Wells Fargo says BPO operations vote of confidence in Philippines


MANILA, Philippines—The decision of US-based Wells Fargo & Co. to set up their business process outsourcing operations in the Philippines is a vote of confidence in the quality of the local workforce, according to the firm’s officials in the country.

More importantly, the banking giant plans to further expand its newly opened BPO facility in McKinley Hill Cyberpark in Taguig City to accommodate triple the number of employees it currently has.

“At present, we employ 180 team members in our current facility, but this can house as many as 450 to 500 seats,” said Wells Fargo Philippines Solutions communications manager Theresa Lariosa in an interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer. “We have two floors in McKinley Hill for this, and we expect them to be fully occupied by yearend.”

She explained that the Philippine BPO unit of the US’ second-largest bank is also constructing a purpose-built building within the same Megaworld site, with completion of the first phase expected by early 2013.

“The first phase of that new building will be occupied by the first quarter of 2013, and it can accommodate up to 1,500 seats,” she said. “All in all, the facility will have three phases.”

Lariosa pointed out that the building plans indicated a “fast-growing” local operation for Wells-Fargo that has been seen to contribute significantly to the expected 120,000 new BPO employees in 2012.

At present, the Philippine BPO industry employs about 450,000 workers, mostly in call center facilities, making it the world’s leader in the sector, ahead of rival India. In recent years, however, industry leaders have begun to emphasize a shift in the local industry from call center work to higher value-added work like outsourced engineering, animation and IT services.

Lariosa said that Wells Fargo’s Philippine operations would serve only the needs of the US bank in terms of customer support, specifically the credit card concerns of its customers, as well as credit collection services.

“Magaling ang Pilipino (The Filipino is excellent),” she said. “We’re here because we believe in the skills of our BPO workers.”

The industry has the backing of the administration of President Benigno Aquino III, which hopes to see some 1.3 million Filipinos employed in BPO centers by 2016. It also hopes to double the total of the industry’s revenues to around $25 billion during the same time frame.

These plans come amid a backlash in the US against the outsourcing by large corporations of back office work to cheaper locations like the Philippines and India, amid the high unemployment rate on the US mainland.

Outsourcing, in fact, has become a hot button issue in the ongoing political debate ahead of the November 2012 US presidential elections, with both main parties announcing plans to curb incentives for corporations to send back office work overseas.

Aquino administration officials believe, however, that the local BPO industry will continue to grow given the large supply of English-speaking college graduates in the Philippines who work in call centers for a fraction of what US-based employees would have to be paid for the same output.

Originally posted at 01:10 am | Sunday, March 11,  2012

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VY25ZOHU3FJFFX6CYSH5W4AX3I sugbu

    very encouraging news….the Filipinos would really appreciate such a favorable gestures.Thanks.

  • http://jaoromero.com/ Jao Romero

    i’ve been harping on this for sometime. the bill won’t pass. corporations own American congress.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aldin.rrt Al Calde

    thanks.. can wells fargo have a starting salary of p50T in the philippines?

    • mrtn

      Kaya nga mag outsource sa PInas para makamura eh… LOL

  • Reyjohn

    This is a probably concession for the 6000 troops allowed in the Philippines relocated from base for reduction of personnel in Okinawa.

    • efriend

      Cheap shot. Give more credit to the outstanding Bonifacio Global City location plus the Filipino worker.

    • Mark Suarez

       and what’s your basis? just be thankful to these blessings given to our country.  Matuto kang makuntento sa kung ano ang binibigay sa iyo, hindi ung binigyan ka na nga, bibigyan mo pa ng masamang malisya.

    • Alajero

      …another conspiracy theorist…you should write a geopolitical novel…
      …Philippines should compensate our US troops..for protecting you from China…
      …Sometimes…all it takes is for you to say … thank you….for we are the ones paying the bills…and PH is not exactly a paradise for our kids…who are in transition to go to college…once done with their volunteer service in the US military…

      • Reyjohn

        Philippines should compensate US troops? Are you insane? Phils is not at war with China why would Philippines welcome foreign troops in its soil? What’s the connection with US troops and your kids going to college?

      • Alajero

        …that’s what i thought…you don’t really understand what is going on….
        …or you are a chinese spy….
        …well, regards to your red handlers….and enjoy the kung pao chicken and chow mein noodles…

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LPLWHPS7B5WPHPRAREXBIP2BIY renato

        Red handlers? You are in a time warp. Communism is long dead; China is more capitalist than America. Where have you been?

      • efriend

        I have to agree with you Renato. I am sick and tired of Alajero giving labels to people he doesn’t know.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LPLWHPS7B5WPHPRAREXBIP2BIY renato

        “…protecting you from China.”???? Huh? This guy is a dreamer.

      • Guest

        You are a total doofoos. You are not aware that the US is 1.5 Trillion$ in dollars in debt with China, the largest nation that the US is in debt from. US is in the risk of default like Greece and needs to borrow more in the next months just to operate. Philippines is a net creditor to the US and holds 21$ billion dollars in US Treasury bills basically debt of US to Phil govt.

      • Alajero

        …yeah right…don’t pretend you know what you are talking about…
        …it’s all about good credit….of course china knows we are not defaulting…so they buy treasury bills…it’s the only safe place in town..because, what will they do with their money…bury them?  hey..we pay them interest…

        …net creditor…you are funny…and you should know i am being nice…for holding my punches…

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TRUZN2N2YPID54MOEHLF7WJ5CU Triponio Aparador

      I don’t think its part of concession. The marine base and the units displaced in Japan are being relocated to Guam. Relocating in the Phil is a gamble given the “crabs” among the Filipinos. Moreso, the Americans won’t kill themselves through the noise pollution the reds create in Manila streets. In the meantime let’s be contented with the oppurtunities Wells Fargo bring. Maybe next time America will relocate Fort Knox in the Philippines.

  • efriend

    Good news Philippines!  If only the Filipinos, especially the politicians, know that this is HUGE. Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. Kudos to the PNoy administration.

    • Alajero

      …don’t give too much credit on your Idol…not so much fan of GMA…but you should give credit to whom it is due….
      …Mr. Aquino have not done much for you guys…other than his daily circus show…

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LPLWHPS7B5WPHPRAREXBIP2BIY renato

        Typical crab mentality.

  • Ross18

    Good news for a change. Mabuhay po ang Pilipinas.

  • Alajero

    …anti-outsourcing bill in the US is not going to happen…even Mr. Aquino, who is an economics major and who resides in Virginia at some point…should know better…
    …because, it does not make economic sense…for US businesses…

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LPLWHPS7B5WPHPRAREXBIP2BIY renato

      I believe Mr. Aquino lived in Boston not Virginia. erratum.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ULJ4YQMZP4IO6T3N2Z4NFAZJ7I Aye Neps

    billions of dollors earn and gain 18% , bakit daming nasa squater bakit di ma pa bahayan mga yan, kahit halagang 50thousand lang pumunta kayo sa mga probensya mga bahay duon gawa sa barong barong.. heyyyyyyyy its all numbers ang nakikinabang sa mga bilyon na yan is malalaking bituka na mga congressman at governador.. Pres. Noy hanga ako sayo. pero plssss naman kahit sa twenty thousand libong peso mapagawa na ninyo ng mga barong barong mga kababayan natin.. maawa kayo. wag ibigay lahat sa mga congressman at senador. remember tatay congressman anak governador. isang anak mayor.. sa kanila lang yan pa punta. puro gimik. aksyon naman.

    • Reyjohn

      Aye that is more practically called earmarking in Congress. You should contact your district representative and have the taxes collected from these new BPO’s to be re-allocated to the poor of your district, that’s how it works.

    • Patas

      Not all squatters are poor people and not all poor people live in squatters area.
      Mas marami pa ngang bagong appliances yung mga squatters sa amin, kaysa sa loob ng bahay namin. Mas marami pa nga silang pera pang-inom, pang-sugal kaysa sa amin na kumakayod ng husto. Sila libre sa bahay, umaasa pa ng libreng pabahay mula sa gobyerno sa sandaling sila ay i-demolish.
      Yes, marami rin ang mahihirap talaga pero hindi rin maikakaila na maraming nasa squatters area, kaya sila nandoon ay dahil na rin sa kagustuhan nila.
      Kung nanaisin nila, makakaahon naman sila sa kahirapan, sipag at tyaga lang talaga, samahan ng sakripisyo para ang susunod na henerasyon hindi matulad sa buhay nila sa ngayon.
      Kapag malaking bahagi ng gastusin sa buhay ay libre ng ibinibigay ng gobyerno o lipunan, hindi na nagsisikap ang tao, umaasa na lang sa grasyang makukuha para sa kinabukasan.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TCQMRK4HVOSF2IGML46TAGKMXU Benjamin

    This blogger named Alajero seems to be a Fil-American the way he defends U.S. interests worldwide.  You dont have to write everything in English because that only shows you were formerly a Pinoy citizen who became a naturalized American after residing in the States for some time.  Halata namang dati kang Pinoy na ngayon ay nagpipilit na maging American sounding at pilit na ikinakaila ang pagiging Pilipino noon.  For your info, I am also a naturalized citizen but I never disavow my heritage much more my being a pure pinoy at heart.  I am happy with all the improvements in the Philippines right now and the way Pres. Aquino is giving his full attention trying to eradicate graft and corruptions which as far as we know have been the dirtiest image of the Philippines abroad.  I and the rest of the Fil-Ams here in Florida support the current administration in their endeavor to rid the government of corruption and dispose people who continue to besmirch the image of the Philippines.

    • simplelife1065


    • Reyjohn

      Kudos to Fil-Am’s who are still sympathetic to the lives of the common Filipinos. Problem with some Pinoys who went and settled abroad is berate the ordinary Pinoys living in the Philippines so to feel higher and improved than when they were in Phils, and thus have their deflated egos boosted a little bit.

    • Alajero

      …benjamin…of all the other bloggers…you should know why we spend time blogging…because we care…
      …and for you to claim that you are a better filipino…just because you agree with the Mr. Aquino’s methods..is preposterous…
      …you know we live by the “rule of law” everyday…and yet you don’t advocate it for your old country….it just shows …you still don’t get it…
      …did you ever imagine…Pres Obama ridiculing the US chief of justice…and even ask the congress to impeach?…
      ..don’t be ridiculous…
      …you know we sequester our jurors…so they don’t get influenced by the media…why do you agree with Mr. Aquino’s second guessing the senate court ..with his “solid evidence” bull crap…
      …you are just a naturalized citizen…and I am not…for I take these ideals seriously…and I want to take them to my old country….because I know they work…
      …and you…you are just a f_cking conformist….and you are not helping the cause…
      …and, i am speaking to you in the language that we all understand…

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LPLWHPS7B5WPHPRAREXBIP2BIY renato

        You are right there– US jury system is less prone to outside influence.  There is a problem indeed with the Philippine justice system wherein a sole person (a judge) makes decisions on cases.  These judges are prone to outside influence, suhol, and the like.  (Kaya nga may kasabihan dito, ang hustisya ay para sa mayayaman lamang.)  Take the case of the family of Cristina Corona who filed a case against Cristina’s unlawful takeover of the BGEI.  Sa lower court pa lang pinatay na ni CJ Renato Corona.  Kung jury system siguro hindi makakalusot ito. So please do not use Obama vs. US Chief Justice as an analogy.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MDOEHEMLNVSTET7ZCS2MKQ7WRI Flavio

         the question is , may supreme court justice ba ang USA na kasing kapal at kasing corrupt ni corona ??? WALA !!!! owned.

      • honorable_guest

        maybe because bush did not make a midnight appointment in the first place? so obama has none to ridicule.

      • susanchi2

        You are very right.

      • Alajero

        …no because ….the judiciary is an independent branch…and its independence is respected…and is answering directly to the american people…

      • Reyjohn

        Check your facts Alajero your mouth is as doofoos as ur brain. Obama criticized openly in public Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Alito.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LPLWHPS7B5WPHPRAREXBIP2BIY renato

      Yup this Alajero is a fake, trying so hard to be an American, pagamit-gamit pa ng El Filibusterismo sa kanyang avatar. Shameless.Mabuhay pa rin ang Pilipinas!

      • Alajero

        …i believe benjamin…but i don’t believe you…
        …i can tell by your…yellow brigade accent…

      • Reyjohn

        Alajero believes Benjamin and confirms what Benjamin said about him, LOL wow where did u learn basic logic Alajero?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LPLWHPS7B5WPHPRAREXBIP2BIY renato

        Sorry Alajero I do not belong to the yellow brigade. It is about graft and corruption baby. It is a cancer that every decent Filipino should fight to get rid of. Oo nakakasuka na but with the Arroyos, Corona, Ampatuans ets. being charged give a glimmer of hope to many of us.

      • Alajero

        …renato…i am for it…i just want it done the right way…because…at the end …you only have the rule of law to protect the citizen…and i don’t see that in the old country…it’s all about power and political influence…and that is worst than corruption…

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LPLWHPS7B5WPHPRAREXBIP2BIY renato

        Sorry if I come in too strong in my reactions. I totally agree with the “rule of law” but if the law is usurped by a court that has lost its credibility saan ang tatakbohan ng tao.  We have seen this during martial law. Regarding CORRUPTION, it is greed that drives those in power or with political influence to use the “rule of law” ‘kuno’ to satisfy their insatiable greed. Power and political influence in this case are not worst, they simply are the tools used to amass wealth.

  • Alajero

    …thank you guys for all the attention….at the end we just want the same thing…what is best for the old country…and nothing is better than…the rule of law…
    …it’s your only shield…from bullying gov’t officials, elected officials, and sadly…even from corrupt government employees…

  • Natural Born Citizen

    How many cannot obtain jobs because of birth certificate errors in the Philippines?  Why so many errors where is the quality control? Who makes these errors and why so expensive to correct them? 

    A former Miss Mabinay in Negros Oriental birth certificate has a typo error. Yes the error shows she is a male. Can she obtain a job at Wells Fargo? An attorney wants 40,000 pesos to correct the typo?

    This male gave birth to a daughter last year. How many must remain in poverty because of birth certificate errors?

    I thought congress passed a law to correct this problem and the President was supposed to sign the bill?

    Why does the person with the bc error have to pay the government to fix the mistake the government made?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MDOEHEMLNVSTET7ZCS2MKQ7WRI Flavio

       simple solution : sex change. ayus..

    • http://profiles.google.com/odredd Dredd Ofalexandria

      Changes in birth certificates are done through courts legally. It should not be so easy as putting a white ink on it and retyping. Some Filipinos are enterprising and it will attract interest from illegal aliens to be citizens easily. 

      There are a local registry in municipalities but they should centralize it to a common system.  

  • randyaltarejos

    The topic is about the BPO industry. But it seems to me that some of the bloggers are talking about the “Rule of Law” and graft and corruption in government? We’re talking here about the impending plans of one of the biggest banks in America to set up business in the Philippines, despite President Obama’s recent pronouncements that no more outsourcing of call center services to other countries. Yet, Wells Fargo broke its silence to defy the order. This only means that the present administration is sending signals to international business groups that it is okay to set up their businesses in the Philippines.

    • Natural Born Citizen

      Obama wants to stop the outsourcing to give jobs to the illegal aliens who will vote for him in November

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SGC2JDPC5ZP4LM22LLX4KTLPVA red

        how can illegal aliens vote? I don’t believe you are aware of u.s laws when it comes to who can vote?

      • randyaltarejos

        Where did you get this kind of logic? Obama doesn’t care about the millions of illegal aliens. Otherwise, he should have declared amnesty already because the national election is closing in.  President Obama doesn’t want companies to tap BPOs in other countries because he wanted to give jobs to unemployed Americans. That’s the real answer. perhaps, you did not listen to his recent speech.

    • Leonardo Malabanan

      You have to take it from a politician mouth, it is election year in the US and Obama is running for re-election as such he has to promise the moon to the American voters.

      I understand Obama’s sentiment about American companies outsourcing their call center operations but it is the result of technological innovation that customers don’t have to go to their bank if they have problem and personally talk to a bank customer’s representatives.

      Yet, Obama cannot stop any American companies to outsource a part of their business operations where they can save money.

      I used to work with a big metal forging company as a Boeing Aircraft contractor for huge aircraft parts instead of farming out to local American machining companies we send them to China for machining to save money.

      • randyaltarejos

         Well said, sir. But let me explain something. If you try to compare the salary per hour of American workers to Filipino workers, there is a big difference. And I don’t think the corporate bigwigs are stupid enough not to notice this. So that there is no other option for them but to relocate their operations to Asia, where labor is much cheaper. The issue here is the higher standard of living of American workers so that they cannot settle for anything less. If you are a decision-maker of a corporation, you will also relocate if only to maximize your profits and save on overhead expenses.

  • Reyjohn

    120,000 less jobs for you Fil-Ams, America is turning into a jobless economy replaced by automation and outsourcing go back home na lang where the economy is prospering.

  • dani77777

    A sign that foreign companies and investors are beginning to feel confident about the Philippine government.

    The government must continue and step-up the fight for corruption. In this way, even the Filipinos themselves would want to invest their money and labor in the Philippine economy.

    Mabuhay ang PILIPINO!!!
    Mabuhay ka PNoy!!!

    • DaangTuwid

      Search in you tube,philippine tiger economy in the world, a report from bbc if i am not mistaken,they cited government anti corruption program as the driver..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XNBUUMFGHLCZQMA2UV7YPTKKX4 Margie

    I hope Noynoy and his secretaries don’t bungle this up. You know American firms has the habit of baiting for incentives. They will tell you they will invest if you give this kind of conditions. Just like what General Motors did before, they asked for incentives, the Philippine government agrees.But in the end they put up their manufacturing plants in Thailand.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1248694265 Paul Sarmiento

      Means only that Thailand was assessed by GM as a better choice.  This is usual and should not be taken negatively against anybody.  Of course there are backoffice politics involved but in the end, “may the better man win” is the name of the game.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SGC2JDPC5ZP4LM22LLX4KTLPVA red

    My view is that we should not rely on BPO, like we rely on OFW, these are temporary solutions . Once the bill in U.S is approve , definitely that would affect BPO.s..The government must explore other alternatives to improve economy to generate jobs and lessen the OFW who seek jobs abroad.. If South Korea was able to do that in 80’s, why can’t the philippines do it?..South korea was the prime among OFW in saudi in the 80’s next to chinese..Look at their economies now.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ISXEO7Q5XWZP5OXBC7DNZ6PDDA joshua

    The catch here is these banks will offer investments many can’t resist and then they’ll pull the rugs under them..lehman.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ISXEO7Q5XWZP5OXBC7DNZ6PDDA joshua

    G-man repackaged greece’s debt 11 years ago so as they can join EU zone and then offered them more loans, G-man then bought credit default swaps against Greece..LOL, don’t get suckered by these ” institutions “? of USA. Let them in but don’t invest a cent of your money long term.

  • RayP1766

    Headline – “Top US Bank sets up BPO in the Philippines” Sub-headline – “Wells Fargo in Taguig to create 120k jobs this year”

    Another example of lazy editors at the PDI.  Of course, Wells Fargo is not going to create 120,000 jobs in Taguig this year.  When  we read the article we find that ex-Senator Herrera, and one of the chief spruikers for the BPO industry, estimates that the whole sector may produce 120,000 new jobs this year!!  Big difference!!

    And how do these people count new jobs?  Are they new jobs or new employees?  The industry has an amazingly high “churn” rate where, because of the work conditions (they’ve been described as the 21st century’s sweatshops), most of those recruited are able to tolerate the pressure for around 5-6 months only before leaving.   If this sort of work is being hyped as the future for college graduates in this country then God help the Philippines!!

    And of course Obama won’t carry through with penalizing American firms who outsource to the Philippines – they simply can’t get people in the US to do this sort of low end work (taking customer service calls and complaints) even for the money being offered there. 

    But he may do so with the Indians because they occupy the top end, real value added segment of the BPO industry.  It’s Indians that get the software development, the initial development of legal briefs, the preliminary medical diagnosis work, the engineering and architectural drafting work, etc outsourced to them, not Filipinos. 

    The outsourcing of tasks to here from the States and elsewhere is analogous to the way that many Singaporeans like to recruit Filipina maids and ‘butt’ wipers who have been trained as teachers because they can speak English and are compliant!!  But do most Singaporeans who employ them, respect them – you must be kidding!!  They’re just ‘grist for the mill’ doing jobs that Singaporeans feel are beneath them.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GKD2ALNLMA6V7XMOHQHL74HLMM Jess

      You are one of the very few here who knows the real outsourcing scenario. The Indians have long ago refused to take on these kind of low-end jobs because the pay is very minimal since it requires little skill. It’s table scrap that they won’t touch. The Indians are after high-value, high-tech jobs and contracts like you mentioned. India is also in the forefront of being a force in the world pharma industry. You will also notice that many of the leading technology companies in the US have Indians in their top management team.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ISXEO7Q5XWZP5OXBC7DNZ6PDDA joshua

    Outsourcing laws will have ” clauses ” to be use to exempt ” friendly ” countries..LOL, this should be called anti-China law..make it simpler to understand. Get them in but don’t invest your money.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ISXEO7Q5XWZP5OXBC7DNZ6PDDA joshua

    If you are ” feeling ” rich..keep your money to yourselves and don’t let them get it back..these american banks are conners…they are eyeing the foreign reserves of RP as OFW are remitting around 23 B USD annually..feeling rich? Keep it.

  • nestleraisinets

    don’t worry guys, hindi mawawala ang bpo sa pinas kasi #1 na problema sa US ay karamihan kasi ng populasyon nila, ayaw nila ng ganyan na trabaho na matrabaho and works based on services, gusto nila kasi boss agad or sa management, etc etc, kaya cyempre sa ibang bansa parin maghahanap ng employees…

  • Fulpol

    credit naman daw kay Noynoy….

    matagal na yang BPO sa Pilipinas, na-witness nila na maganda talaga sa Pilipinas for BPO’s.. salamat kay Gloria Arroyo, siya ang nagpalago ng BPO sa Pilipinas..


    • dani77777

      to polpol,

      How could she be credited when all the while she was busy cheating and plundering along with her husband and other cohorts?

      • pogi888

        mga tol, wag kayo maniwala dyan kay Fulpol…aso ni gloria yan..san pa ba magmamana ang aso kundi sa kanyang amo..hahah..PEACE!!!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AO5QFUXGQ6B22K5G2AEXSJOHCU Lelet Puno

       go bully polpol…..mag comment ka ng mag comment to make gloria arroyo look good. baka maniwala lahat ng filipinos sa iyo….

    • mojo76

      parag may utang na loob si pulpol kay gloria at lagi na lang sinisingit magkano binigay para mag post ka ng pro arroyo kahit obvious na gahaman ang pamilya nya!!!!

  • Fulpol

    ginawang headline ng PDI baka sakaling maniwala ang marami na si Noynoy ang rason kung bakit magpapatayo pa ng BPO sa Pilipinas..

    kay Gloria Arroyo ang credit sa paglago ng BPO sa Pilipinas…


    • wyl5326

      mali ka Fulpol, private company ang nag-umpisa ng call center at BPO. walang kinalaman at tulong ang gobyerno ni GoLiiar at PNoy ! Iyan ang tutots !

    • 100% freedom of navigation

      Did Obama meet with Gloria? Dumayo pa man din ng States si GMA.  Mabuti pa kay Noynoy nagpakita si Obama.

    • mrtn

      Private Bank ang Wells Fargo—-Hindi si Barack ay may ari ng Wells Fargo, ilang taon na yang banko sa America, talagang matagal na….. Capitalist System ang ekonomiya ng America, Kaya hinding hindi ito basta-basta pinapakialaman ng gobyerno ng America…… Kaya Hindi Utos ni Barack mag outsource ang Wells Fargo. Gets?

  • Bayabas San

    I agree with Joshua. Be very careful. 

    Also these are dead end jobs. These can be a stopgap for now but the country should not aim for these kind of jobs in  the long term. Basic Science , Engineering and Research especially in the Health and Pharmaceutical industries are the jewels. Pinoys have the mindset to do those.

    First, reform and improve our schools curricula. Close all diploma mills and have a rigorous and robust curricula for science and math.

    Good luck to the next generation. There is no reason they can’t do it if Philippine society wills it.

    • wawa2172

       The BPO is not a long lasting remedy to the unemployment in the country it is just a stop gap, meaning temporary. Nonetheless, its a welcome especially that we are reeling from economic dilemma with our leaders opting to focus on politics. Well, I guess this could be a solution to many unemployed nurses whose being encourage by DOLE to apply in call centers as we already have oversupply of nurses and   none board passer graduates. I agree with you that there are so many diploma mills schools in the country. K to 12 is a welcome, but Deped and CHED has yet to present a real frame work of how it should be implemented and wala pang blue print ang curriculum. I guess what Deped and CHED has done for the moment is to announce the increases in tuition fees in  private institutions for the next school year. Is it implement muna bago ang blue print for K to 12? Will senior high be different from the usual high school program in the country? Will it improved the quality of education, when reality is we have are chalk and board schools with invisible laboratory facilities? Colleges and State U are not exempted to poor quality of graduates, they may pass the board exam in say Electrical Engineering but have never touched a multi tester, a real motor or install electrical circuits in schools. It is like having a drivers license but do not even know how to drive a car. Marami po tayong ganito sa Pinas.

  • rjimenez1226

    There are  some stupid people who just comment without thinking first, Those might be dead-end jobs but they pay better than the  government  so i think we should welcome them.

  • Diablo_III

    Wow. Go PNOY…

  • Artemio Piquero

    Bayabas San is right. There are compelling reasons why Americans don’t like these jobs.

    These are not the jobs of the future. Pinoys can do better.

    • mrtn

      Who said Americans doesnt like these type of jobs? SAME  B.S heard allover PI nursing schools sharing smears to their students who are under their nursing progam, that american nurses are evilish bastards who does poor on taking care for their ailing patients! Which is completely “false”…. Sa callcenter na trabaho, dito sa america marami din ang nag-aaply ng ganyan at tuwing tumatawag ako sa ibang 1-800 numbers ,mga native tongue din ang nakakasagot, madaling malaman kung sinong pinoy at amerikano ang nagsasalita ng english.. Ok din naman ang mga American customer reps. wala din akong masabi na pangit sa mga pinoy customer reps. Ang pangit lang kasi, ay yung style PINOY na talagang ikukumpara ang sarili sa iba—–na sila daw ay magaling at mga mababait!    Swerte ang Pinas, kasi yan ang pinili para mag outsource dahil nga mura….Cheap labor cost!  kasi kung ang Wells Fargo di mababayaran ang mga empleyado sa kanyang minimum, eh talagang mananagot sa batas ang Wells Fargo. Kaya, para makamura, sa PINAS sila.

  • Fulpol

    Job of the future: outer space tourism…

    dapat mag-aral na ang pinoy paano mag-serve at magluto sa isang restaurant na lumulutang… walang gravity…


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EDXEVEFHW2ZT5VWHDWBNM6XGE4 RyanE

    No disrespect meant.. Graduates of other non-IT related courses who are still looking for jobs may as well enroll in short-term courses about BPO and call centers. This is a good opportunity for them to earn either in the office or in in the home.

    Western countries prefer pinoys because of our better and more understandable English accent compared to other nationalities.

  • pogi888

    to Fulpol, bagay na bagay sayo yung pngalan mo….polpol ka talga…

    • Fulpol


      ang pogi ng name mo… imagine mo, ginawang headline ng PDI itong news na ito…

      pampa-pogi ni Noynoy… pero pogi man, ang credit kay Gloria Arroyo…

      mga effect na lang ang tinatamasa ni Noynoy sa foundation na itinayo ni Gloria..


      • pinoy_ako_ofw

         Gloria the fake president , nag take advantage at kinuha ang kay Erap , tapos nangdaya para makuha ang kay FPJ.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/OJNATN4KHKDPJ47Y4RGR3EXYVQ WindTalker

        Fulpol ka talaga! 5 times credit downgrade under the time of Gloria while 3 times upgrade in 1 1/2 years of Pnoy… pag Fulpol full of Shi* talaga…

  • pcosmachine


    • sanjuan683

      Ok lang yan bilibid huag lang sa National Mental Hosp. si ABNOY mo yun presidente mo dun titira pagnatapos na ang term niya. heheheheheheheheheheh wha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 100% freedom of navigation

    5 letters T-R-U-S-T. Trust sa nagpapalakad ng ating Gobyerno ngayon.

  • alice_in_chains

    good news. let’s hope this will last long. go pinas!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VKJ2VQO3R6XTR4DFNWY6WOFLXE Pixel

    Mura ang labor cost natin at magaling mag-english ang Pinoy yan lang ang advantages natin. Pero hindi ito pang long term, Kung gusto natin magkaroon ng maraming trabaho, lahat ng klase ng industry ay pasukin ng bansa. Kung tutuusin sa laki ng populasyon natin, kayang kayang gawing isang 1st world ang bansa kung may long term vision at political will lang ang mga nasa Gobyerno. Kaylan kaya darating ang panahon na tayo naman ang mag-ooutsource sa ibang bansa? na ang matitira dito ay mga high-end services at mga pang-1st world country na trabaho.

  • AntiAko


    SUBHEADING:  Wells Fargo in Taguig to create 120K jobs this year
    NEWS CONTENT:  Company officials did not disclose the … number of BPO workers the operations would employ

  • INQ_reader

    I can’t see the business logic of bringing call center jobs back to US because it will just increase the cost of production which will ultimately be carried by US mainland citizens themselves. Sure, it will increase jobs, but are the americans willing to shoulder the additional cost?

    • mrtn

      Minimum salary per hour for a regular US base employee is already expensive for their employers to pay, and that doesnt include some health benefits that needs to be covered by the company… Lets just hope that this current value of a US Dollar will still continue as stable high and never gets too low.

  • neverwint3r

    this is really good news. but the government should really  promote english as the preferred medium of instruction in schools and universities.
    ito na lang ang natitirang advantage ng pinas to other countries, like china and india, thailand. the bp outsourcing industry is really competitive, so lahat ng advantage dapat gamitin.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ILJB4LBDSQ2CECUTSU4U3RDI3A 7 iron

    ang bilis ninyo maniwala sa US, tagal na tayong niloloko niyan…propaganda lang yan para takpan ang lubog na economy natin. Sila nga hanggang ngaun nasa recession pa rin eh

    • mrtn

      bwhahahahahhah! Iba ang Kapitalista sa Sosyalista…. Ang Kapitalistang bansa tulad ng Pinas at US, ay LIMITADO  na paghawakan ng gobyerno ang mga negosyo at ang Sosyalista naman ay gobyernong hawak lahat kung ano ang nasa Stado,kabilang na negosyo!  Ang Wells Fargo ang bankong makapitalista, kaya saan nila gustong bansa mamuhunan, sila masusunod….HINDI UTOS NI BARACK!

  • sanjuan683

    Naku paniwala agad kayo sa Kano, hindi mag-iinvest yan dito sa Phils dahil mapulitika dito lalo na si ABNOY heheheheheh  whA!!!!!!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/3A5OAPUSZL5KXF7ER63P7XOJLU Elias

      kaya nga hindi aasenso ang pilipinas sa katulad mong abnoy wala kang iniisip kundi yun pagka nega mo dapat itapon ka sa mars at dun ka mag nega

    • INQ_reader

      Tama ka. Hindi nga mag-i-invest, NAG-INVEST na sila.

  • sanjuan683

    Laway pala yan mahirap magkatotoo hehehehehehehe

  • Vito Corleone

    Problema niyan kapag may trabaho na, magiistrike na naman tapos aalis na naman ang mga investor, wala na namang trabaho. tigil na kasi ang strike at magtrabaho na lang.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PP5BTRPSKZVXSXX5BTJKZOQZMM Sabrina

    Hoy, mga kababayan ko, mabuti na itong napapansin tayo ng mga kumpanya sa Amerika…palagay ko naman ang Pinas ang pinakamahusay pagdating sa contact center operations.

    Hindi naman talaga titigil ang mga Kano sa pag-invest sa iba’t ibang bansa kasi kaya nga ang US dolyar ang unofficial currency ng buong mundo dahil sa mga foreign investments nila na nagpapalakas ng ekonomiya kahit papaano.

    Di tulad natin, puro tanggap lang ng tanggap kung ano ang dumating. Wala talaga tayong produkto sa ngayon na binibili ng maraming bansa. Umaasa lang tayo sa mga interesado sa atin dahil ang sariling gobyerno natin abala sa kanya-kanyang interes….ito ang masaklap po. Pero, magsaya tayo na maraming bagong graduates na pwedeng subukan ang trabaho sa Wells Fargo. Mabuhay ang mga Pilipino na umaasenso at kinatutuwaan ng mga banyaga sa kanilang likas na galing.

    • Patas

      Philippine bananas favorite in the middle east.
      Mango, pinya fiber, sugar, coconut juice, etc.
      My point is, your declaration of no products from the Phils. being bought by other nations is a big ignorant statement.
      There are people who concentrates in politics and there are also those who concentrates in making a living.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OHOD5EA75DBBUH53UKLRXRK764 Mang Teban

         If you have read closely, Patas, the statement about Philippine products not purchased by “maraming bansa”, I think that Sabrina was aware of the popular choices of importers..but I agree with her observation that they have not brought much revenues to our country. In fact, there has been a tremendous drop in exports of the products you have mentioned..We are losing to indonesia and Thailand on the products we used to have surpluses…not anymore. Natural calamities have affected our agricultural productivity. Coconut juice is still in the works. We cannot rely on these products to sustain. Dollar remittance from OFWs and the outsourcing businesses have provided us the needed foreign currency to keep us afloat.

      • Patas

        You have a point Mang Teban.But may I also add, two-export products that dipped are the electronics and garments. Used to be a money-maker in our area, until China opened their doors for foreign investments and very, very, very low salary workers….add to that the numerous rallies, labor strikes and political instability of our nation during those 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KF2TCBJ2AUC7VIPR3TACWUGITE Rednaxela VD

    U have nothing against BPO but the Philippines should strengthen its Manufacturing Industry because this is where real growth, jobs and technical skills will be produced.  The benefit of manufcturing from production, to services to suppliers is enormous.  We should be competetive enough against China and India.

    Service industry like BPO is fleeting and unstable.

    • INQ_reader

      FYI, the Philippines also has niches in manufacturing, especially the high-precision, high-quality products such as automotive electronics.

  • Pitbulldog

    We are among the best, talent wise and brain wise.  Only some people are just plain brain-dead – tulad ni P-noy.  Di mapakinabangan ang utak.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WWZMSQ4Z74QJUPXFOMEKD6KKFM kronos

    So what if we get the vote of confidence of Wells Fargo.  Do we have the confidence on the US dollar these days?  I DON’T THINK SO.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HL4PLUGXUGRDTAUC34KEYC5FDA Jabba Wookie

      Kronos, Kung bigyan ka kaya ng work visa ng US, tatanggi ka? Be honest with yourself!

  • INQ_reader

    Di ko maintindihan ang mga bumabatikos laban sa mga Pinoy. Heto na ang isang kahusayan na maaari nating ipagmalaki sa buong mundo, na mas malaki ang inaambag na dolyares kaysa mga OFW, kung per person ang pag-uusapan. Pero, hanap pa rin nang hanap ng maipupuna.

  • e4e5

    It is better to deal with US than China.

  • Filipinoflash

    Pnoy government scores! Eat your heart out detractors! 

  • Filipinoflash

    Pnoy scores. Detractors epic fail

  • Filipinoflash


  • Filipinoflash


  • efriend

    The test of the pudding is in the eating.  Investments are coming in.  This is what we all want.  Jobs.  Jobs.  Jobs. Kudos to the Filipino worker and the PHL government. This is a HUGE achievement. Let us give credit where credit is due.

  • Fulpol

    Maraming salamat Pangulong Gloria Arroyo. dahil sa inyo naging maganda ang foundation ng BPO sa pilipinas..


  • pcosmachine





  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KF2TCBJ2AUC7VIPR3TACWUGITE Rednaxela VD

    BPO, the modern day slavery

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KF2TCBJ2AUC7VIPR3TACWUGITE Rednaxela VD

    Have nothing against BPO but the Philippines should strengthen its Manufacturing Industry because this is where real growth, jobs and technical skills will be produced.  The benefit of manufcturing from production operations, to support services and to suppliers who supply manufacturers is enormous.  We should be competetive enough against China and India.

    Service industry like BPO is fleeting and unstable

    • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/P4BTOE227PTFLY4E7USIEO6XPI Maximus

      I agree with your idea of strengthening the manufacturing industry.  

      A strong BPO industry also benefits other industries as well since purchasing power if the average Pinoy increases.  

  • tiopaero

    sana after 2 years uli another foreign investor will come in to the country !!

  • tiopaero

    Ok na ako sa once in nevery 2 years may pumapasok na foreign investment kahit isa lang kesa sa wala.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5TK4OBDOPY76CUVTXXQJHK3KNE thinker

    Wells Fargo decision to invest in our country is a positive sign that investment will continue flowing as a years pass by, their confident on the president’s effort to eradicate corruption which started on the high level will influence the thought of our regional leaders that confidence will boost our chances of having good economy and will slowly reaching the poor through employment due to foreign investment and not merely begging to a dirty politician who are using peoples money

  • sh1seadad

    Stealth US Business! Be carefull leftest.

  • RayP1766

    So now after the ‘spin’ yesterday – the truth emerges.  It would pay PDI reporters to be a little more careful.  The Wells Fargo operation might increase by 270 – 320 positions this year, and perhaps when the first phase of their new facility is completed in 2013 by a few hundred more. 

    This is a far cry from yesterday’s ridiculous headlines!

    However, even acknowledging the correction, it’s still hard to follow the reporter’s maths – clearly not his/her strongpoint – when an increase of 270 – 320 workers this year is described as being seen (by whom, one wonders) as contributing “significantly to the expected 120,000 new BPO employees in 2012″.  It’s in fact a 0.26% contribution.  Excuse me, if I’m underwhelmed.

    And, as I said in commentary on yesterday’s ill-researched and ridiculous story, we are not in competition with India in the BPO industry.  India, moved out of the low-end call-centre segment of the BPO industry several years ago.  It now focuses on the high-end, high value added segment – an area in which we have little chance of competing until we improve the quality of our lamentable higher education system!!

  • sh1seadad

    No US businessess

  • EdgarEdgar

    Wrong. Wells Fargo is here because of labor arbitrage. He who can offer the cheaper labor gets the job. Same in India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, China and Philippines. Add to that the additional layers of banking regulatory compliance procedures that banks like Wells Fargo have to implement in light of the financial crisis. More procedures simply mean more steps and higher cost. All this, despite domestic pressure in the US to retain jobs at home, results in pushing this type of back-office work to be offshored if not outsourced. Another classic textbook example of how big government sometimes ends up hurting the economy with good intentions.

    • Dodge2

      Ayam mo pa ba nyan, may apat na raang Pinoy mabigyan ng trabaho? Who cares about labor arbitrage? Most unemployed dont understand those ‘classic example’.  All they want are jobs.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YAYZCQ4KSBQRKR2LLGX5XRMXFI pepe





  • kismaytami

    Please, ayusin nyo muna ang sistema ng transportasyon papasok at palabas ng Bonifacio Global City.

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