Ana Basa: We’re talking only now due to revelations in trial


(Last of two parts)

(Editor’s Note: In this interview, Ana Basa, one of Jose Ma. Basa III’s nine children and one of the heirs of the original stockholders of Basa-Guidote Enterprises Inc., talks about the family corporation and what she says were the injustices heaped on them by Chief Justice Renato Corona and his wife Cristina.

For security reasons, Ana, who is here on a short visit, requested the Inquirer not to reveal her whereabouts. She has been in the casino business for more than 20 years in Las Vegas, Nevada.

She clarified on Tuesday a sentence in the introduction to Part 1 of the Q and A which reads: “Jose Ma. Basa III, one of the original BGEI incorporators, had filed an estafa case against his niece [Cristina] for her alleged failure to account for the P34-million income from the sale of a property on Bustillos Street in Sampaloc, Manila, to the city government.”

Ana said the estafa case against Cristina Corona, filed in 1995, was about the BGEI rental income, not the proceeds from the sale of the property. )

Philippine Daily Inquirer: Of the original stockholders of Basa-Guidote, how many are still alive?

Ana Basa and Cristina Corona

ANA BASA: Well, my Mom is 83 years old and she’s one of the stockholders. Sister Flor just turned 90; Cecilia Basa, spouse of Mario Basa who passed away; Cristina’s mom, Asuncion Roco, already passed away.

Basa is my grandfather, Guidote is my grandmother’s last name. That’s why it became Basa-Guidote Enterprises Inc. My grandmother, after my grandfather passed away, set up the corporation so that someday all her children would have a business, a life together.

I didn’t think in her wildest dreams that it would end up like this. BGEI is just a small corporation. It’s really about the injustice. It’s about us telling the truth. We just want the truth to come out, how these things just kinda got so out of control. Imagine one person being in sole control of a corporation? Her (Cristina’s) mom only had a 10-percent share!

PDI: How did it happen?

BASA: Like I said, we still have pending cases in court regarding BGEI. So we really would rather not discuss the cases right now.

PDI: I understand Cristina’s father was the president (of the corporation)?

BASA: Cristina’s father was a lawyer and he was the president of the corporation. Being a lawyer, we trusted him of course, Vicente Roco also being our tito. He eventually entrusted this to his daughter, Cristina, who  became like his administratrix. Since then we never questioned anything because, you know, why should you not trust your own relatives? It was not until 1989 when we started receiving complaints from the tenants of the property [the Basa-Guidote Building on Legarda Street corner J. Figueras Street (formerly Bustillos) in Sampaloc, Manila].

My dad felt it was time (for us) to find out what was going on. He asked for an accounting but we have never been able to attain that. So I don’t understand why an administratrix of BGEI refuses to show us an accounting. That’s why when that piece of property in Manila was sold in 2001, expropriated, to the city of Manila, we didn’t really know what happened to the funds.

PDI: Have you not talked with Cristina?

BASA: I wrote Cristina a personal letter years ago … my father had already passed away, if we could just work this out. We don’t need to keep fighting over this whole thing. I’ve never been able to get her to respond and I believe it’s because she knew, this is just my feeling, that we could not fight them because they were so powerful. Not her alone, because she could not have done this on her own but she obviously is married to someone (who) at that time was already in Malacañang.

When he (Renato Corona) was nominated to be part of the Supreme Court as an associate justice, my father tried to oppose that with the JBC (Judicial and Bar Council) because we knew that the abuse that they’ve done toward us. If he can do that to us, what more (to) those who are not rich, who are not powerful, who are just ordinary people?

It’s important for the people to know that they have someone in the Supreme Court, particularly a Chief Justice whom they should trust because cases are under the Supreme Court and is part of the judicial system. But if people cannot trust [the Chief Justice], then something needs to be done. Because as I said, [if cases are decided] based on merits, would we still have pending cases? But it’s not about merits anymore. It is based on who your enemy is. We were even told by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and others told us, “Your problem is you have a powerful enemy.” We knew that.

We were told that we had a good case but our problem is our enemy. We hired lawyers but they quit. They became afraid because they were threatened and followed. They no longer wanted to represent us because they said they, they too, have families.

I said: Oh my God! Even lawyers were afraid to represent us. That’s not good for this country to have that sort of fear of a powerful enemy. To me [striking fear in the hearts of your enemy’s lawyers] is an abuse of his power.

PDI: On the P11 million (Corona’s cash advance from BGEI), do you have any idea how Corona was able to obtain that loan?

BASA: We were shocked. We saw it in his SALN. How can they make a cash advance? Shouldn’t they get some sort of a board resolution to allow the cash advance?

PDI: How come there was a withdrawal? What’s the business of Basa-Guidote?

BASA: We had rentals there, about eight tenants. That’s why I’m saying that for BGEI to be included in the impeachment trial, it’s just our family corporation. My grandmother, Rosario Guidote Basa, my dad, Tito Mario, Tita Monina and Tita Chitang, bless their souls, can’t even be at peace right now because all of this is still happening. I don’t think my lolo and lola ever imagined that by setting up a corporation the family was going to end up like this.

PDI: You were renting out the building to tenants?

BASA: We were renting out stalls and Cristina at the time was in charge of collecting rent.

PDI: Is lending money also part of your business?

BASA: I am uncertain of this.

PDI: What about the P32.6 million in three PSBank accounts, which according to his lawyers, was the money from Basa-Guidote? Probably, Cristina just put the money in the name of her husband for safekeeping because of pending cases.

BASA: I don’t know why it’s even under Renato Corona’s name because it should have been deposited under BGEI’s account.

I don’t know what to say about all that. We’re here really to try to get answers because we have not been able to obtain any kind of accounting for BGEI as to where the money went. The cash advance surprised us. We didn’t bring this out. We only found out during the impeachment trial because it was in his SALN.

PDI: What’s the status of this company? Is it closed already?

BASA: Well, apparently. I only found out during the impeachment trial that it was already dissolved in 2003.

PDI: Yes, and that’s according to the SEC.

BASA: If Cristina’s saying she’s the administratrix of BGEI, why doesn’t she report to the SEC all that she’s supposed to do? I believe that SEC was formed to protect corporations, but I can’t understand how one person can have full control [of a company] and the other stockholders are deprived of their rights.

PDI: The SEC said it (BGEI) failed to report three times already that was why it decided to dissolve it based on SEC rules.

BASA: Well, because Cristina, I guess, didn’t report to the SEC. I don’t know because we were not in control.

PDI: Where is the office of Basa-Guidote?

BASA: It was in Manila. It’s gone. The property has been expropriated.

PDI: By the city of Manila?

BASA: Yes. That was sold to the city of Manila, through Mayor Lito Atienza.

PDI: How come Corona was able to take out a loan from BGEI when it was already dissolved?

BASA: That’s what we would like to know. We really want to get some answers. I think they said that they were paying back the loans. To whom are they paying back? Let’s say they borrowed money from BGEI, and are paying back, where are they depositing the payments? I don’t know.

PDI: If the money paid by the Manila government for expropriating the Basa-Guidote property belonged to the company, why was it deposited in Renato Corona’s account instead of being deposited in a corporate account or in an escrow account?

BASA: We’d like to know. I don’t have any answers because I don’t know the laws here in the Philippines as far as corporate and banking [matters are concerned] if the check was made out to Cristina Corona in trust of BGEI. We don’t know where that check was deposited.

PDI: All of you are American citizens? All your siblings?

BASA: Yes, my father was not and he was one of the original stockholders. We’re the heirs.

PDI: So how many more are alive?

BASA: Well, Tita Flory is still around. My dad’s side, we are nine kids. Cristina’s side, there are eight siblings. Then my Tito Mario has nine. The two nuns have no children, obviously.

PDI: But the other sister is still alive, right? Can she talk?

BASA: You know what? As a nun, she’s very forgiving and we are all very forgiving people. I have long forgiven them. This is just about telling the truth.

PDI: So all in all there are 26 heirs?

BASA: Nine, nine and eight. I don’t know if Asuncion gave 10 percent of BGEI shares directly to Cristina or to the family. I think it was given to Cristina but how about the rest of her siblings?

You know, what is sad is that a family is supposed to be family. It’s sad because all of this turned out like this. But the fight is not just for us—me, my family. The fight really is more for justice. And even now we continue to fight because I told my father, on his death bed, “I would continue his fight for justice.”

PDI: That’s why the pending cases?

BASA: Well, it’s justice for the sufferings that were done to [us]. I said somebody needs to be accountable. You know when you do something, you need to be accountable for what you do. So I believe the Coronas need to be held accountable.

PDI: The Chief Justice has been saying it’s a family problem.

BASA: I don’t understand him saying in front of TV and newspapers that he “purposely stayed away from this because this BGEI is a family issue.” But then I personally saw him in court during our hearings with his security (detail). So if he purposely stayed away, why was he attending our hearings and standing in front of the judge during the hearing? I saw them walking into the judge’s chamber just before the hearing started. So at that time, I wondered why they entered the judge’s chamber and talked to the judge just before the hearing started.

Is that allowed? I really did not understand why it was happening back then. And all we could do was just sit and wait for the judge to come out for the hearing. And so obviously we lost our cases.

Like I said, why would he say he purposely stayed away. If he purposely stayed away, why was the money in his account and not under BGEI? How was he able to get a cash advance? That’s not purposely staying away. That is actually purposely being involved.

We just want answers. If my dad did not get justice in his lifetime, we would like to see at least my mother, my Tita Flory and the rest to get justice in their lifetime so that they can move on and enjoy peace. They can at least enjoy life different from spending the past 20 years being afraid, being so oppressed and being under duress because of these cases. That’s not how you wanna live the rest of your life as you get older.

PDI: Have you tried reconciling with Cristina?

BASA: Well, we did. We tried that. I sent a personal letter to Cristina to please, if anybody had done anything, let’s forgive and just be family. But they never responded. We tried to reach out and I asked many people to talk to the Coronas to see how we can put an end to this. But at that time, apparently they were not ready to do that. Again, because they were in power, so why settle with us? Because they could just step all over us. They still have the power and I think all of this is an abuse of his power.

My entire family … I don’t even know the right words—pain, suffering, frustrations, heartaches, you name it. We felt all that. In the end, we just want our family and relatives to feel somehow victorious that we got justice in our lifetime.

Again, like I said earlier, we’re coming out now because there’s been a lot of revelations that we’re finding out through the impeachment trial. It’s almost like … I don’t know how to call it. Is that a blessing in disguise or is this what they call karma? Because now, we at least finally got some answers but there’s still a lot of questions like you said. But we’re still waiting to get some answers.

I would like to believe and feel… I don’t wanna be afraid of them retaliating because we were traumatized all those years. We knew that we could easily feel that fear. Why can’t the Filipinos just live without fear or favor, you know? If there’s a case, why can’t it all just be done fairly without feeling that you need to be afraid of who you are up against?

PDI: Why are you in tears?

BASA: Because it’s bringing back sad memories of how my parents were suffering… the fear in their faces. I even had to send somebody to pick them up at our house because they were being harassed—people with guns walking around our house. And so we had to bring them to a hotel.

It’s just really sad for me to watch my parents and my other aunts to be so afraid for their lives.

PDI: Do you fear for your life, safety?

BASA: No, I shouldn’t. I shouldn’t fear for my life. Before, yeah. My parents were so afraid. We were all afraid because of the harassment, phone calls from people you don’t know.

We should really be able to live our lives without fear you know. Our fear stemmed from the fact that they were capable of harassing us.

We have to stress that I’m doing this also for the good of the country. Not only for us. It’s for the good of the country that there’ll be justice for everyone.

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  • parengtony

    Specially for the Pinoys who have less in life, this story is the real/true issue of this impeachment process.

    Former Sen. Rene Saguisag has repeatedly and consistently called Renato Corona a “mata pobre”. This story, viewed from the eyes of the pobre, is a clear illustration of the perverted kind of “rule of law” very commonly perpetrated by the “haves” over the “have nots”.
    The senators can not fail the people on this one. The nation cannot afford to squander this rare golden opportunity for genuine reform in the justice system. “kapag puno ang salop…”.

    • alice_in_chains

      Former Sen. Rene Saguisag has repeatedly and consistently called Renato Corona a  “mata pobre”

      whoa! i just quoted you on this.  where did you get the article? please share and post the link if there is any, for everyone to read.  if this happened long before the impeachment case, ibang klase pala talaga si CJ. 

      • Lopez_Chaena

        Dont read anymore the article where Rene Saguisag called his “tokayo” mata pobre. Your blood will boil with anger at the ruthlessness of Corona.

  • Arthur

    I hope the Prosecution in the Impeachment Trial are reading this story. They can secure the cooperation of Ana Basa as a possible rebuttal witness after the Defense has presented its case. In doing so, they should also make sure she is safe and protected from parties who may not want her to testify.
    God really works in mysterious ways and may your family get the justice they deserve.

  • Richard Ortega

    the arroyos, general ligot, garcia, the pcso officials of gloria, thief justice corona and wife umpisa pa lang ng karma yan tingin sa inyo ng pilipino ay mga magnanakaw kayong lahat kawawa naman mga apo ninyo walang pang malay nadamay na sa kalokohan ninyo. sana hindi makalimutan ng pilipino ang ginawa ninyo tulad ng marcos era. pero natitiyak ko na mas malala ang aabutin ninyo dahil sa dami ng communication ngayon.

    • Sopi Ngac

      Yang mga apelyido na yan ay mapapalitan lang ng iba at kasama sila sa mga dating maka-Gloria pero ngayon ay maka-Pnoy na.

    • kolambogan

      Meron ka pang isang nakalimutan Richard, bagama’t tunay na napakarami nila, yung iba nga bumalingbing na. Ang tinutukoy ko ay yung binanggit ni Ana Basa na si dating mayor Lito Atienza, na siyang nag facilitate ng bilihan ng property sa Bustillos. Maybe the Impeachment Court should they decide taking cognizance of this development might also consider issuing a subpoena to Mr. Atienza on his involvement of putting the last nail on the coffin on the juridical life of BGIE. Both Corona and Atienza were fair haired boys under the former Arroyo administration and the connection was very telling to be ignored.

      • jiroarturo

        Kawatan din yata si Atienza. Overpriced yata ang bentahan ng lote ng BGEI. Meron sumulat na P26M ang bilihan. Bakit naging P34M sa cheke? Pwede kayang tingnan uli ang deed of sale? Nagbayad kaya ng tax ang BGEI?

      • spider69

        Ang binanggit mo bang Lito Atienza na dating mayor ng Manila ay erpat ni Kuya Kim ng TV Patrol.

      • kolambogan

        yes, wala ng iba

        From: Disqus
        Sent: Tuesday, March 6, 2012 5:12 PM
        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Ana Basa: We’re talking only now due to revelations in trial

        Disqus generic email template

        spider69 wrote, in response to kolambogan:
        Ang binanggit mo bang Lito Atienza na dating mayor ng Manila ay erpat ni Kuya Kim ng TV Patrol. Link to comment

  • dipakosigurado

    This interview is so melodramatic it is not even believable…they have lost their cases twice
    already, that’s why they have been silent for most of the time, now the impeachment is here, they are making noise because they are being held up by Pnoy…in his bid to oust the CJ….
    under his tuwid na daan ( most people would say tuwid na paa…sa gutom, patay na!), and
    this Basa heir, under a search for justice…or search for a split in the P34M…?

    • W Q

      typical pinoy….ugh marami paba kayo..walang sympathy. 

    • George

      kaputol, kapuso, kapamilya, kapatid at kabayang topak ka pa sigurado. ano yang miyembro ka ng sindikato ni gma, asking lang naman. wag kang magagalit papangit ka. 

    • adanr

      I feel so sad for you.. “dikapasigurado”. It seems that your eyes is close.. Ano pang kailangan mong malaman para makasiguro ka na dapat may mag bago na sa Pilipinas?  

      It seems na isa ka ding ka uri na dapat tuwirin.. MAsyado ng madaming mga katulad ng mga kapanalig ni Arroy.. isa ka din ba dun.. kung isa ka dun .. hintayin mo ang balik .. “You will reap what you sow..” I encourage you to read the holy bible… So SAD

    • symonwho

       Kaya nanalo mga corona, kinausap ang judge. Baka tinutukan pa judge kaya pinaboran sila. Syle ni corona manakot pati 83 anyos na caretaker pinatulan ng baril.

    • parengtony

      sa palagay mo dipakosigurado, bakit kaya natalo sila Ana sa kaso laban kay Cristina?
      Tama ba na dumalo si Renato at kausapin ang huwes sa loob ng opisina? Bakit kaya hanggang ngayon naka binbin lang ang mga reklamong inilatag nila Ana sa SEC laban kay Cristina? Kung nas panig mo ang katwiran, gusto mo bang mabinbin ang kaso mo ng 30 taon mahigit?

    • enerinuj

      opinion mo yan sana galing yan sa sarili mo di dahil binayaran ka….

    • alice_in_chains

      ser, sa sobrang detalyado ng kwento nya at sa sinampang kaso nila way back 1995…dipakosigurado???

    • badudski

      Don’t bring in PNoy here.. The president has more serious things to do than meddle in family matters. But then you realize that it goes beyond family , its impact is like a tsunami. Here’s CJ bullying his own relatives, arrogant in the abuse of his power. The way he behaves and, his actions speak louder than words, befits a siga, Definitely not a Chief Justice!

    • eye_in_the_sky

      baka makatulong sa iyo. may kumpletong documento ng affidavit ni Pedro Aguilon sa Impeach Corona fb page. Yung fb page na CoronaOUT JusticeIN ang profile pic.

      try no lang po,,,,,

  • belairskycrapper

    ….  poverty, embracing most numbers of filipino is the sole culprit for your contageous
    corruption.  a close look at your supreme court dictates it is not what you know but whom
    you know for justice to be served ………….

  • wyl5326

    This was what the late Good Samaritan Foundation founder Art Borjal have written about when Midnight CJ was being considered for SC appointment and he boasted beforehand that he will be the next SC Justice. This events pre-dates the Luisita case and Midnight appointment decision and clearly showed what kind of character he really was ! Midnight CJ is now fully exposed in his nakedness as a Legal Bully who don’t care to use intimidation and explains why a Justice indulges as a hobbyist for gun shooting ! Perhaps, that is why he expressed the words that he can only be removed from his post by shooting him ! 

  • George

    Madam Ana Basa, on behalf of the Pilipino nation and Pilipinos around the world we are guaranteeing to you and your entire family that justice and honor may live and we will see to it that beyond a reasonable doubt the chief justice, renato coronado corona, will be given the justice he so deserves that he had denied to his wife’s relatives and to the many other Pilipinos who suffered injustices during his rule of law. we have seen a lot of erring public officials in the Philippines, but by far this is the most disgusting culpable violations of the constitution of the republic. God save the Philipines!!! Pilipinas ay que lindo y querido!!! ang mamatay ng dahil sa iyo!!!

    • AmBoy24

      ang kapal naman ng mukha mo na sinisiguro mo ang conviction ni corona and at the same time ay isinama mo pa ang buong mamamayan at mga pilipinong nasa ibang bansa.nabasa mo lang ang mga sinabi niyang ana na iyan eh naniwala ka naman agad.tandaan mo ang kasabihan na”ang maniwala sa sabi-sabi ay walang bait sa sarili”ikaw ang makakasagot niyan kung may bait ka sa sarili.

      • parengtony

        Igan Amboy 24,

        Basahin mo ang affidavit ni Mang Indo, ang caretaker ng BGEI property. Palagay ko ikaw ay maniniwala din kay Ana.

      • marilou

         Ikaw ang walang bait sa sarili…mas gusto kumampi sa kawatan…

      • eye_in_the_sky

        yung kumpletong affidavit ni Pedro Aguilon ay nasa Impeach Corona fb page. Yng page na ang profile pic ay CoronaOUT JusticeIN.

        tingnan lang po inyo kung sabi-sabi yun pagnabasa nyo

  • johnllander

    renato corona should resign now!  Ang chief justice dapat ay walang kasong kinabibilangan lalong lalo na kung tungkol sa pera.  Kung may hiya siya, dapat hindi na dapat siya naging justice ng Supreme Court.  Pakapalan lang ng mukha.

  • Joe

    grabe pala itong ginawa ni cj corona at ni cristina….kung totoo yong sinasabi ni ana basa…

  • Political Jaywalker

    Perhaps this is the mindset of some people in the Philippines where they hoodwink their relatives who are out of the country and settled in the US. I have not encountered any FilAm owning a property in the Philippines who did not encounter sad experiences with their relatives.

    So this revelation of Ana Basa is very credible as this just validate the experience of others who are taken advantages of by greedy relatives in the Philippines. But this experience of the Basa’s truly is just too much to comprehend or fathom that Renato Corona a suppossedly honorable man will go to this length to oppress his wife’s relatives. To even admit openly that the BGEI funds was deposited in his personal bank account and withdrawing at the time of his impeachment truly shows the thuggery of this man…… do people still believe we deserve a Chief Justice like Corona?

    • anak_mahirap50

      No, thief Corona should be jailed, NOW!

  • George

    I distincly remember when serafin cuevas was cross examining the bir comm., kim henares, and was told that cristina corona got paid 34 million pesos from the city of manila gov’t. the wife’s cousin was wondering why the money was deposited under the name of cj corona, instead of basa-guidote ent. ito ang alibi ng depensa kaya may kakayahan bumili ng mga ariarian ang mga corona ayon kay cuevas. maraming heredero at naging opisyales ang nasabing corp. kaya hindi pwedeng umakto ang mga corona na walang pahintulot ang mga kamaganak na katulad ng magulang ni ana basa.

    maliwanag dito na si cj corona ay palaging gamit ang salitang, what are we in power for. power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely. kawawang mga basa-guidote goliath ang inyong bankala eh ano gah ang panalo ninyo. eh di himutok.

    • adanr

      George…. Goliath was defeated by David… David is so dear servant of GOD. 
      Ano ang laban ng mga BASA.. Sa Holy BIBLE natin mabaBASA.

    • Nueva

      san ba naka pangalan ang check na binayad sa kanila how come na encashed or kay thief din nakapangalan so there was a connivance even from the govt and coa please check 

  • George

    at this point in time i am amenable to joker arroyo’s, bongbong marcos and miriam santiago’s vote for cj corona’s acquittal but i will not agree to the rest of the other senator-judges who are more independently minded and defender of truth and fortitude. from the quantum and preponderance of evidence against cj corona, he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. his continued presence and the gma appointed associate justices does not and will not work well for the national interests and patrimony of the nation. mandatory radical reforms after the impeachable dream of cj corona, must be instituted immediately and without further delay at the supreme court.

  • Many Inasal

    You might want to read also the article from raissa Robles. It’s newsy.

    • cogito728sum

      Thanks for the referral to the article of Raissa Robles.  I did read it and the accompanying affidavit which is a very convincing corroborative evidence to the story of Ana.  Regards!

      • snickle

        I haven’t read that, pwede pa share ng naman ng url. ty

  • sannil

    “Para Tanggalin ako Patayin na lang Nila Ako” ang mga binitawang salita ni Corona sa panahon ng impeachment. Nagpapatunay na tooto ang mga sinabi ni ginang Ana about Coronas bullying and sorts of using intimidation tactics in dealing with his enemies. CORONA MAG-RESIGN KA NA LANG AT WALA KA NG MALULUSUTAN, YOU ARE GUILTY!

    • adanr

      Ang ISDA nahuhuli sa bibig ;-)
      Wish lang nya patayin na lang sya para sikat.. baka maging martir pa kunwari.. NO wonder magsarili ito kasi kayang nyang ISIPIN – no wonder kaya nyang gawin.

    • Geric Soreda

      “Para Tanggalin ako Patayin na lang Nila Ako”.
      Parang Sigue Sigue Sputnik and reasoning ni Corona. Bakit naging Chief Justice iyan?

  • simon

    Let their table become a snare before them: and that which should have been for their welfare, let it become a trap. Psalm 69:22
    God works in a very mysterious way.
    o baka naman mag iissue na naman si CORONA  ng RESOLUTION? hindi pwede tumistigo ang mga kaanak ng asawa niya laban sa kanya. ask q lang po.

  • nennen12345

    i remembered, atty. cuevas and the rest of the corona lawyers said that renato corona has the means of acquiring things because they are well off.

    now, we know where renato corona and the family got their wealth, from the BGEI!!!!  thank you Anna Basa for sharing your stories and for coming out in the open. i believe in you 100%.  why? dahil tinataya mo ang buhay mo para lang sa katutuhanan kaya saludo ako sa iyo.  the good will eventually win against the evil.  

    • spider69

      If I am one of the relatives or friends of Cuevas, I will advise him na tumigil na at mag-retire na. Everybody knows that he is a good lawyer. Ipasyal na lang niya ang kanyang mga apo sa park. Matanda na siya para maging instrumento ng Evil. I am very sure may Apo na siya sa Tuhod.

  • anak_mahirap50

    As somebody told, there is a MAFIA in SC!

  • bulik

    iba na talaga ang hawak na timbangan ng nakapiring… na!binaraso kana babalyahin ka pa,di lang orthopedic ang aabutin mo..iiwanan kang buhay pero luray -luray! ana ..sana this time ito na yung matagal mo nang hinihintay makamit mo ang jus-tiis.

  • brunogiordano

    “Ana Basa VS Cristina Corona”

    sino ang naglalahad ng TOTOO????

    mahirap sabihin di ba???

    pagmasdan na lang natin ang kanilang mga larawan at malalaman natin kung sino ang sinungaling.

    ako alam ko na kung sino. kayo alam ninyo na rin???

    • eye_in_the_sky

      ito ba ang bagong tack ng mga Corona apologists bilang tugon sa mga bagong labas na impormasyon?


  • Brendamage Deafensor Sataniago

    Will somebody share Renato Corona’s “mistress” story?

    • cogito728sum

      I like your name, its sui generis.  Very smart indeed!

  • Betz Chui

    In our dialect we call it “Gaba” , others call it “karma” – indeed God works in a very mysterious ways. If you cannot get justice – sometimes God will find the way for you!  I still wonder what is the meaning of the logo in jeepneys that says :”Hudas not pay?”

    • spider69

      Betz you are very correct. Take the case of the former dictator FM. Population during that time was 60 million. Bakit siya ang dinapuan ng very rare na disease. The praise on passenger jeepney Hudas Not Pay is only a coloquial words or praise towards to passenger who do not want to pay fare.

    • PinoyConcerned888

       Hehehe And there’s so many Hudas in the Philippines specially in the government sectors  who deserves “Gaba or Karma” they are now gradually reaping what they have sown…sabi nila weather weather lang…now the weather seems too bad for those Hudases, para silang kutong nagsasanib pwersa para di matiris nag-aanyo silang parang balakubak sa anit, kapit tuko sa position at nagsasabing kamatayan lang ang magkakapagpaalis sa kanila sa puwesto. Kapal ng mga balat nyo!!!! Kitang kita na ngang mga “kuto at garapata” kayo dahil sa kapal ng bulsa nyo na nasipsip nyo sa gobyerno…ayaw nyo pang umalis, gusto nyo pang ibabad pa kayo sa Kerosene….

  • spider69

    Lulundag ako sa tuwa kapag pati itong si baklang Midas ay nasipa sa puwesto. Kung umasta at magsalita akala mo nasa itaas siya. He is acting like a God or Pharaoh.

  • cogito728sum

    Now it is very understandable why the chief witness of the defense is a CPA/Lawyer.  This witness must really be working extra hard to extrapolate every figure there is in the book to make it appear that Corona’s lies are the truth vis-a-vis this revelation of this hapless scion to one of the original heirs.  But in the attempt to justify whatever figures this defense witness will manufacture, Corona will just be sinking deeper and deeper in the quicksand of lies he has built for himself.  The prosecution need not have the caliber of a Cuevas to debunk whatever testimony, whatever figure this defense witness will put up in his cross-examination.

    To determine as to who is credible between this lady and Corona, as to who is lying and who is not, all one has to do is go back a few steps on Corona’s part, piece together every action, every utterances Corona has made especially those words involving moral rectitude and it would not be hard to build a personality profile of this man.

    “Patayin nyo muna ako kung gusto nyo akong maalis” is but one example of unprofessional, unmagisterial behaviour that tend to show the quality of Corona’s inner self.  Would it then be surprising if he would indeed poke a gun to a poor caretaker to scare and harass him.  Would he then be incapable of doing what he is perceived to have done?  What he is being tried for in the IC?

    The entire membership of the SC better access the deepest recesses of their heart for that moral courage needed to disassociate themselves from this scourge of the judiciary and the legal profession or they themselves bear the stigma Corona has wrought upon that erstwhile venerable institution. Perhaps it is only by ostracizing this thug masquerading as a primus inter pares that the Court can be relieved of this heavy liability.

  • spider69

    Look at the two picture above. The one on the left, nagsasabi ba siya ng totoo ?  But the the one on the right, the way I look at her she is a Devil in disguise.

  • andy_seattle

    It would be interesting to read rebuttals from Ernesto Maceda, Francisco Tatad, Father Bernas, Emil Jurado, Doronilla and Tiglao. These polished writers are capable of swaying opinions but I’d listen to Rene Saguisag If I were Renato Corona. Resign now and stop the bleeding. Spare your family’s good name further embarassment, honorable chief justice sir! 

  • Lito Belizario

    May God’s justice finally come to the oppressed members of the Basa-Guidote family. Renato Corona is the perfect example of Erap’s “hoodlum in robes” character. He exemplifies the hypocrisy of power because he still wants the honor and the distinction of being a magistrate while bullying his wife’s family and making them live in fear of his hired goons. Is it any wonder that he accepted an illegal appointment from a fake president like GMA?

  • Sooosnamn

    Hmmm, may nag sulsol dito sa Ana Basa…. Timing changes things. A very very old issue between family members. Why coming out now? Ngayon questionable ang credibilidad nang stories mo dahil halatang may bahid politika!!!

    • mykmiguel

      yes, this is an old issue and the reason why she came out is because the Thief Justice mentioned that there’s money in their dissolved corporation. P11M for a cash advance and P32M from the sale of the property. Their family was surprised may pera pala!

      • Sooosnamn

        So, does this means that the prosecutions were wrong about CJ Corona’s money in his bank ay nakaw niya sa gobyerno. If it is true that Corona got these money from an old family bussiness feud.,therefore these are now considered irrelevant to the present impeachment trial?! Kasi personal na nilang manga pamilya yun.. Kaya yung pera ni Corona sa banko ay hindi ill gotten wealth from being a public official, but could be ill gotten wealth of his wife from being magulang sa manga kamaganak niya sa negosyo? I rest my case…

        Kayo mismong manga yellowtards and nag sabi niyan hindi ako… Alam ku naman iyan hinuhuli ku lang kung sinong yellowtards ang papatol..kaya may sagot na aku agad diyan…hehehehe

    • parengtony

      Please do not mislead the public. Ana and her family have been coming out with all these issues against Corona since around 1989. INQUIRER Research put out an article describing some of the actions they took against Renato and Cristina. Just respond to the merits of the issues she has brought out.

  • Joel


    • marionics

      he he he that all you got? he he e sa hottsie si ana basa e tapos losyang naman si cristina corona e di olats ka na hahaha

    • rick

      sir paki check sinong moron, kasi sa spelling mo ng moron ay mali at wala akong nakitang salitang commentor, parang mas appropriate ang commentator.LOL

      • eae_eg


    • bubuwit

       kawawa ka naman…..bumaligtad na ang mga kaibigan mo!!!!!loser…lol

    • rocky92

       in other words, you are a corona moron?!

    • enerinuj

      ay sobrang talino mo!!!!!!!!!mas matalino ka lang sa grade one section eleven

    • maria_t11

      Hay nake Joel, ang laki ng sira ng ulo mo at Bulag sa Katotohan! Everything  there to See and Hear sana you gonna be in the middle, ng lahat ng mga kaguluhang  ito ng ating Bansa? and balance it all muna? Pls do not be so Moron and narrow minded, and accused us all Yellow? we are on the side of the justice not injustice, in the rule of Law, not lawless? and to hear news like this is so disgusting, and nerving and losing all our Trust in our Justices System, which been in this conditions in a very Long time..For God sake it is time now to Cleanse and change the system  for the better person who should possess the very Best of it all “Character,” being CJ of the SC and most of all really a believer of God! because otherwise you will possess all the Bad attitudes and Character of mr c.which he showed to us all.
      May the Impeachment Trial end up in the side of Truth and by God punish the Abusives, and all connected in it.God Bless Philippines and all the Filipino people who still believe in the System.

    • badudski

      Mali ka, pare. Kami po ay hindi mga dilaw, kami ay naghahanap ng katotohanan. 

    • eye_in_the_sky


      kung yellow at morosn ang tawag mo sa amin, ano ka na lang. tameme lang kayo. bigla kayong nawala. di pa ba nagbibigay ng directive kung paano sagutin o dalhin ang mga bagong impormasyon?

      baka makatulong sa ‘yo. may documento ang buong affidavit ni Pedro Aguilon. May link sa Impeach Corona page, yung may profile pic na CoronaOUT JusticeIN.

      Baka makatulong sa pagpapalawak ng pag-iisip mo, MORON.

    • okidoki

      1. commentators is what you meant, not commentors.
      2. Morons, not morrons.
      3. Qualified ka ng maging politician. Puede mo nang paltan si Senatong Lapid sa senado.

  • KonsensyaNgBayan

    Uso talaga ang mga Reptiles ngayon, mayroon tayong nakakulong na pinaka-malaking buwaya si Glolong, na dating kinasangkapan si Merce-Ahas Gutierrez at ang hirap alisin ngayon sa Supreme Court nitong kapit Tuko-rona…na spokesmhin naman niya si Midas May-kaliskis….Next Election Let us Vote Wisely, Sincerely and Correctly…para sa mga anak natin at kabutihan ng Pilipinas…

  • reydomingo

    yabang ni mr. corona na pinagmalaki sa press con na ang pamilya nila ni mrs corona ay mayaman…. nakalimutan niya dagdag na yung kayamanan pamilya nila kinurakot niya …. at bakit pagtanggi na lang lagi ginagawa ng buwayang ito, umpisahan mo na magpaliwanag…. presinta mo  ang mga testigo na pamamalian itong kwento ni ana…. sirang sira na kredibilidad mo at hindi mo ako mapapaniwala sa sasabihin mo na walang testigo…  daming mga magkakapatid at anak (parang 26 pamangkin mo) kumuha ka ng kahit dalawa sa kanila para magpatotoo para sa yo… at kung walang kang kakampi sa kanila, siguradong totoo lahat ng pahayag ni ana.  umpisahang magpaliwanag please…. 

    • PinoyConcerned888

       Anong aasahan natin dito kay Chief Injustice Corona? E yung pinangako nyang dollar account nya at mga bank accounts niya ipapaliwanag nya sa publiko ay  pilit na pinapa-suppress ng kanya depensa. SINUNGALING at walang word of honor anong klase ang pagkatao nito.

  • berong

    in other words, sinarili ang BGEI?

    kaya pala kapit-tuko kasi maraming ginawang kasalanan.kawawa naman yung mga inapi.namatay na di nakukuha ang katarungan.

  • Kyouraku Shunsui

    the chief justice just dug his own grave by this revelation of his past actions. 
    getting a loan on a dissolved corporation that has an internal squabble among incorporators that he has no interest in whatsoever. no amount of letter of the law nor it’s spirit can vindicate him on this one. . 

  • Echuserang_Froglet

    Ana Basa – SINUNGALING!

    • Martin

      Hindi pwede na basta ganito…

      Ipaliwanag mo kung bakit mo nasabing sinungaling si Ana Basa.

      • raflaydo

         Martin naman, wala namang maibibigay na paliwanag si Echuserang_Froglet. Asa ka pa!  Yang mga galamay ni Cheap Injustice ay magagaling lang naman sa name-calling.

      • Martin



        Tama ka!


    • Hernando

      who are you to tell the she is a liar ? do you have any proof ?????

    • enerinuj

      kung si santiago ang makabasa ng comment mo lecture ang abutin mo….

    • I_kabod

       at si CJ corona at ang kanyang butihing asawa ang wagas! hehehe

    • eye_in_the_sky

      Baka makatulong sa yo.

      May link para sa kumpletong affidavit ni Pedro Aguilon sa Impeach Corona fb page. Yung fb page na may CoronaOUT JusticeIN na profile pic.

      Tapos mong basahin, mag-all caps ka ulit ng sinungaling.

  • rick

    just plain and simple ABUSE OF POWER….at least with pnoy around, you can be assured now ms. basa that no one can harras or your abuse you.

  • rick

    that’s all…

  • gikiness

    KAWATAN pala talaga tong mag asawang Corona

  • JosephNess

    whatever the reasons there will be, the biggest question that needed clarification was, why were all these properties and bank accounts including the questions on the ITRs filed for the covered years, not properly declared and disclosed…the cj will explain how all these were acquired, he will cite his previous involvements working at various prestigious law firms, corporations, receiving various large allowances while in government, etc…having also told the people that their family was not of ordinary means… but all these will be beside the point, the question will still move to non declaration and disclosures of these contested properties, bank accounts in the SALN and ITRs…

    • Harry

      It’s only Corona that can provide the answers, so let’s wait for his explanation.

      • JosephNess

        yes, right, he will explain…err, whatever!!! let’s see if it will connect….

      • eye_in_the_sky

        while waiting for the explanation, you can view the whole affidavit of Perdo Aguilon  on a link in Impeach Corona fb page, yung page na CoronaOUT JusticeIN ang profile pic.

        while waiting and if you care

  • Hernando

    karma for the Coronas …

  • 1mainstream2

    family disclosure of the the kind of persons the corona spouses are tells  it all.
    and all corona can say is “don’t believe her”.
    the coronas are clearly lying and very dishonest, and thieves to their own families
    can you expect them to be good for the country?

  • gradisap11

    Based on Ms.Basa’s account, Corona should have been named Chief Injustice.

  • carlorocci

    Nag-iisip ako bakit yun tatlong accounts ni Mr. Crown sa PS Bank ay sinasabi nyang hindi kanya at sa BGEI….Bakit naman sa kanya naka-pangalang yun mga accounts kung hindi ito sa kanya?

    Ang mga accounts na ito ay mga time deposits. Ang tanong pa ehhhh.. kanino na pupunta yun interest ng time deposit?  ehhh….Kay Mr. Crown naka-pangalang ang mga accounts…. Alangan sa BGEI mapunta yun interest ng time deposit ehh hindi naman sa kanila naka-pangalan……

    Pero hindi raw kay Mr. Crown yun pera na naka-time deposit….

    Betrayal of PUBLIC TRUST ba ito?   Ano ba tawag dito?

  • Lydio

    The wheels of justice run slow, but they run real  fine. Freedom from fear must first be upheld and protected at all costs by people in the justice department and the judiciary.

  • tra6Gpeche

    This is a sad story for the family of Ms. Ana Basa. Mr. Renato Corona is now very powerful. There is no way she can win her case. In the Philippines, the law is always on the side of the powerful & moneyed Filipinos. Nevertheless, this is another setback to the character of the impeached Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. As such, the Philippines does not need a Chief Justice with highly questionable character, decency & honesty. The country does not need Mr. Renato Corona to work for the Philippine government especially as the Chief Justice of the Philippine Supreme Court. Nobody is indispensable, not even Mr. Corona. He wants to be in the government to amass more money, to wield more power and to protect his benefactor and patron Mrs. Gloria Arroyo. He will definitely not serve the interest of the Philippines. Instead, Mr. Renato Corona will only serve his own evil interest & agenda.

  • Harry

    Too early to pronounce any decisions. 
    We just heard only one side of the history and, for sure, the Senate will subpoena Ana Basa for clarification on certain matters; but, of course, she will also be subject to cross-examination by the defense.
    One thing that is very clear is that Ana Basa kept insinuating Corona as the source of their family problems without producing positive proofs and this is unfair to the CJ because is no way for him to defend against insinuations.
    The final curtains for the last Act has yet to rise.

    • Hernando

      in that case , the coronas should produce the Power of attorneys and the board resolutions … without these docs , it means that the coronas really just grab the corp .. and treat it as their solely owned ,

      • jedawi

        he he supalpal si harry 

    • PinoyConcerned888

       Are you so blind and deaf ?that until now you cannot still figure out the whole picture and hear the real story. Or you are just in deep slumber. I suggest you to wake up…so you can see that this Thief Injustice don’t deserve to have a seat in the Supreme Court. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing who pretend to be good in the outside but in the inside is a ferocious wolf who uses his stolen power to corrupt the nation and oppress the weak.

  • Atlason

    Basa’s motives are suspect. She is laundering dirty linen about family feud in public to ride on the impeachment proceedings against Corona as a means to her own devious ends.

    • tekss

      i don’t think so…in fact it’s in the contrary

  • stanfordmillbrand

     She has the right to speak. Let her.

  • alice_in_chains

    harassing your own kind.  shame on you CJ corona and wife.

  • be honest

    There were some questions that I asked yesterday of her Part 1 interview.
    1) I asked who was the Corporate Secretary since its the Corporate Secretary who keeps company records. Seemingly adminstratrix is not Corporate Secretary.
    2) Why she did not show any original stock holders certificates that can prove her parents and relatiives were stockholders, or even majority stockholders ?
    3) SEC was not afraid of powerful people. I recalled that during Erap’s time, 1998 to 2001, Erap cant even replace SEC Chairman.

  • John

    the legacy of the small muppet lady with a mole on the cheek …controlled by a crocodile of a husband

  • Den

    I recently read somewhere that 2,500 court employees reiterated their support to their embattled chief. No wonder our justice system is rotten to the core! No wonder poor people would rather go underground and go to the mountains rather than wait for justice to be served. No wonder only lawyers and justices become rich while poor litigants become poorer. If 2,500 court employees who are supposed to work for justice in our country openly supports a leader who has been proven to have no qualms about lying, conceiling vital information, using his connections and position to tip the scales of justice on his side – and still act as if he is the most holy man in the universe, can we ever hope for real justice in this country? When all this is over, and Corona has been banished from his underserved perch, it is time to cleanse the entire judiciary of misfits and hoodlooms. We will never be able to trust people who have openly supported someone so shameless, so scheming and so arrogant.

    Ibangon ang tunay na dangal ng Pilipino! 

    • PinoyConcerned888

       All Judas minded people supports Corona, The Judicial System of the Philippines must be reformed and all the Judas minded in SC must be removed…then Justice can prevail.

  • John TWT

    It’s difficult to judge character, especially if information comes from one source. But if you connect this with how Mrs Corona was regarded in the Camp John Hay Devt Corp (she was allegedly petitioned to be removed by all of the other directors but stayed after being rescued by GMA), then you have a glimpse of the kind of personality this person has.

    Given this, I’d be more inclined to side with Ms Anna’s version of the story.

  • butilngbayan

    Thanks to Karma, even the most powerful will realize that they are no God!  This CJ is indeed a very corrupt, dirty & greedy man.  One will wonder how he reached this far. Save the SC kick this thief CJ now! 

  • noypisiTED

    One gets speechless and troubled while reading this BGEI saga. I knew that squabbles (even more serious ones than what’s taking place between the Coronas and Basa-Guidotes) do happen on families of different lineage and beliefs. “One can choose friends but not relatives” were the often gripes. No amount of success can compensate for failure in the home, so goes the saying. Chief cook, errrr… Justice Corona’s own house is on fire but he just sat idly by. That’s very unbecoming (and revolting) of the Chief cook, errrr… magistrate of the land to let injustice happen to his own family yet do nothing to put an end to it. If CJ Corona failed to take on the shoe and summon the wisdom of Solomon on such a small family irritants (in the beginning) and settle it to everyone’s satisfaction, how does he think he can be a wellspring of justice and goodwill to his fellowmen? “Don’t believe her lies!” the CJ shot back via SMS. Imagine, a court whose fetish requires heaps after heaps of briefs and motions on tons of papers, on legal size, mind you, yet its Chief cook errr…manages to answer only by text. Can’t the courts introduce innovations starting with allowing the filing of motions through text? Anyway, if CJ Corona happens to dodge conviction on all the 3 Articles of Impeachment, the nation is confident he won’t on the BGEI mess. The Chief cook, errr… justice, no less, must be the epitome of virtues yet failed to muster them and instead allow a simple “family problem” become complicated. Is this the kind of Chief cook errrr. justice the Filipino nation deserves? If only for this reason, this nonentity humbly appeals to the Promethean senator-judges: If ain’t fit, convict!

  • marivon

    Hoodlums in black robes. ERAP was correct all along.

    • I_kabod

      korek. ang hoodlum ay galit sa kapwa hoodlum.

    • akobait

      correct nga si erap pero ewan kung bakit itong anak nyang si jinggoy kampi ky corona..ano kaya ang similarities nila?

  • Therese104

    I am anxiously awaiting how the defense will explain why BGEI funds are in Corona’s accounts.  If this explanation acquits him, it will be a template for all other SALNs of so called “honorable” government officials and the refuge of hidden maybe even ill-gotten wealth.  The explanation, after all, is the product of  brilliant legal defense lawyers, including a former Justice and  law deans.  How sad, how very sad for our country…    

    • bulik

      mas maige pa sabihan mo ng honorable ang isang taong grasa.. wala lang imik yun mukhang marumi lang…lilingon lang sa sinabi mo. pero kung si coronang sabihan mo non kahit anong mangyari…pigil na pigil ang utot non!!!!he.he(babaho sa court room)

  • 7 iron

    Tiyak pera lang ang Habol yan si Basa…Bankrupt na siguro sa sugal

    • Al

      Sexy Midas..come to papa…hahaha..!

    • tekss

      how did you know??? kasama ka ba sa sugal?

  • 7 iron

    Galing mag-drama ni Basa..pera lang habol yan

    • sonic91

       Hoy Midas! Bumalik ka na lang sa mga papa mo, at tumahimik ka.. ahaha~!

    • ofwme2807


    • justiceandpeaceforall

      pera nya at ng pamilya nya yun. pakialam mo!

    • tekss

      drama ka jan…read and understand the issue before you comment. jan mo makikita ang tunay na pagkatao ng mga Corona….Ana is just stating what happened.

  • jogab

    “Mabuhay ka Miss Ana!” Only a few people will have enough  conviction to follow the right path. I envy you, you were given a chance to make a difference and you did! I know your father is very happy for what you are doing. 

  • Constantine

    Well Ana, let’s hope and pray that Renato Corona will be convicted by the Senate so that you can pursue your case against Cristina Corona with certainty and fairness. Otherwise, you don’t expect to get a fair judgement if Renato Corona still sits as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

  • I_kabod

    maski ano sabihing technicalities ng mga pro-corona, corporate hierarchy,
    by-laws and whatnot.  hindi na yan importante sa malilit na korporasyon
    na family owned. mas malimit nagdedepende ito sa tiwala at respeto ng
    isat-isa kesa sumunod pa sa batas for formality reasons, mga balat sibuyas ang pinoy.  maski sa
    manahan madami sa mga pinoy ang may problema sa definition ng legal
    heirs.  mga abogadong commentatrors dito, alam ninyo yan. 

    ana basa has nothing to gain from this issue but her legal battle to claim what is theirs.  obviously, CJ corona and his wife have every reason to…well, alam ninyo na. 

  • sonic91

    Umuwi ka na miss Ana, at bawiin mo ang dapat sayo.. ipaglaban mo ang iyong karapatan,, 

  • Guest

    dear ____. you are a goon, a murderer – if given the chance (or maybe you did it already), a thief, a robber, an impostor, a greedy b*st*rd, a heartless maniac, a bully, and a hypocrite. may you die a thousand painful deaths for all the sufferings you’ve caused to your fellow men.

    for all that youve done when there is so much to go around with in the family, you are a perverted piece of garbage.

  • Sooosnamn

    So, does this means that the prosecutions were wrong about CJ Corona’s money in his bank ay nakaw niya sa gobyerno. If it is true that Corona got these money from an old family bussiness feud.,therefore these are now considered irrelevant to the present impeachment trial?! Kasi personal na nilang manga pamilya yun.. Kaya yung pera ni Corona sa banko ay hindi ill gotten wealth from being a public official, but could be ill gotten wealth of his wife from being magulang sa manga kamaganak niya sa negosyo? I rest my case…

    • justiceandpeaceforall

      kung hindi ninakaw sa gobyerno pero ninakaw sa pamilya nya pwede na syang pagkatiwalaan?

      meaning if Corona and his wife can do those horrible things against the members of their own family, he can do more than that with the public. Sooosnamn kailangan pa bang i-explain yan? #@%!!!

      • Sooosnamn

        Did you read my comment correctly? I said “she could be” not assuming that she directly took money from her feuding family!!! The money deposited at their bank was still considered as a corporation money not Corona’s money. Being the head of their corporation Corona’s wife is just safe keeping their assets before it get distributed. Ana Basa’s family is no longer part of the corporation and has no claim for it. Ana Basa’s family for being so greedy, has change the prime property title located near Eastwood w/c is worth 2billion pesos and owned by both her father Jose Basa and Corona’s wife mother. Ana Basa’s father created a new title removing the name of Corona’s wife mother’s name. So, sino sa tingin mo ang nagnanakaw Sa dalawang pamilya? Worth 32million pesos in the bank or worth 2billion pesos property? Away pamilya yan at they still have 3 open cases in the courts..kaya let us not base it on these yet. Manga yellowtards talaga kayo lahat nalang makita niyo kay Corona kakalkalin niyo at ibabaligtad. Puros nalang kayo propaganda nang propaganda. Justiceandpeaceforall, na explain ku na!!!! #@%!!!!!!!

    • tarikan

      Don’t rest your case yet Sooosnamn. The P32.6M was with three accnts with one bank only. There are other accnts with that bank and the other bank also in millions plus the $$$ accnt. This does not include the condos, penthouse, lots in Alta Vista (pag-aari nila Mike Arroyo) and in Marikina, house & lot in QC, parking lots. Also, the character of the CJ must be taken into account. Gusto mo ba ang chief justice natin ay mandarambong, maluluko, siga-siga (nanutok daw ng baril sa pobreng caretaker nila Basa), power tripper? Kung kaya nya gawin sa kamag-anak kaya nyang gawin kahit kanino.  

      • Sooosnamn

        You yellowtards talaga are always assuming this are all true. Why don’t you wait for the defense panel to start their deliberation and see all the answers to your questions. Can’t you get it, since day one the SC on HL, the executive branch has used all it’s machineries and black propaganda against CJ Corona. Isa ka sa manga na uto-uto dahil makitid and pagiisip mo. If Corona feels his guilty of one of the things he is being accused of..he would have resigned from office after the impeachment was railroaded in congress. But, with a clean conscience and balls bigger than you..had the courage to fight!!! He is not doing this just to clear his name, but to protect the people, the rule of law, the constitution, and the country from being under one man rule. Ang mahirap sa inyong makikitid and pagiisip, kapag nauna na nagatong Sa manga utak niyo yung manga paratang at kasinungalingan ay hangang doon nalang ang kaya nang pagiintindi niyo. You yellowtards are only one sided. I used to be a yellow loyalist, but I have my own reasoning for what I see is wrong and is right!!!

      • tarikan

        Fair enough. Let’s wait for the outcome of this IC. I’d like to bet my two balls but they are just normal size unlike Corona’s which are like buko’s size jejeje (that makes ma’am Tina’s like palanggana jeje). As to conscience I don’t think he has something to bet considering that he twisted the meaning of midnight into after lunch jejeje. He & his wife also twisted the arms of ma’am Tina’s relatives to have BGEI for their own. Nanutok pa nga si Otoy eh. If he was the one to protect me…salamat na lang sa iyo na. Kamag-anak ng waswit nya imbes protectahan eh ginulangan na binully pa, whaa (ika ni Miriam) sa iyo na yang malaking yagbols na Crown mo.

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        Sooosnamn wrote, in response to tarikan:
        You yellowtards talaga are always assuming this are all true. Why don’t you wait for the defense panel to start their deliberation and see all the answers to your questions. Can’t you get it, since day one the SC on HL, the executive branch has used all it’s machineries and black propaganda against CJ Corona. Isa ka sa manga na uto-uto dahil makitid and pagiisip mo. If Corona feels his guilty of one of the things he is being accused of..he would have resigned from office after the impeachment was railroaded in congress. But, with a clean conscience and balls bigger than you..had the courage to fight!!! He is not doing this just to clear his name, but to protect the people, the rule of law, the constitution, and the country from being under one man rule. Ang mahirap sa inyong makikitid and pagiisip, kapag nauna na nagatong Sa manga utak niyo yung manga paratang at kasinungalingan ay hangang doon nalang ang kaya nang pagiintindi niyo. You yellowtards are only one sided. I used to be a yellow loyalist, but I have my own reasoning for what I see is wrong and is right!!! Link to comment

    • Wade Pineda

      hehe.. may pagkakaiba ba ang pagnanakaw sa gobyerno at pagnanakaw sa kamag-anak? common denominator dyan.. NAKAW! cge nga rest in peace ka na!

  • nolipunzalan

    If you want to know a person ask his enemies! 

  • Agnes Nieto

    The integrity issue of Corona seems so glaring now with this testimony.  If this story is the real truth (which seems to be)  where  the Corona couple “oppressed”   the BASA CLAN , how easy or difficult could it be for CJ Corona not to  betray the filipino people who are not his blood relation?

    Tama yan, God is good! In His time he unveils the truth.  And, He will make a way to surface the truth.  Anna Basa, your nun aunt’s and your family’s prayers must have been heard and God ‘s response to surface the truth and give justice has to be made public (by God’s strange means such as this impeachment trial).  A great redemption is coming.  Some call this  work of KARMA!

  • I_kabod

    kung away ng pamilya ito, bakit nasa SALN ni corona ang 32M? ibig sabihin kanya na ba yun? o dapat separately naka declare yun amount as “in trust of”? lumalabas na accomplice pala si CJ?

    • PinoyConcerned888

       At bakit sa account ni corona nakalagak ang pera ng BGEI, di ba dapat sa account ng BGEI since it is a family corporation? Something fishy has gone wrong here.

      • I_kabod


  • Allan_Ongpin

    So in the name of fairness, where is the side of Christina in this article?

    • Jomjom

      They don’t want to respond. The only response of Corona is ” Don’t believe her lies”

    • tarikan

      In due time daw in due time. Pagdating naman ng due time objection si Cuevas at irrelevant, unimportant, out of order, not in the rule of law, etc., etc.

  • JosephNess

    first mistake was when he accepted the infamous nocturnal appointment…second…he did not resign given the chance when he was impeached…now…he is exposed…the next is starting to unfold…it will be very exciting to know what it will be…wha!!!

  • Jomjom

    There you have it gentlemen, what more evidence do you need….. Should Corona stay on as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Republic of the Philippines?

  • gummybears6

    dapat pala ibitin nang patiwarik tong si renato para makalog ang utak baka tumino nag lagay si gloria nang evil sa SC at yan ang resulta.

    • Boyong_123

      Tama ka diyan kaibigan! Dapat itong si Thief Jus Switik Renato Corona eh ibitin mismo sa Flag Pole ng Supreme Court para pagdusaan niya yong kababuyan ginawa nya. Hindi lang yan! Balita ko pati mga katulong eh binaboy din ni Corona. Manyakis talaga…

      • teresa

        sa mukha palang di na mapagkakatiwalaan kaya nga maraming kaso na nabibinbin sa korte

  • okidoki

    A ‘CLASSIC’ filipino tale. I believe in the old saying ” walang pinsan pinsan pag PERA ang pinaguusapan !!”.The only good thing about this story: At least the Corona’s didn’t ‘kurakot’ the filipino people as a whole. They did in their own ‘family’. So what’s the big deal now?? Compared to these so called Senator/Judges who rip-off the filipino people unabated, for some of them going on for the last 30-40 years, the Corona’s saga look very ‘saintly”.

    • Jomjom

      What kind of convoluted thinking is that?  How did you know that Corona did not steal from the Filipino people? He is trying to suppress evidence (dollar account).. so I am sure maraming tinatago yan. Kung yung kamaganak kinatalo nila, eh yun pa kayang hindi?… And even assuming kamaganak lang ang ninakawan at hindi gobyerno, how can you still see that as “saintly”..

      Ill gotten wealth, ill-gotten power (midnite), ill-gotten phD, hayyy naku.. and here is what takes the cake: He is THE Chief Justice of the SUPREME Court of the Republic of the Philippines!!!

    • Anna

      Abnormal ka pala! Eh sariling pamilya nga nya ninakawan, ang taong bayan pa kaya na di nya kakilala!

      • Wade Pineda

        wahhh… okidoki got schooled!

      • okidoki

        Abno??..speak for yourself!!! Am basing my comments on the printed interview of Basa and PDI.  (Isn’t it THE basis for all these comments???) Anyway, If you are suggesting that the Corona’s ripped of the filipino people,, none of that was ever discussed in this particular interview at all. And for you to suggest that, is pure speculation on your part. Still, nice try!! 

  • Jomjom

    These are new revelations that cannot be used in the present impeachment. If Corona is acquitted (I think he can get at least 8 senators: Joker, Miriam, Marcos, Revilla, Villar, Enrile, Sotto, Jinggoy, Escudero, Honasan.. even Legarda, Pia)… lets just wait next year for a new impeachment.. this time well crafted, more evidence, etc. Yung panunutok ng baril sa pobreng caretaker pwedeng isali. Pwedeng gawin witness yon, at saka si Ana Basa.. wala ng lusot yang si Corona.

  • Mac Navora

    hindi nga nakaw na pera mula sa gobyerno.. pero nakaw na pera sa sariling kamag-anak.. napaka-dupang tlga ng mga ito.. pati sariling kamag-anak gugulangan pa.. sna nga Ms. Ana Basa, makakuha ka ng Justice againts them..

  • Dagxawin

    Mabuhay ka Ana!

  • w4d

    These are very explosive revelations from Ms. Basa. Very damaging especially coming from a relative that has had first hand knowledge of the inner dealings of the firm. Now, I really would love to read an article from the PDI; a reply-interview from the Coronas’ regarding this matter, ASAP.

    This issue is outside the impeachment trial, so hopefully, the Coronas’ won’t plead the 5th to the interview.

  • sonic99363

    kaya pala ganun na lang ang support na binibigay ng mga supreme court employees kay cj corona eh marami daw dun co-terminus kay cj. ergo, pag nawala si cj ala na rin silang trabaho. eh ang perks and benifits paano na? yung kakilala ko nga na lawyer kpapasok lng sa supreme court last year mag amortize na sana ng brand new car kaya lang, halt na muna ang pagbili kasi baka masipa si cj sa puwesto. 

  • Joaquin Fernandez

    Here is another revelation about the character and integrity of the Coronas. The conjugal greed became the motivation to even cheat on relatives. What else do we need to know? What proof is there to be uncovered when every turn of events we see the fingerprint of the couple manipulating even court decisions for selfish interest. If and when Cristina takes the witness stand, prosecution must present Ana and her mom, possibly Sister Flor to controvert whatever version of their story regarding the P34.7M payment of Manila City government to the real property of the BGEI company. 

  • Labana

    HAYAN, i told you so, SINators.

    Kung kaya ni corona gawin sa sariling kadugo, what more sa kababayang di man niya kilala.
    Noon pa man nagbabayad na ng goons at guns si corona….

    no wonder, may mga coup plots daw, at kung ano anung mga destabilizing drama sila…
    siempre, kasama si gloria at mga kasabwat sa sindikato.

    TANGGALIN NA, HWAG NA PATAGALIN YANG IMPEACHMENT. LUMAYAS KA NA renato coronado corona sa AMING SUPREME COURT para di mo na siya ma supreme corrupt… sa kulungan ka na pati tumuloy para di na kami mahirapan maghagilap sa yo pag nilitis ka na sa sangdamakmak na kaso mo…

    the demons have already fallen, one by one.

  • Offshore10

    Its very easy (somehow) for her to make the fight, and flight if necessary.  At least she has some leverage now!  But what is so sad is if this can happen to her, with her enough wealth and a protective government, what else can happen to that man/lady who just sells his/her wares along the street of Taft cor. P. Faura? 
    Former Pres. ERAP was right all along..Hoodloom in robes!!!!  And we really have a democracy run by the elites to protect their own business interest.  God Help the Philippines!!!  But I know, how can God Help us when we don’t seem to be able to Help ourselves even a tiny bit…

  • raflaydo

    Eh di ba madasalin ang mag-asawang ito? Magkayakap pa habang nagdadasal….may paiyak-iyak pa at titingin tingin sa langit….drama ng hipokrito!

    • Pedro_Gil

      mag aartista daw pagkatapos ng impeachment at susuportahan nina:  Marcos, Santiago, Arroyo, Sotto, Honasan at baka ni Enrile.


    “I don’t know why it’s even under Renato Corona’s name because it should have been deposited under BGEI’s account.”
    pls explain this, Cuevas

  • Noy2


    • tarikan

      Or BASA meaning wet. Basa na ang papel ni Mang Nato macho-macho gun-toting ihode-Pooh. Lagot ka Atty. INCuevas pagnatalo sa kaso si Mang Nato baka hindi ka na makalabas diyan sa cathedral nyo.

  • simon

    “clean in the outside but inside is full of hypocrisy and deceits”,,, iyan po ang bintiwang salita ni Jesus Christ sa mga teachers of the law, sapagkat sila itong magmamarunong, at magmamalinis at mapagkunwari.
    i trust the word of God more than anything else because it was written 2000 years ago but remain valid today in the person of renato CORONA, the illegal occupant of SC.

  • pj2003

    thank you Ms. Basa you did a great service to Filipinos for exposing the real Renato Corona… this (Midnight) Chief Justice who done injustice to his own family should be removed from his office. We don’t deserve a Highest Judge with marks of PHP and US$ all over his face. 

  • indiots

    tsk tsk tsk. kung kadugo tinalo, yon pa kayang mga di kaano-ano.

  • noel

    dapat pagawa na lang sya ng sarili nyang pera……………..tapos itago nya sa baul oh god baket ganito kasakim ang tao dito sa mundo……………..pera pera pera……..

  • noel

    paano ka naman mananalo sa kaso kung ang kalaban mo eh chief justice…………..hay naku buhay……..resign………..ka na……….alis dyan tsuu……..

  • Lopez_Chaena

    I’m sure Corona and his gang of hoodlums will try to do a demolition job on Ana’s character and try to divert the issues. They have called Ana a liar and questioned the timing of the revelation.

    IMHO, Ana is more believable than Corona. Timing is a non-issue since the stockholders of BGEI have consistently informed the public of the conspiratorial nature of the couple. It’s just only now that it reached the headlines.

    The money they stole from BGEI will be used by the defence to explain where Corona got his millions. Meriam will create a firewall so that the BGEI issue will not be used against Corona. If BGEI will be used as the source of the funds, then the senators can question issues related to BGEI. However, there is a case pending so they will be prevented to discuss the merits of the case. I hope senators can see through the firewall and vote to convict.

  • jgl414567

    Bakit tayo nagkaroon ng sanggano at kawatan as chief justice? Napakawalanghiyang tao itong si Corona pati mga kamaganak tinalo dahil sa pera. Panahon na para magkaroon ng hustisya ang mga Basa, Guidote at ang Bayan Patalsikin na si Corona at kasuhan kasama ng amo niyang si Gloria.

  • badudski

    God, Allah, is great. The day of reckoning for Corona has come. Let’s hope that judgement is meted on the corrupt, greedy, lying and deceiving CJ Corona. He has caused so much sufferings on people, abusing his power! Now is the time for cleansing the Judiciary. The time is Now! Attention: senate president Juan Ponce Enrile and senator judges.

  • Pedro_Gil

    Malupit na tulisan pala itong corona.  Akala mo parang artistang umiiyak at ang asawa naman nagpupunas daw ng luha.  Mga pekeng tao talaga ang mga ito.  Kapatid talaga ng sinungaling ang magnanakaw.  At ang magnanakaw prinoprotektahanang kapwa magnanakaw.  Mga sakim sa pera! Masunog ang kaluluwa ninyo!

  • tarikan

    It’s worth knowing if the Renato Corona who went to the judge’s chamber before the Basa hearing started was the Renato Corona of Malacanang or the one already an associate justice of the Supreme Court? If the account of Ms. Ana Basa is true, Mr. Corona personifies the word corruption both interms of power and money.

  • marilou

    The Arroyos and the Coronas are of the same mold apparently. They use their power to grab properties and inheritance from relatives. Di ba si GMA may issue rin sa mga half-siblings niya? Birds, make that vultures, of the same feathers…Mga senador-kayo same mold, same feathers din ba? Decide for the people…

  • dteren

    una la na syang moral ascendancy to be in the supreme court being a midnight appointee, second being a power abuser…and the law itself which he is ought to uphold and protect especially for the filipino people ay sya mismo ang nag cocorupt nito….UMAIS KANA DIYAN KAPAL NA KAPAL ANG MUKHA MO>>>>well awa ako sa mga ANAK NITONG SI CORONA>>>pero kapit tuko talaga suportado pa daw nang pamilya….”PERA AND POWER talagang makapangyarihan pag pumasok sa PUSO NINO man HAHAMAKIN ang lahat maging sa kanya lamang”

  • Darwin

    HOLY MACARONI! is all I can say.

  • jimmy_maranan

    Ano masasabi ng Iglesia dito. Malupit ang miyembro nyo. Nakakahiya.

  • walaKA

    Asahan mo na Ms. ANA BASA na gagawin lahat ng magasawang CORONA ang lahat para sirain ang PAGKATAO mo..Para hindi MANIWALA ang mga TAO syo..At sa halip e sila ang makakuha ng SIMPATYA..GOD BLESS!!

  • boyfarmer

    Well, Mr. Corona,bakit nga ba naman nasa account mo  ang pera ng BGEI? The Nation are waiting for your explanation. Dapat noon pa nakapag extra judicial settlement ang mga heirs.
    March 12, explain ka na ha? 

  • Jill Ariola

    we can clearly see na you are not being a family. gumaganti ka rin naman miss ana basa eh. so don’t say you just want to be a family, cause the facts is you are enjoying the misfortune of the corona’s. talagang magulo ang pamilya nyo at pera pera ang away nyo.

  • mar

    This is tooooooo damaging on Corona…. only this case could bring down CJ Corona, This is not fair, this must be pursued… if not in the impeachment Court whom i cannot trust anymore because of bias, then to where we will get justice?…. Supreme Court? you`re dreaming… Senate? you`re having a bad dream…. Congress? ..after coming back from grade 1….

  • snickle

    I took this from the SC Public Information Office about Justice Renato C. Corona

    “His judicial philosophy is centered on his commitment to uphold the Constitution and the law in order that the rights of every man, woman and child are protected and enhanced.  When the voice of the weak and the oppressed is inaudible and unheeded, he believes that every effort must be exerted to provide them a forum where they can be heard and their rights recognized. 
    His personal advocacies include the formation of strong moral and ethical values in the legal profession, specially among the young lawyers. ”
    Very alarming as to what Ms Ana Basa reiterated who really this person was.

  • Ruski1212

    Mga kabayan laging tandaan ang kasabihan na ang magnanakaw ay bread winner, kaya dapat protektahan. Tama ba Thief Justice?

  • mar

    Most of the people already know what will be the result of this impeachment trial… CJ Corona will be acquited and the Prosecution Panel berated… they will be blamed on the acquital because of their poor performance…. We are in the world where truth are based on Law. If they are not within the Law… it means it is not the truth. Ask any Senator…. everything must be in black and white and authenticated.

  • pinaskngmajal

    Hinde ka kasi nakinig r.corona sa payo ni erap estrada na mag resign na lamang, pinili mo ito kaya harapin mo ngayon lahat ng kahihiyan, well experienced sya pagdating sa mga bagay na ito….ang isang kawatan ay nag mamalasakit lamang sa kapwa kawatan,,opppss .tungkol naman kay aling ana basa, e hinde sya magsasalita kung wala itong katutuhanan,,,,,gahaman pala talaga itong si corona,,,,,kung hinde naagapan,siguro time will come na pati pagka pangulo ng bansa hahangarin, diyos ko po,kaawa-awang bayan ko….

    • PinoyConcerned888

       Ganon din kasi ang sumatutal, kaya di sya nagresign kasi sa tingin nya makakalusot pa sya dahil sa magagaling nyang abogagong kaya syang pagtakpan at proteksyunan. At isa kaya nga sya tinaguriang Thief Injustice kasi he knows his law at kapag umiral ang kanyang law, siguradong mapagtatakpan ang katotohanan at maaacquit sya. Kung magre-resign naman sya, makakasuhan din sya at mapapatalsik din naman sa tungkulin so pinili na lang nya tong impeachment para habang under process pa ang impeachment may power pa sya sa Supreme Court na i-control at may time pang linisin ang mga documentong against sa kanya.

  • Boypickup555

    o ano naman kaya ang masasabi ng mga employee ng supreme court yong ipinagtatangol nila ay tunay na magnanakaw, dapat siguro ay balasahin na rin ang mga empleyado na kurakot din at ng bumango na at magbalik ang tiwala ng taong bayan sa SC… Nakakhiya yang amo nyo pati kayo karamay na hay sa kangkongan na lang kayo ngayon magtrabaho tingnan ko kung ano ang mnga hitsura nyo pwe!!!!!!!!

  • Boypickup555

    padasal dasal pa kayo diyan sa supreme court, demonyo pala talaga…..siRENATO CORONA kung
    sinagot kayo ni Lord sasabihin mga anak nagkakasala kayo dahil sa amo niyong Si RENATO ay tunay na MAGNANAKAW wala akong magagawa kundi ilagay siya sa Impierno.

    Sana naman pagdasal uli kayo na naway mawala ang boss niyo sa SC !!

    • READMENOW2011

      Supreme Court Employees wear Red to support their Chief Justice

      • Jaoh

         Kulang na lang buntot at sungay

  • Malitbog1975

    Corrupt talaga itong Thief Justice Renato Corona na ito, o baka sabihin ninyo na si PNoy gusto maging diktador o nag abuso sa kanyang kapangyarihan. Wala kayong masabi kay PNoy kasi hindi siya corrupt at hindi nag aabuso sa kanyang kapangyarihan. Yong mga walang trabaho kailangan sariling sikap na yon kasi population natin sobra kay sa trabaho, maski sinong presidenteng uupo dyan hindi yan ma solve, ma minimize lang ang jobless.O tingnan nyo si Thief Justice hindi kasali sa Basa Guidote Enterprise Incorporated, e bat nandoon ang pera ng BGEI sa kanyang account hindi sa kanyang asawa, hindi pa joint account sa mag asawa. Hindi talaga karapat dapt siya maging Chief Justice, kasi Thief Justice siya at Cheap Justice! Pati pamilya sa asawa niya ina api dahil sa kapangyarihan.

  • zidyay

    Family feud is commonly both a messy and unpredictable matter. Not only that all the facts and reasons behind the conflict are brought out and made known accurately to the public but, there is also the prospect of settlement of the rift in the future because parties involved are related by blood. Therefore I will not comment who is at fault or make any judgement on Corona and his wife who are being badly accused here.

    Where I would like to make a comment on is about the very strong possibility of additional lawsuit from the Basa family that Corona may have to face right after being convicted or removed from the SC. One already has been filed against him  at the Ombudsman by Rep. Bello and law students from UP and Ateneo. BIR is prepared to file another soon regardless of the outcome in the Senate. And there are certainly many more to come. Corona is inside a deep rut right now he may never make to extricate himself out. He is destined to condemnation as well as to oblivion unless perhaps he resigns and sincerely admits his sins and asks forgiveness from the relatives of his wife but more importantly from the Filipino people he fooled and betrayed for so long.

  • Boypickup555


  • Bad_Ong

    In 2001 on Renato Corona’s nomination to a vacant seat in the Supreme Court Ana Basa’s father wrote the JBC to oppose it in order, as per Jose Maria Basa III, “to save the SC from discredit and disrepute.” He also warned that Corona “will not be capable of rendering fair and just decisions as he has not exhibited such character” in connection with his actions regarding BGEI

    True as it appear in Justice Sereno’s dissenting opinion Mr Corona has molded the TRO to favor his benefactor GMA and to what’s happening now with the SC being drag to shame by the impeached Chief Justice. Add it now this more details mischief character by the CJ..

    Indeed, credentials on the wall do not make you a decent human being!

  • eye_in_the_sky

    yung kumpletong documento ng affidavit
    ni Pedro Aguilon, may link sa Impeach Corona page sa fb na CoronaOut JusticeIN ang profile pic. karumal-dumal na mag-asawa. May mga ginawa pa silang di naisalaysay dito sa inquirer.

  • Dodge2

    paano naging may-ari ang isang pamangkin ng isang kompanya na dating pag-aari ng kanyang mga tiyo, tiya, at kanyang ama????????? magic? pustahan hari o korona?

  • Harry

    Is it possible that Corona and spouse amassed their assets through the rentals and sale of BGEI property? If so. then Ana Basa et al can lay claim to all those assets when Corona is convicted.
     No need for the government to confiscate.

  • bulik

    in due time as fast as possible a segment will be done by GMA 7kapuso regarding this revelation balanse at mapanuri i’ll tell youkung lahat ng characters present dito….blockbuster ito..m,ataas ang rating nito..kaya wag munang babalik sa vegas c ana ..wala ng takot yan everything will be revealed documentado…so ano pa wait ninyo GMA7 move your arse!!!

  • Doodz

    My prayers to Ana and family. I will pray for you everyday until justice will be granted. Our LORD is JUST..God knows who is telling the TRUTH..

  • Francis81

    Weeeh? Di nga? Magkano ang binayad sa yo ni Sony Coloma?

  • dead_pixel

    BASAng BASA sa ulan?
    Lumang gimik na yan!
    Wala nabang magandang strategy ang malacanyang?

    • sanamaybukaspa

      sira ka talaga bobo pa

    • PinoyConcerned888

       kung meron mang gagawa ng gimik at black propaganda, wala nang iba kung hindi ang kampo ni Corona at ni GMA, hindi ang Malacañang malinis ang hangarin ng palasyo. Walang kinalaman dito ang Hacienda Luisita, pinapasok lang ni Thief Justice to kasi wala na syang iba pang maisip na dahilan para malusutan nya ang kanyang Kabuktutan.

      • dead_pixel

        Huwag mong lokohin ang sarili mo!
        Dahil bobo ka, dalawang taon kanang ginagago ng amo mo!
        Kulang paba ang CCT?
        Madadagdagan ang pampatawid gutom ninyong mag anak!

  • RBFjcj

    It is really about time for the Basa family to fight for what belongs to them.  Now, your family is not alone.  The Filipino people are behind you in this fight.  Actually, we thank you for coming out.  This is KARMA.  Renato Corona and Christina Corona have long been acting as if they are gods to abuse their own family.  They are a typical example of people who believe in “WHAT ARE WE IN POWER FOR?”  How can the Basa’s win any of their court cases when all the justices are under CORONA’S command and influence.  I hope people who read this will not doubt the sincerity of Ann Basa and support her cause.  Now is the only time her family can be assured of fairness.  Maybe all the money in Corona’s bank account belong after all to the aggrieved Basa family.  



  • Pakyu Faze

    hahaha yang si anna basa patapon sa america buhay niyan at kaya ito siya naghahabol sa kayaman ng basa which sa totoo lang hind naman pinag dadamot ng mga corona dahil alam nila na hindi sa kanila ang mga ito…
    hindi  ila pinapansin si ana basa kasi siya ay isang bum sa america wawarsaga lang niya ang salapi ng mga basa kaya siya ang habol ng habol..
    ang pera na ito ay sinabi ng hindi kay renato basa kundi sa familya ng basa kaya sa maniwal kayo at hindi tunay na hindi nagnakaw si cj corona at ito na lumantad na ang tunayh na may ari ng salapi

    • PinoyConcerned888

      Naiintindihan mo ba yung whole process ng impeachment?at ung statement ni Ana Basa. Nagulat sya kung saan nanggaling yung 11M, e sinasabing bankcrupt ung kumpanya tapos meron palang 11M na lumitaw na pera pala ng BGEI? san nanggaling ung pera?at bakit nakapangalan kay thief justice? kabaligtaran sa sinabi mo, may ginawang anomaly ang mag-asawang corona dito and they used their power to suppress the truth justice

  • Pakyu Faze

    at least sa pag lantad ni anna basa napatunayang hindi nagnakaw si cj corona so vindicated si cj corona sa laban na ito at ano sinasabi ninyong karma, kayo ang maka karma kasi mali bintang ninyo kay cj corona mga wala sa hulog

  • simon

    ;  when one of you has a grievance against a brother, does he dare go to law before the unrighteous instead of saints? Do you not know that the saint will judge the world? And if the world will be judge by you, are you incompetent to try unimportant cases? Do you not know that we are to judge angels? How much more, matters pertaining to this life! If then you have such cases, why do you lay them before those who are least esteemed by the church? I say this to your shame. Can it be that there is no man among you wise enough to decide between members of the brotherhood, but brother goes to law against brother, and that before unbeliever? To have lawsuit at all with one another is a defeat for you. 1 cor. 6:1-7
    paul is reminding the group of believers,,, why present your case to a corrupt judge (like CORONA)? oo nga naman,,, bakit pupunta kayo sa judge na pwedeng suhulan? talo na kayo sabi ni paul,,sabi ni paul wala ba kayong pastor na pwedeng mamagitan?

    • PinoyConcerned888

       Agree ako sa sinabi mo simon…sino kaya ang maipapako sa Cross ngayon? Ang katotohanan ba or si Corona? Kapag naipako ang Truth instead of Corona patuloy na magsa-suffer ang mga mamamayang Filipino at patuloy na kawalan ng hustisya ang mananaig. 2000 years ago, the truth has been nailed to the cross. The law of men nailed the Truth who is Jesus Christ to the cross headed by the teachers of the Law – the Pharisees and the Saducees.

  • nycnoypits

    Corona is caught lying thru his teeth. He says Ana is not a stockholder but of course when the parent dies, the heirs take over the property. He admits that there are the BGEI cases and he has nothing to do with an inheritance issue, but he admits to being the lawyer for Cristina in the BGEI cases. Then he admits to receiving a cash advance from BGEI even though the case is still pending per his interviews. This instead of having the monies go to an escrow account. It was an excuse to explain how the expensive condos were financed or purchased. 

    Ana, Pinoys all over the world are with you.

  • okabato

    Accountability is a quality rarely found in public service in the Philippines. Pnoy is trying to put it back and he is facing a brick wall that seems insurmountable now that he is under threat of being forced out of office thru a civilian military takeover led by personalities he is trying to send to jail for their wrongdoings to the filipino people. It’s not easy to have as enemies a corrupt ex- president and former chiefs of police and military on the take and a sitting chief justice. I say good luck to you Pnoy.

    • PinoyConcerned888

      May God protects Pnoy and may He bless Pnoy on his advocacy to good governance, since this must be done first before anything else. almost all sectors of governments, the military, police, supreme court has been long attacked and infiltrated by unscrupulous pest of corruption headed by GMA.

    • GreenStallion

      Yes precisely that’s why we Filipinos should support wholeheartedly PNOY’s abvocacies rather attack, contradicts and making false statements against PNOY’s dreamed of this country. We should be one in attaining this dream of good governance, zero corruptions, etc.Our direction must be harmonized in one direction not the other way around. That’s why until now our country could not take off because sadly many of us are still not that serious of reforming this country, they still like the old way (w/out noticing it).    

  • MagicQuad

    I nominate Ms. Ana Basa for Miss Trial 2012!

  • angimonanay

    Kawatan…so many other properties are pending in the SC..a grand plan to amass Boracay! That’s next.

  • TagaMlang

    The root of all the sufferings and shame of the Coronas is “GREED”. 

    GREED for money, that is why they took control of BGEI as if they own it and took control of its funds;

    GREED for material things, that is why they acquired a lot of real properties bought by monies they cannot explain where it came from;

    GREED for power, that is why Renato Corona accepted a questionable appointment as CJ to wield power over the judiciary; and

    GREED is KARMA that will bring RENATO and CRISTINA CORONA down.  Even when they are gone, their children will still feel the brunt of the SHAME their parents brought to them.

  • George

    Magagaling na mga abogado si cj corona at serafin cuevas. kaya lang hindi para sa kabutihan at kaunlarang ng bayang kundi para sa mga plunderer, mandarambong, mandurugas at mga mangungulimbat.

    Hindi raw siya involve sa awayang ng mga magpipinsan ng kanyang asawa sa BGEI pero kaninong pera galing ang mga loan, expropriation money at milyon milyon ay nakapangalan kay cj corona. He needs help psychologically. Pinagloloko na tayo ng harapharapan. That’s not nice!!! We can understand and sympathize with the acquittal votes of joker, miriam and bongbong but not the other senator-judges. This would be the height of an unforgivebable sin of mental bankruptcy if they will let cj corona walk away just like that.

    The national interests and patrimony of the Republic of the Philippines is paramount and supreme over and above any personal interest more so of cj corona. Complete overhaul and no-nonsense judicial reforms start with the present supreme court of the Philippines. Nothing more. Nothing less.

  • kabertongmakata

    Three monuments will rise at the corner of Padre Faura, Manila. A bronze replica of a small lady holding a brown envelope, a lawyer holding both his hands to cover his ears and a pretty lady named Ana Basa. This monuments will symbolize that nothing can be more Supreme than the voice of God through its people! 
    Vox populi, vox dei. 

  • iamph

    Let KARMA work its way to its SOURCE! How happy the Filipino will be if TRUE JUSTICE will prevail! You CORONAS, tell the TRUTH! For heaven’s sake!!!!

  • Anna_Banana76

    This needs to end now! We must not tolerate “demons” hiding behind robes in the Supreme Court. If this continues, it will be the end of everything that is true and fair. Huwag gamitin ang sobrang katalinuhan para man lamang ng tao! 

  • mmm choco

    nga engot kayo- di naman eto kasama sa case ni people.. let the senate decide.. not the people.. you voted for them.. now you wait for their decisions. 

    • Swee

      It’s like you are so sure that Corona will be acquitted. Don’t be so presumptuous.

    • bea3z

      hindi kasama? sa diba nga according to corona yung mga pera nya sa bangko ay pera ng BGEI corporation at kaya nya daw inilagay sa pangalan nya ay para ma secure ang money dahil sa may mga kaso pa ang BGEI. at the same date ng unang araw ng impeachment nya ay winithdraw nya lahat ang pera sa 3 accounts nya tapos idiniposit nya rin the same day in a new kahapon lang sa UH ay iba na naman ang dahilan nya kung bakit nya winithdraw ang pera dahil daw sa nawalan sya ng “trust” sa bangko..pero dun nya parin idiniposito ibang account na nga lang..huling huli na sa bibig nya ang kanyang pagsisinungaling.

    • cion

      Among the comments of my kababayan , you’re the only one who understands that Ana Basa is taking this issue  to the public, which is not right, this is a family dispute regarding their inheritance, and the impeachment is about the job perfomance of the CJ in the Supreme Court, it’s not about their family issue,

      • pinklace88

        isa ka pa naman hindi marunong mag analyze, this isn’t just talking about the family issue, eh pakialam nga ng senate impeachment court kung magsabunutan yang magkakamag anak na yan, ang pinag uusapan eh ung pagsabit ni Corona sa BGEI na pag aari ng mga kamag anak ng asawa nya. anung papel nya at yan ang idinadahilan nyang source ng pera nyas a banko at pinambili ng condo. sinu ba ang sumawsaw di ba si Corona?? isinawsaw nya ang sarili nya sa BGEI na yan ngaun pahinog siya…

  • mmm choco

    calling pulis – may  arrest warrant – pala etong nga eto.. arrest this ana basa.. please.

    • Swee

      If there is, they can post bail I’m sure. Hoy! Hindi na raw matatakot sa si Ana. Galit at lalaban na. I hope she testifies before the impeachment court. Para lalong madiin si Corona. Whaah!

  • mmm choco

    people dont read much do they?? they ( basa family) was found guilty of libel.. !!!  get it??  duhhhhh

    • Swee

      Then what about it? So what? duhhhh?

  • whammyy

     I salute you Ana Basa.  The road to truth and righteousness will never be easy. But don’t worry, my dear.  Bilog ang mundo.  Natural laws, those that we call ‘karma,’ will ultimately bring justice for those trespasses inflicted on you and your family that you never obtained in our courts of law.
    Malapit na ang katapusan ng paghahari-harian ng mga Corona at sila naman ang mamimighati nang masahol pa sa ginawa nila sa inyo.

    • romeo solina

      Huwag kang kasisiguro… marami pang senador-husgado na kampi kay Corona. Isa na diyan si Bongbong… at saka si Miriam at Joker. Tatlo na ‘yan, lima na lang ang kulang. Tingnan natin kung matatanggal nga siya sa Korte Suprema.

      • pinklace88

        hahaha.. alam na alam mo sinung mga senador na kampi kay Corona, bakit kaya? what d they have in common?

      • simon

        kahit na sampu pa, hindi natin alam pwedeng mangyari, kasi hindi naman tayo Diyos. para sa akin, marami gusto ang tao pero sa bandang huli kagustuhan parin ng Diyos ang masusunod.

  • Swee

    My wish is for you to testify in the impeachment court. The truth shall set you all free.

  • dipakosigurado

    Hahaha, it smells of the law firm floating this woman out of the woodworks now…shameless!

  • indiosbravos2002

    No wonder walang panalo mga Basa sa kaso nila. Lutong luto ni Corona sa judge pa lang.

  • rockinLeon

    The best part of the interview:
    PDI: How come Corona was able to take out a loan from BGEI when it was already dissolved?
    BASA: That’s what we would like to know. We really want to get some answers. I think they said that they were paying back the loans. To whom are they paying back? Let’s say they borrowed money from BGEI, and are paying back, where are they depositing the payments?

  • taureangirl24

    Now this is what you call “Karma”..Everything you do whether good or bad you will be accountable…I still do believe that the truth will set you free, & God will never permit that evil deeds will prevail. This is unexpected revelation…

  • Tito_Ces

    Why is there no mention of Eastwood property sold by the Ana Basa family for P2 billion which they did not share with Mrs. Corona? This family feud is typical of every rich family in PHL fighting over sharing of family wealth like the case of Madrigal, etc. It’s clear the P34 million is not CJ Corona’s money but the wife’s.

    • simon

       dapat inalam mo na rin kanino binagbili at kailan pinagbili at sino ang nagbenta para kompleto.

      • Tito_Ces

        Gusto mo palang malaman eh bakit hindi mo alamin at kailangan ako pa ang magsabi sa yo. Ano ka maswerte.

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