STC’s defiance sets bad precedent – lawyer


St. Theresa’s College sent a dangerous message when it chose to defy a court order allowing female students to attend their high school  graduation  last Friday, said a lawyer.

“It might create a bad impression that some people can just ignore and not respect a court order,” said Earl Bonachita, Cebu City Chapter president of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP).

Bonachita issued the statement even as Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma said he saluted the Catholic school’s decision to bar the graduating students  from attending the ceremonies as part of enforcing  policies on student conduct.

“I appreciate STC for trying to enforce their policy.  I understand the life of the young, but I also appreciate STC,” he told reporters.

“To us the contribution of the Catholic educational institution, to try to provide solid academic education and also Christian values, ( is important). That’s why  the school is applying their policy.”

He had no comment on the school’s decision to ignore  a court order to allow   two of the students march in Friday’s graduation rites.

The six teenage seniors were  sanctioned for allegedly engaging in lewd behavior while posing in bikinis in separate  family outings based on photos in their Facebook accounts.

In explaining the school’s move, lawyer Romeo Balili said  the  temporary restraining order (TRO) issued by RTC branch 19 Judge Wilfredo Navarro was “deficient” because the judge did not order a bond put up to answer for possible damages.

But lawyer Enrique Lacerna, counsel of the main petitioner in a lawsuit filed against STC,  said Balili’s claim was baseless since the school didn’t invoke the bond requirement during the hearing last week.

“The requirement of a bond is not mandatory”, he said and is left to the discretion of the judge.

Lacerna said a bond  will only be required if the TRO causes damage which the party has to prove.He said the judge can then compute the amount of the bond to be paid.

Lacerna said he heard Balili  even  say the  school would abide by the court’s decision.

“They never asked for that in court.  Had they invoked it, the court  would have addressed the issue,” Lacerna said.

Bonachita of the IBP Cebu chapter said the bond wasn’t required in this case probably because the judge didn’t see any damage to the school.

“That’s the only purpose of the bond…if there’s no damage on the other party,a  bond requirement is unnecessary,” he said.

Bonachita said a bond requirement is usually issued  for a  preliminary injunction and not a  TRO, which has a lifetme of a few days and is for immediate relief.

He also said a TRO isn’t subject to a motion for reconsideration.

Lacerna said his client, a doctor who lives in Lapu-Lapu City, will also join the filing of the criminal case against the school officials who are accused of insulting and humiliating the students during a March 1 meeting at the principal’s office.

The parents of three of the five girls filed a complain for  grave oral defamation in relation to the Anti-Child Abuse Law (RA 7610) and violation of the Anti-Photo and video Voyeurism Act of 2009 or RA 9995 to the Cebu City Prosecutor’s Office.

Lacerna said the incident only made his client’s family stronger.

He said they may file a contempt charge against STC in court tomorrow.

Archbishop Palma said he hopes there won’t be another incident like that again.

“If it happened to my niece, I would tell her that it’s the school policy and you broke it, forget it. Anyway you can still march (when you graduate) in college,” he said.

Palma said the Archdiocese may conduct an inquiry but only if the parties concerned ask.

“If  the verbal abuse was true, it’s wrong. It’s unjustifiable. But we don’t know what really happened,” he said.

STC is run by the sisters of the Immaculati Cordis Mariae (ICM) or the Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

In their  complaint was filed against principal Sr. Purisima Pe, asst. principal Mussolini Yap and discipline-in-charge Kristine Rose Tigoll, the students said they were humiliated when the teachers, “without explanation” used “abusive words” in calling them “bigaon” (slut), “cheap”, and drug addicts.

Palma said he feels for the five girls who were sanctioned by the STC.

If the allegations against the students were true, Palma said their  families should not have accepted the sanction.

“It’s unfortunate that it has to be brought to the court,” he said.

All five girls are considered graduated; they were only barred from the commencement exercise.

The mother of one of the girls said they went to Ayala Center  last Friday evening to celebrate her daughter’s graduation.

“We want to celebrate their graduation as normal as possible so the trauma they experienced won’t worsen,” the mother said.

She said the four girls and their parents ate in a restaurant and played computer games last Friday.

The mother of the 16-year-old girl said they will see a psychologist within the week to evaluate and address the trauma suffered by her daughter.

She said she and two other parents decided not to pursue a contempt case against STC officials as advised by their lawyer Cornelio Mercado, who said this would just delay resolution on the main case for damages.

The mother said they may also seek a meeting with Archbishop Palma to  complain about the school’s actions.

Originally posted at 07:39 am | Sunday, April 1, 2012

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  • laguar

    This lawyer must have been born yesterday if he doesn’t know who set the first bad example.

  • KapitanBagwis

    Bonachita issued the statement even as Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma
    said he saluted the Catholic school’s decision to bar the graduating
    students  from attending the ceremonies as part of enforcing  policies
    on student conduct.

    “I appreciate STC for trying to enforce their policy.  I understand
    the life of the young, but I also appreciate STC,” he told reporters.

    “To us the contribution of the Catholic educational institution, to
    try to provide solid academic education and also Christian values, ( is
    important). That’s why  the school is applying their policy.”

    This Archbishop is another EPITOME OF HYPOCRISY..the Nuns are PRUDE with MALICIOUS MIND !

    The Lord said..”Woe to you, experts in the law, and you Pharisees (Archbishop Palma), hypocrites! You are like whitewash tombs that look beautiful on the outside but inside are full of the bones of the dead and of everything unclean” ~ Matthew 23:27

  • kilabot

    what’s the fuzz? pinauso ni delima ang pagdefy sa korte so, why are you surprised? i tell you, marami pa ang gagawa nyan. it’s the season of court defying, yehey! abnoying state of mind.

  • KapitanBagwis

     The mother said they may also seek a meeting with Archbishop Palma to  complain about the school’s actions.

    Parents, forget about the hypocrite Archbishop….look for a good bible base church where you will learn the true unconditional LOVE of the LORD !!

  • albert

    “It might create a bad impression that some people can just ignore and not respect a court order,” said Earl Bonachita, Cebu City Chapter president of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP).

     si DE LIMA sets the best example.

    • araceli lorayes

      Ha, ha! Correct.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Let’s face it fellow countrymen.  In our country it is palakasan ng utut even the archbishop is cheer leading for the school.  This school can thank heavens it is not located anywhere in the USA otherwise whatever savings it may have in banks will go towards payment of a very costly lawsuit against them by the parents.  Sa atin lang masyadong malalakas ang mga utut ng nagpapairal ng ganitong klaseng censorship.

  • diaybalay

    STC was just following the lead of de Lima. If de Lima can, why can’t they?

  • jiro2003

    The government has no business telling the nuns how to run their school. Just look at the state of our public school system despite the presence of dedicated teachers and administrators – wala talagang supporta ang gobyernong ito sa edukasyon. Even the budget of UP continues to shrink while the administration boasts of savings.

    • rem_rod

       There is really no savings when someone compromises the education of the children because in the end, we compromise the future of this country!!!

  • TulisangDagat

    sa simbahan ng mga katolico meron silang pinaiiral na sariling batas ….

    • araceli lorayes

      Of course! It’s called school policy. If you don’t agree with the school policy, get out.

      • rem_rod

         Its already graduation time. they cannot get out. Jeeeezz.

  • tonto_ka

    i believe Earl Bonachita is an educated man being an IBP president. then he could understand the meaning of school policy…

  • glycerlean

    what a stupid reason coming from a priest, memorable ang pag march sa  highschool kasi isa to sa pinaka masayang part ng buhay ng isang student. kupal lng tlga ung mga school officials.
    bad precedent tlga to dahil marami nang hindi susunod sa korte kung pwede naman plang ganun. kung ako sa judge ipapaklong ko ung  mga kupal na principal kht madre pa sila.

  • Bigboy I

    no comment si de lima!? naturingan pa naman secretary ng department of justice gawain din nya yang paglabag sa tro ng husgado.

  • Mark

    Si ABnoy NoyNoy lang ba ang may karapatang sumuway ng isang TRO?

    And for what reason?  Dahil special child siya at sinto-sinto, kaya may special priviledges ang mongoloid?

    Hindi naman tama iyon.

    If ABnoy can defy a TRO, then everybody should.

  • goldilock

    Impose fines and penalty for refusing to follow the court order. Another is examination of all credentials of the school before revoking its education certificate. Those 5 students and families must file a civil and criminal lawsuit against the principal and the school. Monetary damages should be 300 million for each student or more.

  • Night

    imbensyon ng Aquino pwesidency hahaha

  • Sherwin Abad

    the law is higher than any school policy. if people think that school policies are superior, then our laws are considered useless. chaos….

    • Guest

      so, the law is under aquino III’s administration?

      • Dennis

        No one is above the law…….. maliban na lang kay PNOY dahil siya lang dapat sumusuway ng batas! Mabuhay ka PNOY! Sana di kayo pamarisan ni De Lima!

  • Ramon S

    This is the sign that Roman Catholic school is untouchable.  wake up they were pretending to help Phil. education but the truth was they were after the gargantuan profit of high tuition fees in their school nationwide with out tax and sent to Vatican . Why vatican need this big big big profit of hospital and school nationwide???when in fact they do not have big family to care. This is the reason why Philippines become poor because all cash money profit from their school, bookstore, hospital were all siphon to Vatican bank started Pre- spanish time till present poor Phillippines all cash money were stored in Vatican no return of investment to the Filipino.. Wake up 

  • Alajero

    …the court should respect STC’s rights to enforce its rule…attempting to undermine this…by issuing TRO…to delay enforcement of its rule…is backhanded…

    • benny

      Ganyan talaga…kapag malakas at maykaya yong nagrereklamo…Gustong ipakita ang lakas ng kapangyarihan….


    How can you follow orders from a corrupt court? They themselves only think of abusing their powers, if they have it at all. Likewise, what will happen to the youth who are the hope of the nation if they are not disciplined and corrected.

  • Alajero

    …no…the court is setting a wrong precedence for favoring offending parties…instead of the rights of private institutions like STC to enforce its rules…

  • brunogiordano

    ang pedophile sin ay forgivable sa VATICAN. samantalang ang mag-post ng nakabikini sa FB ay wala kapatawaran.

    • Poso


  • Ronilo

    Ano naman ang pinagpuputok ng butsi nang iba dyan? Nakakagraduate naman yong mga batang suwail ah. Anong kinalaman ng batas dito? Kailangan pa ba ng malalim na usapin sa pag disiplina sa mga studyante? Simpling usapan lang yan eh. Pinapaaral natin ang mga anak natin para maging edukada/edukado (Pati na sa pagsunod sa policy). Kung ayaw niyo nang ganong disiplina, hanap kayo ng paaralan na lahat gawin ay puede. Kaya lang naman nagka TRO yan dahil PULITIKO ang magulang at malakas.

    • goldilock

      Psychological and financial damage beyond repair. Civil liability of the school for refusing them graduation rites and diploma and morally damaging their personal identity should be 300 million or more. Criminal liability on TRO.

      • Max

        and the lawyers that advised STC to disobey the lawful order of the Court should also be disbarred.

  • Guest

    the bad precedent for this is the worst president aquino III.

  • Fulpol

    ano pa ang saysay ang korte sa pilipinas, wala na…

    sinimulan kasi yan ni Noynoying sa pambabastos sa Supreme Court..


    • Azkal

      tayo fulpol, lahat inaasa sa presidente… magsikap tayo para di ang presidente ang sinisisi

    • BillyGregory

      If you will remember, the disrespect started even before the TRO on the HDO.  The disrespect came with GMA.  That was a graver sin because the disrespect was directed at the dignity of the Filipino people.

  • Jamjam

    What kind of Bishop is this?  He should know that school rules must be in line with the constitution and with our democratic processes.  Otherwise, we might as well say build your schools in countries where you can impose your own rules or better yet hijack our government so you can build a catholic state.

    • daniel mondejar

      Talking about democratic process, the Catholic Church is NOT a DEMOCRACY. 1st Commandment: Love thy GOD above all. That means love GOD and no other else. You have no choice. I love being a Catholic and I’m also sadden of the fate of the graduating girls. But rules are rules, punishment is brutal, too heavy or any word to describe it. 
      Those girls were just behaving as growing up girls do. It was innocently done. The school authority may have reconsider their disciplinary action but it is their discretion. Don’t bring the whole Catholic Churh on this. 
      There were times specially in the past that such rules is deemed  right and just. But as time moves on to modern era such rule becomes irrelevant. . We we cannot fault the school (STC) nor the nuns or the bishop or the whole Catholic Church. Let’s go back to our basic  catechism on morals. I am not implying or saying that I am a saint but just saying to examine our beliefs as Christians, that if you are one.       

  • Manuel_II

    Pakita  nyo sakin mga punyetang madreng mga yan, tatadyakan ko at pagugulugin ko sa kalsada ang mga animal na yan, LOL

    • BatangSingapore

      Ang abnoy na presidente at DeLima ang mga animal na hinahanap mo.  unahin mo tadjakan at pagulungin sa kalsada ang pasimuno ng pambabastos sa TRO.  yan ang ugat ng lahat ng trend sa mga nangyayari ngayon sa bansa natin. hahahhahahahhaa

      • tyopaeng

        ibang issue naman un pre… gusto mong lumayas ang isang magnanakaw ng kaban ng bayan?
        Yong sa STC issueng pambata lng yan!
        Isip bata ka yata!

      • padrefaura

        yan ang problema sa inyo… may double standards.
        pag court order, dapat sundin. hindi pwede sabihin na tama ka o hindi.

        walang pinagkaiba yung pagsuway ni de lima sa pagsuway ng STC. parehong disrespeto yan sa utos ng korte.

      • rudy

        diba conditional yung tro kay gloria….sus mangingilad sad ni ai

      • benny

        Yan ang mahirap kapag ang korte ay nagdedesisyon na may tinitingnan at tinititigan…isip-isip…

      • Manuel_II

        pasensya na, mga madreng ugok, paptulan ko pero ung abnoy hindi, pero si Delima kuminista, gigilitan ko ng leeg yan, LOL

      • emajega

        yung mga madreng ugok na sinasabi mo higit pa katangian sa nanay mo. kung wala kang paggalang sa babae asawahin mo sarili mo demonyo

    • CornelioIII


    • boyfarmer

       pag xur oi, gawin mo at lalamokin ka ng libo-libong catholic faithful

    • emajega

      pakita ka sa akin at yung titi mo ipalalapa ko sa uod!!!

      • Manuel_II

        taena mo, baka di ka umubra hanggang d2 ka lang sa internet, bugok

  • daniel mondejar

    If you intend to have your daughters become nuns, then have them enrolled in such institutions. Mga madre yan at may mga sinusunod na mga patakaran. Call it outmoded “kinaraan” kung sa bisaya. But that’s how they run their institution. Kaya huwag na nyo paaralin sa mga schools like St Therese mga anak nyo kung mga insedenteng katulad nito ay di sang-ayon sa pananaw nyo. Personally I don’t like my children enrolled on exclusive girls or boys schools. So make your decisions. But follow the schools’ rules.

  • msweng

    Well STC is a sectarian school. When you enroll it is understood that you abide by certain regulations related to its sectarian nature. Why anybody would meddle with their internal rules is mind boggling to me. Lest we all forget STC is a school.. it has Academic Freedom that we all need to respect.

    STC’s defiance of the TRO is a necessary risk that any serious Educational Institution worth its salt need to make if only to uphold its Academic Freedom, which the courts are threatening to take away from. This country sorely lacks discipline. These madres are standing up to what they have sworn to uphold, discipline and thus have shown us by example that they mean business.  You have my respect sisters.

    • goldilock

      Academic Freedom applies to within school premises only.

    • Lorelei

       This sectarian school cannot dictate what those teens to wear specially in a swimming pool. A bikini is just appropriate to that venue. They didn’t wear bikini at the school. Do these nuns want these kids to wear school uniform in that place? Not only that, these kids are  with their family who can look after them. It’s not the obligation nor the responsibility of these nuns whatever they wear, what kind of food to eat or who are they with? Who are these nuns who want dictate to a persons life? Are they holy and  blameless? Are they sinless? Of course not. For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Don’t be HYPOCRITES like the Pharisees.

    • headfonics

      Your right this country lacks discipline – next thing you know schools will be breaking the law all over the place to defend ‘their rights’. It is not a necessary risk but a flagrant and arrogant presumption that they can do anything they want. The very thing they seeked to chastise the students over. They can’t follow the rules of the court but expect their students to follow the rules of their school – hypocrites. 

    • Dennis

      Ang rules ng school should also conform with the laws of the land. Hindi dapat mangibabaw ang rules ng school sa law. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.



  • sacrebleau

    The DOJ stopping a midget wanting to escape and nuns who disobeyed a TRO: Only an avid Corona paid hack could establish a connection.

    Another Corona spin that would back-fire and would take his already record-breaking unpopularity to new depths.

    By ignoring the TRO, the STC has opened itself to litigation. They should sack their lawyer and make him answer for everything.

    • albert

      DOJ also ignored the TRO.     take note..  SUPREME COURT TRO pa. no to double standards.

      • rudy

        Conditional tro yung kay GMA….sinunod naman siguro ng doj hindi lang sinunod ni GMA ang conditiones.. whahahahaha

      • albert

        kabaliktaran un sinasabi mo. double standards.

      • sacrebleau

        The DOJ was investigating GMA who was about to flee because of the TRO that wasn’t even effective during that time. How can you compare that to the STC case? What’s the matter with you?

      • albert

        sino ba may sabi na about to flee? sino ba may sabi na hindi pa effective un TRO? no to double standard. still DOJ ignored the TRO. DOJ`s defiance sets bad precedent.

      • sacrebleau

        Oh, you didn’t see the little girl sobbing at the airport? Anyway, if double standard is what you believe then good luck to you.

        Corona is guilty anyway.

      • albert

        DOJ`s defiance sets bad precedent.

      • sacrebleau

        It is not as if STC could not be charged with obstruction of justice.

      • albert

        STC has rights too.

      • sacrebleau

        Forget DOJ I think this sets a PRECEDENT.

      • albert

        thats what i call double standard. just imagine, the DOJ sets the best example.

      • sacrebleau

        On how to nail a crook?

      • albert

        according to whom?

      • BillyGregory

        Then why follow it if it’s bad?

      • Poso

        DOJ`s defiance sets bad precedent.-> so sunod ang Pari sa uso?

  • goldilock

    500 million must be awarded to each student for moral, psychological and financial damages. Additional damages if there is long term effects such as unable to enter school.

    • albert

      parang tanga..  500m..  hahaha

      • goldilock

        Sue the principal.

    • emajega

      ok kalang? 

  • unokritiko

    This lawyer Bonachita wants to be fame without considering the moral obligation of individuals.
    she is riding on pure technicalities without considering the effect and results of abiding with this “pasaway students” of STC. Its a sinner path she is going like this neophyte students who are mostly spoiled brats.
    Its one way of going for a judge position  but she is dead wrong about this!!!

    • goldilock

      Saint Theresa is to teach them all possible scenario on growing up. Not destroys them by inflicting psychological trauma. Sue the school for 500 million. The principal needs to go.

  • Joey

    wag sanang pahalu-haluin ang issues. ok, sectarian school ang STC at dapat na sundin ng mag students nito ang mga patakaran ng school. to this effect, i will agree. but there is the question of where does the school’s authority end? sa intindi ko sa mga nabasa ko, pinayagan ng mga magulang ang mga students na mag-outing, there was no way the school could be identified from  the pictures posted on Facebook, and there was nothing illegal or criminal that happened in the said event. so ang unang tanong ay sakop ba ng kapangyarihan ng mga paaralan ang ginagawa ng mga students habang sill ay nasa kanilang sariling private event na may pahintulot naman ng mga magulang???

    ang pangalawang tanong ko ay bunga ng inasal ng school matapos i-utos sa pamamagitan ng TRO na pasalihin ang mag students sa graduation. hindi ko lang maitindihan kung paano naiisip ng mga school authorities na dapat panatilihin ng mag students ang pagsunod sa school policies sa labas man ng paaralan, samantalang ang mga mismong school authorities naman ang nagpapakita ng halimbawa ng hindi pagsunod sa mga inatasan ng pamahalaan tungkol sa pagpapatupad ng batas. hindi ba ito ay halimbawa rin ng sinasabing double standards ng iba? sundin nyo kami, pero hindi kami susunod sa utos ng hukuman.

    maaring nagkamali ang mga students, maaring dapat lang na sila ay parusahan, ngunit dahil ito ay naka-binbin na ang issue sa hukuman, walang maaring gawin ang mga school authorities kung hindi sumunod din sa mga utos ng hukuman.  tinanggap din nila ang katotohanang iyan noong pinapunta nila ang kanila abogado sa korte at nakipag-debate sa abogado ng mga magulang ng mga students. 

    ito ang dapat na maunawaan nating lahat!

  • limotnadibayani

    This is not really a surprise ever since lawyers and the courts started to become blatantly corrupt and arrogant so that they lost their moral ascendancy. Many of them do not obey or respect the rules themselves if the law curtail their priviledges. They only use or impose obedience of the laws to serve their interests. What a hipocritical bunch!

  • bgcorg

    The object of Catholic education is the formation of the whole person, not just in academics or in behavior inside the school, but even outside and in spite of it.  The parents and students who were punished were aware of school rules.  It is not just wearing a bikini, which is a harmless thing, I am sure, that even religious sisters will understand. It is in posting those images, cigarette and wine glass in hand, that is offensive and is against the rules of the school.  The report came from students who reported the matter to the school authorities.  The latter gave them, despite the clear infraction against the rules, the opportunity to explain, providing them even a day’s session with the guidance counsellor.  The parents should have considered that by bringing the matter to court, they have aggravated the situation.  Their kids graduated, their punishment was only non-allowance to join the commencement exercises.  If there was trauma at all, it is not the fault, therefore, of the school which is only enforcing a school rule and regulation to protect those who have not committed an infraction, now magnified and sensationalized because of the action of parents who wanted the rules bent for them, doing an injustice to the 200 others who abided by the rules.  Had behavior not been breached, for all we know, the students, as applicable, may have merited loyalty awards from the school.  But, precisely for those given more, more shall be expected.  Parents have the obligation, more than the school, to even inculcate personal and human values in their children. 

    Allowing minors to smoke and drink and posting the same in social networking sites is sure to go viral; there is nothing private thereafter.  Smoking is dangerous to health and smoking and drinking are certainly not values that minors should never flaunt in public.  Parents are not supposed to teach or allow their children who are still in high school and still within the jurisdiction of the school to break the rules because it is “in keeping with the growth needs” of a teenager: otherwise then all parents can do it and not blame the school for their shortcomings in the proper formation of their children.  I am sure there are many other parents who appreciated the action of the school: ditto, the parents of the 200 other graduating students!

    The TRO is a curious thing to me and while the order of the court must be obeyed, the hearings in the court could eventually exonerate the school, I am confident.  But, the parents could lessen the trauma on their children if they quietly withdraw their case against STC.  Their children have graduated; their children are now fully in their jurisdiction, out of school; and less talk at home would unburden the trauma, allowing it to heal — otherwise the psychological wounds would only deepen.  This is only a high school commencement exercise missed, not a college graduation rite which hopefully will not be at STC.  The court should have considered early on that the rules and regulations of the school are only being enforced and hence no human right is violated: they were allowed to graduate!  But, to accuse the school of being inhuman or disrespecting the child is out of line, definitely.  Rules are rules for a reason.  Congratulations to all STC graduates!


    • BillyGregory

      The school should have considered, instead, that since it gets its authority to operate as an institution of learning from the government, it must obey government rules and processes first before it should insist on internal, archaic and oppressive rules.

      History is replete with instances of human rights abuses perpetrated by the Catholic church in particular.  In this case it is only probably you and a handful who do not see any infringement the school decision has made on the rights of the children.  That the children were demeaned and debased and their human dignities trampled upon is just a start.

      In addition, I do not see compassion applied in this case.  Why?  Do school officials think that punitive measures result in greater compliance than compassionate, corrective measures?  I do not think so.  Again, lessons from the past have only strengthened the fact that punishments are not exactly corrective.  There is a greater possibility that those who have been meted penalties, especially traumatizing ones, would turn out for the worse.

      Finally, did Jesus not strongly preach forgiveness when he died on the cross for our sins? Why, then, did the nuns and other school administrators of this Catholic school not follow His examples?

      • MagicQuad

         “There is a greater possibility that those who have been meted penalties,
        especially traumatizing ones, would turn out for the worse.”

        While possibly true, you are just thinking of the rule-breakers. What about the rights of the other STC students and parents? If these BI kids get away with their shenanigans, would the other students turn out for better or for worse? The school – and many parents – think that the bad example unpunished would be a bad influence on the rest of the kids. I agree. If you disagree, then my dear sir this is a free country. You can setup your own school. Leave our school alone!

      • Poso

         napipikon na hahahaha

      • BillyGregory

        Understandably, the good apples have adapted quite well already and were not influenced in any way by the arguably bad ones or they would be in the same boat now as your BIs.

        I regret to notice a tendency for exclusivity in your post, however.  For now, you may only be asking me to leave your school alone as if the issue did not come freely to this forum.  What could be next: you asking me to leave your exclusive community, your city, your country, your world, your universe?

      • MagicQuad

        There’s a private subdivison in our area that mandates no houses with second floors; this is part of their by-laws and made clear to us when we wanted to purchase a lot. Even if I want a 2-story house, then I won’t force myself on my good neighbors who value their unobstructed access to sunlight. After all, I knew in advance and agreed to the rules. Instead, I’ll sell my lot and locate someplace where my 2-story house won’t be an imposition. I expect my neighbors to extend me the same courtesy.

      • erisq2003

         BI kids, for posting a Skimpy Bikini in the shower room?  I’m a bit confuse. 
        Maybe the school also teaches to ignore the TRO(LAW). Or Maybe the school teaches to punish harshley. 

        . Sir walang nag sasabi na wag silang ipunish.  Umamin, napahiya na mga bata, willing ang parents sa series of punishment, maglinis ng school, mag retreat umattend ng make up class about true values.  Tapos isang Madre magsasabi na its not enough. Actually sa umamin, napahiya sila sa buong school ay signal na dapat katakutan ang mga di magandang gawain, tapos di pa sapat.?  Nasaan ang PUSO NG isang Christian values?

      • bgcorg

        There appears to be no contradiction between government rules and processes and school rules and regulations of STC.  If they are archaic and oppressive, the parents would surely know and they are free to enroll somewhere else.  The fact that 200 senior high school students who did not break the rules were alllowed to join the commencement exercises speaks volumes on what the others who were not allowed to experienced. which, in the first place was not due to being archaice and oppressive.  The government, by giving it authority to operate, has also in effect given its mandate to enforce its rules, otherwise chaos and disorder would result.  That values that should be lived has in fact been achieved or not in the lives of the high school students who graduated — and the kids in question — did in fact, is dependent on many factors which are not due to the school alone. to blame the school for everything, including what parents failed to do, is way out of line!

      • TGM_ERICK


      • BillyGregory

        There is no doubt that the parents may be apportioned a large part of the blame but in this instance the school should have taken great care not to add insult to injury.

        If the parents were remiss in their responsibilities towards the children, is that a reason for the school to willfully do the same?

        Granting that attainment of the school’s objective to help form a wholesome individual depends on several other factors but is that an excuse for the school to knowingly contribute to a process where, in the end, the product is a far cry from that which the school has been trumpeting as its mission?

        I do not mean to sound judgmental — that’s the farthest from my mind. All I wanted, however, is to raise issues that are, to me, essential so that reforms may be instituted in the immediate future.

        Education is a continuing process.  Let us learn from our experiences. Let us not deny missteps for we may be prone to commit them again even if our intent is to the contrary.

        Lastly, I believe it is not in STC’s best interest — nor in the Roman Catholic church’s — to be churning out meek yet unthinking lambs.  That would be very, very counterproductive.

      • bgcorg

        I am sure it is farthest from the mind of STC and the Roman Catholic Church to churn out meek and unthinking lambs.  They educate and foremost in that paradigm is making students feel the freedom of Christ and the liberation of the spirit in obedience to the teachings of the Church.  Discipline is an integral part of this education so that in the midst of liberalism and unbridled freedom, they can see life in the light of Christ, becoming obedient to the Father, even unto death.  This saying is hard and it is understandable that many of Christ’s disciples later did not walk with him because they found the teachings hard to follow.  But, there must be a time and an occasion to say “no” so that minor children especially would know their limits and be put properly in the right direction.  I am sure that they would be better individuals later, if they can learn from this experience.  The 200 others abided by the rules. 

      • MagicQuad

         “There is a greater possibility that those who have been meted penalties,
        especially traumatizing ones, would turn out for the worse.”

        There is also the greater possibility that the remaining students, seeing the punishement, would either comply or be more discreet, and be better citizens for it. Works for me!

    • BillyGregory

      Another thing: do you think that the object of this Catholic school in relation to the formation of the person as a whole was attained in fact?


      A perfect 10!

  • Little

    PASIMUNO si DE LIMA!!!ayan, lahat wala nang sumusunod sa mga TRO ng korte!!!
    pati mga pari at madre wala nang respeto…haaay

    • Poso

      ok lang kung si de lima or sino mang congressman dahil politics eh.. pero ang di pag sunod sa batas ng Pari at Madre…. hmmmmm 

  • Jo Wins

    Next time you want to show off your legs and what-have-you on Facebook, wear a school uniform.  Why show off your bikini when you can show off your school uniform?  Who cares about a bikini? 

    • Poso

      Lumangoy tayo ng naka uniform ….. pre … ganun din eh… bastos pa din daw… kasi tataas yung palda at makikita ang panty…………hahaha

    • goldilock

      Invasion of privacy. Its a private party intended for private audience.

  • erisq2003


  • ikesbox

    This could be the result of lack of respect for the court system by de Lima and PNoy’s bashing of the Supreme Court, especially Corona. The lack of respect of the independence of the 3 branches of government will make the secular people and institution to disregard the courts. We no longer trust congressmen and senators, the justices of the supreme court, and yes the president. What’s left? Continue the down spiraling of the Filipino way of life. Crimes are up and more egregious, corruption continues amidst political favoritism, population while the infrastructure and economy are down. Worse, some people think there is progress.

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