Netizens join hunt for ex-Gov. Reyes

‘Wanted’ posters spread online



Former Palawan Governor Joel T. Reyes INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

PUERTO PRINCESA CITY—Netizens are typing away at their computers, pledging financial and other help as the manhunt for the former governor of Palawan spread to cyberspace.

In scores of postings that have sprouted on Facebook, supporters, friends and relatives of slain environmentalist-broadcaster Gerry Ortega offered to help locate former Gov. Joel T. Reyes, his brother and Coron Mayor Mario Reyes, and two provincial aides, who have been linked to the murder.

Keeping herself earthbound, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima on Sunday joined calls for the Reyes brothers and the other suspects to surrender, reminding them that “flight is indicative of guilt.”

De Lima said the failure to arrest the suspects had become “an embarrassment.”

“How much per sheet ang flyer so the information could be disseminated? I am willing to sponsor 100 sheets,” Facebook user Yanay Rort said in a comment on a photo captioned “Wanted: Joel T. Reyes.”

The photo was first posted on March 28 by Ortega’s daughter Erika. As of Sunday, the photo had drawn 197 “like” reactions and 129 comments. The photo was shared by 102 other users.

Initial pledges

Mika, eldest daughter of the late broadcaster, told the Philippine Daily Inquirer that money pledges on Facebook alone would amount so far to over P10,000 to finance the production and distribution of “wanted” posters bearing the names and faces of the people named in the arrest warrants issued by a Palawan judge.

She said the Ortega family would consult with lawyers on how to respond to such suggestions and offers.

The embattled former governor was not without supporters on Facebook.

“I say just leave him alone … he’s a good guy and a good dad,” said a certain Glen T. Farrish.

‘In due time’

Reyes’ spokesperson, Rolando Bonoan, denied in a statement that Reyes was defying a court order by hiding from the authorities.

Bonoan, a member of the Palawan provincial board, claimed some media organizations had taken “out of context” a statement issued by Reyes while in hiding.

“He never said in his statement that he is going to defy the court order. What he said was that in due time he will face the charges filed against him,” Bonoan said.

Due process denied

He repeated the claim made by Reyes in his recorded message aired on Thursday by a local radio station that his political opponents were implicating him in the Ortega murder “for their own selfish motives and interests.”

Bonoan criticized the issuance of the warrant of arrest against Reyes as “a denial of due process.”

“The court should have thoroughly discussed and studied first the important issues presented in the motions before issuing a warrant of arrest,” he said.

Ortega’s wife, Patria, brushed aside Bonoan’s remarks.

“It is clear to us that Reyes has arrogantly placed himself above the law, hiding when he doesn’t like the decision made by a proper court. No amount of word play by Mr. Bonoan will change that fact,” Patria said.

De Lima, who once served as Reyes’ election lawyer, said hiding from the law would not help his legal defense.

“I reiterate Interior Secretary (Jesse) Robredo’s appeal for them to surrender and support his directive for a manhunt,” De Lima said. “They ought to be strongly reminded that flight is indicative of guilt. Innocence is proven in court and not outside of it.”

She said she had directed the National Bureau of Investigation to intensify its efforts to help the Philippine National Police locate and arrest the Reyeses.

As in any other criminal cases, De Lima said, the implementation of the arrest warrants against the Reyes brothers should be a “shared responsibility of all law-enforcement bodies.”

Like retired Army Major General Jovito Palparan, who is himself wanted for the alleged abduction of two university students, the Reyeses were apparently “trying to test the government’s resolve to get them to face the wheels of justice,” De Lima said.

“Continued failure to (arrest them) is becoming to be an embarrassment not only to the Filipino public, but the international community as well,” the justice secretary said.

But De Lima expressed optimism that the NBI and the PNP would eventually arrest the brothers.

“I’m confident that … the long arm of the law will eventually reach these fugitives,” she said. “I urge our law enforcers to double their efforts in tracking them down and forthwith arrest them.”

Reyes and his brother have not been seen by the authorities since the Regional Trial Court in Palawan last month ordered their arrest and the arrest of others accused in the killing of Ortega, who was gunned down inside a used-clothes store in Puerto Princesa City on Jan. 24, 2011.

Ortega had criticized Reyes on his radio programs for the latter’s supposed failure to stop the purported abuses and violations of environmental laws of several mining companies in the province.

Originally posted: 10:52 pm | Sunday, April 1st, 2012

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  • mangtom

    Joel T. Reyes, welcome to the “in due time club.”

    Signed: Renato Corona
                     ?       Abalos

    • hustlergalore


    • dark

       nagtatago ba sila?
      hinaharap nila kaso nila
      ang usapan dito is pagtatago ng mga kinakasuhan
      kahit ilang beses pa nila sabihin yung due time, ang importante ay hindi nagtatago

      si lacson nag in due time din.. nung nakahanap ng kakampi sa administration
      pero ang issue nandon pa din, nagtago siya sa batas

      mas mabuti na yung in due time na humaharap sa kaso
      kaysa in due time na nagtatago

  • patrickinca

    it worked for lacson, it might work for them too.

  • anak_mahirap50

    “IN DUE TIME” is the hottest sentence today, pinasikat ni thief corona, meaning “kung kelan ko gusto!” lol!

  • arthur1401

    “He never said in his statement that he is going to defy the court order. What he said was that in due time he will face the charges filed against him,” Bonoan said.

    See how Corona influenced criminals and law violators just by saying -IN DUE TIME?

    when a sitting CJ answers his accusers “In Due time”, it invites all law breakers to break the law with impunity and just reply-“I will Answer your accusation in due time”, which means-maghintay ka sa wala.

    Now the words “In Due time” is already accepted as a reason for violating the law and get away with it, courtesy of a SC faked CJ.

    • dark

      “in due time” is more acceptable to me, if they are facing the court and not hiding..
      what is not acceptable is outright/blatanly disrespecting the law by either being fugitives  or disrepecting SC orders or buying fake dvds..

      and huess what, the senator is still a senator, and justice secretary is still the secretary and the poilitcal adviser is stilla political adviser.. protektado ng palda ng dakilang noynoy… whopee

      wow.. only in the philippines

  • mangtom

    dark: let’s  add Ping Lacson’s name on the list of “in due time”.

    hustlegalore: what is or what does “labet” mean, if I may ask?

    • Wade Pineda

      labet? i think it’s like “love it”… hustlegalore?

  • george bernard

    “In due time” yan ang iniwan na itinuro ni CJ sa mga hambog na Pilipino. Kaya tayo ay kulelat dahil sa kahambugan.

  • Jao Romero

    may reward na ba?

  • pinaskngmajal

    Talaga nga naman,,,,,Pilipinas kong mahal,,,,,may mga katibayan na at tistigo nag kakaila pa,,,,,guilty ka na dahil tinakasan mo ang batas,,,,dapat dito shoot to kill order na ang ipalabas sa mga lintik na ito…

  • jclarendo

    NBI and CIDG, what are you doing, why cann’t you get reyes and palparan nariyan lang sa harap niyo? Pero kung foreigner and may kaso kuha niyo agad dahil $ n P is involved. Puro lang kayo purma at tawaging nbi at cidg. Katatapos lang ng bintang kay dimakapagtanggol g mayroon naman sumunod na ransom. Walanghiya talaga ang noypi kaya umalis ako riyan sa RPI dahil di ko masikmura ang inyong mga ginagawa.

    • kolambogan

      Kailan ka ba umalis, para malaman lang kung si noypi na nga ang namumuno at dahilan ng iyong pagka dismaya, o baka naman panahon pa ni Gloria o noong wala na sa poder  biglang kang alsa balutan at baka masilip din, hindi kaya?

      • jclarendo

        Kaibigan panahon pa ni Macoy

      • kolambogan

        Sa akin lang nainis ka kay Macoy,sinundan ang ilang pagbabago o kawalan nito sa mga pumalit sa kaniya pero bakit ki P”NOY lahat tila bumabagsak at lumalatay ang hagupit mo kaibigan?

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        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Netizens join hunt for ex-Gov. Reyes

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        jclarendo wrote, in response to kolambogan:
        Kaibigan panahon pa ni Macoy
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  • jclarendo

    Abolish NBI and CIDG, this is only a duplication of power leave it to the PNP and let this two agency merge with the marine and fight the rebels in mindanao Tingnan ko lang ang tapang ng mga ito. Buntot ng mga ito nasa ilalim ng kanilang mga tiyan dahil sa takot..

  • ushldcallme

    the response time of the authorities should be established in case citings of the ex-governor is revealed.

  • otepau68

    The PNP had been in the bad books for years. It is a malfunctioning force that can not do its designated job. It can not be trusted either.It is intead feared as a cconsequence from their own making.
    Surely it can do a better effort in this hide-and-seek. It has funds, personnel & resources of all decription. It would definitely be another embarassment if the public pulls the trick for them.
    Then they claim ‘yes sir we got him’. 

  • Rorschach

    “I am willing to surrender but everything will still depend on my lawyers.”

  • californiaflip

    Leila De Lima, Reyna ng Press Release, just please shut up stop stuffing your face overeating at press conferences and do your job. Palpak kay Palparan, Lacson and now Reyes. Try other groups other than Na Bungled Investigation or Palpak Ng Palpak. That being said, count me in to pay for 100 posters.

  • oracle888

    I suggest that the authority shall give him an ultimatum to surrender of 15 days, by then a court trial shall be initiated and a sentence in absentee shall be rendered. After which if he is still not surrender, a shoot to kill order shall be ordered. Only this kind of measurement can stop the powerful & influential criminal from abusing the laxation of our legal system.

    Having warned him before hand and his refusal to comply shall means his waiving of any right for himself to complain about due process in the future.

    • Menyet

      Boto ako sa proposal mo dre. 

  • oracle888

     Let’s sue their lawyer for obstruction of justice.

  • el_latigo

     If he ain’t guilty, why hide? He has so much money and power that he can afford the best lawyers in town.

    If the government  really wants Reyes hide, all it has to do is adopt the Mayor Alfredo Lim Solution (MALS). Issue the  PNP  shoot to kill orders on him and see how  fast he will show up faster  than he can say “Ortega!” The same with Palparan. That’s the reason why so many Filipinos have already lost their faith on our justice system. When the culprits are rich and powerful people, the government finds it very difficult to bring them to justice. Not to mention the Supreme Court that plagiarizes and headed by a dubious cheap justice.  

    • tarikan

      Shall we employ the services of Dog, the Bounty Hunter? Dog can replace the whole NBI & CIDG organizations, cheaper and could not be bought.

  • californiaflip

    The only adjective I can use for CIDG is Criminal.

  • padrefaura

    Ping lacson made a bad precedent of hiding, instead of facing the case, to prove “innocence”.
    dahil kay Ping, lumakas ang loob ng palparan at reyes na magtago na lang at idaan sa apela ang kaso nila.

    kasalanan din ito ng gobyerno natin. mayroon kasing double standards pag kaibigan ni Pnoy sa mga kalaban nya.

  • jack


    • tipay

      add honasan too!!! kaya lang nahuli lol

  • abantug

    Ping was the model from the Senate, then Palparan from the AFP and now Reyes from the DILG.   While GMA and her kasabwats have their Warrant of Arrest as well. If there was no TRO all of them will be added to the “Lost and Found List” as well. Hopefully to ease the work load of the Justice Department, they will follow the commendable and classic example of another Reyes, Gen. Reyes, he showed the way to face your adversaries and cases against you. 

  • drugmule

    Pakiusap sa unang makakita, balian agad ng tuhod at kamay para di na makatakas. Wag po papatayin. Mas ok yung habang buhay na silang handicap.

  • tedrodriguez

    shoot or kiss them in the mouth

  • Rednaxela VD

    This is the headline of the Inquirer?  How lame! 

    Why not report about the Mindanao power crisis or the slow down of the Philippine economy in order to put pressure on the Noynoying President?

    • JunjunAmpatuan

      @Rednaxela…kung araw araw na ilagay sa headline ang power crisis sa mindanao, magkaka-kuryente kaya kayo dyan? come to think of it, problema yan ng local electric cooperatives nyo, kung gusto nyo ng ilaw, e di magbayad kayo ng mahal na kuryente galing sa power barges, problema ayaw ng power coops nyo, tapos isisi mo sa presidente…moron…baka pati pamamaga ng bayag mo isisi mo pa sa presidente…. HUNTING EX-GOV. JOEL T. REYES IS A BIG ISSUE, IMAGINE A HIGH RANKING GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL ORDERS THE KILLING OF A JOURNALIST, THIS IS ALL ABOUT PRESS FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY IN GENERAL.

  • oracle888

    Netizens are pledging financial and other help for the manhunt of the former governor of Palawan Joel T. Reyes, his brother and Coron Mayor Mario Reyes, and two provincial aides, who have been linked to the murder.

    With millions of netizen, if one just donate a minimum of P1.00 to the victim’s family to set up an reward fund to whoever provide information that lead to the arrest of those suspects, this fund could growth to millions. I am sure the suspect could fall into the hands of law at no time.

    My advice to the Ortega’s wife is to have somebody such as a volunteer to set up a web site for such donation.

    Majority of the Filipino people could want to see these people who think they are above the law, to be arrested and face the trial for what they have done.

  • trav man

    Reyes!!! Be a man!!! Do what Jesus christ did – he faced his accusers, even when he knows he was not guilty…. But then again, you are more like Judas: who hid because he knows he was guilty. So, either you go looking for a tree branch or do the noble thing … You know what to do because you know what you did, God knows what you did and certainly Satan knows what you did!!!!

  • goldilock

    He is hiding in Palawan.

  • kido

    ang hinuhuli ay hindi mahuhuli kapag ang mga naatasang manghuli ay sila ding mismo ang nagtatago sa kanilang hinuhuli ehe ! magulo ba? pero promise di ba tutoo ito?

  • Pluma Mana

    first we have “Noynoying”. then now it’s “Pinging” which means an accused govt official running away from the law and in hiding.

    here is another new word “Arroyoing” which means failing attempt of an accused govt official to leave the country.

  • pinoy

    Habang hinahanap nyo si Reyes, patuloy parin lumalabag sa batas ang mga mining companies na syang naging ugat nitong murder kay Ortega!

    Magpakalat narin kayo ng flyer banning these mining companies!

  • oracle888

    “In due time” has been popularized by CJ Corona when he told the media that he will open his dollar accounts “in due time”; that he will present himself in witness stand “in due time”.

    “In due time” could be now, next week, next month, next year or until he is dead. It is an open ended date just to evade one’s responsibility or obligation to do something now but did not want to,. and yet he want to mislead and give the impression that he has nothing to hide or fear of but has to be waited until a proper time.

    Such kind of statement is faulty and foolish enough, expecting it will provide hope for the audience that he will do it anyway….but just wait…in due time..

    The best counter attack to this statement is to have the government take over the control of “in due time” timing. It means to say that it is not the call of the person to determine when is his “due time”; but is the government that shall set the timetable for the person to act accordingly.

    The law should be very clear, to penalize those lawyers who know the where about of the suspects but continue to keep it secret from the authority. They should be charged with obstruction of justice in collaboration with the criminals.

    • BB_Tanggal_Ari_vs_Tabing_Itlog

      “Due time” dapat ang government and mag set ng due time hindi yong accused. Dapat magset ng ultimatum ang government 2weeks pag di sumuko e apply ang manhunt or shoot to kill.

  • Pogi=”No To Political Dynasty”

    The Gov’t should now amend the law that any citizen who don’t surrender themselves with warrant of arrest are guilty beyond reasonable doubt and be sentenced to the maximum penalty within 5 days. 

  • JunjunAmpatuan


  • joboni96

    this may become
    the first netizen arrest
    o first netizen posse

  • dodong1

    he is with GENERAL PALPARUN..hiding somewhere..

  • aldhins

    parang LACSON  yan  lalabas lang pag walang arrest warrant :)  ok diba 

  • green_archer09

    Aint that familiar: “in due time?” Geeeeeezzz….

  • john nono

    STATEMENT OF GOV. JOEL T. REYES (what about this?:)

    Mga kababayan, mahigit isang taon kong tiniis na hindi magsalita sa publiko at hinayaan kong sana ang katarungan na lang ang manaig.Ngunit sa panahong ito ay nais ko namang iparating sa ating mga kababayan ang aking hinaing at alinlangan.Noong nakaraang taon unang naglabas ng resolution ang Department of Justice – ang unang panel. At ang resolution ay NO PROBABLE CAUSE. Na-deny din po ang kanilang Motion for Reconsideration. Ngunit hindi po natapos iyon. Sapagkat patuloy ang kanilang pagbatikos at pagla-lobby sa matataas na kinauukulan. Kaya naman naglabas nung huli ang Kalihim ng Department of Justice ng isang administrative order upang gumawa ng pangalawang panel.Sa paggawa ng dalawang panel, mayroon lamang tinatawag na scope of responsibility ang panel na tumanggap at i-assess kung mayroon mang bagong ebidensya. Ngunit alam naman po natin na wala po namang sinumiting bagong mga ebidensya. Ngunit ang resulta po ng pangalawang panel ay mayroon na raw pong probable cause. At ito – ang kanilang information- ay i-finile kaagad sa Regional Trial Court sa Puerto Princesa. Nagsaya po ang ating mga katunggali sa pulitika dahil sa pagkakataong ito ay nasunod ang kanilang kagustuhan. Mayroon nga pong isang announcer na robot diyan sa DYEC na walang iba kundi banggitin araw-araw na poposasan daw kaming magkapatid at ilalagay sa city jail. Mayroon pang isang tuta na announcer sa RMN na ipinipilit na i-connect ako sa krimen. Daig pa po niya ang imbestigador, hukom at piskal na pinagsama. Pati ba naman po ang namumuno sa simbahan, na hindi man lang binigyan ng pagkakataon na ipagtanggol ang aking sarili at kaagad ipinako na ako sa krus. Sa ngitngit naman po ng isang German diyan sa Puerto Princesa ay nag-utos pang ipatanggal ang aking mga pangalan sa waiting shed. Nag-file pa ng libel case sa akin dahil nagsasabi ako ng totoo. Ang masasabi ko lang doon ay kahit ano ang kanyang ipabura, hindi niya kayang burahin ang pangalan ko sa puso ng ating mga mamamayan. May balita na kumakalat noong isang araw na mayroon pang nag-vigil sa Justice Hall na ang sabi nila ay mayroon daw balita na susunugin ang RTC para hindi makapag-isyu ng warrant of arrest. At baka raw pasabugin pa ang RTC. At ako rin naman daw ang may kinalaman diyan. At mayroon din pong balita na nagkagulo sa Sabang na nagkaroon ng pagsabog ng bomba diyan sa pier na ako rin daw ang may pakana. Eh, kulang na lang po na ibintang sa akin ang lahat ng mga krimen na nanggagaling o nagagawa diyan sa lungsod ng Puerto Princesa.Mga kababayan, mahigit pong dalawampung taon ako na nagsilbi sa inyo. Gayundin po ng aking kapatid na si Mayor Marjo sa Coron, ng aking ama, ng aking lolo. Hindi po ninyo nabalitaan na nag-alsa-boses o nagbuhat kami ng kamay kahit na kanino man sa tagal ng aming pagsi-serbisyo. Hindi po gaya ng isang pulitiko diyan sa lungsod na mayroon nang criminal mind, mayroon pang criminal record. Yung isa naman po natalo sa eleksyon, di natanggap ang pagkatalo, gusto magpa-recall kaagad.Mga kababayan, kung saka-sakali na mabalitang kami ay napaslang dahil kami ay lumaban o di kaya kami ay naaksidente, huwag po kayong maniniwala. At alam na po ninyo kung sino ang mayroong kagagawan nito. Nais ko pong manawagan kay Congressman Alvarez, kay Congressman Socrates, at gayundin kay Mayor Hagedorn – sa inyong mga kamay aking ipinagbibilin ang aking mga anak na inyo ring mga inaanak (iyon ay kung sagrado sa inyong tingin ang inyong sinumpaan sa harap ng ating Poong Maykapal nang kayo ay tumayo bilang kanilang mga ninong nung sila’y binyagan. Salamat po Governor Baham Mitra sa inyong pamumuno at pangunguna sa pag-alay ng misa para sa aming kaligtasan nang sa gayun ay matamo namin ang tunay na katarungan. Ngayon ay nadarama namin ang aming tunay na mga kaibigan, di gaya ng iba na kaibigan daw pero sa oras ng kagipitan nagkaroon na yata ng AMNESIA.Salamat din po sa mga kaibigan, mga kamag anak, at mga supporters lalong- lalo na po ang aking mga kababayan sa Coron na patuloy na nag-aambagan at nanalangin at tumutulong sa amin. Huwag po sana kayo mag-alala. Nandiyan po si Vice Governor Fems Reyes at ang aking mga anak na si Jackie, si Markie, at si Juami na handang ipagpatuloy ang aking sinimulan.Haharapin po natin sa takdang oras ang mga paratang at akusasyon na ito. Nandito lang po ako sa inyong piling, nagtatago sa inyong puso hindi para takbuhan ang hustisya ngunit para maiwasan ang patuloy na pang-aapi, pang-aalipusta at pagbibintang nang walang basehan.Sa ateng mga gurang –gurang y Casimanua, mga Guenicanan ig mga Parientes. Indi kita magpaliped-liped ig magpadaeg-daeg sa mga tao nga dia. Aguanta lamang. Aguanta. Pangadi. Mabatok kita. Calooy sa Dios magalua ra ang kamatudan. Matamang salamat! – JTR

    • iamph

      TO: JTR. Kung wala ka talagang kinalaman kay Ortega. Then sumuko ka mismo kay Sec. de Lima. At least, siguro naman hindi ka mapababayaan. 

    • Darwin

      At pinagkatiwala pa talaga ang Coron sa kanyang pamilya. Feeling nya sila lang ang pwedeng mamuno sa Coron. TRAPO!

    • Kachupay

      tungkol sa WAITING SHED

      duh… dapat lang na burahin ang pangalan mo sa waiting shed!… pera mo ba ginamit dun???… utang na loob ba ng tao na ginawan mo sila ng waiting shed??? di bat tungkulin mo bilang public servant na mag serbisyo sa publiko??? DUH!!…

      sa totoo lang… nasusuklam ako sa lahat ng politiko na naglalagay ng pangalan sa mga waiting sheds, basketball courts, barangay welcome posts… PWEH!!!

  • ynigooctaviano

    Kailangan ang tulong ng mamamayan kay Ramon Tulfo. C’mon, Mon I know you can help the citizens in searching for the ex.Gov. Reyes. 

    • ynigooctaviano

      Isama mo na rin si ex. Gen. Palparan, Please, naman Mon parang awa mo na.

  • Jude Fawley

    Si Palparan nga rin hindi nyo mahagilap e. 

  • whyinthisworld

    Bonoan might be out of his senses when he said that Reyes brothers will face the charges against them in due time and that he critized the issuance of the warrant of arrest as a denial of due process.  Since you are protecting Reyes, why not suggest them to surrender so they can  clear their name in court. That’s the best possible option, otherwise they will be guilty as charged. 

  • kilabot

    dapat talaga mahuli itong si reyes et al. pero wag tayo ma distract sa ibang importanteng isyus ngayon: mindanao power crisis, oil crisis, crime crisis, tuition crisis, noynoying crisis, lying crisis, porking crisis, coco levy fund, hacienda luisita, et al.

    • c

       eh ikaw kilabot, dinistract ka ba masyado ni gloria noon at di mo napansin na wala syang ginawa sa mga issues na yan nung panahon nya, ha? asan ka ba noon nung president si gloria at di yata kita naririnig? kumukuyakoy?

  • RomyLitz

    Look at that my friends ! Look the very close similarity that Reyes and the Corona Defense panel had used all along whcih are: in due time, political harassment ??

  • Wade Pineda

    “Flight is indicative of guilt” de cinco said. Pinagtatawanan ka ni lacson eh! I-hostage mo anak niya ewan ko lang kundi sumuko yan?


    in due time?
    si corona nag pauso nun ah!

  • tarikan

    Reyes et al will face his accusers in court in due time. Meantime he is looking for Mr. Joe Process, Mr. Raul of law and Mr. Probable Cause. These ploys, like flight, are also indicative of guilt. Mr. Corona, you’ve got company.

  • tompadlan

    Running away from justice is a precedent in due process.  Please order “SHOOT TO KILL to flush out evaders of justice. If ordinary citizens were ordered to be arrested to face the court of justice they do not run.

  • can ger

    Isama na rin si Ecleo para minsanan na!

  • pulis

    Sir, mali-it pa ang pabuya para sa iyo.. Hwag ka munang sumoko..Saka na lang pag naging isang billion na para marami ang makinabang..Magtago ka lang dyan sa Palawan, marami ka namang secret hideout dyan lalo na sa under ground river..Whaaaa!


  • bigerdee2000

    This snake has got to go down!

  • pasaway008ako

    Bonoan is just as corrupt as his boss. He claimed there was no due process, a warrant of arrest has issued so that is due process and Reyes got to do is face the charges and prove to the court that he is innocent, that is due process of law. Running away from the law is not due process Bonoan.

  • fred fredito alfred

    gayain na lang ang ginawa ni lacson, magtago, maggudtime. pagnakalimutan na yan atsaka lalatad. if lacson can do it you can do do it too.

  • Aly Aldemita

    don’t blame bonoan, that’s his rule as all lawyers plays… they can’t walk the straight path. simply, his claimed that his client will surface at the right time is nothing new because the question is very simple…surrender now! any other reason is just an alibi to serve his master…shame on you, sucker!!

  • Mamun

    Don’t waste taxpayers money hunting this ex-gov.
    Just watch him arrive in Mactan from Hongkong when new president is elected.
    Then he will report directly to the new president and the new Justice Secretary who will replace De Lima will just keep her/his mouth shut. 

  • randyaltarejos

    Have the law enforcement agencies tried peeking into the caves in Palawan’s hinterlands? Ex-gov. Reyes could be hiding with the cavemen.

  • AkoBikol

    The government is wasting millions of taxpayers money hunting down VIP fugitives who are apparently hiding in plain sight..protected by the very people who were supposed to be looking for them. But if he were a lowly laborer..the families of the victim{s} have to cough up the funds needed for his capture.

  • KenKhoy

    baka doon lang nagtago sa saya ni laiala………. paki silip nyo……. absloved na ang kaso nya dba?

  • Vito Corleone

    “SHOOT TO KILL”, Para lumabas kaagad yan…….

  • Yudi Puga

    Wha! Taken for a ride by the mustached German and the logger. No disrespect to Dr. Gerry, may his soul rest in peace, but he is not as clean as people seem to think. Just ask anybody from Palawan about how his credibility suffered when he supported someone who was the opposite of what he has been espousing for the environment of Palawan. His defeat to Gov. Reyes in 2004 did not prevent him from asking favors from the governor. Ask the Ortega family who settled Dr. Gerry’s debt after the 2004 elections. 

    Furthermore, his lies against the Malampaya issue was taken as gospel truth by those who are not from the province. The noise created by the Manila Horde seems to have convinced gullible netizens about how bad a person is Gov. Reyes. Heck, even the mustached German lost to him in 2001 which prompted the German to issue this dire warning:   “bloodshed would occur” and it did. ( 

    The existence of he warrant of arrest for Gov. Reyes has also given him the right to question such warrant of arrest before the court. Doesn’t everyone know’s this? This can even be done by the counsel of the accused. And because we are talking about a non-bailable crime here, why would Gov. Reyes subject himself to prison now when the law clearly states that the warrant of arrest can be questioned and its validity decided by the court.? Now, what if the court decides to quash the warrant? Will you be able to compensate Gov. Reyes the time and inconvenience he would have gone through? This is exactly what is ailing the Philippines. The mob mentality which the government is fermenting. Everybody wants to join the fray but is coming in without sufficient knowledge of the issues and intricacies at hand.

    Look what happened to Hubert Webb. 15+ years of wasted time just because someone pointed a finger at him and his pals. This case is no different from any other criminal case which our inept DOJ handles.The only distinction is that everybody is shouting for the head of Reyes when is only a fugitive because of the warrant. He is not a convicted criminal. He has the right to question the warrant without submitting himself to the authorities. 

    Maybe many will find this strange or even will refuse to accept it. However, this is the reality of our laws. You, me, and Gov. Reyes enjoys this right. So why deny it to him? Now, if the court will uphold the warrant, then it is high time for him to surrender and face the allegations. But for now, there is nothing strange with what his lawyer is doing. 

    The pathetic thing about this issue is the fact that most people have been taken for a ride. Come to Palawan and see for yourselves what exactly is happening. Ask any resident about the case of  former vice-mayor Batul, the death of Gov. Reyes’ mother, and who supplied the motorcycles used by the terrorist who raided Dos Palmas in 2001.

    Someone is hell-bent on removing Reyes from the political landscape of Palawan, and that someone is as dangerous as the German Nazis.

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