Luzon power crisis looms—Angara



Senator Edgardo Angara. INQUIRER file photo

The energy shortage that Mindanao is experiencing will hit Luzon in two years unless the Aquino administration taps more renewable energy sources, Senator Edgardo Angara warned Sunday.

Angara assailed what he called the “feet-dragging” of the administration—and also of the administration of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo—in fully implementing the 2008 Philippine Renewable Energy Act.

“Luzon will [experience] its own crisis in two years’ time unless we open up our renewable energy sources,” Angara said in an interview over dzBB radio.

Also on Sunday, the environmental group Greenpeace reminded President Benigno Aquino III of his campaign promise to promote renewable energy and increase the share of cleaner technologies in the country’s energy mix.

Greenpeace has bucked proposals to give the President emergency powers to solve the power crisis in Mindanao. The group instead urged Mr. Aquino to press the implementation of the renewable energy law to deal with Mindanao’s problem.

The only power

“The only power President Aquino needs right now is the power to make good on his commitments when he was elected,” said Von Hernandez, Greenpeace Southeast Asia executive director.

“During his campaign for the presidency, Mr. Aquino declared he [was] for the phaseout of coal power plants in the country.  Unfortunately, he seems to have forgotten his promise, allowing the implementation of the [renewable energy] law to drag on and letting coal plant proposals get through left and right.”

Campaigning in 2010, Mr. Aquino said “the country must seriously move toward a clear shift to clean energy and technologies.” Greenpeace said the President made the statement in response to the “Green Electoral Initiative” survey of Greenpeace and the EcoWaste Coalition. He also committed to increase the share of renewable energy in the country’s energy mix to at least 50 percent within the next 10 years, with the full implementation of the Renewable Energy Act.

Presidential deputy spokesperson Abigail Valte said she would talk to Energy Secretary Jose Rene Almendras about implementing of the renewable energy law and bringing Angara’s warning to his attention. But she noted that Luzon still had a power surplus.

Angara said proponents of renewable energy anticipated the “incoming storm”—that the country might not be able to support industrialization purely on imported crude—at least four years ago.

Back then, he said, some $5 billion in fresh investments in renewable energy were lined up. But the investors moved to neighboring countries like Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia because the Philippine government failed to determine how much a renewable energy generator would earn, Angara said.

Now, he said, $1 billion in renewable energy investments, including investment from European companies, are “ready to come in.”

But the government has not fully enforced the renewable energy law to encourage full development. “We’re always late, we always move at the last minute,” Angara said.

Ambiguous, confused

The administration’s renewable-energy policy, Angara said, is “very ambiguous.”

“The policy laid down by the law is clear, but it seems that the implementers themselves are confused,” Angara said in Filipino.

The power shortage in Mindanao, he said, could be traced to the government’s failure to sufficiently invest in renewable energy. “That’s the cause of this crisis, we jogged around in terms of renewable energy,” he said. “This is our long-term solution, because [our renewable energy reserves are] sufficient to cover all our energy needs.”

According to the Department of Energy, about 35 percent of the country’s energy comes from renewable sources such as water, geothermal gas and biomass. The Renewable Energy Act aims to attract investors to put up other clean technologies, such as wind and solar farms.

But the implementation of the government’s renewable energy policy is slow, according to Greenpeace and other environmental groups like Worldwide Fund for Nature-Philippines.

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  • Pauline

    solution: nuclear power. 

  • odie

    If there is energy surplus in Luzon bakit mahal ang binabayad natin na kuryente? So kikilos lang kung huli na ang lahat?

  • usapan2

    mukhang nauulit na naman ang malawakang brownout na dinanas natin noong panahon ng ating democracy icon at dating Pangulong Cory Aquino noong late 1980’s at early 1990’s, dahil hindi niya pinaandar ang Bataan Nuclear Power Plant porke proyekto ito ni Marcos. marami tuloy local and foreigners ang natakot mag-invest sa Pilipinas.

  • hustlergalore

    to angara:
    can we use the trees you cut as panggatong?

  • anak_mahirap50

    Kilos na pen    noy bago magkaroon na ng energy crisis!

    • dark

      nag nononoynoying pa yon

  • Bansot

    Luzon has power surplus, said Abigail Valte, yet in the provinces of Sorsogon, and Albay there are rotating brown out every summer, why is that?? As well, why is the electricity rates going up if we have power surplus. I thought the Law of Demand and Supply, states that over supply of commodities will tend to push the price downward, while higher demands will push the prices higher. It appears that the Philippines is unique in many ways. Just like last 2 weeks, the Labour and Emloyment stated that our country has a lower unemployment rate than the US and Canada..ha!ha!ha! are our officials dreaming????

    • Jao Romero

      there is collusion and price fixing within the industry. that is why some are saying the brownouts are just contrived. to drive up prices.

  • Geyojr C. A.

    Last week report ng mga dyaryo na-neglect daw ng malacanang ang power problem sa mindanao! Report naman ng abante tonite ngayon sabi ni Valte 2010 pa sila umaksyon…Ano ba talaga ang totoo? Liwanag na lang kaya ng buwan ang gamitin ng pinas wala pa gastos…Dna masisisi pa ng mga tao ang malacanang…

  • EdgarEdgar

    Luzon power crisis looms—Angara:

    There is no more opportune time than now to monger fear. Unfounded or not, Angara deserves a hearing. But let us be fact-based and data-driven. Let us check the trajectory of Luzon’s power consumption for the last ten years and projections over the next ten factoring in population growth, for good measure. Contrast this against Luzon’s power generation capacity and future plans for increasing capacity. That should give us good picture of things to come. At this point, there’s not much to go by except Angara’s warning. I am sure that Angara’s beloved Aurora province, geographically facing the Pacific Ocean, will be a potential site for renewable wind, tidal, and hydro energy. And possibly geothermal since nearby Quezon has some of it, too. And renewables will easily garner the support of WB and ADB aid funding. Brilliant move by Senator Angara. All this time I thought the learned senator has run out of brilliant business ideas like APECO while his son is squandering our taxmoney on smear campaign. It’s nice to hear from the brilliant senator again after his hiatus. Or was he not on hiatus?

    • rem_rod

       We have written the Senate on numerous occasion to press forward renewable and sustainable energy policies and regulations. It seems it has fallen almost always on deaf ears. We hope, as a professional group, to finally see the end of our struggles and start building up for a better, more eco friendly energy generation in our country. I hope that the good senator should lobby hard, real hard, not only for personal gain but for the future of our children and our country as a whole. We will be watching intently.   

      • EdgarEdgar

        i’m with you rr. i’m all for diversifying and pushing for more renewables in our energy mix. as long as it doesn’t show up as additional charge in my power bill.

        Come to think of it, why don’t you enlist the help of Bong-Bong who showcased the wind farm in his area for his election ad. He not only got funding from ADB, he’s also earning carbon credits for his province.


      Brilliant remark.  Perfect 10!

  • pilosopo4

    Our country needs a leader with a vision..with the  political will to implement energy programs and innovation instead of wasting government resources on impeachment trials that will only set a precedent for succeeding governments to impeach future CJs at the drop of the hat..or under the guise of fighting corruption and yet we all know the real motive loud and clear..

  • dark

    same pala achievements ng mag-inang aquino administrations: BROWNOUT

  • franklyn flores

    We Need to go nuclear power.

  • Margie

    The only power plants the environmentalist want from what I know are wind, solar and wave power plants. They are environmental in some ways but there are disadvantages. The wind turbines are too noisy and requires 24 hectares per MW besides the fact we have to import lots of wind turbines. The solar plant also requires lots of space  to be viable and lots of solar panel to import. All of these requires expensive initial cost. I think we can only do this on a smaller scale but for big consumption we need the coal power or nuclear power plants which produces big capacities.

    • Jao Romero

      cite study please? wind turbines will not be installed in home areas so idk why the noise would be a bother. it would be installed in areas far from populated centers. the space required isn’t much since our entire coastline alone can be lined with wind turbines. then there are our farmlands and empty acres of lands. the initial cost you mentioned can be recouped within 5 years. coal power doesn’t produce larger capacity than other renewable resources. that’s just a myth spread by parties earning from coal. solar isn’t as cost effective yet as wind power.  but it’s still a better alternative than coal. solar is practical to be used by businesses. install on rooftops and buildings so businesses do not have to pay for electricity from power companies but can use electricity for free (after the initial investment on solar panels). homes can use miniature wind turbines that can power small appliances.

    • rem_rod

       What we have been pushing are small scale household generated electricity that a producer household can sell to the grid if the generation exceeds demand of the house. This is the easiest thing to do at this moment without huge government spending on capital goods. A 2KW building mounted wind turbine can generate almost 4000KWhr of electricity per year!

  • dead_pixel

    Naapektuhan na nga ang bayan sa IDENTITY CRISIS ni noyAbnoy, ngayon dinagdagan pa ng ENERGY CRISIS!

    • Jao Romero

      good post. very constructive, very intelligent. NOT.

      • dead_pixel

        Kung ayaw mo sa post ko dahil apektado ka, magpatiwakal ka!

      • Guest

        pikon talo. hehe.

      • Jao Romero

        pikon talo. bobo kc. amp.

      • dead_pixel

        @Jao Romero
        Huwag mo namang ipagkalat na pikon at talunan ka!
        Magagalit ang communication department ni carandang niyan at hindi ka bibigyan ng sahod mo!

      • Jao Romero

        lol. no imagination, no humor, no class. can’t even carry his real name. i’m ten times the poster you are.

  • Tony Alberto

    PURO MGA PAGONG AT UNGGOY ‘yang mga nakaupo sa DOE, ERC at Natl RE Board!!  Sunlight is free (solar PV). Wind is free (wind turbines). Wherever you look, there are coconuts (biodiesel). With the kind of rates Meralco and other retailers are charging, even the most expensive of these technologies, can be easily funded…kung walang masyadong CHECHE BURECHE sa mga ahensiyang ito! Malamang nagtatampisaw sa uling at langis ang mga gagong ito.

  • Rae_E

    PDI we need more details on this VERY crucial issue. Please do comprehensive reporting on why the RE Act was not acted upon by previous & current admins. What where the objections on the Feed-In Tariff that Sen. Angara’s mentioned. Energy crisis & exorbitant electricity rates are unacceptable when we have so much RE resources. PDI please highlight this issue to push gov’t. to act on this crisis asap. We’ve got to move pass reactionary approaches.

  • ptz821

    While everybody is squabling, debating…

    I have installed in my roof 2 solar panels and its working already for 2 months.

    My system is a grid connected so I don’t have to use batteries (which are very costly and need maintenance) for energy storage. Where I store our excess energy production during day time is with Meralco, yes you heard me right I store our excess energy to Meralco by exporting it via special inverters. The process of exportation to the grid causes the meter to slow down or reverse it’s direction whenever we have excess production against low household demands.

    Right now my system per our daily monitoring is producing 2.5 kW-hr. This translates to 30-32% grid independence… more than what the national energy mix has for Solar power which is 0% (nil) for Luzon.

    We already have established and proved that the system work for our own demand. 

    If the Section 10 of RA 9513 (Renewable Energy Act of 2008) is fully implemented which states that without discrimination, utility provider (i.e. Meralco) and end user can enter into a net metering agreement, then I can go 100% independent during daytime and will only require Meralco power during night time. And since I will be storing excess energy produce during the daytime I will be credited with that energy and at night I will debit it from the Meralco system… this will lead to Zero bill payment, this phenomena is already proven in California and Europe where system owners has totally eliminated their bill and even paid for excess generation… this is the promise of Section 10 and its totally neglected. Expedite the implementation of Section 10 and I will proved that I can lower my bill to Zero and contribute my excess power generation to the grid.

    How much is my system? It approximately cost 2 ipads per panel and will be useable for 25 years where at that time will be still producing 80% of its name plate rating. If a middle class OFW family can provide/gift themselves with ipads, iphones or LED tv sets, I can surely say that they can afford at least 1 panel that can provide them at least 15-20% free green energy.

    Is my system safe? My system components are all California Energy Commissioned approved, Underwriters Laboratory (UL) listed and PTC type tested.

    The way forward is give incentives to households that install systems like mine, expedite the implementation of net metering scheme between small scale (systems less than 10 kW rating) ahead of commercial/generator FIT. All these can be done either by local government units local ordinances or by the stroke of the pen by Pnoy thru Executive Order since the law is already there.

    Everything is possible… ayaw lang nating gawin.

    • prangka

      Hey I like your idea. Maybe we could meet and help me somehow. It is my dream to free myself from the expensiveness of using powers produced by independent producers.

    • MNLFoodcritic

      I hope government reads your comments. But I doubt it.

    • jeronimo

      I really hope this pushes thru, meralco and the other electric source companies would most probably prevent this from being implemented, bawas kita kanila yan pag nagkataon.

  • ptz821

    Let me post here, my comment in another article regarding FIT

    Don’t confuse ourselves into believing that FIT is the same
    as IPP (Independent Power Producers).

    FIT is Feed-in-Tariffs, it is a scheme whereas Green energy
    producers are paid by end-users thru their utility providers (Meralco and
    Co-operatives). FIT scheme is the way forward in promoting,
    propagation and economical distribution of Green energy.

    The argument that FIT for solar is over rated is a farce…
    how much is FIT proposal by ERB-DOE if we may ask… its Php 17 per kW-hr… that’s
    too much you will say to think that generation charges is less than Php 6 per
    kW-hr… Now my questions is, have you check the spot market peak pricing? There
    are times that peak demand bid price in the electricity spot market hits as
    high as Php 30 per kW-hr. Spot market (WESM) is where Meralco and most of the
    coops buy their power whenever there they have shortfalls in their contracted
    purchase agreement with the remaining NPC plants or from IPPs.

    Now tell me if Solar FIT is expensive during peak demand
    when solar panels give their peak performance during peak load time?

    Second, how much percentage of the Renewable Energy mix is
    solar? It’s less than what Hydro and geothermal is producing. And the
    government has even reduced the solar energy targets, so how come solar FIT
    will be more expensive when it mixes with the total energy mix within the grid?
    When FIT-All is considered at a price of Php 10 per kW-hr (meaning FIT for all
    Green energy types such as hydro, geothermal, biomass, solar and wind) and then
    mixed together with fossil thermal plants the cost is almost less than what
    power rates increased we experience right now.

    The people behind saying that solar fit is expensive and
    unacceptable are the same people who are advocating “dirty” coal.

    There is no clean coal period… carbon sequestration
    technology is too expensive technology… how much of that cost will be
    incorporated into generation cost for coal?

    We are pushed to bite the bullet because the government and
    coal power business interest is blinding us with an argument that is totally
    baseless… how can we achieved grid parity when we don’t even jump start small
    scale Green energy production like roof top solar power generators?

    Coal power business interest is treating ordinary citizens
    (us) as if we are ignorant of the technology and of the debates that surround
    power generation and distribution… they are wrong, dead spot wrong and we will
    fight back.

    Let the full spirit of Section 10 of RA 9513 takes it
    intended course, right now! The technology of distributed power generation is
    now available for the People… let’s tap it, right now!


    Let us not forget that technology is for the benefit of the
    People first and foremost.


    • Tony Alberto

       You’re right, ptz. Filipinos just need a good deal of solar education. To start with, how come cloudy Germany are so aggressive and successful with solar PV while those in equatorial Asia like PH can’t seem to appreciate the fundamental fact that sunlight is FREE. However expensive the up-front tech, the zero-fuel and minimal operating cost in the PV system’s 25-year lifespan virtually flattens the rate to attain parity with coal- and oil-based power, albeit even cheaper after the first five years. The financial modelling of a solar PV system must be explained in the simplest possible terms as you did. This is a continuing challenge for those in the solar loop, and then we begin bringing the light of solar knowledge to the cloudy guts of ignorant idiots who are mouthing nonsensical, autistic opposition.

  • prangka

    Another excuse to raise power rates. Is there anyone out there who has the means ang guts to introduce alternative energy, sell to the consumers either thru loan or cash payments at a very reasonable price?  And please MVP and Lopezes should stay out of it. Otherwise the two of you would defeat the purpose for consumers like us to power our homes independently from your clutches.

  • gudwil2all

    edgardo, matagal ng problema ito
    ilang administrasiyon na ang na serve mo
    hanggang ngayon wala ka pang solusiyon sa problemang ito
    kasi turo ka ng turo

    • MNLFoodcritic

      ikaw, what’s your suggestion?

  • dead_pixel

    “Luzon will [experience] its own crisis in two years’ , Angara said.
    “Two years pa? Matagal pa ‘yon!”, noyAbnoy lamented.

    While waiting for 2 years, noynoying mode.

  • MNLFoodcritic

    The world’s biggest producer of solar panels for solar energy manufactures its products right here in Laguna and Batangas for shipment throughout the world. And we have not taken advantage of this opportunity when it’s only right in our own backyard. **sigh**

  • MNLFoodcritic

    ptz821’s comments are still by FAR THE BEST COMMENTS I’VE READ IN THIS SECTION!!

  • Mortz C. Ortigoza

    We are no longer No.4 in the world in terms of the most expensive power rate, we are now No.1, this according to former Rep. Mark Cojuangco.

    • edmanuel

      It should then be in the Guiness Book of World Records… At least we are number 1 in this aspect.

  • Margie

    If Senator Angara’s analysis are correct, then definitely Luzon will experience brownout within two years because it takes three years to build a power plant according to Valte. The Department of Energy should answer these reports.

  • Steve ADM 70, 74

    Hi ptz821. Can u pls help me install those solar panels? Thanks.

  • wawa2172

    What the country have for power generation were put up by the past administrations be it coal fired, gas,  diesel, hydro, geothermal, solar or wind facilities. Mindanao hav all of those facilities except wind. Still it is experiencing brownouts because privatization causes generation to become expensive that some electric coops are not capable of buying from transmission companies. Nonetheless, people in Mindanao are now starting to bite the bullets paying higher electrical bills. Noy’s admin do not have concrete blue print of the looming electrical crises but have a fall back when it happens that is to blame the past admin inaction the reason why the country would be experiencing dark nights. Almost half its term, Noy’s people in energy department are still “noynoying” or at a lost on what to do. Miss Valte said that Luzon have electricity surplus but does she think it will be enough when the economic uptrend relayed by Noy will become a reality? Noy K on energy generation are resurrected and this company are mostly Aquino-Cojuangco family friends lead by the Aboitiz and of course Danding, a relative. Aboitiz made a kill on profit when the country experience electrical power crises during Cory Admin na halos nag dilim ang Pilipinas. Industries and businesses came into a halt that time. Want a repeat of it? Well my parents who experience the crises then hope that it wont again. It would is difficult to recover from the dark night as they said, malulubog ang Pinas sa utang dahil sa greedy power companies na taong bayan ang mag babayad.

  • Betz Chui

    Nagsalita…..hay naku….palpak din naman.

  • BacolodBoy

    the current administration has no implementing plan….Almendras should be fired. nothing has been happening to the renewable energy for a long time.

  • Isidro Valencia

    Change heads in the Department of Energy, better roll heads.
    Department of Corruption din ba yan? 

  • Mattino2011

    I have heard that before…Mahilig kasi ang procrastination sa government..

  • kilabot

    don’t worry, pnoy and his prostitutes will provide all the saliva needed to generate hydro power.

  • Coty

    ha ha here we go again, right under his very nose is one the BNPP that can provide or at least alleviate the power crisis and they have condemned it to the freezer because it is NUCLEAR! that’s the problem when there is ignorance what a nuclear power and nuclear warhead is, they cannot distinguish what the heck it is! oh well as the saying goes like Mom, like Son! what a pity!

  • $23257130

    anu pa nga ba aasahan sa abnoy na ito. mana sa nanay nya na wala ding ginawa kundi paninisi at brownout blackout welcome back tayo sa 1987. mabuti e kudeta na yan!

  • Mattino2011

    Buhayin na kasi Bataan nuclear plant

    • Budoy

      wala na. binenta na as scrap. kalokohan ng nanay ni Abnoy. pinatigil lang yung programa kaya nabulok lahat ng pyesa. tapos ibinenta as scrap.  eto naman si Abnoy naglalaway pa din at walang ginagawa

  • Air200

    i do hope that sen. angara is so serious of his comments and maybe it would be better if he use his ties with the administration in pushing the immediate implementation of the renewable energy act. Im so tired with the style of our politicians to give critiques just to buy attention from the public because his son/daughter or himself is vying a set in the congress.

  • Rey Ban

     not complying of the campaign promises of the president to the filipino people is a betrayal of public trust..a breach of promise..

  • Jonathan


  • pakialamero69

    bakit? hindi gamitin ang pdaf ng mga senador at congressman sa pagtatayo ng solar poer generation at windmills? ang tabing dagat ng eastern samar ay mayaman sa malakas na hangin ganuon din ang taft river(municipaliy of taft, eastern samar)ay malakas ang tubig para sa pagtatayo ng hydroelectric plant. paging cong ben evardone.

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    O ayan ha…BABALA na naman ha!!!! may dalawang taon pa ang aquino admin para solusyunan ang pagkulang ng kuryente sa luzon…o baka naman isisi na naman kay gloria at kay marcos ang kakapusan ng elektrisidad!!!

  • leodegardompruna

    To tap renewable resources in dealing with our energy problem is a a move in the wrong direction. Except, probably for geothermal which the Philippines is already making use of, other renewable energy sources would not only be expensive but shaky. Most if not all of these renewable energies are either in the research or improvement stage because of efficiency and capital cost problems. If there is any reason to activate that mothballed nuclear Plant in Bataan, after a rigid cost and safety study, then let us go into it. Otherwise, we have to cut a balance on time, cost, efficiency of whatever energy alternative the country should utilize. God bless the Philippines.

  • casaysay

    The nuclear plant was designed and contructed noon pang mid 70’s or 40 years ago. The  technology has moved forward at considered na inferior na sa ngayon ang standards ng safety, instrumentations and controls nito. May mga ginawang technical studies noon pang panahon ni GMA na nagpapatunay na hindi na economically feasible ang upgrading at rehabilitation ng planta to meet the current standards. There was also a study done duirng the time of GMA to convert the nuclear plant into an oil-fired power plant pero hindi rin convincing ang economic feasibility nito.        

  • casaysay

    Alternative energy or green energy ay nasa infancy stage pa lamang kaya hindi pa kasingmura ang power generation nito compared sa fossil oil or crude oil. Para sa isang bansang mahirap tulad ng Pilipinas ay isang napakamahal na investment ang green energy. Just think na wala na ngang investment ang Pinas para sa tiyan ng mamamayan ay papuntahin pa ang investments sa green energy. But why the push ng mga special groups para mag invest tayo sa green energy? Tama sila na para raw ma minimize ang pollution sa mundo, pero ang Pinas ay maliit lamang na contributor sa pollution. Ang mga mayayaman o industrialized countries ang major pollution contributors tulad ng America, China, middle east countries. Ayaw ng mga special sectors na ito na magtayo ng cheap coal-powered plant sa Pilipinas while sa America ang main source nila ng electricity ay coal-fired power plants. Why? Actually it is not really a big secret na ang mga international green companies (those na may capital sa green technologies and industries) ang siyang nagbibigay finances or assistance or grants sa mga special groups na ito to campaign the rejection of cheaper oil-fired or coal-fired power plants for economic gains naman ng green companies.    

    • rem_rod

       Mas mahal ang consequence ng patuloy na paggamit ng nauubos na fossil fuels at ang epekto sa kalusugan ng mga tao at pagkasira ng ating kapaligiran…yan ang tandaan!!!

  • fuctore

    A heartfull of vengeance can not rule the soul of the nation,
    hence, the age of darkness is upon us…
    quite literally though.

  • Night



    • Albin

      Night, meron sinabi si penoy dito…”kaslanan ni gloria at corona ang brownout na yan”!

      • Night

        hahaha oo nga pala

  • elizabeth

    I hate to say it but Mr. Angara can very well share the ineptness of present and past administrations as he had not spoken of this urgency well until only now when presumably he is out of the circle of the party in power. One who is an old timer in politics and the legislative front can equally be blamed for inaction among those he was able to cling to in the political largesse. And one thing more, it is quite convenient to talk about the power crisis prospectively (safe side lang) unless he is unaware that the problem is stronly felt in Mindanao now. Wake up Mr. Angara and show your ware as a former UP President. Stop reading or announcing those written by your ghost writers? We want to hear something more intelligent than that.

    • Rolando

      The president is always the CEO. Senators are lawmakers. Let’s leave it at that.

  • Mattino2011

    Lalo bababa yan..if he does not act on oil price increase..people are getting anxious ..remeber that suharto’s downfall began with that reason ..demonstration in the street till he was finally ousted..he refuses to lower vat on oil or at least suspend it…better still make his allies in congress speed up a bill to that effect..even a 3 percent decrease sums up to around e pesos reduction in pump price

  • PinasK0ngMahal

    Asus sakay sa uso. At talagang in two years, eh db hanggang ngayon nagbabayad parin tayo sa mga PPA contract ni Ramos kahit hindi nagagamit ang mga kuryenteng ito. Bakit hindi mo inbestgahan ang talagang nangyari dyan sa mindanao, o takot ka lng banggain ang mga Aboitiz.

  • dodong1

    one step forward, two steps back.. IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES..

  • rodger66

    dapat dyan sa Mindanao kunin ng SWS ang survey hahhaahahahhahahaahh mga tanga !!!

  • watsupdoc

    The hatred of Cory against Marcos spilled over the stoppage of the Bataan Nuclear Plant, the removal of the Dept of Energy ably handled by Velasco that resulted to the dark ages for all of us.  The yellow brigade whispering to the ears of Cory at that time to scuttle the energy program of Marcos should now come out and draw out a plan to lift our country from the world’s 2nd highest energy cost to the consumer, let alone the crippling brownouts.

  • billygunn23

    maawa naman kayo! wala na ngang ginagawa si el presidente’y magrerecommend pa kayo ng kung anu-anong complicated na solusyon! hayaan na lang nating maubos ang lahat ng ating resources sa kai-impeach nya kay corona! ang importante’y mapaligaya niya ang mga negosyanteng gumasto ng malaki noong election para ma-iluklok nya ang sarili sa palasyo! mabuhay silang lahat mga leche sila!!!

  • Mattino2011

    Ayun umiikot sa mga bus terminal..inpectiondaw pangulo pnoy..di ba dapat si roxas gawa noon..ano ba ito para masabi lang nag tratrabaho siya..

  • Albin

    Q: Ano ang ginagamit ng sinaunang Pilipino bago sila natutong gumamit ng kandila?
    A: Kuryente

    Q: Ano na ang nagawa, ginagawa, at gagawin ng presidente sa krisis sa kuryente?
    A: nag-noynoying; nag-nonoynoying; mag-nonoynoying

  • ptz821

    Solution solution solutions please.

    1.) Implement net metering for small scale grid connected system ahead of commercial/producer FIT as stipulated by Section 10 of RA 9513.

    2.) Bring down the price of solar panels. Whats preventing the big local manufacturers of PV panels from selling their PV modules locally? They are manufacturing it for several yeas already but for North American markets only, how much is the cost in US PV market? The price is as low as USD 1.5 per watt… this means 1 panel of 200 watts rating can be sold at less than Php 15K! This is way below the current price in Raon or any other locally sold panels! 

    The RA 9513 give incentives like free vat, free import duties for imported renewable energy components. Its amusing that major manufacturer located in the Philippines that is selling in US market who is fiercely competing with China made panels cannot sell its products to a country that has the highest rate of electricity in the world! 

    There’s really something wrong of our energy and export policies.

    But again, solutions solution solutions… implement Section 10 of RA 9513 regardless of Angara’s or anyone’s ranting.

  • gardo_versoza

    matagalang “Earth Hour” na ata to..

    • johnnie r

      Bro, sa Mindanao “Earth Day” na, dahil sa 6-12 hrs daily blackouts!!! 

  • johnnie r

    Dont worry folks, PNOY will move to action 2 yrs from now!!!

    • Rolando

      Are you trying to impress me that HE IS A FUTURE TENSE PRESIDENT?

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      and he will blame the past admins…

  • kilabot

    pnoy “the patient” president, still has 4 years to deal with this problem. he will confront it in his own time.

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    Ayon sa balita ngayon ay abala ang pangulo ng mga dilaw sa kakaikot sa mga paliparan,terminal ng mga bus upang siguraduhin daw na maayos ang biyahe ng ating mga kababayan…very good…Ganito ang trabahong gusto ni noynoy,trabahong hindi kailnagn paganahin ang “utak o isip”…ngunit kapag ang isyu na ay kailangan ng husay sa pag-iisip at bilis ng kilos upang masolusyunan ang grabeng problema ay madalas sagot ng pangulo ng mga dilaw ay ganito: “pag-aaral muna namin” o kaya kasalanan ni arroyo at marcos”….Dalawang taon na si noynoy na nanununkulan bilang pangulo ng bayan,ngunit sa tutoo lang,wala akong nakitang malaking nagawa ng kanyang administrasyon na pakikinabangan ng ating mga kababayan sa mahabang panahon!!!!

    • BacolodBoy

       he is so blessed to put all the blame to GMA and the previous administration….

      • Andres_Bagumbayan

        Walang iniwan sa larong basketbol si noynoying…kapag naagaw ng kalaban ang bola,sasabihin ng naagawan ay “madulas kasi ang bola kaya naagaw”…ganyan si noynoy at maging ang kanyang ina na si corazon…mahilig gumawa ng “excuse” o sisihin ang ibang tao!!!!

  • MNLFoodcritic

    ptz821’s comments are still by FAR the BEST COMMENTS i’ve read in this section!! – detailed, solutions-based!

  • MNLFoodcritic

    The world’s biggest manufacturer of solar panels/PV for solar energy is just right HERE in our own backyard – in Laguna and Batangas for export to worldwide markets! We should take advantage of this tremendous opportunity! For further details of how to install, costs, connection to Meralco grid, please see the detailed comments of ptz821 from the previous pages. Solar energy people, clean and renewable energy! AND STOP SAYING IT’S EXPENSIVE! Mas mahal ang paggamot ng pulmonya, TB, asthma at nakakapagod ang pangungulangot!

  • DondonSantosJr

    hay naku Valteliling, kakausapin na naman, pag-aaralan na naman, nakalimutan mo yata yun, e–evaluate natin yan, sa dami ng ginagawa nyong pag-aaral, pag-uusap, pag-e-evaluate, di ba dapat by now eh, may alam na kayong solution? Baka pwedeng ng tigilan yun aral, usap, evaluate, action, implementation, execution, realization naman sana yun mangyari

    • Rolando

      I now christen this as: administration in the future tense….

  • ThudOthwacker

    This is a prelude for a price hike. What happen to the numerous under par effectiveness of  independent power producers? Repeal the epira. Electric and water facilities are infrastructure and should  be under government control.    

  • Armi_DXB

    hindi na “Daang Matuwid” ‘to, bagkus “DAANG MADILIM”

  • JJF724

    The cost of currently electricity is too high…  Too many hiden charges from Meralco for example and too get these so called green energy investor will shoot your electric bill much higher first say for over 10 years before it will slowly come down. The idea is so good to be true and at the moment the cost of solar pannel for your water heater will take 20 years usage before you recover the cost.  But it was really good for the environment if you can afford it.

  • JJF724

    definitely good for the environment but your electric bill will shoot up…  your choice.

  • tenderfender

    “ok lang po ang mga brownout sa mindanao, at least, araw-araw po napapractice ang Earth Hour – hindi lng 1 hour, kundi 8 hours pa na nagpapatay ng kuryente!

    kapag sumama na po ang Luzon sa mga brownout in two years, ide-declare na po tayo ng Guiness Book of Records dahil sa ating active participation sa energy conservation… maganda po itong karangalan sa ating bansa”
                                                                                 – malacanang spin doctors ( valte& co.)

  • dongvee

     Kapag mangyari na yang pinangambahan ni Angara na power crisis na yan, madali lang naman masulusyonan yan ni Pnoy and company. Pustuhan tayo, lalabas kaagad yang survey ng Pulse Asia, then closely followed by SWS na 70% or more ng sambayanang pinoy ay love na love pa rin si Pnoy at suportadong suportado siya sa anomang balak gagawin niya. Kung tutuusin, sa mga tao na rin yan na hanggang ngayon nagpauto-uto pa rin. Sosulusyunan lang ng survey results yong kung anong problema, ok na. Pero ok lang nga ba sa karamihan sa atin? Paano kung tutuo yong sinabi ni Kit Tatad na may posibling manipulation talaga since day one….

  • dmaxx_trip

    High time that we revise the existing laws regarding the power sector. We are considered the highest in power cost in the Asian Region because of the flaws of the EPIRA law. In this law, we are oblige to pay the contracts of the non performing and non delivering power plants to the detriment of the public and the taxpayer’s money. Lubog na tayo sa utang at sa taas ng kuryente

  • Francis

    How much will Angara and Greenpeace earn as commission from these Renewable Energy contracts? 

    Greenpeace should bark at rich and high energy consuming nations first like China, India and the US before pressuring the Philippines. 

    If they want cleaner energy, then the country should prioritize Natural Gas-fed power plants.  The price of natural gas in the world market is dropping!  But they have to make sure that the contract with the IPP is NOT to benchmark the natural gas to diesel as they did with the existing natural gas power plants like Ilijan and Sta. Rita power plants in Batangas.

  • hopefullPinoy

    i hope the Aquino administration will take this seriously, and put some visible and significant actions.

  • Comet

    paki alam ni PNoy dyan, basta busy siya ke Corona at GMA.

  • poltergeist_fuhrer

    sigurado, ang yayaman dito ay ang mga elitistang YELLOW RIBBONS…henry sy, aboitiz, lopez…tsk tsk tsk

  • poltergeist_fuhrer

    mag noynoying na muna si penoy for another 2 years…and when that blackouts happen, MAY READY MADE SAGOT SIYA DIYAN…”PINABAYAAN NG MGA PAST ADMINISTRATIONS ANG ENERGY SECTOR, AT NA INHERIT KO LANG ITO SA KANILA”

    yan ang NOYNOYING na tao…

  • ptz821

    Who ever says that Solar proposed FIT rate is expensive or too high is wrong.

    1.) Check the WESM peak ex ante demand power rate for today… is Php 82 per kW-hr… taaadaannnn… 

    How much is again the proposed Solar FIT? Its Php 17 per kW-hr… dyaaaaraaannn again.

    This means that during peak load hours,  the projected price per kW-hr is 82 pesos. Obviously there is a big difference between 82 pesos and 17 pesos proposed solar FIT or even the proposed FIT All price… so who ever says that SOLAR produced electricity price is expensive during its peak performance (during day time) to please explain their argument.

    2.) For the price of Php 82 per kW-hr how much of it is a percentage of green energy price? What about what percentage of the energy mix is solar produced? And how much of it is a percentage of coal base power? For an illustration of energy mix for the month of February which I doubt will not be different with the the month of March:

    Coal 39%
    Geothermal 18.8%
    Hydro 8%
    Natural gas 35.8%
    Diesel Oil 1.1%
    Wind 0.17%
    Bio diesel 0.11%
    Solar.. Zeroooo, tadaaaannnn.

    Shocking right? 

    Coal and Gas power comprise of 74.8% and this will be increased even more by additional coal/natural gas thermal plants that is being approved… 

    So, for the coming years, with coal and gas comprising the majority energy mix how much do we think 17 Php of Solar FIT will impact the total generating cost Meralco or NPC will charge each and every one of us as end consumer? Its should be almost neglible since the energy mix contribution of Solar is just a fraction of coal and gas power energy mix…

    Sinong niloloko nyo? 

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      pasensiyahan mo na ang mga yellow ribbons…may KKK mentality kasi…siyempre, papaburan sina lopez, aboitiz…etc…

    • TataRamonKo

      Nice! Even the units are correctly written (e.g. kW). Unlike some people in media who think they are very knowlegeable on anything under the sun, but on simple units of measurement… mga ignoramus!

  • Jon

    Hintayin nyo lang na mag-brownout sa Palasyo.
    Pag di na ma charge ang PSP ni Budoy, makikikta nyo.
    Aapoy ang pwet nyan para lang bumalik ang kuryente.

  • PBA

    Sarap mag noynoying LOL

  • PBA

    Noynoy picture taking ulit yan kunwari busy, picture sa meeting, picture na paturo turo, at picture may bitbit na mga papeles …. LOL

  • Roman31

    So what else is new? Cory, the beloved mothe’s legacy to us was energy crisis that paralized the economy. Now the only “bigatin son” will impose the same on us. And as usual, all these because of Marcos and GMA and Corona. Jeeeez! It is more fun in the Philippines.

  • Edandlye Pogi

    Greenpeace, if you really believe that solar and wind is the answer to the electricity demand of the Philippines, why are you not investing on it? Do you know how much would it cost if electricity comes from solar and wind? Do you know how much would the consumers pay? You are the same as the WWF Philippines, all you do is criticize coal but are not helping in making wind and solar cheaper. All you do is take away research money from these energy sources for your own pockets. Let me ask you, will your sponsors provide you funding if you don’t criticize fossil fuel use? Why don’t you aks your sponsors to develop wind and solar energy in the Philippines and sell them cheap to poor consumers?

  • loudwhale

    noynoying is just bringing back the “cory dark days”. since there is nothing in the pipe-line darkness is in the horizon. however noynoying will just raise the lectric rates na lang.

  • marienkind

    Every time this guy wants to get reelected he promises to fix this issue, which never really happens. Angara would be far more useful as a fuel substitute, seeing as drift wood gives a nice good burn.

  • ThePattern

    Edgardo Angara? Sino yan?

  • PBA

    bakasyon na, noynoying time na LOL

  • PBA

    watch PBA games ang no. 1 sa Pilipinas ! wag na mag noynoying mag PBA na !

  • PH2011

    My question is;

    Do they have  program and feasibility
    studies to implement this renewable energies? Specially in terms of  COST and BENEFIT RATIO? For a poor country
    like Philippines?

    Are they aware how much power generated by these renewable energy sources.
    My understanding, except for hydro and geothermal,  other renewable energy sources (ie. Sun,
    wind, tides ), generate  less power  ( hence a negative in Cost & benefit  Ratio ).

    Hydro dams had been constructed in Mindanao since 1950’s, howver, the power
    generated is now reduced due to lesser amount of rain. Geothermal generated from
    Volcanoes  and very expensive and take
    time to construct.

    Doing big and expensive  projects,
    need feasibility studies.

    That’s basic….Not just brouhaha…

    • scorpio15


    • barangayboso

       Thank you for your nice output..

      Very well said and not just “para lang may masabi..”

      …keep up the good work brother..

  • Francis81

    Ambiguous, confused
    The administration’s renewable-energy policy, Angara said, is “very ambiguous.” – Sa madaling sabi BADING! Bwahahaha! E pano ang pangulo mismo confused sa sarili niyang kasarian! Bwahahaha!!!

    Kung confused ang isang tao sa sarili niyang kasarian mismo, confused din siya sa maraming aspeto ng buhay niya! Kawawang Pinas.

    • scorpio15

      Ang mga sinulat mo rine ay sulat ng merong sira ang “Tuktok”. Kawawa ang Pinas sayo.

  • Ano Ikaw

    Oy, dont take credit noh. I predicted in 2010-11 na magkakaroon ng crises sa pinas under sa admnistrasyong ito.

  • Rolando Karaan

    To Franci81

    An ambigious program, anyway coming from the past admin. is very useless if it just remains a program. Noy had promised to make it reality but like other programs and promises, it is becoming secondary and tertiary behind the main interest of Noy: Revenge, jailing GMA and ousting Corona plus the Luisita problem. That are the real priority programs now.

  • RyanE

    The country needs large base load power which could only be possible by hydroelectric, geothermal and coal-fired power plants. The first 2 options would take quite a long time to construct and the source of water or geothermal steam may not be sufficient or reliable. The 3rd option, coal-fired plant is what remains and could be constructed in a short period. Modern coal-fired plants is less polluting nowadays through utilization of pollution-control technologies and facilities.

  • ptz821

    Could just please somebody explain how would proposed solar power FIT rate of Php 17 per kW-hr would impact total generation charges, when demand peak ex ante price in the spot market as of today (WESM) has reached Php 82 per kW-hr?

    When does Php 17 pesos is greater than Php 82 demand bid price? In what universe 82 has been lower than 17 pesos?

    Based on February 2012 report. Just please somebody explain how much would a 0.28% (Biodiesel and wind) generation mix would impact a generation cost whose entirely made up of 74.8% fossil fuel based (coal and natural gas)? Even diesel engine power plants has a higher percentage of 1.1% did not even make a dint as a part of total percentage cost.

    How much less Solar generated energy would be part of total energy generated mix?

    It can be summarize that coal and natural gas power plants dictate much of the generation cost since this comprises more than a three quarters of the mix… more on the coming years since the government has approved the construction of fossil base plants.

    The bone and marrow of the high energy price is in fact much dictated by the bilateral contracted power purchase agreements (PPAs) made between the IPPs and Meralco, Aboitiz and the Co-ops. The fact is, even if we approved to built a thousand power plants, the price will never fell down because at the very conception of the power plant it has been already contracted to be sold at price agreed by distributors. What ever is sold in WESM are energy generated in excess of the contracted power purchase agreements. Thats why when the capacity or reserved is low, the price in WESM sky rocketed.

    The soul that must be injected into the energy sector is to reverse the scheme, power plants should be built as to what capacity the WESM will absorbed during peak demand months. New and existing power plants should make a purchase agreement as a major percentage of its capacity with WESM and a lesser percentage of its capacity to be purchase agreed with Meralco and other bulk users.

    As to Green energy FIT, green energy mix is yet to achieved grid parity equal to fossil fuel base capacity, as long as solar, wind and biomass energy mix has not yet reached 25% of the energy mix, their FIT would never a factor in dictating the total generation cost Meralco and others would ask us to pay.

    Sinong niloloko nyo? Hoy gising!

  • UsoUso82

    This is the time that you will legislate for foreign investors to invest in alternative energy. the nation has the 2nd biggest geothermal reserve in the world, a sunny place all-year-round, and with abundant wind for wind farms. all we need is to tap this sources of energy and stop thinking of nuclear plants because the governent in weak in governance of utilities. we are only foolish that we quarrel with eachother because we are lazy to do good that starts with Pnoy today.

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