Binay stands by UNA slate for 2013 midterm polls


Vice President Jejomar Binay. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

SCIENCE CITY OF MUÑOZ—Vice President Jejomar Binay is taking a “wait-and-see” attitude on a possible coalition between the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), which he leads, and the ruling Liberal Party of President Benigno Aquino III.

Asked about the President’s recent pronouncement that a political alliance may be possible, Binay said: “Tingnan natin (Let’s see).” But Binay said he would not give up UNA’s current lineup for the 2013 midterm elections.

“That scenario would be difficult to enforce. It may come to a point that they offer a candidate we won’t like or we have a candidate they won’t like,” he said.

Binay was the guest at the “Ugnayan at Talakayan” program of dairy farmers at the Philippine Carabao Center (PCC) here on Thursday.

Joey de Venecia

He was accompanied by businessman Jose “Joey” de Venecia III and Zambales Representative Ma. Milagros Magsaysay, who are among those on the list of UNA’s possible senatorial candidates.

Magsaysay and De Venecia were introduced as future senators to the 700 dairy farmers who gathered at the PCC hall.

De Venecia, who blew the whistle on alleged anomalies in the government’s National Broadband Network deal with Chinese firm ZTE during the Arroyo administration, ran and lost in the 2010 senatorial elections. Magsaysay is a staunch ally of Arroyo.

‘Music to my ears’

Binay was introduced by the program’s host as the future president of the Philippines.

“That’s already becoming music to my ears… Hayaan ninyo at darating din tayo diyan (We will soon reach that goal),” he said.

Not conventional opposition

Talking to reporters on the sidelines of the forum, Binay again stressed that UNA was not the conventional opposition party.

“The real opposition party is not being negative but constructive—always correcting their mistakes and giving advice on what must be done. In other countries, it is even called,  ‘Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition,’” Binay said.

Binay was in Nueva Ecija for a two-day visit. On Wednesday, he met with military officers and soldiers at Fort Magsaysay in Palayan City.

Binay’s group also held separate consultations with Gov. Aurelio Umali and former Governor Tomas Joson III, who leads the Bagong Lakas ng Nueva Ecija (Balane).

De Venecia, a member of UNA’s executive committee, said the group had yet to finalize its ticket. “We will finally know who will make up our senatorial slate in May,” he said.

Asked about her political plans, Magsaysay said “I think my presence here will already speak for itself.”

“I hope LP members will respect the Vice President’s decisions,” Magsaysay said.

In Manila, Undersecretary Abigail Valte, President Aquino’s deputy presidential spokesperson,  said the Palace would rather that the LP talk about its plans for the 2013 elections.

“Let us leave it to the Liberal Party to reveal its candidates for 2013,” Valte said in a text message to reporters. “Meanwhile, the government will  focus on its antipoverty and anticorruption programs.”

Opposition Senate

Valte was asked about the prospect of a Senate dominated by a coalition other than the one led by the ruling party.

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, a staunch ally of Mr. Aquino, has warned of an opposition Senate after the 2013 elections because of the early preparations made by Binay.

Binay recently announced the formation of UNA by his party, PDP-Laban, and former President Joseph Estrada’s Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino. With a report from Norman Bordadora

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  • epros

    Ang aga naman ni Binay na mangampanya tsk tsk esep esep  mga trapos na naman!!!!

  • Political Jaywalker

    The cheated and the cheat, now that’s an alliance to watch complete with motormouth Mitos Magsaysay yapping nonsense. Binay already laid the foundation or should we say the kind of characters that defines the composition for the alliance…… a habitual failed coup plotter long time fugitive, Money errr political butterfly Loren, and an array of recycled trapos but still trapo and he dangles a dalliance errr alliance with the LPs which is definitely not happening? LOL

  • EdgarEdgar

    Binay has played his cards well. Keep it close to the chest all the time. You never know when this president will stab you in the back. Or take you from behind. After all, he tried to get you out of the way and get Mar in. Stand your ground and you will stand tall among your ardent supporters.

    • tiopaero

      EdgarEdgar  good point !!! 

    • Flavio

       s upot s upot – silenco ! sssh ….

      • EdgarEdgar

        i wish i preserved my foreskin to disprove you. but my local abolaryo insisted on collecting them all while still fresh. care from some friend onion rings?

  • tadasolo

    Only in the Philippines, can a former ardent supporter and political enemy of a disgrace president can come together in the same “party” just like a disfunctional marriage party. No wonder there is a tremendous disconnect between the leaders and its people. The more they seem to change in the Philippines the more they remain the same. Here we are leaking our anger again on what essentially is a process where people are annointed on their perceive popularity. I remenber Mr Manlapus tried to form his own progressive party 45 years ago and failed miserably against the Nationalista and Liberal Party. With enough popularity anybody can form their own party in the Philippines. In meantime the pressing issues confroting the country are becoming secondary issues to the entertainment and drama provided by the musical chairs in the Political process of which a big majority of Filipinos vote on the basis of their perceive “feeling” on the candidates rather than their platform to solve the problems in the Philippines. This is what was happening almost a half a century ago and still on going. The fact of the matter is the powerful media organizations know it and based on the opinions pages believe it does not work but seems to be powerless in changing the dynamics to such a critical mass that a good number of Filipinos will pay attention. I find it hard to believe that the same Politicians are not frustrated and deeply disappointed on keeping and protecting a system that for the last 50 years is not working. What a waste of mental energy and a way of life. Do we ever think our current system of governance including our institution, leaders and agencies can achieved a critical mass to change the debate and narrative to deeply impact the structural change we need. Will there be enough political will not only on local and regional but national level to effectively provide a voice and activitism to our people to change our system and force our leadership to respond. What prevents us of making this happened in providing the hopes and dreams to our people, which are necessary ingredients for nation building, good citizenship for the average Filipino and make them really care for the society deep in their soul. When can we change the narrative into a critical mass and make an activist for all of us and prevent our leadership for taking us for granted after the last elections and make them accountable in solving the issues and their confronting their mandate?

    • tiopaero

      tadasolo  Sayang ang space sa comment mo walang katuturan at nakakatamad basahin.

    • Kaloy

       Sorry. What are you saying? I don’t think any one would waste time to read your comment. Senseless and out of order.

  • tiopaero

    You are on the right track  Mr. VP  !!!  Keep it up !!!! kung pwede mo nga lang palitan na ang inutil ng Malacanang ngayon na bakit hindi  ?

    You are playing your game plan so well !!! capture the Senate on 2013 then the presidency by 2016.

    Huwag kang magpagamit kay Noynoy sa alliance na yan. Wala ng botante yang abnormal na yan isasakay lang ang mga bata niya na talunan sa ticket ng UNA. Baka mahawa ka pa sa katamaran nyang tao na yan kaya mas mabuti dumistansiya ka na sa kanya.

    Ang klaro dyan ang LP ay bagsak na samantalang ang UNA mabango sa tao at pabulusok pataas.

    • Flavio

       tiopaeng – ikaw ang inutil. supot pa !

    • Erlinda Brave

      tiopaero puso  mo.alam kung galit ka lay pnoy nawalan ka ng dilehensiya at mga amo mong corrupt nalalagas na..nandito pa rin kaming milyon milyong botante ni pnoy at di nmin siya ipagpapalit sa mga corrupt na kagaya ninyuo ha ha ha …akala mo siguro porke nagcomment ka dito marami kayo ha hoyyyy nanahimik lang kami bugok…

    • scorpio15

      Tiopaero magmumug ka kaya muna at magsepelyo puro mabaho ang lumalabas sa bibig mo at napaka-aga mong gumising at yon pala ay magmumura ka lang.
      Sa ayaw mo’t sa gusto 6 na ta-on ang termino ng Presidente. Baka bago matapos ang termino ay atakehin ka sa puso sa kunsomisyon di dedo ka tiopaero.

  • pugadlawin21

    Bakit di na lang mag coalition ang Liberal Party at Ladlad Party, bagay si Penoy na pinuno ng coalition.

    • Lito G


  • joeldcndcn

    mr binay will take every crooks into his “team”, he has the convicted plunderer Erap with him, tsk, tsk, tsk! with those multi million graft & corruptions charges mr binay had while mayor of makati, he is not a clean politician, and the filipinos know that but if they choose to have a “dirty person” then, that is filipino attitude & character . HO, HO, HO! in fact he is using his position now to advance his electioneering, that;s very obvious of “shrewd” person, HE, HE, HE!

  • Flavio

    binay , hinay hinay lang. baka kapusin ka sa labanan . gustong gustong maging presidente nitong nognog na ito. mukha wala namang gagawin kundi mangurakot  pagnakaupo na. hayssss

  • KapitanBagwis

    Let the election campaign begins…very obvious ang ginagawa ni agta…hindi nahihiya. 

  • 4kingdaddy

    no matter who wins, our country will always be the same…marcos and his cohorts did a lot of damage to our country…but it is also a fact that a lot of good things happened on his tenure…after marcos’ era, the bad became worse, if not worst….those involved in enriching themselves during the marcos regime are visibly out there flaunting their exclusivity….is juan dela cruz ready to do an edsa 1 against these people?…not on your life!!…all we do is complained (including me) and wait for someone to start (but then again, if we don’t like that leader, we just sit tight)….so how can we really change our lives?….i have no clue but i am willing to follow a good and workable solutions….i really don’t think penoy would be able to solve even a few of these problems…not when he cuddle the ones he like and despise those he doesn’t… could binay be the one to unite us and lead this country to prosperity?…is he the anointed one?….or will it continue to be the same brouhaha all over again…..Lord, please enlighten the minds of the voters not to sell their votes for a few pesos but rather to elect the person they know would release us from the burdens of poverty….amen….

  • Ruben

    Awkward scene.  The whistle blower Joey de Venecia together with GMA’s most loyal dog, Rep. Magsaysay.

    • quphal

       yan talaga ang nagagawa ng pulitika…allies become enemies and enemies are still enemies EXCEPT sa panahon ng kampanya. plastikan lang naman yan.

  • simondj

    malayo pa po ang election,, hinay, hinay lang po vp BINAY baka kapusin po kayo. at saka si MITOS ba kamo? naku baka sa Zambales hindi pa manalo iyan. kasi iyong father in law niyan VIC MAGSAYSAY kulilat sa senatorial election at hindi na rin makabalik sa position na gobernador ng Zambales.

  • Jao Romero

    i think this is political suicide on Binay’s part. the immense goodwill and popularity he has gained will be eroded by the kind of ppl he is associating himself with.

    has he not learned from all politicians who allowed themselves to be linked to Arroyo? everyone lost spectacularly.

  • wehd1nga

    “Lord have mercy” iligtas mo po kami sa kamay ng mga GANID  na politiko na walang inintindi kundi ang kani-kanilang sariling BULSA.

  • Filipinoflash

    Let us give this Binay and his group a lesson. Nanalo lang siya ng 700,000 votes, naging mayabang na. Let us vote straight LP in 2013. 

    • Bong

      you are misreading the signs of the times

      Bnay popularity is going up.

      Noynoying popularity is going down – together with the national economy

  • Filipinoflash

    Binay and his trapo alliance consist of coup plotter, political butterfly and people from Marcos, Estrada and Arroyo. 

    Koko with Migz, c’mon.

    Maceda with Mitos, c’mon.


    • Bong

      If you are looking for coup plotter, the most recent one is the strongest supporter of Noynoy – Sen. Trillanes.

      There are rebels with a cause and rebels that are lunatic. To plant bombs in a building populated by civilians and to threaten to kill everyone, including women and children indiscriminately, is lunacy – that is your coup plotter Sen. Trillanes, whom Noynoying pardoned.

      Trillanes was forgiven, even if he did not ask for forgiveness or issue an apology – another lunacy

      IF you are looking for political butterflies, you have the heaviest one – SEN. B*BOY DRILLON AND SENATOR NOTED PANGILINAN

      • tabalu

        isama mo narin ang mga mamamatay taong militante na sumusuporta sa npa, marami na yan sa malakanyang.

    • jeray

      sinua kaya? kung c miriam walang kurakot

  • Mark

    Let us give this Binay and his group a lesson. Nanalo lang siya ng 700,000 votes, naging mayabang na. Let us vote straight LP in 2013. —Filipinoflash

    Asa pa kayo.

    Matagal nang patay ang nanay ni NoyNoy.

    Unless i replay ninyo uli ang burol si Cory sa ABS-CBN, siguro, magandang political gimmick uli ito.

    Sino ang rallying point ng LP?

    Ang abnormal at sinto-sintong si NoyNoy?

    • scorpio15

      Mark ke aga aga ay umusok na ng amoy ang bibig mo.
      Kahit anong gawin mo at ano mang bastos na salita ang ipukol mo sa Presidente wala ka ring magawa. Hanggang blog ka nalang.

      • jeray

        220 ang sinabi mark wag kang t gnga

      • fojar

         Baka ma heart attack na nga sya sa sobrang galit nya sa presidente hehe. dapat magpa check up muna sya bago mag comment dito.

    • rsanr

      Hindi pinapatulan ang mga walang kalamanlaman na komento ni Mark, parang galing sa utak na walng laman! wa na ako say !!!! kawawang mark!

      • Mark

        Nagsasabi lang po ng totoo.

        Sinabi ninyo na mayabang na si Binay dahil sa 700,000 votes na lamang niya ni Roxas.

        Well, sasabihin ko rin na nanalo lang si NoyNoy dahil namatay ang nanay niya, at ginatasan niya ito ng husto.

        Magpakatotoo kayo.

    • fojar

      How much do you receive from lambasting the president? do you do that for a living?

  • cliff_castillo

    In order to sustain the anti-corruption campaign of PNoy, let us boycott the unprincipled and ambitious trapos personified by Binay, Erap, Enrile, Magsaysay, etc.  Binay is an opportunist who used Cory to mislead voters to vote for NoyBi during the last election.

    • Mark

      At hindi ginamit ni NoyNoy ang kamatayan ni Cory para sa eleksiyon?

    • Mark

      Sino ang tunay na oppurtunist?

      Di ba ang anak na ginamit ang kamatayan ng kanyang nanay para manalo sa eleksiyon?

  • JK1000

    UNA means UNA sa pagnanakaw sa Bayan.

  • wehd1nga

    “NONE OF THE ABOVE”,,, kung ano kulay ng balat siya rin kulay ng pagkatao, maitim pati buto!!! pramis ko sa iyo Binay lalabas lahat ng korapsiyon at kawalanghiyaan at lahat ng ninakaw mo, asawa, anak pati na kabit mo sa makati. 

  • francoalminolibre

    una party vs last party. and the winner is very obvious.

  • Mark

    To:  rsanr

    Nagsasabi lang ako ng totoo.

    Sinabi ninyo na mayabang na si Binay dahil sa 700,000 votes na lamang niya ni Roxas.

    Well, sasabihin ko rin na nanalo lang si NoyNoy dahil namatay ang nanay niya, at
    ginatasan niya ito ng husto.

    Magpakatotoo kayo.

  • quirinomayer

    There is something positive about the early politicking of  the “future president.” We who cannot stomach him also have the chance to consolidate our forces against that tragedy of a Binay presidency. My family of four will not vote for him and we will see to it that our friends and relatives will not make fools of themselves by voting for this ultimate trapo. 

    • Mark

      Good luck.

      And while you are campaigning against Binay, also try to convince people why the LP, under the stewardship of a clueless, lazy, moron is the best for the country.

      • NoronJamel

         Bilib na ako sa bilib mo kay Nognog user! Dapat alamin mo rin ano si Binay bago siya pinulot ni Cory sa kangkungan at kung sino na sia/sila ngayon. Ginawa lang siyang OIC-Mayor ng Makati after EDSA pero up to now kapit-tuko at naka-glue na silang pamilya sa City Hall ng Makati. At sino ang double blade, di ba yang amo mong Nognog? Hanggang ngayon gamit pa rin niya si Cory na matagal nang patay, tpos ayaw sumuporta sa mga anti-corruption campaigns kasi sapol talaga silang pamilya. Dapat basahin mo ung mga pinalabas noon sa Newsweek at nang mamulat at magising ka!

      • beatmanny

        sige magbatuhan kayo ng putik hahaha! aquino- binay wala ako bilib sa dalawang yan. pero at yang si binay masipag! hahaha

      • kentohtan

        ikaw ang clueless at sira-ulo..ang taas ng performance at trust rating ng pangulo,sasabihin mong clueless.

        suntukan na lang tayo at nang makalog iyang kinakalawang na kukote mo ng utang nang ina mo.

      • turkak

        Mark  hahahahah resulta ng sws at pulse asia surveys ang pinanlaban sa argumento mo ni kentohtan. hahahahahahahahaaha napak-ignoramus na taong ito para malaman na kamag-anak ng baliw sa Malacanang ang nagpapatakbo ng SWS at Pulse asia. hahahahahahah Mangmang ka !!!!!!

  • bangayansila


    ’Tingnan natin’,‘It may come to a
    point they offer a candidate we won’t like…’. This is what a ‘longtime friend’ of
    the Aquino family publicly  announced in
    response to P-Noy’s ‘we understand each other; we’re open to coalitions; we’ve
    been through a lot’; and Roxas should speak for the LP’. Without PNoy and
    perhaps Balsy and Eldon(Binay claimed dinner until 11 PM) realizing it, the
    Cory connection appears  being exploited
    to the hilt, and may have lulled PNoy to complacency. It happened during Cory’s
    time , it is happening again but with sustained ferocity.UNA has the advantage
    of many voices speaking; VP Binay;Pres Erap;Koko;Jinggoy;Enrile; each making a
    statement, to outwardly show independence but in reality point to the same
    apple; Binay invites Mitos and Migz; ERAP welcomes GMA alliance; Koko objects; Jinggoy
    slams door on GMA party;Binay stands by Mitos. But Gloria Arroyo party consists
    of warm bodies. Enough with memories of Cory to sustain political ambitions,
    there’s a limit. Rizal, Bonifacio, Magellan, Lapu Lapu long gone and we do not
    reminisce! And PNoy was tender at 11 when martial law was declared and Jojo prime
    at age 29! How could they have been ‘through a lot’? Millions forgot death when
    confronted with armored tanks, millions can also rightly claim ‘we’ve been
    through a lot with the AQUINO family’. The realities have changed, governance
    is not based on  P-Noy and Jojo ‘going
    through a lot together’.  Enough with memories
    to both P-Noy and Jojo, the latter clearly looks after PDP-Laban so well
    elections or no elections. Authoritarian Myanmar and Cambodia have surpassed
    our only country.

  • Ulipur

    You do not have a slate yet, VP Binay.

    You still have an empty slate.

    All you have is a list of WANNABES,  which includes names such as Maceda and Tatad and other Undesirables (at least from this voter’s point of view).

    Hope you will come out with a slate that will give hope to the Filipinos.

  • blunderact

    Binay is the next GMA. Father of all corrupt officials.

  • blunderact

    Binay does not support anti corruption because he is the father of all corrupt officers. Look at his line up for senator. THE ULTIMATE TRAPOS!!!!

  • hukom2

    Wala ba tayong pwedeng itulak para maging presidente? Tapusin na ang mga panahon ng mga trapo! Pumili na tayo ng tutuong kinatawan ng mga Filipino bago pa kumalat ang kamandag ni BINAY!!!

  • nakawan

    Never trust a man who actually WANTS to be president of the Philippines

  • Regd

    I see nobody fit to run the country after PNoy. Why not ask Dolphy to run? After all, ayaw nya tumakbo noon dahil baka manalo raw siya. Ewan ko lang ngayon, ganun din siguro? So there, none.

    • Night

      u l o l even Pnoy is not fit to run the country now…. tanga!

    • Mark

      Even PNoy is not fit to run the country.

      Infact, he is the least fit to run the country.

      May mas silbi pa ang mga metro aid kesa tamad at bob0 na gag0ng ito.

      May pa- “I see nobody fit to fun the country after PNoy”  ka pa diyan


    • blunderact

      Look at those that do not support Noynoy, they lack the civilized manners. They talk like a duck, walk like a duck. Threfore, they are all ducks… What they say reflects their character.

      • Regd

        Yeah, life is hard. Its even harder when you are stupid. Those below us does not need to be acknowledge, it shows they have a miserable life growing up, they should bent their anger at people who raised them. Pity.

      • billygunn23

         so you have the gall to talk about ducks…do you know that when CJ is acquitted (which is becoming very apparent as days pass by), el presidente will also become a duck? A LAME DUCK! lol

      • turkak

         billygunn23 tama ka pero matagal ng lame duck ang pangulo hostage taking pa lang sa Luneta super lame duck na siya.

    • billygunn23

       anybody who has a sane mind and is a pure filipino is fit to run the country. penoy is neither.

      • turkak

         billygunn23  tama ka diyan

  • blunderact

    Binay’s head is full of planning on how to be President. That is his dream. Not a dream to upgrade the welfare of the people. The election is still morethan a year from now, yet, lookand listen to him. My family will not vote for him.

    • Mark

      Ibigay mo na lang ang boto ng pamilya mo sa LP, headed by their “Sira-Ulo Emeritus”, NoyNoy  Aquino.

      They need it more.

      • blunderact

        You talk like a duck, walk like a duck.

      • rocky92

         Parang ikaw yata ang sira ulo?

      • turkak

        Mark  tama ka Mark sira ulo nga si Noynoy pinatunayan yan ng Emir of Qatar kaya ayun umalis agad sa loob ng 4 na oras imbes na 2 days siya dito.

  • San Miguel

    Nerbyoso tong mga yellow brigade. Yan ang napapala ng kanilang idolong palaaway.  Like the North korean missile, their ido’ls popularity will disintegrate in the middle of the air…. Kaya takot na takot na sila kay Binay… Kung di sila takot, bakit sila nag-iingay? Anong paki nila kung bubuo ng partido si Binay? Mga nerbyoso..

    • rocky92

      Ha? Ikaw naman, parang ngayon ka lang isinilang, matagal nang trapo si Binay diba?

  • Edandlye Pogi

    Magsaysay will become the reason why the VP will not become president. He should be more circumspect in choosing his allies. Anyway, it is good that this early he is already showing his true colors. I am afraid that a person like him will become president. We will be having another Arroyo in him.

    • blunderact

      Tama ka diyan

    • rocky92

       you are absolutely right!

  • Mark

    Bab0y ka, NoyNoy Aquino!

    At bakit kayo boboto sa LP, a party led by a pig?

    • blunderact

      ganito ang mga tagaboto kay Binay. Basahin ninyo ang pananalita. Ganyan din si binay

      • Mark

        Nagsasabi lang naman ako ng totoo.

        Ikaw naman diyan.

        Parang hindi mo pa tanggap hanggang ngayon na BAB0Y nga ang idol mong si NoyNoy Aquino.

        Magpakatotoo ka.

        Repeat after me:  BAB0Y SI NOYNOY AQUINO.

      • rocky92

        parang ikaw yata mas baboy sa pananalita mo.

      • pugadlawin21

        Correction Mark, BABOY na BAKLA.

      • Francis81


      • turkak


      • billygunn23

        parang maiinsulto diyan ang baboy pare. AQUINO MASAHOL PA SA BABOY! lol

    • Al

      Bitter ka ata boy masyado sa buhay mo!..hahaha..

      Give some sense and meat to your issues para may maniwala naman syo..

      Advise ur boss, aga pa para mangampanya..trabaho muna para asenso Pinas.. :)

    • Pitbulldog

      He he, manggagalaiti sa yo nyan si Kamu(t) Kamu(t) at SMH (Samahan ng Mga Hantik ni Simeon). 

  • 19KaraniwangTao72

    Wala naman masama at mas magiging maganda ang pagkakabuo ng UNA party, mas marami mapagpipilian. Di naman maganda na puro taga-LP lang ang kakandidato.

    Under UNA party, VP Binay & former Pres. Estrada ang magpapanalo sa kandidato, kung saan na ang “popularity” at “loyalty” ang nagiging basehan ng mga bumoboto. Sana lang po, wag nating kalimutan na ang tamang basehan ay ang kakayahan ng indibidwal na kandidato na mamuno ng tapat sa taong bayan.

    Kung ako lang po ang masusunod, dapat magbawas tyo ng Senador, lalo na Congressman/woman kasi sa dami di mo talaga alam kung may nagagawa pa ba o talagang wala. Ganun din ang suma-total …. at siguradong makakatipid pa ng milyong-milyong piso ang pamahalaan (less PDAF/Pork Barrel).

    • marlaw

      Tama ka maraming mapapagpilian. Nandoon si Maceda na dating Exec. Secretary ni Marcos at nag DENR Secretary na nasangkot sa anomalya. Nag-senador din siya pero dahil trapo walang nangyari. Kasama din si Mitos Magsaysay ang dakilang alalay ni Gloria at tikom ang bibig sa mga anomalyang kinasangkutan noong panahon ni Gloria. Si Zubiri na nanalong senador pagkatapos mabiktima ng dagdag bawas si Pimentel. Di raw niya alam ang nangyaring dayaan samantalang alam ng buong sambayanan. kung hindi pa nakaramdam na talo siya sa electoral tribunal di pa ibibigay ang pwesto ka Pimentel. Kasama rin si Loren na lately alam naman natin ang kanyang record ng paglipat lipat ng grupong sasamahan maisulong lang ang kanyang sariling ambisyon. Nawala ang prinsipyo niya. Si JV Ejercito kasama din at wala namang ginawa kundi ipagtanggol ang ama tuwing mauungkat ang katiwalian noong ito pa ang nakaupo. Nasa senado na nga ang kapatid na si Jinggoy na walang ginagawa magdadagdag pa ng isang wala ring gagawin kundi ang isulong ang interes ng kanilang pamilya. Hindi naman pampamilya ang senado dahil para sa bayan ito. Tapos makikipag alyansa din ang UNA sa NP kung saan nandoon si Bongbong at Imelda anak at asawa ng diktador na nagpahirap sa Pilipinas. Ito ang mga pagpipilian ng taumbayan. Kidlatan sana at wag mangyari kawawa ang PInas.

  • jojo_t

    Binay = UNA…………    UNANO……..

  • whyinthisworld

    Pilipinos got a lot of problems yet Binay  is here in speed of sound shouting about his desire as next president of this republic. The election is on 2016 barely 4 more years and all what he will do from now till 2016 is to campaign and hold possible strong contacts nationwide. Why mr. binay is very anxious to be a president. Reason is very obvious but can we trust him. My kababayan, pls. read more about him while he was Makati mayor and you will find whether he is worth to be the future no. 1 of this country.

  • ofw2011

    I don’t think Binay will not be good for the country as president.  He became superrich while sitting as mayor of Makati.  How much more when he will become president?

    • sorbetero

      Check your double negative line…i.e.,”don’t think”….and….”will not be good.” if what you actually meant is that …..”Binay will not be good for the country as president” .

    • Regd

      Edit or remove the first “not” then you’re whole statements will be valid.

    • turkak


  • Ernesto Castro

    lahat ng ginagawa in binay ngayun ay laying the groundwork para sa presidential ambition nya.  ano ba nagawa nya sa makati?  

    • Pedro_Gil


  • 14nono29

    portent of things to come…ito namang taga- carabao center nagpapapapel. future president ba pakilala? tapos kasama si joey de venecia at mitos magsaysay? that scenario speaks a lot about what this alliance is all about… getting richer for everybody else na nas apoder…

  • sorbetero

    The reality of the situation now is….in the forthcoming election and the presidential contest in 2016, the contest will inevitably be one between… GOOD & EVIL. Just read the commentaries, opinions,& blogs in this daily publication for guidance.

    • Pedro_Gil


    • Malik62

       The 2013 elections will be useless like the 2010 elections, unless COMELEC will be reformed and do away with SMARTMAGIC PCOS machines.

  • Pedro_Gil

    Ang kailangan ng Pilipinas na susunod na presidente ay dapat mahirapo middle income.
    Hindi na uubra ang mga trapo.
    Base sa ating mga eksperyensa, ang mga mandarambong ay ang mga mayayamang trapo.
    Matuto na tayong lahat at wag na tayong magpalinlang sa mga trapo!
    Isulong ang ating mga karapatang pagboto ng tapat na presidente, mga representante, mga senador atbp sa lipunan!!!

  • Ulipur

    People from Mindanao should push for the inclusion of candidates coming from that part of the country.

    You should push for at least eight candidates to whichever party so that your area is represented. Ngayon 2 senators lang kayo meron.

    Dapat meron kayong at least 7 or 8.

    Otherwise, lagi kayong dehado sa representation.

  • Malik62

    Vice President Binay’s PDP Laban and ex-president Joseph Estrada’s Partido ng Masang Pilipino have signed a coalition agreement for the 2013 elections. Not to be outdone, the Liberal Party will soon form a coalition with Pulse Asia and the Social Weather Stations.  The PH.

  • billygunn23

    binay would have made a better president than this inutile aquino…

    • turkak

      billygunn23  tama ka dyan. Sana maparis din itong inutile na ito sa missile ng north Korea sumabog at nagkapira-piraso.

  • unokritiko

    this opinion is not  to initiate intrigue to all binay ” budhi negro afficionado” or the yellow zombies of nothing doing panot. because all of this citizens comes from  society  of filipino indiots origin.
    As binay ad commercial which lingers in my mind is “Sa makati lahat libre kaya sama na kayo sa binay country” Pwe!Pwe! they can make it in makati because it is the central commercial district were finance flourish but 30 to 35 percent of govt earnings went to his pocket!!! he he he!!
    And he came as magbababoy and catapult to become a mayor!!! ha ha ha!!
    now becoming  pres of PI sure this society of filipino indiots will be cared like pigs not as human beings. Reason: PI is bankrupt financially ( at present wants to flourish in this aspect but govt is doing nothing as of this moment) so were will he get this thing in monetary terms??? from makati? it can not sustain the whole PI for this matter!!! Think ! think! you filipino indiots!!! So in short gagawin kayong baboy nitong UNA partido daw!!!Ha ha ha ha!!!

  • unokritiko

    UNA partido daw!!! A shenanegan politacl party which will not benefit the citizen of this country!!!
    Just look the initial group form were i cannot really swallow in to my brain!!! Pwe!
    Think twice you filipino indiots if you want to be in this group of evil minded persons!!
    A very bad omen to philippine politics!!! The north korean UNA rocket they launch failed and disintegrate after liftoff!! what a coincidence in their choice of word!!!
    ha ha ha !!!

  • matt_hew

    2012 pa Lang po, mag trabaho Kayo ang aga pamumulitika naman yan.
    And pwede ho ba ibang mukha naman wag na latak at mabaho. Kayo Kayo nagaaway
    Tapos pag eleksyon Kayo Kayo magkakampi. Ano ba yan kalolokohan na yan.
    Susme karimarimarim talaga pulitika. Trapong trapo!

  • Al

    No to UNA! UNA-NO! :)

    • sorbetero

      Very catchy !

  • JosephNess

    still remain a provocative coalition, though it sworn support to the ruling administration…the intention and motive of these people riding in the popularity of binay is there…to win and stand opposing later…none other…though still to be seen once they really won… 

  • Enrico

    “The real opposition party is not being negative but constructive—always correcting their mistakes and giving advice on what must be done. In other countries, it is even called,  ‘Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition,’” Binay said. 

    The best answer I ever heard from a politician so far. If this is the mentality of every politician, there is an assurance of continuous growth for our country. Binay is an example of a true leader. I will vote for you if you run for President.

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    Walang pinagka-iba ang UNA sa LP…punong-puno ng trapong politiko!!! nawa’y matuto na ang ating mga kababayan kung paano bumoto ng tama at huwag padala sa mga matatamis na pangako ng mga politiko…Madaming pamilya ng politiko ang nagsamantala at nangulingbat sa bayan.tulad ng mga aquino-cojuangco,marcos,estrada,arroyo,binay,lacson,enrile,de venecia,at marami pang iba!!!

  • Bjdc

    That’s why I will not vote for una in 2013 nor binay in 2016. They are all just thinking of their own personal interests and not the people’s best interest. I just hope the Filipino people would wake up or get enlightened so that they can choose those whose only aim is to uplift their current situation.

    • billygunn23

       i understand because you only want to vote for those politicians with double standard approach to corruption: kung kalaban, corrupt; kung KKK, kukurap (mata).

  • shadow_catcher

    tang inang binay na to talagang inuuna pa ang kanyang agenda

  • opet mabunga

    Mr Binay malapit ng magkagulo sa Spratly pd wag n muna pulitika.. pd ba?

  • rodger66

    if all of the UNA senatorial line-up wins the 2013 election, I bet PNOY will be spending more on military upgrade just to defend him from political eviction!!!
    …earlier, Binay was ask if he sided the Arroyos or Aquino?…thats a good sign of panic!!!

  • Pitbulldog

    Go Binay, ilampso nyo yang line-up ni Pnoy para mapahiya at matutong magtrabaho ang damulag na yan.  It is similar to giving us the chance to kick his behind fo the disappointmens and disgust over these two useless years of hanging around in Malacanang as if it is just a picnic ground. 

  • Atagalong

    VP Binay’s senatorial lineup looks like a conglomeration of different party-afilliated politicians. It looks nice, but……..Let’s begin with de Venecia. Was he the same person who squelled because he was not given a piece of the pie of the ABCD-ZTE affair? He was said to be told by the GMA’s husband to “back off!” The mention of a Zubiri reminds people of Maguindanao.  Milagros Magsaysay shows a trait of the former President, Ramon Magsaysay. Other than her, the rest are same old, same old politicians, oligarchs and part of the political dynasties of the North, concentrated in Metro Manila.
    Why are the people of the Visayas and Mindanao so quiet about the representation in the government of the Philippines? Just think about the pork each senator gets. The 200l election gave the country 19 senators from Luzon; P200 million x 19 means a lot of moolah! The perpetual stranglehold of the political life of the Philippines by the North will remain unless senators are elected by each of the three geographical regions: Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao. Why can’t people down there in the South form an UNA ala VP Binay’s?

  • Night


    “BINAY IS THE DEVIL… ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


  • sopingac

    Traditional politics and oligarchy are inter-twind in this country. I see no reason to be optimistic about how the Philippines will be run.

    Voting would be waste of time in 2016. 

  • INQ_reader

    I foresee another impeachment case after 2016.

  • AprilFool

    VP Jojo Binay is a shrewd politician who is more than willing to make a pact with the devil to get what he wants. Binay is the perfect example of what a TRAPO is. UNA is a coalition of the TRAPOS in Philippine politics. Let the voters be forewarned of these politicians. We, Filipinos deserve a better life. We have suffered enough because of them. Sana matapos na ito. 

  • Gaga

    simple lang yan mga pare at mare, they’re just a bunch of “same old, same old” …

    spineless leeches!!!

  • Efren

    Ang bagong leader ng NKorea, masyado maaga na nagyabang at dumada, invited pa ang 200
    media people all over the world !  Look what happened !  Di ba sobrang aga para mag-campaign
    at mag-open ng cards itong si Binay ? 

  • filipinaskoh

    We got a lot of problems in our country. China is trying to get all the islands in the China Sea and yet these politicians are so gaga with their campaign when the election is more that a year away.  

    Why don’t you  do your JOB first, you still have about 14 mos. Do not waste these 14 months just for campaigning. The UNA coalition is becoming too noisy and their presidential bet, in which the election is 4 years and a month away, is campaigning too early. Binay why not focus on your job, without any vested interest on it,  don’t be too elated in your high trust ratings, it may plummet anytime.

  • al gero

    kawawang pilipinas pag si binay ang nanalo, trapo ang taong ito mga kababayn kilalanin nyo naman ang taong ito bago nyo iboto,maawa kayo sa PILIPINAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex

    i don’t like this news.. inquirer reporting such developments gives these trapos free publicity…or is this really their purpose? 
    so deadline is october, so what? can’t they recruit for their senatorial slate in silence? can’t they file them on or before october without making so much noise?
    for this country to change, we also need to have responsible media and responsible newsreaders who will just play the observer’s role at this stage and will not jump on the political bandwagon of these publicity-hungry scrooges this early.

    • sopingac

      There is no question that the media is partly to blame for what has happened to this country. FPJ and even Noynoy would have never came close to being presidentiables if not for  the media hype and packaging. they are very influential that they can legitmize anything that is actually from the truth.

      MVP would have never bought ABC-5 if the reason was purely business and he would have been a media punching bag after the heated exchange of words with the Lopez lady. He got into media not mainly for the business but for the protection it provides and the vast influence it creates.

      The media in this country can make and unmake a president.

  • Allwin

    Gibo Teodoro tayo! Go go go for senate!!!

    • Pedro_Gil

      huwag anank mayaman yan.  Sa maralita na tayo!

  • reydomingo

    politika sa pinas gamitan lang  para sa personal na pakinabang… walang layunin tumulong sa taong bayan … puro sarili lang ang iniintindi…. kaya lipatan ng lipatan kung saan sila makikinabang… i will never vote for binay sa kahit saan pwesto siya tatakbo… kahit councilor ng makati… obvious na siya kahit wala pang election nangangampanya na… 

  • Beguine

    The way both PNoy and Binay are acting and talking like their
    senatorial bets are sure winners only reveal their overblown hubris.

    Those brave enough to run as senatorial candidates independent of
    PNoy’s and Binay’s parties actually have better chances of winning
    based on the current prevailing mood among intelligent voters that
    the new senators must be clean and never mind if they’re neophytes.
    Neophytes are to be preferred vs. the non-performing and corrupt trapos.


  • balut123

    The Filipinos deserves better than Binay as president…..masyadong questionable ang taong ito…Makati did not progress because of the Binays…huwag tayong papaloko sa kanila….
    This guy will not uplift the lives of the poor…let’s go with someone who is young and with impeccable background….maybe…Gibo??…basta di trapo!

    • Enrico

      Mahina naman kasi si Gibo eh…Lalabas lang bago mag eleksyon. Di mo nakikita o nababalitaan. Mas mabuti sana si aksyon man Dick Gordon kya lang di rin manalo eh kya best bet will be Binay na lang.

    • casaysay

      mas ok na ang trapo basta alam magpatakbo ng gobyerno at maglutas ng problema kaysa sa hindi trapo kung ito ay katulad lang naman ng pulpol na si Pnoy.  

      • marlaw

        Ano na ba ang nalutas ni Binay na gumanda ang buhay ng mga Pilipino? Isa lang ang malinaw – basta’t pabalik balik na inihahalal sa pwesto ang mga kawatan sa gobyerno at mga oportunista wala pa ring mangyayari sa Pilipinas. Ang kailangan  ay isang taong may delicadeza, may malasakit, totoong magsisilbi at marunong na lider. Sa kasalukuyan walang ganitong pulitiko dahil lahat puro pansariling kapakanan ang habol at inuuto naman ang mga botante.

  • KpTUL

    Pathetic both of you Pnoy and Binay. You havent delivered yet, and now youre taking for the next election. Why wont just PNoy fill his senatorial line up with all his sisters. Im sure the illiterate Filipino voters would vote for them. As for Binay, he can fill his line up starting from his children and let his borhter or sister take over makati. As of Erap, pwede ba magpahinga ka nalang ! This country will go down the drain. Almost all senators and congressmen have the same family name (may anak tatlong magkapatid ama at ina ). All of you trapos !

    • marlaw

      Not only all that you said. The illerate voters will also vote for the prophet Pacquiao, Willie  Revillame, and all the plunderers in the country. No wonder our country is in misery because voters time and again were electing the same personalities who have plundered the country and taken advantage of the voters stupidity.

  • Efren

    NKorea and Binay-Erap have something in common :  Sobrang maaga na nagyabang,
    ” Premature e-Jubilation “, ika nga – – –   Kawawa naman !   Mabuti nga !

  • santosboi

    “The real opposition party is not being negative but constructive—always correcting their mistakes and giving advice on what must be done. In other countries, it is even called,  ‘Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition,’” Binay said.
    wew! asan yun constructive criticism advice mo? takte deadma ka nga lang sa tunay na nangyayari sa bansa eh. deadma ba o talagang wala ka ding magagawa o takot kang gawin?

    • marlaw

      Nagmana lang si Binay kay Noli de Castro. Nung VP pa si de Castro bigla itong naging pipi, bingi at bulag sa mga nangyayari sa kapaligiran. Taliwas ito sa kanyang personalidad nung anchor pa siya ng Magandang Gabi Bayan. Sa madaling salita nakipagsabwatan din sa mga kawatan.

  • JasminCubacub

    Trillanes is the only LP Senator now! 

    • sacrebleau

       Cubacub, shut up! You make no effin’ sense!

      • JasminCubacub

        I could the same thing to you!

      • sacrebleau

        Cubacub, read your comment carefully, it is missing a word for it to make sense.

  • ofwme2807

    mr. binay sa tulong at awa ng Diyos wag naman sanang maging Presidente itong mamang tuod na ito…binay dynasty brought only perpetual graft in makati pinaikot ikot lng ng mga binay ang mga taga makati…sana sa 2013 elections pa lang matalo na ang mga kapartido mo sa PDP-Laban at lalo na mga kandidato ni Erap….malaki ang respeto namin sa PDP-Laban ung mga sinaunang lider na may mga prinsipyo na ngayun ay nanahimik na lng dahil sa maduming pulitikang umiiral…Mr. Binay mag-isip isip ka sa ambisyon mong maging Presidente manggagamit ka lng ng pwesto dapat mg-resign ka na sa pwesto mo kung may delicadeza ka puro pulitika lang ang inaatupag mo sayang lang pinapasweldo sau ng taongbayan…Pinoy just remove Binay now from his post to be fair and equal…

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