Mindanao groups disappointed with Aquino’s response to power crisis


President Aquino: Disappoints Mindanao

DAVAO CITY, Philippines—Mindanao consumers, business and political leaders, expressed disgust and disappointment over President Aquino’s response to the power crisis in Mindanao and then blamed the privatization of the country’s power assets as the root cause of their woes.

“If government did not sell the power barges to Therma Marine Inc., there would have been no shortage of power in Mindanao right now,” said Dr. Melchie Ambalong, chairperson of the Mindanao Commission on Women.

Ambalong pointed out that the power barges, which used to serve as the “spare tire” of the Pulangi hydropower plants, could have supplied some 200 megawatts of electricity, which would cover the current power shortage.

She said that despite a provision in the Electric Power Industry Reform Act, which has allowed the Power Sector Asset and Liabilities Management Corp. (PSALM) to allocate some amount to rehabilitate the Agus and Pulangi hydropower complex, the government only allowed the hydropower plants to deteriorate, which reduced its installed capacity by 254 megawatts.

Ambalong said that it appeared that the government allowed the plants to deteriorate to allow the sale of the facilities at dirt cheap prices.

Ricardo Juliano, vice president for Mindanao of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), said that for Mindanao to continue to maintain its competitive power rates in the country, the government should continue to adopt and implement a hydro-based energy mix, with fossil fuel plants only as disposable and ancillary reserve system.  This, he said, has been successfully done in Brazil, which has one of the lowest and competitive power prices in the world.

“It has been the practice of the business sector to rehabilitate the facility before its sale so that it can fetch a higher price,” Mindanao Business Council chair Vicente Lao said in a separate presentation.

Davao City Councilor Leah Librado said the recently concluded summit served merely as “theatrics,” to make it appear that Mindanao people were heard, but the government would push through with the bidding of the remaining power barges on April 16, three days after the summit.

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  • alazzka

    What can the Mindanaoans in particular and the country in general expect from this NOYNOYING autistic president?…….

  • Mamang Pulis

    sino ba naman matutuwa sa kapabayaan ng mga datin nanunungkulan at sa ngayun ipapalunok sa mamayan ang ganitong solusyon….

    sino ba naman hindi mag susupetsa sa mga deals na kapag nalaspag na ang mga turbina…isasalba ng mga power barge at coal fired plants na ang mga may hawak ng kontrata ay kaalyado ng nakaupo at DATING nakaupo.

    trapo nga rin daw…pag nilawlaw sa tubig litaw ang dumi.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HALAYDLIBIZQ5PAEONHE3DZBTA Joji

    in other words..abnoy is indirectly saying..BAHALA KAYO TAGA MINDANAO SA PROBLEMA NYO! MAGDUSA KAYO!….. is this a kind of president we have? in every problem in the country he has no solution to offer.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EMWJJSWJNBYKVFBLRD3KHWZR5Y odie

      meron ang pataasin ang presyo ng kuryente sa buong pilipinas.. kawawa daw taga luzon dahil ubod ng mura ang sa mindanao (spoiled na daw).  Sana ang ginawa gumawa ng paraan para pati luzon at visayas ay mababa rin ang halaga ng kuryente kamukha sa mindanao.. Di ko maintindihan ubod ng mahal ng presyo ng kuryente sa Pinas kaso bulok naman ang power generators natin.. o well  wag daw sisihin ang MERALCO at ibang CO kase distributor lang sila.. wala daw silang kinalaman sa POWER PRODUCERS OR IPP na PAGMAMAYARI NG KAMAGANAK NILA!!!

  • ofw2011

    The powerfuls are using the power shortage to fool the powerless.  Its more fun in the Phils.

    Who are these powefuls?… ask Mr. Aquino.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DPQ2BY62FSVQZHT5AWT4LSUO4I Bk

    Alazzka you are absolutely correct,in other words mindanaoans continuous fasting w/o end unless noynoying autism neutralized and mentally recovered 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JVNTCIME57OARVX76J75DT7XHU benjie

    Yan nag NOYNOYING na naman kasi ang mahal na Pangulo! Magbayad lang daw tayo ng mahal kung gusto nating magkaroon ng kuryente!  Kawawang Juan de la Cruz! 

  • http://twitter.com/MakabayangJuan Juan Likas Makabayan



  • kilabot

    now the people of mindanao are seeing through the abnoying mind of pnoy “the patient”. they have a chance to get back at this admin come 2013 elections. time to kick the prostitutes’ a$ses out of govt. it’s up to you mindanao.

  • GreenStallion

    Some of us Filipinos loved to disagree, contradict, belittle the effort this gov’t made and criticise our top leaders for the sake of disagreeing without giving concrete solutions as well to make this electric crisis solve. That is why our country until now remains at the bottom among ASEAN countries. I’m from Mindanao and I myself is against privatizing the Hydopower plants. But lets not go ahead instead to the gov’t plans to solve this enery crisis we are suffering by imputing unfounded accusations, hearsays, etc. to make this complicate more. Let’s hear first the gov’t side before we conclude and judge right away. Let’s not sensationalize reports and overact of the things that makes worst instead. Let’s solve this problem of working together instead of defying what is best solutions.
    Let me quote the President’s statement last April 13, 2012 during the energy summit held at Davao City and it goes :

    “This status quo could well have been maintained, if things had not changed,
    the President said.
    “But things have changed. Increasing population means increasing demand,
    increasing opportunities means increasing need for more power,” Mr. Aquino
    Mindanao’s reliance on hydroelectric power is no longer sustainable, the
    President said.
    “Hydropower needs water. And the availability and timeliness of the supply
    of water cannot be considered a constant. So the situation is: the demand is
    constant, but the supply isn’t,” he said.
    “If Mindanao can no longer rely on hydropower too much to provide for its
    base load, it would need a more diverse mix of energy sources, he said.
    “Basically, Mindanao relying on hydropower for more than half of its
    consistent consumption—what is called the base load—is not sustainable anymore,
    considering the many variables that affect water supply—from rainfall, to
    natural calamities, even to seasonal variations like El Niño,” he said.”

    “The simple truth is: you will have to pay more,” the President said.
    Consumers in Mindanao will have to pay more “because this is the reality of
    economics, not the rhetoric of politics,” he said.
    “Everything has its price. You have to
    pay a real price for a real service. There are only two choices: pay a little
    more for energy, or live with the rotating brownouts … You have to pay a little
    more for the current and future health of the energy sector in Mindanao,” the
    President said.
    Paying a little more for energy will enable Mindanao to have a stable
    supply of power for the future of the region, the President said.

    “The President said it was not true, as
    some quarters have claimed, that Mindanao residents will have to pay up to P14
    more per kilowatt hour for their electricity. He said it was more like an
    additional 50 to 60 centavos per kWh.”


    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EMWJJSWJNBYKVFBLRD3KHWZR5Y odie

      So that is your solution? Swallow everything that he has said hook line and sinker? Why not use his enormous budget for pork barrel from the exucutive and legislative branches of the government to construct power plants? Di ba mas ok kung nag increase ang demand increase din ang supply? Anyways the pork barrel as i see it is redundant to the budgets given to the DepED and DPWH and most of the time used as a political tool.  If you have not noticed we are paying more for the electricity now? 

    • http://twitter.com/arsonistonfire Last Eternal

      *You* elected him. 

      I, for one, did not. 

      Why will you put your trust into an administration you knew would hit rock bottom since day one? At most, all we could do is to wring our hands and shake our heads in dismay.

      • GreenStallion

        You’re right I voted for him last election and I’m very proud that I have been part of that change which most Filipinos now found hope in our Philippine government. But it doesn’t matter whether you voted or not, its already part of history.
        The power crisis in Mindanao is something to look objectively rather than personal biases or emotional outburts. If we have to listen and read carefully what the President said last April 13 Power Summit in Davao City theirs truth behind that we must compromise in order to solve this problem. I’m from Mindanao and I too is not in favor of privatization of Pulangi-Agus HydroElectric because it will give leeway to the private business sectors to increase cost, but given the long problem we have already with Napocor-Trillon Pesos debt, Hydroelectric no longer guarantees constant power supply, etc.  we could not help but to think for best and immediate possible solutions. And Pnoy was misconstrued by other sectors when he rebutted the next day that he was infavor of privatization of Pulangi-Agus where according to him he did not say that.
        My point here is the power crisis problem in Mindanao will not be solve overnight, Pulangi-Agus needs at least P30Billion to rehabilitate where would our national gov’t get that money when our national budget is financially hard up since immorial. Increase Taxes? A lot of protesters will go to the streets once again and you’re one of them perhaps. Remember this Gov’t did not introduce new tax measures (unlike in the time of GMA that 12% EVAT where put to law & we poor pinoys burdened)  to augment deficit in our expenditures. Theirs so much problem in our country today, if we keep on targetting, blocking, criticizing our gov’t measures without concrete solutions to give, then what will happen to our country?


  • BAKIT2011

    According to Pnoy, if we want electricity, we have to pay high rates of energy and according to him gone are the days of cheap electricity! but the problem is, Pnoy didnt know that weve been paying high electricity rates long way before and even before the power crisis! Pnoy appears to be solving the problem but in reality, he is just for show! He didnt address the issue he is after all supporting Aboitiz and telling the audience in the summit his support for Aboitiz!

    • dontblockme

      PNoy will never have a heart for the masa. His solutions are always with high stakes that put the masa at the losing end and benefit only big businesses and his allies. Oh well…

    • Malik62

      BS Aquino x3 is reallu clueless about the Mindanao power problem.  Hence, he is hopeless and most of all useless!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QZZKXPEA67I7HELEIYM35QVYFA Jon

    Councilor Leah Librado said the recently concluded summit served merely
    as “theatrics,” to make it appear that Mindanao people were heard.

    Dyan lang magaling si Pwehnoy.
    Puro palabas at press release lang.
    Pero pag resulta na ang kailangan, sa pakamot-kamot lang ng itlog maasahan.
    Pwehnoy, gawa hindi ngawa ang kailangan ng tao.

  • glycerlean

    bakit kaya hindi nila bgyang ng budget to? pero sa impeachment may budget sila…
    napaka bobo tlga ng presidente ng pinas.
    yari nanaman ako sa fans ni pnoy hehehe

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000544743866 Winefredo Tabasa

    What could you expect from a noynoying president?He has nothing to prove his worth, even during his time as a congressman and a senator.

  • mikerocky

    Yep, the President’s pergormance all boils down to its effect on peoples lives. The Mindanaoans felt its effect in liue of the brown outs, the Public Health Workers felt it with the deprivation of one-fourth of their salary by the deprivation of DBM of their hazard pay benefits that they continuously received on a monthly basis since the time of President Ramos to GMA.

    Never in our wildest dream that the person we expected to help us through the drak times of the GMA administration, had the gall to punish us in this manner. Let us all pray for strength and fortitude to bear our mistake and live through the remaining years of his administration. Just like during Good Friday, let us forgive him of his transgression for he know not what he is doing.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EMWJJSWJNBYKVFBLRD3KHWZR5Y odie

      wow even hazard pay? Sira talaga.. No compensation whatsoever for healthworkers that expose themselves to infectious diseases, radiation, and etc., I know it is a service, but ibig bang sabihin di na tayo kakain? or makaimpok ng konti para man lang kung tayo naman ang magkasakit may pangbayad tayo? Di ako magtataka kung wala ng tatao sa gov hospital.. Paano kase ginagamit ang pondo para ipagawa ang kalsada na di naman sira? o kaya palawakin ang kalsada para maging parking lot or isara pag may birthday party sa barangay? and lastly bigyan ng sweldo at benipisyo ang mga pulis an di naman natin nakikita sa lansangan para magmasid? It is so fun in the Philippines!!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/UZEQ2ZNLQKBF24IN74H2TKURYE confused

        its just sad that the story of the Hazard Pay robbery c/o Noynoy Ona and Abad cant make it to any of the pages of this great news paper. Us health workers are really disgusted over the substantial cutting of our magna carta benefits.Our collective voices will once again be heard during the May 7th protest marking the National Health Workers Day! Noynoy pahirap. Magnanakaw ng Magna Carta ng mga PObreng health workers. Inquirer Gising!

  • mekeni62

    this seems an accurate assessment of the situation. Now,to the people of Mindanao it is your call. Show this president your disgust and disappointment and for sure many will be behind you. Your move folks!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/APG4EF4E2BYT3C7NLOVNXKF64Y albert

    Mindanao groups disappointed with Aquino’s response to power crisis..  <<  this proves that pnoy`s primary concern is to make greedy kkk happier. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Amor-Caceres/100000855526262 Amor Caceres

    it’s easy to state ideal changes but it’s so hard when it comes to actual process.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DMQA5JDNNAY3CTREKDGKPNQD6A ronie

    what are you complaining guys. you  voted for him then just enjoy the fun.  more fun in the philippines.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/APG4EF4E2BYT3C7NLOVNXKF64Y albert

      isip abnoy

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DMQA5JDNNAY3CTREKDGKPNQD6A ronie

        ako isip abnoy? hindi siguro. una hindi ko binoto yang abnoy na president. pangalawa ang furniture biznis ko dito sa mindanao subrang lugi na sa panay brownout at idle ang mga workers ko panay hintay kailan babalik ang electricity samantala syempre tuloy pa din ang pasahud ko kahit bagsak na ang production ko. ngayon anu gawin ko dahil ang presidente natin na binoto nyo eh walang action sa problema sa electricity dito tagal na sigi nga turuan mo nga ako?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WXHJK6S7ACVMCISBINK2AUL4JA Christopher J

         sarcastic lang si ronie. lol

  • pepengkabayo

    Mindanao groups disappointed with Aquino’s response to power crisis….

    You wished for Pnoy and You got Him.
    Election is over, just bear with Him.

  • Malik62

    Q: How many Noynoy Aquinos does it take to change a light bulb?

    A: Two. One to change it and another to blame the failure of the old bulb on the previous administration.

    Q: How many Noynoy Aquinos does it take to change a light bulb?
    A: One. But the more important question is: will he do it?

    Q: How many Noynoy Aquinos does it take to change a light bulb?
    A: Two. One to change it and another to release a photo of him installing the new bulb.

    THE PH.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000224718985 Janith Wong


  • revitor

    I remember one of Marcos’ reasons in declaring Martial Law was to abolish oligarchy. However in the waning days of his rule, cronyism took root. Oligarchs and cronies however are of the same breed and qualities. Hunger for power and wealth. Cory took over with the help of the yellow mob and the disgraced oligarchs. In her time the power crisis has taken root. She made us Filipinos pay about 3 Billion dollars loan for Bataan Nuclear Power Plant lying idle. She scuttled the Philippine Power Development Plan by abolishing Ministry of Energy. Now Pnoy has the gall of blaming GMA on the energy crisis in Mindanao?

  • brianitus

    Well, are Aquinos into making the Aboitizes happy?  Nakinabang na sila nung dating mga brownout di ba?

    It’s pretty acceptable for children to their emulate parents.  Kaso, pati ba naman ang brownout gagayahin pa?  Kamown!

  • pulis

    Yan ang napala ng mga Kabayan natin na pag bumoto hindi ginagamit ang utak..Dahil anak ni ganito kahit bubo binuto…Kaya mag dusa kayong mga yellowtard! Wala na kayong magawa dahil may apat na taon pang manunongkulan yan at magbibigay sa inyo ng lagim! Whaaaa!!

  • GilArellano

    mga kapwa ko FILIPINO  malayo pa ang next eleksiyon pero ang mga opisyal natin ay puro eleksiyon na naman ang pinag uusapan…sana kung may kakandidatong hindi politician ay suriin ninyo kung karapat dapat siya…hindi yung mga TRAPOS diyan…like  P noy what do you expect  everything is given to him in a silver platter  d niya nasubukang magutom  kaya he doesnt care…kaya  mag isip isip kayo vote intelligently next time…yung talagang galins sa mahirap…at mahirap pa hanggang ngayon…

    • http://twitter.com/arsonistonfire Last Eternal

      Kung mahirap pa din hanggang ngayon ang trip mong kandidato, ibig sabihin lang nun ay wala siyang silbi. Akalain mo, ‘di n’ya nagawang iangat ang kanyang sarili sa tinagal-tagal ng panahon; paano pa kaya niya magagawang iangat ang iba?

      Opinyon ko lang naman. :)

  • dannyflorencio

    Noynoy Aquino alias Panot – TAMAAN KA SANA NG KIDLAT !!!!!!!


  • EdgarEdgar

    Noynoy is just too incompetent. Too incompetent to be given the responsibility of running a country. At the rate he’s going, he will run this country aground before he loses all his hair. There’s a lot more at stake than his hopeless hair. Time to resign before people boo him out of office. Time for bed now Noynoy, may you rest in peace.

  • tekateka

    I’ve never seen so much Hatred to a President ever in this country…

    I think we could’ve been better if our president was:

    1. Bayani Fernando
    2. Richard Gordon
    3. Gibo Teodoro
    4. Joseph Ace Durano

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3RMNEZCQQHXWOQRXJROQ2CORFU Homer Guo

       its not hatred, that’s for GMA. its  disappointment, dismay, hopelessness that people feel about this government.

  • tekateka

    Dazed and Confused…!!!

  • beatmanny

    mukhang tuliro pa ang mga abnoytards ah. re-resback yan mamaya. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3RMNEZCQQHXWOQRXJROQ2CORFU Homer Guo

    like mother, like son. walang gulugod.

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