9 Chinese boats leave Scarborough shoal

Tensions ease but 1 ship back, fly-by made


Eight Chinese fishing boats and a surveillance ship involved in a standoff with the Philippines left the disputed Scarborough Shoal in the West Philippine Sea on Friday, easing tensions between China and the Philippines.

But the tensions spiked again Saturday afternoon after China sent back a surveillance vessel to the shoal and a Chinese aircraft flew over a Philippine Coast Guard vessel facing off a Chinese ship in the area.

The Chinese fly-by Saturday afternoon may have been the response to the Philippines’ surveillance fly-by made in the morning, the Inquirer has learned from a highly placed official who spoke to the Inquirer on condition he not be named.

Hours after reporting that all but one Chinese vessel had left the waters off Scarborough Shoal by Friday, Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario said one of the larger vessels later returned.

The vessel’s return boosted the Chinese presence to two vessels, while a Chinese aircraft also arrived and made fly-bys above a Philippine Coast Guard vessel stationed in the area, Del Rosario said.

A Chinese vessel also harassed a Philippine-registered vessel conducting a scientific survey, Del Rosario said without elaborating.

The Philippine vessel reportedly had nine French nationals aboard doing archaeological surveys of the waters in the area.

Del Rosario said the latest developments came despite his agreement with Chinese Ambassador Ma Keqing not to take any action that would escalate tensions in the area. “It appears that there is an element that is lacking in our negotiations,” he said in a written statement to reporters after receiving an updated report from the Coast Guard.

It was unclear Saturday night why China sent back the civilian ship to Scarborough. The ship’s return brought the number of vessels in the shoal to three, from two earlier in the day: the BRP Pampanga and one Chinese surveillance craft.

The departure of the Chinese fishing boats greatly eased the tensions on Saturday. The Philippines, however, failed to confiscate the Chinese boats’ illegal harvest of giant clams, corals and sharks.

Del Rosario called the Chinese getaway “regrettable.”

PH flag asserts sovereignty

But the commander of the Philippine Navy, Rear Adm. Alexander Pama, considered keeping the Philippine flag flying in the area more significant than confiscating the Chinese’s illegal catch. The flag’s flying there signified that the Philippines was asserting its sovereignty in the disputed waters, Pama said.

Earlier Saturday, Lt. Gen. Anthony Alcantara, the military commander in northern Luzon, said that apparently the Chinese pullouts were “the result of the negotiations by our foreign department with their Chinese counterparts.”

But Del Rosario said in a statement released by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) earlier Saturday that his meeting with Ma on Friday night produced no clear agreement on the fishing boats’ departure.

He said he had told Ma that the Philippines was willing to allow the boats to return to China but only after confiscating their illegal catch.

“There was no clear agreement, as Ambassador Ma asserted that Chinese fishing vessels would be subject to inspection by their own authorities,” Del Rosario said.

Pullout during negotiation

“We later learned that all the Chinese fishing vessels had left the lagoon, a development [we had been working for] except for our not being able to confiscate their illegal harvest pursuant to the Fisheries Code, which was regrettable,” Del Rosario said.

The military said the pullout began Friday, as Philippine and Chinese diplomats negotiated a resolution of the standoff that began Sunday with the interception of Chinese boats found illegally fishing at Scarborough Shoal.

The shoal is within the Philippines’ 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic zone but China insists it is part of its territory.

Crossed by major shipping lanes, the area is believed to be rich in oil and gas reserves as well as fish stocks and other commercially attractive marine life.

The tensions began on Sunday when the Philippines sent its largest warship, the BRP Gregorio del Pilar, a US Hamilton-class cutter, to the shoal to stop the Chinese boats from further removing marine life in the shoal.

China responded by sending two surveillance vessels, which blocked the path of the Philippine warship to prevent the arrest of the Chinese fishers.

Diplomatic negotiations throughout the week led to the departures of one Chinese surveillance vessel and the Gregorio del Pilar on Thursday.

Philippine officials said the cutter left only to restock and refuel. It was replaced at the shoal by a Coast Guard search-and-rescue vessel, the BRP Pampanga, while a third Chinese surveillance craft took the place of the one that pulled out.

As negotiations continued on Friday, the Chinese fishing boats began to leave the shoal.

“At 12 noon [on Friday, seven Chinese vessels, including a marine survey vessel called Zhungguo Haijan 75, left,” Lieutenant General Alcantara told reporters.

“Then at 6 or 7 p.m., five Chinese fishing vessels left, including the Chinese fisheries law enforcement command vessel, pulled out of the site,” he said.

As for the illegally harvested giant clams, coral and baby sharks that Philippine authorities had found on the Chinese fishing boats, Alcantara said the Chinese left carrying them.

“Apparently, as far as I know, they took it with them,” Alcantara said. “I have no direct information, but it could be part of the negotiations.”

Good development

Alcantara said the pullouts on both sides helped ease tensions. “Of course, this is [a good development] and it is our wish that this be resolved peacefully.”

But Del Rosario said his meeting with Ma on Friday night ended in a “stalemate.” He said both countries demanded that the other’s vessels be the first to leave the shoal.

By that time, only the Coast Guard’s BRP Pampanga was facing off the two Chinese surveillance vessels, which were covering eight Chinese fishing boats.

Apparently, the Chinese vessels were pulling out even as he and Ma were talking.

‘Years of Friendly  Exchanges’

Del Rosario said he and the Chinese ambassador had been trying to reach an understanding in the spirit of the “Years of Friendly Exchanges” launched in Beijing on April 11 and in Manila on March 20.

He said the Philippines would continue to monitor the situation in coordination with other governmental agencies.

Del Rosario is leaving today (Sunday) for the United States to campaign for Justice Florentino Feliciano, the Philippine candidate to the International Court of Justice.

He said other DFA officials would replace him in the negotiations with China.

On Friday, he said he and Ma agreed to set aside diplomatic protests in order to ease tensions over the standoff. But that did not mean the two countries were withdrawing their protests.

Alcantara said on Saturday that the military would not be complacent. “We’re always prepared. This is not their first incursion,” he said. “Our Navy and Coast Guard are always patrolling these waters to take care of our interests in these parts.”

China claims all of the South China Sea, even waters up to the coasts of other countries in the region, are Chinese territory.

Aside from the Philippines and China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei also claim parts of the waters as their own. With reports from AP and AFP

First posted 12:04 am | Sunday, April 15th, 2012

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  • Bill_Li

    ♥China♥         =       Superpower

    FLlP              =        SlCK SIuts of Asia

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/DIJJSF4EMKNIU4745WYHMUJOKY Cuck Forona

      chinese- super cowards of asia. they dont have the courage to fight for their democracy.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/DIJJSF4EMKNIU4745WYHMUJOKY Cuck Forona

      chinese politburo- master pimp of 1.3 billion chinese puppets.

    • INQ_reader

       Get out of this forum. This is only for free citizens. My ancestors fought and died for me and my fellow Filipinos to enjoy this freedom of speech and expression. Your ancestors such as Mao Tse Tung only handed to you a suppressed society. Nothing is free in the world, even freedom. My ancestors brought freedom with their blood and tears. You and your ancestors have no balls to buy your freedom, so you don’t have the right to enjoy it.

    • JK1000

      China kills their own people, NO FREEDOM at all ! They’re the worst people you’ll ever meet.

    • huseng_batute

      You blew your chance at Tiananmen Square in 1989.   A lone man has shown you the way by stopping a column of 4 tanks.  Sadly no one supported him.  

      800 people died in vain.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/N4NOF6AUXV4UGAHZV7O5P5YCF4 Pedro

    dahan dahan ng umalis ang mga “tsikwa” kasi malapit na ang april 16, malapit ng dumating ang tropa ng mga “kano” para sa balikatan exercise. TAKOT sila baka kung saan pa mapunta ang usapan or ano pa ang mangyari pag inabutan sila ng tropa ng US diyan!!!!!bwahahahaha.

  • Fz20

    china must stop the savage thievery, pillaging and plundering of philippine aquatic resources. barbaric people! claiming the whole sea, stealing everything that moves in the sea…dispicable shame on you china!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/DIJJSF4EMKNIU4745WYHMUJOKY Cuck Forona

      they kill their own hapless people with no impunity, no respect. what do you think they can do to us?

      they should learn from their grampa pirate LIMAHONG dead on a bamboo stick in 1574.

  • avmphil

    If the report says several Chinese vessels have vacated the immediate shores of Scarborough Shaol, than a potentially serious confrontation with the Chinese had been averted. For now,and for the AFP, especially the naval wing, its time to focus its entire fire-power ordinance and call for a regional convention (especially the fronting shore-lines states of Palawan right upto Ilocos Norte and the islands of Batanes,to work out a new stretegy in naval readiness.
    As resources are scares, deployment of essential naval power can be segmented. Poro Point (San Fernando in L.U.) is well equipped as a support base for large warships (that saw the Gregorio del Pillar sailing in), but minor ports like Solamague and general cargo handlers like Currimou in Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Nortre respectively can provide support bases for regional based patrol-boats and smaller naval vessels. Beijing had profiled this nations naval strength and locked up a data of coastal areas that can be breached at any given time. The Philippines with its resource rich waterways and islets are in for great attention for the Chinese. And this country’s security and pride is its people, and what is in hand to keep at bay an aggressor: China.

  • JK1000

    The Philippine Navy should have arrested those chinese thieves and sunk their boats right away. China is known as the black sheep of Asia. They always supports terrorist nations like Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Russia, and other trouble maker countries.

    • Webfeet

      You are right, got away scot free and will be back again poaching in Philippines water. Philippines should deport all the illegal Chinese from Philippines. They are a national security threat. They will never fight for Philippines in case of war or conflict, instead they will sell Philippines out to China. 

      • carlocasaman

        as if telling them ” hey, u chinese poachers, come again here… we will not arrest u…”

    • carlocasaman

      because dey are communist…

  • Fulpol

    anong plano ng Amerika??

    walang iba kundi simulan ang World War 3 sa pilipinas..


  • carlocasaman

    bkit pa dinadadaan ang issue sa mga ambassadors???

    dalhin n yan sa UN… dun na pag-usapan ng mga lider ng dalawang bansa at ipatupad agad ung cnsbing exclusive economic zone….

    at mga lider ng AFP.. saka nio na isipin ung kukurakutin nio…

    ibili nio muna ng mga gamit pantubig yan
    pra ndi tau ngmkhang kahiya hiya…

    ninakawan tau sa sarili ntin teritoryo tpos ndi nio huhuliin??

    samantalang kung pinoy ang hinuli malamang naka skedule na ang pagbitay niyan….

    pkitignan nrin ung fisheries code ntin
    bka ang multa lng niyan ay
    1 month in prison at 20, 000 fine….

  • juantamadnatamad

    Let us all pray that a solution will be found peacefully. 

  • ricardo ricafort

    ..reports are not all complete.  Leaked intel says of Chinese subs present there…..

    • ZoiMc

      there’s a stealth fighter plane above, a stealth missle boat, and a stealth destroyer standing by…

  • GKid

    Stalemate? China clearly won this round, they stole our resources right in front of us but we are too  weak to do anything about it.  To make matters worst they sent in more robbers(fishing vessels) to steal some more and the government just let it happen. Noynoying at its finest.

  • Platypus09

    Philippine military played too soft.

    They could have captured these Chinese men and let diplomatic ties play afterwards for possible release.

    If Somalia pirates capture cargo ships anytime that pass their water territory, then Philippine Navy can do the same thing if they encroach our territory illegally and teach them some lessons.

    Philippine military is still in it’s immature infant stage that is a laughing matter in global military world.

    They are SHAME to this country.

    They could do a better job than what they did in this incident.

    I thought they are trained to do confrontational tactic with a little of aggressiveness.

    • goldilock

      You need the world to know of China’s incursion and build a China incursion profile and submit it to UN. Ma should have been kick out of the country for claiming Philippine territory part of China.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/FKIOVOHCJCHUZQBVBDPPFI5WT4 Cyrus

      Sir, Galing mo makagamit ng Shame na salita sa military natin. Ano na ba nagawa mo sa Pilipinas? subukan mo kayang magdonate ng kahit isang barko, para makalaban yung sundalo natin, yung barkong may mga armaments kagaya ng sa US Navy. Pero sigurado ako, wala ka pera. Kaya subukan mo na lang magsundalo, pero sigurado ako, takot ka magsundalo. Kaya ang magandang mong gawin ay gumawa ng maganda para makatulong ka, Hwag ka, puro salita. SHAME on you! 

      • Platypus09

        I will not retract what I said about the Philippine militarymen that they are REALLY SHAME TO OUR COUNTRY.

        Lots of us Filipinos share this sentiment. Show us proofs that they are NOT.    

        They are only good during peace times but cannot be found when most things are out of control.

        It seems like you must be one of the SHAMEFUL Filipino military men who do not know how to do their job in protecting Filipino lives, their freedom and their sovereignty.

        For one thing, you do NOT bully somebody like me who has all the opinions in the world on those who don’t do nothing good for others and countrymen; lazy; don’t have anything up there in their heads; unable to stand up to their rights and rights of others; and don’t have the guts to make a difference in the lives of others.

        We don’t know each other financial-wise but this is what I can tell you, people know if people (esp. government employees paid by our taxes) are not doing thier jobs and what they are being paid for.

      • zhardan

         Based on money peddled around for elections, pork barrels, kutong, etc. I believe we have the resources to buy military equipment to protect our sovereignty.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/FKIOVOHCJCHUZQBVBDPPFI5WT4 Cyrus

        Di mo naman kailangang bawiin yung sinabi mo, opinyon mo yan eh. Para sabihin ko sayo, kahit kelan di naging mapayapa ang Pilipinas, araw araw may sundalo tayo na nakikipagpatayan sa bundok para makatulog tayo ng mahimbing. 

        At sa sinabi mo na isa ako sa mga SHAMEFUL na sundalo, hindi. Sundalo lang  ako, at walang kasamang shameful. hehehe. Break ko lang Sir, ng 15 days at babalik na naman ako sa bundok, para magpatrolya sa bundok, para protektahan kayo. Minsan lang ako makapag surf ng internet, at yung comment mo pa yung nabasa ko kaya di ko mapigilang sagutin yung mga sinasabi mo. Nakakasama ng loob yung mga sinasabi mo tungkol sa kasundaluhan natin.Sigurado ako sir, mas mayaman ka sa akin. Maliit lang kasi sweldo namin, kahit officer, kulang pa din para sa mga gastusin ng pamilya namin.  Oo, kayo yung nagpapasweldo sa amin, gamit yung buwis na binabayad ninyo. Huwag ka mag-alala sir, automatic yung deduction sa amin ng buwis, at every year ako nagpapasa ng income tax return. Nagbabayad din kami ng buwis. At huwag ka makapagsalita, tungkol sa trabaho namin, magsundalo ka muna para malaman mo kalagayan ng sundalo natin.

        Sigurado ako, yung mga alam mo sa sundalo, baka nakwento lang ng kamag-anak mo, kaibigan mo, o baka sa mass media mo lang nalaman. Ikaw yung SHAMEFUL. Huwag mong idamay yung AFP kung ano ka. Mamundok, makipagpatayan sa mga rebelde at lumaban ng kulang ang suporta at gamit. Saka ka magsabi sa akin na SHAMEFUL ang AFP. 

  • ZoiMc

    Time to sell Philippines to the US!

    At least we are going somewhere! 

    Who agrees? :) 

    • Guest

      The US will not buy it.

      • ZoiMc

        They will buy it if we sell! Why?  Answer : Strategic location!

        They bought PH once from Spain for a cheap price!

      • Guest

        The US will not buy it because if they do, there will be a stampede of  Filipinos in the airport, and after one month how will FedEx deliver the  balikbayan boxes!

      • ZoiMc

        lol hahahaha! theres LBC…..they will buy it, but Filipinos will apply for a visa!!

        We used to be a colony of US….big mistake by our heroes!

        They must be in QQ looking at PH right now.

      • Topioquin

        The US will not buy it even if there is LBC because KFC will will run out of gravy. Imagine 90 million Filipinos, 3 times a day nasa KFC, yun gravy gagawin sabaw sa rice! 

      • Topioquin

        The US will not buy it because if they do, there will be a stampede of  Filipinos in the airport, and after one month how will FedEx deliver the  balikbayan boxes!

  • Vangaurd

    Thank God it was resolved peacefully

    • http://twitter.com/MarLouWang Marlou Wang

      Not yet! Wake-up call sa atin ito. Time to standup to our own decisions. Let us put up missiles pointing to the big bully and if possible do what Iran and Nokor are doing. We are not all dumb people. During WWII ano ang napala natin. Playground ng 2 strong militaries. Wala naman tayong kasalanan bakit tayo naaapi? 

  • PCD_2012

    The  right title should be “Philippine Diplomats and Armed Forces Fooled by Chinese Poachers”!

    Our government is playing passive diplomacy, look at China they can say harsh words to us while our officials even defending the actions of the Chinese!  Whether in Firepower or “Word-War” Philippines is in the loosing end. 

    Kung sa Vietnam nangyari yan for sure tatawagin nilang “Bully” at “Poachers” ang China!  Kung mga supot kayo sa laban daanin nyo na lang sa “Propaganda”!  Banatan nyo sa salita at himukin nyo ang buong bansa na magkaron ng Anti-China Sentiment!!!


    • Platypus09

      I agree with your title.

      Sometimes our Philippine mediamen are not that smart too. They do not know how to write articles to trigger politicians and the entire Philippine society to think critically and strike them at the same time to do the right thing. While people in general want to
      foster peace, the military men have their own agressive roles when needed with some limitations to assert sovereignty and teach people (and other nationalities) to do the right thing.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/NNAJQQUKFAB4DITXYZPSG26FYA Martin

        The Chinese are good in bribing and they were the ones who taught the Filipinos about bribery.  Could it be our media has also been bribed by the Chinese?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UD2PCDAV3MVHLVFNAYNOO4H7TY jose

    The Philippine goverment should stop pretending that Red China is a friend. Red China is a threat w/c is now trespassing our territorial waters that is recognized by International law. The Philippine Republic should be dead serious assertive on this matter otherwise the Chinese will keep running over us laughing.

    The country should should elevate this matter to the UN, and should not be coy to enforce its territorial law. After all what is the purpose of US-Philippine defense treaty as the Chinese is already invading our territory.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZVS4MKYAHNFS6TCFBFGRZNIIGQ Nueva

      barilin nyo na lang yang mga gg checkwa

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FWD5IDZT7SXOEHKLE3O7CGFOAE Bright

    Nasaan na ang mga aktibista? Wala sa mga reports ah. 

    • BatangSingapore

      gulpihin din mga yan kasama ng mga intsik na yan.

  • fugeee

    “9 Chinese boats leave Scarborough shoal” kasama nung nakulimbat nilang live corals at pating….talaga namang ugaling pirata itong mga ito…bilang ganti sa mga to…pinull out ko na savings ko sa CHINA bank…pauna pa lang yan…tounge inanyo…komunistang walang modo!!!

    • sorbetero

      One can almost touch your feeling of  frustration and anger but what else can one do?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/NNAJQQUKFAB4DITXYZPSG26FYA Martin

        We can still do something the Chinese would regret.  Beat those Chinese in Manila who don’t speak a word of Filipino and English.  Close their stores like that 168 Mall and deport them.

  • Mario_Garcia

     BRP Gregorio del Pilar, a second hand junk of the US being sent to deter the Chinese ships would be like trying to hit a stone using an egg.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KNCRPDU3VZZ3HAOL53SO3UZ3NU Juan

    A comment for the series of reaction about scarborough shoal, we are fooled several times already by the chinese and all of us would say we can do nothing because we are weak, inferior in arms, small, etc. .To assert our territory, we will start by shooting all the chinese vessel in our area and let see what the action of the USA, Asean and other countries. Definitely chinese would fireback at what they always do in the past engagement in the area, shoot and explain latter on. We will give them their on own medicine shoot them first and complain to the UN that we are being put on the corner in our own territory. The UN will not react unless there is war going on. .

    Look at vietnam, the chinese always think first before reacting while for the philippines, chinese do not think to act on us what ever they please to us. They know already that we are only good in talking but no action so let the action begin. . Sink them and make their boats serves as corral as replacement of what the poach from us. That our reason for sinking them to replace the corral that is Made in China.

    • zhardan

       Tama. If we have a chance to sink them to give them a lesson, let’s do it.  For now we should accelerate buying military assets.

  • neverwint3r

    e di naman victory yan e, the chinese escaped with their illegal catch-what our navy was trying to prevent, so in fact its a slap in the face of the country.

    and you can bet your house, they’ll be back, probably in a few days, for what purpose? what else but to steal our natural resources again. hahaha. ganyan sila kagarapal and ganyan tayo ka-weak.

    if the US did the same thing to us, you can be sure all those militants would have burned the US embassy down and attacked all american companies and citizens in the country. in fact, if the chinese ask for military bases here, all these militants would have lobbied the government to approve it.

  • BatangSingapore

    NILILIGAW ang mambabasa sa balitang ito.

    UTOS ba ng malacanang na iligaw ang mamayan sa tunay na nangyayari sa scarborough shoal?  bakit hindi nyo pa sabihin na naunang umalis ang pilipinas dun sa lugar at ibinigay na natin sa China ang lahat lahat hahahahhahaha.

    Bading na Lacierda at Valte na kasing hugis ng balde ang katawan ano masasabi ninyo at sino naman kaya sisihin ninyo sa mga katarantaduhan ninyong move?

    Magsialis na kayo sa malacanang dahil hindi alam ang inyong ginagawa at higit sa lahat hindi ninyo kaya ang mamuno talaga ng bansa.  Hindi ninyo alam kung ano dapat gawin kapag pinipingot na ng bully ang iyong tainga sa loob pa mismo ng iyong tahanan,

  • BatangSingapore

    madaya at hindi press freedom ang ginagawa ng PDI.  sabi sa titulo umalis na ang mga barko ng China pero ang totoo may mga natitira pa rin mga barko sa scarborough shoal.

    PDI magbalita kayo ng responsable at hindi yun nililinlang ninyo ang mamamyan.  ikaw manunulat siguraduhin mo na hindi mo pinagbibili ang kalaayan mo magsulat.  malinaw na gusto mo linlangin at paniwalain ang nagbabasa na umalis na ang China sa teritoryo ng pilipinas.

    kung sadyang nabahag ang buntot ng pilipinas ay huwag mo itago at datapuwat ay ipagsigawan mo ito ng sa gayon matauhan ang mamayan kung anong klaseng bansa meron tayo ngayon.

  • Ricky070

    It is important that the Philippines must not buckle under any kind of chinese bullying because this is a very critical stage in protecting and asserting Philippine’s sovereignty in the Scarborough Shoal and anywhere else in the West Philippine Sea. We are in a better position both morally, legally, and we are much closer to the area to assert our sovereignty and claim than the Chinese, but if we can’t even show any kind of assertion and firm resolve in protecting Philippine sovereignty against the Chinese, then we might as well have surrendered our territory to the Chinese.  If we can’t draw the line in the sand and make our stand in the Scarborough Shoal, then we can’t do any better any where else in the West Philippines Sea in protecting our territories.. It is critical and important that this test on Philippines’ resolve and will must be concluded with the Philippines claimed on the area asserted and defended and China backing off.

  • Ricky070

    I would encouraged everyone to call, email, and write, to your senators or president and tell them not to surrender our territories.  Make sure your voice is heard coz I think Philippine leaders are not hearing the sentiment of the people correctly.

    Even if the chinese boats all leave (and I don’t see them leaving anytime soon), under any circumstances, Philippines’ presence in the area must be maintained 24/7. You can’t expect the chinese not to come back because if the Philippines let its guard down even for a moment, next thing you know, china would have build another Chinese “Fisherman’s Shelter” right inside our territory.

  • tabingbakod

    Mahuhuli mo talaga ang isda sa bunganga. The first excuse of the chinese is that the fishermen were only taking shelter at shoal. That the fish was caught elsewhere. If the chinese truly believe that the shoal is part of their territory, it wouldnt matter if the fish were caught at the shoal. Their claim that the whole of the West Philippine is a bullying tactic. They want to see if we get scaredand give up territory willingly.
    Sabi nga ng mga Pilipino sa barangay na malapit sa shoal, marami na rin ibang nasyon na illigal na nangisda sa shoal, kung teritoryo ng tsina yon dapat hinuhuli na nila yung taiwanese at vietnamese na nangingisda.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NGDI3EXPIXJUB7EDE4QKUUU2NA Mock

    Falkland Island II , Asian Edition.

  • pakialamero69

    phil nay and coast guard, is only guarding their pocket interest.

  • NeilLuna

    I agree with Juan. Hard line and aggressive action is almost always effective. Even if our navy is nothing compared to China’s, the possible hostile engagements will enhance the credibility of our claim and force the hand of the US. Our navy should engage immediately all vessels. Worst case scenario is the Chinese sinks one of our ships killing the crew. Well, that would not be the first time Filipinos died fighting foreign invaders.
    The military solution is fast and can be very effective for us even if it will  leads to tactical defeat or casualties from our side. Diplomacy is tricky and time consuming. However, we should also consider the economic ramifications if we do not solve this problem by diplomatic means. The importance of China to our economy cannot be overstated. We are becoming far more dependent to China economically than to the US. Our diplomats should take the lead in this issue and military initiatives should be calibrated/dictated by them. 

    • BatangSingapore

      sangayon din ako sa inyo dalawa.

      mangyari kasi ang desisyon ng gobyerno ng pilipinas ay hindi dahil sa maaring mamatay na militar (kahit na obligasyon nilang ibuwis ang kanilang buhay sa harap ng kalaban).  kung gagawa ng dahas ang China laban sa militar natin sa scarborough ay maaring mag escalate sa manila ang galit ng filipino sa mga Intsik.

      Yan ang mas malaking pinahahalagahan ng Abnormal na Intsik na presidente.  wala siyang pakeelam sa mga filipino ang pinagiingatan lamang niya ang kapwa niyang intsik.

  • KennonKid

    What is missing here? Where are the righteous civic-action groups who will side on the Philippines’ interest? Where are the country’s respected famous who will take a stand? Artists. Musicians. Groups. Nothing? When Chinese vessels intentionally entered in to Vietnamese waters last year, Hanoi went into war-footing and many rallies were organized. The whole of Vietnam reacted at China’s incursion. And to think these two countries are communist-run and are allies to each other.

    What about us? It is like nobody cares about the archipelago except the small people and the government. This is really sad.

    • Boy_PickUp

       Ask the militants, they really are chinese stooges.
      Despicable militants, no shame…

  • zhardan

    What prevents as from putting anti-aircraft weapons in Palawan to discourage intrusions? It is land-based and within our rights. It is a defensive installation and we can afford it. It is much cheaper than ships and planes but still we need them.

  • 4kingdaddy

    what if we don’t do anything and china invade and conquered us, and no other countries helped us, will china make the president the prime minister for life???…nakakatakot isipin….huwag naman sana…..

  • Bayabas San

    99.99% of Filipinos don’t know how to swim.

    For the defense of the country Filipinos need to learn how to swim.

  • Harrison Ford

    hi guys,

    i met some you here earlier and i know your guys are good patriotic fellows.
    may i join a little?

  • Harrison Ford

    ok, China is not enemy.
    china is not invading.
    the shoal is disputed,
    and china is going to play tough.

    that is my view.

  • Harrison Ford

    we need to think big.
    big picture.

    we are in asia
    we are small
    our future is with asia
    which means china

  • Harrison Ford

    your guys talk?

  • Harrison Ford

    in asia theatre,
     there is a chess game
    the masters are US and China
    rest are pawns, including japan and south korea.

    • TiradorDelaMuerte

       For your information Harrison Ford, nobody likes China. Even Filipino-Chinese businessmen here in our country is generally distrusted because of their anti-labor policy towards their workers in general. They are viewed as greedy and it seems their ancestors from the mainland is as greedy as them Chinoys. So please maybe except for a very communist loving I_D_I_O_T_S nobody here would want you to be master of anything.

      • Harrison Ford

         be positive
        read US foreign policy books
        analogy only
        sorry found this late

      • TiradorDelaMuerte

         I am positive. I am positive to see through your aggression and I am positive to hit every PLAN soldier you land in our shores. bungkunana :)

      • Harrison Ford

         why need fight?
        fight for what?
        any better way to solve the problem?
        as I said,
        we need trust
        trust needs time to grow,
        we should not let the friendship and trust go so easily.

  • Harrison Ford

    if we are involved in the chess game,
    we are one of the pawns
    and we will be always weak.

  • Harrison Ford

    if we stay out of the board,
    we will be another player
    and we may have better position.

  • Harrison Ford

    guys, am I right?

  • Bayabas San

    99.99% of Filipinos don’t know how to swim.
    For the defense of the country Filipinos need to learn how to swim.

  • Harrison Ford

    if your guy do not talk, I will leave.

  • Harrison Ford

    should I continue?

  • Harrison Ford


    and others, you all have good view,

    want to talk?

  • Harrison Ford

    ok, I will back later when thadeothadeo appears.

    have nice day guys.

  • Boy_PickUp

    Harrison Ford, kindly haul the militants: Akbayan KMU, Gabriela, and other red flag waving pests of my country to the snake pit you`ve been to. They really are the cancer of Philippine society.
    Howling and barking at the smallest movements of the Americans but keep their mouth shut when their chinese patrons bastardized the Philippine sovereignty. And bring along Honasan with them to the snake pit, he`s the most useless babbling senator of all time.

  • Harrison Ford

    i already logout and ready to go but you talked,I answer that to show respect.
    the shoal is disputed,
    we need to cut deal
    but the govt does know what to do
    so they go around to gang up with others
    that is bully to china, no respect
    did the president got anything as return?
    None, zero, null, cero

  • Harrison Ford

    do not mix politics with business
    lot of things you talked i do not know

    let focus on issues

  • http://twitter.com/PlanetzMarz PlanetMarz

    I felt like we are inside our territory while waving our flag and let the intruder got in…..  
    just like saying ok guys you can take all you want but please dont harm us….. WTF….  

  • Harrison Ford

    just think if you were in China side
    what the dispute would look like for you?

  • Harrison Ford

    step back for a few years,
    when there was no EEZ
    based on this rule
    we claim the shoal

  • Harrison Ford

    back in 1990s
    we made no claim
    it is not ours
    on our map published
    we mark it as foreign

  • Harrison Ford

    but China already mark it as theirs
    long long time ago
    on map

  • Harrison Ford

    and the map is a evidence
    accepted by laws and nations
    as basis for territory claim

    why we have our motherland?
    it you do not respect map
    how you defend your motherland

  • http://twitter.com/PlanetzMarz PlanetMarz

    sorry im speaking as a filipino, and i dont want to know what their thought, china also signed EEZ means they agree with the 200miles of whatever…

  • Harrison Ford

    but all of sudden
    there is new rule
    which is called EEZ
    and something on your map will disappear to others

    what do you feel?
    being a chinese, just for a minute.

  • Harrison Ford

    come back being a filipino,
    law changes again tomorrow
    EEZ said no country can claim sea

    the shoal disappears again

  • http://twitter.com/PlanetzMarz PlanetMarz

    well i think at the time before they signed the EEZ they should negotiate with us or atleast say something

    • Harrison Ford

       only way to look at this is looking forward
      they made mistake
      or maybe they innocently believe that land is theirs, no need to talk.

  • Harrison Ford

    did I make sense?

    talk no war,
    no intruders
    we have issue here
    we need to know what we can get best out of it
    that is my view

  • Harrison Ford

    EEZ is a documnet
    in which there are more than just 200
    there are also details

    we can not cut one rule out of it and ignore others.

    politician should responsible when they speak
    they should not confuse or mislead people for their own selfish purpose

  • Harrison Ford

    all  I want to say is that cool down
    China is not enemy
    they do not view us as enemy
    they do not want to invade us
    they do not want a war

    but they have to stop a pattern
    that the president try to ignore China, go around to gang with others, no respect
    the China has to stop this
    no nation want this happen
    they have dispute with other nation too
    they will not allow somebody take them to court for no reason
    they have dignity too

    that is why I said they may play tough if we do not get it right

  • Harrison Ford

    when we make a claim
    we need be sensitive
    courteous to others if we know that something is not quite black and white
    Did China stop our application of EEZ to other area that have no dispute?
    they accept it, don;t they?

  • Harrison Ford

    Do to no one what you yourself dislike

    golden rule

  • mathew quin


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/TVUT7G6UCDC5DCL3XXFNCOAV6U Montse

      Tell that to the Commander-In-Chief or to the dead marines.

  • Harrison Ford

    if you read news as I do,
    1.3 billion people say the something to their govt too
    they demand military action
    they said to the army that remember we who 1.3 billion people feed you

    that worry me
    we need to cool down 

  • mathew quin

    Flag Like ReplyReply

  • Harrison Ford

    I am with you if motherland invaded
    but we are talk about issue of dispute
    do we have better way?
    is it really what we are told to be ours?

  • WAJ

    Lesson learned. Philippine Navy/Coast Guard must frequently patrol this area. It should be area of responsibility for them. Next time this happens, they should be fully armed for possible engagement. No if’s and but. China will do it again and again…

  • mathew quin


  • Harrison Ford

    the wisdom says that military disengagement is needed.
    diplomacy is needed
    both works for the weak one

  • WAJ

    I will be packing all my weapons if the war breaks out with the Chinese. Custom and Immigration better let me out of the gate of Manila International Air Port with all my weapons. I was born in the Philippines attained my College Education in the Philippines, I left the country in 1972  because I was drafted to served in Vietnam. I am now a retired US Military. If the war breaks out with the Chinese I will put my service for the Philippine Government. Once again, I will be fighting the communist…    

    • TiradorDelaMuerte

       i have also asked my relatives and friends to stop sending t-shirts, corned beef and spam to us. send us 9mm, 5.56mm and 7.62mm instead :)

  • mathew quin


    • Harrison Ford

       I second you on this,leadership is needed.
      we need good and capable leaders.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/24ACXUR4ZNUQBE2JNGHGGZZVQM miguel

       They will be great leader if their are lot of people will vote for them. “As the people are, so will be their government.”

  • Harrison Ford

    what we need to do that ask govt do not described things unnecessarily provocative and patriotic. 
    tone down rhetoric
    the best thing needed now is pre-emptive diplomacy before anything worse happens
    that is our responsibility
    to make govt work for us
    we paid them.

    • http://twitter.com/CeriseDavid Cerise David

      So tell me, Mr Ford, does their military might excuse them from being required to exercise diplomacy towards other nations?  We know we don’t have anything else to exercise but soft diplomacy here, because we are afraid of hard power hitting back at us.

      • Harrison Ford

         I already quit but found your question
        no military involved now
        Chinese govt very rational
        they value relationships with us
        a lot of respect
        but some people feel bullied by this president
        he refuse to talk with Chinese one-one
        gang up with others try to make trouble to China
        China has dignity too
        read my post try to be on other side and feel what could be for them
        they deserve respect too
        they tried to talk to us many years already
        I am for diplomacy.
        you have my respect as Filipinos have Chinese respects.

      • http://twitter.com/CeriseDavid Cerise David

        Mr Ford, the Chinese could be the most gentle and sensitive people, but the personality and the will of the people does not always reflect the personality of the massive entity called government.

        Things like this get written in history books, and collectively they define, rightly or wrongly, the character of nation-states.  The few corals, clams and sharks they harvested will not kill us, and it is not worth going into war with.

        It establishes a precedent.  There is no need and wisdom to bashing China and the Chinese people, but there is a need to deal with the act itself within the confines of geopolitics and diplomacy.

      • Harrison Ford

        corals, clams and sharks are not the issue at all to begin with. the govt need to know what to say and what not to say, when to stop when not to stop. it is not good for govt to get people excited, like flags flying there is more important… bla bla

        the issue is dispute, we need deal the same time we need to understand the other side position on this.
        we made the claim very recently, and before the claim we said  it was not ours.

        there should be no war. we people have wisdom and I have trust on govt because we elected them.
        but we also need to tell them they are doing wrong thing.
        I especially dislike the president went to asean meeting provocatively demand things that everybody knows impossible. 

        I trust Chinese govt will not do stupid things.
        but it really take two to tango.

        To be honest, Asia future is within her own hands.
        if we failed, we should not blame others
        so we have responsibility.

      • http://twitter.com/CeriseDavid Cerise David

        Don’t worry, no one is really taking the president seriously in any of his obviously politically-motivated speeches.

        I just wish someone with enough brains and personality gets command in handling this.  Wishing for a reincarnation of Carlos P. Romulo or even Ferdinand Marcos for this.

      • Harrison Ford

         the dispute is very poisoning
        it hurt feelings of people
        leaders should minimize things like this
        trust takes time to grow
        we should not let it go easily

  • http://twitter.com/CeriseDavid Cerise David

    We know that we are no match to the military might of China.  But that is not an excuse.  We have to assert and defend our Sovereignty, if not by arms, by words.  I do not see any of our leaders expressing disgust and indignation over what is happening.  All I see are platitudes, rationalizations for China, and sighs of resignation.

    Parang sinasabing hinipuan ka lang naman eh, tsaka dinukutan ka ng konti. Ok lang yan, ayaw natin ng away.  As with any other State, Sovereignty is deserved, not given or taken.

    • Harrison Ford

      if you read my post, you know my point
      claim is not ownership yet
      it is disputed
      sovereignty is questionable at his time.

      that is why we need to be informed.

      • http://twitter.com/CeriseDavid Cerise David

        That is precisely the reason.  It is a disputed area.  We are staking claim as well, not just them.

        What happened is a gross disrespect to our nation as a whole.

        I am not saying that we should bomb them with our non-existent armaments.  I am saying that we should tell them in no uncertain terms that they are effing hurting our pride as a nation.

      • Harrison Ford

         would you read my post and being other side a little bit
        you do have Chinese respect
        I know Chinese very well
        They will not look you down, believe me

        In this incident, we made mistake to send the warship in in the first place
        but both side handle the situation well

        I do not like the govt continue play rhetoric, like flag here there
        no use,
        have a talk to see what what we can get
        do not go around doing nothing get nothing like this president
        being small country sensitive
        being big country sensitive too
        no one like disrespect

      • http://twitter.com/CeriseDavid Cerise David

        I agree with you on the Warship.  I don’t know who the idjit in government does not understand that sending a warship is a very aggressive stance.

        Against fishing boats too, for crying out loud.

        China called the bluff and crisis ensued.

      • Harrison Ford

         we need to know that the Chinese discovered the shoal in written in 1279, and they come there since for all kind of activities. We only made a claim as recent as 1999(?). Should they stop to come because we made a claim?
        They also said it was due to weather reason, I think it already gave an acceptable excuse to public without insisting it is their right to come.

      • PCD_2012

        It is because of my boss big mistake!

        GMA signed into law the DEFECTIVE “BASELINE LAW” which put all the contested islands only as “REGIME OF ISLANDS”!  In return my boss GMA accepted anomalous projects from China like the Broadband deal etc. 

        That’s why China became more aggressive in claiming it!

        Sana huwag mapansin na yung boss ko ang puno’t dulo ng lahat!  At baka makasuhan pa siya ng “TREASON”!

      • http://twitter.com/CeriseDavid Cerise David

        The Baseline Act RA 9522 maintains the country’s claim over the disputed Spratly Islands (Kalayaan Island Group or KIG) in the South China Sea and Scarborough Shoal.  China protested against it, if that’s your definition of “became more agressive in claiming it.”

  • Webfeet

    Deport all the Chinese out of the Philippines, they are a huge threat to our national security.  

    • Harrison Ford

       I disagree
      there are so many Filipinos in China too
      be cool

      • Webfeet

        Send them back home to fight for Philippines, they are tired being a slave in Communist China.

    • 北樵 林

      in saying like this, it is fully obvious you are a bullshit and under-civilized people, which hurts the general image of PHL.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2LHHLTTVLTACVJ34JTTOH7YQPQ romero

         don’t write your name…like uncivilized chinese name..you scare to us other alias…what do i call you now bowl of noddles… just your name it show your coward….chinese character.  welldone..noddle stihs….!

  • Webfeet

    Please include Harrison Ford in the deportation, he is not welcome in the Philippines. 

    • Harrison Ford

       I am off now and let your guys talk.

      do not blame others because of me

      do not play that race card, as American would say.

      thanks, everybody.

      • Webfeet

        Go pedal your Chinese propaganda crap back to China.  You have to come here  and post your propaganda bs because you do not have the same freedom in your communist dictator country.

  • Webfeet

    The Chinese living in the Philippines will never fight for the Philippines or USA,  but they will fight for China, like Harrison Ford. We should deport all of them, and all the Chinese Filipino traitors.

    • BatangSingapore

      huwag ka magalala bilang at kilala natin ang mga hinayupak na mga intsik na yan.  sabihin nyo lang at timbwang na lahat mga yan.

  • adrenalyn_high2011

    But the commander of the Philippine Navy, Rear Adm. Alexander Pama, considered keeping the Philippine flag flying in the area more significant than confiscating the Chinese’s illegal catch. The flag’s flying there signified that the Philippines was asserting its sovereignty in the disputed waters, Pama said.
    PERSONAL COMMENT: Ginoong Palma…anong saysay na iwagayway ninyo ang bandila ng Pilipinas kung harapan kayong ninanakawan? sa aking pananaw ay mas mabuting itinago  ninyo ang bandila natin kasi…mas masakit po na panlalait ang hantarang pagnanakaw..nde ba kayo nabastos? sa tingin ninyo na-assert ninyo ang sovereinty, ano po ang ibig sabihin ng sovereignty sa inyo…na parang taliwas sa akin…ang alam ko po ay PAG-AARI o pagpapahayag ng nasasakupan…kayo ba payag kayo na nakawan na harap-harapan? sabagay wala kayo pantapat sa China…
    sorry pala, Ginoong Palma…sumusunod lang pala kayo sa utos ng commander in chief ninyo at naintindihan q na baka makasuhan kayon ng “insubordination”…o pagsuway sa utos ng nakakataas…best effort na lang ang waiving of Philippine Flag…

  • adrenalyn_high2011

    umalis ang mga Chinese fishing boats…KASI TAPOS NA SILA MANGHULI…nde para tuparin ang  isang diplomatikong paggalang sa watawat ng Pilipinas…wag na po natin lokohin ang ating mga sarili….isa lang ang pinatutunayan nito…pumayag tayo na lapastanganin ng mga banyagang Tsino sa sariling teritoryo…NASAN ANG MGA MAKABAYANG RALLYISTS…sorry, pang-komunista pala kayo…at ka-kampi ninyo ang nang-harrass…nagkasala at nde ang US…LOL

  • carpotied2

    where are those bloody LEFTEST… did we hear anything from them?

    • http://twitter.com/CeriseDavid Cerise David

      They have no budget to rally for this.  Kelangan may financier.

      • carpotied2

        were are our HONORABLE party list representatives?

  • pinoy_ako_ofw

    Tama na ang salita , help our government be aware of the need to modernize the AFP to do its mandate and defend our sovereignty. Kaso kung puro korakot lang ang ginagawa ng mga pulitoko at sarili lang ang iniisip hindi ang buong bayan mananatiling mahina ang depensa natin at kahit nakawan pa tayo sa manila bay wala tayong magagawa. Good job by the people negotiating na kahit alam nila na wala tayong laban di nagpapatakot kahit sa salita lang. Di tulad ng mga aktibista na puro reklamo lang ang ingay panig pa don sa nang aapi sa bansa natin. Huwag nyo na gamitin ang bayan sabihin nyo na lang na  wala kayong pakialam at malasakit sa pilipinas.

    • BatangSingapore

      ang pinakamadali at pinakamaayos na pwede natin gawin ay pahuli ang mga aktibista na tuta ng mga komunista.  sang ayon ka ba diyan?

      malaki at matagal na isyu pa ang korupsyon at depensa militar kaya unahin muna natin mga aktibista.  ano ang rekomendasyon mo na dapat natin gawin sa mga nanlilimahid na aktibistang yan?

      • pinoy_ako_ofw

        Dapat hindi na pansinin yan ng media eh sila na lang naman pumapansin dyan. Pero kung ang problema na ng pagdepensa ng bansa ang paguusapan saglit lang pero kung onting sigaw lang ng mga aktibista ay nasa headline na hay nakakasawa na nga manood ng balita. Sayang lang ang kulungan para sa kanila pwede ideport na lang sila sa China tutal don naman ang loyalty nila.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JZ6M5MRHUAC6NYAUH74RKZGQAM Joe

    Leftest are pro china, bakit naman sila mag raraly. Kita mo na lang lagi sila nagraraly againts US.   mga maka komunista sila makikitid ang isip. Palagay ko china ang nagbibigay ng budget nila pag may event ang US sa atin. lol

  • amelius23

    It takes 2 to tango and how both countries diplomats have eased the tension at  West Phil. Sea.
    From now on, our govt. should be more forceful in asserting what is ours with regards to claims from other countries. Did the survey vessel with French technicians  were able to complete seismic mapping of the area near Scarborough shoals. Our guts feeling –  40 miles east of Scarborough Shoals with 1 mile radius – there should be oil deposit of commercial grade ready to be discovered and it should be owned by R.P. 

    • BatangSingapore

      hindi ko maintindihan yun una mo sentence na it takes 2 to tango


      “how both countries diplomats have eased the tension at west phil sea.”

      paki explain mo maigi dahil nagulo yun utak ko.

  • Fulpol

    nasa territory ng pilipinas ang scarborough shoal, pero ang lakas loob ng China na pasukin at ipagtaboy ang pilipinas…

    ang aking analysis dyan, analysis lang naman ito:….

    si Noynoying ay kasabwat ng China… ang komunista ng Pilipinas ay kasabwat ng China.. si Noynoying at komunista ng Pilipinas ay magkasabwat…

    conspiracy ito para makuha ng komunista ang pilipinas… dahil si Noynoying, suportado niya ang komunista..

    si Noynoying ay nagdra-drama lang pero sa totoo… nakikisabwat sa China…

    analysis lang po ito…


  • Fulpol

    bakit di man lang nahiya at natakot ang China na pasukin ang territory ng Pilipinas???

    di kaya kasabwat nila ang gobyerno ng Pilipinas sa pamumuno ni Noynoying??

    nakaka-duda talaga ang ganyang sitwasyon…


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CNFAXSHHZAGY4USUVUIHT7ZWHM Ricardo

    Pabilisin na pagbili ng mga military hardwares….kailangan na kailangan natin rito mga submarines….hindi nababalita na may mga Chinese subs doon sa Scarborough….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CNFAXSHHZAGY4USUVUIHT7ZWHM Ricardo

    kailangang lagyan natin ng mga anti-submarines yung mga patrol boats natin…bukod sa mga air-to-surface or air-to-air missiles….kailangang i-priotize ito ng ating gobyerno kasi marami rin tayong mga patrol boats na kailangan lang malagyan ng tamang armas….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_46A22HWZC6HS2TSWMSMLQYNNVE ChameleonO

    If the corrupt government of the Philippines had sponsored a fishing program that would loan modern fishing boats to fishermen cooperatives rather than implement that wretched, corruption friendly doleout CCT, the Pilipinos could have been the one fishing in the disputed area which clearly is part of the West Philippine sea. That is how Philippine economic program is being mismanaged and undermined by its Chinese-mestizo President.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q3QGG5QHBLRMZTIYWUFURY6J2E Night

    the government should just shut up about the spratelys…. chekwa commies already know what our mettle is… no point trying to put up a brave face… stupid empty rhetoric…… 

    start some secret black operations to put MILF and Abu’s to kidnap some chinese locals from hainan or something… all this useless thumping of chest is stupid

  • patriot2008

    Send the BRP Gregorio del Pilar back to the area, and let it stay put there. Try at the soonest possible time to arrest a few Chinese poachers this time. As the Americans say, dont get mad, get even

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2LHHLTTVLTACVJ34JTTOH7YQPQ romero


  • carpotied2

    send the LEFTIES to the site, free of charge, encouraged and support them to express how they dear PI to them, like what they are doing in the streets with their ALL ANTI movement.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3TWVIBNBHJIBKXLUC5IT2JYM5E Harry

    The Chinese government wanted to negotiate with our government but why are we running away from it. Is it because our government lack sufficient legal basis to support our counter-claims or because we prefer other nations to fight our “wars’ for us?

    The President can but did not instruct the DFA to initiate preliminary talks with the Chinese to find out their real intentions and sincerity. Is it possible that our government has to get the permission of her allies before it can proceed with any negotiations?

    Something is holding back our government and the people must know the real reasons.   

    • Malik62

      Good point Harry.  But BS Aquino x3 was busy with the impeachment, playing PSP, and dating Grace Lee.  Please do understand this little spoiled senyorito.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_J7CZYPZWNB37S6GTPBJQF6Y7BM Fight D Bigots

      We have been negotiating with China. Even before this standoff, we’ve been asking for rules-based agreements in the west philippine sea.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3TWVIBNBHJIBKXLUC5IT2JYM5E Harry

        If there is any negotiations, make them transparent. Lay the cards on the table so that our people can understand where we stand.
         How can we say there is a lack of trust when no agreement is put to test yet.

  • PCD_2012

    To: @twitter-334120989:disqus 

    The Phil. Baseline Law was defective because instead of wholly claiming the Scarborough Shoal as part of our baselines what GMA’s government did then was to settled for just a “Regime of Islands” which eventually weakens our claims. 

    Malacanang when asked by media during that time why they’ve excluded the disputed islands within the Philippines’ territorial baselines their answered were disgusting, “because we are beating the May 2009 UNCLOS deadline but we didn’t relinquish our claims”!

    The words for the day is “Regime of Islands”!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZVS4MKYAHNFS6TCFBFGRZNIIGQ Nueva

      gma ang may sala demanda mo para mapunta na sa totoong jail cell

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3TWVIBNBHJIBKXLUC5IT2JYM5E Harry

      The fault lies with the Senate and the Congress. Miriam was calling the attention of the government on the deadline for the submission of Philippine baselines to the UN but the legislators were more interested in other matters.
      It is not enough that we simply draw lines on the map to indicate country’s territory. We have to back up our claims with historical and legal basis.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZVS4MKYAHNFS6TCFBFGRZNIIGQ Nueva

    bakit pinaalis dapat binaril nyo para mabawasan sila hahaha

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6NOMVLC5HDV6PZCEUSYH26O4JI yaptangcom


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6NOMVLC5HDV6PZCEUSYH26O4JI yaptangcom

    Hey PDI bozos! Why are you censoring my posts?

    • http://twitter.com/MarLouWang Marlou Wang

       anu bang inaangal mo jan? ano ba sinabi mo? baka censored.

  • jeffreyz

    China is ONLY after for the Scarborough shoal and Spratleys and NOT/ NEVER on the whole archepelago, , ,  with SOOOO MANY CONGRESSMEN, LAWYERS, NOYNOYINGS, , ,  and their Ilks, Chinese are too smart to know how miserable LIFE would be for them. . .

    Solution?????   Deploy these CONGRESSMEN, LAWYERS & NOYNOYINGS to fill the place and I’ll tell you right now, , , , these Chinese bulldogs will simply retreat with their TAILS between their legs, , ,  WHO say we need the U.S. or the ASIAN nations then???? 

  • tvnatinto

    territory ay ang lugar na tinitirhan. ang scarborough hindi naman tinitirhan ng tao pero pag aari or under jurisdiction sya ng bayan ng masinloc kaya tinawag sya na bajo de masinloc.

  • universalbeing

    In 1962, India internationalize the border issue. There were hiss and scorns from the “international community”, but no one lifted a finger. So don’t put too much hope on our ex-colonial master; they may help us defend our main islands, but not disputed territories.

  • crispinbasilio

    Journalist: Admiral Willard, head of the US Pacific Command reportedly said on February 28 that the American military must remain present in the South China Sea to ensure the security of sea lanes. China has become less confrontational in the South China Sea issue since 2011, but remains the only one among the South China Sea claimant states that lays sovereignty claim to “virtually all” of the South China Sea. How does China respond?
    Hong Lei: China’s position on the South China Sea issue is consistent and clear. China has indisputable sovereignty over islands in the South China Sea as well as their adjacent waters. There is no such thing as being more or less confrontational [. . .] What should be pointed out is that neither China nor any other country lays claim to the entire South China Sea. We are not sure whether it is because of their unawareness of facts or it is out of their ulterior motives that some people keep making irresponsible remarks on this issue. We believe it needs to be clarified here.

  • crispinbasilio

    What should be pointed out is that neither China nor any other country lays claim to the entire South China Sea.
    By: Hong Lei

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2LHHLTTVLTACVJ34JTTOH7YQPQ romero


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