Cheap electricity in Mindanao over

But rejects sale of hydro plants



PAYING ATTENTION BECOMES ELECTRIC. President Aquino leans forward to better hear the PowerPoint presentation Friday in Davao City. LYN RILLON

DAVAO CITY—The era of cheap electricity in Mindanao is coming to an end, President Aquino said on Friday as he launched into an impassioned defense of the government’s attempts to rationalize the power situation in the island at the Mindanao Power Summit that was called to discuss solutions to the supply shortfall that has brought rotating power blackouts the past few months.

Mr. Aquino faced a phalanx of politicians, business people and civil society groups who were all but united in their opposition to the impending privatization of the island’s hydropower plants and demanding the revision of the Electric Power Industry Reform Act (Epira).

They also opposed the proposed power interconnection between Mindanao and Leyte province, saying it will only bring the high cost of power in the Visayas and Luzon to Mindanao.

“This isn’t just about energy, this is about attracting investments and creating jobs, and this is about securing the future of this region. The dream is that, by the time I step down in 2016, this energy situation will be one less worry in the minds of Mindanaoans and investors in Mindanao alike—that by then, I can truthfully say that I left you in good hands,” he told the summit participants.

The President said only private sector investments and participation can guarantee a steady and sustainable power supply for Mindanao.

Things have changed

Mr. Aquino noted that Mindanao was able to get an exemption from the implementation of the Epira, the 2001 law that liberalized the power sector and set privatization in motion by breaking up the state generation monopoly and removing costly subsidies to make the price of fuel reflect its true market value.

“There was an oversupply of your power, more than adequate for your needs and cheaper than the power that anyone else had,” he said.

This status quo could well have been maintained, if things had not changed, the President said.

“But things have changed. Increasing population means increasing demand, increasing opportunities means increasing need for more power,” Mr. Aquino said.

Mindanao’s reliance on hydroelectric power is no longer sustainable, the President said.

“Hydropower needs water. And the availability and timeliness of the supply of water cannot be considered a constant. So the situation is: the demand is constant, but the supply isn’t,” he said.

If Mindanao can no longer rely on hydropower too much to provide for its base load, it would need a more diverse mix of energy sources, he said.

“Basically, Mindanao relying on hydropower for more than half of its consistent consumption—what is called the base load—is not sustainable anymore, considering the many variables that affect water supply—from rainfall, to natural calamities, even to seasonal variations like El Niño,” he said.

Eliminating inefficiencies

Mr. Aquino warned of more inefficiencies in power generation in the island if it continues to be exempted from the privatization provisions of the Epira.

Mr. Aquino said the idea behind the Epira was to relieve the debt burden of the state generator, National Power Corp. (Napocor), through the sale of its power plants to private investors. Napocor’s debt had reached as high as P1.24 trillion in 2003, he said.

“I did not come here to lie to you. Can we keep on deferring the effects of Epira on the plants in Mindanao? Perhaps that would be possible. But is that the long-term solution? The inefficiencies will continue,” he said.

He said the power situation in Mindanao was akin to that of a business entity that, if it wants to make a profit, has to compete in the market and has to be the most efficient.

“Those efficiencies redound to our benefit. But if we keep on not attending to competitiveness or building that competitive market, then we will have the same situation,” he said.

With continued inefficiencies, funding for power generation would continue to be uncertain, he said.

The government can no longer afford paying for power plants and at the same time pay for Napocor’s debts.

“Of our P1.8-trillion budget, remember that only P400 billion is programmable. So, can government pay for new plants, plus old loans, and still provide the services and facilities you need?” he asked.

“We have to get more plants here … But how can you entice anyone to invest if their generating cost is more than their selling cost?” he said.

Economics not politics

“The simple truth is: you will have to pay more,” the President said.

Consumers in Mindanao will have to pay more “because this is the reality of economics, not the rhetoric of politics,” he said.

“Everything has its price. You have to pay a real price for a real service. There are only two choices: pay a little more for energy, or live with the rotating brownouts … You have to pay a little more for the current and future health of the energy sector in Mindanao,” the President said.

Paying a little more for energy will enable Mindanao to have a stable supply of power for the future of the region, the President said.

“It will make the lives of everyone in Mindanao better—not just by allowing them to switch on light bulbs—but also because having a more consistent energy source will give Mindanao a more convincing business proposition to potential investors—not just in the energy sector,” he said.

The President said it was not true, as some quarters have claimed, that Mindanao residents will have to pay up to P14 more per kilowatt hour for their electricity. He said it was more like an additional 50 to 60 centavos per kWh.

‘We all have to contribute’

“This is simply not true. But, still, prices will increase; and you need to play your part. We all have to contribute,” he said.

The government would do its part, he said, by setting aside P2.6 billion for the large-scale rehabilitation of the Agus 6 hydroelectric plant and P7.24 billion for the rehabilitation of river basins to get the water flowing again for the hydropower plants.

The government is also looking into the formation of a Mindanao Power Monitoring Committee that will make sure the power rate increases will be reasonable.

The committee will be chaired by the Mindanao Development Authority and its members will come from the Department of Energy, National Power Corp., the National Grid Corp. of the Philippines, civil society, electric cooperatives and the business sector.

Maximizing capacity

The President said Mindanao’s energy production capacity now stands at 1,280 megawatts, including the 200 MW from the barges, “which I must thank the cooperatives for contracting.”

The Department of Energy last week ordered the electric cooperatives in Mindanao to buy additional power from the diesel-fueled power barges in the face of the reduced supply from their customary and cheaper hydropower sources. Their initial refusal to do so has been blamed for the rotating power blackouts.

The island’s peak demand is at 1,300 MW, “so you need 20 MW more to meet peak demand. But we also have to meet the reserve margin of 150 MW,” Mr. Aquino said.

“So what this really means is we need 170 MW more,” he said.

Mr. Aquino said repairing the Pulangi 4 hydropower plant will give Mindanao an additional 100 MW and there is a further 74 MW that can be run by embedded generation units.

“I ask you to run those units. And what the cooperatives here have to do is contract these embedded generation units and apportion the 74 MW equitably among themselves. So we can reach our target of 1,450 MW and end up with an excess of 4 MW,” he said.

“In other words, we are fixing the problem now by maximizing capacity. But this is not the end of the solution,” he said, noting that the 4-MW surplus is “very thin.”

“If any one of your power plants malfunctions, then the problem returns. Mindanao needs more generating capacity, and without putting all the eggs in one basket,” he said.

Governors vs Epira

Eighteen out of 26 Mindanao governors showed up at the energy summit that was held at Davao Insular Hotel.

Lanao del Norte Gov. Mohamad Khalid Dimaporo told reporters the Mindanao governors had on Friday passed a resolution opposing the planned privatization of the Agus and Pulangi hydropower plants.

The governors also reached a consensus about seeking amendments to the Epira law, which they called on Mr. Aquino to certify as urgent to Congress.

“Epira has not worked for the island of Mindanao after 11 years of implementation,” said Davao del Norte Gov. Rodolfo del Rosario, speaking for the Confederation of Provincial Governors, City Mayors and Municipal Mayors League Presidents of Mindanao (Confed Mindanao).

Sarangani Gov. Miguel Dominguez believes the long-term solution to the power problem in Mindanao is to maintain Napocor or state control of the hydropower plants.

This means suspending the privatization of Napocor’s assets—that is, the hydropower plants and power barges—as the Epira law has mandated, and inviting investors to pour capital into the power generation sector, Dominguez said.

“Do not privatize the hydro, there is no need to do so, the national government will need these (the plants) to initiate the blending program which will create a more competitive energy mix for Mindanao,” said Ricky Juliano, vice president for Mindanao of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), which has 42 chamber affiliates with some 4,000 business members in Mindanao.

Businesses affected

Businessmen said the power situation had adversely affected their businesses.

Rufo Pedro Soliven, president of the Zamboanga City Chamber of Commerce, said in January 2011, the Mindpro Mall, which he manages, spent only P100,000 for operating costs.

“Now, for the same month this year, we scaled to 40 percent or P140,000. This does not include operating costs to fire up our gensets, repairs for machines and equipment at the store and decreased productivity input of our workers,” Soliven said.

Zamboanga City experiences a total of five hours of rotational brownouts daily.

William Lim, chief executive officer and president of Mega Sardines Corp., said frequent power fluctuations had damaged their machines, resulting in low productivity.

Lim said his company had invested in Mindanao because of the availability of resources and power, “but we are now strongly hit and affected by the power shortage.”

Dismayed at Aquino

Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casiño, who attended the summit, was dismayed at the President’s performance.

“Instead of listening and keeping an open mind on the sound and logical proposals to stop the privatization of the Agus and Pulangi hydropower plants to keep power rates low, revise Epira and further develop the island’s rich renewable energy sources, he was intent on shooting down the proposals and insisting that Mindanaoans pay for higher rates from private power companies,” he said in a statement.

He said Mr. Aquino seemed gravely misinformed about the negative impact of power privatization in Mindanao, the facts about renewable energy and the failures of the Epira law.

“It was a truly disappointing exercise. The morning session was great but things turned sour when the President spoke,” Casiño said. With reports from Germelina Lacorte, Aquiles Z. Zonio, Orlando Dinoy, Ayan C. Mellejor and Julie S. Alipala, Inquirer Mindanao

First posted 8:55 pm | Friday, April 13th, 2012

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  • Night

    grabe galing ni pwenoy!!! wohooo inspiring!!!!

    buwahaha tangna m! mongoloyd!!!!!!!!!

  • billygunn23

    o hayan na ang pinagmamayabang ninyong presidente na super cheap!!! lol

  • Ferdie Ellema

    I really can’t help but ask. Mr. President, sino po ba talaga ang boss nyo: ang taong bayan o ang mga businessmen?

    • Pinoy

       yung boyfriend nya boss nya? waaaa hehehe

    • FernandoBusi

      simple lang sagot nyan kailangan magipon ng utang na loob yang si penoy dahil pag baba nyan sa pwesto eh malabong makahanp ng pagkakaperahan

  • richie dihorsy

    I am also from Mindanao, and I would like to suggest tapping the huge waves coming from the pacific coast of Mindanao.  We have very big waves in Surigao area and these can be good source of mechanical energy to drive electric turbines huge enough to generate enough pwer for the whole Island.  When time comes where demand gets higher, we only need to increase turbines structures there.  The stronger the typhoon, the stronger the electricity. 

    • Maglalawis

       sir that technology is not re4alible and sustainable. it is like the wind turbines, it is not dependable.

  • Maglalawis

    ganyan mag-isip ang tamad! ‘inamo!

  • PrudenceConnor

    Mr. President, why can’t Mindanao have windfarms similar to Ilocos Norte.  There’s a lot of places where they could set up this windfarms. Put them in Butuan Bay, Gingoog Bay, Iligan Bay, Davao Gulf, Sarangani Bay, Moro Gulf  and in Zamboanga.

    Why not tap the Agusan river for hydropower generation?

    Spread this sustainable source of energy! For sure, a lot of private investors and official development assistance from JICA, KOICA, Australia, Europe and USA are available. Help is what this promising island needs.

    Move secure energy source, more investments, in the countrysides… less people attracted going to Metro Manila and other highly polluted cities.

    From wikipedia:

    Phase I of the NorthWind power project in Bangui Bay consists of 15 wind turbines, each capable of producing electricity up to a maximum capacity of 1.65MW, for a total of 24.75MW.

    Phase II, was completed on August 2008, and added 5 more wind turbines with the same capacity, and brought the total capacity to 33MW. All 20 turbines describes a graceful arc reflecting the shoreline of Bangui Bay.

    • joey b

       Why not ?
      Because they’d rather invent a crisis and raise the rates..

      • PrudenceConnor

        Absolutely correct! It justifies the rate increase in Mindanao.

    • Ma Socorro Enderez

      ang peak demand sa mindanao ay 1300 MW. ang 20 wind turbines na binabanggit mo ay nagbibigay lang ng 33 MW. ilang turbines ang kakailanganin para sa mindanao? dagdag pa na hindi mura ang pagtatayo nito. ang 20 wind turbines ng ilocos ay pa-pogi points lang ng mga pulitiko at hindi talaga para matugunan ang gamit ng kuryente sa lugar nila.

  • albert

    philippines is the most expensive electricty  in the world. most powerplants are operated by greedy kkk.

  • AprilFool

    If this is the President’s solution to the Minadanao power crisis, then Minadano is doomed, and our country as well. Lord have mercy on us! 

    • JK1000

      IKaw nao? may nagawa ka ba sa Bayan ? puro dada kayo kaya wala kayong asenso sa buhay.

      • Night

        JK1000 ikaw na tangna mo ang puro dada at puro depensa sa inutil na Pwenoy na yan…. TANGA

  • albert
  • esjnapigkit

    “We have to get more plants here … But how can you entice anyone to
    invest if their generating cost is more than their selling cost?” …“The simple truth is: you will have to pay more,” the President said.

    This is how to condition the minds of the people, to allow the entry of greedy operators or “investors” who are connected with Malacanang. This is what happened in Luzon.

    And this shows, that the President do not have a long term solution for a “man-made power crisis” in Mindanao.

  • Kayang

    an interconnection with the Visaya and  Luzon Grid would be the fastest solution. Including the out and input works it could be completed easily within a year… the advantage would be, that excess power from luzon and visayas would be consumed…..
    the problem is the inaction…. the politicians knew the situation since 10 years, but only when it burns they start talking… but still no action…

    we will continue to suffer here in mindanao until at least 2016… ramos needed two years to solve a much bigger power crisis… aquino did nothing in the last 2 years…

    like mother like son!!!

  • echelon_guy

    Ginagawa ito ni PANOT, marahil dito na naninigil ang mga private sectors (CONAL holdings, ABOITIZ at LOPEZ) sa kanilang mga financial contributions sa huling national elections. Last year, ginawang katwiran ang EL NINO sa pag karoon ng rotating brownouts, para maka singil pataas ng cost generation ang mga private distributors. Muli sana nilang gamitin ang mga reasons abiout sa EL NINO, pero palaging nag-uulan sa ka mindanaoan, wla silang lusot. dahil kailangan naman nila mag taas para makasingil. Dito na nagka bukingan, na may mga malalim na motibo pala. Kabilang ang NPC, NGCP (National GREED Corp. of Phils.), CONAL, AbOITIZ at LOPEZ sa pag pa plano ng mag karoon ng panibagong IPPs.:) Syempre, nangunguna ang PANOT na presidente.

  • echelon_guy

    Tinitira nila ang MIndanao, dahil wla sila pakialam kung ano man mangyari sa mga tao dyan. E, kasi MINDANAO, dito ginagatasan ang mga tao sa mga sinisingil ng mgaprivate contiributors. Di na nila, mag pataaas ng presyo sa LUZON or VISAYAS, taga doon kasi ang mga politiko at malakanyang. Eto pa, Di rin pwede mag taas sa VISAYAS dail, dun nagsimula ang EPIRA law ni Sen. Osmena, ang author ng nasabing EPIRA LAW. Ang taga Mindanao ang nagbabayad sa mga singil ng DIESEL at COAL na gamit ng LUZON at VISAYAS, na sana ang gamit sa kalakihang Mindanao ay mula sa mga HYDRO ng AGUS at PULANGI rivers…tsk tsk tsk..GALIT SI PNOY SA MINDANAO, KASI TALO SYA DITO SA ELECTION.

  • echelon_guy

    The AQUINOS legacy, BROWNOUTS !!! and More BROWNOUTS !!! Like MOTHER, like SON. (…son, behold thy Mother..)

    • JK1000

      BOBO ka din, kahit nung panahon ng Boss mo na si Diktador Marcos may brownout na.

      • albert

        salita ng mga abnoy yan

  • Jon

    The President said only private sector investment and participation
    could guarantee a steady and sustainable power supply for Mindanao.

    In short, walang magagawa ang goyerno.
    As in INUTIL.
    Noynoying in action, mga Mindanaoan.
    Mag stock na kayo ng lampara at kandila at wala ring solusyon yang palabas na power summit.


    • JK1000

      Ikaw ang Inutil..ok lang NOYNOYING basta hindi corrupt.

      • albert

        abnoy ka tsong

      • tiopaero

        JK1000 di ka kasi tiga-mindanao kaya kahit palpak at noynoy-ing na ok pa din. Yung protectahan ang business ng mga campaign funders ni Panot ay kurapsyon na in itself. bobo ka !

  • Miguel Lago

    Can someone tell me how much it would cost the country to construct and maintain a solar power plant? All I know is that it would be costly to construct, but would produce long term gains and savings.

    • Pinoy

      they wont go for solar power… Pinoy visionary advisers will reason out that the sun wont be rising anymore so there will be no more sun… its like him saying in the forum that water in mindanao is not enough to run hydropower plants… ohh well… as usual..

    • FernandoBusi

      the technology is not ideal for us given the changing weather patterns and the low power conversion rates achievable right now 

  • katabay1106

    If you want electricity, you have to pay for it like they have in Luzon and the Visayas. Payback time for the oligarch businessmen allies of this administration. They want to buy the government owned power plants, tinker with it and repaint to look brand new and charged electricity to their heart content. What are we in power (electric power generation) for?

    • JK1000

      just shut up ! wala ka naman alam sa issue ito kung hindi bumatikos..Marcos loyalist ka noh !

      • albert

        bugok ka talaga

      • tiopaero

        albert  matagal ng bogok yan si JK1000 bangag pa. hehehehe

  • albert
  • Fulpol

    si Danding Cojuangco, nasa business na din ng power…

    si Lopez nasa power din…

    gusto nilang pasukin ang Mindanao kaya ganyan ang istilo ngayon ni Noynoying..

    protektor talaga ng oligarkiya etong pamilya ng Aquino-Cojuangco..


    • joey b

      Cheap power kuno.

  • Fulpol

    panahon na para magsarili ang Mindanao…

    Mindanao should establish their own republic..


  • spearheads

    It was not an energy summit. Why? Because noynoying already SUM IT before he even speak. It is a one man show, an advertising charade for energy privatization after all in favor of his businessmen election supporters who have outstanding transactional political (TRAPO) deals. tapos sasabihin ninyong hindi trapos si noy_ngaling? Good for you, Teddy Casino. Boy, you got what you deserve by sup0porting the clueless one, so stop complaining. If you can’t put up anything against the administration which you religiously supported then zip it. Puro ka lang porma, isa ka ring hopeless. Niloloko mo lang yang mga kasamahan mo.

  • Elio Madama

    Solution to help the Country  and Mr. President is very simple.
    We live in Mindanao, we are poor.
    No way we can afford to pay more.

    We switch off power everyday 4 hours, seven days a week.
    Simple solution.
    Budget, budget and save electricity.

  • JK1000

    WOW ! Thank you for having a great mind coming from President PNoy. He’s no corrupt and he loves working for the people. Our Country is so fortunate to have a leader like him. I won’t be surprise if after his term the Philippine economy will be in good shape. I hope Mar Roxas will win the next Presidential election so he can continue PNoy’s great legacy. Unfortunately, a lot of dumb filipinos will vote for corrupt politicians like Binay and Jingoy Estrada. And also, a lot of idiots here criticizing the President all the time because they belong to Marcos, GMA, Iglesia ni Manalo who hates a honest leader like PNoy

    • Pinoy

      great mind hehe…. may brains pala… kala ko wala.. :)

      • FernandoBusi

        I guess for their level of intelligence great mind na yan 

    • albert

      nahawa ka na pagka abnoy tsong.

    • spearheads

      Dagdagan mo pa ng another 1000 ml yang dosage mo at mukhang kulang pa.

      • JK1000

        Baka ikaw ang may kailangan ng dosage…

    • Neal Caffrey

      Those who criticize Pnoy are idiots? … You, who side with him blindly, are an imbecile bloodsucking leech! 

      I don’t belong to the leagues of any of those you mentioned but I dare criticize Pnoy for his ineptitude and laziness! And perhaps you share the same qualities with him: mangmang na tamad pa.

      • JK1000

        The way you post your idiotic comments show the proof.  you’re one of those people who has nothing in life but loves to create troubles to society. I wonder if your family despise you because you are so difficult to deal with.

    • tiopaero

      JK1000  yung pinoy mong baliw !!!  hahahahahahaha

    • aurora

       I fully agree with your sir. President Aquino is the best president the Philippines ever have. These unreasonable critics against the president are so dumb, so envious and their minds are filled with evil thoughts.  There is nothing the president will do or say is ever good to them. As the saying goes, ” you cannot please a person who refuse to be pleased”.  I am from Mindanao and I am pleased with the president’s plan.  It is reasonable to pay a higher price for a better service. Why do some people want to have good service but don’t want to pay for it. Are these not the lazy and good for nothing spoiled brats?

    • athena_dragonborn

      He might not be corrupt as you claimed to be, but that is not only the measurement of his effectiveness as a President. He should possess the discernment of hearing both parties concerns and have an empathy especially to the masses, whom he promised a better future. I don’t vote for him, but I’m giving him a chance to prove that he is indeed true to his promises.

      Sadly as I’ve expected he is oblivious to the sufferings of many, while the few who were part of his circle are thriving. He’s been living a privileged life, so these concerns are not his priority. I fear for the coming months for lowly folks like us, for having a leader who is so distanced to the problems afflicting his countrymen. No wonder your so taken by his legacy, I blame you largely for putting leaders such as him in power.

      • JK1000

        You need to stop your obvious typical Utak Tangka attitude. He’s not his fault if he came to a wealthy family, he never used his wealth to abuse move on with your life , and stop blaming PNoy for your misery.

      • athena_dragonborn

        I never mentioned in my post that he uses his wealth to abuse people, care to point it out? I’m not blaming him, rather I’m pointing out what his weakness is and what he badly needs to improve.

        Your delusional talk is getting out of hand I’m afraid. But being raised in a privileged upbringing truly makes him hard connect to the hardship of the masses.

        As I’ve mentioned I gave him a chance but he never gave us hard working common folks (who continue to make ends meet) those promises he delivered which I heard during his campaign.

        It seems you are one of the blessed few who never feels the ills that plagues our society, good for you and do pray you stay that way. No wonder this kind of mentality is prevalent from his blind followers such as you.

  • tiopaero

    Akala ng Mindanao may dalang tulong si Panot sa kanila yun pala siya pa ang magbabaon sa kanila sa mahal na presyo ng kuryente. Hahahhaha siempre mga campaign funders ni Noynoy ang mauuna kesa sa kapakanan ng bayan.  Nangyari na yan ng panahon ni Cory yumaman ang mga aboitiz sa pagbenta ng generators sa buong bansa. Hayan anak na ang pangulo yayaman na naman ang mga aboitiz.

    • jedawi

      ano bang klase ng tulong ang dapat,  pakiliwanag?

      • tiopaero


  • albert
  • sacrebleau

    Corona: In due time you will see my dollar accounts. Yes, in jew time.

    • albert

      may abnoy naligaw dito

    • tiopaero

      sacrebleau  HOY BAKLA KAMUSTA NA PARLOR MO ? 


      • Pinoy

         like his boss (yung kapangalan ko)… bading na panot hehehe

      • sacrebleau

         E kung pasabugin ko mukha mo. . . . . ehe ehe he he . . . . . . in jew time.

      • tiopaero

        sacrebleau  HAHAHAHA bakla di bagay sa iyo magpasabog ng mukha  bagay sa iyo magpasabog ng tamod sa mukha mo !!!  hahahahah

        Sa pangalan pa lang bakla na sa litrato lalong baklang bakla saan tambay sa DOJ Gym doon pumi-pick-up ng prospect hay naku ! siyoke magbago ka na.

      • sacrebleau

        Hmmmm, buti na lang wala kang class, kung nagkataon baka gumanda pa ang image ni Corona at ni Gloria. Keep it up!

  • albert
    • muddygoose

      Yan ba yung link na may malware?

  • pepengkabayo

    Nothing changed in Mindanao.
    It was once called THE LAND OF PROMISE.
    But it is still the same Mindanano THE LAND OF PROMISES by politicians.

  • lakayamaya

    PNoy is just telling the REALITY.  Tama na ang tapal-tapal or in short “PAPUGI” effect gaya ng ginawa ni GMA. Long term solution is needed.

    • albert

      naniwala ka naman? abnoy ka din pala.

    • tiopaero

      lakayamaya hahahaha long term na bayaran ng mataas ng kuryente sa mga campaign funders ni Panot gaya ni Aboitiz ang gagawin ng mga taga-mindanao.

      Bakit ba pag Aquino ang nakaupo sa Malacanang yumayaman ang mga aboitiz at bumabalik ang brownouts ? magkano ba talaga nilalagay ng mga ito sa Aquino ?

      • PinasK0ngMahal

        hello!  Aboitiz helped GMA won Cebu! Kaya ganun na lng ang utang na loob ni GMA sa mga Aboitiz.  The Aboitiz hostage the Mindanaoan.  Now, no other choice but pay more.

      • albert

        isip abnoy

      • tiopaero


  • santosboi

    connecting luzon and visaya grid to mindanao would bring us more power cost and burden, coz it wud just create more generation lost due to distant. then tama na wag i-privatize un napocor assets sa mindanao and let it mix to a privatized or gov’t controlled 
    new power plant. Pnoy wag kang engot dyan! power barge muna while doing the long term solution.

    • tadasolo

      Been in the business of power generation in California for last 28 years as a project manager building power stations and transmission lines. In order to provide security and availability and reliability to your customers you need to interconnect all power sources. In western part of USA we are interconnected by transmission lines on an area 20 times the size of the Philippines and with distances of at least 2000 miles(3200 KM). The inter-tie between the major island of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao is good idea. That does not mean power to Mindanao will come from Visayas or Luzon, this will only provide energy security and stability. Mindanao should still developed its power sources separate from the other island but would need them in case of emergency of power loss. The problem with your comments and most who hate this administration is the cynical apprehension of not knowing the facts. At least this president is truthful in ensuring that the market forces are in place to make power supply sustainable. I left the Philippines 35 years ago NPC or NAPACOR was tasked to provided the energy needs of the Philippines but has done a miserable job as a government agency to fulfill its mandate to provide power to the Islands. There is not government entity in Philippines able and capable in serving the needs of the public and you have to rely on the private sector.

      • tiopaero




      • tadasolo

        I am from southern california and am willing to provide  help when I retire in two years. I am not at all disappointed with your comments cause I am used to it for working as a public servant with the Los Angeles Department Water and Power. I am a professional and we get a lot of comments likes yours and ignore them and take those would are willing to solve problems. I graduated from Mapua as a Mechanical Engineer in 1974 and has regularly gone to visit the Philippines and love its people. I would love to provide and help the Philippines as soon as I retire. My passion is education as well provide training to new engineers in the business of power generation. My brother who graduated at Mapua in 1979 is also passionate about educating young engineers and is a member of Engineers without borders. He has a Doctors in Engineering and works as a Manager at Boeing. We both want to retire and help. This is my only recourse to discredit your comments. We need to work together to solve and help the Philippines

      • tiopaero

        tadasolo  HAHAHAHA for the last 28 years you are a project Manager in LA Department of Power and Water.  hahahaha

        your diploma and transcript of records are not recognized in place like USA because of descrimination issue and you are claiming you are a project Manager in a federal government like LA Department of Power and Water for the last 28 years ?.  hahaha I am a green card and California Driver  License holder since 1995 stop fooling me. Americans never heard of your Mapua Institute of Technology and has no educational advantage in US. hahahahahahahahaha

      • tadasolo

        If you are a green card holder I would love to see you and take you around the Facilities of LADWP and meet me at 111 Hope St Los Angeles. Send me a note I can arrange to see you and as a matter of fact I can take you to Scattergood Generating Station whose Plant Manager is a Filipino and meet him. Let me know  otherwise if you do not accept my invitation you are an invertebrate FOOL

      • tiopaero

        ok tell me your name and your office telephone number, i will give you a ring.

      • tadasolo

        email me at and I will sent you my ladwp email address and contact each other

      • tiopaero

         tadasolo just the office phone and name are suffice. not need email address

      • muddygoose

        Dude, you’re trying to con the man into posting personal information here. Don’t be ridiculous.

      • tiopaero

        don’t interfere in other people conversation that’s discourtesy, haven’t your parent taught you values ?

      • muddygoose

        That’s funny coming from someone with your foul mouth. But anyway, you’re forgiven for being too excited about the newfound ideology you discovered from auntiepinoy, getforreal, or yourtubby. Tell me about the oligarchs again? Lame, epic.

        I suggest you email TADASOLO just to prove that you’re not really hiding behind lies about being a green card and California Driver [sic] License holder. I’m sure f-t-f, you will cower like the lame PoS you are. Meh.

      • muddygoose

        Sir, please ignore him. Most of the rational people who read this believe you. Obviously TIOPAERITO is insecure and could not stand the idea that some people actually know what they are talking about.

      • santosboi

        thanks for clearing me on this. pero as i read.. maski sila di rin pede un interconnection from luzon and visaya? bakit kaya? pero ask ko lng.. do inter island connection cud be done that easy? submersible kasi ang tingin ko e. alam ko naman na pag interlink na ang line from one source to another wud give better transmission. ang medyo fear lang e bka sa tao na naman singilin un distribution cost. at present almost 50% of what we pay goes to the extra service charge by power generator. im paying 7k on my bill in which 1/2 of is my actual consumption. then im not against what gov’t is doing pero sa tingin mo ba ok lang iprivatize un napocor asset sa mindanao like the existing hydro-power plant?

      • tiopaero

        tadasolo  hahahaha you must be kidding me hahahahaha

  • FernandoBusi

    Government should just look at increasing the capacity of renewable sources in Mindanao there is plenty of it yung capacity lang ng hydro plants can be raised you just need to dredge the dams. Mr. President inuuna mo naman ang negosyo ng supporters mo eh.

  • tiopaero

    Nagmamadali na maningil ng utang ang mga campaign funders ni Panot baka nga naman mapatalsik sa pwesto itong tamad na ito di hindi sila nakabawi sa puhunan.hahahaha

    Freedom Of Information bill ? di mangyayari yan maraming magagalit kay panot na supporters na di pa nakakabawi. Buti na lang nakauna na si Lucio Lao Co ng Puregolds naitakas ng walang bayaran ng tax ung 2000 container vans sa Port of Batangas. Nice move Mr. Co.

  • PinasK0ngMahal

    Di ba campaign slogan ni Enrile during the election pababain nya ang kuryente, ano na nangyari doon? can PDI pls get the opinion of Enrile in this crises? pls, i want to know..

  • joey b

    CHEAP electricity in Mindanao ?

  • pangitbudhiko

    guys ano ba talaga ang gusto nating kay abnoy


    But wait, I also read in another news article that the entire Batallion of the Presidential Security group was transported in Mindanao for the securitty/safety of the President.


    • tiopaero


      Kasi mag-trabaho siya at hindi pareho lang ang resulta. Sumasakit ang ulo ng mga mamayan ng pilipinas. Yan ang pinakamalinaw dyan. Alin ba sa mga ginawa nya ang hindi nagdulot ng sakit ng ulo sa mga tao ?  hostage taking sa Luneta, hoax bomb threat sa piesta ng quiapo,  impeachment ni Corona na walang kakwenta kwenta, iappoint ang mga corrupt sa positions tulad ni tupaz at acosta. Magmayabang na rice sufficient na tayo sa asean summit tapos bibili pala sa vietnamn ng bigas.  zero casualty sa calamity na pumatay ng 2000+ na tao. party kasama ang bold stars sa panahon ng kalamidad.etc, etc, etc etc

      At ang pinakamasaklap magpakilala siya sa Wall Street Journal na siya ang bagong Juan Tamad ng Pilipinas. Nakakahiya Na !!!

  • albert
  • pangitbudhiko

    I remember back in the old day, Mindanao was one Island that the United States of America was very much interested.

    Guess what? in  Mindanao, there is a large amount of URANIUM 235 deposit IN ONE OF THE mountains of Mindanao.

  • pangitbudhiko

    and tell the Yankees that Mindanao is theirs for the taking and the yankees will  grab that opportunity in a HEARTBEAT 

  • Gilbert Monge

    Ambobo nung logic, if we pay higher energy rates mas attractive to investors!!! konting logic naman higher energy rates means scaring away investors!!!!

    • muddygoose

      He meant investors in the power sector. Think before you bark.

  • muddygoose

    Sino sino kaya mga fake accounts dito? Sabi ni Tiglao madami daw nag-aastroturfing sa side ng administrasyon. Sa side kaya ng mga anti-oligarchs, sophisticated, youtube-inspired, antipinoy-reading, Gibo-obsessed clique?

    • tiopaero

      muddygoose ang masaklap lang ng mga nag-aastrosurfing ng administrasyon ginagamit nila resources ng taongbayan sa panahon na naghihirap ang bansa. Di bale sa kabila baka personal na pera nila ginagamit nila

      Yung mga bloggers ni Carandang it costs the government 1.6 million para ibili lang apple laptops costing P 60,000/unit and add the salaries and wages pa nila. Don’t you think it is not too much for the taxpayers to bear ?

      • muddygoose

        Well, talagang may budget ang administrasyon for brainwashing, kaya nga may Philippine Information Agency (under sa press secretary), PTV4, RPN9, atpb. Interested ako… pede mo bang i-post ang URLs ng mga blogs na yan para masilip natin kung ano ang mga nakalagay? Baka naman tourism campaign ng gobyerno or advertising para sa PhilHealth at Pagcor, tulad nung panahon ni Her Excellency, Countess Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

      • tiopaero

        muddygoose  so in short, you are admitting na blogger ka ni Carandang, right ?

        Philippine Information agency di ba mas appropriate kung Philippine Misinformation Agency ? kasi tulad ng sabi mo for brainwashing purposes pala ang existence nitong agency na ito.

      • muddygoose

        Uhm, why is that? Last time I looked I paid for the MBA I am using right now. =P

        So, ano yung URL ng mga blogs na tinutukoy mo?

      • tiopaero

        muddygoose so ikaw ano yung URL na tinutukoy mo din ?

      • muddygoose

        Huh? May tinukoy ba ako? Sabi mo maraming binilhan ng Mac si Carandang para magblog. Ibigay mo sa amin ang mga URLs (e.g. http://xxx…) para makita namin yung mga blogs na tinutukoy mo. Diba ang “blogger” ay mga taong nagsusulat ng blogs? 

        Haay. Papa Jesus tulungan nyo pa ang Pilipinas.

      • tiopaero

        muddygoose  bakit di mo ba nabasa ung news noon ng binili yun mga pcs na yun ni Carandang >?  na-question pa yun ng mga opposition sa congress kasi walang bidding na nangyari di mo alam ? o si Carandang ka na nagmamaangmangan ngayon. Kabobo mo talaga. Grabe na ito. Ibang level na kamang-mangan ng isang ito.

        Address mo kay Carandang yang tanong mo sasagot yun sa iyo tutal kayo kayo naman ang magkakasama araw araw dyan.

      • muddygoose

        OK name-calling time dahil wala nang masabing may substance…

  • romfagen

    pilipinas na nga ang may pinaka mataas na singil ng kuryente dito sa ating parte ng mundo pero kailangan pa rin natin magtaas ng presyo???

    ano ang ginagawang tama ng ibang bansa at napapababa nila ang presyo ng kuryente?? mr president hindi ba pwede natin silang gayahin para mapababa ang presyo at palagiang may serbisyo?

    mag invest ang gobyerno dapat sa power generation para dumami ang supply at bumaba ang presyo!

    • tiopaero

      romfagen ang ganda ng mga puntos mo bro !  pero ang nakakalungkot nyan hahadlang ang mga campaign supporters ni Panot sa Mindanao sa sinasabi mo kasi di nila mababawi ang puhunan nila kay noynoy nung election.

      Understudy program sa mga nearby asean countries or even in Japan para mapababa ang cost ng generation ng kuryente di ba ?  tama ka you have a very valid recomendation pero politika ang sagabal dyan.

    • muddygoose

      Alam mo ba kung gaano kalaki ang utang ng Napocor? Alam mo ba kung gaano ka-incompetent at kabulok ang pamamalakad ng mga government corporations? Mura nga, pero subsidized yan ng buwis natin.

      Sa ibang bansa may nuclear power or masagana sila sa langis at coal. Sa ibang bansa kayang kaya i-subsidize ng government ang power generation. Sa ibang bansa may technologies at kapital para makapagtayo sila ng sarili nilang planta. Maraming factors kung bakit mura ang binabayad ng end customers nila para sa kuryente.

      Sa atin maraming problema sa nationalized power generation. Ang isa sa pinakamasaklap na nangyari ay nung nagkaroon ng shortages (dahil kakulangan ng foresight at incompetence ng DOE at Napocor) at nabigyan ng emergency powers si Ramos. Imbes na magmura ang kuryente dahil sa pagpasok ng competition, nagmahal lalu dahil pumayag ang gobyerno na i-charge tayo for the entire power production capacity ng bawat planta na itinayo, whether i-consume natin ‘to o hinde. Ni-leverage ng mga politiko ang masalimuot na sitwasyon upang mabigyan ng pagkakataong kumita ng limpak limpak na pera ang mga lokal at banyagang negosyo.

      Sa tingin ko maganda i-nationalize ang power production kung matino at competent ang mga nasa gobyerno. Kaso wala pa tayo dyan. Ang pangangailangan sa kuryente, andyan na. Kung walang private investment, anong gagawin natin? Aasa tayo sa Napocor? Might as well umasa na lang tayo sa kawalan ng ilaw at malamig na tubig.

      • tiopaero

        muddygoose   Sa tingin ko maganda i-nationalize ang power production kung matino at competent ang mga nasa gobyerno.

        tama ka kasi yan din ang gusto ng mga taga-mindanao sa summit kanina. At mas lalong tama ka ! hindi matino at competent si Noynoy Baliw.

      • muddygoose

        Hindi PA matino ang gobyerno.

        Sa ngayon, kahit ang pinakamagaling at matinong tao sa Pilipinas — sabihin na nating si Gibo o si Gloria, o sige na ikaw, TIOPAERITO, ang magpalakad ng Napocor — palagay ko lalu mo lang kaming ilulubog sa utang. Yan ang gawain ng lahat ng trapong nagpatakbo ng Pilipinas sa simula’t sapol.

      • tiopaero

        muddygoose yung pag lubog sa utang ng bansa ginagawa na ni Panot yan. Umutang sa ADB pinondo sa CCT. So wag kang mag-alala dyan sa bagay na yan nangyayari na yan sa ngayon.


        400 million dollars yun boy ! ang inutang sa ADB at ibinigay kay Mangyan Soliman ng DSWD.

      • muddygoose

        Pre, ginagawa mo namang ignorante mga Pilipino. Alam ko may agenda ka, pero ang utang ng Pilipinas lomobo yan nung panahon pa ni Marcos. Tuloy-tuloy ang pag-utang natin hanggang ngayon para paikutin ang pera at paghahanap ng mas mababang interes. At hindi lang Pilipinas, kundi lahat ng bansa nagpapaikot ng pera galing sa utang. Panghuli, WALANG MASAMA SA MANGYAN.

        Balikan mo na lang yung pag-ngingiyaw mo kay TADASOLO at pagmamayabang mo na may “California Driver [sic] License” ka. Epic fail yung pag-aattack mo sa credibility nung tao na nagshe-share lang ng informed opinion. LAME.

      • tiopaero

        muddygoose  HAHAHA project Manager daw di maibigay ang pangalan at office number para ma-trace ko kung totoo nga siyang PM hahahahahahaha di ako nagpangap ng PM baka siya kaya siya takot mabuko. Parang si Mon Mayuga nasa Germany daw kinausap ni Edgar Edgar ng german language biglang naglaho !!!  hahahahahahaha

        Kahit di ko sinabi na masama ang mangyan wag kang defensive boy !! katutubo nating pilpino yan.

        Tama ka na naman lomobo yan ng panahon ni Marcos pero ng panahon ng Panot ung lobo naging bundok na kasi walang tigil na utangan ang gagawin para ipakain sa mahihirap bakit di niya gawan ng paraan mabigyan ng trabaho ang mga mahihirap ng mamuhay sila ng may dignidad.

        if you feel ginagawa kitang ignorante baka nga ignorante ka kasi di mo alam na gumastos ng 1.6 million sa pagbili ng apple laptop si carandang. At sa akin mo lang ito nalaman.

      • muddygoose

        He’s not stupid enough to post personal info here. Send him email and get his name and number there. See if you have the guts to call him. =P

      • tiopaero

        muddygoose  hehehe inosente ka talaga sa kalakalan sa US boy !  hahahaha ung email nya  hahahahe whereas it is supposed to be hahahahahaa wag na tayo maglokohan. boy

      • tiopaero


    • cato_the_younger

      Rofmagen, sa huling pagkakaalam ko, ang namamahala sa NAPOCOR ay ang gobyerno. Sa madaling salita, kagagawan ng katangahan ng mga namamahala sa NAPOCOR ang situwasyong na kinakaharap ng mga taga-Mindanao. Sa mga bansang katulad ng Pilipinas na kung saan ang mga nagpapatakbo sa gobyerno ay ganid at mga magnanakaw, hindi kanais-nais na ang mga serbisyo ay manatili sa kamay ng gobyerno. Hindi na-expose ang NAPOCOR sa kompetisyon kaya wala siyang incentive na gawing efficient ang kaniyang operasyon. Wala siyang pakialam sa mga taong dapat niyang paglinkuran ng serbisyo dahil di tulad ng pribadong negosyo, hindi siya natatakot na iwan ng mga kustomer dahil wala naman silang choice – siya lang ang provider. At bilang pag-aari ng gobyerno, nagiging gatasan lang siya, nagiging tapunan ng mga crony kaya hindi siya napapatakbo sa pinaka-propesyunal na paraan. Wala ring continuity and mga plano dahil kung sino ang namumuno, back to square one, dahil makikitid ang utak ng mga politiko natin – ano mang plano ng nakaraang administrasyon gaano man kaganda kailangang ibasura dahil kung may bagong plano, kailangang magbayad ng mga bagong consultant at kung ano-ano pa – mas maraming pagkakataon na magka-kickback.

  • JK1000

    The Country now enjoys so much respect from other nations because of PNoy credibilty to govern clean with out any tainted of corruptions. I love what Noynoy is doing in MIndanao, he shows so much ingerity and courage to solve the problems in Mindanao ,and the rest of the Country. Mindanao deserves many attentions from neglect by previous corrupt governments ( Marcos, Ramos, Estrada, GMA ) now we have a President who is so hard working and honest.

    • tiopaero

      JK1000  hahahahaha don’t say that in New York boy !!!! It is the front page of Wall Street Journal of New York that says Noynoy is the modern day Juan Tamad of the Philippines  hahahahahahahah

      • JK1000

        don’t be an Idiot,, you must be a Marcos or GMA loyalist..It’s ok with NOYNOYING , he’s no corrupt like you.

      • tiopaero

         JK1000  Poor kid, you are such a reflection of ignorance and deceptions at the same time. hahahahahahahaha

  • cato_the_younger

    RP has among the highest power rates in Asia. NAPOCOR had been a very inefficient monopoly and did not do the necessary investments in order to meet demand, not to mention the attendant political patronage and corruption that goes with anything the government touches. The NAPOCOR monopoly should have been ended ages ago. That said, I do not trust the same old, same old players in the local power industry – the likes of the Aboitizes and the Lopezes. What the country should do is open the market to competition from foreign companies too as many of the utility companies in the country owned by the same oligarchic families operate as an oligopoly not to mention that many just rely on government protection from competition while under-investing in the industry.

  • JK1000

    I hope PNoy will do what Erap did, All out war against the muslim terror groups MILF and MNLF ,Abu Sayyaf after we defeated these terrorists..we will have a peaceful Mindanao. PNoy is such a great leader . Thank you Mr. President, for your hard work and attention to other regions of our Country.

    • tiopaero

      JK1000 Mali ka na naman boy  hahahahaha defeat the MILF  and Abu Sayyaf ? hahahahah are you out of your mind ? Panot just gave 5 million to MILF before the Massacre at Al barka took place last year. hahahahaha  hey ! boy you must be dreaming that Noynoy will defeat the MILF. Wake up !!!!

      • JK1000

        Are you a member of the terror groups?  you crazy abu..I hope the AFP will find you.

      • tiopaero

        JK1000 obviously, you have no grasp of what you are talking about !!  Noynoy panot has no plan of waging wars against MILF and Abu Sayyaf. Noynoy wants to please them at no end. Poor kid doesn’t know that Panot gave 5 million to MILF. Of ignorance and deceptions.

  • JK1000

    President Aquino is the only hope right now of the Country. He carries so much credibility and honesty. PNoy has this dream to move the Country up and have a better future for the filipinos. The filipino people are so fortunate to have such a leader like PNoy. I bet you after his term expires the Philippines will be in a better shape. Ofcourse you have some idiots from Marcos loyalists, Enrile and Estrada group, GMA supporters, and INC cult supporters who always creates troubles in the Country.

    • tiopaero

      JK1000  Mali ka boy ng pananaw !!!! si noynoy panot ang pala-away na tao.

    • San Miguel

      Sambahin mo ang inutil mong idolo… 

    • MNLFoodcritic

      Are you serious?

    • black_label

      sino ito? nagsalita? look at the mirror! mabuti pa si bongbong may ginawa sa ilocos na power generating from coastline, kung walang tubig na magamit sa power, di hangin, maraming paraan, hindi increase kaagad, pahirap ang mangyari, tuwing summer lang ang maraming brownout, hindi maganda ang solution ni Pnoy! tama na, sobra na!

    • thadeothadeo

      …the only hope… for further miseries…

      We need a man to perform manly jobs.  PNoy’s OTJT is over, and he flunked it.  So…resign.

  • pulis

    Ha! ha! ha! Yan ang napala nyo sa Pnoy admin…Naluko kayo no? Puro ta-as ng koryente at mga bilihin dahil may mga ninanakaw ang mga iyan sa kaban ng bayan..Ang mga gov. contract ay walang bidding pero may mga 15% kickback ang mga iyan, kaya kasalanan nyo rin iyan..Whaaaaa!

  • San Miguel

    This is a hard headed president who refuses to listen and always insists what he wants// This will cause his downfall.. Much of his supporters are now seeing the dictatorship side of him… Good luck NOYNOYING… It wont be too long you will have a taste of your own medecine…

    • dgboy

       Bakit hindi kanalng bumili ng planta para sa mga taga Mindanao tapos libre ang kuryente. Yan ang magagawa mo kaysa dakdak ka ng dakdak na hindi ka naman nakakapagbigay ng solusyon.

  • prangka

    Yeh right, we have to pay more.  The President seems to be bent on putting the Philippines in the  guiness book of world record as the most expensive electricity in the world. We already got the title in Asia.  And now he is aiming the World. 

    • ethicsingov

       Mga kababayan it’s global phenomenon lalo na kung imported ang source of energy to power the electric plants. Where I live, advance na nga ang notice 52+% increase in 5 years; each year tumataas! Di mo naman matipid or magawa rotational brownouts at mamamatay ka sa ginaw. Digital pa mga meters eh parang nahihigop lahat ng magnet sa paligid biglang doble/triple and konsumo. At least sa PHL ang mahirap di namamatay sa gutom at lamig. Kaya babalik na lang kmi dyan mas masaya pa at malapit sa mga pamilya na nagtututulugan. Count your blessings na lang.

      • tiopaero

        ethicsingov Saan mo naman nakuha ung info. na walang namamatay sa gutom sa piliipnas?  last 2 weeks lang may namatay eh ! di lang sa gutom sa sakit din. Gutom at sakit ang ikinamatay ng isang tao na nakatayo lang sa harap ng Metropolitan theatre bago umakyat ng Quiapo bridge.

  • dgboy

    Sana mapakinggan natin kay Casino solusyon, hindi puros sisi.Huwag sana puros papogi

    Mas maganda kung bayaran nalang niya utang ng Napocor. Sasambahin siya nyan ng marami.

  • Maldi2

    Tamang solusyon sa problema!  Is paying high would solve it?  PWE!  Talagang napakaboboo ng presidenting ito!  He jump into Power summit without  anything and just jump into asking the people to pay more!  Ang kawawang mga taga Mindanao na puno dapat ng biyaya!

  • MNLFoodcritic

    Aboitiz, Danding and all the other business people who will be gaining billions from the privatization are laughing all the way to the bank. Thanks to their support of Pnoy, their investments paid off. Kawawang mga taga-Mindanao, pinabayaan na, tinaga pa.

  • sanamaybukaspa

    Panot naman wag mong increase power sa mindanao……………………

    • tiopaero

      sanamaybukaspa Panot naman wag mong increase power sa mindanao………………….. 

      Panot increase mo power sa Mindanao kasi may shortage pero wag mong hayaan tumaas ang singil ng kuryente sa Mindanao…………………………………………

  • sanamaybukaspa

    Panot kong gusto nyong bayaran yun otang sa NOPOCOR sequester mo yon mga assests sa mga taong nagnakaw sa governo para pangbayad dyan wag lng increase sa mga ordinaryong mamamayan………….

  • dead_pixel

    Umaaksyong pa utot si noyAbnoy!
    O kumakiti nanaman ang pwet???
    PSGs! Alam na ninyo ang gagawin! Sundin ninyo ang hilig para walang masibak at para patuloy ang parteeeyyyy!!!

  • Pulis Na Pogi

    like mother like son.  his mother caused caused the 16 hour brownouts.  the son is now increasing power rates like never before!
    we deserve the government we have…

    • JK1000

      Pulis Patola, Cory just inherit the power crisis from Marcos inability to solve the power crisis, not her fault.

      • alexfrommactan

        Power crisis happened on Ramos time(not Cory )due to what happened during Cory’s leadership, even the abolishment of Dept ofEnergy.

        Marcos built substantial power capacity, the hydro in Mindanao and the Bataan nuke which at the time were criticized as white elephants. But looking back, it looks like the guy has vision. But nevertheless, corrupt.

      • jimiji

        correction brad….the 1992 power crisis happened towards the end of cory’s term and was inherited by ramos. it was the worst power crisis in metro manila where 12 hour brownouts were experienced. 

      • alexfrommactan

        What I was correcting was the comment that the 1992 power crisis is caused by Marcos. If it happens at the end of Cory or beginning of Ramos term is not important. We can blame Marcos for corruption but not for the power crisis. The guy established the Dept of Energy who made substantial power projects. The crisis was Cory’s administrations doing. She even abolished DOE.

      • Pulis Na Pogi

        jokob0b0:  ang centerpiece legacy ni marcos ay countrywide electrification! t&nga!  magbasa ka ng history bago ka mag comment ha?

  • tiopaero

    Naku !! kawawa ang mga kandidato nitong panot na ito sa senatorial election sa isang taon. Naki-kinita ko na mangyayari sa isang taon. No wonder ayaw ng mga re-electionists tumicket sa Administrasyon. Hayun nagsi-siksikan sa UNA ni Binay.

  • JK1000

    you see all the Marcos loyalists and GMA supporter here claiming PNoy has no ability to govern. Kaya hindi umaasenso ang Bayan dahil sa mga utak niyong mga magnanakaw. Gusto pa ninyo na mamuno ang mga magnanakw keysa sa isang totoong lider na katulad ni PNoy. Puro kayo dada wala namang kayong nagawa para sa Bayan.

    • MNLFoodcritic

      Even after Pnoy’s term will end in 2016 and we see no change, I bet Pnoy and his supporters will still blame all the previous administrations. A “totoong lider” takes accountability and responsibility. He and his rabid supporters should stop being childlike and blaming everyone else and start taking accountability and responsibility.

      • albert

        upto now blame pa nga nila si marcos. lahat corrupt except sila lang dw hindi corrupt. . mga self righteous hypocrites talaga

    • AmBoy24

      ow,talaga?let’s face it na talagang WALANG “K”si panot when it comes to governance.ang K na mayroon siya ay kanyang mga KKKK BUDDIES.

  • Keith_P

    “Cheap electricity in Mindanao over”? More like “Electricity in Mindanao over”.

  • Kromuel

    MRT. LRT, TAxi, Jeepney, Toll, ngayun electricity. Me pinababa na bang presyo o minentain man lang tong si idol simula ng naupo sya. Mukhang kailangan ng bagong negosyo ang mga business relatives ni idol kapalit ng luisita. pustahan tayu kasalanan ni GMA to.

    • AmBoy24

      lahat na lang ay nagtataasan na sa atin.UNANO NA LANG ANG HINDI TUMATAAS.

  • mekeni62

    this will be his legacy to Mindanao during his presidency.

  • Conrado

    wala na ba tayong maririnig kundi pagtaas ng lahat? at ang nakikinabang ang mga kkk ni pinoy abnoy na bakla…. hanggang kailan tutuwid ang daan niya? ituwid niya muna ang kalibugan ng kapatid niya na inubusan siya kaya di na sya pwede mag asawa at tulo laway na lang siya….

    • AmBoy24

      lahat na lang ay nagtataasan na sa atin.UNANO NA LANG ANG HINDI TUMATAAS.

  • joeldcndcn


  • spearheads

    More like kinuryente ni PNoy ang mga taga Mindanao. Mas masahol pa sa silya elektrika.

  • victoria1313

    The artificial brownout is very clear that they want to increase electrical rate. why very clear? it was told that the energy will be provided if allow them to increase electric rate, otherwise it will  remain brownout.
    another factor, is the generator business could run the product.
    the people have no choice but to pay the high rate. 
    every things have something to do with money making.
    they want to put nuclear hydro electric to make money 
    money is the root of all evils. 
    its all about money.

  • gilrene

    Huwag na po eprivatize ang pag-aari ng gobyerno, mauubos ang lahat ng ito at darating ang panahong wala ng control ang gobyerno sa pagtataas ng bayad ng serbisyo nito. 
    Kung dito kaya muna ibuhos ang pork barrel ng mga senador at congressman ng mga taga Mindanao para ibili ng mga powerplant at yong kita ng serbisyo ay doon kukunin ang para sa mga lunsod o siyudad na nangangailangan ng tulong at hindi sa mga buwayang naghihintay para manakaw ang pera, di ba nakakatulong ito? Gobyerno ang namumuhunan, siyempre magbabayad ang taong bayan sa serbisyo, instead na pupunta ang pera sa mga negosyanteng mga buwaya rin kung kumita, maibabalik pa ito sa mga tao para sa kanilang pangangailangan. Walang namumuhunan na hindi kukita ng ginansiya, kaya kung sa gobyerno napupunta ito makokontrol pa kung magkano ang singilin para hindi maghirap ang taong bayan. At pag nabantayan ng maayos tiyak na tuloy tuloy ang serbisyo.

  • John Venes

    Our president has become the spokesman of greedy power investors. The hydro power is very essential in lowering the cost of electricity for the Mindanaoans. Efficiency in running the hydropower plants is not the monopoly of private sector. The government can. Noynoy can say now that only 60 cents per KW is the price of privatizing the power plants. That is for now when the power investors are trying to calm the public to make certain their hold. But what shall we pay after 2 years or 5 years when the investors are assured of their possession of the power plants? On the argument  that no investor would come in because generating cost is higher than the selling cost, that is not true. Power barges operated by businessmen have been in operation for many years despite the hydropower plants are not privatized. The president should be more concerned about the welfare of the Mindanaoans rather than trying to blame government inefficiency for sending us to the gallows of greedy power investors.

    • Budoy

      talaga lang ogag si panotski.  galing ng solusyon. lalong patataasin ang bayaran sa kuryente

  • gilrene

    Ang hindi ko maintindiahan bakit pinaprivatize ang mga kumikitang assets ng gobyerno. Kasamang PNoy kailangan lang naman ay tutukan, magtalaga ng taong tagapamahala at nirorotate at sabay ina-audit. Yon mga malaking kompanya ng langis 2 o 3 taon lang nililipat sa ibang lugar, isa sa dahilan nito ay para makontrol ang kliyente at manager ng kompanya samga gawaing illegal, kagaya ng palakasan at marami pang under the table transactions. 

  • Coty

    “when our leaders act contrary to conscience, we must act contrary to our leaders”! _ _ NY Wall Street, protester

  • MNLFoodcritic

    This is probably the biggest ‘legalized’ wholesale hold-up Mindanaoans have ever experienced from its own government. Mindanaoans are being cluster-f*c#ed by its own president.

  • albert
  • tadasolo

    @santosboi I was not aware the philippines rate structure is de bundle with separate transmission and generation cost. This is similar to our private utilities in California where independent power generators can “wheel power” and sell it by using the transmission lines own by others. People should realize it take time to bring new power into the system. I worked for public utility campany wherein cost is bundle together except we do sell green power at a higher rate to who voluntarily buy it from us. Our company is mandated to provide 30% of power thru renewable sources. There is debate what constitute 30%. Our wind power which is readily available in the desert of California has a availability of around 22% meaning out of 100 megawatts installed only 22 megawatts is available on the average and is very unpredictable. Solar is very expensive and the capital and opration and maintenance cost are about 3 times more than units powered by coal. To power your industry you need either coal or natural gas. Coal is plentiful around the world but I’d considered a dirty fuel. There current technology to scrub the combustion gas of coal. China is the biggest user of coal and are building one month with a capacity og 1000 megawatts so in essence the plan to build a coal plant of 700 megawatts is minisculus compared to china

    • thadeothadeo

      Your lecture will not sit well with a clueless and stubborn president like PNoy. 

       There are a universe of solutions available out there in this modern and sophisticated world, but PNoy’s mind is not programmed to acting like a wise leader out to find solution to the country’s basic problems.  His mind is wired to exact vengeance and blame, and he has squandered his political capital on this aspect.  His popularity could have been used to make radical reforms to change the traditional structures of governance and political system that prevents this country from being competitive and progressive.  Instead, he squandered that high approval rating to exact his vengeance on GMA and removing Corona.  What a waste of time and opportunity.  

      The people would have accepted every unpopular but necessary reforms like dismantling of a constitution that restricts foreign and local investment into establishing industrial and manufacturing base that will provide jobs.  What he did is the complete opposite.  He tightened the purse for infrastructures, he repudiated the foreign funded projects, he rescinded the contracts with China, France, and Belgium. 

      Having the highest energy cost in the world and the most restrictive laws against foreign capital, and national leaders who dishonor signed contracts, no country will dare come to invest in the Philippines.

      Now he is waging a war of attrition with China over a disputed territory which the international community does not recognize to rightfully ours.What a president!  Truly Noynoying is a very apt depiction of his performance.

      All those yellow fanatics who are blindly supporting him will not acknowledge this weakness of PNoy because they have been Goebbeled into believing that corruption is our worst handicap, as trumpeted relentlessly by government propagandists.  They are like the hoodwinked mob who keeps on admiring the emperor’s non-existing new clothes.

  • Mattino2011

    maski mag  bihis si kalbo parang di presidente..pati umupo (parang may almo )..di ba tinuruan ng protocol yan

    • John Venes

      Joker ka talaga. Binalikan ko tignan ang photo nya para ngang me almo. Baka naman napagod lng siya sa byahe kaya medyo napaganyan. At least hindi na sya noynoying ngayon.

      • AmBoy24

        iyong itsura ni panot sa summit ay akala mo ay naiindindihan ang pinag-uusapan.naka-kunot pa ang noo ng mokong

      • Diablo_III

        Useless yung mga comment mo puro personal. Wala na bang related sa Power supply? Parang napaka gwapo at perpekto kang tao.. hahaha. 

  • thadeothadeo

    Blame game and distraction, these are the only effective moves this administration is good at.  “The power shortage in Mindanao is the fault of GMA’s corruption and Corona is protecting GMA from prosecution…” is PNoy’s favorite line. 

    Listen, PNoy.  Your Daang Matuwid is going straight to continuous outages, now it is Mindanao, in a little while, Visayas and Luzon. The impasse at Scarborough Shoal is directly attributed to your stoopid decision to send a warship only to back out at the sight of two civilian Chinese boats.  You are an embarrassment to the world in handling crisis like this. 

    Keep blaming GMA corruption and you’ll find yourself discredited more and more.  Your approval ratings are sliding while Binay’s is rising.  Your ineptness is becoming more obvious that the people is getting disenchanted and the military is demoralized.  

    Buckle down to work.  Give up your Noynoying and gadgets, and guns, and sportscars, and vendetta.  If you can’t, step down. turn over the presidency to Binay.  The job as president is cramping your laid-back lifestyle – an old bachelor who has never grown up.  After all, you were reluctant to run for president as you were not prepared for it.

  • gilrene

    Mahal na pangulo, tubig lang po ang nagpapatakbo ng mga planta along Agus river. Tapos na po ang initial cost nito at maintainance cost na lang ang inaatupag. Ang problema kaya nagkakautang ay puro magnanakaw ang mga namamahala noon sabayan pa ng mga nakaraang presidente. Kaya nandito tayo, kasama po kayo, sinupaan natin ito na baguhin ang pagpatakbo. Pag binigay natin sa mga gahamang negosyante baka mapagkamalang binibigay natin sa crony, o di kaya maibigay sa mga buwayang namumuhunanan. Hindi kailangan ang politician dito at magnanakaw na managers o directors. Ang kailangan dito ay inhenyero at technician upang mapag-aralan kung paano mamaximize ang output ng kuryente. Kailangan ang mga geologist kung paano makagawa ng dam para imbakan ng tubig at makagawa ulit ng bagong hydroelectric plant. Kahit dahan dhan na gawin (kung walang pondong malaki sa pag-gawa) matatapos din yon.

  • MNLFoodcritic

    I dare The Philippines Daily Inquirer to investigate who will or have won the contracts to build these power plants, how they won it and how they are related to Pnoy, his family or to his allies. Dare!

  • Coty

    “But how can you entice anyone to invest if their generating cost is more than their selling cost?” he said.”!
    say what?! you’ve got to be joking! how come the IPP here in the small province of Akean does not generate a single watt of electricity and yet we the poor consumers has to pay them an additional amount on top of our monthly bill some four-million PhP (that’s correct PhP 4,000,000.00) and it’s the local pseudo electric cooperative board who singed the contract for the next twenty-five (25) years! with the IPP in spite of the consumers opposition! and then we are being taxed EVat as well for that, something we haven’t got! you tell me if this is fair! this is injustice, you hear?!

    • 5thangel

       Yup. Itong c Pnoy yung power companies lang yung gustong i-entice. Paano na yung mas madaming industries lalo na ang manufacturing?!

  • tadasolo

    To give you an idea how much time it requires to plan, engineer, construct and commission a unit of combustion turbine combine cycle powered unit the most efficient technology available right now will take at least 10 years in California which has strict environmental requirements. For coal is even longer. We are currently building a 600megawatt unit close to the Los Angeles Airport and it cost 850 million dollars. We issued it for public bidding on March 30 and expect the equipment contract portion awarded and negotiated by end of July and the installation portion by end of this year. This will give you an idea the time it takes. The units will be in service by dec 2015

    • albert

      ikaw na lang sana adviser ni pnoy.

      • tadasolo

        @Albert I will be retiring in 2 years and would love to provide my service for free. It takes time and capital to produce power and for country like the philippines with limited capital and resources it even harder. I do not have an idea how much coal, natural gas, geothermal and other sources of energy has. Philippines my understanding has great potential for medium hydro compared to China or India or Canada or brazil and USA which have large land areas generating large river system. The gorge dam of china alone has I think upwards of 50,000 megawatts enough to power pin as 5 times over

  • Garote

    P-noy talks like a globalist. Is he a string puppet of the globalists? Privatization will only end up in high costs for Filipinos most of whom are already experiencing hunger. The purpose of privatization is to slowly have all the national patrimonies owned by the people fall into the hands of a few old rich for total control and maximum profit. For the Filipino people it would mean high cost of living and unaffordable basic necessities for their families.

    • AmBoy24

      nakahilera na ang mga power barges ng mga aboitiz ang lopezes.artificial brown-out to make the energy more back time sa mga supporters ni pnot last election.

  • MNLFoodcritic

    Solar power is not necessarily expensive as conventional thinking tells you. But taking advantage of the small grid agreement with utilities here like Meralco as well as taking advantage of the net metering system, the cost is way much lower. The main cost of solar energy to the consumer is the panels itself as well as balance-of-system costs (installation). A high efficiency solar pv producer can give you as much as 25-years of high efficiency solar energy. The consumer will only spend for the maintenance and/or replacement of cells after the installation. If you compute using net present value, consumers will save FAR, FAR more over the long term (even short term actually). And a HUGE bonus, one of the world’s leading solar panel producers manufacture their cells and panels here in Laguna and Batangas. Let’s take advantage of that great opportunity. Don’t let people who claim ‘they’ve worked in energy’ companies fool you into thinking solar energy is expensive. It’s just simple propaganda.

  • AmBoy24

    iyong itsura ni panot sa summit ay akala mo ay naiindindihan ang pinag-uusapan.naka-kunot pa ang noo ng mokong 

  • nestleraisinets

    cyempre papaburan ni aquino ang makati business club at mga “big players”, ang tunay niyang mga boss… Simula palang sa panahon ni cory sila na ang nag momonopolya ng business sa bansa natin…

  • vinsnax

     Imbes na solusyon ang maibigay, eh lalo pang pinahihirapan kaming mga taga Mindanao. May TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT OFFER pa. Walang kwenta presidenteng ito! Sayang boto ko. 

    • MNLFoodcritic

      hinoholdup lang kayo mga taga-mindanao ng gubiyerno natin. matagal na nila alam na magkakakrisis sa kuryente sa mindanao kahit nung eleksyo pa. inantay lang nila ang tamang panahon para mapirma na ang mga kontrata para sa paggawa at privatization ng mga power plants. “business is good” kumbaga. at tinira lang kayo sa p*u*w*e*t mga taga mindanao.

      • 5thangel

         This is true!

      • John Venes

        Malapit na kac ang eleksyon. kelangan ng pangpondo.

  • MNLFoodcritic

    I dare The Philippines Daily Inquirer to investigate who will or have won the contracts to build these power plants, how they won it and how they are related to Pnoy, his family or to his allies. Dare!

    • 5thangel

       I second the motion!

  • WarOfSelf

    I don’t see the problem if they let foreign companies come into the picture. They can give much needed infrastructure investments (new technologies as well), and possibly new power plant builds. It is true that having hydroelectric power for baseload is getting riskier in mindanao. The population is ever increasing, but the lake has been and always will be the same size. 

    Privatization is good as long as it ends up with us having a good amount of competitors, its just monopoly that we need to avoid. That and the fact (as someone mentioned here) that lets not give it to the Lopezes and the Aboitizes  of this country. Oh yeah, the idea of linking up to Leyte is actually good, it would allow for a better energy mix. If you look at it this way, if power plants in mindanao produce more electricity, the companies based in mindanao producing that electricity can sell it to the vis/luz region. But then we need to have an overseer company, possibly directly regulated by the government, when it comes to electricity trading. We have to be open minded here ladies and gents, there are possibilities if you look at the other side of things. But yes, we also need to make sure that this move is transparent and for the greater good rather than for some sneaky under the table dealings.

    Put this in your heads, power shortage is a global problem, its not just in the Philippines.

    • jimiji

      siguro naman merong mga better proposals na binigay ang mga direct stake holders ng mindanao during the summit na hindi inireport dito. ang problema ay hindi pinakinggan ng presidente. what else is new?

      “It was a truly disappointing exercise. The morning session was great but things turned sour when the President spoke,” Casiño said. 

      • AmBoy24

        yes,for sure there are a lot of intellectual people in the audience who have a better grasp of the problem than panot.since he has a sinister plan of repaying his patron in last election,he ordered the imposition of artificial brownouts to increase the energy comes the power barges of aboitiz and the back time.kawawa naman kayong mga taga mindanao at talaga namang napakahirap ng walang elctricity.

      • WarOfSelf

        that is what i really want to know, what were the other proposals. And why did they get dismissed if that was the case. Theres no transparency. The government should start publishing reports/summaries with regards to things like this.

      • Modeson

        try reading The Tribune or Manila Standard to get a better picture of what transpired in the summit.

    • carlcid

      The government will merely play a shell game. It may not award power plant contracts to the Aboitizes or the Lopezes, but the usual suspects will remain. There are the Alcantaras, who have 2 or 3 coal-powered plants coming up. And don’t forget Ricky Razon, who just came into power production in a big way. Bottomline: ordinary folks don’t win.

      • victoria1313

        alcantara is general of AFP

      • WarOfSelf

        as i said. The “likes” of. That includes all the et al.

    • thadeothadeo

      That’s a pessimistic excuse.  Adopting such attitude means that we will remain as the country with the highest cost of power, ergo, the worst country to go to in terms of investment.

      The effective step is to put up a leader with a vision and determination to find solution to the problem.  The problem is man made, therefore the solution is with man.  Just admitting your position is defeatist.  It’s a Noynoying attitude.

      • WarOfSelf

        Our position is, we need to start investing towards our blueprint for our future energy sources. Especially with the fact that we are factually going to get energy shortages. It might be at this point farcical and artificial, but we are also signed up to the kyoto protocol. I’m merely pointing out my technical point of view minus most of the politics and im just saying,agreeing with this as a viable option. I’m not saying there aren’t any others. But no matter how you think of it, the government will unlikely put this into the budget, why? Because we don’t have the funds to have a new build. The best format we can have is subsidies to support thirds parties.

        Privatisation has been painted red with too much negativity in our country, and that is understandable given how much corruption actually takes place in the process.

        As I’ve said, theres a lot of things needed… yes, first on your list are capable leaders, second a complete change of mentality, and third peoples open mindedness with this case.

        I wasn’t even agreeing or siding with the president, mainly because his line basically just says “suck it up and pay for it”, which is wrong. He just dont fully understand the situation for one, and many other things. Im not being pessimistic here, its just you being dismissive of an opinion just because you probably dont like the president. We can’t deny the facts, we just need to pull out all of the farces in between.

        my 2 cents.

      • thadeothadeo

        Sigh!  I have to agree with you here.  Everything has its cost, and we have to bite the bullet, but that should not be a sign of desperation to abandon looking for the intelligent solution to the problem.  PNoy’s attitude is not a positive one, and that’s because I don’t like his bald head or his smirk and galt-galitan posture.  He simply is not equal to the job because it seems his predisposition is to find excuses or someone to blame for the mess.  I guess you can discern it for yourself, can you?

        He is not a statesman, he is impulsive, he is too indiscreet in making official statements on the issue, given to the whispers of vested interest.  He may not be a crook or corrupt, but he is totally inadequate to lead the nation in getting out of the mess we are in.  There is tension with China,   AND HE SENDS A WARSHIP TO THE SITE. There is a  power shortage in Mindanao and may spread to Visayas and Mindanao, and all he has to say is – PAY MORE.

        No, I have nothing personal against PNoy.  My 2 cents is- he is not qualified to solve these crisis, and it is a bigger crime for him to stay on because he is stubborn but clueless.

      • WarOfSelf

        Agreed with your 2 cents. Our leader is not very Capable and not very strong. It was not too long ago that when it was a big issue with his actions when Ondoy struck. He is not a bad person, just incompetent as you are saying. In light of things I always kid around to my friends when I comment about the president “Behind a great man is a great woman…” haha!

  • thadeothadeo

    The Mindanao power shortage is not short of solution.  And PNoy could have  attended to the problem from the start when it could have mattered most.  

    There is a universe of solutions available out there in this modern and sophisticated world, but PNoy’s mind is not programmed to acting like a wise leader out to find solution to the country’s basic problems.    His mind is wired to exact vengeance and blame, and he has squandered his political capital on this aspect.  His popularity could have been used to make radical reforms to change the traditional structures of governance and political system that prevents this country from being competitive and progressive.  Instead, he squandered that high approval rating to exact his vengeance on GMA and removing Corona.  What a waste of time and opportunity.  

    The people would have accepted every unpopular but necessary reforms like dismantling of a constitution that restricts foreign and local investment into establishing industrial and manufacturing base that will provide jobs.  What he did is the complete opposite.  He tightened the purse for infrastructures, he repudiated the foreign funded projects, he rescinded the contracts with China, France, and Belgium. 

    Having the highest energy cost in the world and the most restrictive laws against foreign capital, and national leaders who dishonor signed contracts, no country will dare come to invest in the Philippines or establish industrial and manufacturing complexes.

    Now he is waging a war of attrition with China over a disputed territory which the international community does not recognize to rightfully ours. China has huge investments everywhere in the world and is the leading country to offer soft loans for developments. Countries are lining up to attract Chinese capital and knowhow, but PNoy is bent on alienating this nation from China just because he hates GMA and what GMA has done in befriending China.

    What a president!  Truly Noynoying is a very apt depiction of his performance.

    All those yellow fanatics who are blindly supporting him will not acknowledge this weakness of PNoy because they have been Goebbeled into believing that corruption is our worst handicap, as trumpeted relentlessly by government propagandists.  

    They are like the hoodwinked mob who keeps on admiring the emperor’s non-existing new clothes.

    • Ran

      i’m all for having foreign investors into the country but the issue your talking about with China is a different matter. China is effectively invading our territorial waters. The country has exclusive rights to 200 nautical miles from its coasts and those chinese fishing vessels are 124 nautical miles from the coast of Zambales. Its like having your vegetables stolen from your own backyard. Are this daft?

      • thadeothadeo

        There’s no legal basis for our claim as recognized by the international community and therefore invasion is a misappropriate term..  That is a disputed territory, but if you want to impose your sovereignty, you must back it militarily.  China can do anything it wants to because they are capable of doing it, but our response is limited to a single warship that cannot scare even civilian ships.  No amount of patriotism to defend that area will matter – just hot air, just taunts, just false bravado.

        China is bullying us, but no country, not even the U.S. is sympathizing with us because our moves are imbecilic.  Diplomacy is our only and best solution.  Making official statements that we are seeking peaceful resolution to the impasse but at the same sending a warship to the site and professing to defend our sovereignty of Scarborough is outright childishness.

        That’s also a form of Noynoying. 

  • carlcid

    It took a summit to tell the people that power rates have nowhere to go but up. Days of cheap electricity? Perhaps 30 or 40 years ago. Electricity hasn’t been cheap in the past decade or so. As a matter of fact, the Philippines has had among the most expensive power rates in Asia for as long as I remember.

  • LGN80

    Nowadays, there’s no such thing as free lunch.  Everybody has to pay the right price.  Those powerful political clans who manage to destroy Mindanao’s forest that resulted in the decreasing output of the dams are now the same people calling for more government money to support these dams.  The sale of these power plants is inevitable and we should accept this hard and painful truth.

  • 5thangel

    Pwede ba mag-eleksyon na uli at palitan na tong presidente natin?! Imbis na gawing mura ang kuryente sa luzon eh ang solusyon lang nya ay gawing mahal sa Mindanao. Hello, mababa lang ang sweldo ng mga tao sa Mindanao kung i-compare sa Luzon. At madaming factories sa Mindanao dahil na din sa mababa ang operating cost nila. E kung tumaas lahat dahil sa pagtaas ng kuryente baka mag-alisan lang sila. Paano tayo makapa-entice ng investments sa Mindanao na hindi lang Aboitiz at mga Lopez kung mahal ang kuryente? Pwede ba, matagal na nilang gustong gawin yan hindi lang nila nagawa kay Gloria na time. Eh kung ang problema naman ay tuwing summer lang nagkakaproblema sa Mindanao, magtiis na lang tayo kesa more than 9 months magbayad ng mahal na kuryente. May na-iisip pa ba sa mga tauhan ni Pnoy? Ang nagagawa pa lang ni Pnoy ay pataasin lahat ng presyo at bilihin.. Ang natutunan lang yata nya sa economics ay deregulation kasi bukambibig lang nya ang competitiveness at hayaan ang mga private investors na magcompete.. kung makita mo ang mga reports ng mga kompanyang ito sa stock exchange, ang tataas ng kita! Kelangan pagsabihan ang mga ito to temper their greed!

    • Al-Filibusterismo

      Mamili ka. Luzon people to subsidize the electricity on those businesses in Mindanao or for the Mindanao businesses e to pay for their own electricity usage. 

  • Margie

     I think Noynoy should give rebate or refund to poor small residential owners once the high rate is imposed.

    • Al-Filibusterismo

      Or better, let the big businesses in MIndanao subsidize the power rates of the poor in Mindanao like what is happening, to a certain degree,  in Metro Manila. 

  • Mickey Lim

    Pres Aquino made a convincing argument for higher Mindanao power rates and rationalization via privatization.  Well, almost, anyway.   What he apparently intentionally did not mention was power rates are high because the tax regime and fees imposed by the government on the power industry is also very high.  The government charges royalties, fees, and a slew of taxes on power plants and energy investors.  Mindanao power rates (and the rest of the country) could see power rates tempered if government didn’t charge so much.  Next question: where does all the money go?  Definitely not back to energy investments. 

  • kilabot

    kita nyo na ngayon anong klaseng lider si noynoy capone. gangster style pamamalakad at walang pakialam sa mga suhestyon. dahil sa 2 taon na noynoying sa problemang ito, magdudusa ngayon ang taga mindanao sa power shortage at pagmahal ng kuryente. sa totoo lang, gusto nya ibenta ang agus/pulangi power plants para me pambayad ang gobyerno sa hacienda luisita na aabot 10B kung aquino-cojuangco ang masusunod. tapos tiba-tiba pa ang kanyang supporters na bibili sa planta. kita nyo naman sa laway na tumalsik mula bibig ni pnoy. see the connection?

    • Al-Filibusterismo

      Ang taong madaling sumunod sa sabi-sabing iba, ay walang bait sa sarili. Sa madaling salita, uto-uto. 

      • Rowie

        moderator ka  ata e hahahah laging me defense….obvious ka maxado bro

  • Al-Filibusterismo

    Put things in its proper prospective. Mindanao wants lower power rates by requiring the government to spend more money on maintaining or building new power plants in said place. Certainly, with limited funds cannot do so, hence, the need for private investors on energy projects.  

    Remember, a considerable portion of the defense budget is spent on Mindanao because of the never-ending ‘peace and order’ problem there.  The participants wanted PNoy to give a solution on which is not within his powers or control, like amending or exempting Mindanao from EPIRA Law.

    You cannot exempt a part of the country only from EPIRA law – a wrong notion signaling that  Mindanao is not part of the Philippines.  

    If Mindanao businessmen are really affected, why are they not cashing their own resources to build a power plant of their own and not simply ask the government to do or not to do this. Is the interest of the interest of the people in their mind or it is simple their own vested interest – to make more money. News had it that the governors of Mindanao are very wealthy politicians/businessmen and yet the governed a place with the highest incidents of  poverty. What an irony in life.   

    The politicians and businessmen suggested solutions are not that easy to understand  because their solutions are academic solutions which entail  more money to be spent by the government without them letting go a single centavo.

    If Mindanao  want to have a stable power supply, they must pay the price like what the rest of the   rest of the country are doing now. 

    If Congressman Casino fully knows what he is   talking or complaining about, why can he just passed a well-researched and studied bill in the Congress that will solve the Mindanao energy problem. Would you think his fellow congressmen would support such bill?  The answer is certainly a bid NO. Why? Because ‘party-less’ Congressman Casino only knows how to talk and talk about old issues and arguments repeatedly raised in the classroom and on the streets.

    People of MINDANAO wake up. Do not let your FUTURE e be controlled and determined by your political leaders/businessmen. Its about time that you  take full control and responsibility of your own destiny. 

    IF there is  an added cost for  development, there is a  wastage cost in useless wars. 

    • 5thangel

       Kung may dislike button dito, i would have done so. This is a very short-sighted view of the problem. In the first place, these power companies are not losing money. The government should weigh the apparent cost of building new plants and increasing the price of electricity vs the “true cost” of increasing it which affects everything in Mindanao (vs just these 2-3 power companies).

    • Rowie

      magkano per day bayad sayo ng Malacanang ? hahaha 

    • thadeothadeo

      The Mindanaoans can’t simply do what you are proposing because decisions and power for such magnitude emanates from Imperial Malacanang.  

      Federalism is one effective solution, but that would mean charter change.  And this president is not going to touch his mother’s sacrosanct Cory Constitution.  Mommy, I miss you!

  • 5thangel

    Ang gusto lang i-entice ni Pnoy sa Mindanao ay yung mga power companies. Forget about other industries like in manufacturing.

    • Al-Filibusterismo

      How can you entice manufacturing companies to come in when there is no stable power in the place?  More manufacturing companies mean more energy requirement.

      The energy situation sa Mindanao ay hindi dahil maraming manufacturing companies ang gustong pumasok sa Mindanao kundi  kulang  na ang available energy nila provided by the hydropower plants which certainly provided cheap power. But the capacity of the hydropower plants have their limits and are now affected by dwindling water supply – probably due to the rampant illegal logging in Mindanao.

      • Rowie

        kaya here comes Aboitiz and Lopezes barges to the rescue…..PERA na !!!

  • NoronJamel

    Oy Mr. Casino, wala ka dpat dyan, doon ka dapat harap ng Chinese embassy protesta pagpasok ng mga Chinese sa teritoryo ng Pilipinas!

  • RyanE

    Residents of Mindanao should realize that it’s actually the inefficiency, incompetence and rampant corruption of the GOCCs such as NAPOCOR that caused the power problem in Mindanao. Same situation before as NAPOCOR was the National Steel Corporation that went bankrupt despite all the government loans poured into it but sadly just lined the pockets of its corrupt and incompetent management. It is now the taxpayers who are still paying those loans.

    NAPOCOR by all means should be dissolved and power generation, transmission and distribution given to several private companies to avoid monopoly. Then all generating plants nationwide should be interconnected into one power grid to stabilize the power supply requirement of the whole country.

    • Kayang

       I agree with you, seeing especially the interconnection as the first thing to be done, before privatizing.

  • Jaz

    Mr. President dumidilim ang daang matuwid.

    • Al-Filibusterismo

      kasi walang kuryente

      • Rowie

        magkano per day bayad sayo ng Malacanang @ Al-Filibusterismo ? hahaha

  • albert
  • Rowie

    Artificial Power Crisis=Private Companies Cashing in=Election payback 

  • bgcorg

    Instead of privatization which would apparently ease the burden of NaPoCor debt on the people, other alternatives of longer lasting renewable energy should be harnessed to solve the power shortage not only in Mindanao but in the whole country.  It is an accepted fact that we already have the most expensive power rate in practically all of Asia.  Let investors look at the viability of renewable energy and invest in solar, wind, water and waves, even nuclear energy, for that matter.  In the long run, the effort will be more rewarding  and its economic blessings will be felt longer and more convincingly than investor-led fossil based generation plants.  It will made us more competitive and challenge investments to the longer term development of the country.  It takes some time to prime electric generation into actual operation.


      I have read that a new fuel for a nuke plant, thorium is safer, and not as costly as uranium fuel. India and China are in it.

    • tilney

      you better study the cost of initial investment of putting up renewable energy, solar or wind power ..It is more expensive put the said technology. S

  • billygunn23

    well it looks like penoy is finally getting it after two years of incompetence left and right (front and back). i will not even be surprised if he resigns before the end of this year because of depression (and institutionalization)! lol

    • Sio Koy

       ..totally agree. and, this will happen to the next pres and the next after..just a vicious cycle…. why? we have a culture where once the leader is down and out, we distance ourselves and just fold/give up — worst, we run to the streets and oust the incumbent and replace him/her with a new one and this cycle will just go on and on with no end….

      …for the last decade, US presidents where branded as idiots/dumb/incompetent/etc… well, name just one president whom you think is competent and I can give a dozen list saying otherwise. if we equate our progress to incumbent leadership, then we are doomed!

      i think, for the most part of politics, perception (in local/global scene) is king. i can live in a country run by an idiot/dump/incompetent/bobo/pulpol/etc but not to a perceived corrupt one. is PNoy corrupt — i think so, he is just same with with Pandak (same old, same old!).. but PNoy, is spite of Noynoying and being Abnoy, the general perception is that he is not corrupt (or should i say less corrupt). and currently, that’s what makes us tick in the global scene…you really think life in India, China, or Vietnam is better than us…well think again….their leadership suck and yet more and more investments are pouring in.

      …i think we have to change our mind set — let’s contribute first and quit being a know it all and a self righteous. and, come election time, let’s try learn from our previous mistake–get rid of leaders with familiar names, or don’t elect boxer(s), generals, philatropists, kind people, mabait, matulungin, matapang, etc to be your next leaders — some of these are good qualities for a leader but these are not what we want…. we want vissionaries, scientist, educators, engineers, some doctors, some lawyers, public admins, urban planners, etc… that’s how China, Singapore, malaysia, Indonesia did it….and let’s ‘clone/copy/duplicate’ it shamelessly….

      • thadeothadeo

        How can we even approach the likes of India, Vietnam, and even Indonesia when we are headed by a stubborn and incompetent lazy leader like PNoy.  Policy direction comes from the top, and PNoy is bankrupt for such.

  • maylah1969

    Residents of Mindanao does not need private enterprise to build power generation and pay higher rates if they will organize power cooperatives. They must brainstorm power sources available to them from across the globe like modular nuclear reactor similar to the installed reactor on nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers. We have Filipino nuclear engineers employed by nuclear plants in the US who can assist you as consultants to be well informed with regards to cost benefits, safety and capabilities of a  modular nuclear reactor. These small nuclear reactors are in the market today from companies in Europe and U.S..

  • Sio Koy

    we need to have a master plan (long term) for energy development. the problem with this country is that we don’t have foresight on things that will happen after 6 years….once the new admin is sworn in, previous projects of past admin will just be scrapped and replace it with a new one — we are good at planning but we suck on execution!

    every power crisis, the present admin leadership is to blame. well, who else…. our dep’t of energy is just as good as the current admin. 

    during my internship in NAPOCOR-Iligan (almost a million hours ago), the Agus Hydo plants were enough to power much of Mindanao and coupled with the geothermal plant in Mt Apo and some diesel plants scattered around Mindanao, we had enough energy to sustain Mindanao. since then, nothing has change! that was 4 or 5 admins ago….Mindanao has grown since then… the energy requirement is way above the base load, and we started to sort all this things out just now… puhlss… even the price tag of Ha Luisita is not enough to build those plants to ensure  energy security for Mindanao.

    on this coming election, can we pls try to elect those people with knowledge in engineering, urban planning, public admin, and the likes… we have enough Pogi/Action Stars/Boxer/Generals in congress already…

    • thadeothadeo

      Brilliant idea, but too much for a weak brained leader. We must first have effective leadership, and that means we will have to endure 4 and a half more years.

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      on this coming election, can we pls try to elect those people with knowledge in engineering, urban planning, public admin, and the likes… we have enough Pogi/Action Stars/Boxer/Generals in congress already…



      we lack professionals in the top posts….lahat mga walang alam ang nasa top posts..ung mga professionals are lowly employees having with very low compensation

  • Meg


  • rosamistika16

    Napocor’s debt had reached as high as P1.24 trillion in 2003, he said.

    = Waaahhh!!! sa sobrang mahal ng kuryente sa pinas at sobrang laki ng napupunta sa NPC galing sa bayad ng mga consumers eh ganyan pa kalaki ang utang ng NPC?! ano ang pinagagawa nyo sa pera?!  sobra naman etong GOCC na eto! waahh!!

  • amado_guerero

    Agree with P-Noy…this is a sound and workable solution and not political propaganda and eutopian meet the Teddy and leftist would like to do…mga bwisit…

  • BatangSingapore

    Dahil sa takot na mabagsakan ng rocket debris sa Luzon ang Abnoy na pangulo ay bigla biglang tumakbo ito papuntang Mindanao.

    Ang resulta naman ay pagtaas ng singil ng kuryente sa buong Mindanao.  Nanalo na naman ang mga negosyanteng Intsik at sadyang pahirap lamang sa buhay ng Filipino ang mongoloid na lider.

    Duwag at mangangamkam ng lupa ang politikal lider ng bansa.  Pabor palagi sa mga negosyante at komunistang Intsik ang hinayupak na Abnoy.

    • Meg

      ano naman pong  kinalaman ng komunismo rito? at isapa po hindi communist ang China, CAPITALIST na sila, deception na lang ang paggamit nila sa salitang komunismo.. do some research sa meaning ng komunismo. ;)

    • poltergeist_fuhrer


    • jurbinsky77

      hinayupak ka.Sobra kang manlait. 

  • albert

    happy days na naman para sa mga greedy kkk

  • thadeothadeo

    The best solution for the power problem in Mindanao, and also the fastest and most doable is:  PNOY’S IMMEDIATE  RESIGNATION.

    • jurbinsky77

      gunggong ka, huwag kang pumaok sa usapang matanda.

      • beatmanny

        minsan may isang noytard…

      • violet55

        Naligaw yan.  He thought this is de Quiroz’s article!! hahahaha



    • billygunn23


    • tabalu

      di magreresign yan, mapapatalsik yan, @jurbinsky77.. magbayad ka ng kuryente, alisin mo yung jumper mo, magnanakaw.

      • thadeothadeo

        To jubirinsky; Your continued blind  support of this Noynoying will not add a single watt to the shortage of power in Mindanao but only additional cost of power and misery to the already suffering Mindanaoans.

        He is the magnanakaw for any possible solution to the problem.  The summit opened up and closed with a foregone conclusion from PNoy – PAY MORE.

        His resignation will pave the way for a determined and intelligent approach to the crisis.  His stay will doom all possibilities  of relief from shortages because his effort is to find excuses and someone to blame.

  • James

    Before taasan ang bayad ng taga mindanao dapat taasan muna ang sahod ng ordinaryong mamayan. Kasi almost kalahati ang agwat ng sahod ng taga mindanao kay sa visayas at luzon.

  • kilabot

    wakeup call mindanao! you have a chance to get back at this insensitive noynoying administration. next year 2013 elections, let your strong united voice be heard. time to kick some prostitutes’ a$s. who knows, maybe you can kick noynoy capone’s as well.

    • jurbinsky77

      Gunggong, nahihiya ang mga taga mindanao sa mga ginawa nila.Nadaya si fpj dahil sa mga bataan ni gloria, ang mga ampatuan..

  • BAKIT2011

    yeah the aboitiz has been racking up profits ever since and weve been paying high electricity costs even without this scheme! Pnoy’s call for us consumers to brace ourselves to pay for more is not only absurd, irrational and weak but tilting favors heavily on his election benefactors and donors! Pnoy’s is not having a solution but a status quo!

  • marienkind

    Here is a man who is saying the problem as it is and all we get in the comments are people who refuse to face the facts. Mindanao has gotten a cheap ride for a long time and now they’re getting blackouts because of it. Those who are too lazy to understand the problem will simply blame the President, because that’s the only thing their primitive brains can ever do beyond punching buttons monotonously at work.

    • albert

      are you born yesterday?

    • isalexus

      Sorry your comment does not fly!You have no idea or understanding of the current problem in Mindanao!!!!!!

    • Kayang

       Apparently you don’t know, what you are talking about. The problem of lacking power production is known since 10 years. 2010 Mindanao was crippled through drought and brownouts lasting up to 14 hours a day. Two power plants using coal are planned since 2007. But absolutely nothing happened!!! The plant construction did not start, because the government did not issue the ECCs for it. It is the buraucracy holding up the solution of the problems.
      And PNoy’s claim that we have a generation of almost 1500 megawatts is wrong. Check with the web site of national grid and you see, that we have only 1080 megwatt production but 1250 megwatt consumption.
      We need fast action here and we need the interconnection to the Luzon and Visaya grid. We are tired of words and we are tried of unqualified opinions of people, who obviously don’t know the situation.

    • violet55

      The people are not too lazy to understand.  Its your Noynoying President who is toooo lazy to work that he was informed about this impending problem 2 years ago and he didn’t do anything at all.  Its pathetic that he is Noynoying and he doesn’t really know how to run this country.  

    • Malik62

       A huge percentage of the power in Mindanao comes from hydro-electric source and not from fossil fuel source.  That is why it’s just proper that their electric rate should be lower than power generated from fossil fuel.  Now BS Aquino x3 wants to propagate fossil fueled power plants which are expensive and heavily pollutants. The blackouts are maliciously orchestrated by the DOE.  This is because Uncle Danding’s San Miguel Corp. and Tito Lucio Corp. are building coal-fired power plants all over Mindanao. 

      This is a crime that calls to the high heavens for justice!

  • albert

    Cheap electricity in Mindanao over   <<<<<  happy days na naman para sa mga suwapang kkk 

  • BAKIT2011

    for those commenters who arent from mindanao: there was no cheap electricity! weve been paying high electricity rates even before this summit! obviously Pnoy is either wrongly fed of onfo or just pretending to be ignorant because this involves a long time political ally, the aboitiz!

  • isalexus

    “But things have changed. Increasing population means increasing demand, increasing opportunities means increasing need for more power,” Mr. Aquino said.” Oh yeah- but the government did not change its lethargic NOYNOYING way! Wangwang is about over  1/3 of his mandate– and has nothing to show for it but his lunacy of vendetta for the Hacienda Luisita slight!!

  • BAKIT2011

    the title of the article says CHEAP electrity! i’m paying 5,000 to 6,000 a month for only an aircon as appliance and only used during bedtime and another appliance, washing machine! i am no longer ironing for over two years and yet Pnoy is claiming CHEAP? cheAp my foot!

  • BAKIT2011

    the title of the article says CHEAP electrity! i’m paying 5,000 to 6,000 a month for only an aircon as appliance and only used during bedtime and another appliance, washing machine! i am no longer ironing for over two years and yet Pnoy is claiming CHEAP? cheAp my foot!

    • Benjan Amtipuesto

       same sentiment here.. our budget for 1 month is allocated a big percentage in electric and water bills. how about for those people earning below the minimum wage? ang kinikita nila na dapat ay sa pagkain at pag aaral ng mga anak mapupunta ay na ibabayad pa sa kuryente at tubig.

  • Lito G

    Can Teddy Casino and governors of Mindanao show details of what they want to do to resolve the power crisis? Kung puro lagi na lang kontra sa solusyon pero wala naman binigay na alternatibo eh lalong walang mangyayari. Kung misinformed si PNOY bakit hinde idetalye ni Teddy Casino sa publiko kung papano ang dapat magandang gawin. Detalye as in detalye ng proyekto, expected ROI, expected timelines etc etc…. otherwise tumahimik muna ang mga komunista….

    • Montse

      Ano ang ginagawa ng mga gabinete? Going to one direction lang talaga sila. daang matuwid pero malubak at mabato.

  • agustin

    As what CDQ quoted before, Cory is the queen of darkness, now her son is now the king of darkness.what can we expect from a weak leader, noynoying leader, whose thinking is how to jail GMA, even if the evidence is weak & hearsay,go ahead was his instruction to DOJ-Comelec prosecutor. is this not a wang wang mentality ?

    • violet55

      It is a buwang-wang mentality!! 

  • pakialamero69

    mahirap talaga, ang presidenteng nakikinig sa slsol. diktado ng suwapang na negosyante. walang malasakit sa bansa.

  • pakialamero69

    noy noy, negosyante ka na. umpisa na ng pag iipon.

  • MNLFoodcritic

    I dare the Philippine Daily Inquirer to investigate who will or have won the contracts to build these power plants, how they won it and how they are related to Pnoy, his family or to his allies. Dare!

  • tabalu

    pay a little more for energy, or live with the rotating brownouts … every month naririnig ko yan sa mga umiikot na empleyado ng electric company na nagpuputol ng kuryente dito sa amin, parang ganito lang yon.;YUNG MAY UTANG PO NA DALAWANG BUWAN PATAAS MANGYARI PO LAMANG NA MAGBAYAD NA KAYO BAGO KAYO MAPUTULAN NG KURYENTE, hehehe!.

  • Montse

    Swallow line and sinker. Now people of Mindanao can we sacrifice?  How could one be a good leader if he doesn’t know how to ease the plight of his people? 

  • JasminCubacub

    Ano ba pala problema mo, Simeon? Basta gumawa ka’ng paraan para makaroon ng koryente don.. bahala ng meralco to bill the residents, ad it does in Luzon and Visayas. If they don’t pay the bills, kunin na lang kontador nila.. simple lang yan!

  • rodger66

    parang sinabi ni Pwenoy, “tapos na po ang election at ako ang nanalo e di wala na kayong magawa kung ganito ako”

  • yvonne

     Seriously NOYNOYING!

    Economic and ethnic discrimination by way of unequal budget appropriations and unjust taxation in favor of luzon island only “infrastructure funding policy” PLUS the insatiable national and regional greed, corruption and selfishness of tagalog-speaking majority government in manila EQUALS lifelong poverty and underdevelopment to the rest of the Islands down south (Visayas/Mindanao) of the Philippines.

  • robert

    style yan syempre…..pag wala ka nag mai-sagot o mai-bigay na solution, kailangan mag galit-galitan ka din….simeon, style mo bulok

  • violet55

    This Noynoying President who loves Korean on the subject of privatization of the Agus and Pulangi hydropower plants.

    KKK and all his new oligarchs whispering to Noynoying:  Magkano ba kor-ean? Kikita ba kor-ean?



  • Spokesman2

    You were warned, pero mga hindi kayo nakinig.
    Yan ang tuwid na daan patungo sa lalong paghihirap.

  • thadeothadeo

    We need a man to perform jobs fit for men.  PNoy’s OTJT is over…and he flunked it.

    So…resign.  For the good of the country.  Anti-corruption crusade is just an excuse for ineptness.  A good distraction for a while.  But the nitty-gritty of presidency cannot
    be deodorized by subterfuges like Daang Matuwid or Kung Walang Corrupt… ek ek.

    What is shaping now is Daang Matuwid towards More Paghihirap.

  • violet55

    How can our Noynoying President understand the plight of the businessmen and the Filipino people when all his life he’s under her mom’s skirt, that I think Cory handles and pays for the household expenses, including the electric bill? So why then will he care if it shoots up to the hilt  that he would not even care that the cost of electricity is killing every Filipinos’ household budget?  

    Work your butt off Mr. Noynoying!

  • goavan

    si noynoying nagpakita kuno ng gilas…only to say electricity rates in Mindanao will increase…hahaa yan si noynoying  good job!!!

  • rodger66

    where’s the SWS/False Asia?…hey guys can we make a survey here in Mindanao????

    • RobertChiu


      • jeronimo

        robert, pinoy ba ang minumura mo o si p-noy?


    High time the Philippines be converted into a federal-parliamentary state. The present governmental set-up does not work, especially with Noynoy(ing) at the helm.

    Mindanaons, if left on their own, will solve this crisis properly and efficiently.  Some oligarch in Manila will, obviously, clutch at straws in presenting a solution because he simply does not get it.

    While I have no love lost for GMA, it seems we are left with a much much worse president.

  • Montse

    Get over too, Pnoy, if you can’t help your people.

  • dodong1

    dak dak puro dak dak kaparis ng kanyang kapatid na si Kris dakdak…wala naman nangyayari…
    dakdakin at noynoying …

  • joboni96

    wala ring
    creative solutions
    ang team pnoy

    mahina na kasi ang bangko
    sarado pa ang isip
    sa ibang grupong may alternatibo

    payayamanin din ni pnoy
    ang mga dayuhan at intsik
    sa energy, tulad ni aroyo
    using the deposits of
    masang pilipino sa mga bangko
    as capital

    mga solusyon

    1. itigil ang pagbebenta ng mga government assets
    magdadagdag ka lang ng additional cost layer
    ayusin mo na lang efficiency ng gov’t organization

    2. sell retail government bonds
    to masang pilipino
    to fund flagship energy projects
    implemented by the government

    3. scale down project sizes
    so not only the dayuhan and intsiks
    can take advantage

    4. more mini mid hydros
    coupled to irrigation and flood control
    with built-in desilting mechanism

    5. more human and animal powered
    generators in isolated far flung areas

    marami pang ibang solusyon
    na kayang kaya ng mga pilipino engineers

    kumokontra nga lang ang mga
    malalaking intsik at dayuhang businessmen
    na dapat nating ma neutralize

  • bulad

    sori na lang po sa apektado! wala po syang magagawa! hindi ho kayo ang boss niya, sila po.

  • RobertChiu

    PlNOY GAG0! lol

  • Fulpol

    mahirap talaga.. kung mga kakamping oligarkiya ang pinoprotektahan..


  • Fulpol

    sa Mindanao na ba magsisimula ang pag-aaklas laban kay Noynoying??


    • mekeni62


  • San Miguel

    Talagang known na mataray tong yellow president na to.  Matapos tarayan si Ombudsman Guttierez, Corona at mga kalaban sa pulitika, itong mga taga Mindanao naman ang tinatarayan nya. Nelecturan pa na “KUNG AYAW NYO MAG BROWN-OUT, MAGBAYAD KAYO NG MAHAL NA KURYENTE.  Taray talaga…. Keep it up and you will find yourself going down in the quagmire of your own doing. Malapit na. Malapit ng sumabog ang ngitngit ng maga tao sayo.

    If we know, ang mga may ari ng Power companies like aboitez, razon, et al ay mga financier mo nung eleksyon.. Hindi tanga ang mga tao para di mahalata ang daan matuwid na unti-unting nababaluktot.

  • Son

    Ha ha ha the governement of Pnoy is giving option to people in Mindanao that in order to get good electricity service, they need to pay more. In other words, instead of solution governement still give headache to the people. Government especially the Dept of Energy cannot provide solution to provide quality electricity service without paying extra. I don’t think government can’t do that because they have all means, powers and there are lots of option to choose with. Ang wala lang sa gobyerno at sa ating leader ay tamang pag-iisip at sipag.

    • BatangSingapore

      idagdag mo pa numero unong corrupt yan si Abnoy.  Indirect corruption yan kung saan ang mga negosyante ang pinapaboran ng gobyerno para ibahagi sa Abnoy na presidente ang sobrang sinisingil.

      taena nyo mga intsik mamatay din kayo mga lahi ng mongoloid.

  • JK1000

    President Aquino is the last hope of the Philippines …Yehey !!!

    • albert

      na abnoy ka na dong? 

    • mekeni62


  • albert
  • truth_1210

    ito lang ang kaya ni Pnoy…kung magsalita parang tunay na pro-masa..pero inside ang daming corrupt practices..hindi sa kanya pero sa mga KKK niya…mas masahol pa ito..harapan at tarayan pa in public…so Mindanaoans vote wisely in next elections…

  • ely

    ganito ka bobo si noynoying at mga KKK nya.


    • Enrico

      May solusyon nman pero tataas lang ang bayad. Maglalagay sya ng power barges at i renovate ang dalawang hydro electic power plants to produce more electricity. Yun nga lang ang power barges ay temporary lang at mas mahal syempre. Wala pa syang long term solusyon dyan.

  • Mark

    Tingnan ninyo ang photo ni ABnoy sa itaas.

    Feeling attentive daw.

    Eh mongoloid na mongoloid naman ang dating.

    Kami pa ang niloloko ng abnormal na anak ni Cory!

    Lokohin mo lelang mo, sinto-sinto.

  • Mark

    Pls observe NoyNoy’s photo at the top.

    Pay extra attention to his face.

    Di pa, parang duling na may down’s syndrome?


       Napuna ko nangayayat siya, malamang dahil kay Binay! Hihihi!

  • DodongM

    Politicians in Mindanao and Chinese businessmen that benefited from low power rates simply refuse a change. the government has to balance between regulation and deregulation and for years it has refused deregulation with dire consequences. you simply cannot attract investments without solving the very basic problem. Pinoy should be affirmed for its honestly, and people should watch out for the populist politicians that have kept Mindanaoans in chains for decades. It’s time for a change! let the market forces work if you want to be part of it and benefit from it. I rather pay higher electricity rate if it could generate more jobs too! 

  • albert

    sa mga mindanao voters… vote wisely.. huwag nio botohin un mga kandidato ng mga suwapang kkk. 

    • Mark

      Reject mongoloid’s chosen candidates!

    • BatangSingapore

      sa mga taga mindanao, pugutan nyo ng ulo yan mga negosyante.  kidnappin nyo sila at ipransom ng sa ganun mabawi ninyo ang ninanakaw nila sa inyo.

  • Mark


  • Night

    IBAGSAK ANG MONGOLOID!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • ely

    Anti-corruption crusade is just an excuse for ineptness.


  • Joey

    si pnoy lang ang matapang na ilahad ang totoo… hindi namumulitika… kung ibang presidente iyan, magpapa-sweet lang, hindi haharapin ang totoong problema na dapat pinanagutan din ng ilang presidenteng nauna pa kay pnoy 

    • Montse

      ganun? ang presidente para ring ama yan na gagawan ng solusyon ang problema. kung walang makain sabihin ba ng ama, “mga anak wag na muna kayo kumain, wala tayong pera.” ginagawan ng paraan di ba? para ano pa ang presidente kung walang magawa sa bayan?

    • BatangSingapore

      inililipat mo na naman sa ibang presidente ang katangahan at kaabnormalan aksyon ng mongoloid mo presidente.

      kapag sablay isisisi kung kani kanino pero ang totoo sadyang pinapaboran niya ang mga negosyanteng intsik.

      yun mga bobotanteng nagluklok sa abnormal na si Cojuangco Aquino, ayan pasalamat na kayo at sinusuklian ng kagaguhan ang lugar ninyo hahahahahahahhaha.

    • Night

      U L O L

  • jedzion

    There was a Power Summit/ Public Hearing sometime  (or in between) 2008 or 2009 in Gen. Santos, spearheaded by the DOE just to address the impending power shortage in Mindanao comes 2011. The projection of DOE is that power demand will be crossing over the available power comes 2011 , and if no additional power/ power plants come in.. power shortages will be imminently disturb Mindanao, since spinning reserve will be zero . Due this, several considerations to include a coal power or additional geothermal power and improve capabilities of hydro power plants (desilting of dams spec. Pulangi) to address this impending problem on power supply in Mindanao.How was the minutes of this public hearing disseminated? Was Congress been informed/involved? Why it took so long for government to decide and act on such a very critical issue? Now the problem is real. Just asking!!!

  • Guest

    mag usap sana sila ng maayos, hindi un pagkatapos saka mag dak ng dak. di nakukuha yan sa madalian. kung may suggestion ang bawat isa sabhin at ano advantages at disadvatages ng mungkahi mo. at kahit pa sinong nakaupong presidente di maayos ng basta basta yan. eh mga pulitiko natin paikot ikot lang. inuuna ang partido bago mga tao. sinong papalit ng presidente eh paulit ulit lang mga tao dyan. 

  • kasmotuae

    sana mag usap sila nga maayos hindi un pagkatapos saka sila magda dakdak, kung may panukala ang bawat isa, makinig at sabhin din ang bentahe at di benatahe ng panukala. timbangin kung baga. at un mga pumupuna ibig sabhin may alam sila, di mag bigay din ng panukala niya at sabhin din ang advatages at di advanages..tayong pinoy pag di nagustuhan ang isang presidente palit agad..wag iboto.. di ako maka pinoy pero hayaan muna natin siya. tulungan natin. sino sa tingin natin ang puede pa. eh paikot ikot lang naman eh. grupo ni arroyo, grupo erap.. si ramos pa. sino pang grupo. inuuna kc ang partido kesa sa tao. palipat lipat partido..noon kalaban.. now kakampi kc unity daw.. anak ng kamote…

  • jedzion

    Dahil sa kultura ng politika dito sa atin, ang tao ang nahihirapan. Kailangan ang lider ng bansa at mga politiko na magkaroon ng tunay na politikal will para mabago ang bansa, hindi yong mabago lang ang mga buhay nila. Sa UNA, sana tumulong muna sa mga problema ng bansa, hindi yong inuuna ang pagpapalago ng inyong partido o ambisyon na politikal.

  • tony

    nice excuse pnoy… the issue is not cheap or not but the shortage so address the main issue ok.

  • albert

    expect next week may lalabas naman survey para damage control kay pnoy.

  • caster1234


    :D hahaha its easy him to say because he has alot of cash, but how about ordinary pinoy? 

    Have you notice PDI is giving Pnoy an advertisement to make Pnoy a knight-shining armor? Picture of Pnoy working and listening attentively.

    • BatangSingapore

      mukhang mongoloid nga itsura at kala mo talaga nagiisip ng solusyon.  malinaw naman na ang sagot niya palaging pabor sa negosyante at hindi sa mamayan.

      ibagsak ang abnormal na presidente.  tutulan ang corruption sa gobyerno.  NOW NA!

  • Mark

    NoyNoy, abnormal na anak ni Cory.

    Nangangayat ka yata.

    Kulang ka ba sa tulog?

    Ano ba ang palaging iniisip mo?

    Si Binay?

    Ikaw kasi, hindi mo na iniinom gamot mo.

  • Enrico

    Buti nga may solusyon pa eh kahit pansamantala lang. Long term dapat planuhin na rin at wag nang mag antay pa uli ng panibagong power shortage bago kumilos. Nuclear power plant ang pinaka magandang solusyon dyan

  • ozkid

    Let’s be real folks. We can’t continue living forever with our electricity being heavily subsidize by the government in the tune of the billions of pesos. There are more priorities the government can better spend that money to alleviate the life of everybody.
    Even though, how much the government intend to hold back the cost of electricity but the reality is catching up. The government can’t afford it.
    According to P-noy  the rate rise is about 10% or from 1,000pesos to 1,100 pesos. If that 10 % rate rise equates to way better and reliable service with no blackouts, I believe it’s worth the money we’ll gonna pay.
     It’s time for us to give back to the country; the rate rise is just worth a mere cell phone load.

    • albert

      see the  reason why the govt cant afford it.. see the link    ….>>  http://wwwDOTjpenrileDOTcom/advocacies/articleDOTasp?advocacy=issues&folder=speech&article=003

    • Night


      • ozkid

        Well, well Mr Night you must have some brilliant ideas to the issue where our leaders don’t have any knowhow. You are more than welcome I think to voice it out and make it beneficial to all.

        Winging minus facts won’t connect the dots.

         The fact is, if we want to keep the low rates the only way to go is nuclear a very dangerous proposition remember Fukushima.

      • Night

        really is only nuclear the solution? how about lower VAT on power? how about geothermal, clean coal, natural gas….. what if find more of our own oil….

        this is a disqus forum. not a proposal to put 50 page white paper idiot

      • ozkid

        You said we have the world most expensive electricity. 

        That’s an  absolute rubbish.

        Where I am now, I am payingan an equivalent of  around 12 pesos per kilowatt.

      • Night

        how much are you earning? it is relative to your purchasing power genius

    • Paraluman Paaka

       medyo tama ka, pero ang siste eh, alam namin na merong kikita sa bentahan. isa na si Panot sa kikita.

      • Paraluman Paaka

         at madali lang sabihin na 10% lang naman ang increase at ang kapalit dyan ay mas “efficient” na service. Pero iba eh, sa simula baka 10% nga lang ang increase, pero dahil pribado na ang magpapatakbo siguradong ang iisipin nila ay paano mas kumita pa ng malaki.

  • glycerlean

    eliminating inefficiencies? Then eliminate pnoy hihihihihi
    parati nalang bang misinformed si pnoy or wala tlgang alam?
    yari nanaman ako sa fans ni pnoy dto hehe

    • Paraluman Paaka

       tama, dapat i-eliminate ang panot na yan, panay noynoying lang kasi ginagawa, walang silbi, inutil

  • Gael Padilla Pader

    Greetings from the indigenous people of Mindanao Island, Mr. President. We studied what you said but the result differs from your conclusion. Just because the continued operation of the hydro complex is a disincentive to investors in the power sector does not necessarily mean we have to eliminate it. Why not go by the law which exempted the hydro-power facilities from privatization? It is a culpable violation you could commit if you insist. Let the rule of law rule. Why need investors which would provide expensive electricity to end-users? It is not common sense. Why not just stick to hydro-power which provides cheap electricity? It is a regressive idea to eliminate hydro-electric in Mindanao. It is about time you unmask your energy advisers who actually work for the independent power producers. Let not your stay as the President be stained by the greatest folly of the present time. You will go down in history as the most hated man if you insist. Thank you.

    • Rene V

       i am not a sympathizer of the president but then it makes sense that rains giving hydro power is not a given anymore most especially with the increased demands of population. marami ring priorities ang gobyerno. your local government officials can entice other people to invest in power generation provided that these very people will not be kidnapped.

  • BacolodBoy

    They have conditioned the people with rotating brownout so that the private investors would come in, commission naman sa bintahan mga KKK. walang pagbabago….

  • alexfrommactan

    It is pointed out that the issue is inefficiency. So why if the inefficiency will be addressed, it would rresult to higher rates? In corporate world, addressing inefficiencies in the process would result to a cheaper production, hence cheaper products. Perhaps there is somerhing im missing.

  • Isidro Valencia

    Was it June 12, 2010 when President Benigno Aquino III assumed the presidency? It is now 2012. From the very beginning, the alter ego of the President, the Secretary of Department of Energy should have forecast ed that there will be energy shortage in Mindanao. It showed the Secretary is lacking foresight, which is a common denominator of a good leader. 

    It is plain INEFFICIENCY, period. In Japan, the one who is in charged will do a “harakiri” because of failure to perform his mandated duties to the people. The president should fire his Secretary of the Department of Energy, immediately, no question ask.    

    If the good President will not solve this power problem in Mindanao, automatically all his “manok in this coming 2013 election ay pupulutin sa kangkungan including the ARMM Governor.

    Mr. President, there are good people who are good in energy. Lima singko sila na, but even then, they have sense of patriotism. Is the present secretary being upkeep by the multinationals firms or he still need to payback those people who had provided you with election funds? 

    Energy problem will not solve insurgency. It will only add problems. Mr President, please listen to the people clamor. 

    Those private power companies will declare “huge profit” in the end, to attract more investments. But who will suffer? The people.  

    The energy industry needs a new leadership.

  • Nen Tomas

    so Mr. President, from your mouth comes the evil things that this EPIRA or should I say E-PERA   law brings. why not revised or scrap this law for the benefit of the masses.

  • pangitbudhiko

    abnoy is not a thinking president.Or he really doesn’t have a brain.

    he say water is scarse but The AIR IS NOT.
    A 3rd OF ALBERTA’S electricity is supplied by”WIND TURBINES”
    YOU don’t need gas to run it,Just wind

  • Garote

    Before, I did not believe what people were saying: that all this guy named P-Noy does all day long is doing nothing and plays his PSP with his nephew. But listening to the way he talks about the Mindanao energy shortage, I think this guy is practically doing nothing, just “noynoying” all day long , and plays his PSP with his nephew.

    • jurbinsky77

      “I think..”, 2 big words that you don’t understand.

  • Rae_E

    Heed the people’s clamor Mr. President. People don’t appreciate facts when basic needs are unaffordable. Don’t privatize the hydro plants. Don’t agonize too much on Napocor’s debts, it’s the people’s debt anyway. If the taxpayers don’t want to confront their debt & settle their obligations as represented by their governor’s opposition against Epira, then so be it. Even US is heavily indebted to China as it turned from the greatest creditor to debtor in decades. Why not push congress to scrap PDAF & use the funds to expand power sources & diversity? Why not provide tax incentives to individuals & businesses who use renewable alternatives like solar panels?

    • marienkind

      Because Solar Panels are impractical at a metropolitan scale and any funds we sink into that solution this early in time will be a waste. 

      • Rae_E

        I’m aware renewables are costly thus I think Davao City Council was right in approving the dev’t. of coal plant there – my point is developing diversified sources. Renewables must be pursued as well but if gov’t. can’t afford large scale dev’t., why not provide incentives to private individuals & business who are willing to use them. There were few posters here (from previous forums) who put up solar panels in their homes, why not encourage these proactive citizens who’s using renewables at their own expense? Cagayan de Oro’s Cepalco also have 1 MWp in Indahag.

  • Makoy123

    in Ilocos marcos’es solution to intermittent electric supply is windmill and hydroelectric power plant…much cheaper monthly… imagine residents only pays 50 pesos per month with basic appliances such as tv, electric fan and few flourescent lamps and bulbs… poor strategy…

  • Garote

    The cheap electricity in Mindanao will never be over Mr. Pres. The Mindanaoans will see to it that it will not be over. They will fight so that it will not be over. However, the trust of the Mindanaoans in the “Aquino family” is over. Edsa revolution, orchestrated by US and a farce, is over. Your rhetoric on “tuwig na daan” which is full of “crappp!!!” is definitely over.

    • jurbinsky77

      Metro Manilans are charged by the Manila Electric Company (Meralco) $0.23 per kilowatt hour (kWh) or an average of P8.48 per kWh, JETRO said.

      Mindanao enjoyed the lowest electricity prices, with its generation costs pegged at P2.94 to P3.30 per kWh.

      Only the uneducated or the “sira ang tuktok” will not see the disparity and the correction that should happen here.

      Regarding EDSA, you must be very young or a die hard Marcos fan to quote your statement. Even the Americans were amazed, how the Filipinos blocked the way of the tanks and that demonstration of courage was emulated and replicated in many parts of the world.

      Not every Filipino is cursed to live in a graft-ridden world. They have the right to live in a country where no thieves lord it over. This President is the only one I heard to say that he abhors the corrupt and the grafters. Your friends and idols, like Abalos was quoted, “P100M ang kay First Gentleman diyan”, is this what you like, evil people can say evil things with impunity? Generals and ordinary traffic enforcers were too corrupt. The PNP was utterly corrupt that only now we are doing catch-ups, still many policemen have no guns while organized armed gangs have assault weapons when they raid public places in the middle of the day.  

      So pathetic, being angry with the elected President and posting something that you have no knowledge at all is incredible. 

      Please go back to school.

      • pangitbudhiko

        you should go back to school, how old are you during the Edsa 1, according to your user name you were born in 1977, so you were only 9 years old in 1986.
        Okay where were you during those trying times.
        don’t pretend that you comprehend  what is being said here mababaw ang iyong pang unawa.

        If you educate the people and show that all the taxes being paid by them are being spent for the upliftment of the Country. You eradicate corruption.

        In Canada, people here are lining up to file their income tax return why because the taxes they pay goes back to them in the form of services.

        Unlike in the Philippines, taxes paid by the people goes to the PORK BARREL BEING GIVEN BY ABNOY TO HIS KATOTONG TONGRESSMAN. This Tongressman don’t need this Pork barrel, it should go directly to the people, Bakit meron pang Middle man (tongressman)


  • jeray

    D na nag isip ng ibang paraan ang presidente. Ang solusyon nya pang grade 1 pero sbalay pa. Kahit sinu makakaisip yan nag solusyon.Nang yan… kikinig daw… (sa picture) e yung gus2 din naman ang masusunod.

  • Mamang Pulis

    gravely misinformed…..

    or rather, it’s payback time.

  • GuestUzer

    Wow ! Mr. Aquino you’re not just an inept President but insensitive too. This is the person you voted for the highest position in the land because his mother died and not because he can deliver the job. Shame on the people who voted for this guy !!!

  • pangitbudhiko


  • thunderbolt01

    Of  all the negative comments about pnoy’s handling of the Mindanao power crisis, expect a surge in his popularity next week by his survey mechanisms. Sasabihing “pnoy’s rating goes up, cororna’s rating goes down” para lokohin ang mga tao, Again.  

  • pangitbudhiko

    Look at the picture of abnoy, if you analyst his posture and his deameanor.

    You will arrive at this conclusion.

    Abnoy is seating at the edges of the chairs and for balance yung kanyang right hand is resting on another chair. WHY’
    answer. Abnoy is bored to death listening to the speaker. Or NA TATAE SIYA. YOUR CHOICE.


    answer. Abnoy is thinking how will I get out of the drag. Wasting my Time. Have to go back to make telephone call to grace lee and have to play with Joshua, Its time NA!

  • pangitbudhiko

    Look  at the guy seating behind him. His face is away from Abnoy. He is probably thinking this guy (abnoy) smells  like a spent urinal.

    • jurbinsky77

      Ikaw na yata ang pinaka-gunggong sa mga Filipino. 

      • pangitbudhiko

        dude, you must be so stuuuupid not to notice this one.

        Bakit ka nagsasalita ng ganyan, bakit, nasasaktan ka dahil totoo

      • pangitbudhiko

        and if I am gungong as you say.


      • jurbinsky77

        You can check my suggestions above.

      • pangitbudhiko

        IKAW na siguro ang pinaka  ogag dito sa forum na ito.
         triY to read back dito sa news article na ito if even one soul or the energy czar of abnoy even suggested to the government that the Energy problem of mindanao,can be solved  by building  wind turbines.

  • Bigboy I

    wala na magagawa gobyerno di na kayang  isubsidize ang pagpapatakbo ng mga power plant hawak na ng PSALM  ang NAPOCOR baon pa sa utang tsaka andyan na ang epira law na mag private sa mga power plants.

  • pangitbudhiko



    i HAVE BEEN DOING THAT FOR DECADES, WHEN OUR BOSS TELLS US   TO ATTEND A SEMINAR, i WOULD ALWAY SEAT AT THE FRONT ROW AND TRY TO HAVE THIS KIND OF POSTURE. WHY so when my boss looks at the picture he will say I am paying attention to the lecture. Lusot diba!

  • jus_sayinagain

    It’s all about MONEY…from COAL.

    ” Tuesday, 30 August 2011 17:42  Miguel R. Camus / Reporter
    CONGLOMERATE First Pacific Co. Ltd. is looking to acquire gold and coal assets in Indonesia, managing director and chief executive officer Manuel V. Pangilinan said last week.
    The move comes more than a year after First Pacific effectively gained control of Philex Mining Corp., the Philippines’ biggest gold producer. If successful, it could also be First Pacific’s next major acquisition outside the Philippines.
    The company, controlled by Indonesian billionaire Anthoni Salim, is already the single-biggest shareholder of telecommunications giant Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT).
    First Pacific also owns a near-majority stake in the country’s largest electricity retailer Manila Electric Co., which is putting up a 1,500-megawatt power generation portfolio that will include coal-powered facilities through 2016.”

    Familiar names? Check the connections of Salim to Tony-boy…. Danding straight thru to Noynoy.  Think (llegal) campaign contributions?  Think payback time.  Think…in the Philippines, everything is a done deal if you are an oligarch, or a person in power..or an oligarch who is a person in power.

    Sorry Mindanao…higher rates…coal-fired plants….it’s all about money and profits.  Sorry Philippines.

  • pangitbudhiko


  • jurbinsky77

    Here is the over-all picture:

    Mindanao enjoys the lowest electricity prices, with its generation costs pegged at P2.94 to P3.30 per kWh.

    Metro-Manilans are charged by the Manila Electric Company (Meralco) $0.23 per kilowatt hour
    (kWh) or an average of P8.48 per kWh, JETRO said.

    Sorsogon Electric Cooperative 2 (SORECO-2) – 65 centavos per kilowatt-hour (Oct  07, 2011) for the first 100 KWh only. (Geothermal site). I have no updated info.

    During the months  when there is no more adequate water in the hydraulic dams, Mindanao has to suscribe from the national grid. If the local co-ops will continue selling at P2.94 or P3.30 but they have to buy the power from the grid (Napocor) with higher price, then these coops will die quickly. Yes, co-ops were formed to be able to distribute cheap electricity but if we want to make them exist long, they have to be at par with the rest of the country.

    Here is the list of my suggestions which I have posted in different forums 3 weeks ago:

    1.  The government should build more and convert existing power plants (BNPP) to natural gas fed systems. The Malampaya Fields (second biggest in the world after Sitra) and the newly-discovered Northern Luzon basin sites would be adequate for the fuel requirement.

    2.  Build a new and efficient oil refinery plant. No need to buy back the old refinery that were used but not maintained properly by SMC and Ashmore. With enough supply, the demand will not affect the price of the petroleum products in an unpredictable manner.

    3.  Utilize solar power. Owners of newly-built homes should be encouraged to install solar panel for hot water or other basic lighting requirement. Sports clubs, hotels, motels and similar establishments should have solar power. Long before leaving Manila, I saw that Phil Columbian and the San Lazaro Tennis Club have solar panel heating the members shower water.

    Bigger scale solar panel generation plan should be drawn and submitted by the NIST/NSDB. Several 40MW plants can be deployed strategically Lamp post lights should be powered by solar panel, like those in Saudi Arabia (Khobar-Jubail road). We cannot assign any project to Napocor, it is so rotten to the core, you cannot trust them with anything.

     4.  Deploy dual-purpose windmills (vertical or horizontal). First the windmill would generate electricity and at the same time pump water from deep well. It is not necessary to import the item/s from abroad.  An adequately designed structure fitted with wheels and belts to turn both the armature’s dynamo and the water pump’s reciprocating motion will be enough.

    Check the local suppliers’ offerings like one establishment in San Rafael, Bulacan which has products for pumping water only.

    With electric power, information dissemination is fast and more livelihood projects or businesses can start. Pumped water can be distributed using hydraulic ram technology. Families can have projects like backyard vegetable gardening or seasonal produce raising, aquatic culture, poultry/piggery/cattle raising, community swimming pool. Health and sanitation will improve.

    I did mention Sen Bongbong Marcos’ project in Bangui, actually he started it when he was the governor and with $48M loan from Denmark, that rural area has been energized. Allocating pork barrel to import and deploy windmills is not a bad idea. Other congressmen can do the same and together with other congressmen/congresswomen in the province, they can ask a couple of senators to sponsor the provisioning and in the way, without incurring a loan.

    5.  Pacific provinces should deploy ocean wave electric generators. Aurora is a surf resort and therefore the perpetual wave motion can also propel turbines to harness the force for onversion to electric power.

    6.  Build efficient incinerators in strategic locations of the country – to burn waste and generate electricity. A comparative study of incinerators and sanitary land fill is in order. We do not need acid rain or dioxin to complicate our problem. Japan does not suffer from
    side effects of operating incinerators.

     7.  Build new upstream dam to relieve Angat-Magat Dam. Maybe a complementary dam can be built in Remedios Trinidad. The new dam/s should be adequate to provide drinking water to the Year 2050 projected growth of Metro Manila and the irrigation of Angat, Bustos, San Rafael and Baliuag. The generation of electricity should have no competition over the drinking and sanitation and irrigation requirement. At present, when there is conflict as to the priority of use of water resource, it’s the electric generation that is sacrificed first

    8.  The Army division in the area should conduct war exercise that military personnel shall plant seeds of giant ipil-ipil and mahogany in dam’s watershed (La Mesa) to prevent undue siltation. The military shall bivouac in the area and produce a large bonfire by burning
    all the illegal houses of the MWSS officials in the area.

     9.  The DNR may hire unemployed individuals to plant cassava in hills and in the mountains where the Bureau of Deforestation, instead of selling out to the illegal loggers will do rehabilitation of the denuded mountains.

    9.  School classes should start at 9:00AM (prep,grade, high and college), so that mothers are not forced to wake up too early and use electric power to prepare breakfast. Also, kids will be happier and would be mentally and physically alert in the classrooms.

    • WarOfSelf

      Very well said.

      Most especially the 9AM start of lessons. I just realised how ridiculous it was especially with how students have to be in the school by 7:30/8am in the morning and not leaving till 4:30.

      • jurbinsky77

        Thanks a lot.

        I am happy that you have read from top to bottom. I appreciate it.

      • jurbinsky77

        Thank you.

    • pangitbudhiko

      Item no 1, wrong, gov’t should not build more gas fired turbine.
      Item No 2. gov’t should just make do with the wind turbine
      Item No.3 you maybe right  on this item
      Item No., 4 you may be right on this one ??????
      Item No. 5 wrong, what you need on this provinces are wind turbine AND NOT ELECTRIC GENERATORS
      item No, 7 Wrong again water supply ins inadequate
      Item No. 8 that has to be a longtime programe of the DENR, not just now
      Item No. 9 wrong again you teach, your kids to be ewarluy in school. Has your mother told you about the EARLY BIRD CATCHES THE WORM 


    • pangitbudhiko

      is that the best you can suggest. Its an old rehashed.

      1. Gov”t should just abandoned the old gas turbine Plant

      2. the G8  countries are trying not to use their natural gas reserve, now why on earth are you suggesting that we used our natural gas
      The US of A and Canada are seating on a very large natural gas reserved but have you seen them wasting their natural gas reserved to MAKE ELECTRICITY


      4. dEPLOYING DUAL PURPOSE WIND turbines would be very costly.
      Wind turbines in Europe and North America, where built for one purpose only to make electricty

    • jurbinsky77

      In fact, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates that between 2009-2015, 96.65 gigawatts (GW) of new electricity capacity will be added in the U.S. Of this, over 20 percent, or 21.2 GW, will be natural gas additions. The graph below shows how, according to the EIA, natural gas-fired electricity generation is expected to account for 80 percent of all added electricity generation capacity by 2035.

  • kirby

    The government should focus on renewable energy such as hydro-power, geothermal, wind, solar or tidal power.
    I think tidal power will be the best option because of the vastness of the Philippine shoreline.

  • Garote

    No wonder jurbinsky77 favors P-noy. They think the same. They have the same IQ like that of P-Noy’s nephew.

  • kilabot

    power crisis happens during the watch of the aquino’s, first cory and now noynoy capone. there are many good suggestions in this forum and from mindanao residents. but the abnoying mind of pnoy “the patient” is already made up. his solution: let the kkk’s buy the plants and supply power at higher cost or else you can get romantic and use candles. just like that.

    as his boss, why don’t we give the patient some choices of his own:

    1) for once get out of noynoying and consider the better suggestions from non-yellow fanatics;

    2) face the threat of coup’s just like cory;

    3) resign immediately and be burden-free so he can freely indulge in his passions;

    4) annihilation of prostitute candidates in 2013 elections;

    5) with congress and senate rid of prostitution, face impeachment for noynoying;

    6) being ship back to psychiatric hospital where he experiences his idea of romance.

    • Mamang Pulis

      annihilation of prostitute candidates in 2013 elections”

      bossing….lahat ata yun prosti….interest nila proteksyunan hindi ang bayan

  • Yanong_OFW

    Mr.President..hindi yata solosyun yun dapat kung may utak ka ang dapat gawin ng gobyerno ay solosyun na mawala ang burden sa mga taga mindanao hindi na dinagdagan mo lang ang problema..sayang lang boto ng mga tao syo kun hindi mo kaya mag resign ka..ang ginawa mo pinoprotektahan mo lang ang mga kamag-anak mo no kasosyo sa negosyo ng elektrisidad..Sana mabasa mo tong lahat na naka post dito or sa mga alipores mo na wala ring silbi..

  • pangitbudhiko

    right now Iam seating in front of my computer. and I can easily solved the electricty problem of Mindanao and at the same time help the planet



  • pangitbudhiko

    mindanao  has at least 12 active volcano

    if water is scarse as abnoy has said. then we can tap electricity. by using wind turbines and geothermal energy.
    Abnoy please when you open your fcuking mouth try to think of a solution. and not adding more problems
    Unfortunately your presence in any gatherings your are the problem itself.

  • pangitbudhiko

    if the gov’t of abnoy is encouraging the building of gas turbines.  instead of using wind  turbine and geothermal plant The philippine government will notg et any help From any countries.



  • jurbinsky77

    Some of the posters here should try to improve their comprehension skills. Behind the anonimity of the Internet they call other people names, pepper their empty arguments with cursings and personal insults.

    • pangitbudhiko


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