Final Supreme Court ruling on ‘Hacienda Luisita’ out Tuesday


Jose Midas Marquez, the court’s administrator and spokesperson, told reporters that the 15-member tribunal was expected to resolve appeals, five months after it unanimously ordered the dismantling of the hacienda.. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

Hacienda Luisita farmers may finally see the conclusion of their decades-old struggle to own the sprawling sugar plantation in Tarlac province owned by relatives of President Benigno Aquino III.

The Supreme Court is expected to deliver on Tuesday its final verdict on the ownership dispute over the 4,915-hectare agricultural estate during its en banc session at the close of its annual summer session in Baguio City.

Jose Midas Marquez, the court’s administrator and spokesperson, told reporters that the 15-member tribunal was expected to resolve appeals, five months after it unanimously ordered the dismantling of the hacienda.

“It was taken up [during the April 17 en banc session] and again it will be taken up [Tuesday]… So, most probably, we will have a ruling [Tuesday],” Marquez told reporters.

An official of the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR), however, said that the tribunal may not be able to resolve the issues Tuesday as it had asked the department to submit by May 7 comments on matters raised by Hacienda Luisita Inc. (HLI).

HLI said it was hoping that the rift between impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona and

Mr. Aquino would not affect the justices in ruling on “just compensation” for the company.

Antonio Ligon, HLI counsel and spokesperson, said the Cojuangco-owned firm was expecting the magistrates to consider the legal arguments it raised in challenging portions of the ruling the court handed down on Nov. 22, 2011.

In that decision, the tribunal ordered the total distribution of the hacienda to 6,296 registered farm worker-beneficiaries and pegged the just compensation to HLI based on the hacienda’s market price in 1989.

“We still believe in the integrity and independence of the Supreme Court as an institution,” Ligon told reporters in a chance interview.

Corona-Aquino conflict

Asked if HLI was anxious that the conflict between Corona and the President may affect the court’s ruling, Ligon said: “If we allow ourselves to be disturbed by that, then we will only bring chaos to our system.”

As to Corona’s claim that the high court’s November 2011 ruling was the main reason the President wanted to unseat the Chief Justice, the HLI lawyer said: “We just hope that the rest of the justices who did not share that belief would not be affected.”

“I don’t think [Corona’s impeachment] should affect the court as an institution,” Ligon added. “As counsel of HLI, I will give due respect to the court.”

2006 market value

Instead of the 1989 market price, the court should have pegged the value of the hacienda at its fair market value in 2006, the year then Agrarian Reform Secretary Nasser Pangandaman issued the “notice of coverage” for the sugarcane plantation, Ligon said.

He said the right reckoning period was 2006 when the notice of coverage was issued.

“And if you are to be very strict about it, the reckoning period should only start at the time the government is making the payment to the landowner, which is only now,” Ligon said.

Include home lots

The HLI lawyer said the court should include the valuation of the “home lots” which the HLI had given to farm worker-beneficiaries who availed themselves of the stock distribution option (SDO) as part of the total compensation for HLI.

“If the SDO was considered null and void, therefore any benefits arising from being a shareholder should not take effect. Those home lots should be taken back. That’s just fair,” Ligon said.

“[The government must] pay the landowner for that because they will have no [reason] to give those home lots since the SDO was [revoked],” he added.

In a previous interview, Marquez said the right compensation for HLI must be based on Hacienda Luisita’s 1989 market price.

“The Supreme Court has declared that the just compensation for Hacienda Luisita was the Nov. 21, 1989, rate,” Marquez said.

He said that 10 of the 14 justices, who participated in the deliberations, agreed with the ponente, Associate Justice Presbitero Velasco Jr., that the valuation of the lands should be computed according to the prevailing rates when Hacienda Luisita implemented the stock distribution scheme on Nov. 21, 1989.

Marquez said three of the justices had argued that just compensation for the landowners should be determined by the DAR and Land Bank of the Philippines.

Sereno’s stand

Only Associate Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno, the President’s first appointee to the high court, believed that the compensation must be pegged at the Jan. 2, 2006, rate.

“This should be the guideline of DAR in setting the just compensation (for Hacienda Luisita). The decision of the majority should be respected,” Marquez said.

“Based on this guideline, the DAR will have to check the 1989 rates. Then the DAR can already decide how much is the just compensation.”

A TV network earlier reported that the expropriation of the sugar plantation owned by the President’s relatives may reach P5 billion, an amount that the DAR denied.

Mr. Aquino himself believed that owners of agricultural lands covered by agrarian reform should be “rightly paid.”

“Agrarian reform has a second part. Let us not deplete capital. That means there should be just compensation so that the owners of land do not end up having their land taken from them, that they be rightly paid,” said Mr. Aquino, who has repeatedly claimed he had given up his share in the estate.

“The capital that is returned to them can be invested in other industries that can help add more jobs in the country,” he said.

Originally posted: 9:28 pm | Monday, April 23rd, 2012

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  • JF

    naku bukas na pala ang pag-hukom…

  • alexfrommactan

    That is why Aquino would like Sereno to be the CJ. 

  • robrano

    Ten thousand million for a property which was bought for just a few millions of GSIS money that was not even repaid? That is what Dr. h,c. Noynoy has to give his family. Straight path and pro poor…..

  • 711sense

    First, the Cojuangco’s borrowed the money from the government to procure Hacienda Luisita. Now they want to fleece the government through the help of Serena who was hired to do the hatchet job, to pay the Conjuangco’s billions for Hacienda Luisita. Guess who’s money is it that Serena wants to use to pay? THE PEOPLE of course. If that is not high crimes, I don’t know what is.

  • thunderbolt01

    Give the land to its rightful owners. No compensation must be given to the Cojuangcos. They have benefited so much during the last 5 decades of hard labor from the farmers. Impeach Sereno. She is not worthy to become  a supreme court justice.

  • yatot

    Sa wakas!

  • pepengkabayo

    SC to issue FINAL RULING on Hacienda Luisita Tuesday….

    At Last !!!!!!….pwede ba yong Final Ruling lagyan ninyo ng
    NO MORE MOTION FOR RECONSIDERATION para masabi talang final.

  • javamanonly

    yan naman style ng mga magsasaka…mag aagaw sa lupa ng mga amo nila…kaya ngayon…no more tenants…doon kayo sa kangkungan mag tayo ng bahay nyo!

    • casaysay

      tama ka na mang aagaw ng lupa ang angkan ng presidente. manloloko pa sa gobyerno. sa tulong ni ninoy aquino ay niloko ng cojuangcos ang gobyerno ni magsaysay noong 1958 na ipagbili sa kanila ang HLI ng walang perang gagamitin ni isang kusing ang mga cojuangcos. 100% ng perang ipinambili sa HLI ay galing sa CB at GSIS sa kasunduan ipamimigay ng mga cojuangcos ang lupa sa mga magsasaka sa taong 1968. pero pagdating ng 1968 ay kinamkam ng mga cojuangcos ang HLI.    

  • EdgarEdgar

    The final nail in the coffin of Noynoy and clan.



  • spider69

    Atenggggggg,,,,,,medussa,,,,,kapag nandon na at OK na OK na,,,saka ka na dumakdak,… kaya ka nahahalata kung anong kulay ang dugo mo. 

  • Jerry

    owner of agricultural land should rightly paid??? bakit sila ba talaga me ari ng HLI???

    • casaysay

      Hindi tunay na may-ari ng HLI ang Cojuangcos. Wala silang ginamit na pera ng binili nila ang lupa sa gobyerno noong 1958 dahil sa pinautang lamang sila ng gobyerno ni Magsaysay sa Central Bank at GSIS sa kasunduan na sa taong 1968 ay ibibigay nila sa tenants ang HLI. Pero hindi tumupad sa kasunduan ang mga Cojuangcos ng dumating ang 1968 dahil ayon sa kanila ay wala ni isang tenant sa loob ng HLI na isang malaking kasinungalingan. Ang totoo ay umabot sa 100,000 tenants ang nasa loob ng HLI ng gumawa ng survey ang gobyerno. Kaya walang karapatan sa HLI ang mga sinungaling na Cojuangcos mula pa noong 1968.  

  • AntiAko

    O, sa mga taong hindi rumerespeto sa mga rulings ng supreme court kagaya ni de lima at mga alipores ni PNoy, MAGSALITA KAYO! 

  • dead_pixel

    Only Associate Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno, the President’s first appointee to the high court, believed that the compensation must be pegged at the Jan. 2, 2006, rate.
    Ang KKKKKAPAL!!!Kaya pala inappoint agad-agad ang puny!tang Sereno para kung hindi man ma bawi ang hacienda, e maka kuha ng malaking halaga mula sa mga pobreng magsasaka!!!

  • casaysay

    The Cojuangco clan has legal obligations of distributing HLI to their tenants as stipulated under the DAR ruling. Accounts from the Manila RTC show that the Don Jose Cojuangco Sr loaned money from the Central Bank and GSIS to purchase Luisita on 1958 with an agreement to distribute the land to his tenants after 10 years. However, Don Jose held back on his end of the agreement saying that there were no tenants inside Luisita. However, the public was surprised when the Central Bank released an investigation which disproved Don Jose’s claim. CB report stated that there were about 100,000 residents in the 10 barrios making-up the entire hacienda. Sinungaling! Now, Noynoy Aquino is simply living up to the standards of his clan, which normally includes “territorial protection” and “asset-clinging” with absolute abuse of authority.

    • Rey Nhatz

      e dapat pala rate pa ng 1968 ang gagamitin ng supreme court dahil iyon ang ika sampong taong base sa agrement ng gobyerno sa mga cojuangco

  • Jun Pacquing

    The compensation must be peg in 1989. The Cojuangco-Aquino Clans have been benefiting too much for the said land for decades. Tama na, Sobra na!!

  • Mang Teban

    I think that the fair price for the sugarland at Hacienda Luisita is the one that was decided in November 21, 1989 because the land that will be distributed to the farmers is not intended for commercial or residential use.

    What if the market prices in that area today went down? Would the Cojuangcos agree to reduce the price? See, the problem is about GREED. If the Cojuangcos had already harvested millions of pesos yearly from the produce of that land from the blood, sweat and tears of the sugar planters, why should it matter to them that they should be compensated at today’s rates when the farmers were supposed to have taken that land since the late 60’s?

    But, since we do not know yet the Supreme Court’s final decision, this is all presumption. I just hope though that the SC justices will not be influenced by personalities, such as if they are pro-Noynoy or pro-Corona. Justice has been delayed many times to the farmers. Let us not confused the issue with the impeachment. Likewise, let the farmers decide what they will do when they receive their share of the land because others are still opining that the farmers should let the Cojuangcos manage them as before.


  • vir_a

    Be careful with this announcement. Somebody might steal and leak the decision. The price should be based on what was set and decided in 1989. If there is appreciation of the value of the land since then, it should accrue to the farmers for they became rightful owners at the time by law. If other big land owners were forced to give up their lands to the farmers, why exempt the Cojuangcos? They are the only land owners so far who have not complied with the agrarian reform by employing gimmicks and tactics.

  • hubblecoke

    goodbye luisita…

  • danielD

    i hope this will end soon , as our country is affected already with this SC decision. Sana ibalik na sa mga magsasaka ang HLI at wag ng bayaran yang mga Aquino na yan tutal mayaman na sila. Mga ganid yan kasi sa mga pera e!!! NoyNoy abnoy mag resign ka na wala kang rarapatang mamuno sa bansang Pilipinas!! Ginugulo mo lang mga Pilipino!!!

  • Abnoy tupak

    kung wala pa si corona sa SC, hindi pa lalabas etong decision. baka next 50 years pa.

  • Mary

    Sana ma distribute na ang lupaing ito sa mga magsasaka para naman magkaroon na sila ng lupang matatawag nating sa kanila talaga. The distribution of this land has long been overdue. The Luisita farmers deserve to have this land. May the economic condition of the Luisita farmers be uplifted once they have the land that they have desired for a long time. Mabuhay ang mga magsasaka sa Hacienda Luisita! God bless you.

  • Jon

    Mr. Aquino himself believed that owners of agricultural lands covered by agrarian reform should be “rightly paid.”

    Conflict of interest?
    Perpetuation of an oligarchic dynasty?
    Or plain self-preservation of the Cojuanco clan?
    Either way, the President’s self-interests have been exposed and appear to have taken importance over the best interests of society.
    His words purport to observe social justice but his actions have shown otherwise.
    The true test of the President’s sincerity will be his reaction to the court’s decision and the HLI’s move to immediately implement the ruling.
    Only then can the public be assured that HLI and the Cojuanco family are not out to subvert justice but, rather, ones who respect and uphold the rule of law.


      mga leche talaga ang pamilyang yan na nag palubog sa pilipinas. ang coco levy hinarbat ni danding cojuangco! wag nyo na ngang iboto ang mga walanghiyang yan!


        correct. and they have oligarch media to back them up in terms of damage control and PR… ang galing ng team work nila…

  • kilabot

    expect noynoy kapon’s tantrums any day now. lumayo-layo na kayo mga alepores ni pnoy at uulanin kayo ng laway. hli gone. one down, next to go will be the defective impeachment. hurrah! to the rule of law!

  • Night




  • efffyoufools

    i heard that the real owners of the hacienda luisita will fight back in getting the hacienda back from the cojuangcos and they said they will sue the cojuangcos with land grabbing.

  • Night



  • prangka


  • robrano

    10000 millions for land that was bought formore than 500 times less, with gov. money that was never repaid? A straight path (to Noy’s family pockets) and really prom poor…..

  • artgarcia

    Question: Has there been any success story of any farmer or group of farmers after they were given their lands through the land reform program? Please have it known so that it would be easier for landowners to part with their land. What is sad is some farmers just sell their land after getting it and end up being tenants again of their buyers. True?

    • Night

      artgarcia….. clearly you have no idea… 

      CARP and CARPER are successful government programs…why would politicians extend it?? get it carper was extended???

      How many farmers in the Philippines with less than 1 hectare and survive, provide for their families, send their children to study in colleges???? Alam mo???? In the thousands….. sa southern tagalog lang Quezon, Batangas, Cavite… dami diyan farmers na 1 hectare or less…. me mga babuyan, manukan, pamintahan, kapehan, palayan….

      How many cooperatives exist in the country side??? with members with less than 1 hectare of land???? Hindi totoo na yung mga farmer beneficiaries ay pinepera lang ang lupa kasi hinuhulugan pa nila yan….. meron pa ilan ilan na minamalas… law of numbers lang yun

      read up and stop believing in the stupid propaganda that there is no success story from land reform

    • simon

      correct,, i think there is none. many sons and daughters of plain farmer become successful in their field of endeavor and never come back in the land. many farmers sell their land after a grace period of 15 years, some sell their land in secret. others loan it.  

    • antonioluna

       true! because after the land distribution our government stops there, if farmers in the first world countries receive support from their government to till their lands why not here in pinas.

    • Lolo_Basyong

      Anuman ang gawin nila sa lupa nila ay kanilang desisyon.  Ang mahalaga sa usaping HLI ay ang prinsipyo.  Matagal na nagpasasa ang mga Cojuangco sa lupang dapat ay napasamagsasaka mahigit tatlong dekada na ang nakararaan.  Dapat nilang pagbayaran ito.  May mga nagsasabi na ang pagkakasakit at paghihirap ni Cory sa kanser ay karma sa panlalamang na nangyari sa mga tunay na may ari ng Hacienda Luisita.  Ano kaya ang karmang naghihintay kay Penoy na ginagawa ang lahat para alisin ang mga taong humahadlang sa interes ng kanyang pamilya tungkol sa HLI?

      • enerinuj

        baka nakalimutan mo hindi pa presidente si noynoy issue na yang HACIENDA na yan bakit sa panahon ni Gloria di naipamigay yan?????tanungin mo si corona at nasa supreme court na yan….baka naghihintay pa ng padulas ang mga tuta ni gloria sa korte suprema…

      • Lolo_Basyong

        tama ka, utoy.  panahon ng NANAY ni Penoy nung isinantabi ang agrarian reform (na mismong centerpiece program ni Cory) sa pamamagitan ng tusong SDO scheme na nagkait ng lupa sa mga magsasaka ng HLI.  Panahon ni Gloria ng unang maglabas ng desisyon ang PARC na ipamahagi na ang lupa.  Kung natagalan ang SC after that to come up with the final decision ay di problema ni Gloria.  Ang malinaw ay may political will siya to end the decades-long injustice wrought on the farmers by the Cojuangcos.

      • artgarcia

         I am 100% for the distribution of land on HLI and others for that matter. Now can you or anybody tell me any success story related to this?

      • Lolo_Basyong

        Whether the farmers succeed after the distribution is beside the point, utoy.  But who knows, there just might be an avalanche of success stories in store, especially after all the hardships the farmers went through to finally get their land.  


    Oh i see the reason why the General Appropriation Act was somehow bloated and the aquino administration is under spending on infrastructure and give it private sector. 

    Para pala sa pamilya nya ang 10 billion peso taxpayers money para sa hacienda luisita.

    santa corazon! herong ninoy! ang kakapal ng mukha.


    Sereno and Carpio are corrupt. Puro interes ng mga cojuangco-aquino ang pre-occupation ng dalawang ito…

    • samarutan

      budoy abnoy, pity you. baliktad na ang mundo mo.


        samarutan: magbasa ka nga… si carpio, presidential legal adviser sa panahon ni ramos, a cory man, was the one who approved the highly anomalous PEA- wondfall AMARI land deal. Check your notes. You think Sereno Sereno got SC post for nothing. Look at the facts in google, Sereno was one of the legal counsel for the Philippine Government in Frapport case. How much did her team got for legal fees alone? Check this in google 2 Billion pesos of taxpayers money. These two justices favorites of noy are money-makers…. in an odd why. I don’t know if my facts are correct. They somehow show how things are being prepared, you know, the conspiracy…

  • Cola

    MR. P-NOY AQUINO, this is your chance to do it RIGHT!  Do not go down in history as the President who defied the law on CARP on land that his FAMILY OWNS!  At, maliban dun, mapapasaya mo ang napakaraming tao na bumoto sa iyo nung ikaw ay tumakbo bilang Congressman.  Please open your mind, at least, for once. 

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      family owns???it was a loan where after 10 years they must evacuate…but they didnt… they were not the owners of the land…

      • baracena

        correct that is why they do not have the right to claim it

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        kaya nga..mga hipokrito talaga itong mga cojuancos sa pasimuno ni noynoying

  • Lolo_Basyong

    Pano naman ang perang nawala sa mga magsasaka sa ilang dekadang dapat ay nasa kanila na ang lupa ngunit matagumpay na naharang ng mga Cojuangco sa pamamagitan ng pagtalikod sa kasunduan (na ipamamahagi nila ng lupa sampung taon pagkatapos nila itong na-loan sa gobyerno)?  Magkano ba ang kinamal ng mga Cojuangco sa panahong nakatali sa korte ang usapin at ginamitan nila ng impluwensiya para di umusad?  Dapat nga ay wag na silang magdemanda ng malaking halaga dahil masyado na silang nakalamang.  Dapat itong isa-alang-alang ng Korte Suprema sa kanilang pinal na desisyon.

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    Habang buhay na bangungot sa mga cojuangco-aquino ang usapin “hacienda luisita”…sa pamilyang nagkukunwaring mabuti at maka-tao ay mistulang patalim na sumasaksak sa kanilang lalamunan ang usapin luisita…sa dahilan ang “hacienda luisita” ay simbolo ng mapang-api at ganid na pamilya na kabaligtaran ng kanilang ninanais!!! nawa’y magliwanag na ang mga mata ng ating mga kababayan sa tunay na layunin ng mga aquino-cojuangco sa bayan!!! Nais lamang nilang mapuwesto sa gobyerno upang protektahan ang kanilang mga negosyo at interes at hindi katulad ng kanilang ipinagyayabang na maglingkod ng tapat sa bayan!!!

  • antonioluna

    isa lang ang nakikita kong just compensation dito ang ipamahagi ang lupa ng libre.

  • samarutan

    How final is final, Ms Midas Marquez?

    • antonioluna

       yon lang hehehe

    • baracena

      kung hindi mag reklamom si Abnoy that’s final!!!

  • Gurruod

    Hay naku! CJ Corona would consequently get more ire from his foe over this issue. Maghanda na siya.

  • Rorschach

    Ayan, magkakaalaman na, magkakalabasan na ng mga  totoong kulay.

  • Rorschach

    14-0 1989 for land distribution. May uncle na iiyak

  • PHtaxpayer

    Why is P-Noy arguing on the rate that would benefit a private corporation??  This is treason.  He should be arguing on the side of the govt!  

    Why should the rate be based on 2006 real estate rates when HLI was deemed to be under land reform in 1989?  We should pay them in 1989 rates.

    Govt decisions should always be in favor of the people and the govt, not a private company that wants to circumvent or violate the law.

    P-Noy should be impeached for making statements like that!  Nobody is above the law!

    • baracena

      CORrect, tama…. dapat pati si Abnoy iimpeach din

  • Gabriel Ferrer

    sa tingin ko nde na masama ang 40,000 per hectare na babayaran ng mga farmers for 30 yrs kaysa ang 2M per hectare na babayaran ng 30 yrs kung susundin ang hiling ng HLI.

  • simondj

    how final is your final? bakit o baka flip-flop na naman iyan?

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