Aga Muhlach registers as voter in Camarines Sur district



PILI, Camarines Sur—Movie star Aga Muhlach stirred local politics in the fourth district of Camarines Sur, the congressional district dominated by the Fuentebella political clan for over a century now, when he registered as a voter at the Commission on Election office in San Jose, Camarines Sur, on Monday.

Muhlach told the Inquirer Monday evening, at a dinner hosted by Governor Luis Raymund “LRay” Villafuerte, that he was registering as a voter in San Jose but avoided mentioning whether or not he was vying for an elective position.

The post-registration dinner for Muhlach, which was held at the CamSur Watersports Complex’s Villa Del Rey in this town, was attended by Villafuerte, Vice Gov. Fortunato Peña and political leaders in the fourth district towns.

Section 117, Article 22 of the Omnibus Election Code said that to be registered as a voter a Filipino citizen must have been a resident of the Philippines for one year and a resident in the city or municipality, where he intends to vote, for at least six months immediately preceding the election.

Muhlach said the roots of his father, who belonged to the Amador and Borja clans, were from the towns of Goa and San Jose.

He said he had been visiting San Jose since he was young to bond with his father’s kin.

Last month, Muhlach and Villafuerte stood as sponsors of 216 couples during a mass wedding in San Jose. On Monday, Muhlach again stood as godfather of 300 babies baptized in a Catholic Church in the town at around 1 p.m. before he proceeded to register as voter and resident of the town at around 3 p.m.

A source from Villafuerte’s staff, who declined to be named because he was not authorized to issue a statement about details of Muhlach’s political move, said it was the first time Muhlach registered as a voter, not having voted in past electoral exercises.

The source added that Muhlach was also building a house in San Jose to establish his residence.

San Jose Mayor Antonio Chavez said Muhlach’s move to register in his town stirred politics in the fourth district where Deputy Speaker Arnulfo Fuentebella was serving his last term as representative.

The Fuentebellas marked their first century in politics in 2007, which was started on March 15, 1907, by patriarch Jose Fuentebella, one of the founding members and an executive committee member of the Nacionalista Party with then President Manuel L. Quezon and Vice President Sergio Osmeña Sr.

The Deputy Speaker’s wife, Evelyn, is the mayor of Sañgay town, his son Arnie is mayor of Tigaon while a nephew, Emmanuel F. Llaguno, is a member of the provincial board, all key elective positions in the fourth district.

San Jose, about 60 kilometers northeast of Naga City, is a fourth-class municipality (annual income: P20 million-P30 million) with 21,471 voters (2010) and a population of 35,472 (2007 census) covering 29 barangays (villages).

Chavez said the “star power of Muhlach” was undeniable as the latter was a natural crowd drawer whenever he tagged along during the barangay visits of Villafuerte in the fourth district.

He said it would only take the right approach to translate Muhlach’s star power into votes should the actor decide to run in an elective position.

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  • 4kingdaddy

    at least si aga may dugong bicol… dato, wala….si dato “puti” ay walang dugong ?pulang” bicol at pinairal lang ang kapangyarihan ng kanyang ina at binili ang mga boto…..ngayon nagdagdag pa ng distrito para makabalik si andaya….lumiit na ang mga distrito, wala pa ring pagbabago…..saan napupunta ang inyong pork barrel?????

  • jiroarturo

    Another actor aspiring to be a congressman? Mas malaki kaya ang pork barrel kesya sa kikitain mo sa pag aatista? Sana naman maibaiba ka kay Datu Arroyo. Yon pork barrel mo gastahin mo lang lahat sa distrito mo. Mapapamahal ka pa sa bayan. At huwag kang mangdadaya sa SALN mo.

  • Jim De Garman

    this is a of travesty in politics when actors would run for an elective position..walang alam kundi ngumiti at ok na ang botante, at the end and mga constituents niya ang magsa-suffer,  marami na tayong experience ang alam nilang alagaan ang kapakanan ng kapwa nila artista at hindi ang mamayang nasasakupan.

  • Rey


    • tedrodriguez

       being hindi magnanakaw and natutulog sa pansitan dahil walang alam sa public administration ay pareho din,, masama! gets mo?

  • Iggy Ramirez

    Now that he’s getting old and becoming less of a bankable actor, mainly because of his apparent lack of acting skills, he’s considering politics as a safety net where he could continue to find his source of living.

    It’s really not about public service, or roots, or whatever. It’s all about survival.

    • Reyjohn

      You got it all figured out, don’t you?

    • tedrodriguez

       you got it right, man

  • tedrodriguez

    hey movie actors,,, just stay in show business, we had enough of lito lapid, bong revilla, tito sotto, jinggoy estrada, and their likes,,

  • tedrodriguez

    but i cant blame these clowns, its these freaking class C,D,E, that will put movie/tv personalities in elected public office. These movie personalities are just trying to make a living by running for public office, and then what?,, matutulog sa pansitan,,, case in point- erap, litolapid bongrevilla, titosotto and others

    • renato

      At the risk of sounding anti-poor, how about, only those who pay taxes should be allowed to vote.  Sa palagay ko mas mahirap bilhin during elections ang mga taxpayers or stakeholders. Politicians herd the D and E in their districts for votes.  Binay has done this in Makati.  Mayors have done this Q.C..

  • Karabkatab

    Actors want to be politicians.  Politicians once elected do a lot of acting.. Tabla lang bagay sila.

  • bahog_itlog

    Politics and showbiz in the Philippines are one and the same. Sabi nga ni CDQ, politicians want to become showbiz personalities and showbiz personalities want to become politicians. And the class C,D,E love them.

  • Sorry Guys

    Let us pray:

    May God save this Country from Actors and Corrupt Politicians…

  • Albin

    Sana hindi sa LP sumali si Aga. Baka manyakin lang siya ng leader nun.

  • Jon

    Ang artista nga naman talaga.
    Pag laos na, mag politiko na lang.
    Buti pa si Dolphy, alam niya ang kakayahan niya.
    Nakapg-tapos man lang ba itong si Aga?

  • peach black

    panginoon mahabag po kayo sa bansa namin. bakit naman po? ano po ba ang pagkakasala naming mga pinoy at pinahihintulutan ninyo ang mga erap, revilla, ejercito, sotto at lapid sa aming bayan? bakit po?

  • Jerry

    no more pork and pay them 30k pesos monthly. Let’s see who’s really into public service. 

  • romfagen

    from one bad habit to another. thats been what philippine politics have been since i gained my consciousness.

    you have political dynasties borne out of feudalism being replaced by celebrities. who in turn will make their own dynasties.

  • Endo Dontics

    Oh no! Another ____________ in politics. Filipino voters, please…….

  • $23257130

    alam na!

  • mmm choco

    kawawa na naman ang taga camarines .. bahala na kayo dyan..

  • Albin

    Baka nga mas magaling pa si Empoy, kaysa naman kay Penoy.

    • rosamistika16

      mas magaling ka kesa sa kanila. mag kandidato ka rin ha?

  • rosamistika16

    We cannot blame dynasties, celebrities, magicians, etc. to become politicians because we have a constitution that provides lenient qualifications for public officials.  Don’t you understand why our constitution allow this? It is because these politicians are supposed to serve that is why they are called public servants and public servants don’t need higher education to deliver good governance and service to the people.  what they need is a good heart, common sense, and fair judgment even without PhD or MBA or even diploma education. This is aslo the reason why they are not paid high as compared to GOCC officials who do technical jobs but rather a pork for them to use in delivering services. now, if you are a corrupt public official, you wil not mind your salary but the pork.

    If we want a politician with higher qualification or intellectually, technically and emotionally equipped, we must consider paying them high salary and don’t give them pork barrel anymore.  In that case, they have to work in accordance with the position they are capable of and can be removed to office should they are not qualified to dispense their job responsibilities. gawin nating parang empleyado ng kompanya…gusto nyo ba eto? anybody from the legislative to initiate a law for this will definitely be a hero for me….pero alam kong walang gagawa ng ganun…it’s radical move that they won’t even try.

  • TsuPaeng

    Tinamaan ng magaling, halatado political move. Kawawang mamayan ng Camarines., mag-esep-esep.

  • Andres Bonifacio

    Which is better? an actor or an entrenched political family? I think both are terrible and an microcosm of why this country is going to the toilet!

    • muddygoose

      Ganun talaga kung ang pagpapaupo ng mga pinuno nakabase sa popular vote at hinde edukado mga tao. Sana magbago paunti-unti.

    • sanjuan683

      Ikaw na lang kaya kumandidato magaling ka naman yata? Magaling ka kaysa sa mga langgam na wala utak. hehehehehehe

  • Jay

    If Aga wins, he’s not to blame. It’s the voters.

    Maybe he thinks he can serve… But the irony, not sure if true as stated in the news, he’s not taking part of the previous electoral process, AND “All of the sudden he wants to exercise that right that he denied himself in the past?”

    I’m from camarines and yes, it’s political dynasties that rules the province.

    On a side note, I’m glad that division of Camarines Sur didn’t pass to congress (not sure but I truly hope it will not happen)?

  • Jomjom

    between the fuentebellas who, after 105 years hold of their turf, have not given progress to their district, i will try the untested actor. baka may chance. sa mga fuentebellas,  kitang kita na.. walang nangyari.

    • dunnoidea

      kitang kita kung sino ang kumita at patuloy na kumikita . . . . kawawang mga taga partido . . . partido ni arnulfo!

  • JFKJr001

    pwede ba, antayin muna na i-confirm nung tao kung tatakbo nga ba siya or hindi.

    presumptive ng mga comments.

    parang sila may nagagawang mabuti para sa bayan. ang hilig manghusga, di muna tignan ang sarili.

  • jimmy_maranan

    Tapusin mo na ang ang career ng mga Fuentebella’s.

    • sanjuan683

      Mga botante din ang may kasalanan mahilig bumoto kay Fuentebella. hehehehe

  • gian_paul

    Step No. 1: Use your TV show that you are Bicolano, talk about the beautiful places and good people. Eat Bicol Express so that they will think that you are genuine Bicolano.
    Step No. 2: Build a house to prove your residency.
    Step No. 3: Be visible in weddings and baptisms, fiestas and gatherings including funerals.
    Step No. 4: Be a registered voter.
    Step No. 5: let incumbent politicians use you to establish connections and learn their trade
    Step No. 6: proclaim that you are running in the coming elections
    Step No. 7: Win the elections through your star power
    Step No. 8: demonstrate your ignorance
    Step No. 9: defend yourself thus demonstrating more of your ignorance
    Step No. 10: run again…to the sea, not in the next election, for christsake!

    • sanjuan683

      Bakit yun ba bisaya hindi Pilipino basta importante pinanganak ka sa Pilipinas. Bakit ikaw lang ba puede kumandidato nabili mo ba yan puesto. hehehehehehehe Ang papangit ninyo kasi kaya kakandidato si AGA para walang masabi mga pangit kayo puro may mga almoranas pa kayo dahil palakain ng sili. hehehehehehe

  • ricky

    “The Fuentebellas marked their first century in politics in 2007, which was started on March 15, 1907, by patriarch Jose Fuentebella, one of the founding members and an executive committee member of the Nacionalista Party with then President Manuel L. Quezon and Vice President Sergio Osmeña Sr. The Deputy Speaker’s wife, Evelyn, is the mayor of Sañgay town, his son Arnie is mayor of Tigaon while a nephew, Emmanuel F. Llaguno, is a member of the provincial board, all key elective positions in the fourth district.”
    — This is the reason why Camarines Sur is still POOR, BACKWARD, many are Illiterate, poor health, poor infrastructures, POOR, POOR, POOR, POBRE until now because of these politicians (Villafuertes included). Kakasuka! Pwe! Di pa rin naGIGISING ang mga Bicolanos hanggang ngayon! GISING!!!!! Isang siglong katarantaduhan!

  • hanep

    sa tingin ko kahit  senador  puede si  aga.  he will  serve the country well because
    his heart  is  in the right  place.  e kung si lito  lapid  at si bong revilla  nga e
    naging senador, si  aga pa.  e sa  tingin ko mas  may  utak  pa si aga .  

    • Alen

      bakeet ang heart ba ni Lito L at bong sa puwet?

      • hanep

        puede na rin.

  • Alen

    he heard voices from God, Yaweh, Allah and Buddha, telling run to run for congressman. sumalangit nawa ang kaluluwa ng mga aga Kamarinis Sor.

  • pening_garcia

    Kasalanan ng mga pinoy to eh. Bili ng bili kayo ng mga pirated dvd kaya nalugi tuloy yung movie industry. Ano pang gagawin ng mga walang raket or laos na artista? Magpota or sumali sa pulitika. Karma yan sainyo!

  • Ronald

    Another useless clown in the making

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