Politics behind Palawan explosions—police



PUERTO PRINCESA CITY—Police investigators are looking at political motives behind the blast that occurred Thursday afternoon almost simultaneously at two of Palawan’s prime tourist destinations located on opposite ends of the province and reportedly injured three persons.

Mayor Edward S. Hagedorn said he has asked the police to look into leads indicating the blast that wounded a person near the bus station in the village of San Jose just outside the city proper “may be instigated by certain political personalities.”

“It’s tempting to conclude based on what we’ve known so far that this is an attack that has political motives beneath it,” Hagedorn told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

“I’ve let our police investigators dig deeper into these leads and get
to the bottom of this,” he added.

The blast, Hagedorn said, was not intended by the perpetrators to create widespread damage as it was mostly explosive powder without accompanying shrapnel associated with terrorist-style attacks.

The observation was shared by Western Command commander Maj. Gen. Juancho Sabban who told reporters the blast was not characteristic of attacks made by terror groups such as the Abu Sayyaf.

“We will not allow incidents like this to affect our developing tourism industry,” Sabban said in a statement aired over RMN Palawan radio station.

Meanwhile, a police source confirmed to Inquirer that the blast in El Nido was triggered by a cellular phone, based on evidence collected by investigators from the scene.

In an earlier report on Friday, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) said the first explosion happened at 5:20 p.m. Thursday, in front of Entaula Beach Resort, Zone 3, Barangay (village) Masagana, El Nido Palawan.

The other explosion, occurring minutes after the first, was at North Highway in Puerto Royal Express Bus Station behind the Petron Gas Station, Barangay San Jose, Puerto Princesa City, the NDRRMC said.

The injured in the first blast was identified as Aiza Gay Martinez Mallari, 23, who was working as a cook for the resort, it said.

Investigation showed that Mallari was throwing garbage outside the resort when the explosion happened, the NDRRMC said.

The victim was taken to the Dr. Reyes Clinic in Corong-Corong, ElNido, Palawan for immediate medical treatment.

The injured in the second were Marivic Aria, 28, who suffered minor injuries on her left ankle, and Cenon Magdayo, 75, who incurred minor bruises on his forehead and ankle, it said.

Aria and Magdayao were taken to the nearest hospital for medical treatment while investigations were still in progress, the NDRRMC reported.

Local police had deployed an explosives ordnance disposal team and the Joint task Force Malampaya to investigate.

Provincial Director Police Senior Superintendent Reynaldo Jagmis also dispatched the Police Provincial Office EOD and Scene of the Crime Operative team of the Palawan Crime Laboratory Office.

The police had also coordinated with the Armed Forces’ Western Mindanao Command for possible tactical reinforcement.

First posted 9:42 am | Friday, April 6th, 2012

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  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/XY4AW6ZJBAPIJ33L7KX6M3IOQI c

    pasaway etong mga nanggugulo sa palawan ha! hmmmp. mahuli sana. sino kaya may pakana nito?

  • asarin

    possible suspects: 1. the fugitives 2. the abus 3. the npas…. choose your killers!  hahahaha… each one of them has a not-so-valid reason.

  • william sy

    Mahina yata ginamit na pampasabog at di nakamamatay. could be a diversion tactic.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/GGGD5HDR6JLY5J7LRTMCHWRY7U Barbara

      Mostlikely. The celebrated Dos Palmas abduction was immediately preceded by a foiled kidnapping attempt at a resort in Samal Island in far away Davao.  Still unsure if a copycat tactic or perpetrated by the same terrorist group. Vigilance can be a spoiler.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EDXEVEFHW2ZT5VWHDWBNM6XGE4 RyanE

    To avoid recurrence of incidents like these will need the full participation and vigilance of the community.

    While on the government side, I guess it’s high time to implement a National ID system and the registration of the SIM cards of all cell phone users.

  • wehd1nga

    hulihin si Gov at si Mayor,

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KYHQOFE6JOGLCZNCCWDWK6GE6U Pauline

    nasa El Nido yung kaibigan ko nagbabakasyon at wala silang narinig na balitang ganito o narinig na pagsabog. nagpaparty pa nga sila eh. siguro nasabay sa music yung sabog bwahaha

    Moral Lesson: Maglagay ng CCTV camera

  • efriend

    A few Filipinos, as always, will blow (no pun intended) it again.  Now that Palawan is getting international attention for its spectacular eco-tourism treats, this thing happens.  I heard that it is related to a business rivalry.  I hope the perpetrators are jailed immediately for economic (read: tourism) sabotage.

    • anodawateglow

       Selfish motive of a few, lack of concerns to the future of new generations, bad character.  These are the traits that are utterly disappointing among few Filipino.

  • pasaway008ako

    Was that intended to tarnish the admin of Mayor Hagedorn or to scare tourist in Palawan?

  • Hey_Dudes

    We do not need external enemies we are doing the job ourselves very well.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Franzeline-Perdubal/100002708434971 Franzeline Perdubal

    I hope the Muslim Abu Sayyafs will not destroy this golden tourism opportunity. 

  • hustlergalore

    governor, mayor saan na kayo?LOL

  • ryq24

    its obviously not the work of the abu sayyaf coz the abu sayyaf are a group of bloodthirsty  bunch of  a-hole and they like to kill as many people as possible. whoever did this is probably sending a message to either hagerdon or to the government or just a bunch of extortionist.

  • lilybugan

    sabi ko na nga ba joke lang yan

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OJWHBJLMWPTRUOZMN6JOMHLO2A Banana Na

    baka si former governor na nagtatago ang may pakana nito, mahilig nga siya sa mining, baka na bukid      na may cave siya nagtatago…psycological warfare ito….pati GOOD FRIDAY ay di na ni-rerespeto ng tao….

    • SumJuan

      Do you know the story of the boy who shouted wolves? ;)

  • dagohoy620

    Whatever the motivation behind the two explosions, the perpetrators must be apprehended, tried and, if found guilty of this crime against the nation, they should be sentenced to a jail term commensurate with what they did to the image of this tourist destination in particular, and the nation in general!

  • rickysgreyes

    Shooting ourselves in the foot again, just when Palawan is taking off internationally. wala na bang malasakit mga Pilipino sa sarili nilang bansa?

  • AllaMo

    It is flabbergasting that the police make pronouncements, on what motivations are behind criminal activity, while still in the initial phases of investigating. And, totally without a single shred of evidence to buttress their claims. It is most unprofessional, eh wot?

  • pepengkabayo

    Politics behind Palawan explosions—police….

    The investigation has not been started and the police and the mayor have solved the problem by pointing to politics as the culprits.
    This is one thing with us, we are good on speculations, on intuition. But this is modern age, we the soco, the forensic and more scientific evidence.
    The coroner on Witney Houston death just recently released the facts and circumstances behind the death of Witney, more than one month after the incident.

    The point is…be careful on speculations. Evidence should be material to point the culprit.
    Just keep your mouth shut mayor and the police until everything is gathered and investigated.
    No hula, no hocus pocus.

  • SumJuan

    How can they not solve the problem when they themselves did it? hahaha What a cheap propaganda. A dog won’t definitely let his bone be stolen by another dog. Did you know that dogs know how to light some firecrackers to scare away other dogs? Specially if it has a K9 agenda?

  • SumJuan

    Talasan nyo pang-amoy niyo. Dios ko…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IQZXJQPCZXHXY3HMQB7QAXTYKA Rey Ban

    mr inquirer yung titile po ng topics nyo medyo di tmama sa istroya..basahin nyo and panimula “police invistigators are looking at political motives..looking at..looking at…pa po saka under invistigation pa po…saka may “may be” pa po

  • andoybarrios

    I-monitor closely ng intelligence ang communications (text, phone, emails) sa palawan at baka si reyes na naman ang may pakana niyan……

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CZS2DG54GHTF7WV34AKNR6JSRE ferds

    Baka nga yung dating gobernor.    

  • BatangSingapore

    tanging terorista lamang ang may kakayahan gumamit ng cellphone bilang triggering device.  samakatuwid na ang mga politiko ay siya rin mga terorista.

    kailangan linawin iyan ni Hagedorn at mga militar, dahil kapani paniwala.

  • alazzka

    The police authorities here were also on NOYNOYING  mode because there was also an explosion near the pier of underground cave last month which they blamed as accidental LPG blast from a damaged tank and after that initial haphazard findings they didn’t pursue the lead further.  It is clear now that the bureaucracy down further was infected by the occupant from malacanang!…..

    • kolambogan

      Was there a time when the bureaucracy was never influenced by the executive branch of government? It seems to me you have some examples, could you please expound on your comment on this matter, coull’nt you?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DI3QGCJEEFK52CT4DTQ7I5SRUE Neil

    mas mahirap paniwalaan na kagagawan ito ng ASG, NPA  or MILF.   Mas malapit ang anggulong PULITIKA  (local politics and National politics)

    Layuning  wasakin at guluhin ang gumaganda at nagte-take-off na kaunlaran at turismo ng probinsya,  matapos ang ilang dekadang KAPARIWARAAN (katiwalian at warlordism)  at KADILIMAN (environmental degradation). 

    Layon din na “makapag-create ng bad scenario sa nalalapit na 2013 midterm election at sirain ang PNOY ADMINISTRATION na hanggang sa kasalukuyan ay di matinag-tinag sa popularidad at satisfaction rating.”

    Kung ‘di ang FUGITIVE  na si exGOVERNOR REYES, malamangm  kagagawan ito ng grupo ng dating SECURITY OFFICER ni GMA na si NORBERTO GONZALES.

  • kilabot

    pag pulitika ang motibo direkta sa kalaban ang puntirya hindi kahit sino lang tatamaan. malamang terorista ito, ayaw lang aminin ng mga otoridad. kala ko ba handang handa ang security? noynoying state of mind again.

    • neilabarca

       Police matter,  CRIME at local politics.   Kahit sa MEXICO,   AMERICA at sa BRAZIL,  HIRAP ANG AWTORIDAD.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IQZXJQPCZXHXY3HMQB7QAXTYKA Rey Ban

    yang mga tinuran mo na yan ang totoong nakakasira sa bansa..bashain mo uli mga sinabi mo ..at suriin mo kung nakakaganda ng pilipinas..ecspeculate destroys..go to factual correct process..palawan development are due to a concerted efforts of all presidents of the republic of the philippines..nung umupo si pres noynoy anjan na ang palawan gunagana saka kumikita na..wag kang mag ala kangaroo court masama yan..yan ang tinitibag ng afp saka pnp natin ngaun..ano po ..para kang may bolang kristal na alam mo lahat pangyayari..nasa proseso ang pnp saka afp saka national and local govt natin ano po..

  • Beguine

    Whatever the local authorities and police in Palawan say
    the damage has been done.

    Both domestic and international tourist arrivals to Palawan
    will surely plummet in the coming days and lots of
    cancellations on bookings will be the natural response.

    It will be much harder to convince these tourists to come

    Who will accept responsibility, who will be fired from their
    posts?  That’s exactly what we want to know right now.

  • Rensi Rosales

    pare=pareho lang kaya mawawalan sa pinagagawa ninyo

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EDXEVEFHW2ZT5VWHDWBNM6XGE4 RyanE

    Hmm.. it seems nowadays politicians can be equated to terrorists as well?.. remember the deeds of the Ampatuan clan?

    If the suspicion is true, then those involved politicians should be charged with terrorism and high treason, and if possible make to stand on public ground and shot at the backs for being traitors to the country.

  • chimbonica

     It’s tempting to conclude based on what we’ve known so far that this is
    an attack that has political motives beneath it,” Hagedorn told the
    Philippine Daily Inquirer.;>

    its true-  political persona- involved in this–

    – the motive- is to deflect the PUBLIC  attention, THE POLICE TRACKER- from REYES BROTHERS now in hiding; as fugitives–

  • chimbonica

     Both domestic and international tourist arrivals to Palawan specially the underground river—
    will surely plummet in the coming days and lots of
    cancellations on bookings will be the natural response.—

    PLS WE REQUEST THE NBI- THE POLICE- THE INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES— Alo  Office of the President;  HULIHIN AT IKULONG NA YANG MGA  CRIMINAL  REYES BROTHERS— AT KANILANG MGA BENEFACTORS- sponsors- at  imbestigahan–WHO are protecting tehm- and obstructing justice-

  • KonsensyaNgBayan

    Mayor Edward S. Hagedorn is right when he said that it is tempting to conclude that this is all political in nature. As all leads points the politics… excuse to the victim but her name  and the hospital they took her in are giving us hints and pointing to all the politicians involved…just the name..Eyes sa Gay….You might have the idea to whom they refer this name in Palawan Politics and the Hospital name is just a Poetic Justice…to name the people involved….People in Palawan should be more careful and vigilant…These politicians are just using and luring poor people with their corrupted wealth for personal gain…Palawenos who knows their bodyguards should talk and explain to them their real intentions and fight back their bosses instead of hurting innocent peole like Aiza Gay….

  • Love God

    In my view, it was intended to scare away tourist and sow some kinda havoc in Palawan especially Palawan now on top of world tourist destinations list.
    The perpetrators of this heinous crime must be caught and put behind bars. They are the real evil of our society.

  • oracle888

    The bombing incidents in Palawan and other  part of the country have indicated the weakness of our central government and the military hierarchy.

    President Aquino should be strict and order immediately the arrest of those culprits involved, and if the local politician has the backing of the local military command, he should relieve the command immediately and bring those politician into the hand of laws.

    Furthermore, give the suspects an ultimatum of certain amount of dates to surrender, including to Palparan and the Reyes brothers, or else, a shoot to kill order shall be given to the law enforcement to bring them to justice. They have abused the system and they do have asked for it.

    Only then, can our society and political environment return to normal.

    • dannyflorencio

      oracle888 wag ka nga mag-comment ng ganyan naglalaro si Abnoy noynoy ng PSP naaabala mo lang siya. Pwede ba ?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/IQZXJQPCZXHXY3HMQB7QAXTYKA Rey Ban

       yung political foes lang ha wag yung lp ok…cge atttttackkk…bratatatatttttattttatttatatatat.daming bala pala ng yellows daming putok yun ah hahahahah

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_37GID2VZWXICAXLF2VW4XNOXCU Third

    Smells like the handy work of the fugitive brothers….

  • reyAragon

    The blasts were intended as test fires. Next time it won’t just be explosive powder. It would be something devastating that will kill and maim people. Yes, it is correct to get to the bottom of the incident and leave no stone unturned until its perpetrators are caught. Complacency, ambivalence and a weak resolve on the part of the authorities won’t solve it.

  • dannyflorencio

    For Abnoy Noynoy he will find lead to connect these explosions to GMA and Corona and the yellow retards will say ” Amen ”

    Of course, everything bad must be attributed to GMA and Corona, that is the Pinoy Abnoy mentality.

    ito yung bomb threat ni Panot nung Fieasta ng Quiapo January 9 ngayon lang nangyari Holy Week pala ang execution !! hahahahahahahahahahaahaha

    • epros

       Para kang moron mag comment ha ha ha

      • dannyflorencio

        epros  kahit Holy Week pinapasok kayo ni Bakla Carandang ? hirap talaga ng nagugutom ano ? kahit di na magdasal makapag-blog lang ng may bayad ano !! hahahahahahah

        Itong si Ricky Bakla Carandang di talaga naniniwala kay Kristo ito eh !!! Kahit biernes santo at sabado de gloria pinapapasok ang mga bloggers niya para lang maghasik ng kasinungalingan sa internet. Hoy mangilin ka naman, mahiya ka sa diyos Mahal Na Araaw ngayon.

      • epros

         Ikaw yata Sir eh dami mo pang idinadamay moron !!!!!

    • Love God

      Dear friend please get help before your situation become worse…

      • dannyflorencio

        Love God  hahahahah galit na galit ang mga retarded hahahahaha
         retarded talaga hahahahahahah

      • AllaMo

        Bugok na kampon nang bulok. Repent! Waah!!

      • dannyflorencio

        Love God   Dear friend please get help before your situation become worse..

        I am seeking referral from Abnoy Panot for his psychologist !!! thanks for the advise !!!

        also advise the same to Panot Abnoy of Malacanang you will be doing a great service to pilipinos by doing so.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/IQZXJQPCZXHXY3HMQB7QAXTYKA Rey Ban

      hahahahaha sobrang korek…dapat ma tap agad sina umali, banal, diaz saka raissa para sa instant evidence para mapa issuehan agad ni delima kay mupas ng warrant of arrest..  

    • michael_angelo

      Wala ba kayong BREAK mga BAYARAN ni CORONA, Holy week na holy week online job pa din para kay BOSS? 

      Namatay na pala si Angelo Castro, alam nyo ba ba? baka isisi nyo rin kay PNOY yan…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MHDYXOESUU67AMH324WVZKNFSI nilphil

    Politics na kung politics, e bakit di na detect ang mga planong ito ng intelligence? The people doesn’t need observations from the government but rather preventive actions. Kailan pa kami makakasigurado ng kaligtasan sa aming mga pinupuntahan kung inutil ang gobyerno sa mga responsibilidad na kagaya nito? Kailan?

    • michael_angelo

      siguro pag si CORONA na ang presidente natin

  • dannyflorencio

    Mga yellow maggot bloggers ano ba ang easter message ni Panot bukas ?

     impeachment na naman.Baguhin niya naman sawang sawa na kami.

    • michael_angelo

      Mga BAYARAN ni CORONA, magpahinga naman kayo pag Holy Week…

  • Mestizonline

    Alarm than to harm. Tuloy pa rin ang vacation ko ngayong buwan diyan sa Palawan. Sanay naman ang tenga ko sa mga explosion na mas malakas pa diyan. From a Gulf War Veteran.

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