‘Insulting’ photos show Inquirer bias vs Corona—defense


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Defense counsel Jose Roy lashes out at the Philippine Daily Inquirer for publishing 'unflattering' and 'insulting' photos of the defense’s witness, Demetrio Vicente. Video by INQUIRER.net's Matikas Santos

MANILA, Philippines—Defense counsel Jose Roy III on Wednesday lashed out at the Philippine Daily Inquirer for publishing “unflattering” and “insulting” photos of the defense’s witness, Demetrio Vicente.

The front page of the Inquirer on Wednesday showed a montage of four close up photos of 70-year old Vicente’s facial expressions. Vicente informed the court during his testimony that he had suffered a stroke twice, leaving him with a difficulty in speaking.

Roy accused the Inquirer of being biased against Chief Justice Renato Corona by using photos that “demean the image of the witness.”

“The poor taste of using photographs to suggest or subliminally blacken the reputation of the [Chief Justice] or subliminally disseminate propaganda against the [Chief Justice] and his case is an unfortunate thing,” Roy told reporters.

“If they can convey their bias through photographs they will try and do it,” Roy told reporters.

“We think that … the slant against the CJ is quite clear and the slant in favor of the administration is evident,” Roy added.

Roy reacted to the statement released by Inquirer that those were the only images that they had by saying “of course the only photos they had were the ones that distorted the man’s image. Okay, if that is the level of their competence, then I’m glad they have admitted it.”

“Maybe we should tell everybody that, the Inquirer is only capable of taking pictures which are unflattering, which are insulting, which demean the image of the witness,” Roy said.

“If they felt they had no such intention then I’m sure they could have put other pictures there,” he added.

The reaction generated by the photos of Vicente, “confirms that either the Inquirer is attempting to discredit the case of the defense and the case of the CJ or they simply have bad taste,” Roy said.

“Of course we are all familiar with freedom of expression and press freedom, but as I said that while they may be entitled to put what they want on their covers, we are equally entitled to draw conclusions about what they’re trying to convey,” Roy said.

“I’m not surprised by what the Inquirer has done. We have tried very hard to view the Inquirer as doing its best to be objective but I’m afraid we’re unable to reach that conclusion,” he added.

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  • bistoi

    Anu na naman yan Roy, daldal kananaman ng daldal. Hayaan mo na kung bias ang inquirer, mey Manila Standard pa naman na bias din sa inyo.

    • JordanSantos

      sa ABANTE lang daw sila makakuha ng fairness reporting…

      • PoorOFW


    • a1phantom

      The issue is not only being biased…but having some respect to the dignity of a person…..PDI has crossed the line by demeaning Mr. Vicente….PDI has no right to do this…..if you think this is right, then shame on you

      • bistoi

        did I say it was right?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6XJGKJ5Q3YSAPQEN2YZJ5OZPME Rene

        did he say you said it was right?

      • bistoi

        did someone ask you?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6XJGKJ5Q3YSAPQEN2YZJ5OZPME Rene

        did someone ask you, to begin with?

      • bistoi

        No, not really.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6XJGKJ5Q3YSAPQEN2YZJ5OZPME Rene

        go fck yourself, then

      • bistoi

        Have done that. Your should too.

  • shalom shalom


  • a1phantom

    What do you expect from Inquirer…everyone knows that the editorial team of Inquirer is very biased for Noynoy……the owners of PDI are well respected…i hope they can manage their editorial team who have been very unprofessional

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DIJTE4H3SYN3ZHZXPYWB5UGPFE Drummerman B

    mga kaibigan… kahit na bias man ang PDI, di pa rin magbabago ang totoo na sinungaling si corona! yan ang isaksak nyo sa ulo nyo, ok??

    • a1phantom

      Mabuti ka pa may evidence na….hanggang ngayon e wala pang evidence ang prosecution na hindi fabricated….tulungan mo naman sila

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/DIJTE4H3SYN3ZHZXPYWB5UGPFE Drummerman B

        a1phantom, di na kailangan ng ebidensya, obvious naman eh.. ano ka ba, nagtatanga tangahan lang o sinungaling ka rin? u choose…

  • bistoi

    Naka photo booth yata yung PDI, kaya apat ung kuha ni Vicente

  • andrew lim


    Read the hot news!  Go to the Rappler website. Read about how he embellished his academic record at the Ateneo. They even altered the SC website to make it look consistent!

    Sinungaling talaga si Corona!

  • gildoluz

    anyone who cried out loud is either desperate or beleaguered, and that is the situation of corona as of now. better be at the witness stand to explain your case, this is the clamor of the people

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6XJGKJ5Q3YSAPQEN2YZJ5OZPME Rene

    so kung art is terrorism, pwede din bang iconsider na terrorism ang tasteless journalism ng inquirer?

    • PoorOFW

      ‘Tasteless’ to whom? To you? Or to me?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6XJGKJ5Q3YSAPQEN2YZJ5OZPME Rene

        to reasonable measure of journalism ethics

  • iskurokutoy

    Pabayaan n’yo na lang kaming mga YELLOW ZOMBIES dito sa PDI.
    Meron naman kayong mga GLORIA WORSHIPPERS na The Daily Tribune.

  • PoorOFW

    Ano ba? Stop whining at ganyan talaga pag nasa spotlight you are a fair target. Para namang hindi nyo capable gawin yun…

  • EdgarEdgar

    The yellowness of PDI is all too obvious. PDI’s editorial lawyering has consistently failed to strengthen the prosecution’s case. PDI’s rosy business news, sexed up with phantom economic gains and see-sawing PSE index, has failed to spur bullish sentiments in public opinion. PDI’s unholy advocacy for Sister Flory’s infallible testimony fell flat as soon as the nun’s biases and special blood kinship to Joma III revealed. Just like Noynoy, the Prietos of PDI will have to give up their haciendas too. Demeaning God, country and constitution will only buy the yellow interest little time in holding on to what will ultimately slip from their grip. Land for the people. Wealth redistribution for social reform. Social reform for social reconciliation. By launching his montage, PDI turned Enteng into a pop-culture icon more famous than Cabisote.

    • marionics

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      • raflaydo

         Nice one!

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PM6JHCFR2KT2AURMWRDUXBNLQY Darwin

        I thought yellow meant coward. and yellow journalism already has a well-known connotation.

      • marionics

         Well, that depends, because the color can symbolize many things. Fortunately, most of them are positive. For instance, a yellow rose is a sign of friendship, and a yellow ribbonduring wartime signifies hope and loyalty. However, as fans of Western films are no doubt aware, the color can also mean cowardice.This site on figures of speech has a theory on the metaphor’s origin. The site says it has nothing to do with a person’s perceived color. Rather, it’s a nod to the legendary yellowbelly lizard, a reptile apparently not known for its intestinal fortitude (aka “guts”). The story goes that when confronted, the yellowbelly lizard “exits on its belly as soon as possible.”
        Sounds reasonable, but the Straight Dope believes the expression began as a medical term. Way back when, the human body was thought to have four distinct fluids — blood, phlegm, black bile, and yellow bile. According to medieval medicine, yellow bile “made you peevish, choleric, irascible.”Interestingly, not all cultures equate yellow with cowardice. In Japan, the color actually signifies courage, and in China, yellow was once anofficial symbol of the emperor.

      • angie1875

        It was chosen by Ninoy from the song “Tie a yellow ribbon”. As to cowardice,  Ninoy took a bullet at the tarmac and died. he could have lives the good life in the USA but he chosed to come home despite death threats. Is that the coward you are talking about?  Go read your Phil history lessons again.

  • raflaydo

    Seems gusto ni Roy na glamorous shot ang ilagay ng PDI for his witness.  Dapat they brought in Rupert Jacinto for this. Eh ano magagawa kung ganon talaga mukha ng witness niya?

    • hallyuaddict

      maari nga kaya lang pambabastos naman yan sa isang senior citizen. lalo na na stroke pa pala itong witness na to..gawin ko kaya yan sa lolo mo

      • raflaydo

         Bakit mo naman gagawin yun sa lolo ko? Nasa witness stand ba lolo ko?

      • 1GeorgeTolentino2

        Sana ma-stroke ka at iparada ka ni lacierda sa harap ng media

      • raflaydo

         Baka ikaw ang ma-stroke jan…Ang maghahaharap sa yo sa media, si  Atty Roy…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L7PILUDK6IPFGJLJNCM2IROCRY Albin

    Bakit kaya kay penoy, lacierda, piggy delima, tupas, drilon, guingona, trillanes, ay hindi naglalabas ang pdi ng insulting photos?

    • PoorOFW

      Um, perhaps because all their pics are already inherently insulting to us?

    • tarikan

      Please isama mo naman si Inday Miriam. Umm perhaps her pics are already insulting to us?

  • marionics

    etong si roy ang tirador ng defense he he. para siyang si rrudy distrito noon (nakup bistado edad ko yata a

  • Barak_O

    sa lahat ng nagrereklamo: gumawa kayo ng sarili nyong dyaryo. period.

    • http://twitter.com/MarLouWang Marlou Wang


  • http://twitter.com/mega_chat mega chat

    Why are some people angry at Inquirer? I don’t understand
    it. The President of the Philippines
    has been called by various insulting names in the Inquirer’s website forum and
    various other website forums. (He has been called “Penoy,”–like what albin did below–, “Abnoy,” etc.) Other cabinet officials have also been called
    obscene names in these website forums. But even if some commentators like me
    continued to air our protest against this continuing insult, Inquirer continued
    to try to be “fair”  by not deleting those insulting posts and
    not blocking those people who always littered their comments with insults,
    obscenities, and what have you. Now, Inquirer puts some photos of some person
    in the front page and some people (perhaps the same “obscene” people)
    are loudly raising a howl.

    • bistoi

      Nakaka-awa po kasi ung matanda. Twice na nagkaroon ng stroke. Vicente haven’t done anything wrong (except for being an idiot for not transferring the title to his property). He is not a politician. He should not be treated as one.

    • marionics

      pareng mega, when did i ever say penoy or abnoy or any other insulting name, not even pandak or magnanakaw or coronakot? in fact i really hate namecalling because it is really demeaning, not to the one being insulted but to the insulting person. because namecalling is really the last refuge of the out argued or those who have no arguments (or even a witty retort) left. to me, kung walang wala na talagang matinong o ismarteng masabi yung tao e talagang magmumura at manlalait ka na lang. ako i would rather just shut up kung wala na ako masagot rather than call anyone names he he

      • http://twitter.com/MarLouWang Marlou Wang

         pa cute!

      • marionics

        marlou…cute talaga ako he he

      • AllaMo

        inggit ka?

      • http://twitter.com/mega_chat mega chat

         not you marionics, Albin, my screen was moving fast as i typed earlier hence the mistake in attribution. but i hope you’re not like that, too. (i edited my post already) btw, not all commentators here are male. what made you assume that? heheh! i hope you’re not being sexist there to assume all commentators are male. i’m all-female :) (btw, “sexist” is not labelling or name-calling, but reflective of mindset and values in life. i hope you’re not sexist but just mistaken :)

      • marionics

        he he pasensya na, mahirap kasi magtype pa ng “he/she” o “his/her” o “pareng/mareng”. kung baga generic na lang ang aking send out. i’m sure di naman makakabawas sa pagkababae o pagkalalaki ninoman kung ano man ang natawag o naituring ko sa kanila he he

    • AllaMo

      S’truth, mate. S’truth.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/J4ZM6ZYRE3V2NE7V6THQUVS7WA Fred

    Did you noticed also how Inquirer write about CJ recent media interview? Its tasteless. They insert mocking words in their articles. Inquirer didn’t put those words when the President and its cronies making statement in the media before the trial begin which is clear violation of the rule of the court.

    Its clear that PH media cannot compete globally. The only reason PH media won awards globally is because the organizer have to give awards in every part of the continent….and Asia/South-East-Asia, only PH  media are so gullible about awards.

  • http://twitter.com/MarLouWang Marlou Wang

    I thought those pics belong to Joker Arroyo, LOL!

  • EdgarEdgar

    After insulting an old man, how does PDI square that with blind veneration for a biased old nun. Good old political expediency coupled with holy infallibility does not equal credibility.

    • AllaMo

      Should’nt that be, “insulting a biased old man”, if it is to be, “for a biased old nun”? Holier than thou expediency does not make for corona’s credibility.

      • EdgarEdgar

        perhaps from your perspective.

  • http://twitter.com/mickeyhiss Mickey Hiss

    I agree with Atty Roy.  Inquirer is obviously biased.  De facto mouthpiece of Aquino Administration and has very bad reputation of considering people they dislike as guilty to be proven innocent (which the editors never seem to believe). 

  • http://twitter.com/mega_chat mega chat

     so, what gives us the right to insult politicians?! they
    might sometimes do something not to our liking. we can critique but NOT INSULT.
    ikaw rin siguro ayaw mo maiinsulto, di ba bistoi?  And so maybe I can
    suggest that from now on, Inquirer and other website forums should delete all
    comments that insult officials of government and ban those commentators
    forever. Perhaps that’s what everyone likes. And, oh yes, I would also suggest
    that Inquirer and other news websites should stop offering free access and
    charge surfers. Now, everybody would have to pay for Internet access and/or buy
    the printed newspaper. I think everybody would like that, too!

    • bistoi

      Hey nobody is forcing you to read the comments. If you can’t hack then don’t read it. This  is still a free country. Unless the government has changed.

  • bistoi

    Philippine Jouranlism at its finest. Give a hand to all the PDI staff for being idoits.

  • dani77777

    Jose Roy III should complain for all the pictures posted about him. I yet have to see a picture of this person that is half decent. His pictures at any angle are unflattering and insulting to humanity.

    The audacity.

    • alexrmadriaga

      You are totally correct, Dani. Outside-inside of himself (Roy) is rotten. I don’t care his face because I might be uglier but his hair is a Bandit style, and he is in a very formal place. Mga tirada nya ay di disente. Anyway, he’s Feeling pogi?

      Sory Mr Dem Vicente nadamay ka tuloy. Sana totoo ka pero kung nagpagamit ka lang, malas mo.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KZF5TE7RCJJXEDQH4B6X3C47AI Carl

    How very juvenile of The Inquirer. And I’m not the least bit surprised that there are people who’re actually defending it. No wonder we’re the basket case of the civilized world.

  • MonMayuga

    Look who’s talking! The man, a lawyer at that, who ridiculed President Aquino’s loss of hair with his “bald predictions,” statement.  Find the nearest mirror and look at yourself, Attorney Roy.

  • sinful_lustful69

    kamuka lang kayong panget, MAREKLAMO KA PA

  • Jamm3r

    “Speaking with reporters before the resumption of Corona’s trial, Jose Roy III belittled the Palace statement that the House prosecutors were able to present enough evidence to secure a conviction for the Chief Justice.
    “We have heard so many fairy tales. Now we’re hearing about … bald predictions. Bold predictions, I’m sorry,” he said.”

    kapag itong si roy ang nang iinsulto okay lang sa kanya kasi slip of tounge lang daw at nakukuha pang sabihing biro iyon. huwag kang mag malinis roy ikaw ay isa ring mapang-insultong tao. tignan mo muna itsura mo sa salamin bago o insultuhin ang ibang tao. hindi ako maka pinoy pero ang taong nakakalbo ay pwedeng map wig pero ang panget paano reremedyuhan? maskara lang yata ang pwede heheheh

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/2OGCQGFL6ZFWQAB6HMJBGD3NWE Lorelei

       Alam nyo kasi ang magnanakaw galit sa kapwa magnanakaw… so ang panget, galit din sa kapwa niya hehehheheh,,,, joke lang po… slip of the tongue sabi ni atty. roy

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KF2TCBJ2AUC7VIPR3TACWUGITE Rednaxela VD

    Kudos to Roy for standing up and becoming the attack dog of the defense!  Keep it up and dont let the yellow army distort the whole thing.

    I hope your comments reach TV and other media so that Inqiurer gets condemnation from all sectors including government!

  • http://twitter.com/janglegirl janglegirl

    obvious ba? that’s why i read gma news because they are not bias.

    • marcos_hitler_diktador_tuta

      to jocelyn ang,
      if you love gma news so much why are you here then?

  • KpTUL

    I also have this feeling that inquirer is a bit bias. Pero mas super bias yung abs cbn as in lantaran talaga yung abs cbn. Why cant the media just be fair to both parties ? I mean just report raw information and leave the interpretation to the readers. Most of the times, subtle manipulations sa part ng media are really are too obvious you know. 

  • poltergeist_fuhrer



  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2OGCQGFL6ZFWQAB6HMJBGD3NWE Lorelei

    Bakit kaya napag iinitan and PDI na bias against Corona pero ang Daily Tribune na halatang against kay PNoy ay hindi nababangit. Ganon din sa tinutuligsa nilang bias na senador samantalang may mga bias din na kapwa nila Senador. Ang depensa balat sibuyas na di mo malaman. Puro reklamo ang alam na gawin, lalo na itong si Kuevas na puro immaterial, irrelevant etc etc etc. Samantalang itong una nilang witness ang talaga namang wala sa hulog. Agaw eksena ika nga. Dumepensa kayo ng maayos hindi iyung pati peke na Deed of Sale ay ibinabandera ninyo. Hindi ba alam ni Justice Kuevas na pag peke ang nag notaryo ay baka peke din ang dokumento???? Akala ko ba ang gagaling ng mga nasa depensa…. puro dakdak lang yata eh….

    • http://cmaquest.blogspot.com Chris A.

      I, for one don’t care about taking sides. It is simple human compassion and it was distasteful and insensitive for a popular broadsheet like the PDI to feature such unflattering and humiliating photos of a civilian as a headline photo. Given that the witness may not appear “that” presentable at all, they could have at least picked a less-offensive photograph of someone who suffered stroke twice.

    • msmakabayan

      Daily Tribune does not demonize people out of bias. They state facts and criticize the President for factual occurences. They don’t just look for mistakes…they do occur and they are serios enough to warrant criticism.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EU6YSAVT4NB3OCKR4ZS6CN2CGA San Miguel

      Nabaril yung reporter ng Daily tribune.. cgurado ako di yan gagawin nung bumaril sa mga taga PDI..

    • turkak

      Lorelei    Hindi ba alam ni Justice Kuevas na pag peke ang nag notaryo ay baka peke din ang dokumento??


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2OGCQGFL6ZFWQAB6HMJBGD3NWE Lorelei

    Sa dami ng allowances ni Corona na yan eh baka ma bankrupt ang Korte Suprema. Pag kaya ang mga allowances na yan ay ibinigay kay PNoy di kaya mataranta sa pagtutol ang kontra sa mga dilaw…. hehehheheh


    parang “bald prediction” lang. di ba ROY?

  • poltergeist_fuhrer























    YOU ARE A BULLSHEYT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lalo ka na CONRADO DE


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZKPNHSPBMK74VZ3GBIPNTJA7KE Edwin

    ayaw ipakita ng inquirer yung post ko.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZKPNHSPBMK74VZ3GBIPNTJA7KE Edwin

      Dahil bawal dito ang freedom of speech…pag-aari ng Inquirer eh..



  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XPT7FN7Z2O3NBCMX4MNKJ6TRVA heaven Liner

    my cousin died today because of stroke… people of PDI, i hope wont suffer the same. the photos i saw on the front page of PDI today was a big turn-off : (

  • msmakabayan

    Freedom of speech and of the press should not be abused. Many have died for us to gsin this freedom. PDI should not squander nor use it to oppress another human being! Apology is not enough! I think either you should be sued or you should offer just compensation to the aggrieved though you can never take back the hurt you have caused Mr. Demetrio and his family.

  • jo

    I have seen the photos. I’m shocked. Why did Chief Editor allow this to be publicized?

    As a medical personnel, this is not funny. I have treated patients with stroke for years, its devastating not only to the family but to the victim himself. “Having stroke”

    Vicente who had been put on the front page of PDI published nationwide.

    So rude and insenstive.

  • James Tiu

    What’s happening to Inquirer?

    First there’s that article about the Azkals by Mr. Inigo that drew very adverse comments from viewers. Now this.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EU6YSAVT4NB3OCKR4ZS6CN2CGA San Miguel

    In short, may pagka bastos ang newspaper na to…. Mana sa kanyang among dilaw…

  • occlownfish

    almost all media are like that.  they love the compromising pictures of people to get published. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QWEHUZ475QN6IF5WIVOBFZRIII Ace

    PDI. This is the start of YOUR FALL. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MIQDQTQUTZG2IKF73OODCLQMPY R

    Mukha nalang ni ABNOy retard ang ilabas nila!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QWEHUZ475QN6IF5WIVOBFZRIII Ace

    Ang BASTOS

  • raijin_jr

    nakakahiya ang inquirer

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EU6YSAVT4NB3OCKR4ZS6CN2CGA San Miguel

    mga yellow zombies, wag nyo na kampihan ang mali… nawawala tuloy kayo sa ayos… nawawala ang inyong objectivity.. at tulad nitong dilaw na PDI…hindi nyo namamalayan na nalilihis na kayo ng landas….. basta makampihan lang ang ang simbolo ng kulay DILAW…  we call that FANATICISM… knowingly or unknowingly….admit it or not… you have turn yourselves into fanatics of PNOY..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3UZOAQ6YXZ7LV4AEKHDH6HDDCA Jeamergs

    kawawang matanda. napag tripan ng editor ng PDI, 

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/X7QN5BSAGBRDLTLW4644BTJVFU showUmyDICK


    a sad excuse for journalism… 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ASBUCU7SQ4FD5BEPYSWVLWD4TQ Marge

    I find this so funny, the fact that they showed this article anyways. I had some respect for this daily, but not anymore! I was shocked to see this in yahoo! first and now I see this. What happened? It  does show bias. 

  • PinoyAkoPinoyTayo

    The Chief Editor should resign.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/APG4EF4E2BYT3C7NLOVNXKF64Y albert

    kaya nga ndi aq bumibili ng inquirer eh..

  • sephgabriel

    very obvious inquirer is bias. Long ago i already stop patronizing this Yellow Newspaper. Avoid buying the hard copy at all cost. Check the online just to check how low grade journalist have they become

    • Saloi-CDR

      hahaha e bakit ka andito at nagbabasa….hindi naman yata tayo hypokrito?

      • turkak


    • john clark

      Ok… So why the heck are you commenting here… You may have stopped buying their paper… But why are you reading the online edition…
      Is it to troll?

    • AllaMo

      Uuh, how much do you pay then to not buy the yellow newspaper?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SMVHWG22VJQMUA77ER5DW5NPKI Messiael

    ang media kya nga media ang tawag ay daanan lng ng information, nkakalungkot na mhirap na makakita sa ngaun ng totoong sense of responsible journalism, un objective and very impartial to any side of issues, moreover they are just now simply used as a tool to destroy or build a reputation in favor or against anybody. kya kailngan tlga maging matalino ang nagbabasa at nanunuod ng balita sa ngaun dahil kht un mismong nagbabalita ay hndi na mapgkaktiwalaan

  • 711sense

    The Inquirer should be ashamed of themselves. They really show their true color this time. Let the people judge but I will never buy their paper anymore.  They are dirty and people should admonished them. Hopefully, they will fire their editor for this fiasco.

  • pulungdagal

    there is an unadulterated MALICE by PDI and its staff in publishing those photos, and that makes it and them so LOW and BASE!!

     advertisers should consider pulling out their ads to give this broadsheet a lesson. what it has done is so odious, unbecoming of a newspaper that professes to have integrity and honesty!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VYVO5BIPX6WO4IGFRGIQE3P6HY Ruben

    No wonder Erap sued PDI.  Then, Erap invited the editorial staff for a party not long ago.  You don’t read any negative article on Erap now.

  • AllaMo

    Therefore, stop reading the Inquirer. Let’s find out if a boycott by the kampon kamp can put a dent on the pdi’s balance sheet. And, that would allow us a feel of the extent of public support for katiwalian, inc.

  • Lead_By_Example

    Walang breeding!!!!Nakakahiya!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/AlimtheWrath Alim A

    efff this yellow broadheet.

    • john clark

      If you feel that… Wag ka mag comment dito… Wala naman pumipilit sayo… Not unless may maganda ka naki-kinikita dito.

  • john clark


    • raffyb0i

      who…who who who WHOOO?

  • titolim

    hehehe, boycott? uso pa ba yan.

  • carlorocci

    Matagal na ito ginagawa ng PDI sa mga politikos, kukunan ng stolen shot na medyo masagwa ang kuha pagkatapos ehhh front page na…..Naiba lang sila ng subject ngayon si Mr. Vicente isang sibilyan na nagkataong testigo ni Mr. Corona….

    Hindi pinatawad yun Senior Citizen…..Nagka-mali sila iba naging reaksyon ng mga tao….

    Huwag nyo kasing gagawin yan sa sibilyan….at Senior Citizen pa yun tinalo nyo….OK lang yan sa mga subject nyo na politikos…. 

    It is a big blunder on the part of PDI….TOINK…..

  • rickysgreyes

    Ms. Prieto should personally apologize to Mr.Vicente.

  • mekeni62

    irresponsible and disrespectful. shame your subject via frontpage then apologize. how easy is that. damage has been done Pontius!!

  • Russell Ariola

    Kung may bias ang PDI, eh di sana matagal nang sinipa si Doronilla. Nakakapagtaka nga eh… puro kwentong barbero at puro kathang-isip/usyuso-blues lang yung mga sinusulat ni Ambassador Amando pero tignan nyo naman, nilalathala pa rin ng PDI.

    Desperado na tong kampo ni Thief Ju$$tice kaya kung anu-ano na lang ang binibintang.

    • damatannapo

      Pakisama na rin po si Tiglao

    • Satticus

      Of course, it would not be logical neither a wise idea to just kick them out. I don’t think PDI is stupid enough to outrightly flaunt their bias, assuming they really are.

  • Guest

    What the PDI did was unfortunate. Pero walang kinalaman ang Corona impeachment trial dito. The defense panel is so desperate to divert the attention of the public from the substance of the impeachment case.

    • indiosbravos2002

      The prosecution…. Or is it the Defense?
      Smokes and Mirrors! Squid tactics! Dirty Tricks! Panget na lawyer (ROY and Cuevas). They all have it

      • tarikan

        Pero maganda si Karen di ba? Payag ngang pakulong si Roy for contempt basta lagi syang dadalawin (nd ko lang alam kung overnight) ni atty. Karen hehehe. Ang tanong payag ba si mister ni K. hehehe

      • Guest

        The defense panel I mean.

  • Russell Ariola

    TO PDI:

    Sa susunod po na kelangan nyong isama sa publication yung larawan ni Jose Roy III, paki-Photoshop na po at idikit yung ulo ni Roy sa katawan ni Edward Folayang kasi yun naman ang gusto nya- yung doktorin ang mga larawan.

  • alexfrommactan

    What can you expect from PDI? Its founders are anti-Martial Law
    people who have special love for the Aquinos. And one of the persons who
    started it is Belmonte’s wife, and Belmonte is Aquino’s pet in the lower house
    who organize the impeachment.

    So why do we expect PDI to be fair. Media is a tool for
    vested interests. There is nothing new here.

    • tamaraw2020

       really? then dont visit/ read here amigo. baka naman naka-bookmark pa webpage ng PDI sau? nothing new here naman pala..

      • alexfrommactan

        tamaraw, your suggestion is a reflection of how your brain works. What is smarter is to profess that readers need to be critical thinkers. Read if you must but you have to be critical of what you read, watch or hear.

        Teach that to your kids, nephews and nieces as well, if you have any because it looks like we have shortage of critical thinking in this country.

      • tamaraw2020

         ask yourself how your brain works too. Read my reply to you properly. Ipokrito ka pala eh. Nothing new here, di ba? but you keep on posting/ reply here. so your still opening pdi website.

      • alexfrommactan

        It looks like you have difficulty understanding a simple point. “There is nothing new” is pertaining to media being used for vested interest. My point is it happens all the time. Not that there is nothing new coming out in the news or from PDI. To think that way is plain stupidity… the same as your suggestion of not reading the news.

      • tamaraw2020

         see?  you still opening up this pdi website. Nothing new di ba? now, who’s stupid?

  • southbound

    Never again will I buy PDI.  They are so biased and irresponsible!

    • indiosbravos2002

      Go ahead. Nobody’s stopping you.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YAU43R25CAHGNYPHE6HLAM3V6Y Benjamin

      TSUPIIIII !!!!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WIWYLFLU4LPKS7B2ZLLRVFKS3Y vir_a

    I am not surprised if PDI is doing it to Jose Roy. 

  • diverme

    whatever reasons PDI gave for using those pics is not valid. Its like admitting to the public the paper is being run by morons. It should not have appeared in the first place. You guys cant claim to be professionals anymore.

  • unleadedzeppelin

    Now who is using whom. The testimony of Mr Coronado Vicente is obviously stage managed by the defense. They are using him to gain symphathy from the court and from the viewers because of his condition. His excuses to forget everything about the details of his transactions with the Coronas can be excused as a result of this, thus hoping to evade an in-depth probe. Kayo ang maawa kay Coronado Vicente mga mapagsamantalang defense panel dahil tinuturuan nyo syang magsinungaling at manloko.

    • goavan

      ganyan talaga ang buhay dito sa pinas…anong yong ginawa ng house doon sa impeachment complaint tinapos ng tatlong oras.  ang ibig kong sabihin pagalingan at utakan lang yan, diba???

  • basyong

    hindi lang bias hugas wet pu pa ng mga amo nilang mga abnoy.inquirer marunong din mang hack ng mga email ninyo kapag kalaban ninyo ang mga abnoy panot

  • alienpatriot

    It is becoming clearer by the day that the defense is becoming desperate. They present a member of Congress who knows nothing of the case but seems to have issues about the coinduct of Congress (irrelevant). They present evidence on item 2.4 (withdrawn/removed/irrelevant). The next witness testifies that he bought a property from the Coronas (yet it is still in their name). He also gets his transport from the Supreme Court, leading us to conclude that the Coronas organised his testimony. The defense is yet to present any witness on the remaining articles of impeachment. I wonder if they will ever do so.
    Showing the photos of Vicente was not tasteful but did not show any bias in the case. THe PDI should have shown more taste in its choice of photos. Showing Vicente in SC car was very important and valid news but there was no need to show the effect of his stroke.

    • doodzie

      Alien? alienidiot.. este alienpatriot. desperate on what sense po .. ung convgress man prinesent nila maski irrelevant gusto nila pakita sa mga tao na  totoong railroaded ung pag gawa ng impeachment .. anf regarding naman dun sa  mga property na sinagot ni vicente eh ang prosecution nag claim na meron ari-arian si CJ na 42 property sa media.. pinagdiinan pa nila na  ke cj lahat un .. so ang ginawa ng depensa eh sagutin at patunayan na walang katotohanan un ..  in case naman dun sa sinasabi mo 2.4 maski na tinanggal ng impeachment court un kelangan sagutin nila un dahil pinaglandakan na ng prosecution na me ill gotten wealth si CJ sa media . Buti nga ang depensa sa korte nag ppresent ng kanila evidence eh ang prosecution sa Media nila nilalabas lahat bago nila ipakita sa Impeachment. 

      • alienpatriot

        I will do my best to respond to you despite my limited tagalog. It may be that some of what you said in tagalog was lost in literal translation.
        On the relevamcy of the congressman’s testimony, what needs to be understood is that the Senate had already accepted the impeachment complaint. If half of the 188 who signed wished to withdraw their signatures that would create an issue but none have decided to do so. Tiangco was not a signatory, anyway. My point stands. You can complain about the processes of Congress and maybe that could be improved. The testimony of one solon against so many others is not going to achieve much, however, especially when hiis demeanor is one of a little boy in a candy shop, grinning and waving to people and letting those around him smell his socks (yes, he was walang shoes). My point was that he was not relevant to the case and nothing has arisen to change my mind on this.
        You are correct in saying that the witnesses presented at the point at which my comment was made were presented solely for public relations purposes…. which was my point. They were dealing with section 2.4 which the senate was refusing to consider.
        You seem to agree with me factually but still find my conclusions objectionable.
        If you have further points to make, please respond in English and I will deal with those.

    • mmeno000

       Jesus F  Christ! VICENTE? IN the Supreme COURT CAR? BUKING Na BUKING Na tuloy Para lang madepensahan ang kawatan na thief Justice kaso sa pangalan pa ni cristina ang title what can u say?

  • indiosbravos2002

    Folks, i agree it was done in bad taste but the paper has apologized. Move on.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5OC4T6FDZYN5RCVEAFH2YBMNSM Don

    Wouldn’t be surprised if DDOS is coming.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KBEJGB6MHPNBRID266F2LQQERU peterp

    hahaha….tama nga naman…. yon lang daw ang pictures na mayroon sila….ang damidami nyong camera yon lang nakuha ninyo?… we are not morons na mapapaikot ninyo…. 

  • EmilyGonza

    hurray!! inquirer is for the truth..if the pro defense find the pictures insulting, part na yan ng strategy nyo to gain sympathy para paniwalaan ang story ni vicente which is so unbelievable..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GJS7BEVRXWDD6KGLFEKZMYLXLM Gloria

    then what pretty or clean faces can you offer, judd roy? you’re all dirty in the defense. this cuevas looks like the evil mendoza, and acts like him and talks like him. you, you look and act like a bully gorilla. you even think like one. corona is like the quintessential rapist-contrabida in philippine movies, laging nakangisi at halatang walang gagawing tama. your lone lady lawyer looks dazed and confused all the time, obviously not knowing what to say or do to defend the indefensible client corona – it seems all she sees are her numbered days and lost opportunities to make millions from the multiple certioraris she could have filed if her CJ client was acquitted.

    tell me, mr. roy, what faces have you to show the public? nothing but shamed and ridiculed faces. you’re all clowns attending a serious debate. you’re anachronisms in every way and view.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DYXSBRILSDYIRWUSCWGYADFH5I Bubbles

      napaka sad and bitter naman ng comment mo Gloria, as if the only one who can do good in this world is you or your ilk. may i ask you a question? if you are sinless, then by all means go to heaven so you may not fret and worry about your neighbor’s opinion.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Z7Z7T6SC4KK3A3332DMPMFVWFM Abnoynoy

    Inquirer, bias na nga kayo sa balita nyo, pati ba naman yung itsura ng witness iinsultuhin nyo pa? BIASED NEWS, FEARLESS VIEWS?

  • Littlefox131

    Siguro pag di si Roy ang nag “call to pity”, medyo effective pa. Katuwa lang na he needed pictures to confirm that Inquirer is biased.

    Dapat sinabi mo na lang, you must have been somewhere else or sleeping :p

  • I An

    I’m not Anti or Pro Corona..

    For me walang respect ang PDI sa isang taong na stroke at naghirap ng 2 years sa kanyang sakit. 

    Big Newspaper ni PNoy sa Pilipinas tapos may mga cameramen tpos sasabihing iyon lang ang picture nila kay Lolo Vicente??

    Hahaha ma stroke din sana mga magulang nila ng maramdaman nila ung feelings..

  • Beguine

    It cannot be denied that a single picture says a thousand words.

    Ergo, Inquirer splashed photos of Demetrio Vicente that in effect
    said thousands of words.

    And yet, in very sporting fashion, Inquirer apologized immediately.

    Inquirer is humble. More than we can say for its severest critics.

    And still we depend on Inquirer … that’s the bottomline.

    • Monch1

      OK sana if sincere yung apology… but it wasn’t.

      Not once in the content of the apology did the Inquirer address Mr. Vicente. Instead, they addressed their subscribers/readers who got offended. They just showed that they’re more concerned over losing subscribers/readers than saying sorry to the old man whose reputation they maligned. As far as I’m concerned, that’s not an apology. That’s just DAMAGE CONTROL. 

      • alienpatriot

        Reputation maligned? How did showing candid photos of Vicente malign his reputation? He wasn’t engaged in some type of clandestine sexual act in the photos. It appeared as if Vicente had had a stroke – which is true. This is far from the worst piece of journalistic excess that I have seen this week. It shows someone as they are but ignores their right to privacy. Several hundred such photos are talken by newspapers and magazines each day without apology. I wonder why there is such a fuss about this one.
        I agree thar it might have been better if Vicente himself was given an apology but, frankly, a careless and inappropriate photo choice is hardly such a major issue. The fact that a SC care transported Vicente is a much larger issue as it impacts upon his reliability as a witness.
        Vicente is an intelligent man who makes claims that can’t be corroborated and who apparently accepts gifts (transport) from an organisation that is headed by someone who gains from his testimony. Is this not a masive issue which forces us to question not only his testimony but also the ethics of the entire defense? If witnesses are (effectively) paid in order to give evidence, what limits apply to what the defense will be allowed to do?

      • Samantha Defensor

        You know what confirmed that it was maligning? It’s the caption, “The many faces of Demetrio Vicente on the witness stand,” which was purely condescending, as if they’re trying to make fun of his appearance. If it were a single picture alone with a non-sensationalized caption, perhaps it may have even escaped notice.

      • alienpatriot

        I am inclined to agree with you. My focus was on the issue of bias (for which I see no evidence). I agree that proper concern was not shown him. I actually saw ghe photos online (from another source) but not the caption so I did not understand the issue. Having now seen the caption I agree that it was highlyinappropriate. You are correct in saying that it was maligning

      • Monch1

        It wasn’t just the photos, alienpatriot. It was how it was packaged and presented – the captions, the arrangement, the play on words, the caption, the flimsy excuse that they just didn’t have any other photos to choose from, etc. A lot of what is going on here is part and parcel of the whole Filipino psyche. A lot of people take offense at this because a) you don’t kick a man when he’s down, b) you respect your elders, c) you sympathize with those who are sick and suffering. Plus they weren’t sincere in their apology, which further aggravated things in my opinion. It’s not simply about being pro or anti-Corona, or whether or not Vicente is telling the truth. It all boils down to common decency.

      • alienpatriot

        I accept many of your points. I do not like what was done and the caption was offensive. I think your reasons a and c would be regarded as important in any country and b in any Asian country.
        I won’t judge their sincerity and you may be correct in suggesting that they apologised only to retain readership.
        It is not my intention to defend the journalistic standards of the PDI. It is not of the standard that I would expect of the broadsheet in my city of birth (which is internationally recognised) but it is the best paper that I have found here in Manila. My concern is the suggestion that it shows bias. I do not believe this. I think it is just insensitive and unfair. I see no evidence that Vicente was targeted because he was a defense witness. A strong apology was deserved but not to Corona’s defense.
        Having seen Vicente’s testimony I have concerns about him and I am not inclined to trust his testimony. There are many problems with his evience and being driven around in a SC car is outrageous but I agree that common decency was not shown him.

      • Guest

        I agree with you that what they did doesn’t really prove any bias or hidden agenda that the Inquirer might have. And I also agree with you that it’s the best newspaper we have here in Manila, hands down. I think a lot of the fuss that’s going on here comes from loyal readers that respect the Inquirer, root for it and prefer it over other broadsheets, and now feel let down because this newspaper that they expect so much from has done something that’s so beneath it. 

        I guess I want the Inquirer to apologize properly because I want it to regain some of the credibility that it has lost (in my eyes). And that’s what makes this whole thing a crying shame.

        I haven’t quite made up my mind on whether I should believe Vicente or not. But here’s something that seems to suggest that the property in question is his and that his bonsai story holds up. I got this from a fellow poster: http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=2479&dat=20000407&id=RFM1AAAAIBAJ&sjid=ZyUMAAAAIBAJ&pg=2597,3753192

        Funny that that also comes from the Inquirer. :) 

        Happy to know that we can disagree with each other and not be at each other’s throats. Cheers! 

      • Monch1

        You’re right. There really is nothing here that suggests the Inquirer is biased. At best it’s just lack of judgment and journalistic foresight. I also agree with you that the Inquirer is the best broadsheet we have here in Manila, hands down. I would bet that a lot of the people who got all riled up over this are in fact loyal readers who respect PDI and judge it by a much higher standard than they do other broadsheets. And that’s why to them (who am I kidding? to us! haha) it’s borderline unacceptable for a newspaper that they esteem and trust to do something that’s clearly beneath it. I just want them to apologize and apologize properly so they can regain some of the credibility they’ve lost (at least, in my eyes.)

        As for bias, well, I guess you can’t really stop people from reading too much into things, especially since we all have our opinions on the whole Corona trial even before this whole Vicente thing came up. As for whether Vicente is credible or not, I for one haven’t made up my mind yet. I did come across this news article that seems to suggest that he has been living in that property for quite some time and does indeed cultivate bonsai, as he maintains: http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=2479&dat=20000407&id=RFM1AAAAIBAJ&sjid=ZyUMAAAAIBAJ&pg=2597,3753192

        Funny how that also comes from the Inquirer!

        Glad to know we can disagree and not be at each other’s throats! Cheers!

  • Pinay61

    I stopped buying Inquirer a long time ago so I don’t know why some people depend on Inquirer. I do all my reading online so why should I support a biased, insensitive, hypocrite and self serving newspaper? And what they did to Mr. Vicente is the kind of journalism that the Filipinos don’t deserve. Shameless!

  • I An

    I always read news of PDI online siguro di lang ako nakakapansin parang one sided kasi ung pag rereport nila. 

    Akala ko nga pag aari ng cojuangcco-aquino ung PDI eh.. bka dun lang cla mabilis kumita xempre money money money lang!

    Pag binabasa ko talaga ung news nila parang anti-corona eh

    • asarin

       well, about time for you to read the tribune!

      • I An

        thanks for that :)

    • mmeno000

       e bakit ka mag rereact? e PDI ay number one sa katotohanan na newspaper yan seguro maka thief justice ka rin!

    • jurbinsky77

      Senators await Corona
      By Christian V. Esguerra, Philippine Daily Inquirer

      Binasa  mo din sana ang columns nina Doronilla at Tiglao. Si Tulfo nga eh sobrang manlait  sa Pangulo. Basahin mo ito:
      Senators await Corona
      By Christian V. Esguerra, Philippine Daily Inquirer

      Just three days into the defense panel’s presentation, President Benigno Aquino III’s impatient allies sitting as judges in the Senate impeachment court on Wednesday demanded that Chief Justice Renato Corona himself testify and explain his assets and dollar deposits.

      Did you notice how the supposed news item was worded. There are occasions that the posters here, under the cover of anonimity, used name-calling and call the president epithets that are so disgusting and that I decide to post my rejoinder using the very words that they use to demean the presidenté. More often than not, my rejoinder is censured

      • I An

        May picture ba yan ng taong na stroke katulad ni Lolo Vicente?

        Wala akong pakialam kay Corona or PNoy.

        Sa PDI ako naiinis walang galang sa matanda.

  • Monch1

    And bakit nila kin-lose yung comments section sa “apology” nila? Akala ko ba bawal censorship and everyone is free to express their views? Isn’t that what the INQUIRER stands for?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XNVFXKTEWAFJAFQ5PHHTO36ZQ4 Zen

      This is their house and they can do as they please. Monch, I have no right to go into your house and say what I please. Its your house. 

      Use or sign up for a blog and say what you want to say there.

      • Monch1

        I’m not commenting on their ability to close their comments section. They just proved that they can, and they did. I was asking “why,” when all the other articles can be commented on except for their “apology” article. 
        Anyway, moot and academic na to, since they reopened it na.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XNVFXKTEWAFJAFQ5PHHTO36ZQ4 Zen

        @yahoo-SXF7HHT3PTYC3P4UJU2LBPQ5D4:disqus : “They just proved that they can, and they did.”

        Exactly. Do they owe you an explanation on everything they do? If they changed their ugly design, do they owe you an explanation?

        We’re all just visitors here. If you’re a paying subscriber, then you have the right to make demands. If you’re paying subscriber of the newspaper, tumawag ka sa subscription office at mag pa cancel and refund ka.

      • Monch1

        I’m sorry, Zen, but I don’t really agree with you here. By your logic  then, everything the Inquirer does is beyond public reproach. If I extend your logic to what the Inquirer did with the Vicente pics, then I guess no one here should be complaining (except for Vicente, perhaps), because they don’t owe us an explanation, and we’re just visitors here anyway? And if we don’t like it, the best we can do is cancel our subscription privately?

        The Inquirer is a public entity, and that’s how they should be treated. That’s why they have these comments sections in the first place! These are fora where our opinions, whether we are in agreement or opposition, can be aired, discussed, dissected and disseminated. 

        If no readers expressed their views publicly and rose such a clamor online regarding the Vicente pics, the Inquirer probably wouldn’t have apologized. And if none of us raised any complaints as to why the comments sections got removed, they probably wouldn’t have been reinstated… which is what makes our dialogue possible now. :)

      • pulungdagal

        she’s practically saying PDI is accountable to no one.

        incredible, mind-boggling premise! ngik ngik ngik!

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XNVFXKTEWAFJAFQ5PHHTO36ZQ4 Zen

        I’m talking about the website. Not the Newspaper.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XNVFXKTEWAFJAFQ5PHHTO36ZQ4 Zen

        I never said everything they do is beyond reproach. They can do whatever they please. If they close their comments, they can. If they don’t want to explain, that’s their call. If they want to post naked pictures of mine, they can (although that would surely decrease their readership. Or increase it. Your mileage may vary).

        So they closed the comments. Big friggin deal. Twitter/Facebook is much more powerful as it reaches more people. 

        My bottom line is this: its their site, they can do *whatever* they want. We can react, demand from the high heavens for their heads, etc. But ultimately, *its still up to them what to do with their own site*. To close comments or not.

        Classic example: Tiglao’s column is closed for comments. The only column that has comments closed to the public. I emailed inquirer why this was so and I found out because Tiglao requested it to be removed because of the “attacks” he’s getting from the comments.

        Mon Tulfo gets called names all the time in his column. AC/DC, mukhang pera, etc. Yet the comment system for his column never went away.

        I have to say though, inquirer been pretty thick skinned. Unlike “some columnist”. Yes, I’m talking about you Tiglao!

      • Monch1

        Thanks for pointing out that some sections of the site don’t allow commenting. I checked Tiglao’s column, and sure enough, no comments section. I guess some people can take the heat and some can’t.

        Yes, you’re absolutely right, at the end of the day it really is their site and they have full control over it. Just like when FB changed to their Timeline view, which drew the ire of a lot of their subscribers who did react and “demand to the high heavens.” But in the end, all indications show that they will force everyone to the new timeline view by the end of this March, whether we agree with it or not.

        And at the same time, thank you for acknowledging that it’s still well within our rights to react, demand, and air our complaints, regardless if it gets acted on or not. Which is exactly the premise I followed with my first post.

        Anyway, the comments section is back online, so in the end, I guess everyone’s happy. Cheers! :)

  • Monch1

    And if may apology, dapat may managot. Sa case na ito, walang nanagot. No personal apology from the person/persons responsible, no sanctions/reprimands etc. Parang sorry na lang na na-offend kita, pero I won’t change and I’ll keep on doing this sort of crap, madali lang naman mag-sorry e. Tsk tsk tsk. Sayang talaga

  • isprikitik

    goodness gracious…walang ibang picture…hmmmmmp…good photographers captures the best pictures…unless there was this intention…

  • I An

    Hindi naman sa Anti/Pro-Corono aq..nakakaawa kasi si Lolo Vicente.. 

    Para sakin ang lalaki ng mga pictures saka ni re2view un bago nila iprint talagang wala silang puso hindi man lang nila naisip na baka masaktan ung tao.

    Don’t just use your mind but use your heart.

  • Gurruod

    And they put a caption under the 4 pictures which said, “CHARACTER” Witness. It is just like saying Mr. Vicente was a character actor which means a bad boy in the movie.

    PDI the new face of TABLOIDS TIKTIK & BULGAR!

  • kilabot

    what can you expect from pdi which idolizes pnoy. kung bastos ang iniidolo gagayahin ng tagahanga. mabuti na rin ginawa nila yun para ma-confirm ang suspetsa sa kanila. ngayon napatunayan na, pdi is a member of pnoy’s house of prostitutes.

  • jurbinsky77

    Atty Roy III, did you or did you not lie in announcing P100M bribe to each of the 23 senator-judges…..

  • I An

    PDI judging Lolo Vicente as a CHARACTER of the depense?

    Ibig sabihin umaarte lang pala si Lolo Vicente sa paningin nila. Wow freedom of expression nga naman.

    I think PDI is PNoy Daily Inquirer. Walang Puso!!

    Nakakainis lang talaga ginawa nilang frontpage un di na ako believe sa credibility nila. One sided!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CRBW2RJR4WNWVIDZVSCLFQK4KQ Spike

    stupid pdi

  • Barak_O

    but of course that guy is planted. who believes him? paying tax to property not his? mang uto man lang to si thief midnight, hwag naman yong halata

    what’s there to apologize?

    • ricelander

      “What’s there to apologize?” -Barak_O

      The Inquirer should simply adopt your comment.  Priceless!

    • Fakeimpeachment

      Tell that to Ombudsman Carpio and Justice Del Castillo.

    • pinakatagotago

      you have all the wrong views ever since i started reading your post. I want to explain to you how you’re wrong, but then you won’t care at all. 

  • I An

    Wala akong pakialam kay Corona or PNoy!

    Sa PDI ako naiinis walang galang sa matanda!

    • kambaltuko

      papaano mo igagalang ang taong sinungaling na nagpapagamit kay corona tingnan mo sabi niya ay binili niya ang lupa ke curakotna noon pa pero ang titulo ng luypa ay nasapangalang pa ng asawa ni kurakotna .ako ay bumili ng lupa na maybahay na in 2week nalipat na ang titutulo sa pangalan naming magasawa ,tapos asawa pa ni kurakot na ang nagbabayad ng tax .maniniwala ka ba doon .nakabili kanaba ng lupa paramalaman mo ku ng papaano ang bumili ?????

    • kambaltuko

      bakit masama ba ang hitsura ng matanda ,,eh ano ang masasabi mo sa litrato ni aguirre siguradong pinagtatawanan mo dahil tuta ka ni kurakotna

  • Fakeimpeachment

    Ano pa ang ineexpect niyo sa bias na newspaper!

    • kambaltuko

      ano ba ang sinasabi mong bias na news paper pag hindi ninyo  nagustohan ang balita bias ang tawag ninyo …dahil mga tuta kayo  ni nakawroyo ayaw ninyong matalo si kurakot na dahil mawawalan kayo  ng lagay

      • merner

        you’re real BAD!!!!! palibhasa di ka nagbabasa ng dyaryo!!! 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MZWVVOOCSIDTIEAVGDDBAXN6K4 Jim

    Mga kabayan, tira kayo ng tira sa PDI, galit na galit kayo pero panay pa rin ang basa at komento niyo sa mga komentaryo at artikulo dito… tsk tsk tsk…

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kilometro-Deciotsobientetres/100002671540908 Kilometro Deciotsobientetres

      deceiving kasi ang pasok, eh!

  • clangan

    Oh !!!!…cry me a river.  That’s the way it looks like.  So, what’s the fuzzzzzzz?

    Shut the front door, and let Crown explain the unexplained  wealth or his unbalanced sheets.

    He doesn’t have to  dye his hair either.

    • KpTUL

       He does not have to dye his hair either ….

  • MaySenseBa

    “blacken the reputation of the [Chief Justice]”  Goodness gracious, who says things like this?  Did this guy pass the bar?

  • ako_si_barok

    @andrew lim…Rappler?..ano yan, baka ikaw lang nagbabasa diyan…writer at readers, mga katulad mong bayaran!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kilometro-Deciotsobientetres/100002671540908 Kilometro Deciotsobientetres

    common senator roy. cj is fair game. it’s all the same. just like you calling a press con “in the middle of the night”. pity you only knew recently the philippine daily inquirer’s bias. i experienced it about only a week ago. it just happened you’re in the unpopular side. look at abs-cbn, they do the same for love of pnoy. in fact i’m not even sure if this post gets through! hah! hah!

  • KpTUL

    Seriously ? You should have known better ! We know that you guys there
    are very biased but what you did was just too low even for inq7 !

    In a country in which the law shifts in favor to the sitting president.
    All government agencies are ganged to the individuals perceived to be critical to the state. This happened during the Arroyo regime and is
    continuing in the Aquino’s administration. The last thing we expect is
    the media to join the bandwagon as well. You should be aware that subtle
    manipulation in your part to influence people’s perception is not
    responsible journalism but plain politicking. Your duty is to bring the
    news and not to interpret it for us. Abs-cbn is already doing that in
    broad daylight, if inquirer follows then we better outsource our news
    from Myanmar.

  • Bogart747

    with all honesty and candor definitely BIAS ANG PDI! hindi naman cguro bobo ang nagbabasa .they are part with the PNOY wrecking Crew isama mo din ang ABS-CBN! you should be fair with your news.tsk tsk tsk

    • samarutan

      Manila Standard na lang basahin natin, pre!

  • samarutan

    Kung totoong bias ang PDI sa kampo ni Corona dapat matagal ng pinatalsik si Doronilla at si Tiglao.

    • oraman

      siyempre kailangan nila si Doronilla at Tiglao para kunwari unbiased at balanced ang views nila at saka hindi naman sa opinion pages na-ilagay ang larawan ni Demetrio Vicente nasa front page or news section.

  • iraya

    PDI and Philsstar…pro PNOY yan

    • alienpatriot

       Accusing newspapers of bias seems very popular at the moment and it is done without evidence. Unflattering photos of a defense witness were printed and thus the Inquirer hates the defense? Unflattering photos of celebrities are printed continually in newspapers and magazines. Can we conclude from this that these newspepers and magazines hate all celebrities? Of course not – they just can’t resist improving on their story and increasing readership. The PDI is probably guilty of the same – but to suggest that it is bias is just silly – or an example of one’s own bias.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VE7FOU3LEDDIOOB2GN2LQF2MGE Al

      Tiktik at Bandera Pro Korona! what a shame dude!

  • Alajero

    …just glad the public is more discerning….and understand very well the backhanded bias of PDI against CJ Corona…
    ….same tactic…by showing unflattering photos of the GMA…with her neck braces….and complicit in publishing fake mug shots of GMA…with her neck braces….
    …..and, i thought i am the only one to take notice…..
    …little by little the public…will catch along….
    …and the sooner PDI abandon their sly tactic….the better for its own sake…

  • glycerlean

    totoo bang maka abnoy govt na itong PDI? sagutin nyo naman ung mga nagcocomment dto para hindi kyo mabansagang pro abnoy govt. nagmumukha kasi kyong mga ogag, pati mtanda hindi ninyo pinalagpas! subukan nyo rin kayang post ang mkha ng abnormal nating presidente, ung natural nya para patas naman hehehe

    • francoalminolibre

      hindi pa po natatapos ang kanilang kalokohan. kamakailan mey abogadong nagnakaw nang ebidensya nang depensa. hirap kasi sila habang pauntiunting ine xplain ni corona ang kanilang ebidensya.


    DUMMY-trio Vicente…

    • ArEtzBil

      ako nga!


    Cry baby talaga itong si Roy masyado. Daily Inquirer ay patas walang kinikilingan. Gusto mo pogi kuha sa pictures sus mio naman. 

  • Baludian


  • I An

    Araw araw ako nagbabasa ng PDI online.. so far wala pa akong nakitang magandang ibinalita favor to Corona.

    Napansin din pala ng iba..

    kaya naisip ko tawaging PNoy Daily Inquirer ito.

    • magsasakasanayon

      sana nagbasa ka na lang ng ibang online newspaper na pabor kay corona ang mga items. wag mo nang pahirapan pa ang sarili mo. what’s your purpose in posting your comment here? sympathy? medal? compensation? dear lord!

  • pinoyako888

    …ala ka namang magawa kung muka kang tukmol talaga kahit anong retoke sa camera…palagay ko sisihin mo magulang mo at lumabas kang ganyan k(u)pal!!!

  • I An

    HIndi ako maka move on sa ginawa nila kay Lolo Vicente…

    nakayanan nilang i post ung mga photos ng matanda… 

    frontpage with caption CHARACTER kumbasaga ay artista na magaling umarte kya CHARACTER WITNESS daw sabi ni PDI.

    Sana ma stroke nga sila pati ung kumuha at nag edit ng pictures..

    • ArEtzBil

      move on my friend…
      dummy lang nmn talaga kc ako eh, need ko lng ng pera kaya ako tumestigo
      “CARETAKER” lang ako ng mga corona

  • Fulpol

    insulting ang ginawa.. malisyoso.. kabastusan..

    ginawang apat ang photos, na pwede naman isa lang kasi gusto nilang ipalabas sa publiko na hindi kapanipaniwala si Vicente bilang witness dahil sa kanyang movement… pero yun pala ay gawa ng sakit…

    nakakahiya kayo PDI… nakakahiya kayo… ang baba ng ethics ninyo… naging marumi na kayo…


  • eivra23

    Most of the Filipino Readers know that you guys in PDI are biased but definitely, putting that kind of pictures of the old man… you are F**Ked up….  LAHAT sana kayo diyan… maatake at sumama na sa libingan ng publisher ninyo. Hindi na dapat kayo ang maging halimbawa sa mga SSPC’s

    • ArEtzBil

      wag nmn. masama yan. never wish bad things to someone.
      ok lang nmn ako.

  • patriot2008

    Eh kung picture ni atty roy ang ipupublish ng inquirer, walang kasalanan ang inquirer kasi mukha talagang basag ulero itong si roy. Kahit nung mag apologize kuno si roy sa senado, mukhang galit na galit siya na gustong mambugbog ng tao. Di matutuwa ang mga tao sa asal kalye mo atty roy. Eh kumpara sa ginawa ng pdi, di ba mas malaki ang paninirang puri ang ginawa mo roy, na panay tumatanggap ng suhol na one hundred million ang mga senator judge?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

    The Inquirer can go THAT LOW just to please its MASTER in Malacanang…..

  • Adhikain

    What else can we expect from Roy? That comment was not unexpected at all.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/735MU6OSQ2XXBUSX2O6WA6TE64 Dave

    PINAGKAKITAAN NILA YUN MATANDA…PDI pLs pay the title tranfer for MR. Vicente..you earn a lot of money for making fun using disrespectful marketing strategy

  • Jonathan Teodocio

    Grabe naman tong mga taga PDI ang panget ng trip niyo eh… Diyos na bahala sa inyo

  • lostRunes

    PDI: May 45 properties si Corona!!!

     PDI: UST broke its rules!!!

    PDI: Guilty na si Corona!!!

    PDI: Ang pangit ng matandang witness nila!!!!

    Tuwid na daan nga. Samantala, si AK47 Llamas, mga prosecutors na ayaw maglabas ng SALN, at mga kakampi ni Noynoy na sinampahan ng kasong korap eh wina -whitewash ang mga investigations.

    Kaya pala sa 2 na taon, mahirap pa rin ang Pilipinas. KASI ANG MGA NAKAUPO SA PUWESTO AT MGA DIYARYONG MAKA NOYNOY AY KORAP!

    • gmaisthebestpresident

      still you keep reading the Inquirer?

      • lostRunes

         I read the inquirer just for humor. Funny siya talaga..lalo na si Conrado

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/VE7FOU3LEDDIOOB2GN2LQF2MGE Al

        ur funny dude..it’s either kabaro ka ni Sexy Midas..that’s how (s)he talks!..hehehe

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XDWBHA4RV3DRLMCJTT23LPRM7M eli

         ulul hugasan mo pwet ni abnoy at conrado

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2LMFLBTHSLUNJTYZYHSIYHGBNM Kyle

        lostRunes:  “maka-inquirer naman talaga ako kaso mas type ko si Corona”


      • gmaisthebestpresident

        I understand sir and I suggest basahin mo mga column nina Tiglao at Doronilla. mapapaiyak ka sa kakatawa.

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/6jqdMvM3n.3Yn4xgiVjPkFPTFmP9_y60GsQ-#9b4b6 Joey

    Daily Inquirer BULOK! Spokesmedia ni Pnoy, Iboycott natin ang dyaryong puro kasinungalingan!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VE7FOU3LEDDIOOB2GN2LQF2MGE Al

      Then why are u here?  Dun ka sa gusto mong dyaryo..everyone has a freedom Parekoy!  

      • Ayawpamakak

        Tama , .mas BULOK ka Joey.

  • gregandymar

    Di ko man makita ang logic ni Atty. Roy tungkol sa picture sa testigo nila, si Mr. Demetrio Vicente na “unflattering” & “insulting”. Eh yan ang hitsura ni Mang Demetrio, anong magagawa ng photographer? Pictures never lie, unless you use “Photoshop”. Anong gusto ni Atty. Roy, kailangan ba magaganda at mga gwapo ang mga testigo sa kanila? Being “unflattering & insulting” are his own personal evaluation to Mang Demetrio’s pictures. The essence of this impeachment is to find the truth about the person of his client : sinungaling ba siya? kurakot ba siya? mapapagkatiwalaan ba siya? Karapat-dapat ba siyang Chief Justice?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XDWBHA4RV3DRLMCJTT23LPRM7M eli


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

    I believe in KARMA…..

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VE7FOU3LEDDIOOB2GN2LQF2MGE Al

      yeah true..!  Ayun si bossing Korona nyo, hinahabol na ng KARMA!..hahaha..di na makatulog!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/5D3SNO6ZEY4WV25ZFOVTS32ODE John

        diyan mahuhusay ang alagad ni Abnoy ang manghusga..sa tingin mo yung nanghuhusga anghel ba..may pa karma karma pa kayo diyan..

      • Ayawpamakak

        Hindi naman seguro nanghusga, kaya nga may impeachment so Corona can explain his side. So he shoud take the witness stand instead of using a stroke victim which I think ginamit lang ni Corona as part of their strategy na maawa sa kanila ang madlang pipil through Mr. Vicente. Scheming naman yan si Corona lalo na ang lead defense counsel niya. I expect this thing to happen after all.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5CTAGS7GIZR5UNZMPRPDLHWGUA ros

        i think hindi naman ginamit…he happened to be the person living in the disputed place…whos the better person to explain it?..you will always find something wrong kase sarado na isip nyo…but let’s be objective, tignan natin yung mga pine-present na ebidensha, i think mr vicente helped the defense a lot…

  • Batangueno

    I think there’s nothing wrong with posting a picture if there is no bad intention.  But since PDI asked for an apology it means that they admitted it was not proper.

  • binatangtagabukid

    pikon na si roy…

  • Taiko_Kauna

    Ano bang problema sa mukha ni vicente; hindi naman ito paguapohan kundi pangkatotohanan ang usapan. Wala na ba si roy mas mahalagang issue na tatalakayin? Naubusan na ba ng depensa?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BMBLRJHAFMH2Q5SLCNXQMVBNXM ramsor

      that was just a side issue….will you allow yourself that a broadsheet of national circulation as  PDI displays such disrespect of your kin?  Golden Rule.

  • KpTUL

    Seriously ? You should have known better ! We know that you guys there
    are very biased but what you did was just too low even for inq7 !

    Philippines is a country in which the law shifts in favor to the sitting president.
    government agencies are ganged to the individuals perceived to be
    critical to the state. This happened during the Arroyo regime and is continuing in the Aquino’s administration. The last thing we expect is the media to join the bandwagon as well. You should be aware that subtle manipulation (i.e. the choice of photo) in your part to influence people’s perception is not responsible journalism but plain politicking. Your duty is to bring the
    news and not to interpret it for us. Abs-Cbn is already doing that in
    broad daylight, if inquirer follows suit then we better outsource our news from North Korea.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ralphmontejo ラルフ Ralph

    Ang taong nagsuffer ng stroke hindi dapat ginagawang katatawanan.  Wala ba kayong magulang o kamag-anak na na-stroke?  Ano kayang pakiramdam nyo kung pagtawanan din sila ng iba?

  • Ano Ikaw

    Naniniwala ako ng karma. May araw rin ang INQ at Penoy.
    Binoycott na ng kumpanya namin ang INQ,,,,, bring your business elsewhere INQ…you are trashy good for nothing scum of a paper.

    • raflaydo

      Trashy? Boycott? And you’re here, ranting?  Another self-contradicting statement! Consistency of logic is the least thing expected from the Corona cohorts. Oh well….

    • Diablo_III

      Bakit wala bang karma kay Pandak at ni Prince of Thieves? Parang hero mo si Thief Justice ah at saka si Pandak at swapang na FG. Tingnan mo 9 years in power walang magawa kundi puro kurakot. 

  • Ano Ikaw

    Oh kayong mga dilaw….hindi pa kayo gising??? Desperado talaga itong INQ at Administrasyong ito…to the extent to make a laughing stock of an old sickly person? Oh HACIENDA 10 billlion,,,,talagang mukhang pera itong kalbong ito!

  • wawa2172

    Again my favorite paper committed a grave mistake. The poor Vicente who stood at witness for Corona was mocked by the paper by pasting the absurd shots in montage form in its front pages. Sana ang “I am sorry” statement nang PDI be posted in bold title in the front page too. Nonetheless PDI is not perfect and I would still buy the paper. Kaya lang the political color of PDI seems to be shifting, is it because the sitting president is the son of EDSA I icon Cory? Sa EDSA 1 nag simulang mamayagpag ang PDI, sana kahit sinong prexy ay di palalampasin nang Inquirer. It must show its color of vigilance and not partisan…marami na ang nagugutom sa Pinas at di lang ang impeachment ang dapat nasa balita. Bangon at gising tayo…inquirer.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BMBLRJHAFMH2Q5SLCNXQMVBNXM ramsor

    those unflattering photos of the grand-gentleman witnessn were not a result of lack of photos to use from this newspaper PDI,  It was chosen from the many that could be taken from video thru photo capture, the ugly the witness appeared the more they and Noy2 supporters will greatly delight.  

  • simplengmamayan

    Nakakatawa.. Kahit nman magpunta c Corona sa witness stand people.. kung ganyan kayo magisip..

    Wala ding mangyayari sa magiging explanation nya.. ksi nga hindi nyo rin tatanggapin.. 

    Pero isa lang ang sure.. walang nagbago sa Gobyerno natin na bulok n systema.. andyan parin lahat ng kalakaran..

    “Matuwid na daan” kay Pnoy lang yun… sa paligid nya hindi.. sad to say..

    • EngrhansTeh

      parang binago lang ang name ginawang “Matuwid na Daan”

  • F14Tomcat

    Atty. Roy can really talk both sides of his mouth.  That’s given considering his line of work as a lawyer.  PDI is in the business of selling news.  The images captured by their photographer and what is going to be released by their editors are all about marketing strategy.  What sells to the public is of prime importance to their business.  Besides, the setting wherein the images were taken is not from a fashion show.   They may look unflattering to the eyes of many but it is what it is as to images captured of Mr. Vicente.  I do not think for a moment that those images published by PDI were altered with the use of Photoshop graphics software.  So, deal with it Mr. Roy.  But of course, if your purpose is to divert the attention of the public, you’ve done a half-way descent job!  The PDI bosses must have been smiling all the way to their ears by what you have said.  They’ve just gained priceless publicity from a prominent lawyer like you.  I will not be surprised if you get a Thank You card from PDI.

    • m1600

      sad to say the marketing strategy of INQ failed miserably.

  • Diablo_III

    Whatever they say, INQ is still the best paper in the country. Period. 

    • dyslexicmind

      I can tell so much about you just by that statement alone. Excuse me while I puke…

      • pulungdagal

        he is what he reads.
        your user’s name applies to him.

      • Diablo_III

        Puke while there is still alcohol in your system after all you still have dsylexia in your brain. 

  • Monch1

  • Philhealth

    MAsyadong sensitive ang lolo. Hayaan mo, mga hurado naman sa trial ang magbibigay ng verdict kay Corona. Ang taong bayan eh naghihintay lang ng confirmation sa magiging hatol ng mga hurado. Walang malisya ang pagkakalagay ng picture. Guni guni mo lang yan lolo!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Oscar-Ungson/1594863430 Oscar Ungson

    Kung picture kaya ni Pnoy na naglalaro nang video games ang ilagay sa PDI, Ano kaya ang masasabi nang kanyang yellow army sa diyaryong ito?

    • occlownfish

      go ahead and produce one.  it is what it is. may dysphagia yung tao talagang ganun ang mukha nya. nag sorry na ang PDI and INQ.net ano pa ba ang issue?

      • http://www.facebook.com/jaw.elle1 Jaw Elle

        kumampi kp s PDI. moron!

      • occlownfish

        ogag ka pala. where did I mention na tama ang ginawa nila? mali naman talaga eh.  what i am saying move on!

      • http://www.facebook.com/jaw.elle1 Jaw Elle

        pero dapat hndi n nai-publish. ano objective?

  • goavan

    PDI have already apologized for what they did.  bakit marami pang bumabanat kay Lolo and Atty roy.  unbelievable, wah na kayo sa lugar

  • dyslexicmind

    Really? Four unflattering head shots featured side by side of the same man from the same angle? And PDI is saying that there was no intent to ridicule the man? So what is it then? An unfortunate but innocent overkill by a heartless editor and lay-out artist who thought nothing of featuring the pictures taken by their idiotic photographer? Tsk, tsk, PDI, how much lower can you go? Sana mangyari din ito sa mga tatay nyo!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SOZXRIWDEWZW7HTR7WBPAIPBVY Mario Medcino

    PDI  you have sunk so so low.  Disgusting.

  • http://www.facebook.com/igolaguila Miguel Aguila


  • lolobabes

    I hate coronas guts but i agree with roy it was not fair to the witness. Thats bad taste.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6UVRBG53DU2WB2G5K6S7S57MTA Mark

    wala na yan…sure acquittal na yan….umpisa pa lang wala na kwenta prosecution eh…

  • Nuntiandi

    Inquirer has become a mouth-piece for demolition job against Pnoy’s political enemies. I mourn the death of the Inquirer of yore, the one that took the cudgel for the opposition against entrenched power. Now it is just a tool for keeping that power entrenched.


      I Agree!

  • Belekoy

    I believe the newspaper has all the freedom to do what it wants in its presentation of the news. We are still living in a democratic country where we respect the rights and prerogatives of a free press. We can just criticize but what remains is the basic rights of a newspaper to publish and show its brand of journalism in its news presentation. It is up to the newspaper to listen or not to the criticisms that it receives each day that it publishes its news to the public.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4EKSPU6WJ2RCLRXCYUU5YEGHFY Nani

    sa Tsina ang mga korap public officials pina firing squad para gawing leksyon sa iba.. sa Pilipinas    may special treatment ang mga korap at tumatakbo pa ulit sa eleksyon. the saying “corruption is good if you are not caught” no longer applies in the phils. Dapat death penalty na! Let’s see kung may matira pang “corrupt in high places”.

    • SFABN67

      On the other-hand nani, if you apply death penalty to the corrupts, baka walang matira in high places. hehehe

  • Diablo_III

    Kung ayaw nyo sa inquirer bat nandito pa kayo? Wag na kayong magbasa sa website nila. Ungas ang mag disagree sa comment ko. lol.

    • Monch1

      Kasi hindi porke gusto namin and Inquirer, e di na kami pwede mag disagree. Yun lang.

    • Nuntiandi

      Para ipamukha ang kawalang modo ng mga katulad mo.

  • http://twitter.com/rayflpineda Ray Pineda

    the man had stroke twice, and sadly inquirer thinks it’s funny. i hope you realize that if that was your father or grandfather you’d probably be very upset. basic rule ladies and gents – don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.

  • EmilBaligod

    tama naman si roy

    • batangpaslit

      kilala mo sia personal, Emil?

      • EmilBaligod

        I don’t baatangpaslit. I really do not like his background. I don not like his “style” of press statements. He is annoying. But his comments on Vicente is correct.

  • 19arafol25

    is the PRIETO of inquirer is related to the wife of GIBO..is GIBO has a share in Luisita ?

  • gardy_versozi

    Demetrio Vicente has so far been the best witness of the whole trial. The guy was answering truthfully and was funny without trying.
    In fact, compared to other witnesses, Demetrio Vicente showed competence in his answers, and was very entertaining.
    Even the senator judges were amused.
    I find it weird that instead of inquirer showing that kind of Demetrio Vicente, they rather chose to humiliate him and made fun of him.
    Maybe because having Demetrio Vicente as witness favors the defense, and the Inquirer won’t have any of that.

  • KpTUL

    Seriously ? You should have known better ! We know that you guys there are very biased but what you did was just too low even for inq7 !

    Philippines is a country in which the law shifts in favor to the sitting president.
    All government agencies are used against individuals perceived to be
    critical to the sitting president. This happened during the Arroyo regime and is continuing
    in the Aquino’s administration. The last thing we’d expect is the media to
    join the bandwagon as well.

    You should be aware that subtle manipulation (i.e. the choice of front page photo) in your part to influence people’s perception is not responsible journalism but plain politicking.
    Your duty is to bring the news and not to interpret it for us in the guise of creative journalism. ABS-CBN is already doing that in broad daylight, if inquirer follows suit then we better outsource our news from North Korea.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_R5SYYA4JEULBBXN25JY2ULYDCY Frustrated

    It is called “yellow journalism” and there is no pun intended. Yellow journalism is sensationalism which is no different than what gossipy tabloids do. Shame on you PDI! 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

    This shows that The Inquirer, the paper which I used to admire years ago, is capable of doing LOW BLOWS just to PLEASE its MASTER in Malacanang….shame on this paper….

  • Bobbie_mae

    Here is Judd Roy complaining about  how Demetrio’s Vicente’s photos in the Inquirer are demeaning. This is the same Judd Roy who was tweeting insulting comments and swear words at the prosecutors and some of the senators, like Sen. Osmena, Drilon, etc. from his twitter account. And then when Aurora Pijuan and his law students called him out, he denied it in the media. Ask any Ateneo law student and they will say it was Judd Roy’s twitter account.  He was acting like a p_g  on his twitter account. Judd Roy — what goes around comes around. KARMA.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XYPFIGTBA5LXMX2UBLCQVG5AQE Martin

    It was not a nice thing to do….making fun of any stroke victim is really low class.
    I’m sure Corona would have loved to provide a sexy actress as the person who purchased his property…but that would not be telling the truth.

  • dinddong

    All discussion will immediately stop if Corona will just RESIGN

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

      then the discussion should not stop……

    • obionekenobi

      no man will fight to the extent of having his whole family humiliated unless he is really not guilty. Resignation is not an option for a wronged man.

  • Ben Tampadong

    I agree , this one is really hitting below the belt. Thumbs down sa PDI. Bawas sa kredibilidad nyo to.

  • gardo_versoza

    shame on you PDI..booohh!!!!

  • Iggy Ramirez

    I thought it was funny.

    I’m really sorry about the guy but I cannot afford compassion to those who defend Corona.

  • Francis81

    Ayan tuloy Atty. Roy ang pangit ng puto mo sa Inquirer. Alam mo naman kasing Yellow Newspaper yang Inquirer.

  • Jamessullivan349

    PU..I..M.. Jenna, i wonder if any of your family members have suffered a stroke…well, im not sure how would you react or feel if one had….For PDI……shame on u….free press??? F..U…..

  • alexfrommactan

     To use the word negro is racism and ignorance. And what do you mean if someone looks or sounds like negro?
    Your pseudo 4goodgovt does not suit you.

  • acdc4ever

     @4goodgovt    sounds like PDI commentary… racist bias…

  • m1600

    4GOODGOVERNMENT sounds like CARANDANG nuon pa man bias na inquirer si erap ba o GMA yung headline nila na may nakadapong langaw basta ayaw nila sisirain ka ng dyaryo na ito . nag head line pa ito ng mga patay na sundalo na pinasabugan ng land mine ng NPA patong patong sa 6×6 truck ang headline HERE ARE YOUR SOLDIERS MR PRESIDENT(ERAP) sana mang yari sa inyo ang ginagawa nyo sa iba.   

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YAU43R25CAHGNYPHE6HLAM3V6Y Benjamin


  • asarin

     wag ka na kasing bumili ng inquirer! ito ang mga other choices mo na makakapagpatalino sa iyo at magiging mahusay ka sa pakikipagdebate: bulgar, tiktik, remate, pinoy parazzi at syempre tribune. ito naman ang mga kulomnista na babasahin mo: cristy fermin, lolit solis, jobert sucaldito, ogie diaz, rey pumaloy, alfie lorenzo, madam auring, tita swarding at syempre si ninez cacho-olivarez.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5D3SNO6ZEY4WV25ZFOVTS32ODE John

    di na siguro kelangan baka mamaya lalo pang madiin si Abnoy..

  • raflaydo

     Do you really have to write that cuss word (albeit in acronyms)? 

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