Palace expects Aquino-Binay split



It may be true that Vice President Jejomar Binay really supports President Aquino and that the President finds Binay really cool as his No. 2.

But that is today. They have been serving barely two years and there is nothing to gore each other about in running the state.

Give it some time, though, and the two will go separate ways. That’s in the stars.

Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigal Valte explained the “inevitable” split   in an interview on dzBB radio on Sunday.

Valte pointed out that the President and the Vice President belong to different political parties with different platforms of government.

As such, they differ in their understanding of the country’s numerous problems and approaches to dealing with these ills that both of them have sworn to solve.

Having been elected, however, both are working together and so far have not found their differing political ideals making harmony impossible for them.

Inevitably, however, the two will part ways over politics, Valte said, but did not offer a time frame within which the rapture will occur.

That may be sooner than expected, as Binay, though swearing support for the President, has been openly preparing to replace him in Malacañang in 2016.

Not because as vice president, he will be the President’s candidate for the Palace—that’s Transportation Secretary Mar Roxas, president of Mr. Aquino’s Liberal Party (LP) and his vice presidential running mate in 2010.

Binay will run against Roxas, which means he must break away from Mr. Aquino’s administration.

In preparation for that run, Binay has brought his Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) party into a coalition with the Puwersa ng Masang Pilipino (PMP) party of former President Joseph Estrada. The coalition is called the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), now moving fast to capture electable candidates for its congressional and local tickets in next year’s midterm elections.

Too early

The Liberal Party says the UNA is positioning too early, but it is quietly looking around for alliances to put together dominant tickets for both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

The 2013 midterms will be a preview of the general election in 2016. The results can show which candidate is most likely to end up as the new Malacañang tenant in 2016.

At least two major political parties have reported being approached by representatives from the PDP-Laban and the Liberal Party about an alliance for next year’s midterms.

The Nacionalista Party (NP) and the National Unity Party (NUP) said the overtures came with rival demands for support for Binay and Roxas in the race for Malacañang in 2016.

Alliance efforts

NP Rep. Jesus Crispin Remulla of Cavite, deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, and NUP Rep. Antonio Alvarez of Palawan both confirmed efforts by both the PDP-Laban and the Liberals to strike alliances for next year’s elections but on condition that they commit to support Binay and Roxas in 2016.

“They are turning the 2013 elections into a proxy fight for the 2016 presidential elections where Binay and Roxas are likely to run for the presidency,” Remulla told the Inquirer in a phone interview.

“What they are saying basically is that if you are not with us then you are against us. I think that is too drastic a demand for a political alliance when we should only be looking at 2013 and not 2016,” Remulla said. “A lot of things can change in the next four years.”

“Even a month is an eternity in Philippine politics,” Alvarez said in a text message to the Inquirer.

“The basis of any alignment should not be one who’s popular or the one with the most followers. There are more important factors to be considered in coalition building,” he said.

Program of gov’t

“The most important, trite as it may sound, is the program of government,” he said.

Alvarez said it was “unproductive and premature” for both the PDP-Laban and the LP to talk about Mr. Aquino’s successor now when the Chief Executive still has four years left on his term.

“The parties should just focus on the job at hand. There are so many problems confronting the nation,” Alvarez said.

Remulla said the political parties’ main focus should first be on the outcome of the Senate trial of the impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona.

“The voting results could well dictate the theme or mood of the elections,” Remulla said.

Both the NP and the NUP have offered themselves as sanctuary for candidates not wanting to make a stand for the 2016 elections and the two parties have made exploratory talks for an alliance to form a third force.

The NP under Sen. Manuel Villar, who lost the 2010 presidential election, continues to have a major presence in the Senate with Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and the Cayetano siblings as allies.

The NUP, a political party formed a few months after the 2010 elections by former Lakas-Kampi members who did not want to be identified with the Arroyo administration, has less than 40 members in the House, but is a key member of the administration coalition.

Both parties control a significant number of governors and mayors nationwide whose support could provide the winning margin in the elections.

Both PDP-Laban and LP camps have started the 2016 presidential campaign this early by soliciting support for either Binay or Roxas from representatives, governors and mayors in exchange for backing their reelection or their handpicked successors in the 2013 elections.

Those who refuse face the prospect of having a rival backed by either PDP-Laban or LP in the elections.

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  • cliff_castillo

    Whether they like it or not they will split because they have different view in running the govt.  One is an anti-corruption advocate while the other is pro-corruption and pro-trapo diehard.

    • dinadaga

       trapo na kung trapo, kahit pa parating pagbintangan na corrupt, kung may nagagawa at pinatitiwalaan ng mas maraming mamamayanm okey lang yan.

  • EdgarEdgar

    “Give it some time, though, Aquino and Binay will go separate ways. That’s in the stars.”

    If the affairs of the state are written in the stars, we might as well require our government people to stay up at night and spend more time stargazing. That way, we’ll have a better chance of divining heaven’s will and move this country forward. And if things don’t look right from where we stand, Noynoy should move heaven and earth to align the stars to our country’s favor. But here’s a more down to earth advice. Instead of blaming the stars, why not reach for the stars. Better yet, blame the split on Mar’s superstar complex and Noynoy’s lackluster performance. Now that’s in the stars.


      A nice analogy with the stars!. My eyes are twinkling like a star as i read. Excellent. A pessimistic view using an optimistic heavenly body. At least P-noy will not shed tears when he reads your post. Hahaha!

  • JK1000

    Ofcourse they likely to split, PNoy is no corrupt or trapos not like Binay.

  • Pulis Na Pogi

    one is intelligent while the other is stupid.  that simple…

  • Hey_Dudes

    Unity is a word absent in majority of Filipinos.

    • huseng_batute

       It has always been like that even before the Spaniards landed on our shores.

  • vir_a

    Can we not have another choice aside from the two camps? How about a new party like the CDP? I think that party has better objective and philosophy. The middle class should support this party, as we have been under the present system for decades where things just get worse and worse. We need a party that is visible and active not only during or before election but all through the years

  • Bansot

    Our politicians are all the same no mater whom you turn your attention to. They are there to protect their own interest, their political party and the interest of the country comes last. It’s still almost 4 years before the next presidential election , yet they’re already preparing their line ups and agenda. Once the “election moonson” for 2013 election blows in, everything will turn turbulent and nothing can be accomplished by our leaders except electioneering ….. the biggest losers we all know WHO!!!!.

  • Loggnat

    No candidate will ever be perfect and a saint, so just vote for the less evil and less greedy. That should be an improvement at least. =))

  • Jon

    The way things are going, anything but the LP sounds better than the current administration we have. I wonder why the public didn’t see how unprepared and unsuited Pwehnoy was for the job.
    It’s just Erap all over again; popular but incompetent and undeserving.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes down in flames just like Erap did.
    I just hope that the damage he does is something this country can still recover from.

    • Migdonio

       what damage are you talking about man?? taga saan ka ba?si Erap at si Gloria ang sobrang damage ang ginawa after Marcos…

      • Shinigami

        Mr. Migdonio, can’t you see the Constitutional damage Pnoy has done? he has politicized even the SC in his bid to control the 3 branches of the government. Damage? Look at the people now, we are suffering more, we are paying high taxes, since BIR has taxed everything, including allowances and yet no wage hike, high prices of basic commodity – electricity, water, oil…etc..Ano ba ginagawang ni Pnoy? e, kung ng tratrabaho siya as what the pictures suggest, bakit tumataas pa rin lahat? bakit, mas may ginagawa sila sa impeachment ni Corona at busy sila sa 2013 elections? asan ba ang para kay Juan de la Cruz?

      • Mickey

        Oh you mean when GMA spat on the Constitution? Making the Philippines her own personal domain?  You ask asan para kay Juan De La Cruz? Why don’t you ask the past administration? I give my 2 thumbs up on the impeachment of your Thief Justice. I wholeheartedly agree on the jailing of GMA, abalos et al. If one thing this present government can do is at least rectify what was the ill of the past administrations. One more thing, WHEN HAS THE PRICE OF COMMODITIES EVER WENT DOWN? Ano yan? FREE? Gusto mo ang gobyerno mag bayad sa lahat? Asa lahat sa gobyerno? tsk tsk tsk… 

      • samir duran

        Para sa akin si PeNoy is a huge cry baby.
        Ito sana ang characteristics ng isang presidente…

        1.) Must understand economics completely. Everything boils down to economics. As far as Noynoy is concerned, FAIL!

        2.) Must be good in management. He’s on top and apparently he can’t manage well, so far, FAIL!

        3.) Must be man (or brave) enough to face challenges. Where was he
        during the hostage crisis? During Sendong? Earthquake? Partying with
        celebrities? FAIL!

        4.) Must be a good problem solver. What does he do? Blame
        everything by default to GMA. FAIL!

    • San Miguel

      Self distruct talaga si PNOY. Wala nya syang masulingan kundi ang bumulosok pababa.  Soon. puputaktihin sya ng katakot takot na protesta at batikos dahil sa kanyang mga kapalpakan. 

    • marienkind

       Wait till you start enjoying what it’s like under Binay. Then you’re going to wish PNoy had to serve five extra years. Out of the frying pan and into the latrine.

  • AmBoy24

    kawawa naman ang LP at tila walang gustong makipag-alyansa sa kanila.bukas-makalawa ay lalabas na lang sa balita ang merger ng LP at LABAN PARTY ni GMA dahil desperado na si panot.LOL…

  • bangayansila

    VP Binay with his high profile postings (OFW,Housing,Pag-Ibig,emissary to China) has no option but to support publicly P-Noy, his ratings are still high. But Binay’s support is on a personal basis.But P-Noy has an obligation to his party,the LP. That is the root cause of our problem.

  • brewny

    too early for politicking! gademit

  • albert

    tsk tsk tsk.  alam na kasi ni binay  na un LP ay LOSING PARTY na.  

    • rick

      sir bilog ang bola.anything can happen..

  • San Miguel

    Kawawang PNOY. Nabalian ang kanyang sungay dahil sa katarayan. Unti unting nawawala ang kanyang mga fans.

    • manks

       ikaw lang un….

  • carlcid

    The Liberal Party will make sure that Binay is estranged from P-Noy. Unfortunately for the LP, they are a party of political midgets. They are a band of political opportunists who only held on to P-Noy’s (and Cory’s) apron strings. But neither P-Noy nor the LP can sustain their popularity for very long. Binay may be physically short, but the LP cannot match Binay’s political stature. 

  • nestleraisinets

    April 16, 2012 – dear president, WALA KA PARING GINAGAWA PARA SA BAYAN!!!

    • Mike Ace

      Gusto mo pa rin si Pandak ha?

      • Guest

         Pandak is out…. UNAno (Binay) is in…. lol…

    • Mickey

      dear nestleraisinets, WALA PARING SENSE MGA COMMENTS MO.

  • Francis

    Politics is a very profitable business and family affair in the Philippines..malaki ang puhuhan na may napakalaki ring tubo na pinakikinabangan habang buhay ng anak hangang sa next generation ng kanilang angkan..ito ang kalakaran mula pa nun hangang ngayon..

  • albert

    its earlier the better.. the right thing to do for binay is to split from pnoy`s LP  ( losing party )

  • kilabot

    ano kamo? pnoy “the patient” has dual personality? it figures.

  • Ano Ikaw

    Reading the first paragraph has made me wonder what/how/where on earth INQ learned journalism.

    This pieceof write up is an OPINION not reporting. INQ should brush it’s understanding on journalism. Send all your reporters back to school (make sure 2 the least mediocre). What a shame and stup1d way of news reporting.

  • Mario_Garcia

    I don’t believe so.  Aquino will finally ally with Binay.  It’s a political reality to be unfolded.

  • Efren

    Simple lang to avoid all speculations :  Wait for the next approval ratings of PNoy and Binay;
    Kung sino ang  malaki ang drop sa rating , SIGURADO PATHAY !

  • marienkind


  • nakawan

    all the more reason why we should abolish elections for a vice president. doesn’t make sense anymore to elect someone who might obstruct effective decision making in this country.  better to have a unified tandem working together toward a common goal so that if something happens to the president, the vice president can easily take the reins without contradicting any past decisions

    • Cuck Forona

      hence time, the vp or any second in command, was conceived for a reason. continuity of presidency and congressional succession is compelled in the constitution where consequences of assassination, natural demise or resignation would create a power vacuum which could lead to uncertainty and failure of government.

      a detached vp should be preferable, as this will cause the sitting president to be aware of his hegemony hence resulting to a better administration.

  • marivon

    Dito magaling ang Pinoy; sa politika. Unfortunately wala nang iba

  • joboni96

    napaka adelantado naman
    si rambito

    layo pa ng 2016
    nanggugulo na

    panalo ka na sa 2016
    kaya relaks lang
    nation building muna

    sinusulsulan ka lang
    ng mga gustong makapwesto
    sa administrasyon mo

  • louie

    nabago ang political landscape. imagine! pwedeng maging lameduck si pinoy kung mananalo ang  koalisyon ni binay ngayong 2013. mukhang wala kasing matibay na presidentiable ang liberal party.

    • San Miguel

      pano magkakaroon eh si PNOY na standard bearer nila eh walang magawa..E sino pa kaya sa kanila sa … O ayan, nenenerbyos tuloy ang mga taga malacanang….

  • billygunn23

    Hahahaha! O mga pare galing sa LP, jump ship na kayo mga buset kayo!

  • edleon

    I hope that DILG Sec. Robredo will run vs Binay in 2016… 

  • tachyonzero

    I can’t wait to see another “Philippine Political Drama” to unfold. I’ve already seen Estrada-Arroyo split, now all we wait is a coup.  :)

  • Albin

    Pag magka harap, magka-alyado. Pag talikod, siraan nang siraan.

  • George

    It is an opportune time for CJ Corona to resign his post, in this case he can form his own political party early before the 2016 general election. I will definitely vote for him as president.

    • San Miguel

      No way…Tapusin muna nya ang term as Chief Justice, hanggang presidente pa si PNOY, para di makatulog ng mahimbing si PNOY at walang magawa …. Becoz PNOYs main business is to get Corona.. and to get back Hacienda Luisita.

      Cgurado lalong makakalbo ang idolo ng mga yellow zombies..

  • Fulpol

    sabi ni Conrado dati, huwag maki-alyado kay Arroyo kasi hahatakin ka pababa dahil sa pangit na record ni Arroyo…

    ano kaya ang masasabi niya sa LP ni Noynoying?? huwag makialyado kay Noynoying kasi maging sure loser ka… 


  • virgoyap

    Binay is already positioning for his political ambition. That’s why the split is inevitable. Too early Binay for politicking. Can’t you wait for the right time and that’s the people’s time.

    • San Miguel

      No,  we cant wait… we cant wait NOYNOYING.. now is the time…

  • rodger66

    I am not surprised kung ang maiiwan ng dating 188 Congress assult group ay 8 dahil bago ang eleksyon kanya-kanya manok ang mga iyan.Di nyo ba napansin, tahimik ang Congress, pakiramdaman ang mga iyan…while Binay did not put N. Tupas name in his senatorial line-up,
    he must be crazy dog looking for a new owner !!! 

  • Bert

    Quote: Alvarez said it was “unproductive and premature” for both the PDP-Laban and the LP to talk about Mr. Aquino’s successor now when the Chief Executive STILL HAS 4 YEARS LEFT on his term.

    Four years is TOO SHORT for a PERFORMING President but TOO LONG for a NOYNOYING President.

    • Martin

       Best think Aquino could do for the nation is just resign now and let VP Binay assume the Presidency!

  • noelpogi

    para kayong bago ng bago sa pinas.  Pustahan meron na rin dyan na pumoporma na para sa 2022.

  • Bill_Li

    ♥♥China♥ # 1  

  • Guest

    This doesn’t happen in China, I will be a chinese citizen soon. They have rockets. We don’t have rockets, I envy the Chinese that’s why I want to be chinese and i will be a pure citizen of china. They will love me like one of them.  

    • Martin

       you have mental health problems!!

  • oracle888

    You cannot serve two masters at the same time. Binay wants to be a master too the same as  Aquino. Inevitably, both has to split, not just because of personality and ideology, but also because of personal interest.

    Pardon me if I use the word “master” since it has been sometimes that the government officials do not consider themselves as the public servants anymore. Neither are they OFW but MOP – Master of the people….or “mopping” away as much as possible the government money into their own pockets and dollar accounts..

  • Martin

    The two dont think alike or act alike….Binay has always been successful on planning and long term strategy.   Aquino has never heard those words before and not part of his vocabulary. The 2-year honeymoon is over…now its time to get to work.   This is where Aquino will start to fail the most and become the most incompetent President since his mother.   He could help the Nation by resigning now and letting VP Binay assume the Presidency.  Its time we had a real leader.

  • PFaurasentinel

    Is this news reporting or editorial?

    • Tristanism

      True. Reading the first few lines, I actually wondered the same thing.

  • Isko

    Aquino-Binay split is inevitable.  Deal over. They used each other to win in the May 10, 2010 election at the expense (or political sacrifice) of Mar Roxas.

  • al gero

    mga pilipino si binay ay tunay na trapo(TNT) gusto nyo na naman bang sumabog ang Pilipinas, gising mga kababayan, nkaalis na tayo sa kuko ng mga Arroyo,ibabalik nyo na naman nag TNT na si Binay, maawa kayo sa bayan natin,Makati pa lng yumaman na si BInay paano na lng pag pilipinias na ang hawak nya.ITAKWIL ANG TNT(tunay Na Trapo).

  • Taiko_Kauna

    wala na bang pagpilian ang mga pinoy, kung hindi mahina, magnanakaw din?

  • AllaMo

    LMFAO! “Inevitably, however, the two will part ways because of politics, Valte said, but did not offer a time frame within which the rapture(sic) will occur”. And, all along, i thought that the rapture will signal the end of times. LMFAO! On second thought, maybe valte is onto something. Perhaps, like pacquiao, she has a direct line to God.

    Nope, more like, PDI copyreaders have been sleeping on the job yet again. Or, work only commensurate with their pay.

  • Guest


  • Leonardof

    Perhaps it will be better if we adopt the american system where both the president and vice president always belong to the same party. Such case of early political posturing as what Binay is doing can be avoided. In fact, what seems pretty obvious is that the president’s resolve to get rid of corruption is not getting any support from his vice president simply because  they belong to different party. For example,  we have not heard from VP Binay any positive note that will bolster the administration’s position in the arrest of ex-president arroyo and the impeachment of corona.
    The VP’s silence is is clearly an indication to his going into alliance with arroyo and corona. The VP is afraid that every success of the administration will deminish his chance of being the next president because the candidate of the party of the present administration will carry a good credential.

    It is too bad for the Philippine to have this system that as early as now political ambition is already hovering over the political landscape, and that instead of devoting time into more productive efforts in support for good governance, personal ambition takes precedent over the  good of the country. 

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