Reversal of roles: Santiago purrs, Drilon roars


Sen. Franklin Drilon. LYN RILLON

At the start of Chief Justice Renato Corona’s defense presentation, Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago was uncharacteristically meek as a lamb, while Senator Franklin Drilon, roared like a lion.

As Santiago delivered the opening prayer on Monday, gone was the famous temper that led to a prosecution volunteer lawyer being cited in contempt for being disrespectful to the court.

Santiago politely reminded the defense panel that it was estopped from questioning the jurisdiction of the Senate, sitting as an impeachment court, at this stage of the proceeding.

“There is no constitutional issue involved,” said Santiago, explaining that it was “discretionary” on the part of any court to grant a preliminary hearing after a complaint had been filed.

Drilon briefly took the floor, but two minutes were enough to trigger yet another tense moment at the hearing.

Drilon blew his top over remarks of the lead defense counsel, Serafin Cuevas, that the senator was sounding like a member of the prosecution. Drilon has repeatedly been slammed for helping the prosecution fish for evidence.

“If that commentary was made by the members of the prosecution, we would have no objection,” Cuevas said.

“We are worried that this will be interpreted as an argument by a prosecutor,” he added.


A peeved Drilon shot back: “I take exception to the statement of the defense counsel, and that is totally improper. We are just reading …”

But Cuevas interrupted Drilon, prompting the senator to declare: “I’m still speaking.”

Unperturbed, Cuevas bluntly told the senator to “go ahead.”

Drilon—staring at Cuevas who was just a few steps in front of the senator—warned the lawyer, saying: “Then don’t interrupt … because I was just explaining the ruling of the court.”

Before matters got out of hand, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile ordered Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III “to reread the (January18) ruling of this court.”

The verbal tussle was triggered by Drilon’s manifestation that the defense, in seeking to have the court validate the signatures of the 188 House members who impeached the Chief Justice on Dec. 12, 2011, was “making a plea that they be  allowed to present evidence on their affirmative defenses.”

According to Drilon, the defense panel asserted that the January 18 ruling of the impeachment court did not touch upon the “affirmative defenses” but only the motion for a preliminary hearing.

“The grounds relied upon by the affirmative defenses are precisely the grounds relied upon when the defense asked for on a preliminary hearing; and, in fact, on page 2 of the resolution of January 18, the Chief Justice (asserted) that since the verified complaint for impeachment lacks a proper verification, it should be treated as an unsigned pleading which produces no legal effect, and should therefore be dismissed,” Drilon said.

Estrada precedent

Drilon disagreed with this contention, saying that the January 18 ruling “categorically validated the verification.”

Quoting the ruling, the senator said: “It appeared that the filing of the verified impeachment complaint was made in accordance with … the Constitution, there is no more need for a preliminary hearing to receive evidence on this matter.”

The senator then explained that if there was no need to present evidence on the matter of preliminary hearing, then “there is no need to present evidence on the affirmative defenses.”

Senator Joker Arroyo also appeared annoyed at the defense for wanting to dismiss the impeachment on procedural grounds. He said he was part of the prosecution in the 2000 impeachment trial of President Joseph Estrada.

“The same issues arose—the defects and all. Our argument was that the House impeaches. The Senate hears and decides,” Arroyo said.

“What the House transmits to the Senate—faults and all—everything, defects and all, will have to be accepted by the Senate because the Senate cannot direct the House on how to make an impeachment complaint because the Constitution simply says that the House impeaches, the Senate tries and decides,” he added.

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  • asking alexandria


    • CourtEmployee

      tang ina mo! wla kang magawa na matino. dapat sa iyo binababoy din at katayin. animal ka! tang ina mo uli. matigok ka sana mamaya.

      • linusmonk

        Ganyan ang mangyayari sa inyong mga supreme court katulad ng sinabi mo pagkatalsik ng inyong thieft justice

  • R

    Drilon = Pigging Expedition!

    • Flavio

       drillon – pogi !

      • Joji

         cege tsupain mo si drilon

      • raflaydo

        Gee…your words are pure crass!

      • I_kabod


  • indiosbravos2002

    Cuevas= basang sisiw. Now he knows the feeling of being ganged up.

  • Political Jaywalker

    Lolo Cuevas is a fool who dares irritates and antagonize the senator judges, just like anyone they are people with emotions who may take it personally deciding not in your favor. Very unbecoming for a seasoned lawyer and a former justice at that to insinuate openly that the senator judge sounded more like the prosecution than a judge. He should consider himself lucky that he is not cited for contempt, I am sure when he was cheating errrr sitting as a justice in his time comments such as his will not be tolerated in his court.

    As for Brenda, she is probably aware of the complaint locally and the petition by Fil-Ams to the ICC to reconsider the post that was allotted to her, or she must have been on medication thus her rare calm demeanor, LOL

    • tehot

      opinion! hahahaha

  • D_BystandeR

    Miriam “Brenda” Santiago is now taking her time to observe civility maybe because she is now aware that the concerned “Fil-Ams” in the U.S. are now considering blocking her appointment to the ICC based on her “poor and ridiculous” showing in the impeachment trial with her “loudmouthed” tantrums spoiling the supposed to be serious deliberation of the proceedings.

    • gikiness


      • D_BystandeR

        I learned that Atty. Rodel Rodis of Califorenia who is at the same time a noted columnist in MegaScene, a Filipino edited newspaper in the US which I can also get a free copy here in Chicago  from any Filipino owned “sari-sari” store, is spearheading a move to block the appointment of Miriam “Brenda” Santiago as an offshoot of her “unsatisfactory and poor” performance in the impeachment trial where it has been the common consensus that if she is allowed to sit in the ICC there is a strong possibility that due to her “unstable mind” she could become a liability to our international prestige. Let us pray we will be spared from a “great embarrassment” if and when their petition is favorably acted upon by the higher-ups in the ICC. Thanks for your concern…

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        Sent: Monday, March 12, 2012 5:06 PM
        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Reversal of roles: Santiago purrs, Drilon roars

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        gikiness wrote, in response to D_BystandeR:

  • Flavio

    si miriam behave na behave ngayong defense team na ang nag pre present. halatang halata na panig sya sa defense . dapat ang buong pangalan ni mirriam ay MIRRIAM DEFENSE -SANTIAGO !

  • spider69

    Tagilid si Aling Miriam na hindi maka-upo bilang hukom sa International court. Ayon sa TV Patrol.
    May movement pala sa USA na alisin siya sa pagka jugde dahil sa kanyang maling asal bilang abugado at Gov’t. official. NAKAKAHIYA.

    • Guest

      Where is the link to that official news please?

      • UN_Observer

        Google   filam-leaders-petition-for-ouster-of-miriam-santiago-from-intl-criminal-court

      • arthur1401

        Thank you.

    • sorbetero

      That is correct. As relayed from abroad through one of the TV stations, the letter/petition signed by Fil-Ams was to be personally delivered/was already delivered to the ICC at the Hague. It would appear that our kababayans abroad are more decessive and resolute in baring her appointment than their local counterparts.

    • WAJ

       Hindi alam ni Miriam Santiago na nanunuod ng TV broadcast ng impeachment ni Corona ang mga pinoy sa USA. Ayon, sumabit siya, ipinakita niya sa buong mundo na meron TFC ang kanyang tunay na pagkatao. Timbog siya. Hindi kaya siya nahihiya nitong pangyayaring ito. Let’s watch what she is going after all of this…

  • arthur1401

    1 thing I noticed, this impeachment trial is turning out to be a battle between good and evil.

    The good is represented by an aging and ailing sister Flory, riding sheepishly in a limping horse with nothing but a cross in 1 hand and a rosary in another, but ably supported behind her by a massive population ready to help her when needed.

    The evil is represented by corona with $ bills in 1 hand and UZI in another, riding heavily and arrogantly in a crocodile because of bulging stomach caused by gluttony. Ably assisting him right behind him are the teams of highest bidder seekers like miriam and INC using peso bills as armors, oscar cruz,  wearing condom in his head, who already lost the meaning of decency because of too much poltics in his rotten mind, and the SC employees and judges and IBP members who are meekly obeying the silent order of midas or else…  These supporters will run away from corona when the going gets rough knowing that they are in the wrong side of history.

    • cion

      Sister Flory,is not acting like a true emissary of the Catholic faith she believes in,she is encouraging misunderstanding instead of resolving the long-standing conflict within her  family.She is not giving a good example to others who has similar inheritance problems where everyone can relate to. Sister Flory should have told Ana Basa, to let her handle it ,since Ana is going above board and   up to something (personal revenge) that will not  bring solution but rather cause further rift in the family.Whatever family issues they have, their relationship as blood relative cannot be replaced with material (money) possession.

      • arthur1401

        You are correct, that whatever issues in regards to inheritance,  blood relationship can’t be sacrificed.
        For that reason, Sister Flory said that the coronas can have all the money but they need justice for taking away the goods taken by the coronas mysteriously.
        Your argument is correct and should be taken in the context of the statement of Sister Flory. Blood relationships must not be sacrificed in favor of money, which the coronas boldly  disregard because of greed.

      • Jon70

         Now you are blaming Flory. How about Corona? Is he a good emissary of justice? If not, then he is not fit to stay.

      • tarikan

        Good reasoning cion. Actually people the likes of Cristina (and by extension Renato Corona) love people like Sis. Flory. In matters of inheritance dispute bullys like the Coronas don’t want any relative hindering their evil ways. So Sis. Flory’s actuations actually benefit the Coronas. She said The Coronas could have her money but all she wanted in return is justice. Heavenly justice or otherwise does not really matter. Would fault Sis. Flory to what is happening now to the Coronas? 

      • Jose

        You cannot stop divine intervention cion. The case of  Ana Basa and sister Flory only fortifies the fact that the Corona’s used the power of the SC in evil ways and leads to his unfitness to sit as Chief Justice. 

    • AntiGMArroyo

      I totally agree w/ u !! I feel bad for those who still supports the thief justice. 

    • Kachupay

      i agree with yo aruthur1401!…

    • pinoyisimo

      Could somebody please illustrate what arthur 1401 just mentioned above? this should be posted on all editorial newspapers!

      • arthur1401

        Thank you for your comment. I sincerely believe that that are so many filipinos out there, including you and so many other posters in social media, wishing prosperity for all and the country to move forward and that can only be done if those proponents of impunity are to  be thrown to garbage, corona included.

  • notmeitsthedog

    Sino po psychiatrist ni mirriam? Doc, tinaasan niyo nanaman po ang dosage? baka antukin sa hearing!

  • Pong


    • kolambogan

      The proof of the pudding is in the eating, if it’s bad it will really taste just as it is, but if it’s good it will always leave a tasteful residue in the mouth.

  • arthur1401

    This appeal is addressed to the International Criminal Court Or ICC:

    While there is still time and miriam hasn’t taken her oath yet, please reconsider her election to your court for the following reasons:

    1) Miriam is a biased judge. During President’s Erap impeachment trial in 2001, Miriam was so biased that she was one of the reasons why EDSA 2 came about. She asked biased questions to whoever was in stand to stress points that tended to favor Erap. And when a fellow senator was able to quash her arguments with a more sensible and logical arguments, she went ballistic and threatened to eject some audience for looking at her direction while smiling.

    2) She is not a fair player. Believing that President Ramos cheated her in the presidential election, she made the life of all persons she perceived to be allies of Pres Ramos miserable even if these allies had nothing to do with her defeat in election. Up to this very moment, just the mere mention of  the name of Pres Ramos will cause her blood pressure to soar to 190/100. She has long memory for negative things but short memory for positive things.

    3) Again, Miriam is a biased judge. In the present CJ corona’s impeachment trial, she abused and insulted the prosecution panels using words not fit to be said by a judge in a nationally televised trial hoping that she can intimidate the prosecutors. 

    4) She can’t be trusted to honor her words. When her son committed suicide, she said her son committed suicide because of her and promised in his coffin not to run for reelection in the senate. After a year, she ran again and won. There are other promises that she made but when cornered after failing to fulfill her promises, she said, “I  Lied”.

    If your court can afford a judge who is bias, who has very small or almost zero EQ, can’t keep her words and who has a long history of incoherent body language,  then let her join your esteemed judges in your fold and allow your court to become a laughing stock of the entire world.

    If you want ICC to maintain its sanity, then do not allow her to take oath. This miriam needs to be taught how to be a fair judge and to become a better person with high EQ. Taking her into your fold will be a fatal mi stake.
     Don’t blame us that we didn’t warn you.

    • Fenix111


      • arthur1401

        I pity you. please say something that makes sense,and not emulate miriam.

      • Jose

        Hala arthur baka si mirriam yang c fenix111!

  • Bobby

    Yesterday’s hearing of the impeachment case deserves some commentary from this observer. First, the opinion of many about Sen. Santiago is not true.  She is not favoring the defense; she is more for the rule of law and the observance of court procedures.  Second, Sen. Enrile is correct to ask the Majority Leader to read the Senate Ruling, not judge Sen. Drilon, who is generally perceived to favor the prosecution in many past interventions.  Third, the defense is trying to find arguments or loopholes in the meantime from the proceedings, before presenting the main dish of the defense lauriat, about which so many are waiting for, with bated breath. Fourth, the tyranny of numbers in the House of Representatives have succeeded in railroading the impeachment against CJ Corona so that the articles of impeachment had indeed been poorly prepared.

    • kolambogan

      In short, saan ka anti or pro Corona impeachment? Kung wala kang stand, just keep your tabulations/observations to or for yourself

    • bolardo

      I actually admire the congressmen who signed the articles of impeachment. And up to this time, with all the arguments raised against it, No one among the signatories reversed his/her decision. I am not sure what credible statements will Corona make in his own time.

      • tehot

        i don’t. rubber stamp congress

      • Bobby

        Many things factor into any decision we make and we do not know what are the personal deep feelings of those who signed the articles of impeachment right now. On the other hand, patience is a virtue and it will not be too long before we would learn of the verdict from the constiutionally mandated body to handle the impeachment case against CJ Corona.  We certainly know that any trial, according to some rules of procedure, concern the “extrinsics” of human behavior as it affects his conduct in society, not the “intrinsics” of moral acts, of which the impeachment court has no jurisdiction.

  • rodel r

    Drilon, please resign as senator Judge, because obviously you are a member of Prosecutor!!!! WHAT A SHAME!!!!!!

    • kolambogan

      Eh ikaw saan ka member? Para kung magawa mong mapag resign si Drilon dapt magresign ka rin sa kung ano man ang kinabibilangan mo para naman maging fair ok ba?

      • diemhang

        hayy rodel r, palibhasa bobo ka kasi

      • AntiAko

        pareho lang kayong mga bobo: sinasama nyo mga emosyon nyo eh hindi naman kayo ang mga hurado… just relax and let the actors play their part in the impeachment trial… hintay na lang kayo ng result ni rodel r… tapos tanggapin at mag move on…

      • Jaw Elle

        d hamak n mas bobo k.

    • RITCHE

      Obviously, you did not understand what had just transpired. Drilon only reiterated that the verification issue has long been ruled by the court and becomes moot and academic.

    • bolardo

      I do not understand where you are coming from. If your boss “Corona” does not have the delicadeza to even file a leave of absence while he is being tried, and dragging the whole supreme court with his own mess

    • parekoy

      Shame on the person who just reiterated the ruling for an  old issue that was already settled by the majority of the senator judges or shame on the old person who just can’t keep himself from being modest and honorable when a senator still speaks on the floor…

      Arrogance at its best being exemplified at the view of the whole nation…what a a bad example.( IDOL siya ni MIRRIAM ) all his intelligence, he did not learn that it is not good to talk when another person has not yet finish talking..Being intelligent does not mean being a person with good moral character..MATALINONG MATANDANG BASTOS..that’s what he is..NO MORE NO LESS…

  • Ed Molina

    “At the start of Chief Justice Renato Corona’s defense presentation, Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago was uncharacteristically meek as a lamb…” actually, nobody was surprised anymore. people already expected that turnabout from her once her team, or rather the defense team, started their presentation.

    • tehot

      once the defense starts defying the law then they will earn the ire of MDS. What Cuevas did yesterday was far from that. 

  • yaptangcom

    Perhaps a classic case of a bipolar disorder? Just asking, Madam Senator. 

    • I_kabod

      halata na ba kanino panig si miriam?

  • Rednaxela VD

    Dont be surprised if Drilon gets back the Senate Presidency after the impachment and one day becomes a High Court judge at the behest of Penoy.

    And of course, his huge PDAF will be left unaccounted for by the COA, upon the behest of you-know-who.  A huge paycheck awaits for the lion…

    • Edmund

      true,  si Pnoy mukhang gahaman sa kapangyarihan…

      • deejhay

        Di lang mukha..gahaman na

  • Sorry Guys

    This Cuevas should be disciplined.

    He thinks himself somebody big because  Enrile given him some respect?

    Yesterday his comments to Enrile’s reading of the contempt verdict on Roy was like this:

    “Are you going to give him a death penalty or life imprisonment?”

    This kind of comments should not be tolerated and Cuevas must be cited for contempt as well in order to uphold the honor of the impeachment court.

    Yesterday he kept on repeating that if our plea will not be accepted by the impeachment court, he will seek other means or venues..

    What an arrogant moron!!

    • kordapya

       arrogant pig….gurang na sana wala pa ring remorse…mamamatay na lang yan na ganyan ang legacy na iiwan….how sad…i wonder why karen idolized this kind of lawyer what a waste of talent

      • I_kabod

        sino yun pig na tinutukoy mo? drilon or curvas?

      • parekoy

         Tulungan kita…. Arrogant pig NA GURANG na walng remorse dagdagan ko isa pa hint KALBO na…. e di si CUEVAS…now you know na…



    • pinoydinako

      This old man Cuevas is just a persistent pest who from day one and all the days including yesterday kept on questioning the validity of the impeachment, threatening to run to SC and twisting legal references to defend his client Corona.  Yesterday, after Miriam was so sweet in addressing him, during the “break” Cuevas went over to her table smiling.

      No problem…may araw ka rin Serafin Cuevas, kahit Iglesia ni Manalo ka, yun impierno ninyo ni Miriam ay nandito.

    • ego_sum_qui_sum

      It’s called “utang na loob.” Cuevas defended Enrile in the aborted coup d’etat with Honasan against Cory.

  • al gero


  • boywoodbridge

    Why you people don’t understand and keep believing this stupid president. It’s all about the HLI, people, please wake up. Nothing else!

    • rocky92

       How stupid of you to say that!

      • dagohoy620

         You’re right, rocky92, what the “boy” said was truly, horribly stupid and moronic!

    • AllaMo

      Bugok. Gusto mo lang makalusot si corona, para mailusot naman niya ang panginoon ninyo na bulok na si gloria(at yung buong kawatan’g angkan nila).


        AllaMo, WALA KANG ALAM!!!

      • manks

         Ikaw ang walang alam at dagdagan mo pa na mga bulag kayo at bingi!!! Sabagay money talks.. db Pre

  • susanchi2

    Yes, go go Drilon.

  • I_kabod

     uy hindi ah! hehe

  • RomyMacalintal

    Heil PNoy!

    PNoy Supreme Court of Justice
    Ang Justice na me Jaundice

    • Edmund

      Hail Pnoy… Presidente na, gusto pang maging Chief Justice, watch out Enrile… ayan na, one-man rule…

  • kordapya

     Patas na ang laban..the defense has Meriam on their side while the prosecution has Drilon…

  • kabayandinako

    Enrile owes a lot of favor from Cuevas for Cuevas depended Enrile on a big case involving Cory Aquino Government. That is the reason why Cuevas is acting such an untouchable douchbag in the impeachment court. Have you noticed how Enrile always favoring Cuevas motions?

    • RomyMacalintal

       Eh pareho silang octogenarian
      Ikaw na ba ang maging damatans

  • rodger66

    please let the defense finish their thing, bakit ba kayo’y masyadong na-irita e umpisa pa lang yan…guilty or not guilty it doesn;t matter for as long as the HLI reach its finality of ownership !!!

    isip isip isip iQiQiQ

    GBI still the best !!!

  • kismaytami

    Dapat sa Lower House magnga-ngakngak yang si Cuevas dahil dun nanggaling ang impeachment complaint. Hindi trabaho ng Senate Impeachment Court ang mag-verify ng impeachment complaint, trabaho yan ng Lower House. Mahirap talaga pag tumatanda nang paurong, masyadong makulit.

    • Edmund

      ganun?… ang galing ng lohiko mo…

    • nagsalitaanggeniussabasketball

      mano y mano..even in his advanced age..i will bet everything, that you wont last 2 minutes against justice Cuevas in a debate..

      • kismaytami

        Yes, you are right. Actually I don’t even want to debate with old people like Cuevas. Because I don’t want to waste my time.

  • kilabot

    more correctly title should be: santiago purrs, drilon oinks, pnoy salivates.

    • AllaMo

      and, your brain and morals stink. 


        and AllaMo rots 6 feet below the ground….

  • CesarPhil

    What else do you expect from Cuevas? He is the master of objection, and that is the best he can do under the circumstances. Even if the Impeachment Court has ruled on the matter, makulit pa rin sya. They deride the prosecution for being ill prepared (and rightly so), but look at how defenseless the defense is!

  • MaySenseBa

    Huh? Joker, saying something for the prosecution?  May lagnat ka ba?

  • PH2011

    “The same issues arose—the defects and all. Our argument was that the
    House impeaches. The Senate hears and decides,” Senator Arroyo said.

    Is that you, Joker?

    Well, shame to be dead wrong. Too smart too late.

    Anyway.. we’ll not bite to that tricks. Final judgement is your final impeachment vote.

    The octogenarian senator is retiring from the Senate ( no more re-election bid).
    Hence, his legacy is at stake here.

    Paruton or Oragon?

  • Derrick Ross

    Cuevas interrupted Drilon but Drilon was making a statement and was not asking for a comment from the Cuevas. Nakalusot si Cuevas dun ah. Drilon should have admonished him for speaking even without being asked. Maybe next time. Heheh 

    • Ryan Barcelo

       That could have been the chance of Drillon to lambast Cuevas. Perhaps, he realized that he is indeed guilty of helping the prosecution. Kaya, di nalang siya umimik.

      • RomyMacalintal

         Guilty talaga yang si PORK

  • edwin

    I want Meriam to do the same as she did with the prosecution. Bakit di nay sermonan si Cuevas na halos turuan sila na dismiss yang impeachment. Bakit di sya nagsasalita. Halata halata sya at nananahimik . Nsan na tapang mo ha. Ipakita mo dunong mo kay Cuevas or namimili ka lng ng babastusin mo

    • Kyle

      same alma mater dre… pagbigyan mo na si miriam…

    • Ryan Barcelo

       Eh, anong sermon ang inaasahan mo kay Miriam? Cuevas plays by the rules. He came to the court prepared. Obviously, galit si Miriam dun sa walang kahandaan ng prosecution and I find nothing wrong about it.

  • rosamistika16

    What happened Sen. Arroyo? are you joker(ing)?  Do you see now that the ship you are in is sinking? Too late for you too change mind. hahaha!

    technicalities don’t work so far ha? 

  • robert

    doon sa mga nagtataka sa actions ni joker….hinde pa kayo nag sasalawal, ganun na yan, human rights lawyer sagad hanggang buto, as such, he champions due process…kaya pag medyo alanganin ang argumento, whether prosecution or defense , uupakan ka nyan at galit yan sa mga presidente na kung umasta parang diktador….magtaka kayo kay drilon, dating taga accra, the primemovers of coco levy which was a source of corruption, tapos ngayon kampi sa daang matuwid (aka railroad) ni pnoy…..pls read  articles of recent history (1969 -1986)

    • PaengSaAmerika

      Akala ko ba galit sa authoritarian president si Joker? Bakit love na love niya sina Coronarroyo?

      • robert

        si joker ang nag argue on behalf of the senate sa supreme court para hinde matuloy ang charter change na pakana ni gloria arroyo at mga kakampi nya (in effect, ma perpetuate ang regime ni gloria kung natuloy ang charter change)…siya din ang nag wa-warning kung maging aquino court at maging sunod sunoran sa kanya ang SC, nakabinbin pa naman yung sa SC ang luisita issue,….pls read articles of most recent history (2008-2011)

      • RomyMacalintal

         Mabuhay ka Joker!

        Mamatay na si Batman!!!

      • magcalasL

        WHAT A JERK. SINASAYANG MO LANG ANG SPACE, mag inom ka nalang dyan and keep your comments to yourself, you MORON

    • Kawawa

      Tama. These “pro-Aquino” kids are young squires charging into the fray without studying first.

  • DWAYNE11

    Naging pipi, bulag at bingi si Joker arroyo sa katotohanan at corruption ni GMA. kaya hanggang ngayon hindi na maayos at matuwid mag-isip…sayang yung dating magaling na Senador binulag ng corruption!

  • watot

    What Drilon and Mirriam says really doesn’t matter coz we knew which side are they. Equal 1-1 trial must go on…


    Ang sarap litsunin ni Drilon….

    • PaengSaAmerika

      Ang sarap i-prito ni Miriam.

      • diemhang

        kunsabagay.. kahit 5000 ulit-ulitin listronin si Drilon kayang-kaya mo…mas lalo na pag mag withdraw ka sa dollar account ng uncle corona mo

  • PaengSaAmerika

    Senator Miriam slowed down due to too much pressure she’s getting from different sectors. A petition from US Pinoys headed by Inquirer columnist Rodel Rodis is on the way to the ICC, declaring the lady senator unfit for the job. Nakakahiya kasi, baka doon pa magsabog ng lagim.

    • RomyMacalintal

       Feeling lang yang mga US Pinoys na yan
      Pauwiin nyo sila at dito sila ulit magtrabaho

      • sky bontal

        bakit, pinaghirapan din naman nila ang kumita sa amerika ah. kaya nga umalis kasi walang trabaho jan…

        pang grocery pa nang chief justice tax mo…

    • Kawawa

      Para namang kilala niyo si Miriam, e nasa US pala kayo. Noon pa ganyan yan. Ngayon niyo lang ba nakita? 

  • gpx

    politics is more fun in the Philippines! full of TRAPOS from malacanang down to barangay.

  • Carrmela

    I SUPPORT SEN. MIRIAM. The petitioners who want to discredit her to the ICC are like CRABS. let’s just be proud of her accomplishment.Unlike DRILON the BALIMBING she is more credible.

    • diemhang

      carmela.. ano kaya ang masasabi mo pag ganun parin ang asal ng tita brenda sa ICC?.. malamang sasabihin mo byaan nyo na.. full moon kasi ngaun..

      • Kawawa

        Do you think ICC is taking her for being meek and composed all the time? No way. They want her bravura, her imperious speech, her ability to command attention and her legal brilliance! 

      • ALDEA

        So what you mean is that ICC will appoint her not to a judge post but for being a legal consultant in a side bench… cause her ways and attitude can’t be tolerated in Europe or the US if she will seat as a judge in a court sala and have her ways she will then immediately be suspended or kick-out from ICC… di ba mas nakakahiya iyon sa lahing Filipino…

      • Kawawa

        Just FYI, the US is not part of the ICC. The thing is the ICC is not oblivious to her achievements, her reputation, and her demeanor as a court judge. She was like that even when she was a RTC judge. Even tighter.

    • magcalasL

      Let MIriam serve in the ICC, at least we can get rid of her in the senate, mababawasan ng sira ulo sa senado.

      • Mike Arrovo

        kupal ka pala e, ang galing mo siguro kaya kung makapintas ka sa kapwa mo. bobo!!

    • parekoy

       Hindi naman baka kasi magtungayaw din sa ICC kasi kulang sa anger management..siguro aral muna siya nyan bago siya punta dun….

  • virgoyap

    It’s a good point for joker arroyo. For the frirst time he is no longer joking. Keep up the good work Joker.  

    • Victor Cruz

       yan ci joker basta BAD ka GOOD ka,, dont forget ARROYO din yan,, basta ARROYO 4 sale sa highest bidder,..

  • Lorelei

    May edad na si Cuevas pero parang may kabastusan din na lumilitaw. Nawawala na yata sa hulog. He seems to disrespect Sen. Drilon. May halong pangungutya ang mga pahayag niya. The court should remind this old man about his actuation towards senator judges. Pag kakampi niya ang isang senador, hangang tainga ang ngiti niya. pag naman sa palagay niya ay sa kabilang panig, nawawala sa linya. just a reminder: Leave a legacy that will be treasured forever. Marami kang studyante na nakakapanood sa iyo. Be a good model.

    • RomyMacalintal

       Kahit ako ba naman humarap sa PORK, kukutyain ko rin yun.  Obvious na obvious yung PORK nya.

      • magcalasL

        Magcomment ka ng maayos hindi puro personal ang sinasabi mo. Wala ka sigurong utak na maayos to have a decent and intelligent opinion. Napakababa naman ng pinag aralan mo yata, ginamit mo pa ang pangalan ni Romy Macalintal na desenteng tao. Don;t hide on a different nam, magpakalalaki ka naman kung tunay kang lalaki.

      • adam_d_ant

        ay bobo …. mag comment daw ng maayos tapos nilait ang kausap ..

        hoy unggoy, madami ditong nang-iinis lang. … nang-uungoy lang … nakaktuwa kayong paglaruan …

        he. he. he… para bang oxford ka nag-aral … pero kung nag shopping ka din lang sa manhattan, sa rodeo drive, sa strip ,,, madami din ang nag shopping d’yan … kung ang mga anak mo ngayon nag-aaral sa nyu, sa columbia o sa harvard or yale … puwede ka ng magyabang..

        o nga pala bro … mas maganda naman ang school namin … very stringent ang requirements … smokey mountain school of higher learning … gusto mong mag enroll doon?

    • FD

      i totally agree. There’s something much worse than a dirty politician, that’s a lawyer with no sense of morality.

      • erisq2003

        Napansin ko na nga  yun e… Buti di na na contempt.. Di pa nga nag sorry sa Atty, C… pwede pala ata yun kase matanda na sya sa law..

  • Isidro

    Senator Drilon was the Executive Secretary during Cory Aquino’s term as president. Most likely, he is pro-Pnoy’s administration. Do you remember that State of the Nation speech by then President GMA in which Sen. Drilon, as Senate President, seated quitely in one corner of the  Batasan stage.  

  • Patas

    I watched the proceeding and from my opinion, cuevas was out of bounds on his swipe to drilon’s reading of a document NOT of Drilon’s opinion.
    drilon did not backed down and scolded cuevas.
    this resulted in cuevas having a bad hair day (no pun intended) all through out the proceeding yesterday.

  • Albin

    Super sipsip lang talaga si drilon.

    • shalom shalom

      e anu tawag kay brenda?

      • Jon


      • JordanSantos

        lady gaga

      • erisq2003

        Atleast consistent sya.. kaysa di na sya nag sasalita dahil defense na. Iba na dating nun pag di na sya namumuna.

  • dcjordan15

    Now that it’s the defense turn to present witnesses, Santiago purrs because the defense pets her… lol

  • gikiness

    Buti na lang hindi ako nakaboto noong tumakbo si Brenda for president, nanghinayang pa man din ako noon.

  • w4d

    Everything is being reversed….we’re back to square one….only, it’s the defense turn to screw things up; “Yer, Honor…our first witness, yer honor, Jack Sparrow” LOL.

  • iamnobody

    The senator then explained that if there was no need to present evidence on the matter of preliminary hearing, then “there is no need to present evidence on the affirmative defenses.” —wow. this reeks of denial of due process (?)

    • cali

      impeachment is dealt with LIBERALLY…..

      • iamnobody

        huh? liberality should not amount to a denial of due process. why is it that the prosecution can present evidence on its claims, while the defense is denied the right to present evidence on its defenses? labo rin e.

  • cali

    Mr Cuevas, as i can’t call you justice because you yourself cannot practice it. but anyway just a query on your way of handling this case. Since you are an INC member, i like to know if your sect has taught its flock to be honest in their dealing and to show the truth and not teach others to LIE?  

    • kypros

      INC is a sect that was built or grew from lies and adultery.

      • pakita_ko_sayo


      • Manuel_II

         tol, delikado yan, baka ka ma salvage ng INC, alam naman natin na ang simbahan nila ay Armory din, LOL

    • boypalaban


  • Malik62

    BS Aquino x3 should be careful with Drilon as he is only loyal to himself. As a matter of fact, Drilon, Abad and Roxas are conniving to relegate BS into the sideline and this triumvirate will be the one who will run the country!

  • Francis81

    Mali ata ang headline. Dapat Santiago purrs, Drilon Oinked.

    • boypalaban


    • kilroy

      should be santiago straightjacketed, drilon roars. :D

  • Gurruod

    Sabi ko sa inyo e. Hindi mapipigilan ang mga senador sa kanilang gagawin upang manalo ang kanilang manok. Si Drilon ang manok niya ay GUILTY si Corona.

    Ganoon pa man, ganito ang kalalabasan ng Senate vote:

    CONVICT                               NOT GUILTY
    Drilon & 5 others               Enrile & 16 others

    • Boypickup555

      Hula-hula ka pa GUILTY si Corona!

    • pakita_ko_sayo

       Another haka haka. Out of order, Mr.Senate President.

    • thunderbolt01

      Yan ang katotohanan. Sayang lang ang pagod ng kapalmuks na oink oink.

      • boypalaban


    • boypalaban


    • reisandoval

      wag muna magbilang,hindi pa pisa ang itlog. malaman sa dulo…….

  • Avon Sinajon

    bakit? di ba pwedeng si Sen. Drilon muna ang mag-ingay at si Sen. Miriam ay demure muna? 

    • lapera

      Korek!  At saka may sense naman si Drilon,   si Miriam puro bunganga, dakdak lang.  Marunong din naman pala maging MEEK AS A LAMB.

    • JJF724

      you got a point Avon… can I take you out for dinner?

  • RubenC

    The verbal tussle only shows that Drilon is an honorable gentleman while Miriam is a swell-headed, rude and cantankerous old intellectual prostitute.

    • Edwin

      Do you think oink oink is honorable?

      • pinoyako888

        ..and do you think kooky Santiago honorable?…if so, then both of you should see the same doctor.

      • relojero1

        Its is you what you eat look at Drilon there is no denial he is a pig


    In order to be respected, one must learn to listen first before he speaks or interrupts others who are still talking.

  • Concur_Dissent

    Yang si miriam santiago may tinitignan may tinititigan.  Si Tupas ni hindi sing kulit ni cuevas kung sabunin ni miriam just-just lang… Tapos kay cuevas msiadong mahinahon.  Dapat nga mas pagalitan nya si cuevas, kasi matanda na eto at dapat alam na nya ang batas!  Hindi nag bitaw si miriam ng salitang ‘let me educate you” kahit na malinaw na ine-educate nya yung matandang cuevas na yan na two years lang na justice of the supreme court!

    • Abnoynoy

      ‘di kasi stupid si cuevas kaysa kay tupas ganun lang ‘yun… makinig at maintindihan ang usapin. kahit 2 years lang umupo talagang justice ng supreme court… makinig makinig makinig… stupid…

      • boypalaban


      • Concur_Dissent

        bulag, bingi at bobo ka! Kasi anak ka ng mapagbigay na babaeng aso!!

  • EdgarEdgar

    Reversal of roles: Santiago purrs, Drilon roars.

    Not really. Drilon’s been trying so hard to roar all along. Only he ends up sounding like a pig consistently. A dirty pig who lost his neck to gluttony. A dirty pig who consumes too much that’s why Filipinos have less to eat. A dirty pig who soiled himself and is now enjoying his own fecal matter. Drilon the dirty pig, will try to roar and soar, only to fall flat on his dirty pig snout.

    • Lopez_Chaena

      Stick to the issue, you’re sounding like a child.

    • I Love This game

      You sounds like you are a dirty PIG too!!! :) hahaha! JAWK!!!

    • JJF724


    • boypalaban


    • denguesixtyone

      EdgarEdgar, you can offer a better argument than comparing a person to a pig. Personal attacks don’t count in an intelligent discussion.

    • akobait

      grabe ang galit mo..very dirty words in your comment

    • Marlou Wang

       u r 3x pig!!! u idiot… u have 3 fingers point at u!!!

      • adam_d_ant

        marlu buwang 

        sumasabay ka naman ke edgar .. iisang sentence lang ang na post mo littered pa ng error … huwag ka ng mag ingles  … puwede naman baboy talk eh ..

        oink oink oink …

        ang mga nauuto talaga ni budoy …. ngeee

  • pat3k

    juana change!

  • EdgarEdgar

    Because Drilon could not argue the case for the prosecution, he uses his arrogance to silence the validity of Cuevas. Hiding in senatorial robe, that is all a Drilon can do. But even in his robe, Drilon can’t contain his stink and foul breath. Even Mr. GQ Toby Tiangco had to remove his shoes to neutralize the stench emanating from Drilon nearby. From his union-busting days in the 80s to present, Drilon never fails to stink and give pigs a bad name.



      • EdgarEdgar

        Lol! Charlie played Hitler, too.

      • TGM_ERICK


      • TGM_ERICK

        I was just telling you a joke.  WHY do you have to use lol? 

      • EdgarEdgar

        I get a lot of hitlers from others, too. It’s lol.

      • TGM_ERICK

        lol means fool in tagalog is it not?

      • EdgarEdgar

        Lol is laughing out loud.

      • TGM_ERICK

        Sorry?  What Is :

        if you don’t mind answering.

      • EdgarEdgar

        At least from what my granddaughter told me:

        FU is fcuk you
        LMAO is laughing my azz off
        ROTL is rolling on the floor (laughing uncontrollably)

      • TGM_ERICK

        thanks, but the first one is really bad!

      • EdgarEdgar

        Lol again :D

      • TGM_ERICK

        When you use lol, intimidating laugh isn’t it? and what’s the meaning of :D? Lol!!

      • EdgarEdgar

        Lol is not intimidating laughter, just laughing and enjoying one’s time. :D is smiley, although right-side up. Lol!

      • TGM_ERICK

        Okay. i understand. i witharaw my scathing comments. I am sorry.

      • TGM_ERICK

        I really don’t like lol! Please please avoid using it in your response to me. I feel uncomfortable with it.

      • EdgarEdgar

        No worries. Will keep that in mind next time.

      • TGM_ERICK

        Thanks, for being accommodating. :-)

      • TGM_ERICK


      • TGM_ERICK


  • boypalaban


  • boypalaban


  • boypalaban

    3. ATTY JOSE ROY III (tamang tama 3 nga)

  • Hfxwst

    Has Miriam ever been checked for a medical condition that is the cause of her tantrums?  Her behavior looks like bi polar, or onset of menopause, diabetes, or some other hormonal imbalance. Clearly her behavior cannot be considered as normal.

    She should delay her departure to the International Court pending a thorough medical examination.   The International court will not tolerate her outbursts – would be considered intolerable for a judge or other official – it is only here in the Philippines where she is indulged for her entertainment value.

    Her husband should be nominated as a Saint and provided with a lifetime supply of ear plugs!

    • Ratzkey

       if she has some issues about attitude and mental stability, she would have already done the same to the defense what she did to the prosecution. pero bakit maamo pa siya sa tupa sa defense? it just shows that she is a trapo and not mentally retarded. plain and simple, she does not deserve respect as a person, a lawyer or a judge in the impeachment much more a spot in the ICC. she is just an embarassment to herself and the country. she has no pedigree period. better advise the husband to buy a mirror for her than earplugs it would really help.

    • Madame_XX

      Histrionic Personality Disorder

      Symptoms from the National Institute of Health include:

      Constant seeking of reassurance or approval
      Excessive dramatics with exaggerated displays of emotions
      Excessive sensitivity to criticism or disapproval
      Inappropriately seductive appearance or behavior
      Excessive concern with physical appearance
      A need to be the center of attention
      Low tolerance for frustration or delayed gratification
      Rapidly shifting emotional states that may appear shallow to others
      Opinions are easily influenced by others but difficult to back up with details
      Tendency to believe that relationships are more intimate than they actually are

    • Marlou Wang

       ganun yun kasi frustrated president!

      • noeltabaz2

        Maybe she should have been.  Only if the elections was not marred of cheating.  Her protest could have won had she not run for senator while her protest was pending.

  • Ruben

    Yes, Drilon roars like a wild pig.

    • BeMe_2

      don’t you have anything intelligent to argue on?

      • denguesixtyone

        I agree. They prove that their mouth are the dirtiest part of their bodies because of the words that come out of them. All they see are pigs except themselves.

    • Jetthro Hernandez

      yeah he looks like a boar on the floor.  wanting to be like miriam. what an intelligent observation.

  • pinoyako888

    it is expected that Santiago will be be gentle as a dove as long as the defense counsel is on the floor for obvious reason….and, of course, there is now a petition against her election or appointment at the ICC kaya alalay muna si Mrs. Topak

    • Hfxwst

      I would support that petition.  Her behavior would be embarrassing to the Philippines if she pulls one of her tantrums –  the West would not consider it entertaining as we do,  they would see it as behavior unbecoming a Judge;  like a child indulged by her parents and not raised well.   Which clearly is the truth.

      • Pedro

        but i’d rather have her as Ph President that A B N O Y 

      • NoronJamel

         Then go find yourself your own country of BRENDA!

      • obionekenobi

        ad hominem is the resort of one who lacks reason in a debate

      • boypalaban


      • obionekenobi

        to appear stupid is the actuation of peaheads

  • dipakosigurado

    Poooooffff! There goes the strongest Article 2 daw…..wala na talaga, bistado na sinungaling si BIR Henarse, exaggerated ang LRA list of properties, 8 titles agad taken down the 21 daw
    na properties….at may bonus pa…narinig pa natin ang goings on in the House, while
    the impeachment was being pushed down the throat of everyone….GO TOBY TIANGCO!

    You are a true HERO….HERO…HERO! I am so proud of you, and I am not eve from Navotas!

    • Josephus


    • Jetthro Hernandez

      Addict naman daw si Tiangco.  Tsk tsk tsk.  Kawawa naman pala ang lahat ng kalaban ni Penoy… sinungaling, magnanakaw, adik… 

      • Peregrino Natividad


  • dinddong

    Senator Santiago is not fit to be as International Court Judge, she should be remove.

    • Guest


    • Peregrino Natividad

      Of course try to read Raissa Robles blogs!

  • dinddong

    Ngayon mabait na si Sen. Santiago parang manok na nabasa.

    Cuevas, acting like, he is somebody, I dont like him.

  • BatangSingapore

    totoo ang kasabihan na kapag ugaling buwaya at baboy ka ay mag reflect ito sa pisikal mong anyo.  salamat kay Drillon at siya ang buhay na ebidensya.

    • titolim

      kabayan huwag kang mang lait ng kapwa mo filipino, isipin mo wala kang binatbat sa dalawang kinokumpara mo.

      • Peregrino Natividad

        hahaha “freedom of expression” ito. Say that in Assad’s Country – SYRIA!

      • BatangSingapore

        wala talaga akong binatbat dahil hindi ako magnanakaw.  gumagawa ako ng mga bagay na palaging pabor sa mas nakakarami.

        hayaan mo sa susunod kamkamin ko lupain mo kung meron.

    • boypalaban


  • Lopez_Chaena

    iingay ng mga Ilongo, :) pasinsya lang gid ta meriam kag to frank kay mian gid ko sa inyo.

    • Peregrino Natividad

      There are many Illonggos too that are more mild and well-manered.  Miswah is an exception.. Chinese made kasi…. incidentally miswa… is also same brand in Indonesia. Coincidence?

      • Lopez_Chaena

        By nature, all Ilonggos are mild and well manered, however they play hard, work hard and fight harder.

  • wawa2172

    Miriam could not be faulted on her attitude at the impeachment court. I myself have a lot of expectations from the prosecution at first but was frustrated by the blitzkrieg strategy of the lower house in preparing the case and the way below performance of the the prosecutors in the impeachment court. I am sure that Miriam would also do the same if the defense lawyers would do same mess that the prosecution did at the impeachment court. Give Miriam a chance to show your meanest side at she would sure go ballistic whoever you are. Frank Drillon is another species, he is simply a lapdog of Noy and obviously is feed with choice cut of pork. His leading questions to help the prosecution as if he is a lawyer of the prosecutor is something that a respectable judge should not do. Fair? not with Frank, he use to be a lap dog of the little lady but after singing “If we hold on together” for her nag madaling tumalikod dahil di nagustuhan nang mga mamayan ang kanyang boses and now he is singing the same for Noy.  

    • Peregrino Natividad

      Hahaha Filipino politicians are useless…. You agree or disagree depending who is feeding you.  It is a matter of economic survival…What happened to De Venezia? Supsup din iyon ni Glow… Perhaps he went to Venice (Italy).

  • scconcern

    Lumalabas ang kulay ni Miriam…Korakotna flea yata siya…Bakit biglang tameme….Dpat gawin niya yung gawain niya nung prosecution ang nagpalabas. Sabi niya ganoon na siya di mababago. Nagpa-epal lang siya noon…
    Ay talagang boo whaaaah ang na si Mirriam.

    • Peregrino Natividad

      Actions speaks louder than words..In the first half of the Thief’s Trial… Miswah” words speaks louder… and the 2nd Thief Trial… Miswah’s actions speaks louder. hhahaha

  • RJ

    Atty got a tongue lashing and cited in contempt and got almost a detention for just covering his ears and just being true why he did what he did because he is just an ordinary lawyer. Atty Cuevas did not even get any warning for directly accusing a judge of acting as prosecutor, directly engaging in an argument with a judge, interrupting a speaking judge without securing permission from the presiding judge, and even have the guts to tell the judge “go ahead” when reminded that the judge is still speaking. This is because Cuevas is a high profile lawyer and untouchable.
       Of the two incidents, Cuevas should have been given a stern contempt. It shows Cuevas has no manners pertaining to Court Rules. I commend Sen. Drilon for keeping his poise and did not cite Cuevas in Contempt although Cuevas deserved that contempt.

    • Peregrino Natividad

      Mark my woord… Cuevas will be someday be chastised in this Impeachment Trial… when he cannot put an end to his unbriddled tongue. I asked my white friend and he said to me : Is he a man or a monkey?”

  • ddano

    One of  the rare occasions when Brenda and the Joke have their lucid moments. May there be more of this during the succeeding hearings in the impeachment court. Please God.

    • pave25

      Because it was an intelligent debate.

      Kahit sila may disagreement kay Cuevas, reason ang ginagamit ni Cuevas to support his position. 

      Do not worry ddnao, from now on with the defense turn, the debates will be as lucid as this is, This is not an exception. Basta mga disente at matatalinong tao ang nagdedebate, kahit may disagreement, may resolution at mayron matututuhan ang mga manonoood.

      Nang mag rule si Enrile, shut up na is Cuevas. Kaya lang naman nagaalboroto is Brenda kapag paulit ulit ang prosecution, wala namang bagong sinasabi, kaya sabi nya YOUR HONOR THERE HAS TO BE AN END TO THIS….

      Ang hindi masikmura ni BRENDA AY MGA ARGOMENTO tulad ng ” MAY SMALL LADY NA NAG ABOT SA KIN NG ENVELOPE, DI KO MADISCRIBE ANG FEATURES NYA AT DI KO SYA KINILALA, pero heto sa kin ang envelope at may laman na importanteng evidence para sa min…”

      Sino ba naman ang makaksikmura sa mga arguments based on “small ladies”

      • Peregrino Natividad

        Small ladies or small butterflies are just pigment of imagination… if one believes it then one is a fool…. Do you also believe in “virgin” Mary? Or do you believe that in the red light  district of Manila (Ermita) their are also many Marys but no longer virgin?

  • rjimenez1226

    This is an idiotic article from this reporter again. Drilon’s action is not even a shadow of Miriam’s tantrums and ugly mood swings. i confine na si Miriam sa mental hospital.

    • Peregrino Natividad

      At least mental institutions are much better here abroad… they stay in comfortable environment and well taken cared of not like mental institutions of poor countries. Maybe that is the reason why she want to go to the Netherlands… because mental institutions here are more comfortable than in the Philippines.

  • pepengkabayo

    Reversal of roles: Santiago purrs, Drilon roars….

    What can you expect from Drilon,just like Santiago, both want attention.
    They have common denominator….both are Ilongos, noted for La Paz Batchoy and electric fan to get some air.
    Ditto with Tupaz, the junior KSP also from Iloilo. Talagang mahihilo ka sa tatlong itong taga Iloilo parang mga Ipo Ipo, malakas ang dating ng hangin.
    Di ba To…ginapala, ginapiko.

    • Peregrino Natividad

      I don’t like that comments… You are stereotyping people according to their region of origin.. Their are good and bad apples in same manner there are good and badPampangos… Do I have to mention Lapid and Gloria?

  • pave25

    The headline is not true.

    Kahit noong testimony ng PS BAnk ay nanggagalaiti na si Drillon at Osema, pati na nung testimony ng mga real property developers.

    Basta hindi maimplicate si Corona, galit si Drillon.

    • Peregrino Natividad

      Drilon and Osmena (hindi lahat na Bisaya ay Bastos) like someone who every where knew already… Let us not mention name just call her MisWah1 (chinese noodles).

  • juandelacruzii

    halata na si sen miriam with her acquittal decision

  • Peregrino Natividad

    Willy nilly Cuevas wanted to foot around with Senator Judges this time testing if his antics will work again.. Akala nito o-obra ang kanyang “kabuangan” (Illonggo for “Kalukuhan”. Kung “defective” ang Impeachment galing sa Lower House e… bago ipinasa sa Upper House, maypanahaon pa silang Defense na mag-oppose nito either sa Supreme Court first or if not upon the first  day of the trial some 28 days nakara-an. Nabudgetan na itong Impeachment Trial…. naka gasto na para sa mga suot ng mga Senator-Judges… naka-antay na ang taong bayan…nakahanda na ang media..nabayaran na ang Defense Panel ang lahat na abogado nila bayad na…NGAYON ipa-hinto na nila ang Impeachmen? TAMA BA?

  • Opel

    a lot of legal controversies are intentionally brought up by the defense even to the extent of baiting senator judges not sympathetic to their cause. they are preparing the submission of any adverse decision to the supreme court na alam nilang kakampi nila

  • allandel

    there is now a move for ICC to reconsider their choice of miriam – the reason? she cannot be impartial. i am very sorry for this development. akala ko talaga, we will finally have a filipino in the court but it appears that ICC is monitoring the impeachment trial and they are now deliberating whether to rescind miriam’s appointment or not. too bad.

    • hakudaten

      It won’t prosper! The ICC is unlike the Philippine Government where “politics” is the name of the game.

      What is disturbing is that “fellow Filipinos which LIVES in the US” are the one who started this petition…. crab mentality is in effect here. Some are against Santiago, some are not.

  • EdgarEdgar

    This is the side of Miriam’s sweet feline tenderness that we do not often get to see. Because there are too many fools in the halls of congress and the senate, she has to be smart. Because there’s too much noisy rhetoric, she has to be outspoken and sometimes at the risk of being less than feminine. Because there are too many men and not enough women in our life-threatening politcs, she has to work many times as hard to strike a balance. And because many are weak, Miriam is being strong for all of us. She may purr like the sweetest Ilongga when the mood calls for it but deep down inside she’s an iron lady with the heart of a lioness, fortified by a rare integrity whiter than yellow and wisdom accumulated from ages past. This is the kind of woman that our fairy little president will never be. This is the cat-lady who will outshine our fairy little president at any drag-costume party. This is the lady that even the pentagon and CIA have to take their hats off to in ICC. This is the lady that will make us Filipinos proud again.

    • boypalaban


  • quphal

    dapat dyan kay tililing lagyan ng tag sa noo katulad sa pinoy henyo. ang nakasulat “NOT GUILTY”
    halatang-halata ka loka-loka.

  • asking alexandria


  • asking alexandria



    What i could construe about the deadly  outbursts of the brilliant senadora before was the pent up anger over  P-noy who she could not directly hit.  Sometimes women do feel like that whenever they cannot retaliate.  More so with bipolars.  Alone perhaps she suffered in silence but when confronted with the surrogate cause she couldn’t control. 

    Drilon, could not help but be a lion, to cover for the lost on that day of the trial.

  • Winnie_97

    Eversince PNoy became president, I seldom buy Inquirer newspapers or visit its online page. It’s so sad because Inquirer, like ABS CBN Channel 2, have become obvious blind follwers of this administration. All their headlines, news articles, are bent on protecting PNoy and hitting those who are against him.

    • CheapJ

      Sorry to hear that. Better yet, pay a visit to GMA. This may make you feel better.

  • Winnie_97

    Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago is a brilliant constitutional and international lawyer. She knws what she’s doing, she knows what she’s talking about, she knows when to speak or just plain listen.

    • Paul Mercury

       mareng winnie…..classmate ba kayo sa loob ni mam?  for sure marami kayong imaginary friends…..s abrenda ang sarap ,sa brenda ang ligaya ….

  • Winnie_97

    Sen. Santiago, millions of Filipinos believe in you. that’s why you were elected twice as a senator. Don’t listen to a number of paid detractors who is assigned to write bad things about you on the Internet. We are proud of you for recently being elected as ICC judge. However, we will surely miss your wit and charm in the Senate.

    • Reynaldo Quijada

       You must be one of her relatives and staff!

  • KapitanBagwis

     The Petition reads:

    “We have taken the liberty of writing to you on behalf of
    concerned Filipino organizations and individuals in the Philippines and
    overseas who subscribe to and actively advocate the goal of competent,
    honest, and progressive governance of our homeland, the Philippines.

    “We are respectfully bringing to your attention a serious
    matter that affects the image and reputation of the Philippines and,
    potentially, the image and reputation of the International Criminal

    “In addition to mastery of international jurisprudence and
    forensic skills, we assume that you also require a sound mind, emotional
    and psychological stability, unsullied integrity and incorruptibility,
    as well as patience, civility and impeccable decorum.

    “We submit that a person who is emotionally or psychologically
    unstable, prone to fits of uncontrollable rage, lacking in patience and
    empathy, ruthless with the feelings of fellow human beings, bereft of
    civility and uncaring about decorum does not deserve a place in your
    honorable court.

    “We further submit that an individual who has admitted to
    having publicly lied and who has demonstrated partiality, prejudice,
    lack of principles and questionable integrity as a public official does
    not deserve to be a judge, much less a judge of the International
    Criminal Court.

    “In this regard, we regret to inform you that such an
    undeserving individual has been elected to the International Criminal
    Court, in a lapse of good judgment on the part of the government of the
    Republic of the Philippines.

    “We are referring to Miriam Defensor-Santiago, a member of the
    Philippine Senate, who has been elected to the International Criminal
    Court and is shortly scheduled to take her oath of office.

    “We are bringing this matter to your attention for fear that
    you may construe her uncivilized behavior and her loose ethics as
    epitomizing the Filipino people. While, ironically, it should be a
    source of pride for Filipinos to have one of our own elected to your
    honorable court, we are embarrassed by the ill-considered nomination of
    Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago. Far from representing the best of us,
    she typifies the worst. We fear that her presence in the International
    Criminal Court will make us the laughing stock of the world.

    “We, therefore, respectfully submit that a reconsideration of
    her election to the International Criminal Court is called for and that
    her nomination be rejected upon reconsideration.”  ~ US Pinoys for Good Governance ~ Article of Dr P. Chua of MALAYA

    • arthur1401

      “We submit that a person who is emotionally or psychologically “…unstable, prone to fits of uncontrollable rage, lacking in patience and empathy, ruthless with the feelings of fellow human beings, bereft of civility and uncaring about decorum does not deserve a place in your honorable court.”
      The above quote fittingly described Miriam. This is somewhat similar to what I’ve been saying about her in the past. Thank you for posting the above petition. I hope the ICC will sit, discuss and remove the chair in the ICC court reserved for Miriam. She does not deserve to be there. 

      • KapitanBagwis

         Thank you and we share the same sentiment.


    What’s the meaning of :D?

  • Bert

    Drilon blew his top over remarks of the lead defense counsel, Serafin Cuevas, that the senator was SOUNDING LIKE A MEMBER OF THE PROSECUTION. Drilon has repeatedly been slammed for helping the prosecution fish for evidence.
    Sounding like or ACTING LIKE?

  • albert

    sipsip or tuta ba si D?

  • dukling

    Surely, it is only Santiago and Enrile who have the knowledge, wisdom and the ability to articulate and communicate in very effective manner the rules of the law. Without these two people, you can just imagine how embarrasing the senate would be. It would look like the filipino congress in made up of people whose IQ is close to that of monkeys…whatever that would be,,,,well, most of them look like monkeys, behave like monkeys, talk like monkeys, anyways..and how could they be blamed…they were voted into office by their fellow monkeys….

  • parefrank

    to KapitanBagwis
    Santiago undeserving? From which planet are you? She has an education and career record of which others are not even dreaming. Like Enrile, Cuevas and, yes, like it or not,Corona too. That is the reason why she was elected to the International Court by UN members, not by the Philippines. Do you want someone there like Tupas, who needs to be lectured at near anything he takes on?

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