Philippine economy booms despite ‘Noynoying’



President Benigno Aquino III. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

To hecklers who claim he is just “Noynoying” in his job, President Benigno Aquino III has one answer: the economy is on the right track and “many things” have happened in the country since he took over the presidency 21 months ago.

During an interview with Agence France-Presse in Malacañang, Mr. Aquino pointed to a host of economic indicators to justify his enthusiasm, while displaying a relish for bare-knuckled political fights against his opponents.

Noynoying is a word coined by activists to refer to the President’s supposedly carefree style of coping with urgent problems confronting the country, including the escalating prices of fuel products.

“There are so many things that have transpired that none of us could even have imagined when we were campaigning,” Mr. Aquino said during last week’s interview, reflecting on his nearly two years in office that followed a landslide election win.

He referred mostly to the state of the nation’s economy, which after decades of underperforming has showed signs of steady, if incremental, improvement under his leadership and mantra of clean governance.

Kingpins of graft

Mr. Aquino cited a series of international credit ratings upgrades and the rise of the Philippine stock market to record highs in recent weeks as evidence.

Among his proudest achievements are luring foreign manufacturers and other investors to the Philippines, extending health cover, cutting government waste and expanding an incentive scheme to keep millions of poor children at school.

The President also insisted there would be no letup in the antigraft campaign.

“We are trying to get the kingpins of corruption,” he said.

Strong fundamentals

Critics have accused the President of lacking urgency on the economic front, pointing out that GDP (gross domestic product) growth was just 3.7 percent last year partly because he cut government spending when they say pump priming was needed.

But Mr. Aquino’s policies, which have an overarching theme of tackling the corruption infecting all sectors of the nation’s economy, have won endorsement from a wide range of sources.

The World Bank country director, Motoo Konishi, said last week the economy was in good shape with inflation stable at around 2.7 percent, manageable government finances and a well-focused social protection system.

“Besides having strong macroeconomic fundamentals, the country is benefiting from political stability and a popular government seen by many as strongly committed to improving governance and reducing poverty,” Konishi said.

Brand association

A survey released last week by the polling group, Pulse Asia, also found Mr. Aquino was holding onto the support that carried him to his election victory. The survey showed his popularity ratings at 70 percent, with just 9 percent disapproving.

A big factor in Mr. Aquino winning by a large margin in the 2010 presidential election was brand association.

He is the son of Corazon Aquino, one of the country’s most loved political figures who led the democracy movement against dictator Ferdinand Marcos in the 1980s and then succeeded him for six years as president.

Her death in 2009 led to an outpouring of support for the Aquino family, transforming the bachelor-son with a reputation for achieving little in politics into the country’s most popular politician.

Business support

Meanwhile, business leaders are showing their support by opening up their wallets.

One of the country’s biggest conglomerates, Ayala Corp., announced last week that its real estate arm would invest $1.4 billion over the next five years in projects within the country’s financial district of Makati.

“The economy is on a positive track … that’s why we’re aggressive in our investment,” said Ayala Land president Antonino Aquino, who is not related to the President.

Mr. Aquino said in the interview that holding the reins of the country felt much more comfortable than the initial period after taking over from Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who ruled the Philippines for nearly 10 years before him. With a report from AFP

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  • joseph

    Was this article taken straight out of the palace press release?

    All the while I thought he was president of the Philippines, when in fact he seems to be president of the companies leading the gains on the stock index. I had no idea the stock market was an indication of good governance.

    And, if I were Ayala Corp., I would invest $1.4 billion into the Philippines too. After all, with the president protecting my monopolies and allowing me to gouge the market, I would be sure of a return on investment. I believe he has already forgotten his promise to open the economy to “new” investment and introduce anti trust legislation.

    I also wonder about the actual presidential scorecard metrics:

    poverty index
    corruption index
    government services productivity
    lowering taxes
    effective legislation (say the reproductive health bill and freedom of information act)
    deficit reduction
    effective long term energy policy
    law and order (oh maybe resolving a hostage crisis peacefully)

    how is Pnoy doing on these criteria, that would actually be relevant to his job?

    sum it all up with the noynoying index.


      Im wondering how the heck did you get the lowering taxes?…

      Index your mouth!

      • joseph

        The government is constantly claiming “savings”, and that they are cutting spending. They have announced plans to send these saving to government workers as incentives and use them to substitute for pork in opposition bailiwicks (presumably to buy votes and undermine their detractors).

        They have also announced large allocations for media campaigns, presumably to buy articles like this one and the oratory violence of people like you.

        With all this “extra not used for the purpose” money, I think it is high time we scale back taxation. There is apparently too much revenue so reduce the vat to 10%, trim inflation and let the people stimulate the economy with their own spending and investment.


        I dont have the figures but Im sure malaki pa rin ang utang natin sa International community. And by that lets not complacent with the situation… let us collect taxes and save it.

        But please, dont tell me na nanakawin naman yan nang mga kurakot… sabihin na natin somehow me mananakaw pa rin naman… but thats on another issue… theres no country thats Corruption Free. Even the US.

    • raggster

      Stock market improvements are a sign that citizens are confident in the stability of the economy and are willing to invest it in local industries. If the economy were otherwise unstable or bad, people would simply hold on to their money and keep it out of circulation (e.g. hide it under their mattresses) for fear of losing their money if/when the economy crashes. Keeping the economy stable, in turn, is a sign of good governance.

      AFAIK our economic indexes (the ones you’ve listed) are steadily improving. Feel free to provide data that shows otherwise, as you’re the one “wondering” about these “scorecard” metrics – which are all available online, btw.

      Why is “effective legislation” on a Presidential scorecard metric, when it is Congress that legislates? If you want RH, for example, to be passed already, as I do, then quit barking up the wrong tree and pressure the House to stop the pointless delaying tactics and put it to a vote already. Same deal with the FOI Bill.

      And seriously, you’re STILL holding on to the Manila Hostage incident? Wow. And here people from Hong Kong seem to have already moved on.

      • joseph

         The stock market “boomed” under GMA. Stock markets follow indicators that only partially follow governance issues. Money flow when people see good bets against the anticipated risk. This is read regionally and specifically.

        Take an example from this article. People feel safe investing in ayala land because it enjoys protected monopolies, made possible by their connection to powerful politician like Noynoy. This is not an indicator of a vibrant economy but crony capitalism.

        The manila hostage crisis is still relevant because there is in fact no resolution. No one one was punished and noting was learned. It is also not clear that were a similar incident to happen we would be ready. It goes to the deeper issue of whether Noynoy has done anything to prepare law enforcement and the army for the perceived threats foreign or domestic.

        Legislation is driven by the president, and those were his campaign priorities. It is abundantly clear from the signing of the impeachment complaint against the CJ that he is more than capable of moving legislation if he bothered.

        And no those indexes are not moving in the right direction. Government is still trying to raise taxes, even as collections dwindle. Unemployment has not significantly diminished.

        Yet most troubling is that despite the stronger peso, gas prices are rising toa historic high. This is very odd given that raw crude prices are lower than their peak just a few years ago.

        This all points to a singular lack of real policy goals and a sustained strategy for the country.

        Pnoy can get lucky on some things but he need to govern if he truly intends to move the needle. Anything else really is noynoying.

      • raggster

        1. You *assume* crony capitalism and then read it into Ayala’s investment. That’s putting the cart before the horse. Why not first *show* that Ayala corp is a “protected monopoly” before making your conclusions. (And of what? Real estate is highly competitive now, with multiple aggressive players.)

        2. Matagal nang may resolution ang Manila Hostage incident. Backreading and Google are tech. Unless by “resolution” you mean someone has definitively accepted blame. Sino gusto mo? Yung Assistant Ombudsman na nag-extort kay Mendoza? Tanggal na siya sa trabaho. Si Mayor Lim? Pending resolution na yung kanyang admin kaso sa DILG. Yung mga pulis? Halos lahat may kaso sa NAPOLCOM. Ano pa ba gusto mo?

        3. Impeachment =/= legislation. Learn the difference, then feel free to continue talking about it if you feel up to it.

        4. How much lower? Unfortunately I could only find crude oil price indexes up to 6 months back – and they show a sharp increase over the past 6 months. Remember also that the sharp increase in prices a few years ago was due to the Olympics in China, as demand for crude oil rose dramatically due to increased infrastructure projects there.

        5. This all points to you trying to make a case out of your own perception of reality. News flash: ignorance is *not* a perspective.

  • Pedro_Gil

    The country’s public spending in basic
    infrastructure, education and health, whether in terms of its share in GDP or
    in expenditure per person, has been lagging well behind those of its East Asian
    neighbors. To catch up with these countries in terms of poverty reduction and
    human development outcomes, the government has to simply prioritize spending on
    infrastructure and the social sector, especially in basic education, health and
    family planning services and environment.
    Economic growth is a necessary precondition for poverty reduction, but the
    quality of that growth is important, and not all growth is pro-poor. The Philippine
    empirical record demonstrates that the poverty headcount declines when
    the growth rate of average family income is higher than the rate of inflation.
    The flipside is an increase in the poverty headcount when the reverse is
    true, whether or not there was overall economic growth. The Philippines basing
    on GDP growth alone does not reduce poverty.
    We need to compare this growth being with other East Asian countries and improve.
    The people had enough with the continued lip service you are delivering, we need the
    facts, your immediate action and results!
    Why did the people elected you in the first place? its time to deliver, now!

    • Simplify1

      your speech would have been appropriate had the surveys been 70% dissapproval of Pnoys performance.  The reality is that the president has a 70% approval rating!  Your rants are simply that of a dissatisfied 9 percenter!!   

      You want to see “more improvements”, get behind the president, support him or make constructive critisms!  If you can’t see youself as a real pinoy with a balikatan spirit instead of a talangka attitude, then don’t help!  JUST STAY OUT OF THE WAY!!

    • Enteng

      Cut the crap. To those who believe, no explanation is necessary. To those who don’t, no explanation is possible…. Go ahead and keep whining. This country’s economy will take off and it don’t need critics like u to do it

    • Cicero Sid

      Previous mindless spending of pandak’s administration – Pnoy had to check loopholes, cut back public spending and deprive corrupt politicos of their source they are used to. Pasensya na Pedro_Gil, medyo natagalan…whew! dami kasi ng corrupt. Ang hirap trabahuin – lalo na tong bigtime sagka na Thief Justice.  Baka pwede ka naman mag-ambag ng tulong?

  • sigena

    pnoy magpromote ka na lang nang noynoying shirts kumita ka PA

    • JJF724


  • Ana Marie Santos

    relax!!! dami nyong komento may masabi lang. kayo kaya ang umupo? ilang beses nang nag-bago ng pangulo sa bansa natin kayo at kayo pa rin ang mga kritiko. e kung kayo naman kaya ang magbago??? tingnan nga natin baka sakaling maiba naman.

  • TulisangDagat

    sana hindi na palitan ang piso natin para the next twenty or so years pwede pang gamitin ng aking apo ang pera na iniipon ko sa banga at sa poste ng haligi ng aking bahay…..

  • EdgarEdgar

    Philippine economy booms despite ‘Noynoying’

    If the economy is really booming as Noynoy claims and felt by all, why did he got on a series of Media Blitz to promote his hard-at-work image? He can lie to us for now, but not for long.

    • JJF724


      • EdgarEdgar

        JJF724, you’re not making sense. try again.

  • RyanE

    I guess those who are only good at criticizing the President are themselves the ones who have done or contributed nothing for the country. They are the real “crabs” and “anays” of this country.. Tsk

    • Ismael

      Tell the Filipino peopel honestly, when Noynoy was a congressman and senator, what bill did he ever pass? Please tell the nation now.

      • JJF724


      • Michael

        just ask gloria macapagal arroyo!!!!!

      • marcos_hitler_diktador_tuta

        to Ismael,

        I tell the nation now:

        There is actually no need to pass any new bill or law because we have ENOUGH of these already. What President Aquino is doing is to implement and enforce these laws now.

        Now tell me what laws needs to be passed? Honestly.

        Ano pa ba ang batas na kailangan mong ipasa?

    • huseng_batute

      alam ko na kung paano sila makakatulong.  mag-export tayo ng talangka! :)

  • Ismael

    70% approval ratings despite rampant criminalities, unemployment, poverty, hunger, lawlessness, etc etc.

    Tell it to the Russian marines!

    • JJF724


    • Enteng

      If you want to move forward, look upfront Ismael. Keeping your gaze stuck in the rear view mirror will only get u where u are right now — stuck: whining and barking!

  • tumbokin

    The number speaks for itself.  And these are international based figures. 
    You may say some maybe biased and rigged but majority is still pointing to progress.
    Call it what you want. The Pres maybe lazy, naive, balding, extravagant, gay etc etc
    But he is still output oriented. In my book if a thing aint broke then dont fix it!

  • kilabot

    Wha! tell that to mindanao; tell that to drivers and operators; tell that to students; tell that to the unemployed; tell that to yourself repeatedly so you might believe. abnoying state of mind.

    • Handiong

      Did you tell GMA when she was president about Mindanao, drivers and operators, students, unemployed, and yourself?

      Get a life!

  • kilabot

    pnoy is now referred to as noynoy capone. this is because 1) he bullies; 2) he lost his balls when he was ambushed during a coup try in cory’s time.

    • Medequcb68

      Beeeep… irrelevant ! Post your comment somewhere. ..

  • susanchi2

    I have been sending money to the Philippines for the last 10 years. When GMA was still president it was between P28-30 to NZ$ 1. Just last week  it reaches to to NZ$1. Philippine peso is going stronger. Sometimes, some Kiwi will ask me if I’m from the Philippines because they said they just come from a vacation in the Philippines and had enjoyed it.  company

    • OZpinoyPHD

      Incorrect. When the value of your NZ$ increases, you get more pesos. It is actually the NZ$ that is getting stronger not the PHP.
      When you say that the PHP is getting stronger, you should actually be able to buy more NZ$ with lesser number of pesos.

      You are right though when you say that Kiwis and to my experience, Aussies are pleasantly surprised when they travel to the Philippines. The country has always been resilient despite the kind of leaders we get. :-)

  • reydomingo

    thank God… hope our growth in economy continues and touch the poorest of the poor…

  • Philcruz

    So I guess the term ‘noynoying’ now has a different meaning. It should mean “improving the economy by stopping big time corruption”.

    • ethicsingov

      There is also a saying ” you don’t have to work hard but work smart”. The last administration may have worked too hard doing shady deals for personal benefit. It’s really a hard work “juggling” if one hand is doing the job description while the other hand is doing something else.

  • Bert

    another “praise release” from The Inquirer”, a known Pnoy mouthpiece……in the meantime, mindanao is facing a bleak reality of a daily brown-outs which even malacanang doesn’t know how to resolve….. 

    • ethicsingov

       What I can’t understand in the Philippines is that every little problem is blamed on the president. What now becomes the job of the governors and mayors? If the President has to micro manage maybe we should just eradicate the local government units?

    • Edmaration

      That’s the purpose of “decentralization”.. Hindi kaya ni Noynoy na passasabay-sabayain kaya nga may mga gabinete siya, mayor, governors, etc!

      At kung may solution na, hindi naman instant yan… Before complaining, be a part of the solution, wag umasa lahat sa gobyerno. BE creative, join NGO’s to fix oour problems, educate the people to use electricity wisely, educate people to take care of the watersheds, the waterfalls, which are the sources of electricity in Mindanao rather blaming and complaining power shortage in Mindanao. Ask yourself, have you been a part of the solution? O puro lang talak!

  • Regd

    NOYNOYING really works!!! I’ve never been more proud to be a Filipino than ever (other than when pacquiao wallops the opponents). Let people do the rubbish talk, let the government work! See the results? AWESOME!

  • Andy

    Noynoy really works magic through media, imagine “Philippine Economy Booms” without doing anything. I think the world needs more presidents and prime ministers like Noynoy who can turn the global econmy around without really trying. Let’s export more people like him- Drilon, Belmonte, Tupaz… and rid of the Philippines of the KKK political culture.

    • ofwme2807

      so deny to death ka pa rin sana wag mong maranasang umasenso sa buhay dahil sa laki ng galit mo kay Pnoy….wag mong iasa ang pag-asenso mo kay Pnoy magsumikap ka….

      • AmBoy24

        ikaw naman,makipagngoyngoyyan ka na lang kay noynoying mo.hanggat nakaupo sa puwesto ang batugang presidente,ang asesnsong sinasabi ay sa diyaryo lang mangyayari.

  • My mom

    Whadyaknow… PSE’s record high is a direct result of European economic woes, which drove hot money to Asia and the Philippines. And the noynoying president takes credit for it. Besides what is there to gloat about speculative capital. It’s in and out in minutes flat.

  • Patrick Bryan Tesoro

    You can’t fool me Noynoy. To the author of this article, your title is misleading. Instead of 
    “Philippine economy booms despite ‘Noynoying'”, you should have put “Noynoy: Philippine economy booms despite ‘Noynoying'”. I will believe only when the prices of basic commodities get low.

    • Jose

      “I will believe only when the prices of basic commodities get low”.  Really? That is not how things work my friend, there’s a lot of factors you should consider.  In the 70’s a kilo of rice is just 60 cents but too many people die of hunger.  I was very young then, and we survived eating the poisonuous “namo” which we harvested and processed – how? that’s another story. 

      • jeray

        JOsi… ganun ba turo sayo? D sabihin mo nalang kay Noy na itaas na lahat. Baka sakaling ngayon ka mamatay…joke lang ha.. kasi naman mali ee..hehe

    • Enteng

      Your Economics is off the mark. Prices of basic commodities is directly linked to price of fuel. If cost of oil has gone up to nearly $150 as a result of the tensions in the Middle East and the maneuverings of Iran, then do not blame it on Noynoy. It’s a world crisis experienced by most countries.

  • nadine_12

    Mga Pilipino…hard to please!

  • Constantine

    Ang karamihan naman na galit kay Pnoy ay kakabit ng pangalang Gloria Arroyo at Renato Corona!

    Kaya saan ka ba kakampi?

    Kung kay gloria o corona lang naman, forget it!

    I rather align with the right side of history unfolding before our very own eyes!

    • Patrick Bryan Tesoro

      Paano kung pareho silang mali?

      • Constantine

        Corona o Arroyo ka e? He he he

    • jeray

      Bakit sa akin wala namn naka kabit? Dapat inuna nya muna ang tito na hanggang ngayon sya pa din ang nakikinabang sa Coco levy…

  • carlorocci

    Oooohhhh, Ano kayo ngayon? Partida pa yan ha…. Mas lalo na pagnag-trabaho ang presidente….

    Noynoying pa lang yan…. Wala pang Krissing sa Senado….hahahahahahaa

    • Bert

      sama mo na rin si boy abunda at vice ganda….hehe

  • Night




    • ofwme2807

      how about GMA’s record of plundering the economy in 9 years by her crooks and party mates????she’s busy yes…..and of course the fat guy plundering the coffers of the country and depositing in abroad….

      • Night

        another moron…. can you let go of the past???? We are already trying to put them in jail…. yun na yun… Can you not see the wasted opportunity in front of you ???

        Focus on now…. focus on the opportunity being wasted by Pwenoy by his mediocrity…. get it??? We don’t want corrupt but we also don’t want natutulog sa pancitan!!!

  • Norman Victoria

    Oh wow

  • hosay

    Th economy is booming according to PDI, but the ordinary people don’t feel this. Still the prices are going up. What a big LIE, booming economy is only for elite.

  • alexfrommactan

     I like the Tittle ” Philippine economy Booms despite Noynoying”.

    So perhaps by  noynoying, he is not messing the economy up.
    So keep it up. It looks like sometimes doing nothing can be good..hehehehe..

    • Toby Magwire

      or maybe noynoying is nothing but a clever tactic employed by his political enemies who felt it is their duty to always have something to say against him no matter what

  • jabungan2001

    kong bumaba ang presyo ng mga pangunahin bilihin at tumaas ang sahud ng mga maralitang mangagawa yan yon tunay na indication na umunlad na nga ang bayan natin at ipag bunyi. pero ngayon sa sinasabi nyo eh mas lalong tumaas ang mga bilihin at pamasahe. ayaw taasan ng tama ang sahud ng mga maralita dahil takot magsara ang mga company na walang pakiaalam sa mga mangagagawa. iyan ba itong maunlad na pinag sasabi ninyo?

  • Bert

    This article is another attempt by The Inquirer, a known Pnoy mouthpiece, in counter-balancing the NOYNOYING ISSUE which has become VIRAL…..Nice try….

  • Night


  • marcos_hitler_diktador_tuta

    The title of this article should be that THERE IS AN ECONOMIC BOOM BECAUSE OF PRESIDENT AQUINO.

    I truly believe he is the reason why. Foreign investors as well as local ones are venturing on the better prospects because the fight against corruption is on.

    Mabuhay ang PILIPINO!!!
    Mabuhay ka PNoy!!!

    • Enteng



    noynoying – sending corrupt officials to jail

  • Reynaldo

    How can PNoy claim that Philippine economy booms despite “NOYNOYING” when GDP growth rate declined from 7.6% in 2010 and 7.0% in 2007 to 3.6% in 2011. PNoy  is out of

    • makata_o

      2010 and 2007 are election years. Ang halaga ng  produkto at serbisyo ay natural  na umaangat dahil sa paggasta sa panahon ng eleksiyon. Gayundin, hindi lamang sa GDP nakikita ang pag-usad ng ekonomiya, maari mo ring tingnan na kung indeks ng empleyo (consistent an bumababa ang unemployment rate) at ang inplasiyon (nasa single digit kumakailan lang).

      Hindi ganoon katulin umarangkada ang ekonomiya, pero kung susumahin, sa kabila ng mahinang US at Euopean economy at all time-high ng presiyo ng langis dahil sa gulo sa Middle East— maari ka ring ngumiti dahil ang karamihan ng indikasiyon ay nagsasabing hindi masama ang ating kalagayan.

      • miguel


      • jeray

        Ha? So anu ang ginawa nya?

    • Erlinda Brave

      ikaw ang out of touch reynaldo….kulang ka lang sa pansin anong malay mo sa world economy…..

  • BURADOR—Phil. Voice

    President Aquino USE to ACTIVATE his BRAIN and NOT the physical one like other presidents–


  • libraocto

    Anong economic boom ang sinasabi ng writer na ito. Marami pa rin ang umaalis ng Pinas para magtrabaho sa ibang bansa. Mas dumadami ang krimen. Ang almusal kong balita sa TV tuwing umaga bago pumasok sa office ay puro patayan na lang. Hindi naman maramdaman ng mga Pinoy ang kaunlaran kahit katiting man lang. Ang hirap makipagtransakyon sa government, lalo na sa DFA. Kung talagang boom ang economy, sana kahit mga pagkaing katulad ng gulay, isda, bigas at iba pang pangangailangan ng Pinoy ay i-subsidize ng gobierno……..

  • Bisaya_Man

    Sa tingin ko na damay lang tayo sa magandang takbo ng economy sa mundo. malaki kasi ang inluence sa global market sa economy din natin. pero, sigi, sasabihin natin nag boom ang economy sa pinas, handa na bang ibaba sa gobyerno ang VAT? kahit sa mga food & oil products lang?

    • Franzeline Perdubal

      It’s the question how the VAT is spent. If it will be free of corrupt hands dipping on the jar, i will pay it everyday without complaining.

      For the last nine years with GMA, I hate paying taxes cos i know it will just enrich the corrupt like LEANDRO MENDOZA, BENJAMIN ABALOS, ZALDY AMPATUAN and the ARROYOS.

  • jeray

    Sa sobrang boom ng economy… Only the pan ty is going down…. Mabuhay ang Pinoy!….

    • Aturni

      Hindi na yan binababa, inililihis na lang… sa sobrang liit… mahal kasi pag malaki… he, he, he…

  • San Miguel

    Misleading headline… si PNOY lang naman pala nagsabi…. According to him as published by this biased newspaper..

  • neverwint3r

    this guy has little to no accomplishment when he was a congressman and senator and he continues the tradition while sitting as a president of the country. 

    it’s the reason kung bakit patok na patok ang noynoying as it’s the truth. nun pa lang sa luneta crisis walng ginawa. sobra bagal ng reaction. at pag me mga crisis at kalamidada, ayun nag-pa-party with psg.

    this guy should be removed before he comes a disaster himself. popularity means nothing. cory was the most popular president after ramon magsaysay, yet she had to endure 10 or so bloody coup attempts. history may be repeating itself. the soldiers may be getting restless.

    • Erlinda Brave

      pahinog ka neverwin….talo lang yng mga binoto mong corrupt kaya masama loob mo…kuntento kaming milyon milyong bumoto sa kanya magsalsal ka na lang ha ha ha

  • goavan

    ang tawag diyan ay bilib sa sarili, noynoying.  you may want to review what is happening with the prices of oil in the country, power crises in mindanao, power rates in the philippines is highest in the world – a key factor in attracting foreign investment, slow release of gov’t funds to stimulate the economy, etc. etc.

    • W Q

      it’s the same price in the US, in fact in some places, it’s priced more.  kayo mga walang alam ang nandito at nagdadakdak..why dont you help the country instead. aquino inhereted most of gloria’s administration problems.  years of neglect yang power outage na nangyayari sa mindanao..u dont fix something of that magnitude took ten years in california to fix the same problem.

  • tinwade

    weh di nga!?..what economy are we talking about?..THIS IS A BIG JOKE.

  • Juan Likas Makabayan

    Lokohan nanaman ba ito? Huwag nyo na kami lokohin sa kunwaring gumanda ang ekonomiya dahil ang ninanais ng taong bayan ay maramdaman ang pinangangalandakan ng halos lahat ng mga presidente na pag ganda ng ekonomiya. Ang nagsasabi nyan ay ang mga malalaki lamang. Maitanong ko nga pala NOYNOY. Hindi ba isa sa indicator ng Ekonomiya ay ang kita ng kumpanya kontra sa ginagastos ng kumpanya? ANG CONTRACTUALIZATION SIGURO ANG IPINAGYAYABANG MO DAHIL MABABA ANG SAHUD NG MGA TRABAHADOR SA ATING BANSA. ITO AY PABOR SA MGA INVESTOR.

    Tumataas ang produksyon dahil mura ang bayad sa mga trabahador at para sa mga trabahador, kailangan nilang igugol ang oras para sa kanilang pamilya sa dagdag oras ng kanilang trabaho dahil kulang ang natatanggap nila sa isang buwan at kulang pangtustus sa pangangailangan. Kung nagkasakit sila, walang pakialam ang kumpanya dahil contractual naman ang status nila.

    Ang pagtaas ng mga unemployed ay ibig sabihing ang pagtaas ng ekonomiya ay hindi pabor sa mamamayan dahil hindi nito na representa ang pangangailangan nito at natabunan ng ibang mga indicators na naglalarawan sa status ng mga investor.

    Ang pagdami ng mga nag aabroad na nagpapaalila sa ibang bansa na matapos magpadala ng pera sa pinas ay ginagasta ng mga kamag anak at pamilya kaya patuloy ang pag iikot ikot ng pera. Subalit, ang perang ginagastos ay kasya lang sa isang buwan at naghihintay nanaman ng padala sa susunod na buwan.

    Ang mga nangungutang sa mga bangko at credit card na nagbabakasakaling makakatulong ito sa biglaang pangangailan. Habang nagmumukhang gumaganda ang ekonomiya ay nahihirapan naman ang bawat indibiduwal kung paano patuloy na mababayaran ang interest lamang.

    Marami ang nag aavail nang pautang na bahay dahil kailangan at ang kapalit nito ay pagtitiis ng ilang taon dahil sa bayaran. Ito ay mapagkakamalan din naman na pagtaas ng ekonomiya.




    • tomahawk3

      You’re not kidding.

  • Asdsad

    i dont think the people can feel the boom. lol.

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