Binay chides Liberal Party officials for sowing intrigue


Vice President Jejomar Binay. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

Vice President Jejomar Binay on Wednesday said he was not forming an alliance with former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as he slammed the “hypocrisy” of leaders of the ruling Liberal Party (LP) for their “desperate attempt” to link him to Arroyo.

Binay chided the LP officials for sowing intrigue between him and President Benigno Aquino III. “They must have forgotten that I am part of the Cabinet and I support President Noynoy 100 percent,” he said.

Binay recalled that he even had dinner with Mr. Aquino in Malacañang on Tuesday night and attended a meeting until 11 p.m. He said he did not feel any unease between him and the President.

“The United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) has no plans of forming an alliance with Mrs. Arroyo or her party,” Binay said in a statement. “I suffered a lot under the Arroyo administration. Several cases were filed against me and yet I’m being suspected [of aligning with her].”

He recalled that the Department of the Interior and Local Government and the Office of the Ombudsman sought to suspend him in October 2006 and May 2007, respectively.

Binay was reacting to the challenge posed by Budget Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad Jr. and Cavite Representative Joseph E.A. Abaya that he lay down his cards to let the public know whether he was supporting the administration’s anticorruption reforms, specifically the prosecution of Arroyo and the trial of impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona.

The LP leaders issued the challenge after Binay’s coalition for the 2013 midterm elections, UNA, invited allies of Arroyo and critics of the administration to join its senatorial ticket.

UNA is a coalition between Binay’s Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) and former President Joseph Estrada’s Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino (PMP).

Estrada to the defense

Estrada said the LP tack was intended as a “smear campaign” against Binay, who had made known his intention to run in the 2016 presidential election.

“They are afraid of Binay because right now, there is no one who can match him in 2016,” Estrada told the Philippine Daily Inquirer in a phone interview.

Estrada downplayed the chances of Transportation Secretary Manuel Roxas II, the presumptive LP standard-bearer in 2016, against Binay. He noted that Binay had defeated Roxas in the 2010 vice presidential race.

Never heard

Estrada said he was annoyed with Abad and Abaya, who both challenged Binay to let the public know if he was supporting the Aquino administration’s anticorruption campaign.

“Who is that Butch Abad? Who is that Abaya? Never heard,” Estrada said. “Where were the Butch Abads and the Abayas during the trying times of Cory (Aquino), when Binay risked his life to defend her against the coup attempts?”

Estrada defended the establishment of UNA, saying that having a political opposition was important in a democracy. “We can’t afford to have just one party. It can’t be one-sided. There has to be an opposition so people can choose,” he said.

Rabid Arroyo supporters

Binay said some of those sowing intrigues were former supporters of Arroyo.

“Look who’s talking? Those who are saying these things now were rabid supporters of GMA (Arroyo) before. Isn’t it that they used to be ‘Yes ma’am, Yes GMA?’ Now, look who’s passing themselves off as untainted.” Binay said.

Abad served as education secretary under the Arroyo administration but he resigned in July 2005 along with nine other officials following the “Hello Garci” scandal, which the then opposition said was proof that Arroyo rigged the 2004 presidential election to ensure her victory.

Essence of democracy

The Vice President said elections were about choices. “No party can claim a monopoly of good intentions and good people willing to serve. This is the essence of democracy.”

Binay said the sudden “inquisition” being conducted by the LP was apparently prompted by the creation of UNA, which will field a senatorial ticket in the 2013 midterm elections.

“I understand that they wanted me to answer. Is this an  inquisition? That I have to answer? My answer is obvious and I will repeat what I said. ‘It’s difficult to explain to those who pretend to be deaf. And it’s difficult to be seen by those who are pretending to be blind,’” he said on ANC Television.

Binay said those who were forcing the issue were “insecure” about the names being included in the UNA senatorial lineup.

“UNA was formed to represent capable people who want to serve the country. Having lots of choices is better than the setup in a totalitarian country where there is only one candidate,” he said.

Maceda, Magsaysay

Abad earlier questioned Binay’s decision to invite to the UNA senatorial slate former Senator Ernesto Maceda and Zambales Representative Milagros Magsaysay of Lakas-Kampi who, he said, “have been openly and consistently critical of the administration.”

Also considered for the UNA lineup was former Bukidnon Representative Juan Miguel Zubiri, who ran for senator in 2007 under Arroyo’s Team Unity coalition.

Zubiri was the subject of an election protest by Senator Aquilino Pimentel III, who recently got his post as senator following Zubiri’s resignation from the Senate.

Abaya, LP secretary general, said he “really couldn’t comprehend [UNA’s] decisions, especially when some Lakas politicians have not been the most constructive of fiscalizers.”

Out of context

Pimentel, PDP-Laban president, on Wednesday said the LP was “taking the formation of UNA out of context.”

Pimentel, who will seek reelection under the UNA ticket next year, said the coalition was not formed specifically to oppose the LP, which is expected to field its own senatorial candidates.

“The PMP and the PDP-Laban will sign a platform agreement and present it to the people, similar to what the LP would also do. For all we know, our platforms could be the same. So, why are they talking about drawing the line? I don’t see any logic in that,” he told the Inquirer.

He said he was extending his “hand of invitation to the LP to take a look at our platform and entertain the possibility of a coalition.”

Too early

Senator Francis Escudero, who is also being considered in the UNA lineup, said it was still “too early” to discuss politics in the context of the 2013 midterm elections.

“Alliances are political certainties and there is rhyme and reason to that. The polls may be already next year but personally I think it’s not yet the right time to be busy for political shopping,” he said in a statement.

Senator Panfilo Lacson said including politicians identified with Arroyo in the UNA senatorial slate might not be a good idea for the coalition.

“It would be bad for them,” he said, noting that Arroyo, now detained for an electoral sabotage case, remained “very unpopular.”


Estrada said it was “impossible” for Binay to support Arroyo, pointing out that he had served as the campaign manager of the late Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ). Poe who lost to Arroyo in the 2004 presidential election, whose results were later questioned amid the “Hello Garci” scandal.

“If he ends up supporting Arroyo, I’ll be the first one to break the coalition. I know it will not happen. It’s impossible,” Estrada said.

But the former president said he was open to accepting Arroyo allies as long as they were “never involved in graft and corruption under her administration.”

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  • spearheads

    Ewan ko ba at bakit sumobra ang inggit at panic nitong mga LP kay Binay. Di naman tatakbong senador yan at malayo pa ang election sa pagka presidente pero kulang na lang aatakehin sa sobrang kaba sa UNA. Pwede namang palitan ng LP yang pangalan ng partido nila dahil bumabaho na. Suggestion: Unlimited Ngoyngoying Alliance, o di ba UNA rin ang dating?

    • Migdonio

       wla naman kinakabahan kay Binay…Di naman mananalo yan e..

    • AllaMo

      Oo. UNgAsis…

  • False_Prophet

    If  the Philippine People elects Estrada back into office and furthers Binay’s agenda , then they will pay for their stupidity, and will wallow in all the misery of corruption for eternity. One has faith that that will NOT happen. Let us hope that President Aquino’s anti graft campaign pulls out these cancerous cogs for who has overstayed their visit too long, and bring in people with fresh ideas and progressive policies that will help everyone across the board fairly.

  • quirinomayer

    Ang mga boboto sa UNA mga UNGAS.

  • traderdg

    ahhh…shut up erap…

  • wanglee

    Marami pa rin ang boboto sa UNA dahil maraming BOBO sa atin

    • Pinoydin

      tama ka diyan, pero masmaraming boboto sa LP kasi masmaraming masBOBO sa mga BOBO.

  • Russell Ariola

    Vice, sagutin mo lang yung tanong ser. Wag nang maraming dakdak.

    May kasama bang mga Arroyobots sa hanay ng UNA senatorial candidates?

  • dante

    Russel ariola

    Member ka ng lp?ang kitid mong mag isip

  • bangayansila


    “Who is that Butch Abad? Who is that Abaya? Never heard,”
    Estrada said. “Where were the Butch Abads and the Abayas during the trying
    times of Cory (Aquino), when Binay risked his life to defend her against the
    coup attempts?” Ginoong ERAP,tanongin mo si dating Marcos Defense Secretary
    Enrile at si Gringo kung nasaan itong “Who is that Abad?” Kasama naming sa
    bundok at ikaw nasaan ka sa bangko at casino?Tanongin mo si Binay at P-Noy.Si
    Abaya hindi pa pinanganak noon o musmos pa siya!!! Sino ba ang unang Presidente na nakulong?

  • Joaquin Fernandez

    Binay should meet the issue head on. He keeps on “playing it safe”, a strategy that could keep his rating only for a while. Watch his star falls when his true self is exposed. Watch the footage of the last election when Binay and family used the back door to get to the pollsto avoid the crowd and the discomfort of falling in line. He is even seen with an aid holding the umbrella once outside the building. Compare this to Noynoy’s disposition, enduring the sun in that long line of people who wanted to vote. No big deal indeed but this example reveals so much about the character of the Vice President. His attempts to establish his footing at this early, not mindful of who comes to his camp (even the devils of the past regime are welcome), makes Binay a risky choice for the top position in our government.

  • fuctore

    Is this the only thing Filipinos able to focus on despite all the crisis we are currently going through?
    Puro na lang eleksyon ng eleksyon,
    E hindi pa nga sila nakapagpapakitang gilas sa mga sandamukal na pangako nila nung kampanya, at ngayon heto na naman tayo.
    Nakaka umay na talaga ang PULITIKA sa Pinas,
    Mas excited pa ang mga pinoy kung sino ang susunod na iluluklok nilang magnananakaw ng taxes na pinaghirapan ,
    Kaysa sa pagkilatis sa mga kakayanan ng mga opisyales na resolbahin muna ang krisis ng bansa.
    No wonder, hanggang dito na lang talaga tayo.

  • PBA

    with the formation of the highly popular UNA, LP becomes a lameduck ruling party.

  • Ulipur

    Koko, Zubiri, ang Guingona should unite and help elect themselves to represent Mindanao.

    The three of you and other Mindanaoans should, in fact, identify one good Muslim politician who can be elected in the Senate to give Mindanao a proportionate representation in that body.

    Better still if a woman Muslim candidate can be elected.   

  • KonsensyaNgBayan

    This faction will never succeed with their goal for It is written and stated in the Bible, “The UNA will be the Last and the last shall be the first”…This Group of former Marcos, Ramos and Glolongs supporters, just made themselves rich and powerful…Traditional politicians…Remember that these are the people who solicited support to bury the Dictator in Libingan ng Bayani.. Dictator who nourished the seed of corruption, atrocities, and greed…and jueteng scandal…Please Do Not Support and Vote any member of this party…Lets change the face of Philippine Politics….

  • AllaMo

    UNA? Ibasura.
    In the meantime: BOYCOTT ALL SHOEMART MALLS!

  • taga-masid

    mga kababayan, kaya nagpapayong si vice binay kong lumalabas to campaign eh baka lalo siyang mangitim – eh tunay naman na mahalaga pa sa kaniya ang kaniyang kutis pursilana…conceited…

  • Rednaxela VD

    LP officials are hypocrites and stupid indeed!

  • tipay

    Erap said he was open to accepting Arroyo allies as long as they were “never involved in graft and corruption under her administration.” damned, all politicians are corrupt including you erap.

  • Lando

    The Communication Group under LP are flooding the cyberspace of negative comments.

  • PH2011

    To quote PDI ( Erap);

    “ the former president said he was
    open to accepting Arroyo allies as long as they were “never involved in graft
    and corruption under her administration.”

    After the resignation of Hyatt 10.
    Who are the Arroyo allies that are not corrupt? All government agencies are
    tainted with corruption. That’s why it’s really hard to comprehend why the
    Aquino government retained CRITICAL positions of GMA appointed leftover allies
    ( eg. Tampinco of NAPOCOR)

    Now we clearly understood why
    Jingoy Estrada is supporting Corona, all the way to the Enriles, and Binay.  Because the former President is “ against”
    Graft & Corruption…. Boplks.

    Erap,  Joke of the day….


    • Abnoynoy

      the hyatt 10 are corrupt too, remember Soliman and the PEACE bonds?hehehehehe. 

  • Abnoynoy

    dapat HEADLINE to, pagkatapos nyong siraan sa headline, di nyo papasagutin sa headline? tsk tsk tsk

  • Efren

    After realizing their miscalculations, Binay and Erap are now very much on the defensive :
    “- – – does not mean na kalaban si Pres Aquino” ;  ” only those from GMA’s camp who were never involved in graft – – -” ;  Etc, Etc,  – – – Paano na yan ? Malaking grupo na ang nawala!  Sino ang panalo ?  Siempre yung mas discreet at tahimik !    Mahirap talaga kung maaga ang dada !

  • loudwhale

    nagpapapansin lang ang mga LP because they know it very well na malalampaso sila sa midterm elections.
    normally everybody will always go towards the party in power w/c is the LP but dahil sa sobrang pagkakalat ni abnoy politicians are distancing themselves from abnoy.

  • kido

    makikipag-alliance yan si binay kahit pati sa demonyo matupad lang ang kanyang pangarap na maging presidente…wala ng ginawa yan kondi gumapang at mamolitika kahit napakalayo pa ang next presidential election…malaking pagkakamali kung iboboto yan ng mga botante dahil mas masahol pa kina marcos at gma ang pagka-corrupt…

  • loudwhale

    using the “anti-gma” boggy will not work anymore. abnoys kapalpakan has already been exposed. the public is already sic & tired of abnoys tantrums, noynoying, vendetta , spreading hate, obsessions.
    abnoy is on the way of becoming a lame duck president w/ the acquittal of Corona & the LP’s being wiped out in the midterm elections.
    Its the LP’s who are begging to be included in the “alliance”.

    • Albin

      Korek ka dyan loudwhale.
      Na summarize mo.

      • loudwhale

        the midterm elections will be a very clear signal rejecting abnoy!!!!!!!!!! he was given a chance at the cost of sacrificing the country but he has failed miserably!!!!!!!!!

  • PBA

    Panalo ang UNA !  Unbeatable !

  • Fulpol

    siguro executives ng ABS CBN ang consultant ni Noynoying sa paninira… dyan sila expert…


  • Night



    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      haha…parang linagyan ng sili labuyo ang puwet mo sa galit…hahaha

      na rararattle na ang mga yellow ribbons

  • Albin

    Sa totoo lang, baka mas magaling pa sa mga taga-LP kung ang kumandidato e sina Empoy, Bentong, Long Mejia, Brod Pete.

    • JosephNess

      sige albin, yakaging mong kumandidato sila at ibuto mo na rin…really…politics is more fun in the Philippines…just anyone can be a candidate….LOL.

      • Karabkatab

        So true, anyone can file a candidacy, kahit yoong mga nasa piitan accused for heinous crime (take the case of jalosjos).  Samantala kung ikaw ay mag a apply ng position para sa mababang antas na Clerk sa pamahalaan, kailangan ikaw ay may sapat na qualification, no criminal record at kailangang pumasa sa mga pag susuri. Ayan mga Spoiled Brats tuloy ang ating mga Public Servants kuno.

  • Lando

    Liberal Party in haste to catch up with UNA. LP is in disarray right now. Patulog tulog sa pansitan at nalasing sa kapangyarihan at pera.

    • JosephNess

      well lando…that’s LP’s problem…let them be, we don’t know anyway what’s happening inside, to note, their deafening silence is the most bizarre to speculate about…there’s just no one can tell how the people inside think and plan…time is too early to shop as chiz said…there are plenty of works to do, let this government probe itself, it has 4 years more to recover what were lost…all we can do is help move this government on their feet serving the needs of the people, with our help of course….

  • JosephNess

    “If he ends up supporting Arroyo, I’ll be the first one to break the coalition. I know it will not happen. It’s impossible,” Estrada said.

    then, why invite politicians identified to be lapdogs of the former president inside the coalition ? that’s the issue being suspected that even Pimentel has questioned the move…but, chiz is right, the time is too early to note shopping…from the way people see it, the issues are just media blitz for people to talk about to unwind the monotony of the days passing while the favorite topic most talked about impeachment trial is on vacation…well, folks, just enjoy the moment of intrigues…life goes on anyway, what the fuss…

    • marlaw

      But the former president said he was open to accepting Arroyo allies as long as they were “never involved in graft and corruption under her administration.”

      Nagpapatawa ata si Erap. Kaya nga dumikit ang mga yan kay Gloria dahil nakipagsabwatan sila sa kurapsyon. Tapos sasabihin niya as long as hindi sila sangkot sa kurapsyon tatanggapin nila sa koalisyon. Pwede ba naamng hindi sila nasangkot eh kasabwat nga sila. Ulyanin na talaga si Erap.

      • JosephNess

        that’s the point of contradiction that Koko Pimentel was driving out, which the coalition was blind to see…from the way people see this, maybe, it’s just coming from the PMP camp that the invitations have been offered without the PDP-Laban consenting, as Pimentel shown objections…

  • poltergeist_fuhrer

    Binays new alliances reflects the leadership thAt the president has…..

    he doesnt have the balls to put together his alliance with Binay…and even the conflicting faction of samar and balay group of LP he cant resolve…(which i think, the samar group will support the binay alliance)


    • marlaw

      The country has been going to nowhere since the Marcos time. So, whoever takes over the presidency next won’t be able to steer back that easily to what the country was before Marcos. Pagkatapos limasin ang kaban ng bayan ng mga nagsamantalang pulitiko nitong mga nakalipas na taon, mahihirapan uli makabangon ang Pinas ng ganon lang kadali. kahit pa sinong magaling na lider ang ilagay.

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        it will worsen when the present is noynoying

  • Lando

    the 188 congressmen who signed the impeachment complaint are mostly former Lakas members or coalition partners of the Gloria administration, the Hyatt 10 are all former PGMA cabinet secretaries, Gov. Ebdane of Zambales is now member of LP, ebdane is the secretary of DPWH under gloria….. LP saan ang daang matuwid?

    • marlaw

      Ebdane now a member of LP? Where did you get your info? From the papers? Up to this very hour, Ebdane is not a member of LP. The LP in Zambales is under former Gov. Deloso, a political opponent of Ebdane. The son of Ebdane who is a new Zambales congressman joined the majority coalition in the House but remains a member of Lapiang Manggagawa like his father.

  • AntiAko


    Nag aaway-away lang ang mga yan to keep the spoils all to themselves… Pwe! At the end of the day, binabawi nyo lang lahat ng gastos niyo sa election, kinokobra ang interest, at sinisigurong sumipsip sa kaban ng bayan na parang mga linta.

  • johnsonabadsantos

    Dear VP Binay,  Hindi pa ako comportable na ibigay ang boto ko sa inyo na maging presidente ng bayang Pilipinas.  Ganoon na rin po  sa mga nakikilalang napaka trapo naman na kasama ninyo.. Maraming ho kayong  mga isyu na aking nababasa at naguguluhan ako.  Mabigat na position yan at malakas ang temptasyon na mangurakot. Bigyan mo sana kami ng sampung dahilan  na ikaw ay karapat-dapat na mamuno ng bayan at maging lider ng 90 million Filipinos. Na ikaw ang may pinaka-mataas ng layunin na ibangon ang kapakanan at kalusugan ng inang bayan.  Kung mahihirapan ho kayong  ipaabot sa taong bayan na ikaw ang karapat dapat na ibotong Presidente sa 2016, hindi ko po gustong isayang ang boto ko sa inyo. Mahalaga po ang aking boto. Ninanais po ng maraming Pilipino na ibahin na sana ang mga palakad sa gobyerno sa ika-uunlad ang ating bayan. Maslalo na po na habang buhay pa po ako. 

  • virgoyap

    Binay said that he is behind P-Noy 100% but why did he coalesced with people who are 100% pro arroyo like mitos magsaysay and danilo suarez? He can not be on two boats at the same time, he must have to choose between the two opposing forces. Binay wake up!! Stop being a TRAPO!!

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      a classic yellow ribbon mentality…if you are not with penoy, automatically makes you pro-gma….sobrang tanga naman ng mmga yellow ribbon na ito oo…

    • Efren

      If you are pro-PNoy and Pro-Gloria,  sino ka ? Saan ka ? Either Tanga ka or Nang-uutak
      ka (ie, opportunista ka)!

      • virgoyap

        Efren are you addressing it to me? Read my comment well. It’s you who is tanga at walang utak!!!

  • Lando

    Binay is unbeatable ! UNA versus LP 12-0

    Binay for President Movement
    Pasay City Chapter
    324 Maginhawa St, Pasay City

  • Pedro_Gil

    Yes Mr. Abad, u dont need to question Binay.  He and his cohorts’ characters speaks for themselves  They are infidels, the brothers of thieves and liars!  Deplorable bandits, scum of the earth!

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      and abad, penoy are saints who has no capacity to make mistakes

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      the LP is full of buwaya…they were former lakas of gma…fyi…50 LP tongressmen were formar lakas sa pangunguna ni neptali gonzalez na sobrang sipsip nuon kay glora na kulang na lang na halikan ang kanyang puewt…ngaun naman sobrang sipsip kay penoy…

      isa pa, itong si tongressman quimbo na prosecutor, a former tauhan ni gloria sa pag-ibig fund pero ngaun sobrang sipsip kay penoy na PARANG LINTA!!!

    • Lloyd

      ur also one of tfhem

      • Pedro_Gil

        I cant be one. I am not like them u di…khead. LOL

  • Karabkatab

    Pakiusap sa mga posters na magkasalungat ang opinion dito sa kuro kuro. Mangyari po lamang na tayo’y gumamit ng mga salitang mahinahon, magalang at walang lantarang insulto sa personalidad ng sinoman.  Marami pong mga kabataan na nag babasa at nag re research sa pahayagang ito at hindi angkop na  mamasdan nila ang palitan ng mga salitang karaniwang ginagamit ng mga nag tatapang tapangan at likas na bastos…

  • JosephNess

    it would be a blessing in disguise if the opposition win this coming 2013 election, God forbid, for that’s the dream and wish of all these people dissenting the government to get even with the president…that’s in their plan to stop the fight against corruption of which this government is trying so hard to clean, and to pull down the very foundation of which this government is fighting for…and for us voters, the question is, will we let them win ? stay awake, be on guard, lest we be robbed…

    • deadlyshooter

      yan ang talagan nakikita ng karamihan, ang intention nitong mga trapong ito na manalo para pabagsakin ang kasalukuyang gobyerno para mahinto ang naumpisahang paglilitis sa mga taong nagpakasasa noon sa ating kaban ng gobyerno, nais nilang alisin ang kasalukyang namumuno para muling maibalik nila ang kanilang katiwalian sa panunungkulan…tama lang sigurong maging mapagmasid ang bawat mamamayan sa uri ng mga taong ito….

  • SolidBasketball

    No. 1 ang UNA sa masa, kahit sino tanungin mo sa Class C, D, and E.  Negative attacks by LP is a futile exercise.  LP is a lameduck ruling party with 4 years before 2016. Unprecedented.

    • poltergeist_fuhrer


      the yellow ribbons are the elite…tingnan ninyo sa likod ng kanilang magagarang kotse….

  • noonyan

    HOW TO GET RICH????Join in the Philippine politics arena of crocodiles …just like BINAY and ESTRADA

    • Pedro_Gil

      ur right!

  • Lloyd

    Abad is the image of bad politicians. Then for Gloria and now for Abnoy. After Abnoy it may be for Binoy. Doble kara tong demonyong mama na ito.


    Ewan ko kung ano ang masasabi ko sa mga taong tatlumbeses nang naloko nina NINOY, CORY at ngayon ay P-NOY.  

  • simon

    may kasabihan tayo
    bawal ang mamangka sa dalawang ilog.
    you can not serve two masters at the same time.
    a good archer try to shot one bird at a time.
    ano ba itong ginagawa ni Binay? masyadong malayo pa po ang 2016. marami pang pwedeng mangyari sa mga susunod na taon.

  • Ilonggated

    Takot lang si Abad mawalan ng trabaho as DBM chief kung hindi si Roxas ang next president. 

  • OlliuQ

    Same old faces, same old modus, same political dynasty, nothing new, all of THEM been there for quite a long time, from administration and opposition & vice versa . Is there any major accomplishment that uplifted the lives of the people? Poverty and unemployment still high, income still low, more and more OFW, impoverish getting poorer and wealthy getting richer. Example the Senator, what accomplishment they did that improved life in the Philippines. They are just investigator, 2nd hand chopper, ZTE, DBP-Philex, then what? Impeachment, then what?

    These oligarchies conniving to craft a brawny political faction that can challenge the Administration. They welcome candidates from different regions and political parties that has the potential to win and can bring vote.

    Though Binay feel irritated by the Administration allegation having allied with Arroyo but who would think not, his candidates is quite obvious. Also, the desperation is on his part, presidential election is far off and yet his intention is very abrasive. When these candidates are elected then it becomes part of much larger scheme in 2016.

    Many of us understand the real reason why Philippines has slow recovery obviously POLITICS.

  • JosephNess

    “They are afraid of Binay because right now, there is no one who can match him in 2016,” Estrada told the Philippine Daily Inquirer in a phone interview.

    the question will be, come 2016…will he step down for Binay to run under this coalition banner ? knowing fully well if this alliance indeed got voted, this will be the power to reckon with in 2016, and for a very ambitious politician as he is still, will he cede for Binay having the biggest chance of regaining his lost presidential pride which was grabbed away from him by the little lady ? maybe, this will be the chance for Binay to step back traced the footstep where this path will lead him to…either foolish ambition or just plain naivety to the truth, come 2016 !!!

  • 1kahig1tuka

    doon na patungo  ang mga Binay ,lahat ng anak ay may kanya kanya ng pwesto sa makati at congreso,sa senado coming up. cympre sya ang target ay ang out mga kabayan at marami at nagkamal na mga ito dahil na rin sa haba ng panunungkulan at wag ka Makati pa, ang commercial district.political tactics maraming baon ito.

  • allandel

    Estrada said it was “impossible” for Binay to support Arroyo, pointing out that he had served as the campaign manager of the late Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ). Poe who lost to Arroyo in the 2004 presidential election, whose results were later questioned amid the “Hello Garci” scandal.

    was binay ever suspended during arroyo’s time? NO! he was charged, yes, but couldn’t the charges be just for show to make it appear he was against arroyo?

    how sure are we that binay did not sell out fpj in the 2004 elections? HOW MU$H do you think it will take to find out?

    in surveys, the vice president always gets the highest ratings because he is not expected to do anything important. so, the surveys published left and right on approval ratings should not include the vice president. i’d be very surprised if approval ratings he gets are lower than the president.

    • deadlyshooter

      pre, as i recalled it, the suspension was served, it was not carried out because the people of makati barricaded the municipal building to prevent the dilg from imposing the order…remember, Binay himself wore his miltary fatigue in protesting the suspension order from being carried out at that time…that the suspension order was prevented from being carried out..for sure, no doubt, Binay was an anti gma at that time…sa tingin ko ha…

  • Yahilawod

    Lokohin nyo lolo nyo! Politics make strange bed fellows. And in the PH, balimbingan is the general rule. No permanent loyalties; only permanent interests.

  • bGorg

    Takot si Binay sa kiss of death ni CGMA. Paano naman kasi isinali pa ang kasamahan ni CGMA sa senatorial line-up niya. Eh alam naman niya na ipinagtatanggol nito ang amo nilang si CGMA mula’t sapol noon pa. At sinasabi pa niya na suportado niya si P-noy eh samantalang itong mga isinama niya sa ticket ay di sumusuporta kay P-noy at mga kritiko pa sa government. Namamangka yata si Binay sa dalawang ilog pagganun. Inamin pa ni Maceda na opposition nga raw ang kinalabasan nila pagganun at sabihin naman ni Binay na suportado niya ang Pangulo. Ano ba yan…. Mukhang nawala ang prinsipyo ni Binay sa buhay kahit pa halos ilang beses siyang pinahirapan ni CGMA ng maging Mayor siya ng Makati City. Baka naman umiiral sa kanya ang sariling interest dahil gusto niyang maging susunod na Pangulo ng bansa. Hindi pa malinaw sa ngayon kung anong klaseng gobyerno ang kanyang itatayo… wait nalang nating ang 2016 Presidential Election.

  • Melmina

    Mabuhay ka VP Binay!!!

  • PBA

    Nasa likod mo ang masang Pilipino Jojo Binay !  No more impunity to the anomalies of KKK !

    • Al

      No to UNA! Or, UNA-NO!…hahaha..

    • JosephNess

      para itulak ka jojo…hahahahahahaha…nakatago raw sila jojo sa likod mo…LOL.

  • Richard

    Sigi Binay palitan na ang tamad

    • turkak

      Richard  tama ! sipain sa ulo yang batugan na yan baka  sakaling gumaling ang pagka-sira nito.

      • dgboy

         cge nga, hanggang salita ka lang

  • Ka_Beesy

    tama din naman si bigote. sa democracy kailangan ng opposition.  hindi lang isang party.  ang maglalaban sigurado ay dalawang parties.  isang party ng mga kawatan at isang party ng mga magnanakaw.  pagalingan na lang sa telling a lie o sa cheating.  best consultant ay si GMA.

  • msmakabayan

    Binay, Gloria was not responsible for the cases filed against you. You did it to yourself. You did not remit Makati’s taxes to BIR. It wasn’t persecution…Helloooh!

  • PBA

    KKK anomalies exempted ba sa anti-corruption ni PNOY?

  • JosephNess

    ito ang sinabi ni erap ngayon….
    “If he ends up supporting Arroyo, I’ll be the first one to break the coalition. I know it will not happen. It’s impossible,” 
    pagdating ng 2016 presidential election, at nanalo nga ang UNA sa 2013 eleksyon…ito ang maaaring sabihin ni erap…“he ended up supporting Arroyo, after all,  I’ll break the coalition. I know it will happen. It’s not impossible,”…then, declared himself as the standard bearer…goodbye Binay you’ll not be president…hakahaka lang po ito…ang katutuhanan nito ay sa 2016 pa…antayin natin hane!!!…kaya advice kay Binay, pakakilatisin po ninyo ang kumakatok sa pintuan ninyo at wag bastabasta papasukin ang sinumang may matamis na dila at mapungay na mga mata, lalonglalu na yong hawi na ang mukha kapag nakatawa, kung baga hawig ngiting aso…hahahahahahaha…

  • Pete

    hindi makatulog ang LP members at mga empleyado ng Communications Group —– malupiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit kasi ang UNA !

    • deadlyshooter

      oo nga pete malupit…UNA ngayon HULI pagdating doon ganyan kalupit…LOL.

  • $23257130

    mabuhay si president binay!!!

    siya na ang tunay na pag asa ng bayang pilipinas!!!

  • rodger66

    I bet, once the UNA line-ups win next election I would not be surprised if only 8 out of 188 tongressman will stay under Pnoy/Roxas leadership…lahat ng sulok ay mukha at lahat ng mukha ay sulok !!!

  • SolidBasketball

    stress na stress na ang LP  :) asar talo LOL

  • billygunn23

    binay would have made a better president than this inutile aquino.

    • dgboy

       and put Binay slogan to all your faces

  • Rathbumo

    Parang kangkarot na turumpo ang LP sa ginawa ni VP Egoy Binay. Patikim pa lang yan. Kapag na-acquitt si Corona, hindi na kontrolado ni Pnoy ang sitwasyon, tapos na ang Liberal Party. Takbuhan na sa UNA ang kanyang mga alipores dahil sa boto ng Iglesia ni Cristo. 

  • nestleraisinets

    it would be dumb of PNOY to make an enemy out of binay. But then again, he is one, if not the dumbest president we have as of yet…

    • michael_angelo

      I feel dumb also from reading your comment

  • carlcid

    P-Noy and Abad were licking GMA’s behind while Binay was busy opposing GMA. P-Noy and Abad only saw the “light” in 2005, after so much water already passed under the bridge. Abad, Drilon and the so-called “Hyatt 10″ are nothing but political opportunists. They wanted to usurp power under GMA. Now they want to usurp power under P-Noy, and they are leading the inquisition against those who were originally against GMA. These hypocrites are more papist than the pope.

  • SolidBasketball

    Unbeatable ang UNA

  • EdgarEdgar

    That’s what we get for electing a bratty fairy president. A brat who wants everything his way right or wrong. A fairy who can’t be man enough to tell Binay he wants him back. A president who can’t preside over two squabbling camps in the palace. And now that UNA smashed the empty figurehead of LP, Abnoy has completely lost his head. Divorced from reality, Abnoy still insists that he’s the ice cream who never melts. 



    • michael_angelo

      I have four letters that best described you and that is ” UGOK”

      • EdgarEdgar

        But why? Why me? Could you at least suspend judgment and decide later? Please.

      • michael_angelo

        Better ask yourself

      • TGM_ERICK

         Don’t mind him he is only envious that you got 10 likes in an instance! Hihihi!

      • EdgarEdgar

        I haven’t seen MA for some time now. Just humoring him. After all, he has this attention deficit syndrome. He needs our attention badly. Kawawa naman.

      • TGM_ERICK


  • fer1973

    Why i vote for you binay??? I thought you will free the Philippines from corruption but here you go you put yourself in shame for alliance with GLORIA and ERAP… It’s better if form a coalission with AQUINO who is clearing the corrupt officials..People knows already who is the trapos here who side with Gloria, Erap, Iglesia ni Kristo and Cathilic Bishops, Thief Justice Corona.. Ewwwww…. We filipino voters must be very careful to you, now that we know your just for your own self greed for power…I will not anymore even look at you down Mr. Shorty…

    • rem_rod

       bossing tagalugin mo na lang. di ka namin maintindihan…

    • MonchingG

      anung clearing the corrupt officials bossing… e yung mga ina appoint nga ng pangulo mong abnoy may mga kasong graft and corruption sa ombudsman….yan ba ang daan na matuwid ng amo mo bossing?….hahahahaha….

  • neverwint3r

    ito talagang mga trapos na politiko, imbes na serving the country, serving their personal interests agad inaatupag. it’s too early for politics at this time.

    they must really be desperate to fight over these so-called ‘winnable’ candidates.

    at saka wala pa ngang masyadong accomplishment itong si pnoy e. bakit next president na agad pinag-uusapan?

  • rem_rod

    i’d rather have a guy with a proven track record campaigning early than somebody who doesnt know anything about governance running for the top position of the land just because some loud people lobbied are for it. Remember when then Senator Ninoy Aquino was asked about his already vast intelligence network, he bluntly said that a person aspiring for the presidency should have nothing less. Now what is the difference between him and VP BInay. Nothing. 

  • cliff_castillo

    Binay is nothing but another ambitious trapo with past record of corruption who is building his family dynasty.  Beware.

  • Trooper

    Hindi naman siguro monopoly ng AKBAYAN, LP, Black and White, and other yellow armies ang tapat na paglilingkod sa bayan. Hindi rin naman monopoly ng UNA ang pagiging corrupt.

  • joboni96

    aga naman nito

    naglilinya na mga politiko
    sa next president

    lalo na ang mga nawalan ng

  • Allan_Ongpin

    matagal na tayong inaabuso ng mga pulitiko ng walang katapusang mga allyansa o koalisyon, mula pa sa rainbow koalisyon ni DeVenecia hanggang sa UNA ni Binay…their agenda is their political survival, not for the interest of the people.

    In 2013 we must vote INDEPENDENT CANDIDATES or lesser known political parties BUT deserving candidates. let this be a protest vote in 2013.

    we must fix the political party system in the philippines lest these politicians continue prostituting the ignorance of the masa, the less informed people!!!

  • Filipinoflash

    Hindi daw sila nag alyansa kay Arroyo pero pasok sa kanilang lineup si Mitos Magsaysay at si Migs Zubiri. 

    Ano ba yan? 

    • michael_angelo

      hahaha Correct ka friend, duda na ako , parang double blade etong si VP

  • Filipinoflash

    Marcos, Arroyo, Estrada + Binay = UNA. Throw in Maceda, and Tatad and you have a potent trapo brew.  

  • santosboi

    grabe binay.. busy sa senatorial slate nya hahaha.. oi tumulong ka naman malutas un ibang problema ng bansa. layo pa eleksyon.

  • Oscar Ungson

    Tumigil na kayo, puro na lang kayo pulitika.  Pagbigyan nyo naman ang iba, para magpayaman.  Kaya mga kababayan kung gusto ninyong madaling yumaman,pumasok kayo sa pulitika at kung kayo ay nanalo, kahit na konsehal lang sigurado na ang madaling pera.

  • parekoy

    Every election  time we are being offered the same breed of candidates, the same  familiar names that sound and smell more of  a recycled rotten food that stink and that we have no choice but to eat or else we will starve our beloved democracy of the much needed” CORRUPT  LEADERS” who will run the affairs of our sick and heavily indebted  government.

    It’s a pity that our country has ceased to produce
    candidates who possess true statesmanship and integrity.. The reason why our
    country   continues  to be  known as the SICK MAN OF ASIA is because of these
    TRAPOS who can’t stop their greed and political ambitions to install themselves
    into power under the pretext of serving our country and its people…but in no
    time will show their true colors…from being a great pretender into an educated,
    deceitful robbers who will plunder without remorse the coffers of our beloved
    country…and hide their money in various assets and dollar accounts..nothing is
    left for the Pilipino people but pennies and just traces of corruption that will
    just be forgotten and keeps repeating  its cycle election after election…NO WONDER, THE

  • michael_angelo

    Echos ka talaga Mareng Binay, Intriga ba yan? Tinatanong ka lang kung Pro or Anti GMA ka, kc nagdududa na kami sa mga kinukuha mong Senatoriables…

    Nagtatanong lang si ABAD, Intriga ba yan? Hay parang Showbiz ka din…

    • AmBoy24

      eh ano ba ang pakialam ni unanong abad sa partido ni binay?hindi naman siya committed sa LP.

    • pugadlawin21

      Ano kasi ang pakialam ni panot na pandak kung anti or pro Arroyo si Binay. Last time I heard Philippines is supposed to be still a democracy.Ang kasing bakla mong presidente ayaw and hindi niya kakampi, “kung hindi kita kakampi kaawy kita. Retarded tala ang isip ng pangit na baklang ito.

      • michael_angelo

        echos para kang si Boy Abunda

  • Hey_Dudes

    This early, if momentum is to be relied in discerning possibilities, inclusion of Mitos Magsaysay to UNA’s lineup  and her prospects of winning is already indicating where the country will be come 2013.  With Meriam gone from the scene replaced by equally vocal and critical Mitos Magsaysay, you can smell ‘gridlock’ in congress.  This is no good for the Filipinos this is no improvement and therefore same o same o nothing new for us folks.

  • vir_a

    Karamihan sa kanila nanalo dahil sa intriga. Now, they are intriguing against each other.

  • tabalu

    japan ang sokor officials : we are ready to destroy the nokor rocket by our own patriot missile if ever enter our territory.

    phil officials : kung sakaling malaglag dito sa atin ang debris ng rocket, magtago muna kayo o pumunta sa evacuation center, saka na natin pagusapan yan, mangangampanya pa kami eh! 

  • pepengkabayo

    Binay chides Liberal Party officials for sowing intrigue….

    You are lucky Binay, it was only sowing intrigue.
    When Corona was invited by Pnoy, he was sized up kung papalag o hindi, kung pipitsugin o lalaban.
    Pnoy thought Corona was medyo lambutin and the rest is History.
    Corona was dissected up to the bones or in tagalog, hinimay pati kalamnan.

    Demolition Job against Intrigue….
    Still a very lucky Binay….but wait Pnoy is not done yet, he is still doing some intelligence work on you before demolition.

  • albert

    binay slammed the “hypocrisy” of leaders of the ruling Liberal Party (LP) .
    ayun, mga hypocrites na naman.  (organized self-righteous hypocrites)

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