Binay dared to choose: Aquino or Arroyo?



Vice President Jejomar Binay. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

Leaders of the ruling Liberal Party on Tuesday dared Vice President Jejomar Binay to lay down his cards to let the public know whether he was supporting the administration’s anticorruption reforms, specifically the prosecution of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and the trial of impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Budget Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad Jr. and Cavite Representative Joseph E.A. Abaya issued the challenge after Binay’s coalition for the 2013 midterm elections, the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), invited allies of Arroyo and critics of the administration to join its senatorial ticket.

UNA is a coalition between Binay’s Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) and former President Joseph Estrada’s Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino.

“Should UNA proceed to put up its own slate, it will have to define itself in relation to the administration. Will it be pro, anti or otherwise? That’s for UNA to determine, especially on key issues of the day, such as the prosecution of former President Arroyo, the impeachment of the Chief Justice, the RH (reproductive health) bill and sin taxes indexing,” said Abad in a text message.

In his first 20 months in office, President Benigno Aquino III filed charges against Arroyo, members of her family and her allies, and impeached her appointees in the judiciary, Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez (who resigned) and Corona, while pushing for legislative reforms like population control and adjusting taxes on alcohol and cigarettes.

Clear as black, white

“It is better that battle lines are clearly drawn so the people won’t be confused. It should be as clear as black and white,” said Abaya, the manager of the House prosecution team in the Senate impeachment trial of Corona.

Abaya is the LP secretary general, while Abad was Mr. Aquino’s campaign manager in the 2010 presidential election; his wife is the party vice president for policy.

Roxas’ electoral protest

Binay beat the LP’s vice presidential candidate, now Transportation Secretary Manuel Roxas II, but the latter’s electoral protest remains pending in the Presidential Electoral Tribunal chaired by Corona.

Corona has accused Roxas of engineering his impeachment to pave the way for his replacement by Associate Justice Antonio Carpio. Carpio is a founding member of Villaraza Cruz Marcelo & Angangco, which was one of Roxas’ legal consultants.

Interestingly, Binay’s daughter, Representative Abigail Binay-Campos, did not sign the impeachment complaint against Corona.

Abad said it was hard at this point to label Binay’s group as opposition because UNA’s senatorial slate had yet to be finalized.

Openly anti-administration

But Abad questioned Binay’s decision to invite to the UNA senatorial slate former Senator Ernesto Maceda and Zambales Representative Milagros Magsaysay of Lakas-Kampi who, he said, “have been openly and consistently critical of the administration.”

Also being considered for the UNA lineup is former Bukidnon Representative Juan Miguel Zubiri, who ran for senator in 2007 under Arroyo’s Team Unity coalition.

Zubiri was the subject of an election protest by Senator Aquilino Pimentel III, who recently got his post as senator following Zubiri’s resignation from the Senate.

Abaya said he “really couldn’t comprehend [UNA’s] decisions, especially when some Lakas politicians have not been the most constructive of fiscalizers.”

Like Abad, the LP secretary general said it was difficult to classify UNA as an opposition group.

Other slate

“Being the opposition is hard to define as you know. Vis-a-vis the LP, they (UNA) are the other slate. But I’m not sure how the President will perceive them. Maybe same thing… the other slate,” said Abaya.

It was Abaya who declared that the LP would include in the administration slate only candidates who were in tune with the President’s anticorruption reforms.

Mr. Aquino’s spokesperson said UNA was not a political threat.

Secretary Edwin Lacierda noted that Binay was still following the policies set by the Chief Executive despite the difference in political party affiliation.

Asked if the administration considered Binay a member of the  opposition, Lacierda said: “The President is the chief policy maker so everybody follows the policies issued by the President.

“Right now, there is no difference between the President and the Vice President. And, by the way, from the very start, we all know that President Aquino is from the Liberal Party and Vice President Binay is from PDP-Laban,” Lacierda said.

This, he said, “should not and it has not gotten in the way of governance so far.”

Team player

Binay, at the start of his vice presidential term, vowed to be a team player and work with the administration.

He has since been appointed to key posts in government, such as chair of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council and presidential adviser on overseas Filipino workers’ affairs.

Mr. Aquino has sent him to China to ask for mercy on behalf of condemned Filipino drug mules.

Malacañang said on Saturday that Binay’s formation of a senatorial slate under UNA should not affect the administration’s working relationship with the Vice President.

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  • Russell Ariola

    Op kors Arroyo. Hawak nya sa leeg si Thief Ju$$tice at madaming pera pambili ng boto at pambayad sa mga lokal na politiko. Ahihihiii!!

    • tiopaero

      Katulad ng LP isa ka pang bobo ! Russel Arriola mag-drive ka na lang ng jeep mo at pumasada bwisit ka !!! Anong Aquino or Arroyo ? Wala naman dyan sa dalawa ang sagot eh !!  mga tanga it is ERAP ang presidential candidate niya noong 2010.

      • Russell Ariola

        Hahahahaa…ikaw ang bubo! Sagad sagad sa katangahan.

        Magbasa at magsaliksik ka muna bago ka magmagaling.

      • Kaloy

        Sa tono lang ng mga salita ninyo ay maliwanag na pinakikilala ang pagkatao ninyo. Sabagay sa pangalan pa lang one can easily predict your statements.Wonder why PDI moderators allow this of kind unwitty, senseless and unproductive comments.

      • Darwin

        because birds of the same feather like each other.

  • mike139

    Binay was not Aquino’s running mate in the first place. When Binay becomes the vice president to Aquino, it was like a shotgun wedding by the Filipino people. Binay is more politically savvy than Noli De Castro, so don’t expect him to be “tuta” to Aquino.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Hoy mahiya naman kayo.  Wala na kayong inatupag kungdi and sarili ninyong kapakanan.  Mga Filipino ang nagpapasueldo sa inyo hindi ang inyong partido.  Sana naman huwag taon taon puros election na lang ang laman ng inyong utak.  Kawawa na ang mamamayang Filipino sa inyo mga damuhong Lolongs.

  • spearheads

    Just as I posted when the news of Binay and Erap’s UNA came into fold. The LP and yellowmobsters are starting to trade their bull against Binay and Erap at this early. Good news for GMA and CJ Corona, at least the focus of the LP’s dirty tactics are scattered now.

  • Philcor

    Akala ko ba Unfazed-unfazed kayong mga Abad et al kayong mga Abnoy?

  • EdgarEdgar

    Liberal Party & Its Brand of Elitism

    Things did not have to end this way. Since day one, the president’s palace has been divided between Mar vs Binay. Noynoy could have bridged the gap and kept them working as a team. Of course, Mar has his superstar complex and Binay his higher aspirations. Noynoy could have
    reached out to make Binay feel less alienated. He could have ensured that Robredo sent the necessary help to Mayor Junjun in the Laperal compound clean-up. Instead, Noynoy played favorites, made himself scarce to Binay and lavished Mar his unqualified brotherly love and undivided attention. Binay, the VP duly elected by the people, had to take the backseat. A more
    capable president would have deftly finessed out the personality issues between the two camps to both Binay and Mar’s satisfaction. But our sitting president is a deeply divisive figure with a serious split personality disorder.

    And notice how Noynoy favors his own hacienda-owning buddy Mar. This is elitism at its most obvious, elitism of the land-owning ruling class. Noynoy and Mar are still of the mentality that little swarthy Binay is just a little muchacho who should have stayed in his place instead of becoming a VP. Elitism is also one of the chief reasons why Cory wanted Erap out.

    And now, the LP elites are bullying Binay into choosing an overlord as if he were a little brown servant of the colonial times. As if Binay had no right to be his own man.

    • spearheads

      Well said.

    • wyl5326

      PNoy was only trying to fulfill his part of the bargain when Mar gave way to his 2010 run. So PNoy was trully in dilema in dealing with Mar and Jojo whom his family have owed a debt of gratitude to both of them. While I shared you general view here, I can’t accept as factual that Cory’s elitism was the rationale for wantinf Erap out, but was purely based on facts that Erap have behave badly while in power. Don’t you remember how he shut down  Gokongwei’s Manila Times, plus the fact of late night happy hour seesions with his buddies like Atong Ang ? How could you just ignore that and the fact that Erap’s supported several families ? Unfortunately for the country, Erap’s removal was worst for the country when GoLiar turn out to be next to Macoy as our worst President ! That much I can give credit to you Edgar, but I would still want to debate you on the Thief Justice if you continue to support him !

    • tiopaero

      EdgarEdgar  very true, very loud, very clear. Nice job Edgar !!!

    • thadeothadeo

      With your observation on how Philippine politics has been characterized through the years by the elitists personified by PNoy and Mar Roxas, you, Edgar has never been more correct than this post.  The elitists seem to have something in common,  a superiority complex that makes them feel they are a cut above the rest.  Their approach to the common tao, the great unwashed is not spontaneous and genuine, even their wit and sense of humor is not in tune with the masa as compared to Erap and Binay. 

       PNoy’s conduct  as a president and as a man as well is a living proof of that.  He is aloof to crisis – in the Luneta hostage crisis it took him several hours before his whereabouts could be accounted; in the typhoon and flood disasters, he would not make  physical visit to the ravaged areas until the flood has subsided or the areas have been cleared for inspection.  He does not make decisive actions that will matter in the critical period.  An indication that he is not sincerely compassionate to the miseries of the afflicted at the most crucial moment.

      PNoy’s attitude towards the farmers in the Hacienda Luisita is a clear a classic.  After the unanimous decision of the Supreme Court to scrap Cory’s Stock Distribution Option in favor of land distribution, PNoy commented that the owners (himself included) should receive “just compensation”, though he will abide by the decision (tongue in cheek).

      Binay is a down to earth politician.  A poor boy from Mabini, Batangas who worked his way up through the hard way.  He may not be as clean as a whistle, but politics is not squeaky clean, you have to bend rules some of the time, but he is clearly identified with the downtrodden as he came from there.

      • EdgarEdgar

        True. Noy is out of touch and way out of his depth. I hope he gets out of the way. Sigh.

      • TGM_ERICK

        Not get out of the rut? Hahaha!

      • EdgarEdgar

        Out of the way altogether. Haha!




       Isn’t it that Marcos is also a victim of elitism who could easily gather support from the middle class who has been having the delusion  of being an elista for even just a moment of people power? this class is like Dona Victorina of Jose Rizal.

      • EdgarEdgar

        True, a society can never be completely equal. But inequality and elitism can be moderated. Marcos did not shun the poor nor the unwashed. His wife was a little more particular. And yes Dona Victorina personified it best. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the Ilustrados of that time also had an air of elitism.

      • TGM_ERICK

        Thanks for replying! :-)))))

  • R

    None of their (LP) business! People will decide in the ballot. LP are just campaining now by attacking Binay’s candidates. It was clear that they don’t accept membership if you have a record being corrupt or participated in corruption of previous administration. There are those corrupt individuals that are in LP who are good in flip flopping.

  • nennen12345

    of course binay is on the opposition side.  why is mitos magsaysay and maceda is there?  are they of the aquino administration? of course not.  the good thing, binay being the vice-president is not a critic of the aquino administration but i’m sure later on, he will be since he is running as a president of our country.  

  • filipinaskoh

    In politics, if they have to deal with the devil they will just for them to win. In the case of Binay he is trying to get all the support he can get either financial, definitely the Arroyos had all the funding, and support from the Masa courtesy of Estrada. That is the very reason why he wants to include Zubiri in their Senatorial line-up and Magsaysay. He needs Maceda because a close ally of Erap- he needs Erap to draw the Masa Crowd. 

    You like it or not Binay’s UNA is considered an opposition with the current line up they have.

    But before anything else, UNAhin muna ang kapakanan ng mamamayan. Wag lang puro pansariling kapakanan. Choose Candidate that are deserving.

    • sanjuan683

      Magaling ka pala eh di kumandidato ka. hehehehehehe

      • filipinaskoh

        Well! thank you!
        If I will, never under the coalition of UNA
        GREED for power can be seen on them.

  • Hey_Dudes

    With Binay as Philippine president, his son mayor of Makati and his wife congress member – how will the country go wrong right?  Then you top that by having GMA member of his cabinet and once again – the JocJoc Bolante caper and jack of all loots will all be hot on the trail again?

    Question is, countrymen, must you experience Good Friday everyday that you would like these Lolongs forever playing in your dreams?  Hindi na ba kayo naawa sa inyong mga sarili?

  • Allan_Ongpin

    LP will get a dose of their own medicine when Binay replies:

    “Let the People choose between Binay vs. the rest.”

    It’s not always about Aquino or Arroyo or even Roxas…na mga sakim na hacienderos.

    • fairtruth

      tama ka ongpin…… let the people decide…AQUINO is not a saint to be the role model of every politicians ..He is not the same kind of his mother and so different from his father….and Neither his party…is the ultimate party… In fact his party mates are ex-ARROYOs and ERAPS men… LET NO ONE BE A HYPOCRATE WHO CLAIMS MONOPOLY OF KNOWING WHAT SHOULD A GOOD POLITICAL AFFILIATION BE….especially if he is sleeping in his job, and if he is not sleeping…using his job to favor his constituents at the expense of others….

      • False_Prophet

        far from truth…. the parasites like Arroyo and Corona have drained the Nations strength for too long, and it is time to shed the stench of neglect and decay that you see and smell everyday before you. If you love the Philippines, do you not wish for a nation that can provide clean water to its People, deliver electricity, have paved roads that doesn’t damage your vehicles, have a properly working sewage system that doesn’t back up into your kitchen after every rainstorm, have schools systems that are ready to compete with the world demands, etc.? Only then should the privileged public servants be allowed to own their fifth homes in some foreign country. This is not party politics, this is reality and priorities first. Your selfish little scums will lead the nation into a civil war.

      • fairtruth

        What parasite…ang tindi talaga ng yellow bacteria..It really corrupt a good mind like you so that every good reasoning of yours has been totally corrupted like a computer virus…your talking of neglect and decay..WHO IS NEGLECTING THE COUNTRY TODAY SO THAT THE PROMISE OF STRAIGHT ROAD HAS NOW BEEN DECAYED..kailangan na ng baradero…CLEAN WATER, ELECTRICITY, SCHOOL that what your trying to brag?  What happens to our water system now…Its rate are continuously up with almost the same quality of waters so that the WATER PURIFYING AGENCIES are amassing good profits in their business from those who are not satisfied with the waters deliverd by the water districts… ELECTRICITY… the cost of electricity before and now…THINK OF THE MASSIVE BROWN-OUTS (hope theres no sabotage)  in Mindanao and all the remote areas…Now we go to EDUCATION…Adding insult to the especially the poor ones is the addition of the number of years for a student to graduate just for the sake of what JESLI LAPUS said..GLOBAL ADAPTABILILITY OF OUR GRADUATES… Didn’t you know that with this present number of years of study of our students,  there are a lot of students who enrolled in high school but could not finish their highschools studies due to poverty.. HOW MUCH IF THE GOVERNMENT ADDS ANOTHER 2 YEARS… IRRESPONSIBLE AND UNPLANNED PROGRAM….If the government intends to make those high school students competitive for job abroad, there is the TESDA who is already giving free technical education for those who wants to pursue vocation studies..BESIDES, WHY BURDEN THOSE STUDENTS WHO ARE NOT WILLING TO UNDERGO SUCH STUDIES BECAUSE THEY HAVE THEIR MINDS SET ON JOBS OTHER THAN THOSE BLUE COLLAR ONES…………..GUMISING KA FALSE PROPHET..find an antedote for your yellow bacteria corrupted minds so you may think far more than SAYING AMEN TO YOUR SAINT PNOY sans UNDERSTANDING….YOUR  A PROFESSIONAL I GUESS and behooves you should think as one… BE OPEN MINDED.. 

    • wyl5326

      It looks like you are related to Bobby and a loyal ally of FG  and GoLiar. Let us debate then by email and see how your position changes with facts. 

      • Allan_Ongpin

        so what if i don’t debate? :)

      • Darwin

        bet he didn’t think of that. at least you used your name. he hides behind an unintelligible nickname. macbook brigade must have run out of names and false names to use. hehehe.

  • joerizal

    Kaya talaga dapat i-amend ang constitution para baguhin o alisin ang paghalal sa VP. Since na ginaya na natin ang US Constitution, dapat nilubos na natin ang panggagaya kasi dito sa US, Prez lang binoboto. This ensures na the P and VP are always on the same sides (same party). Ewan ko ba kung bakit naisipang ihalal ng bukod ang VP – walang sense. Kaya ang nangyayari e naa-undermine ang Presidency kung ibang partido ang VP kasi siyempre magkaiba sila ng agenda. Isa pang dapat baguhin e ang pag-appoint sa VP sa key government positions. Ang trabaho lang ng VP e hintaying mamatay ang P sa office para siya mag-takeover – other than that, dapat nagbabasa lang siya ng diyaryo araw-araw sa opisina at hindi nakikisalamuha sa madla. Para naman kasing wala nang pagpilian sa atin. Wala na ba talaga? Ang daming matatalinong nagpo-post dito, baka merong isa o dalawa na puwedeng ilagay sa puwesto.

    – Pilipinas kong minumutya, pugad ng luha ko’t dalita, aking adhika makita kang sakdal laya.

    • sanjuan683

      Dapat kapag ang presidente naging ABNOY palitan agad ng vice-president para umuunlad ang bansa. TAMAD ito si ABNOYING. HEHEHEHEHE

  • quirinomayer

    All those who do not want Binay to become the next president of the republic Like this comment. We cannot afford and allow the ultimate trapo in Malacang because of the simple possibility that he will do to the country what he is doing in Makati – rule it forever. 

  • EdgarEdgar

    Why is Binay partly to blame for noynoying?

    Because Binay assured Noynoy since day one that he won’t stab the president in the back, that the president can sleep soundly with him as the VP. Binay kept his word all along and Noynoy has been sleeping for uninterrupted stretches. Hence, noynoying.

    • wyl5326

      VP Jojo have serve as Cory’s loyal foot soldier and recruited Makati’s rough guys to rally around his allied causes. I may not share the same position as you have Edgar, because I wanted the Thief Justice to be hanged ! However, I’m not sure if VP Jojo will commit himself to removing the Thief Justice, but you may have shared the same position as him with respect to the Thief Justice !

      • EdgarEdgar

        If FVR were president today and did not believe in removing the CJ as the key to rooting out poverty, I am sure he will not be committed to removing CJ. It does not make FVR less of an honest man. LKY always warns Singaporeans to understand social issues well first. Making a wrong decision based on wrong assumptions will result in failure.

  • ernie

    binay will sell his mother just to be elected as the next president of the country. thus to alliance with mitos , maceda and whoever he perceives will help him. i won’t be surprise if bins’t party will add bongbong marcos next…..

    • fairtruth

      In the same way that AQUINO buys the services of BELMONTE,  an previous ARROYO man… AND HIRES THE SERVICES OF  AND EXTREMEST…infact part of which has already been advanced thru the millions given to CPP and MILF…

  • KennonKid

    Definitely. Binay lost in the Ilocos and Cordillera regions last election. Bongbong is his northern Luzon horse ride.

    • fairtruth

      Kahit natalo siya sa lugar nyo NANALO NAMAN SIYA OVERALL…ano ba naman yan..NO EFFECT…..AND sisiguruin niyang manalo siya sa inyo this time…

  • spearheads

    The administration cannot put their acts together in this simple political issue. While the Liberal Party announced that they are not disturbed or feel threatened by the coalition of Binay and Erap’s Party, which is also echoed by PNoy through Lacierda, the top officials of LP challenge to Binay to choose between GMA and PNoy shows the undeniable panic mode. If they don’t “feel threatned” then what’s the use of issuing the challenge anyway? And more importantly, their yellowmobsters keep on blogging contemptuous criticisms against Binay in this website and such other websites of the mainstream media, 24/7. Bakit? Di ba maliwanag nanginginig na kaagad ang mga yellowmobsters ngayon pa lang? Yan ang maliwanag na takot sa sariling multo.

    • fairtruth


  • arthurtyson8

    Sa itsura lang ni Binay, hindi ko siya mapagtiwalaan.

  • tumbokin

    Binay being a seasoned politician that he is will keep
    his card close to his chest until the very last moment …
    then just like magic…ta ta Presto
    Presidente na sya!!! 
    Being a UP grad lawyer he is worthy afterall.

  • santosboi

    ngayon ko talaga napansin.. wala talagang kwenta tong si binay!

  • axe musk

    Binay during his VP candidacy shouted in all his meeting de avance in the provinces that he will make the whole country like “Makati” shold he win! Now where is his promise??? had he reallly made a rural city similar to makati??? Just to earn votes in the North, he trace his roots in Isabela and even speaks the local dialect – Ibanag….

    Common Binay, you’re just the same as the “TRAPOS” in this country and now shows your true political color and just be open with your affiliation with the Arroyo camp… Doom your aim of being the next President….

    • fairtruth

      Common axe…tanga mo…PRESIDENTE MO na siyang komokontrola sa budget eh ayaw ngang gawing San Juan ang Pilipinas at di pa makinig sa mga maralita…AT INSTEAD PALAGI LANG NAGNONOYNOYING…eh paano magagawa ni Binay PANGALAWA LANG SIYA… kinokontrola pa dahil ayaw pagbigyan ang kanyang mga program BAKA MAKA-POGI POINTS AT MAGDUDULOT NG MALAKING PROBLEMA NI ROXAS NA SIYANG AN NOINTED AT CHOSEN ONE…


    • Guest

      Let him join the gang of Arroyo. Mabuti nga.

  • bagombong

     Which is better now…Marcos or Aquino…look at our life now since
    Marcos is gone…its a free for all now…harap-harapan na ang pagpatay,
    kahit kasama mo ang mga anak mo , ang pag-carnap ng sasakyan ang dali
    na..ang pagpasok sa mga Mall ng mga kriminal sandali lang…it never
    happen in Marcos time, mga galit kasi kay Marcos noon ay mga politoko at
    activista..dahil hindi sila makaporma noon…tinulungan sila ng
    mamamayan, kaya heto na tayo ngayon…worst country of all
    time…..anyway this is the kind of life the people of Philippines love
    to be..this there choice…pero yun mga pulitikong inilagay nila
    noon…mayayaman na lahat at hangga ngayon sila pa rin pati mga anak
    nila ang naghahari sa Pinas ngayon….Marcos time is safer than today
    and that is the true…

    • Jose

      You Marcos loyalists really do live in an alternate universe, don’t you?

      Marcos time safer than today?  Yeah, because P-Noy is SO well known for salvaging dissidents, and who REALLY needs free speech?


    • wyl5326

      if your idol is Macoy, then can understand why you don’t like PNoy. During Macoy’s time, I can’t have long hair nor sport whisker in going to school. That’s how people have feared the Martial Law authorities then and you want the country to go back to that era that JPE  and FVR are even afraid of ?

      • TGM_ERICK

        So your more good looking during Marcos time, clean cut look.  What’s your beef? Mapagkamalan kang taong labas noon!

    • False_Prophet

      Only a sadistic and insane person would choose to live under fear and oppression like the  Marcos days. Aside from the world recession, which everyone is feeling directly or indirectly, these are the birth pangs of a real democracy, and those who have partaken in the corruption and thievery should be worried. Ultimately, it will be a better, more transparent Philippines, where trust is restored, and a stronger middle class will hopefully emerge.

    • Niccolosito

      Bakit kaya si Imelda, si Imee, at si Bongbong ay mga nakapuwesto pa inspite of the fact na common knowledge na ang kanilang kabuhayan ay nanggaling sa kaban ng bayan? Ang ating bayan ay nagbabayad dahil sa ugali ng Pinoy na hangaan at suportahan ang pamilya ng kanilang mga idolong pulitiko, buhay man o patay na, at ihalal pagdating ng eleksyon. Ang paghangang ito ay isang dahilan kaya ang Pinoy ay nagiging bulag sa katotohanan. Ang kapalit ng katahimikan sinasabi mo noong panahon ni Marcos ay takot at kawalan ng kalayaan ng mga mamamayan, for one. Ganyan din sa Iraq noong panahon ni Sadaam. At sa Libya noong panahon ni Kadahfi. Napakatahimik sa China at walang masyadong krimen. Pero ano naman ang kapalit? Diktaturya at lahat na ng epekto nito-liquidation ng mga hindi kakampi, pagpapayaman, at pagasasamantala sa kapangyarihan.  Ang isang pang epekto? Pati ang mga kriminal ay takot gumawa ng kalokohan kaya kung titingnan mo, tahimik nga. Pero kung ang diktaturya ay ang tama at epektibong paraan ng paggu-gubyerno, bakit kaya hindi dictatorship ang Amerika, Francia, o England? Pati ang USSR ay nagiba dahil hindi nagwork ang dikataturya ng komunismo. Sa demokrasya, ang isang madalas o palaging problema ay ang peace and order but it’s a small price to pay for freedom. Malaya ang mga taong gawin ang gusto nilang gawin sa buhay at fortunately, comparatively speaking, mas madami ang pumipiling gumawa ng mabuti kaysa sa mga pumipili ng buhay kriminal. Kanya -kanya tayo ng opinyon pero kailangan din tayong mag-isip bago pumorma ng opinyon.       

  • Jose

    I’m a lifelong resident of Makati, and I can say with a lot of certainty that Binay is as corrupt as anyone.

    Seriously, he wins the presidential election, I start looking up how to acquire Spanish citizenship.  Sure, their economy is in tatters, but I still like their chances over a country stupid enough to vote Binay into the presidency.

  • filipinaskoh

    The color of UNA will definitely show on their verdict to Corona. Well it seems UNA forged alliance with GMA and CORONA. Let the people not be fooled by this alliance. This alliance is the same alliance forged by Villar to GMA. 

    Choose candidate wisely, or else the country will just be liked or perhaps worse than that of the GMA and Marcos regime.

    • tiopaero

      filipinaskoh Pinoy administration is the worst of all administrations in this country.

      • MannyKingfisher

        Anak ka yata in Mike sa labas na hindi mo nakikita ang kabulukan ng mag-asawang Arroyo at mga appointed official ni Dwarf na makapal ang mga pagmumukiha.

      • scorpio15

        Kung worst itong pamahala-an ngayon, iwan ko kung makasulat ka pa sa PDI ng ganong mga salita. Baka sa kankungan ka pupulutin at nakadapa kaharap mo ay tubig at lupa at wala ng hininga.

  • ztefertilizerscam4

    Former Fake Pres. Arroyo , corruption and many 

    1. NBN ZTE Scandal

    2. Millions of bribe money to Congressmen and Governors 

    (October 2007)

    3. Cheating in 2004 Elections (HELLO GARCI)

    4. Joc Joc Bolante Case (Fertilizer Scam, P728 Million)

    5. JOSE PIDAL Bank Account (Unexplained Wealth, P200 


    6. NANI PEREZ Power Plant Deal ($2 Million)

    7. Use of Road User’s Tax for Campaigning

    8. Billion Peso Macapagal Boulevard (Overprice of P532 


    9. Juetengate? (Illegal Numbers game kickbacks)

    10. Extra Judicial Killings

    11. Arroyo Moneys in Germany (Exposed by Senator Cayetano)

    12. General GARCIA and Other Military Men

    13. Billion Peso Poll Automation contract to(Mega Pacific) 

    (P1.3 Billion)

    14. Northrail Project($503 Million)

    15.  Maguindanao Results of 2007 Elections (ZUBIRI, BEDOL)

    16.  NAIA-3

    17.  Venable Contract (Norberto Gonzales)

    18.  Swine Scam (Exposed by? Atty. Harry Roque

    19. GLORIA Arroyo son hidden assets in united states



    22.  C-5 road controversy — Senator Manuel Villar

    23.P550-million worth of funds from the Overseas Workers’ 

    Welfare Administration (OWWA).

    24. P780-million LWUA funds-PROSPERO PICHAY

    25. BISHOPS’s SUV-Gloria Birthday gift

    26. Arroyo linked in P325M lotto intelligence fund

    27. Arroyo got P200M in kickbacks from govt projects-Zaldy 


    28. P200.41 billion or $4.6 billion in Malampaya royalties 

    from 2002 to May this year.



    30. 600,000 metric tons of Rotten rice imported from 

    India.Kishore Hemlani, an Indian trader allegedly close to 

    Arroyo, reportedly bagged the P9.5 billion contract for 

    the rice importation. 

    31. DATO ARROYO wife bought the condo unit for $570,000, 

         70-square-meter one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit (Unit 

    No. 533) at the luxury high-rise, full-service Gramercy 

    Towers located at 1177 California St. in upscale downtown 


    32.- P50-million bribe to FG for the president’s veto of 

    two franchise bills

    33. The additional funding led to a 41-percent spike in  

    advertising expenses, from P76.129 million in 2008 to 

    P107.420 million in 2009, which went mostly to ads for 

    Arroyo’s achievements.

    34. The report said the PIA received from the Department 

    of Budget and Management a notice of cash allocations 

    amounting to P344.789 million, even though only P222.488 
    million was appropriated for it under the national budget.

    35.- Denial of pork barrel funds to Malacanang’s political 


    36.- Praises for Jovito Palparan, alleged mastermind of 

    extra judicial killings of militants

    37.- Removal of govt bodyguards for former pres and Arroyo 

     critic, Cory Aquino

    38.- Appointment of manicurist as a member of the board of 


    39. Appointment of gardener as deputy of the Luneta Park  


    40. MIDNIGHT APPOINTMENT of Fake President Arroyo,RENATO CORONA, as SC 

    Thief Justice

          200+ other illegal midnight appointments

    41.- MIKEY ARROYO’s undeclared properties in California

    42.- Pardon of controversial convicted criminals like 

    Ninoy’s murderers

    43.- EO 464; requiring Cabinet members to seek 

    presidential clearance before testifying in Congress 


    44.- Promise (on Rizal Day) to not run for the presidency 

    in 2004

    45.- “Vote Buying” by giving away Philhealth cards

    46.- Taxpayers’ money for her giant billboards and and 

    PCSO tv campaign ads[/b]

    47- Appointment of Ben Abalos, a staunch GMA ally, as 

    COMELEC chair

    48.- Mikey Arroyo’s importation of 32 thoroughbred horses 

    from Australia worth P384 million.

    49.Former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo used 2 choppers 16 

    times, son Mikey 69

    50.PNoy: PAGCOR spent P1 BILLION on coffee

    51.Jose Miguel Arroyo owned helicopters’
    all Robinson R44 Raven Is with Series Nos. 1370 to 1374
    A total of $1,423,025 was paid to Lionair for the five 


    52.Pagcor ‘pabaon’ to Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo: P345M

    53.The godmother’s ties to the Pinedas(Jueteng lord)

    54. Glorietta 2 and Batasan bombings

        The Glorietta 2 bombing happened during the height of 

    the bribery case which took place in Malacañang.

    55. Misuse of Balikatan funds Navy Lt. Nancy Gadian 

    revealed an alleged malversation of funds in 2007

    56. Solon: Charge Gloria Arroyo for taking P98-M from 

    PNoy’s social fund


        Former Armed Forces chiefs of staff Narciso Abaya, 

    Dionisio Santiago, Generoso Senga, Hermogenes Esperon, and 

    Alexander Yano,chiefs of staff – Angelo Reyes, Diomedio  

    Villanueva, and Roy Cimatu and MANY MORE..

    58.Colmenares: GMA had P488 billion in ‘pork.

    59. P1 BILLION down the drain in Arroyo-era jatropha 

    project—DOST chief 
    60.Fishers push plunder rap vs Arroyo in purchase of ice machines( overpriced at P455 million in 2009.)
    61.$225-million overprice of Metro Rail Transit Corp. (MRTC), 
    62.Ongpin “front” for former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo in a P660-million loan from the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP)… of the old Iloilo airport for P1.2 billion to Megaworld Corp. in 2007
    64.And Flight Attendants and Stewards Association of the Philippines (Fasap).CASE

  • Political Jaywalker

    While it is really obvious where Binay is going considering the characters he is assembling similar to that of circus freak side show parade, he has to state categorically where he is headed. But then again that is like asking politicians to be honest and tell the truth which is asking for the impossible, LOL……..

  • johnsonabadsantos

    I think it will be worthwhile if  the public can look closer at  VP Binay at this time. After all, if he will ask for the people’s vote to be the head of our Republic, the citizens should be aware of his record, his character, his accomplishments, his strengths, his weaknesses, even his mistress, if any one still fits the description, the alleged accusations against him, his SALN, his accumulation of wealth over the years as Mayor of Makati, and all relevant laws or ordinances that he has ever created for the welfare of the public he serves.  Then the people can decide if Mr. VP Binay  is a worthy public servant who will put the country’s interest first, worthy of the people’s trust,  and his ambition, SEGUNDA, at hindi Una.

  • tiopaero

    Mga bobong LP talaga ito !!! anong Aquino or Arroyo ? It’s ERAP for Binay ever since. Kelan pa kaya tatalino itong mga tangang LP na ito.

  • bayhill

    is it only Roxas and Binay, these two are pathetic choice.

  • efriend

    It is clear as black and white.  Do not vote for BINAY.

  • Rorschach

    “Interestingly, Binay’s daughter, Representative Abigail Binay-Campos, did not sign the impeachment complaint against Corona.”

    Tanga nalang ang hindi nakaka-alam kung bakit:




  • tagasampaloc

    UNA is no threat at all to the administration bets as it is headed by Binay and ERAP both RECYCLED trapos. Mahilig mamangka sa dalawang ilog ang mga ito at parehong kurap. This is the reason why they will not choose between Aquino and Arroyo (whom to support) if dared to. They are playing it safe.
    They are dumb. We have already an awakened and informed electorates, we are in cyber-age and can communicate so easily that crooks, thieves, and corrupts would be exposed in a heartbeat.
    Translation: everything is transparent now that even P-noy govt can’t slack on us without being seen as such.

  • wyl5326

    It is high time for VP Jojo to dip his toe into the Thief Justice’s impeachment, instead of just taking a free ride now ! In fact, since his UNA is fielding Senatorial bets, his bets must be against corruption too strongly advocate for True Jusdicia Reform, which the Thief Justice have turn into a Dysfunctional Judiciary. VP Jojo can’t be allowed to stay on the sideline, even as Thief Justice have openly accused Mar as a conspirator to his impeachment ! With that background, Delicadeza dictates that VP Jojo should also declare he supports the impeachment of Thief Justice !

    • JasminCubacub

      you don’t know anything more than “thief justice”? why don’t you talk about “thief president” kasi ninakao (binorsa)  ni Simeon 40M excess in election campaign funds.

  • Pedro_Gil

    Binay, Gloria, Marcos and Estrada and their families (Nepotism) all came for the same purpose.  They flock together, same dogs with a different collar. 

    Dont need to ask Binay.

    • Basang Sisiw

      true. looks like they are cooking something behind closed doors. itong si Binay dapat suportahan nya ang admin dahil naguumpisa palang mag tuwid ng daan. ito namang si Estrada di pa kuntinto sa presidential pardon ni GMA, hihirit pa. 

    • spearheads

      Ninoy Aquino, Cory Aquino, Noynoying, anong tawag mo dyan, hindi ba Political Dynasty? Ang maliwanag na pagkakaiba lang ay mas matitino at normal yong mga magulang.

  • Sanzju

    Sayang lang ang pera ng gobyerno para sa election. Wala namang kuwentang kandidato ang tumatakbo. Mas mabuti pa mag-spirit of the glass na lang sa Senado at palabasin sila Senador Jose Diokno, Lorenzo Tanada, Claro Recto, Ambrosio Padilla at Ninoy Aquino..makatipid pa.

  • pinoyako888

    …no need for binay to lay down his cards…a trapo will always be a trapo, period.

  • tiopaero

    Bakit ba umuusok ang mga ilong ng mga bloggers ng baklang Carandang kay Binay ?

    dahil ba sa walang silbi si Panot at masipag si Binay ? o dahil ba sa baliw si Panot at normal si Binay ?

    o dahil ba pag nandyan si Binay lalong nagmumukang batugan si Noynoy Abnoy ?

    Sobrang insecurities naman yata na yan OA na ang dating  sa mamayan.

    Definitely, Binay will be the next president rather than porma-lang palagi Mar Roxaz.

    Same way, CJ Corona will be acquitted by the impeachment court.

    • Erlinda Brave

      so kay binay at corona fiesta na nmn ang mga corrupt…kamalas talaga ng pilipinas….

  • Marlon

    bakit PNOY ABNOY at GLORIA lang ang choices???

    wala bang third choice katulad ng FILIPINO PEOPLE???

    kapal ng mukha ng mga alipores ni Pnoy Abnoy. pag hinde kaalyado ng administrasyon, ibig sabihin ay maka-Gloria na???

    noong kalakasan ng mga rally laban kay Gloria, sino ang naglakas ng loob na mag bigay ng permit na magsagawa ng mga dambuhalang anti-Gloria rally sa Makati dahil bawal sa ibang siyudad ng Metro Manila???

    SI BINAY!!!

    at ano ang ginagawa ng mahal nating pangulo noong mga panahon na iyon na siya pa ay Congressman ng Tarlac at Senador ng Bayan???

    NAG-NOYNOYING!!! wala kang narinig na batikos mula kay Panot laban kay GMA noon. panay PSP lang.

    • Basang Sisiw

      iba na ngayon si pnoy. medyo umiikot na ang demokrasya sa PH. Dapat tuloy tuloy na paimbistigahan ang mga may mga unexplained wealth na trapos dyan.

  • goavan

    akala ko ba hindi sila threaten but looks they are really threaten and insecure pa.  si abad and abaya nangangarap din kasi maging senador yan.  poor guys! 

  • oracle888

    Binay has no political principle for the country. He is an opportunist. He tries to get the best of both world by stepping on two boats. While hanging with the Administration, he is coddling with the old corrupt political power group just to ensure his winning on the 2016 presidential election.

    Hopefully, by that time, the Filipino people are well educated and informed about the important of their votes in electing a government official for they are tied up with their future; and their children’s too.

    • Niccolosito

      Well said my friend. Opportunist is the word that best describes Binay.  Unfortunately, he has a lot of charisma that blinds uneducated or simple-minded voters and makes them forget or ignore Binay’s shameless nepotism and questionable acquisition of personal wealth.

    • Basang Sisiw

      unexplained wealth of the Binays must be investigated before the elections. this kind of trapo has the ways and means to win in the elections the old way.

  • Roberto Magdamit

    Binay is a highly perceived corrupt politician and a nepotist.  I fear a Binay presidency and it will absolutely drag down the Philippines into an economic downward spiral spiral again if he’s elected by the immature masses.  

  • wee

    Abad should know better that there’s no place in politics for reason or logic! It’s pure self-interest and survival.

    • beerhunters

      Survival of the fittest, the elimination of the unfit! Kill or be killed. Eat or be eaten.

  • Good_Governance

    With his formation of the UNA senatorial slate, trapo Binay has unmasked himself as a Trojan horse within Pnoy’s administration.  Yet he is given no worse than a “let’s give him the benefit of a doubt” treatment by Pnoy’s partymates in the Liberal Party.  Perhaps the forthcoming impeachment vote is making them tread carefully at this time, and to handle Binay with kid gloves.  After all, they need all the votes they can get, including the votes of some incumbent senators who might decide to cast their lot with Binay in the 2013 elections.   I hope they will replace their kid gloves with brass knuckles after Corona’s impeachment vote because that is what Binay deserves.

  • Ruben

    Binay replied:  BOTH

    • Tristanism

      I have no doubt in my mind that Binay is thinking exactly that.

  • MannyKingfisher

    What do people think of Binay? He’re what I can say about this person. Once he is elected as president he will put his wife sons’ daugthers, nephews, nieces and maybe his dogs and cats to elected positions. As of now Binay’s family are replete of the political dynasty so far only in Makate. What if he is the president of the RP. God forebade, the Philippines will be run by the Binay family just like another clan of the Arroyos, who when there was no more district to run for their son created a district for convenience even if it did not qualify base on the criteria of a distgrict, thanks to the CJ of the supreme court. This guy was one of those OIC during the time of Cory’s first year who already practiced corruption. Give him the presidency and he will be worse than the dwarf president.

    Quo vadis Philippines?

    • beerhunters

      if Binay wins then it is the will of God, for “the voice of the people is the voice of God”! Just accept God’s chosen trapos!

  • MarkMen2000

    Binay is riding on his popularity right now. He will do everything just to make sure he will be elected the next president. He is recruiting allies to make to this happen. The vice president should focus on his work  and should not participate in the next election. 

  • tra6Gpeche

    So far, I have nothing against Mr. Binay’s performance as a public servant in the government especially when he was Mayor of Makati City. However, it seems like many families in the Philippines have at least two or three members elected by the Filipino people in the government. This is a joke! Political dynasty should be spurned and not tolerated by all Filipinos. This political dynasty system is one of the serious impediments of the success of ordinary Filipinos. These political dynasties completely own the lives & the future of each and every Filipino. There is no wonder middle class in the Philippines is almost non-existent. Because of their greed, political dynasty families always have unimaginable & despicable wealth while many, many Filipinos are languishing in unconscionable poverty and hardships. Accepting political dynasty means most Filipino voters are not using their brain.

  • Niccolosito

     Gising na bayan. Nakikita na natin ang tunay na Binay. Oras na para mawala na sa eksena ang mga proven corrupt politicians at magkakaisa  na huwag ihalal ang mga ito sa ano mang puwesto. Bayan, huwag ka nang pakukuha sa matatamis na pananalita ni Binay at maniwalang ang puso niya ay para sa mahihirap katulad ni Bigote. Huwag mong gagayahin ang mga botantes sa Makati na ibinoto ang asawa at anak ni Binay sa puwesto. Tama na!!

  • wanglee


    • to0

      Dapat, ipakain sa pating ang politiko na namimili ng boto. Ganun din ang nagbebenta. Kaya puro Chinese and mga nasa gobyerno natin dahil sila ang namimili ng boto. Sila rin ang pinakakurap. Walang moralidad ang mga ito. Ang policy nila ay “Highest bidder.”

      • Basang Sisiw

        me moralidad ba ang insekto?

    • ddano

       Hindi lang mga Bobo ang nagbebenta ng kanilang Boto. Dayaan sa election ang “nagpapanalo” sa mga yan.

    • beerhunters

      again and again the people voted them into office, but then “the voice of the people is the voice of God”. therefore God has chosen those trapos to be in the office! ha ha ha !!

  • be honest

    Politics Politics and all Politics.
    Come on guys its still a year to go and the admin is jokeying and positioning itself already.
    Do things good for the people, elevate their living standards, strengthen the country FIRST. Thats what people elect the president for.
    With this early ” drawing the line “, both sides will be pre-occupied with pre-campaigning.
    Oh gosh poor people will get poorer.

    • Migdonio

       Correction… it is Vice Pres. Binay who is  positioning himself and not the admin..this early he admitted that he is running for president in 2016 and he has invited trapos for his senatorial slate..

  • to0

    The leadership of the Liberal Party is acting childist. It’s a waste of time and effort. All Binay said is that he will run and that he needs candidates for the Senatorialiables. Also, most likely, he needs also those running for Mayors and etc. Let’s not fuel the issue into something else. 

    It would be better for the Majority to concentrate on Nation building particularly the economy, unemployement, malnutrition, fuel crisis, high cost of hospitalization, and last INFLATION.

    • Migdonio

       The leadership of LP is right and not being fact you would be so naive not to react…for .how can Binay support the programs and policies of the admin when he is surrounded by the corrupt lackeys of Marcos and Arroyo?…Wla na ba syang maipon na matitinong tao kundi sila Maceda(so young and so corrupt), Jackie Enrile( ang terror na anak ni Juan Ponce)Joey de Venecia(anak ng tuta ni Marcos)..ang anak nyang Congresswoman(political dynasty talaga..pakapalan na)atbp.. nakakaloka talaga at NAKAKASUKA NA ANG MGA TAONG TO…..

  • athenapallas

    Pustahan tayo pipiliin ni Binay ang mga kapwa nya korap – very good! para ng sa ganon political suicide na sya. nagising na ang madlang Pilipino, sukang-suka na sa mga korap na politikong nasa line-up ng UNA ang mga madlang Pilipino.

    Sige, Binay, magsama kayo ng mga korap na yan para kaput ka na rin.

  • ddano

    The question that needs to be asked is : Who will P-Noy support during the next Presidential election, Binay or Roxas ( or whoever the LP will field)? But 2016 still far.

    • AmBoy24

      before panot can decide who among binay ang roxas he will support,the question is-IS HE STILL THE PRESIDENT WHEN THAT TIME COMES?4 years is still long way to go.panot may be ousted before the next presidential election.

      • MannyKingfisher

         Do you have the power to oust the president? What is your position in the ph that you seems are certain on the unseating of the president before his term ends? What mega influence do you have? Are you the kampon of these trapos who can convince the senators, congressman and the people to rally for the impeachment of the pres? Are you Atty. Lozano and the likes who every now and then file impeachment case to the pres? Bay, you are maybe daydreaming. Wake up and better think of a decent job for a living. Don’t be a parasite. Juan de la Cruz don’t need the like of you.

    • adrenalyn_high2011

      …pinatatawa mo ba ako…si Binay kasama sa choices ni PNoy sa 2016?

  • otepau68

    Haayyy apo, that is too early for politicking. I wish these leaders will instead put their efforts together for good governing. They can not clash and follow a straight path altogether! They might have more fun. This seems to be their priority ;-(.

  • JK1000

    Binay is a corrupt politician from Makati, he created a dynasty without shame by letting his NO SHAME children run in offce. He’s no different from the NO SHAME,CORRUPT family dynasty such the likes of Marcos, Enrile, Escudero, Estrada, and other corrupt politicians. UNA means UNA sa pagnanakaw sa kaba ng Bayan. their Senatorial line up composed of the most corrupt traditional politicians in the Country. Honasan, Kit Tatad, Maceda,Jacki Enrile and others.

    • rem_rod

       oo nga pati ang mga Aquinos, Cojuancos, Osmenias, Garcias, Dutertes, etc. Whether we like it or not, this are faces of the Philippine political dynasties. So ano ang reklamo ba?

  • Migdonio

    Kung ang kinukuha ni Binay ay Marcos, Arroyo at Estrada loyalist malamang si Bongbong ang kunin nyang Vice Pres…pero sa totoo lang puro naman galing yan kay Marcos..Enrile. De Venecia,.Maceda,.Escudero …lumitaw na ang pagkatrapo ni Binay sa pagkuha sa mga taong ito,,ganyan na ba ang policy ng PDP-LABAN ngayon??….ang makiapid sa mga taong minsan ay nang-abuso at lumapastangan sa karapatan ng sambayanang Pilipino?

    • beerhunters

      “In politics, there are no permanent enemies nor permanent friends, there are only temporary allies and permanent self interest.” 

      • AmBoy24

        in short ay puro mga hunyango.palit-palit lang kulay.

  • Max Elemino

    A great politician never open his cards to anybody except to himself otherwise he will just set in one corner.

  • JK1000

    Kawawa ang Bayan dahil sa mga inutil na botante na pilit ibinoboto ang mga trapos na magnanakaw sa Bayan. Bumabalik na naman ang mga alipores ni Marcos na sina Maceda, Kita Tatad, Enrile, Honasan, Escudero at iba pa. Si Binay ay nabili na nina Marcos ang kanyang prinsipyo. Sina Estrada walang kupas pa rin walang hiya katulad ng mga Marcosses.

    • spearheads

      Mabuti naman at inamin mo na, “Kawawa ang bayan dahil sa mga intutil na botante…” now eat your own words, kung may konti kang isip.

  • anu12345

    If a man can cheat his wife, the closest (and presumably dearest) person to him, . . . . 

  • prangka

    Corona should only be impeached on the presence of strong evidence only and not political affiliation. Otherwise, justice will be denied to the Chief Justice.

  • manny_ksa

    Opposition party… opportunist party. Iwas na sa mga mapagsamantala sa bayan.

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    Binay does not have to choose. Doble kara yata yan.

    • jack

      tama ka jan….oportunista yang si binay, basta maisulong ang kanyang personal na agenda, wala siyang paki, ingat tayo jan kay binay…

      • AmBoy24

        si binay ay wala pa sa posisyon ng gaya kay panot.mas nakakatakot pa ang mga bagay na gagawin ni panot sa 4 na taon.

      • wyl5326

        I’m curious on why you seems to hate PNoy so much by constantly inserting him, even when topic has nothing to do with him directly ! Since you don’t seem to care for anything else, I wonder what is your beef with PNoy ? Why don’t you take up my challenge and debate me by email ? You are a coward for refusing to accept my bet that I’ve given you a 100 to 1 odd and projected as if I can’t match your resource !

      • AmBoy24

        what’s the use of debating you if you have a miniscule mind like panot.i will not waste my time to a stupid like you.

      • jeroxsyd

        hoy AmBoy24,hinahamon ka ni wyl5326,kumasa ka na at ng magkaalaman na kung meron talagang sense pinagsasabi mo o baka naman tuta ka lang ni pandak at thief justice…hehehe

  • Andoy51

    Binay is turning out to be the exquisite traditional politician who si willing to sleep with anyone as long as it’s convenient for his presidential ambition. Honestly, I don’t trust such a man. If elected, he will do nothing but pay political debts, just like Gloria Arroyo.

    And what about his record as the ultimate percenter — he reportedly gets a certain percentage of any major property project in Makati? 

    As somebody suggested, don’t be surprised if Binay ends up running in tandem with Bongbong Marcos. What a shame, a former human rights lawyer consorting with the son of the dictator. 

    • adrenalyn_high2011

      this tandem BINAY-MARCOS is not a remote possibility…

  • Beguine

    Binay is for Binay. He’s open and transparent about
    exploiting to the fullest his chance to run in 2016
    for the top post.

    The question is, will the people vote for him and his candidates?

    No. The voters will give him and his candidates a lesson
    they will not forget.

    • anodawateglow

       Binay is pretending to be a sheep.  I won’t vote for him.  With ex-convict (estrada) as his backers plus the allies of corrupt former arroyo administration they don’t deserve a place in government in my opinion.

  • D_BystandeR

    It is a generally accepted fact that in politics there is no permanent friends and permanent enemies. But politicians always look for things to best benefit their interest to promote their superiority in the name of power politics. If they switched friends with enemies it will now be up to the people whose sublime interest for public governance is at stake to embrace or to junk those whom they consider as anti-people and anti-progress.

  • LabkoPinas

    Mr. Abad and the rest of the Liberal party should realize that the way they are going which throwing the whole book to their enemies but sparing their friends in this corruption charge is not holding the tide. In a year’s time with the economy in shambles and the unfairness of their supposed corruption drive, no sane politician will join their band wagon.

  • nelsonkamloon

    Binay stands for Binayaran or mababayaran. He is a strong contender for the top post & the bidding from the present & past corrupt TRAPOS will soon  begin.

  • AmBoy24

    sige,ulikba at sagpangin mo si panot.pare-parehas lang naman kayong puro inutil.

  • gilrene

    Mapanganib ang mga kandidatong ganito, mahilig magkunwari at pakitang tao. Akala mo pro OFW, yon pala sa likod mo lobo. Takot sila sa pagbabago dahil sila sa signatory ng corruption. Mas nais nilang isulong ang corruption sa bansa para ituloy ang paglustay ng pera ng taong bayan. Gising na po ang bansa. Marami na ang kumikilos upang iparating ang lahat ng baho o kabutihan ng kandidato na gustong tumakbo sa halalan. 
    Kahit bata sa elementary alam na gumamit ng internet at text. Hindi nyo na maloloko ang sambayanang Pilipino. Gagastos ng milyon-milyong pera para manalo, pagkatapos babawiin sa kaban ng bayan. Mga garapal tama na po. Kung pwede lang gamitan ng cosmic waves itong mga garapal na ito, e disable ko ang mga isip nito para hindi na makagawa ng pagpakasakit sa mamayang Pilipino. 

    • AmBoy24

      hanggat may mga botanteng nagbebenta ng kanilang mga boto,hanggat may mga bobong botante na hindi ginagamit ang mga utak walang mababago sa takbo ng politika sa atin.sila-sila,tayo-tayo,kami-kami na lang mga kandidato.kakasawa na ang mga politikal dynasty na iyan.dapat ng masugpo ang masamang kalakaran sa politika.

    • tonito

      Sangayon ako sa mga sinabi mo.  Hindi kailangan ng Pilipinas ang mga kandidatong walang tunay na malasakit sa bayan.  Bistado na ang kulay ng mga kandidatong katulad ni Binay.  Pilipinas, sana magising na kayo.

    • victorts

      Ang sambayanang Pilipino ay madaling lokohin.  Lahat na nahalal na pangulo ng Pilipinas ay naloko ang mga botante, maliban kay Magsaysay.

  • TulisangDagat

    maaga pa para  mangampanya mahina pa ang pondo……….

  • Jean

    i will not vote for him, should he run in the next presidential election. I did not vote for him in the last vp race. 

    • AmBoy24

      definitely binay ulikba will run for president.and for sure hindi magiging kawalan ang boto mo dahil ubod ng dami ang mga tangang botante sa atin.

    • Mickey

      I don’t think he needed your vote anyways. So STOP making yourself important. Just vote for whomever you want.

  • D_BystandeR

    We may not like Binay the way he forms his coalition party and the people he plans to fill up  his senatorial lineup. But the final outcome will be judged if we see how the opposite party is developed and how the names that carry their winnability will eventually match the price tags in terms of competence, honesty and integrity.

  • Tirador Ngbuwaya

    VERY  GOOD  QUESTION TO  BINAY !  NO  MORE  PLAY SAFE  for  Binay!  He is very silent on the issues of  prosecuting PGMA  for corruption and impeachment of CJ Corona. .  .  He is afraid he might offend the followers of PGMA  and CJ  Corona,. .  thereby losing their votes in the 2013 and 2016 elections. . .He wants to get the votes from all sides. .  NO  PRINCIPLE ! NO INTEGRITY ! NO HONOR !  Certified TRAPO  from top to bottom,. .  inside – out !!

  • Joaquin Fernandez

    When PNoy announced his desire to include some persons in the senatorial lineup we hear a lot of protests from Maceda, Tatad, the House minority of pre mature electioneering. Now that VP Binay is openly announcing this same plan and at much greater magnitude, these hypocrites are silent. Anyway, it seem that nothing would prevent Binay from setting his eyes on the presidency even if it is still a good 4 years from now, not even a pact with the devil is almost welcome. He is slowly following the path of Joker Arroyo, Charito Planas and many other Edsa 1 personalities who fought Marcos but later showed their true colors when given the chance to fulfill their selfish desires. Come on Mr. VP, let us see your true color now, not your skin color but your conscience.   

    • rick

      sir don’t worry itong si tatad at maceda wala ng kakaunin ang mga iyan kaya nambuburaot na lang ang mga yan…ni sa baranggay di na lulusot ang mga iyan…mga mapapel lang ang mga iyan pero bistado na ang mga iyan…

  • edleon

    Binay is now showing his true color…  I will not vote for him again! 

    • victorts

      He has always been black, not yellow.

  • victorts

    It is unfair to ask Binay at this point whether he is for Aquino and supports the prosecution of Arroyo and the impeachment of Corona.  For one, the Arroyo and Corona cases are judicial in nature and should be left for the courts to decide.

     I am sure Binay will be for Aquino’s objective to improve the lot of the people and will be campaigning for the eradication of corruption.  Other than that, Binay will be his own man with his own agenda and plans for the country if he wins the presidency in 2016.  Already, he is paving the way by putting up a formidable senatorial slate in the 2013 elections.

    • wyl5326

      beg to disagree with Thief Justice case, because it is purely political and that is why they don’t follow strcit legal procedures ! VP Jojo should show where he stood on the impeachment of the Thief Justice, but he wants to also count on the support of the INC, so he will just keep his mouth shut on the issue !

  • anton

    Kahit kay satanas, makikipagalyansa si Binay basta manalo. Huwag nang umasa ang LP, si Roxas ang manok niyo nung election. Si Binay nakikipaglaro lang naman sa inyo para mabigyan ng cabinet post para and pundo ng upisina ay gagamitin niya sa kanyang kampanya. Di niyo ba napapapansin na di siya sumasawsaw sa mga malalaking issues kasi pa-good shot siya sa lahat ng partido. Ganuun ang taong mapagsamantala.

    • dinadaga

       sino bang satanas ang tinutukoy mo? Ang balita kong kaalyansa ni VP Binay noong nakaraang election ay si Hon. Cong. Peping Cojungco.

  • dinadaga

    Sana kasabay ng pagtatanong ni Sec. Abad kung si VP Binay ay pro o anti administration, ipahayag din sana niya kung tanggap na ba niya si VP Binay bilang halal na Vice President ng bayan. Ang pangit naman na tinatanong mo kung kakampi ka ba pero di naman pala tanggap ng tunay na kakampi dahil umiiyak pa sa isang tabi si Mar Roxas.

  • Taiko_Kauna

    magaling si binay, na improve pa niya ang pamamaraan ni marcos, kaya mapanganib na tao ito lalo street smart pa. Para sa kanya walang masamang tinapay, the end justifies the means ang principyo nyan. Ang tanong paano ba nagkamal ny salapi ang taong ito samantalang kilalang pobre din sa makati dati yan? Nakita niyo naman kung paano mananamit yan ng unang umupo sa Makati ng ina-appoint ni Pimentel after the revolution, dugyot din! Isipin nyo, anak niya na konsehal at that time, nakapagtayo ng 50M na bahay. Madali isipin kung saan panig siya, sa dalawang ilog lagi namamangka! Ang mga maralita sa  Makati ay natutuwa na rin seguro bagama’t momo’t buto na lang ang ihinahagis sa kanila, ang choice cut naka Binay lahat. Gising na Makati!

  • padrefaura

    patawa talaga ang administration na ito. halatang kabado na kay binay. gusto nilang idikit si binay kay GMA para mabawasan ang popularity nya.

    tandaan ninyo, hindi lahat ng ayaw kay Pnoy ay pro-Gloria.

    • dinadaga

       Kung nagawa nila yan kay Sen. Villar, remember “villaroyo”, baka simulan na sa media ang “binayorro”. Paging abs.

  • shane54emil

    haha, trying to link the rival party to Arroyo is an old campaign strategy of LP…
    C/mon LP, Arroyo is history…just link Binay and Erap to their own style of corruption and Im sure 12-0 na kayo sa 2013 senate race.

  • batangpaslit

    Mr Abad is a poor campaign strategist. He’s a bad manager to run an electoral contest.
    In the last presidential elections, he was told that Mar Roxas would be junked. He refused to lend credence to the report.
    Now, he is still wondering whether Binay supports the Aquino Administration, or Binay is now a self declared opposition

  • shane54emil

    No need to link the rival party to Arroyo…its an old strategy…
    Why not expose the corruptions of Binay and Erap to end their political careers?

    • dinadaga

       ano pa kaya ang di pa na expose.Sa kabila niyan, nanalo si VP Binay at pumangalawa si Pres. Erap. Pero huwag sanang maliitin si Sec. Butch Abad, nasa congreso ang asawa, nasa malacanang siya at kanyang anak at ang isa pang anak ay nasa isang cabinet secretary. Sana lang di totoo ang tsimis na may relasyon siya sa isang natalong progresibong kandidato sa senado.

  • Rey Ban

    pag isasali nyo pa si vp binay sa cj corona and gma activity ninyo mga yellows di wala nang magtatrabaho para sa b ayan nyan?busy na kayo lahat as prosecutors..pabayaan nyo si vp na atendehan ang mga mamayan..saka dami nyo ng membro galing sa lakas ah? bigyan nyo nman tropa ni vp binay ng iba pang galing sa lakas..hati hati lang..hahaha masyado nman kayo selosa hahaha…yung mga balimbing na nsa mga kampo nyo galing sa lakas mga yan..wala na kasi pork barrel sa opposition..

  • andrew lim


    That’s who he is. So he will bring back the Marcoses, the Arroyos, as long as he becomes President. That’s the only principle he really holds on to.

    • Philcor

      as if naman, diyos na diyos ang mga bakla,baboy at bobo sa liberal…

      • andrew lim

        as if naman, diyos na diyos ang mga corrupt, mandaraya, mandarambong at sinungaling sa UNA….

    • dinadaga

      It will be good for the country. We can finally become united and really move on to economic development and eradicate poverty.

      • jgl414567

        Naive people like you are what Binay wants because he can easily fool people like you! Wake up!!

      • dinadaga

         gisingin mo ang mga taong naghahabol sa mga marcoses. Me substantial na nangyari na ba? O sila ang nakinabang at yumaman. Kay Binay, he will unite these people towards a real united leadership that will lead to economic development and eradication of poverty.

  • RyanE

    No brainer question.. by all means VP Binay will do everything perhaps even sleeping with the devil himself just to realize his dream of becoming the president of the country. As the saying goes.. ambition knows no bounds!

    • dinadaga

       Tama ka diyan. VP Binay will unite the country and lead the economic development and eradication of poverty.

      • indiosbravos2002

        I dont think you understood what RyanE was implying. Hehehe. Read carefully unless tagged as rat brained

      • dinadaga

         with VP Binay as President, he can bring together the Marcoses, the Aquinos, the Arroyos, Ramos and Estrada. He will protect their interests but most of all protect the interest of the people. He will lead with unity towards economic development and eradication of poverty. Rat brained ka pa diyan.

      • indiosbravos2002

        Hehehe. The main interest of the Arroyos, Marcoses and Estrada/Ejercito does not coincide with the public’s interest. Their interest is to steal and suck out the life of the nation. If Binay will protect them then that is what you’ll get from Binay, happy days of corruption.

      • dinadaga

         Are you speaking in their behalf coz you believe you have the same interest? A healing and unifying president can bring all these leaders together to pursue their desire of economic development and eradication of poverty.

      • indiosbravos2002

        Then you are talking about someone else. Definitely not binay.

  • carlcid

    Binay was against Arroyo all the time that P-Noy was kissing Arroyo’s behind. I wouldn’t distinguish which one is the greater political opportunist, because P-Noy was converted into the opposition to Arroyo much, much later than Binay. The Liberal party is merely trying to create a tempest in a teapot. After all, the Liberal party was once identified as pro-Arroyo and many of its leading lights, specially Franklin Drilon, once ran under Arroyo’s slate. Now they try to turn the tables against Binay.

  • Ulipur

    1. UNA and LP can form a coalition by adopting the following as common candidates: Escudero,  Honasan,  Pimentel, AP Cayetano, Trillianes, Legarda.

    2. The last 6 slots can be allocated as follows:

    3 slots for UNA
    3 slots fo LP

    3. The condition for the common candidates: they will vote for the conviction of renato.

    4. The condition for the sharing of the last 6 slots: All six candidates are recognized as non-supporters of gloria.

    Hopefully the coalition of UNA and LP can field at least 4 candidates representing Mindanao, with at least one Muslim candidate.

    • Maverick

      Roxas won’t agree to any coalition with Binay precisely because of 2016 presidential elections. 

      • Ulipur

        That’s the point. PNoy should not allow Roxas to control LP. PNoy does not owe Roxas anything. His actions should not be dependent on what will satisfy Mar.

        Mar is for himself (nothing wrong with that)

        Binay’s continuous support for PNoy will be good for the country. Same as Mar’s support.

        Good performance on the part of Binay and Roxas will be good for the country.

      • thadeothadeo

        That will never happen – “PNoy will not allow Roxas to control LP.”  

        Roxas is LP, true dyed-in-the-wool LP.  He is the Liberal Party body and soul.  

        PNoy has no political savvy compared to Roxas and Binay.  These two politicians are just using the naive PNoy for their posturings and their support for him is only as good as PNoy is enjoying popularity.

          PNoy was supposed to resign after three years in favor of Roxas if Roxas had won.  Now he has to live with that fact that he has to stay as president even if the job is cramping his laid-back, happy-go-lucky lifestyle.  But he owes a debt of gratitude to Roxas and the LP. And the LP will not be dictated by PNoy. 

        PNoy is a hostage and is now being used as a puppet by the seasoned LP stalwarts.

    • Jaw Elle

      ikaw na lang kaya ang mag-organize ng UNA. nagmamarunong k..

  • Maverick

    Typical Noytard mentality: If you run against Noynoy, you’re pro-Arroyo. What narrow minded turds! 

    • jgl414567

      And your naivete is simply mind boggling in it’s stupidity!

      • Jaw Elle

        you’re more stupid..

  • Francis M Lee

    In the philippine politics there are no permanent friends and enemies, VP Binay if elected president will advocate as a healing president so basically the anti corruption drive of PNoy will not be his priority.

  • Kaloy

    Sooner but not later the truth will come out VP Binay.
    He has been capitalizing on his connections with the mother of President  Aquino, the late President Cory, to get continuing support from the Administration.

    In the 2010 election he opted to oppose Mar Roxas for VP because because the anti corruption campaign promises of both Aquino and Roxas had been a very clear warning to Binay. He did this as a safety measure if he win the election.

    Binay won, although still under protest, and he is now untouchable as VP of Noynoy and continuing to lip service his loyalty to the Aquinos.

    But what has VP Binay doing recently? He created the UNA coalition and expanding by inviting GMA’s allies to join him in the like of Zubiri, Magsaysay Maceda etc.

    Binay is a political genuis and most outstanding trapo in the Philippine history.

    All his moves are aimed at maintaining a political dynasty to the level of the presidency while amassing more wealth and power free from any investigation.

    • NoronJamel

       You’re right Kaloy. this Binay, is a user! Let us continue to dig all his and family’s anomalous transactions & wrongdoings in Makati, Isabela and Batangas so we all the Filipinos shall know the real colors of this usurper.

    • Nald_Ap

      Didn’t President Aquino capitalized also on his affiliation to his mother.  He said that he was just “forced” to run when his mother died.  Thats the only time his popularity increased. 

      “All his moves are aimed at maintaining a political dynasty to the level of the presidency while amassing more wealth and power free from any investigation.”

      What about the Aquino dynasty? 

      • fojar

        May Aquino dynasty ba?

    • Ulipur

      Andar na ang mga maka-Roxas. Uupakan na nang uupakan si Binay.

      Pero coming very soon. The looming presidential bid of Bongbong Marcos.

      A three-cornered fight:

      BINAY  …UNA

  • mekeni62

     either it’s a dare or a trap.Whichever why is the Palace so concerned about such a move.In the first place Binay is not an LP member and he has already confirmed his desire to run for the presidency.He has been supportive of Pnoy since Day 1. But he is just pursuing an ambition. So what is the problem? At least Binay had the desire while Pnoy was just forced to run. That could spell a difference in their performance.

  • 19KaraniwangTao72

    Yan ang natural na CRAB MENTALITY ng MALACANAN. Porke ba bumuo ng coalition at kukuha ng kandidato na ka-partido ni PGMA ibig bang sabihin “anti-Pnoy” or “anti-Corruption” na agad?

    Simple lang po ang ginagawa ni VP Binay. Kumukuha siya ng kandidato di lamang po dahil ang mga ito’y galing sa opposition party, ito’t dahil sa ang mag ito’y may “MAGAGAWA NA MAGSILBI SA TAONG BAYAN”. Hindi puro pasarap o pro-PDAF (Pork Barrel) lang ang habol.

    • spider69

      anong say mo, magsilbi sa taong bayan. mayor pa lang si Binay ng Makati ay puro kurakutan na. bawat building na itatayo sa Makati ay may isang unit siya. or else hindi mapipirmahan ang permit. ang dali talaga makalimot ng Pinoy. ang isang consehala ng Makati ay hindi nasikmura ang kurakutan at isinoli niya ang pera na suhol at napasama pa ang babaeng consehal.

    • Adrian Clemente Jr.C

      Did you understand the article before you threw your comment?  

  • jgl414567


    • Jaw Elle

      then charge him with corruption in Ombudsman if that is your allegation otherwise you are just a moron…

    • alfred_derfla

      are you one of the demons of A-bad pnoy who liked to demonized their political opponent? if you have evidence against binay, then file a case against him…don’t putak-putak if you don’t have proof… are just the same as A-bad pnoy, lasingda, Mr. AK-47, Mr. 80k Laptop, daldalerang justicesec, etc……..

  • tabalu

    ayan na po ang debris ng nokor rocket, aba’y pansinin nyo naman! gusto nyo magdasal na lang kami tapos kayo matagal pa yan nagbabangayan na kayo, buseet!

  • PBA

    natataranta na ang LP harharhar

  • $15469930

    Marami din taong naloloko itong si binay….. Kaya dapat lang huwag iboto itong mga manloloko….kaibigan niya ang mga corrupt sa gobyerno kaya siya ay hindi favor sa anti corruction ….kaya din mataas ang kanyang surveys dahil narin sa suporta ng mga corrupt sa gobyerno…..

  • albert

    Binay dared to choose: Aquino or Arroyo?  << kung ayaw mo kay aquino at ayaw mo din kay arroyo, pano yan? best answer is.. none of the above.

  • nestleraisinets

    hipokrito, eh karamihan ng mga members ng majority sa kongreso eh mga dating ally ni arroyo

  • PBA

    the anti corruption campaign of Pnoy is a joke, if KKK is involved no criminal case, if political enemies criminal case will be filed.  Selective campaign, that is why corruption is still massive and poverty is rampant.

  • PBA

    the 188 congrssmen who signed the complaint are mostly Lakas or coalition members during the arroyo administration.  Hyatt 10 installed PGMA before the fall-out.

  • Satticus

    I don’t see the point of having Binay choose between Arroyo and Aquino.So what if Binay is on the other side? It’s politics and they should know that. We are in a democracy so our government is NOT designed to have a SINGLE ruling party to which all our elected officials should be a member of. Personally, I think this act of the LP members is just inappropriate.

  • Rednaxela VD

    If somebody is Anti Aquino, it does not mean he is pro Arroyo.

    I’m sure Binay is just waiting for the next misstep from Aquino and he will pounce on him.

  • indiosbravos2002

    I wonder how many more concessions and deals will Binay broker from now til 2016 with Erap, Arroyo and the Marcoses to ensure himself winning the elections. By then he would have indebted himself to many people that he’ve lost his independence and integrity.

    • dinadaga

       in contrast, these people will be indebted to Binay and the Filipino people and will join him to his aspiration of economic development and eradication of poverty.

      • indiosbravos2002

        What are you saying? Are you insulting the arroyos, Marcoses and estrada? These folks will never join him in such things. Economic development and eradication of poverty is the least of their concern. If PLUNDER orgy is in the agenda… Probably.

      • dinadaga

         You will be surprised that real economic development and eradiction of poverty are their real concern. Just ask them. If a healing and unifying president will honestly ask them to join him in this endeavors, all of them will join hands and lead this nation to be great once more.

  • jeff

    Binay wants dishonorable corona to be acquitted. Remember his daughter congresswoman did not sign the impeachment complaint. He wants dishonorable corona to stay in the supreme court so that the vice presidential election protest of mar roxas will sleep forever in the PET headed by dishonest chef corona.

    Binay will never support the anti-corruption initiatives of Pnoy. If he is elected president, happy days will be back again for the kurakots.

  • indiosbravos2002

    Binay should learn from Villar and Roco. Both made public their intent to run for the presidency early in the race, and by election day, the public was already tired of them. Both ended 3rd place.

  • Albin

    Kung sa tingin ng LP puro trapo at GMA followers ang binubuo ng UNA, e bakit sila nakikialam?

    Natatakot? Baka mas piliin ng tao ang mga trapo kaysa sa mga tamad at walang alam?

    Ito naman si Abad, feeling niya mas makapangyarihan siya kaysa kay Binay.

  • Night




    • Melchor Sonza

       di na kelangan palabasin ang demonyo,tagal n nilang naghahari harian,,ngayun lng nmn my lumabas para puksain cla,,tell you guys!as the saying goes,,ang taong maitim ang gilagid khit nagpapakita ng kabaitan maitim pa rn ang budhi,,yan c BINAY,,,kung sya na rn lng tatakbong presidente,,mabuti pa sarili na lng nating lht ang iboto natin,di dpt pgkatiwalaan ang mga binay,,,

      • Night

        ok lang yun pero para “paniwalaan” mo ng todo todo ang mga santo sa LP at Yellow squad… ewan ko lang sayo

        Hindi mga anak ng Diyos, Angel at Saints ang Yellow team…. mag isip ka din kung sino susuportahan mo…..

        Tanong mo si LLamas at Puno kamusta naman ang Yellow

  • thadeothadeo

    It’s the same strategy which worked well in the presidential election of 2010 – BASH GLORIA, VOTE AQUINO.  This administration continues to play the anti-GMA campaign having nothing to show for their performance.  The anti-corruption (kuno) charges of the past administration of the Noynoying administration is now being hurled at Binay to make it appear that the vice president is in the same league of the corrupt.

    I myself am not crazy about Binay for the top post, but he has shown en exceptional executive performance and statesmanship, hence his ratings has remained high to the consternation of this clueless, do-nothing PNoy.  Watching the trend, I would not be surprised if Binay will be the next target of demolition job from the yellow media and propaganda.

    This thread will demonstrate how the yellow mob are behaving against Binay.  The rabid yellow mob posters and the commenters will show it.  All of us, PNoy critics will just stand by and observe how they behave.

    • marriondale

      Bebenta pa ba itong anti-GMA rhetorics. eh naka hospital arrest na si GMA.  Come on, think of other ways.  If you want to shoot down Binay’s very high rating.  just revive his graft cases.  

      • thadeothadeo

        Yes, very much.  Look at your comment, it gives you away that anti-corruption means anti-GMA.  Now it will be: anti-corrupt, anti Binay.  Come on.  You don’t have to admit it.  But it still rings true.

    • Ulipur

      The bashers will not be the YELLOWS.  It will be the Roxas Blasters. Nandito na nga sila. Read the comments and the people clicking Like.

      Roxas inupakan nang inupakan si Loren. He succeeded. But he was blind-sided by Binay.

      This time upak siya nang upak kay Binay.

      Baka madali siya sa tagiliran ng iba pang interesad maging Presidente.


  • carlorocci

    Ganyan naman talaga mga politikos dito sa Pilipinas.  Puro pansariling interest lang ang nasa isipan….Si former Senatong Maceda na naman, ehhh….trapo na bulok pa.

    Sa Liberal Party rin na lipatan yun dating tanga na nasa Arrovo Admin. ehhh mga corrupt din naman…Pare-pareho kayo…..PWEEE….Bwesit……

  • marriondale

    Are you asking that question to Binay? It seems that this LP has a selective amnesia that it was Mayor Binay who was against GMA after FPJ lost the presidency in 2004 election.  That’s why he was always threated with suspension left and right by the DILG at the time when he allowed Makati to be used as protest grounds against GMA.  Look at Cory Aquino, they just had a falling out with GMA when the latter decided to distribute the Hacienda Luisita under the CARP.  But before that, the Cojuangcos benefitted from the expropriation of the Luisita land for the conversion to what is now the SCTEX.  Did congressman now president Noynoy seen in the anti-GMA rallies before.  No because they had good relations with GMA before that Luisita issue.  Look what comprises the LP now, they are former Lakas-Kampi who suddenly became anti GMA and pro-Noynoy in the May 2010 elections.  Come on.  This is politics.  You cannot blame these politicians to be switching forces to Binay who has a very good trust rating than Pnoy.  After all, there’s more than a year before the 2013 mid-election and the present administration has the time to turn things around.  Either Pnoy has several accomplishments in the coming months that people will remember him or the present administration revive the graft cases of Binay to shoot down his popularity.  But better do it within this year.  Come January 2013, it’s all elections and its a make or break for the LP.  

  • Eduardo N Roa

    The season for repentance and atonement of sins has barely passed and the politicians have shed of their sack cloth, stowed them in their wardrobe closets for recycled use in the next Lenten season. It’s back to the fray and the politics resume…a continuum that is as predictable as the seasons. Is it to early for Jojo Binay to reveal his hand? So far he is in good terms with Pnoy and this worked to his advantage as he has been given high profile assignments which have helped boost his popularity. 2016 is a long way off and as we have seen political fortunes are fickle and at times ephemeral. If his move is seen to be contrary to Pnoy’s mission (high approval from the citizenry) then this could be the start of the chipping off of the reputation that he has built thus far. 

  • Monsi Serrano

    For sure Binay will forge alliance even with the devil in the deep blue sea so long as he will win the 2016 election. Hindi din ako magtataka kung isasangla nya ang kaluluwa nya kay Satanas manalo lang sya!

    Pag ang anak ni Binay naging senator at naging presidente si Binay, pupunta na langako ng Afghanistan. Eh nung hindi nakaupo sa isang restaurant si Abby Binay, kahit na nagpakilala sya kasi fully book, the following day sarado yung resto. Wow, nakakatakot. Sabi ko nga kay Mike Enriquez, “scary ang mga Binay sa ginawa nila. Di pa presidente, ganun ng umasta.” Ang sagot ni Mike sa akin: “MISMO!”

    If I may, let me share what Mr. Joel Reyes Zobel wrote in his column in The Philippine Business and News Forum and Editorial ng Bayan in GMA-DZBB 4-5PM program about Binay. The title of his article written last July 6, 2010 was “Half Full. Half Empty”. Here goes:
    I have gone through 5 days with Binay and I already miss Noli De Castro who was a very low profile but efficient worker. De Castro worked on the housing program and his role as Vice President with basically the same resources. Never quibbled, tried to be effective without drawing too much attention to himself. Conversely, Binay never took a break from his usual self. First is his beef with the wang-wang. Before you know it, he is beating a red light and going into a no entry street. You should have seen his face when Kara David queried him on the infractions. His reaction was a king who was vexed because a citizen was bold enough to ask his royal highness. Before you know it, he is asking for a palace, the coconut palace. Personally, I think this should be given to him so he can stay indoors and refrain from being a clear and present danger on the street.

    As my lola used to say, “beware of coconuts in palaces.” For all intents and purposes, it is already a deadly confirmation. I have always said that the worst kind of animals is the one who endangers others. An African proverb goes, “If you run after two hares, you will catch neither.” Last May we voted the top 2 officials of the land. President Aquino leading by example. Perhaps, the African proverb might be wrong. If you run after two hares, you might catch both, although they may not be the same quality.

    Now think about it… and how will he behave when he sits down as president…. GOD forbid!

    I believe that the critical thinkers Filipino will never vote Binay, Magsaysay, Gringo and the likes. The thought of it would scare us all. Gringo is trying to make himself clean by disassociating himself with Binay’s group. But once he wins, he will eventually pledge his allegiance to Binay’s group. Remember before he was so critical of Gloria? Then Gloria hunted him down and then after that, he joined Gloria’s fold. A typical trapo. He fooled those low ranking military men he recruited in coup, now none of them was ever recruited as his staff. How will we trust you Gringo if you have betrayed those people who shed blood for your selfish interest?

    By the way, there’s a Facebook Fan Page which is open to public about No To BinayFor President. It’s open to public so you can join and share to friends and even share your views freely. Just search No To Binay For President in Facebook and you are members of it already!

    • spearheads

      Magkano budget ni noynoying sayo? Balato naman dyan.

      • Monsi Serrano

        Ako? Yan ang gawain ng mga hampas lupang katulad mo na umaasa sa biyaya ng mga politikong pulpol. Mga palaging nakasahod at handang ibenta ang kanilang boto. I google mo ako and you will see how I also bash PNoy. Sometimes, I pity the people whose minds are so narrow and yet have not been able to discern properly. Pasensya ka na ha hindi sana kita papatulan, but this will be the first and last for the sake of truth. My letter to the editor was even published in Inquirer dated Novermber 5, 2011 with a title: Criticism comes with public office. So next time, before you open your mouth, think twice, that is, if you have a brain. If you are a pea-brain or a brain that has a size bigger than that of a mosquito, you will never understand this. I am not for PNoy I am for the truth and what is proper. With your idol Binay et al, we know what kind of stuff you are made out of.

  • tagahuron

    binay is a political opportunist since.

  • Ulipur

    Who is afraid of LP?

    Who is afraid of UNA?

    Who is afraid of NP (Bongbong-led)?

  • BacolodBoy

    wow ABAD, No Secretary Abad your own black and white means grabbing power. This is politics like you and the rest of those who were former ally of GMA turned Pnoy  and soon turning proBinay….. what else is new ha? even pdaf is used as bait diba? 

    forget about what you like to draw its a same-same…

  • alexfrommactan

    I think Binay’s best political answer to the question Arroyo or Aquino? Is none of the above.

    And claim that he is different from both.

  • Mario_Garcia

    It is a sad matter that the Philippine election law made the President and Vice President to be chosen individually and not as a team.  Now if both are not from the same team then there could be no smooth flow of policies.  The Vice will always seek means topple the President.

  • Night

    demonizing Binay ahead of 2013 and 2016 election….

    Yellow propaganda. 

  • parengtony

    We pinoys call politicians like Binay and many other fence sitters (vis-a-vis Corona impeachment):

    “namamangka sa dalawang ilog”

  • Mark

    F*ck you, Panot kang Abad.

    Pati pagpa-impeach ni Corona, gusto mong makisimpatiya si Binay!

    Ang kapal mong sira ul0 ka.

    Anong akala mo kay Binay, sint0-sint0 kagaya ng amo mong mongoloid na si NoyNoy?

    Alam naman nating once maalis si Corona, ay ipapalit si Carpio, na numero unong supporter ni Roxas.

    At tiyak, panalo ang election complaint ng  talunang si Roxas.

    Are you out of your mind?

    • scorpio15

      Mas Masahol ka pa sa mga pinagsasabi mo Mark!!!

  • Jon

    Naku, tagilid na ang LP.
    Iba na ang Public Enemy No.1 ng administrasyong ito.
    Backseat muna sina Corona at Gloria.
    Binay, unahan mo na ng survey at alam mong pag-iinitan ka na.

    • beatmanny

      malabo yan. kahit ako di ko boboto si binay pero masipag talaga yung tao at palaging makikita mo kung saan may sakuna. taob si aquino dyan 

  • Mark


    Nabuhay ang strategy ni Mongoloid.

    Dati,  “Bash Gloria, Vote Aquino”.

    Ngayon, “Bash Gloria, Vote Roxas”.

    This is a political strategy of a political party that has nothing to offer the country, except demonizing a previous administration.

    Nakakasuka tlaga.

  • Roving Eye

    So typical of the administration. As far as they are concerned, if you don’t kowtow to them or if you are not a part of the KKK, then you are just another K – Kagalit/Kaaway. Sad.
    Abad is just maximizing his remaining days in the limelight. Come 2016, he and the rest of his family will just be another political appointee has-been. 

  • Abnoynoy

    totoo talaga, na kaya gusto patalsikin si Corona e para matanggal si Binay. Demonyohin nyo pa Inquirer, sige lang. jan kayo magaling. Biased news, shameless views

  • Allan

    napakaaga para mamulitiko. tamaan sana kau ng nuclear galing north korea

  • carlcid

    P-Noy, Mar Roxas, Drilon and many, if not most, of the Liberal party ran under GMA’s slate while Binay was soldiering on for the opposition. The Liberal party is the real political opportunist.

    • beatmanny

      eh di corrupt din pala yan. lahat ng kaalyado ni GMA corrupt di ba.

  • antonioluna

    sana bago ulit magkaroon ng eleksyon magpasa muna ng batas na bawal bumuto ang mga iliterado, mga panatikong relihiyoso, mga zombie, in short bawal bumuto ang mga taong kulang sa pagiisip at walang malayang pag iisip dahil kitang kita naman natin nakapagluklok tayo ng presidente na wala namang conviction para maging presidente at kung titingnan ang track record hindi naman talaga material president yong tao pero nagawang mailuklok ng dalawang relihiyong wala naman ginawa kung hindi ay humingi ng abuloy sa mga tao.

    • beatmanny

      i love you!!! mwaaaaaaaaaah!!!

  • PBA

    UNA is the answer to gross incompetence of PNOY

    • Melchor Sonza

       UNA,,,UNAhan sa pagnanakaw,,!!!United Na ang mga Aso

  • Melchor Sonza

    sino ba yan c binay?,,bkit mas tumaas ratings nya e,,khit isa sa mga assignment nya wla syang na solve!!ilang tao na ba nabitay sa china?ilang beses syang pabalik balik dun?may na e save ba sya khit isa?panu maniniwala mga intsik sa knya walang dating ang pagiging vice president nya,in short di bagay!!!ang mga taong naniniwala sa kakayahan ni pinoy!!wlang kinakatakutan,,hindi c binay ang threat ky pinoy!!c binay ang pinakapogi sa lht ng politiko,,pulos papogi ang alm( pa simple lng )dpat cla magsama ng mga estrada para sabay2 na clang babaksak,,pulos balimbing!!!

  • Jaz

    Binay dared to choose: Aquino or Arroyo?…..or us, The Pilipino People?

  • JasminCubacub

    Basta what we know and are certain is that BINAY is a better administrator [THAN SIMEON AND EVEN ROXAS] and he works hard  to uplift the poor that comprises the majority of the Philippine electorate. Fighting against corruption can not be full time and only work in the administration. If people are really honest about fighting against corruption, they should start it with themselves.. 

    • Karabkatab

      Please elaborate. What are the good practices of the Binays in eliminating poverty in the area of their jurisdiction. It will be kind of you if you can educate the readers in this forum.

      • damatannapo

        example Barangay Singkamas (near the boundary of San Andres Manila)

      • JasminCubacub

        Thanks to @Damatannapo:disqus for answering on my behalf. However, I am saddened by your [@Karabkatab:disqus ] attitude as you try to sham blindness to the services rendered by Binay in his public office since he was mayor of Makati.  His office gave abuloy of P20,000 to each and every family that had lost a member; gave free uniforms including shoes, notebooks and all school supplies to public school students, gave bi-annual allowance to all  senior citizens, etc.  No Mayor of any City in the Philippines has given so much to the constituents as Binay has given to his people.  Roxas has the means to bribe people, but Binay’s vote is due to his own credit as public servant. 

      • Karabkatab

        I am not from Makati and I am not aware of Binay’s program that was why I was asking for details.  I can’t blame you for your attitude if you are that sensitive.

      • JasminCubacub

        what is in my attitude that you regret? my answering your question? if you didn’t need an answer, then you should not have put  a question to me. but if you are really sincere in search of truth, i.e., Binay’s contribution to his people, you should be happy about my response.

      • Karabkatab

        In the first place, i did not pose a question or a challenge to you but a request that you elaborate and provide examples of Binay’s good practices in governance.  If you will note my statements are civil enough and no undertone of political trace.  If your are that sensitive, it is just but normal that you cannot provide the right answer. What you stated are dole out programs, not good practices in governance. Any LGU with ample resource can do that.

      • JasminCubacub

        Should I say that you are a psychological character or what? If you think that I didn’t give the right answer, why in the first place you claim that you didn’t put any question? But anyway, just admit that your SIMEON and ROXAS are NOYNOYING despite the ample resources in their offices. AT LEAST, BINAY HAS BEEN SERVING PEOPLE TO THEIR SATISFACTION. Wala na man magrereklamo tungkol ky BINAY!  His popularity won’t ever go down because his victory was based on the merits, not on sympathy [due to the deaths of both parents].

      • Karabkatab

        You’re the one who has a psychological problem here, not me if one will base it with you’re writing style.  I presume you are a woman and your being aggressive and arrogant is not just that normal in the eyes of the many.  Casting political side on my part is unjustified  since I never in the first place fielded political undertones in my previous arguments. If you live happily in Makati through the leadership of the Binay’s, then Fine.  No one is questioning you on that.

      • JasminCubacub

        See.. you proved what I said of you!  I am happy about BINAY;s performance in his office and I wrote about it yesterday. You tried to disagree with me, but now you are saying you won’t question my way of analysis.

      • JasminCubacub

        You seem to know BINAY personally! Mar Roxas ka siguro!

      • Karabkatab

        BTW Jasmin I am from the province and I also frequent Metro Manila. Between Marikina and Makati, I find the former to be more orderly, clean, good traffic and road network, no squatter problems with friendly and disciplined residents.  Of course Marikina is not that rich as Makati, and that is where good governance plays a big role.

      • JasminCubacub

        You know, Marikina is not the center of City..  It became part of Metro Manila due to IMELDA MARCOS during Marcos time. So, you shouldn’t be surprised why Marikina is far different from Makati which is the commercial capital. 

      • Karabkatab

        Yes I am aware of that.  My basis for evaluating the good governance practices of local executives is not confined on status or role of the place, but the “livability”  and business environment considerations.

      • JasminCubacub

        You said you live in the province and you seldom come to Metro Manila. So, in order for you to see the livability and business environment considerations here, you have to be a resident here..  so that you won’t be questioning the credibility of Binay.

      • Karabkatab

        I said I frequently visit Manila not seldom, please read carefully

      • JasminCubacub

        you didn’t actually have to claim to be an outsider (a provinciano)  if you often come to Manila (especially Marikina and Makati). 

      • Karabkatab

        Why not? You mean I cannot frequently visit Manila? How come? I have business transactions in several parts of Manila (and by the way I also frequent other cities in the south).  I am not a resident of Manila if you read and understand my writings and I categorically stated I am from the province.

      • JasminCubacub

        I didn’t say that you shouldn’t come to Manila.. I only said that you don’t need to claim to be an outsider if you are often come here. 

      • JasminCubacub

        You don’t seem to understand what I am saying. I know you are from the province, very likely from ROXAS CITY.

  • thadeothadeo

    This early the Liberal Party is flexing its muscle to boost their dominance in the political arena.  PNoy is just the pawn here, not the kingpin.  The kingmakers are in the Liberal Party, and it is still led by Mar Roxas. Roxas is LP, true dyed-in-the-wool LP.  He is the Liberal Party body and soul.  

    PNoy has no political savvy compared to Roxas and Binay.  These two politicians are just using the naive PNoy for their posturings and their support for him is only as good as PNoy is enjoying popularity.

      PNoy was supposed to resign after three years in favor of Roxas if Roxas had won.  Now he has to live with that fact that he has to stay as president even if the job is cramping his laid-back, happy-go-lucky lifestyle.  But he owes a debt of gratitude to Roxas and the LP. And the LP will not be dictated by PNoy. 

    PNoy is a hostage and is now being used as a puppet by the seasoned LP stalwarts.

    • Melchor Sonza

       galing mo nmn tsong!buti kpa alm mo ang plano,,pero c pinoy@mar malamang d alm yan,,brilliant!!!ganyan tlga ugali ng ibang pinoy matalas ang isip sa wlang kwenta,,mayadong marumi utak mo!!ned mo ng e brainwash

      • thadeothadeo

        Ha ha.  Tinamaan ka ano?  Napuruhan, ika nga.  Sakto.

  • kilabot

    binay’s answer: no to aquino, no to arroyo, yes to binay.

  • Boying

    Ha ha ha. Nakakatawa kayo. PNOY o GMA? Neither of them pipiliin ni BINAY. BINAY PARA KAY BINAY YAN. E Mandurugas din tarantadong to. Makita nyo laking pagsisisi nyo pag naging presidente yan. Mas masahol pa yan kay GMA o ERAp PATI MARCOS. Mayor pa lang nga bilyon na kinurakot sa Makati e di cgurado TRILYON UUPAKAN NYAN PAG NAGING PREZ. DI LANG MAKABWELO NGAYON KASI BANTAY SARADO CYA NI PINOY!! NEVER BINAY NEVER NEVER!!!

    • damatannapo

      totoo po iyan

    • adrenalyn_high2011

      BINAY is a shrewd TRAPO…(he knew how to play his cards in Philippine politics)…think TWICE if you want him to be our next prez…

    • Melchor Sonza


  • Mario_Garcia

    Let’s hope for new faces. 

  • damatannapo

    hay Binay dumami lang ang kakampi pati alipores ni GMA kukunin…

    wala rin pala

  • spearheads

    For sure I will not vote Binay, not because I don’t like him, but because there is no presidential election yet in the near future. That is why this, raging demolition job perpetrated by the yellowwitches is against Binay is nonsensical. I understand the desperation of Abad and Abaya. Those two lapdogs clearly felt threatened because they are raring to run as senators. With the formidable ticket of UNA, they can kiss their behinds goodbye. But I will never vote Roxas or any of the Malacaang’s cohorts should they run as senators. If there is no choice other than the UNA’s slate, I will vote straight UNA senators. if only to prevent the gods in Malacaang to fulfill there ultimate hideous schemes. 

    • adrenalyn_high2011

      @hercubulus:disqus …will you please qualify your statement… what do you mean when you say this? thanks!
      >>>>”For sure I will not vote…., but because there is no presidential election yet in the near future.”

  • Ako

    takot lang ang present admin kay Binay due to his very high popularity rating. in the next few days they will also do to him what was done to littlegirl, corona, atienza, pati kay pacquiao.

    • damatannapo

      little to no value…..just silly indulgences

  • Mark

    Bakit pagpipiliin mo si Binay between kay Arroyo or Aquino?

    Bakit, may utang na loob ba siya sa dalawa?

    May sayad ka ba, Abad?

    Binay owes his loyalty to the people, and not to you, ABnoy or the LP!

    Isak-isak mo yan sa ulo mo, gag0 ka!

    Pati idol mong si NoyNoy, gag0 din.

    Sabihin mo yan sa kanya.

    • scorpio15

      Wala ka na bang ibang alam kung di “Magmumura sa kapwa mo Mark???” Ayos talaga ang mga na-ituro ng mga magulang mo ano. Ina-apakan mo yong utak mo kasi, kaya yan ang mga lumalabas sa bibig mo.

      • thunderbolt01

         Magaling kang kumastigo kung hindi abnoydz ang nagmumura pero tahimik ka kapag sila ang nagmumumura. Mga hollier than thou nga naman.

  • Night




  • Lopez_Chaena

    A strong, credible and dominant opposition would be good for the country. But if UNA ally themselves with Kampi they will become an amalgam of clowns with no defining backbone. UNA should first kick out kampi from the political arena to show their resolve in doing what is best for the country.

  • adrenalyn_high2011

    From the start it is an open book that Jejomar Binay has the ambition to run as candidate in the coming presidential elections…he knows that PNoy will support him, but his friend, Mar Roxas …as early as now, he is  doing his homework and positioning politically… we cannot blame him if he can’t declare his cards bcoz if  he  does, he will be limiting his options…”In politics, there are no permanent friends, only temporary allies” … politics, Filipino style…only in the Philippines! 

  • pangitbudhiko

    binay need not worry about ABNOY in 2016


    • rocky92

      I wonder why the country can’t move forward swiftly, well, because of the people like you!

      • pangitbudhiko

        are you on Planet earth, if you are better wake up, becuase you are definitely drifting in the ocean

  • Dandy Sembrano

    I can’t believe this clowns still dragging Arroyo’s name in all it’s political Agenda. Arroyo’s regime is a bad thing that happen to our country. Instead of moving forward, the current administration uses Arroyo as excuses in all its ineptness in improving our countries economic situation. Also, they labeled all administration critics as pro Arroyo.

  • PH2011

    Binay believe in an old adage that politics is simply addition.

    His stand ( together with his daughter & senator cohorts –  Escudero,
    Pimentel, Joker, Honasan, Enrile, Legarda etc) 
    relative to impeachment trial is for the acquittal of Corona, obviously only
    due to personal political reason.

    Pilipino voters hate that. Though some senators will survive, since there
    are 12 slots to fill. The  Presidency
    come 2016 is tough, there’s only one slot.

    Well, he can’t swim in two rivers at the same time, les he can’t serve to two masters. Choice, Love one and despise the other…

    Else his done.

  • tantra101

    ayaw natin kay Binay, ayaw din kay Roxas, ayaw din kay Marcos…

    ATTACK !

  • adrenalyn_high2011

    Binay will put up a line up of politicians that suit his style of governance…(he will not give his personal loyalty to the party that is not align with his own political agenda)…that is why he invited the likes of Ernesto Maceda and Milagros Magsaysay who shared political astuteness…Binay is so wily that you cannot accuse him as pro or  against the present administration…to Mr.Abad, you ask if Binay is White or Black ? (please do not ask the obvious)….BINAY is GRAY!!!

  • Melchor Sonza

    BINAY!!show his true colors!!BLACK no one can guess what’s inside!!you cannot even think if its dirty!!the only way is,, to use strainer ,and drained and figure out  what kind of living bacteria hiding under that black and dirty figure,contaminated,poisonous,a threat to all human’s a danger to all filipinoe’s,,,SO BEWARE to the name BINAY,,,a devil in disguise,,a dangerous black in white barong,,

    • EdgarEdgar

      Has our politics been reduced to skin color? Pro-yellow or Pro-black?

      • FernandoBusi

        he he now that impeachment talk is at a lull we need another color 

      • TGM_ERICK

        Hahaha! Is it not pro brown, instead of pro black? It is brownier than brown. Hihihihi!

      • EdgarEdgar

        Yun nga, the more colors the wider the spectrum to choose from. Either way, Binay will still enjoy many brownie points for just being brown alone. Haha :-))

  • thadeothadeo

    The Liberal Party is flexing its muscle as the party in power – as in IN POWER.  This party being the party of the landed elitists are showing their scorn for Binay who is not in their class, and therefore must be nipped in the bud before Binay becomes formidable in the next presidential election, because they have earmarked that position for Mar Roxas.

      The elitists seem to have something in common,  a superiority complex that makes them feel they are a cut above the rest.  Their approach to the common tao, the great unwashed is not spontaneous and genuine, even their wit and sense of humor is not in tune with the masa as compared to Erap and Binay. 

     PNoy’s conduct  as a president and as a man as well is a living proof of that.  He is aloof to crisis – in the Luneta hostage crisis it took him several hours before his whereabouts could be accounted; in the typhoon and flood disasters, he would not make  physical visit to the ravaged areas until the flood has subsided or the areas have been cleared for inspection.  He does not make decisive actions that will matter in the critical period.  An indication that he is not sincerely compassionate to the miseries of the afflicted at the most crucial moment.

    PNoy’s attitude towards the farmers in the Hacienda Luisita is a clear a classic.  After the unanimous decision of the Supreme Court to scrap Cory’s Stock Distribution Option in favor of land distribution, PNoy commented that the owners (himself included) should receive “just compensation”, though he will abide by the decision (tongue in cheek).

    Binay is a down to earth politician.  A poor boy from Mabini, Batangas who worked his way up through the hard way.  He may not be as clean as a whistle, but politics is not squeaky clean, you have to bend rules some of the time. But he is clearly identified with the downtrodden as he came from there, and he knows how hard it is to be poor.

    • Bjdc

      Is vp binay still poor? If not, how did he become rich?
      Una should also invite Mickey Arroyo or Horn to their senatorial line-up to make it a real unity team.

      • thadeothadeo

        He is a very clever lawyer and versatile politician.  Cory made him rich by appointing him as OIC for Makati during Cory’s revolutionary government.  But very few OIC’s appointed by Cory became as successful and as rich as Binay.  We gotta give the credit to him.  PNoy, compared to Binay is like comparing a donkey to a jackal.  Guess who is the donkey?

    • Jose

      I love how you brush off the fact that he’s completely corrupt with “oh, but he likes the poor.”

      And not one of the elites?  If he wasn’t at the start, years of taking kickbacks from Makati fatcats means he’s certainly one now.  Have you not noticed he’s essentially starting a political dynasty in Makati

      • thadeothadeo

        Yep, he does.  He takes care of the squatters, his voters, like all mayors do.  Oh, I happen to agree with you how he fleeced the elites (developers of Makati condos and buildings) and again, yes to the fact that he has built (not just building) a political dynasty in Makati.  Fact is, I wonder how he fitted into the administration of PNoy who is supposed to be immaculately  anti-corruption.  Unless PNoy is just pretending to be cooperating with Binay who has a higher trust ratings, or he is not really serious in his anti-corruption crusade, whichever, take your pick.  

        But you have to agree that Binay is outshining your idol to date.  And with Erap in the background, it will be just a matter of time before PNoy becomes a doormat.

      • Jose

        a.) P-Noy isn’t my idol.  I’ve been critical of him on several issues. 

        b.) Binay wasn’t P-Noy’s running mate.  How does Binay ‘fitted’ into the Aquino administration?  Because the voters put him there, genius.  Are you really going to use something P-Noy had no choice over as proof that he’s corrupt?  Of course you are.  Pathetic.

        c.) You basically admit that Binay is completely corrupt.  Yet you support him as a politician.  People like you are what is wrong with this country, and your love of corruption explains a lot of why you’re opposed to Aquino.

        d.) The elites aren’t getting fleeced.  They’re doing fine.  The people actually getting fleeced are the poor, as the kickbacks and such should’ve been taxes used to improve their lives.  Instead they go into Binay’s pockets, and he throws them crumbs so they keep voting for him.  But you’re fine with this, apparently.

    • PH2011


      Who’s poor?

      Binay declared SALN is higher than the President who is perceived to be
      Anyway, assuming that both filed the correct SALN. Binay should explain
      the source of his wealth come 2016 election.
      Dont get me wrong, if not for the corruption spike on his track record. He got
      my vote.

      Thus, he should address and make a comprehensive stand against graft
      and corruption.

      He should start in his own backyard…..he need to prove it until 2016

  • quirinomayer


    According to boytz,  UNANO  also means United National Alliance of Notorious Opportunists


    • thunderbolt01

       Yan lang ba ang laman ng utak mo? Halatang kulang ka sa kaalaman at dinadaan mo na lang sa paninira. Typical yellow zombies.

  • Atlason

    PNoy’s Liberal party is running scared of the rising opposition block that’s why they’re issuing the challenge. Noynoying has caught on and the people are getting sick of a lazy lackluster president with an unstable and psychological impairment that’s scary and people this early are looking for a much better alternative than PNoy.

  • adrenalyn_high2011

    BINAY is a shrewd TRAPO…(he knew how to play his cards in Philippine politics)…think TWICE if you want him to be our next prez…

  • Alajero

    …welll….let me make a wide guess…from all the looks of it his anser is…’s a matter of priority…. it is the economy…st_pid!!!

  • adrenalyn_high2011

    it takes one ABAD to know one BINAY….Mr.Abad is fully aware of Binay’s manueverings…he is just countering every move of Binay by exposing it…thus, neutralizing its cloakness  that lurks in the dark shadow of the night…maitim kaya nakakapagtago sa dilim…LOL

    • Joy Love

      Ang mga Abad magnanakaw iyan, kaya nga pamilya nyan  naka-position sa lahat ng sangay ng gobyerno kung saan may pera.

  • Mark

    To: adrenalyn_high2011

    At bakit, hindi ba trapo si NoyNoy?

    Ilang taon ba siya sa kongreso, at ano ang nagawa niya?

    Ginamit pa niya ang pagkamatay ng kanyang nanay para manalo sa eleksyon!

    Wala nang tatalo sa pagka-trapo ng sinto-sintong yan.

    Isak-sak mo yan sa utak mo, bago ka mag sasabi ng mga katarantaduhan.

    Do you understand, stupid?

  • Joy Love

    Galing ng banner story ng INQ, halatang biased kayo…punyeta

    • Monsi Serrano


  • Bert

    Once again, ABALD and the NOYNOYING President’s political strategists are making Pandak as SCARECROW. Unfortunately for the YELLOW ZOMBIES, the issue in the coming election is no longer centered on the past administration but the performance and the INCOMPETENCE of the CURRENT NOYNOYING administration, no matter how they will try to divert the people’s attention to Pnoy’s supposed love life or to Grace Lee

  • glycerlean

    hindi daw threat pero problemado na sila hhehehe
    mga self righteous to si abad ska si abaya.

  • Mark



  • KarmaGMA

    Binay is a trapo, a genius who knows how to play his cards. some corrupt officials like GMA, the money goes to there family only while binay, he shares it to the poor w/c made him so popular in makati. not only in makati now but the phils…and i am predicting that he will be our next pres. we’ll see what happens next. i will judge him this early, who knows?

  • Lando

    ang lakas ng UNA !  PNOY sisters are more comfortable with Binay than Mar/Korina and LP.

  • Ilonggated

    Takot na sila as UNA

  • MGS12

    To Mr Binay, just remember what happened to Villar… Ang aga nag declare ng intention to run for pres. Ayun, napagtulungan ng todo. Talo tuloy.

    To Mr Abad, it is no longer a matter of GMA vs PNOY. Mag move on na po kayo. Enough of this divisiveness. Ang kelangan ng mga tao e maramdaman yung tunay na pag angat ng buhay. Our country is on a cross road. Either we take the path to economic development or continue to be left behind. Wag na kayo magpatumpik tumpik.  Show us outstanding results and most of us will rally behind you. 

  • robert

    LP vs. UNA…preho-preho lang yan,resulta TRAPO vs. TRAPO

    kahit sino manalo, we will still be faced with the same problems…and worse, pointless comments dito sa disqus…o malapit na lunchbreak, magtrabaho na kayo…

  • Jimmy

    sa traditional politics, wala ng personality check sa affiliate political parties involving corrupt leaders basta the more parties the merrier. good luck to UNA and more power to LP… 

  • rexiewexy

    Alam ko ang isasagot ni Binay. “HULAAN NYO!” 

  • Bert

    LP VS. UNA?

    It’s still a fight of old and new CROCODILES feasting and making a fool out of poor juan de la cruzes. Same old (and some new) OLIGARCHS trying to make us all believe that they are running to champion our own interest and not to further protect their own business and political objectives.

  • Lando

    the former DPWH sec of arroyo, ebdane now governor of zambales joins LP.

  • Lando

    most of the 188 congressmen who signed the impeachment against corona are former lakas members or coalition partners of arroyo

  • noonyan

    cge iboto nyo ang BINAY at ESTRADA coalition …lets make a FARM  of CROCODILES !!!

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      fyi…there were 50 LP congressmen that came from Lakas…sa pangunguna ni neptali….

      dont tell me walang mga buwaya sa LIBERAL PARTY

      • noonyan

        did i mention LP??? i dont care Philippines will become a nation of crocodiles …at ikaw isa sa taga alaga nila (taxpayer) hehehehe

        From: Disqus
        Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2012 2:45 PM
        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Binay dared to choose: Aquino or Arroyo?

        Disqus generic email template

        poltergeist_fuhrer wrote, in response to noonyan:

        fyi…there were 50 LP congressmen that came from Lakas…sa pangunguna ni neptali….

        dont tell me walang mga buwaya sa LIBERAL PARTY
        Link to comment

    • AntiAko

      GISING! Pare-pareho lang yan silang lahat!!!

  • Efren

    “He wants his cake and he wants to eat it too” , “Namamangka sa maraming ilog” ;

    Binay’s Chief Strategist is so stupid to build Binay as TARGET of negative criticism for 4 years
    starting now and ending May, 2016 – – –  Baka si Pnoy ang may idea ng UNA+Gloria !

  • dominador

    Former Makati City Mayor but now Vice-President of the Philippines Binay has remarkable and significant track records of good governance that demonstrate  improved  well-being of constituent-citizens…Makati

  • billygunn23

    LP is obviously in ruins. They are daring Binay to choose whether he would be a pro or anti aquino to make ready their usual outlet i.e. character  assasination via media. LP is becoming ignoramus in thinking that when you oppose aquino then you are for gloria (WTF!) and that you are therefore against aquino’s anti -corruption drive (this is hilarious to think that these are said by people in high places!). And still they say they are unfazed with UNA (you high men?). LP knows that Binay is the worst of their nightmares should he run against them so they resort as usual to political blackmail. 

  • TeabagDeluxe

    I don’t see anything wrong with Binay getting people from both camps.Maybe he wants to appear objective and impartial. Maybe he wants to be neutral. Or maybe he wants the people from the opposing parties to settle their differences. Who knows?

    In the world of politics, things cannot be as simple as black and white. Malacañang second-guessing Binay’s moves reeks of political maneuvering and wanting to paint him in a bad light. Guess Roxas is still butthurt over being beaten by him in the last elections.

  • Marlon

    bakit PNOY ABNOY at GLORIA lang ang choices???

    wala bang third choice katulad ng FILIPINO PEOPLE???

    kapal ng mukha ng mga alipores ni Pnoy Abnoy. pag hinde kaalyado ng administrasyon, ibig sabihin ay maka-Gloria na???

    noong kalakasan ng mga rally laban kay Gloria, sino ang naglakas ng loob na mag bigay ng permit na magsagawa ng mga dambuhalang anti-Gloria rally sa Makati dahil bawal sa ibang siyudad ng Metro Manila???

    SI BINAY!!!

    at ano ang ginagawa ng mahal nating pangulo noong mga panahon na iyon na siya pa ay Congressman ng Tarlac at Senador ng Bayan???

    NAG-NOYNOYING!!! wala kang narinig na batikos mula kay Panot laban kay GMA noon. panay PSP lang.

  • RomyLitz

    Binay is one of the top ten most corrupt govt officials in the Philippines and therefore his vision of governance is undoubtedly a cross-eyed policy. His goal is to win at whatever cost and Malacanang should stay focus on expunging and purging the govt of thousands of corrupt officials starting from Corona, the thief majesty.

    • LaoagCT

      do you have an evidence?  I think you’re talking with Pnoy that at all cost, he wanted to remove poeple who doesn’t sing with his out of tune songs!

  • poltergeist_fuhrer



    noynoying talaga itong mga liberals….supaer TANGA!!!

  • poltergeist_fuhrer

    AND IF YOU ARE NOT WITH PENOY, YOU ARE AGAINST REFORM AND PRO-KURAKOT….ganito ka-embicilic ang kaisipan ng mga liberal party…mga NOYNOYING talaga

  • RomyLitz

    Noynoying is always and forever better than GMA, CORONA and BINAY. This year is the Waterloo of Binay’s politics of compromising with the notoriously corrupt. There will be no compromise, settlement and reconciliation unless these corrupt people repent and return the looted billions. Period.

    • billygunn23

       hahahahah! pathetic! galing niyong mag character assasinate at isnama niyo na rin si binay dahil hindi kumakampi sa inyo! ahihihihi. pwde kayong pang RPG sa PSP!

  • Rex

    This is a sign of panic sa side ng LP. Nabulabog sila sa ginawa ni Binay, kaya pinamimili siya. But Binay, being the epitome of a TRAPO will just keep quiet and keep Malacanang guessing. Para kay Binay, tama na yung ipinaalam niya ang formation ng UNA at ang kanyang earlier pronouncement na tatakbo siyang Presidente sa 2016. Psy-war ito ng mga TRAPO.   

  • fuctore

    Eleksyon na naman.
    Ito na siguro ang pinakamabentang business dito sa Pinas,
    Nilahukan lang ng mga ultra ambisyosong mga pulitiko.
    Sa Pilipinas, mas madalas pa ang ginugugol na oras ng mga pulitiko kaysa paunlarin ang estado ng bansa.
    Sa SANKATERBANG problemang kinakaharap ngayon ng bansa,
    Ay ito pang eleksyon ang binibigyang panahon ng mga ganid na pulitiko.
    No wonder, hindi na talaga makakausad pa ang bansa,
    dahil sa dami ng pulitikong uhaw na uhaw sa TAXPAYER’ S MONEY,
    Paikot ikot lang ang pamumuhay ng mga Pilipino.
    Hindi pa nga sila nag iinit sa pwesto at wala pang napapatunayan o natutupad na mga pangako,
    Ay heto na naman sila at handa na namang mambola ng mga botanteng uto uto.
    Kawawang JUAN DE LA CRUZ.
    Kaya hindi totoo ang kasabihang KUNG WALANG KORAP, WALANG MAHIRAP,
    Sapagkat, lahat ng pulitko ay korap.

  • sk2tk

    BINAY  is now trying to ATTRACT the CORRUPTS and IMMORALS, like the
    ARROYO’s and all her FOLLOWERS!!! Thinking that he can have the UPPER
    HAND by doing so. YOU ARE BADLY MISTAKEN MR. BINAY!!! That’s the
    BEGINNING of your END…

  • OlliuQ

    Whether it is Aquino or arroyo allies as long as it can muster votes and support. In politics there are no common enemies but only political interest. Binay could not draw the line but instead he can circle all the possibility that is his advantage, he can exploit all, the administration, the opposition as well as the impartial. He needs all the allies he can get to lift him to the top position. It boiled-down to his aspiration becoming the next president and the coming election will be the crucial turn of events.

  • Lando

    patok sa masa ang UNA ! yehey

    • Pedro_Gil

      Akala ko pinalitan na nila ang pangalang partidouno.  UNGAS na daw. LOL!!!

      • Pedro_Gil

        Pinalitan na nila ang pangalang partido uno.  UNGAS na daw. LOL!!!

    • Al

      No to UNA or UNA-NO!

      Same height PAK together!

  • Feel It

    Before Cory came into power, Binay was a pro-bono lawyer struggling to make ends meet. Nothing wrong with that, it is honorable even.  Then he was appointed Officer in Charge of Makati and his fortunes changed.  How can Binay explain spending hundreds of millions if not billions in running for VP.  Add to this the hundreds of millions spent in the respective campaigns of his children for Mayor and Representative.  He lives quite lavishly in ways that will put CJ Corona to shame. Betraying his masa demeanor you will see Binay in scandalously expensive clothes.  I have sen him in public appearances wearing Hermes belts and Ferragamo shoes none costing less than 30k a pop. He and his family go around in a coterie of expensive SUVs and have properties in the most exclusive Makati villages and apartments. How does he afford all this? Mar Roxas game-plan: Bring out all the skeletons in Binay’s closet close to 2016 Corona style. There is no way in the universe Binay can explain his wealth.  He has the charisma with the masses but the guy enriched himself as he ruled Makati.   

    • Karabkatab

      @yahoo-VBYSH5LGWE4KKUQUMQT4BAEZOU:disqus , I think you know you history about Binay.  A big difference between Saguisag, who are contemporaries.  But, am sorry to say that Saguisag is more talented than Binay.

  • Natx Bacalzo

    Palace on Binay: Aquino or Arroyo?

    Binay: I’m for Binay ONLY!  But i’ll use both to promote binay!

  • ThePattern

    UNA – Ungas na Alliance

  • popeyee

    Whether they are from UNA, LP, Arroyo’s party, or wherever, they are all the same trapos, corrupt politicians.

  • Natx Bacalzo

    That’s what power in politics are for – get rich while it lasts!

  • Pitbulldog

    Binay is his own man.  Better for him to shrug off both P-noy and Arroyo from his shoulder.  They willl just be a burden and nuisance.  He has the means to prove his worthiness as a true leader.  Di tulad ng iba dyan na sandal lang sa popularidad ng magulang na wala naman talagang abilidad.

  • leodegardompruna

    Administration feels so insecure. There is no need to ask Binay about his position. He is intelligent enough to say neither. He can stand on his own. Remember he won having neither parties (administration or Arroyo’s) supper. The ones surrounding P-Noy are beginning to feel insecure as time passes.God bless the Philippines.

  • crab2008

    pnoy should look into the wealth of binay. nag jijeep lang yan during our rally sa mendiola in 1985 until edsa. now he is a billionaire.will edu manzano talk about graft and corruption of binay in makati? if he wins in 2016 as president, its like gma being free again. 

    • marstar

      Rags-to-riches & that’s just from being a city mayor! If, God forbid, Binay becomes president….

  • agong1

    its OK Binay if you are asked by PDI choose Pnoy siyempre pag ibang media

  • erick_1972

     Getting ready for the next presidential elections. It is always about the money , trying to forged alliances would mean to shore up resources that the other party brings .It is never about the beliefs nor good or bad but the main agenda is to survive.

  • agong1

    ingat lang Binay baka ikaw na ang susunod kay Corona hahahahha pili mo pnoynoy pag di siguro panalo pag siguro yari de lima at pnoy sa CJ 

  • RHumabon

    VP Binay should resign from his posts in the Aquino administration for forming an opposition senatorial ticket. This is blatant disloyalty to the appointing power, the President.

    By engaging in political activity in opposition to the President, Binay should have the decency or delikadeza to leave the President’s cabinet.

    • Night



      • Ryan Barcelo

         Probably he is referring to Executive Offices VP Binay is handling now. Indeed, in this regard, the VP is appointed.

      • Jrph Lad

        of course he’s talking about those positions and not the elective VP role. some guys have just very high IQ’s here.

      • TGM_ERICK

        Hahaha! Nakapuntos ka!

      • Jrph Lad

        … and you are a GENIOUS!

      • Night


      • pugadlawin21

        It’s “GENIUS” MORON.

      • RHumabon

        VP Binay was appointed to the cabinet by P-Noy, as Head of Housing & Urban Development and Head of OFW Affairs. . .If Binay is organizing a Senate ticket for UNA & UNO – as oppositon party to P-Noy/Mar’s Liberal Party, Binay should have the delikadeza to resign as member of P-Noy’s cabinet.
        Binay does not have to resign as elected Vice President.

        From: Disqus
        Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2012 11:34 PM
        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Binay dared to choose: Aquino or Arroyo?

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        Night wrote, in response to RHumabon:

        Link to comment

    • Ryan Barcelo

      He needs not resign. After all, he is doing his job well. The problem is actually not with Binay; but, with the Aquino team who seems to be full of themselves. They are very exclusive leaving non-LPs who are supportive of the administration left to organize themselves. Eh, saan sila pupunta kung wala silang kalalagyan sa LP?

      • RHumabon

        Utmost Loyalty is demanded of each cabinet member. Now Binay & Erap are forming the UNA/UNO’s Senatorial ticket in Opposition to P-Noy/Mar’s Liberal Party.
        Binay should resign from his cabinet posts as Head of Housing & Urban development and as Head of OFW Affairs. He remains as the elected Vice President/ de facto Head of the Opposition.
        Binay can not be part of the Opposition and Administration at the same time.

        From: Disqus
        Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2012 11:43 PM
        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Binay dared to choose: Aquino or Arroyo?

        Disqus generic email template

        Ryan Barcelo wrote, in response to RHumabon:
        He needs not resign. After all, he is doing his job well. The problem is actually not with Binay; but, with the Aquino team who seems to be full of themselves. They are very exclusive leaving non-LPs who are supportive of the administration left to organize themselves. Eh, saan sila pupunta kung wala silang kalalagyan sa LP? Link to comment

      • Ryan Barcelo

         Loyalty is best expressed in the exemplary performance of one’s assigned tasks; Binay did this and is continuing to do this. It is not their fault if they are left without a choice but organize themselves since LP resists to accommodate its supposedly allies. The notion “if you are not with us, you are against us” is not always true.

      • RHumabon

        VP Binay is organizing an UNA/UNO (OPPOSITION) Coalition Party’s Senatorial ticket for 2013. At the same time he’s advancing his agenda for a “Binay for President in 2016″. He is doing these activities while serving as a cabinet member (Head of HUD as well as Head of OFW Affairs) of the Liberal Party (ADMINISTRATION) of President Aquino.

        Binay out of delikadeza, has to resign from the cabinet. OR The President has to fire him. This has to happen soon for what we have is CLEARLY an “either / or”, “you can’t have it both” situation. In tagalog, “Si Binay ay namamangka sa dalawang ilog”.

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    Sa lalong madaling panahon,ang mga propagandista ni noynoy ay magsisimula nang atakehin ang karakter ni binay at erap…napakahusay ng mga dilaw sa mga ganitong paninira at propaganda…mula kay de quiros hanggang kay esposo,tiyak aalingaw-ngaw ang mga paninira nila kay estrada at binay!!!!

  • Karabkatab

    Aking natagpuan ang isang babasahin at link na ito:

    Ito ba ay may katotohanan?

  • Karabkatab  

    Ito ba ay may katotohanan?

  • Karabkatab

    Request lang mga bros and sis. Paki type nyo ito sa new tab nyo www dot parasamasa2010 dot webs dot com.  Tanong ko lang, ito ba ay may katotohanan?

  • Ryan Barcelo

    I just find it amazing to see these LP leaders complaining, if not threatened, about the organization of UNA when they were the ones who in the first place were not inclusive. They have been full of themselves. Now that the people who were willing to cooperate, if not actually join, with them organized themselves after having been excluded for so many time, LP leaders feel threatened.

  • Night




  • ely

    ito lang naman GAWAIN NILA para MAPAGTAPAK yong INCOMPENTENCY nila.
    TANONG KO LANG??? sa dalawang taon NI PNOY? ANO NA BA NAGAWA NIYA???

  • ely

    madumi talaga mag laro itong si ROXAS AT NOYNOYING. DEMOLITION JOB KAAGAD….
    hindi dapat takhan. ito naman gawain nila para matakpan ang INCOMPETENT NILA…

  • ely

    Ayan na malapit na ang KARMA…


    • marstar

       Hirap ng naka KARMA noh?  Tulad ni pekeng presidente Gloria at pekeng cj Corona nyo.  Wala ka bang PSP dyan?  Sige mangarap ka na nga lang :D

  • Stephen

    Can we have new names in the political arena? We’re sick and tired of these old names… you can not train old dogs with new tricks….. It will always be full of promises, fooling the Filipino people. They will be the same dirty corrupt system if these guys are elected. Time to change these people.


    Now, the CJ has a good 5-dAY respite until Sunday, the laptop brigade are under instruction to attack Binay this time and to be discontinued on Monday but to be continued in May after the trial of the CJ. 

    Congratulations, I don’t begrudge the lapdog brigade, it  is only partaking of the coffers under the name, president’s intelligence funds. 

  • Lolo_Basyong

    Malinaw na takot ang kampo ni Penoy kay Binay.  Hehehehe… Walang karapatan ang LP na diktahan si Binay sa istratehiya nito sa susunod na eleksyon.  Malinaw na hindi bilib si Rambotito sa tinutumbok ng ‘Daang Matuwid’ (Tamang  Landas dapat) kaya maglulunsad siya ng ibang way.

    • marstar

       Malinaw talaga dahil kelan ba naging matuwid si Binay? Isa siyang “rags-to-riches” story na dapat magpaliwanag ng kanyang “unexplained wealth”.

      • Al

        Halos lahat na JOLLIBEE, CHOWKING AT GRNWICH stores sa makati ay sa kanya.  Franchised gamit ang isang dummy…..hahahaha..

        Ganyan kagahaman yan!

      • Lolo_Basyong

        marstar:  Ganun pala e, bakit ayaw gawin ni Penoy kay Binay ang ginagawa kay Gloria at Corona?  Ang Daang Tuwid ba ay para lamang sa kampo ni GMA?  

    • Al

      Baka malinaw na NAGLALAWAY na si Binay mo at mga UNA-NO na makaupo at makabalik sa pwesto nila!

  • jakeP97

    Abad, Drillon, hyatt 10, Mr. Noted <——— original Gloria's lap dogs…just like a chameleon 

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      plus 50 tongressmen who jumped ship from lakas to liberal…

      isa na diyan si neptali gonzalez…kung pwede sipsipin ang dede ni gma ginawa na ng taong ito sa panahaon ni gma…ngayon naman si penoy na naman…sino sa dalawa ang tunay?

      • jakeP97

        and Abad got some ball$ to dare Binay: If youre not with us, youre against us…may dementia ang lolo mo…

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        hindi ko yan lolo…haha

  • EdgarEdgar

    Not even Ricky Carandang and his damage control team can save Noynoy. This is clearly a crisis of confidence, among many other crises. Like a melting ice cream, Noynoy will evaporate into thin air. Trillanes will stay around to lick the residue clean. Bon appetit.

    • marstar

       A popularly-elected president with very high approval rating does not need saving.  Only a fake ex-president & her fake CJ do though no amount of damage control & odious name calling directed at PNoy will save them from being relegated to the dustbin of history.  Cheers!

      • EdgarEdgar

        That explains why Cory and Ninoy are in the trashbin of history. Cheers!

      • marstar

         Obviously you got a failing grade in Phil. history.  And I thought it’s one of the easiest subjects around.  Indeed man was not created equal…some are just dumber than the rest of humanity.

      • EdgarEdgar

        Waaah. That was brilliant. Brilliant. You used sarcasm and wit in two sentences. Brilliant. Clap clap clap. Galeng galeng. Clap clap clap for marstar.

      • TGM_ERICK

         EdgarEdgar’s forte are Philippine, Asia, and World History, including  Economics and so far he is multi- lingual.  Don’t demean him, please.  He is a genius!

      • hatecorrupt


      • hatecorrupt


  • Al

    No to UNA! or UNA-NO! Bagay nga si Gloria at Binay…!..hahaha

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      hala, nagsismula na ang yellow ribbons at callcenter agents ni carandang to destroy the credibility ng kalaban ng mga yellow ribbons….sige lang kayo…anyways, matalino na ang tao ngayon…hahaha

      • Al

        Pribadong mamamayan ako at nagbabayad ng buwis na tama.  May karapatan ako na isigaw ang gusto ko lalo na tungkol sa mga kawatan at magnanakaw sa gobyerno kagaya ng idolo mong si Binay at Corona!

        Walang makakapagdikta sa akin at sa pamilya ko tungkol sa mga ganitong isyu.  At Ikaw na emplyado nila magtrabaho ka! Kc pinpasahod din kita boy kagaya ni Binay at Corona!

        Gising Bro!

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        haha…defensive mode ka yata…masakit ba???hahaha…kung ayaw mo na diyan kay carandang, dito ka nalang sa company ko magtrabaho….hahaha

      • Al

        Hahaha..i have my own company Bro..baka di ka pa nakakulimbat dyan sa opisina ng mga amo! Kaya nagpapasikat ka na naman dito..hahaha..

        Yung mga amo mo nakakulong pa hanggang ngayon kaya dumidikit ka na naman kay Binay!  Trabaho ka matino Boy!  Wag pagnanakaw gawain nyo lagi!  Masarap kumain na galing sa tunay na pawis at di sa pawis ng pagiging kawatan nyo!  Gising boy!

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        madam auring, ikaw ba yan???ang galing mong manghula, mali mali naman

      • marstar

         kaya nga nilampaso ng mga tao ang amo’t idolo mong pekeng presidente Gloria eh, dahil, tama ka, matalino na ang tao ngayon…hahaha

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        isa rin na yellow ribbon fanatic

      • marstar

         Good boy, poltergeist_fuhrer, veeery gooood.  Ok now, sit.  – pekeng president Gloria.

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        lick my a$$, yan ang sabi ni penoy sayo…GOOOOO!!!!!

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        lick my a$$, yan ang sabi ni penoy sayo…GOOOOO!!!!!

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        lick my a$$, yan ang sabi ni penoy sayo…GOOOOO!!!!!

  • Bert

    LP DIEHARDS who are DISCREDITING BINAY will have a big problem. Noynoying Pnoy’s sisters such as Kris, love the Binays (Junjun especially), more than they love Mar Roxas. Mag PLASTIKAN man sina Korina at Kris, it’s as clear as Abad’s balding hair…..hehe

    • Efren

      That was before Binay made love with Mitos !

      • Bert

        and pnoy with mar…..!!?? Pinsingan ba? hehe

  • William C

    @RHumabon:disqus , are you serious? The VP was not appointed by the PNoy but was elected. Etong si PNoy naman, feeling sya lang ang tama and anyone against him is on the wrong side. This shows how immature PNoy is. Ayaw nya may kalaban or opposition.

  • thadeothadeo

    Binay is the LP’s worst nightmare, and this early he has to be nipped in the bud.  Poor naive PNoy is being exploited by the Liberal Party, he does not even know he is just being used.

  • gener ver

    Our family will not vote for Binay if he supports or allies himself with Arroyo allies.

    • indiots

      umpisa pa lang, itext brigade na… zero to binay…

  • indiots

    pagnagkataon buhay na naman ang mga bampira at linta sa kaban ng bayan…

    pichay, defensor,villafuerta, lagman, honasan, atienza, etc. idamay na si chavit.

  • Fulpol

    kanino ba kakampi ang SWS at Pulse Asia Survey?? kay Mar Roxas, the loser??


  • JosephNess

    they are right to dare binay, to really define his position being himself part of this administration…he cannot be contradicting himself while he’s holding a cabinet position, he should remain supportive of the government programs being one of the alter ego of the president…by doing this political maneuvering, contracting an alliance with the deposed president, and inviting various political personalities known to be opposed to what this administration is fighting for, he’s contradicting himself…since, he already started this move, of forming a political alliance in preparation for the 2013 election, it’s better that he decide soon what his political stand with this government, so that this government can take appropriate action…am sure, binay will not change his support to this government, knowing fully well, his previous political affiliations, after all, there was no official declaration yet coming from him, to this intended senatorial ticket, all these that were known, are just mere media blitz and just speculations…

    • RomyLitz

      You are right Joseph,Binay is speeding up his irrelevance or Trojan-horse member  in Pnoy’s cabinet. His agenda is only one, to become the president at all cost and never mind the poor Filipinos. The unremorsefull opposition who looted the poor’s future and lives by looting the billions are welcome to his dream team. What if the looters and plunderers endorse Corona the way he announced that allies of the Little Lady of VMMC are very much wlecome.?

      • JosephNess

        that will be his blunder, a worse nightmare for his bout for presidency…it will be his ultimate failure for his intention to grasp the presidency…

  • Ilonggated

    Mar Roxas vs. Jejomar Binay in 2016. Prediction: Binay will win by landslide 7:3.

    • marstar

       Wow, that’s amazing!  Alright genius, what’s the next winning LOTTO combination?

      • poltergeist_fuhrer


    • Karabkatab

      @Ilonggated, Favor lang,  BINAY VS. BAYANI FERNANDO,,, sino mananalo (parehas ito former MMDA Chairman). Pakitingnan mo naman dyan sa kristal ball mo pre.

  • deadlyshooter

    binay is entering into a trap that he will not recover if he fall in it…he should realize this early that his move of luring various politicians with (?) credibility, he’s stepping on a trap that will make him of ( ? ) credibility himself too…he’ll lose his personal intention if he will not move out of this trap…maybe, his being identified with the deposed president is a disadvantage for his political plans… 

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      divide and conquer strategy naman ang isang ito….napakatanga naman ng mga strategy ng pinaggagawa ng malakanyang…hahahah

      • deadlyshooter

        this is what people like poltergeist_fuhrer do and his kind calling people name, maybe he’s just expressing his true self being ‘tanga’ himself…not satisfied of being ‘tanga,’ accused people with different opinion as he has, to be from malacanang, when one is just expressing his personal view about the article…this only prove that this person has a very disturbed personality prevalent of the previous admin talents…better wake up cho, it’s not yet late to cure yourself of this mental malady…

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        ikaw yata ang may mental malady who cant think deeper…hahah

      • deadlyshooter

        poltergeeist_fuhrer is known to be a mental case ever since…he’s not worth wasting time…he’s worthless a sorry case to recover from his mental malady…i leave you to yourself poltergeist_fuhrer maybe you can still remedy your sorry state..tsktsktsk…

      • poltergeist_fuhrer


      • deadlyshooter

        see, hahahahahahahaha..poltergeist_fuhrer is acting strange now, making peculiar noise…hahahahahaha…hopeless fellow…

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        para kang bata….

        wake up boy!!!

      • deadlyshooter

        sino kaya ang parang bata sa atin ikaw tong nagumpisang maagpangalan ng tao tapus babaligtarin mong sitwasyon…kulang nga ang pag iisip mo cho…sorry na lang sa kawalan mong tamang pag iisip…tsktsktsk…

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        name calling ka rin…pointing finger, huh!!!tanga mo boi!

      • deadlyshooter

        name calling ? i just repeated what you said…really you’re losing grasp of reality, are you hallucinating things sir ? 

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        hallucinating of ur idiocy

      • deadlyshooter

        poltergeist_fuhrer has really become his sorry state…

  • RonnieV

    Be it opposition or not, the fact that Binay is forming his own team will definitely become the ultimate opponent of the Pnoy admin come 2013. LP stalwarts are now in panic for the birth of UNA, why? because they now realized that Pnoy’s election slogan will remain only a a slogan without a bit of reality. They realized Pnoy’s vindictiveness, the Noynoying, the arrogant autistic leader which somehow affects their position come 2013, particularly the most arrogant, boastful, highest spending senator while in jail, Trillanes. They said they will only accepts senatorial bets whose advocacy is in line with Pnoy’s anti-corruption slogan. Until and unless this PDAF will be scrapped, I don’t see any changes in respect to Pnoys anti-corruption policy. The path is very crooked and inconsistent with Pnoy’s slogan considering that instead of scrapping the PDAF Pnoy had substantially increased it, is this the straight path to anti-corruption policy? 

  • neverwint3r

    mar roxas will need to get a strong running mate to carry him over in 2016. right now all bets are off that binay will win by a landslide.

    binay will probably get bongbong marcos as his vp running mate. for roxas, recto or kris aquino?

  • pinakatagotago

    i would go for individual candidates according to their platform, competence, proven track record and sincerity to serve.

    sa inyo na lang yang party alliances and allegiances na yan. di nakakatulong yan.

  • JosephNess

    there are plenty of able personalities in the private sectors supportive of this government that can be tapped, why can’t they be invited to join?…this may be a possibility to invite new faces to serve our country…just exploring possibilities…

  • thadeothadeo

    Just as I predicted in my earlier post, the Yellow Fanatics will be training their guns on Binay after the Liberal Party dared the VP to choose between Aquino or Arroyo. 

     Binay is not even an enemy yet as he still in the present cabinet, but the demolition job is now in full fury.  

    What’s this about the Yellows who hates what their idol hates?  This an eruption of irrationality.  

    Binay just decided to coalesce with Erap’s PMP, and the propaganda war got off to an early start. At the drop of the baton, the Yellow fanatics started their hate campaign against Binay.  

    Could it be due to the fact that Binay’s trust ratings is the highest and still rising, while PNoy’s going sour?

    However you demonize Binay, you cannot hide the fact that it is still PNoy’s performance that’s on the line.  You cannot use distractions like GMA, Corona, and now Binay to divert the attention of the people from the ineptness and Do-Nothings of this president.  

    What you’re doing is like praising the emperor’s new robes though the emperor is naked.  You are deluding PNoy, the people, and yourselves from the fact that PNoy is just looking for excuses, not solutions to the country’s problems.  He is stark naked in terms of accomplishments – a big disappointment, a dismal failure.  And your blind approval is not doing him and our country any good at all.

    • Jose

      I can demonize Binay because I’m a lifelong Makati resident who’s heard countless tales and reports of how utterly corrupt the man is.

      How can you defend corruption so blatantly and still pretend to be a decent human being?

      • thadeothadeo

        Has one of my post including this say or even suggest I defend corruption?  Your defense of your idol PNoy has made you irrational to conclude that.  Yes, I can say that corruption issue has been abused by this president as his justification for abuse of power or to exact his personal agenda of vendetta against his enemies and critics.  That’s his convenient excuse for his dismal performance of the presidency.

        FYI, I too don’t want Binay for president knowing him for corrupt practices to enrich himself and his family.  But, between him and PNoy, I just might opt for Binay, because Binay delivers.  Your president has just been acting as a ceremonial president, but all he has delivered is a big fat egg to date.  Sadly, that won’t come to pass, (contest between him and Binay), but if it does, I will vote for Binay.

        In your eyes I may not be a decent human being, but I have nothing to be ashamed of in all my life.  Nor have I prejudged a human person harshly even before I know him.  But you, why do you pass a judgment like that?  Is that a decent thing to do?  Huh!

      • Jose

        You defend Binay and support Binay while admitting that he’s corrupt.  In what world is that not supporting corruption?

        And no, I don’t know you, but when someone blatantly and admittedly defends corruption, I think I’m pretty justified in saying that that person is garbage.

        As for not prejudging people before you know them?  Yeah, you’re a liar too.  You’ve made very clear what you think about P-Noy, and I sincerely doubt you’ve ever met the man.

      • thadeothadeo

        Meet the man, just meet the man?  Is that all you require for one to judge him?  Huh!  I know him more than just personally.  I have friends and relatives and Malacanang insiders too for my info about his activities.  More than that, even by newspaper accounts alone you can tell if he is a good president or a good man for that matter.  Korina was so disgusted with him after their last talk she cried driving from Tarlac and had an accident.  Her face had to be fixed by surgery from the injury in that car accident. How did I know this?  I have more intimate knowledge about PNoy’s activities than you can imagine.  Short of disclosing my identity here, FYI, I know him more than what you can ever know.

        You haven’t the foggiest idea about me, but your enormous ego makes you feel that you are the brightest star ever to shine in the horizon.  As per your post, you are just an economics graduate and plans to have your masters degree.  Go ahead and pursue that degree, you need additional credibility to lecture us about anything except economics (which is the most boring degree in the world that everyone is a master of). 

        Is it your way of  making conclusion that when somebody defends (and I don’t even want to defend Binay) a corrupt person, that makes him equally corrupt?  I wrote articles condemning GMA and his cabinet about their corruption and abuses during her whole term and never give a darn about what they would do to me given that I used my real name.

        As for you, I think your posts are sensible.  If only you shed a little impatience and hasty judging of human nature, you’d do good.  But as of now, your devotion to PNoy has made you illogical.  LOL!

      • Jose

        So, basically, you’re a clown on the internet who’s decided to pretend he actually knows P-Noy in order to somehow justify your love for corruption.  Cool, I’m actually Nelson Mandela then.

        Also, your opinion of economics is laughable.  Absolutely laughable.  You seriously don’t know jack about the study if you honestly believe that tripe.  You might’ve been one of those idiots I was correcting back in that  Doronila page, if so, you could use an econ book, so you stop sounding so ignorant.  I’d also recommend looking up what an MBA actually is.  Here’s a hint: it’s not an economics degree.

        And if you don’t want to defend Binay, the logical thing to do would be, you know, not defending Binay.  Instead you back him to the hilt, ignoring his blatant corruption.

        You said I shouldn’t judge people I don’t know?  Well if I see a man kill someone, I don’t need to know that man personally to know he’s a murderer.  If I see a man defending corruption, I don’t need to personally know that man to know that he’s a horrible person.

        But what do I know?  I’m just Nelson Mandela.

      • thadeothadeo

        Hi, Nelson.  But you could have chosen to argue with Ulipur who shared three links in defense of VP Binay, just three pages behind this thread. That guy really roots for Jojo and he is just as fervently dedicated to the defense of Binay as you are for PNoy. As for me, I have no love lost for the vice president, and my feathers won’t be ruffled if you cut him into size. Just in case you got confused, I mentioned in my post that Jojo is corrupt and that he is facing corruption charges. I’d be ecstatic if he is jailed consequently, but I’d still vote for him vs PNoy if they were pitted against each other in any contest, save for the title of The Most Peabrained.

        I see no profit arguing with an overaged juvenile delinquent like you who can’t seem to figure out his logic as long as he can express his tantrum with his posts. Your insults mean nothing to me, knowing how shallow your arguments are. When a guy resort to verbal insults in the exchange of views, that’s an indication that he has lost sound arguments. That means he takes his opponent’s views as a personal affront that he turns to name calling.
        You are right, Nelson – what do you know? But, Boy, you are getting to be an expert in sarcasm. Shades of Conrado De Quiros. You must have been enamored so much by CDQ you have even aped his style of demonizing.
        Get that MBA, better strive for Ph. D if you can afford it. Then you can brag about your credentials and carve a name in as columnist in a broadsheet. Don’t waste your time in this forum. This is only for small time bloggers who just want to ventilate their opinion about anything without getting to be edited or suffer rejection from editors. 

        Your intelligence is way too much for us.

      • Jose

        I dont’ read through each post on this thread, as frankly I don’t have the time.

        I also don’t feel the need to lie about my credentials and make up stories instead of simply admitting I was wrong.  Of course, I’ve never been so wrong that I supported corruption.

        As for name calling?  I called you a liar because I believe you’re lying about being a professional columnist or whatever.  I called you a horrible person because I believe you’re a horrible person for supporting corruption.  You also insulted an entire field of study (while clearly showing you have no idea how or what it is), what’s your excuse for that?

        As for that last bit, I’ll post wherever I want, and if you don’t like it, tough.

  • Gerg Anrol

    Binay chides certain LP officials: “Nakalimutan na yata nila na I am part of the cabinet at 100% ang suporta ko kay PNoy.” via @solartvnews

    • fairtruth

      mali ka…support siya kay pinoy sa kanyang mga alleged programs na walang nagawa..PERO SA POLITICS..BAKIT…SUPORTAHAN BA NI PNOY SI BINAY SA PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION 2016.. PAANO SI ROXAS…mag-isip ka uy

  • hatecorrupt


  • SolidBasketball

    LP versus UNA !!!

  • hatecorrupt


  • Bert

    The LP LAPDOGS including the Malacanang Communication Group who are DISCREDITING BINAY and ERAP this early, may have forgotten that during the previous SENATORIAL ELECTION where Pnoy was one of the candidates, their beloved NOYNOYING PRESIDENT was one of those candidates who LINED UP in Erap’s Detention Cell to get the POLITICAL BLESSING of the once convicted prisoner Erap.  

    Erap will have a word for that, “USER, este, INGRATO”! hehe

    • albatang

      binay joining erap is not an issue they are allies since the previous election the issue is binay joining gma and everybody knows except you that the government is doing whatever it takes to put to justice gma and binay is a cabinet member how come he is joining gma at this time as preparation on his election candidacy what does it mean ano ang kpalit nun pardon ba ni gma at ng lahat ng kinasuhan ni pnoy? deny it or not it is very obvious

      • Bert

        and who said binay joining erap is an issue? What I was saying, if you cared to re-read my post, was that it might be the height of being “ingrato” for your noynoying LP allies to attack erap this early on the game, after erap was “used’ by Pnoy in the previous senatorial election. Didn’t you remember the unknown non-performing pnoy lining up in Tanay, Rizal just to kiss erap @ss in return of the much needed political blessing….???

  • marriondale

    To LP and the present adminsitration, there is plenty of time to shoot down Binay’s rating.  Remember his case with the BIR where he failed to remit the withholding taxes same as Mayor Echiverri on the GSIS contributions of Caloocan City Hall employees.  Anyway, PNoy can still do a lot of things with his remaining 4 years in office.  The LP should not be threatened with Binay’s current rating.  the way I read the news and discern this LP’s move, they think if Binay’s rating continue to remain very high and Pnoy’s rating starting to dwindle, it will be an irreversible situation.  Kung baka sa basketball, first quarter pa lang, feeling talo na pakiramdam ng LP.  Of course there is still time to catch up. 

  • albatang

    binay made a big mistake of joining gma party, voters are smarter now than before, he should stay neutral and form senatorial ticket that has no bad image, kung manalo c binay tyak na ang pardon ni gma at lahat ng kinasuhan ni pnoy, balik n nman tau sa dating gAWI, kawawang pilipinas.

  • hatecorrupt


  • Jose

    In retrospect, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise when Binay and Estrada joined forces.

    Adulterers should stick together, after all.

  • Herson Herrera

    eh bakit yung  Presidente ng NAPOCOR na si Tampinco hindi pinapalitan ni PNoy?? eh alam naman nating lahat na TUTA yan c Tampinco ni GMA .Mr PNOY focus ka naman sa DOE affairs..wag mong ibigay lahat ky Almendras.

    • fairtruth


  • SolidBasketball

    patok sa masa ang UNA, yeheeey

    • deadlyshooter

      masa ng arinang pang hot pandesal sa panaderia…hahahahahahaha…babaha na naman ng pera sa tabing kalsada niyan…hahahahahahaha… 

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        tumigil ka na!!!!ang penoy mong noynoying ambagal mag form ng slate…sobrang tamad kasi…

      • deadlyshooter

        hahahahahaha…nasasaktan na si poltergeist_fuhrer…lumalabas na ang kanyang natural na pagkatao, yan paagkasira ng pag iisip…sige…tigil na ako…baka magwala ka na diyaan at magtantrums….wahahahahahahaha…

      • hatecorrupt


    • hatecorrupt


      • curandang

        ha..ha..haa. i like very much your post,  HATECORRUPT, yuo said it!!!!!!!!!

      • jeray

        sinu sa LP ang HINDI kawatan?

  • $23257130

    mabuhay si President Binay! ikulong si Noynoy ABNOY!

    • deadlyshooter

      hahahahaha…di tulad si binay ni gma na nagtraydor kay erap noon…yan ang babala sa inyo kung kukunin nyo ang mga dating alipores ni gma…nakakatawa ka talaga echus….hahahahahahaha…

  • Vergara

    Choose Arroyo Pres. Binay. Kasi kahit anumang anomalya ang ginawa ni GMA, (kung totoo nga), she prepared and made the economy better. So what kung meron siyang binulsa, sinong presidente ang di gumawa nun. Yang presidente ngayon eh anak ng isang bengatibang babae na sana eh pinag sisihan ang kanyang ginawa nung siya ay presidente. walang inisip kundi i-bengga ang pagkamatay nung kanyang asawa na wala namang ginawa kung di guluhin ang bansa ko! Walang alam itong presidente na to kundi mangarinyoso sa publiko pero walang laman sa kukote. Mabuhay kayo Pres. Marcos, GMA and soon Binay. Binay for President!

  • hatecorrupt


    • Bert

      bakit naman naging kawawa si pnoy? He’s been noynoying for 2 years and will be noynoying for the next 4 years. Sarap ng buhay nya, no……hehe 

  • Nanette Sabadao

    vice presedent binay senior mas mabuti pa wl ka piliin sa dalawa aquino or gloria kc mabahiran lng un mabango mong pangalan go go go go go 

  • RomyLitz

    I hope Binay will be endorsed by GMA and Corona to sweeten the kiss of death in the coming election.

    • Raven Santos

      Ha ha ha ha. Add to it the support of Samar group to Binay. The ruling party will not a stand chance against UNA with its one foot missing.

    • Martin

      Binay does not need GMA or Corona to be successful.  He can and will accomplish much on his own.

  • Bert

    Sa totoo lang, if you examine the line-up ma-LP man or UNA, it’s practically the same OLD TRAPOS making a fool once again out of the poor pilipinos. 

    I would rather have candidates who are new and fresh, and who are proven successful businessmen, entrepreneurs or professionals…..

    They may not win, but if Filipinos want “real change”, then they must also learn to change their voting preference……hindi porke sikat, duon na ang boto mo…..

  • jericho philip

    paranoid.. talaga tong mga taga LP.. d tatagal sisiraan rin yan nga abscbn ang UNA, or kaya ang inquirer..

  • Martin

    I remember just 2 years ago, Binay told Arroyo to “go to jail” for what you did.   How quickly the Liberal party and Aquino is to forget that statement.  For the benefit of the Nation, i call on Aquino to resign…just let VP Binay assume the Presidency.  I cannot think of one good thing or a successful decision recently made of Pinoy that has benefited the country.   Noynoying along and before you know it…we wasted another six years on an “Aquino Family Politician.

    • paul

       bwahahaha..congrats syo pareng martin…..isa kang tanga hangal..

  • Nanette Sabadao

    i hope binay will be the nxt presedent and to following the policies of unticorrupt para naman makatikim lahat tau ng magandang buhay at wala na ofw sa ibat ibang panig ng mundo para magsamasa buong family laging masaya wl na magkakahiwalay broken family dahil lng sa abroad 

  • Martin

    A very wise decision by Binay…. start laying your strategy now and work towards that goal.  This is something we have not seen from  the current President Aquino. Binay maybe just the VP for now, but he is more suitable as President and has more skills than Pinoy at running the country.
    At times like this, i wish the presidential term was just 4 years. 

  • Ernesto Castro

    wala akong tiwala sa taong playing safe at di naniningdigan sa mga current issues.  buti pa si mirriam kahit ganun alam mo saan sya nakatayu..

  • can ger


  • Ernesto Castro

    di dapat choice between pinoy or arroyo. it should be between right or wrong. sa mga current issues ano ba stand nya?

    • fojar

      Wala syang stand kasi playing safe sya. Ganyan talaga ang may ambisyon. Pag isipan nating mabuti mga kababayan kung karapat dapat ba siyang maging presidente ng Pilipinas.

  • can ger


    • EngrhansTeh

      hehe,,,how to eradicate kalokohan at corruption, even PNOY ayaw e push para maisabatas ang FREEDOM OF INFORMATION…naku, maunahan sila ni BINAY mag push para maisbatas yan ,,,ah taob agad ang LP slate.

      • hukom2

        Erin Tanada’s version of Freedom of Information got the nod of malacanang. FYI!

  • can ger


  • jimmybc809

    It seems that this administration has started attacking Jojo Binay because he will be a threat to whoever will be endorsed by PNoy in 2016.
    Yan ang problema sa mga politikos natin,  meron pa rin crab mentality.
    Pero di nila kayang tibagin si President Jojo Binay.  Sa accomplishments niya as Mayor of Makati and now as VP,  he is the true leader with real action (not Noynoying) who can really save this country.
    Just do what is best for the Filipinos,  President Jojo Binay.

    • rei Sandoval

      accomplishments as mayor of makati, what accomplishments? kahit si rico j. maging mayor ng makati magkakaroon ng accomplishment sa laki ng income ng makati. as a VP, what accomplishment? as early as day one namulitika na agad ‘yang si Binay, kung hindi pa nga pinuna yung wang-wang ng convoy nya nun at pagka-counter-flow….sa OFW namumulitika na rin yan e!….come-on!

      • rem_rod

         Kahit malaki income kung ginagastos ng pariwara wala ding mangyayari. Good management kahit maliit kita, makita mo progress.

      • Ernesto Castro

        korek ka dyan, laki income ng makati pero ayala area lang maganda kasi dahil kay ayala. bakul bakul mga daan, walang trapik lights key intersections, bumabaha pa din pasong tamo, washington etc. iisa lang motibo ni binay, makalikom ng mga boto. 

  • ofw2011

    Abad and Abaya missed the point.  Do they think comes 2016, Binay will join LP and give up his presidential ambition to Roxas?  

    Binay is planning ahead and politically his moves now is geared towards 2016.   

    Asking Binay to  laying out his card for Aquino and Arroyo now is like asking him whom she like much his wife or his secretary?

    Aquino is lazy, he has no plans for the country. no action for our miseries. 

    Excuse me Mr Abad and Abaya are dreaming? 

  • albert

    history tells us that binay was appointed by cory as makati oic at hindi makikilala yan si binay kung hindi kay cory.

  • Manny

    Ginegera na tayo ng China, yan pa ang pinagkakaablahan nyo? mga bwisit kayo! 

  • Sio Koy

    am i dreaming….binay for pres?!!! patawarin tayo ng Poong My Kapal…. anybody but binay would do!

  • can ger


  • BatangSingapore

    simpleng simple lang banat ni Binay.. mamili kayo Si GMA o ang Abnoy na presidente.

    siempre sayo kami Binay, patulsikin mo na yan mongoloid na yan NOW NA!


    Simple Lang BINAY is Binay bat papipiliin may sarili syang diskarte GO BINAY diskarte muyan

  • Ulipur

    Si Binay Never na naging kaalyado ni gloria.  At si Binay ay may sarilinng malasakit iyan kay PNoy at sa mga kapatid na babae niya.

    Si Pnoy ang ating presidente hanggang 2016. Si Binay ang ating Vice President hanggang 2016. Tulungan natin sila na mabigyang solusyon ang maraming problema ng bayan.


    • fojar

      Tama ka Ulipur, sana yung mga galit kay PNOY na maka Binay ay tumigil na sa mga mapanirang sinasabi laban sa Presidente para makuha pa nila boto ng mga supporters ni PNOY kapag tumakbong presidente si Binay.

  • Herson Herrera

    Kawawa ang Pinas! Gusto ibenta ni PNoy ang Napocor Hydro Plants sa Mindanao!Kawawang Juan.. binoto nyo kasi! Eh sino kawawa nagayun di tayong lahat!..kung may plata porma lang sana ang Liberal Party nuon before election na pabor sila PRIVATIZATION eh.. si Pres. ERAP sana ang Pangulo ngayon.SAyang mga BOBO kasi tayo eh..palaging Maloloko…perp toto to ha..Si VP Binay hindi po sang ayon ibenta ang NAPOCOR..thats the real leader..kumakampi sa mga mahihirap..kaya suprtahan nyo c Binay sa 2016.

    • bad_jake

      ang bobo mo nman… ndi mo ba alam ung reason why kainlangang ibenta ang hydro plant sa mindanao… goosshhh… magbasa ka muna at ng ndi ka nag ooppose ng ndi mo alam.. well mka binay ka wlang msama dun, pro ung issue mo ndi mo naiintindihan.. bobo gusto mong bumalik ulit kay erap..

      • Chris

        Ang dami na naibenta na pagaari ng pamahalaan. Bakit wala ba pera ang gobyerno para paandarin ang negosyo ng gobyerno?

        Lahat na ng necessities naibenta na: OIL (Petron), WATER (MWSS), ELECTRICITY (Meralco). Base Militar (Fort Santiago, siguro meron pa iba)

        Idagdag mo pa ang mga ito: IPP Contracts (independent power producers na binabayaran ng NAPOCOR para magbigay ng elektrisidad in case na di kaya ng NAPOCOR magbigay, EVEN IF hindi sila nagpoproduce dahil kaya pa ng NAPOCOR), BOT (build-operate-transfer, pagkakakitaan muna ang mga Pilipino, pag naitransfer na naman sa pamahalaan ibebenta sa private companies – MRT?), National highways – NLEX at SLEX – NLEX (pagmamay-ari ng pribadong kumpaniya na TSINOY, nabili ng napakamura sa pamahalan, kahit naimprove na which is sa pamahalaan din inutang ang pera ay ibebenta sa pamahalaan ng mahigit pa sa 10x (approximately), SLEX – operator ay ndi na PNCC ngunit MALAYSIAN company na yata ngaun. PNCC (Philippine National Construction Corporation) – dpat ang sole contractor ng pamahalaan sa mga government constructions ay isa nang PRIVATE COMPANY.

        Madami pang iba na di ko nabanggit pero itong mga privatization ang unti-unting nagbabaon lalo sa atin sa utang. Yan ang mga kumpaniya na dapat PINAGKAKAKITAAN ng pamahalaan pero sinasabing NALULUGI DAW kaya kailangan ibenta. Ngaun saan kukuha ang pamahalaan ng pera? MAGTATAAS NA NAMAN NG BUWIS?

        Nakakaawa na talaga itong bansa natin.

      • fojar

        Magbigay ka nga ng brilliant suggestion para maresolba ang mga problemang nabanggit mo. Ang hirap sa inyo na mga galit kay PNOY nawawala na ang common sense and logic sa pinagsasabi nyo para lang masira ang presidente ay kung anu anong mali at kasalanan ang ipinupukol nyo sakanya. Hintayin nyo namang tapusin nya ang term nya bago kayo humusga ng walang basehan. Kung gusto nyong iboto ng mga supporters ni PNOY si Binay sa susunod na election ay tigilan nyo ang mga paninirang ginagawa nyo sa presidente bakasakali si Binay ang iboto namin.

  • Garote

    Binay must be desperate because of his age. He is almost 80 years old. He wants to become the next president of our country before Alzheimer knocks out his brain. In his desperation, he is accepting just about anybody who wishes to join his UNA political party, regardless of their background and political affiliation before. If Binay were a woman, he would be mistaken for a lady of the night with “loose morals.” But he is a politician, he can only be accused of being a man without principle, lacking in moral fiber, to be a presidential timber for his party.

  • Herson Herrera


  • Herson Herrera


    • Karabkatab

      Ha? Sabi mo sa comment mo sa taas Marami kang benepisyo sa Makati.  Ba’t biglang naging Kawawa ang sigaw mo ngayon HH? Ano nangyari sa benefits na na re receive mo?

    • fojar

       Kokonti lang kayo na naniniwala sa sinasabi mo.

  • Herson Herrera


    • Karabkatab

      Ganon ba? Congrats sa inyo. 

  • Ulipur

    source: abs-cbn news
    MANILA, Philippines – Vice-President Jejomar Binay on Wednesday lashed out at reports questioning his loyalty to President Benigno Aquino III’s anti-corruption efforts.

    Speaking to ANC, Binay said he is now being made to undergo an “inquisition” after Liberal Party officials allegedly dared him to declare his support for the prosecution of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona.

    “I understand pinasasagot ako. Ano ba ito- inquisition? That I have to answer? E ano naman ang answer ko e obvious naman yun. I will repeat what I said. Mahirap magpaliwanag sa mga nagbibingi-bingihan. Mahirap namang magpakita sa mga nagbubulag-bulagan,” he told Mornings@ANC.

    Binay said he doubts that Budget Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad Jr. would tell media that the vice-president must declare if the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) is pro- or anti-administration. The UNA is a coalition between Binay’s Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) and former President Joseph Estrada’s Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino.

    “Kasama ko naman si Butch sa Gabinete. Nagbabasa naman siya. Tinatanong niya yun e alam naman niya kaya hindi ako naniniwalang si Butch Abad ang may sabi niya,” he said.

    “Alam naman natin sa maraming pagkakataon pangalan lang ang sinasaksak pag ka mayroong sinasabi,” he added.

    Binay said reports that he is being made to choose between Aquino and Arroyo are reactions to the UNA coalition, which will field senatorial candidates for the 2013 election.

    Regarding the Corona impeachment trial, he said the merits of the case should be decided based on the evidence presented.

    “For the nth time, I will say again – this is democracy in action and the proceedings have started. Siguro because of my training as a litigation lawyer, binibistahan na yan. Bakit pa gagawa tayo ng spekualsyon? Tignan na lang natin kung tunay na mayroong ebidensya at kung ang ebidensya ay kapani-paniwala, sana magkaroon ho ng tamang desisyon,” he said.

    • hukom2

      Lawyer ka? Well, kilala kayong magagaling magsinungaling… where do you stand… you are not stating it clear! Politiko ka nga, trapong-trapo ang dating mo!!!

      • Ulipur

        1. Not a lawyer.
        2. Not a politician
        3. Dual Citizen po ako. Senior Citizen, Citizen of the Philippines.
        4. Member po ako ng Media…Meron Diabetes.
        5. Nagbibigay lang po ako ng aking opinion.

        Thank you, Mr/Ms hukom2.

  • Ulipur

    source: abs-cbn news
    ‘I owe a lot to Aquinos’
    Binay denied that there is a brewing rift between him and the President. He said he owes much to the Aquino family after President Cory Aquino appointed him mayor of Makati after the 1986 EDSA Revolution.

    “After we had dinner last night, we had a long meeting until 11 pm. I was seated beside the President. We were discussing some matters. So kausap ko si Ballsy (Aquino’s sister) kagabi tsaka si Eldon, e alam mo naman mahaba naman ang pinagsamahan namin.’

    “Ako naman ay uulit-ulitin ko sa ating mga kababayan – kinikilala ko pong malaking utang na loob na kung ano si Jojo Binay ay nagsimula po naman ito kay Pangulong Cory Aquino at sa kanyang family. So ako po ay isang taong marunong tumanaw ng utang ng loob.”

    Binay said the collective leadership of the UNA has yet to decide on which candidates will be included in the coalition’s senatorial ticket.

    LP officials allegedly questioned UNA’s inclusion of Zambales Rep. Mitos Magsaysay and former senator Ernesto Maceda in their senatorial slate despite being fierce critics of President Aquino.

  • Ulipur

    source: abs-cbn news
    ‘I suffered under GMA’
    The vice-president said he is irked by reports that he is allying himself with former President Arroyo especially after he suffered persecution from Malacañang while he was still mayor of Makati.

    Binay was twice ordered suspended by the Department of the Interior and Local Government and the Office of the Ombudsman for various charges in 2006-2007. Both times, Binay defied the suspension and barricaded himself inside the Makati City Hall.
    Binay said his own critics are hypocrites for questioning his loyalty when they were the ones who backed Arroyo during the controversial 2004 presidential election.

    “Nagdanas ako ng malaking hirap. Yung hirap na pinagdaanan ko kay GMA -patong-patong ang aking kaso tapos ako pa ngayon ang pinagbibintangan,” he said.
    “E kung sino man sila, nakita ko kayo ‘Wow GMA! Mahal na mahal ka namin, GMA. GMA, ikaw ang tunay na nanalo.’ Kayo po yun ah. Hindi po kami yan. Ngayon ang lakas ng loob niyong pagbibintangan niyo kami diyan,” he added.
    He also denied sending text blasts during Holy Week, allegedly linking him to Arroyo and criticizing Aquino’s “Yellow Army.”

    “Panahon pa ng Holy Week yun. Semana Santa..Hindi naman kami siguro ganun kahina ang kaisipin na magpapalabas kami ng ganung statements. Siguro kapani-paniwala yun kung isa, e 3-4 yun e,” he said.
    Examples of the text messages, also received by journalists, are the following:
    “Let’s pray for unity this Holy Week. VP Binay will unite all factions vs the vindictive Yellow Army +Google Manila Times+Binay Senate slate.”
    “Jesus, Joseph & Mary may be gone, but salvation lies in our beloved Jejomar. Go VP Binay+ Pls pass…”
    “Paalala mula sa tanggapan ni VP Binay: Magpaka-Boy Scout ngayong Holy Week – huwag aanga-anga sa daan para hindi manakawan.”
    “We pray that GMA’s StrongRepublic will be realized under Binay’s Strong Leadership. Time to unite. Patawarin ang nagsisisi! Binay sa 2016!”

  • ajca82

    “Only a Sith deals in absolutes.”

  • Herculian

    Hahahahah! akala ko di nababahala ang Malacanang? Bagsak na ang Aquino admin! Bwahahahah!

    • fojar

       Bagsak na ba ang Aquino Admin? eh presidente pa naman si Pnoy at nasa malakanyang pa sya? nananaginip ka ba?

  • 7 iron

    bakit anti-corruption ba ang liberal? sino dun?

  • Tirador Ngbuwaya

    If you are expecting Binay to make a stand on the current issues of  prosecuting PGMA due to corruption and impeachment of Corona, HE WILL NEVER MAKE  A  STAND ! WHY?  Takot syang ma – offend ang mga alipores nila  PGMA AT Corona. . .Hindi  iboboto ang partido niya sa 2013 at 2016 elections kasama na sya sa pagka presidente ng Pilipinas. . .SOBRANG  KAPAL  NAMAN NG MUKHA MO  SIR, . .NO PRINCIPLE !  NO  INTEGRITY !  NO  HONOR ! Reminder lang sir, . .be ready to explain where and how did  you get your millions. . . wala ka namang negosyo. . .

  • bGorg

    A desperate move… I think it’s to early to talk about politics. Next year pa ang election but VP Binay already have a senatorial line up? Do he has no work to do kaya he has more time para paghandaan ang election sa 2013 or 2016 pa? He is obsess to become a president kaya pati ang mga alipores ni Cong. Arroyo isanama nila sa ticket. Samantalang alam naman ng lahat na ipinagtatanggol ng mga alipores si Cong. Arroyo. Hay, tao ba naman gagawin ang lahat maging presidente lang…. sa tagal pa ng election marami pangpwedeng mangyari niyan.

  • 7 iron

    corruption still prevalent..i tell u..hindi nabawasan…nadagdagan pa..we will never progress..not this generation..

  • Greten Estella

    Di ba sina Abnoy ang naunang nagyaya o tumanggap kina Sonny Belmonte, Ralph Recto at Joey Salceda na mga kilalang kasapi ng Lakas-Kampi? Bakit nagngangawa sila ngayon na parang batang ewan nung inimbitahan nina Binay sina Mitos Magsaysay at Migz Zubiri?

  • Rolando

    Bakit pinagsasabong pa ang Arroyo at Aquino eh politically dead na si GMA. Para namang ginagawang isip bata ang Pinoy ng mga tiga LP,

  • Ed

    he he ..inupakan na agad si Jojo mga aso ng Malacanang ..gamit nanaman ang demonized CGMA attack mode…nabili na yan..let Jojo binay do his thing..ninerbyos agad nyakk’

  • can ger


  • can ger


  • Lapu_lapu

    Binay is just enjoying high approval rating because he is piggy-backed on the Aquino Administration, a graft-busting administration. Lest he thinks it is his own popularity, his association with shady Arroyo allies will pull down that popularity. It will show in subsequent surveys and dramatically will show in the elections: his party will be pulverized! We are tired of trapos. They all deserve to be thrown out as unwanted trash!

  • Rathbumo

    Ikot ang tumbong ng mga taga Malacanang. Si Binay lang pala ang katapat nyo. 

  • Nic Legaspi

    Aquino or Arroyo?

    Simple. The correct answer would be the Filipino people.

  • lmrdee

    side with aquino and then what?…give up  his corrupt way of life?…he’s eyeing for the big prize in the next cycle…and may the almighty save the country…

  • hukom2

    Anything new? Anu ba pinagtatalunan natin dito… si Binay? Simple lang… kung gusto nyo ng pagbabago wag kayong bumoto ng trapo!!! Kailangan ni VP ng padrino sa kanyang kaso. Di man magsalita si PNoy ay halatang gusto rin niyang paimbistigahan si Binay tungkol sa kanyang nakasampang kaso sa ombudsman!!! Binay is aiming the seat of the president, kaya umpisa pa lang ay campaign related na ang pagbisita nito sa buong Pinas at maging sa abroad.  

    Bakit nga ba parang walang clear stand itong si Binay against impeached CJ CORONA? Kayo na ho ang bahalang mag-isip. For sure, Binay won’t get my vote!!!

  • Aurora Castro

    I will never vote for any of them.they have the same goals , Greedy.if you guys don’t want to repeat history and copy their failed policy , don’t vote .let us unite.

  • Aurora Castro

    Pres. Noynoy VP Binay and the rest ,won’t do any good to the people.the people who elect these “bozos” are the problem..they’ll simply replace them with others who have the same belief system.

  • thunderbolt01

     Ang black propaganda ng LP, mapanira ng mga taong popular gaya ni Pacquiao, Santiago, Honasan, Corona at ngayon si Binay. Ang paninira ninyo ay kayo lamang ang naniniwala. Tigilan na ang pagkukunwaring malinis. Mas bulok pa kayo sa imburnal.

    • AmBoy24

      sinabi mo pa bro.

    • fojar

      ikaw lang naniniwala sa sinasabi mo.

  • w33k3nd3r

    FYI to the higher ups of the government– our people are hungry, Pyong Yang has launched it’s mysterious missile, SM Baguio has chopped down trees probably older than Enrile, China is bullying us at the Zambales ocean area; and you’re doing THIS?!?!?! WTF?!!!!

  • AmBoy24

    naku po,wala na namang magagawa ang batugang presidente at siguradong after corona ay may pagtutuunan naman siya ng panibagong galit.

  • Manny Q

    The biggest problem we have as a nation is not politicians.The problem is we the people continue to re elect these thieving politicians who waste our money and pork barrel and give it away to undeserving people for votes.They rob you , lie to you , cheat you , and work againt’s your best interest yet you elect them.

    We must destroy political dynasties.

  • katutubongfilipino

    Dynasty yan ang mayayari pag si Binay ang naging president tingnan nyo sa Makati susunod na ang phil. bagay matagal na nangyayari akala nial sila lang ang magaling mag manage ng Bansa pero bakit ba nagsisiksikan ang buong pamilya sa pulitika I think lahat alam kung bakit  3 P lang  Power,Pork Barrel and Pera hehe

  • joeldcndcn

    kawawa lang itong inuutong illonggong si mar roxas ni binay at Pnoy, he, he, he; binigyan pa ng posisyon sa admin ni Pnoy itong taydor na Binay, ha, ha, ha? hanggang ngayon ay wala talagang laban si mar orxas sa mga “early electioneering” ni Binay gamit iyong mga posisyon na bigay ni Pnoy sa kanya, kawawa ka mar roxas, ha, ha, ha!

  • katutubongfilipino

    hindi ang taong botante ang problema kundi ang money machinery tuwing eletion ang problema
    milyon to buy vote kailangan nga naman mamuhunan para makaupo then kukuha ng tubo pag nakaupo na ganyan ang pulitika sa atin garapalan makikipatayan makaupo lang

  • manongcastro

    Masyadong pulitiko itong si Binay. Parang si De Venecia ang dating. Gustong parating nasa gitna. Well, di mo naman masisisi dahil ang politics nga eh “additions” at “gamitan lang” to achieve your goal.

  • Efren

    After realizing his big miscalculation, Binay is now claiming “- – he is still in support of Pres Aquino – – – only allies of GMA who are not involved in graft – – – “.

    Damage has been made ; malaki ang problema ni Binay sa next approval rating survey !

  • vir_a

    Now, they are starting to fight each other. 

  • poltergeist_fuhrer

    Binays new alliances reflects the leadership thAt the president has…..

    he doesnt have the balls to put together his alliance with Binay…and even the conflicting faction of samar and balay group of LP he cant resolve…(which i think, the samar group will support the binay alliance)


    • fojar

      Oh, well…so what brilliant suggestion can u give? pwede kaya ikaw na lang maging presidente ng Pilipinas?

      • poltergeist_fuhrer


      • Atiz Remle

         annoying commentary… hearsay!!!

      • fojar

        Correction po…tayong taumbayan ang boss ni PNOY. Ako ay isang empleyado sa malayong probinsya sa Luzon at majority dito ay naniniwala at sumusuporta sa daang matuwid ng pangulo. At nakakasiguro ako na iilan lang kayo na galit at bulag sa mga ginagawang tama ng pangulo.

        Puro tsismis naman yang accusations mo na walang ginagawa ang presidente. Ang hirap kasi sa inyo bulag kayo sa katotohanan, kahit gumawa ng tama ang presidente mali parin sa inyo dahil galit ang pinaiiral nyo.

        Napaka unfair na sabihin mo na walang ginagawa ang presidente, dahil hindi mo naman sya nababantayan buong araw…please be fair. I’m just wondering kung ganito ka rin bumanat sa mga nakaraang administrasyon lalo na nuong panahon ni GMA.

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        tama ka, im also too harsh to gma….anways, wala na ako magagawa sayo, u r already blinded by the yellow virus….

      • uk_uk_ak_ak

        cge nga bigyan mo ako ng 3 nagawa ni Pnoy..

      • Albin

        Nagawa ni penoy?
        1. Inappoint nya sa pagcor ang syota ni boy abunda
        2. pwede nang suwayin ang utos ng korte
        3. invented the new national past time – noynoying

      • pangitbudhiko

        Okay, got your point! But where are the things he has accomplished? where, please name a few or even ONE, KAHIT ISA LANG JUST ONE EITHER A SMALL ONE OR A BIG ONE, BUT PLEASE SHOW THE Pilipino people what you have done to alliviate the suffering of the Pilipino People. Now the ball is in your court yard. Or maybe in Abnoys COURTYARD. sHOW US JUST ONE, what have you done…..

  • Atiz Remle

    Liberal Party should now commence its organizational thrusts before its too late… LP organizational structure must now be fortified from top-to-bottom… political will in governance must be duly supported by party whip & grip or else you will soon wake-up that the party is ransacked if not deserted everywhere….

  • Atiz Remle

    Liberal Party is disorganizing??????? PDP-Laban is organizing!!!!!!!!! Our Republic is agonizing….

  • epros

    Mga Trapos!!!!!

  • F**kinMO

    Corrupt public officials and ambitions are estrange bed fellows.

  • parekoy

    Every election  time we are being offered the same breed of candidates, the same  familiar names that sound and smell more of  a recycled  rotten food that stink and that we have no
    choice but to eat or else we will starve our beloved democracy of the much needed” CORRUPT  LEADERS” who will run the affairs of our sick and heavily indebted  government….It’ a cycle in futility…

  • rodger66

    how could Binay be in the LP’s line-up when Pnoy loves Roxas only?…LP wants the prosecuting armies from congress to be in position for Senate 2013 in coalition with UNA?Don’t think Binay will agree on that since the chances of winning is too slim…but at the end if the day, it’s just like
    choosing between bad and worst !!!

  • OneScorp

    typical binay, black and white. black ang budhi, di lang kulay. yumaman sa panggagamit sa tao at sitwasyon pero mukhang white sa public. tigas ng mukha, 6 years pinaghahandaan ang pagiging presidente kuno.

  • PCD_2012

    Questions to all OFWs!

    Are you happy with Binay???

    • GreenStallion

      It’s clear to me now that VP Binay is more concern with his ambition of becoming a President by getting against all odds no matter what it may. Certainly I don’t trust Binay because his not sincere of what he says, he has no conviction, principle just like PNOY. I will vote for PNOY’s senatorial candidate this 2013 elections.

  • GreenStallion

    Though I have nothing against UNA’s preparation for the 2013 elections because its their right, still PNOY’s party is not in hurry of fielding their candidates. Should we not appreciate instead this administration for not taking elections and politics as their priority like what the UNA did? It means this administration really means service and work to the Filipino people. If Liberal Party (LP) does not engage early preparation for 2013 elections then why should anyone here make it here such a big deal. I believe LP will name their Senatorial candidates,etc. in due time.   

  • Jon C.

    Malayo pa ang election pero we should support the administration 100% para makamtam natin ang tunay na pagbabago.

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