Mar Roxas: No plans to run in 2016


Transportation Secretary Mar Roxas, president of the ruling Liberal Party, said over the weekend he had no plans of running for president in 2016.

“I can honestly, sincerely, absolutely, transparently tell you that I have no plans,” said Roxas, when asked by the Inquirer if he would run for president in 2016 on the sidelines of the Capiztahan festival in Roxas City Saturday.

But he added that he was at his party’s “disposal.”

Roxas is widely assumed to be the next standard-bearer of the LP. Roxas dropped his presidential ambitions in 2010 to give way to then Sen. Benigno Aquino III, running instead as the LP’s vice presidential bet. But while Mr. Aquino emerged victorious, Roxas lost to Binay—a surprise winner in that race.

On the possibility that he and Binay may yet find themselves in the same political coalition, Roxas did not give a categorical answer. He stressed that any coalition that his party would consider should be “premised on party principles.”

“Hindi ito (this is not) a politics of convenience. We are not a political party na chaleco lang na suot-hubad (like a vest that can be easily put on or taken off),” said Roxas.

“It’s on that basis that we consider others either in a coalition or entry to the party,” Roxas said.

President Aquino last week said the LP was open to forging coalitions with other parties. He did not rule out an alliance with UNA, a coalition of Binay’s PDP-Laban and the Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino led by Joseph Estrada, his closest rival in the 2010 polls.

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  • sigena

    roxas hypocrite!!

  • picker_blend

    please don’t run for anything, ever. you are only making pa-cute everytime you open your mouth. besides, your alalays here in capiz can’t even hold themselves together here – they are as hungry and as ravenous as you in taking care of themselves. you can’t even unite the whole province of capiz, how much more in the national level? your grandfather was a president; your father was a senator; and you were a congressman and a senator once. the question is, what is capiz now?

    • James Rams

      in the brink of collapse..ang Capiz- last election – Mar nearly lost by 10 points.. sa capiz ha!  that’s should be placed permanently into his head.

  • cliff_castillo

    This is the correct attitude, unlike Binay whose ambition will make all his action depend on whether it will help him attain his goal instead of doing things that will benefit the people.  This early Binay is already preparing alliances with corrupt and unprincipled trapos that he believes will help him in his ambition.  The people should be careful because Binay might outdo Marcos and Gloria with his rambo mentality.  Just look at his and his family’s corrupt practices during their terms as mayor to see what he will do as President.  Like Marcos and Gloria, his son and daughter are already building their family political dynasty.

  • marlaw

    Itong si Binay talaga inipon ang mga kadiring pulitiko para daw pagpilian ng mga botante sa 2013. Ganito ba ang ugali ng isang may malasakit na lider at gustong magkaroon ng pagbabago tungo sa pag unlad ang bansa? Lahat ng inilalatag niyang mga kandidato ay puro mga oportunista, balimbing, sangkot sa anomalya at mga trapo. Kumbaga sa pagkain parang naghain siya sa isang gutom ng panis na pagkain. Masamang pangitain ito at nagbabadya ng isang hindi magandang liderato kapag naupong pangulo itong si Binay. Mayor na ang anak na lalaki sa Makati na ubod ng yabang at walang respeto sa DILG, congresswoman ang anak na babae at heto pa dahil mataas daw ang rating sa survey tatakbo sa pagka senador ang anak na babae. Ganon lang ba yun kadali porke mataas sa rating ng huling survey dapat ng mag senador? Wala palang pinagkaiba sa sitwasyon ng mga artistang nagsi-panalo dahil popular kaya pwede ng mag senador. Kaya ang resulta nagkaroon tayo ng mga inutil na senador gaya nina Lito Lapid, Bong Revilla, Jinggoy Estrada, Tito Sotto, etc.

  • EdgarEdgar

    Mar will find it hard to run in 2016. His LP allies and the LP senators are also aiming high. The internal conflict of competing ambitions in LP is already brewing. Even if LP manages to contain the infighting and hold the party together, there’s no guarantee that Mar will be the next standard-bearer. If Mar does not make something of himself in 2016, his political career will fizzle out. The party chalecos will still be around long after Mar’s gone.

    And Chiz for 2022.


      My God Mar’s career has crashed almost to the ground. What is Corona doing about this?

      • EdgarEdgar

        The day we see Mar’s political career crash for good, is a victory for the people. The quintessential trapo. And Corona must be rejoicing, too. :-)))

      • TGM_ERICK

        If you are to choose who among these three do you prefer?
        Drilon, Pangilinan Roxas

      • EdgarEdgar

        Depends on their platform. I would like to have a chance to examine their platforms first if they have any. D&L have been impressive in demonizing Corona but not as focused on the country. Roxas has been busy working behind the scenes to monopolize Noynoy’s attention. At the rate their destructiveness is going, I hope they get to run in 2016 if Karma does not catch up with them. Haha :-))

      • TGM_ERICK

        You’re willing to give Drilon et al a chance depending on their platforms. :-))))

  • dead_pixel

    No plans?
    NOT YET.
    Ito talaga si mar, sagot basura!
    Takot, at baka kung sasabihin niyang kakandidato siya bilang presidente e may ina nanamang mamatay at yung retarded nanamang anak ang magiging presidente at sasabihin niyang “ako nalang. ako nalang ang mag sacrifice” at tatakbong besi presidente at matatalo nanaman ulit. Bakit? Dahil nga BASURA!!!

    • Migdonio

       Amg galing mo pare,akala mo sino kang matalino magsalita…tingnan mo muna sarili mo kung ano na inabot mo sa buhay…baka palamon ka pa din hanggang ngayon..

      • dead_pixel

        Tama. Masakit ang katotohanan.
        Lalo na kung empleyado ka ng sakim na malakanyang!
        Tandaan mo, ang buwis ko, sa walang kwentang CCT mo lang napupunta!

  • ExpatSteve

    I think he will quit DOTC in a few months and run for Senate. We will see.

  • AmBoy24

    kunwari pa itong kumag na mar roxas at hindi raw tatakbo pero may pahabol pa na “at his party’s disposal kuno.walang kuwentang tao itong si mr.palengkera at walang prinsipyo sa buhay.

  • Juan

    Good if he will not run, anyway he will not win, even I as an IG, Ilongo Gid will not vote for him. Waay waay gid. . . way na topa na sya bala. . .  abaw. . . lente  

  • Jon

    Aba’y dapat lang.
    Kasi kung umaasa ka na susuportahan ka ni Pwehoy, malaking pagkakamali iyan.
    Tignan mo kung di ka ilaglag uli ng tatlong maria para kay Binay.
    Tanga ka na Mar kung magtiwala ka uli sa mga taong nag-traidor na sa iyo.

  • James Rams

    yes!  dont run please.. spare yourself from a beating .. you shameless git.  you destroyed the improvements or  that was already approved for the RORO projects for Mindanao and Visayas.. we are very sure you will ‘NOT’ win.

  • ddano

    Nagpapa-CUTE si MAR. 

  • Enrico

    Matagal pa ang 2016 pero kung nag iisip sya na pipiliin sya ng LP tulad ng pahayag dti ni Pinoy, aba dapat nagpaplano na rin sya…Pag ganyan ang sagot nya at bigla syan napili, Noynoying lang ang gagawin nyan

  • albert

    papansin lang..  
    talunan na nga siya pagka vice president.    
    president pa kaya.

  • Ilonggated

    Next announcement: The LP has chosen me to be its standard bearer for 2016. Like a good soldier, I follow orders.  Hahahaha!

    My advise: Don’t anymore use the ‘padyak’ campaign footage. It did not work. Why? You have so many padyak in your hometown Roxas City and they remain in the poorman’s livelihood because you did nothing to alleviate their economic condition. And you belong to the oligarch…to a Trapo Family.  

    Unlike Binay who really came from the grassroots in Isabela. He used the footage of a poor boy who was feeding hogs to help his poor family make both ends meet.  

    Better yet, don’t run for the presidency.  Give it to someone who has vision for the country. One who is not a trapo.

    I don’t like Binay too because he is a Trapo! But between you and Binay, I will go for Binay.  He has shown fine leadership in Makati. He was able to run and manage Makati very well. Hence, he can do the same for the country.

  • jeronimo

    “I can honestly, sincerely, absolutely, transparently tell you that I have no plans,”  — mar roxas

    may ganon?, nakakaumay talaga pag si mar ang nagsalita ang corny, daming kaartehan.


    sec roxas. bakit walang mabiling store value ticket sa lrt. napamahal na bayad ko ang  haba pa ng pila araw araw

  • Beguine

    Pakipot lang nitong si Mar Roxas.

    Anyway, if ever PNoy manages to succeed even halfway in his
    vigorous campaign against corruption and impeaching corrupt
    government officials one after the other, the people themselves
    will want him to stay on as the country’s leader as the country’s
    first Prime Minister.

    So, really, Roxas doesn’t have to worry about being asked
    to run for the top post in 2016.

  • Mark

    Huwag ka nang tumakbo, Mar Roxas.

    Sigurado ka nang talo. 

    Go back to your province and plant camote instead.

    • MannyKingfisher

      Mar need not to plantr camote, He’s selfsufficient and can even support the like of you for the rest of your life including your your family whom you drag to shame because of your ways.

  • kilabot

    good for him kasi ma knockout  nanaman sya. di pa naman sya suportado ng ibang lp members, yung ‘anay ng balay’ group. pero kung kalabanin nya si pnoy “the patient” at kumampi sya sa taga mindanao tungkol power crisis, baka sakali maniwala pa uli sa kanya ang tao. because come 2013 elections, it will be payback time and pnoy’s pr0stitutes will experience starvation of political orga$m.

  • tra6Gpeche

    It will remain to be seen. If Mr. Roxas does not run as a Presidential candidate in 2016, then he would be an exception to the rule..of being greedy and opportunistic to have power. He already showed me his love of country when he gave way to the current President. One more person that I consider not greedy of power is Mr. Noli de Castro. He did not run as Vice President again or even President or at least Senator. To me this means he did not abuse his Vice Presidency and he did not get comfortable in being the second most powerful person in the Philippines even if by title only. I assume that he did not steal from the government or use his power to ask for favors and bribes. Otherwise, he would not be able to resist the temptation of the political office. Now, Noli de Castro is honestly working very hard to earn a living. I salute him! Anybody who will say something against this comment of mine will have to mention names of current politicians who will sacrifice not being in the government. Everyone knows if a person is corrupt, he or she will stay working in the government because this is the best source of quick wealth not only for him but also for his children and grandchildren.

    • bGorg

      Former VP De Castro is not qualified for President for he has no balls and a proof of it during the CGMA presidency. If he has decided to replace CGMA before then he should have been the president. However, it seems he agreed to CGMA doings and even show his support. Maybe he will pardon CGMA once he will be elected as President. This kind of person is not tough and have no guts to be a President and he is not man enough to stand with principle because he is not a politician but a media man? People knew his proven capacity and he himself probably knew it also very well.

      • tra6Gpeche

        You said “he is not man enough to stand with principle because he is not a politician but a media man?
        Did you mean politicians have principle? No one knows whether a person would be qualified to be President until he or she becomes one. Most Filipinos thought Mr. Marcos, Mr Estrada and Mrs. Gloria Arroyo were all qualified to be President of the Philippines. Look where the Philippines is right now. It is still a third world country and many Pinays are still obsessed to work as housemaids in the Middle East, a very dangerous place to be a servant. Your “may be”is just a conjecture so I won’t go there. You are right on one thing, though. It is the silence of Mr. Noli de Castro, just like the silence of Mr. Joker Arroyo, during the anomalies of the Arroyo administration. But for not being addicted or being greedy to run for another office, he shows self discipline & toughness to resist the temptation to run again to amass money while in the government. He could have run as Congressman or even Mayor to be able to steal money from the people in any District where he was born, just like what Mrs. Gloria Arroyo did, even if this will degrade his whole being & his family. Do you see children or relative of Mr de Castro running for public office? You have to at least credit Mr. de Castro for that. Many ordinary Filipinos and all Filipino politicians love working in the government because Philippine government is a very good source of becoming filthy rich in no time at all and get away with it. Most of them are even willing to kill or be killed just to be elected. Most of them even prepare their children to be Senator or Congressman or Governor or Mayor or councilor or even Barangay captain. What do you think is the sole reason? In a world class country, like Japan or USA, this killing and be killed business are almost non-existent

  • WAJ

    Mar Roxas can not win the election. He will not win because there’s nothing for him to back him up. As for Noli De Castro, he might be able to win, but, he would be a puppet president because he does not have any background in politics. After he served as Vice President to Gloria Aroyo he went back to Radio Broadcasting and that’s all he know. The Philippines has a lot of potential candidate but they don’t have political influence. That’s what the people are looking for kong sino ang sikat siya ang bobotohan at may pera. Kaya sa susunod na Presidente corrupt na naman makita ninyo…

  • kilabot

    si kris aquino daw pinag-iisipang ilalaban ng lp para tuloy ligaya. naloko na. from a mental patient to a sex maniac.

    • yatot


  • Ryan Barcelo

    Ganun pala e. 

  • Ilonggated

    Months before election, may pakakasalan na naman siyang sikat tulad ni Korina Sanchez. Gimmick. Hindi umobra.

  • spearheads

    Mar Roxas said that, “He was at his party’s disposal.” Ganun? Hindi pa ba? Noon pa man matagal na siyang nadispose ng LP (Lolong Party.)

  • Air200

    hahahah………… politicians are very clever to disguise of being not liars… I think the vast majority never like roxas…. like pinoy he is closely attached to big business tycoons such that once elected his governance is dictated by people around him at the expense of the people’s welfare.

  • Lloyd

    Nagkukunwari p tong C Roxas.  Strategy ika nga. paawa effect baka in the end maawa din ang sambayanang pilipino sa kanya. Kung ako kay Roxas magtrabaho lang ng magtrabaho kesa mag ambition agad sa pagka presidente. Imagine 4 years from now p at nakaka 2 taon palang tong gobyerno ni Pinoy.Hoy trabaho lang tayo ang dami ng naghihirap puro na lang pulitika ng pulitika ng pulitika kayo jan kaya walang kaunlaran ang bayang Pilipinas.

  • billygunn23

    At sino naman ang lokong magaadvise sa yo na tumakbo aber?

  • rem_rod

    Napakarami ditong nagsasabi na ayaw nila sa TRAPO. Ano ba yung TRAPO? Aber?

  • joboni96

    if lp will field mar in 2016
    kailangan nilang ayusin image niya

    ok na yung mr palengke niya
    pero he needs more pro masa policies
    and erase his wall street training

  • Francis

    Pakipot ka pa Mar eh sa bandang huli tatakbo karin at magnanakaw din sa kaban ng bayan…ano mang linis ng election sa nakawan din ang tuloy..

  • tachyonzero

    It’s all about  personal ambition, ambition,ambition. These political trash-bags couldn’t come up a five-year plan or national goal for the Philippines. Yet, they can deny or propose a their political limelight to make the people stupid.

  • Regd

    Well Erap did the same thing after the amnesty (it’s one of the condition) declaring publicly never to run for public office. And what is their usual alibi? The people urge them to run!  We’re PUNK’D all the time!

    • marionics

      parang si gma din di ba?

      • popeyee

        Ganon naman lagi ang sinasabi ng kahit sinong politoko, ang tao daw ang naghihikayat para tumakbo sila sa eleksyon, when in fact it is their personal interest that urge them to run..

  • Xwcd Cxw

    it does not matter kung tumakbo man siya o hindi…. hindi pa rin sya magiging presidente sa 2016 dahil elitista at pekeng tao sya. 

  • $23257130

    mag chaperon, driver ka na lang ni ate koring habang nag r report siya ng daily activities ni president binay!!! go go go president binay!

  • johnp72

    hehehe palusot ka lang kaya sabi mo “at your partys’ disposal” kaya ka nga nag vice president kay penoy dahil akala mo manalo ka then use it as stepping stone to pursue the presidency come 2016.  ang tawag sayo eh “TRAPO” dahil sinungaling ka, tularan mo si binay ang sabi di siya hipokrito para di aminin na tatakbo siya pagkapresidente.

  • Fulpol

    ang laki ng gastos ni Mar Roxas sa last election, pag tumakbo uli, gagastos na naman ng malaki..

    may magbibigay ba ng campaign donations sa kanya??? 

    kay Binay bubuhos ang donations dahil sure winner..


  • neverwint3r

    after getting buried by binay last time, he’s probably not too confident on winning against him in 2016. 

  • Bert

    Kayo naman , nagpa-CUTE lang si Mr. Padyak. Di lang nagpahalatang GIGIL maging presidente….sigurado tatakbo yan…..

  • efriend

    I would rather have a Roxas as President than a Binay!

    • picker_blend

      if you dislike binay, at least, he has something to show for the progress of makati. here in roxas city, nothing happens without him dipping his hands in the action. and what has he to show for here? wala! even the provincial distributorship of SMB products is his – he is that… you supply the adjective. for his monicker “mr. palengke”, he has the monopoly of what goes on here; and he can be petty towards his political opponents. 

      • PinasK0ngMahal

        kahit sinong mayor dyan sa makati (at kahit quezon city) uunlad talaga kasi financial district yan. daming pera dyan, daming condo, at bawat condo, may isang unit si binay!

      • rei Sandoval

        well said. as i said way back kung nanalo si Lito Lapid sa Makati as mayor, maunlad din. look at QC, Bistek is the mayor and QC is still progressive just the same when belmonte is the mayor.

      • popeyee

        Makati is a Makati not becuase of Binay. It is because of the Ayalas…Bring Binay to Roxas City and we will see what can he do to transform Roxas City into a Makati…

      • pablosantino

        maswerte lang si binay kasi nakatsamba sya na dun umupo sa makati,hindi naman sya ang dahilan ng pag,unlad ng makati kundi yung mga businessman..

  • virgoyap

    I can’t see Mar Roxas to be the people’s demand. I see Binay instead but he is a traditional politician will the Philippines go back to square one if Binay will be the next President? Since he is to have been known as a People Power candidate will he follow the people’s ideal more than his own personal interest? This is not a easy question to answer. Remember he is already building his own dynasty.

  • Divina Wind

    P-Noy will support Binay- not Roxas. Why? Kasi, bata ng mga kurakot Cojuangcos (Danding, Peping and Tony Boy- just to name a few) si Binay. What is the connection? Kasi, mas malapit si P-Noy sa mga kurakot Cojuangcos kaysa sa mga matitinong Cojuangcos. P-Noy and his siblings will also support Binay because Roxas is related sa mga Marcoses (Bongbong and Irene) by marriage and Roxas supported the distribution of Hacienda Luisita sa mga HL farmworkers.

    If Roxas will run, he will win- basta huwag lang niya isama si Korina Sanchez (mukhang elitista at  plastic) sa mga campaign sorties niya  at huwag siyang magtiwala kay P-Noy, sa mga kurakot Cojuangcos at Marcoses.

    • popeyee

      Another reason: Kris and Jun-Jun Binay relationship…

      • rodger66

        si Kris naman e jowa ng bayan kaya di siguro !!!

    • albert

      TANGA KA divina.    si mar roxas pa nga nag campaign para kay cory ng snap elections. kapamilya (KKK) nila pnoy yan si mar. 

  • Benjamin


  • GeorgeR

    Pag mag Coalesce ang LP at Binay Party… malamang makipag coalesce rin si Mar kay GMA.. hahaha its more fun in the Philippines… NOYNOYING TACTICS…!!

  • franciscoyapanalagbate

    Wala na bang ibang mapagpipilian?  Kawawang Pinas talaga.  Marami namang Pilipino na mas karapat-dapat kesa sa mga trapong politiko.  Sila-sila na lang ba?  Nasaan  na ang mga lahi nina Gat Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, at Manuel Quezon?  Panginoon saklolohan po Ninyo ang bansang Pilipino!

    • JosephNess

      these political parties, rather than tapping these tradpols and recycled non performing liabilities of the government, should scout for successful career professionals in the private sectors, there are just too many of them qualified for the office…the only problem will be their willingness to join the dirty tricks of politics…who, knows, their entry to politics might just change entirely, the way politics should be done…just hopeful… 

  • JosephNess

    “I can honestly, sincerely, absolutely, transparently tell you that I have no plans,” said Roxas, when asked by the Inquirer if he would run for president in 2016 on the sidelines of the Capiztahan festival in Roxas City Saturday. 

    that’s the ordinary way to treat this irritating issue, forget your ambition for the moment and work for it silently by faithfully doing your assigned government tasks…the year 2016 is still that long, why be bothered by it, let it come, that’s the sane and usual behavior of one politician would do, let the year unfold itself…only tradpols are weary and insecure of not being prepared, thus the name…’traditional politician…’ they should really forget politics for now, work and show your sincerity delivering the basic services of this government near its people, then, without you knowing it, you’ll be loved and liked by the people, such that, when that time come for electioneering, it will not be hard for you to solicit peoples vote…  

  • tabalu

    roxas said over the weekend, he had no plans of running for president in 2016.,But he added that he was at his party’s “disposal.ang gulu mo, kung dika tatakbo wag kang tumakbo, tapos!gusto mo rin kasi mapag-usapan ka eh! magtrabaho ka nalang muna at wag kang masyadong bubuntot kay pnoy hindi siya makakatulong sa ambisyun mo.

  • Bert

    I don’t believe that the ECONOMIC SALVATION of this country would come from Binay or Roxas, two known TRADPOLS. This country should get away from the clutches of these oligarchs or oligarch-controlled politicians.

  • billygunn23

    maybe he plans to walk, not run.

  • Pinoy

    Mag-resign ka nalang sa DOTC, wala kanamang silbi! No improvement whatsoever in any agency or public service under your watch! The airports are still bad, the LRT/MRT are still very congested, the ports are still terrible, the buses are still crazy! Please lang umalis ka na dyan ang buntis mo nalang asawa mo!

    • Ramil Abalon

      ha ha ha talaga galing mo pare eh yang amo mo may silbi kaya? ha ha ha  puro lang pamulitika inaatupag ha ha ha layo pa nga 2016 eh ha ha ha

  • Jr. de Castro Mortel

    Dapat si Lito Lapid ang lumabang Presidente para kapag lumabas, magkakaroon na ng identity ang Pilipinas. Ipagbabawal niya at ipahuhuli ang magsasalita ng ingles at papayagan nang maglabas ng maraming dollar sa Pilipinas ang kanyang pamilya, syempre kapag di niya kakilala bawal pa rin. Ipagbabawal na rin iyong mga sasakyang malakas sa gasolina at papalitan na ng mga kabayo at bisekleta ang gamit ng mga pulis. Maging ang uniporme ng pulis ay babaguhin na rin, iyon bang tipong sa mga cowboys.  di ba maganda… para lagi tayong nasa pelikula.  Kung si Bong Revilla naman ang lalabas, okey din dahil kalaban niya iyong mga kamag-anak niya. Di katulad ni Noynoy na masyadong malapit.  Sila kasi sila-sila ang nagpapatayan.

  • bananabrain

    nasubukan na natin ang dictator,housewife,military,actor,dwende and special child as president
    kailangan natin susunod ay ..hindi si scooter ng muppet show

    • indiots

      naisip mo pa yan…

  • Nic Legaspi

    Being in an elective post in Philippine politics is proving to be extremely lucrative. Biruin mo, years pa until 2016, but trapos already have it at the forefront of their thoughts instead of actually getting down to work! Wow!

  • lionheart58

    enough of the neo-liberals, oligarchs..we need a president who really has the heart for the welfare of the filipinos and not of the businessmen…we don’t like another P-Noy who wants to privatize the power sources of Mindanao..we need a leader who will think of the filipinos first…panahon na ng pagbabago..

    • MannyKingfisher

      And who will thatbe? Can you recommend one?

      • Rogelio Mira

         Richard Gordon.

  • resortman

    Pinoys have had apprehensions of the phrase”i will not run”…bumenta na yan, mukatmukat mo tatakbo unsolicited advice, please dont run, you wont win, you can take that to the bank!

  • erick_1972

    Like the whole country never heard that before. The last president said that already and she ran breaking her promise ,her reason to finish the work she already laid down. Promises are made to be broken .Just keep it for yourself .

  • ofw2011

    Roxas nor Binay will not be a good president.  

    • indiots

      but who?

      • dinadaga

         Ping Lacson whoelse.

      • indiots

        noon pa dapat. saludo ako dyan.

  • Philcor

    Mar Roxas must be really angry inside….”Put@#$%^&na ano ba to!!!! hahaha

  • Doc_A

    “I can honestly, sincerely, absolutely, transparently tell you that I have no plans,” said Roxas
    But he added that he was at his party’s “disposal.”

    So if LP decided to make him run… but in his heart ACCORDING TO HIM.. He doesnt want.. but “he was at his party;s disposal””… ending.. ROXAS FOR PRESIDENT .. LUSOT!

  • Ulipur

    Parang narinig na ganitong statement.

    Anyway, we know in Philippine politics ganito lang ang mga pulitiko.

    Pero sa totoo lang kung anong gusto ni Korina, siyang masusunod.

  • Martin

    The decision lies on wife Korina not Mar.

    • indiots

      yon din ang naiisip ko, naunahan mo lang ako. sa isang banda masama ba ang makinig at sumunod sa gusto ng kabiyak?

  • brewny

    ow c’mon. or it shld be “no plans Yet”

  • Kuya_Orot

    Muramar is doing a GMA !!

  • Ben

    the problem of many of our politicians is that their mindset is already in 2016! magsi-trabaho muna kayo!! 

    • joeldcndcn


  • innocentyears

    i liked him before. but when he married korina, notorious for being mata pobre and a whipping slavedriver to her abs cbn staff….

    he’s going to pull off a noynoy. he’s declaring that he will not run, pero pag 2016 na, sasabihin nya kunyari napilitan sya kasi pinilit sya ng taong bayan.

    • rodger66

      pakiramdaman lang iyan, pagkatapos ng 2013 election magbabago ang lahat !!! 

  • Lou333

    shrewd as any seasoned politician can be.

  • sopingac

    I can vividly remember Sen. Angara saying before that he is retiring from politics. In fact many said this line when they are not in office or are on their last term as elected official.

    Sen. Villar has said the same line recently and I certainly expect the expected. They will be running again for office when the right time comes.

    I don’t necessarily disagree with their strategy but am certainly don’t buy their BS story anymore.

  • sprint_netms

    Ow common, this is double speak

  • tonyavillareal

    mar is sure to be the country’s presidential non-candidate.

  • AllaMo

    At this early date, members of the fourth estate should stop baiting pols into making pronouncements on their 2016 plans. Such give-and-take between the actors is very unseemly. Of course, we live in very unseemly times. But, that is all the more reason not to behave so.

  • joeldcndcn

    si Pnoy ay nasa likod sa campaign ni mr binay, kawawa talaga si mar roxas, paano malakas si mr binay sa mga “sisters” ni Pnoy, lalo ni kris aquino, tra, la, la, la! sayang ang mga efforts ni mar roxas sa LP dahil “mabait” siya kay Pnoy, dapat isipin ni mar roxas where he committed the mistake, he, he, he!

  • albert

    MAR ROXAS joined the presidential campaign of Cory. kapag nasa america si cory kasama din si mar. mga KKK yan

  • brutsador

    If Mar Roxas is not running then he should ask Gibo, He should run for Senator 2013 and for President 2016 . Go Gibo.

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