Lawmakers push ‘Manny Pacquiao Act’



Manny Pacquiao

Lawmakers are pushing a bill urging the government to bankroll the construction of boxing gyms all over the country to train indigent Filipinos to excel in the sports and in the process lift them out of  poverty just like  boxing icon Manny Pacquiao.

ALE party-list Representative Catalina Bagasina has filed House Bill No. 5505 seeking the establishment of boxing gyms in every town in the country and appropriating funds for them.

Kabataan party-list Representative Raymond Palatino  called the proposed bill the “Manny Pacquiao Act” as it aims to provide an opportunity for young Filipinos to hone their skills in boxing which was the key to the Saranggani legislator’s rise from  being a pan de sal vendor in General Santos City to one of the world’s richest athletes.

Pacquiao, considered the world’s best pound-for-pound boxer, is now the richest congressman due to his winnings from his boxing bouts and his share from cable pay-for-view proceeds.

The bill has been endorsed for deliberation in the House committee on youth and sports.

Palatino said he supports the bill because it would also prevent the youth from engaging in vices like drugs and alcohol.

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  • erick_1972

    Before there basketball courts then soccer fields or football fields now this.Build and they would come. Let them be beaten in boxing rings and suffer than in the streets is probably sounds better.

  • Miggs

    For the ordinary citizens..THATS FINE WITH US. Now talking about the funds of where to get it; It would rather be coming from the BOXERS contribution fund and maybe a few assistance from the government; Creating a trust fund that would help these boxers in their retirement is have them CONTRIBUTE for the portion they official fight or function. With the boxers acknowledgements, these can be collected after the fight and secure SGV as the assigned account conservator to prevent fraud and falsification of claims; SGV can do audit everytime when funds are used for MEDICAL, DIAGNOSTIC and other Health Services that may arise. Likewise Government also must contribute for the TRANSPORT and minor hospital requirements such as check ups and minor procedure cases. BY ESTABLISHING THIS WORTH ACT, The Filipino SPORTS can be guaranteed a safe haven and a good future for these Heroes who have done well and made their country proud of them…..

    • Miggs

      I dont care what name it would be called but hopefully other sports would follow suit. THE MIND SET MUST BE – SAVE NOW, and REAP THE REWARDS LATER. Each contribution from these boxers can help save the future of boxing in the Philippines.

  • McMoe

    This is very entertaining but truly PITIFULl!!! I felt deep pity for Mr. Pacquiao and for the Filipinos for having him as a “lawmaker.” This is a great example of why the Philippines is in a dismal situation today. Many filipinos are very intelligent, but not this one. This is really a “Manny Pacquiao Act,” — Manny can ACT like a real “lawmaker.” This would create more fist fights and more gamblers, if approved. My take is that, if Mr. Pacquiao is INDEED a CHANGED MAN, who believes in the Holy Bible, it is so IRONIC for him to aim “to hone the youth’s skills in boxing.” Why not hone the youths with the WORD of God, instead of BOXING? This sounds very CATHOLIC to me. Do I smell “hipocrisy”? Perhaps Mr. Pacquiao may need to do some serious soul searching himself. Just a thought!

  • johnllander

    Pacquiao should resign now!  He should just concentrate on his sports career rather than to be a congressman passing nonsense bill.

    • Guest

      Di naman si manny pacquio ang nag-file ng bill. basahin mo ulit….

  • Tofu_You

    What basic stupidity…Manny must be punch drunk.

    How many fighters can the Philippines produce without flooding the market?….perhaps ONE more?

    Why doesn’t Manny put gymnasiums and tracks in every city…then perhaps the country would have a hope of winning its first ever gold medal in the Olympics. 

  • PedroPenduco

    what a waste of tax payers money…. 

  • Azkal

    pacquiao should just a file a bill for all successful sportsman to be truthful in their tax declarations… non-sense bills such as this only further encourage kids not to go to school. education is still the best ticket out-of-poverty

    • Guest

      Tama, Para turuan kang intindihin ang binabasa mo. Di naman si manny pacquio ang nag-file ng bill. basahin mo ulit….

  • PaoloSerrano

    Boxing rings? Come on. We’re better than that.

  • Karabkatab

    There is a cheaper way, convert all cockpit arenas into a boxing arena.  Government to set up gyms? No way, the government cannot even maintain a comfort room, what more of a gym.  The PACMAN is dreaming.

  • Keith_P

    Akala ko ba progresibo yang Kabataan party-list? Bakit pinaprioritize pa nila yung pagpapagawa ng boxing gyms imbes na gumawa ng batas na magpapataas sa kalidad ng edukasyon?

    Pag nagpagawa ka ng boxing gyms, you are promoting a culture that says “madaling magkapera dito, wag mo na lang pansinin yung permanenteng injury sa utak mo o kaya yung mamatay ka pag na-knockout ka.”

    Manny Pacquiao’s rags-to-riches story is one in a million. It will not be easily duplicated kahit magpagawa kayo ng libo-libong boxing gyms sa buong bansa. Pero gumawa kayo ng mga batas na hihikayat sa mga teachers na magturo dito imbes na mag-DH, mga batas na magpaparami ng mga school buildings, at mga batas na conducive sa mga scientists at researchers, buong bayan ang makikinabang — di lang isang atleta.

    • Editho Trestisa

      Bakit gaano ba ka dami ang namatay sa boxing kontra sa namatay sa drugas???nag hohold-up pambili ng druigas…nagnanakaw pambili ng drugas………..ang mga rugby boys dyan ilang libo?????????? ito ay isa lang sa mga proyekto ……..yong mga sinasabi na ibang proyekto eh walang masama don kung sabay sabayion nila…………

  • Ommm

    Its a good idea…now these men can beat each other to a pulp when “sin taxes” keep them from smoking and drinking….

  • Kyle

    given the pros and cons of boxing siguro gawin nalang nilang general yung gym. wag sa boxing lang. kasi pag gym encompassing lahat and we need that to promote the physical aspect of the youth.

  • D L

    Poor people with boxing skills in numbers will be a breeding ground for a new extortion mafia like it happened in Russia.

    Affordable general gyms would be much better idea.

  • gekko

    hanep, ayan iboto nyo pa yang mga walang wentang utak na yan, NON SENSE ang bill na yan, Edukasyon ang tutukan nyo, ILIBRE nyo lahat ng TESDA course mabuti pa

    • Aang

      yes dapat eto ang iboto nyo c gekko. parang me utak. i wish i had known you. para mabatukan kita ng malaman ko if me utak ka nga. ha!ha!

  • WeAry_Bat

    I can’t support such a bloody bill.  Does the elected people know how much trauma a brain gets from being hit? 

    Brains are not meant to be hit, thus the skull, but nevertheless, still not meant to have shock trauma.  Can anyone imagine elementary or high-school aged children getting regular shockwaves to their head from boxing?  Would they want their children to have that (or course not)?

    Down with that bill.  It will bring blood to innocent hands.

    • PASTOR

      There are more football players in both  NFL and college/high school in the US who are sufferings from head and body injury compared to boxing.  Considering that a lot of kids are into drugs now, this is way better for them to be  in the boxing gym rather than on the streets.

      • MagicQuad

        you can’t compare based on plain number of injuries. try to calculate the percentage of injured vs active players, and you’ll get a frightening picture. plus, many boxing injuries probably go undetected, resulting in longterm reduction in mental acuity, possibly parkinson’s disease.

      • WeAry_Bat

        Thank you Pastor.  I still firmly believe there has to be a way better way than a ferocious, Alzheimer’s disease-generating sport like boxing.

        I know how to box also, and got into scrapes from elementary to high school to college and even once while already having a career. I can really say it is a brutal and primitive way of getting one’s way.

  • MagicQuad

    Hunger Games. It’s more fun in the Philippines!

    Mas mabuti pa i-promote ang chess, to encourage thinking in our youth. This skill will be very useful in many areas of life later on. Plus, chessboards are cheap and can be played anywhere.

  • Dad Dee


  • manual47

    Why just boxing.  Why not promote all kind of sports filipinos are good for.  Beside, boxing is a brutal sport and may cause an athlete disability or may lose his or her life.   I’d rather see filipinos exceed on to different sports not just boxing…….

  • MG

    Wag mo nang gamitin ang kaban ng bayan. Buti pa kanya kanyang discarte ng mga region na may hilig. Tatapon na naman kayo ng pera na hindi inyo. Buti pa humingi na lang kayo ng pondo galing kay Manny at siya na din ang magmanage ng mga talents. Gamay na nya ang boxing di gaya ng politiko.

  • J

    Naku naman!
    Kulang na nga ang classrooms para sa academia na pagaaral ng mga bata tapos mas grand pa ang gagawin sa boxing. Tiyak pag natuloy ito marami ang hindi makakatuntun sa high-school kasi pagkatapos ng elementary sa boxing na pupunta.Mas maunlad ang bansa pag maraming bata ang mahusay sa science kaysa boksing.
    Mga sugarol ang nasa likuran ng boking kaya tutuluan ito!

    • Aang

      In one point I agree with you but J nangarap kana bang maging boxer? provably no, so eto na chance ng mga bata na makapag-train after school. I was once who had dream to be a boxer but because there was no boxing traning facility in my place as a bill proposing of. so one talent was just wasted, perhaps. so look at it as nationwide. Would you imagine how many talents have been wasted so far? We know that majority of our people are on poverty situation. maybe this is not for you but for many youths who have talent and dreaming to elevate their living condition like Manny Pacquiao. Bottom line, the proposed bill is not the problem but the government system and corruption. All you mentioned about education can be resolved if the government can resolve the biggest obtacle why ang lupang hinirang ay hindi uma-asenso. and I don’t agree with you that ” mga sugarol” are behind boxing. I’m not sugarol but I love this sport since I was a kid. Kaya your point has no merit. I think someone like you is a part of our national problem. An anti progress and a negative thinker.

      • J

        aang, reality hurts isn’t it? Train after elementary school? Not acceptable to me and perhaps to many bloggers here. Do you realize how many people bet on boxing events? Boxers are being used by gamblers to make money and that is my pov. Ikaw na rin ang nagsabi na may problema sa education at can be resolved “if the gov’t can resolve problems”. Education is a basic need and if the gov’t can’t make it good on it so does boxing. So why not leave the capitalization of such facilities to those who really wants to make more money on boxing and let the gov’t use the funds for fixing the basic education first. I don’t know you and although you called me anti-what that is not the issue here but it is how our leaders and lawmakers lead and think about the future of the country and its people. Mind your own opinion, so am I. Figure this link out.
        Search the net and you will see who is pacquiao and his friends in the gambling world.

      • Aang

        J if your answer on your question is yes, you must be a compulsive gambler who has an inabilty and willingness to accept reality, so it hurts for you.
        Provably no body would agree to train in lieu of a higher education after elementary school that’s a no-brainer. But in my case since boxing was my fashion, if that facilities was already around in my youth time, I could have trained boxing after I went out from school rather than participated in the gangs’ riot as our usual past time at that time.
        So what is your point if many people betting in a boxing bout? Do you think if there was no boxing, gambling would have gone? Provably no right? Sa dami kasi ng legalized gambling establishments.
        Whether there is boxing or not, gambling still extists. So please don’t be a stumbling block to make this bill reality where we pinoys are potential to excel in this sport tru construction of a nationwide boxing gym falicities. Here they go constructing any structures provably have many downsides but that’s another matter and that also applies for a construction of say school.
        I agree with you prioritizing the education but it’s a matter of budgeting to implement this bill without sacrificing the education.
        You sound as if you know business. Do you think there are businessmen who’ll do a nationwide boxing facilities? Is it really profitable?
        Sorry if I said you are anti-progress but you seem like that like other bloggers here who haven’t able to envision the upsides of that bill.
        I don’t know if you are one of Manny Pacquiao’s haters ‘coz his personality has nothing to do with that bill.

      • J

        No matter how bad you want this bill go through still I don’t buy it. You have all the chance to lobby for its passage but you can’t change my belief that basic education for me still the priority. You should realize that everyone has its own opinion to give and that doesn’t stop you for commenting back… but you should avoid calling other bloggers names. After all the proponents of the bill in congress are the ones to sell the idea to their collegues for acceptance. It is only my hope that they would give due consideration all ideas that were conveyed here specially perhaps your support and great opinion of the bill.

  • tungsten

    i dont agree with the bill, i go for the opinion of others, instead of boxing gym why not free education, improve school facilities and buildings, additional teachers, imagine one basic example here in our place, one class room housing more than fifty students. 

  • Harry

    Are we going to raise generations of young people slugging it out with each other for a living?

  • arnold blur

    Kahit anong bill pa ‘yan, basta’t may CORRUPTION wala pa ring patutunguhan yan. Ilang boxing gyms ba ipapatayo? Ilang percent kay Kapitan, kay Mayor, Kay Gov., kay Congressman? Maiiwan na lang na pampatayo ng gym ay tira-tira nung pinaghatian na ng mga CORRUPT na lider ng ating lipunan. Kaya ilang buwan pa lang sira-sira na. Kung gusto nyo talaga yan, bakit di kayong mga nagsusulong ng bill na yan magbigay ng pondo?

  • alexander

    pag natuloy ito mga buwayang politiko ang makinabang dito.

    • Aang

      alexander anong project ba ng government ang walang corruption? design phase palang ng project sigurado na ang mga magmemeron jan. implementation ng project. jan na ang mga local government. building permit palang katakot-takot na ang lagayan sa mga building opisyal and mga administrative supports syempre alam ni meyor yan . walang lagay walang kilos. ang mga contractors katakot-takot ang overhead dahil sa mga padulas. kaya ang cost ng project perhaps, 50% actual building cost and 50% cost para sa mga buwaya.

  • RomyMacalintal

    Magiging puro basag-ulo na ang tao sa Pinas pag na-approve ito

    • Aang

      if you don’t know what you were posting you better shut up.

  • MaySenseBa

    Er, they’re calling it the Pacman bill but it is not authored by him, it is by: ALE party-list Representative Catalina Bagasina.

    But I agree, the idea is at first okay but when you get down to it, it makes as much sense as Paquiao’s post match interviews.

    What you should build instead is basketball courts, Filipinos love to play basketball.  Every town a boxing ring?! What utter nonsense.  Sinong mga ungas ang bumoto sa ALE party list, taas ang kamay

    • Jao Romero

      basketball court? di ka pa ba nakuntento sa nagkalat na basketball courts sa bawat kanto ng Pilipinas?

  • gian_paul

    What a waste of moeny if every municipality erects one. Why not give the fund to the sports commission it will be the one to chose candidates to be trained? I saw it on tv last weekend that there is a sports school erected somewhere in the Philippines. This should be supported and not creating another law just to spend the taxpayers’ money.

  • Philcor

    akala ko ba boxing is against the law of God – pacquiao.

  • Aang

    Kababayan, why we not give it a shot? I haven’t read the contents of this bill yet but reading the article above and some positive comments below I think this bill makes sense since we pinoy can excel in this sport. In basketball when was the last time the Philippine basketball team played in olympic games? That was long time ago isn’t it? I haven’t witnessed that yet and I don’t think I’ would have ever witnessed that in my lifetime despite we had abundance of basketball courts all over the country. We knew the reason why we can’t excel in this game. Obviously we are lack of height. Our center is just as tall as other countries’ forward or sometimes as tall as their point guard.
    In boxing we are sure that there is no much disparity of advantage since the basis of boxing bout or division is the weight. My vision is… if this bill approves, in 8 to 15 years time after nationwide boxing facilities have done. We more likely to dominate this sport in many world boxing organizations in any divisions in the world. Winning a provincial championship is like winning a Philippine championship as we had now and winning a national championship is like winning in world championship (skill wise) since the competition in that level would be competing of provincial’s the best boxer. But there are downsides here that we’ve experienced in the past. Therefore; prior implementing this bill Philippine boxing rules should be refined first addressing the health and safety of the boxers and should be implemented even in the barrios, In my oppinion this bill is not bad at all.


    It is a waste of Money, almost every town has its Multi Purpose Hall or Gym, the Local Government will just renovate or equip it with boxing tools and have a trainer Finish.  The government can save millions, but who wants to save if they can Kickback from the construction?  The bill maybe good in intentions but the implementation and continuity maybe a question mark.

  • Nic Legaspi

    It looks like Pacquiao is keeping everyone entertained in that picture.

  • patriot2008

    That bill is  the best way to kill boxing. Mandating boxing gyms will just allow the really corrupt government officials to get into the sport of boxing. Besides Manny Pacquiao would never really have become great if he didn’t walk into the Wild Card Boxing gym, a private gym in LA run by Freddie Roach. By the way, we already have a good boxing gym in my town. And just like other good boxing gyms, its private and run by people who have loved boxing for a long time. We dont need the government and corrupt politicians who would just ruin it.

  • patriot2008

    Di ba sa professional boxing, number one tayo? Pero kapag amateur boxing or Olympics, hanggang ngayon wala pang gold medal ang Pilipinas. Dahil hindi gobyerno kundi private ang tumatakbo ng professional boxing. Samantalang mga government officials gaya ng mga opisyal ng Philippine Olympic Committee ang namamalakad sa Olympic boxing ng Pilipinas. Proof iyan na kapag gobyerno na, in particular gobyernong corrupt ng Pilipinas ang pumasok sa sport, patay na ang sport na iyan. Panay pulitika at kurakot ang mangyayari diyan. 

  • Jao Romero

    in every town? my god, imagine the corruption from the construction projects in that. basta may construction project, todo suporta ang mga tongressmen. ba’t kelangan every town? wala pang isang taon karamihan jan lalangawin na at magiging abandoned buildings na. ginastahan lng ng pera pero di naman ma-maintain. kukuha lng ng maintenance funds ang mga local officials pero bubulsahin. magsimula muna sa maliit. identify viable cities na pwede makapag suporta ng boxing gym. target one from each major island. one in Luzon, one in Visayas, and one in Mindanao. then go from there.

  • Lapu_lapu

    Congress is over its head! Instead of thinking of passing a law to do this thing, Pacquiao should be asked to donate portion of his billions to building this project. Taking the money out of government to support this bill is taking money from whom they are best reserved for: the farmers, and the people for various funding requirements and services. Nothing but wishful thinking from the legislators.

  • imongredneck

    Pacquiao with his battered brain is telling us that we should train our future leaders in the boxing gyms, just like him. Then this country wil be run by more wealthy, non corrupt but brain damaged politicians. We are doomed.

    • sorbetero

      What can  you expect, sabi mo nga battered brain eh di brainless suggestion.Blame his brain dead constituents for putting him in Congress. Sabi nga … ang boksingero para sa entablado , hindi sa congresso o senado!!!

  • Satticus

    Instead of boxing gyms why not school buildings? They are projecting the wrong way to success. 

    What our indigent brothers and sisters need is literacy. This is why there’s still a high rate of unemployment amidst rising job opportunities: many jobs but few are qualified.

  • ThePattern

    E S T U P I D O  N U M E R O U N O ! ! ! ! !

    Bakit ang partylist reps natin eh mga i m b e ci l e s?

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