Aquino slams people behind ‘Noynoying’


Noynoying he is not, and neither is he going to get into a fight over it.

President Benigno Aquino III made that clear when asked by reporters what he thought of the claim by activists that he was simply “Noynoying” in his job—a stab at his supposedly “carefree” style of addressing pressing problems. Noynoy is the President’s nickname.

Chatting with the media on Sunday night at the Mansion—the President’s official summer residence in Baguio City—Mr. Aquino said his critics’ latest swipe at him “does not merit attention.”

“How can one show something to a person who does not want to see, or make him listen when he does not want to listen?” said the President, who spent the night in Baguio  after attending the graduation ceremonies of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Class 2012 at Fort Del Pilar.

“But for me, I have all the statistics,” he said.

Bullish markets

Mr. Aquino said that in a talk with the PMA graduates, he told them that a “ready test” to show the economy was improving would be the number of people in the mall carrying packages as against the number of people simply “malling.”

Another indication was the booming construction industry as shown by the building activities in Metro Manila, he said. He also pointed to the strong showing of the stock market.

“I’ve been in office for 21 months and the record was broken 21 times,” Mr. Aquino said, referring to the stock exchange index.

The President said he could not do anything if some groups would not believe in the efforts being made by his administration. “I will just try to do what is right and what I think would give results,” he added.

“When we started out, given the enormity of the problems, we thought two years minimum before you start sensing things are changing. But I think it’s [already] happening,” the President said.

Running out of issues

Budget Secretary Florencio Abad said in a text message he believed the Noynoying type of protest would lose its relevance as the public became aware that the protesters were resorting to personal attacks against the President.

Noynoying first drew media attention last week when protesters at the University of the Philippines in Quezon City simply lounged around the steps of a building, trying to look bored or giving the impression of doing nothing. Organizers said the protest was intended to portray a “do-nothing President.”

“I think they are just trying to attract the attention of a public that has been ignoring them. With the reforms being introduced by President Aquino in anticorruption, poverty reduction and jobs, they are running out of issues to rally around,” Abad said.

Netizens at it, too

Abad said resorting to personal attacks showed that the militants had run out of criticisms against the President.

“They are seriously in danger of drifting into irrelevance. That is why they have now degenerated into launching baseless ad hominem attacks against the person of the President,” Abad said.

Kabataan Rep. Raymond Palatino said Abad was “out of touch with reality.”

“Noynoying will be ignored by the public if it doesn’t have basis. But Noynoying is no longer an activist initiative, it has been readily embraced and popularized by the public, especially netizens,” Palatino said.

“If Abad isn’t aware of it, (it is) the public, not us activists, who (are) responsible for the popular usage of the term.”

ACT Teachers Rep. Antonio Tinio said Abad should not “arrogantly dismiss” Noynoying and those who coined it.

“These organizations are merely expressing the growing discontent of the public regarding the President’s performance on economic issues. It has gained currency with the public because it perfectly captures their frustration with P-Noy’s lack of action on rising oil prices. Mark my words,” Tinio said. With a report from Gil C. Cabacungan

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  • Ismael

    Abad and Aquino have the same thing in common: Abadingding and Noynoying (do-nothing govt officials)

    • Francis81

       I beg to disagree with you Ismael. Masipag kaya si Abad. Masipag magnakaw. Bwahahaha!

  • nestleraisinets

    ano ba yang presidente na yan UHUGING BATA!

  • D_BystandeR

    It is unfortunate that some people easily fall into the abyss of carelessness by coining some words derogatory to our President like, “Noynoying” and “abnoy.” But this is not the way to capture the President’s attention by usung “silly” words. And besides, P-Noy is doing his best  to improve the lives of ordinary Filipinos. Recent survey results indicate he earned high ratings reflecting the popular sentiments of the majority of the people. We should be glad we have a President whose mind and heart are focused to finding ways and means to improve the lives of the common man not like the previous administration of GMA where its main preoccupation was how to enrich themselves.

    • Francisco, Jr. M

      hirap ng buhay sa Pinas…

    • EdgarEdgar

      If he’s not ready to be president, Noynoy should not have offered himself up for election. By taking advantage of the massive outpouring of grief after his mom’s death, he and those who want to use him won the presidency. It was democratic, free and fair election alright. But it was not truthful because Noynoy misrepresented himself.

    • Nic Legaspi

      “Recent survey results indicate he earned high ratings reflecting the popular sentiments of the majority of the people.”

      By now, we should have learned that popularity surveys do not necessarily reflect the true sentiments of the people, nor should it be an indicator of good performance. It would be good to remember that Erap once had high satisfaction ratings, but that did not mean he was able to keep our country strong during his administration.

    • zbone

      “P-Noy is doing his best  to improve the lives of ordinary Filipinos”, maybe everyone should just accept the fact that his best is not good enough for this country.  He is lazy and unproductive. He is not president material, in work ethic or intellect.  That is now obvious and well established after almost 2 years in office.

    • msmakabayan

      you believe surveys? Define satisfactory performace. Ask Class C-E people what satisfactory performance mean and they may be giving you all sorts of answers. Lito Lapid, for example is performing satisfacorily. How? He kills all the contrabida in the movies. He protected poor people in the movies.  Noynoy – his mother is Cory. His sister is Kris. That’s satisfactory for you if you probe further.

    • mmm choco

      doing his best??  OMG.. san ka nag tatago?? sa bat cave??

  • Francisco, Jr. M

    even abroad the president  is now famous here for noynoying he he

  • EdgarEdgar

    For whatever it’s worth, he is now officially recognized as the laziest verb in the Filipino lexicon. He even unseated Juan Tamad in our pop-culture history. His parents must be really proud of him for his unprecedented achievements. Congratulations Noynoy!  Btw, you look more professional with your thumb in your mouth. Keep it up.

  • Nic Legaspi

    I believe the people would not resort to calling the president ridiculous names if he is indeed doing something to promote the welfare of the Filipino people. While the president has always been quick to defend himself and his officials, he should also be quick to address the issues that are plaguing our society. Little by little, if he is doing the right thing, that “Noynoying” tag will disappear.

    Parang NAIA lang yan e… Huwag na sana silang magmakaawa na huwag tawaging “worst airport” ang NAIA. Sa halip, dapat ay ayusin na lamang nila ito, dahil tiyak na hindi na ito tatawaging “worst airport” ng mga Pilipino kung nakikita naman nilang maayos na ito. More action, less talk.

  • Albert Martinez

    Kailangan na po siguro ni Pres. Aquino ng isang taong tutulong para mapaunlad ang ekonomiya.

    • adam_d_ant

      palagay ko nga kabayan  … at ang nag-iisang tao – si simeon aquino …. that is kung mag resign na s’ya beilang presidente.  

  • sigena

    sige abad ikaw naman as abadding

  • t c

    Stock Market and Construction in Philippines and worldwide has been booming since the decade of the 80’s.  Both Stock Market and Construction boom are brought by private sector not by government.  The private sector, will always find a way to make more money and opportunity to make money even without government.  Aquino cannot claim these upward trends to his Presidency as that is not the measure of effective governance.  GDP, GNP, Unemployment Rate and Mortality Rate are the measures of government performance.

    • msmakabayan

      he should even give credit to his predecessors who started the ground work for all these. he just happened to be at the right place, right time, while Noynoying!

    • caster1234

      don’t forget crime rates too :D

    • Ignacio150

       You’re in a way correct Christian Warrior. I had a meeting with some key personalities in the private sector, both foreign and local, and they said that things have been more difficult now for the private sector during the Aquino Administration.  They found it difficult to move and more difficult in dealing with RP government.

  • Jon

    Do tell, where are these statistics that you speak of?
    All the proof one needs is right before our eyes: ever increasing crime rates, homeless people, mendicants, unemployed and starving members of society roaming the streets.
    This appalling situation is self-evident and cannot be overturned by dubious “economic data”.   


      huwag mo na lang hanapin. di mo talaga makikita pag negative lang yung nakikita mo.

      • caster1234

        negative talaga ung makita amin kc walang achievements ung boss mo kahit noong pang congressman pa siya, coke zero talaga. :)

        post some achievement of pnoy in his political career to make a point. :))

      • ruel

         I second the motion.Prove it ill HIT YOUR FACE>>tingnan natin kng talgang magaling ang Pwesidente mo..haaaaaays!Puro NOYNOYING lng kasi eh..

  • Sorry Guys

    Criticism is good. But it must come with a solution. 

    Tell the President your ideas how can we eradicate poverty.
    Unemployment and poverty are due to rampant corruption.Watch out how your share of pork barrel is spent.
    Report to the President irregularities and wrong doings of officials from Barangay up to the top.
    Join in his fight against corruption.Everyone got a role to play:Just sit down and do nothing will not help us.
    Laziness must go. 

    For example: If the government given one million pesos to all the poor families.

    Do you think they will be better off for the rest of their lives?

    They will come back after a week asking for help again.

    Tell the government your ideas how to solve the problem of poverty.

    Peace be with you all.

    • SignTheWaiverNow

      Obviously, sobrang yellow na ang kulay mo!

      “Report to the President irregularities and wrong doings of officials from Barangay up to the top. Join in his fight against corruption” – Kung hindi ka ba naman bulag at bingi at engot e…. Di mo ba natatandaan si Naguiat? Puno? Torres? Llamas? Soliman? and madami pang iba…. Pakisabi lang sa akin kung may nangyare ba sa mga pinarating natin sa Presidente?

      Hahahahaha May pa example example ka pa…. Peace to you! I hope you open your yellow eyes! LOL

      • ruel

         Tama ka uphold..Eh pag sinabi mo ang kabulastugan nila.May gingawa bang paraan para maayos.Eh ang sagot ba naman ay..baka napadaan lng siya( referring to llams buying dvd); industry practice ( referring to Naguiat) when in fact huling huli na;etc,etc….haaaaaaays..Patungo nga tau sa kangkungan nito..haaaays

  • Litong

    “It has gained currency with the public because it perfectly captures their frustration with P-Noy’s lack of action on rising oil prices” … Dito nga sa Canada na isang oil producer, e, walang puknat ang pagtaas ng presyo ng oil products dyan pa kaya sa atin sa Pilipinas na umaasa lang sa ibang bansa para sa atin oil requirements. At ano naman kaya ang solusyon na maisa-suggest nitong mga militanteng samahan?

  • msmakabayan

    Running out? Your Noynoying is persistent, Mr. President. You are all talk, all “pilosopo” talk, actually! You are always talking in a way to please the masses but continue to do nothing.

  • PinoyAkoPinoyTayo

    as usual, ignoring the people as he keeps noynoying around for another 4 more years…. sigh… good luck Philippines, you voted for him.

  • joeydmango93

    Itong mga taong ito ang masyadong nabulag sa black propaganda ni Gloria.  Wala nang nakitang maganda sa mga nagawa ng presidente.  Magbasa kayo ng websites halimbawa ng DILG, DOH, DOLE atbp.  May transparency na at hindi tulad ng mga patagong purchase ng second hand na helicopters na ginawang brand new at kay Mike Arroyo pa pala iyon at sa PNP may mga nabili pang fake na bulletproof vest na styro pala ang nakalagay.  Maraming kababalaghan nung panahon ni Gloria na  di ginagawa sa panahon ni PNoy. Sa mge Philippine embassies may malaki ding improvement sa serbisyo kumpara sa dati.  Di naman agad agad na di ka na makakakita ng mga pulubi sa kalsada pagkatapos ng 9 taon na pahirap ni Gloria at 3 taon pang korupsiyon sa panahon ni Erap. Tandaan nyo kahit matino ang presidente ang dami pa ring corrupt na mga pulitiko sa mg LGUs. Ang mga ito ang bantayan niyong lalo para mahiya naman. Sa Bureau of Customs online na ang bayad ng mga companies sa duties and tariffs kaya nabawasan din ang katiwalian diyan.  Maraming pagbabago kailangan lang na buksan niyo ang mga mata niyo.      

    • ruel

       Ha? bulag ba kami o sadyang  alam namin ang totoo..Bureau of Customs eh pinsan ko nakikpagnegosasyon doon araw araw eh.Akalain mo simula sa gwardya hanggang sa pinkamataas na tao sa customs dapat bigyan mo para mailabas mo ang iyong mga kargo.At kugn idadaan mo sa legal na paraan..sasabihin pa nga daw sa iyo ay hindi yan meron pang dapat bayaran.Asan ang wlang kurap dyan? Tell it to the marines..Huwag maging NOYTARD..PR style lng ng gobyerno yan.Pumunta ka sa Customs ng malaman mo ang katotohanan. Kliyente ko po nagbabayad din sa customs..i tell you..masusuka ka s mga nangyayari sa loob. Yan ba ang matuwid na daan? paano panay ang NOYNOYING…haaaaays!

      • joeydmango93

        Sabihin mo sa pinsan mo magsumbong sa mga kinauukulan. Paano magbabago eh sumasakay kayo sa corruption.  Ang sabi ko ang online payment ng tariff at customs duty nabawasan ang korupsiyon. At iyan ang karanasan ng kumpanyang pinagtatrabahuhan ko. Huwag niyong sabihin na walang ginagawa ang administrasyong ito.  Kung kayo mismo ang magbabayad ng illegal sa customs kayo din ay guilty sa corruption. 

  • Cashew1

    I guess you can’t have everthing- but I prefer to have a president who is actually not trying to empty the country coffers for his own benefit. People perceived things are moving slow, no progress,etc., but this has always been the case from time immemorial, and it has always been coupled by blatant corruption. I actually see it as progress that someone is trying to promote honesty in government.

    • pugadlawin21

      Oh you naive moron.

      • Cashew1

        I don’t think so. I do business in the country and certainly the number of people asking for bribes have come down. Please demonstrate a little bit of intelligence by elaborating on your thinking. If you havent got any it is best to just shut up. You do your people a great disservice by dishing out insults. I’m sure most Filipinos can come up with something better than that.

    • Malik62

       So why does BS use Road User’s Tax and CCT funds to bribe senators to convict CJ Corona?

  • patrick

    it’s anoying!

  • raw107

    no wonder third world ang pinas!!! corrupt na president o indi hahanap talaga ang pinoy ng paraan para wag umunlad!!!

  • Mark

    Aba aba aba.

    Nagagalit na ang abnormal!

    Parang nasaktan yata sa salitang “NoyNoying”.

    Ayan tuloy.

    Nagyayabang na ang sinto sinto ng mga bagay na  hindi naman niya kagagawan.

    Nag mumukha na talagang pathetic itong si ABnoy NoyNoy.

    • raw107

      alam mo mark , ikaw ang abnormal! obvious naman na bayaran ka ng team arroyo! mukhang pera!

      • ruel

         nagagalit ang mga noytards dito..bakit di nyo pa aminin na ang pwesidenteng pinili ninyo ay sadyang ubod ng tamad at puro na lng ngawa ng ngawa.Eh sabi nga ng kilala kong PSG eh. Kung gumising daw yan si PNOY ay 10:00 na ng umaga. Npuyat sa kalalaro ng PSP o Pkikipag phone pal kay Grace Lee..haaaays!

    • residentevil26

      Like many times hehe.  Abnormal na Noynoy na walang ginawa kundi mag-Noynoy o maglaro ng Playstation

  • residentevil26

    Haha nasaktan kasi totoo.  He should not have responded or make comments about it, otherwise totoo nga.  Balik ka na sa laro sa Playstation, may mga bagong titles ako, gusto mo?  Padala ko diyan sa “Noynoying” Pipinas hehehe

  • pugadlawin21

    here’s another one:

    ABNOYING – staring at the ceiling like his years of tenure in congress and senate. Tulo laway while playing XBox, PSP and Nintendo WII.

    • Monay

      magbasa naman sana kayo ng world news ng makita nyo na ang oil crisis problema ng buong mundo at maski sinong presidente ng bansa walang magawa

  • I_kabod

    ano bago sa mga militante?  kung walang subsidy, walang rally.  militante = gun for hire!!! pwe!!!

  • eli


  • Philcor

    ” i have been in office 21 months, and the record is broken 21 times, in the game of DOTA…wahahahaha!!!!!! woooweeee, ansarap talaga mag-noynoying…

  • Ang Kampanero

    is the government really claiming responsibility for the stock market index breaking the 5,000 mark?  really? somebody should take a look also how many foreigners are getting into our local stockmarket

  • DondonSantosJr

    magsama-sama kayo sa matuwid nyong daan …sa dako paroon bwahahaha

  • Touch_Me_, Nuts!

    “Noynoy, verb/noun” should make it as a word in the New Webster Dictionary.
    Example: The Noynoy attitude is prevalent among obeisant Filipinos since colonial times that made this country the new basket case in Asia.  Thus, I have no time to noynoy all the time.

  • be honest

    Right after the 2010 election, one blogger already coined the term ” clueless ” to Pnoy but it didnt really catch on. I would think that its too westernized and didnt poke too much ” fun ” in it.
    Now Noynoying seems to catch fire since people really FEELED what has happened after 21 months of election.
    The stock market PSEI did not break record for 21 times for the last 21 months. I think its only about 3 or 4 times starting last week. Is Pnoy talking about oil price ? Probably. Oil price has risen 9 times since THIS YEAR.
    Check you record or Noynoying seemed to get into his head.

    • EdgarEdgar

      Spot on. Finally, a word to capture and caricature Noynoy. He thought he owned the youth vote, as it turns out, he got owned.

  • Rae_E

    The more PNoy respond to critics, the more people talk about it & give his critics more media mileage. The best way for PNoy to respond to his critics is to prove them wrong by simply working harder.  Fighting corruption is very commendable but that’s not only our country’s problem. Don’t focus only on Coronarroyo but address the economy, peace & order, infrastructure, education, etc. with equal zeal & attention. People think you’re hardly working because all they hear from you in the past is Coronarroyo. Why don’t you tell us on improvements on revenue collection, reduction on criminality, disaster preparedness, transparency in gov’t agencies, etc.?  Consider World Banks’ suggestions to speed up reforms. Also, please don’t be tardy whenever there’s a calamity.  Nevertheless I commend you for going after big-time crooks & the rotten status quo. May God bless you w/ His wisdom & God bless the Philippines!

  • lex

    uy nasaktan yata si abnoy ! biglang naging defensive, obvious naman, yung picture niya may newspaper pa sa harap para makita yung date ( kinuha ito sa pelikulang “proof of life” ) siyempre rockstar yata si abnoy, and typical post ng nagiisip nakahawak sa ulo, b*#LS#!T! magtrabaho ka abnoy, syang lang pa-sweldo sa yo! ginagago mo pa ang Pilipino!

  • dungol

    a really dismal response but proud to say that as far as he is concerned the president has the statistics to show. and what statistics is that? he says consumer spending in the malls, high construction activity in manila, and stock index breaking records. wow, first of all there is really high consumption in the philippines because of OFW remittances, then the construction boom of condos in manila is also a result of our kababayans from abroad who has the capacity to purchase such, and third the stock market rise is due to foreign investors looking for quick higher yield investments outside of europe and u.s. in lieu of those bad mortgage-backed securities in the past which brought the economic crisis in the first place.

    • nicosan

      kapag masama, dahil sa presidente, kahit wala naman sya magagawa talaga, kahit nga amerika o iba pang mayamang bansa e walang magawa… kapag mabuti, hindi dahil sa presidente.. laging presidente ang dapat sisihin. baket di nyo sisihin sarili nyo dahil tamad kayo?

      • adam_d_ant

        hindi, kulit mo talaga  … hindi tamad ang karamihang pinoy ….. meron nga lang nauuto si budoy … isa ka na doon … 

        magtrabaho ka na … kinukuha mo ang time ng employer mo … ooooops.. sori, si carandang pala ang employer mo … kano allowance mo bata?

      • ruel

        Ako may trabaho..di ako nanghihingi sa iba.Pero naawa ako sa mga kapwa ko Pilipino na wlang trabaho. Bakit tinugunan ba ng gobyernong ito ang mga nangyayari sa ating bayan?Ang pagtaas ng lahat ng bilihin? ilaw, tubig, lpg, pamasahe sa bus, taxi at jeep isama mo pa ang tricycle, gasolina; at dahil dyan nagkaroon tau ng araw araw ng krimen( holdapan; kidnapping;extortion;etc.). ang korupsyon sa Bureau of Customs; sa BIR; sa mga pampublikong Hospital…asan ang matuwid na daan. Alam ko to dahil may mga kaibgan akong direktang nakikipag negosasyon sa mga ahensyang ito. Mas matindi pa nga kamo ang nakawan sa panahon ni PNOY..Maging bukas ang isipan di lng ung OO lng OO sa gobyernong ito. Di na masaya ang nakakaraming Pilipino …galit na!

  • Allan_Ongpin

    If PNoy wants to  hide behind statistics, then Gloria Arroyo has better statistics than him.

    Oil and commodity price hikes are not new for any administration. But why of all past three presidents, PNoy was the only one who got this “Noynoying” monicker?

    PNoy administration must do concrete things with neck-breaking speed than just being stuck getting back at past admininstration. This is why people voted him – to outdo GMA not only in the anti-corruption front but also in running the economy as well.

    • nicosan

      gaya ng sabi nya, mahirap ipakita ang mga bagay sa nag bubulagbulagan… mahirap iparinig ang mga bagay bagay sa mga nagbibingibingihan… ako ramdam ko ang pagbabago… im in a much better situation now compared before… ang sobrang laki ng naitutulong ko sa pamilya ko now compared before.. di ko na nga ninanais mangibambansa… kinikita ko dito ay sapat na… kasi masipag ako. kayo kaya? baket ang dami nyo reklamo?

      • ruel

         masipag ka dahil may trabaho ka nga eh. Ungas ka ba? ang sinsabi ng karamihan ay ang di pagtugon ng gobyerno sa nakararaming Pilipino na wlang trabaho. Dapat ka lng naman talgang magsumikap kasi kng hindi malamang magapapakamatay ka rin tulad ng isang tatay na di makabayad ng matrikula ng anak.Alamin..wag maging utouto sa gobyernong ito.

      • adam_d_ant

        saan ka masipag?  mang “ngoyngoyan”?  dapat nasa trabaho ka … he. he. he…kaya hindi ka puwedeng mangibang bansa kasi kulang ka sa experience, kulang ka pa sa intelligence..  he. he. he..

        kung matalino ka, paano ka nauto ni budoy …. ngee

      • mydamnopinion

        Di ba marami din ang gaya ang atitude (in reference to his words) noong previous admin? why can’t we do it again? Buti ka pa pero paano naman yung iba?

  • ruel

    Sobrang bobo talga…eh kahit noon pa man ang mga Pilipino nag go grocery tlaga para sa kanilang pangangailangan..haaaaaaaays…! NOYNOYING KA NGANG TOTOO..AMININ NA KASI na wla ka talgang alam sa pamamalakad ng gobyerno.Hays!

    • nicosan

      ikaw meron?

      • ruel

        eh ikaw na noytards..utouto..hahahaha

  • Lou333

    Its a NO-NO for a leader to be NOYNOYING when the country is faced with tremendous problems.

  • takerenatoout

    Maingay pag hindi pa naka upo sa gov’t
    Pag naupo na panay TRO

    Rep Tinio mag hukay po kau ng sariling OIL kung ayaw nyo sa presyo ng OPEC
    kahit 10% ibawas sa oil mataas pa rin. As long na nag iimport tau ng oil wala taung magagawa. Duon po kau sa OPEC mag rally, duon po kau magpasikat.
    Wag nyong iligaw ang tao
    Sakay na lang kau carabao para baba demand at baba presyo gas

    Tamad at Kawatan Chat Brigade wag pansinin

    Trabaho ka lang Pnoy

    • katabay1106

      Right, trabaho ka naman Pnoy. Tama na ang noynoying mo.

    • ruel

       yan ang problema sa mga Noytards addict dito.Pag may sinabing masama PNOY nila..kesyo pro -arroyo o Corona. Hoy! gumising naman kayo. Malaki po ang kaibhan ng mga taong bayaran at taong nag oobserba. Kayo maaring bayaran ng YELLOW MEDIA at ng PNOY BRIGADE kami sinsabi lng namin ang totoo…Tama ka PAKISABI sa AMO mong Tutulog tulog na magtrabaho.At yong trabahong samahan ng GALING di ung puro NOYNOYING lng ang inaatupag..haaaaaays..Frustrating!

    • Jed

      yun nga ang sana eh. magtrabaho sana siya..

  • virgoyap

    Though I’m not for it (noynoying), but it’s useless to argue and react about it. Anyway we are in a free country. Let’s just do as much as we can so  people can experience what matuwid na daan means.

    • SignTheWaiverNow




  • SignTheWaiverNow

    Abad said resorting to personal attacks showed that the militants had run out of criticisms against the President. – MR. ABAD…. NOYNOYING IS NOT A PERSONAL ATTACK! IT IS AN ATTACK TO THE WORK HABITS OF THE ABNOY PRESIDENT! OMGASH, YOU FUCKNG DON’T DESERVE TO BE THE BUDGET SECRETARY YOU DUMBO!

    “They are seriously in danger of drifting into irrelevance. That is why they have now degenerated into launching baseless ad hominem attacks against the person of the President,” Abad said. – ARE YOU REFERRING TO PENOY WHO IS ALWAYS IRRELEVANT? OIL PRICE ALMOST REACHING P60 – NO ACTIONS TAKEN AND NOWHERE TO BE FOUND? LUNETA MASSACRE – HIDING IN MALACANANG AND WATCHING IN TV OR MAYBE PLAYING PSP? AND MANY MORE…


    • ruel

       Ang lakas ng loob ni Abad na ipangtanggol si PNOY..bakit Abad?> dahil ba lahat na ng Pamilya mo may pwesto sa GOBYERNO at ayaw mong mawalan kayo ng MALAKING PINAGKIKITAAN. Di pa ba sapat ang mga NINAKAW mo nong panahon ni ARROYO..nong DepEd Secretary ka…sus..aminin..MAGNANANAKAW ka RIN!

  • remario58

    For the people who have nothing else to do but complain, try to ask yourself this question, what can you do to help your country rather than ask what your country can do for you. This is former US President Kennedy, ask this question during a speech he made a long time ago. It is you that are not doing anything except by complaining, while it is your right to demonstrate what you don’t like in P-Noy administration, it could help a little bit if you just try to be helpful. It has been said that the youth is the future of our nation, try to remember who said those words, he is buried for more than 116 years now and you think he is happy with what he sees in our youth today I guess not. You are the youth, you should be ashamed of yourself for not doing the things he so loved you to do. Give him a piece of mind put your efforts to good use just like everybody else. I am an OFW and in my own little way I am helping our country, the remittance monthly that I send to my family has in some way help our economy and so with the many OFW like me who toil the hard work that we had, just to make our family survive the harsh reality. While you keep in exercising your right to make your voice be heard, it would greatly help our country if that voice you have would try to look for employment thus one way or the other you are helping your family and the country in general. Don’t be as lazy as other people do. Try to make something or produce anything that is worthwhile than wasting your time in the street and do all things that you have said is your freedom of expressions. Your freedom of expressions cannot stand alone when you are hungry and when your family needs your support. That is the reality, that’s should be the way forward for all Filipinos. The Marcos era is gone and it has vanished, those times when people keep on demonstrating on the street everyday because their rights are being violated, those days are gone now, your rights had been returned to you a long time ago, your voice has been heard more than 2 decades ago when Marcos steps down. Now it is a different ball game. It is now time to improve ourselves as a human being and as a citizen of this country our beloved Philippines this is our country whether you like it or not we are born here in this  place that we call home so why not channel all your energies to make our place worthwhile to live , that is what you need put in your mind, if not always, it should be there for you to remind yourself that we are a people with a healthy respect of democracy and we are a people with healthy respect of every individuals right towards good government and towards our community for the love of god and our country. That is the message I want to impart for those people out there on the streets doing all this noisily for demonstrating for their voice to be heard. Hope you think it over before you pick up your placards or signboards and march on the street. Think how you can contribute to the ever growing problems that our country has been subjected into. Is this due to our politicians and government officials whose interest is self preservation or it is due to some of us citizens of this country who don’t like to work, who are lazy enough to earn a living, who only wants to benefit what others have work hard for. That people is for you to decide if we want us to move forward. Then throw all that signboards and start looking for a job. Let yourself be employed, let yourself be a contributor of good will rather than a destroyer of good will. Let us make this happens if other people can do it why we can’t. If they can do it, we can do it also and much, much more  better.

    • SignTheWaiverNow



    • Philcor

      the filipinos actually are the ones doing good for our country,sinasayang lang ng nasa taas ang paghihirap at pagtatiaga mga mga tao…kaya nga lumabas ang noynoying haha….

      • Edmund

        true, it’s the ordinary people who are doing good for the country… ang mga politiko ang kahit kailan angmga balahura…. gusto ko silang lahat pagsasampalin…

    • Edmund

      No we have the right to demand from our government…  tumingin ka sa mga mahihirap na lugar sa atin,  marami sa kanila maghapon, magdamag nagtratrabaho, pero isang kahig, isang tuka pa rin…. at hindi lahat pwedeng maging OFW,  iba-iba ang circumstances ng mga tao…  pinalad ka lang..

    • PadreDamaso69

       salamat Rizal sa mag binitiwan mo salita este di pala remario58

      i guess youve been away for so long and shielded on the daily life of most ordinary pinoys.. sabi mo nga OFW ka di ba maybe you should be the one who need to take a good look of yourself and say hanggang kailan ako mangingibang bayan para guminhawa buhay ko…

      your lucky kasi naman siguro nakpag aral ka kaya narating mo ang kung sang lupalop ka man napadpad! pero yung kaibigan mo kamag anak mo or even mga kapatid mo sa Pinas I’m sure nakakaranas din ng hirap at yung feeling ng walng wala.

      sabi mo try making yourself worth while ??? how kung ikaw ay di makapag aral? paano ka magtatrabaho…  kung kumakalam ang sikmura mo … kung wala ka maibigay na gatas sa anak mong umiiyak… paano ???

      Isa ka sama swerte at nakaalis ka sa bayan mo kaya siguro di mo na alam kung ano ang hirap na nararanasan ng mga taong sinasabi mong walang magawa sa buhay. Naniniwala ako na ang ordinaryong PINOY ay di tamad datapwat isa itong masipag mapapgkatiwalaan at matiisin kya nga tayo ang gustong gusto kuhanin sa ibang bayan eh di ba ….  SA TINGIN MO KUNG ANG LAHAT NG MGA TAO NA ITO EH NABIGYAN NG PAGKAKATAON AT OPORTUNIDAD NA KAGAY NUNG MGA NATAMASA MO SA TINGIN MO SILA BA AY MAGRARALLY  AT MAGAALSA SA GOBYERNO?



      • remario58

        Kabayan bago ko narating ang buhay ko ngayon dumaan din ako sa hirap, I am not out of reality as what you have said. Naka ranas ka na bang kumain ng nilupak na saging,sa agahan, tanghalian at hapunan, kaya ako nag pursige mag trabaho, para marating ang mga pangarap ko sa buhay. Ang sinasabi ko lang ay kong yong mga nag rally kong ibaling nila sa ibang bagay na maka tulong sila sa pamilya nila mas mabuti siguro. Do not tell me na sinu swerte ako at I am not away for too long, dito lang ako sa karatig bayan 3 hrs flight lang at dalas akong dumalaw sa pamilya ko.The reality hurts, kahit ano pang sabihin me mga tao sa atin na tamad, ndi mo maalis yan, dahil sa kamag anak ko lang meron din, how much more sa ibang tao. Me mga taong nag pupursige me taong taong walang paki alam, mas maigi yong malinaw, ndi ko tinatamasa ang sinasabi nilang bayani ang ofw namumuhay lang ako ayon sa makakaya ko para me maibigay na supporta sa pamilya ko at mga kamag anak ko, kong yan man ay masakit tangapin ng iba, they need to work hard also ng makaranas din sila na mamuhay ng tahimik, ang iba gusto lang ng tahimik na buhay nag trabaho, tumingin ka sa paligid mo ang pila sa agency sa mga gustong mag abroad gustohin pa nila pumila sa agency ke sa sasama sa rally. Yong ndi naka pag aral at ndi naka pag tapos, once in their life me choice sila, pina aral sila pero pinili nilan yong madali kaya tumigil sila sa pag aral, nag working student ako sa forestry, me mga ibang nag working student kong saan saan dito sa atin, nag tiis, nag tiyaga hanggang sa maka tapos. Tanong nagagawa ko at nagawa ng iba, bakit ndi magawa ng iba nating mga kababayan. Yong ang dapat tularan.

    • 0pps_hindiakohalfhalf1

      The speech of Kennedy is not applicable in the Philippines coz America can able to provide decent job with standard salary to provide all the basic needs for every family or its citizen , in the contrary of the Philippines… Filipinos are hard worker but despite those hardship Filipinos still living on a third world level…one example is our farmers how can they become productive if fertilizers , pesticide and gasoline are very expensive philippine government is good only in collecting money but not in providing technology for those farmers to improve their harvest…

  • Medequcb68

    Tama lang din na wag pansinin ni PNoy ang mga kulang sa pansin. Nothing can go right with them because they are not in the right mind in the first place. Sala sa init sala sa lamig. Meanwhile, the President has more important things to do than listen to those who do not want to be part of the solution.

    • SignTheWaiverNow



      • Medequcb68

        Assuming that my boss is in the right frame of mind and reasonable, by all means I will follow :-)) peace brother :-))

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Sure, whatever you say…. hahahao

        One piece of advice… If your boss criticize you, do not and never take it against him/her (specially if it has a basis)…

        Maybe you should take it as a constructive criticism so you can improve your performance…. okay?

        If you have this kind of an attitude, you will go places my friend… LOL

    • ruel

       Comeon..marami din namang tumutuligsa sa panahon ni Arroyo ah..pero nagtatrabaho pa rin sya di katulad ng amo mo..puro NOYNOYING…hahahahaha

      • Medequcb68

        Like NBN, fertizer scam, hello garci, etc…? I could see she was quite busy during her time :-(

      • Edmund

        e si Pnoy? Hacienda Luisita…

      • Vis Tadig

        …busy with her kurakot!

    • PadreDamaso69

      some important things to do …. like noynoying right harhar playing ps3 and waking up at arround 11 am then sleeping again .. then ask his cabinet have you done your job today???

      yaya where is my medications !!! whre is my juice.. he is like nero playing fiddle when the  rest of Rome is burning!! in this case playing ps3 while the rest of the country suffers from stagnancy. Basta ba makapag Noynoying ok lang yun may bukas naman ulit di ba !!

  • SignTheWaiverNow

    To be honest… Simple lang naman ang sinasabi ng mga tao…

    That the Abnoy President is not doing anything in Malacanang besides sleeping and playing PSP….

    Now, if this is not true, then PENOY must just show what achievements he made in the past 2 years to boost our economy and uplift the life of the people…. Maybe none that’s why he is saying “statistics” on Stock Market… ha ha ha

    Wala man lang siya nasabi about what measures he has done to cushion the effect of rising oil prices.. Wala din sya nasabi about rising crimes (kidnapping, holdup, carnapping, and etc…)… Wala din sya nasabi about how he will address the meager 3.7% GDP growth last year…. Wala din sya nasabi about his fuckng stupid PPP (na kahit isang project under PPP wala pa nasisimulan)…. Wala din sya nagawang measure sa tumataas na tuition fee…. Wala din sya nagawa sa tumataas na bilihin sa pang-araw araw….. tsk tsk….

    Simple lang naman diba?

    Ngunit ang kanyang basehan na statistics ay…. dumadami “daw” ang gumagastos sa Pinas dahil tuwing dadaan sya sa Fort, makikita nya madaming tao ang namimili at nagsisitaasan na building sa Fort…. kung hindi ba naman tanga at bobo talaga ng ABNOY nating Presidente, yung mga binanggit nyang “madaming bumibili at nagsisitaasan na buildings” ay nakapaloob na po sa GDP at GNP….

    Let me explain sa mga hindi naiintindihan (specially sa mga yellow retards dito)…. Ang GDP ay GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT na ang ibig sabihin po ay lahat ng produkto na na-manufacture sa loob ng ating bansa (kasama dito ang medyas, brief, pagkain, building materials at kung ano ano pa), ito ay basic na basehan na gumaganda ang ekonomiya, sapagkat kapag tumataas ang ating GDP ng mas mabilis, mas maraming trabaho ang kinakailangan para mapunan ang pag-manufacture ng mga produkto…. at kung marami ang trabaho, ito ay babalik sa mas marami ulit na produkto na kailangan imanufacture…. at ito ulit ay magbibigay ng mas maraming trabaho…

    Kaya po ang ekonomiya ay madalas sabihing “spiraling” sapagkat ito ay umiikot ikot… ang tanong lang saan sya umiikot, pababa o pataas… okay? kaya ang ABNOY nating presidente ay binabanggit na datos ay pagbili ng tao sa FORT ay (uulitin ko) nakapaloob na sa dismal performance ng ating GDP! okay?

    • Edmund

      Korek… Pakisabi kay Pnoy ang the Fort ay hindi Pilipinas.. isang tuldok lang iyan ng Pilipinas… punta ka PNoy sa Isabela… maraming mahirap dun at isang kahig at isang tuka….. palibhasa ayaw tumingin ng mas malayo nitong bugok na itlog na ito…

      • nadine_12

        Hoy Edmund, we cannot ask from the government for a dole out always. We have to feed ourselves. Yong mga may sakit sa utak na palaboy laboy sa daan eh nag hahalungkat sa basurahan para makahanap ng pagkain eh yung iba pa na wala naman kapansanan.

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        marami na ho na mga mahihirap na kayod kalabaw na…mahirap pa rin….

        ang problema natin…ang gobyerno ngayon NOYNOYING….wala magawa sa mga nag tataasan na presyo…

        tama ka, magtrabaho rin ang tao…unfortunately, 25 hours a day na kakatrabaho, mahirap pa rin…so, NASAAN ANG PORBLEMAN???SA NOYNOYING DBA???

      • nadine_12

        Anong problema sa kayod kalabaw?Alam mo mga Pinoy walang dignity of labor. Nahihiya mag tinda sa kalye, magtrabaho sa konstrakyon. Nakapunta ka na ba ng Japan?Makikita mo mga matatanda nagtratrabaho pa rin. Mga babae nasa konstruksyon. Sa Thailand, nagtitinda sa mga esteras, mga walang arte.

        Bakit mo iblame ang pobreng buhay mo sa gobyerno?Oo nga di naman perfect, may corruption even in G7 countries. But what’s good sa kanila kasi meron sila self sufficiency na pananaw sa buhay.Tayo proud pa na sabihin na mahirap tayo. Magka roon naman tayo ng konting pride.

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        wow…you are out of reality….NAHIHIYA???tingnan mo na lang ang mga OFWs???EXAMPLE. the caregivers…nagtityaga maglinis ng puwet ng mga kano…mga mason at carpentero sa saudi…and most employers abroad like pinoys coz they love their work….you are so stupid MISS!!!

        gumawa na ang mga pinoy…mag gawa rin ang gobyerno…

        dapat SISIHIN sila mga taga gobyerno…WHY???

        =sila ang may regulatory powers sa mga presyo ng BINIBILI NG MGA PILIPINO

        =sila ang may police power PARA PROTEKSYUNAN ANG MGA MANGAGAWA

        =sila ang may power of control sa lahat ng mga sangay ng lipunan

        =sila ang may power of supervision sa lahat ng sangay ng gobyerno who directly affects the people

        =sila ang may military power…

        and so on

        meron pa…nasa kanila ang TAXPAYERS MONEY to give the people what is due to them especially creating jobs…KUHA MO???

      • nadine_12

        puro ka reklamo..magtrabaho ka nga…
        ngalngal ka ng ngalngal….
        ano ba na contribute mo iho?

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        i employ 300 workers…ikaw ano naman nacontribute mo iha?

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        i employ 300 workers…ikaw ano naman nacontribute mo iha?

      • nadine_12

        Eto naman,gustong mag lecture. Utang na loob kala mo sa dada mo eh matalino ka na sa dating na yan?

        If mahal mo ang bayan, wag maging ” as if”. Ikaw nalang mag President parang “expert” ka, hahaha!

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        wala ka na ba ma rebut kasi ganyan ang reply mo…tanga tanga mo yata…

    • Medequcb68

      I like the label- yellow retard. That may be me. Yes, I may be a yellow retard for believing that good governance is necessary for the country to move forward. Good governance can be achieved through transparency, integrity, and accountability. This is what PNoy is trying to lay out as his actions indicate and I fully support this. Achieving a fair and just society is a necessary environment for the business and the economy as a whole to thrive. Seek first righteousness and everything else will follow…

      • Rhine

        His goal of “Matuwid na Daan” might be good, however his trusted advisers are doing the opposite.. he should be honest to himself and tell the people that he can’t do the job and just resign. let the vice president take over,,then he will be free from public rebuke by calling him the NoyNoying president.

    • muddygoose

      Actually, mali ang definition mo ng GDP. Kasama dyan, at malaking bahagi nyan, ang government spending, hinde laman output ng manufacturing.

      Ang “spiraling”, ibig sabihin ay pababa, never pataas. Sana magbasa-basa ka muna.

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Eto na nga ba sinasabi ko na yellow retards… hehehe

        boss, unang una, ang goverment spending ay isang sa mga composition ng GDP…. Ang GDP po ay (uulitin ko), GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT at ito ay isang uri ng measurement ng LAHAT NG PRODUKTO na namanufacture o nagawa sa LOOB lamang ng pilipinas… wala akong sinasabing manufacturing lang ito…. LOL

        madami pong uri ng produkto na ginagawa sa pinas, pwede din itong services na gawa sa pinas, pwede din itong manufacturing…. hahaha ay nakow po…. grabe katangahan ng yellow retards….. wa ako masay… lol

        Pangalawa, tutal nabanggit mo ang goverment spending, ito ay composition po ng ating GDP…. 3 uri yan… may personal consumption, goverment spending at investments, may pang 4 and 5 pa, which is import at export (ito ang tinatawag na balance of trade)…. gets mo na?

        Sa sinasabi mong malaking bahagi ng GDP ay ang goverment spending, mali ka na naman bugok, ang pinakamalaking bahagi ng GDP ng pilipinas ay ang personal consumption (almost 70% ng GDP ay PC)…. Kapag ang personal consumption ang pinakamalaking bahagi ng GDP, ibig sabihin nyan ay pinamalaking gumagastos ay ang taong bayan para pambili sa kanilang pangangailangan sa pang araw araw…

        Ang delikado nito, walang masyadong investment tayo nakikita na pangmatagalan na epekto sa ekonomiya, ibig sabihin wala masyadong nagtatayo ng negosyo…. gets mo na? Ang gusto natin makitang composition ng GDP ay mas lumaki or kahit pantay ang investment sa personal consumption at goverment spending kasi ibig po sabihin nito maraming nagtatayo ng negosyo sa bansa na in return magbibigay ng mas maraming trabaho….

        Please lang po, huwag magcomment kung english lang ang alam mo…. please lang….

      • muddygoose

        So ang government spending, ayon sa iyo, ay “produktong namanufacture o nagawa sa LOOB ng pilipinas”? Pinapanindigan mo talaga mali mo? Produkto ba ang sahod ng isang government employee? Produkto ba ang personal consumption? Tawagin mo na lang akong “retard” para maramdaman mong matalino ka.

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Tol, wala ka ng pag-asa! Isa ka talagang TANGA! di lang TANGA, MALAKING TANGA! hihihihihihihihihihh

        I suggest mag-aral ka muna ng mabuti…. pagod na ko kakaexplain sa iyo!

        simple lang iyan… google mo lang ang definition ng GDP para malaman mo… hihihihihihihihihhihihi

      • muddygoose

        You said, and I quote, “Ang GDP po ay (uulitin ko), GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT at ito ay isang uri ng measurement ng LAHAT NG PRODUKTO na namanufacture o nagawa sa LOOB lamang ng pilipinas.”

        I’ll let your own words speak for themselves. =)

    • PaengSaAmerika

      Bumalik ka na sa kuwarto mo at baka hinahanap ka na ng Titser mo at mahuli kang nagko computer. Wala ka nang alam sabihin kundi PSP at Abnoy President. Tutal you spend most of your time on the computer, why don’t you try to Google out Wells Fargo on Philippines and World Bank, Japanese Investments, etcetera. Walang laman ang utak mo kundi PSP at Abnoy President.

  • Batz61

    P-noy speaks likes a true blood spoiled, first-born haciendero son, who has always had a silver spoon in his mouth, has not been in touch with the hard realities and face of poverty except perhaps in the readings he has done…his concept is all in his head (whatever there is in it) but not based on the hard realities of truth and actual experience. Mature Noynoy, wake up, the journey is so very, very, far from the edge of the light blink of the dark, dark tunnel.

  • anu12345

    I believe some people are behind and bankrolling this noynoying to divert attention from the more popular issue. 

    • PaengSaAmerika

      It was designed and orchestrated by some PR Genius-guns-for-hire practitioners who work for the Coronas and Arroyos. The word “Noynoying” is not going to last forever. President Aquino has established legacy among the people. These critics are like a river running out of water.

  • 19arafol25

    Truth hurts.bga…like Erap for gambler and womanizer and for GMA called evil…

  • BatangSingapore

    Ang presidente ng Pilipinas ay si Noynoying.

    HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA  Tamad at Inutil na pangulo.

    • PaengSaAmerika

      Why don’t you try to say that to the Prime Minister of Singapore so you can find what you’re looking for? Takot ka ano? Magaling ka lang pumutak. I DARE you, just try once, go to their national dailies and criticize their head of state. I’m sure they can track you down.

      • BatangSingapore

        bugok, ano naman ikokomento mo sa maayos na mga politiko ng SIngapore.  malamang ikaw pa makulong dahil pilit mo dinidikit ang Abnoy mong pangulo sa lider ng SG.

        pano ka napunta diyan sa amerika at ang gana ng utak mo ay mabagal.  BOBO

  • Raymond Ang

    Netizens coined the term.  People who hide behind the anonimity of the internet.  I can make a hundred accounts to ridicule the president and claim it is the people’s voice.

  • JakeReyes

    You PNoy are the one who refuse to see, refuse to listen. You said before that you are not superman. But you think and are convinced that you have all the answers. Such arrogance from an indolent fool.

  • Lucky Luciano


    Sino naman sa history ng Philippines ang kilala ninyong NAGPAKULONG NG DATING FIRST FAMILY along with the HALF of its CABINET?

    It’s normal for Arroyo’s supporter to feel that way. Ok lang iyan.

  • vir_a

    Noynoy does not seem to know that what makes the economy moving is the increasing inflow of OFW remittances, not the result of his economic programs. Until now, he has no economic programs moving. His PPPs are still in the planning stage after more than two years in his administration

    • zafirol

       It seem s that  when you  think after Aquino won , the Philippines is gonna be a different country the next day. Keep on dreaming. Change take time.

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Nope, we are thinking that after almost 2 years in Malacanang… at least there is progress towards a better economy….

        But guess what, not only there is no improvement but the economy is spiraling downwards….

        And please don’t ask me for my basis coz there are a lot of indicators that will tell you that it is…..

      • PaengSaAmerika

        You keep ignoring the good news and focusing on the bad news, thus creating wrong and baseless speculations. Your thoughts are misleading.

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Sure boss…..

        Just keep on ignoring the facts and the right economic indicators and surely we will have a better future!

        Sabagay, what do you care? you are in US anyways…. LOL

      • PaengSaAmerika

        I do really care that’s why I don’t let you guys fool my beloved people.

    • PaengSaAmerika

      Bakit noong panahon ni Gloria malaki rin ang remittances from OFW’s but the economy still suffered? It is because Pnoy’s administration is way way less corrupt.

  • Batangueno

    It’s unfair to call PNoy tamad.  I know he is doing something.  He’s just planting the seeds for now.  We’ll wait for harvest time. But the President should do something more.  Improvement in the stock market has no effect on the ordinary people.  I hope he will choose more intelligent advisers.

    • zafirol

       Everything takes time. You cant change overnight a sick country like the Philippines.Patience. Patience. Even America has his own poverty problem.

    • PaengSaAmerika

      I agree. These critics couldn’t even suggest what is best for the country. Gusto pa yata ng mga ito yung ninanakawan at dinudugasan sila ng presidente sa araw-araw na ginawa ng Diyos.

  • nadine_12

    Hay naku..kayo naman masyadong hyper…..kala niyo laki ng nai contribute niyo sa country natin..kaysa dakdak kayo ng dakdak magvolunteer nga kayo sa mga social awareness activities ng bansa lalo na sa DSWD. PSP kayo ng PSP eh…

    Puro kayo reklamo,eh di nga cguro kayo marunong gumawa ng livelihood projects o kaya di niyo kaya gumawa ng plano for self reliance. Aasa niyo lahat sa gobyerno. Magbanat kayo ng buto, ok!

    • PaengSaAmerika

      How could these people be more productive eh they’re sitting on the computer the whole day criticizing and disrespecting the presidency. Kaya resulta, nagsisitanda ng paurong. Or maybe, being prepaids, they only rely on barya-barya just to make for a living.

  • Bert

    Akala ko ba sabe ni Pnoy, huwag nalang daw pansinin ang issue? Why this another NONOYING article? Hurt much?

    I think this noynoying issue has hit where it should…..and Pnoy is on a DEFENSIVE MODE…..

    • 0pps_hindiakohalfhalf1

      Kasi magiging laman yan ng Pilipino dictionary pag dating ng Araw kaya nagagalit…tawag sa incompetent leader ay noynoying derived from the Greek name pnoy…kakainis nga heheh…

  • lone ranger


    • fuctore

      A..e.. mawalang galang lang po,
      8. 50 na po ang pamasahe sa jeep simula bukas
      Kung wala po kayong reklamo sa ibinoto nyong pangulo,
      Pero wala din po kayong karapatang patahimikin ang masa

      Unless siguro,
      Isa rin po kayong “noynoying”
      Nakatunganga lang buong maghapon sa bahay.

    • hatecorrupt


  • dan4321

    These acticists are the ones who are OUT OF TOUCH- even here in the US,no matter how Hard Working the Executive Department is,how Organized and Methodical the Agencies are,how
    Agrresive the Economists and even Legislators,the Economy remains at Low Performance.The Oil Price Increase is a Global Scenario-they should know that.Tsk tsk.

    • SignTheWaiverNow

      Yeah sure, at the very least they are doing something…… BUT!!!!

      Our Abnoy President is not and is just sleeping and playing PSP….

      As the saying goes… Better to have a decision either right or wrong than No decision at all…..

      Just take Luneta Massacre, indecisiveness = dead foreigners! LOL

      • PaengSaAmerika


      • Albin

        Nonesense talaga si penoy.

  • namaste2011


  • negicbk

    number of people carrying packages than people malling?
    OFW’s are at a huge 10 percent of the entire population and this explains why.
    monthly remittances jumps to billion $, this also helps the economy.
    NOY always generalized!!! please give us your concrete plans and directions as to where our country is going!!! IN DETAILS!!! hwag naman puro pa pogi lang!!! 4 years to go!!!

  • PaengSaAmerika

    Noynoying is not going to last forever. How could these critics get the support of the people if they disrespect the presidency in the first place? Like myself, they will be the same as they are now, striving so hard to make for a living. At the end of the day, Noynoy is the president and will continue to build his legacy. Go on, Mr. President for you can not please everyone.

    • Albin

      At the end of the day, penoy is the laziest we ever had. Walang ginawa kundi ibintang kay GMA ang lahat ng kapalpakan niya, at angkinin ang mga magandang nagawa ng iba.

      Kanya daw ang conditional cash transfer…kanya din daw ang pagbili ng brand new sokol helicopters, kanya din daw ang asenso ng call centers….

      • PaengSaAmerika

        Hinahabol lang niya yung kinurakot ng mga Arroyos. Ang sa Pilipino ay sa Pilipino. Hindi ka pa natuto. Niloko ka na ng dating illegal president, still, you adore her pa rin. I don’t get it.

      • hatecorrupt


    • hatecorrupt


  • Onslaugh

    pansin ko lng ka Pnoy laging gumagamit ng matalinhagang salita.. makata ka ba Pnoy? siguro di naman magagalit ng mga taong bayan sayo kng may gnagwa kang matino =)) 

    • linsanity17

      eh paano nga gagawa ng matino, eh mismong cya di matino…noynoying at his best…

  • Oliver82

    Silent River runs deep.

  • fuctore

    To all the Noynoyings,
    Be happy at least may legacy na ngayong maiiwan ang favorite president nyo.
    Kahit papano napagpa retire na nya si Juan Tamad.


  • carlorocci

    Noynoying? World Bank statements is a manifestation of noynoying…..”Speed up reforms, World Bank said PH”….Instead of complaining do your homework Mr. President…work, work, work and work…. Hindi na raramdaman ng ordinaryon Filipino ang pagtaas ng Stock Market…..Wala naman kasing nabibiling murang pagkain sa Philippine Stock Exchange….

    • SignTheWaiverNow

      I like your comment…. hahaha

      “Wala naman nabibiling murang pagkain sa PSE…. hahaha nice…..

      For sure, hindi na maiintindihan ng mga yellow retards ang sinabi mo… they will take it literally! LOLOLOL

    • Rose

      Dapat mag work work work and work din ang mga tao…
      hindi yun lahat isisisi at iaasa sa gobyerno!

  • SignTheWaiverNow

    I guess nobody noticed….. hahahaha

    “Chatting with the media on Sunday night at the Mansion—the President’s official summer residence in Baguio City—Mr. Aquino said his critics’ latest swipe at him “does not merit attention.”

    Nasaan po ulit ang ating mahal na ABNOY? nasa baguio, THE OFFICIAL SUMMER RESIDENCE….. Mr. President, matagal pa po ang holy week ha…. sinimulan mo na ang holidays??? BWAHAHAHAHA

    • hatecorrupt

      bakit kaya may mga taong mahilig gamitin ang salitang ABNOY. para sa mga taong mahilig ding manlait sa mga taong may kapansanan, special needs, or abnormal sana imulat ninyo ang mga mata ninyo at tignan ang sarili ninyo sa salamin and think about GOD. sa mata ng diyos ang mga taong may kapansanan o abnormal ay maliit ang mga kasalanan nila kaysa sa mga taong iniisp ninyo at sa tingin ninyo ay normal. MAS MAKASALANAN ANG MGA TAONG NORMAL KAYSA SA HALIMBAWA MONGOLOID OR ABNORMAL. palagay na natin abnoy ang presidente kagaya ng mga sinasabi nila….kahit abnoy siya…..he his a well educated person, he was elected congresman, senator and elected president by millions of people. kayo ba na attained na ninyo ang mga personal accomplishment niya sa buhay? am proud to say you are normal person, sige kumandidato kayo kahit anong position sa gobyerno….parang pinagyayabang ninyo NORMAL KAYO….ipakita ninyo sa sambayanang pilipino na kaya ninyo ang ginagawa niya at iboboto kayo ng mga masang pinoy. DON’T JUDGE ANY PERSON AND DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER…BE A CIVILIZED ONE AND BE HUMBLE…

      • PaengSaAmerika

        Pasensiya na po kayo. Huwag nyong sisihin si Uphold… yung magulang niya ang sisihin natin. Pinalaking walang magandang asal. Nakakaawa.

      • Wowie Sg

        ABNOY – Aquino Benigno NOY…
        ang kasamaan o kabastusan ng salita ay depende sa bumabasa at umiintindi nito…

    • ztirfps

      ay tanga!  hindi  ka  ba  marunong umintindi  ng  binabasa mo?  nasa The Mansion  siya  dahil  katatapos  lang umattend  ng  graduation sa PMA…  hindi para  magbakasyon…   hahaha… katanga tanga mo naman…..  


       Pwede pa rin magtrabaho si Pnoy kahit asa summer residence siya.  Hindi porket nandoon siya eh nag “noynoying” siya. 

    • Wowie Sg

      valid naman ang punta ni Noy sa Baguio…  um-attend siya ng graduation ng PMA, so wala naman sigurong masama dun…

  • hatecorrupt

    isa sa mga dinadaing ng  mga militant group ay ang oil price hike. MY GOD ang oil price ay hindi controlado ng presidente yan.iyan ay isang world scenaryo or world market. kahit america or europa hindi nila controlado yan. para sa mga militant groups tignan muna ninyo ang mga issue na dinadaing ninyo bago kayo magsalita ng magsalita. kahit 100 years from now hindi puwedeng i manipulate ng presidente ng pilipinas yan. DITO RIN SA AMERICA AT SA EUROPA TUMATAAS DIN ANG OIL. IT IS A WORLDWIDE ISSUE, WORLDWIDE MARKET AND WORLDWIDE SCENARIO. OH MY GOD! PRAISE THE LORD.

  • nash13phx

    Walang epekto ang stock market sa buhay ninyong mahihirap? Healthy ang stock market natin kaya maraming investors na papasok sa Pinas, bringing in funds and creating jobs. 

    Wells Fargo magbubukas ng BPO dito creating a forecasted 120,000 new jobs. Papasok ba sila sa Pinas kung tingin nila unstable tayo?  Yung mga condo atbp building na tinatayo kung saan saan, inuutang ng developers ang pangfinance ng mga projects na yan, at kung walang funds na umiikot sa financial system, eh di walang trabaho ang mga laborers.

    Presyo ng gasolina tumataas? Dito lang ba sa Pinas? Ano gusto niyo, ibalik ang Oil Price Stabilization Fund na kung saan sinusubsidize ng gobyerno ang presyo ng langis? Diba’t nabaon ng husto ang bansa dahil sa sistemang yan?  Baka nakakalimutan niyo, hindi tayo oil exporting country kaya wala tayong choice kundi bumili ng langis sa world market.

    Hindi mo ma-afford gas o pamasahe? Mag bisikleta ka! O pagbutihin mo trabaho mo para mapromote ka at lumaki sweldo mo! Ano ba gusto ninyo mula sa gobyerno? Bigyan kayo ng tig iisang milyon para mapasaya kayo?Tanga lang ang aasa sa ibang tao para sa ikauunlad ng sariling buhay nila.

    • PaengSaAmerika

      Excellent piece. Mabuhay ka!

    • Gurruod

      Ang punto ay statistics don’t feed the hungry. Food is. Where is the food? A plan remains a plan if not executed.  Huwag umasa lamang. Kumilos. Gumawa.

      When there is no more children and adults begging for coins on the streets and no more shanties under the bridges, then we can rightfully claim we are economically progressing.

      Wells Fargo investment? Japanese businesses in throngs coming to PH? If they are already here, then make the news! Kung wala pa…tuloy ang Noynoying!

      Have you heard of the brownouts enveloping the whole of Mindanao in over a week now? If you haven’t, ask yourself what actions, solid ones, that PNoy has taken to address this problem?  Would businesses come to invest here if we have problems like this one? 

      • nash13phx

        Yes they are.  Read the business pages, friend.  Watch business shows.  The Philippines is now a creditor, in case you haven’t heard.  

  • 1GeorgeTolentino2

    Ipinalabas sa mga station ng telibisyon kagabi. Isang dating OFW ang nagpakamatay kahapon dahil hindi  makabayad ng exam fees ng kanyang mga anak.  Ayon sa mga kapitabahay na huling nakausap ng naturang OFW, sinibukan na daw niya ang lahat para makalikom ng tamanag halaga para sa pag-aaral ng kanyang mga anak. Todo-todo na daw ang paghihigpit ng sinturon ang ginawa ng kanyang pamilya,  ngunit sa taas ng presyo ng mga bilihin hindi na daw talagang  makakayanan.  YAN ANG REALIDAD SA PARA SA MGA NAGHIHIRAP NATING KABABAYAN!

  • dennis

    Ang hirap sa atin,lalo na yung hindi nakaka-intindi ng pagtaas ng presyo,puro rally at demonstrayson!….Matanong ko lang sa mga nagra-rally? Alam nyo ba na ang pagtaas ng presyo ng langis eh hindi dahil ginusto ng gobyerno natin but dahil ng crisis sa mga countries na Oil suppliers?….DAPAT IPAMUKHA SA MGA HINDI NAKAKA-INTINDI TUNGKOL SA DAHILAN NG PAGTAAS NG PRESYO?…Kung yung ipinagde-demonstrasyon nyo ng buong araw eh ipinagbabanat nyo ng buto eh hindi sana tayo magkakaroon ng di pagkaka-intindihan….Kahit saang pahayagan ng ibang bansa,ganun din ang laman ng balita nila…”Taas Presyo”…Gaya sa Amerika at sa Europa…Ang pagkakaiba lang eh mayaman ang bansa nila kesa sa atin kaya ibang mag-react ang tao…”Nilululon na lang DAHIL ALAM ANG DAHILAN”….Bakit hindi natin malaman at maunawaan ang dahilan? Or ayaw lang ba natin na alamin ang dahilan?


      Actually, government has the power to place a cap on oil prices.  It also can release funds to subsidize the difference, or compel the oil cartel to take the hit on the increase in oil prices rather than passing the buck to the general public.

      I guess that’s where the frustration is coming from.  In the government’s exercise of its police power, it can do a lot of things to cushion the blow of the rising oil prices and save us normal folk.

      In fact, government can also start (seriously) focusing on utilizing alternative sources of energy instead of constantly bowing to the oil cartel.

      But up until now, I have no idea what the government is doing.  I honestly would like to know.

  • sked482

    I’ve posted this before but it’s worth repeating. Well here’s my take on this “Noynoying” thing.

    1. It hasn’t really caught on, aside from being a fad in cyberspace and in the news, I haven’t heard the term once in the real world. I have yet to hear it in everyday conversation and I think a lot of people I know haven’t even heard of the term.

    2. If I were the president I’d actually take the term “Noynoying” as a
    compliment. Two years into the GMA administration we were already rife
    with scandals, which progressively grew worse over time. The fact that
    P-noy’s detractors have to resort to shallow name-calling shows that
    they could not throw anything more serious against him. Which is worse,
    to be called Noynoying or to be called Jose Pidal? One is a pathetic
    shallow play on a name, the other the mark of a thief.

    3. Just like all shallow fads, this one will die soon enough. Those who have enough sense would do well to just ignore it.

    • hatecorrupt


    • JSaballa

      “Noynoying” is a copy cat pinoy version taken from the US where football fans have coined a word “tebowing”. A pose currently popularized by Tim Tebow of Denver Broncos, a Makati born American and spent his youth in the Philippines. Before he goes to play he struck a pose… getting down on one knee and start praying without minding the others around him. A very inspiring act of faith.

      I suggest that PNoy should accept “noynoying” as his own, turn it around to positive just like “tebowing”.

  • dennis

    I still remember in one of old articles here and i suggest “Our Government must produce a Government owned public transportation” specially in Urban Cities like Metro Manila,Cebu and Davao….Malaki ang advantage ng may sariling pangpaseherong Bus or Minibus instead of jeepneys na umiikot sa Metro Manila,unang-una,magiging “standard ang presyo ng pasahe,”One-ticket for all Government-owned transportation like MRT/LRT..Metrobus…Minibus..Trains and Metro Riverline(Along Pasig River small boatlines)…..Sa halip na gumastos ang bawat pamilya para ihatid ng extra ang kanilang mga anak sa Paaralan eh deretso na sa trabaho….Kung aasa lang tayo sa “Pangtawid Pasada” na sinasabi eh walang mangyayari since our World Market is fluctuating due to Oil Crisis in Mideast.

  • virgoyap

    I just wonder if Noynoying will ever solve the problem of oil price hike. Will this not divert our focus to the funny action of protesting people instead of directly looking for the best solution of the problem?

    • nash13phx

      No one can really do anything significant to solve the rising oil prices, since these prices are determined by global market forces.  Basic law of supply and demand lang.  We have no internal supply of oil, so we are forced to buy oil at the prevailing market price.

      The speed with which the local oil suppliers reflect these changes though, now THAT can be improved.  World prices go up, our local suppliers are quick to increase; but when the prices go down, it takes weeks for them to adjust.  

      Government subsidized gas sounds good, but will quickly and inevitably deplete the country’s fiscal reserves and plunge us once again into debt.  Taking out the VAT on oil products also sounds good but this will result in billions of tax income for the government being written off.   I doubt either will happen.

      We just have to do what practically every other person in the WORLD is doing: suck it up, adjust our lifestyles, and work as best as we can. We can’t do anything about oil prices, but we CAN do something about our own finances.

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Yes sure, let the people suffer again! lol

        Why can’t we take out or reduce VAT again? Don’t you understand the simple logic that VAT is a percentage? If you before the price of oil is P40 per liter, it translate to more than P4 per liter VAT… now it is P60 per liter, it translate to P6 per liter… don’t you get simple math?

        It does not deplete tax income… okay? plus you add up the benfits of lowering the price of oil, which can lower prices of basic commodities, transportation, electricity and etc…

        With excess cash on hand, people can spend more on goods… so in the end, the government can again get the taxes slashed from oil…

        Simple Diba? Please do not ask the people to suffer more because the goverment want more money in their pockets… Why not for a change, let the government take a hit naman?

      • virgoyap

        Yes nash, thanks for your sensible answer…

  • dennis

    If we think Mr President that we can afford warships or warplanes(F16) as you have seen in Indonesia,then 100% ako na our Government can produce a “Government-Owned Transportation” para makinabang ang taong bayan!…Yung mga exclusive schools(private or public) must produce  many “Schoolbuses”….It is natural for the people to demand because they are paying their taxes!

    • Rose

      Then mag rarally naman ang mga bus/jeepney operator… with their family..
      The’ll just claim the government is robbing them their source of income…

      • dennis

        I don´t think Rally is the best solution…..Ngayon,Kung Driver ka ng isang pribadong pangpasahero at padre de pamilya ka…mapipilitan kang magtrabaho sa “GOT(government-owned transportation) dahil alam mo na matatag ka at patuloy mo pa din na magagamit ang kaalaman mo….Mas gugustuhin mo pa bang mag-rally dahil sa paniniwala mong “Nawalan ka ng Trabaho?” …Or lilipat ka lang ng pagta-trabahuhan?…LOGIC!

      • Rose

        I wish all the citizen shares the same LOGIC that you have…
        Problem is, guess what, they DON’T!

        Just take the PALEA as an example.
        They were offered good separation pay plus a guaranteed work on the new company. Guess what they chose.

  • Rose

    Hello! Oil Price affects the whole world, well except those Middle East Countries…
    Don’t be so narrow-minded to think that Noynoy caused it or does nothing about it.

    • dennis

      I knew that Oil Price affects the World! That´s why i´m thinking of other ways to avert this crisis! Why did i suggest a “Government-Owned Transportation with only One ticket for the whole G.O.T.”

      1) Price will be standard at hindi pabagu-bago,that means each family can budget their own expenses.
      2) Yung mga nagmamaneho sa pribadong sasakyan like jeepneys,Buses will have jobs provided by our Government.System will come into order!
      3) As our situation in the Philippines with ALMOST EVERY WEEK prices hike due to Oil prices na nasabi mo,Government will definitely have in their mind a “Bracket” of Price control! Let say,within 6 months eh tataas ang pasahe,BUT NOT EVERY WEEK!!!…Look! Lahat ng tao,umaangal sa pagtaas ng presyo coz EVERYTHING WAS AFFECTED!…Gasoline/Diesel…Commodity Prices….School Tuition Fees etc!

      Kailangan na gumawa ng paraan!

  • Isidro Valencia

    With all the best accomplishments of P-Noy, these activists are fond of coining words to divert from the real issues. 

    It is easy to play words. All you have to is get the noun as the subject, then correlate that to something humorous and presto you have a new name.

    I would say to these people, activists and communists, you are so “Annoying.”  Wala kayong gawing magaling.  

    • handsomeb

      what accomplishments are you talking about? He’s been in congress and the Senate for the longest time and  he has never authored any bill.

    • Air200

      if the VAT on oil will be abolished all filipinos will enjoy rather getting so much from it and the bigger pie of the revenues will only be given to the pork of the senators and congressmen which are the source of corruption….

  • noypisiTED

    There are people whose talent were simply to coin words and name tags like “Noynoying”. Fine. But if the people behind this derisive name-calling mean “laid-back” or something resembling that, then they’re mistaken. PNoy definitely is not relaxing in the fight to make those people, from the past dispensation who did our nation wrong and oppress our people and institutions, account before the bar of justice. PNoy is right on that direction and deserves the unwavering support of the Filipino people.

  • handsomeb

    He is the President for Christsake! He can remove the 12 percent VAT in OIL. This is really “noynoying”. There is no EXCUSE for APATHY if you are the PRESIDENT OF THE PHILIPPINES. Hindi pwede tutunga nga ka lang sa isang tabi and mag order pa ng sasakyan knowing all the while that your people are suffering and hungry. Ito ang nga ang Daang Matuwid… Pababa.

  • handsomeb

    You cannot use the rising oil price excuse because you, as President can scrap the VAT that causes it to increase even more. People are name calling him because this is APATHY at its best. The worst Crime you can do to another human being is not corruption or greed. Lahat tayo may seed of greed kahit si Pnoy. Kahit ikaw. But APATHY? When you cannot feel what the other person is feeling, you strip that person of his humanity. More so you strip yourself of your humanity. It is not anymore a crime against the Church or the State. It is a crime against the SOUL.

  • Eon

    Noynoying??? My dear fellowmen, I challenge you to show your proof  on your claim that  our President is doing nothing.  Please. ASAP.

    • SignTheWaiverNow


      1. GDP growth 3.7% last year – no action taken
      2. PPP – no single project started
      3. Oil prices rising – no action taken
      4. Hacienda Luisita – no action taken
      5. KKK caught in anomaly – no action taken

      In contrast:
      1. CJ Corona impeachment
                Action taken:
                   1. those who signed give them more Pork Barell
                   2. give the father and relatives of niel tupaks and other prosecutors a juicy position in goverment
                   3.  those who did not sign, take the committe chairmanship and delay the release of their pork barrel

      2. Gatdula:
                Action taken:
                   1. Remove from office even without investigation
                   2. File criminal cases

      Now you can see? That is noynoying for you…. hahahaha

    • Sooosnamn

      Pnoy achievements: No Wang-Wang… Did it help the people and economy? NO
      Put GMA to jail… Did it help the people to put food on their table? NO
      Ongoing- impeach corona.. Did it change our way of leaving? NO
      Noynoying… Did it help our way of leaving? is funny and entertaining.. .bwahahahahaha

  • joeydmango93

    Actually tinatawag si PNoy na abnoy dahil sa kanyang pamangkin na alam naman natin na autistic. Pati ang walang kamuwang muwang na si Joshua ay nakuha pang bastusin ng mga taong ito. Alam naman natin na si PNoy ang tumayong ama sa pamangkin dahil pinabayaan ng tunay na ama.  Di ba marami ding ama diyan ang nakikipaglaro ng playstation sa kanilang mga anak.  Bakit ginawang isyu ang playstation na iyan at pagtawag na Abnoy? Pasalamat tayo ang presidente na bagamat ganyan ang estado ay alam nating normal na normal na mapagmahal sa pamangkin na iniwan ng sariling ama.  

    Nakita ko kung paano magtrabaho si PNoy kasama ang DFA Sec. Albert Del Rosario anong tamad ang sinasabi nyo?   Inihahambing niyo si PNoy kay Gloria na sinasabing workaholic… Aba tingnan nyo naman ang katakut takot na korupsyon na directly involved ang pamilya niya.  

    • SignTheWaiverNow

      Ay hindi po…. hindi po dahil kay Joshua ito… talagang tingin namin ABNOY siya!

      huwag mo na idamay si Joshua dito! mahiya ka naman sa balat mo…

      dinamay mo na si Joshua, tinuro mo pa ang iba! tindi mo din noh?


      • joeydmango93

        UpholeRuleofLaw pala ha. Di iyan bagay sa takbo ng utak mo! 

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Oo nga… sanay na ako sa mga ganyan arguments…

        kung wala ng masabi… personal attacks na lang…. hehehehe

      • latino_boom


    • Sooosnamn

      Oo nga naman. May nabasa ka na ba na pinag usapan dito ang lagay ni Joshua? Everybody respect Joshua for being autistic. Ang talagang issue diyan ay si Pnoy lang. Ikaw itong nag dadamay Sa kalagayan ni Joshua…mahiyahiya ka!!! As per Tulfo insider in Malacanang, Pnoy would spend all day watching the impeachment trial on TV..which is a trait of being autistic. He only can focus on one thing at a time..that is to impeach CJ Corona. So ang talagang may autism ay si Pnoy… Yun ang sabi ni Tulfo sa commentary niya…it did not come from me..hehehehe

  • pizza ria

    Breaking News:  After he has been sick for two days because of cough and colds as a result of his getting wet from head to toe due to sudden downpour, Pres. Noynoy Aquino’s personal doctor has advised him to, from now on, wear a toupee to protect himself from natural elements. A presidential toupee is now under construction from Creative Hair Systems Inc.

    • Francis81

       During those 2 days na nawala siya, sa unang araw nakapuslit siya ng Malakanyang at naglakad dun sa mga eskinita malapit sa Recto at nang mudmud ng pera. Muntik na nga lang maglakad ng nakahubad, buti na lang naagapan ng PSG. Nung naiuwi siya tinurokan siya ng napakalakas na sedative.  Sayang sana kung naglakad siyang naka hubad at napicturan tapos na sana ang boxing.

  • Sooosnamn

    Pnoy is not Noynoying lately… He has been working hard opposing changes to help the workers and the poor. He just opposed the wage increase for employees proposed by the legislative ( read it on GMA News website) after opposing to remove or decrease VAT on oil and fuel. Pnoy is working hard to protect the interest of the rich and the orligarch. Manga ka level lang niya ang dapat masalba sa price increases. This is a clear corruption of the rich against the workers and the poor. Kaya only in PI there is a saying the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. So sino ang tingin niyong Boss ni Pnoy? Kayong taong bayan or yung 5% rich, big companies owners, and orligarchs?

    • Francis81

       Asus! Isa pa to! Working hard kuno! May mandate na binigay ang Oil Deregulation Law sa  DOJ at DOE para imbestigahan ang mga oil companies na nag overpricing. Ayon pa kay Sen. Chiz 7 Pesos ang overpricing nila. Bakit di inutusan ni Pweenoy and DOJ at DOE? Kung palpak man ang oil deregulation law ba’t di gamitin ni Pweenoy ang 188 Tongressmen niya para i-ammend ito?  Paano Noynoying ng Noynoying si Pweenoy na Abnoying. Bwahahahaha!

    • Martin

       The wage increase is not an easy choice.   Its highly inflationary during tough economic times being created by the already High VAT.   But given a choice of reducing the VAT on oil or a wage increase to people….he choose to drop the wage increase.  I would liked to see a little more debate on the issue before Aquino said “NO…NO….NO”

  • pizza ria

    noynoying came from penoy’s bosses, kaya huwag siyang pikon.  di ba sabi niya ‘kayo ang boss ko’? 

    kaya kung sabi ng boss na nagno-noynoying siya, aba eh tutuo yon.
    meron pang bago:  abadingding.  tawag sa kongresistang asawa ng magaling na si butch balimbing abad. 

  • latino_boom


    • Bert

      psstt, hindi lang mga activists nagreklamo about noynoying…….many in this forum are successful career people and businessmen……and clearly they succeed in their career not defending on this inutile gov’t. They are paying the right taxes and they complaining precisely because they are very much affected by this noynoying president. 

    • SignTheWaiverNow

      To sum up what you just said….

      Maralita = kulang sa impormasyon (in other words, mahina ang utak)

      Umasenso = magtrabaho at umasa sa iba (Tama ka dyan parekoy! Pakisabi yan sa ABNOY nating Presidente ha)


    • Sooosnamn

      Latino na hindi Pinoy, 1st of all porke maralita minamata mu na..napaka matapobre mu naman!!! May manga mahihirap din naman na matatalino at nakapagaral parin kahit papaano. Kaya huwag mo nilalahat. Para kang noytard mag salita… 2nd, ang grupong PISTON ang nagpauso nang Noynoying, they are not leftist or student groups. Their members are jeepney drivers, bus drivers, tricycle drivers and so on. So may manga pinagkakabuhayan sila. Nag proprotest lang sila pag hindi pinapakingan nang gubyerno ang hinihiling nilang fare increase. Complete din sila Sa information Kung bakit tumataas and gasolina. Kaya nga humihingi sila nang paalam Sa gobyerno na mag taas nang pasahe. Sila din ay nagsusumikap sa pagdridrive para mapag aral ang kanila ng manga anak at may makain sa araw araw. So hindi nila inaasa Sa iba ang kinabukasan nila. Ikaw ata ang kulang sa impormasyon!!!

      • KikoPaeng

        Sorry to correct you pero ‘di po PISTON ang nagcoin ng term at act ng Noynoying kung hindi mga estudyanteng aktibista.  Nagbibigay linaw lang po.  Tuloy ang balitaktakan.  Salamat!  Good point, by the way!

  • Francis81

    HAHAHA! Pikon! Paano totoo kasi na Noynoying siya lagi.

    More vocabulary:

    Ninoying – to oppose the government with the help of Communists and Oligarch

    Corying – to lead a revolution while hiding somewhere

    Krissing –  to keep on talking like there’s no tomorrow

    and NOYNOYING – to do nothing

  • Drummerman B

    give this “noynoying” term another month, and it will just die out of natural cause… walang dating at wala ring sense… naubos na nga lang ang ititira kay pnoy kaya pati walang katuturang akusa pinatulan na…. mababaw boy!

    • Francis81

       Korek ka diyan DB, kasi baka one month na lang si Pweenoy bilang presidente.

      • Drummerman B

        opinyon mo yan brod, kaya ginagalang ko..pero di ibig sabihin ay totoo na yang sinasabi mo at may kredibilidad ka mag assess ng sitwasyon.. sa basa ko sa yo mahina comprehension mo eh… opinyon ko yan ha, kaya igalang mo rin!

    • Pitbulldog

      As long as this bugoy na tamad keeps on with his laissez faire manner of governance, that will haunt not just till the end of his term for lifetime.  A scourge in his name and legacy that even his grandchildren will be ashamed.

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        That is assuming he will have grandchildren! Because from the looks of it, he likes men more than women…. LOLOLOLOL


      • floydelyn

        UpholdRuleofLaw pa naman ang username mo!!! below the belt naman ang banat mo.

  • Martin

    Noynoying term will be around for years to come. It was brilliant and creative, and the President earned the term by his do-nothing attitude.

    • Eric

      wala ng maipintas kay Noynoy….baka gusto ninyo ibalik yung magnanakaw ng pera ng bayan???

    • Jemyr Anover

       brilliant? eh wala nga syang nagawa nang nasa senate pa sya?

    • Aureo

      Sorry, I don’t agree that NOYNOYING will last long. Kasi malapit ng masipa c Pnoy sa Malacanang. Hinde abutin yan ng April Fools day.

  • pizza ria

    nung nabubuhay pa si st. cory naringgan ba siya na kahanga-hanga, masipag, at puedeng maging lider ng bansa si noynoy?  meron po ba?  parang wala kasi alam naman ni st. cory na batugan itong anak niyang ito, kaya ayan pikon na pikon si prisidinti sa tawag sa kanyang ‘noynoying’.

    • Francis81

       Hoy pizza ria, wag mo naman awayin si santita cory, alam naman ng lahat nung presidente siya 60% ng panahon niya ay ginugol sa paglalaro ng madyong. High tech lang si Pweenoy ngayon kasi PSP na.

      • Eric

        kawawa ka naman…..kakampi mo si Gloriang magnanakaw

      • Aureo

        Kelan kaya matapos ang NOYNOYING? Pag nasipa na C Pnoy sa Malacanang.

    • Eric

      kung makasalita ka…….parang close ka sa mga Aquino ah…

  • dcjordan15

    I can’t see your point, ACT. I voted for ACT last election. I’m beginning to think I just wasted that important vote!

  • sigena

    maski manhid tinablan din pala. si lolo noynoying

  • pizza ria

    kumusta na kaya ang yaya ng ating 50+ years old na prisindinti?  imagine nyo matandang binatang oklabs eh may yaya pa.  onli in da pilipins.  o ligo na bondying, oy bait bait na bata nyan. bili kita mamaya ng lollipop, tapos bahay bahayan tayo.  ligo ka na at baho mo na, amoy beho ka pa.

    • dennis

      Hahaha!…Ngayon lang ako natawa sa mga komento dito…LOL!

  • Ano Ikaw

    NOYNOYING…ba’t galit? Totoo ka palang tamaring.

  • guru

    haaaay napakakupad talaga ng gobiyernong ito.. halos lahat ng project di makausad..nilulumot na at inaamag sa drawing board ang mga proposed project..Yun MRT 7 saan na? nerereview pa rin ba? ilan beses na ginawan ng case study yan..pakibilisan naman po plsssss ang mga infrastructure projects.. nagkapatong patong na ang mga ito… puro press release lang ang nangyayari..output ang kailangan ng mga tao..not blah blah blah!!!

  • Lucky Luciano

    Si Pnoy ang may kasalanan ng tension sa Iran at paghina ng Dollar na pambili ng langis, dapat sisihin si Pnoy sa winter sa western countries na dahilan para magangkat ng maraming bansa ng langis kaya tumaas ang presyo, Pati narin sa pag hihirap ibang bansa sa Europe.


    • Aureo

      Thanks for NOYNOYING!

      • Lucky Luciano


  • Green_Latern

    Noynoying, nonoying, noynoying , nonoying, noynoying , noynoying !!!

    • Aureo


  • pizza ria

    Breaking Tabloid News:  Dahil sa katakot takot na naglalabasang nega news sa ating mahal na pang-gulo, binuo ngayo ng malacanang ang isang ahensya na syang mangangasiwa sa anyo ni pang-gulong noynoy aquino upang ang magkaraon ng dating ang imahen niya sa kanyang mga bossing.  Ang ahensya ay tatawaging Presidential Look Enhancement Management Authority o PLEMA.  Ang mamumuno sa PLEMA ay si Arnel Pineda at katuwang niya si Atty. Vitalino Aguirre.  Kung ano ang papel na gagampanan nila Pineda at Aguirre sa agensyang ito ay kayo na ang bahalang humatol, basta ang tsismis sa Malakanyang ay tumanggi daw sina Boy Abunda, Yeng Guiao, Wally at Pepe Pimentel na makisawsaw sa problemang ito.

    • Jemyr Anover

      I second the motion, puede rin kuning WIGALOO expert itong si Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre, para naman gumandang lalaki ang pangulo. Mas lalong mahuhulog ang kimchi ni Grace kay Penoy pag nagkataon.

  • dennis

    Sa susunod na People´s Power sa EDSA,dapat eh naghilata na lang at walang ginagawa…meron dyang naglalaro na lang ng PS2..may inaantok…siguradong SWAK na SWAK yan at “trendy” ang dating!…….Action speaks louder than voice!…Kesa naman magdadala ka ng megaphone at magtatatalak na lang….Sure ako na mapapansin ka na!…LOL!

  • Jack

    Another indication was the booming construction industry as shown by the building activities in Metro Manila, he said.
    fs pnoy talking about the concrete blocking activities by dpwh along main thoroughfares in metro manila, then it’s true.

  • Adrian Clemente Jr.C

    Ito ang pinakamatinding ugali ng mga pilipino, ang crab mentality.  Imbis na tulungan ang pangulo para matupad ang mga programs niya ay pinipilit pa rin siyang hilahin pababa.  Kung ano anong mga gimik para lang mapansin.  To President Aquino, mas marami pa rin kami na naniniwala sa yo and supporting you.  Minority groups lang ang mga ito kaya huwag mo na silang pansinin.  Sila ang mga tamad!  

    • rosamistika16

       at ang masasabi ko lng, yong mga taong nagpoprotesta at nagsasabing noynoying ay sila dapat ang pagsabihan ng ganun. imbis na mghnap ng paraan pra mgkarun ng mpagkakakitaan ay nagkakalat pa sa kalsada na pra bng sila ay merong maipagmamalki sa sarili at sa bansa nya. sabagay, kung sino man may pakana nyan ay seguro bayad sila. at least may pangkain n sila dhil sa pagiging noynoying nila.

      • Aureo

        Thanks for NOYNOYING (BLAMING) us. That’s NOYNOYING trademark!

    • Aureo

      C Pnoy masipag talaga. Pag maganda, accomplishment nya. Pag pangit, kasalanan ng mga kalaban nya. That’s NOYNOYING for you.

  • pizza ria


  • wanadelacruz

    i support noynoy especially in his quest to clean up the government.  but he cannot continue to ignore the pressing problem/s besetting our country especially the spiralling of fuel prices.  it is time for the president and his men to find a concrete solution sa never-ending oil price hikes.  i know it’s easier said than done, but something has to be done and done at the soonest.  the public can easily forgive him especially with earlier mishaps like the bloody chinese hostage incident, his apparent missing in action in earlier national calamities pero pag gutom na ang issue, hindi puedeng hahayaang lumala.  and tawid pasada is never the solution.  adjustment sa vat might be a better option.  time to call on your best heads and find a solution.  don’t be like corona, face the issue!

    • pizza ria

      noynoy is facing the issues.  nakangisi pa nga, eh, at puro turo, turo dito, turo duon. sisi dito, sisi duon.  yes, noynoy is facing the issues, his own style. he will never admit his failures.

      • Aureo

        That’s NOYNOYING for you!

  • JustWords811

    i think there should be a limit as to how to treat the highest public official of the land. after all, he is the benchmark on how people from the outside world view us, and whatever we say about him reflects also on the kind of people we are. will congress ever consider passing a law to govern how we treat a president? to be fair, look at how he has fared thus far as against how he has promised to deliver. his daang matuwid is still a sound vision. if ony we filipinos learn how to be honest with ourselves…

    • pizza ria

      llamas, llamas, robredo, nuguiat, torres.  daang matuwid.  bow.

    • pizza ria

      if majority of the people have job, have food on their table 3x a day, the young generation going to school, if they can afford the basic necessities – in other words, if the citizenry is happy with the way their government is looking after and providing for their basic needs, they will have nothing to complain about.  pero pag nagutom na yan, walang trabaho, hindi makapag-aral, what can you expect?  daang matuwid is just for noynoy to serve his own personal agenda so he can exact vengeance onto his political opponents.

      • floydelyn

        pizza ria, kumandidato ka next election ha? tingnan natin galing mo.

  • romero

    NOYNOYING IS JUST another ng annoyed  lang yang sa iyo..they are people make you irritated..that sort of people  is also crowd for hire.  yong iba kulang sa pansin.kaya pinasikat ang sarile nila sa utube. GIMMICKAN lang iyan. wala na kasing mga talent ang mga iyan..kumakalaban sa iyo. hinalal ka ng mamayang filipino sila rin ang mag papalis sa iyo..ballota..o election..ang katapat mo mr president.kung gusta kang manatile bilang president ng filipinas.gampanan mo lang ang tunay na pamalakad bilang  pangulo.they are just ANNOYANNOYING YOU MR PRESIDENT.

  • pizza ria


  • Dee Jhay

    Hindi si Noynoy and dahilan ng Bullish Market Index. Sadyang tumataas yun as time goes by. Kaya hindi dapat ipagmalaki ni Noynoy ang market. Ang booming contruction industry ay hindi rin si Noynoy ang dahilan, Habang lumilipipas ang panahon, talagang tumataas din yan. Baka naman pati pag-upgrade ng mga computers at softwares ay gagamitin ni Pnoy para sabihin umuunlad ang Pilipinas dahil sa kanya

    • sanjuan683

      Oo nga palibhasa ABNOYNOYING yan presidente kuno. hehehehehehe Yan ang presidente tamad the Philippines ever had. ehehehehehe

    • magcalasL


      • Aureo

        Binayaran kami ni Pnoy para mag-NOYNOYING para sumikat cya bago cya masipa sa Malacanang

  • DavidBanez

    12 % VAT on oil is actually not true. The government is getting more than that,

    Simply, look at this.

    The importer, e.g, Petron  already paid a handsome tariff to the government when it imports crude oil. After processing of crude oil to a finished product, say gasoline, Petron will sell it to the owner of gasoline station  with 12% VAT, this 12% is actually paid by the owner of the gasoline station and which is added to constitute the total purchase cost (TPC) of the product. The owner of gasoline Station is further required by the BIR to pay an additional 12% VAT based on his net sale. (Gross sale less TCP) normally a mark-up of only 1 peso and 50 centavos per liter (or about 3 pesos gross earning per 100 pesos capital).  The VAT is actually paid to the government 3 times. What makes me wonder is the meaning of VAT, which is Value Added Tax.. My question is, from the onwer of gasoline station point of view, what added value did he made to the finished product after he purchased from Petron – NOTHING.. He did nothing, yet he paid VAT again and is actually 2 times which is equivalent to 24% percent total..YES, this is TRUE.
    Pnoy should removed this last 12%VAT on oil.

    • JamesBond2

      You have a wrong computation or misleading explanation. The VAT is a turn-over tax.  Yes, the gasoline station will  pay 12% VAT.  Its called a VAT Input.  The he sells it to the consuming public and adds
      12% VAT.  He recovers what he paid to Petron.  It is the people who eventually shoulders the VAT. Look at your receipts, there is a VAT charge.

      But YES, the government should consider to remove or lessen the VAT imposition  because in general,  it is the end-user or general public who eventually shoulders the VAT.  If the person or entity who purchased the gasoline has a business, he/it can avail of the VAT input he paid by charging the VAT input against his VAT output from his net sales whatever the product or services he is selling.    

      Not all products are with VAT but most are because there are products or services which are exempt or Zero-rated.

  • lescantillal

    For some people, whatever he does will always be wrong. Of course they always know what is the best thing to do and how best to do it. 

    • magcalasL


      • occlownfish

        panay ang reklamo nila. pero example lang ha. yung PMA graduate na anak mahirap.  they may have same economic status but this PMA kid chose the path to serve his country.   so this activist kids chose to be like this and they will be like this forever.   Forever sorry that they did not do better in school because they spent more time in the streets than in the class room.

  • BatangSingapore

    ang malaking usapin dito ay pagkawala ng minanang yellow magic ng Abnoy na presidente.  Patuloy lamang ang pagbantot ng imahe ng mga Cojuangco at Aquino.



    • magcalasL


      • BatangSingapore

        gusto mo pa pala ng intehenteng post ko sa isyu sa itaas na balita “Noynoying”?


        nagpapadagdag ka pa sa mga Abnoy team :))

  • GKid

    Zero Bills Passed as a Senator and only a few Co-sponsored Bills passed as a Congressman, that’s 12 years of Noynoying in Congress.  Noynoying led to the Presidency, no wonder many are following and imitating President Aquino.

  • pepengkabayo

    Aquino slams people behind ‘NOYNOYING.

    There is nothing wrong with Noynoying.
    This term has long been with us since time immemorial.
    It is within us or it is what we are, Filipinos. That is why we don’t progress.

    What a Fit to have a PRESIDENT as our model, the symbol of Katamaran.
    NOYNOYING IS the modern version of JUAN TAMAD.
    Noynoying or Juan Tamad does not matter.

  • Guest

     i thought noynoy, the forever young president of this republic is not affected of noynoying issue? well, my friends aquino III is not noynoying, he is crying because intelligent people is not buying his scripted pictures.

  • Gate


  • koikoi

    The title of the article is misleading. The first line said it all.

  • pepengkabayo

    Pnoy said “ready test” to show the economy was improving would be the number of people in the mall carrying packages as against the number of people simply “malling.”

    Well, Mr. President, just go to squatters area,  tambakan ng basura,  baseco compound pier, people living under the bridge, pasig river banks etc etc.
    People there are not carrying nothing at all or simply they don’t even know what Mall is.

    • occlownfish

      it may be improving but the president never said that ok na ang lahat.  he admits there are still a lot of things to do. yung example mo about squaters, ilang presidente na ang dumaan pero ganun pa rin, it will not be resolved overnight.  sana bawasn lang ang politics at ituloy ang economic rehab. bawasan ang kurakot. (di nawawala ang kurakot)

  • Rey Gan

    Nung si GMA pa presidente, panay rally mga kabataan laban sa katiwalian.  Ngayong siniseryoso ng gobyerno ang laban sa kurapsiyon, ngawa naman sila na walang ginagawa gobyerno. Ano ba talaga ate at kuya gusto niyo? Ice cream? Para kayong mga batang ngawa ng ngawa….

    • occlownfish

      talagang ganyan na yata talaga.  mas gusto nila na nasa kalye sila at isigaw kung ano ang gusto nila na ibigay ng gobyerno kesa mag aral para mabago ang buhay nila at ng pamilya nila.  May ibang anak ng mahirap ang nag strive par amabago ang buhay nila.  Pero sila di magawa yun. 

    • phalen

      totoo yan seryoso sya sa mga kalaban pero sana seryoso din sa mga kakampi para naman maniwala ang lahat.ano ba talaga ate at kuya seryoso o hindi?para kayong duling dalawa ang tingin.

      • Rey Gan

        Binoto siya ng karamihan dahil sa plata-pormang lipulin kurapsiyon ng nakaraang administrasyon.    Ngayong sinusunod naman niya pangako sa bayan, naghahanap naman kayo ng ibang isyu?  Akala mo naman itong mga isyung pinupukol niyo e ni katiting wala sa tindi ng scandals, scams, at shadowy deals in the past admin. 

        Well, phalen, mahirap tanggapin pero marami tayong kababayan na di pa rin nalalampasan ang pre-teenage years.  Tuloy pa rin pagliligalig, at walang ginawa kundi ngumawa.

    • Maria

      Ano naman siryoso sa corruption? Gumising ka nga. Wala bang corruption ngayon? Baka mas malala pa. Tingnan mo nga mula sa maliit na barangay hanggang sa office of the president hindi nawawala ang corruption. Saan napupunta ang biyong budget ng palasyo sa intelligence? Kasi hindi lang nababangit sa yellow media kaya hindi nalalaman ng mga Pinoy. Ang pinaaalam lang ay ang hindi makatotohanang bagay. Sa customs talamak ang nakawan sa BIR ganoon din. Akala ninyo ba malinis si Penoy? Iyan kasi ang pinalalabas ng mga yellow media? Magmasid masid at wag maniniwala sa mga yellow zombies.

      • Rey Gan

         Dati ka bang katulong at kilalang-kilala mo siya? O tulad ka rin ng walang magawa kundi makinig sa tsismis, ginagwang pampalipas oras ang gumawa ng kwento.

        Di niyo talaga mapaniwalaan ang media dahil umpisa pa lang negative na kayo. Paano nga naman malulutas ang problema kung di pa naka-first base, angal na kayo?  Gamitin mo utak mo at wag pa-uto sa mga handlers mo.

    • SignTheWaiverNow

      Tama ka diyan Rey Gan! Seryosong seryoso talaga ang gobyerno laban sa kurapsiyon!

      Tingnan mo ang mga pangalan na eto ha baka sakaling may maalala ka:

      1. Naguiat
      2. Puno
      3. Torres
      4. Llamas
      5. Soliman

      seryoso naman diba? lololololololol gusto mo ng ice cream? lololololol

  • PalQ PalQ

    Hindi ang presidente ang problema, kundi ang mga tao. Sa palagay ko hindi na magbabago ang mga tao sa Pilipinas. Masyadong malalim na ang ugat ng maling ugali ng mga Pilipino para mabago pa ito. Huli na ang lahat. Anong solusyon? Mangibang bansa. Ayan ang ginawa ko, hindi ko hahayaang mabulok ako kasama nyo.

    • DarkJustice

      Sang-ayon ako sayo,kabayan! Kahit palitan nyo pa si Pnoy,ganun pa din sitwasyun ng Pinas! Bakit kamo? Mga Pinoy puro satsat,puro angal! Ano na nangyari sa People Power nyo? May nabago ba after 25 years? Hanggang ngayon si Marcos pa din ang sinisi nyo! Kung gusto nyo ng kaagad agad na pagbabago,tunay na rebolusyon ang gawin at iupo ang tamang lider pagkatapos ng madugong rebolusyon! Hindi puro satsat,angal! Wala namang na-contribute sa bansa! Tsk! Tsk!

      • occlownfish

        until di mag bago ang voters, bulok na leader ang ilalagay nila, simula sa barangay pataas yan.

  • neverwint3r

    e pano ba naman e si abnoy na yata ang pinaka tamad na presidente in the country’s history. masyado siyang laidback at parelax-relax.  wala siyang ginagawa.

    ano na ba na-accomplish niya?? it’s like during his time as congressman o senator na walang ginawa.

    buti pa mag-issue siya ng executive order making noynoying a national pasttime.

    • MariaVaerewyck

      hindi ang presidente ang tamad kung di ang mga pinoy na tamad na walang ginawa kung di maghintay at magreklamo ng magreklamo. reklamo ng reklamo pero ayaw namang kumilos dahil gusto nila yung presidente ang kumilos para gumanda ang buhay nila, di gaganda ang buhay mo kung di ka kikilos.

  • pepengkabayo

    The President should be Happy of his description of NOYNOYING which means LAZINESS OR KATAMARAN.
    .At least di naman corrupt, konting suysoy lang o konting pukpok para kumilos.
    Kasi nga Pnoy parang pako, kailangan martilyo para bumaon.
    We have been branded as Sick Man of Asia, Conjugal Dictatorship, Laughing Stock of the World,
    why not THE LAZY MAN OF ASIA

    On the other hand, Pnoy is also called Isip Bata as we heard that he plays video games like X box, PSP etc etc.
    We live in high tech world. However, not growing old is not new. We have Peter Pan who does not want to grow old, we have the Last Emperor of Asia a boy, and other pyramid emperor like Tukhakhem whatever that be.
    If Madonna has a Boy Toy and Jennifer Lopez a 24 year old boyfriend, then we are also not be left behind as we have a BOY PRESIDENT in Pnoy.

    • MariaVaerewyck

      What’s wrong with an older guy playing video games like xbox, psp, playstation, wii, nintendo( you name it)? That’s just like older people watching cartoons or animations. Di ba alam ng mga pinoys na dito sa Europe and I’m sure sa america ay ganoon din na maraming mga matatanda or mga me edad na naglalaro ng video games. Video games are not just for children, it’s for every age. Maybe it’s never heard of in the Philippines na kahit na yung mga me edad na kahit nasa 70’s ay naglalaro pa rin ng video games, dito fathers and grandfathers plays video games with their children and grand children that’s included in their spending time and quality time together. Those who are making a big deal about it ay mga small minded or baka inggit lang sila dahil sila ay di nakakapaglaro ng video games.

      • edmanuel

        Yes, I agree. I could qualify as a senior citizen, but I still play computer games.  But, I am not a president of a country!

  • MariaVaerewyck

    Geezzz, Mr. Tinio, anong gusto niyong gawin ni pnoy sa rising oil price eh ang oil price sa international market ay out of his control, hindi niya control and opec ano? besides hindi lang sa Pinas tumataas ang oil price, that’s around the world, dito nga sa Europe ay every week tumataas ang price ng oil at minsan ay twice a week pa. as if any president can do something about the oil price, gumagawa lang kayo ng excuses to rally or demonstrate kahit di valid dahil wala namang magagawa ang kahit na sino para tumigil ang pagtaas ng oil, isa ka pa namang representative pero mukhang walang kang pang-unawa sa kalakaran ng international things na hindi kayang kontrolin ng presidente ng pilipinas. Be open minded mr. Tinio, the world is so big but it seems your world is too small na hanggang dulo lang ng ilong mo ang nakikita mo. No one can do anything about the oil price so don’t blame anyone. Ang alam lang pala nitong mga activist ay mag rally at demonstrate pero ang umunawa sa mga kalakaran ay di nila alam gawin, ok lang sana kung local lang yang pagtaas ng presyo.

    • edmanuel

      VAT could be lowered or abolished, that’s one.  It may be painful on the government’s finances, but we need to sacrifice.  After all, we are talking about a very basic necessity here that could drive the cost of so many commodities.

      Regulate, that’s two. For all we know, the oil companies are raking in too much profit. Take the US, for example.  Pump prices hover at $4/gallon; in the Philippines, $6. We are talking about the same price of crude oil, so it should be out of the equation. Production cost in the US should be much higher since labor cost there is much higher than in the Philippines. See the disparity?

      Now, those are only two of what the government could do and in fact already suggested by the people only to be dismissed by President Aquino.

  • Menyet

    Being a president you really cannnnnnnnnooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnoooooootttttttttttttt satisfy everybody. But if those that activist will open their eyes they will realized. The president of the Philippines cannot control the world market price of OIL. I am working for almost 32 years in Gas & Oil industry but really we cannot do anything regarding this. The best thing to do by those rallying is open their brain & explore. Hindi ganoon na nag rally sila sa kalye. I assure you to those who support this Noynoying if you ask them what to do they will just keep silent. Bullshit to those people.

    • F14Tomcat

      You’re absolutely right.  Forgive me for being bold and frank but a little country such as my motherland has little or no power to move down the price of oil.   What folks here in the US wanted to see is to loosen up the regulation on oil drilling in places where protected animals, fishes and birds are located.  There is a tremendous importance placed on ecosystem.  Yes, it is crazy but it’s true that sometimes these protected living things are in the way of the lifestyle of the citizens of the country. 
      The price of gas here is now near or over $4 a gallon, depending what state or area of the country.  The sound of the drum that’s being beaten is getting louder.  Political rhetoric from the opposition is being thrown to the President of the US.  Citizens of US are now clamoring for more oil drilling and more permits to build oil refineries. 
      Substantiation of vast oil deposits in the US either off shore and inland has been written by leading authorities in oil drilling, as well as by some scientists.  If more oil drilling is approved by the current President, this would undoubtedly reduce the price of oil worldwide. 
      What is happening now is that, crisis in the any country in the Middle East increases the price of oil.  In fact, overtones by the leaders of Iran to wipe Israel from the face of the earth, as well threats to block the strait of Hormuz so that the flow of oil traffic coming from other oil exporting countries in the middle east would also increase the price of oil. 
      So, having said all of that, those Noynoying activists would probably need to expand their knowledge a little bit more about what really cause the price of oil to go up.  They will find that it is not caused by the President Aquino and he could not do a damned thing (excuse my language) to lower the price of oil.  But of course, all of these arguments are irrelevant if Philippines is self sufficient on oil.  Meaning, oil is pumped out and refined in the Philippines.

      • edmanuel

        That the price of oil in the world market continue to rise is already given, and we know that. But why should the government still impose VAT on a very basic necessity and even resistant to lowering this tax. That’s one thing that the government could do – lower or abolish the VAT.

        The other thing that the government could do is regulate.  Now, that may sound contrary to policies of capitalism, but in these extra-ordinary times, only government intervention could regulate profiteering.  See there in the US, it’s $4/gallon – that’s 160 pesos. In the Philippines, it’s 60 pesos per liter or 240 pesos per gallon. Considering high labor cost in the US (up to 10 times more than in RP), I don’t think production cost would be lower there.

  • wheelers

    the activist behind the noynoying might be the sons and daughters of corrupt public officials.
    They are afraid of a good government because they will be greatly affected, especially their lifestyle.

    • epros

      Bayaran ba?

      • wheelers

        Pwedeng bayaran pwedeng hindi. instead of doing beneficial for themselves and to the Filipino people like studying well and do some good things for their fellowmen, they are there in the streets corrupting themselves. sila b ang future generations? mas corrupt p nga sila. Noynoying group!!!!!  tumulong sa pag sulong kaysa nman dada kayo ng dada.

      • mmm choco

        Go tell that to the President!

    • lens335

      You’re 100 percent right like some Red employees of the supreme court, they are use to the old mafia style lagay ng mga mayaman guilty sa mga mahihirap.

    • mmm choco


  • 4kingdaddy

    mr. presdident…..make a request from these companies to build outside of metro and  take it to other provinces…metro-manila is so congested already…..metro is having a hard time relocating the many indigents who thinks the gold is in manila….call centers, for example, doesn’t have to be in metro-manila… not stop the governors if they actively pursue businesses to erect its subsidiaries in their respective provinces…city mayors can do it too….and if i were you, mr. president, i would even encourage them to do so……my ten-centavo suggestion…..p.s…..governors, mayors, don’t just sit and fatten yourselves….help your people….

  • Jarvis Villaran

    It seems some people do not know what “personal attacks” mean. If people say that the president is an arrogant, impertinent, self-deluded retard, that is a personal attack: an argumentum ad hominem. But if they say that he is not doing his job or is doing it improperly, it is a criticism on his performance which he should take maturely and constructively. He obviously didn’t.

  • dipakosigurado

    How painful it must be to be so ridiculed and CURSED forever by your very name…but this noynoying term is just perfectly noynoying-appropriate…so bear with it, my president…!

    The term “Imeldific” has survived, but in some ways it can be used to denote something positive, like grandeur, bigger than life, lavish, or luxurious…

    But “noynoying”…I can not come up with anything remotely positive, this is one for the ages…to denote simply, inaction, inattention, indifference, laziness, deliberate stupidity, and the like…in one word, “noynoying”!

    And so very annooooyyiiiiiing !

  • B

    nagtataka pa si Pnoy! Ano ba ang ginagawa ni Pnoy sa mga kasalukuyang issue dito sa ating bansa? sa patuloy na pagtaas ng presyo ng langis…alam natin na worldwide naman ito pero may ginagawa ba silang solusyon???? Double standard din si Pnoy, kapag tao niya ang nadidiin o may kasalanan…OK lang sa kanya. Kapag may problema sa bansa, bintang kaagad kasalanan ni GMA. Pweh….wala na bang ibang magamit na rason????

  • katindig

    Mr. President, isipin nyo wala pang presidente ng Pilipinas na nakontento ang tao laging may may problema, gawin nyo lang ang dapat gawin at gawin ang tama….pagmay nagkamaling tauhan nyo patalsikin nyo agad…para walang masabi mga tao..kahit mga classmate nyo, kung nagkamali tanggalin.  Saka mga retired generals huwag nyo silang kunin mag manage ng ibang sangy ng gobierno….marami dyan career personnel naqualified.

  • Raven Santos

    Shall we say: “How can one show something to a PRESIDENT who does not want to see, or make him listen when he does not want to listen?”

  • Raven Santos

    At kayo namang mga komunista, tigilan nyo na ang misrepresentation nyo sa sentimiyento ng publiko dahil hindi kayo ang publiko. Darating ang araw sama-sama kayo sa karsel ng Noytards na yan. Mark my words!

  • dukling

    Dapat lang na ipaliwanag ni P-noy kung saan niya gimagamit iyong pera na galing sa Royalty payments ng oil na nakukuha sa Malampaya. Mahigit 100Bilyon dolares din iyon. Puedeng gamitin ang pera para matustusan ang pagta-as ng presyo ng langis. Imbes na gamitin iyang pera para suhulan ang mga tongresista na itaguyod ang kanyang personal vendeta sa Justice system at ipagtulak ang kanyag balak na maging diktador.
    Dapat lang sana na gamitin niya ang “rule of law” para sibakin ang mga corrupt na government officials, at hindi iyong pay-gamit ng “pork-barrel” na pang corrupt na naman sa mga tongressman. Kaya tuloy, ang mga corrupt na politisyan ay mas lalo pang nagiging corrupt. Kasi, presidente ay corrupt din.

  • Kuya_Orot

    ” Noynoying is irrelevant” chorused the Malacanang chowawahs. Yet, their annoyance can’t be hidden. Besides, it had been reported that Budoy is laggard and lazy. Maybe he is over fantazing, (on men or women??), that sapped his energy. His mental capability is also suspect. God save the Philippines.

  • Anne Milan Ortega

    unrealistic yung walang kurap walang mahirap dapat Walang noynoying walang mahirap

  • Calex Cadaoas

    ang problema sa ating mga ibang kababayan, imbis na magsumikap at tulungan ang bagong gobyerno para umunlad ang buhay at bayan, palagi ang presidente ang my sala. MAGSUMIKAP KAYO PARA KAYO AASENSO AT HUWAG IAASA SA IBA!!!

  • kris makati

    hala napipikon na ang lolo niyong panot, tama na kasi yang noynoying na yan…. (noynoying noynoying noynoying noynoying….)

  • Rednaxela VD

    “How can one show something to a person who does not want to see, or make him listen when he does not want to listen?”  – Penoy

    That is Noynoy talking to himself.  He knows what its like to be a knucklehead and a bonehead all in one.

    Let Noynoying be heard long and wide.  Dismiss and slam it all you want but it’s a call for action stupid! 

  • Rolando

    Given that Gloria has no more political clout, then who are this “noynoying group”? 

  • Diablo_III

    I am against the coined term “NOYNOYING” but if the activists and the pretenders really insist what they saw that he is abeyant and sluggish leader so be it. However, it can be a wake up call for the president to really be an active, efficacious and restless leader that will propel the country to new heights. 

  • Derek Bacsain

    bakit kasi nauso yang NOYNOYING na yan. tuloy ngayon lahat na ng bilihin nataasan…gising ”
    “noynoying group”

  • mutawa

    noy, wag mong pag papansinin yan mga aktivista.  mga komunista yan.  they think the gov’t owes them.  bakit mag kano ba tax nabayad nyo?  they are the same breed as the occupy wall street, ayaw mag trabaho ng matino, reklamo at mag rally lang magaling.

    • mmm choco

      ahahahah left leaning kaya si noynoy.. didnt you know??  akbayan and bayan reps  are his advisers..kaya tahimik ngayon ang right wing. including military..

  • PepingCo

    Simple lang. Ipakita mo kasi na nagtratrabaho ka Ginoong Presidente at may resulta sa mga ordinaryong manggagawa at mamamayan.

    Naa-annoy si Noynoy sa mga nagno-Noynoying! Anoynoy ba yan? bwahahaha

  • KurakotNaPinoy

    It is simple really, remove corruption everywhere, businesses will be more confident to invest, public services will go where actually needed, infrastructure will be less costly…

    Besides, are’nt those stupid students being paid for by taxpayers for them to study at UP???

    Kick them out of UP if they only want to protest on the streets instead of studying hard.

  • mmm choco

    Noynoy has been trumpeting on the improvement in the labor sector where supposedly the unemployment rate had moderated to 8.3 percent, “which was better than the jobless level in the United States.”
    Why is he comparing duhat with oranges? That’s really the pits.

  • mmm choco

    Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Cayetano Paderanga Jr. tried to explain the disparity this way: “In the Philippines, there are many jobs that ordinarily would not be thought of as work in developed countries.”
    He conceded that many of the employed Filipinos are working in the informal sector, where the income levels are really quite low.
    Results of the January Labor Force Survey (LFS) of the NSO showed that more than half or 52.7 percent of those employed or some 21.2 million Filipinos are working in the services sector which included the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector and the construction industry where many of the unskilled labor force are employed.
    Paderanga added that the biggest slice of the employed workforce in the services sector, representing 7.8 million or 19.3 percent of total employed, were in wholesale and retail trade and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles.
    Workers in the agriculture sector numbered 13.1 million, representing 32.6 percent of those employed. The industry sector engaged 5.9 million workers or 17.4 percent of total based on the NSO statistics.
    The vastly reduced unemployment figure of the government was traced by the World Bank (WB) in its recent economic update on the country to the very liberal definition of the employed adapted by the government which boils down to a Filipino considered employed if he works at least one hour each day.
    Moreover, the WB said in its analysis that the claim to the reduced unemployment rate with the weakening growth as a backdrop cuts two ways, one of which is that of Noynoy claiming as improved opportunities for Filipinos to work while the other is a deterioration of the financial state of households that forces members of the family to work. The WB took the view that the latter situation more aptly describes the local labor market condition.

    • PepingCo

      This explains clearly what noynoying is all about… clearly wala din magawa si PNoy kaya nakatunganga! bwahahahaha

    • edmanuel

      Wow!!! If this is true, particularly the last two paragraphs, did the government “cook the books” just to make good impression on the WB and the public? We, then, should be wary of the rosy statistics being publicized.

  • mmm choco

    The WB also cited the high level of self-rated poverty and hunger incidences that point to the structural weaknesses in the local labor market.
    The bottom line, thus, is the low unemployment level being bandied about by Noynoy is a mirage and is meant only to please his eyes.
    The real situation is far more deplorable than what is being painted by his administration. So much for transparency.
    Window-dressing cannot count for improved governance.

    wake up NOY>

  • poltergeist_fuhrer

    wala ka ng magagawa mr abad at penoy….


    tingnan ninyo na lang ang picture niya sa inquirer….4 na folders with documents lang ang dala….NAHIHIRAPAN NA MASYADO DALAHIN….HAHAHA

    • mmm choco

      ahahahahahah .kunwari pa sa folders.. eh di naman sya dapat nyan mag dala. dami nya alipores doon.

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        agree..nagkukunwari lang yan…ung 2 nakatingin lang…

      • billygunn23

        i totally agree. LOL

  • enerinuj

    para umunlad ang bayan cooperation ang kailangan…hindi yong puro reklamo kayo dyan ni kayo nga mismo walang magawa…wag nyo iasa sa presidente ang ikabubuti ng buhay nyo kailangan makipagtulungan tayo…sa tingin nyo ba pag corrupt ang bayan natin may mga investors na papasok?????wala kaya kailangan linisin ang korupsiyon…magkaroon ng sariling prinsipyo at wag ebenta s mga politician n gusto lang manggamit….

  • SignTheWaiverNow

    O…. dami pa din gumagamit ng noynoying ha….. hahahahaha

    akala ko ba sabi ng mga yellow retards, it will just die down? hahahahaha

    NOYNOYING NA!!!! for sure si PENOY nagna-NAP na naman ngayon… SIESTA TIME E!


  • Gerry

    Tell me who among the world’s presidents can stop the rising of fuel prices? Mitigation as to the oil’s price increase, Yes the gov’t can do something about it. But as to stopping it’s increase – tell me who can?

    Come on guys. Get real. Magbasa-basa naman kayo on what is going around you. Stop pretending to know everything. Be part of the solution. Don’t just criticize.

    • SignTheWaiverNow

      Ay tanga talaga…. hihihihihihihihihi another classic yellow retard….

      Madali lang yan boss… bawasan mo lang VAT, pupusta ko pa sa iyo kahit etits ko bababa ang presyo ng gasolina…

      hihihihihihihihihihihihihihihi moron deserves to die!

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      madali lang yan…ALISIN ANG VAT….




    • Juan Likas Makabayan

      Gerry, magbasa ka kaya ng mkabuluhang babasahin. Totohanan na lang. Nagbabasa ka ba talaga o yan ay kuha mo lang sa sarili mong isip?

    • PepingCo

      Gerry, punta ka sa Malaysia or ask Malaysians. For a long time, they have held their unleaded gasoline price at 1.80 ringgit (that’s P26 in Phil peso), high octane gasoline at 2.00 ringgit. Yung diesel of course mas mababa pa. Main difference is that the Malaysian government controls the gas prices. No oil deregulation. Oil companies cannot arbitrarily increase their gas prices.
      So there is proof that a country can hold their gas prices down if they want to.

    • Brent James

       Gerry, if i know…isa ka rin sa mga nag alburuto sa pag taas ng presyo ng langis sa mga nagdaan na administration…wag kang ipokrito gerry…alam ko na alam mo na lumalala na talaga ang problema. nag bulag-bulagan kalang kasi idol mo ang administration ngayon.. Isa ka rin pala sa mga taong mahilig sa noynoying eh…hahahahaha buksan ang mata lagi iho ha…wag maging bulag sa katotohanan kahit kadugo mo pa yang naupo ngayon…BANG! tinamaan…hahahaha

    • ginvestor

      Ikaw kaya ang magbasa? Search this: The invisible hand of monopolies

  • impending_raptor

    Awww! Does it hurt your ego Mr. President? Come on, a simple noynoying is not  that bad. Governing  the whole country is a tremendous job, being the President requires intelligence,patience,adherence to moral and ethical principles,should be tolerant of ambiguity and remain calm,enthusiastic about His work and His role as leader and sorry to say, you don’t have these qualities.

  • iamnobody

    Mr. Aquino said that in a talk with the PMA graduates, he told them that a “ready test” to show the economy was improving would be the number of people in the mall carrying packages as against the number of people simply “malling.””

    —Wow! that’s the gauge now?!? presidente ba talaga natin ito? noynoying indeed. baka hind nya alam, mga bilihin umaakyat, pwera lang sa sahod.

  • sigena

    pagtotoo galit. ibang klase talaga si noynoying

  • Bert

    Ano ba ang tawag mo sa presidenteng mas busy sa mga sumusunod kaysa asikasuhin ang problema sa ekonomiya:

    1. Grace Lee and her love life
    2. Partying with the SEXY MS. VALERIE CONCEPCION while Mindanao was devastated by Sendong
    3. Did nothing while HK Tourists were hostaged and killed at Rizal Park
    4. DID NOTHING to address the concerns on increasing prices of petroleum and basic commodities
    5. ATBP ATBP

    Di ba NOYNOYING?

  • Juan Likas Makabayan


  • PepingCo

    Congratulations to PNoy for achieving a first for a Philippine president…. NONOYING is now in Wikipedia! Baka maging accepted word pa yan sa dictionary ng Webster… bwahahaha

  • Brent James

    haaaayyyyzzzz….noynoying time muna….bwahahahahaha

  • trembleTyrants

    if it reaches the Global Language Monitor…then it’s official. But the GLM is hooked into search engines, the many hits a word is searched…

    Once it’s official, it is legal to put it in SCRABBLE while you’re noynoying with time…

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