Corona asks women judges to continue fight vs ‘one man rule’

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AGAINST 'ONE-MAN RULE' Speaking before the Philippine Women Judges Association on Thursday, Chief Justice Corona urged lady magistrates to continue the fight of the late Supreme Court Justice Cecilia Munoz-Palma against "one-man rule." Video by's Tetch Torres

MANILA, Philippines—Chief Justice Renato Corona on Thursday called on women judges of the Philippines to continue the fight of the late Supreme Court Associate Justice Cecilia Munoz-Palma against “one man rule.”

Palma was the first Supreme Court justice who opposed martial law under the dictatorial rule of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, who appointed her to the high court.

“Recent events have led us to a seemingly ‘one-man rule,’” Corona said in his speech Thursday at the Philippine Women Judges Association at the Manila Hotel. The event was attended by some 300 women judges nationwide.

He called the women judges the new breed of “Cecilia Munoz Palmas” who would continue the fight against the alleged dictatorship.

Chief Justice Renato Corona. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

“Sadly, the basic foundations and pillars of modern Philippine democratic society are being undermined by transient power holders of the government who are solely mandated and obliged to preserve and implement them,” Corona said.

“We are fighting for Judicial independence to shield the Judiciary from improper influence and pressure in our review of any grave abuse of discretion committed by any unit or agency of the Philippine government as well as in settling disputes between and among private and public invested groups,” Corona said.

Corona added the Judiciary should remain free from politics.

“The Executive and Legislative Departments are constitutionally mandated within certain reasonable authorities and privileges guaranteeing their balance of power,” he said.

“The judiciary must be insulated from political pressures, popularity surveys, lobbyists, private partisan interests, undue influence and outright coercion from the Executive or Legislative Departments or from major private stakeholders who are advancing their own shared mutual socio-political and economic interests,” Corona said.

Corona thanked the PWJA members for their support.

“Thank you for standing by the side of the Court. Thank you for upholding the Rule of Law. Thank you for keeping up the fight. Thank you for keeping up the faith. We shall remain firm and we shall remain steadfast. May the Almighty God guide us fortitude as we continue our quest for truth and justice and the preservation of the institution we all love,” Corona said.

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  • ztefertilizerscam3


    Thief Justice Renato Corona wants to project the image that he is a loving husband to his wife, Cristina. The fact is, the Chief Justice has not only betrayed the public trust but most importantly, has betrayed his marital vow.
    If the Thief Justice is man enough, He should admit the fact that he has a long-standing romantic relationship with a gentle lady named EVA with whom the Thief Justice has two (2) illegitimate sons. EVA also hails from Batangas and had her education from Assumption College just like his wife Cristina who also graduated earlier from the same school.
    For Chief Justice Renato C. Corona not to mention his children with EVA as if they do not exist at all, is the highest form of ignominy and immorality that he can commit not only against his legitimate wife and family but against his oath as the highest magistrate of the land.
    An inquiry into his relationship with EVA and his illegitimate children in connection with the on-going impeachment trial becomes extremely necessary in the light of the properties given by the Chief Justice to them. EVA, who has previously undergone a heart bypass operation, is known not to have worked from the time she had this romantic liaison with the Thief Justice nor does she have any known business of her own and yet, EVA is luxuriously living in the United States, together with her two (2) illegitimate children with the good Chief Justice.
    The SALN of CJ Corona does not indicate any such properties.
    And the reason for the frequent trips of CJ Corona to the United States, the latest of which was late last year, was to visit EVA and his children with her. That CJ Corona could afford to support the kind of luxurious lifestyle of EVA and her children in the U.S. is certainly for the Thief Justice to explain considering his small salary.
    A simple investigation on the identity and circumstances of EVA can easily be done by a simple inquisition in Batangas as well as from the classmates, relatives and friends of EVA and of CJ Corona.
    I know these facts because EVA is a relative of mine and it pains me immensely to see the Thief Justice professing his love for Cristina on nationwide television when he has confessed to my relative that he loves her far more than his wife. In fact, the Thief Justice made EVA believe that he was already separated from his wife Cristina. This probably explains why for the longest time, the Chief Justice has not reported in his SALN the fact of Cristina’s working in government and the fact that Cristina has not signed the SALNs as his wife.
    Betrayal of public trust? This is a small matter than what the Thief Justice has done to his wife and family which constitutes the highest form of immoral act – BETRAYAL OF MARITAL TRUST.
    Real name of CJ Corona’s girlfriend – Eva Auria; She hails from Rosario, Batangas; She graduated from Assumption College (not from Maryknoll College) She has two (2) sons with CJ Corona who are now in their teens; She is residing now in the United States. CJ Corona’s wife, Cristina, knows about the elicit relationship of her husband with Eva. To know more about the details on Eva, a simple investigation of Eva’s background in Rosario Batangas and Assumption College would elicit the necessary informations.  Eva has plenty of properties in the US.  They keep secret the exact address.  The bagman of CJ Corona (who facilitates the transfer of funds from Corona to Eva is “Abet” who is a relative by affinity of Eva, being married to a stepsister of Eva.  (The wife of Abet has the same mother as Eva but different Fathers).  The biggest delivery to Eva involves the bribe money given by the Aguirres of Banco Filipino.
    If the bank accounts of CJ Corona and his wife are opened, it will not be a surprise to see a running balance of not less than P200M.  The bribe from the owner of the previously closed alone was a whopping P200M.  And most money went to Eva through the Assistance of Abet.
    The sons of Corona carry the name of the mother.  But CJ Corona has openly recognized Ate Eva’s sons as his. A simple search at the NSO using “Renato C. Corona” would readily reveal this.  For a time, when Eva was still in the Philippines, Renato and Eva lived as husband and wife.  In fact, all our relatives in Rosario, Batangas and in the United States, knew the long-standing relationship.  We all thought that Renato was already separated from Cristina.  Some of Renato’s relatives in Tanuan, Batangas where he hailed from, know about this relationship.  Some friends of Renato have seen the 2 sons and have been their ninongs.  All our relatives thought really that Renato will never deny his relationship with Ate Eva.  Sana hindi nya gagawin iyon kasi kawawa sya at ang mga bata.

    • glycerlean

       wow..parang totoo ah…classic example of black propaganda hehe sang pr firm kayo Sir/Mam?:) magkano ang salary ninyo? gsto ko sana mag serious.

    • Juan Matabil

      The public must be informed with this.. and the truth must come out. 

    • pedrongkawali

      Kung ikaw ay talagan kamag-anak ni Eva, bakit kailangan mo pa mag-saliksik tungkol sa kanilang relasyon.  Mas maganda sana kung may mga patunay ka katulad ng mga larawan para mas madaling paniwalaan.  Oo nga pala, ang salitang “information” ay plural  na din; hindi na kailangan pa lagyan ng “s” sa dulo.

  • ztefertilizerscam3

    Accused of gun-poking in 1997, Corona has owned wide variety of firearms

    A summary of Renato Corona’s 31 guns with corresponding serial numbers, according to the PNP: 
    .45-cal revolver (DAN1906) 
    .38-cal revolver (A40241)
    .22-cal revolver (CJS2753)
    .38-cal revolver (88676)
    .22-cal revolver (145560)
    .22-cal revolver (UD93691)
    .32-cal pistol (DAA096492)
    .380-cal pistol (374-29000)
    .45-cal pistol (748851)
    .45-calpistol (1678782)
    .22-cal pistol (1948)
    .45-cal pistol (92456B70)
    9mm pistol (AS335)
    .40-cal pistol (DLB531)
    .45-cal pistol M37 (GDV758)
    .40-cal pistol (QL1431)
    .45-cal pistol (RK6887)
    .45-cal pistol (SN24969E)
    .45-cal pistol (WF3557)
    .45-cal pistol (BL32370)
    .45-cal pistol (DHZ878)
    .45-cal pistol (KPA11832)
    .45-cal frame (BL31184)
    .45-cal frame (PG005068)
    9mm machine pistol (T0624-07V0060978)
    9mm machine pistol (SR01121)
    12GA shotgun (M450399)
    12GA shotgun (RC101548)
    9mm submachine gun MK9 (P0580)
    556 high-powered rifle (4951938)
    30-cal carbine (7243757)

    • UrHONOR

      ANP, ano yan, arsenal ng gang ni Boy Faura?  Tapos sasabihin nyang parang ma-among cordero siya at wala sa karakter nya ang manutok ng baril…..tell that to Cathy T Anne.

    • Perk00

      Oh my!!!
      Its More Guns in D Phils ! ! ! !

  • Beersheva

    That’s right! Mas gusto natin ONE-WOMAN RULE, right ladies? Kaya ibalik na si GMA!

  • jgl414567

    You are very wrong mr. thief justice, these women judges are the opposite of Cecilla Munoz Palma because they promote the dictatorship of a midnight appointee like you. Shame on you all!! The Filipino people will make you answer especially you mr. corona for the injury you inflicted on the country after insulting us with your betrayal. HUMANDA KANG KAWATAN KA!

  • jgl414567


  • barangayboso

    Dear Mr. Corona.. 

    The Impeachment Body is not trying to Impeach The Supreme Court.. If you will notice, The Body is avoiding a clash between its co-equal branch.

    It is YOU who is being impeached because of your misdeeds..

    “Anyone who is not against us is with us.. ” 

    The problem with you is you don’t want to give chance for this so called anti-corruption drive.. sure it will not eradicate it, but it will significantly decrease..

    Please don’t hide your true AGENDA for clinging into power… and don’t use the supreme court for your own safety because you drag the institution down.. this institution is our last hope..

    Sure there is this Hacienda issue, but its not the bigger picture.. Yung mga pinanganak lang kahapon ang hindi nakakaaalam na hinahabol natin si GMA na nagwalanghiya sa bansa natin…

    Sooner or later we will die.. we will ALL die.. please don’t leave a legacy in the history as the man who blocked this chance of achieving small change in this country… kung nayuyurakan man ang dangal mo ngaun, IT IS NOT THE PRESIDENT’S FAULT.. IT IS YOUR FAULT…

    Please remember that you were appointed by one person.. the other was elected by millions… You are supported by your cohorts and those whose jobs depend on you.. the other is being looked up to by the whole nation..

    People are feeling change for the better even if they deny it.. PLEASE DO YOUR SHARE…


    • Perk00

      Sinabi na ni ThiefCJ simula pa lang, kamatayan lang makakapagpaalis sa kanya sa pwesto..


    HO HO HO (na naman)……may bago na namang pakulo si Boy Faura.  Ina-awitan naman nya ngayon ang mga LOLeydis na nananahimik na.  Sino ang susunod, ang mga GIRLSCOUTS na babae?  Kahit na ang buwan at ang mga bundok ang tawagin mong kumampi sa iyo, Boy, matagal ka ng TIKLO.  Entonces, wala ka ng magagawa pa kundi patagalin ang masasaya mong araw.  Sa dami ng mga boga mong naka-buro sa kung saan, sana naman ay hindi mo gawin yong ginawa ni Angie….mami-miss ka namin.  Wala na kaming mapapagtawanang primus inter pares na Supreme Clown.

  • andrew lim

    “Judicial independence is being undermined by transient leaders in government.”
    Correct. GMA insisted on a midnight appointment for you, Corona. She paid for your back operation. You almost succeeded in letting her fly away.

    “Judiciary must be insulated from political pressure, popularity surveys, coercion from executive and legislative departments,” he added.

    Correct but lacking. The judiciary should also be insulated from SALN omissions of real estate, cars and guns, fake academic records, property grabbing and gun poking, and hidden dollar accounts.

  • pepengkabayo

    Judicial independence is being undermined by TRANSIENT LEADERS in government.”
    Judiciary must be INSULATED from
    POLITICAL PRESSURE, POPULARITY SURVEYS, COERCION from Executive and Legislative departments,” he added.

    Ganyan dapat ang LEADER NG BANSA, naiiba, natatangi ang kaalaman.
    Dahil ang Leader ay nangunguna sa lahat ng bagay.
    Hindi yan disrepancy lang ng SALN ang alam.
    Yan mga Transient Leaders ng Bansa, ibig sabihin President at Congressmen ang pampagulo gayong ang Term of Office nila ay 6 at 3 years lang.

    Naiiba at natatangi kayo Mahal na Chief Justice.

    • barako22

      natatangi sa kapal ng mukha

    • Maldi2

      1000% Correct!  Let’s vote CJ Corona for president!

  • Manuel_II

    Corona, even if they absolve you today, history will judge you tomorrow.

  • Gurruod

    Many happenings have taken place around the country unnoticed the past few days. But we are only glued on the impeachment trial. Most of us do not know that the whole of Mindanao is suffering from rotating brownouts for a week now. The tuna business in Gensan alone is losing by the millions of pesos because of this. But it seems the national governmnent is not alarmed. Nobody is talking among them regarding this problem. I think this is an economic disaster. Something that government must take a bold action on.

    And I wonder why this news organ has not been able to capture this news.

  • initrd

    Mr. Corona, this government is designed to have one president only. Try to show your respect because your have been appointed only  and the President was voted by millions of filipinos.

  • Ed Molina

    “Judiciary must be insulated from political pressure…” ahh eh mr. corona, hindi on trial yung judiciary ngayon, ikaw lang. kaya wag kang maghanap ng kadamay.

    if you insist that the whole judiciary is being targetted then para mo na rin sinabing lahat ng nasa judiciary ay mali mali ang SALN.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Against one man rule?  Benigno C. Aquino III a dictator wannabe Renato?  You have got to be kidding.

  • ztefertilizerscam3

     Corona Saln + hidden ill-gotten wealth +$$$$$$ account

     2002 P14.9 million; 
     2003 P7 million
     2004 P7 million
     2005 P8 million
     2006 P9 million
     2007 11 million
     2008 P12 million
     2009 P14 million
     2010 P22.9M

  • Perk00


    45-cal revolver (DAN1906) .38-cal revolver (A40241).22-cal revolver (CJS2753).38-cal revolver (88676).22-cal revolver (145560).22-cal revolver (UD93691).32-cal pistol (DAA096492).380-cal pistol (374-29000).45-cal pistol (748851).45-calpistol (1678782).22-cal pistol (1948).45-cal pistol (92456B70)9mm pistol (AS335).40-cal pistol (DLB531).45-cal pistol M37 (GDV758).40-cal pistol (QL1431).45-cal pistol (RK6887).45-cal pistol (SN24969E).45-cal pistol (WF3557).45-cal pistol (BL32370).45-cal pistol (DHZ878).45-cal pistol (KPA11832).45-cal frame (BL31184).45-cal frame (PG005068)9mm machine pistol (T0624-07V0060978)9mm machine pistol (SR01121)12GA shotgun (M450399)12GA shotgun (RC101548)9mm submachine gun MK9 (P0580)556 high-powered rifle (4951938)30-cal carbine (7243757)

    • Gurruod

      Mas marami kay PNoy. He is a known gun enthusiast like Rico Puno who mishandled the Hongkong nationals hostage tragedy. Pati si LTO Torres marami rin.

      • john clark

        Hey theres nothing wrong with guns…

        Our forefathers like Aguinaldo who before he became a general was an avid marksman… He had in his time a good collection…

        Its not the gun that matters it is who weilds it.

      • Gurruod

        Say that to perk00

      • Perk00

        its d GUN that matters if d wielder is like CJ

      • john clark

        Nothing wrong with all that guns…
        But if that scumbag is as good as a crimial
        Thats a diffrent story!

      • CJnotWorthDying4

        CJ will use one of those…
        Like  A.Reyes

      • Lincon

        I agree with you!

      • john clark


  • marivon

    Corona is fighting to put the decimal figure from 3.15 to 31. This guy is using all avenues of his influence. if you really have nothing to hide as you said before this trial, why are your lawyers blocking all efforts to get into your bank accounts. In your book, everybody is a lier except you.

  • JosephNess

    he is hiding behind the judiciary, made the SC his shield…this is his defense even from the start of the impeachment proceedings….

  • pcosmachine


  • Vito Corleone

    He, he, he, HE DOESN’T LIKE “ONE MAN RULE”, He likes “ONE WOMAN RULE”. Weather, Weather lang yan Corona, Umalis ka na kasi. pati yang mga galamay mo sa TSupreme Court tapos na milking cow nyo. GET THE OUT NA.

  • marivon

    Kung ano ang nipis ng buhok ni Noynoy, yun naman ang kapal ng mukha ni Cheap Just tiis. This is called the balance of nature

    • Gurruod

      May buhok ba?

  • balut123

    Gosh!…..i don’t know if this guy has delicadeza at all!…don’t hide in the guise of the judiciary being attack… just face the music…testify and dispute point by point their allegations against you….and maybe….you can convince us that you are really worthy of your office.,,,

  • Gurruod

    CJ hang on. Don’t allow the SC and the judiciary to be victims of political and family economic maneuvers. If you do, democracy is gone.

    • john clark

      Democracy is dead…
      Paid for by Gloria
      And protected by your hero!

    • alex macaduda

       i think your corrupt Thief Justice should be impeached….. SIMBERGUENZA!!!!!! nuf said.

  • Fulpol

    hindi lang “one man rule”… magiging Leftist rule, with underlying communist agenda.


  • Fulpol

    “one man rule”… mali ka CJ Corona…

    “KKK rule” po… correction…


  • john clark

    Paano yung sinoportahan nya na one woman rule?
    Na ipapakulong sana?


  • Albin

    One man rule + one sister….nagpunta si kris sa INC last week para hikingin na suportahan nila si panot….bokya.

    • Gurruod

      Weeeehhhh!!!! Hindi nga??? Pinapasok???

  • Pauline

    di ba amo niya yung dating one-woman-rule na si arroyo? dont pay victim here. you are part of the system. 

    at wala na maniniwala sayo kasi ang dami nang discrepancies sa saln mo. 

    • ThePattern

      amo nya rin si Apo Makoy

  • Fulpol

    parang patawa mga supporters ni Noynoy…

    alam nilang marumi ang ginawa ni Arroyo… pero gusto pala nilang kopyahin…

    anong klaseng pag-iisip niyan?? mga yellow supporters, mga psychopath na din??


  • Lucky Luciano

    “Judiciary must be insulated from political pressure, popularity surveys, coercion from executive and legislative departments,”

    To show his sincerity, Chief Justice Corona,  will testify at the senate this afternoon.

  • tarikan

    CJ Corona at 63(?) is already senile. Mr. Corona, you were part of the “one man rule” during Marcos’s time. Someone said you worked under Mr. Kit Tadtad in the ministry of mis-information in Malacanang. How convenient of you to accuse someone of “one man rule” when in fact you yourself was among the adminstrators of martial law. Kung sinabi mo yun inside the IC baka barahin ka pa ni JPE…”hoy magkasama tayo nun, ayun si Kit nasa gallery O.” 

  • angolano53

     be insulated from political pressure, popularity surveys, coercion from executive and legislative departments….AND MIDNIGHT APPOINTEES!!!!!

  • Filipinoflash

    Si Thief Justice lang naman ay nag One Man Rule sa gobyerno. Feeling niya sa kanya ang Supreme Court.

  • simon

    BAKIT TINANGGAP MO MIDNIGHT APPOINTMENT??? which is a violation of the constitution.

  • Filipinoflash

    “Judicial independence is being undermined by transient leaders in government.”



  • balut123

    MANILA, Philippines – Did Chief Justice Renato Corona embellish his academic achievements brandished on the website of the Supreme Court (SC) before it was altered just a few days ago?Given some inconsistencies with records seen by Rappler, he might have been, at the very least, negligent or had allowed false claims to be made about him. At the most, he himself could have misrepresented his own achievements.In his own resumé which he submitted to Malacañang in 1992, when he was assistant executive secretary for legal affairs of then President Fidel V Ramos, Corona said he finished grade school to law school in the Ateneo with honors.He made the same claims on the SC website as of March 9, 2012.Corona claimed too, in his resumé that he earned his Bachelor of Laws degree “with honors as no. 5 in the class of 44 members.” There were 44 students in his batch.He likewise said he finished his Bachelor of Arts course “with academic honors.”Corona wrote in his resumé that he graduated from high school with “silver medal graduation honors,” and “gold medal graduation honors” in grade school.Our investigation shows these are not true.ON RECORD. Corona submits his own resume and information to Malacañang when he was assistant executive secretary in 1992.PAGE 2. The continuing page of Corona’s own resumé.When asked about the university policy on inaccurate claims made by its alumni, Ateneo Loyola Schools registrar Joaquin Julian Agtarap said the university treats each case “uniquely” and handles such cases “confidentially.” He did not elaborate.Even in the Supreme CourtMirroring information in Corona’s resumé, “Chief Justice Corona had a sterling record as a student. He graduated with gold medal honors from the Ateneo de Manila grade school in 1962 and high school in 1966. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree, also with honors, from the Ateneo de Manila University in 1970,” said the SC website before it was modified recently.ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS? A screengrab of the Supreme Court website before it was recently altered.Commencement programs of his alma mater, however, reveal inconsistencies between his claimed scholastic achievements and university records.
    The commencement programs, distributed during graduation ceremonies, are public records, and contain the list of graduating students, along with those who graduated with honors. They mirror actual university records.Following requests by this writer to get Corona’s side since last February, the Supreme Court website had been altered by the last time we checked on Wednesday, March 14.In 2010, Marites Dañguilan Vitug wrote in Shadow of Doubt that university records “don’t reflect” Corona’s claim in his profile, posted on the High Court’s website.
    As of March 9, the last time we checked the SC website, no changes had been made. By March 14, the site was sporting a new look, coinciding with the resumption of the impeachment trial and presentations by the defense counsels of Corona. It also said it was under reconstruction and that some links may not be working. NEW SC WEBSITE. By April 14, the website sports a new look.

    False claims
    In college, a commencement program dated April 19, 1970 indicates Corona graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He did not qualify for academic honors, as  he claimed in his resumé and on the SC website. TOP HONORS. College list of honor students does not include Corona’s name. COLLEGE HONOR LIST. Corona is nowhere in the list.
    Incumbent SC Associate Justice Antonio T. Carpio and the late activists Edgar M. Jopson and Emmanuel F. Lacaba were among his batchmates in college. Jopson was the valedictorian of Corona’s high school batch.High SchoolCorona graduated from the High School department of the Ateneo on April 30, 1966 and was merely awarded a silver medal under the category of “Activity Awards.” This was for his involvement in the Science Club.But he was not a part of the elite list of those who graduated with honors, contrary to claims in his resumé and the SC website. HIGH SCHOOL HONORS. Corona is not among honor awardees.SCIENCE CLUB. Corona gets a silver for involvement in the Science Club in high school.

    From the grade school, he graduated on March 22, 1962 with an “Honorable Mention” academic award, and not a “gold medal” as claimed in the SC website. NO GOLD. The Ateneo Grade School 1962 commencement program lists Corona as an honorable mention awardee.
    The gold medal he received was for an “Academic Contest Award” in spelling (Pilipino).SPELLING AWARDEE ONLY. Corona’s gold medal was only for spelling

    • Lincon

      Usurper talaga at ang lakas ng hangin sa ulo ni Thief Justice. SHAMEFUL!

  • Lucky Luciano

    Corona asks women judges: “HELP ME, GIRLS!!!!”

    • john clark

      Baka si Marquez

  • Bert

    The CJ has a point. The moment that Pnoy is given the chance to convert the SC into a RUBBER STAMP SC, the independence of a co-equal branch is in danger. The Congress has already turned itself into PUPPET of Malacanang and that would be too much for our democratic principle of check and balance to handle.

    Indeed, Philippine DEMOCRACY is in REAL DANGER. 


    • balut123

      sa tingin mo hindi controlado ng occupnat sa veterans ang SC ngayon?…..mas nakakatakot nga ito eh…biro mo wala na sa puwesto may impluwensiya pa rin..

      Get Real Bro!

    • john clark

      But…  He said yes
      To GMA dictatorship for 9 years
      So i assume payag ka rin…
      Correct me if i am wrong

  • j 3 p r o x

    Well said Chief Justice Corona!!

    • Lincon


  • cogito728sum

    “O judgment, thou hast really fled to brutish beasts and men (now with the women judges) have really lost their reasons.”

    Here’s another one of Corona’s illogics. Is this man really a bona fide lawyer? Doesn’t he realize that the “transient leaders in the government” are the very embodiment of what democracy should be, that they are there on a transient, not permanent basis, thru the mandate of the people and therefore
    accountable to the people.  They serve at the pleasure of the people, the source of their power a power delegated not usurped.  On the other hand, how did you, Corona, obtain your power?  Who granted you that power?  Were you elected by the people?  Judiciary must indeed be insulated from politics until you yourself politicized it.

    You would like for the legislature and the executive to leave you alone so you can rule the Supreme Court as your personal kingdom, dictate it as you wish, and retain your questionably acquired  crown.

    • rosamistika16

      eto ang well said!

    • DiegoDelFiero

      Couldn’t agree with you more!

      • cogito728sum

        Thanks to you and Rosa!

  • rosamistika16

    uy,,,, women judges are like the late cecilia munoz-palma. klap klap klap! naman!!!

    the credibility of munoz-palma is unquestionable than you, corona or other justices now. ano k ba?

    nananahimik na yong tao idinawit pa!

    • christine denolo

      i agree with you…

  • Acrem

    It matters not who they are, woman or man judges, they all are the same to me.
    These 2 judges for mere misdeclaration of SALN,ex- Judge Novato T. Cajigal and ex-Judge Virgillio G. Caballero, RTC Cabanatuan City, where suspended and dismissed from service w/ ex-Judge Caballero stricken from attorneys roll.
    Why should Corona or any of these judges be any different. 

    • marionics

      talaga? natanggal si cajigal? di ba sa rtc bacoor yun dati?
      ay oo nga ano. sa-

      A.M. No. RTJ-91-666 March 12, 1993

      JUDGE NOVATO T. CAJIGAL, respondent.

  • Rex_Ranhilio

     “Judiciary must be insulated from political pressure, popularity
    surveys, coercion from executive and legislative departments,” he added.

    This is the essence of checks and balances between and among the three branches of government. But in the present case, the politicians are not only in the executive and legislative departments, but also in the judiciary.

    Equating Pnoy with Marcos/martial law is also far-fetched. It is more logical to equate him with GMA who, when she was President, also had an overwhelming amount of allies in Congress and the Supreme Court who successfully blocked various impeachment attempts against her. Good thing she did not have enough allies to amend the Constitution so as to perpetuate herself in power.

  • Bert

    Rubber Stamp SC + Puppet Congress = ONE-MAN RULE

    • GP

      Puro kayo dictatorship dyan.  Kung diktador na si Aquino, sarado na ang mga diario at blogs. Wala nang pwedeng imbistigahan ang senado katulad nung ginawa ni gloria.  Remember?  Sa SC si corona ang one-man dictator di ba?  Kaya nya yung ibang justices na kampihan sya dahil lahat sila mga corrupt na gaya mo Bert.  Yung comment mo na rubber stamp SC + puppet congress = one woman rule under Gloria.  O nakalimutan mo na.

  • fer1973

    anong new breed?? baka naman another breed of modern corruption??

  • pj2003

    yes, woman judges fight against one man rule in the Judiciary.. be an instrument of change stop supporting (Midnight) Chief Justice Corona he is a disgrace to the country’s justice system and a stumbling block to reform the judiciary which is rotten to the core.

    • Bert

      Sorry for you, the women judges have already issued a manifesto supporting the chief justice on his stand against an impending PNOY DICTATORSHIP….

      • jabbawookie

        That only shows how far removed the current crop of women judges are from the caliber of Justice Cecilia Muñoz Palma–not only intellectually, but morally.

      • jurbinsky77

        PNOY Dictatorship?

        What become of you Filipinos? You don’t even know what is the meaning of the word dictatorship. Iyan namang Chief Justice ninyo, hindi nahihiya sa sinasabi nya, hindi lahat ay may low IQ para paniwalaan siya.

        There is no such thing as “impending dictatorship”. It is only in your messed up mind.

  • sked482

    Funny, it is actually Corona’s real “boss” (the one who gave him his midnight appointment) who is the most similar president to Marcos: dishonest elections, scandalous projects, corruption of the military, ostentatious living, negative public trust, etc., etc.. All his pronouncements here are better suited for his real “boss”.

  • noypisiTED

    What one-man rule are you talking about chief cook errr…justice? It’s never in the Filipinos’ wildest dream that the only son of the martyred Ninoy Aquino toys with the idea of ruling in the style of Marcos. This nonentity does not think PNoy will waste the sacrifices waged in blood by his father for this nation to be unshackled from the claws of dictatorship. Don’t raise the kind of bogeyman that will only be laughed at. But we’re getting where you’re coming from Chief, you’re afraid of the man because he caused you the misery you’re going through. But didn’t you ask for it? Had you not accepted the stinking appointment from Mrs. Arroyo on the unholy hour that even the night creatures dare not come out, this public humiliation of you won’t be happening today. But this is history in the making, and Chief you have a starring role to play that will become the first in the annals of world history as the first Chief Magistrate to have been impeached and thereafter convicted in an elaborate impeachment trial. That’s one for the books worthy of all these rigmaroles happening in the Philippine senate.

  • quirinomayer

    Fight versus one man rule my foot.  Assuming but not granting that the accusations he is moving towards one man rule have some semblance of basis, no one can deny that Aquino has not yet reached that point reached by Gloria in that direction. Gloria prevented cabinet men and other high government officials from testifying in Congress and the Senate through EO 464, there was the oppressive calibrated preemptive response policy on demonstrators and there was the mass arrest of mediamen covering the Manila Pen siege. Where was Corona then? He even voted in favor of EO 464! Now he is urging people to fight one man rule hahaha. Nakakasuka ka Corona.

    • MariaVaerewyck

      baka kaya ayaw niya ng one man rule eh dahil ang gusto niya ay one woman rule, ibig sabihin gusto niya mabalik si gma kasi ke gma ay sobra sobrang pera ang pumapasok sa bulsa niya eh ke pnoy ay gustong tanggalin yun perang napapasok sa bulsa niya, kumbaga eh generous si gloria ipamigay ang pera ng taong bayan pero si pnoy ay kuripot, lol.

  • sugbu

    OMG ! Hindi ba nangangati ang katawan ni corona habang nag speech siya ng ganoong mga salita ? May we hear a words from Sister Flory ……Exocist na seguro ang kailangan dito…

    • coronapig6

      Hehe! hindi po siya mangangati sir! Walang pakiramdam si Corona. Masahol pa sa baboy ang animal na yan eh. Akalain mo bang pati ang pera ng madre ninakaw pa e sampid lang naman ang dorobong ito. Kayamanan ng buong ANGKAN sinikwat.. Ano pa po ba ang itatawag mo sa ogag na ito?? Honorable?

  • filipinaskoh

    “the Judiciary should remain free from politics” Corona
    Alam mo pala eh, bakit hindi mo ginagawa.

    “Thank you for upholding the Rule of Law” Corona

    lahat na yata ng “rule of law” alam mo except and artcle 8 section 7 paragraph 3 – you are required to be a person of competence, probity, Integrity and independence.- why not uphold this law. 

    “Recent events have led us to a seemingly ‘one-man rule” Corona

    oo nga nag “one man rule” ka sa supreme court  actually inangkin mo na nga eh.pati ang ibang branch ng government gusto mong i-rule tulad na lang ng impeachment court pati executive sinasakal mo.

  • cogito728sum

    I regret this follow up post on this issue but the more I read Corona’s speech, the more I’m convinced that he’s not only a user but also has a peculiar way of interpreting facts depending on whether it would suit his personal interest or not.  As a user, he wouldn’t hesitate to drag along a 70 year old victim of a stroke to suit his purpose neither would he hesitate to involve the memory of a very fine lady justice to further spread his lies.  As a peculiar interpreter of facts, he has this ambivalent way of looking at the glass, if it favourably suits his purpose, he looks at it as half-full, it not he interprets it as half empty. 
    His egocentrism makes him see a “one-man” rule when there’s none but ignores an unbridled exercise of power by a woman he bound himself to with a vinculum personam he cannot now extricate himself from.
    He claims to be waging a fight to shield the judiciary from outside influence and grave abuse of discretion by any agency of the government, but he ignore’s his excessive abuse of discretionary powers over the resources of the Court the latest of which is the reported used of Court’s vehicle to transport his own witness.  The glass is half-full if the exercise of discretion favours him and it is half-empty if it restricts him.  He doesn’t want to share with anyone his dictatorial powers over the Court.
    No other entity of the government should interfere with him in settlement of cases among or between private interest groups for only him could order the review and reversal of finally adjudicated cases such as the Palea case.  Him and only him has that dictatorial power over the Court.  So the executive and the legislative branch better leave him alone or there will be a breach of the independence of the judiciary.
    Corona is absolutely correct that the Supreme Court should be insulated from politics except when he politicize it himself. 
    “The Executive and Legislative departments are constitutionally mandated within certain authorities and privileges guaranteeing their balance of power.”  Now this is where the half-full-half-empty interpretation of the glass becomes problematic.  Is Corona insinuating an interpretation that he or the courts are superior to the other two branches in view of the foregoing sentence?

    Folks, as we all have now learned, probity is one of the essentials of being a jurist, if not the most essential.  We also have now seen that Corona is not at par when it comes to this requirement.  To allow Corona to continue functioning as the chief magistrate would be a mockery of justice for which future generations would not forgive us.  He has to go!

  • tagasampaloc

    These are the reasons why Corona won’t take leave of absence while defending self in the IC:
    1. Called for SC en banc prohibiting court employees to testify against him but allow them to testify on his behalf
    2. Used govt car to carry his cousin, who is his witness, from/to IC
    3. Influenced SC employees to rally for him while declaring “Court Holiday”
    4. Made media blitz interview during office hours while getting paid doing nothing for mandated work
    5. Used the women-judges association to support his fight for survival
    He uses the govt resources and time to pull off all the stops for his conviction in the IC.
    To me, #5 is the worst that he did. If these women truly believe that Corona’s fight is the fight for the judiciary’s independence, then this country is truly in deep $hit.

    • Nats Dalanao

      favor naman, can you tell the senate and congress to publicly disclose their SALN through their website….even the executive ha…pag nangyari yun then we are happy public….ang nangyayari kasi nag aaway mga buwaya sa pilipinas..lahat sila buwaya, at ang kinakain ng malalaking buwaya is yung maliliit na buwaya na i CJ….paki explain nga naman kung paano lumalaki mga buwaya na nagagalit sa kapwa buwaya…ang alam ko kasi malapit na naman 2013 

  • Nats Dalanao

    pati administrator ng site na to baka buwaya din…kasi madami nadedelete na comment hehehe

  • coronapig6

    Corona urged the judges to continue the fight of the late Hon. Cecilia Munoz Palma against “one man rule”. He did not say Justice Palma has the highest standard of integrity and respect accorded her. He may as well said his integrity is no higher than a rat that needs to be eradicated.

  • End_of_GMAs_Reign

    “Sadly, the basic foundations and pillars of modern Philippine democratic society are being undermined by transient power holders of the government who are solely mandated and obliged to preserve and implement them,” 

    CORONA referring to himself, a self proclaimed “ONE MAN JUSTICE” of SC!!!

  • Annie Valderrama

     totoo sinungaling at pilit ipagtaggol ang sarili. Ang dami niyang gimick pero halata pa na nagsisinungaling, ako sa kanya step down na at makipagkwentuhan na lang siya kay Gloria Arroyo sa Veterans Hospital, baka ma-relax pa siya att mayroon silang common topic. Enjoy

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