‘A vote for Corona is a vote for Binay’



MANILA, Philippines—The camp of Vice President Jejomar Binay finally lets the cat out of the bag: A vote to acquit Chief Justice Renato Corona is a vote of support for Binay in 2016.

How the senators vote in the impeachment case against the Chief Justice will impact on the political fate of Binay, who has all but declared his plans to run for president in 2016, said former Sen. Ernesto Maceda, a known Binay ally.

Corona’s conviction will bolster support for President Aquino and his “anointed candidate” for president while an acquittal would boost the stock of the opposition candidate, which could very well be Binay, he said.

“This is the Binay factor. If you’re for Binay for president for 2016, you’ll probably vote for acquittal. Why? First of all, if Corona is convicted, that strengthens Noynoy and a stronger Noynoy means stronger support for his [chosen] candidate,” Maceda told a press forum at Annabel’s Quezon City on Saturday.

“If Corona is acquitted, in the words of [Inquirer columnist Amando] Doronila, that will be the start of the downturn of Noynoy Aquino’s popularity. He becomes ‘weaker’ and his candidate becomes weaker,” he said.

Binay-Estrada coalesce

Ahead of the 2013 senatorial elections, Binay’s Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) has forged a coalition with former President Joseph Estrada’s Puwersa ng Masang Pilipino (PMP) to form the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA).

(Maceda was the general campaign manager of Estrada’s PMP in the 2010 presidential elections, and has said he intends to seek a Senate seat in 2013 under Binay’s new coalition.)

While he ran as Estrada’s vice-presidential running mate in 2010, Binay also capitalized on his strong ties with the Aquinos—particularly the President’s late mother, former President Corazon Aquino—and their vaunted “yellow army.” A big factor in his victory was the peeling off of a large segment of this yellow vote from Mr. Aquino’s running mate, now Transportation Secretary Mar Roxas, to go over to Binay.

Last week, Binay caused a stir when he invited allies of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and critics of the Aquino administration, including Maceda and Zambales Rep. Milagros Magsaysay, to join the UNA senatorial lineup.

Confronted by Mr. Aquino’s partymates, Binay declared full support for the President, and squelched speculations that he was cozying up to Arroyo. Tellingly, however, he did not state his position on Corona, whose impeachment and ongoing trial is the linchpin of the Aquino administration’s anticorruption policy.

Maceda, who has been monitoring and writing about the trial in his newspaper column, has predicted that at least seven of Mr. Aquino’s political allies would vote for Corona’s conviction, while at least five senators would go for acquittal.

How senators might vote

He identified the seven as Senators Franklin Drilon, Francis Pangilinan, Ralph Recto and Teofisto Guingona III, all members of Mr. Aquino’s Liberal Party; and Panfilo Lacson, Sergio Osmeña III and Antonio Trillanes IV.

A possible eighth may be Sen. Edgardo Angara, who is building the Aurora economic development zone in his home province and “needs the financial support that only the President can provide,” Maceda said.

“He’ll be inclined toward conviction,” he said of Angara.

Those who might be expected to vote for acquittal are Senators Joker Arroyo, Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., Loren Legarda and Manuel Villar Jr., if their questions, statements and vote to respect the Supreme Court temporary restraining order against the examination of Corona’s dollar accounts were to be used as a gauge, Maceda said.

This is why he believes it would be easier for the defense to muster nine votes (only eight are needed) to acquit Corona than for the prosecutors to get the 16 votes to convict.

Political affiliation matters

Tranquil Salvador III, one of Corona’s lawyers and a spokesperson for the defense panel, agreed with Maceda’s assessment that political affiliation will be a factor in the final vote.

“Although objectively the conscience will be the guide of [the senators’] decision, we have to understand that this is a political exercise. And since this is a political exercise, political affiliation and relationship would matter at the end of the day,” Salvador said.

The senators have maintained that they will vote on evidence and according to their conscience.

“In matters pertaining to my role as senator judge, I am accountable to the people and not to the President or to the party. I will vote based on the evidence and what I believe to be best for the nation,” Pangilinan said.

“Anyone is free to make his predictions. You can too,” Recto said.

The Inquirer repeatedly tried but failed to reach Angara for comment on Maceda’s statements.

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    *Sought for comment on Maceda’s statement, Pangilinan said: “In matters
    pertaining to my role as senator judge, I am accountable to the people
    and not to the President or to the party. I will vote based on the
    evidence and what I believe to be best for the nation.”

    Talaga lang ha? Noted.


    • JasminCubacub

      Lets try to verify this with Tito Sotto!

  • pilosopo4

    Senator Kiko..please..the people are not stupid or dumb..your comments are NOTED!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PM7ZXVB3KFI4UHUACUXRGI5VCY ronald

    Mr. Maceda, is that the way you think??? ang mga katulad mo d kailangan sa senado! Impeachment trial  is not about for popularity it is a constitutional act of challenging the honesty and credibility of Mr. Corona. acquital or conviction will be based on the evidence being presented.Therefore,With your ambitious attempt for the Senate, Do not confused the Pilipino by redirecting it and injecting errelevant issues. Ngayon pa lang masasabi ko na d ka nararapat sa Senado.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6ODLDBBLVPVJCOODC6Y4CKJTVA lex

    Si ERNESTO MACEDA ang isang magandang halimbawa ng TRAPO. Wala ng inisip kundi maruming PULITIKA. Mag ingat sa taong ito, wala syang magagawang MABUTI sa kasalukuyang problema ng PINAS.Wag po nating AKSAYAHIN ang BOTO sa taong ito! 

  • barangayboso

    Mr. Maceda, you are dragging the names of these poor senators down..

    Remember that people want accountability…

    I think whatever the outcome of this impeachment is, The president tried at his best to give justice to what these bastards did to our country..

    Now its in the hands of the senators.. you want justice? tell it to the senators..

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZX7N2VG24SPUGJOVFAUFDBOTZY danielD


  • mad_as_Hamlet

    If Mr. Corona is acquitted, it will be by a jury of his peers. 

  • Ka_Beesy

    value of maceda = -50 to 0.

    “so young and so corrupt” ang label sa kanya noong nag-umpisang mamulitiko yan. ngayon, so old and so inept. kung ano-anong mga position ang hinawakan, wala namang ginawa kundi ang magpaganda ng kutis.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/S4W5SH35C5W6LRS23WA6UEMAYM Brian

    Medyo ilusonado na rin itong si Maceda gaya ni Corona.  If Corona is convicted, it’s because guilty siya based on the presented evidence.  Spoken like a true political trapo itong si Maceda.

  • aristeosj

    what a shame to be hearing this from this so old and still so corrupt old man in the person of maceda.we will be back to the bad old days of you-know-who with this early positioning of binay,estradas,macedas and cohorts.

  • alazzka

    Binay is indeed digging his trenches now because in the event of Corona’s conviction  a CJ appointed by this autistic president would preside in the Presidential Electoral Tribunal where there is an electoral protest against the vice president   And if that happens, Binay’s position will be in great peril. 

    • wyl5326

      what a shallow analysis in swallowing hook, line and sinker the diatribe of Thief Justice as the rationale for his impeachment ! perhaps you might add Lusita as another reason next time to post !

      • JasminCubacub

        Are you denying that a vote for corona is vote for Binay? bahala aka..  basta opposition members will control the Senate next year..

  • andy0974

    Hindi naman mananalo si Maceda.. who he by the way…. nagpapapansin lang yan for publicity sake.. di namin sya iboboto.!

  • Filipinoflash

    These TRAPO Maceda has no chance of winning the Senate. And his statements today will not help him. The people dont want corrupt officials in power. Corona acquittal will seal the deal for Binay’s defeat.

    • Luthmar

      If Maceda does not win and Binay does (God Forbid) you know what cabinet post he
      will ask for?  DPWH.  This is the gold mine for the very corrupt politician.  Gusto ni
      Maceda humirit pa bago pumanaw.  Poor Philippines.

  • Rex_Ranhilio

    Interesting ang analysis ni Maceda.

    But he did not take into consideration one thing (and remember, anything is possible) – that Binay will be Noynoy’s candidate in 2016. If this happens, ano kaya ang effect ng decision ng impeachment court?

    • rem_rod

       The decision on Corona impeachment is not a matter of consequence because it comes first. Pnoy would save grace if he endorses Bnay which i doubt.

  • ukoysakabo

    nasobrahan ata ng diatabs si manong maceda…lol

  • traderdg

    ahhh…shut up old Maceda…you’re trapo…you’ve been around for so long intriguing doing nothing except to sow intrigues…you should retire dirty old pols…

  • Rustanagustin

     Total crap. analysis ng trapo which is not actually relevant nowadays.Ginagawang tanga ang pinoy! Masasabi ko lang kay Maceda, “ano ako tanga ka?”

  • sacrebleau

    When the EDSA 2 crowd was gathering at the shrine calling for Estrada’s ouster, Maceda dismissed the crowd by saying: “Just let them, nothing’s going to come out of it.” Maceda was wrong, Estrada was ousted.

    Maceda was a poor analyst and a useless gov’t official. High marks for posturing tho’.

  • Garote

    I believe Maceda and Doronila do not think first before they write. They just write whatever comes into their minds. That is the reason why their write-ups are fallacious and opinionated.

    • AmBoy24

      that’s their opinoin.nakikibasa ka lang eh mas marunong ka pa sa kanila.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IGLQQ2TTZF3BAWUHUWLFWVPZDE Vladymir

         doronilla is a prick…he don’t allow comment in his column…takot masupalpal ng mga bloggers

  • tagasampaloc

     “If you’re for Binay for president for 2016, you’ll probably vote for
    acquittal. Why? First of all, if Corona is convicted, that strengthens
    Noynoy and a stronger Noynoy means a stronger support for his
    candidate,”to quote Maceda.
    This means that Binay is for the acquittal of Corona and he should stop posturing that he supports P-noy’s program of clean govt. Thru Maceda, he is also telling senator-judges, who will run under UNA, that a conviction vote will weaken their reelection bid in 2013, so does his presidential run in 2016. Since on the surface Binay supports P-noy, he is not only on the double edge again(“head you lose tail I win”) but also insulted the intelligence of the senators. Clever!
    My prescription to fight this “dirty tricks” of Binay is we the people should strongly support the senators to vote for conviction of Corona, nothing less.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IME3BZ7LF3HYHGBIEJVBOBB6Z4 TIM

    Vice President Binay, you are too for the 2016 election.

    • Nald_Ap


      • maria_t11

        I know. To early to announce his candidacy right? Masyadong atat at kapal
        Diba. Bro? Bakit kaya naaddict natong pamilyang Binay sa Politics? Dahil kaya
        Easy money? At higit sa lahat Super Power! Tingin nila God na silang mga
        binays. hello sangdiagang bayan ano na ba nangyari sa kaso ng mga Binays?
        Bakit up to now di pa namin narinig si Mrs Binay na parusahan sa sobrang gastos ng kanyang opisina at ang mga ibang kaso pa nila what had happen?

  • Garote

    I read the claim of Maceda and Doronila that “Corona acquittal to bolster Binay chances at presidency.”The more times one tries to understand the rationale of the statement, the farther it eludes away from the field of established logic. It falls in the classification categorized as “pure garbage.”

  • http://fables.boxpinoy.com/ Lucky Luciano

    For Corona, It should be an open vote, and the senators must explain their vote and the Filipinos will decide.

    As for manong Maceda, please move him to a nursing home, Golden Acres is good, Mayroon pa palang nanghihingi ng opinyon diyan.

    • hukom2

      Haahahahah! Itodo mo lampaso… wag sa sahig, dun sa imburnal!!! Dun bagay ang marupok na trapo para madaling madurog!!!

  • Concur_Dissent


    Before: “so young yet so corrupt”

    Now: “so old still corrupt”

    • indiosbravos2002

      Very corrupt

  • joselfernandez


    • hukom2

      pareho lang sila!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/APG4EF4E2BYT3C7NLOVNXKF64Y albert

    Corona acquittal to bolster opposition candidates also.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/APG4EF4E2BYT3C7NLOVNXKF64Y albert

    Senators have maintained that they would vote on evidence and according to their conscience, except for trillanes , he will vote according to public opinion.

  • indiosbravos2002

    Sound bytes from Barney — the gay Dinosaur. He knows he has no chance of getting a seat fairly so sowing intrigues is his game. Binay should know as early as now that Maceda is a rotten egg which could compromise his political future. He should have the political will to say NO to Erap in including Maceda to the lineup unless Binay himself is politically indebted to Maceda, then Binay might slowly but steadily lose his popularity with the masa by association to TRAPOS and Corrupt politicians.

  • hukom2

    MACEDA? kung baga sa “criminal mind”, ganyan talaga utak nyan… UTAK CORRUPT!!! Kamamatayan na nyan ang pagiging tuso!!! Wag ng pag-usapan baka sumikat pa uli… panginoon ko wag naman!!! 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/APG4EF4E2BYT3C7NLOVNXKF64Y albert

      nandito ka naman self- righteous hypocrite

      • wyl5326

        so you prefer the Thief Justice ? Then go on  sucking his Bayag ! Topacio have already given up his bayag for him !

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/APG4EF4E2BYT3C7NLOVNXKF64Y albert

        let the senate court decide..  is ka pa din  self- righteous hypocrite

      • hukom2

        Papansinin ba kita? Wag na lang!!! CORONA CULT!!!

  • indiosbravos2002

    Wahaha and Tranquil Salvador actually agreed with Maceda. Pity… he should improve their defense strategy, instead of locking lips with Maceda. What is it with Corona that he attracts gay peeps… Midas now Erning. Patanda nga lang, huh.

  • indiosbravos2002

    I think Binay at this point should clear his position on Corona to make sure if he is really aligned with the president. Afterall, a cabinet member should be aligned with the president at all times. If he is opposition, then let it be known by day one his true colors… no pun intended.

    • AmBoy24

      for sure,binay is not supporting the incompetent president.pakitang tao lang ang mga ginagawa niya.hindi niya gagawin ang coalition with other party kung total support siya kay pnoy.tapos na ang maliligayang araw ng LP( LOSING PARTY).hahaha….

      • wyl5326

        Coward Amboy is a  loyal Thief Justice supporter who prefers to suck the Bayag of Thief Justice ! So you are counting as US based nurse to challenge me ? I’ve long accepted your counter challenge but you are now hiding from me 
        ! What a coward !

      • wyl5326

        i’m waiting for you here Amboy. do you have colonial mentality to pick that handle name to intimidate those who you think are below your level ? perhaps it is more appropriate to pick the hamdle name of SipSip for your continued support for Thief Justice. Be care for his Bayag will soon be hanged !

    • litorubla

       another pandak for president? magigimg masahol pa ito kaisa sa unang
      pandak. ABANGAN!

  • rsanr

    itong si maceda prophet of doom at talagang negatibong tao na hindi naman kapanipaniwala kaya nang lumipat siya mula sa tabloid na daily tribune at nagpunta sa Philstar, hindi ko na binasa ang philstar mula noong paglipat nitong si maceda, ewan ko ba sa philstar, puro tsismis lang itong si maceda, nagkalat ito sa NYC noong nineteen eigthies at nang magbalik sa Pinas ay akala mo kung sinong magaasta eh bistado naman siya nang publiko at hindi rin ito mananalo sa tangkang pagbalik niya sa senado, natuto na ang mga Pilipino at hindi na paloloko sa mga ganid na ito.

  • arthur1401

    I thought Maceda is intelligent. He belongs to Binay’s party and he is putting his party in a big trouble. He is giving the voters of the 2013 and 2016 elections the hint whom to vote for and whom to reject.

    If Maceda is to be believed, then Binay’s party is favoring the impunity, the cheating, the lying and the corruption will continue under the watch of binay’s party.

    Maceda forgot that just very recently, SWS and Pulse asia revealed that 75% of the people wanted corona to be convicted, but he is saying that if corona is acquitted, binay’s party will win in the election. The 75% of the people wanted change and wanted impunity to end. If this is the way maceda thinks, then it’s bye-bye to binay in 2016.

    This announcement by maceda doesn’t make sense. For how can the 75% of the people who wanted corona out of SC still vote for the supporters of corona in the senate?

    Maceda forgot that after EDSA 2, those senators (miriam, enrile, sotto, oreta, etc) who voted for non-opening of 2nd envelope were trounced in the election that followed.

    Maceda is aging  and along with his age, his mental aptitude is also deteriorating.

    Once upon a time, Mayor Lacson of Manila said-“Maceda is so young, so brilliant and so corrupt”. This is proven today. Except that he has aged and his mental aptitude has deteriorated. But he is still corrupt.

    • tiopaero

      arthur1401  kawawa ka naman hangang ngayon nanniniwala ka pa din sa Pulse  Asia at SWS. Alam na mismo ng buong pilipinas na pag-aari yan ng mga Cojuanco eh !!! ano ba naman yang argumento na yan ?  case you forgot EDSA Celebration was attended by ghosts and spirit. No one came and heed to Noynoy;s calling. So sino ang boboto sa mga kandidato ni Noynoy kung walang nakinig sa kanya sa EDSA nung February ? Sa Mindanao lalong zero yang mga LP sigurado yan.

    • BacolodBoy

      least we forget, we have the worst performing president, as noynoying became an international buzz word for lazy, its root word the name of the current president…

  • tiopaero

    There is no stopping Corona’s Acquittal. it is only a matter of time. Escudero and Cayetano joining the opposition is a big blow for the prosecution.

    Obviously, there’s no hope left for conviction anymore. It’s in the bag for Corona.

    Joker, Miriam, Enrile, Honasan, legarda, Villar, Marcos, Sotto are enough to acquit CJ Corona.

    Congratulation C J Corona for your forthcoming acquittal.

    Maceda is dead right, the best prosecution can get is 8 – 10 votes. Nothing more than 10 votes.

  • al gero


    • turkak

      al gero  ganyan talaga epekto ng reklamo pag sinumulan sa suhol ng Presidente  ng Pork Barrel ang congreso. Nawawalan ng tiwala ang tao sa Malacanang puro illegal pa ang pagkalap ng mga ebidensiya. Kaya wala talagang maniniwala sa katapatan ng prosecution dyan sa ginagawa nila.

      • Jon70

         Unlike the GMA corrupt practices, this time I did not see any malacanang bags distributed o the congressmen, governors and majors.

  • pinoyrocker

    Why do we have to waste time on Maceda’s ranting? First, he’s a dirty trapo; second, he’s a biased, polluted observer.

    • turkak

      pinoyrocker  Why do we have to waste time on Maceda’s ranting?

      YOU JUST DID. It would be much better if you answer your own question.

      • Bugbugtong

        TURKAK,noong inamoy mo ang ulam sa lamesa hindi ibig sabihin nitoy naglalaway ka na! PINOY ROCKER can still rock without singing the song!

      • turkak

        Bugbugtong  naka-drugs ka ?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LLPTRPFUTYJXKI3KJS4B2UO4LI Jim De Garman

    is that all you got mr. trapo maceda..filipinos don’t need your opinion we will surely erase your name in the philippine politics..sisiguraduhin ng mamayan na kulelat ka sa eleksyon and much more to those senators who’ll vote for acquittal for thief corona.

  • turkak

    Paano na kaya ni Noynoy abnoy maipapanalo ang mga kandidato niya sa isang taon. Inabandon na siya ng INC at Katoliko ngayon naman pati tiga Mindanao gigil na gigil sa kanya, Di na nakapagtataka kung nag-uunahan ang mga reelectionists sa partido ni Binay kasi political suicide ang sumama pa sa pangulo sa isang taon.

    • hukom2

      Magbasa ka na lang ng gossip magazine, di ka pwedeng political analyst…
      Corona Cult!!!

    • scorpio15

      Bat naproblema ka sa mga kandidato ng Presidente. Diskarte na nila yon kung saka sakali. Kung manalo matalo wala ka namang singko do-on.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AND7MQ5FERICDOIAUW56RYT45A tower_of_power

    Ano kaya pipiliin ng mga Filipino … mataas na bayaran sa kuryente or mga magnanakaw sa gobyerno?

    The next survey results will be indicative of what the Filipino people will do!!!


  • BacolodBoy

    pnoy did not study the impeachment move, impulse of the moment baka mawala nag hda. lusisita, aba sa dami ng pinatay ng mga angkan nila para di mapamigay ngayon pa kaya sila magpapatalo na nakaupo uli sila yellow birdies…

  • RalphCalda

    Well no matter what people say, I will vote for a candidate who is not tainted in any way w/ corruption. I’ve learned my lesson from those nine dark years of stealing and impunity during GMA’s turn.

    Certainly, I would not want to go back to it again.

    • turkak

      RalphCalda malaki problema mo bro. kasi pare-pareho lang silang lahat. Mga manok ni Pinoy Abnoy dating kampon ni Gloria yan eh !!! Drilon, Tupaz, acosta, Soliman, De Lima etc etc etc !  Pulos kurap lahat yan.hahahahahaha

      • manual47

        Well, turkak, how about you.  What is your plan election time.  If you are saying that they are all corrupt, what do you think filipinos should do.  You may be right.  All these politicians were corrupt from the lowest officials to the highest.   But don’t forget, electoral/people put them there in their positions.  And people still electing them year after year.  Having said this, at least Ralph Calda has a good idea what he’s going to do.  What about you……..

  • manual47

    These bunch of crooks are planning to screw the filipinos again even before Aquino’s term is over.  Instead of putting their time and effort to solve the problem the country is facing and will face in the future, these bunch of crooks has no shame to show their true colors.  Corruption is one of the main problem the country has faced and will sure face again if these crooks have their ways.  And yet these bunch of crooks never once mentioned what they’re going to do about it.  Maybe because they were the ones causing it.  And then there is poverty which for a long time has never been address to and let alone remedied because the funds that should have been applied to the poor families were not being used to where it was supposed to.  It usually goes to these crooks pockets………  Shame….shame….  I sure hope filipinos this time  will be more intelligent enough to use their good judgment in selecting their candidates on the next election.  It’s about time the people teach these politicians that there’s more to them if they think they can always screw the people.  There’s always a limit to what people can take……….

  • EdgarEdgar

    Voting for conviction will be voting for Mar presidency in 2016. This is the greatest fear of Mar’s former peers. Even with 100M tax free, yellow senators don’t like Mar. Drilon and Kiko, two LP stalwarts, have strong reservations about Mar’s character. Ultimately, even the yellow senators will have to acquit the chief justice on the basis of falsified data and fabricated evidence. The case has been decided on the day Noynoy’s childhood sweetheart Eulalio admitted his illicit affair with the president. The month-long break, the stations of the Cross, the Easter egg hunt, Kim’s projectile dysfunction, the China crisis, the power crisis and many more are just intermission numbers to the inevitable — the acquittal of the innocent.

    • turkak

      EdgarEdgar is my guy !!! walang kakupas kupas talaga. Sumulat ka na lang kaya ng column mas mabuti pa. Kung kay Albatross De Quiroz lang mas hamak na credible ka naman.

      Sure tayo dyan, Acquittal yan walang kaduda-duda. Pati nga LP Senators mukang gusto ng mag-jumpship sa UNA eh !! ano sa palagay mo Edgar ?

      • hukom2

        You two have the same frame of mind!!! Mauna na kayong tumalon sa dagat para kainin ng pating…. CORONA CULT!!!

      • EdgarEdgar

        Tama, Tapos na ang boksing ni Abnoy at LP. Just a matter of time. Lol!

        Thanks for the kind words turkak :-)))

    • Juan De la Cruz

      Pare-parehong magnanakaw, acquit lang no?  Di lahat ng Filipino kasing kapal ng mukha at sakmal buwaya sa pwesto.  Pinupulitika nyo ang pag hahanap ng hustisya ng Pilipino sa mga magnanakaw at nag aalaga sa mga magnanakaw!!!!  Magsi alis kayo sa Gobyerno!!!!

    • litorubla

      nasaan nag logic ng mga statements mo ? UNA ang ibig sabihin

    • Moonworshipper

      No one is presumed guilty. No one has yet been proven innocent. Let the innocent account innocence for the dollar and peso bank accounts, suppressed tightly from public scrutiny. Then, let the yellow, brown, black and white decide and account for their decision afterwards. Most politicians are basically the same: protectors of their personal and professional interests. It’s the nation that protects its own interest by guarding its institutions and its coffers from all unscrupulous, indolent, incompetent, manipulative, or thieving public servants. Stay focused. Finish the trial to revive trust in the judiciary, while making sure the flagship doesn’t sink. Protect your captain. If he sinks, we all sink. I never liked Mar anyway.


      100o likes!

    • kolambogan

      Do you mean midnight appointed CJ Corona is innocent? Ika nga noon, can you back it up sa Plaza Miranda?

  • Juan De la Cruz

    kasisingil lang ng gobyerno sa tax na pinaghirapan ko tapos kukurakutin nyo lang?  Mga balasubas kayo!!!! Magsialis kayo sa Gobyerno!!!! Ipako si Corona!!!!  Alisin magnanakaw sa Gobyerno!!!!

    • turkak

      Juan De la Cruz wag walang matitira sa gobyerno kasama na si Abnoy panot sa mawawala. Isipin mo pati si Pacquiao gusto kikilan ng gobyerno na ito ?

      • Juan De la Cruz

        Hoy turkak!!! At least nakikita mo na may nakukulong na magnanakaw o nag susumikap man lang na malinis ang Gobyerno!!!  Bobo ka talaga at wala kang silbi!!!  Kung wala kang ma itulong sa ating mga mamayan at Gobyerno, tumahimik ka at mag isip!  Pumunta ka sa U.P. at baka may matutunan ka doon.  Bobo!!!! 

  • paulnecesito

    If this will be the reason for acquitting CJ Corona, successful ata siya na gamitin ang  pananakot na pag ma convict siya, papabor ang bagong CJ kay Mar Roxas. Pero sino ba talaga ang fair and sino ang biased sa mga justices na ito. Di ba si Corona mismo ang biased? At ang totoong fair mismo ay si Justice Carpio? Koko Pimentel was not able to sit as senator if not because of the fairness of Justice Carpio as chair of SET. He made a strongly worded argument for the dismissal of the counter protest of Zubiri while all other 4 senators and 2 justices went against him. But look at Corona, even at the start, during the time when Koko Pimentel asked for the TRO on the proclamation of Zubiri, he already voted for its dismissal. Kitang kita ang kanyang biased for Zubiri dahil  pareho silang tuta ni GMA. So, sino ang totoong fair and sino ang totoong biased. Gumagamit lang ng pananakot and kampo ni Corona ng hindi naman talaga totoo, ang nakakalungkot, nagpapadala ata dito si VP Binay.

  • Htee

                             WHEN CANDIDATES ARE ALL RECYCLED ONES???



    • rsanr

      yes HTEE, lumaki akong ang ibig sabihin nang trapo sa amin ay basahan, itong mga traditional politicians na ito ay iisa lang ang ibig sabihin basahan na dapat nang itapon dahil sobra na ang asim nang amoy sa pagnanakaw sa kaban nang bayan at laking pahirap sa buong mamayan dahil ang nasa isip lang nila ay kung paano magnakaw.

      “sabi nga nila ang magnanakaw ay nagnanakaw muna bago tumakbo, itong mga trapo at pati na ang mga kaanak nila tumatakbo muna bago magnakaw at big time pang magnakaw kaya naman talagang namumuhunan nang malaki sa kanilang kampanya”

  • Mr_FootyHooligan

    Clearly, ang manok po ni maceda ay si VP Binay. Maceda is a has been-dirty-politico embracing with gusto the time of the marcos regime to the estrada jueteng-gate corrupt culture government. Ngayon, didilaan na naman nya ang likod ng Binay forces to ressurect his fortunes again. And what’s the magnet that draws Maceda to VP Binay? Eto ang napag-alam ko on some of VP Binay’s rise in politics. I used to be a resident of makati for 16 yrs. during the three terms that VP Binay ruled over makati and I lived along Hormiga st. katabi lang po ang munisipyo ng makati. Binay has a very shady, dictatorial and goon like rule in makati that time. One incident was during the local election for mayor where Binay was the re-electionist pitted against one time senator Eddie Ilarde. That time Ilarde was already perceived to be the next likely mayor of makati because of the majority support he was getting and his likeable demeanor amongst the people even with Binay’s vaunted guns, goons and gold. Sensing his defeat in the mayoralty race, hindi po talaga pa-lalampasin ni Binay na matalo sa isang Ilarde lang at by hook or by crook, he hatched his plan as narrated by some knowledgeable people in and around the munisipyo I have had conversations with and some barangay people along our area. Ang ginawa ni Binay, he let loose his goons and bomb the Ilarde residence and strafed it with submachine guns. Fortunately wala pong nasaktan. A few days later Binays residence was shot up and strafed with sub-machine, too. Appearing in television, Binay says “they” are trying to destroy him and kill his family. On the other side, Ilarde was clearly shell shocked out of his wits, natakot ang pulitiko at and said its not worth it going thru this. Eventually the guns, goons, and gold of Binay won him his third term and the rest is history. And to the present we go, and this is the scenario-Corana is acquitted, the Binay coalition and allies win the majority in the senate, they cripple Pnoy and best of all for the Binay forces, lo and behold, they cook up the for the pardon of GMA and she goes scot free. At ano ang susunod? Ang mga buwaya, the hyenas, the pack of wolves in sheeps clothing and the other dark forces hidden under their coalition will now start to rear their multi-headed snake heads and cast a dark shadow on the land from Apparri to Jolo! And one last thing, if you happen to be in Makati one of these days, notice the letter “B” inside a circle plastered in almost all nook and cranny of makati, mga sari-sari store, mga kariton, street names, barangay halls, at mga pader ng munisipyo. That’s the symbol of the Binay dynasty that I remember he once said, “ito symbolo ng ikaka-satuparan ko para sa buong pilipinas!” SASAKLUBAN NA NGA PO TAYO NG MAITIM NA ULAP……

    • blunderact

      He will not be part of the senate line up of binay because he is a liability. Sipsip kay binay para maapoint ulit sa government after binay wins. But with this statement, binay will tell him to shut up because this will not help binay.

  • KapitanBagwis

    You see how trapo Maceda thinks?? No love for the country. He does not want the president to succeed in arresting the culture of corruption because he is one of the most corrupt politician in the country. 

  • KapitanBagwis

    PDI wala na kayong maibalita at pati si Maceda na pinaka trapo sa lahat ay pinapatulan ninyo. pwee!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/APG4EF4E2BYT3C7NLOVNXKF64Y albert

    its eminent that corona will be acquited.

  • kilabot

    irregardless of maceda, the prediction is realistic. goodbye conviction, hello acquittal. goodbye rule of the mobster, hello rule of law. goodbye prostitutes, hello patriots. pnoy must now be salivating profusely.

    • manual47

      Sewer politics at it’s best.  All the filthy and smelly dirt you will find in a sewer, you can easily find them in the Philippines politics……..never in my whole life that I followed politics that I have seen dirty politics as dirty in the Philippines.  And you “kilabot” is a good example of why these crooks are thriving in the Philippines.   You and your dirty minded politics.  No wonder the country is in predicament it is now.   Corruptions will continue until the country goes bankrupt…….what a shame….

    • AllaMo


  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/DWRHqlNoppBOATBbtwpQkaAEQdMOmejmkPJb#24a25 jeff

    Should dishonest, bully, and dishonorable corona be acquitted by the 
    Binay-Estrada-Enrile-Arroyo coalition in the senate, there’s a very big possibility 
    that their senatorial candidates will be wiped-out no matter how well-known their 
    names may be. 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/APG4EF4E2BYT3C7NLOVNXKF64Y albert

      mindanao voters will be wiser now not to vote for greedy kkk endorsed candidates.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U73P2EVWALVL7J7AEEWCOXB3ZU Billy

      Korek ka dyan…zero vote sa pamilya ko ang lahat ng pro-Corona lalong lalo na itong si Maceda at Tatad sampu ng kanilang mga ka-ticket,,, lets see and decide after the trial… Kiss of Death ang lalasapin ng mga pro-Corona… Binay walang sariling paninindigan…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/APG4EF4E2BYT3C7NLOVNXKF64Y albert

    mindanao voters will be wiser now not to vote for greedy kkk endorsed candidates.

    • watot

      Would you mind telling us who are not greedy mr. Smart guy? thanks!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/APG4EF4E2BYT3C7NLOVNXKF64Y albert

        im sorry it seems that you where born yesterday..

    • Jon70

       Please do not say..mindanao voters. I am from mindanao (CDO) and I am not in your side.

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/DWRHqlNoppBOATBbtwpQkaAEQdMOmejmkPJb#24a25 jeff

    Maceda, “so young, and yet so corrupt”, will never win in the senatorial election. His only slim chance of winning is the acquittal of dishonest corona, because the people will be angry with the  senators who will vote for the acquittal.

  • Rathbumo

    The X factor in the fate of CJ Corona in the impeachment trial will be the INC. The re-electionist Senator-judges will need the support of the INC for their political ambition. 4.0 million votes din yan. Maniniguro ang mga yan. Mga TRAPO e. Galit-galit muna sila ni Pnoy . 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U73P2EVWALVL7J7AEEWCOXB3ZU Billy

      mr.burat itanim mo sa isip mo na ang boto ng Iglesia ni Manalo ay hindi matibay na ebidensya para manalo lalo na sa national election…di kita masisisi dahil Iglesia ka siguro ni Manalo…at may alam din akong member ng Iglesia na sumusuway sa utos pagdating ng election.. hindi kasi kayo galit sa Kurap at sa halip ay ipinagtatangol nyo pa…

  • blunderact

    Maceda does  not care what will happen to our country. What is important for him is winning the ellection. Now you know how maceda thinks and the kind of person that he is. His means to win an election does not have a moral convtion. Maceda will admit in public that he will sleep with the devil if that will win him an ellection. He lacks the integrity to sit in the senate. “SO YOUNG. SO CORRUPT”

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OMNEL2G2GDUDZFL6P3WRMBTQX4 AprilFool

    Enough of your wild guesses Manong Ernie. Wag ka ng mag-sip-sip kay Binay at Erap. You had your time. You and Kit Tatad. Wala din naman kayong ginawang maganda sa bayan. 

  • cantonese

    In that case, I will hope that CHIEF JUSTICE CORONA will be acquitted because I want president BINAY  in Malacanang.

  • Rey Cinco

    Lahat naman kasi ng evidence ng prosec ay fishing..

  • Ilonggated

    Tapos na!

    9 : 14 will be the final Senate vote.

    Corona is acquitted.

    Rule of Law vs. Rule of Mob.

    Rule of Law wins!

  • fer1973

    if people will vote for binay and eraps endorsed senators that will be the end of free corrupt philippines and the end of free corrupt judiciary…filipinos never learn of all the tragedy and impact of their everyday life while all of this corrupt supreme court and politicians like binay and estrada, gloria, corona, mirriam, legarda, marcos, joker arroyo revilla is still at large…  poor philippines all is under the spell of iglesia ni manalo’s cult and corrupt bishps of catholics that’s why those politicians are so evil also..

  • watot

    Whose laughing now? Miguel?mikey?GMA?…no wonder the usual greedy smiles of GMA is back…don’t you notice? It might not be Binay but the senators in his line up that will make the stir in the future. We could still vote Binay but be careful of his senator line ups.

    • hukom2

      Never! Not anymore! He belongs to the usual kind – TRAPO! 

  • nelsonkamloon

    If Sen. Mar Roxas or other presidential aspirants under the PNoy banner can sacrifice &  give it to KRIS AQUINO ( if she will accept )   on year 2016 FOR PRESIDENT,  then the   problem  is  solve,

    • tarikan

      Kris, the insatiable, running for president? If PNoy got balls (many doubting Thomases) he should & must prevent her. Hesusmariatinamaankanggrasya. Josh & Bimbe are gonna be first kids? Boy or Girl Abunda, executive secretary.

  • belairskycrapper

    …. obviously, what maceda mean to say,  filipino got no minds of their own. utak biya,
         easily chopped and  sell cheap. maceda, watch out, you are zero balance comes senatorial
         election. shame on you …..

    • tarikan

      Amen to you and also to marlaw above.

  • marlaw

    Dapat hindi na inilalathala pa ang mga ganitong walang kakwenta-kwentang balita mula sa isang trapo t oportunistang pulitiko. Sa haba ng panahon ng ipinanungkulan ni Maceda sa gobyerno bilang konsehal ng Manila, Executive Secretary ni Marcos, senador, DENR Secretary wala itong ginawa kundi puro anomalya. Ngayon mang uuto uli para makabalik uli sa senado. Wag na iboboto ang mga ganitong klaseng pulitiko.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IE6OU4ODQIVS6F5HKL6QPTTDNI RonnieV

    Ten are actually a sure vote for conviction, Senators Angara for sure, Pia and Peter.  But the highest vote for conviction is perhaps only 11. Most probably Corona will be acquitted. Now if we are to ride on the issue of a vote for Corona is a vote for Binay, the more it will strengthen Corona’s acquittal, considering Binay’s popularity which remains high. The possible entry of Kris Aquino will be the start of the downfall of Pnoy together with his line up. 

  • GreenStallion

    Mr. Maceda is just speculating, that’s his presumptions, his intelligent analysis. Let’s take it as it may. I respect his opinion. But he could not predict what the Filipino people will think or do next year’s 2013 election. Its not constant. The voters of yesteryears are different now. They are well informed, educated and intelligent as well. Just in case the predictions of Manong Ernie will come true, does it mean that the overwhelming support of the Filipino people to PNOY will eventually lost? NOT exactly, because the people knows that the decision of the impeachment trial solely now under the hands of the Senator Judges and it involves political process where political affiliation has bearings. The maturity of Filipino votes will now come in this 2013 elections, whether they truly learned from the shadow of GMA or not.  If CJ be acquitted, the people knows that this gov’t did everything in all sincerety its best to curb corruptions, midnight appointment, shady deals, etc.

    As for me, I will place my trust to this government who have tried to set a good example of how should good governance be taken. Let’s not go back to the old dirty politics, old style and patronage where only few politicians, gov’t leaders who enrich themselves again at the expense of Filipinos taxes. Lets completely shun those evil plans of this personalities whose real interest is to amassed wealth not to faithfully help our gov’t back to its glory. Lets strive to walk straight, never to turn our back again of the dark age of our country. Beware of those trapos appearing to be a LAMB but they are indeed a WOLF. This 2013 election, let’s prove to the whole world that we have change for the better. Let’s be united rather than divided, because the forces of evil are strong.

  • kilabot

    a vote for corona is:
     1) a vote for the rule of law;
     2) a slap in the face to noynoy capone and his prostitutes;
     3) a vote against bullying, lying, porking, noynoying, abnoying, kkk’ng and everything pnoy epitomizes;
     4) a vote for the farmers of hacienda luisita and coconut farmers;
     5) a vote against wasteful unnecessary expenditures;
     6) a vote against mindanao power crisis, fuel crisis, tuition crisis, crime crisis;
     7) a vote for check & balances in govt;
     8) a rejection of absolute control in all branches of govt;
     9) the morally correct vote.

    • virgo57

       your comment is really nakakakilabot and seems pretending to be ignorant of the real issue unless you are in synch with mr.ernesto ” garbage” maceda.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/YZR2NOSGE22Y72CNG7657AF2ZE george

        Well said absolutely!!!

    • RomyLitz

      Like Corona and Midas, you are hallucinating beyond repair. Condolence.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U73P2EVWALVL7J7AEEWCOXB3ZU Billy

      ok ang blog name mo na Kilabot…ang ibig sabihin ay walang takot o tigasin…ganyan kayong mga tuta ni CoronAroyo,,,,,palibhasa ay di ka nagbabayad ng buwis kaya wala kang paki-alam sa KURAKUTAN kaya di ka marunong kilabutan….

    • indiosbravos2002

      Its also a vote for corruption, abuse of power and dirty politics

    • hatecorrupt

      down with corona, maceda and many mor corrupts, balimbings, opportunists, unprincipled and etc…FIGHT GRAFT AND CORRUPTION IN THE PHILIPPINES. GOD HELP JUAN & JUANA DELE CRUZES!!!

  • doublecross

    never underestimate the mind of idealist person who knows the truth. the views of maceda is far from his dream…kulang sa pansin. santiago, villar, lapid and marcos…they can never be buy by these untruthful  advance  allegations of maceda. the law prevails, not the whom you know. 

  • ruben_bush

    I liked Jojo Binay…. however, if he really supports the thief Corona, i will no longer support him.
    I hope he comes out with a clear statement because i cannot support a presidential candidate who is weak in fightiing corruption.  It is a SHAME if he really supports Corona and those thieves in the former administration.  BINAY, ilabas mo na baraha mo para malaman ng mga tao……kung sa panig ka ng mamamayan o sa panig mga mga manghuhuthot at magnanakaw!!!!!!!

  • JasminCubacub

    Why do you want to reach Angara for comment? he has no self-respect or decency.. In 1996 he said [when asked if he could be the running mate of ERAP] that he “preferred to be on the sides of the brains”  but he shamelessly ran with ERAP in 1998.  Now, if you ask him whom is going to choose between Noy and [B]Nay, he will say Noy  just to claim his PDF. But later he will join BINAY!

  • JasminCubacub

    “A vote for Corona is a vote for Binay”.  It is so pleasing to read and hear! kame ang controllers ng susunod ng election!  What can we say about the possible votes that will be cast against Corona.. 2 or 3 only!!

    But if I were among those IC Judges who are against Corona, I would rather prefer to abstain from voting than to be part of the losing minority! 

  • RomyLitz

    Maceda is correct! The problem is that many Filipinos will vote for Pnoy’s program of anti-corruption  and that means the senators had to vote for conviction. Condolence to the Corona supporters and sycophants!

  • RomyLitz

    When the bar topnothcer  Gibo ran for president, he lost because he got the kiss of death from the Little Lady of VMMC, now , it seems the kisser of death is Corona. I dont think Binay does not heed Santayana’s “those who does not know history are sure to repeat it”. Condolence again to Corona’s supporters!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/APG4EF4E2BYT3C7NLOVNXKF64Y albert

      you speak like a self-righteous hypocrite.

      • RomyLitz

        Since we are opposites, does it mean you are corrupt then?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YAU43R25CAHGNYPHE6HLAM3V6Y Benjamin


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YAU43R25CAHGNYPHE6HLAM3V6Y Benjamin


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/APG4EF4E2BYT3C7NLOVNXKF64Y albert

      ikaw pinaka bugok na abnoy. si corona hindi kandidato. 

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YAU43R25CAHGNYPHE6HLAM3V6Y Benjamin

        ikaw na hinayupak ka  kinantot ng lolo mo ang nanay mo  ikaw ang lumabas kaya ganyan kang ungas ka…

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YAU43R25CAHGNYPHE6HLAM3V6Y Benjamin

        tingnan mo sarile mo sa salamin  pareho kayo ng lolo mo mukhang pwet….

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YAU43R25CAHGNYPHE6HLAM3V6Y Benjamin

        kase nga …sya tatay mo… kaya manang-mana ka sakanya sa pagiging ungas na baklita pa….

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YAU43R25CAHGNYPHE6HLAM3V6Y Benjamin

        ikaw ang pinakabugok na apo ka na anak ka pa ng lolo mo…anak ka na apo ka pa rin ng nanay mo…bugok ka na bulok ka pa ..baka naman pati ikaw tirahin mo pa nanay mo..maawa ka naman..ungas ka….

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VE7FOU3LEDDIOOB2GN2LQF2MGE Al


    • txtman

      Sarap ng BICO
      Pinoy na Pinoy

      Kaysa sa PENOY
      galing sa BULOK na ITLOG

  • just_the_guy

    Maceda, the ultimate trapo, is up to his old tricks again – sowing political intrigue.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VE7FOU3LEDDIOOB2GN2LQF2MGE Al

      Wala atang makuhang trabaho si Manong Ernie kaya nag-aaply ulit maging Senador! :)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NPON5WTAIOOBJE52P74TNVO3OU noel

    politika na naman alang ngang makain ang mga pinoy ………….tumigil na muna yan mga trapo ala naman ginawa kungdi sariling interes lang…………

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U73P2EVWALVL7J7AEEWCOXB3ZU Billy

    Kung ma-acquit si Corona,,,siguradong Kiss of Death ang aabutin ng kampo ni Binay sa 2013 election…most especially itong si Maceda… lahat ng pro-Corona kukuha kayo ng boto sa Kangkungan… 

    • GilArellano

      I am not pro corona nor pro binay…people are tired of P NOY…the acquittal nor conviction of corona will not influence the election come 2016..it all depends on the performance of the president…kaya pareng billy wake him up..tell him to stop noynying…

    • EngrhansTeh

      Coronas acquittal may the result of Tuwid na Daan of PNOY,,,kaya tuwid lahat evidencya. kaya hayan ang possibleng mangyari malaking chance ma acquit…haayyyyyy. Try nyo sundan ang kaso ni GMA malaking chance din ma acquit….basta governo wlang klaro, the only clear is politics…sna mabigyan ng tamang landas at mbgyan ng tamang daan, kahit di matuwid basta cgurado makarting sa patutunguhan…isabatas ang FREEDOM OF INFORMATION…nkalimutan ni PNOY di naisama sa kanyang priority bill.

  • JosephNess

    how’s that ? were these senators the one who will make binay president ? the more it will influence the people not to vote for binay, if he openly support acquittal, and link himself to the perceived corrupt CJ…and his acquittal, will surely ruin his bid for the presidency…think deep binay, see…this trapo is taking you for a ride…he’s starting to slowly rift your seemingly popularity with the people by this irresponsible statements by maceda, thus,  binay should really reconsider putting maceda in his senatorial line up…he is a liaability rather than a help to his presidential ambition…

  • JosephNess

    it will not be these senators and this trapos who will decide who will be president come 2016 but the people…go on…dare, provoke and anger the people by acquitting corona, and see what will the people make of you come election day…people are just too tired by these seemingly godly trapos, who continuously insulted the intelligence of the people… 

  • Yahilawod

    GMA + Corona = Binay? tsk tsk.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VE7FOU3LEDDIOOB2GN2LQF2MGE Al


  • RalphCalda

    A vote for Corona, A vote for Binay? OK, so I will not vote for Binay because I don’t want Corona.

    And Binay, is tainted by corruption. Remember the issue in Makati?

  • EngrhansTeh

    kahit sino pa lalaban sa Liberal Party, sigurado landslide ang panalo basta isulong at isabatas ni PNOY ang FREEDOM OF INFORMATION…kahit si PNOY lang mangumpanya, at sa TV lang at di iikot sa bansa. basta maisabatas ang FREEDOM OF INFORMATION…wlang tatalo sa Alaska, ika nga.

  • Kalog

    BICO = Binay + Corona.

    There goes your presidential ambition Mr. Binay. You’re being paired with the official with a minus 50 rating, the lowest in government. It’s time you tell Ernie Maceda to shut up and just change his adult diapers.

    • txtman

      SARAP ng BICO
      Pinoy na Pinoy

      Kaysa naman sa PENOY
      Galing sa BULOK na ITLOG

  • JosephNess

    by maceda’s statements, he implicitly declares binay to be corrupt…drawing  him close and to be supporting a corrupt CJ…

    • txtman

      Sino corrupt?
      Si Corona?
      Where is your lapdogs evidences?
      Sadyang tanga ka lang talaga
      Ang liwaliwanag sa live TV NO EVIDENCES

      Corrupt si Binay?
      Evidences please?

      • maria_t11


      • txtman

        Have you READ the BULATAO REPORT from ATENEO about PENOY
        Matakot kayo doon- EVERYBODY SHOULD READ IT
        (TRY to read the DAILY TRIBUNE archives)

        I’ve seen Vice President BINAY and the ERAP family, they are not perfect pero MABUTI silang tao kaysa sa iba dyan

        IF your ACCUSATIONS are TRUE then DISPUTE these:

        1. Bakit then GUSTO noong maging asawa ni KRIS AQUINO
               si JUn BINAY?
        2. Bakit then SUPERFRIENDS family ni BINAY at TITA CORY

        Hello, I am SURE taga-Makati ka na TALUNAN SA POLITIKA

      • JosephNess

        that’s how common is the likes of txtman when he’s nothing to say but make other people be like him…tanga…for sure he is indeed tanga and worst also blind…how pitiful indeed txtman really is for being blind, tanga and maybe, just lost his own intelligence…so sorry for txtman for behaving insane, he really is one…

  • indiosbravos2002

    Binay might be a nonfactor after all. It just seems Binay’s enemies need not lift a finger when they have Maceda, Estrada and GMA to do the demolition job for them. Binay cant just deny the juicy post in Malacanang that he will ally with just anyone including the devil in exchange for the presidency…. disappointing really.

  • JosephNess

    “Although objectively the conscience will be the guide of [the senators’] decision, we have to understand that this is a political exercise. And since this is a political exercise, political affiliation and relationship would matter at the end of the day,” Salvador said.

    what a fast change of mind this tranquil salvador believed now, just because it favored them, a nincompoop indeed…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NVTA3E7HU7Z5R2OPAUMX5CHG6M Kiko

    birds of the same feather flocks together……..remember makati under binay? overpriced medical purchases…..tapos mahahalo sa mga trapo and corrupt like estrada, maceda, zubiri, magsaysay et al…. e di lumabas din ang tunay na kulay ni binay…..hindi itim kung hindi kulay ng isang GAHAMAN SA KAPANGYARIHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • txtman

      Gahaman sa kapangyarihan?
      Are you referring to PENOY?He already control the congress and the Palace
      Now he wants to control the Judiciary
      Yan ang gahaman sa kapangyarihan
      See, wala na gustong sumunod sa batas
      That is another PENOY’S legacy

  • raw107

    di kataka takang ganito lagay ng bansa!! kaka dismaya talaga!

    • txtman

      Puro kasi nakangangang NOYNOYING

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JQBHSHS22G65Z6V5Z64XBRCIZQ simon

    70% or more of pilipinos believed renato CORONA is Guilty,, if CORONA will be acquitted, those politicians who will worked for acquittal will definitely not win in 2013 or 2016 election. why? mahirap po kasi na may mga tao na walang bayad na kakampanya laban sa inyo. look at oreta, tatad, coseteng and john osmena hindi na po nakabalik sa senado.  si enrile at santiago talo po iyan sa 2001 senatorial election dahil bomoto sila not to open the envelope.

    • txtman

      Wow, papaano mo nakausap ang 95 million na mga Pinoy, Ineng?
      Galing naman ng crystal ball mo Manang Bola

      Sus, masmatatalino na mga Pinoy ngayon Manang Bola
      Sad to say, PENOY did it to himself

      Nakikinig kasi siya sa mga LEFTISTS like CASINO, BARAQUEL the BAKEKANG
         kasama na dyan si LEAH NAVARRO the pro-abortionist (isama na natin pati
         si LEAH SALONGA the walang utak na jury)

      PROOF?Review ninyo mga statements CASINO, BARAQUEL the BAKEKANG et. al
      Hindi ba almost the same?

  • txtman

    The MASA loves ERAP and BINAY
    And excuse
    A lot of the middle income and the rich people also loves Erap-Binay

    Bakit, ano tingin ng mga yellow lapdogs, INQUIRER included
    Porke ba mayroon kayong pinag-aralan tingin ninyo tama na kayo parati?
    Excuse me

    Palibhasa minaliit nila masyado si ERAP kasi daw hindi
        nakatapos ng kurso ergo masamagaling si GMA

    • nikulai

      Wow, papaano mo nakausap ang 95 million (masa + middle income and the rich) na mga Pinoy na love si erap-binay, Ineng?Galing naman ng crystal ball mo Manang Bola

      • txtman

        Did I mentioned figures?
        READ my statements again

        BUT since you what REAL FIGURES
        How many MILLIONS of FILIPINO VOTED for
           ERAP and BINAY this past recent election?
        YAN ang sagot
        Paghindi mo pa magets na madami nagmamahal kina
           ERAP at BINAY – that is in MILLIONS
        THEN SUPER-TANGA ka nga
        Kasi hindi mo pa alam
          kung ilan ang multi-millions na voters

        You even used my words against me
        Obviously, ikaw din si “SIMON”
        Meaning, taga-Malacang palace ka
        And there are only few people pero kunwari madami
            kayong pro-Noynoying kono
        While in fact multiple accounts lang naman ang gamit ninyo

      • nikulai

        Ikaw pala itong tanga kinakain mo salita mo. Tignan mo nga sa mga post mo kung kanino galing yong figures. BOBO!

      • indiosbravos2002

        Trend also says votes for Erap is continuously decreasing. Who knows he might just run again in 2016. Afterall, paranggamugamo lang ito si Erap, pag-eleksyon na, sugod lang sunod…. ayon sunog na naman.

    • indiosbravos2002

      Minamaliit si Erap kasi CONVICTED FELON. Ibig sabihin Kriminal.

      • txtman

        Criminal dahil plinano lahat nina CORY AT GMA
        TAKE NOTE ha!
        CORY with allies and GMA!
        CORY with allies and GMA!

        Ang DAPAT makulong talaga dyan ay si CHAVIT SINGSON kasama ni GMA!

        Sino ngayon ang masCRIMINAL?
        Si GMA or si ERAP?
        Si PENOY with De Lima or si ERAP?
        Tell me?
        Criminal daw si ERAP?
        Alam naman ng lahat kung ano talaga ang nangyari?
        Isa kang PITIFUL LAPDOG na PWE!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/DIJJSF4EMKNIU4745WYHMUJOKY Cuck Forona

        sounds like your parents abused you in your teens. you have issues bro. you need help or get a shrink. expletives are not necessary not unless youre returning the insult.

        like this. here i’ll start. shut the f ck up and think first! savvy?

      • indiosbravos2002

        Bottomline, sino nakulong? Yon ang convict. Hehehe. End of discussion.


      • txtman

        Kung umasta ka masmasahol ka pa sa TUNAY na CRIMINAL
        May pinag-aralan daw oh
        Alam ng lahat kung ano ang nangyari

        Oh, nagresign ba si ERAP noon?
        YANG si DAVIDE ang salarin

        Oh, napatunayan ba sa impeachment noon na guilty siya?
            LEAH NAVARRO, CORY at mga CORISTA kasama na ang
            yellow lapdog INQUIRER?
        Ano nangyari after ERAP?
        Sabi ni CORY “I’M SORRY, ERAP. We MADE a BIG MISTAKE!”

        So tell me?


      • indiosbravos2002

        Dude, tapos na laban. Tama ka nga! Kriminal nga yan si Erap. Ilang taong nakulong, di ba. Kung di pa kriminal tawag don, ewan ko na lang.

        Pitiful. Pwe! Paid hack.

      • indiosbravos2002

        Dude, tapos na laban. Tama ka nga! Kriminal nga yan si Erap. Ilang taong nakulong, di ba. Kung di pa kriminal tawag don, ewan ko na lang.

        Pitiful. Pwe! Paid hack.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MWGPKEPYPVDQJ3322DX5L5CX4M Emma


    • phalen

      relax ka lang naninilaw ka sa galit sa palagay mong boboto ng aquittal na mga senador.sabihan mo kasi ang idol mo na wag makialam sa impeachment, asikasuhin kamo nya ang problema ng bansa wag syang noynoy-ying lang sa palasyo.

  • indiosbravos2002

    Binay camp denied Maceda’s allegations and tagged it as maceda’s personal opinion. It seems as early as now, there are already several rifts on this “unity” slate. This is what happens when people who compose the organization are not aligned with each other and follow their own personal agenda. No wonder this party might not even reach 2013 before it self destructs.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/DIJJSF4EMKNIU4745WYHMUJOKY Cuck Forona

      they will patch up. binay needs precious national exposure and the rag-tag boys can get the perk from binay’s fresh luscious trapo scent.

  • michael_angelo

    When binay wins, and his senate trapos… Now ere back to zero in our anti corruption drive, for me its like gma time again… Tuloy ang ligaya…..

  • RomyLitz

    Corona and Little Lady of VMMC , for the 2013 election, are kissers of death. Little Man from Makati should now open his cards,not neutrality, otherwise oblivion is his sure destiny.

    • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/OS5V4SB2SIHATMLXA4L2JOWIZU aurora

       Marami kami mga Filipino nurses and teachers dito sa states in our area. We meet and discuss every Sunday after church,  We agree that any senator who will acquit Corona will be excluded in our ballots. We already have some names:  Meriam, Honasan, Arroyo, Jingoy, Villar, Loren, possibly Escudero.  More names will be added after the trial.  In case people power will take place, a good number of us will go home to Pinas to express our support for President Aquino.

      • RomyLitz

        Good, this will be our potent and proven massive display of support for anti corruption and anti trapos solidarity. If sixteen senators will not be obtained we have to go to the streets again and physically take over the senate. The congress is already with us, the 188 heroes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-Rams/1826483848 James Rams

     another  yellow  logic??  ‘
    A vote for Corona is a vote for Binay’

    • indiosbravos2002

      I think that’s maceda’s logic.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/DIJJSF4EMKNIU4745WYHMUJOKY Cuck Forona

      read the lines bro. why would that be yellow when maceda is inherently driving a wedge between pnoy and binay.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000852920919 Droidz Here

      dude, are you a zombie? coz you seem to be acting like one, brainless and all.. 

  • cliff_castillo

    Most senators will claim that their conscience will guide their votes.  However, they will vote on what they think will benefit them politically.  Most of them do not have any conscience.  We just should educate the people into realizing that a clean govt is their only hope for the govt to help them overcome poverty; not the corrupt candidates who will promise them anything to get their votes but who will just enrich themselves using their position and power.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CLAVQNJZWFOPV654ZF6OPYMCAI Manny

    This is stupid analysis. who cares? Filipino people is not stupid Maceda! The people will vote according to the performance of a candidate not the conviction or acquittal of Corona. Assuming Binay, people will vote for him if they seen him working hard and what platform of government he wants to offer to the people if he will become the President of the Philippines? Or will he change his slogan from Makati…Mahalin Natin..Atin ito… to Pilipinas..Mahalin Natin Atin ito.. and work as a chief executive as what he did in Makati when he was local executive? Who knows? We cannot tell that he will become GMA, Erap or Noynoying. They have different style of running the country as top executive. At the end of the day It will be based on his performance. If Binay wins on 2016 election as new President. The majority of the Filipino people likes Mr Binay to be their president as they seen him performed as Mayor of Makati before and the concurrent HUDCC and 
    Presidential Adviser for OFW Concerns.  


  • txtman

    Mga PILIPINO people

    KASI sasabihin nina PENOY
    WALANG PERA ang gobyerno natin
    YUN pala MADAMI sa DSWD na pinapangunahan ni KINKY SOLIMAN
    SINISIMULAN na nila ang massive VOTE BUYING

    At yung karamihan ng pera eh HINAHANDA na para
      sa elections para sa VOTE BUYING

    SUS, MASKI ano pa SABIHIN natin
    PERA-PERA lang yan

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DIJJSF4EMKNIU4745WYHMUJOKY Cuck Forona

    chaos theory? it is inconceivable how the binay camp can benefit from statements such as this. binay is not corona and though there were allegations of impropriety against the vp, he is never abhorred as the public revile the thief justice. and the 23 senators handing down the verdict on the thief justice would be a very different disposition from the 55 million voters come may 2013.

  • gikiness

    are we expecting Gloria to be pardoned when Binay gets elected as president?

  • indiots

    logic mo bulok…

  • titolim

    b……….shit politician, imbis na pag-isipan ang problema ng bansa election na ang nasa kukuti, dapat na e boycott na ang mga yan.

  • monATmex

    I agree. Malamang maa-acquit si Corona  because of political considerations BUT like Al Capone, his downfall will be his unexplained wealth which he did not pay taxes on. I believe that immediately after acquital, the BIR and Ombudsman will step in. There are different ways of skinning a cat and this cat (Corona) has used up all its 9 lives.

    • beatmanny

      naku baka si henares pa ang ma-skin dahil nagtestify sya na hindi daw nag file ng tax si Corona samantalang may nagpatunay na nag-file pala talaga sya. patay tayo dyan mga noytards

  • AllaMo

    maceda? PWE! Isa pa’ng malaswang pandewang! UNA, pangalawa, at, palaging pansariling kapakanan lang ang nasa layon, isip, at gawa.

  • Taiko_Kauna

    Aren’t you people tired of Maceda? “too young  and too corrupt” says the late Mayor Lacson; and still a ‘dyed in the wool’ ally with the corrupt now – never for a clean gov’t. Let’s put him away from gov’t, permanently.

    • manks

       Now naman, si Manay Maceda ay OLD na pero sooooooooooooooooo Corrupt pa din…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JQBHSHS22G65Z6V5Z64XBRCIZQ simon

    any senator who will acquit renato CORONA,  will definitely pay in 2013, and 2016 election.

    • beatmanny

      the only candidate who will suffer are those who will not acquit despite the fake evidences submitted by the prosecution. Pnoy’s days are numbered.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZX7N2VG24SPUGJOVFAUFDBOTZY danielD

      pay for what? pay for your yellow republic zombies! your just like your stupid Noynoying president abnoy!

  • lmrdee


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TZCGDEQRZZPUM7BIION2RFFI5M Azkal

    here comes maceda again… trying to make noise — name recall strategy… now if these kind of people will be elected in the senate, expect our country to suffer more —  the impeachment of corona is supposed to be judged based on merits and accountabilities — not by pary affiliation… with maceda’s reasoning, buong UNA dapat pag-isipan kung karapat-dapat iboto ng bayan…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XGGVJAXC5T2ZWCJITL2GZPJLAA hik..hik

    It looks like Pinoy days are numbered. As usual sa first days ng presidente ng Pinas bida sya, but later on sya na ang contra- bida (kaliwat-kanan na ang protesta). Well ganya talaga eh.. Filipino Brain.

    • kolambogan

      According to whom, you and the haters and bashers of PNOY? Self-serving, like the corrupt in government service who served themselves freely of the largesse of public funds and spiteful of the public misfortune at large.

  • Barak_O

    maceda, lol

    he wants weakened candidates, all of them, for himself to sneak in

    on the contrary, a vote for acquittal of thief midnight is actually political suicide

    good luck to useless honasan

    • jimiji

      sour grape

  • White24

    Mamamatay c PNOY pag-na acquit si Corona,, kaya,, dapat convicted sya,, kawawa naman ang Presidente nating WALANG NAGAWA,, hahahhahha naglalaro kasama c Baby James,,, hehheheh 

    • kolambogan

      Ok lang tumawa ka sa sarili mong biro at ng iyong mga kapanalig, pero kung talaga kang komedyante pati hindi naniwala sa iyo pag iyong napatawa ay bibilib ako sa iyo maski ikaw ang tinatawanan.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/URRUIMZLFDXFXSYRCZYDY23ZH4 Josephine

      sana ikaw na mauna mamatay, dahil sinabi mo yan babalik sa yo.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L7PILUDK6IPFGJLJNCM2IROCRY Albin

    Patapos na ang massayang araw ng mga noynoying fans.

    • kolambogan


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L7PILUDK6IPFGJLJNCM2IROCRY Albin

    white24, si josh ang kalaro ni penoy.

  • tra6Gpeche

    If the Impeachment Court acquits the accused despite the obvious evidence of corruption, lies and dishonesty of Mr. Renato Corona, then those who voted for his acquittal are against decency and welfare of the Filipino people. Just like the effect of the flagrant and rampant corruption during the Martial Law years and under the previous administration of Mrs. Gloria Arroyo, more Filipinos will aspire & pursue to work in the government to steal the wealth of the people & be filthy rich as quickly as possible. All Filipino children will believe that being corrupt and dishonest while working in the government are acceptable and honorable. We already know that in the Philippines, parents who are corrupt and enriching themselves while in government service are copied or imitated by their children and grandchildren. Just look around you and you will know who they are. I do not know about the Filipino voters. Do they have any selection of the candidates that they can see as honest & incorrupt politicians? I regret to say that Filipino people are really, really in big trouble. If they go for Mr. Binay, he is also showing greed by fielding all his children including his wife to be Senators or Congressman/woman or Mayor of Makati City. As for Mr. Roxas, if he decides to run as President, his wife Ms. Korina Sanchez seems not interested in working for the government. She is, in my view, one of the most honorable Filipinos in the Philippines. She has too much delicadeza to run for office while her husband is in the government. Needless to say, if Mr. Renato Corona is acquitted, all decent & honorable Filipino people will have too much predicament in their hands.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZX7N2VG24SPUGJOVFAUFDBOTZY danielD

      “just look around you and you will know who they are.” yeah i know who they are, he is your president Penoy , the evil corrupt in malacanang and just NOYNOYING all day inside his Palace…OBVIOUS EVIDENCE OF CORRUPTION? are you out of your mind? what are you talking about evidence? Evidence presented In ABias CBN and Bias Newspaper like Inquirer??even those procecutors cannot provide a right evidence!those evidence they got are all make belief, your trying to lie here just like your socialist dictator president ABNOY!!

      • NoronJamel

         bilib na ako sa inyo ni Albin! tsk!tsk!tsk!

      • kolambogan

        danielD is one commentator who’s highlighting hatred, as if he hates to do it, but I sensed enjoy doing so, especially if his diatribes are against PNOY only

  • Beguine

    There is just too much evidence versus any acquittal of Renato
    Corona. Maceda belongs to the evil camp, and has always been
    in the evil camp, and so that explains his evil stand.

    If a certain group of senator judges vote for acquittal, that will
    only go to show that they are politically motivated, and will
    have to answer to the people. In all likelihood, making these
    senators who will vote to acquit Corona pay for their political motivation
    will not even have to wait for the 2013 senatorial election.

    These senators will have to pay the price for betraying the people
    right away. The people know the truth and if these acquitting-minded
    senators defy the truth, they will be in trouble.  

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZX7N2VG24SPUGJOVFAUFDBOTZY danielD

      and so Liberal party and there President Noynoying belong to the evil camp too! And what you call the impeachement for CJ Corona? is it not political motivated. And answer to what people are you talking about? yellow people? enough is enough with nonsense comment ! your trying to manipulate the majority Filipino people , your just like your socialist  president! 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ETNUG6HPDQOSLORHMP6IHT4XDU ricky

    TRAPOS are still alive and kicking! Sino ang KAWAWA? Tayo na naman.. another corrupt bunch of TRAPOS doing a come back! Dapat ang ipangalan na sa Pilipinas ay Republic of the TRAPOS!!! Hanggang ngayon ay nakikinig at naniniwala pa kayo sa mga INUTIL na TRAPOS at balak nyo pa yatang IBOTO ang mga tarantadong ito? Like what genius Miriam says: “Mga BOBO kayo!”  Please lang hanap naman tau ng mga bagong leaders. Mula pangulo hanggang janitor ng gobyerno lahat palitan na!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/OKWYZFYCJ6U6HG3PUL3VU6DNKQ Jun

      I agree! The country will get nowhere if we elect people to government positions who only want to make money instead of for love of the country and wanting us to progress and move forward. On the other hand, since there are so many poor people in the country and the politicians feel that it is to their benefit to have them poor always so they can buy their votes. Then we are doomed!

      • indiots

        ok magbigay kayo ng pangalan… sino ang matino at may makinarya?

      • kolambogan

        Meaning what, walang matitino na may makinarya? Inversely ok na sa iyo ang mga corrupt, buktot pero may makinarya?

      • indiots

        seyempre naririmarim ako kaya lang sino ang tinutukoy n’yo na hindi trapo at hindi corrupted?

    • indiots

      sa fantasy island lang meron nun..

  • http://www.dafk.net/what/ Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

    It my opinion, CJC should be judged by the merits of the evidence presented.

    Not ‘Guilty’ because Sen. Trillanes, et al insists that it is a political excercise, and that a guilty verdict is what the people ‘need.’

    Not ‘Acquitted’ because former Senator Maceda, et al believes it would be the senators strategic move to form stronger political ties that would assure the transfer of power when time comes.

    • RomyLitz

      I agree with judging on the merits of the case provided, one, no suppression of evidences as Cuevas et al wished to do, two, open dollar accounts, three, let the Basa family take the witness stand, four, Corona to take the witness stand and fiver SC employees and justices be allowed to take the witness stand. If you are ok with these five conditions, then I am OK on judging the IC hearing on the merits of the case.

  • NoronJamel

    Ito tlgang si Nognog Binay oo, di pa nakontento sa pagiging King of Makati, nag-VP, ngayon gustong uminom ng dagat, layo pa ng 2016 porma na Presidente na! Halata na talaga itong Aquino user na ito, nong inauguration nga nagpahuli pa e samantalang napakalapit ng Manila Hotel sa Luneta, ganoon ba asal ng  gustong mag-presidente?

    • indiots

      huwag mong tawanan ang ginawa n’yan sa makati. ultimo baranggay hall lang akala mo cityhall na sa ganda.

      ang mga empletado kahit metro aide lang pag birthday, nakabarong pa ang maghahatid ng regalo. ang mga kabataang magdedebu pinagsasama-sama nya sa isang party. mga señor citizens nila alaga.

      suma total asensado ang makati… kaya malay mo kesa naman sa mga taong wala kang makita kundi galing sa pagsasalita.,

  • Yxon

    huwag nyo nang pansinin is tandang estong, tagal na yan politika, lalakwe lang nya ang umaasenso.  mr expose raw yan pero ang totoo mr extortion yan.

  • butilngbayan

    A ridiculous opinion!  The old trapo Maceda is making a comeback!  Shame on you to aspire again for senate seat.  You can no longer fool the people, we had enough of you.   

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZX7N2VG24SPUGJOVFAUFDBOTZY danielD

    Running or not, they have to acquit Chief Justice Corona!too much hatred and vindictiveness in this ABNOY administration.  Thats what abnoy gets in return hatred to the people coz he started it. I hope Liberal party will be minority on the next congress and the opposition will be the majority so that they can impeach ABNOY earlier. I cannot wait that the bad karma will  strike him back!! good bye abnoy, yours days are over!!!!!

    • indiots

      huwag ka ng umasa na ma-iimpeach si Pnoy… tuwid ang daan nun!

    • kolambogan

      Look whose talking, as if he/she is not full of hatred or animosity towards PNOY. Pardon danielD but your slip is showing.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SRAW44OT6I5PN3WQEG4MWUXW2M Jordache

      Sorry boy, but ang tuwid na Daan will stay for so long as there are corrupt people like your idol Coronakot. Pnoy will still lead and rid of corruption in all branches of government especially the rogues in robes in the judiciary. So for now all you can do is just hate him more. hahaha.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_V5VHQBOCVKHSTJNHNES75BJKGA allan

      acquit corona??you gotta be kidding!

  • Garote

    “A vote for Corona is a vote for Binay.” This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard next to “A conviction of CJ is a loss of Judicial Independence.” Who invented these two sayings should be lynched by the paid sponsors.

  • Boy_PickUp

    Hay naku Maceda, mamahinga ka na, tumanda ka na ng ganyan na walang magandang nagawa sa bayan kundi pumanig sa mga kawatan. Mag-gantsilyo ka na lang sa bahay mo ng makatulong ka sa bayan, kapag wala ka sa pwesto, mas nakakabuti sa bayan. Sabihin mo rin sa kaibigan mong si corona na gayahin na lang si angie reyes na may prinsipyo at paninindigan. Sa alaga mo namang si Rambotito, sabihin mo sa kanya na mag-alaga na lang uli siya ng baboy, mas bagay sa kanya iyon.  Itong binay na ito, nawawala sa sarili at kakampihan pa yata ang mandarambong para lang makaupo siyang presidente sa susunod. Tandaan ninyo mga kababayan, kapag maliliit na tao ang nabigyan ng kapangyarihan, naleletse ang bayan

  • Garote

    Si Estong when he was young was given the epithet:”So young and yet so corrupt.” Ngayon tawag sa kanya “Tandang Estong”

  • Edandlye Pogi

    A vote for corrupt Corona is a vote for the more corrupt Binay! That is what the Senate will put us if they acquit Corona. I hope the senators consider the country when they cast their vote.

  • Amelia Esguerra

    Maceda said it all. Binay is really undermining the administration of Pnoy. He does not want Pnoy to succeed because he will not have a chance to be elected in 2016. He is not doing anything and yet he is on top of the poll. I wonder why? Because probably he paid the polsters? I will not be surprised at all if he did it . He is one corrupt guy. He is more dangerous than Arroyo. Masyadong balimbing. He is puttting together group of corrupt people. Binay will negotiate with anybody even with the devil. just to get what  he wants.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

      Binay PAID sws and pulse asia? Parang sinabe mo na rin na BINAYARAN ng Malacanang ang sws at pals asia sa mga nag-daang sarbey para lang BUMANGO ang unti-unting bumabahong noynoying pnoy…..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XY3GGHWDTCKXD3YI5WX2I4RRDY dodo

    senator to vote for the acquital of corona will be in danger for the coming election. Pilipinas wag iboto ang mga ungas na walang alam kundi ang sakmalin ang kaban nang bayan….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JQBHSHS22G65Z6V5Z64XBRCIZQ simon

    consider your statement ernie MACEDA,,, are YOU telling us that BINAY is supporting the renato CORONA?

  • indiots

    masakit man amimin, talagang sandali lang makukuha ni corona ang acquital. walo lang ang kailangan n’yang boto, ayos na ang buto-buto.

    kahit dagdagan pa n’ya ang kukurakutin at huwag na s’yang magfile ng income tax wala ng makakabangga sa kanya pagnabswelto.

    at tatapikin n’ya ang kanyang dibdib in celebration sabay tawa. bwa har har har!

    sa more or less 4 years pa n’ya sa pwesto bilyonaryo yan na magreretiro. sana maanggihan kahit konte ang mga taga corona at mga judicial supporters n’ya.

  • amelius23

    The way how Maceda have all praise to high heavens sa column niya si VP Binay ay may kasamang hidden agenda. It is good at this early that he lets the cat out of the bag at least the voters will know the true pictures of these TRAPOS. VP Binay is for CJ Corona, hence, Maceda for senator. Parang mali ang dating, no?

  • pinklace88

    hehehe… anu ito, conspiracy ng mga corrupt???

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WLVI52HAB2YYTIPEXQFLRHYUGA Richard

    Excellent observation… at  dapat naman nating suportahan  si Binay  kay ni Noynoy na walang nagawa sa brownout sa mindanao palagi lang natutulog at tamad to the max

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CFZ2Q7RFJ6PWRYMM3NJ7JB4KSE Dynamic

    Call unto God (the I AM THAT I AM)for the biding and judgement of all oppressors and corrupt officials in the nation.In other words pray.You may enumerate them all …

  • eragon271

    Paalala lang po sa mga hindi nakakaalam na si Ernesto Maceda noong kanyang kabataan ay dating konsehal ng Maynila. Ngunit siya ay pinuna ng kagalang-galang na mayor noon ng Maynila na si Arsenio Lacson at sinabi patungkol kay Maceda na “SO YOUNG, YET SO CORRUPT”.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

    If, indeed, a vote for Corona is a vote for Binay, then my vote come 2016 will go to Binay. But unfortunately, 2016 is still too far and limiting our choice to 2 known trapos is dumb.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VO73BUMNXWP57JYYXZC2RIUEXI Poghie

    tsktsktsk… grabe na talaga ang media ngayon, kahit ano na lang pinapatulang ilathala, mag isip isip naman para sa Bayan

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JERRIXDILGTSWZ43WTHPAF4RF4 Rodger

    Analyse natin ang logic ni mang ernie from the survey: 
    1) Majority of the people wants corona convicted. 
    2) Majority of the people likes the performance of binay.

    Sa logic ni mang ernie, majority of the people who like binay will support his party if corona is acquitted. Am I missing something here?

  • pasaway008ako

    Hindi bibilhin iyan ni Binay. Alam natin na matino si Binay, straight forward ‘ika nga.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/URRUIMZLFDXFXSYRCZYDY23ZH4 Josephine

      ano matino si binay mo gaano mo ba talaga kakilala si binay mo bakit mo nasabi na matino, PATAWARIN,tingnan lang natin sa darating na kampanya kung hindi lalabas ang lahat na baho ni binay mo.sigurado yan, may gagawa talaga ng paraan na hanapin ang kabulukan ni binay.para huwag siya manalo sa 2016 dahil hindi siya kapatdapat na maging pres

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CZS2DG54GHTF7WV34AKNR6JSRE ferds

      Nakopo kung alam mo lang kung ano si binay rambotito, parang si Abalos Sr.yan, grabe ang manghingi ng lagay

      Si Maceda isa sa pinakamaduming politiko yan, 

  • RHumabon

    A Corona acquital in 2012 and a Binay Presidency in 2016 are a guarantee for a return to the Culture of Corruption & Impunity during the days of GMA & Erap.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GFBTFI47HRP2Q6FA53DGYSHVHQ Mary

    Sana hindi muna politika ang dapat pag-usapan at this time. Ang daming problema ngayon ang ating bansa. Iyon dapat ang pag-usapan ng mga leaders natin para mabigyan ng solusyon. Masyadong pang malayo ang susunod na eleksyon, pero si Vice President Binay ay pumopurma na.

    Sana magtrabaho muna para pagdating ng eleskyon, yung mga mabuting nagawa nila ang kanilang magiging effective campaign slogan. Kasi ang pipiliin ng taong bayan ay iyong may mga nagawa, hindi yung puro lang salita.   

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BNTTI4OOQRZFKOPDDMHI26JLII roy

    naykupo!!! ang aga pa para sa 2016 election..eto talaga si maceda, parang gusto lang ilaglag si binay..ano ba talaga ate???

  • Guest

    Luv it! Thanks Ernie.


  • simondj

    eto po iyong kumandidato noong 2001 na puro talo dahil hindi nila pinabuksan ang second envelope,,, ENRILE,SANTIAGO,HONASAN. honasan no.13 lumusot kapalit ni GUINGONA.
    2003 naman,,J. OSMENA,TATAD,JAWORSKY.  sa 2007 naman,,J. OSMENA,ORETA.

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