Santiago’s forecast on outcome of impeachment trial gets mixed reactions



Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s fearless forecast that the 2013 elections would play a big factor in the outcome of the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona drew mixed reactions from her colleagues.

Reelectionist Senators Gregorio Honasan and Antonio Trillanes IV on Monday admitted that members of the Senate, sitting as an impeachment court, were sensitive to public opinion, and were not immune from the persuasive effects, if any, of prevailing public perception of the Chief Justice’s guilt or innocence.

However, the two senators differed in how they rated the degree to which the next senatorial race would be a factor in deciding the impeachment case.

In a phone interview, Honasan admitted that 2013 would be a “factor, but not big” enough to sway the decision of senators.

Asked about the other factors, Honasan said: “Consistency, long-term credibility, political threshold for mob mentality [and] transactional-market driven politics, internal values, principles, public/national interest, moral courage, and affirmative action that goes beyond rhetoric.”

Trillanes was not surprised by Santiago’s warning that Malacañang would be courting each senator-judge during the six-week Lenten break of the Senate.

“It should be a factor. We are supposed to be representatives of the people, so we are answerable to them. If our vote in this impeachment trial is not acceptable to them, they may not renew our mandate,” said Trillanes, who won a Senate seat in 2007 while behind bars for leading the “Oakwood mutiny” three years earlier.

“Since this is a public trial, the people can also see and appreciate the evidence and are making judgments of their own. And they expect their senators, who are their representatives, to have the same judgment. If they are not aligned with [public opinion], they may choose a different representative/senator in the next election,” he said.

Trillanes said he expected  the voters to elect “someone who will reflect their true will and sentiment. That’s how a representative democracy works.”

He  took exception to Santiago’s statement in a radio interview on Sunday that Malacañang could offer a reelectionist senator to run on the administration ticket and enjoy its funds and organization.

“We are exposed to different interest groups and lobby groups trying to influence our position on policy issues and legislation, so this is no different. So we should not be alarmed because it is part and parcel of the job of a senator,” Trillanes said.

He cited the influence of big lobby groups from the Catholic Church and prolife advocates that, for years, had successfully blocked the passage of the reproductive health bill in both chambers of Congress.

“Is there anything wrong with that? None,” Trillanes said.

“Malacañang has an official lobbyist assigned in the Senate—the presidential legislative liaison officer, with a Cabinet rank. There’s also the Ledac (Legislative Executive Development Advisory Council).  There are legal mechanisms or influences. Even if the lobby does not go through these avenues, it doesn’t make it illegal.”

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  • dynesbrix

    so what if Malacañang would try to convince the senator-judges. In the first place, the people voted PNoy mainly for this purpose of uprooting the problem of corruption that long hinders the progress in all other aspects of Philippine life.

    • barangayboso


    • StageMother

      where  then is the rule of law

  • andrew lim

    I really like the way Sen Trillanes thinks. While others may say he thinks too simplistically, I say:

    Shouldnt knowing what is right from wrong be simple? Like the way a child knows what is wrong from right?

    Shouldnt knowing that accepting a midnight appointment is wrong simple enough?  That only adults with evil designs will find a way to circumvent the constitution?

    My favorite quote from Sen Trillanes:  (referring to the debate on when a property is deemed accepted/owned) “These things arent complicated. Only lawyers make it so.”

    Convict Corona!

    • Guest

      Who will get my vote?

      Trillanes will get my vote. Sincere. He talks directly. People is foremost in his mind.

      Honasan will not get my vote. Like Brenda, he suddenly became fan of Gloria. Like Brenda, the popular public opinion is a mob mentality to him. Like Brenda, he is opportunist and glory-seeker.

  • Noel

    Perfunctory perorations from a deranged publicity seeker. Please ignore emotionally unstable and rude Senator Miriam.

    • schoolboyat56

      no argument all personal attack……blah blah blah

  • Jon70

    Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s fearless forecast that the 2013
    elections would play a big factor in the outcome of the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona drew mixed reactions from her colleagues.

    Miriam is saying that the other re-electionist senators are for sale. She is the only upright senator with dignity. She is making me laugh. But I will not vote Miriam again.

  • hapi brook gone

    I salute the honesty of Sen. Trillanes. 

    Is Brenda trying to imply that the sentiments of the people be ignored? Has she forgotten that it is the people who gave the Senators mandate to be in their offices and thus, should be answerable to them?

  • scconcern

    WHAAAH Mirriam is talking dung again, she thinks she knows everything and can dictate her mind to the people. She forgot she is only good in the written laws of Pinas only, not the universal unwritten laws.
    Whaah shut up now, for the good of the nation. Whaaah in bisaya is buWHAAAHang, this fits her.
    She already pass the thin line beyond genius….WHAAAH.

  • Alex

    Whenever Miriam opens her mouth, she just belittles the Impeachment Court and insinuates that the rest of the senator judges are incapable of independent thinking and can be immorally swayed by their personal ambitions.  

    Or Maybe, Miriam is setting a mistrial path, which the defense wasn’t too successful? It makes one seriously think whether Miriam is paid or has lost her mind, either scenario isn’t too good for Juan dela Cruz.

    • dynesbrix

      For sure Merriam has benefited a lot from her association with Gloria, that’s her reason for defending to death corona & ultimately gloria. She might be afraid that if corona’s impeachment would succeed, the pursue for all thieves in government including her will follow.

  • Winn728

    Senator Trillanes, you have my Vote for 2013, I believe you are sincere, honest, and really FAIR.. . . . .Gringo, show me first if you really ARE a true elected Representative of the whole Filipino People before you get my Vote. . . 

    My Vote for Miriam? ? ? OVER MY DEAD BODY.  .  .  .

  • Jon

    Asked about the other factors, Honasan said: “Consistency, long-term
    credibility, political threshold for mob mentality [and]
    transactional-market driven politics, internal values, principles,
    public/national interest, moral courage, and affirmative action that
    goes beyond rhetoric.”

    Thank you for being a voice of reason, Senator Honasan.
    I hope more share with your convictions so that we may arrive at an informed and judicious resolution to the case of CJ Corona.

  • AntiAko

    was there anything wrong with what miriam said? NOTHING
    she was merely stating a fact.
    in fact, both senators trillanes and honasan AGREE with her! (they just differ on how big the effects are but then size and magnitude are relative)

  • ardong

    I view the public intellect now as fully “transformed.” Gone are the days were popularity of being an actor/actress nor  trapos who normally are characterized as a mere publicity stunt “riders” “sumasakay lang at mapasama lang sa usapan on controversial issues will no longer work to their advantage. In fact, it’s not even an edge especially if the public viewed them they lacked wisdom in handling this impeachment process. To some It could mean the choice between good and evil. Majority of voters this 2013 will  not go wrong this time. That’s why the true sentiments is shaping up and  majority of voters will conclude why some senators in this impeachment process will go back home and better plant ” kamote” and  forever say goodbye to politics. Sure relief for the Filipinos and welcome development for the growth of this nation.

  • noelpogi

    Talagang sira ulo nitong si miriam santiago.  As a judge-senator hindi dapat sya nagsasalita ng ganoon, sya ang nagkokondisyon sa mga tao na kung ano man ang maging hatol ke corona, ito ay dulot ng resulta ng survey o ginapang ng palasyo. Naglilinis agad sya ng kamay

  • kilabot

    just as the cj owns 45 properties, trillanes (5-star hotel rebel) will be re-elected senator.

  • kismaytami

    Parang sinipa ni Miriam ang sarili niyang bunganga, as a senator-judge, hindi siya dapat nagko-condition ng utak ng iba pang senator-judge.

  • Rorschach

    Santiago’s fearless forecast on outcome of impeachment trial:


  • GuestUzer


  • GuestUzer


  • Garote

    Miriam Santiago: she is the  loquacious haranguer of the prosecution, the audial cacophany to the eardrums of Atty. Aguirre, freedom-of-expression and speech violator of the campus students, enemy no. 1 of survey firms like Pulse Asia and SWS, and now she is the “loose cannon” of her  colleagues senator-judges of  the impeachment court , but she is a friend and ally of GMA and Corona.

  • Jaz

    To the Senator Judges: Vote what your conscience dictates.Yun lang ang kailangan.

    • jalov

      …and we will also vote according to what our conscience dictates…

      • Jaz

        That’s right.

      • Jaz


  • screwdisk

    To Senator Miriam Santiago, I truly admire your intelligence and knowledge to Law and Constitution. However, I strongly disagree how she treats lawyers especially on the prosecution team. I am no fan of PNOY administration but the way she insulted and showed her arrogance is unacceptable but it is also not acceptable the behavior gesture of the prosecution lawyer not listening to the senator judge.

    To the senator judges and to the prosecution and defense panel.
    We should always set an example to the Filipino people.
    We should always observe Humility and Respect to each other.

  • JosephNess

    just no one take brenda seriously anymore…she’s nothing but a self impressed loons raving mad at anything a senile old mind can remember…

  • pcosmachine



    • benny

      hehehehehe…kung ganoon “money talks”.. Tanong kaya natin sa dalawang ex president na sina Estrada at Arroyo paano nila napaamo ang mabagsik daw na tigreng si Senador Santiago……  Sayang sumakabilang buhay na si Senador Raul Roco…natamimi sya dito nuon at sa inis nya napagbuntunan ng galit yong tatlong meron na humagikgik ng tawa….

  • JosephNess

    we need new faces to run the senate not these same tradpols who already lost their moral and credibility…the people are disgusted by their mere show in the media, their faces worth of plastic trash thrown blocking the sewers, for they are all like these dirts clogging and impeding the progress of this country…

    • Bambi Moy

      that sounds like a litany from a tradpol, too. 

      • JosephNess

        tradpol? not so madam, not even involved in politics…just one already disgusted with these non performing politicos with vested interest than the interests of the country…maybe, you’re one them…

  • screwdisk

    Fragmented Meaning of Democracy?

    From Corona’s perspective, our democracy is being undermined. Hearing it from a Magistrate is a bit ironic because he is enjoying and exercising his rights to defend himself through impeachment process. If there’s no impeachment process, how can we bring justice to the highest government leaders who are betraying public trusts.

    From the defense lawyers, they are just doing their jobs regardless if they are hiding the truth or not. However, they are very reckless accusing the senator judges accepting 100million pesos deals from office of the president. Regardless if this is true or not, making such accusations is legally big deal. Nevertheless, they are still unpunished. This is too much Democracy.

    From the prosecutions panel, I guess they are also too reckless constructing the articles of impeachment and inexperience in court battle but still they exercise democracy through filing of impeachment case against the magistrate irregardless if it’s influenced by the administration or not. 

    From the people of the Philippines, I believe they fully understand Democracy with respect to the impeachment case. However, the people are really after the truth to bring justice. Justice will not be upheld unless the truth comes out. The only way to constitutionally to get the truth is through democratic process which is impeachment case. However, there are two sides in the war. Each side is using the Democracy to find the truth and hide the truth. 

    Thus, Democracy is not equal to the Truth. Democracy sounds like  a way of life,  bound by the interpretation of the Law or Constitution created by the law makers voted by the people.

  • Pitbulldog

    Sa mga Senador, kung sa tingin nyo personal na dahilan at kasakiman ang punot ugat ng tiral na ito, kayo ang humusga kung patutuloy nyong kakalingain kabobohan at kabaliwan ng isang tao.  Convict Corona, kung iba paniniwala nyo. 

    • Jan Mike Malonzo

      Ganda ng logic ah… yan ang tinatawag na hasty generalization.

  • CarlosC

    Wala ng naniniwala kay Brenda, aka Miriam, except si Pandak at si Thief Justice. Halata ka na Brenda, panig ka kay Thief Justice ha ha ha. Kung ano ano pa sinasabi mo kunwari. mabuti na lang hindi ka na tatakbo ulit kung hindi talo ka an sigurado. malas naman ng ICC dahil dun ka naman magkakalat ng kahihiyan!

    • Jan Mike Malonzo

      Kahihiyan? Ngayon nga lang may na-elect sa Asia lalo na sa Philippines sa ICC, paano siya magiging kahihiyan? Miriam may be crazy for you guys, but you can never question here dedication to her job.

  • alexfrommactan

    I have no love lost for either Honassan or Trillianes. But between the two,I have more respect for Honassan. Honassan really fought for what he believe in. Trillianes however was a coward, not even fired a single bullet and at some point used the people as shield.  When the APC entered Manila Pen, Trillianes immediately raised his arm and surrender to avoid getting hurt. But it was enough act however for Trillianes to get elected as Senator.

    • John TWT

      Honasan: “Consistency, long-term credibility, political threshold for mob
      mentality [and] transactional-market driven politics, internal values,
      principles, public/national interest, moral courage, and affirmative
      action that goes beyond rhetoric.”

      For someone who got caught in the house of an alleged mistress after scampering away over rooftops like a thief, I hope people would really believe all this “rhetoric” from Honasan.

      What kind of reforms has he really initiated in government after more than twenty years preaching reform reform reform. He’s as trapo as all the rest!

    • nilphil

      Hindi siguro! Bakit iniwan ni Honasan sila Trillanes sa ere ng mahuli sya ng mga tao ni Gloria. Pagkatapos noon bigla na lang syang naging Pro- Gloria. Si Honasan ay isa sa mga nagsulong ng Oakwood Mutiny, kung hindi sya nag pledge ng allegiance kay Gloria, kulong sya. Hindi ko rin gusto si Trillanes dahil totoong duwag din sya pero angat sya kay Honasan. Ang sinasabi ng marami tungkol sa partisipasyon ni Honasan sa EDSA e dahil napilitan lang sila dahil ipapahuli na sila ni MArcos at that time kaya self serving lang yun. Kaya dapat talagang mag-isip muna tayo bago tayo humusga o kumampi sa sino man. Dapat may sapat kang kaalaman. Hindi sapat ang narinig mo lang o nabasa mo lang.

  • romie carillo

    Miriam, Joker, Bongbong, Legarda, Enrile, Lapid, siguradong acquittal ang boto nyan.  Joker Arroyo ay isang ulyanin at inutil na senador!!!


      at least si Joker ay inutil na senador, ikaw ay isang INUTIL NA BAKLA!

      • brutsador

        Si Lapid bumalimbing na kase meron kaso yung mrs nya sa Las Vgeas.

      • blas j

        ano daw?

  • Philcruz

    This young first term senator, Senator Trillanes, is actually more mature, more direct and down to earth than Brenda and most of the senators. Very refreshing. Brenda is actually muddle headed.. a spoiled immature brat.

    • Manny Mislang

      Philcruz….i suggest read more and understand your like a noisy gong

  • coranaPH

    ala yang c trillanes, kinain na rin ng pulitka yan, puro lang yabang sa katawan yang taong yan, nagpapanggap na may alam ang kumag, sadsad naman ang dunong pagdating sa senado.

  • FernandoBusi

    Trillanes just shut up …

  • Manny Mislang

    What a shame Sen. Trillanes! Now people have seen the true color in your heart. Where is the principle you fought way back oakwood days? For you rinformation, you were elected by the people because of those principles you fought years back but now, you bluntly flaunt the true Trillanes. People must act and think now!

    • Romulus Fenandez

      NO, HE was elected because of MADRIGAL and dagdag bawas when PCOS is not yet in  use.

    • 3stuges

      Right on  !! _

  • Ulipur

     It is widely perceived that the following senators are for the acquittal of Renato, right or wrong:
    1. Joker
    2. MDS
    3. Marcos
    4. Revilla
    5. Lapid
    6. Villar

    IF this perception is CORRECT then it will take only at least 2 more senators to join the above group to frustrate those who want to REMOVE  Renato from the scene.

    SAD to contemplate the probability that Renato may continue to reign supreme in the highest court of the land.  But this seems to be the reality.

    Hopefully, something will come out before May 2012 for the Impeachment Trial Court to issue
    a simple TRO, Clear and Loud

    TRO = Take Renato Out.

    • Ilonggated

      Idagdag mo sa listahan si Enrile, Honasan, Estrada, Escudero, Legarda, Cayetano Pia, Sotto, Pimentel

      • andy0974

        Ang galing mo naman manghula sa iniiisip ng mga senator judges.. sino ka si Madam Auring? hehehe .. wag mong hulaan ang iniisip ng mga senator judges.. baka pahiya ka  hehe kaw rin !

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Bobo! ang tawag dyan, forecast!

        May science na inaapply to forecast, just like your surveys na gustong gusto ninyong ilabas sa media…. para ma-sway din ang boto ng senators… diba?

        Pero sorry na lang kayong mga ABNOY, madaming Senators ang hindi ninyo kayang takutin ng pasurvey survey….

        Yung mga bagitong Senators tulad ni Trillanes, matatakot nyo pa kasi wala pa masyadong pangalan, political machineries at chamba lang pagkapanalo….

        Pero mga old timers tulad ni Enrile, Honassan, Estrada, Legarda, Arroyo, Sotto, Escudero, Revilla, Marcos, Santiago, Villar, Lapid…. hindi niyo na kayang takutin mga yan…. masyado ng kilala at malawak ang political machineries ng mga yan para matakot ninyo…..


      • Mark Suarez

        kung weather forecast pa yan baka maniwala pa ako na may science yang forecast na yan hahaha…

    • SignTheWaiverNow

      Totally agree with your observation……

      The two will come from (more probably from either of these senators below):

      1. Escudero (the mastermind of NOYBI, as you know, he was the brain behind Binay winning the VP vs Mar, and hates Noy and Mar)
      2. Enrile (because he is a lawyer and will decide base on the evidences presented)
      3. Pimentel (same with Enrile)
      4. Honasan (where Enrile goes,he will follow. Also, he is a very principled person and doesn’t like trial by publicity just like what happened to him during the oakwood mutiny. No evidence linking him to the mutiny but he was charged and imprisoned just because he lead a similar rebellion a few years back)
      5. Legarda (almost sure that she will acquit the CJ)

      so in the end, 2 out of 3 (40%) of the above mentioned names will secure the acquittal…..

      • shalom shalom

        -Legarda will vote sa boses ng nakakarami…the more the merrier.

  • Albin

    Sa sinabi ni Mirriam, dalawang sides lang ‘yan:
    1. Ang mga naniniwala na naka-depende sa 2013 elections ang impeachment vote, at
    2. Ang mga ayaw pa ding umamin na Hacienda Luisita ang tunay da dahilan, at bala ang prok barrel.

  • dadinz

    Bakit hindi natin bigyan ng pagkakataon ang mga senador huwes na gawin ang tungkulin nila na timbangin ang mga ebidensya.Huwag naman sana natin sila pangunahan.At sa mga senador natin,hindi biro ang tungkulin na nakaatang sa inyong balikat.Patnubayan kayo ng poong maykapal.

    • Marlou Wang

       papaano mas marunong pa sila kaysa iniisip ng mga senator lalo na yung mga tamimi kay senator tililing.

  • Jan Mike Malonzo

    Sana i-focus ang comments sa issue na tackled dito, hindi yung lihis kasi nagugulo eh.  You can’t blame Miriam because she is a Judge and a Constitutionalist.  She knew for a fact that all these mambo-jambo of an impeachment trial was railroaded in the pursuit of PNoy’s control of the Judiciary, and what’s next? The Legislative.  Don’t be fooled by this, you all.  PNoy, if Corona will be impeached, will prove to everyone that anyone against him will have the same ending.

    • hukom2

      First, you must understand that the impeachment compailt was not railroaded… yes, it was done with haste, but definitely not the way you are trying to prove it… because there was an approval of more than 3/4 of the house members and it was accepted by the upper chamber of the house! That is why they were obliged to convene and act as a senate impeachment court!!!  Nagalit ang marami dahil sa mga mali at mabagal na mga disisyon ng hudikatura o SC. Pagkaupo pa lang ni, PNoy dapat ay ginawa na nya ang mga ito! Kaya wala siyang choice, kundi atupagin at habulin  ang mga taong naging kasapakat ni GMA! Kung uunahin pa rin nya ang NOYNOYING ay malamang, siya na ang sinisipa sa ngayon. 
      Kung si PNoy ang magluluko, yun ba ang worry mo? Wag kang mag-alala hindi rin natin sya palalagpasin!!!
      I Hope these would help clear out those clouds in your mind!

    • archangel uriel

      mike, i am not pro pnoy. hindi mo naman kailangan manira ng tao laluna sa presidente natin para lang kampihan si corona. show your valid reason why corona must not be convicted. layman language ang gamitin natin para maintindihan ng lahat. 

    • kolambogan

      Why is it always P”noys interest ang culprit sa mga galit, ilang at galit sa kaniya?, Bakit hindi ninyo bigyan ng konsiderasyon kung may katwiran ngang alisin bilang midnight appointed CJ si Corona?
      Marahil talagang mahirap ninyong maintindihan ang mga bagay na ito at baka hindi kayo maging karapat-dapat sa mga ibinabayad sa inyo?  

  • hukom2

    Hala… meron ng fearless forecast!!! Nag-aala Mdm. Auring na si Mdm. Brenda… Gusto ko rin magpahula… magkano ba pahula sa kanya sa tarot card, palm reading at bolang kristal?  Anyone!!! Paki PM lang ako …ASAP!

  • Jan Mike Malonzo

    Acquittal: Arroyo, Cayetano, Cayetano, Escudero, Estrada, Legarda, Marcos, Pimentel, Recto, Revilla, Santiago, Sotto,  Villar, JPEnrile (14)
    Conviction turned into Acquittal: Lapid (+1) 
    Conviction: DRILON, Guingona, DRILON, Osmeña, DRILON, Honasan, DRILON, Trillanes, DRILON, Pangilinan, DRILON, Lacson, DRILON, Angara, DRILON (15)
    Well, in the end, Conviction has more votes if you will count Drilon several times since that’s what he honestly do, show obviousness that he is on Conviction already.

    • Ilonggated

      Hahahaha! Ang galing mo! 96% tama ka! Kasi Honasan will vote for acquittal and Alan Cayetano for conviction. At si Lapid sa conviction dahil nagpapatulong siya sa admin para sa kaso ng wife niya sa USA. Kaya 9 for conviction, 14 for acquittal. Malayo dahil 16 votes to convict.

    • Cerise David

      Kung nasaan si Drilon, yon ang mas lamang sa timbangan ng hustisya per kg.

    • Alfredo

      My forecast is .. ACQUITTAL:  SANTIAGO, SANTIAGO, SANTIAGO, SANTIAGO, ARROYO, SANTIAGO, SANTIAGO, SANTIAGO, ARROYO, ARROYO, ARROYO, ARROYO, ARROYO,  SANTIAGO, Cayetano, Cayetano, Escudero, Estrada, Legarda, Pimentel, Recto, Revilla, Santiago, Sotto,  Villar, JPEnrile,  Arroyo .. (28)

      CONVICTION: Drilon, Guingona, Osmena, Honasan, Trillanes, Pangilinan, Lacson, Angara. (8)

      Acquital into Conviction:  Lapid


      COMELEC headed by Abalos – counted the voting – assisted by Bedol.
      CJ Corona – affirmed the veracity of the votes
      12 Other Justices (GMA appointees) — affirmed the legality and truthfulness of the counting.  

      Only in the Philippines. :) :) :)

      • Ricardo

        Hhahahhaahahahahhahahahhahahahahaaaaa daming Santiago, buti wala si San pedro hahahahahaahahha joke only

    • hukom2

      Hmmm! may forecast ka rin? Mana ka nga kay Sen. Miriam… LOL! 

    • Barak_O

       obviousness chuvaness

    • Marlou Wang

       isa pang tililing ito, nahawaan ni senator tililing.

  • Gervis

    Hi! Trillanes, yes youre right we should not alarmed and influence by those lobby groups ang surveys and I did. But not all people are educated like us, most of them believed what media said. Thinking that what they see and what they hear in tv or radio is right…Let’s admit most pinoy are innocent and not as intelligent as what you think…therefore doing black propaganda and manipulating their mind is as easy as one two three. Like Pulse Asia suvey wherein they admit the it was commissioned by Cojuanco if I am not mistaken. So therefore, there is conflict of interests. Again, I commend Sen. Miriam for seeing this issue.

  • Paul

    Conviction except Santiago, Villar, Arroyo, Marcos.

  • henryr

    nahuhuli raw ang isda sa sariling bunganga,yun kasi nasa isip ni tililing at nanghihinayang sa 3 milyon solid vote daw ng inc,malaking kawalan sa kanya yon kaya ganon na lang kung ipagtanggol nya si hepeng magnanakaw,sayang ka tililing kung patuloy kang magiging one sided,…

  • Pitbulldog

    Acquittal talaga.  Mas marami senador buset na sa kagaguhan ni P-noy.  2 years na nila kasing pinagbigyn. Parang tuta na habang lumalaki, pati pangil lumalaki rin.  Kailangan dyan, bakunahan sa balls.

    • Jay marvin Rodriguez

      agree! :))

  • doublecross

    gone with the wind…..hehehe. manghuhula na pala si mdam auring, este madam miriam.

  • Malik62

    Trillanes will no longer win in the incoming 2013 elections, unless Malacanang will activate the SMARTMAGIC. 

    Most senators know that when 2013 comes the popularity of BS Aquino x3 would have already hit rock bottom. So they’re also careful from being associated closely with BS.

    • Marlou Wang

       Would already hit rock bottom??? kailan ka pa naging propeta??? ang galing mo mag-predict!!! at sino naman ang magiging “rock top”???

      Isa pa itong nagmamagaling. Maligo ka na lang kaya!

    • WindTalker

      Rock Bottom? 70% approval rating Rock Bottom? hahaha!

    • indiosbravos2002

      Another ProCorona/GMa wishful thinking. HOY GISING!

  • Marlou Wang

    Sabi ni Honasan “mob mentality”, ogag talaga! Kung walang EDSA 1 siguro hanggang ngayon nagtatago pa siya.

    Sabi naman ni Trillanes “Malacañang would be courting each senator-judge during the six-week Lenten break”, para bang may alam siya sa lahat ng ginagawa ng Malakanyang.

    Kayong dalawa wala pa kayong nagawang mabuti ingat kayo sa pagpapahayag ng baluktot niyong opinyon.

  • pablo

    Aba puros Corona pre-paid pala ang nag comment dito! Bwahahahaha! Kaya pala ang babaw at walang kakwenta kwenta ang mga comments! Bwahahahahaha! Ilan ba kayo lahat at pati election 2013 ay kontrolado na ninyo? Bwahahahahaha! Bwahahahahahhaha! Bwahahahahahaha!

    • shalom shalom

      mabuhay si pablo! napaka-makahulugan ang bwahahahahaha niyang comment! isang napakagandang halimbawa niya sa ating lahat for a sensible talking.

  • prangka

    Sen. Trillanes, are you the reincarnated soul of Pontius Pilate?  you see, two thousand years ago, the pontius pilate didn’t care on the innocence of Jesus.  What he cared was the voice of the mob. So he put the man on the cross and washed his hand claiming no responsiblities of the man’s fate.  Gee, you obviously had washed your hand before after the suicide of Sec. Reyes..

  • cliff_castillo

    I like the view of Trillanes that the senators are representatives of the people and should listen to the people;  unlike Brenda who thinks she is beyond the people and in cloud 9.  The people should be vigilant and show our politicians that we are not stupid and should not be taken for granted.  We should show we want a clean govt. and that requires a dependable SC in deciding what is just and true.

    Most of our corrupt officials, specially the congressmen and senator, are comfortable with a corrupt SC because it would be easy for them to buy the majority justices to protect them.

  • Filipinoflash

    Come 2013 elections it will be 12-0 for the Liberal Party. When that time comes another impeachment case will be filed against Corona if he ever got lucky to be acquitted by the present impeachment court. 

  • Maximumaries

    Wala na itong si Koliling Sen. Santiago at kilig to the bone ang suporta nya sa Thief Justice CORONA at kung ano na ang pinagsasabi!She was thinking na kaya nya lahat lecturan ang Prosecutors at mga senator- judges at overconfident sa Talino nya!!Kahit ano pa ang talino nya she can’t still overide ang kasabihan ” Many heads are better than one(1)”!!!

    I feel that once the senator-judges verdict be GUILTY, i’m pretty sure aatakihin yan sa puso and good luck for her if makasurvive! She should have been at the UN IJC by now kung wala siyang personal interest sa impeachment trial in favor of Thief Justice CORONA!!!

    • Jay marvin Rodriguez

      wag kang bitter. hindi ka lang talaga nakakaintindi. hahaha :D

  • Francis

    Kabilugan na naman ng buwan Sisa..nag uumpisa ka na naman ng show’s show time!!!

  • ceegonzaga

    Senate need to censure this Nutjob. Her mcCarthyism made those well educated idiots adore her.  Quit spoiling that B*#@h. 

    • headfonics

      I didn’t see any communists in my pot of rice today bro – McCarthyism? Oh please…

      • ceegonzaga

        McCarthyism is not all about accusing a commie, it’s about making false accusation. Oh please read and understand what McCarthyism means before you stick your nose in my a s s

      • headfonics

        I know exactly what McCarthyism is buddy that is why I cracked my own personal joke at you because frankly you are way off the mark with your comments

      • ceegonzaga

        That’s why you don’t know nothing. Say hi! to your mentally challenge sen. We’ll do this again when I wake up. 

      • ceegonzaga

        I hit the rigth spot about the “well educated idiots” huh? Please. do your research about the word McCarthyism bro.

      • headfonics

        You know f all about McCarthyism, you didnt live through it and you didnt live in the States to experience it so kindly try that out for size kid.

      • ceegonzaga

        I’m from Cerritos CA einstein! Here, if someone is as arrogant and as nutjob as your beloved senator, it suits the name. Where are you from? Read and do your research. Keep your nose out of my butt. Comprende ese?

      • headfonics


      • ceegonzaga

        That’s all you got? Well..that is why I’m here. You’re there. Peace my brother. Let’s move on to another topic. Nice exchange. Still, I hate Sen. Santiago.

      • ceegonzaga

        That’s all you got, really? Well….that’s why I’m here and you’re there. Peace my brother. Nothing but love for you. Nice exchange though.

      • headfonics

        LOL.. hilarious I lived in 3 continents and worked for four governments – anyway glad your up, don’t forget to flush the toilet on the way to work ;) 

      • ceegonzaga

        Now I must say “Seriously”.  You must be gazzilion years old now. Serving 4 Govt.

      • headfonics

        4 x 4 = 16 years +1 for Putin’s fake one in the early 2000’s 

      • ceegonzaga

        Appointed? You must be a one h e l l of a bureaucrat. Never recall the putin’s fake govt. I’m sure it’s mickey, boris then putin. Catch you later, freeway 91 is crazy at this time in the mornin’

      • headfonics

        Never appointed, always work freelance – Putin was President, then ‘Prime Minister’ (big joke there that fooled the country), then President again just this year (never really left the post) – also Bertie Ahern’s in Ireland, Paisley’s Northern Irish Stormont and oh yes hahah and Jess Ventura’s Minnesota madhouse

      • ceegonzaga

        To be honest you’re too good tobe true. You made me miss my headcount here at work. Nice exchange by the way. But I’m pretty sure your a well educated man (ooops.. i need to hold up my mouth hehehe) More power you. I’m a federal worker (bureaucrat). PEACE!! 

      • ceegonzaga

        By the way Mr. D’ Body won’t hire someone in  H1 status. Nice try.  

      • ceegonzaga

        They don’t hire no foreigner down the state capital. 

      • headfonics

        Haha, you dont need to be hired buddy you compete for global contracts within consulting firms and you work abroad under the consulting bodies for the state capitals – I never said I was a pen pusher. 

      • ceegonzaga

        It make sense but the sound of desperate need for validation,you maybe pulling my legs or as a retired pensioneer you have a little less self esteem. It safe to say I believe you. Cool, calm, no profanity, a little passive agressive but with a straight patern. Hey! are you really that good? but why go with miriam santiago?

      • headfonics

        Misguided or otherwise I really admire her strong will to say what is on her mind and hope someday more politicians in the Philippines follow her and attack the problem head on and not deflect. It can be very frustrating to see double talk and think in the end even now the whole impeachment for SALN is a sad state of affairs when the rest of them are up to their necks in corruption. I hope we get a more evolved version of Santiago as the next president – someone with accuracy but with the same fearless direct talk.

  • Edandlye Pogi

    Miriam should really have her head examined.

  • JosephNess

    if she’s predicting that the 2013 election will play a major factor to influence the outcome of the impeachment trial, then her prediction will be for conviction, knowing the recent pulsed of the voting population…will these senator judges have a second thought if they believe this pronouncement by meriam santiago ?…this revelation indeed implied that, inspite of her strong opposition to the recent pulse survey, she’s not disregarding the iota of truth from this pulse survey, on the possibility that the people will vote according to the outcome of this recent survey. which was already implanted in the mind of these senators, their utterances will oppose this survey, but within themselves, they are considering the truthfulness of this pulse survey, that they are really very much affected by the outcome of this pulse showed by the voting population…

  • JosephNess

    Asked about the other factors, Honasan said: “Consistency, long-term credibility, political threshold for mob mentality [and] transactional-market driven politics, internal values, principles, public/national interest, moral courage, and affirmative action that goes beyond rhetoric.”

    if this will be the barometer for the candidates for the incoming election, then no one will stand among these senators to qualify.. 

    • hukom2

      Ha! Basta wag mong kalimutan si Trillanes ha! Okey na yun sige ibasura mo na silang lahat!

      • JosephNess


  • Jim De Garman

    Meriam Defensor Santiago ang Tililing na senador…and soon to be a Tililing ng ICC.

    • indiosbravos2002

      Goodluck ICC. Paparty sa senate, wala na sira ulo!

  • schoolboyat56

    Funny how the attacks on senmir are purely personal and no valid argument….. 

  • Jay marvin Rodriguez

  • Marvin

    The basic principle is that debaters should stick to the issues, and never descend to the level of personalities, which is a terrible low blow… ganyan lagi ang PROSECUTION! They should be better prepared next time. Wag na kasi tayong magpa-epal dito!  Let’s NOT allow that just anybody, even the Malacañan to bully the Supreme Court. Aquino should stop NOYNOYING. Kung iisipin, political stunt niya lang ang ipa-impeach si CJ Corona. Gusto lang magpa-impress. Awful thing to do. Anyways, Sen. Miriam is doing an excellent job as a Sen-Judge in the Impeachment Trial. The first Filipino ICC Justice. Kung di siya magaling, ba’t siya ang Int’l Criminal Court Justice-elect? Kayo nga maging ICC Justice! Waah! :D

    • indiosbravos2002


    • hukom2

      Sen. Miriam DEFENSsor Santiago was not chosen the fist time she applied as ICC Justice… She said once, “Anyway who wants to work with these stupid people?”… lam mo ba yon? Kasi hindi siya pinaboran nung una kaya ganun ang sinabi nya!!! She is shrewd but I don’t think she’s that smart! Wah! Kung may “I am sorry si GMA, si Miriam may “I lied… hahahaha!” Wah, Wah, wah at wah pa ulit!

      • Marvin

        hukom? haha :D bitter ka lang sa kanya. imbeciles don’t see real intelligent people as they are. i truely understand you why you sayin’. ang sabi ko she’s the first Filipino ICC Justice-elect. I didn’t say whether she was elected at her first application or whatever. All you’ve said has no basis! Inggit ka lang, dude! Hahaha :D Miriam was widely featured in the international press because of her charisma, flamboyant personality, and her signature witticisms, making her good copy. just hit the heavens, dude. Inggit mo lang. Imbecile! Di lang lang pang-imbecile IQ mo, you’re IDIOT… Hey, you see that idiot over Malacañang? Why are you acting like HIM? Waaah! Hahahahaha :D Carpe diem!

      • hukom2

        Marvin, I never said she was elected… you pea brain! I will not be surprised if you have that kind of assessment… because you got a very limited inteligence, you thicko!!! Sen. Miriam applied as ICC justice but was rejected the first time. You can’t be elected ICC judge unless you applied… I won’t prove my worth to you, you thin brain… look how you write? Your language is precedent in how you think… you think you got extra gray cells in your head… that you’re a better thinker than the president? Don’t get so pretentious. I never belittled your IDOL… SHE IS SHREWD and that’s all plain criticism! YOU SCUM BRAIN!!!


  • adam_d_ant

    aray . … me nag re-react na senador.  andiyan ang senate floor, censure n’yo si miriam.  unfortunately, urong lahat ang bayag nitong “military women” pag kaharap si miriam … sumagot nga, nasa diyaryo naman .. he. he. he….

    at lalong walang bayag ang mga tumitira ke miriam …. puntahan n’yo sa senado … doon kayo magtatalak

    ang mga nauuto nga naman ni budoy ….. ngeee

    • hukom2

      Ikaw nga , pumunta ka sa Malacanang… sigawan mo ng PNot si PNoy dun sabay kutusan mo!!! Sige nga kung talagang matapang ka, hawakan mo sa tenga si PNot!

      Ako, takip lang ako ng tenga pagnakita ko si Lukresia Tililing, sabay sigaw ng WAH, WAH, WAH!!!

    • ofwme2807

      bwahahaha hahahaha ogag

  • Guest

    Who will get my vote?

    Trillanes will get my vote. Sincere. He talks directly. People is foremost in his mind.

    Honasan will not get my vote. Like Brenda, he suddenly became fan of Gloria. Like Brenda, the popular public opinion is a mob mentality to him. Like Brenda, he is opportunist and glory-seeker.

    • headfonics

      Courting popular public opinion makes good populists, not good senators. I personally want to elect competent people but cant seem to find the right TV channel these days to find those guys :)

  • Ano Ikaw

    Think of the INC factor–mga senators. Malaki ang INC voting bloc, na hala kayo.

    • indiosbravos2002

      INC will go for the winning capability of a candidate and would strike a bargain before anything else. Dont believe the lies of the INC.

    • hukom2

      Wah! Akala mo lang yon, kasi negosyo ng INC yan! Di ba?

    • marimaris

      God gave us the freewill to choose what is right and wrong. True Religion is NOT FOR SALE.

  • mikeyspetshow

    sen Miriam has the right to conclude bcoz she has a PhD degree or doctorate in law, thats her advantage, being a doctorate, she has the right to express her expert opinion or to make conclusion 

    • hukom2

      Ano? Wah!

    • JosephNess

      ha!! ganon ba ? kaya pala mapaglait ang taong ito…daming kayabangang dinadala…Whaa!!!

  • Simplify1

    Statements of brenda should be taken with a grain of salt.  Her comments are simply from an outgoing senator who does not have any plans for any further political future.  The statements she makes are ONLY BELIEVABLE AND CREDIBLE if they came from a senator who will be up for re-election…..

    If we are to prevent or at least minimize graft and corruption, there should be evidence that there is a political will to achieve this?  Trying and convicting the ICJ will clearly come across to ALL public officials that this government means business!   Trillanes spoke like a true representative of the people, sensitive to the opinion of the public at large..He has my vote!

    • hukom2

      Correct! Trillanes is the true representative of the people, we will vote for him! He is number 1 in our list,second is KoKo Pimentel!

    • headfonics

      I wouldn’t believe a thing that comes out of the mouth of anyone up for election next year buddy

      • ceegonzaga

        And you wanna believe the nutcracker?

      • Simplify1

        a senator who voted for a guilty verdict does not have to talk, clearly he voted to support the electorate’s sentiment which is all what the majority expects from their representive plane and simple

  • Ronald

    in short gusto sabihin ni santiago, amuin din sya at wag syang i-itchapwera sa bigayan ng biyaya

  • Brando

    Impeachment trial is all about politics and propaganda for what? To get again hacienda luisita. I hope most of our senator will be impartial and objective in their judgement

    • arnel


  • Danilo Puniesto

    Trillanes you to think back waht you said. You are trying to be puppet of the people. So even your vote is wrong you still go for public opinion just to save your seat. you are very selfish person. Hungry for power. Kapit sa bato. 

  • wazgoingon

    In short, Sen. Brenda is asking for her “pabaon”.  As regards Honasan, he should really ask himself what other things he has done for this country except for mounting several coups that nearly brought us back to the dark ages.  And, to think that he has not even apologized for his misdoings. Thinking Pinoys should just ignore him and consign him to the dustbin of history.  

  • Mario_Garcia

    Brenda is destroying the institution before she leaves for her new job. If she can’t take it with her then she has to destroy it.

  • Winnie

    Most of the posters here, if not all, are staff of Trillanes. It’s very obvious. They are promoting their boss. The article says that Santiago’s forecast gets mixed reactions, implying as if what she said yesterday was something that senators were not known to. C’mmon, get real! Santiago is just giving us a glimpse of what will happen during the break. She is the most “unbiased” senator because she has no plans of running for re-election next year.

    • jurbinsky77

      She is not afraid to show her kagagahan.

      She is massaging the minds of the people to the idea that all Senators are outrightly corruptible. Instead of Corona being a law-breaker, it is the Senate now that has no moral timbre to handle Corona’s case.Only Sen Honasan so far has spoken.

  • WAJ

    Kayong mga Senator Judge should keep your mouth shut about your perception in 2013 senatorial race…Think, it is whether you vote for Corona’s conviction or not, it is your performance as a lawmaker on the line…Don’t make any excuses. And by the way, you guys should not be talking about 2013 election. You are showing to the public that you are worrying about your political future. You should think that they are the one that put you in the position, they are the one that will take you out. Stop antagonizing.  

  • WAJ

    May trabahong naghinintay sa mga Senador na matatalo sa 2013 election. Sa pula at sa puti, yung bang kara krus sa mga sabungan.

  • Cesar

    Napaka-pathetic ng mga “posters” dito. Pare-pareho sinasabi nila, pare-parehong pangalan ang nababasa kong nagsasalita laban kay Miriam. Mga sinasabi nilang kababuyan sa kanya ay “basa” na mga tsong, ginamit na ito ng mga detractors niya sa Pulitika maraming eleksyon na ang nakalipas. Wala na bang bagong “sinupply” na pangbabanat ang mga amo nyo? Nakakasawa na kasi.

    • jurbinsky77

      Dapat pa bang siraaan si Miriam? From the get-go, Miriam showed her partiality for Renato Corona.

      She has a foul-mouth, very arrogant as if she knows everything under the sun, but if you did not miss her analysis about Corona’s SALN disclosure, you will be amazed how she come to a point that she must be assuming that all Filipinos are stupid. 

      • Dina

        Not all Filipinos are stupid and Miriam definitely did not say that. She is for all the Filipinos out there because she is for the Constitution. If you have been watching the Impeachment trial, only the deaf and blind can not understand what she’s doing. She is showing us that the prosecution team is inventing and just fishing for their evidences during the actual trial.

      • antonioluna

        she is for the constitution?she is for the cheap dog, it doesn’t take a lawyer to understand that all public official are mandated by the constitution to declare all their assets, it doesn’t say that dollar accounts are excluded.

        if she is for the constitution she will not be lawyering for a midnight appointee.

        if she is for the constitution she will understand that the impeachment court is the sole power during impeachment and therefore supreme court is in no place to issue any TRO pertaining to impeachment proceedings.

  • allandel

    basta ako, kung sino ang bumoto ng not-guilty, i will do my best to influence my kin and friends not to vote for them – and ask them to incluence their firends to do the same.

    • antonioluna

       gagayahin kita bro, promis

      • jimiji

        ayan dalawa na kayo

  • Joey

    Bakit ka naman maniniwala sa isang BRENDA. Alam ni Brenda na tapos na ang kanyang pagigiing senadora kasi dun na sya itatapon sa Netherland at mag-isa sya dun at walang mag-iinterview na foreigh press dun. Sisirain nya ang kredibilidad ng Senado kasi masisira na rin ang kanyang companiero na tuta ni pandak. 

  • humberto45

    I never voted for Honasan and Brenda … so was my family! 

    • KenKhoy

      who cares

  • ksafan0

    Yeah, Mirriam can say all these because for all you know she has been flip-flopping just to get the support of the powers that be. During Erap’s time she was for him, during GMA’s time she supported her. It’s PNoy’s time she seemed supportive maybe just so he would endorse her to the ICC. Now that she’s got it, she’s looking the other way already. What a politician.

  • Mattino2011

    Si Miriam Parang isang air compressor sa auto shop ..irritating pag matagal na ririnig..Sometimes .Hallucinating because of numerous medications

  • Dina

    Miriam is a brilliant constitutionalist and an incorruptible public servant. No matter what her detractors say against her, she has proven to herself and to the voters who believed in her that she was and is well worth their trust and confidence. Need proof? 15 million intelligent Filipino voted for her in the Senate and more than 100 countries elected her in the ICC. Well, millions of supporters against less than 10 people who are consistently saying bad things about her in this article, go figure.

    • antonioluna

      FYI, noong nasa BI pa si brenda dumami ang mga illegal na chekwa dito sa pinas at ito ay pinalagpas nya sa halagang 100k bawat ulo kaya ano ang pinagsasabi mong hindi kurap si brenda.

      yong 15 million na bumuto kay brenda ilan kaya doon ang hindi nakapag aral, ilan kaya doon ang mangmang dahil muntik ng mauto ni brenda ang mga bobotante noong lumaban sya kay ramos dahil pinalalabas ng media na henyo kuno si brenda pero may henyo ba na 76 lang ang score sa bar?mabuti na nga lamang at dinaya sya ni tabako dahil kung hindi nasaan na kaya ang pinas kung nagkaroon tayo ng isang may teleleng ng presidente.

      • Buboy

        Fyi din pare, noong nasa BI si Miriam, maraming nagalit sa kanya dahil marami syang tinanggal na corrupt na empleyado. Siguro isa ka sa kanila kaya ganun na lang kasukdulan ang galit mo sa ale at puro imbento pinagsasabi mo sa kanya. Kung hindi nya nalinis ang BI, di sya bibigyan ng Magsaysay Award “for cleaning a corrupt agency”. Wala pa akong narining na “bayaran” ang Magsaysay Award kaya napaka credible nito. Marami din siyang mga illegal businesses na binunyag na noong bandang huli ay napilitang na lang pumasok sa legal na gawain.

      • Buboy

        Kapal ng mukha nitong antonioluna na ito para sabihing mga mangmang ang mga bumoto kay Miriam. Sino ka para sabihin na mangmang ang mga Pinoy, 15 milyon na bumoto sa kanya ay mga mangmang? Hanep sa lait ah. Mga matatalino ang mga tao kahit di nakapag aral dahil sila ang totoong nakakakita ng tunay na magagawa ng isang tao sa gobyerno.

      • antonioluna

        nyahahaha estudyante pa lang ako noong nasa BI si brenda pero mayroon tayong kaunting kakwentuhan sa intel kaya nalaman ko ang 100k per ulo ng chekwa at doon lalong nadagdagan ang nakaw na yaman nya hehehe

      • Buboy

        Totoong henyo si Miriam pero tao pa rin tulad ng karaniwang nilalang. Fyi sa mga nagbabasa nito at mga di nakakaalam, hindi mataas ang grado ni Miriam sa bar exam dahil buntis siya ng 8 buwan noon sa panganay niya. Kahit sinong babae ang tanungin mo, sasabihin sa iyo na napakahirap mag-aral habang buntis ka at lalo na kung “kumplikado” ang pagdadalang tao mo. Isa pa, di nagustuhan ng mga judges ang sagot nya sa jurisprudence dahil masayado siyang magaling at kinokontra nya sila.

      • antonioluna

        henyo ang tawag mo sa isang taong naglagay ng paskil na “this man has gonorrhea” sa pinto ng opisina ng asawa nya.
        henyo ang tawag mo sa kabilang sa 7 magkakapatid na lima ay baliw kabilang na sya
        at henyo ang tawag mo sa bumaril sa kanyang sariling anak

      • sleepy

        miriam is no exception dun sa mga bumuto sa mga candidato nyo…baka mas bubo pa nga kesa dyan sa bumoto ke miriam….

      • antonioluna

        laging talo ang binubuto ko eh ang dami kasing bobotante, ang daming mangmang, ang daming zombie na bumubuto sa kung sino ang pinili ng kanyang relihiyon.

      • jimiji

        hey antonioluna! nagtatanong ka kung saan na kaya ang pinas kung nagkaroon tayo ng isang may teleleng na presidente…..masasagot ang tanong mo sa 2016. ngayon ay nakikinita na natin pero patapusin natin siya sa kanyang termino.

      • antonioluna

        ikaw yata ang may teleleng eh, magkaiba ang sintu sinto sa may teleleng hehehe

    • Martin

       I dont like Miriam arrogant attitude sometimes and that comes from her frustration and  seeing incompetence from the House prosecution team.   But she is most often correct in her judgement and knowledge and i cannot think of anyone better suited to handle the Chinese over the Spratly problem if ever things get tense in the future.   Miriam is worth a Division of Marines.   

    • Gene Lumagas


  • Buboy

    Iba pa rin talaga si idol Miriam! Sikat na sikat pa rin, kaya naman pilit na pinupukol ang bunga. Huwag lang ninyo pansinin ang mga nagsusulat dito, sila ang totoong mga KSPm- palibhasa di pinapansin ng mga asawa, girlfriend o boyfriend nila … o mas malala, mga walang partner sa buhay dahil ang babantot ng mga ugali.

    • erisq2003

      Kase po.. Ang hilig ngan mamukol.. Kaya sya napupukol. Anong wag pansinin? Gustong gustong nya na pinapansin sya.  Sa akala mo ba magsasalita si merriam ng ganyan kung di nya gusto na ma controversiya sya? Kaya nga sinasabihan sya na KSP. dahil bukod tangi sya nagsasalita ng kung ano ano dyan sa media.  (kumampi kay erap, tatalon sa eroplano daw, kumampi kay GMA dahil lang sa di sya kinuha ni FPJ).  Si Cong. Suplico na na privilage speech pa nyan na baba daw bingay nyan grade, yun ba ang karunungan pinagsasabi mo? ialng batas napasa nya? Ilang beses sya pumapasok sa senado. Idol mo si Merriam d b?

  • albert

    un mga senators judges na sensitive to public opinion ay hindi dapat maging judges. kasi wala silang principio.walang panindigan sa sarili. pa pogi lang pala sa sarili nila ang gusto. i will never vote a senator w/out principles.

    • Gene Lumagas


    • erisq2003

      Atleast sensitive sya sa mga feelings ng Tao.  Kaya nga sila binoto dahil sa pakikinig nya mga pbulic opion.  Kay nga politics

      • albert

        san nia binase un feelings ng tao?  sa false asia ba? parang tanga

      • erisq2003

        False Asia? halatang wala kang alam sa Pulse asia. Halos lahat po na nasa Pulse asian ay nagkatotoo.  Si Erap nag No1 dun, si GMA, kahit sa Senators MERRIAM, chiz, loren, joker, Marcos,.  At even VP Binay nasa top spot ng Pulse asia with slim margin kay Roxas. NASAN MGA NASA SURVEY NAYAN DI BA NANALO???.  Mga nagsasabing False asia lang ang false.  Ang hirap kase pag di pabor ang survey, false daw, pero pag pabor, lagpas tenga ngiti…. PARANG TANGA NGA ANG SURVEY, ATLEAST DI SILA BULAG.

      • albert

        tanga na at isang mata lang ang ginagamit.. uto uto pa..walang isip sa sariling decision.

      • erisq2003

        Uto uto, pero nanalo at di mo matatanggi yan.  Napaka importate ang survey.  Kahit masakit sayo, kaya nga kasama sa pagaaral yan e.  Dyan makikita kung ano magiging plano ng mga nagpapa survey. ANG IDOL MONG SI MERRIAM AY KASAMA DYAN SA SURVEY. KAHIT PAPAANO,MASAYA KA RIN NG MAKITA MO SYA. GAYA NG FEELINGS KO DATI NG IDOL KO PA SI MERRIAM.

      • albert

        tune change.. sabi ni trillanes noon..  i fight for the truth. and now, i just follow public opinion.

      • erisq2003

        Tune change nga cguro.  Kaya nga si Trillanes na sa oakwood at sa Peninsula. Dahil sa sa mga kasamahan nya na nakikipaglaban sa rebelde tapos ang mga gamit ay pinalumaan. Ang mga bago nasa official na di naman sumasama sa Laban.  Ilang beses na sya nag reklamo pero ni isa walang naputanayan sa court, kaya nga nag aklas ang tao e.

        Ano pa bang truth nakikita na nya sa public opinion.?  Consistent sya nag aklas sya dahil sa public opinion ng kapwa nya sundalo. .  Dahil ang public ang bumoboto.  At isa ka na ron sa bomoboto. kung sa tingin mo di tanggap syo. eleksyon next year mag paskil sa Bahay MO NA WAG IBOTO ang mga senador na ayon mo.

  • Martin

    I have no respect for Trillanes.  He never has any backbone to his character.      He is willing do  anything the people want…..yet doing what the people want is not always best for the Nation.   This is the paradox that most experienced politicians have learned.  If the people want a 500peso per day raise…Trillanes would vote yes…..and then watch unemployment skyrocket out of control as a result of the pay raise.  A politician like this is very dangerous.

    • albert

      kay trillanes pa..  it is not the evidence that counts.  it is the public opinion that counts most.. in short he will vote for..  just public opinion w/out thinking.. a typical soldier just dont think. they just follow orders..

    • Gene Lumagas


    • erisq2003

      SA oakwood at peninsula pa ginawa na nya yan.. Ironic is HE STILL WON AS SENATORS. BECAUSE HE LISTEN TO THE OPINION OF THE SOLDIERS (PUBLIC).  A dangerous politician indeed but still he has a charisma.  Lets wait for his re-election, maybe you can campaign not to vote him. 

  • Webfeet

    So your are saying that millions of Filipino do not know what is a guilty person or no. LOL! A few senators for Corona are smarter than millions of Filipino around the world. Hey, even a moron knows Corona is quilty. Don’t vote those senators back if they vote for acquittal. 

    • Buboy

      Parang awa mo na Webfeet, huwag ka ng mag-ingles, mali-mali grammar mo, magkasalungat pa ang ibig sabihin ng pangungusap mo. Mag-tagalog ka na lang…. hay ang daming katulad mo sa Internet.

      Ehemplo ng maling “grammar”: sabi ni Webfeet, “So your (you’re) saying that millions of Filipino (Filipinos) do not know what is a guilty person or no (not).” Ang gulo ng pangungusap mo, dami mo pang mali. Tapos yung pangalawa at pangatlo mong pangungusap, magkaiba ng tinutukoy. Mag-aral ka ulit ng English grammar ha, nagkakakat ka eh.

      • Marlou Wang

         May mali ka rin, Buboy. Sabi mo: “… nagkakakat ka eh.” Dapat nito ay, “… nagkakalat ka, eh!”

        Para ka’ng si Miriam, na ang akala ay siya lang ang magaling.

  • Webfeet

    Say goodbye to your position if you vote not guilty. Filipino have had enough of corruption. Letting Corona get away is totally unforgivable.

  • ceegonzaga

    The problem is a lot of well educated idiots believed in well educated mentally challenge person.

    • Buboy

      Hey! What a sweeping generalization! What is your basis for saying this? Oh and by the way ceegonzaga, like webfeet, go back to school and study tge English grammar. You said, to quote: “The problem is a lot of well educated (well-educated) idiots believed in well educated (well-educated) (and) mentally challenge (challenged) person.

      Mag-tagalog na lang kayo sa susunod.

      • Buboy


      • ceegonzaga

        Oh really? Nothing wrong with my grammar. Your spelling? pls. check and I’m sure you don’t even know what webfeet means. Your mad, you’re not even educated. Finish college first. Haha you don’t even know what is mentally challege. Dumb a s s.  Ikaw ang mag-aral walang problema grammar ko bobo kalang kaya di mo maintindihan. yang spelling mo bobo ayusin mo.

      • Buboy

        Naku, hindi kita minamaliit. Ang sinasabi ko lang ay ayusin mo ang ingles mo o kaya naman ay mag-tagalog ka na lang.

        Eto na naman ang mali mo:
        “Nothing (nothing’s) wrong with my grammar….
        Your (dapat ay “you’re”) mad …
        You don’t even know what is mentally challege (mali ang spelling mo at dapat ay may letrang d and “challenged”)

  • Buboy

    Sana huwag munang magpunta ng ICC si Miriam. Kailangan pa siya ng Senado, lalo na’t hindi pa natatapos ang kasong ito. Ang daming natututunan ng mga tao sa kanya bilang isang bihisang abogado at mahistrado sa korte. Bulag at pipi lang ang ‘di nakakakita at ‘di nakakarinig ng totoong pakay niya sa mga ginagawa niyang pagtatanong sa parehong grupo ng prosekusyon at depensa. Para kaming nasa loob ng silid aralan tuwing si Miriam ang nagsasalita sa telebisyon.

    • anu12345

       Mabuti naman at marami kang natutuhan kay brenda. Sabi ko sa anak ko huwag niyang gagayahin iyan at pagtatawanan ka ng mga tao. Magkaiba tayo ng opinion, narciso.

      • Buboy

        Talagang malakas ang tawa ng mga taong naiinggit kay Miriam, iyan lang ang kaya nilang gawin. Ako, sampu ng mga anak at kamag-anak ko, bilib sa kanya. Matalinong abogado sa “Constitutional” at “International” na batas dahil gaking mismo sa kanya ay masipag siyang mag-aral. Honor graduate, nagsilbi sa 3 ahensya ng pamahalaan (legislature, executive and congress) at itong pinaka bago ay nanalo bilang mahistrado sa pinaka-mataas na korte sa buong bansa – ang ICC.

        Kung hindi mo sya hahangaan sa taglay niyang galing, kasusuklaman mo siya dahil sa timding inggit.

      • Buboy

        *pinaka-mataas na korte sa buong bansa (mundo) – ang ICC.

      • erisq2003

        Bilib nga ako sa kanya dahil ICC sya, salamat sa nominasyon ni Pres Pnoy. 

        Sana lang yung style nya sa senado impeachment ay wag nyang dalhin sa ICC. Nakakahiya,  ang Judge nakikinig at nagtatanong.  Di tagapagtanggol ng depensa.  Ok na sana kung maging bigay sya ng inputs sa mga previous case, pero tungkol lang sa ikagnada ng depensa lang pag presecutor mali dami nya sinasabi. Pero pag depensa na ngayon nak nga nga lang. tulad ng case ni Atienza. Halatang may may kalokohan ang bilihan(manila City bumili ng Lupa na di pa nsasalin sa Kanya.  Sana man lang pinagsabihan nya si Atienza)

      • Marlou Wang

         hindi mo ba alam ng member siya ng defense panel?

    • Marlou Wang

       Buboy, iho! Natuto kang magsalita ng “OGAG” sa mga propesyonal? At magtitili? At mag-ilusyon? Mabuti naman! Natuto kang mag-isip na akala mo ay ikaw pa ang mas marunong? At taasan pa ang ihi sa senate president?

    • farmerako

      Yeah! like not to be a role model right?  Conduct unbecoming, disrespectful, arrogant, and egomaniac..makes her unfit to be in the ICC.

  • albert

    its better to abolish the senate impeachment court and let pulse asia to be the impeachment court.

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