            ENOUGH BUDGET!
        STUPID you can’t even distinguish between a BIGGER BUDGET and
           ENOUGH BUDGET



  • manggoding

    It is not the students who needs reform.
    It is the education system, the way it is imparted and delivered.

    In the US, children are trained more to express, give their ideas, talk, or to be open or come out from their shells.
    That is why when they talk, full of sense and ideas.
    Unlike in our education system, focus is on grammar, spelling, writing,composition, more on silent activity.
    Children are the freshest minds, fresh brains ready to absorb what is feed to them.

    Why put the burdern on the students by adding years.
    Put the burden on teachers. Upgrade the teachers, upgrade the classrooms make them state of the art conducive to learning ang not under the tree.
    K12 should be selective, apply only to areas where the passing is below average and not nationally.

    Can we have statistics first of how are children are doing in school and not only Haka Haka or Speculation.
    Mahirap yan, pulos Akala.

  • http://profiles.google.com/odredd Dredd Ofalexandria

    I like this K-12 program also. Our neighboring countries once in Grade 11 has to take a qualifying exam for college education. If they fail the passing rate then they have no choice but take a 2-year vocational/ technical course. If they pass the exam they are given the option to get a Bachelors degree of 4 – 5 years.

    One more thing, to prepare the students for work and to lessen burden of parents to pay for tuition. They have student loans which will require the student to pay once they graduated and have work and forced to stay in the country until they have paid it. So no brain drain, lots of workforce and they are required to serve their country after studies.

  • Batz61

    Talking BIG, Dreaming BIG… prove it by being REAL…. improve the quality of education first and the quality of our teachers…compensate teachers well also please… avoid the brain drain… it’s not in the number of years, but the quality of education in every year, it’s just a bonus if there are more years of study but it’s not the determining point… otherwise, we’re just joining the international bandwagon by saying that we’re only one of 3 other countries not having teh K-12 number of years in education… so what?!  Having everything in tablet form? hahahaha… we could hardly provide enough food and medicine, basic materials needs for majority of the Filipinos and you think so big of having “books” in tablet/digital/electronic form… hahahahaah — big laugh on that…provide first for the basic needs of Filipinos, and perhaps having the tablet resources for learning will become a nearer reality. Noynoy and companions, masyado kayong nananaginip ng gising… nakakabangungot po yan. It’s really so amusingly stupid to read this press release of Malacanang. It’s pure politics.. malaki ba ang loan funding kaya you’re pushing for it? — just asking…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IAQLUSKZ7TH4C2FHOD7SLQONQ4 bong

    I still see the old habit of Pinoys – complain, complain, complain. 

    Why don’t you guys look at the brighter side first?   I was also hesitant of K12 when it was brought to public attention.   

    K 12 is the boldest educational reform that this country has implemented.   Good job DEPED Secretary. 

    • txtman

      Who is complaining in the first place?
      Question then


      NO TO K12

  • GKLer

    DepEd:  Using iPads in schools is a BAD idea. You probably don’t even know how it works and what it takes to maintain it! Seems like an excuse for your staff to get an iPad rather than the students. If you really want to do this and go into ebook readers, then go for Amazon’s $80 Kindle.

    Let me remind you of your $candal$: Otoscope$, needle$, noodle$, $hampoo$, textbook$, and pretty soon, tablet$.

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