Osmeña confirms Vicente lives in property ‘bought’ from Corona’s wife


MANILA, Philippines—Senator Sergio Osmeña III confirmed Wednesday that Demetrio Vicente was residing in the 3,400-square meter property in Marikina City and added that it was “full of bonsai.”

The said property is among the many Osmeña confirms Vicente lives in 3,400-square meter property full of bonsai that Vicente claimed he bought from Chief Justice Renato Corona’s wife Cristina.
“I confirmed with certain people if he lived there and they said ‘yes, we visited him there’,” Osmeña said.

“As a matter of fact, he has one of the largest collection of bonsai, kaya ang laki-laki ng lupain niya (that why his property is so big),” Osmeña said.

“He’s one of the best bonsai artists we have in this country,” Osmeña added.

Osmeña did not name his contact who had visited Vicente but described him as “very credible” and “very respected.”

Vicente testified that he bought eight properties from Cristina Corona back in 1990 and that he has been paying the corresponding real estate taxes since but was not able to have it transferred to his name because he ran out of money to pay for the required transfer tax.

The titles of all seven properties are still under the name of Cristina Corona, Chief Justice Renato Corona’s wife, prompting the prosecution to suspect that Vicente was just a caretaker.

Osmeña said that due to the long time it will take and large number of paperwork that needs to be done to transfer a title, it causes some people to become lazy in transferring the title.
“I have relatives whose properties are still in the name of their lolas (grandmothers),” Osmeña said.
Osmeña said that Vicente was a credible witness for him.

“He was credible; his answers, [the] consistency, he seemed to know what he was doing [and] quite sure of his facts,” Osmeña said.
Osmeña added that Vicente was not perfect, which indicates an association with being true.

Osmeña also jokingly said that he found Vicente credible “because he likes bonsai and I like bonsai.”

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  • EdgarEdgar

    I love Osmeña when he talks about Bonsai. He sounds like a Japanese who’s willing to disembowel himself for the sake of family honor. When Osmeña moves from left to right or vice versa, we can always assume that he’s doing it for family honor. More to the point, he is merely aligning himself to his clan’s interest and against Hilario Davide whom LP is adopting to go against one of Osmeña’s own. For now, his move from yellow horse-trading to colorblind impartiality is tentative. And who said all politics are not personal and local.

  • shalom shalom

    bonsai din po ba si GMA kasi hindi lumaki pero malaki ang kita?

    • Rhine

       I am sorry but your blog is  out of context and very disrespectful to bloggers…

  • Manuel_II

    And who told him to visit the guy, funny, i don’t heard the Senate ordering him to do so, of course he would be bias and his revelation will be irrelevant. LOL


    • Fulpol

      may pinadalang tao para alamin…

      you heard, credible witness si Vicente.. so relevant ang ginawa ni Sen Osmena..

      bonsai lovers pala sila… dapat mga yellow supporters, maging bonsai lovers na rin..


      • Manuel_II

         ul0l, pag untugin ko kayo ni Penoy, sama ko pa si Corona sa iyo, ugok mo, masyado kayong adik kay Corona, baka sa susunod BJ mo pa yan,

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_B5HXITWGDUTJF2JPFTXRIOY7NQ Danyale

      Ang linaw po ng pagkakasulat, meron po na pinapuntang “contact” si Senador Osmena (kung sa kapulisan, tawag nila ay “asset”), para bisitahin ang lupain ni Ginoong Vicente, at kung totoong si Ginoong Vicente ay nakatira sa nabanggit na lupain.

      • Manuel_II

         i’m going to ask you a question, is that Legitimate visit and ordered by the Senate Impeachment Court, if not, then Senator Osmena should be cited for contempt and inhibit himself, it shows he is bias. LOL

      • casaysay

        the issue is the ownership more than the visit. ayaw mong palitawin ang malinaw na katotohanan para ano, para malaman ng ibang readers sa forum na ito na bulag ka o nagbulag-bulagan? or maybe just has no understanding na sa bentahan ng lupa ay babayad ka ng around 8% of the selling value sa gobyerno to legalized the Sale. kaya for you to imply na nagbayad ng ganoon kalaki ang Coronas 22 para lang patirahin doon si Visente ay isang amazing show of either ignorance or intelligence.

    • casaysay

      If so you must swallow this fact na sinabi ni Vicente na after mapatayo niya bahay niya sa marikina ay binista silang mag-asawa ni ex-justice and now Ombudsman Carpio Morales. Sabi niya mag 1st cousin ang misis niya at ang Ombudsman. At nakabisita na rin daw si justice del Castillo sa bahay nila. Ayan, pinangalanan na ni Vicente ang mga kakilala niyang pumunta sa bahay niya to prove he is not a caretaker. Addition iyan sa resibo ng malaking halaga ng Documentary Stamp at Capital Gain Tax na binayaran sa BIR ng magbentahan ng lupa noong 1990. But just ignore these facts if you still support what Pnoy wants you to become.

  • loudwhale

    i watched the news footage of Vicentes place in marikina & it is truely a very beautiful place w/ all this bonsais, the trees the greens.

    • shalom shalom

      He is old and he must be respected. The truth will prevail

      • loudwhale

        he certainly must be respected, it was disgusting the Inq disrespected him nga.

  • MariaVaerewyck

    Yeah, right, use lazines and lack of money as an excuse… I bought our property in 1996 for 550,000 and for the capital gain tax and transfer of title it only cost me 25,000 including the tax arrears i paid since the former owner didn’t pay the yearly propety tax since the time he inherited the property from his mother, paper works aren’t that much if you know what to to and where to go but the land of registry will help you and tell you what you all have to do and where to go if you ask them. If he can build a house, buy and care for his bonsais since bonsai are expensive then he can easily pay for the capital gain tax and the transfer of title, how much more if he have time to make kutiting with his bonsai then he is not lazy and he can easily work on the transfer of this title. Yung ibang title na nasa pangalan pa ng lola nila is different dahil ibig sabihin yun property ay minana nila sa lola or magulang nila whic is a common attitude ng mana, kadalasan ay hinahayaan yun title sa pangalan ng lola or magulang pero yung binili sa sariling pera ay minamadaling ilipat sa pangalan ng bumili at di ito hinahayaan sa pangalan ng dating may-ari.

    • raflaydo

       Well said.

    • shalom shalom

      Perhaps he may be very busy with other things and may have forgotten it after finishing his house and collecting bonsai’s.

      • casaysay

        Most probably. The man is well-educated enough to know that as long as you have in your possession the Deed of Sale and the Title of the Lot,  it is more than adequate to claim ownership of the land. And once you constructed a house and live on that house for a number of years then there is no legal question that you own the property. It is not a legal requirement to transfer the Title of the Lot to your name.     

      • sc53300

        Very true. . . Certificate of Title does not vest ownership of a property. It only confirms your ownership of the property. I do not know why they keep on saying that without the certificate of title, the property is not his. . . ang babaw naman. . . Lalao na sa mga abogado, that is a non-issue. . 

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/YNFUTICGLHICYTQ23RLYUQQSYE Nelida Sucayan

         An education person knows that he has to have the sale annotated with the Register of Deeds to make it public, that the property though still in the name of the buyer, has already been sold. 

      • filipinaskoh

        there are agencies usually brokers  that caters in transferring titles, once you bought a property sometimes even in the Notary public they could refer you to a agency if you don’t have time to do it. Just wondering why Cristina didn’t refer him to an agency – she said she was once a broker. the 1 m property you would only be spending about 25 to 30,000 that’s include agency fee.  

      • phalen

        yan ang akala mo lang malaki ang nagagastos sa pagpapatransfer sa pangalan.

    • casaysay

      nobody but only this guy vicente has the right to plan his finances and priorities. anong malay mo kng saan mas gusto niya maubos ang kayang pera at panahon. he claimed he indulged himself in growing bonsai plants at nakunan ng video ang garden niyang malawak at puno ng bonsai na nagkamit na ng awards pati sa ibang bansa. nakunan video bahay niya na ipinatayo noong 1990 sa halagang P2 million at bongga ang labas at loob ng bahay, a proof na magaling siya magplano ng kanyang finances kaysa sa mga pipitsugin pang gusto magturo sa kanya ng financial plannng.

    • phalen

      kung walang kang tiwala sa binilhan mo itatransfer mo nga agad sa pangalan mo.ang tatay ko bumili ng lupa napakatagal ng panahon pero hanggang ngayon di pa rin natatransfer sa pangalan nya dahil nga sa laki ng babayaran sa transfer tax.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/PPMSZTZYQGO53UBNDG4UOYMWBY adrian

        @phalen:disqus  baka caretaker lang din daw kayo ng lupa..hehehe:) 

  • pinklace88

    Living in a piece of land is not an assurance you legally own it. prang mga bata naman….
    pag tinirhan ibig sabihin iyo tlaga, di bale wala na yang titulo titulo n yn, kanya kanyang tayuan na lang ng bahay tapos ariin mong iyo na un kasi dun k na nakatira. eh ang caretaker di ba dapat dun din nakatira sa lupang binabantayan nya.

    • casaysay

      The lot was sold in 1990 and Vicente showed the required 2 fees na dapat bayaran sa bawat bentahan ng lupa, namely the Documentary stamps at Capital gain tax. Those 2 fees amount to about 8% of the selling price or around P80,000 at malaki na iyan noong 1990. Babayaran mo iyon sa BIR but through a government bank, usually Land Bank. Dahil merong presentation ng documents na binayaran ang 2 fees ni mrs corona noon pang 1990, proofs ito na talagang may bentahan. Or else bakit babayad ng P80000 si mrs corona pag walang transaction??? Think, think, think. Ang next step ay pagpa transfer ng Title sa pangalan ng bumili but this is only an option kung gagawin mo o hindi o kahit kailan. 

  • MarcyPulilan

    I Love Bonsai, Iyang ang motto ni Benigno Aquino Sr. Noong sumisigaw siya ng Bazai para sa mga hapon na kanyang mga ka kolaborator.

    • casaysay

      Sumigaw man noon ang lolo ni Pnoy pero natakot naman siya ng bumalik na sa Pinas ang mga Mercano kaya sumama siya sa kanyang mga bosing na singkit pauwi ng Japan.  Iyon lang sumurender ang Japan at pati siya isinurender at ibinalik from Japan to Pinas para mahatulan. Lesson ay huwag basta magtiwala sa motto ng nasa pwesto baka matulad ka sa kay Aquino Sr.

      • MarcyPulilan

        casaysay. kaya naman kasisigaw ni mang Igno (benigno Sr.) iyan namatay sa tuwa habang nanunuod ng boksing. Siya siguro iyong multong sigaw ang sigaw sa Rizal Memorial. Janitor ako doon noong araw kaya alam ko siya iyon. Sinasigaw niya “Banzai Nippon!”

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/APG4EF4E2BYT3C7NLOVNXKF64Y albert


  • Rex_Ranhilio

    si Corona mahilig din sa Bonsai

  • filipinaskoh

    There is no question of, if he lives there or not, the question is if he owns the property. It is common especially in the province that you live in certain property but it is not yours because you are given the privilege to stay as long as you care for that property and any income derive in that property that were raise by your hands is usually the payment for staying in that property and taking care of it.

    When it comes to inheritance it is very common not to transfer titles (especially in the province) because of the laborious work and needs money to transfer the titles, but I don’t think so when it comes to property you bought.

    • phalen

      maraming ganyang mga pangyayari na di natatransfer sa pangalan ng bumili. lalo pa at tiwala ka sa binilhan mo. meron lang deed of sale ok na.kaya di kaduda-dudasi mr vicente.

      • filipinaskoh

        Very doubtful!

        It is very uncommon not to transfer the title of the property you bought. Vicente claimed he is the one paying the property tax for 22 years, if he could go to the municipal office, could he not even once ask how to transfer the title to his name because in the municipal hall they could refer you to an agency that does a transfer of titles or they could have taught him how, and sometimes the employees will do it for you but you have to pay them extra amount. having a balance of 2.5 million from the proceeds of his house, he does not have an extra money to pay for transfer that will not even exceed 20,000? ( other taxes were already been paid)  as compared it now he said it would amount to more than 200,000 pesos?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/PPMSZTZYQGO53UBNDG4UOYMWBY adrian

        uncommon? sang parte ka ng pinas nakatira?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/URRUIMZLFDXFXSYRCZYDY23ZH4 Josephine

        andito ako ngayon sa abroad then may binili ako bahay sa laguna dahil kinausap ko yong binilhan ko na kailangan mailipat kaagad sa pangalan ko yan kaya nailipat sa pangalan ko kasi ok naman ang titulo

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/URRUIMZLFDXFXSYRCZYDY23ZH4 Josephine

        at ang nakakapagtataka sabi nya wala siya pera para pambayad sa mga tax para ilipat ang titulo sa kanyang pangalan oh di ba sikat siya na magbobonsai marami siya kita nakita ko nga kanina bago pintura ng gate nila eh, yong pinka importante na kailngan sa property di mo mapagawa, pwde pa rin siya pala dayain ni corona kung sakali at kung mamatay man siya wala habol kamag anak nya dahil ang binili nya lupa nasa pangalan pa rin ng mga corona.marami nangyayari diyan sa atinsa pinas kahit kamag anak mo pa yan  pagdating sa lupain di pwde mapagkatiwalan lalo na karamihan mga ugali ng pinoy sakim sa kayamanan haist iwan alalahanin natin matagal ng abogado si corona marami ako alam na abogado mahilig mag doctor ng mga dukomento

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/PPMSZTZYQGO53UBNDG4UOYMWBY adrian

        ung kotse naming 2nd hand, hindi pa natratransfer ang pangalan..ilang years na sa amin. ano yun? caretaker lang kami? lol

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/URRUIMZLFDXFXSYRCZYDY23ZH4 Josephine

        alam mo sa ganyang tagal na kahit sinuman ay magpupursige na yon na mailipat sa pangalan nya ako nga may binili bahay sa laguna una inisip ko kailangan mailipat kaagad sa pangalan ko kasi mahirap na kahit may deed of sale na yan but hinahanap pa rin ang tiltulo lalo na kapag isanla mo ang nsabing bahay man or lupa

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/PPMSZTZYQGO53UBNDG4UOYMWBY adrian

        Josephine, ikaw yun. hindi ikaw si mang vicente. naimagine mo ba kung gano kalaking pera ang babayaran nya pag nagpatransfer xa ng pangalan considering na 1700 sqm ung property? baka naman naniwala ka kay quimbo na 3000php lang daw yun.lol

      • jiroarturo

        Arian, ang transfer fee lang ng mga lote ni Vicente ay aabot lang ng P5.5K o .5% ng selling price. Google mo ang “transfer fee in the Phil” makikita mo roon ang 0.5%.

  • http://www.facebook.com/impreza0109 John Christopher Urtola Ablaza

    talagang ‘bought’ ha. pinagdududahan pa din ng inquirer ung witness na kinuhaan nila ng mga “unflattering” na pictures. 

  • padrefaura

    anong dahilan naman kay vicente para magsinungaling?
    matanda na sya, stroke survivor, etc.

    walang dahilan para magsinungaling sya. kahit nga ang dilaw na si osmena, naniwala na hindi nagsisinungaling kay vicente.

    yung mga bayad na dilawan lang ang ayaw maniwala.
    (post away your replies, paid bloggers!!)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PPMSZTZYQGO53UBNDG4UOYMWBY adrian

    andaming tao sa pinas na hindi na nagpapatransfer ng pangalan ng title. hindi ibig sabihin eh tamad sila o caretaker lang sila. more than 20 years na nakatira dun ung tao, nagpatayo ng bahay at nagalaga ng mga bonzai. and, c mang vicente pa nagbabayad ng tax and may hawak din xang deed of sale. ung ayaw maniwala dun, ano gusto nyo palabasin? 20 years ago alam na ni corona na magiging chief justice xa at maiimpeach kaya pinatira na niya dun ung second cousin nya at mag alaga ng bonsai at hanggang magkastroke? magbasa ng batas tungkol sa ownership para malaman kung ano ang totoo. deed of sale enough ay nagpprove na ng ownership. 

    • phalen

      totoo yan basta may deed of sale lang ok na lalo pa at magkamag-anak.

    • filipinaskoh

      he could have been a caretaker.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/PPMSZTZYQGO53UBNDG4UOYMWBY adrian

        caretaker who has deed of sale and proof of tax payments for how many years? and who built structures on the property? ang swerteng caretaker nman nun..

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/PPMSZTZYQGO53UBNDG4UOYMWBY adrian

        one more thing, “ONE OF THE BEST BONSAI ARTISTS IN THE PHILIPPINES”, gagawin mong caretaker?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/URRUIMZLFDXFXSYRCZYDY23ZH4 Josephine

      madali lang sabihin,yon na kay mang vecinte nga yon but ang nakuha na tiltle ng mga taga prosecutors ay pangalan pa rin ng mga corona kaya nila isinama sa kaso , but the thing is sa dami ng mga pag mamay ari ni na lupain pwde nya rin patirahan muna kay mang vecinte kung talagang di nya naman masyado ginagamit ang nasabing lupain dahil alam nya si mang vecinte ay mahilig sa pagtatanim ng bonsai kaya malamng baka inofer muna ni corona na gamitin lang ang nasabing lupain may mga ganoon minsan lalo na kapag kamag anak lang naman.kasi ang nakakapagtataka, wal ba sya balak na ipalipat sa pangalan nya sa loob ng 20 years.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/PPMSZTZYQGO53UBNDG4UOYMWBY adrian

        wag ka magtaka kase ang option na magpatransfer ng pangalan ay HINDI sa seller kundi sa buyer. nman. 20 years mong patitirhan? hahayaan mo pang magtayo ng malaking bahay dun ang caretaker? lol tsaka 20 years ago uso na ang bonsai?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/PPMSZTZYQGO53UBNDG4UOYMWBY adrian

        ung iba nga hinintay nalang na mamatay para mtransfer ung pangalan. bat ka pa magtataka? 

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/PPMSZTZYQGO53UBNDG4UOYMWBY adrian

        and 1,700 sq meters yun! gagastos ka ng sobrang laki pra lang sa pnglan samantalang may deeds of sale kana? 90sq meters nga ilang sampung libo na..nman te..

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/3NLWSMXCGCEWCVMF3ZVWFZ4FBU Nick

        Bakit minaliit mo ba si mang Vicente? May Trucking Business kamu siya at anak sa abroad. Kaya, bakit hinihintay pa niyang umabot ng ganito ka tagal na di pa rin nailipat sa pangalan niya O sa anak ang Title ng lupa? Kataka-taka?                                    

      • jiroarturo

        Ang transfer fee ay 0.5% lang ng selling price ayon sa batas ng Pinas. Pag palagay na natin na nabili yon 8 lote sa P1.1M ay transfer fee lang ay aabot ng P5.5K. Meron nga si Vicente na kita na P25K buwan-buwan. Sa akin walang dahilan para masalin na ang titulo sa pangalan niya. At least kung mamatay siya, mapamana man lang ang lote sa asawa o anak niya. 

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/APG4EF4E2BYT3C7NLOVNXKF64Y albert

        josephine .. wala ka na paki alam kung kelan  gusto ni vicente transfer un sa name nia.. wag ka na makialam pa kaya un..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/URRUIMZLFDXFXSYRCZYDY23ZH4 Josephine

    abogado si corona kaya magaling yan sila sa mga ganoong taktika, katulad ng pera nya sa banko dalawang bank accounts nya inalis nya sa banko bago magsimula ang empeachment, at inilipat sa dollars account para nga naman di na pwde makita kung magkano ang kanyang pera sa banko kasi alam nya na kapag nasa dollars na mahirap na mabusisi.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1325167014 Omeng Castro

      “EMPEACHMENT” ? ano yan? LoL

  • http://www.facebook.com/cachilad Bachuchay T. Cachila

    Caretaker, may malalaking trucking at Best National Artist in Phil? and asawa kapatid ni Conchita Morales CARPIO, ang Ombudsman na Pro-Aquino???….helloooo??? wag nyo naman maliitin si mang Vicente…kagaya ng pagmamaliit nyo kay CJ Corona.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/URRUIMZLFDXFXSYRCZYDY23ZH4 Josephine

      kaya nga tapos sabihin ni mang vecinte wala siya pambayad sa pagpa transfer sa pangalan ng titulo nabili nya lupain sa loob ng 2o years yan ang katanungan

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/2OGCQGFL6ZFWQAB6HMJBGD3NWE Lorelei

         at hindi lang yan, puno pa ng bonsai ang buong lupain pero di makabayad ng transfer certificate of title.. hehehhehe, palpak na alibi…

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/URRUIMZLFDXFXSYRCZYDY23ZH4 Josephine

      malamang baka nagbibista yong dalawang sc justice doon dahil kasamhan sila ni corona sa sc kaya palagay ko kay corona ang lupain na yan pinapalabas lang na kay mang vecinte

      • igsg

         Tanga ka ba talaga Abegail!..Este Josephine pala.. sorry naman..kamag-anak nga ng asawa nya si ombudsman carpio morales db?

        Naiintindihan mo na ba Abegail???

    • http://www.facebook.com/cachilad Bachuchay T. Cachila

       kung kayo hampas lupa at pulubi nang ipinanganak wag kayong mangdamay nang tao na nagsisikap para umahon ang buhay. Kaya magsikap din kayo gaya ni Mang Vicente…kasi wala nang maasahan sa Presidente nyong ABNOY, kawawa nyo lang kasi mahihirapan kayo sa pagahon kasi doble ang talon ng mga presyo ng bilihin at gasolina pati na ang kuryente ng MERALCO at Tubig mula nang umupo ang amo nyo!.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/2OGCQGFL6ZFWQAB6HMJBGD3NWE Lorelei

         kung hindi si PNoy ang presidente mo palagay ko si GMA na kurakot ano… kaya siguro masama ang loob mo kay PNOY ay dahil pinakulong niya ang presidente mo. doon ka na kaya sa veterans tumira para lagi mong nakikita ang iyong mahal na GMA. hahahhah… saan ka nakakita ng bansa na tumaas ang presyo ng langis sa merkado eh bababa ang presyo sa sarili mong bansa na umaangkat lang naman sa ibang bansa. Maraming bansa ang tumataas ang presyo ng petrolyo pero hindi nagrereklamo ang mga tao dahil alam nila ang dahilan. Hindi katulad mo na kahit nasa harapan mo na ang dahilan, pilit mong ipinipikit ang mga mata mo para hindi mo makita…. HOY!!!! GISEEENNNNGGGG.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/RDBN3DR6ACL5NMV6POT2F5NJKQ Tony

        Mag abroad ka kaya, para alam mo ang sinasabi mo. Yan ang prublema sa mga pinoy panay ang reklamo peto may pang text pang panood ng sine or concert pero panay ang sisi sa govt. check other countries economy kung bagsak or paunlad in this time. Investigate kung marami ring homeless sa america at ibang bansa. Investigate kung gaano tumaas ang presyo ng bilihin, gasoline, water, electricity, food, gas and garbage bills. Sa abroad kasi kailangan kumayod ng husto at hindi makitira ng libre para makaraos.  So sinong presidente ang gusto mong umupo? si Corona ba or ibalik si Gloria para bumaba yang mga reklamo mo. Wake up.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/PPMSZTZYQGO53UBNDG4UOYMWBY adrian

      eh hindi nga ikaw c mang vicente josephine. bat mo kailangang ipilit na ipatransfer nya ung pangalan? eh sa hindi nga importante na mtransfer ang pangalan dahil hindi kasama sa batas ng ownership ung pangalan sa titulo. bat pa xa gagastos ng mahal para dun samantalang kilala nman nya ung seller? mahiya ka naman sa gnawa mong caretaker, may trucking business at national artist..

      • jiroarturo

        Kung mamamatay ba si Vicente, kanino mapupunta ang lupain niya? At kung maisipan naman ibenta ni Cristina ang lote, meron bang habol si Vicente?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2OGCQGFL6ZFWQAB6HMJBGD3NWE Lorelei

    hindi naman sa minamaliit natin si mang vicente pero posible na caretaker lang siya. ang malinaw diyan kay corona pa rin naka pangalan ang titulo ng lupa….

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/APG4EF4E2BYT3C7NLOVNXKF64Y albert

      lorelei.. nag bulag bulagan ka lang e.. kay vicente na talaga un property.

    • harel_gem

      possible po yan, pero dapat mapatunayan ng prosec on their cross-exam.
      si osmeña na po ang nag investigate personally… confirmed na kay mang vicente yung lupa at siya ang nakatira based sa article na ito.

    • omg11

       Mayroon talagang taong sobrang bias kahit nakalantad na ang katotohanan ayaw pa ring maniwala.

      Businessman yung tao, may sariling kabuhayan.. baka mayaman pa yan kesa sa atin.. totoo ang sinabi ni Osmena, normal na ang katamaran sa atin pagdating sa mga ganyan kaya pinagpapaliban na ang mga bagay tulad ng pag transfer ng titulo.

      Isa pa, ano ang dahilan para itago ni Corona ang ariarian na yan kung yan ay talagang sa kanya? May naisip ba kayong dahilan?

  • anak_mahirap50

    Kung ako si mang Vicente, ibebenta ko nayung lupain at bibigyan ko ng malaking share yung anak na nasa sa Kuwait. Ang hirap yatang magtrabaho sa ibang bansa, pero kung executive yung anak nya, ok lang.
    May milyun milyong ariarian ka, matitiis mo yung anak mong nagtratrabaho sa ibang bansa!

    • harel_gem

      baka naman po may sarili ng pamilya yung anak niya. saka bakit naman niya ibebenta pa ang lupa niya kung in the end, sa anak niya din mapupunta yun bilang sole heir. masarap po kayang mag gardening, lalo na kung talagang hobby niya ito at ito lang ang nagiging exercise niya. kung ibebenta niya ang lupa, ano pa ang gagawin niya? maghihintay na lang ng kamatayan?

      • anak_mahirap50

        Kung maganda ang trabaho ng anak nya sa Kuwait, agree ako sa iyo, pero kung hindi, siguro, maski kalahati ng lupa ibenta nya na para sa anak nya na nasa kuwait! Hirap magtrabaho sa ibang bansa!

  • berdeng_leon

    this man is being used, they have not the least of pity to this poor senior..pathetic, can you just throw him out of office or CJ, please step down already? it’s dragging, we all know how this would end, right?

  • joeldcndcn


  • CheapJ

    Ang pinakamagandang gawin ay ipalipat na yung titulo sa pangalan ni Mr. Vicente. Kung wala siyang pambayad, suggestion ko, mag-ambag-ambag para lang maging tunay ng pag-aari ni Mr. Vicente yung property at hindi na mapapasakamay sa mga Corona kung sakaling may masamang mangyari sa matanda, huwag naman sana.

    • tehot

      hindi naman katulad ng mga corona ang cojuangco na mang aagaw ng lupa. sobrang layo. 

      • omg11


      • SignTheWaiverNow

        nice! sapul ang mga yellow dumb a$$

  • ryan manalo


  • oraman

    si Osmena na kaalyado ni Aquino na na me sabi nyan kaya sori na lang kayo prosecutors

  • MonMayuga

    How convenient is it to have a cousin who is willing to stand as a dummy, who would lie and help conceal the truth a generous cousin in high position in government who may have acquired illegal wealth wants to hide?

    It is either the old and sickly man will lie for the rest of his life and bring dark secrets to his grave, or live long enough to tell the truth so that his soul would be cleansed before he faces his Creator.

    The ball is in you hands, Mr. Vicente Demetrio.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VUJ2THUKRDEOCO2ZJ7D3E6KGHQ Calvin

      Some of you are just plain stupid and will be made to believe anything that the media will present. I’ve known Mang Nonoy (Mr. Vicente) for years, and he’s one of the best bonsai artists that we have here, wherein he should have been credited as one of our National Artists to be exact for being a great Horticulturalist. Maybe you would need to go back to the facts before you open your filthy mouth again. Tons of conspiracy theories but none has been proved. 

      • MonMayuga

        We may differ in opinion but the filthiness of your words negated any crumbs of reason you may have said.

  • francoalminolibre

    it is now osmena, a close ally of p-noy who is saying. bakit hindi naman kayo maniwala? nag sisinungaling si osmena?

  • repapips

    i can’t seem to understand that mr. osmena relegated someone to look at the property to get information from the neighborhood about mr. vicente. of course, it is easy to tell the neighborhood to tell anyone that mr. vicente is the owner and lives there for so long. mr. osmena, all bases are covered before you made your undercover agent investigate the area.

    is this some kind of stupidity mr osmena? as a senator, you should have thought of more deeply your actions to confirm the validity of mr. vicente’s statements.

    the fact that mr. vicente had a storke before, why didn’t he transfer immediately the title of the land to his name, until now.

    he is growing bonzais, a lot of money indeed. but he didn’t have the time and money to transfer for more than 2 decades the titles to his name?

    come on. i’m not siding with anyone. i just won’t believe on the spot people on the witness stand as what they say.

    i think mr. vicente is not just credible, he is incredible.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/APG4EF4E2BYT3C7NLOVNXKF64Y albert

      repapips..   wala ka na paki alam kung kelan gusto ni vicente transfer sa name nia..  tama si osmena..

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VUJ2THUKRDEOCO2ZJ7D3E6KGHQ Calvin

      ALAM MO BANG MAGKAPIT-BAHAY SI CONG. QUIMBO AT SI MR. VICENTE? Some of you are just plain stupid and will be made to believe anything that the media will present. I’ve known Mang Nonoy (Mr. Vicente) for years, and he’s one of the best bonsai artists that we have here, wherein he should have been credited as one of our National Artists to be exact for being a great Horticulturalist. Maybe you would need to go back to the facts before you open your filthy mouth again. Tons of conspiracy theories but none has been proved. 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/DY2IWLIOICHYAAIJPYWH7PWLFE Jose Maria

      wah!! barado si repapips ni calvin. hahahahahhaa panalo! way to go repapips! mag comment ka pa dali! para mabara ka ulit! bwahahahahha.

  • anak_mahirap50

    A new law should be created: one year after the sale is consummated, the title should be transferred to new owner, para walang loop hole.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JXILLWZZ23R6SP6C4DHGKLXNSE Michael

    PDI knew all along na credible si Demetrio Vicente. They featured him way back April 7, 2000 in an article by Tita V. Giron titled “A Bonsai Paradise In Marikina.” Just google “a bonsai paradise in marikina” and you will have an idea who Vicente is. Tama si Osmena! Shame on you PDI for trying to paint Vicente in a different light, e all along alam ninyo kung sino siya! Shame on you, Pnoy’s Daily Inquirer!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

    Osmena, a loyal political ally of Pnoy is credible. His statement is a slap on the Prosecution and Pnoy’s noynoying faces…

  • michael918

    So? them let that bonsai covers all whatever discrepancies,the prosecution has exposed. Bonsaing the Chief SALN to make it small plus bonsaing the millions of pesos and also the Dollar accounts of the Chief . And declare all the Filipinos a dwarf. Naman.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/APG4EF4E2BYT3C7NLOVNXKF64Y albert

    sen. osmena is just doing what is right. the truth shall prevail. yan ang matuwid na daan.

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