Slates forming for 2013 polls



Coalition politics will be the name of the game in 2013 with three mixed slates shaping up for the midterm electoral battle, according to National Unity Party executive director Reginald Velasco.

The new NUP, organized six months ago by former Lakas-Kampi members, is putting together a senatorial team to challenge the Liberal Party of President Benigno Aquino III and the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan of Vice President Jejomar Binay.

Velasco told the Philippine Daily Inquirer the NUP would come up with its own senatorial ticket led by Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia, Pasig Representative Roman Romulo and Nueva Ecija Representative Rodolfo Antonino.

“We’re looking at a coalition slate and we expect to field between six and 12 candidates,” said Velasco.

Velasco would neither confirm nor deny  that the Nacionalista Party of Senator Manuel Villar was among the parties keen on an alliance.

“Coalition politics will be the name of the game and the NUP would provide a middle ground between the President’s LP and Binay’s PDP-Laban,” Velasco said.

The Commission on Elections is expected to begin accepting certificates of candidacy for the 2013 polls in October.

Even the LP is eyeing a coalition slate. An LP leader admitted it would be “unrealistic” to deploy a complete 12-member team filled exclusively with President  Aquino’s party mates.

“If we can field a complete LP Senate slate, that will be preferred. But realistically, that may not be possible. So coalition politics will be pursued,” said Budget Secretary Florencio Abad Jr., the LP campaign manager in 2010,  in a text message.

“We have been in talks with the NP, PDP, NPC, some party-list groups and personalities not belonging to the major parties. But no commitments have been forged so far,” he said.

He said Transportation Secretary and LP president Mar Roxas and senior party officials had been meeting to firm up the LP’s lineup for both national and local positions, including what parties to join forces with.

Cagayan Rep. Jack Enrile, who is expected to run on  Binay’s ticket, said the  PDP-Laban was also moving toward a coalition.  Enrile is a member of the Nationalist People’s Coalition. Gil Cabacungan Jr.

Originally posted: 1:07 am | Monday, April 2nd, 2012

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  • EdgarEdgar

    Please, please, please. Can the party bosses please reserve one slot for Tonto Trillanes. The poor senator looks so kawawa. He’s been trying super-duper hard in recent weeks to butter up to the president. And not only butter up, he literally wants to lick Noynoy’s toes and suck them clean. Just to get into the LP senatorial ticket. That’s how low and desperate this unprincipled senator is wiling to go. He has become so accustomed to the life of a spendthrift senator that he can’t return to ordinary civilian life. Just to get the attention of the president, poor Tonto hastily passed a useless bill to grant the fairy president a magic wand but all in vain. Can Binay or someone adopt this loser as  your 13th candidate please.

    • Jon

      Ni isang bahay-ampunan, walang kukuha diyan sa hunyangong iyan.
      Para sa FAMAS most improved acting, baka puede pa siyang sumali.
      At sa kahit anong partido, pabigat lang iyan kaya iilag sa pagkuha sa kanya.
      Bumalik na lang siya sa matagal nang family business nila na pagiging contractor ng AFP.
      Mas maganda di hamak ang ganansya doon;
      Kaya nga may pera yan nang tumakbo noon kahit na tenyente lang siya.


      Is Trillanes not accommodated yet? I have read somewhere that he landed a slot.

      • EdgarEdgar

        Wala pa. Judging by how hard he’s trying, it’s still up in the air. I hope he finds one party willing to take him in. Kawawa naman, even as consuelo de bobo. His biggest challenge now is not even winning the next election. For someone to acquire such an expensive lifestyle in so short a time as a senator, how does he return to spartan conditions when he’s no longer a senator. Kawawa naman.

      • TGM_ERICK

        May be when he gets to vote for a conviction of Corona he will be given a slot.

      • Malik62

         He will surely vote for the conviction of Corona. However, being given a slot is out of the question. He is no longer winnable so they will not waste the slot on him.

      • TGM_ERICK

        Okay, I agree! :-)

    • Hank Macoy

      here is Mr.Intelligent again,,Edgar Edgar  you really deserve to be a candidate for 2013 instead of Trillanes.Don’t waste time,work it out till October.You are the  hope of this nation.Edgar Edgar is the MAN! 

      • TGM_ERICK

         What a smart reply!!!  10 likes! EdgarEdgar truly deserves your accolade.

    • Manggoding Goding

      Dapat ibalik ulit sa bilangguan yan. Nagmilitary pero di nagserbisyo, gayong ang daming sundalong namamatay sa laban, tong si Trillanes nabiyayaan.
      Di na pwede siyang coup de etat, di siya lulusot sa barkada ni Pnoy.

    • hukom2

      At this point and time? …too early for a smear campaign, Edgar! LANGUAGE alone can determine a principled man. I rather place my vote on TRILLANES than the rest of the gang. These technocrats are tried!!! The least I could do to save this country from total chaos is not to write their names in the ballot.  

      • EdgarEdgar

        Trillanes is self-destructing. He needs no help from me. Read the forum and sense for yourself how much people dislike him. We gave him a chance in 2007. He failed, plain and simple. I’d give D. Lim a chance this time around.

      • TGM_ERICK

        I think one of the things that did him is his too uncomfortable and disrespectful words to Angie.:-))))

      • EdgarEdgar

        I agree. People were willing to give him a chance in 2007 because he was an unknown quantity. He could have done something while behind bars. Instead, he chose to spend millions on inexplicable operating expenses. And those unkind words to Angie, who served the nation well except for the Ortigas rub-out, will forever be in people’s minds. I pity his desperation. Even the president’s advisers are distancing the president from this desperate senator, for fear of desperation by association.

      • TGM_ERICK

        Perhaps the advisers of the president could see through him that he could not be relied upon. He is for himself alone.

      • EdgarEdgar

        Even Danilo Lim, the inveterate coup plotter, is more useful for the administration than Trillanes. Good riddance. Haha :-)))


       Funny you! Hahaha! 10 likes!

    • Malik62

       Trillanes who? Is he a senator? Sorry never heard of him.

  • Ulipur

    In the last survey of the SWS Trillianes was included in the magic twelve. But surprise of surprise, Jacke Enrile was ranking no. 5! And even JV Ejercito was ranking higher than Trillianes.

    Rodolfo Antonino, if he runs, will surely land between 25 and 35!

    But does the Philippines need the likes of Jackie Enrile and JV Ejercito?

    Dapat pumili naman ang mga Filipino ng matitinong mga Senador na galing sa Mindanao, preferrably one very good Muslim Senator.

    • baktol

      tama c jakck enrile kun di lang anak ni JPE yan baka s kangkungan n yan noon pa… Yan ang hirap s pinoy madaling mabilog ang ulo, pag nag kataon puro mag kakapatid at mag-aama at mga pinamanahan ang nasa senado… Dati sa local government lang nangyayari yan ngayon sa SENADO n rin.

  • kilabot

    for a change let’s dump all those political dynasties and select new faces. i’d like to see a new party formed consisting of relatively new graduates who have done good in their field of studies and are willing to save this country from the same old opportunistic people. baka sakali di pa sila nabahiran ng kalokohan. and please, only those of perfect mental state.

  • dA2

    Poor Philippines! Anyway, that’s how politics work. You need to be famous. You need to have money and be part of a party or has a machinery that will ensure victory. Para sakin lang, let these candidates debate on national tv para makita at marinig ng mga botante kung sino talaga.

  • hukom2

    Kung may mga “TRAPO” (traditional politicians), mas marami ang mga “TABO” (traditional botante). Ang mga tabong ito ang magaling tumabo ng pagkakakitaan tuwing eleksyon. Ito yung mga taong nagpapabayad ng kanilang boto o di kaya ay serbisyo para sa isang kandidato. Maraming lantad na mga magnanakaw sa mga trapo. Ang usapin ay hindi kalidad ng mga kandidato kundi kung paano ito pakikinabangan ng mga TABO!

    TABO din ang tawag sa mga taong nag-aalaga ng mga kandidato para gawing padrino sa mga iregularidad na kinasasangkutan ng kanilang mga negosyo! Rated “PG” o pulitikong ganid kadalasan ang mga kandidato nito!

  • Tony De Los Santos

    “If we can field a complete LP Senate slate, that will be preferred. But
    realistically, that may not be possible. So coalition politics will be
    pursued,” said Budget Secretary Florencio Abad Jr.

    Majority party can’t even come up with a complete Senatorial line-up.
    Considering the sheer amount of resources the administration will throw to ensure the success of its candidates, wouldn’t Senatorial aspirees be fighting to get into the LP line-up?
    This admission from no less than Disco ball Abad only goes to show how feeble, uninspiring, and lackluster the administration party is.
    Yet why am I not surprised?
    The titular head of the LP, Mr. Aquino, is its poster boy and his actions, vision, and performance embodies the party similarly. 
    The LP is Mr. Aquino and to date, both the party and its leader have been unimpressive and lacking.

    • JosephNess

      reality will admit that the LP will still be the strongest party to beat, unless its leaders break up to jump at other coalition parties, but that’s still to be seen, depending on the personalities they will line up the other side…let’s see new favorable faces devoid still of corrupted mind and political poison…there are plenty of wannabes there just waiting to be urged…where are the sane cause oriented credible people who can make a match ? not this NUP of course, they’re just as rotten, knowing where they came…

      • Malik62

         By 2013 elections PDP-Laban will already be the dominant party, because by    that time for sure the popularity of BS Aquino x3 will already be floating wantonly in the murky waters of the Pasig river.  Hence his allies in the LP would jump ship like rats abandoning a sinking ship.  Or by that time BS will no longer be the president but Binay.

      • JosephNess

        maybe, but not definite…this will start to show by mid year…need new faces though…

  • JosephNess

    it would be best and stronger if there will only two political party which will vie in the election contest like before…the government seems to be stronger then, and in order…why not bring back the two political party, the LP and the NP, then we will know who will be the dominant winning team…unlike now that the whole political system is splintered with everyone wanted to lead…multi political party system is just weak as indication of bested candidates having their own personal interest apart from the political party itself, thus this become weak and very much splintered…

  • andrew lim

    The NUP being formed by Gloria’s loyalists, stands for Naku Uulit Pa. (NUP)

    Never again to Gloria’s loyalists!

    • Albin

      NUP – Noynoying, Ugaliin Parati

      • MaySenseBa

         Epic fail.

  • joel genese

    Liberal-Nacionalista Coalition

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    Kaya walang nangyayaring mabuti sa bayan ito…punong-puno kasi ng mga politikong pulpol at gahaman sa kapangyarihan!!! mula kay marcos hanggang kay noynoy,wala pa din pinagbago…nananatili pa din ang bulok na sistema sa politika!!! hay naku noynoy,akala ng mga dilaw na bumoto sayo ay ikaw na ang sagot o messiah ng bayan pilipinas…nagkamali pala sila!!!

    • JosephNess

      pre, kahit sinong ilagay mo diyan, hanggat walang pagbababago sa katamaran at katinuan ng mg mamayang tao, sisi at walang katapusang paglalabanlaban ang mangyayari dahil nga grabe na ang pagkapolitika ng bansa natin, na ang sanhi ay ang pagkagahaman sa kapangyarihan ng bawat nitong mga politiko na ang nasa isip lamang ng bawat politikong ito ay sila ang tamang dapat maging pinuno…all of them wanted to lead, that compromise to the one who will win is very remote…walang politikong nagsasakrificio para sa kapakanan ng taong tumalo sa kanila…ito ang nakakalungkot na katotohanan na dapat nating baguhin…

    • watot

      ikaw na lang kaya tumakbo!! iboto si Andres Nagmamarunong! Ungas ka napakataas ang pangarap, sinong me sabi sya ang sagot at messiah ng bayan pilipinas? wala nang lunas ang corruption sa atin, okay!

  • JosephNess

    any lakas kampi coalitions under refurbished dreamed fantasy party name will just be doomed unless people forget and changed face…for reason, that it will always homed to GMA’s rotten affiliations…just my wildest thought.  

    • Russell Ariola

      Nasira lang naman ang Lakas-NUCD nang pumasok si senador pandak sa eksena. Nang sya na ang may kontrol sa partido, saka nakapasok karamihan mga anak ng KBL.

      • JosephNess

        very true…kaya walang patutunguhan ang coalition na sasagip sa partidong ito…

  • Albin

    Sabi ni penoy, “kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap”….
    E paano yan, lalaong dumami ang mahihirap?

    Anyway, mananalo ulit ang LP…ka-tropa naman nila si Brillantes. Saan ka nakakita ng Comelec Chairman na sunud-sunuran sa palasyo?

    • Russell Ariola

      Hello Garci.

    • JosephNess

      kung gusto ni brillantes na matulad sa nakalipas na administrasyon, sige tularan niya…

    • popeyee

      Sa Pilipinas lang…

  • Night


  • kilabot

    ito ay suhestyon lang: para balanse ang representasyon sa senado, ang mga senador ay kukunin at ihalal ng bawat rehiyon (regions 1-12, ncr, atbp.). cguro 2 senadores bawat rehiyon. at idagdag sa kwalipikasyon na dapat degree holder ang kandidato. may term limit at di na pwede tumakbo muli maliban sa pwestong mas mataas kesa senador, i.e. vp, pres.

    bawat kandidato ay magsusumite ng mga ito at bukas sa publiko:
    1) clearances – barangay, police, nbi, drug, psycho
    2) school transcript of records
    3) saln – kumpleto detalya
    4) genealogy – up to the 4th generation below and above him/her.

    • hukom2

      San mo kinuha yan, idea ko yan a!!! Hmmm! What a big coincidence!!! Are you connected to Malacanang or something?

    • JosephNess

      kung ganyan ang mangyayari, parang sinabi natin na kuhanin na lang ang mga senador sa congreso…di mag unicameral na lamang tayo para isa na lang ang chamber wala nang pagkakahati sa lower at upper house, lahat sila pantay pantay na…menos gastos pa dahil di na mahahati ang budget sa dalawang houses na ito…at hindi kailangan baguhin itong kuwalipikasyon ng candidato kundi ang BUTANTE ang dapat magbago…kung matino ang mga butante at marunong mamili ng tamang candidato, di nya iboboto ang sinumang tao na kilalalng mamamatay, manggagantso, huweteng lord, sugarol, mambabae, ibig sabihin, lahat ng taong kilalang masama…ito ang maganda sa ating constitution…na nakalahad dito na lahat ng Filipino ay puwedeng magcandidato, para walang discriminasyon sa sinumang mamamayan na gustong maglingkod bilang isang lider ng bansa…sa uulitin pre…wala sa kandidato yan, kundi nasa atin mamamayan tao yan, ang dapat magbago…pananaw po lamang ito sa inyong suhestyon…

      • hukom2

        Magastos ang maraming opisyal na puro pagpapayaman lang ang inaatupag! Bagay talagang unicameral ang form of government sa atin. Governor at congressman ay overlapping, di bat pwede naman na iisa lang ito. Ang legislative branch dapat lang na lahat ay maalam sa batas hindi yung pandisplay, gaya ng ilang senador!

  • Night


  • MonMayuga


    That is the problem with politics in the Philippines. It has mostly been a “marriage of convenience” among politicians in this country. Candidates are chosen more for their winnability than for their ability. Persons such as movie or TV personalties, sports idols who are popular with the public have more chances of winning because of their exposure. Even scions of old politicians regardless of their notoriety have good chances of getting elected due to name recall. People forget the evil deeds of the fathers (or mothers)  and vote for their offsprings because theirs are the names they can easily recall.

    These are among the major reasons why the majority of Filipino voters have not displayed political maturity.

    They keep on voting for misfits.

    • JosephNess

      it’s still the voting people that matters, not these politicians and knowing this, people must realize and change…

      • Allan S

         you are absolutely correct sir. the filipino electorate must be educated to make them intelligent voters. we should have political conventions which will begin from the grassroot level to probe their winning chances. di lang turo turo system.

      • kevin

        Yes,but the problem is,money talks…and there are thousand poor ,illiterate,filipino  who need it…..

    • Francis81

       And the winner for top misfit…..druuuuum….. PWEENOY AQUINO!

  • JJF724

    Sa ikauunlad nang bayan:  Do not vote for Enrile, Honasan, Brenda just incase tumakbo ulit.  Tito Sotto… at Marcos!!!   Okay dagdagan nyo pa ang listahan… sino pa dapat hindi iboto?

    • popeyee

      Lahat ng luma ng Senador na pabalik-balik nalang akala nila wala ng ibang magaling sa Pilipinas kundi ang angkan nila. Isama na natin pati mga anak, asawa, manugang, apo, kabit, apo sa tuhod na kakandidato para palitan ang expired nilang kamag-anak sa Senado os lower house man…

    • hukom2

      OK ako dyan!

    • Benjamin

      gordon…zubiri…cynthia villar…madrigal..loren..

    • Francis81

       Si Drilon, Trillanes, Pangilinan, Osmena, at lalong lalo na si Lacson!

    • Ulipur

      Si JP Enrile sa 2016 pa ang tapos ng kanyang 2nd and last term. By that time 92 or 93 years old na siya kung buhay pa. Ang anak nya ang tatakbo, si Jakie at parang iboboto ng mga tao. Kaya kapag nanalo siya sa 2013 hanggang 2016 dalawang Enrile sa Senado.

      Si Brenda naman punta na yata sa ICC. Si Honasan kakandidato sa 2013. Tapos na ang kanyang maliligayang araw kapag bumoto siya ng acquittal for Corona. Sina Sotto at Marcos ang takbo pa nila sa 2016 pa.

    • alfred_derfla

      lahat na tumakbo ‘wag iboto kasi pareho lang yan….mas mabuti burahin na ang senado at congreso…o kaya burahin na eleksyon o kaya burahin na ang gobyerno kung yang mga tao lang rin ang tumakbo kasi paulit-ulit lang ang takbo ng gobyerno natin…mga kanya-kanya na tayo…gawing federal states nalang tayo.

  • casaysay

    who cares kung sino ang mananalo, fully knowing na ang majority of pinoys ay politically immatured at misinformed at ang majority ng philippine media ay under sa inpluwensya ng mga powerbrokers at kingmakers. at worst, nagkaugat pa at approved na sa tao ngayon ang piinauso last election ng Liberal Party na squid tactics propaganda. all these equal maduming election as usual. 

  • adam_d_ant

    the filipino voters will vote intelligently?  no chance, hopeless — me nagbago bang pangalan doon sa mga “senatoriables”?  ang election sa pinas ay palaging tilted in favor ng mga me pangalan na at mga anak ng mga nakaupo na din  …

    kung ibinoto ng mga pinoy si sotto, estrada, revilla, lapid atb, siguradong ganito ulit ang mangyayari … and i’ll take on any takers that would prove me wrong ..

    i’ll choose the reelectionists and the sons/daughters of politicians vs candidates that have the qualifications and the smarts to sit as senators  .. padamihan ng lalabas … and don’t forget recycled politicians who’ll throw their hats in the arena  — tatad, maceda, gordon….

    the culprit in our sick political system   — the filipino voters.  tagal pa ng election, pinag-uusapan na…

    • Ulipur

      tatad, maceda no way, GORDON maybe.


    • alfred_derfla

      tama ka dre….culprit talaga ang mga bontante..kasi pumayag sila na ma-oto ng mga mapasamantalang politikong mga yan…sa impeachment trial palagi nilang ini-invoke ang kapangyarihan ng constitution natin pero ini-ignore nila ang kapangyarihan ng constitution  tungkol sa anti-dynasty rule…..kaya mga botante, kung ang basehan nyo sa pag boto ay pera at popularidad, mas mabuti ay mamatay nalang kayo para mawala na ang mga oto-oto na botante dito sa pinas….

  • simondj

    last term po si joker, angara, pangilinan at villar ngayon 2013… samantalang si peter, escudero, honasan, lacson, legarda, pimentel at trillanes ay pwede pang tumakbo ngayong 2013. iyong iba hanggang 2016 pa sila,, pia, drillon, estrada, guingona, lapid, marcos, osmena, enrile, recto, revilla, santiago at sotto.

  • adrenalyn_high2011

    Have we not learned that  the unicameral form of political system is not suited for us? during Marcos era, we knew that “few seats for assembly men were easily corrupted” by the late deposed strongman …kung yung maramihang mga miyembro ay kayang “ma-bribed”, ano pa kaya ang tsansa kung mas ko-konti na lang ang dapat kakausapin?…The Senate (Upper House) and Congress (Lower House) that composed the bicameral system of our government is a designed- structure to serve as checks and balance…when there is no balancing of powers, aristocracy is most likely to rule…

    • JosephNess

      di pa rin maaalis ang check and balance kahit na unicameral yan…mas mapapadali pa nga ang pag enact ng mga laws dahil isang chamber na lang ang magtatalakay nito at mag aaprob bago padala sa executive…di naman naalis ang tatlong branches ng ating gobyerno kaya andiyan pa ang check and balance nito…kung kukunti na lang ang kakausapin, sa sinabi mo, di magiging lesser ang korapsyon kung ganon, di tulad sa bicameral na dalawa ang lugar ng korapsyon di po ba ? kahit anong klase pa yan, kapag may mga taong kurap, di maalis ang korapsyon…

  • zezar_61

    please malayo pa ang election noh..intayin muna natin ang result ng impeachment
    kay wag kalilimutan ang mga senator na papanig kay cj..

  • unc_sammy

    “Something is wrong with the country;
    Because something is wrong with the Government;
    Something is wrong with the Government;
    Because something is wrong with the politicians;
    Something is wrong with the politicians;
    Because something is wrong with the people!”.

    Reflection mode sana ang mga Pinoy nitong Holyweek bago pag-usapan ang election.


    CORONA for seneytor.

    At para sumaya ang bayan….iboto si WALLY at si JOSE also for seneytors.

    Puede pa din si yer ener CUEVAK.

    How about Tranquilne Salvador to replace Matuts?

    Maybe Jose ROY iii?

    Pero huwag na yong mga mababantot na latak na tulad ng mga pangalang Enrile, Marcos, Tatad, Maceda, Romualdez, Escudero, Cayetano, atbp.  NAKAGATAS na ng marami ang mga yan sa baka ng bayan.  At silang lahat ay subok na masiba, subok na manlilinlang.  Gusto ninyong madenggoy ulit…. ay siya, iboto ninyo ulit ang mga yan, ee!

  • Ricki

    this is a free country.everyone has a right to be a candidate.matalino na ang electorate natin.tigilan na ang siraan.walang patutunguhan yan.

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