Senator Santiago spells out winning tacks for prosecution, defense


MANILA, Philippines—Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago on Monday spelled out the gut issue as the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona heads for a Lenten break.

Santiago said prosecutors would win their case if they convinced senator-judges that Corona deliberately committed dishonesty and gross misconduct when he omitted several properties in his statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN).

But if Corona’s lawyers could show that he did not act in bad faith when he omitted specifically the dollar accounts being questioned in his SALN, the Chief Justice would be acquitted, she said.

“You now have your work cut out for you,” Santiago told the prosecution and defense panels on Day 31 of the trial.

“Prosecution, show the intent to commit dishonesty and you have won your case … Defense, show that your client has acted in good faith and declared in his SALN all deposits, both peso and dollar. If he did not, why not,” she said.

Santiago noted that in the Philippine Anti-Graft Commission v. Pleyto, the Supreme Court held that “failure to (properly disclose) is not dishonesty but only simple negligence.

The court had doubts that the SALN was inaccurate but went on to distinguish among gross misconduct, dishonesty and negligence.”

Gross misconduct

Santiago, a former Quezon City trial judge, said the high tribunal pointed out that reliable evidence indicating an accused intended to violate the law and showed persistent disregard of legal rules would prove gross misconduct.

“That is what you have to prove,” she told prosecutors.

Dishonesty, on the other hand, constitutes false statement of material fact while negligence is an “omission of diligence required by the nature of obligation,” Santiago explained.


“Gross misconduct and dishonesty are serious charges which warrant the removal of a public officer. This must be supported by substantial evidence. The prosecution has to show at least … that omission or misdeclaration was deliberately intended by the defendant,” she added.

The senator said another Supreme Court ruling on Office of the Ombudsman v. Racho found the accused guilty of dishonesty for nondisclosure of bank deposits in his SALN.

“A note of caution to the defense: Has your client disclosed all bank deposits (including) peso and dollars? If he did not, under this ruling, your client is guilty,” she said.

Santiago then cited a third case, Carabeo v. Court of Appeals, in which the accused, an acting treasurer of Parañaque City, was investigated for traveling out of the country 15 times and acquiring several properties.

“The defense said (Corona) can simply correct statements he made in his SALN. In the Supreme Court case, the defendant charged with violation of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act and the Revised Penal Code failed to show the correction.

Sen. Joker Arroyo then asked: “Is a correctible offense an impeachable offense? Offhand, I am thinking, we don’t have precedents. We don’t have a law that allows corrections. I am raising this question for both sides to study.”

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    EASIER is impeaching Matuts Santiago and Pamboy arroyo…parehong nanggugulo at nagtatawag ng pansin!

  • 100% freedom of navigation

    Kung paulit ulit ang mistake or ommisions hindi ba “doing it on purpose” yun?  At ano nga ba ang sapat na meaning ng TRO kasi T stands for temporary. Hindi siya tinawag na Permanent Restraining Order o PRO kaya siguro pwede nang buksan ang mga accounts. 

  • jiroarturo

    Sabi ni Brenda:  “Gross misconduct and dishonesty are serious charges which warrant the removal of a public officer. This must be supported by substantial evidence.” Bakit naging substantial evidence na ngayon ang kailangan? Hindi naman criminal case ito. Mag kaiba yata kayo ng opinion ni Enrile. Removal from office lang naman ang penalty. Akala mo ibibilanggo na yon si Corona pag na convict.

  • Tarhata

    If miriam desires to give lectures, why doesnt she become a teacher and hold her lectures in a classroom not in an impeachment court.  Or is she just showing off knowing that tv cameras are focused on her. That show-off should be booted out of the court.

    • mydamnopinion

      Aren;t you glad that you are learning anything or any single thing from this imepahcment court? Hindi naman lahat tayo lawyers dito. Buti nga me natutunan kaysa sa wala.

      • Delights

        At segurado ka nang tama ang natutunan mo sa mga sinabi ni Brenda dahil siya ang nagsabi nito? Hindi mo ba pinakinggan ang sinabi ng marami pang iba katulad ni Enrile na iba naman ang pananaw tungkol dito? Anong akala mo sa may tililing na yan, Diyos na nakaalam lahat? Baka nadala ka lang sa makamandag na bunganga nito. Mag-isip ka naman YourDamnedOpinion!!!

      • mydamnopinion

        I am not only referring to what Santiago, Enrile or anyone had said. I am not a laywer so I cannot  confrim what they had said. Law is not my field. This , for me, is a learning experience about the law, governemnt and its process. It’s not just the words but the process also.  It doesn’t have to come from someone’s mouth but  also from observations. In other words, I am looking at this as a whole. And please, stop giving me an impression that is unflattering to you. I am trying to keep an open mind.

        I stated a very general statement and you gave it your interpretation.

  • imnotstupid

    Miriam and Joker are just 2 senators that wanted Corona not convicted for GMA’s sake..

    • tehot


  • KapitanBagwis

     “A note of caution to the defense: Has your client disclosed all bank
    deposits (including) peso and dollars? If he did not, under this ruling,
    your client is guilty,” she said. ~ Sen Santiago

    Maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw….nasaan ang UD$$ account na naka TRO? P36 M , undervalued posh condos. Defense panel yan na lang sagutin ninyo…huwag na kayong magturo at mangdamay ng iban tao

  • Domeng

    “Santiago said prosecutors would win their case if they convinced
    senator-judges that Corona deliberately committed dishonesty and gross
    misconduct when he omitted several properties in his statement of
    assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN).

    But if Corona’s lawyers could show that he did not act in bad faith
    when he omitted specifically the dollar accounts being questioned in his
    SALN, the Chief Justice would be acquitted, she said.

    “You now have your work cut out for you,” Santiago told the prosecution and defense panels on Day 31 of the trial.”

  • quphal

    ngayon pa lang kino-kondisyon na ni tililing ang isipan ng publiko na acquit ang boto nya by putting words into people’s mouth. gusto nyang sumayaw ang impeachment court sa tugtog nya.
    senator, hindi man kami kasing talino ninyo pero hindi naman kami mangmang para sumayaw dyan sa tugtog mo.

  • Jon70

    Miriam is a damaged pizza.

  • Roycats

    tumira na nman c Brenda este Mirriam?? kahit ano png gawin mo senador santiago hindi na kapanipaniwala ang bawat salita mo?? sno ba nmang matinong tao ang maniwala sa isang pasang awa na pumasa ng BAR exam?? 76 lng ang passing mark ng mamagaling na?? mrami ngsasabing matindi ang credentials ntong c Brenda going into d ICC, paanong naging matindi eh anong credentials ang maipagmalaki ntong baliw na to eh pasang awa nga lng?? wag knang mg atend ng senate hearing araw araw?? ibigay mo na ang boto mo kay corona at least meron na cyang sure vote mula sa isang baliw na senador??  ng sa ganon maging maayos ang proceedings sa impeachment, naging magulo pg me baliw na panay ang tindig upang mapansin??

  • simondj

    Jeremiah 17- 9:  the heart is deceitful above all things and is desperately wicked, who can discern it? This particular verse is telling us, do not ask yourself. Do not marvel. Do not complain. Do not prove. The heart of man is deceitful above anything else, and is desperately wicked, how can you know it? So the heart of a man is the most deceitful, and its wickedness is beyond control, or beyond medication and they can hide it. Only God can know it. 

  • Atagalong

    Even the most well known  Enstein failed math at one timt. Notwithstanding a columnist showing Senator Santiago’s bar exam grade of 76, meaning, she does not have enough chuzpah to talk about law, in my opinion, from where I am, I noticed that she is one among the many gifted legal minds there in the Philippnes. She is vocal and direct, but she apparently knows what she is taliking about.

    • magsasakasanayon

      Santiago is no Einstein. you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • mydamnopinion

        And are you compaable to Einstein, is that it? Even geniuses have failings becuase they are human. unless you think they are perfect people.

      • Delights

        And why are you comparing magsasakasanayon to Einstein? Is magsasakasanayon the one overacting and showing off in the impeachment court as if saying “I’m as smart as Einstein was or even smarter than him”, or is it Brenda? Brenda and her self-serving statements is the topic in this news that is why Brenda is compared by magsasakasanayon to Einstein in his comment. Hindi si magsasakasanayon ang nagsalita kundi si Brenda! Nakuha mo YouDamnedOpinion?

  • wyl5326

    What a stupid question raised by the Joker that correctible offense is allowed after several years ! In basketball, once a foul is misscalled and the final bell ended the game, there is nothing more for the defeated team can do, because there is no such thing as correctible offense and the Thief  Justice can never become a Justice again ! 

  • Domeng

    Whether CJ Corona is convicted or acquitted, there are valuable learnings that the country is getting which it cannot find in books and classrooms. For one, there are very many government officials who are really, to say the least, not transparent in their SALN and in other ways – dishonest or negligent? Either case, the country expects so much more from them. And we citizens should also introspect – are we dishonest too or negligent?

    Thousands and thousands are on trial in this impeachment case. So many are now being convicted even before the impeachment trial is over.

    The verdict is clear: GUILTY! Not necessarily CJ Corona – WE ARE CONVICTED. Our own fingers are on us.

    • walangusername

      bakit ba turo ka ng turo sa iba, eh si corona lang ang on trial dito. at hindi siya bibitayin. aalisin lang bilang CJ. dinamay na lahat ng tao. sus!

  • rjimenez1226

    Miriam is a biased judge. She should be kicked out of the impeachment panel. She is also just trying to grab attention and play to thegallery. She should keep quiet and  learn to listen more to the arguments instead of  always trying to create and distract  the attention of the  court. This is a case of a judge not helping to elucidate  and clarify the situation but to only obfuscate proceedings.  Glad that people have realized how  arrogant, annoying and self-serving she is.

  • jamesbond

    whah!!!!!! here we go again sen santiago  i regretted voting you in every election and you’re acting as if a sidewalk vendor.  now you are  advising both sides who need it???? dont do the act of pilate  because eversince you are good in manipulating people alam na namin dami mong mukha. WAHHHHHH!!!! kadiri

  • dcjordan15

    No matter what happens I think Mrs Santiago will vote to acquit Mr Corona!

    • Jao Romero

      naturally. mga brain damaged lang ang boboto para i-acquit si Corona.

  • reneboy726

    how could Miriam gauge the standard of each and every senator-judge in making the decision???

    does she think that she is that so bright to determine that what in the mind of the other senator-judge is the same as her ???


  • Rorschach

    You’ve lost your credibility, Santiago.

    Spell my FOOT.

  • rjimenez1226

    Hpw can the story  run a story like this portraying Santiago as a fount of great understanding when this  judge does not even know how to behave herself in public?  Miriam is wasting your time and  our time. Kunsitihin nyo pa!

    • mydamnopinion

      The article merely reports what happeend. It has done its job by simply reporting. If you don’t want to read anything about Santaigo, feel free to read anything that isn’t about her. Boycott mo kung gusto mo. Hindi naman ikaw ang nagpapasweldo sa reporter.

      • Delights

        Ang sinasabi lang ni rjimenez1226 ay ang obvious na pagtangkilik at pag-angat ng reporter sa “kagalingan” daw ni Brenda. Kung balanse ka magbasa mapapansin mo na hindi pawang balita lang ito kundi may halong opinion ng reporter na pinapalabas na sobrang galing ni Brenda. At iyan ay opinion ko at ni rjimenez1226 at marami pang ibang Pilipinong nasa katinuan. You and your kind of course have your own opinion but you DO NOT TELL US WHAT TO READ AND WHAT NOT TO READ!!! Naintindihan mo YourDamnedOpinion?

      • mydamnopinion

        Then cite the reporter for being biased. As I said, feel free and do anything you like. I don’t have the power to restrict your actions  or anything.

  • allan

    A discrepancy of several millions of pesos and in thousand if not a million of dollars is a clear omission and dishonesty. This is is not about a few thousand pesos or a one or 2 million pesos discrepancy. Minsan common sense lang.

  • allan

    No one in the prosecutor panel dare to accuse Miriam as biased toward the defense because of they way her mouth talk back. It penetrate to the bone. She is transformed into an uncivilized no boundary trash speaking senator. yaiiiks

  • i_am_filipino

    Meriam, You are totally righteous. I admire you

  • Jezreel Llanera

    Comments showing personal disgust below are impertinent, irrelevant and immaterial! You said Santiago is biased, yet your writings show otherwise. Why don’t we try reading the article carefully and stop prejudging. She has her own fair share of flaws just like we all do. Can’t we look at the bright side of the story and be objective? We are of same race after all.

    • marionics

      ganyan talaga ang freedom of speech chong. but i agree with you only to the extent of profanities and name-calling which i think is more demeaning to the name-caller than the recipient because it shows a total dirth of substance in arguments he he

    • Delights

      Mukhang you are showing good faith in your comments above. Kaya lang I suggest that you have to read between the lines the statements that this Santiago are saying, and you have to take into account the many instances she was showing bias and acting biased not only for the defense team and Corona but for GMA and company and the rest of their kind! Take her whole being as you have observed her not only today but in all other instances in the past, long before this impeachment proceedings. If you say you don’t know what I’m talking about then so be it – continue to be duped and fooled by this eloquent but untruthful Santiago.

  • eli_mejia

    There is no “double
    jeopardy” restriction in an impeachment case.

    Even if the CJ is
    exonerated in this impeachment trial this year, there is no constraint in
    filing another impeachment case after the one year ban next year, based on
    “ill-gotten wealth”/”unexplained wealth” charges, which
    appears to be the main issue against the CJ. 

    It will come as clearly
    as the day next year if he is acquitted from this trial this year.

    Thus, he is no longer
    fit to head the helm of the Judiciary. 

    He will spend so much of
    his time in solely, defending himself from all these charges.

    • marionics

      that is, i inferred, exactly what cong. farinas implied when he said that let us tackle the ill-gotten wealth issue (art. 2.4) now or we will be back in december he he

  • Mark

    But then again, she can always say….”I lied” and laugh it all off :)

  • Alex

    If this only happened one or at least twice, we can give the benefit of the doubt to Corona.  But in his case, from day 1, the defense has already been blocking and discrediting the presentation of evidences.  Why is that?  They, they continue to present witnesses why these properties were not in the SALN.  The most glaring is the Ayala Penthouse at the Fort, for five years it was not lived-in. Obviously, any unoccupied property will incur much deterioration.  Had it been another person who owned that property, Ayala would have stood their ground on the non-payment of condominium dues and would have not done the repairs.  They had to overlook this, as Ayaland will have more to lose.  It’s really unbelievable how the Coronas can turn things on people for corporations, like what they did to Basa-Guidote, which Christina ended up owning the majority.  This is not just a simple case of everyday error, this is a systematic wielding of power.   

  • boytalakitok

    nagmamagaling galingan na naman ba……hehehehehehe 

  • KarmaGMA

    i have no single admiration for meriam or brenda as she is fondly called even though i am also an ilonggo. she is a disgrace to our race.

    • adam_d_ant

      mas disgrace si tsupa at si baboy .

      am ilonggo too …. drilon is the worst  .. ahas to the core  … tsupa?  where did they get their money?  they’re nobodies in barotac viejo before niel sr. became the governor … when niel sr. was still the congressman of the 5th district he was a good congressman … ng tumanda, naloko na

      • Ramil Abalon

        oh di nga…ilongo rin ako taga doon mismo baka ikaw peke ..he he he bat sa amin maayos yan ha ha ha peke kang ilonggo 

      • Philippines

        kun ilonggo, dapat hiligaynon man ang sabat, indi bala? hahahaha

  • Lucky Luciano

    Na Impeach na ang katinuan ng utak ni Brenda

  • dongBarako

    Hoi Brenda!!!…hindi Janitor yang nasasakdal!…Harvard graduate yan, nagtrabaho pa sa SGV, at naging executive pa ng banco!..anong pinag sasabi mong “show intent to commit dishonesty”?
    Experto yang si Corona sa bagay-bagay at walang maniniwala na na mi-miss lang nya o there’s an unintended omission in the SALN.

    Makapal pa sa kulot mong buhok Brenda ang intention ni Corona na wag ilagay (gustong itago) ang ibat-ibang ari-arian at kayamanan niya!…di naman ordinaryong tao yan na walang ka-alam alam sa SALN.


    • PaengSaAmerika

      Lahat ng palusot ginawa para lang maabsuwelto, kahit magmukhang tanga na kunwari eh di nai-declare the true figures. Talaga rin naman. I salute you dongBarako. I would like to know kung decaf yung coffee mo? :)

  • dongBarako

    to All Senator-Judges, make your life easy, judge him (Corona) according to his own principle.

    “As such we shall continuously cleanse the court’s ranks by strengthening the integrity of the judiciary and raising it to the highest level possible. I believe that a member of the judiciary who is found guilty of dishonesty should not only be dismissed from the service but also disbarred. No ifs, no buts.”

    (Speech delivered by Chief Justice Renato C. Corona at the MOPC Judiciary Night, 7:00 p.m., 24 June 2010,  Hotel Intercontinental)

    • Ramil Abalon

      oh paano mo ma cleanse yan kung ikaw mismo ay mandarambong he he he… may kaibigan akong nag sabi na noong nasa korte daw sila sabi ng abugado nila….kailangan daw ng abugado ng 5000 para ibigay sa judge upang hindi masyadong maging strict sa kanila he he he…ganun ba ang mga huwes…pero maaring ganyan ang kalakaran….subalit paano ba gagawin ang pagbabago sa pamamalakad sa husgado…sa tingin kaya ng marami kayang baguhin ni corona yan??? samantalang kitang kita sa kanyang mga ginagawa….ha more talks more mistakes and in deeds ha ha ha

  • sasama

    …Brenda…ngayung makakatay na manok mo, nag-evolve ka na from inquisitioner -> lectrurer -> adviser(kuno) ha….

  • curatolo

    Bakit ba nag a advice tong si Brenda? Masyado naman itong believe sa sarili? Ano ba akala  mo ikaw na pinaka matalinong lawyer sa mundo? Tumahimik ka na lang!!!!!!!

    • marionics

      yup! yan na nga ang buong akala niya talaga he he

  • Tatang_Fred

    Senator Santiago noted in the Pleyto case that SC found that failure to (properly disclose) is not dishonesty but only simple negligence. But she failed to mention what former Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban noted in his article on the Pleyto vs PNP-CIDG (Nov. 23, 2007), “petitioner was negligent for failing … to provide a detailed list of his assets and business interests … and for relying on the family bookkeeper/accountant to fill out his SALN and in signing the same without checking or verifying the entries therein.”. It can be inferred that the petitioner testified that he relied on the family bookkeeper/accountant to fill out his SALN.
    But, in this impeachment case, CJ Corona has not yet testified (or not willing) to explain the failure to disclose assets and deposits in his SALN or whether he relied on his accountant or his “bonsai” family bookkeeper to fill out his SALN. So, why is the burden to prove dishonesty rest on the Prosecution and not on Corona to explain that the omission is not dishonest but a simple negligence? Is there not a presumption of dishonesty for failure to disclose?
    There are other more relevant cases decided by the Supreme Court that Senator Santiago failed to mention. I read the article of former Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban entitled “Omissions in SALN”, published in the Phil Inquirer issue of Feb 25, 2012. In it he enumerated the following cases decided by the Supreme Court with penalty of dismissal from service:
    a) Rabe vs Flores (May 14, 1997), a Regional Trial Court (RTC) interpreter dismissed for failure to disclose in her SALNs her business interest, which was “a stall in the market”.
    b) In Concerned Taxpayer vs Doblada (June 8, 2005), an RTC sheriff was dismissed for “his failure to declare a true and detailed SALN” for several years. “There were discrepancies, inconsistencies and omissions in his SALNs, consisting of properties and business interests acquired but which were declared in his SALNs only two or more years later.”
    c) Accuracy of entries required. Flores vs Montemayor (June 8, 2011) SC reiterated the penalty of dismissal for the respondent’s unjustified failure to declare “two expensive cars” in his 2001 and 2002 SALNs. Ruled the Supreme Court:
    CJ Panganiban  also said in his article “To stress, the Supreme Court decided the above administrative cases on the basis of strict legality. For impeachment cases, the Senate, after hearing the parties, has a wider policy discretion to decide whether the respondent is still fit and qualified to remain as the highest magistrate of the land”.
    I am inclined to believe that the other Senator-Judges will have their work cut-out for them too if only they “cover their ears” and not to listen to her bias rumbling, but take note of the wisdom of CJ Panganiban in the above paragraph.

    • marionics

      you make a fair point he he. atsaka kung opinion ni miriam as opposed to a former chief justice with an impecable reputation ang pagpipilian e sino kaya ang sasangayunan ko? teka, sino nga kaya? teka lang ha. he he

  • Ramil Abalon

    para syo meriam…e recall mo nga kung ang ikinamatay ng anak…..bakit walang inventigation doon…kailan nga nangyari yun?  nag tatanong lang kasi masyadong active ang memory mo sa batas….

    • iamnobody

      ouch. how insensitive can you get? kala nyo ganun kadaling mamatayan ng anak? 

      • marionics

        well i can’t “politically correctly” disagree with you pero i can’t say that she didn’t exactly have it coming either he he

      • Ramil Abalon

        tama ka…yan ang tanong ko?

      • Ramil Abalon


  • residentevil26

    Go Miriam. I admire you.  Solido suporta ko, fellow UP-ian eh.  Don’t mind these moronic earthlings hehe

    • marionics

      birds of a feather he he

    • Jao Romero

      that’s just a stupid position to take. so because you’re from the same school, you support her whole-heartedly? never mind if she’s good or bad? i’m from Ateneo and i don’t support Corona at all. blind support is just the mark of a stupid man.

    • Bulbulino

      Boy! sa tingin ko hindi ka taga UP. cguro taga UPian ng lata sa kanto kasi sa mga salita parang hindi nakapag aral sa UP. Ang talagang taga Up ay may sariling paninindigan kanya kanya ng opinion at paniniwala. Hindi katulad mo hilaw na taga UP…….

      • residentevil26

        Well my BS is in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology In UP Dil lang naman and also finished my MD in UP Manila  (MD= medical doctor, alam ko moron ka kaya inispell ko na).  Now a resident in the US.  So sino hilaw na taga-UP?   I was also an activist back then in the college days but now, I just laugh at those moments.

      • HistoryMaker101

        iskolar ng bayan pumunta ng US, share mo talent mo dito sa PINAS

  • PaengSaAmerika

    ‘Di n’yo ba nahahalata medyo nagbabagong anyo na si Sen Miriam? Medyo parang lumalagay na sa bandang gitna. May be because of too much pressure, kasabay ng pagtaas ng blood pressure.

  • tuldok

    brain-damaged politicians/judges/dept heads and secretaries should serve two terms.  One in office.  One in prison.   

  • shalom shalom


  • tonto_ka

    Brenda IGNORANCE of the law excuses no one…

  • Lopez_Chaena

    Being a lawyer and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, “negligence” of the Law or “ignorance” of the Law is not one of his options.

  • fer1973

    Santiagos accounts in the bank and her assets must be the oe to open..She is one of the protector of the corrupt officials like Corona, Gloria, Abalos, Marcos including the crimes of the iglesia ni manalo’s cult. her lifestyle must be check and strip in public.

    • Bulbulino

      Tama ka dyan pareko! Si Miriam mukang kasabwat ng depensa ganun talaga ipaglalaban nya na dipensahan si Coronakot para nga naman hindi mahalata ang kanyang bank account nya.

  • RomyLitz

    Brenda strikes again. She delivered a two-edged sword and it is without a doubt targetting the Prosec Team. Anyway, the Corona Case is sure ball indefensible and the survey will influence the vote-oriented politicians. They, Bong was wrong, cannot vote according to conscience, it must be according to their plans to advance their cause, a personal one.Condolence to Coronakut groups and Brenda Alliance. May you have more mongoloids in the INC. I need cash groups, I mean.

  • Bulbulino

    Coronakot guilty as charge. sinungaling na punong mahestrado kapag napawalang sala, malamang the people will loss their trust in the Supreme court. There is no more law that will govern in our country dahil niloloko lang tayo ng mga ito. Wala nang magpapakulong dahil wala nang naniniwala sa batas at sa mga mahestrado. Kaya malamang kanya kanya na lang ang mangyayari patayan dito, doon…..kakatakot! kaya sa mga senador natin wag natin palagpasin ito dapat doon tayo sa kabutihan itapon natin ang kasamaan sa lipunan.

  • RomyLitz

    To Coronakut and Brenda Alliance,
    The case is  difficult if not impossible one  to say that it is an inadvertent error or “honest” mistake and can be snowpaked easily. Doing it repeatedly for almost TEN YEARS ?? The motive to deliberately and willfully falsify and exclusions of the assets and liabilities is so crystal clear. Expect Cuevas to back out soon! Coronakut will not take the witness stand as he promised and wont open his dollar account. If he does, it is an act exactly the same as Gen. Reyes, suicidal one.

  • Jessica Tabaca

    @fer1973:disqus If you’re not aware, Sen. Santiago is one of the few senators who have regularly filed her SALN and declared all her assets. You can even check it if you want. 

    • Bulbulino

      My love no need to check it. It is not important because that is not within the issue of Coronakot case. But surely if the way things will continue that Mirian her attitude is still the same, expect come election date she will never win the election anymore.

      • marionics

        kaya nga malakas ang loob niya e kasi di naman siya reelectionist tapos by the time na matapos ang term niya sa ICJ (God help us) and she decides to run again e malamang nakalimutan na ng mga tao ang mga pinaggagagawa niya he he

  • Bulbulino

    Anyway, as you said so, no issues for that but the way you admire a person like brain damage is the fact that will reflect also on your personality of who you are.   

  • Al Japney J. Loredo

    Ergo, CJ Corona should correct “simple negligence” in his SALN. Only by then correction is not obtained, should make him guilty. 

  • Jordache

    The best advice you can get from the case whenever Senator Judge Brenda speaks is from the body language of Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre.

  • valsore

    I thought the issue is not about dishonesty per se, but about using the position of power or what not to accumulate wealth.

  • Betz Chui

    Merriam: What? Omission, negligence, correctible…this is alright if the amount is so small…. we are talking here of millions! and five Dollar accounts,  and condo units! Not to declare it is a mere correctible negligence? Ganoon? You are fired!!…Ginagawa nyong tanga ang sambayanan.

  • marivon

    Santiago noted that in the Philippine Anti-Graft Commission v. Pleyto,
    the Supreme Court held that “failure to (properly disclose) is not
    dishonesty but only simple negligence.

    A difference of 28 million is simple negligence. Wala pa dollar account doon, simple negligence pa rin. Talaga bang bopol sa math ang mga abogado? A few thousand or probably even one million, but by all standards, how can you miss 28 million if it were an honest mistake?

  • Motmot


  • RomyLitz

    Invite better Brenda to a TV debate about this “negligence” of 5 dollar accounts? Brenda is very invincible when she put on the Senator-Judges robe. Place her in an open ground and opendebate she will be finished  by a high school graduate with an exceptional math aptitude.

  • RomyLitz

    Brenda and Corona,

    We invite you to an open TV debate. Just say when you are comfortably available and free. We can budget a debate until dawn. Don’t hide under the cloth of Judge-Senator or as Chief Justice. Let’s see if your case is really easy to defend in an open forum. I believe thousands will be queuing up to wash out your weird logic of “negligence”, small error and oversight? Tell that to your students or children but not here in the open blogg.

  • obionekenobi

    so where is the 25 or 45 properties now mr Tupas? Question was there ill motivation… ha mr abnoy?

  • jumbo

    What must be answered in the SALN:

    1.  Are all properties there, what were the acquisition costs of these properties, will the total amount paid for real properties acquired be within the means of Corona, if not where did he get the money?

    2.  Explain the discrepancy between the cash/investment reported in the SALN and the total cash from the various accounts of Corona, peso and dollar account.  If the money is not his, why did he allow himself to be used as safekeeper of the money, on what authority did he do this.  Does he not know (being the highest judge in the land) that this is against the law, especially if the money you are hiding is being claimed by other people. The records of the accounts must examined in details – withdrawals and deposits.

    3.  Explain the liability (cash advance) from his wife’s family company.  SALN is not all about assets, its also about Liabilities and Net Worth.  What is the legal basis for this loan, does he not know that this is also illegal, to take advantage of his wife’s company (obtain a loan and use it to buy real properties).  Where did he get the money to pay back the loan?

    Mirriam is over simplifying the whole thing but there are unique items in Corona’s SALN that need to scrutinized.  The loan/cash advance angle is one thing, only a person who knows about finance will use this spin in the SALN to cover for ill gotten wealth.  The impact of using the liability cover is double the amount – obtain a loan and use this to buy property – effect on Net Worth is zero new assets PHP11 Million less Liability PHP11 Million.  If the loan is fictitious the cover for unexplained money received is PHP11 Million.  The payment of the loan in six years is another cover for unexplained money received, where did the money come from – as shown by Corona’s defense team he earned PHP21 Million something in 10 years.  Surely the PHP11 Million used to pay for the loan did not come from his earnings.  His family will not be able to survive given their upper-class lifestyle, plus the fact that he purchased more real properties.  This is not in the previous SC rulings mentioned by Mirriam but it should be deliberated and explained satisfactorily.

    As to Joker’s correctible not impeachable offense as usual he is just joking.  Obviously he was not paying attention at all to the lengthy presentation of Mirriam (he should have covered his ears). Where is this question coming from?  The SALN presented is for ten years and Corona has been consistent in his loan story, undervalued or misdeclared real properties and the cash balance which is hardly changing.  This is deliberate, the intention and motive is clearly there.  The supreme court has been making decisions and positions relative to SALN related cases and Corona has been a member of the Supreme Court by then.  If he is aware he needed to correct his SALN he should have done so, consistent with the rulings they have been promulgating.  So really Joker, kindly stop making a mockery of the impeachment proceeding.  In finance there is also that principle of materiality.  If we are just talking of a few thousand pesos here, it may be correctible since the effect really is immaterial.  But millions in discrepancies, like PHP3 Million cash in the SALN compared to PHP32 Million cash in bank excluding dollar deposits – this is more thatn 10 times.  This is too significant to be just classified as correctible offense.

    Nice try Mirriam but lets not limit the rules of the game based on your personal liking, there is so much more here, Corona is a different animal.

    • DavidBanez

      I read this from earlier blogs. Acquisation cost of property is not the proper basis of paying tax. SIMPLY:

      I purchased a house and lot, say in far province at 1 million pesos in year 1970. After 40 years the house became delapidated that the assessed value become very less, say only 250,000 including the lot, in year 2010. Will it be proper and reasonable if the government will impose the 1 million original acquisition value as the basis of my tax in 2010?

      I would rather argue to use the current assessed value prepared by the governmenrt Assessor office as the basis of tax of the current year 2010.

      Or in another situation: I purchased a piece of land along Ortigas Ave  in Pasig for 1 million pesos in year 1970. After 40 years, the value of my lot has appreciated due to its location, and by the year 2010 t the assessed value of my land has become 15 million pesos. Will it be reasonable to the goverment if pay the realty tax in year 2010 based on 1 million acquisition value of 1 million only??

      Please tax experts and BIR enlighten me on this!!!!
      Which one is correct? Acquisition cost or assessed value? 

      • Bobbie_mae

         AS JPE explained , the purpose of the SALN is for public officials to be able to account for their assets, liabilities and net worth, and to be able to show whether they are living within their means as a public official . For the purposes of computing net worth, any accountant will tell you that the standard  to be used for valuing the real property asset is acquisition cost. When you purchase land, you are simply transforming your asset — cash into a different form — land , so that is why you declare it at acquisition cost. BTW , BIR allows companies to  value their real property holdings at acquisition cost. This is because increases or decreases  in the value of real estate are not realized in a company’s books until the property is actually sold and the transaction is recorded in a company’s books. For the purposes of paying real estate taxes yearly, the gov’t has a schedule of assessed values. The use of acquisition cost and assessed values are for different purposes, and you shouldnt confuse the two.

  • jumbo

    A simple question – if the personal loan from Corona’s wife family company is true and the same money is being claimed by other owners of the company, is Corona being fair.  He used the money to buy their own personal properties.  Where is the integrity here, is this conduct and behavior worthy for a man of his stature.  Nakita nyo ba yung Madre, may mas karapatan yun na gamitin ng panandalian ang pera ng company nila keysa kay Corona.

  • obionekenobi

    from 45 to 6 … tang%$%$^$^ GINAGO TAYONG LAHAT ng Prosecution…. Ano? talagang prinopaganda lang tayo ng prosecutor..

  • egay_d_tagay

    To Hon. Mirriam: Hindi maaaring ikumpara ang kaso ni Pleyto kay Corona. May dahilan kung bakit simple negligence yung kay Pleyto. Yung kay Corona, that is not simpe..! Properties worth of tens of millions, peso and dollar accounts, might be in tens of millions also, not reflected in his SALN. Questionable sale of condos to his daughter is also needs clarifications. Ownership of BGEI also needs clarifications. Withdrawal of P30M in PSBank at the same date when he was impeached needs clarification from Corona himself, and many more issues Corona should answer in the impeachment court.

    Hindi lang naman assets and liabilities niya ang pinag-uusapan dito kundi “KUNG ANO ANG PAGKATAO NITONG SI CORONA.” Dapat pa ba siyang manatili sa posisyon niya pagkatapos ng lahat?  

  • jimmy_maranan

    Kumita ng 22M. Ngayon may peso na 30M + assets+ dollars.

  • Ding

    nahahalata tuloy tao pag walang konsensya para sabihin mo na kaya mo hindi nai-declare dahil sa negligence… o baka tawag diyan eh ‘bad faith’. sino ba gusto paniwalain ng mga ito? kung tapat ka at alam mo yong bagay na ginagawa mo walang lugar ang sinasabing negligence. diba kaya nga tawag ‘asset’ at ‘liabilities.’ imagine milyon halaga ng asset mo nakalimutan mo, hindi ka nag-declare tapos palalabasin mo dahil negligence. wow ang galing ano? marami din naman pilipino kahit hindi nagaral ng batas hindi naman tanga ano? 

  • Jack

    kapag naconvict ba si corona ay bababa na ang presyo ng galunggong?

    • Glenn Pinohermoso

       Kaya hinde unaasinso ang pinas dahil sa isipan natin ganyan sana yung isipin natin yung makakatulong tayo sa bansa para umasenso na tayo alisin na natin yung CRAB MENTALITY

  • jumbo

    Negligence ba yan, sa 10 years SALN puro mali-mali, eh pano yung mga unang taon pa.  Tingnan nyong mabuti ang SALN ni Corona, may istorya na komo-connect taon-taon, consistent ang script, pano naging negligence yan.  Intentional yan, sana kung mali yung isang taon, hindi na tinuloy ang script at nilagay na agad sa tama.  Ok lang sana, wala namang titingin, kaso di naanticipate ang impeachment.  Dyan sya naging negligent, dapat kung alam mong may baho kang tinatago, wag ka ng laban ng laban, matuto kang magbigay at sumuko muna kung hindi kaya.  Negligent ka, hinila mo buong supreme court sa basurahan, lahat tuloy ng huwes tinitingnan na ngayon ng tao, “tutoo palang ang lakas ng racket dyan sa SC, multi-millionaire tong si Corona”.  Negligent ka, inisip mulang sarili mong pride, inisip mo lang si GMA, pano ang pamilya mo, ngayong pati mga aria-arian ng mga anak mo na binili mo para sa kanila mauungkat at lahat sila nabahiran ng katako-ttakot na duda, galing pala sa katiwalian ang yaman nyo.  Inisip mo ba yun Corona.  Anong sinasabi mong pinaglalaban mo ang SC, nilagay mo ang SC sa basurahan, pati pamilya mo nadamay sa kahihiyaan.  Dyan ka negligent, maaring ma-acquit ka ng senado ngayon pero may tiwala pa kaya ang tao sa yo.  Pano next year, di impeachment uli at lalong mas matibay na ebidensya na ang ihaharap sa yo.  Negligent ka nga talaga, napakalapit lang ng paningin mo, wala kang quality ng tunay na leader, di pa huli ang lahat, sumuko ka na.

  • ceegonzaga

    Ang hirap mong paniwalaan. Sasabihin mona naman ” I LIED “

  • koikoi

    If we are to follow Santiago’s reasoning, then Corona is guilty. The mere fact that Corona’s SALNs were defective from 2002 is a blatant proof that his act is not negligence but pure gross misconduct and dishonesty.

  • francisco

    Senator Santiago,wag na  natin paikutin ang sambayanang pilipino. GUILTY na mn talaga yong CORONA na ito….ano ba ang moral ng corona iyan to be our CJ,while so many question still un answered until now…YONG mga GUNs at inaapi nya…ninanakaw na lupain??????..

  • francisco

    PUT corona on JAIL with GMA….isama nyo rin si Senator santiago….Mga BUWAYA ng BAYAN

  • joeldcndcn


  • calgary2526

    But if Corona’s lawyers could show that he did not act in bad faith when he omitted specifically the dollar accounts being questioned in his SALN, the Chief Justice would be acquitted, she said.

    No matter how I look at this statement, I could not bring myself to derive at a conclusion that Corona’s action would be met by an acquittal. The fact that the dollar accounts were omitted-either in good faith or not simply and plainly spells out DISHONESTY.

  • rjimenez1226

    How can you respect her opinion when she does not respect anyone except herself?

    • sikomen

       “I lied! hahaha! I lied! hahaha” – mds

  • ofwme2807

    naniniwala pa ba kayo sa sinasabi ni brenda tililing????wala na wala ng naniniwala sau madamme lumayas ka na sa pinas punta na sa ICC at dun ka magkalat

  • ofwme2807

    brenda nsaan na ang psychiatric record at history mo ipakita mo muna sa amin bago kami maniwala sau????

  • Robert Ragudo

    Santiago must be nuts.  It is not intent that counts; it is facts.  Fact: his SALN reveals a systematic pattern of omission of his assets, including his dollar accounts…

  • Philippines

    The thing is let’s finish the trial first and have our judgment after. 
    Remember, the right of Presumption of Innocence?

    “The right means that the presumption must be overcome by
    evidence of guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

    Guilt beyond reasonable doubt means that there is moral
    certainty as to the guilt of the accused

    Accusation is not synonymous to guilt—conviction should then
    be based on the strength of the evidence of the prosecution and not the
    weakness of the defense”

  • oracle888

    Is Santiago taking over the presiding officer title of the impeachment court from JP Enrile? She has no absolute power or authority to draw the guide line on which the Senator-Judges should vote. To come out from her mouth with such kind of talk is shamefully bold, absurd, and out of line. What does she think of her colleague in the impeachment court? A bunch of idiots who do not know how to decide for themselves? It will be not a surprise that she thinks she is better than any other senator-judges.

    As if she wanted to be recognized, she is jumping the gun even when the trial has not ended yet and the defense is still presenting their witnesses.

    Oh Brenda, Brenda, I am sure the Philippines will be better without you.

  • oracle888

    It is deliberately committed dishonesty and gross misconduct if  CJ Corona did not disclose his dollar accounts this week as promised by him during his frenzy media interviews recently.

  • Nic Legaspi

    Mukhang gusto nang matapos ng madame Senator ang trial ah. Spoon-feeding na ba tayo ngayon pati sa impeachment court?

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    Pa-epal na naman si Brenda. Akala niya siya lang ang magaling. Sira ulo!

  • don_p73

    Ang daming mas magaling kay Miriam dito a. 

  • hazeleyes555

    who among the 23 senators are for re election.please help

  • sikomen

    USD 700k, negligence? hehehe. bagong pik ap line ni mds. ^^,

  • tagapagtanggol

    kapalmuks talaga si brenda, gusto palagi sya starring, hoy brenda, hindi ikaw ang bida dito, extra ka lang kaya pls tumahimik ka na lang sa tabi at makinig..

  • JosephNess

    “Gross misconduct and dishonesty are serious charges which warrant the removal of a public officer. This must be supported by substantial evidence. The prosecution has to show at least … that omission or misdeclaration was deliberately intended by the defendant,” she added.

    everyone knew that people saved their money in a bank and there’s just nobody with high earnings, who will not secure their hard earned money in a bank, availing of various bank modes of savings, thus, there’s just nobody who will not have bank accounts in their care, for that’s the mode of savings every sane person do, to protect their money. Knowing this, there should be no excuse for all government employees not to include these kind of assets in their SALN, especially high ranking officials occupying key positions in government, receiving high wages, various allowances and bonuses, for that’s required by law.
    In the case of the CJ, were there the intention of not declaring and disclosing his numerous bank accounts especially his dollars in his SALN ? these are known facts, that if the prosecution has not found his various bank accounts, these bank accounts will never be known by everyone and these will never be declared and disclosed, especially the dollar accounts whom he has no intention to disclose, protecting it from disclosing by the power of the TRO,  his court issued, granted to the PSB…the mere delay, rigorous cravings and long waiting from all sectors of his disclosure and his seemingly false media promises of disclosure, showed his intent not to declare and disclose it in his SALN  for all people to know…will there be substantial  evidence to negate this allegations by the prosecution and his fictitious pronouncements in media, of this non declarations, nondisclosures and his intent of it ? common sense will dictate that all his actions showed his intent to hide these bank accounts, proving by  his defense strong protest to the exposure  of all these bank accounts done by the prosecution, even citing the illegal manner of which these bank accounts were acquired…Will these already known events that happened  in the impeachment court, enough to show his deliberate intent of his not disclosing and declaring these discovered bank accounts in his SALN ? otherwise, it is still his gross negligence for omitting to include these various bank accounts in his SALN for several years for which it implied showing the intent in his action.

  • Bobbie_mae

    Although JPE said that properties should be declared at acquisiiton cost, I think that the defense has wiggle room on the issue of the properties not being declared at the right time or the properties being declared at fair market or assessed value. I dont think there is any wiggle room on the matter of the peso and dollar deposits. A large portion of bank deposits were not declared. Relative to the size of the actual bank deposits, Corona in fact underdeclared  his bank deposits/cash.  Is that not dishonesty, plain and simple ? The consistent pattern is an under declaration of  cash deposits. Is that not betrayal of public trust , in so far as he is trying to hide the real size of his bank deposits?

  • Bobbie_mae

    Dishonesty or simple negligence on the peso and dollar deposits? Isnt this splitting hairs? O sige if its negligence, then will they be allowed to correct the SALN ? O sige if they are allowed to correct the SALN, how many times are they allowed to make mistakes before it is called dishonesty? So if you pursue this argument to its logical absurdity,a new rule book has to br crafted to define all the instances that qualify as negligence, etc… If a public offcial cannot understand what is meant by dishonesty and needs an entire rule book to define it for him, then I think he shouldnt be in public office in the first place. Miriam is grasping at straws. Unfortunately she is wasting everyone’s time.

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