PH urged to enlist help of US, Asean to stop Sino incursions


The Chinese fishing vessels may have left the disputed Scarborough Shoal in the West Philippine Sea, but Sen. Gregorio Honasan does not consider it a victory for the Philippines.

Instead, Honasan sees the departure of the poachers with their illegal catch as a failure of the Philippines to protect its territorial integrity.

“We failed to enforce our laws,” Honasan told the Inquirer, pointing out that the Chinese fishing vessels left the shoal carrying poached giant clams, corals and live sharks.

DFA commended but …

Honasan commended the Department of Foreign Affairs for trying to resolve the standoff through diplomatic means.

But he warned that “this incident will not be the last.”

He urged the government to “take advantage of the lull” to review the Philippines’ standing security arrangements with other countries, particularly the United States.

Honasan urged a “performance audit” of such pacts as the Visiting Forces Agreement with the United States to see if these were still relevant in cases such as the standoff at Scarborough Shoal.

“If they’re of no use to us, we might as well junk them,” Honasan said in Filipino.

He said the Chinese poachers got away because the Philippines had no capability to pursue foreign intruders or chase them to their own territory.

“Of course, if we ordered our Navy to pursue, they would have done so, but it would have been costly,” Honasan said. “Clearly, we would have to rely on our security partners.”

Next time, Honasan said, a better course of action would be for the government to immediately report incursions to the United States, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean), or the United Nations.

Not just domestic issue

The Philippines’ allies should take immediate action, he said.

“Remember that this is not just a domestic or a regional issue,” Honasan said. “Scarborough is a sea-lane and there are other stakeholders.”

He said that next time China throws its weight in the West Philippine Sea, the Asean should automatically weigh in.

That way, he said, China will understand that its claim should be revolved through the United Nations or the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

President Aquino’s political adviser, Ronald Llamas, agreed, saying that while it is the military’s job to protect the Philippines’ territorial waters, the country should have robust backing from its allies.

Llamas cited the Asean agreement on a multilateral approach to dealing with conflicting territorial claims in the West Philippine Sea.

The Philippines, he said, needs to call on that agreement for diplomatic support in dealing with China. With a report from Norman Bordadora

First posted 12:03 am | Sunday, April 15th, 2012

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  • mangtom

    Itong pseudo-Ram(butan) ay nagbunganga na naman. You, coward, have no credibility when it come to military conflict. You are a failure as a PMA graduate. Period, 

  • Bill_Li

    Except no one will help a poor THIRD WORLD cesspool infested with FLlP APES lol!

    • JK1000

      You’re a freakin racist ! you called filipinos Apes ? you F%$@N Chinese has no regards of human life. you are the owrst people on Earth.

      • Xiaogang

         he can not represent other Chinese, including me for sure. although as a Chinese who have different views in regards on the territory issue, I still fully respect PHL people.

    • marcelo III

       Your Arrogance is your downfall.

    • GuestUzer

      Look who’s talking ? Who is poorer you Filthy, stinky, Greedy, rat eating, land grabber chinese or the people you rob (Filipinos). Looks like you’re in dire need of resources for your survival.  What a pity !!! Philippines maybe poor but we don’t grab land/s from poor nations. Not because we don’t have the military capability but because we are highly civilized people. Not like you Filthy and stinky chinks whose mindset still stuck in the olden age. F   U   C  K     O  F  F  !!! Again you’re in the wrong territory ! This is PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER not your chinese publication website A ss HOLE.

    • juanibarra

      just go read your name, foo. bill li? that’s not even a name dude. that’s like a scientific name for a mongoloid like you. 

    • pulungdagal

      why don’t you go home you yellow, slit-eyed and crook-teethed , halitosis-breathing, spitoon-carrying illegal alien,  you dirty toxic spitter!!!

    • pulungdagal

      Bill_li, that hole in your face you call mouth smells like the rectum of a pregnant mongrel, you chinaman, the bad man of asia!!!

  • Godofwine73

    It will have more sense if honasan will urged other senators including himself and all congressmen to use their pork barrel in upgrading our military defense capabilities.

  • txtman

    The Filipino communities in the US and Europe should protest
       in the Chinese embassies
    They should also organize rallies in front of the UN headquarters
       US embassies and other western embassies
    They should also organized rallies in the CNN, BBC, France 24 and other
       news organizations headquarters
    The US and other western countries should start doing something
    OR else CHINA will eventually BE TOO POWERFUL for them
    This is NOT an ISSUE of the PH only BUT
       it also concern the ENTIRE world

  • okabato

    Another irresponsible comment coming from a senator of the republic. Why would our allies take immediate action regarding the intrusion of China in our territory? That’s none of their business, we have to take care of our own as a sovereign country. We must chase them out or arrest them and if they choose to fight so be it, fight we must and that’s the time our allies will come to help us not before anything else.

  • Murphy

    PHL would have been a stronger country now with capable armed forces had it not been for the destructive coup attempts by this all talk and no walk senator during Cory’s time that take its toll on the economy scaring away foreign investments esp. the 2nd wave of Japanese FDI into SEA.

  • GuestUzer

    Can somebody play HAARP on china.   Don’t mind if your population will be reduced by 2/3, you contribute a large portion of the 90% useless eater in the world anyway. LOL

  • Joe Kano

    This is an interesting subject. The Inquirer should do a real story on it, not just repeat a few loose comments from a single senator who’s not really proposing any specific action. What lousy journalism.

  • John

    I would advise you to become a state of the United States. That might help. Then, China does not need to deal with you. 

    • GuestUzer

       Hahaha then OBAMA will be our President?  Don’t we have enough with Noynoy? LOL

  • mel bercel

    the philippines should revert back to a commonwealth state of america like puerto rico, guam, etc. the philippines will still be quasi-independent but surely the corrupt and the abu sados will decrease and there will be sense of stability and protection from bullies. very controversial food for thought…what do you think bloggers…total madami naman pinoy nangingibang bansa mostly sa tate pa, ang hindi makapunta sa tate…sa other countries na lang. baka pa american passport ay di maabuso ng mga ibang bansa, lalo na ang ating mga kababaihan sa middle east.

    • ryanmd09

      that is exactly what i’m thinking, it’s not too late to join that commonwealth.  aatras agad ang mga nakakainis na yan, we might even be considered to be a state!  no choice na either US bases ulit or join the US! 

  • six_degrees

    teana! nakaka inis!

  • Banana Na

    uyy….SENATOR HONASAN…mabilis sabihin, mahirap gawin… isa lang ang largest warship ng pilipinas laban sa maraming warship ng china, di pa kasali ang fighter jets at ballistic missiles ng china…sino ba allies sa asean ang tutulong sa pilipinas, sila nga, bumibili ng military hardware para sa defense ng bansa nila , hindi para sa defense ng pilipinas, you are dreaming…sariling kapwa ninyo sa government di ka nga lumalaban sa corruption nila, papaano magkaka-pera ang pilipinas para maka-bili ng military hardware…palagay mo ba kapag sumali ang U.S. dito ay matatakot ang china, nahihilo ka…mas maganda pa rin daanin sa diplomatic discussion with china ang problema nito…..

    • benn game

      in mo
      u’re making a comment but u dont understand…………his point is right basahin mong mabuti at intindih

  • GuestUzer

     Paano nga makabili ng armas ang pilipinas eh binubulsa nila ang pera. TA3 pala tong si Honasan.

  • Banana Na

    kaya nga palaging binubulsa ng mga government official ng pilipinas, mabuti pa ang vietnam, they are buying 300 fighther jet at 6 submarines from russia…matuto muna kayo sen.honasan makipag-laban sa kapwa mong government official sa corruption para may pera ang government sa pang bili ng mga military hardware para sa defense ng bansa….

    • Jazer Esguerra

      because their defense budget is very large and they are not corrupt. 

  • John_Galt_II

    Kahit kelan to si Ungasan walang isip. Kaya ginaganyan ang Pilipinas dahil alam nilang walang ibubuga. Idadamay mo pa ang ibang bansa na meron din kanya kanyang problema. Isoli niyo ang mga pork barrel na ninanakaw lang niyo at ng maibili ng modernong armas ng AFP!

  • Fulpol

    sinong ASEAN ang tutulong? Vietnam? Malaysia? o Brunei?

    tutulong ba ang Amerika?? simple lang ang sagot ng US… bumili kayo sa amin ng armas..

    kawawang pilipino…

    unlike vietnam, ready na para sa giyera laban sa china..


  • Fulpol

    sinong stakeholders sa Scarbourhgg??

    lahat ng dumadaan dyan ay trading partners ng China… kanino sila kakampi?? sa pilipinas o china??


  • axe musk

    Ilang beses ba tayo kailangang lokohin ng mga chekwa na iyan bago umakyon ang ating gobyerno??? Bakit di na idulog sa lalong madaling panahon ang pag file ng protesta sa kinauukulan?? Ang militante natin panay-panay protest pag ang mga kano tinutulungan tayo, pero pag ang mga ganito na malinawa na malinaw na panghihimasok sa ating teritoryo e bigla silang nawawala…. totoo nga na mga miyembro komunista ang mga mga karamihan sa militante kaya panig sila sa mga chekwa…. HOY GISING!!!

  • Fulpol

    ang katamaran, kabobohan at pagiging corrupt ng mga Pilipino… gusto nilang ipasa ang problema nila sa ibang bansa gaya ng US at ASEAN..

    humihingi ba ng tulong ang Vietnam?? hindi kundi bumibili…

    nasaan ang pambili ng pilipinas?? nasaan ang panggawa ng armas?? wala kasi nga corrupt, tamad at bobo..


    • Webfeet


      The Chinese are most corrupt in the Philippines. Giseng ka naman! The rich Chinese are corrupting Filipinos in general by bribing many officials at all the level of government agency. Rich Chinese hardly ever pay their taxes,  Chinese-Filipino owned factories do not follow Philippines’s pollution control laws and many of them are tax dodgers. All the fake products and medicines comes from China and create no real jobs for the original product manufacturers in the Philippines. Many Chinese are living illegally in Philippines, holding fake passports and fake birth certificates. All the drug labs are operated by Chinese-Filipino mafia. Many of those illegal fish ponds are financed by rich Chinese by hiring Filipinos. The heroes of Philippines are the hard working Filipino Oversea Workers, which are not corrupt like the Chinese-Filipino.

      • Rhine

         you might be right in characterizing the Chinese but who’s to blame? Isn’t the government to be blamed because they accept bribe? If true blooded Filipinos has decency left on them all must report all cases of corruption..let us not blame others for our incompetence and ineptness… TIME TO WAKE UP AND CHANGE OUR GOVERNMENT FOR THE BETTER AND FOR THE FUTURE OF OUR CHILDREN…CHA- CHA FOR A CHANGE!!!!!

    • arao_liwanag

      It’s Gringo and NOYNOY you are talking about.

  • Butch Santamarina

    the best form of protest , is to boycott made in tsina……wak ka muna kain tsampoy…wak ka muna kain mah ling, 

  • Joe Kano

      I don’t see Asean taking any action that is likely to be effective.

    UNCLOS specifically allows signatories like China to opt out of
    International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea jurisdiction regarding
    military disputes, so good luck with that one.

    Junking the VFA will somehow make PH stronger? PH would seem to be in
    the weakest position in quite some time to demand more from the US
    regarding VFA.

    US is an important strategic partner that provides important
    assistance. Now is not the time to try to haggle. Can’t have it both

    • Pinoy_Reich

      Even if the Chinese sunk a Philippine navy ship all it will get from the US is plain condemnation while the Chinese got to setup shop in the shoal . The US has made its position clear earlier last year, all it cares is the stability in the SCS sea-lanes. As long China can assure the US about that, the US will shut up while the Chinese navy continuously chip away Philippine territories in the WPS inch by inch. China doesn’t want to control the sea-lanes all it wants are the oil and natural gas deposits in the disputed area.

      The US don’t need the oil what it cares only is the market of oil which it controls.

      • Joe Kano

         I think you’re wrong.

        US recently sold PH the very ship that PH sent to the shoal, and US is holding exercises with PH next month off Palawan as obvious deterrent to China aggression.

        US obviously has self interest at stake, but so does PH and so does China.

        US protection of freedom of navigation benefits the entire region. And PH needs to protect its sovereign claims rather than rely on US after kicking out US bases. US can help, but PH must speak for itself.

  • pulis

    Pnoy! duwag ka! Mag resign ka na lang..Pag kapwa mo pinoy ang taqpang ng apog mo.. Pag mga pinsan mong intsik tiklop ka…Wala kang silbing Pangulo!!! RESIGN NOW!!!

  • arao_liwanag

    Gringo is our mercenary. looks like a patriot, huh! In fact and in truth his loyalty is to us, USA. GO Gringo! Go! we have many more boots to lick.

  • NoWorryBHappy

    The Philippines has the weakest in army Asia caused by years of neglect and plagued by graft and corruption. Even if the offense option is used, it will only be a matter of hours that China will emerge victorious. With Philippine generals shamelessly linked to corruption in the recent past, what else can we expect. Like politicians in the past, and yes, under GMA’s presidency, generals engaged in graft and corruption so that they can move their families to the US. China is now virtually at par with the US in terms of military strength. And the US doesn’t have allies. It only has interests.

    • PulSamsara

      “China is now virtually at par with the US in terms of military strength.”
      With all humility: this is a truly ignorant and misinformed statement.

      • PulSamsara

        “And the US doesn’t have allies. It only has interests.”
        Please point to the neighbors of China that also trust China.  – I’m waiting…

      • Meg

        “And the US doesn’t have allies. It only has interests.” so true, sir!

      • Bom

        what he means is,in reality the US dont consider countries as allies, it only has interests for itself..

      • PulSamsara

        Nations all have interests – after all Nation States not living entities – they’re only a collection like minded individuals.  As for allies/interests – the US has aligned with the like minded notions of many nation states for long periods of time.  The US shares the longest undefended peaceful border in the world with it’s neighbor Canada, shared deep commitments with states in Europe, Asia every other region of the world.

        Let’s have a look at China’s neighbors.  Let’s get an accurate measurement of their trust for China.  

        Is it Vietnam that trusts China ?  The Philippines ?  Japan ?  India ?  Russia ? South Korea ?  Indonesia ?  Thailand ?  Australia ?   Taiwan ? … … …

        Where is this wealth of trust you’re speaking of ?
        Please show me.  Enlighten me.

        How can any nation trust another that pulls out 900 year old fishing maps and stakes a claim on another’s territory ?

        Political borders and peoples have changed 100 times in that period… and, more importantly, had changed 1000 times before that.

        If China would like to play the game – China should not be surprised when all these ‘trusted friends’ lash out and slap her back.   

  • GKid

    Noynoying at its Finest, they just  let China steal from the Philippines without any action or resolution. Senator Honasan is correct in his assessment of the situation.

    • johndcross1

      Pareho kayong dalawa ni Honasan, pulbura ang laman nang inyong utak! Walang silbi sa bayan.

  • ricardo ricafort

    Rather depend not from USA; stand to our ground- we have solid basis in claiming the Scarborough.  If China insist, forward the complaint to UN Security Council.  United States is just so tainted on its credibility nowadays…Filipinos must unite in fighting its sovereignty and resisting harassment and abuse from China.

    • unme

      China is a permenant member with VETO power in the UN security council

    • mel bercel

       sabah lang di tayo nakapalag sa malaysia noon, tsina pa ka. hanggang dakdak lang. sayang iyong mapilindo plan…plano ni makoy at ng sultan ng sulu iyon noon, pero doon lang, maramin ng komontrang maepal na politoco, kasi natapalan ng pera siguro ng mga briton. kaya gusto ng malaysia na meroon laging problema sa mindanao para di magkaiisa ang mga kapatid nating muslim pagisipan kunin muli ang sabah.

  • ZoiMc

    Kakahiya hindi kayang ipangtanggol ng bansang Pilipinas ang sarili nya! Kaya eto lumipat na ako sa US. Ayoko na maghintay ang Pilipinas ay magbago. Mayayaman lang at corrupt ang nakikinabang dyan! Sarap dito sa US weeeeee!!!!

    Pinaalis yung US bases, puros kayabangan lang pala! Wala palang kaya!

    Sayang lang pagod ni Aguinaldo noon, kung nagkataon lahat US citizen ngayon, at wala sanang dumadanas ng matinding kahirapan ngayon…….

    Hirap dyan sa PInas puros reklamo sa US, bagsak US din ang tutulong!

    • KapitanBagwis

       hehehe…yabang mo naman! Wala bang mahirap sa USA? Daming bum jan at kitchen soup kung tawagin, daming humihingi ng abuloy para pakainin ang nagugutom.

      • indiots

        ang mahirap kunwari kampi sa atin ang amerika.

        pero ang totoo luluhod ang america sa china. dahil aabot na 1 trillion dollars ang utang ng mga kano sa china.

    • ric yan

       Ano dapat pag yabang mo parekoy siguro bum ka din dyan o umaasa sa mga magulang o kamag-anak mo. Wag ka magyabang , di porket nasa US ka maligaya ka na at magagawa mo lahat ng gusto mo.

  • goldilock

    Honasan, put it in writing that Philippines extends all of its authority to the whole wide area of Philippine 200 EEZ as mandated in UNCLOS. Put it in Philippine jurisprudence.

  • unme

    China is a permenant member with VETO power in the UN security council

  • KapitanBagwis

    Will somebody please tape Honasan’s big mouth! This guy is utak pubura. Nonsense coming out of his big mouth.

  • alwayslate

    Stop passing the buck Honasan.  This is the failure of all you politicians.  All of you are only interested in how you’re gonna get your share from the country’s coffers. Even your “Mistahs” are getting their share of the loot too.  Then you  turn around and cry like a spoiled brat and expect the US and Asean countries to drop everything and do something in little incidents like this?  You gotta be kidding!  The world knows how corrupt the Philippine govt has become.  Time to pay for all your sins.  Instead of whining and pointing fingers, WTF are you politicians going to do about it?  I suggest you pick up a rifle Honasan, board one of the navy or coast guard ships, head over to the shoals,  and set the example. Retard!

    • Bom

      “I suggest you pick up a rifle Honasan, board one of the navy or coast
      guard ships, head over to the shoals,  and set the example. Retard!” ..dont let him pick a rifle……BAKA MAG KUDETA NANAMAN YAN..

  • Glorindo

    China’s next claim is to insist that the Philippines is part of their territory.  Where are the militants who are quick to rally and protest against the U.S. esp. in front of the U.S. Embassy?  Bakit kung China ang naghaharass sa Pilipinas ay tahimiik sila at parang natutuwa pa?  Akbayan, Bayan, KMU atbp should show their nationalistic love of the country by rallying and protesting in front of the Chinese Embassy.  They probably can’t do that because to these militant groups, China is their mother country and not the Philippines.  Halatang-halata itong mga Pinoy Communists dahil tahimik sila pag China ang nangaapi sa atin.  Remember nung binitay ang ilang Pinoy sa China dahil sa drug offense?  Wala kang narining sa mga grupong ito dahil di sila makaPilipino kundi makaKomunista.  Dapat ay sa China mamuhay ang mga taong ito dahil hindi sila karapat-dapat na tawaging PILIPINO!

    • johndcross1

      Tamang-tama ka kaibigan! Itong lintik na Pinoy Kommunista ay demonyo sa mamumuhay nang ating bansa.

  • johndcross1

    Now you are talking about enlisting the assistance of the U.S.  Where were you when your colleages in the military were stealing the millions intended for the benefits of the soldiers?  Did you as a military man and senator contributed in the modernization of our military capability?  Tama na yang puro palabas mo!  Wala kang kwentang tao!  Hindi kana mananalo sa sunod na halalan!  Tanda-an mo ito!

  • Atagalong

    Now the Filipino people are calling for the United States to use its military power to protect the Philippines. Where are those nationalists,the anti Americans who booted the Americans from Olangapo, Clark and Sangley Point? Who will ever think, lncluding China, of trespassing the Philippine Sea if the U.S. Forces were in the aforesaid places? How a state or city in the United States where the Navy or other military forces are being stationed cry when the military threatens to move out. It will certainly ruin the economy. Even to think back about Sangley Point. Cavite City was economically well off. A small house just convert the lower part into a beer joint or small store, then the owner could even send a child or two to college. BTW, how much money has been generated by the Philippine government from Clark Air Force Base, Sangley Point and Olangapo? Not much I presume. But the most important part, not in term of money that the US. had poured into such places, is the military protection. We have now the OFW,but have there ever a mention about those who were recruited by the U.S. into the U.S. Navy even after we became an independent nation? Even as small as the JUSMAGPHIL, it actually sent many Philippine military to the U.S. military schools, even postgraduate schools, free. Yet, the feeling of anti Americanism pervades the country, especially in big cities like Manila. China is going to do whatever China pleases. China is not only strong economically but can trample the Philippines with impunity, with a military force.

  • RyanE

    Chinese navy, air force and army are so large that PHL will never have a change of winning a conventional war against China. Countries with less conventional armed forces have no other choice but to rely on nuclear weapons to equalize the situation. Even NATO has deployed short and medium range nuclear missiles in Europe to counter the former USSR’s vast conventional forces. Likewise, Israel is suspected to be possessing nuclear weapons to counter the threat from its hostile neighbors.

    China will never stop its bullying and aggression unless PHL has something to threaten it. We have to amend the anti-nuke provision in our constitution and start developing nuclear weapon and its delivery system. I guess that’s the remaining card we’ll have if we intend to remain in the game.

    Btw, NoKor’s persistence to acquire nuclear bombs and missiles is because it felt threatened by the combined SoKor and US forces. Likewise, Pakistan went nuclear when India got one.


       bombs away….

  • victoria1313

    over reaction………

  • joeldcndcn


  • Bansot

     Even the LORD, will only help those who help themselves.. If we are not prepared to fight for ourselvest, nobody will come to do it for us. If our leaders can not act decisively, no leaders from other countries will come to help us. So stop this “WISHFULL THINKING,” that the ASEAN countries will act immediately if we are at war. In the first place the ASEAN was formed mainly to poster economic cooperation among member nations and not to resolve conflict between a member nation and others. 

  • victoria1313

    Our soldiers have Faith in God, soldiers obey God, soldiers do not hurt anyone .
    Our soldiers are not Robots, soldiers are human being have also own principles and feeling.
    Our soldiers do not kill for living, soldiers fear God. because soldiers know God is loving.
    Our soldiers loves wife and children and there family, they want to live with them.
    Our soldiers will not follow orders when they know what is right or what is wong.
    If the leaders is evils, soldiers have rights to choose from their conscience, they belief in God.
    The teaching of Jesus is to love one another , read your Bible.

    • Martin C

      Victoria1313. Give it a rest will you? Go to some religious site and leave your comments there. Stick to the topic.

  • victoria1313

    Remember that all human being is created by our God.
    Remember that our body is the temple of God.
    Remember that we are the children of God.

  • Pareko

    Accept our destiny, we are already part of China wither we like or not, china has already sent its people, the invision has began long time ago. Look around you, haven’t you noticed, we are being run or govern by chinese. Mabuhay ang whatever..

  • Lucky Luciano

    Stop enlisting the help of US nor the Asean, if they are really willing to help they should have reacted since day 1 of Chinese bullying.

    If they want to help, thanks, if not, thanks.

    We are so mesmerized by this American dream colonial mentality, this is the same reason our AFP is rotting, we relied too much on borrowing.

    Stop calling it BALIKATAN it’s more like PAGPAPAGAMIT, GAGOHAN, or UTUAN.

    And stop enlisting the help of traitors like Honasan to the senate, we already have Miriam for a chatterbox we don’t need another one.


    • Martin

      Correct.  It’s all talks no action for the Americans.  Maybe the US wants to wait for some Filipinos to get killed first before taking action.  The Mutual Defense Treaty is clear:  The US would come to the rescue of the Phl is the latter is threatened.  Did China’s actions not a threat from day one?

      • JohnM

         Please don’t count on President Obama to help you, he is having a hard time helping himself.

  • victoria1313

    Have Faith in God.
    we are true christian.
    true christian never follow deceitful leader.
    true christian use conscience in every action they made.

    • Lucky Luciano

      Faith without work is dead.

      Very much like what’s happening now, if we don’t start working, we’re dead.

  • Martin

    Why is there need to enlist Uncle Sam’s help when China has already unofficially declared war on the Phl.

    • PulSamsara

      What does your question even mean…?  Ano sabi mo ?

  • victoria1313

    mga kano, ung isang kamay ay meron hawag na bible at ung isa naman ay armas, paano natin cla mapagtiwalaan? nasa diyos ba cla? o sa demonyo? 

    • fugeee

       ahaha doon ka sa china mo parehas kamay may armas…tsina ka ata eh…

  • fugeee

    pilipinas lang naman ata ang kaya nitong bullying china na to…subukan lang pabalikin ang mga kano dito ewan ko lang…hahaha

  • victoria1313

    True christian is of God.

  • victoria1313

    negative thinking cause chaos

  • fugeee

    CHINA, try bullying USA for a change…LOL

  • Mario_Garcia

    We have no other recourse but to develop and strengthen ourselves without relying too much on the other countries.  The other countries will have their own interest to consider. Honasan should go to the disputed island to train the soldiers there and not talk about illusions.. 

    • Lucky Luciano

      Tayo lang talaga tutulong sa sarili natin

  • neverwint3r

    ito talagang si honasan oo, you need to think first before opening your mouth.

    as it’s our territory these are our problems and  unfortunately nobody can help us but ourselves. how can you ask the asean for help, di naman military grouping yun unlike nato. also, you cannot ask the US for help,  yung mutual defense agreement e kung me invasion or me military attack.
    e wala naman e, aside from and intimidating and bullying us illegal fishing lang naman ang mga chinese and stealing our natural resources . protecting those are our responsibility.

    e you have to wonder why it’s been more than 2 decades the us bases were kicked out and losing hundreds of millions of military aid no adminsitration ever thought of modernizing the afp. the world is not sunshine and rainbows you know, the reality is you need weapons and arms to protect your territory. until we can protect ourselves, just suck it up.

    besides the chinese are very smart. they know there wont be any public backlash as can be seen by the lack of public protests.e kung ibang bansa yan like malaysia or indonesia it’ll be a different matter.

  • Basil Dumlao Jr.


  • BatangSingapore

    “President Aquino’s political adviser, Ronald Llamas, agreed, saying that while it is the military’s job to protect the Philippines’ territorial waters, the country should have robust backing from its allies.”

    kenkoy talaga ito si LLAMAS na pinamumunuan ng Abnoy na presidente.  aba’t trabaho na daw ng militar at hindi nila ang paghuli sa mga poachers.  taena lusot na naman mga hinayupak at ginamit na sacrificial lamb ang militar.

    kayong mga duwag na militar ayon kay LLAMAS ano masasabi ninyo?

  • Meg

    “the US doesn’t have allies. It only has interests.” Sa tingin n’yo ba kapag napaalis ang China sa tulong ng U.S eh mapapasatin yung isla sa Spratlys? Magaling! May interes din ang U.S dun, HINDI naman siguro lingid sa ating kaalaman na hitik ang Spratlys sa mina ng langis di ba? Ayyun ang pakay ng U.S. At kahit kailan HINDI pagtulong ang ginagawa ng U.S, ipinaglalaban lang nila sariling interes nila! Kasaysayan na ang nagpapatunay sa sinasabi ko. :) KAYA MALINAW NA KAHIT SINONG MANALO RIYAN AY WALA TAYONG MAPAPALA, KAYA DAPAT MATUTO NA TAYONG TUMINDIG NANG SA ATING SARILI NA HINDI KAILANGAN UMASA SA SO-CALLED NA PAGTULONG NG US.

  • PancitPalabok

    I think this incident is a complete embarrassment for the Philippine government. Chinese fishing vessels literally sailed in, took whatever they wanted, and sailed back to their country and there was nothing the Philippine military could do about it. Imagine if a couple of bandits walked into your house, took whatever possessions they wanted right in front of your face, and you just watched them walk out. That’s pretty much what happened here. Something needs to be done to prevent this from happening again. Militarily, and the Chinese government knows this, there isn’t much the Philippines can do to match China’s military power. That is why they have to resort to diplomatic multilateral measures via the US, ASEAN, or the UN to neutralize this threat. However, the Chinese government doesn’t care what these other entities have to say unless China is either threatened by force or a deal is reached where the Chinese will get majority of the shares. If people think China will abide by international law, then why do they continue to violate the 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zone rule as mandated by the UN? Is it because they need to be reminded of what was written in the UN Charter? No. Regardless of what the UN has to say, in reality China is going to continue pushing the Philippines around over the Spratyls until they get what they want unless the Philippines pushes back in some manner whether militarily or diplomatically. The Philippines may try to buy more fighter jets, warships and weapons but their military will still be no match to the Chinese military. The Philippine military continues to be weak relative to other nations because corrupt politicians and officers always find ways to squander the defense budget to fulfill their selfish financial interests. An alternative would be to seek US military assistance. However, they can only assist the Philippines during conflicts as advisors and for training purposes but not in direct combat. If the US bases were never eliminated from the country back in 1991, there would have been a good chance that US warships from Subic would have been deployed immediately to defend Philippine territory. It’s ironic to see many Filipinos protest American influence but yet they cry for help when they need the Americans for national defense purposes. I’m sorry to say but I think the Philippines is at the losing end of this battle. Mutual agreements can possibly be reached among the Philippines, ASEAN and China but based on China’s past actions, China will continue to ignore these countries until they get what they want. If you look within many businesses and governments throughout many Asian countries, you will see what powerful influence they have. I believe after all diplomatic efforts through the UN and ASEAN have been exhausted, action will finally be taken once the US steps into the ring and flexes its muscle whether at the negotiation table or through military force.

    • jashs

      you’re right when you said that ‘harapan ng nakawan tayo at walang nagawa’ … yan ang masaklap na dinadanas ng ating bansa dahil sa mga corrupt na opisyales ng gobyerno at politiko.  ang sabi ni ramos, yung fort bonifacio kaya ibebenta para imodernize ang AFP … i don’t saw any improvements, meron siguro pero limitado, pero sa tingin ko wala … marami siyang pinabentang ari-arian ng ating bansa pero walang pinatunguhan … yung mga sumunod sa kanya, wala ring nangyari,at puro publicity lang ang sinasabi, ‘we have to modernize our armed forces’ ayun puro salita at daldal lamang, kaya ito ngayon si juan dela cruz, nalalagay sa isang nakakahiyang situwasyon … ang masakit nito, kahit saan bansa man sa asean, di tayo pupuede … during the 50’s and early 60’s, our country was envy by asian countries for having one of the most modern aircraft and sophisticated weapons, nuon yun… iba ngayon … si ligot, gen garcia, ang mga dapat ibala para pag nakita sila ng mga singkit at maamoy ang masangsang nila baho … matakot ang mga ito

  • oracle888

    Mr. Honasan, why don’t you put your time in studying more the detail of the 1982 United Nation Law of Sea agreement, especially on those exceptions and annexes; instead of talking like you are already in the 2013 Senatorial election campaign, and try to ride on top of our people emotional tide?

    Do you know the proper venue is thru diplomatic solution, then the United Nation; and not crying for war and bloodshed, inciting hatred between people and races?

    If you want to show your braveness and “patriotism”, go ahead to the frontier and make such demand. I’ll provide you with a free loud speaker. (Oops, I forgot you have hidden before from the military and broke your leg while jumping out of something in your attempt for fleeing.)

    Otherwise, sit back and relax; let the proper government authority do their job. And don’t show again your being an opportunist with an immature mind.

  • Lucky Luciano

    We are already in a silent war.

    China and the same goes to other nations, will think twice if they know we have the capability and technology to launch an attack on their countries without sending any troops.

    Fcuk Pork Barrels, and stop electing government officials who relies on pork barrels, we don’t need  basketball courts, waiting sheds, or road center islands with gay gardens.

    Fcuk the traitors like NPA’s and Abu Sayyaf. We should start eradicating these pests and if possible start with their immediate families who hides/encourages them.

    Fcuk corrupt government officials and those who protect them, a true patriot will seek the truth for the benefit of his country and will not protect his kumpadre with unpatriotic technicalities and TROs
    Religion stay in your churches and pray for peace and prosperity, stay away from state affairs.
    While Vietnam Buddhist Monks are going to Spratly’s Island, you are all going to the church isles to collect money from your devotees to enrich Vatican.

    forget ILOG PASIG, what good is that river if we can’t sail on it as proud free men, we need PISO para sa AFP .

    As of now, the only true victory against foreign invasion we could claim is the Battle of Mactan, against explorer and conquistador Ferdinand Magellan who led a force of forty-nine Spanish soldiers armed with guns on the morning of April 27, 1521.

    If our ancestors, heroes, and veterans will rate our performance they will give us a grade of S for  “SHAME”.

    We must do our share. To secure peace is to prepare for war. This is reality.

    • Kobey

      I like your way of thinking!

      • Lucky Luciano

        I’m sure there are better ways to resolve these issues, I’m sure meron karin.
        Not because my suggestion sounds good it’s already right, It’s fueled by hate and embarrassment,  that all we can do is sit here, hope and pray when we could have done something about it before.

        The reward we get for being a peaceful nation is harassment. We should thread a different path.

        I’m tired of sitting, I’m done with hoping… praying, I will leave it to those who can sit and hope for the rest of their lives.

        We need major changes.

    • PancitPalabok

      I agree that the Philippines as a whole needs to do more to strengthen the military in order to adequately respond to outside threats against Philippine sovereignty. Having a strong military serves as a deterrent to force other nations to re-consider their intent to encroach upon Philippine territory. However, how can the Philippines strengthen its military when majority of the time spent in politics is on combating corruption instead of combating Chinese vessels? While the rest of Asia is rising economically and militarily, the Philippines hasn’t made any significant improvement in the region because they continue to fight among themselves. Filipinos do have the fighting spirit when the time calls but it’s just too bad they don’t have the military weaponry for land, air and sea to fully execute their fighting abilities.

      • Lucky Luciano

        If you’re going to evaluate the performance of these so called “public servants” you will realize that most of them are just “Pork Barrel Spenders” and only few are true “Public servants”. Compare the quality leaders today to what we have during the time of  Senators Macoy and Ninoy (I used two opposing forces to be fair for both sides as an example). Our old leaders are true experts when it comes to law, unlike today. Most of our leaders today hindi alam or kabisado ang Miranda Law, hindi alam ang difference between yellow straight line and white straight line sa kalsada, why because someone will do it for them.

        The best way to get rid of these incompetents it to remove Pork barrel. kung may project and isang government official dapat may blue print ang plan and dapat dadaan sa bidding at hindi pwedeng kamag-anak ng official ang contractor, diyos ko ang daming ganyan. Sa DPWH for example, hindi na sikreto iyan. In this way we get rid of mr. and mrs. congressman family, no more political dynasty.

        Karamihan diyan puro personal interests lang and at this early it’s easy to tell who are they.

        We can’t completely eradicate corruption, kahit saang bansa meron iyan but with strict laws malaki ang mababawas

        If we’re going to calculate every single penny we’ve released for pork barrels since day 1, baka may sarili na tayong satellite, reliable clean water system,.and these brownouts will be a thing of the past.


    • ALAN

      Sir, perhaps we could mobilize civic groups to start a fund drive  to buy ships for our navy and aircraft for the air force. I believe they used to do this in the states before. States would have a fund drive and have the ships named after them. For those who don’t know , the Philippines as a colony even donated a destroyer to the US Navy named the USS Rizal around the World War I era. We can do now! tama ka , Piso para sa Pilipinas (wag Pinoy it sounds like PNOY) . Let private groups handle the bidding process para walang corruption. Mabuhay tayo! God Bless the Philippines!

      • Lucky Luciano

        thanks Alan for the info, Ngayon ko lang nalaman about USS Rizal, I will research about it.

        Lol about Pnoy, an independent body/organization should handle the proceeds. I’m sure madami pang idea diyan na mas maganda.

        Pinag-uusapan na namin ng friend ko yung idea, naghahanap pa ng reputable organization para ilapit namin.

        Pinagsabi ko na dito para may katulong kaming mag-isip and mag start. Hindi naman to punahan kung sino naka-isip importante meron ng idea, lahat tayo makikinabang.

      • ALAN

        Sir, please keep me informed so i can also ask my friends to contribute. Mabuhay po kayo!

  • Kobey

    For a start, Honasan should consider quitting his post. Di ba ang tapang mo mag coup d’ etat pero ngayon puro ka lang salita. Bakit di ka nag punta sa Scarborough Shoal and kick those f***ing tsekwak a**. Nakikipagpatayan ka sa kadugo mo pero ngayon ibang lahi ang kalaban nandiyan ka lang at wala ka namang ginawa kung di mag-criticize. What happened to MODERNIZATION plan ng AFP during Ramos Admin with you being a part of it all. Nasaan na ang  
    ang finances for all those projects. Nakakahiya kayo at ang mga walang silbing politicians both past and present. Puro sigaw ng tulong kung kanikanino. We should strenghtened our own forces and forget those shifting alliances. Sarili lang natin ang tunay na tutulong sa sarili. Start drafting our 18-22 years old and put them in military service. Train our youth the importance of having a nationalistic ideals with honor and dignity that are willing to uphold freedom and if permitted give the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our beloved land. Show the world what a maharlika can do. 

    • Lucky Luciano

      Both past and present government officials,  may mga SUNBURN na sa dila. LOL

      • Kobey



      Hello, drafting 18 to22 year old men and women? Yong ROTC nga sa college, optional na lang eh.

  • nennen12345

    i think philippines is not capable of disciplining the chinese poachers who keep intruding in our territory.  we might as well ask the help of the US government.  just imagine we only have one navy ship (gregorio del pilar) patrolling the area and the chinese navy ships came over with three.  sure, how can we fight them?  how many diplomatic protests we did already?  hanggang doon na ba lang tayo?

    • Lucky Luciano

      habang wala tayong ginagawang pagbabago sa bansa natin, the more we encourage these baby killers.

  • tagasampaloc

    Noon pa man wala talagang logic yan si Gringo, bakit isinasama pa iyan sa matinong usapan. Naman!

  • KapitanBagwis

    Why do you think the Flag ship of the US 7th Fleet is docked in south harbor right now?? That is a veiled threat to China saying be careful, we are here to help the Philippines whatever way we can in case this thing escalate.

  • Isidro Valencia

    It appeared Senator Honasan ay nag papalakas na naman sa US, perhaps to erase the tag “terrorist.”  

    It can’t be erased by a mere word. You have to work for it. Nevermind US Brand. Just work hard for our country. 

    Sayang po Mr. Senator your image of being patriotic, nationalist, idealist which during our youth we salute you and in fact glorified your heroic acts. Sigue po, just work for the good of our people and our country.

    • Lucky Luciano

      Image nya lang iyan, nung nakatapat niya si Gloria lumabas ang tunay na Character niya. BALIMBING.
      Ngayon nagiingay at naghuhugas kamay dahil palpak yung “Operation Corona BABY SITTING” niya.

  • Efren

    Napahiya kasi sa unacceptable views niya re impeachment, kaya heto nagbabangong-puri.
    Mas ok siguro kung basta putulin na lang niya ang utang-na-loob ties niya kay GMA !

    • Lucky Luciano

      Kahihiyan siya ng AFP.

      Pag sumumpa ka sa watawat ng Pilipinas hanggang kamatayan na iyan.

      Kahihiyan ang mga sundalong nagiging Politician.
      Karangalan ang mga sundalong nag-aalay ng buhay para sa bayan.

  • Ricky070

    It is okay to ask for help from other country or from ASEAN  so long as it is done in a diplomatic tone and not in a way that could possibly upset and repulse the people we are asking help from, like how some leaders and senators talk undiplomatically.  Philippines need every help it can get no matter how big or small…. we’ll take it.

  • victoria1313

    negative thinking, negative effect

  • victoria1313

    CJ is an institution cannot be removed, nothing personal.

  • MikeCrisologo

    this serves as a wake up call to our politicians who are only busy of filling up their pockets. in times like this, they cant even think right to whom they will ask for help coz they are not concern at all about the security of the nation . 

    • Lucky Luciano

      A wake up call for the Filipinos

  • Blue Network

    Bakit kaya WALANG nagrarally sa harap ng Chinese Embassy? Bakit lagi na lang sa US Embassy..Bakit parang takot na takot magrally ang BAYAN MUNA,ANAKPAWIS at kung ano-ano pa pagChina na ang nanggigipit sa atin..

    • Lucky Luciano

      No go signal from JOMA Sison yet.
      Hindi pa nagigising eh, puya galing sa concert ni cindy lauper.

  • ALAN

    Sirs, perhaps we could mobilize civic groups to start a fund drive  to
    buy ships for our navy and aircraft for the air force. I believe they
    used to do this in the states before. States would have a fund drive
    and have the ships named after them. For those who don’t know , the
    Philippines as a colony even donated a destroyer to the US Navy named
    the USS Rizal around the World War I era. We can do this now! tama si kamu-kamu , Piso
    para sa Pilipinas (wag Pinoy it sounds like PNOY) . Let private groups
    handle the bidding process para walang corruption. Mabuhay tayo! God
    Bless the Philippines!


      Ok sana suggestion mo, kaya lang nakaka walang gana kasi kung papano kinurakot ang pera para sa afp modernization ng mga taong goberno. Tapos, sinipa ang mga us bases, ngayon, sabi ni honasan, tulong usa, tulong!

      • Lucky Luciano

        “Gusto ko sanang umasenso kaso nakakawalang gana kasi kailangan ko pang magtrabaho. Wag nalang, mahihiga nalang ako dito at hihintayin kong lumapit sakin yung pagkain.”

        Mentalidad ni Juan Tamad.

      • TEAM PNOY

        May mga tao sobra sobra ang oras, ninanakaw sa companya or sa gobeyrno, puro satsat, dakdak, wala naman ma contribute sa lipunan. Haaaay naku.

      • Lucky Luciano


    • Lucky Luciano

      Panalo yan boss, hindi na mabigat ang P1. pero kung maiipon, maipag-mamalaki din natin sa mga apo natin na naging veterans din tayo kahit hindi gera. Most of us will not see the impact of this but the future generation will benefit from this P1.

      Nakakalungkot naman kung ang ipapamana natin sa mga anak natin ay kahihiyan.
      Sasabihin ng apo natin kahit P1 manlang hindi natin sila napamanhan.

  • KennonKid

    Where are our very good politicians who kick-out the US bases out? I hope they have contigency plans about defending the country after the Americans are gone. Or maybe the plan is to just surrender and give who wants to take.

  • kilabot

    china doesn’t have to invade us. they’re already here. look who are in control of the economy? of local politics? no bullet nor life needs to be wasted on both sides. even the us is not interested in antagonizing china, the biggest consumer in the world. it’s called business, just like what’s happening in mindanao. so relax and start noynoying as pnoy “the patient” is probably doing it now.

    • D_BystandeR

      How I wish we could bring our level of discussion to become a responsible member of our community. There is no point to mix something derogatory to our President like “noynoying” because it is totally false in the first place. Remember what the Germans were doing? They kept on repeating something totally false because they anchor their logic in the belief that the more you repeat it in the long run it will sound “true.” And who are you fooling but yourself alone.

  • Bayabas San

    First, learn how to swim.

    No one should graduate in high school if he or she does not know how to swim.

    The national defense budget should be diverted to teach Filipinos how to swim.

  • KapitanBagwis

    Boycott made in China junks and garbage !!!

  • imongredneck

    Under Obama, the PHL should not expect any response on what Mr. Coup de Etat’s two cent. Junk the VFA agreement and the Muslim insurgency will escalate again along with the Chinese incursion. What Mr. Coupe and the rest of his colleague should do is to build a real military, free of corruption.

  • Lucky Luciano

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Please visit wwwDOTrsfDOTorg and electronically the sign the organization’s petition for the release of political prisoners in China. Most of these are  journalists and bloggers, one is the 2010 Nobel prize winner Lui Xiaobo. You can read the details there. Thanks


      Yah, dakdak ng dakdak! Wala naman output.

      • Lucky Luciano

         You have no idea. LOL

      • TEAM PNOY

        Since you are full of positive enthusiasm, why dont you start the ball rolling, donate USS Rizal Ali to the Philippines.

      • Lucky Luciano

        I’m willing to donate some of my………………… nvm.

        Just ignore me.

  • pasaway008ako

    Bakit ngayon lang ninyo ito naisipan? sa tagal na ng panahon na nilulusob tayo ng china, ngayon ninyo naisipan na idulog ang paroblema sa UN?  Minsan pa, aanhin pa ang damo kung paktay na ang kabayo? Nilusob tayo noon pa ni Limahong!!!

  • D_BystandeR

    I beg to disagree with your point of view because your proposition would seem to favor to sacrifice some aspects of governance but at the same time you are eyeing something that will wipe all our realized savings for the purpose of strengthening the air force and the navy to protect our sovereignty. But if you are thinking of our own defense capabilities, even agreeing that we meet your point, still it will not suffice if we are talking about China’s belligerent attitude. For all you know, what Gringo suggested is still the most workable solution because we cannot do it alone by ourselves without the help of our “big brother” America. 

    • Ilonggated

      And what do you want for our AFP? One that is backward? You want the Americans to fight for us and never work for our own defense? It is just like wanting our neighbor to feed us if we are hungry.Hahahaha! Defense Treaty is a 2-way traffic. What can we offer for America in case it is attacked or when it needs us for its military objective? Nothing. So Americans do not need at all to forge a military alliance with us if we can’t offer anything for them.

      Governance? Good governance is putting the food in your mouth and spend resources judiciously. Spending huge amount of money for a big House of Reps. is very wrong. Lawmaking is not about too many congressmen. It is about making laws for the good of the country.

  • Jude Fawley

    1990’s pa pinasok na tayo ng China, tapos ngayon lang kayo na alarma? 10 years old pa ako alam ko na ang awayan dyan sa Spratly. Bwesit tong leaders talaga natin. Mga trapo kayong lahat dyan sa congreso at senado, pare pareho lang kayong lahat.

  • themayflower

    Wha going on Mr Moderator? Did you see anyhing offensive and obscene with my comments? Come on!

  • WAJ

    The USA is waiting for the Philippine authority to speak. They be glad to help the Philippine government. Philippines Lawmakers should wake up, everybody knows that the Philippine military forces is in no way able to defend the territory…So, what are you waiting for. Now is the time to act before it’s too late…next thing you the communist is in your door step. 

  • superpilipinas

    Read www,f20a/f20hist7,com
    (change commas to periods so you can use this link)

    It will help our country in three huge ways:
    1. increase our air and sea defense tremendously at a lower cost
    2. provide thousands of new jobs
    3. advance our technology

    The Philippines should convince the US to sell us through 20 year loan at discounted price the completed but shelved F-20A program and toolings of Northrop. This should allow us to immediately assemble as many F-20A Tigershark fighter aircraft as we need.

    In the meantime we should drop less important costly programs like K+12 and RH and save $350  Million which we can instead use to immediately buy ten fully armed F-18s and two fully armed NH-90 anti-ship/submarine helicopters. 

    • King David

       the end of this will be matching china’s arsenal to ours…which will never be equal….so what’s the point of having F18/20?

      Battleships and destroyers are better…it can even defeat high-technology alien ships. hehe

      • superpilipinas

        Deterrence. We do not have to match them alone. We can produce as much as we need and join with ASEAN to match China and make the bully think ten times before provoking any member.

        Battleships and destroyers are so vulnerable. Remember UK’s advanced HMS Shelfield missle cruiser destroyer which was sunk by an Excocet missile launched from an Argentine fighter?

    • oracle888

      Putting a gun in a wise and responsible man’s hands, he hunts and feed his family.

      Placing a gun in a hot temple, irrational, explosive emotional guy, he kills and be killed in short time.

      • superpilipinas

        Defend and protect. Not hunt nor kill.

      • sanjuan683

        superpilipinas kailan pa naging super ang Pilipinas super bagal nga hehehehe

      • superpilipinas

        dream ko lang. pagbigyan mo na.

    • sanjuan683

      heheheheheheh Masyado ka tiwala sa US,  unggoy ang laki ng investment ng US sa China para i-sacrifice nila ang kanila business trade. Tayo mga Pilipino masyado tiwala sa US tignan ninyo ang mga Filipino Veteran kakaunti na lang sila hindi pa nila maibigay yun pension benifits para sa kanila halos mamalimos sa US Congress samantalang ang iba lahi na allied nila matagal na na-enjoyed ang benefits. Hindi ka na natututo sa mga KANUTO yan. hehehehehehehe. Pagkain lang ng mga Pinoy hindi sufficient armas pa ang gusto mo paramihin ano ka negosyante ng mga armas mag-esep-esep ka nga. Bobo

      • BatangSingapore

        tungaw ano malaki investment ng US sa china?

      • superpilipinas

        he-he-he. Mag-aral ka munang magbasa. Kaya walang asenso ang Pilipinas dahil sa mga katulad mo. He-he-he.

  • Mattino2011

    Naku enlist ka dyyan mamaya u.s pa nag udyok sa china gawin mga yan

    • sanjuan683

      Tama ka diyan kunwari kaibigan nila ang Pinas pero kambi sa tsino ang laki ng investment ng mga Kano sa China para malugi lang sila. hehehehehehehehehe. Inutil ang admistration ni ABNOYING tutulog-tulog. hehehhehehehe

      • superpilipinas

        engot ka pala. nagtatalo na nga yung dalawa tungkol sa Syria at Iran. Hindi mo siguro rin alam king bakit sinusuportahan ng US and Taiwan.

  • Pok2

    Sana naman pulaan din ng kaliwa ang insultong ginawa ng padrino nila kung talagang may malasakit sila sa bayan.

    • BatangSingapore

      huwag ka na umasa, itala mo kaaway din ng bansa yan mga ungas na militante.  kapag may nakita ako sa kalsada ng mga yan pagsasapakin ko mga tungaw eh.

  • pulis

    Hwag kayong mag taka dahil nasa Palasyo na ang mga intsik! Lahat ng sangay ng gobeyerno may intsik..Pati ang pagkatao natin ay 85% tayong intsik..Kaya kumain na lang tayo ng lugaw!! Whaaaa!!! Tsik! tsik! tsik!

    • BatangSingapore

      85% ka intsik.. so pagkatao mo pala abnormal at lahing mongoloid? hahhahahahahha

      • pulis

        Batang Singapore, mag ingat ka sa mga intsik. Hwag mo silang galitin kasi sa dami nila pag tuma-e ng sabay sabay ang sobra 2 billion na intsik, matatabunan ang Isla mong Singapore at malulunod ka sa e-bak..Whaaaa!!!!

      • BatangSingapore

        gusto mo sumapi ka pa sa kanila at pare paehas ko kayong titirisin mga ungas. hahhahahahha

      • pulis

        Hindi lang yan…Pag umihi sila ng sabay sabay ma contaminate ang fresh water nyo dyan sa Singapore at mangangamoy kayong mapanghi…Ito pa! pag umo-tot sialng sabay sabay siguradong ma suffocate ang boong Singapore..Whaaa!

      • BatangSingapore

        kung gusto mo sumapi ka pa sa kanila at pare parehas ko ingungudngod mga pagmumukha nyo mongoloid tungaw.

  • BatangSingapore

    Kayong mga politiko, kaming mga mamayan ang kausapin ninyo at sabihin ninyo sa amin ano ang gusto ninyong gawin?

    Ano ang inyong kailangan?

    Gusto nyo ba nga mga frontliner para tirisin yan mga Intsik?

  • CyberPinoy

    Wala manlang aktibista na nag rally sa Chinese Embassy.. Obvious na mga bayaran kasi ng China. Mga Makapili !

    • lakayamaya


    • brentcom


  • billygunn23

    yehey giyera na!

  • ClarkInKuwait

    Our government should pursue the policy of self reliance. Expecting our foreign partners to assist us in protecting our own backyard should be a short term objective. To be respected, we should know how to stand on our own. It is time to improve the naval defense capability by investing in reconnaisance and shore patrol assets.

    The government should put more effort in anti corruption efforts so that those “lost funds” can be channeled in this undertaking.

  • superpilipinas

    Read http://www,f20a/f20hist7,com
    (change commas to periods so you can use this link)

    US and Northrop should be happy to make a lot of money out of selling us a shelved F20A program. Instead of the program gathering dust, they can earn billions out of it. It will  create jobs in the US manufacturing GE engines, armaments, avionics, and critical parts. 

    It will help our country in three huge ways:
    1. increase our air and sea defense tremendously at a lower cost
    2. provide thousands of new local jobs to assemble and test
    3. advance our technology

    In the meantime we should drop less important costly programs like K+12 and RH and save $350  Million which we can instead use to immediately buy ten fully armed F-18s and two fully armed NH-90 anti-ship/submarine helicopters.

  • tabingbakod

    Continuation of get to know your next oppressor. From where we left of, there is no freedom of religion, no right to free speech, nopolitical opposition, no press freedom in china. What they have is institunionalized corruption.
    1. China has the one child policy. It has resulted in imbalance of gender in the population. Families usually abort female babies so there is a generation of males that will no opportunity to get married.
    2. China imposes the death penalty more than the rest of the world combined. Tax evasion is one crime that can get you the death penalty.
    3. China harvest the organs of those they put to death. I am just not sure if they export them or be used by the ruling class. Just think of the conflict of interest.
    4. Ive seen some comments from chinese saying how poor our country is. The per capita income of china is not much bigger than the Philippines. Wealth is concentrated to the ruling class.
    5. China has alot of political prisoners including a nobel price winner. So why is there an embargo in Myanmar and not in china?
    6. Mainland chinese are not aware of all the uprising in the middle east because of a news blackout. The government does not want to give its citizen any ideas about challenging the government.
    7. China annexed Tibet citing the same historical BS. Nobody knows how many people were or continually being killed. Their leader , the Delia Lama lives in excile in India.

  • dukling

    Ka-awa awang mga Pilipino, dito pa lang sa blog e nagla-laban laban na. Hindi na kailangan gerahin tayo ng tsina. Tayo- tayo na rin ang magpapatayan sa isat isa dahil sa hindi natin alam kung ano ang dapat gawin. toto-ong maraming militanteng nagpupunyagi na makabansa, pero kung sa bakbakan na kailangan i-alay ang kanilang buhay para sa defensa ng kanilang bansa, sila ay nagtakbuhan na sa bundok, habang si JOMA na kanilang lider ay nagpapasarap ng kanyang buhay sa Netherlands. Mga duwag, iyan ang malagim na katotohan. Malakas lang ang loob kung ang papatayin nila ay kapwa nila Pilipino. Pilipino tunay na karmado!!!!

  • Gemma Sia

    ngayon mo naalala ang mga kano,kundi sana pinalayas ang base ng mga americano sa pinas di sana bahag mga buntot ng mga intsik na pumasok man lang sa teritoryo ng pinas,lol

  • Lucky Luciano



    USS Rizal, donated to the United States by resolution of the Philippine legislature, was laid down on 26 June 1918 by Union Iron Works, San Francisco, California; launched on 21 September 1918, sponsored by Mrs. Sofia R. de Veyra; and commissioned on 28 May 1919, with Commander Edmund S. Root in command.

    Thanks to Allan.

  • Pauline

    why dont they buy more war ships? common sense. 

    there are times when the sword is mightier than the pen. The katipuneros did not expel the spaniards in Manila by negotiating with them. They fought them. The Americans used Jose Rizal to pacify the Filipinos from arm rebellion against them. 

    common sense. We need warfare. Hard, concrete defense system. We cannot always rely on our neighbors because they have their own interests too. 

    • BatangSingapore

      diba ikaw boss nya e bakit hindi mo hilingin na lahat ng pork barrel ibili ng armas militar.

    • oceanside

       its because the politicians feel that buying condos, expensive cars, and personal real estate overseas is a priority rather than letting the philippines use the money for military hardware

  • pinoy_ako_ofw

    Honasan is such an idiot. Instead of concentrating of strengthening our chances of defending the country he wants to lessen our strength by losing a strong friend , that why I’m surprise this guys is still in the Senate na kahit walang nagawang maganda kundi problema tulad ng mga cudetae na ginawa nya.   

    • BatangSingapore

      mas mabuti na yun nagsasalita at naninindigan kesa dun sa mga ibang senador na nakatahimik lang tulad ni Drillon. hahahhahahahha

      • pinoy_ako_ofw

        Magsalita ka nga, mali pa eh di mas mabuti nga na di ka na lang magsalit…sa tingin ko lang ha…

  • pinoy_ako_ofw

    Alam naman natin kung ano ang dapat gawin una palakasin ang depensa ng bansa at pangalawa tanggalin ang mga pulitiko na ayaw kasi nakaharang at sarili lang ang iniisip. Huwag nyo na iboto tulad ni Biason at Honasan mga sundalong sanay umasa sa iba para makipag laban para sa kanila.

    • BatangSingapore

      dapat ang huwag mo iboto yan si Drillon dahil Intsik yan at siguradong tuta ng China.  sa ganyan paraan ma resolba mo ang isyung kinahaharap ng bansa.

      • pinoy_ako_ofw

        Di naman porke instik na pinoy ay sa China na. Yung mga tao lang ng di nag iisip at basta salita lang ang dapat tanggalin.

  • frankmangulabnan

    Cry baby Gringo come to mamma…

  • nickmla

    increase military budget. make it the top/priority of the next 5 years.. if military/ security/defence is strong, then all else , all aspects of the economy will follow.

    • oceanside

      the politicians need to stop buying their condos and expensive cars and let the actual philippine governmetn spend it on much needed military

    • to0

      Even if we triple our budget, we will lose in a direct confrontation. I suggest that we adopt the Iranian semi airplane semi amphibian. This is an airplane with short wing span and only skim few feet from the sea surface. But even the Americans is worried with this ‘tiny’ airplane because it carries a missile that can knock down even an Aircraft Carrier. This semi Airplane is cheap, a propeller driven aircraft.

      • white scorpion

        ….and also patrol boat. it can sink an aircraft carrier too.

      • nickmla

        Huwaw! hope this tech reaches our shores… wag lang mahaharang sa customs… hehe..

  • Ano Ikaw

    I agree with Honasan…I also suggest that we build and show them we can create nuclear weapons (hoy mga militanteng leftist huwag kayong kokontra- ang kapal ninyo, tahimik na tahimik kayong mga gag0 )…we need the USA (–o kokontra rin kayo? the stupid leftists could not even defend this country let alone raise their fists around the chinese embassy to show their dismay).

    We have our pro govt media – use them to show spread the news that we can build nuclear arsenals (else we buy it from US or Russia). Simple lang psywar ang kailangan, sigurado akong mag kandarapa ang kano, tsinos at iba pa riyan pag sinabi nating– merong tayong plano or nag simula na tayong maggawa ng nuclear weapons.

    • to0

      The leftist you are citing are Chinese puppet. Ka Roger is wearing a cap similar to Chairman Mao with a red star in the middle and olive uniform. Majority of our Priest are also imported from China. Look at their eyes and complexion, yellow.

    • bogart73

      pag nabasa itong message mo ni penoy tiyak magpapalabas iyon ng kautusan na gumawa na tayo nga nuclear weapon para manalo sila ni jushua sa video games..

  • Ano Ikaw

    Building nuclear weapons bring back our dignity being a filipino. It will bring respect to each of the pinoys abroad. (just look at India and Pakistan, ang yayabang).

  • to0

    Why do we always ask the opinion of Senator Honasan? He is no expert on these matters. Better ask our other Senators and the entire Congress people why they are so silent on these subject matter. Are they afraid that they will be castigated by their fatherland (China) if they speak out? He hehee.

    Walang binatbat itong mga ?<.35^&98 politiko natin. They are nothing but selfish predators who would sell their soul to the highest bidder.  But when it comes to national interest, tahimik sila.  

    • white scorpion

      matatapang yan mga yan……….PAG ordinaryong juan dela cruz ang kalaban.

  • carlocasaman

    scare tactics yan!

    ang susunod na issue,

    ndi malayong magkakagyera ang pinas at china
    tpos magkaka-ubusan ng stock ng pagkain
    magsisi-taasan ang mga bilihin
    wala na ring mga isda at pating inubos ng mga chino

    etc.. etc…

    puru kwentong media ang ngyayari… palibhasa malapit na ang election…

    e kung dalhin nio ang issue sa United Nations, matagal na sanang tapos yan total my pinirmahan naman ang pilipinas at tsina sa UN….

    • PublicPolicy101

       UN takes years to resolve issues brought to them, we need diplomats and allies also to make appeal and lobby, that is how it is. we need superior and quality diplomats to make a dent in UN.

  • BURADOR—Phil. Voice

    Philippine CAN NOT DO anything If ASEAN and US are PASSIVE WITNESS on WHATs going on in Philippine-China DUEL in South China Sea—-
    DECADES of government MISMANAGEMENT LEADS to BACKWARDNESS of Philippines and LOST RESPECT in the EYES of our neighbors and the US—-

  • Leonardo

    sana po kung kayo’y may maitutulong sa ano mang problema na ating bansa (pinas), ang kailangan po “ACTION AGAD” at hindi na dapat pang gamit ang press releases sa inyong mga ideas, especially kayong mga inihalal ng taong bayan; congressman, senators and all government officials. pls remember si juan de la cruz ang nagpapa-suweldo sa inyo. pls go and get together in solving pinas problems… do pls stop politicization – kapag inilagay na kayo ng taong bayan sa position – trabaho na, iwan na mula ang politika…

    • white scorpion

       …..and pls remember, kayo man ay  JUAN DE LA CRUZ  din.

  • Bibiano Ngo

    And what makes Honasan think other nations would care a hoot about the Philippines. The Philippines has a closed and  weak  economy . Not much special interest to other countries. In fact  it is ranked among the bottom within the ranks of Cambodia and Laos which are backwater countries. It must rely by itself in protecting its borders. Taiwan has 150 F16s and 60 French mirage fighters to counter China.  Japan has 300 planes to back up its border disputes with China

    • Miguel

      Dina mahalaga kahit ilang libo pa fighter jet ng ibang bansa kung meron lang anti aircraft missile plus smart bomb ubus mga F16 na yan.

  • INQ_reader

    China is US’ biggest creditor. Notice that US didn’t issue any strong statement regarding the recent issue. US is unreliable ally against China.

    • white scorpion

      yes. its true. you’re right.

  • panhase

    Read international news and you will see that most agencies did not report this incident. The world is not really interested in this conflict. And the United States also don´t like to be drawn into something that they perceive as local power struggle.

    • INQ_reader

      Of course US will not react vehemently, it’s not a good idea to bite the chopsticks, err hands, the feed you.

  • white scorpion

    i hope our previous and current political leaderS, gov’t official who have done nothing but corrupt, realized our current embarassing situation in scarsborough shoal. the incident does not affect only the soldiers in the front line but every filipino people. i’m saddened that we should experience  another international embarassment, i hope this would wake up our corrupt (civilian or gov’t) people. and start working for the benefit of our nation. this will not be the last encounter of this nature. who knows baka sa susunod kahit ibang kapit bahay natin ganyan din ang gagawin. its true, we have military understanding with u.s. and other asean. the question is how soon will they come to our aide. kailangan pa ng approval ng congress. while we are being butchered here. mas mainam nang umasa tayo sa sariling tuhod natin. we are not short of fighting people. given the proper arsenal. our soldiers can and will fight hard. they will see our soldiers capability.

  • Mamang Pulis

    PASIKLAB SI SENATOR….ang bobo ng mga statement kung tama nga ba ang report

  • OFW_Dubai

    walang tutulong sa Pilipinas kundi ang mga Pilipino lang….Dapat muna magbago ang mga pilipino…una nayung korapsyon….kung ang budget ng pilipinas eh mapapapunta sa tamang dapat kalagyan, sa mga proyekto at magandang serbisyo at hindi sa bulsa ng mga politiko siguradong magkakaroon ng pagbabago….siguradong dadami ang mga mamumuhunan sa pilipinas at lalago ang ekonomiya…paglumago ang ekonomiya lalaki ang pagkita ng gobyerno at mapapalaki na natin ang budget para sa sandatahang lakas….isa pa dadami ang gusto magprotekta sa atin lalo na yung mga bansang namumuhunan na sa pinas…..nakakalungkot isipin pero isa ang kompanya namin na dapat sanay magtatayo ng fabrication yard sa pinas pero dahil sa bulok na sistema at dami ng gustong magkapera iniurong ng kompanya namin…sa halip eh sa indonesia sila nagtayo ng yarda…..isa lang yan sa nawalang pagkita na sana ng pinas dahil sa mga tiwaling nakaupo sa gobyerno….

  • lex

    SENATOR HONASAN, nagpapa EPAL ka lang kasi malapit na ang 2013 election. Ikaw ang isa sa pinakabalimbing na senador.Ikaw ang anti – US na laging nakasuot ng AMERIKANA. Ang mga press release mo ay papansin lang para sa 2013 ELECTION. EPOKRITO ka!

  • Miguel

    Lahat ng ito kagagawan ng mga nag daang administration. Inubos, nilustay at kinurakop pondo ng ating bansa, ang resulta sandatahang lakas ng ating bansa ay walang mapakitang pangil sa mga nag nanais umukupa sa ating karagatan. Kung sa panahon ni Marcos nangyari ang pag tatapat ng instik at ating hukbong dagat malamang binag sakan ng bomba sa ulo mga trespasing na intsik na yan.

  • PublicPolicy101

    Bringing the matter to the UN will take a long step to be resolved, we need good diplomats and allies to make some bold steps in there, second I wonder why during the recent visit of Pres. Aquino to China our ties where not renewed with vigor? It should be a period of strengthening, whatever happened to those meetings?

    US is largely indebted to China and US November election is upcoming, their own politicians have other priorities.

    We have been making appeals to China for our drug related case (jailed Pinoys), we made appeal for ASEAN against NOKOR (whose major trading partner is China), we (our current leaders) never made attempts to formalize meeting with top Regional Leaders (APEC, ASEAN) regarding the territorial issues and disputes.

    Poaching happens everyday, we never prioritized our budget for the coastguards against those big and fast boats with high tech gadgets (radar, gps, etc) of Malaysia, China et. al. I have seen it before my eyes how these foreign vessel operates, they even have well protected security measures on their boats.

    let us have quality leaders (reminder for 2013 election), better our budget priorities and eliminate huge and non beneficial ones like the band aid Conditional Cash Transfer.

    last but not the least while we don’t have quality equipment yet, let us have quality and superior diplomats… those who do not engage only with presscon.

    let us encourage our fellow Filipinos to fight within and make substantial changes by not relying on others, better our economy, no borrowings from other countries and make everything sustainable, that way we can gain respect.


  • mangtom

    Gorio Punasan, sa halip na humingi ka ng tulong sa US, kausapin mo ang mga kasamahan mong shitnetors at huwag na kayong tumanggap ng pork barrel na papunta sa bulsa ninyo. Gastosin yan para sa military training at hardware. Sobra ka talaga. Ogag ka pa. 

    • Pinoy_Reich

      Malabong mangyari iyan bosing, kelangan ni shitnador at tongresman ng pork barrel para pangkabuhayan nila. Kelangan nila ng pork barrel para tatagal pa sila sa pwesto at ng tataba pa ang mga dollar accounts nila na exempted pala sa batas ng Pilipinas.

      Ano ba ang mahihita nila sa pagmo-modernize ng militar natin, anyway kung bombahin tayo ng China meron na naman silang mansion na sa States para magbakasyon saglit habang ang mga ordinaryong mamayan na tulad natin nakipaglaban pa sa China gamit ang mga itak at sibat natin.

      If ever the Philippines comes into a shooting war with China, we could have the slightest advantage by executing first our shitnadors and tongresmen as Chinese collaborators.

  • mangtom

    Punasan (Ram-butan), bunganga lang ang malaki sa iyo. Magbigay ka nga na worth whiile na ginawa mo sa bayan while you are a shtnator? You are a loser. You have no business being a shitnator. You are the numero uno hypocrito. Go to helel-mispelled para hindi ma-censor

  • Bayabas San

    The Defense budget should be spent in teaching Filipinos how to swim

  • rudyd

    instead of asking help to other country why not tell the phil government to improved their military forces instead so you can take care this kind of problem also removed the corrupt officials coz they’re not doing anything rather than making there pocket full.

  • oracle888

    Maybe the bloggers and the people should sit back and ponder what did President Aquino or the current Administration get from making the dispute a bigger issue in the midst of all the domestic problems involving the economic, political, peace & order, and his personal issues.

    Domestically, we have many issues unresolved such as several fugitives remain to be at large, impeachment trial outcome is uncertain, graft & corruption continue as usual, NPA and Mindanao rebels activities are still rampant, political family dynasty are controlling the nation’s important & vital institution leading to abusive of power and breeding of more corruption, squatter problems occurs in every part of the islands, central and local officials are conniving with unscrupulous businessmen and corporation in illegal logging, mining, and smuggling. Human trafficking are on the loose, prostitution are like an epidemic or a plaque in this catholic nation, etc….

    I am not doubting or discouraging the patriotism of many people; but is President Aquino trying to coddle the US and Asean countries to stand against China which has the world second largest economy and the world largest army? What are his foreign policy  hidden agenda? Is he trying to divert the attention of the people from the bigger domestic issues? Is he trying to get more loan or aid from the US? Is he trying to get some economic concession from China? What will the US get from meddling in the South China sea? To explore the natural resource in the region by those big corporation without the consideration of environmental protection? Or to create another Iraq or Afghanistan, or Vietnam in 1970’s?

    I still believe all international issues should be settled preferably by peaceful diplomatic means. The South China Sea dispute cannot, and should not be resolved by rage but by regional treaty, agreement or international laws. The people should not be leaded blindly by the government propaganda, the senator’s incitement, or other media frenzy. We should think wisely and keep cool.

  • Atagalong

    What military capability does the Philippines have to avert any intrusion from China?  A Gregorio Honasan, a coup ‘d etat expert,  who tried to topple down the administration of President Corazon Aquino but did  not succeed, is  now is telling the Filipino people that the Philippine military also did not succeed in getting rid of the intruders. One need not be an expert on anything, but it is a done conclusion that China can do whatever she does anywhere in what is known as China Sea. Next time around, I am afraid, that fishermen from China will be right there within 9 nautical miles from any Philippine land area. and fish  with impunity like a bully, sans any fear of military repercusion. Now, the nativists and anti Americans are beginning to have a second thought about the necessity of an American military power. The irony or all ironies, a former senator who was so vocal in his being anti America, getting rid of all U.S. military installations, became a President of the Philippines and treating the Philippine politics as an affair of his family and other political dynasties, had to come to America to have his knee fixed! In my opinion, China is now controlling the economic well being of the Philippines. Annexing the Philippines is moret han likely a done deal.

  • yaptangcom

    Fair-weathered friends, are we? Didn’t we kick out the American bases in 1992? 20 years later, amid the backdrop of heightened tensions and brewing military hostilities in the Spratley Islands, no less than a senator and a presidential advisor are making their sentiments heard out loud about enlisting the help of the United States under the pretext of an existing military pact between the two countries. For heaven’s sake, will our policy-makers make up their minds once-and-for-all? Cozying up with Uncle Sam at this time just because the big bad wolf (China) is bullying us into submission will not endear us to Washington. We can’t have it both ways.   

    • FernandoBusi

      Actually if i remember correctly nag makaawa si Cory sa senate nun not to kick the maericans out but si guingona et al eh malaki pride … kaya ayan ang nangyari … 

  • Nanette Sabadao


  • shallabhe Escupolo

    So, ito ngayon ang napala natin, wala ng panahon mag sisihan.Tama from president,senate and congres dapat mag buo ng pwersa tulongan natin ang sandatahan ng pilipinas. Kung kailangan ng tulong ng mamayang pilipino para pandagdag ibili ng karagadagang upgraded weapons para sa bansa natin,dapat kumilos na kayo. o d kaya kalahati ng mga porkbarrel nyong lahat,pagsamasamahin na para mapondohan ang arm forces ng insaktong pang guira.

  • w33k3nd3r

    It is also a sign to ALL politicians to take your job seriously and use the tax money for the public’s welfare and security. Had we been progressive from the first quarter of Marcos’ time, the chances of this bullying would have been nullified.

  • James Rams

    The recent episode at the Scarborough Shoal was another instance
    when Noynoy seemed to fade away when the going got tough, which seems
    always the case during extreme situations that the country faces.
    during one of the functions with the Philippine Navy, said the country
    will be ready to fight when it comes to defending its sovereignty along
    with all the rhetoric about the country making do with its scant
    armaments to fend off incursions into its territory.
    Then it
    happened. Last Monday, the only battle-ready boat that the country has,
    the BRP Gregorio del Pilar, which Noynoy and his military chiefs bragged
    about as its indirect answer to a China’s intrusions into the disputed
    islands, tried to accost Chinese fishing boats which had intruded into
    the Scarborough Shoal which to the country is the Panatag Shoal and
    another different name to the Chinese.

  • pepengkabayo

    PH urged to enlist help of US, Asean to stop Sino incursions….

    PH asked Asean and US for help against China’s intrusion.
    The question is…have we helped them. It is easy to ask for help while we have not helped them either.
    US was even driven away from our shore.
    While China has billions and trillion investments in ASEAN and US as well.
    These countries will keep silent on the issue as we have nothing to offer.

  • dennis

    Kasalanan din naman ng pamamalakad natin sa SARILING BANSA kung bakit tayo hindi igalang at kayan-kayanan lang ng ibang bansa!…Look,the Chinese knew that poverty was all over our country,”Every person has it´s price value”…They knew na laganap ang lagayan sa bansa natin.Kapag Pinoy ang nahuli sa droga sa ibang bansa,”BITAY” ang hatol! Samantalang kapag Intsik ang nahuli sa Pinas,pinakamataas eh “Deportation”….Talagang hindi matatakot ang mga Intsik! Mahuli man ang isa…may dadating na kapalit or madami pa!…Bukod pa dyan eh nakakapag-lagay sila!

  • 4kingdaddy

    pinaalis ninyo ang mga kano, tapos ngayon hihingi kayo ng tulong?…ano kayo, nahihibang????

  • ZoiMc

    Wala na ang Pilipinas kaya umalis nako dyan. Kahit mga kaibigan mong matalik ipagpapalit ka sa pera, sayang ang mahabang panahon na pinagsamahan. Lahat me presyo, ultimo nasa munisipyo, o nasa luklukan sa mga sangay ng gobyerno me katiwalian. Kaya ayan naunahan pa tayo ng Vietnam!
    Ni wala man lang kahit isang matinong fighter jet! Nag-iisang patrol boat second hand pa!

    Kawawang Pilipinas……ni di kayang ipagtanggol ang sarili!

    Bye Philippines wish you luck! 

    From USA with love,

  • oracle888

    If one looks at the history of the Philippines, with its strong colonial mentality the nation has a recurrence of  seeking help from the US when it encounters attacks and occupations by other nations.

    In 1521 after Magellan discovered the Philippines, the country was occupied and ruled by the Spanish for more than 300 years. Then American came and defeated Spain, taking the control of the country from Spain. Yet in 1889, Aguinaldo revolution started the Phil-Am war but was quickly defeated. American occupied the Philippines until WWII when Japanese attacked the Clark Air base forcing Mac Arthur to retreat and declared Manila an open city to Japan. For many years, it was again the American who came and kicked the Japanese out of the Philippines. Then during the reign of President Cory Aquino, the US military was once again evicted from the country

    Apparently deep in the mind of the people, the US military are like Captain America who will respond every time  to the distress call of the nation. And when thing gets cool down, as we don’t need them anymore, we decided to kick them out again.

    Because of this expectation, the government did not really seriously dedicate its efforts in the modernization of the military. Instead, the officials engaged in rampant graft and corruption, siphoning the budget to their own pocket instead of military upgrade.

    I heard people say that if we get into war with Malaysia, Vietnam or Indonesia, in less than a week we will be surrendered to them. So much so if we fight a war with the super power China? So the Administration’s cry being bullied by the Chinese and yet it is the Aquino Administration that send first a warship to the dispute area instead of Coast Guard vessels which is usually a common practice among states when comes to any dispute concerning sea.

    The US has its hands full already with Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Pakistan, Syria, Cuba, Valenzuela, and Russia. It has depended its budgets so much on China without which its government will have to shut down. Will she come to enrage the Chinese because of some underwater reef disputed by the nation who cries for help only when she is needed but kick her out after she was used? I truly doubt so.

    Yet US is using the dispute to divide China’s attention in sustaining its economic development. In addition, US could want to cutoff the possible huge deposit of oil under the sea from China. What involved aside from economic and strategic positions are also great power politics and domestic politics. Bear in mind that the continued dispute will only increase the assertiveness of China on the claim of the region. The danger of miscalculation by the Aquino government should not be dismissed.

  • mangtom

    Punasan (a.k.a. Ram-butan). Akala ko ba napakatapang mo? Ikaw pala cry baby. You are now crying Uncle to Uncle Sam. Duwag at wala kag bayag. Why not use your training as a military man, allegedly, and recruit your comrades and go to the Philippine shores to fight the Intsik? Well, it is more comfortable to open your mouth in your air-conditioned office in the Senate and ask for help from the US. You lazy and coward bum. The money you get from the government for being a do-nothing parasite is a big waste of Juan dela Cruz’s money. Kawawa naman ang taong bayan. Thick faced ka at wala kang hiya.

  • vir_a

    Re-channel all pork barrel funds of congress and senate and use the money to buy more navy ships. Anyway, those funds were just used for politicking, which have no impact on the lives of pinoys. If we cannot defend our territory, the next thing to happen is an incident which is similar to our loss of Sabah to Malaysia. We will need visa to visit the Spratlys.

  • hik..hik

    Since the beginning Filipinos are shooting their own foot… that’s it.

  • dmaxx_trip

    Chinese incursion is a big problem not only in the Philippines but also in other ASEAN countries that are on claims on the Spratlys Islands. It is also an international concerns because we can not deny that China is an emerging power. Everywhere else in the world there are Chinese. investments and Chinese products. These Chinese products are cheap compared to the produce of other countries. These investments are being used by China as their tool to dominate the world and make them kneel on their whims. Even militants in our country is being paid by Chinese just to protect their interest. Not a single militant organizations are putting demonstrations against the Chinese. The precedent incursions will tell that no rallyists stood against these issues. That’s how big the Chinese domination are now. The big question is, how can the countries involve solve the existing problem? We will suddenly realize in the future that there will be no Philippines anymore but only a China country in Asia.  

    • nickmla

      Yeah… i dont think the US will even defend us from this issue. There are lots of stakes involved.  US has more to lose than the China, if it meddles in the issue.  China is the biggest trading partner of the US, if not the entire G7.

      China can even manipulate the worlds foreign exchange, as what they did with the US dollar to keep trade favorable to them.

  • Boy_PickUp

    Mga miyembro ng LFS sugod na naman sa US embassy at nanira pa, bakit kaya hindi nila magawa sa embassy ng mga intsik? Masyadong napaghahalata na itong mga militanteng ito, hindi makabayan ang mga ito. Mga maka-INTSIK!

    • Binayers

       nandun na nga sila sa US Embassy pagputok palang ng bukang liwayway,, nanira at nagsaboy ng pintura,, maagap talaga ang mga tunay na TAKSIL SA BAYAN NA MILITANTE

  • Boy_PickUp

    Honasan tama na, maghunos-dili ka na, dalawang linggo ka ng putak ng putak ng walang kawawaan mapansin ka lang. Nag-aasam ka na naman sa 2013 elections, hindi ka na ba nahihiya sa sarili mo? Wala ka namang nagawang mabuti kundi manggulo at protektahan ang amo mong si gloria, ano ka?

  • Ano Ikaw

     Send the LFS , Bayan muna, at ibang leftists to the SHOAL prison and lock them up there.
    You kicked the US bases out, you scrouged our intentions of building weapons. You stripped our dignity, and now you pay up.

    We want our dignity back.

    Start building nuclear weapons etc.

  • Ben

    I would like to reiterate, it is urgent that we ask the US again for the 3rd Hamilton ship and seriously lobby US congress to keep the present armaments intact for better self- defense capability, and while we are into it, we must renegotiate the removed weapons system of the other two Hamilton ships, we must negotiate for the 4rth one as soon as the 3rd is approved separate from the F-16 squadron that we are urgently requesting too. I recently urged my NY senator to support the cause of the Philippines as part of her foreign relations policy, by being open for a soft loans or lease to own those urgent defense equipments that the Philippines need, Sec. Del Rosario is in the US right now, and I call upon all those Filipino-US citizens to urge their senators and congressmen too to help the Philippines acquire the defense needs it is asking the US…I also call the Filipinos to write the UN to complain about the intrusion, the more people will do that the better and the UN will be forced to make a statement in support of the Filipino people who are asking as part of their humanitarian policy.

    The DOTC with it`s budget and its ability to organize investments must help procure for an “AN/TPS-59(V)3 Radar” Set to keep an eye our territorial air and seas which is the reason why we can`t identify nor pre-empt a Chinese intrusion, with a 500 mile wide radius this can be adequate enough to keep us on top of everything. This can be used both for civilian and military purposes, without this radar we are dangerously blind, “PREVENTION” is better than a pound of cure. If our country can see them crossing the territorial line in real time using this radar, we can preempt by sending fast frigates to block them from ever reaching deep into our territory and destroy the natural resources and or claim it by erecting structures, by  sending our cutters and its attack helicopter and fighter planes to block them we can prevent them from ever causing a naval stand off deep inside our own territory.

    The Philippines should also strengthen its research and development, it is important to encourage the universities to do their own research and development with tax and other incentives from the government and the DOST should be spearheading the directional policy of these research and development undertaking, the government should also send promising DOST, government universities and military personnel to the US and other countries for PHD in urgent know how that we lack of and help bring their knowledge back home to develop our home grown technology. We need to start building our own military vessels, while the structures can be built in here, we can just order the necessary propulsion and weapons system and this will be cheaper than buying the whole. We just have to study through reverse engineering the composition of the hull to be used for the vessels body and develop our dying steel industry as part of industrialization which we are lacking of….instead we tend to focus more in service development such as call centers, rather than high technology.

    • Boy_PickUp

       But first, ask Erap and Coseteng to apologize to the US for ejecting them from their bases and imprison All MILITANTS whose hobby is to burn the US flag and cause traffic jams.

    • Nick

      Good Idea Ben., You should run for the senate so that your witty mind can help CHANGE the Philippines, and uplift the life of its’ people.  

  • Lopez_Chaena

    PH is just one of the many territorial disputes of China. China has territorial disputes with all the nations surrounding her, these are India, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines and others. This a giant nation with more than a billion people which imports the food and energy that they consume.

  • Binayers

     kayong magagaling na mambabatas,, kung gusto nya di tyo kinakayan-kayanan ng mga kapitbahay natin,, dapat matulong-tulong tayo,, wag yung isisi lahat sa aquino gov.,, kung seryoso kayo,, bakit di nyo isuko ang pork barrel nyo,, saka natin ibili ng mga makabagong armas..

  • FernandoBusi

     Actually there is a line of thinking among US strategist to preposition assets here in the Philippines specifically palawan by loaning the equipment to the Philippine military may we should hire lobbyist in Washington to get this line of thinking become dominant. In any shooting war US equipment manned by Filipinos mean they get to test their standard equipment against what china has without risking lives which is really the biggest issue for americans lost lives. 

    • oracle888

      Are you saying that Filipino lives are that cheap to be the guinea pigs of the America to test their weapons?

      Get real, my friend.

      • FernandoBusi

        Filipino lives in the defense of the country is cheap indeed … it is every filipino’s responsibility to help protect our sovereignty … what i am saying is it will be an effective solution for the americans one that their own strategist have been espousing why buy if we can get them guised as a loaner … kesa naman naka sakay ng rubber boat at tora tora ang mga tauhan ng militar

  • Jun

    walang pag-asa ang Pinas dahil mahilig magsisihan at mangurakot. ibigay na lang sa china ang spratly’s at palawan dahil dun naman din yan babagsak. cguro kung papakitaan lang ng china ang mga pulitiko ng pera, cguradong ibibigay nila yan. di na kasi uso ngayon ang pagiging makabayan ng mga pinoy lalo na’t makakita ng malaking halaga ng pera

    • Boy_PickUp

      Nangyari na iyang sinasabi mo nung panahon pa ni gloria, libreng libre na nga ang mga intsik na gumawa ng oil exploration doon di ba? Si gloria pa? Eh basta pera nanginginig ang tumbong nyan at lahat ibibigay pati na ang walang kakuwenta-kuwenta niyang puri.

  • Tirador Ngbuwaya

    I dont see anything commendable in that standoff.  Nambobola lang itong senador na ito. . What is needed there at the Spratlys is a permanent solution to the problem. Diplomacy will not work.  The Chinese  wont recognize that ASEAN BECAUSE  Chinese military strength is much superior than the combined  armed forces of the member nations of  ASEAN. .  The  Chinese will only bow their heads when  confronted by a  force that is superior to them. . AND what is that force superior to them?  Only the formidable 7th fleet of the US  military can drive away these Chinese intruders from the Spratlys. . .The Philippine government should immediately  request the US for the deployment of the 7th fleet in the Spratlys. . .

  • nelson

    I would suggest that the government would lease all the Western Seaboard to the US for their development to include probably a middle size military base and ask them for a good rental that could make us another world power in the next 50 years? But we have to make sure that no corruption would disbalance the trend to be sure that we could take off truely. Let us not worry about the local communists. If they sided with the their commy buddies, then we take side too with our democratic pals. and we are many. Pag pumalag sila then let us start the Alsa Masa program para matauhan sila. I abhor the shout of Karl Marks..”Workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose except your FREEDOM’? Of all rights ito pa ang mawawala pag communista na tayo?

  • Antonio

    (Explore – Philippines – Manila to Mindanao 2 of 4 – BBC Travel Documentary) please see this video on youtube on its time of 8:35.. IF the Philippine government owns this huge amount of cash estimating 41 trillion pesos.. it would be a great help if a war occurs between China and Philippines.. just think of it..

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