Impeachment court admits Corona bank accounts as evidence



Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile

Lawyers of impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona on Tuesday lost in their bid to suppress evidence pertaining to his bank records, despite suspicions that the prosecution had obtained them through illegal means.

The records showed that the Chief Justice, who is charged with betrayal of public trust and culpable violation of the Constitution, kept millions in several peso accounts that he did not disclose in his statements of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALNs).

Senators, sitting as judges in the impeachment court, ruled to accept the evidence offered by prosecutors for the second impeachment article, which alleged that Corona failed to publicly declare his SALN.

“The court has arrived at a decision and ruling that it will deny the motion to suppress and accept the evidence for the consideration of the court in connection with Article 2 of the articles of impeachment,” Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, the presiding officer, said shortly after a two-hour caucus in his office.

Enrile said the impeachment court would issue a “lengthy and formal” written decision on the matter by the time trial resumed on March 12.


He refused to discuss how the ruling was arrived at, but one senator, who asked not to be named, said it was “unanimous.”

“There were strong legal grounds articulated during the course of the caucus favoring denial of the motion,” the informant told the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Absent in the caucus were Senators Aquilino Pimentel III, Manuel Villar and Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

Dollar deposits

Enrile left the door open to the court’s admission of more prosecution evidence, this time, pertaining to Corona’s dollar deposits, the opening of which is now the subject of a pending case in the Supreme Court.

Acting on a petition by Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank), the high tribunal earlier issued a temporary restraining order preventing the impeachment court from scrutinizing the dollar accounts.

Last week, the prosecution said it was resting its case after presenting three articles of impeachment, but “reserved” the right to present more evidence for Article 2 should the Supreme Court later on rule to allow the opening of the dollar accounts.


Asked to explain how the Senate ruling would relate to the pending case in the high tribunal, Enrile said: “That’s another matter. Let the Supreme Court decide the case. If they’ll say there’s a violation of RA 6426, so be it. But that violation does not imply or mean that the evidence, released in violation of the law, could not be admitted as evidence.”

Republic Act No. 6426 refers to the Foreign Currency Deposit Act.

“Now, the result of a decision that there’s a violation means that whoever was the one responsible for the release will have to go to jail when a criminal case is filed against that person, whoever he is or she is, under the penalties provided in the laws,” he added.

Section 8 of the law states that “all foreign currency deposits authorized under this Act … are hereby declared as and considered of an absolutely confidential nature and, except upon the written permission of the depositors, in no instance shall (they) be examined, inquired or looked into by any person, government official, bureau or office whether judicial or administrative or private.”

Defense lawyers cited this provision in their motion to suppress evidence on Corona’s bank records.

Enrile made it clear that the ruling pertained only to this motion. He said the impeachment court would issue another ruling on Monday to identify which pieces of evidence that the prosecution formally offered last Friday would be admitted.

The defense panel has until today to submit its formal opposition to the offered evidence.

Account numbers exist

Enrile noted that the defense motion cited cases in which pieces of evidence were excluded because the “unwarranted search or arrest is done by the state or its agents like the police, the NBI (National Bureau of Investigation), and other law enforcement people.”

In the case of Corona’s bank records that the prosecution submitted, the presiding officer said “there’s no clear showing that it (leak) was done by the government and so far, as the facts indicate, there’s no question that these alleged bank deposit account numbers exist.”

If the bank records had been leaked by a “private party,” Enrile said the “exclusionary rule” would not apply. The rule means that a piece of evidence would be inadmissible if it was gathered in a manner that violated constitutional rights.

No exclusionary provision

Enrile noted that both RA 6426 and RA 1405 (Bank Secrecy Law) did not contain the “exclusionary” provision, which “expressly excludes or proscribes the admissibility of the records of bank deposits when they’re illegally released to the public.”

Told that he had pointed to examiner Jerry Leal of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) as the one responsible for the leak, the senator said: “My opinion was simply an opinion at that moment. We’re still investigating it.”

But what if it was proven later on that it was a BSP official who released Corona’s bank records? Enrile replied: “We are going to decide this case on the basis of facts now present. In that case, at that point, if it was done by government agents, then they would have to suffer the penalties.”

Until the Supreme Court resolves the dollar deposit issue, the impeachment court would focus on evidence on bank deposits submitted by the prosecution so far, Enrile said.

At least 15 exhibits

The prosecution’s written formal offer of evidence contains at least 15 exhibits, including specimen signature cards, bank certifications and bank statements.

Based on the testimony of a PSBank president and a manager of the Bank of Philippine Islands Ayala branch, the prosecution said Corona kept P31.75 million in the two banks in 2010, but declared only P3.5 million in cash and investments in his SALN for that year.

“We are talking of the documents that were submitted. We are not talking of opening the (dollar) accounts,” Enrile said.

“(But) assuming that those accounts exist, based on the evidence presented to us, we will accept the evidence presented to us because there is no provision, expressed provision in the Republic Acts (1405 and 6426) mentioned to exclude them as evidence when offered as evidence,” he said.

Vague position

Enrile also sought to clarify the prosecution’s vague position on whether it was “withdrawing” or “terminating” its presentation of evidence on the five remaining articles of impeachment.

In a notice, the prosecution said it had “terminated the presentation of evidence” on Articles 1, 4, 5, 6, and 8. But defense lawyers earlier argued that such a move meant that they could still present their own evidence on these charges.

Enrile said the court would issue a formal ruling “at the proper time.” But he said: “The records will bear us out that we clarified it very clearly and our understanding and the understanding of the court is that those articles … are deemed as if they were not in the articles of impeachment filed before the court.”

“The decision of the court will matter, not the manifestation of the prosecution,” he said.

Originally posted: 5:03 pm | Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

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  • antonioluna

    dito pa lang sa ebidensyang ito laglag na si cheap dog hehehe

    • roniega

      even if it is “fruit of a poisonous tree”, dont disregard the poisonous tree itself.

      • dario

        fruit of poisonous tree applies only to evidence illegally acquired by agents of the government, like the police, NBI, etc. and not to those evidence which have, by some stroke of fate, arrived at the hands of the prosecution he he he

      • anodawateglow

         cheap injustice is a poison to Philippine Justice system.  

    • hockiardc

      aangal mga mga barking dogs ng cheap dog na sinabi mo. sabihin mistrial hehehe!!!

  • PaengSaAmerika

    Magkakabistuhan na. Worried ako sa mga Corona pre-paids. Baka ma cut yung payola.

  • alice_in_chains

    di ko maintindihan tong illegaly obtained docs na argument.  so paano kung yung ebidensya na “illegaly obtained”, nagsasabing meron si CJ na bilyon-bilyong dolyares sa fcd account na mahirap ipaliwanag.  hindi pa din papansinin ng senado?  

  • Hey_Dudes

    Look like the FAT lady is about to sing Renato C. Corona’s favorite song entitled…….The party’s over…’s time you call it a day……..

    Goodbye and good riddance dishonest cheap justice.

  • Alia Amorsolo

    BRAVO IMPEACHMENT JURORS! Now you’re talking and I tip my hat to all the jurors who voted to admit this evidence! JPE this is your Legacy! Now, all that’s needed is the obvious GUILTY verdict! Beware jurors, Juan Pasang Cruz will know the truth behind the shadows. And don’t even try to abstain ala Pontius Pilate! Hey Bongbong, what say you?

  • basilionisisa

    thank you, Senators, in the end naman pala hindi kayo papayag na mabully at maloko ng mga nagmamagaling sa batas at Consitution! we appreciate your standing up for us!

  • Harry

    Admit as evidence of what? Ill-gotten wealth?
    What if the CJ will be able to prove the legality of the sources of those funds, of what use are the bank statements?
    The prosecution evidence must be sufficient to counter the claims of the defense.

    • Avtar Singh

      @yahoo-3TWVIBNBHJIBKXLUC5IT2JYM5E:disqus …SALN>>>>>SALN>>>>>SLN…sumalangit nawa….His or Theirs……. if the accounts   says Renato Corona then RIP….goodye thief….

    • bong

      Only Defense lawyers and people like you believe CJ Corona is innocent and be acquitted. Majority of senators spoke and accepted the piece of evidence on accounts that will convict CJ Corona in Art II. What alibi the Defense to prove?

    • Mark Suarez


      evidence of not declaring his multimillion pesos(plus dollar account) in his SALN.

      Legally acquired or not, still these were not declared.

  • Hernando

    thank god for the majority of the senator judges seeing the light … mabuhay kayo except for brenda , honasan and joker .

  • orangec5

    Now that the only pillar left by Gloria, a.k.a. the Cheap Justice, is crumbling – they’re resorting to destabilization efforts via recruiting soldiers to join their rotten cause. With investor confidence up and the stock market at record-levels, there’s no way out for the Cheap Justice and the “Little Lady”.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Is it still any wonder why associate justices of the supreme court voted to keep their S A L N’s ‘verboten’ to the public eye?  Imagine, everyone from the president of the land down to the average Juan dela Cruz are mandated to file their SALN’s and ITR subject to public scrutiny but the supreme court exempting themselves?  What animal could think of such fall back cover but the specie propagated in the court with only legs?

    • FernandoBusi

      That was way back in the early 90’s time ni Cory I think that was. Chief Justice Narvasa et al thought that judges and justices were vulnerable through corruption and intimidation by litigants if these know the details of their assets and liabilities so they hid it from public view. I guess they never expected it to be the issue it is now.  

  • Bad_Ong

    Just and fair decision by the Senate, sitting as impeachment court and as representatives of the people in ferreting out the truth behind the charges against the Chief Justice. I really hope this will lead up to the conviction of Mr Renato Corona by the Impeachment Court.

    • rpsresma

      just and fair? it is when you already think that Mr. Corona is guilty. i don’t get you. you haven’t heard the other side yet. oh yeah. just and fair. right?

      • MonMayuga

        Mr. rpsesma, think about what French thinker Georges Braque said and I quote:
        “Truth exists, only falsehood has to be invented.”

        Let us wait what falsehoods the shrewd Corona lawyers will invent to defend their client.

      • Bad_Ong

        Mon, I think that’s right otherwise the defense won’t ask that such considerable amount of time in responding to what they claimed and perceived bungled prosecution performance. Not to mention they’re composed of brilliant & top notch lawyers in the PH. Too, why wait for that “in due time” and avoid to take the witness stand if only truth exists within Renato Corona? But nonetheless let’s wait and see.

      • MonMayuga

        I hope we will like what we will see after all the waiting. Thanks.

      • Bad_Ong

        Yes, just and fair decision by the IC wrt Renato Corona’s camp appeal to “suppress” those evidence presented by the prosecution team against him. Besides, what’s the issue about here? That’s what it is. Why? Is there a guilty verdict already in your mind while mine is just hoping for it basing on the aforementioned? But I do Hope you’re right eventually, you get it now?

      • rpsresma

        i still don’t get it. it will never be just and fair if you lean on one side. it’s fair and just for you because you are hoping for a conviction. how can it be fair and just if illegally acquired documents can be admitted as evidence? So, would it be fair and just to do wrong then? anyway, life is not just and fair.

      • MonMayuga

        Senate President Enrile has already ruled that the evidence in question was not illegally acquired. It was not any agency of the government which procured it but was apparently voluntarily given by someone else to the prosecutors. 

        Aside from that, this is not a criminal trial.

      • Rhine

         It’s just a temporary rejoicing for the prosecution team.. the game is not over yet.. the defense will re-butt all their evidences piece by piece and in the end,, it will be shredded into pieces…as the saying goes, there is always tow side of the coin…fair trial can only be attained after both sides are being heard,,, so to those who are against Corona,,you haven’t heard the defense yet,,,and if after all has been presented,, the Impeachment Court will give their verdict based on the evidence that will stand after the defense tear it down to nothing….

      • MannyKingfisher

         Maybe hewill be found guilty or not, it depends now with the Senator-jurors. But no matter what the outcome of this proceedings Corona is no longer fit to serve as justice of the supreme court, no matter how and what explainations he will have. As it turn out he should not have been appointed to the supreme court because of his past. He  lack the unquestionable integrity of that of a justice of the supreme court.

    • Montse

      Ipaubaya natin sa senado ang paghuhukom kasi binuto sila ng tao para magrepresenta sa tao kaya dapat igalang natin ang kanilang pasya. kung maconvict or maacquit si CJ karapatan na ng senado, hindi tayo angb judge.

      • Bad_Ong

        Montse, kaya nga po sabi ko “I HOPE” kung sakaling na miss nyo po yan. Tama ka at dapat lang na ipaubaya natin sa senado ang kapasyahan. Pero sa ganang akin tama rin lang ang naging desisyon ng IC.laban sa appeal ng kampo ni Renato Corona na ibasura ang mga nasabing ebidensya tungkol sa kangyang mga bank accounts.

  • edwin

    It is the only thing that Mr. Corona would be proven guilty. Thank you juror’s otherwise kung ma- acquit si Corona dahil di nyo admit yan evidence na yan alam nyo naman mangyayari d ba kyo ang sisishin ng publiko. MArunong din kyo makiramdam .

    • tata_boy

      malapit na kasi ang election.

  • ahlfred Y

    Admitted evidences , the problem is would most of the senators who are not lawyers properly appreciate the evidences or not.

  • pcosmachine



    • RomyLitz

      Yep, I could imagine, Senators Drilon, Chiz, Guingona and Cayetano virtually salivating the easy process of grilling Corona at the witness stand. Miriam and Joker have to do some miracles to free Corona. The puzzle of Corona is like putting back the toothpaste to its tube.

  • RomyLitz

    That is my boy Sen. Enrile. Even this single article 2, sufficient enough to evict Corona from his CJ post. To the Prosec Team: Congrats very big!

  • red

    Patintero strategy para maisip ng mga iba na di siya kumikiling sa defense…pero sa actual judgement kaya ano i-boto niya?

  • tamakajan

    Round of applause for the jurors. Let this be a warning to those corrupt officials who will hide their ill-gotten wealth and thought they can get away with it. Crooks will think twice to use again Philippine banks to their own interest and security. I hope they soon abolish the foreign account law.

  • Toti

    “But that violation does not imply or mean that the evidence that was
    released in violation of the law could not be admitted as evidence… ”

    Rightful decision. Now, let the defense prove that the documents are fake by showing the original…

    • kilroy

      bka lalo clang mabaon pg pnakita nla.

  • MonMayuga


    “In a democratic society like ours, relief must come through an aroused popular conscience that sears the conscience of the people’s representatives.”  US Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter.

    We thank the Senate for their wise decision to accept Corona’s dollar and peso accounts as evidence. 

    The aroused popular sentiment is that the people wanted the know the truth if Corona lied about his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) which shall be the gauge by which he would be measured, if he allowed himself to be corrupted by that one person who appointed him to where he is now and if he was bought to protect his former patron.

  • RomyLitz

    The task of defending himself with these bank accounts evidence is impossible, the only option for this honorable CJ, if he chooses to be, is to resign.

    • kilroy

      no way! we go for impeachment or nothing at all.

      • RomyLitz

        Yep, right now, Sen. Enrile seemed to increase the probability of impeaching CJ at 101% already. Just a matter of time.

      • jiroarturo

        Kulang pa rin ang boboto for conviction. 16 ang kailangan bomoto for conviction. 8 lang kailangan for acquittal. Unless na makonsensiya ang ilang sanador. Mahirap ipakita ang mali sa mga nagbubulagan.

      • RomyLitz

        But Sen.Enrile is a father figure to Honasan and Jinggoy, so convincing the 16 becomes an easy task. The solid pro Corona are, Marcos, Joker, Miriam, Villar, Legarda , Revilla and Sotto. Only seven are solid, the remaining perceived pro conviction are intact, 16.

  • Kyouraku Shunsui

    accepting the evidences still doesn’t  guarantee conviction. i hope the senator jurors goes for conviction of corona.

  • jeff964

    kung tinanggap na as evidence then the thief justice should be guilty as charge.

  • ed0408

    This is a triumph for the Filipino people. The Senate is perceived as a lapdog of the SC for always accommodating its decision. It has been muzzled several times; TRO, Judicial Privilege, etc… and is scared with SC. Thank God it has redeemed itself and is now with the people.

  • berong

    wag magpapakasigurado na mako-convict si corona dahil napasama yung mga bank evidence.with or without those evidences,at least 8 senators will absolve corona.1. defensor santiago–baka di mapag-usapan kapag di sumalungat.2. joker arroyo—wala lang.patanda lang talaga ng paurong.3. tito sotto-ewan ko ba sa gagong ito,bat ginawa nyong senador.4. enrile-galit sa yellow dahil napurnada ang planong maging presidente noong 19865.honasan-anino ni enrile
    6.revilla-like father like son.sana wag pumunta sa EDSA this time at baka sya ang mabatukan.7.escudero-PDP-laban/ binay connection.isyu sa electoral tribunal.8.marcos- galit sa father like son.

  • agoroy12

    Wow…… We could actually do illegal things in the Philippines and get away with it because even the Senators and the Lawmaker agrees with it. That’s very sad the lawmaker itself agrees with the lawbreaker. 

    • Benjie

      Kakagising mo lang ba mula sa comma? Yang illigal na gawain at matakasan ang kaparusahan  ay matagal na panahon ng umiiral sa Pilipinas.  Kung ang ating batas ay patas at ipinatutupad ng tama at nangyari ang ganitong sitwasyon, sasaludo ako sa comment mo, pero sa ngayon gusto ko munang sabihin na isa kang impokrito!

  • hobbit229

    Sino kaya ang sampung bulag na senador na bomotong balewalain ang dollar/peso accounts bilang ebidensya? Sila malamang ang boboto ng acquital kay CJ. Duda ako doon patungo ang hatol.

    Sa sampung senador na bomoto, cge unahin nyo ang bulong ng INC at magkaalaman na lang kung tanggap ba ang hatol nyo darating na eleksyon. Magdiwang na ang mga alagad ni Gloria at Corona!

    • jiroarturo

      Sino-sino ba ang nagboto na balewalain ang dollar/peso accounts? Ang alam ko lang sila Santiago, Honasan, Arroyo, Pia Cayetano, Legarda, Enrile, Marcos, Villar, Sotto. Acquit pa rin si Corona dahil kung kailangan 16 votes for conviction. Talo na naman ang bansang Pilipinas.

      • hobbit

        Tnx bro!  Sina Santago, Gringo, Enrile, Marcos and Sotto ay lost cause na sa prosecution. Pero sina Villar at P Cayetano nagkamali yata ako ng binoto. Si Legarda nahawa na yata kay merriam. Hulaan ko ang 2 natira. Si panday at pandak.

      • jiroarturo

        Nakalimutan ko si Revilla. Si Estrada ba ang pandak? 11 na yon boboto for acquittal. Ano ba ito? Naging moro-moro ang trial.

        From: Disqus
        Sent: Tuesday, March 6, 2012 7:33 AM
        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Senate admits Corona dollar, peso bank accounts as evidence

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        hobbit wrote, in response to jiroarturo:
        Tnx bro!  Sina Santago, Gringo, Enrile, Marcos and Sotto ay lost cause na sa prosecution. Pero sina Villar at P Cayetano nagkamali yata ako ng binoto. Si Legarda nahawa na yata kay merriam. Hulaan ko ang 2 natira. Si panday at pandak. Link to comment

  • Jon

    kaya nga hindi umunlad ang bansang ito the lawmakers are the first law breakers…papalakpakan pa ng mga may makitid na pag iisip…

  • nennen12345

    buti nalang hindi sumisigaw si miriam santiago sa decision ng mga kasamahan niyang mga senator judges accepting the dollar and peso accounts as evidence otherwise pupukpukin siya ni senator enrille ng kanyang batuta, he he.

  • tskpinas

    “But PS Bank officials, who appeared before the impeachment trial, claimed the document was fake.”
    So how can you use evidence that the bank itself admit is fake? I’m not a lawyer but how does that work?

    • ukoysakabo

      nagbasa ka ba ng artikol?

      • tskpinas

        Oo binasa ko, ikaw binasa mo ba? Baka hindi mo naintindihan eh.

      • ukoysakabo

        kaya sinagot kita kc naintidhan mo…mukhang hindi mo ata naintidhan eh…intintidihin mo kc word 4 word …waaahhaha wake up bro!!..waaaaahhh

    • RomyLitz

      There was no issue about the documents were fake. The issue now is, these documents were illegally obtained only.

      • tskpinas

        So there is no issue with authenticity of the documents only on how it was obtained then. So basically fake and illegally obtained but still accepted. Weird situation, but thanks.

      • benny

        Agree, hindi nga pa sinabi na ni Garcia kung magkano ang laman nong mga account…ano ba naman “tskpinas”  saan ka ba ng galing?

      • RomyLitz

        Sen.Enrile declared that the alleged documents attached by the Prosec Team, exist. What does it mean? Still you cannot get?

      • tskpinas

        Yes I don’t get it, that’s why I’m asking. Should I not ask?

    • loudwhale

      i’m also confused, if a document is fake & is disowned by the bank itself then how can it be considered as evidence?
      PSBank has been saying that the docs have been either illegally obtained or even doctored, so what happens now to the rule of law?

    • tamakajan

      it’s not anymore an issue if it is fake or not, the issue here is it is not been found criminally liable to use the documents or evidence at hand, simple lang – the accounts of the cj really do exist… bat pa tayu nagbubulagbulagan???

    • donvitoandolini

      @tskpinas The one allegedly “fake” document is the signature card. But all the data, information contained in it are true and correct. It might had a ” fake ” cover but it is actually a genuine book.

      • tskpinas

        Thank you, at least someone can answer without political bias. Well done sir.

    • kilroy

      the documents may be fake. but the account is not. so we go for the accounts as i understand it. 

  • RomyLitz

    To : Sexy Midas and INC,

    Where now is your show of FORCE last week? You really thought that the Impeachment Court was intimidated? Wake up!!

  • sigena

    sigurado may makulong na prosecutor din nito

    • benny

      kung may ebedensiya bakit ba hindi…

  • loudwhale

    looks like the persecution team has gotten away w/ their dirty tricks.

    • Juan

      its not dirty tricks loudwhale, they are not criminal lawyers…got no experience….they’re just a bunch of  young turks in the neighborhood trying to get rid of the old bad guy….  

      • loudwhale

        seems like you made a judgment already. so do i take it you will not accept anything but a conviction?

      • Rex_Ranhilio

        you also made a judgement when you said “the persecution team has gotten away w/ their dirty tricks”. so i take it you will not accept anything but an acquittal?

    • tamakajan

      truth will always prevail my friend.

      • loudwhale

        to soon to say, the impeachment is not yet over.

      • tamakajan

        correct, but you can’t deny the fact. okay lets see if this lies will last up to the end.

    • benny

      Yan ang hirap sa ating mga Pilipino nasaan na yong pagpapahalaga natin sa ating dangal, kapag may ebedensiya hindi daw totoo, kapag nahuli sa akto lakas pa ng loob na ikakaila… .. Gumising naman tayo kawawa yong susunod na henerasyon…

  • donvitoandolini

    Time to admit that Corona really erred in his SALN. Whether it is intentional or not,, it doesn’t really matter. Whether the riches he stacked was ill-gotten or not, it also doesn’t really matter.

    It is only Corona’s removal from office and does not carry with it any penalty of imprisonment and fine whatsoever. 
    The country can move forward – way, way better without Corona.  

    • Juan

      Bongiorno Don Vito…you are very correct.  But I want to see Corona go to jail and also the capo tuti de capi Arroyo, capice?

      • donvitoandolini

        Capisco Don Juan! Te salute!

    • patawad

      I cannot understand how you can say that – “way better without Corona.”

      Granting that CJ Corona has some ill gotten wealth, would that outweigh more than what would become of the country when everyone is under the control of Penoy?  Would you rather have a dictator president?  

      • donvitoandolini

        I really don’t care, whether it’s ill-gotten or not, about Corona’s millions.He can keep it.

        ” Way better without Corona “, simply because with him around in the SC the country cannot blaze the trail of truth, justice and accountability.

        SC is becoming a court of crookery and cookery for GMA, FG, Mikey et al.

        I wish Corona had resorted to subtlety in protecting Gloria et al and escaped the public eye unnoticed.

        Now, if P-Noy is to become a dictator. Let him choose this sure path to his own “gallows”. Nobody is invulnerable after all. Not even Achilles and his famous heel.

      • Avtar Singh

        @patawad….YES !!!!…a “DICTATOR President” Against The Corrupt……

  • Jim De Garman

    nasaan na sina lolo cuevas, esguerra, salvador, at bangladeshi roy..mukhang nasa loob na sila ng imbornal sanhi ng tama ng mga suntok ni lolo Enrile..di nakaporma sina brenda at Joker na harangin at pigilan ang jab ni lolo ernie puro lang whaaa ang naririnig mula sa bunganga..ibinasura pa naman ng impeachment court ang 33 pages na motion..hehe

    hayun puro sungalngal ang panga ng apat na puro na lang porma…umiiyak na rin si corona at panay punas ni cristina sa laway sa labi niya.

    • Rizal Bonifacio

       Ha ha ha… parang naiimagine ko na panay na ang rosaryo ni thief justice:-)) Panay naman ang punas ng asawa nya ng pawis at laway…ha ha ha. naalala ko tuloy si mayor Sanchez ng Calauan Laguna…

    • Pedro

      ahhh… iyong mga taong hinahanap mo…nandoon, nagtatahi at nag-iisip pa ng mga gagawing kasinungalingan!!!! hahahahaha!!!

  • speedstream2

    It gives us hope that the Senate emphatically asserts itself as an impeachment court whose decision will have far-reaching and lasting implications on good governance, moral ascendancy and integrity in the bureaucracy of the highest degree. As they say, this may sound quixotic, but it’s not an impossible dream.

    • loudwhale

      I think the senate made more of  “political” decision. Can you imagine how the public would have reacted had the senate shot down those evidence that is practiacaly the core of the persecution teams evidence? To say the least their case would have been weakened major major.
      Perhaps now we are see the “political” aspect of a political process.

  • loudwhale

    The spurious banks docs. where the source & the cause why the persecution team was regularly dressed-down, warned, reprimanded, scolded, humiliated.
    Instead, today, after all the “moro moro” the evidence would also be accepted anyway.
    Was the public being taken for a ride only about all the Rule of Law staff????
    Like, never mind the source or the “small lady” or “dark driveways”.

    So did the senate IC make more of a “political decision” then a matter of Law?

  • loudwhale

    as for me will wait & see how the ball bounces.
    because what the senate did was to allow the excitment to continue.

  • pinklace88

    now, senate is making sense… :)

  • Alia Amorsolo

    Hey loudwhale are you a LIAR err, i mean Lawyer? you talk like you’re an expert in impeachment cases. Anyway, good luck to your tribes of CJ loyalist & by obvious extension, GMA loyalist. A round of applause to the jurors who voted to admit the peso & dollar accounts as evidence. By the way, the defense always reiterate their readiness to explain all these cash miracles including the dollar accounts which the CJ himself promised to reveal in due (overdue) time. As SIRAfin Cuevas of the infamous Manila Hotel coup d’etat bravely declared; ” WHAT ME WORRY?  Either way i’m gonna get paid.” 

    • Rightthingtodo

      Loudwhale is just an “abogadillo” the way his/her posts were written. 
      Although the bank records were admitted, I still have doubts that the senators supportive of Gloria like Villar, Arroyo, Santiago, Revilla, Sotto, Marcos, Enrile, Lapid will acquit Corona for personal and political reasons, thus lacking the required 16 votes.  Regardless of the outcome, I will never respect Corona and the rest of his gang of justices in the SC.

  • lakayamaya

    The trial is more exciting than ever. I want to see how the defense panel can perform MAGIC. It would be a good defense tactic for future public offenders!!!

  • Brendamage Deafensor Sataniago

    sabi ng star witness ng defense – ” remember, Corona is a lawyer”
    sabi ko naman –  yes he is  … he is a dumb lawyer …..
    kumapit lang sa tuko (GMA) kaya napadpad sa poder … kahit nga sa pagsasalita – ang layong lawyer …

    • RomyLitz

      Agree 101%.

  • dongBarako

    Happy kami mang Johnny!!!…ano kaya mangyari pag may senator-judge na mag motion to invite (not subpoena muna) Renato Corona to testify?…hhhmmm. ..interesting!

    • tskpinas

      Did you mean the prosecution-senator-judge? Can Corona even testify against himself?

  • RomyLitz

    Last week the hero was Vitaliano Aguirre, now the accolades belong to Sen. Enrile. Prosec Team will definitely have an easy ride impeaching the CJ .


     thats ok for admitting the bank docs as evidence because if the senate rejected it the impeachment trial will be easy as pie since article 3 and 7 is worthless not even  worth a sweat for the defense so  in admitting this bank docs the senate has prolong this trial for propaganda purposes especially for the re-electionist senators for the 2013 thats why they included this evidences. and to give the prosecution teams some saving face not to totally shame them knowing fully well senator-judges knew the remaining articles 2,3 and 7 will not unseat or convict corona to give some suspense and entertainment they allowed this banks docs to be use as evidence.


    this senate has made a mockery of law by allowing the illegally obtained evidence as evidence and even enrile as said in his interview which he believe the BSP is the one leak and gave the illegal obtained docs to the prosecution team thus in future cases we the people can now exercise our power to ask the banks especially BSP to get all the bank records no matter what without court order since the action made by BSP has made legal a illegal ac,  way to go BS aquino you really breaking all rule of law for your pleasure………..

    • acaldejr

      You surely did not understand Senator Enrile when he explained it clearly why they accepted those documents as evidence.  Magaling si Atty. Cuevas to oppose it if he thinks it is a mockery of the law.  Para mo namang sinabing mas magaling ka kay Senator Enrile.  Saka, nandiyan naman si Miriam na siguradong magtatalak kung mockery of the law nga yan.  Ngayon, huwag kang sasawsaw kung di mo alam ang sinasabi mo kasi lumalabas lang kung hanggang saan ang alam mo.

    • Rex_Ranhilio

      enrile has explained that the evidence is not illegally obtained because it was not secured by law enforcement agencies. there are various supreme court decisions where the court sustained the admissibility of evidence obtained or discovered by private individuals and security guards.

      moreover, even if psbank’s president and manager stated that the documents are fake, they confirmed the existence of the bank accounts.

      if you have a fake birth certificate does that mean that you do not exist?

      i am no enemy of corona but it is time to stop treating him like a saint. he is the one on trial now.

      i am no fan of noynoy but it is time to stop blaming him for everything. if you believe that there are grounds to impeach him then do so.

  • Richard Ortega

    Beh buti nga…. ha ha ha   defense panel will go to supreme court create something to declare a miss trial, mga attorney ni thief justice sinayang nyo mga pagkatao nyo pati law office nyo malulugi na.

  • Richard Ortega

    defense panel anong kasinungalingan nnman ang gagawin ninyo, sana huwag manahin ng mga anak ninyo ang kasinungalingan ninyo.     (KARMA)

  • RonnieV

    Let us all wait for the defense to lay down all their counter evidence or proofs. 

    By the way, this is out of the topic, just my observation, for the last 3 days it was impossible to log in in order to add comment, why it was done so? was it deliberately done by the PDI so as not to enable others to react on certain issues? or was there really a problem on their server, or whatever.

    • Alalyah


      • aristeosj

        you may have been fasting too much that brought you
        to experience too much hallucinations.remember,too
        much of anything is bad for the body and mind,hehehe!

      • hobbit

        Baka naman ginagawa lang ng PDI i-verify na valid at existing email account ang gamit ng bawat blogger dito kasi napansin ng PDI na napakaraming nag po post from both camps (anti and pro-corona). Para walang bayaran at gawing post brigade to create the impression na madami sila. Lalabas kung sino talaga ang mas marami. 

  • Policarpio

    I’m very happy with this decision Senator Juan Ponce Enrile. I greatly appreciate your prudence and generosity to the Filipino people.

  • padrefaura

    tuwang-tuwa ang mga yellow zombies.

    • quirinomayer

      Kawahwahwah si padrefaura at mga kaunting natitirang fanatics ni Corona. Di na sila makakain at makatulog. Researcher, di umobra pa panovenovena ng idolmo ano. Pati yong paprayerprayer rally ng INC. Hindi na aabutan ng midyear bonus sa Faura amomo. Mabuti pa sa kanya, hanapin yong baril na pinantutok niya at gamiting sa sariling ulo ala Angelo Reyes. Since dika mabubuhay pag wala ang idolomo, gayahin mo na rin wahwah.  

  • Nic Legaspi

    A few days ago, Enrile was zeroing on a government employee who was alleged to have released the documents illegally. Now he’s admitting these as evidence. I wonder why… And also, I don’t believe that the person should only go to jail when he is identified and charged with releasing confidential documents. The senate as an institution should look into this. We’re talking about civil liberties here.

    But anyway, the saga continues…

  • Benjamin


  • Alalyah

    There  are so many people here who are very good in becoming an instigators. These people are making a head way gossip before anything has been presented by the defense panel. Very good in destroying people or other group and making stories of lies and tirade. It’s typical of Panot Abnoy retarded Pnoy’s system of matuwid na daan headed to the sewer.

  • FernandoBusi

    I guess it makes sense to allow for this but the BSP officials behind it should still be sanctioned otherwise why have laws at all. Makita na lang natin if we blog against this administration our accounts will be snooped into.

    BTW Corona said hes going to the stand so this looks like things will be put into context.

  • albuster

    Corona’s land mines are starting to explode in his face. I won’t be surprised if he will resign before the trial resumes but he will declare, like all the crooks in public office do, that he is not getting a fairl trial. I hope he fights it out as he boasted in the grounds of the supreme court, but I think he sees the writing on the wall.

  • Brando

    All my 3 posts under this news item are gone. Ako ang pinakauna nagpost dito e. Naerased? Hahahaha! Bakit? Hahahaha!

  • Malik62

    So what if the alleged dollar account was accepted as evidence.  It is a fake evidence hence it will not hold any water. So what’s there to rejoice?

    • Benjamin


  • Pedro


  • Brando

    Purging the antis? Hahahaha! Intelligent move. Only in the Philippines.

  • jiroarturo

    Ano kaya ebedensiya ilalabas ni Corona pang kontra sa pera niya sa bangko? Pera ng BGEI o patago lang ng ni GMA?

    • adam_d_ant

      sabihin n’yang patago mo .. he. he he

      ang mga nauuto talaga ni budoy …. ngee

      • jiroarturo

        Wala akong ganoon pera Adam. Isang kahig isang tuka lang po ako. Sa palagay mo kaya talagang perang pinaghirapan ni Corona ang nasa bangko. Sinabi na lang sana na nanalo siya sa Lotto sa Amerika. Tutal madalas naman siya sa States para dalawin ang kulasisi niyang si Eva.

  • -XO-

    Don’t thank God for them yet. The Joker is a magician, one hand will keep your attention in focus, while the unseen hand will deliver the trick. 

  • Brando

    Controlled forum. Just for one objective. Hahahaha!

  • Benjamin


  • mang_tomas

    for the first time ever, the impeachment court has voiced out its constitutional mandate as truly an impartial court. 

    by admitting the evidence which the defense sought to be suppressed, it has effectively made cj corona realize  that his world is getting smaller everyday. 

    • spearheads

      Kapag pabor kay benignoramus, “truly impartial” ang impeachment court. Wait when CJ Corona will be acquitted and I will bet my last centavowe that you will be the first one to howl that the impeachment court is partial for CJ Corona after all, remember that and aabangan ko yong iyak mo “at the end of the day.”.

      • aristeosj

        partial or impartial,the ultimate beneficiary will be the people,
        don’t you think so?the people are only after the truth.nobody
        and nobody should suppress the truth.this is the
        impeachment court’s finest hour so far.

      • mang_tomas


  • D_BystandeR

    The PDI interview with Ana Basa regarding the BGEI exposed what kind of a man Corona is to the family relatives of his wife. The injustice done by Corona in this expose shows how good he is in distorting “the rule of law” to suit his evil objectives. No amount of defense using a battery of “excellent lawyers” can exculpate him. His moral dignity is rotten to the core! He has no business to stay or remain as CJ of the Supreme Court.

    • Edwin

      naniwala ka naman!!! bakit ngayon lang lumabas?

      • jen2

        nabasa mo ba ung interview?  Eh ngayon nga lang daw nalaman na may 11M and 34M ang kumpanya nila

  • GreenStallion

    This is definitely good news. The Senators made the right decision but it doesn’t mean its a walk in the park for the prosecution. We have to hear the defense side before we arrive to the right conclusion. Hopefully the dollar account of CJ will also be opened inorder to clear doubts once and for all.  Another historic day for our country.

  • spearheads

    Benignoramus supporters are feasting as if guilty na si CJ Corona. You ai’nt seen nothing yet. Pinapagana lang kayo ng Senado sa totoo lang. I have posted before that it is immaterial whether the bank records will be admitted or not because the issue in the impeachment court is whether or not the none disclosure in the SALn as alleged in article 2 is an impeachable offense. The only crime that could be linked in article 2 is Perjury, and I bet my last centavo that Perjury can never be considered a “high crime” to constitute      
    “betrayal of public trust.” Be that as it may, CJ’s alleged bank deposits, corruption, hidden wealth, ill gotten wealth and the like were not even considered an issue when the Prosecution filed their impeachment complaint. The meat of their impeachment complaint is the alleged entanglement or closeness of CJ Corona to GMA, as to be partial in CJ’s decision for GMA. But those grounds or allegations which are in fact, the prosecution “MAIN” theories of their case were withdrawn not only in the five articles of impeachment but also half of the allegations in article 7 which directly link to CJ Corona’s decisions viz a viz GMA. Since the main issue or theory of the case for the Prosecution had been abandoned, can CJ Corona be convicted on the secondary issue in article 2, considering that no credible evidence was presented in articles 3 and 7? Even a none-lawyer senator juror will readily notice this. So yellowtards, hold your horses because you are in for a  big suprise. Finally, admissibility is a matter of record in a collegial body. Appreciation of the weight and sufficiency of the evidence depends on each and every senator judge sound discretion to arrive at an impartial trial. In sum, where’s the reason for being in cloud nine?

    • jiroarturo

      Nakalimutan mo yata na meron Article 2.2 at 2.3 ang Article 2.

      • spearheads

        Obviously you don’t know anything about litigation by your comment. For your info, Art. 2.2 and 2.3 are only “factum probans” or allegations of ultimate facts to prove :factum probandum,” the fact or offense sought to be proven. In other words, in determining whether the offense is impeachable or not, the senator judge has to focus on the “factum probandum” which is the alleged “none disclosure of CJ Corona’s assets in the SALn.” Therefore, since the factum probandum insinuates the commission of Perjury on the part of the CJ, two questions are paramount in arriving at a verdict thus: First, whether or not such none disclosure is a crime of Perjury. This first question is even debatable owing to the fact that the Civil Service Commission which was tasked to promulgate the implementing rules as mandated by the Consitution, did not provide a punishment but instead provided a corrective measure. The second paramount question is of course, whether or not Perjury is an impeachable offense. So, you can see that CJ Corona’s bank records are actually immaterial, that is whether or not he amassed wealth under any circumstances.  

      • jiroarturo

        Salamat sa response mo. Tinagalog mo na lang sana para maintindihan ko ng husto. Ibig mo bang sabihin nagsinungaling lang si Corona sa SALN niya? Walong taon nagsinungaling ito ah. Sabi nga ni Henares ano pa ang saysay ng SALN kung pwede mo naman baguhin balang araw. Hindi ba sinusumpaan yan na totoo ang nakasaysay sa SALN? Chief Justice ka mag sisinungaling ka ng walong taon.

        From: Disqus
        Sent: Tuesday, March 6, 2012 8:30 AM
        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Impeachment court admits Corona bank accounts as evidence

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        herculubus wrote, in response to jiroarturo:
        Obviously you don’t know anything about litigation by your comment. For your info, Art. 2.2 and 2.3 are only “factum probans” or allegations of ultimate facts to prove :factum probandum,” the fact or offense sought to be proven. In other words, in determining whether the offense is impeachable or not, the senator judge has to focus on the “factum probandum” which is the alleged “none disclosure of CJ Corona’s assets in the SALn.” Therefore, since the factum probandum insinuates the commission of Perjury on the part of the CJ, two questions are paramount in arriving at a verdict thus: First, whether or not such none disclosure is a crime of Perjury. This first question is even debatable owing to the fact that the Civil Service Commission which was tasked to promulgate the implementing rules as mandated by the Consitution, did not provide a punishment but instead provided a corrective measure. The second paramount question is of course, whether or not Perjury is an impeachable offense. So, you can see that CJ Corona’s bank records are actually immaterial, that is whether or not he amassed wealth under any circumstances. Link to comment

    • Filipinoflash

      its a numbers game. be sure you have the numbers to acquit Corona. Cling to the last hope. CORONA WILL BE CONVICTED. 

      • spearheads

        I’m sure of it. Anyway, more often than not, I am proven correct. The truth of the matter is that impeachment was only designed to malign and destroy CJ Corona to maintain benigramus’ dwindling public support. The Senator jurors know this. To certain extent you yellowmobsters were successful in this regard. But as to a ground for impeachment, definitely the Prosecution’s presentation of their case in articles 2, 3 and 7 will not stand a chance. You maybe able to gather a few laughdogs like Drilon, Pangilinan, Trillanes and Guingona but as to the rest, I seriously doubt if you can amass 16 votes. Remember that this Senator jurors are aware that your enemy is GMA and not CJ Corona, and they are also aware that CJ Corona as the Chief Justice is not a stumbling block for benignramus’ ambitions. Benignoramus can practically do whatever he wants as for as long as the military and the religious sector allows it. But he is in the brink of pushing his luck too far.

      • Mark Suarez

         “Anyway, more often than not, I am proven correct.”

        very ambitious statement…

      • blowcoldblowhot

        Read on…
        “If the recorded income can’t support the expenditure, then there’s presumption of ill-gotten wealth” — Supreme Court decision, 2003
        Guess who was the ponente of that decision?
        Answer: Justice Renato Corona. In that landmark Supreme Court decision, Corona, as the ponente, declared that because the burden of proof lies with the accused in any ill-gotten wealth case, the Court should “disregard technicalities” and conclude that the assets in question were ill-gotten if their combined value was beyond the disclosed income and assets in his tax returns or statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN). In fact, that’s the reason it is also called “unexplained wealth.” If the accused cannot explain where his wealth came from, then it is presumed ill-gotten.
        That was why the very first thing that Corona’s defense team did at the start of the Senate impeachment trial was to have Article 3, which is on ill-gotten wealth, excluded from the trial. They know that their client is vulnerable here. So the trick was to prevent the presentation of evidence on ill-gotten wealth.As I see it, the pertinent provision of the Constitution is clear that the Supreme Court cannot meddle in impeachment proceedings. The Senate sits as an impeachment court pursuant to its exclusive constitutional mandate under Section 3(6), Article XI of the Constitution to hear and decide impeachment cases. This provision states: “The Senate shall have the sole power to try and decide all cases of impeachment.”Hence, when the Senate sits as an impeachment court, it is performing a constitutional check upon the members of the Supreme Court pursuant to the doctrine of checks and balances. An impeachment proceeding is a remedy for offenses against the people and results in the removal of impeachable officials from their positions for violating the mandate that public office is a public trust.A constitutional expert gave me his views on the issue. I will quote his views here:“Impeachment is the only check under the Constitution on the unelected justices by the people through their representatives in the Senate. The reason for this basic checks-and-balances is to prevent the abuse of the security of tenure granted by the Constitution to public officers who are required to be independent by the very nature of their office such as Supreme Court justices.“More importantly, the Constitution does not merely treat impeachment as a method of checks and balances, but as an instrument of enforcing or ensuring public accountability. Thus, the Constitution places the provision on impeachment not in Articles VI, VII and VIII but in Articles XI on Accountability of Public Officers. This placement is clearly intentional and meant to signal the importance of accountability of public officers and the importance of impeachment in exacting that level of accountability.“In view of the special purpose of an impeachment in the life of a nation, the impeachment court and the necessary powers it exercises cannot be treated as a mere switch that could simply be turned on or off, as Father Bernas seems to suggest. Rather, the impeachment court is sui generis (unique, or of its own kind), or unlike anything else in the Philippine constitutional and democratic government. It is a deeply sovereign function exercised by their Senate representatives.“During Day 14 of the impeachment trial on Feb. 8, 2012, Senator-Judge Teofisto Guingona III explained the nuances of the impeachment process and the character of the impeachment trial in this wise: First, the Senate as an impeachment court is not co-equal with the other branches of government since the impeachment process is the people’s way of making public officials accountable, and this is reposed in Congress.“Second, since the impeachment court is independent, the Supreme Court cannot and should not impose its will on said impeachment court considering that the Senate and the Supreme Court are co-equal only when the Senate is exercising its legislative powers.“Third, the Senate as an impeachment court has the sole power to try and decide cases on impeachment.”To summarize and to make simpler the special category of the impeachment court, Chief Justice Corona is being tried before and by the sovereign people. The members of Congress are only their representatives elected with millions of votes. None of the 15 justices has been elected, not even as barangay tanod. How can they tell the elected representatives of the people what to do?Lastly, how can the Supreme Court act objectively on the impeachment case against Corona when he is a member of the Supreme Court, in fact, its chief? Even subconsciously, they will try to protect him, and themselves. The honorable and sensible thing it should have done was to keep away from the impeachment case.

    • al gero

      will there be any criminal court that will try the betrayal of public trust? impeachment court is different from criminal court.rules of evidence cannot and should not be applied purely but also matters of common sense.kaya madami kayo niloloko nyo ang bayan natin,kasabwat ka ng mga manlulupig sa pilipinas.

    • kabertongmakata

      I am wishing that the impeachment court decides not to impeach him. This will spark the fire that will douse all blind believers of the person GMA positioned so she could get away with all the charges filed and and will be filed against her, her husband and her cronies. This brings me to cloud nine. This is the start of cleansing this country of those who have enriched themselves and to give a fair warning to those thinking of following suit. Taiwan went through with cleaning their government before things went out well for their economy. 

    • turkak


      SA ISANG LINGGO SABAY SABAY NA MAG-IIYAKAN YANG MGA YAN – uha uha uha uha uha uha uha !!!!!!

  • George

    Maganda talaga ang naidulot ng impeachment hearing ni cj corona. Unang una para sa kapakanang ng sambayanang Pilipino. Nabulgar ang mga nakatagong yaman ni cj corona. Pandora’s box ang nangyari. Pati nga mga kamaganak ng asawa ni cj corona ay nagulat sa eleven(11) million pesos loan at ang 34 million pesos na ibinayad ng Manila Gov’t.

    Power tripper talaga ang ating cj corona. Sentido comun na laang baga sa mga kaso ng BGEI, kung administratrix si Cristina Corona(wife) at maski na namatay pa ang mga Board Directors ng nasabing co. mga heredero na naayon sa succession rules of the Philippines. Revoked na ang licence ng BGEI pero pinautang pa rin sina corona. Expropriation payments was deposited under the name of cj corona. “Something is rotten in Denmark.”

    Pnoy magingat ka baka tutukan ka ng baril ni cj corona. Alah eh sabagay marksman ka naman at yakang yaka ang bankala. Sabik na sabik at bitin na bitin na akong malaman ang dollar accounts ni cj corona. Malay ninyo baka kasama ang mga pinatagong dollars ni GMA. Panalo at kabig ang sambayanang Pilipino.
    Shananana shananana hey hey goodbye!!! To dream the impeachable dream. This is my guess, yari na kami ni GMA. Wala ng magagawa ang mga de kampanilyang mga abogado ko. Kuhanin ko kay ang mga abogago ng mga prosecution team!  

    • EngrhansTeh

      hehe,,,maybe you are Cong, Tupas? dreaming and not doing the best kaya hayun ngyari sa impeachment.

  • George

    Tatakbo na naman si Cuevas sa Shoopreme Court kasi naadmit ang mga bank deposits. Malamang magiissue na naman ng TRO ang Shoopreme Court par matigil na ang impeachment court. Itaga ninyo sa bato.

    • jiroarturo

      Kahit na tumakbo si Corona sa SC, hindi na susunurin ng IC ang anuman TRO. DIba yan ang sabi ni Enrile na walang nakakapigil sa kanila para itigil ang panglilitis. Problema lang  kulang ang magboboto for conviction. Sigurado ako 10 lang ang boboto for conviction.

  • Filipinoflash

    eh kung walang kwenta ang ebidensiyang yan eh bakit pa gustong ipa suppress ng depensa? talo si corona dito. 

  • sugbu

    I must admit that I am beginning to lost interest on whatsoever may the outcome of this corona impeachment,for the reasons that when persons granted the powers to bring out the truth,are the ones trying to stymied or obstracts the due processes of justice .And when sincerity on doing their assigned duties are not there,then it is futile exercise trying to change their stance or motives,but still I will be vigilant and take notes of unworthy leaders.

  • al gero

    technicalities or law should not be the basis of the this decision but should be relied on truthfulness and integrity, for when the thief justice betrayed public trust there is no law that moves to upheld the trust that we once have,Is there any law that pertains to trustworthiness of a person.FILIPINOS ARE INTELLIGENT PEOPLE IT IS JUST THE WAY WE CHOOSE OUR SENATORS/ POLITICIANS THAT WE ARE FOOL BUT ON OUR REASONING WE WAY AND BEYOND,GISING MGA KABABAYAN KO!

  • George

    The Supreme Court has declared their lawful intention of not allowing any justices and regular employees to testify in the impeachment court. It would be mandatory to invoke the state policy of national interests and protection of the patrimony of the nation which is supreme over and above the personal interest of cj corona.

    The SALN of cj corona will prove that willful and dishonest filing of such is an impeachable cause resulting in tax evasion, ill gotten wealth and a solid ground for conviction beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Judicial reformation should start at this very top of the judicial totem pole which is the Supreme Court.

    • EngrhansTeh

      i wish the prosecution did their best…and really a sure winner? but as they saying goes pagbigyan na lang natin ang prosecution kasi ganun din naman di namn maimpeach c cj corona…we need 15 votes and how you can do it?…we must not be dreaming we must accept the fact and its a great lesson for the a democratic society with rules and laws…anyway, we still have many things to do…and maybe after this impeachment PNOY will realize na ung FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ay dapat no.1 priority nya. At yan yung totoong laban contra corruption.

  • Jess

    Binabati ko ang mga senador na pumayag na tanggapin ang mga ebidensyang prinisenta ng prosecution sa impeachment court.Salamat naman kasi ang sa criminal trial lang pwede gamitin yung fruit of poisonous tree. Isa pa napatunayan naman na may mga deposito si CJ Corona sa PS Bank at BPI.

  • dukaponte

    Tama lang ang desisyon ng senate impeachment court na tanggapin ang mga ebidensiyang bank accounts. Kasi naghahanap tayo dito ng katotohanan. Hindi masasabing fruits of the poisonous tree iyon dahil ang paghahanap ng katotohanan ay hindi poisonous tree bagkus ito’y tree of justice na magpapalaya sa atin.

    • EngrhansTeh

      …at alam nyo bakit tinanggap ng Senate yun?

  • tagasampaloc

    …the senate admitted the dollar and peso account as evidence..
    Yes, yes, yes!!!
    We’re in for a long defense argument.
    Mabubuking na talaga si midnight cowboy!
     He might run to his 8 baddies in the SC to TRO this senate decision. Just wait. 

    • EngrhansTeh

      di ba kau ngtaka bakit pinagbigyan…ako talagang duda? at sabihan nyo ako kung di maging totoo ung inisip ko…cj corona is 100% acquited sa impeachment…

      • Mark Suarez

        madame auring ikaw ba yan?

  • MarcyPulilan

    That is a good decision. Now after the Corona trial, we can as private citizens get these kinds of statements and expose erring, government officials such as senators congressmen, mayors, governors, cabinet members etc. I think this is the decision we are all looking for. For now on, everyone is fair game where their deposits are revealed to the public as long as th estate does not do this. So maghanda na lahat ng corrupt. We hackers can easily get any bank account statement as long as it is stored on a computer.

    • EngrhansTeh

      NO, di mo magawa yan unless maipasa ang FREEDOM OF INFORMATION BILL. pero di isinama ni PNOY sa kanyang priority 13 urgent measures…anu ba talaga PNOY totoo ba talagang corruption ang ating ipinaglaban?

  • divinecomedy

    Bomba!  This dirty linen is coming out at a most critical time.

    • EngrhansTeh

      di ba kau ngtaka…ako duda ako bakit pngbigyan?

  • gummybears6

    well in good!

  • EngrhansTeh

    sabihan nyo ako if my guess is not correct…CJ Corona ay acquitted. kya ganun na lang ang naging desisyon ng senate pra pagbigyan ng prosecution. kasi alam nila at the end di rin makakuha ng enough votes to convict CJ Corona…at yan ang resulta ng kapalpakan sa mga Congresista na pumirma sa impeachment complaint, bakit nila minmadali na kahit anung debate sa house panalo pa rin sila…yan ang mali if we choose Money over Mind..

    • Mark Suarez

       madame auring ikaw ba yan?

      • EngrhansTeh

        yes its more than madam auring,,,

      • EngrhansTeh

        madam auring ay fortune teller lang yun, ako ay ngsubaybay sa impeachment araw araw kaya mas magaling pa ako ah. at pa revoke ko license ko sa PRC pag mali ung bilang ko at aabot ng 15 votes pra ma impeach c Corona. 

      • Mark Suarez

         in tagalog manghuhula…

        you dont have to my friend.. for what grounds? maling panghuhula? i dont think tatanggapin yan ng PRC..

        mas magaling ka? very confident… but what an ambitious statement..

      • EngrhansTeh

        bakit manghuhula,,,kung nanuod ka sa impeachment trial. di mo na dapat hulaan ah…bilangin na lang? at ang bobo ko naman pag mali ung bilang ko.

      • Mark Suarez

         sabi mo guess db. edi hula in tagalog…

         anyway whatever you said is still your guess and opinion based on your own understanding and belief…

  • kulkat8

    Pontious Pilate doctrine is what I smell.  It is a ground for an appeal if the senator judges convicts Corona based on those illegally obtained evidences. Where else will the defense file the appeal,the SC. As long as they made their decision the case would be out of their hands,so,eventually,the case would be at the hands of the Supreme Court. Final analysis the Senator judges have washed their hands.

    • EngrhansTeh

      no appeal at impeachment trial…final decision is final…conviction or acquital.

    • RJ

      It is very clear in the constution that there is no provision for appeal whatever the decision of the impeachment court. Whether it is conviction or acquittal, the decision is final and no other court, even the Supreme Court is allowed by the Constitution to reverse any decision by an impeachment court.

  • RJ

    The allowing of the bank records by the Senator judges as evidence is forthcoming actually. But this does not guarantee victory for the people for now. I am sure when the Senate decided on the admissability, they are aware that SC has not yet decided on the petitions of CJ Corona to stop the impeachment. As I have commented before when SC decided the petition of PSB, they did not decided or took up the petition of CJ Corona as it was too early during that time. I predicted that SC will decide on this petitions at the right time. I know SC is only waiting for the decision of the Senate before they decide themselves. Now that the Senate has decided, expect that in the coming days before the defense will present, the SC will decide the petition of CJ Corona and will issue a memorandum that what the Senate did was illegal and in violation of the right of the accused. From that point we can not foresee the next event. If this clashes of decision has met head on, chaos will ensue. SC will do everything now even violating the constitution themselves to exctracate CJ Corona from being convicted.
       Lastly, I hope the Senate will show the Public how the Senator judges voted on the decision to accept the evidence. I want to see how the Senators vote especially Miriam, Joker, Marcos, Honasan, Villar and Legarda. I suspect, these 6 senators voted against the evidence.

    • EngrhansTeh

      not only the evidence, but they will vote for the acquital pa. Yan ang resulta sa kapalpakan ng posecution team….tingnan nyo sila at idagdag ko pa si Bong, Pia at Allan, at Jinggoy.

  • Fakescthiefjustice


    Thief Justice Renato Corona wants to project the image that he is a loving husband to his wife, Cristina. The fact is, the Chief Justice has not only betrayed the public trust but most importantly, has betrayed his marital vow.
    If the Thief Justice is man enough, He should admit the fact that he has a long-standing romantic relationship with a gentle lady named EVA with whom the Thief Justice has two (2) illegitimate sons. EVA also hails from Batangas and had her education from Assumption College just like his wife Cristina who also graduated earlier from the same school.
    For Chief Justice Renato C. Corona not to mention his children with EVA as if they do not exist at all, is the highest form of ignominy and immorality that he can commit not only against his legitimate wife and family but against his oath as the highest magistrate of the land.
    An inquiry into his relationship with EVA and his illegitimate children in connection with the on-going impeachment trial becomes extremely necessary in the light of the properties given by the Chief Justice to them. EVA, who has previously undergone a heart bypass operation, is known not to have worked from the time she had this romantic liaison with the Thief Justice nor does she have any known business of her own and yet, EVA is luxuriously living in the United States, together with her two (2) illegitimate children with the good Chief Justice.
    The SALN of CJ Corona does not indicate any such properties.
    And the reason for the frequent trips of CJ Corona to the United States, the latest of which was late last year, was to visit EVA and his children with her. That CJ Corona could afford to support the kind of luxurious lifestyle of EVA and her children in the U.S. is certainly for the Thief Justice to explain considering his small salary.
    A simple investigation on the identity and circumstances of EVA can easily be done by a simple inquisition in Batangas as well as from the classmates, relatives and friends of EVA and of CJ Corona.
    I know these facts because EVA is a relative of mine and it pains me immensely to see the Thief Justice professing his love for Cristina on nationwide television when he has confessed to my relative that he loves her far more than his wife. In fact, the Thief Justice made EVA believe that he was already separated from his wife Cristina. This probably explains why for the longest time, the Chief Justice has not reported in his SALN the fact of Cristina’s working in government and the fact that Cristina has not signed the SALNs as his wife.
    Betrayal of public trust? This is a small matter than what the Thief Justice has done to his wife and family which constitutes the highest form of immoral act – BETRAYAL OF MARITAL TRUST.
    Real name of CJ Corona’s girlfriend – Eva Auria; She hails from Rosario, Batangas; She graduated from Assumption College (not from Maryknoll College) She has two (2) sons with CJ Corona who are now in their teens; She is residing now in the United States. CJ Corona’s wife, Cristina, knows about the elicit relationship of her husband with Eva. To know more about the details on Eva, a simple investigation of Eva’s background in Rosario Batangas and Assumption College would elicit the necessary informations.  Eva has plenty of properties in the US.  They keep secret the exact address.  The bagman of CJ Corona (who facilitates the transfer of funds from Corona to Eva is “Abet” who is a relative by affinity of Eva, being married to a stepsister of Eva.  (The wife of Abet has the same mother as Eva but different Fathers).  The biggest delivery to Eva involves the bribe money given by the Aguirres of Banco Filipino.
    If the bank accounts of CJ Corona and his wife are opened, it will not be a surprise to see a running balance of not less than P200M.  The bribe from the owner of the previously closed alone was a whopping P200M.  And most money went to Eva through the Assistance of Abet.
    The sons of Corona carry the name of the mother.  But CJ Corona has openly recognized Ate Eva’s sons as his. A simple search at the NSO using “Renato C. Corona” would readily reveal this.  For a time, when Eva was still in the Philippines, Renato and Eva lived as husband and wife.  In fact, all our relatives in Rosario, Batangas and in the United States, knew the long-standing relationship.  We all thought that Renato was already separated from Cristina.  Some of Renato’s relatives in Tanuan, Batangas where he hailed from, know about this relationship.  Some friends of Renato have seen the 2 sons and have been their ninongs.  All our relatives thought really that Renato will never deny his relationship with Ate Eva.  Sana hindi nya gagawin iyon kasi kawawa sya at ang mga bata.

    • EngrhansTeh

      ok lng yan…ang importante ang impeachment trial…conviction ba o acquittal?

    • Danjross

      It’s excellent you have written this first-hand account so that people of the Philippines will know about this travesty of marital infidelity.  However, Chief Justice Corona is the ILLEGITIMATE FATHER and not his sons.  If we think about it seriously, there are no illegitimate sons or daughters for they have not committed any wrong by their illegal conception; only ILLEGITIMATE PARENTS.  Let us revise our legal or social jargon.  I can’t blame you however because you are just stating a long-standing traditional definition of FILIUS NULLIUS which in legal parlance means “the son or child of no one”.  Thanks anyway for your outstanding effort.

    • bahaykubo1015

      To fakescthiefjustice,

      Wala ka na bang ibang masabi? Ilang buwan mo nang paulit-ulit na sinabi na si Corona ay may kabit. So????
      Don’t you have any other issue(s) to contribute to the discussion?

  • FernandoBusi

    Ha ha ha looks like the house has already implemented its Plan B incase Corona gets acquitted … they passed a resolution buying Pnoy a new bullet proof car … LOL

    • manual47

      stick to the issue friend……if you are still dreaming, wake up.

    • turkak

      FernandoBusi   hahahah isa lang ibig sabihin nyan ina-acknowledged na ng House na marami ng galit at gustong pumatay sa abnoy noynoy.

      Sa dami ba naman nagutom sa administrasyon niya eh ! sinong tao ang matutuwa sa kanya ? hahahahaha

  • JV Velarde

    Corona is a disgrace to the judiciary, his secret dollar accounts, the belagio codominium units, the mind-boggling bank accounts & his undying love for Gloria Arroyo is the “res ipsa loquitur” of his sins to the nation.

  • zahraff

    Finally, we the Filipino People, are very happy that the Senate Impeachment Court has admitted the bank accounts of CORONA to be presented as evidence. Senator-Judges of the Impeachment Court, please stop arguing of whether the bank accounts were legally or illegally obtained, because you know very well that in an Impeachment Court anything can be admitted for the purpose of ferreting out the truth. If a particular person (CORONA,) who is being investigated in an impeachment proceedings, is innocent, legally or illegally obtained documents/s or evidence/s will not matter, simply because you cannot find a person guilty if that person (CORONA) being accused is innocent. As we have been telling before, the PAPER TRAIL/S of CORONA’S BANK ACCOUNTS whether PESO or DOLLAR ACCOUNTS will be IMPOSSIBLE for the DEFENSE TEAM of CORONA led by Serafin Cuevas to refute, BECAUSE COMPUTERIZED BANK ACCOUNTS WILL NOT OR CANNOT BE TAMPERED , DOCTORED OR MANIPULATED! We advise CORONA to resign while there is still time, BECAUSE CORONA HAS NO WAY OUT! 

  • Webfeet

    Good decision because it is very obvious that the bank accounts are his. It is not illegal by private  citizens to snitch or report government officials  who are committing any crime in the Philippines, or in even in western countries around the world. Actually, it is encouraged by the govenmet to the citizens to report those crimes. Let this be a warning for those corrupt officials who are thinking they will get away with. The government should freeze all his accounts now and the the BIR should charge him and his family for tax evasion after the impeachment. 

  • manual47

    Eliminate both these RA 6426 and RA 1405 and let see what these corrupt officials will say.  I will bet you they will do they can to oppose it.  Those two law are the ones that hindering transparency in the country.  It was Marcos who initiated and made it into law one of this two laws.  Look what he was able to do.  The Marcoses has hidden a lot of money which until now any previous adminstration was unable to retrieve them.  And it is still case until now.  Let these senators who were voted by the people to serve them be accountable and do for once what is good for the country.   They owe it much to the country and to the people for a very long time……. 

  • Kal El

    please post my message and if possible get it to the print media…

  • Webfeet

    In Western countries, like in the USA and Canada, they have Crime Stoppers where you can report any crimes and you will be given $1000 dollars for the conviction. You do not even have to give your name. Maybe it should be introduced in the Philippines so that it would finally make huge dent in the fight against corruption and crimes in general. Look at the crimes being committed in the daily basis: kidnapping, robbery, car napping, murder, home invasion petty theft, fraud and piracy. How in the world would Philippines attract tourists when they read them  almost on  daily basis. This affects not only the poor but everyone, including the very rich. This is sickening!!!!

    • be honest

      There is no known or even orgainized ” bounty hunters ” here even rewards of millions are being put up.
      Would it be better or even about time ?

  • turkak

    Impeachment court admits Corona bank accounts as evidence


    • manual47

      How did you manage to come up with that conclusion… must be one of those people who still dreaming.  Wake up!!!!  Ain’t you shame of yourself condoning these corrupt officials.  But then if you’re being paid, I am not surprise……..

      • Sopi Ngac

        Making a conclusion that CJ Corona will be acquitted is premature and saying he is corrupt isn’t a sign of maturity either.

        Graft and Corruption is not even one of the articles of impeachment considering that they can use goverment resources to gather evidences against Corona. They can always get reports from COA regarding irregularities in the handling of Supreme Court funds.

        If indeed the CJ is corrupt then he would never have any problem licking Pnoy’s behind and handed the Aquino family a favorable decision in the HLI case. Many Congressmen formerly allied with Gloria had no problem switching side and it would have been the same for Corona.

        The impeachment case against Corona has nothing to do with cleaning up the judiciary but it is actually for clearing the way for the Aquino family and their allies to get whatever decision they want to serve their own interest from the Supreme Court.

        The Aquinos are not infallibles. The Arroyos may be corrupt but it doesn’t mean those who claim to be their enemies are clean and immaculate themselves.

        Ang mga mangmang na mga Pilipino lang ang niloloko ng mga taong ito at nagri-rigodon lang sila sa pwesto. Walang permanenteng kalaban o kakampi sa politika at pansariling interes lang palagi ang inu-una.

      • Mark Suarez

         “The impeachment case against Corona has nothing to do with cleaning up
        the judiciary but it is actually for clearing the way for the Aquino
        family and their allies to get whatever decision they want to serve
        their own interest from the Supreme Court.”

        now who is making conclusion?

  • letsgoloid

    Ang daming satsat ni 
    Miriam, aabsent naman pala :P I wouldnt be satisfied not until Corona is kicked out of his seat.

  • TamadCTURKAK

    Turkak mag trabajo ka para ka hindi magutom at wag mong sisihin ang administration ,
    Sisishin mo ang sarili mo dahil tamad ka

    • turkak


  • indiots

    hah! numbered na ang days mo sa supreme court corona…..

  • TamadCTURKAK

    Turkak tamad ka kasi.

  • TamadCTURKAK

    Turkak ang daming daldal parang si merian Santiagago

  • turkak

    CJ CORONA WILL BE ACQUITTED. PINAASA LANG ANG MGA YELLOW MAGGOTS  NG SENATE.  hahahahhhahahaha  ASA PA KAYO !!!!!!!!!!!  hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    ok sige next week sabay sabay ang iyakan niyo ha !!  uha uha uha uha uha uha !!!!!

  • turkak




  • turkak




  • RyanE

    Corona’s defense will present an accountant-lawyer as a witness. I don’t know how this witness will explain in plain terms which the public can understand how Corona’s P31.75M cash in bank was declared only as P3.5M in his SALN. I think even a doctorate in accounting from Harvard University will have a hard time trying to balance P31.75M and P3.5M.

    Another problem for the defense is how to explain why Corona is hiding P32.6M BGEI money in his bank account? Is this an attempt to defraud the other stockholders in favor of his wife?

    Indeed, Thief Justice Corona has nowhere to go but down the drain.

    • turkak



    • Sopi Ngac

      Problem na yan ng kampo ni Corona at hintayin na lang natin ang presentasyon ng kanilang ebidensya.

      Hindi naman talaga para sa bayan ang impeachment trial na ito kundi para sa interes rin lang ng mga kasalukuyang mga nakaupo sa pwesto.

      Nang matanggal si Marcos ay wala naman talagang napala ang mga tao sa mga Aquino at mas lalong lumala pa nga ang lagay ng ekonomiya ng bansa noon at wala itong pinagkaiba sa ngayon.

  • TamadCTURKAK

    Turkak gutom lang yan ,ang sabi ko nga maghanap ka ng trabajo at wag mong gayahin si Meriam SantiaGAGO.

  • TamadCTURKAK

    I fully agree with RyanE.

  • be honest

    Since this is a break in the Trial, I hope that some reporters will ask some of the questions –

    1) Seemingly its the Palace that initiated the process and the House signed the Impeachment Articles, how much has been spent for over a month, or even 2 to 3 months ( private lawyers and House members are involved and present during the Trial ) ?
    2) Who is footing the bill, the Palace or the House ( bearing in mind its the tax payers money ) ?

    • Sopi Ngac

      And check if the filing of SALN’s by all senators and congressmen are properly complied with.

  • turkak


  • alwayslate

    I’d rather be ruled by a dictator that’s focused on ridding the evils of society, primarily corruption, than be led by plunderers and corruptors hiding behind the guise of democracy.  Good example is Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore.  Look how far more advanced Singapore is compared to the Philippines.  You wonder how many people in various positions in the government are against Aquino’s ‘Daang Matuwid.”  This just shows you how corruption is so deeply ingrained in the government and its various agencies.  Di ba kayo nagtataka kung bakit tuwing eleksyon, pati sa mababang puwesto ng Barangay Captain, kagawad, at kabtataang barangay ay nagpapatayan pa?  Eh bakit ka papatay ng tao sa ka liit na sweldo?  Alam nyo na kung bakit!

    • Sopi Ngac

      You believed Pnoy is in the mold of a Lee Kwan Yew? LOL!!!

      This administration will never put a dent on Graft and Corruption primarily because the politicians running this country are basically the same.

      They even yet to file a single case against GMA for corruption considering that Pnoy now have his own appointed Ombudsman. The plot to oust Corona has nothing to do with
      getting rid of the evils of our society coz Pnoy should ‘ve never embraced the balimbings now on his stable.

      What would be the relevance of a Corona in protecting Gloria when there is not a single case filed against her save for the bogus electoral sabotage case hastily filed to justify the hold-departure order and make the TRO issued by the SC moot and academic.

      Pnoy want Corona out simply because he wants one who will serve their own vested interest. He had Guttierez out but up to now what they accused her of not doing is actually very much still undone.

      • Mark Suarez

         madame auring ikaw ba yan?

      • Sopi Ngac

        BAYOT KA!

      • Mark Suarez

         hehehe talo ang pikon…

      • Sopi Ngac

        Bayot ka…..

      • Mark Suarez

         pathetic ba$tard…!

      • Marlou Wang

        ISIP mo lang iyan dahil sanay ka sa pangungurakot! Matututo rin ang mamayan sa mabuting palakad, isa ka sa mga taong DAPAT mawala sa balat ng lupa.

      • alwayslate

        So you’re saying just give up.  Ika nga eh, manhid ka na kaya ke sera sera na lang, what will be will be..  That’s one of the reasons why these corrupt folks are operating with impunity.  Di kaya ni Aquiino yan mag-isa.  Due to years of non-stop corruption, almost all the major players in government think that being a government official brings with it the license to steal and enrich themselves with the citizens’ hard earned tax money. If the way corruption is in the Philippines happened in other countries, it’ll probably result in civil war a long time ago. Don’t you get it?  Part of the problem is the people think they’re helpless, in reality all they have to do is fight for the good not only one-time but all the time. If the law says SALNs must be disclosed, then let these officials be accountable.  Ask for it!  Scrutinize it, and make sure they get penalized and get removed from office if there are discrepancies.  A united citizenry against corruption is the best preventive measure for it.  A big part of the problem is the citizens themselves have acquiesced to how these corrupt officials have operated for years!  According to a transparency international corruption report I’ve read, almost 30% of the Philippines’ annual budget ( trillions in pesos ang budget ng Pinas!) is lost to corruption every year.  Labas mo calculator mo at sumahin mo yan.  At that rate, if that 30% a year of the annual budget lost in corruption was used for low income housing, malamang wala ng squatter ngayon.  Or if it was used for public school improvements, for sure most of our public schools are now hi-tech!  A student don’t need to come from a rich privileged family and enroll in high-cost exclusive schools just to get world-class education!

  • A_wanderer

    Time for the BIR to audit Corona!They can access his dollar accounts.

  • spearheads

    For all the yelowmobsters’ temporary ecstasy, Sen. Enrile has made clear the only reason why they decided to admit CJ Corona’s bank records. He said that it bears to emphasize that the reason was that the law on bank accounts, whether dollar or peso, does not expressly provide an “exclusionary rule.” It only means that it is admitted because it is not prohibited in the law itself and that is all and in no way means that those bank records have weight and sufficiency insofar as each of the senator judges is concerned. That is why they agreed not to open CJ Corona’s actual and original bank records and they will make a written formal order on Monday, gets nyo na, yellowmobsters? So if you understand this then it’s about time you zip your mouth, clueless ones.

    • Rex_Ranhilio

      admissible ang evidence kasi tinanggap (inadmit) ng korte. pero automatic  na  matimbang (weighty) ito or sapat (sufficient) ito.
      ganyan ang proseso sa lahat ng korte sa pilipinas. iba ang “admissibility” sa “weight” and “sufficiency”. 
      ganyan din ang ginawa ng korte sa ibang ebidensya ng proseecution, at ganyan din ang gagawin ng korte sa ebidensya ng defense.

      pero sa tingin mo – ano ang pinakamatimbang na ebidensya para ipakita na hindi accurate ang SALN ni corona?

  • anak_mahirap50

    Maraming naging muti-millinaires, if not billionaires, dahilan sa illegal na pamamaraan na naging idolo ng mga present corruptors: Guys who took advantage of Marshall Law: Marcos, Danding Cojoanco, Enrile, Rustan owners, etc- these guys were not send to jail.Si Enrile naging bayani pa! Si Erap, na jail nga, sandali lang, di ko matandaan kung nabawi ng gubyerno ang perang nakuha nya sa illegal way. Ngayon, mga Arroyo,si thief Corona, dating GMA allies- kapag hindi na jail ang mga ito, magiging idolo rin cla ng mga future corruptors sa gobyerno! Kawawa ang mga taxpayers dahil sila ang magbabayad ng mga ninakaw ng mga corruptors sa baul ng bayan!

  • padrefaura

    tuwang-tuwa ang mga mga yellow zombies, feeling nila, convicted na si corona. hahaha.

    tandaan nyo, 16 votes pa rin ang kailangan to convict.

    • Marlou Wang

       kayong mga black (itim ang budhi) zombies, kahit sabihin pa na hindi convicted si corona niyo, di niyo mapapalitan ang isip ng taong-bayan, DAHIL KAKAUNTI LANG KAYO KUMPARA SA MILYON NA KALABAN NIYO.

      • padrefaura

        milyon-milyon ang bloggers with multiple handles lang ang anti-corona.

        sa labas kasi, naghahakot na nga ng mga rallyista, nilalangaw pa ang mga anti-corona o maka-pnoy rallies.

    • Albin

      ang problema, may pork barrel na panuhol sa mga senator judges. meron pang rally w/ free t-shirt, value meal, P500 sa mga rallyist na anti corona.

  • Benjamin

    Marami palang makaCorona dito.  Ang INC pala ang ibig sabihin ay Iglesia Ni Corona.  Kaya walang asenso dito sa Pinas ay dahil sa mga utak ng mga pro Corona.  Kapag dinaya mo ang SALN mo at marami kang kurakot na pera, ipalit mo lang ng mga dollar at ilagay mo sa banko ay di na ito puwedeng imbestigahan.  Ganyan si Corona na pati asawa niya ay kadamay sa kurakot.

    • Marlou Wang

       hindi ko na-realize yun, ha? Iglesia ni Corona, tsk tsk tsk lalong sira na ngayon ang INC. Bakit ba pinayagan nilang palitan ang Cristo ng Corona? DIYOS KO PO!

  • Benjamin

    How can you improve justice in the Philippines when its CJ is the one spearheading the wrong side of the law?  People who support Corona should bear in mind all his shenanigans, corrupt practices and rulings in favor of his benefactor. GMA.  Throw all these corrupt people in government if you want clean and honest administration.  May I suppose that justices in the lower courts be elected by the people the same way it is being done here in the U.S.  Only the Supreme Court Justices are appointed by the President (but have to be confirmed by the Com. of Appointment) and the lower judges again be elected by the people.  In this way, we will be able to eliminate corrupt practices because they will be subject to the decision of the electorate.

  • brunogiordano

    “but “reserved” the right to present more evidence for Article 2 should
    the Supreme Court later on rule to allow the opening of the dollar
    accounts. ”

    mangyayari lang ‘yan kung wala na ang chief(THIEF) justice sa SC.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Engr. Cuevas to court judges….I Object!  These accounts are all hearsay….immaterial……irrlevant to the honorable most honest cheap justice of the faarrt.

  • scank


    • ada69

      ayos scank mabuhay ka isa kang mamamatay ng tarantadong bwuakinangina nyang si corona.

    • antonioluna

       ituloy mo yan scank supurtado ka namin at ang mga tanging kukontra sa iyo ay mga kapwa nya aso at buwaya.

  • geo

    it is always fascinating to watch the defense demand the rule of law yet the defendant has been the chief rule breaker both in spirit and fact. santiago wants the letter of the law to be followed as if the law is the exact means to justice. no wonder she has high blood pressure. so, inadvertently her defense of corona (by using her railroad track brain) has jumped track because the senate has judged that the bank accounts should be admitted as evidence. i wonder if she has been put in the hospital as a result? can you imagine if the supreme court allows the dollar accounts to be exposed?? then again why was enrile so interested in supporting the suppression of those accounts by the supreme court. where is the rule of law when it is explicit that the impeachment court is inviolate. the argument that, ” we do not wish to confront the supreme court” (joker arroyo) is absolute capitulation, cowardice and suspicious in the purpose of certain senators. so if you want to stop corruption you cut the head of the fish because that is where the rot begins.

  • charlie_oscar


  • RJ

    The allowing of the bank records by the Senator judges as evidence is forthcoming actually. But this does not guarantee victory for the people for now. I am sure when the Senate decided on the admissability, they were aware that SC has not yet decided on the petitions of CJ Corona to stop the impeachment. As I have commented before when SC decided the petition of PSB, they did not decide or took up the petition of CJ Corona as it was too early during that time. I predicted that SC will decide on this petitions at the right time. Now is the right time. I know SC is only waiting for the decision of the Senate before they decide themselves. Now that the Senate has decided, expect that in the coming days before the defense will present, the SC will decide the petition of CJ Corona and will issue a memorandum that what the Senate did was illegal and in violation of the right of the accused. From that point we can not foresee the next event. If this clashes of decisions will meet head on, confusion on which decision should prevail will ensue. SC will do everything now even violating the constitution themselves to exctracate CJ Corona from being convicted.
       Lastly, I hope the Senate will show the Public how the Senator judges voted on the decision to accept the evidence. I want to see how the Senators vote especially Miriam, Joker, Marcos, Honasan, Villar and Legarda. I suspect, these 6 senators voted against the evidence.   The removal of the CJ is still a long way at this point. Thanks to the incompetence of the prosecution that the SC will declare the Impeachment biased against the CJ.

    • Rey Ban

      yap sc is always been an sc created by the people and used by the people a long long time ago and sacredly benefited so many people  as the highest tribunal..impeachment court is a committee created by party of politics which of these two is dirty??.. 

      • RJ

        Impeachment court was not created by party of politics. It is enshrined in our Constitution and this constitution was created by the Constitutional Commission and ratified by the people.This constitutional commission were composed of different representatives of our society selected by the people thru referendum. Impeachment is not a regular job unlike the courts as it only start to exist when an impeachment is filed. Since our courts are performing their jobs on a routine basis, they are more exposed to dirty manipulations.

    • Marlou Wang



    naexperience ko na rin ang injustice.. dahil sa pera pera ng kalaban…. hmmm sa.. supreme court siguro.. million million o dolyar dolyar ang pinag-uusapan.. 

  • Albin

    Strange for the prosecution to celebrate. The Defense has prepared for this a long time ago. They even accepted the Senate decision. What bothers me is the way PDI is bringing its banner headlines since December. Always 100% anti-Corona, even if the prosecution becomes the laughing stock of the nation.

  • Rommel

    PDI is really anti-corona. Just the way the article is written. kasawa na talaga ang pilipinas.

    • pakita_ko_sayo

      kasi masakit tanggapin ang news kapag hindi mo gusto.

      • Lucky Luciano


    • batchmatters

      mas maganda ang pilipinas ngayon dahil sa inquirer. gusto mo ba puro manila bulletin rommel?

      • pikjudo

        Like! Natumbok mo tol, idagdag mo na rin ang wlang kakwentatang Daily Tribune ni Ninez

    • Carlo Tabontabon

      sinulat lang ng pdi ang dapat isulat..same news din sa ibang newspaper

  • marriondale

    Come on. these are politicians. calibrated ang mga decisions nila. look at how senator enrile made a reservation that its up to the SC to declare of what the impeachment court has done in accepting these bank doucments as evidence is illegal or not.  We know that when the SC rules, everybody respects it.  Now, yung basis ni Enrile na wala namang exclusionary rule yung bank secrey laws, again this is a shallow basis since the same laws do not say that illegally obtained bank documents can be used as evidence, which is implied NO since the unauthorized release of these documents are prohibited in the first place.  No doubt that the defense will file a TRO for this purpose.  Senate President Enrile is simplying washing his hands in allowing the presentation of these documents in the trial when he had a hard time knowing who leaked the document in the first place,  Enrile is zeroing on that AMCL official as the source so that the impeachment court could declare that the bank document attached by the prosecution is authentic, which is far from being proven at this point.  if the defense proved that the alleged document is spurious, whcih was claimed by the PSB official, then the blame goes to the impeachment court, to Senate President Enrile in particular.  Knowing Senator Enrile’s predicament, its forthcoming that he will accept these bank documents as evidence since there is presumption of regularity and good faith when the Senate accepted this evidence from the prosecution.  But, unfortunately this is not the case. 

  • pakita_ko_sayo

    Gising na gising ang mga Corona and GMA bloggers! Keep it up!

  • Russell Ariola

    Wahahaa! Tigok ka ngayon Thief Ju$tice!

    Isa lang! Isang ebidensya lang ang kelangan. IMPEACHED ka na Mr. Coroded-na.

  • Lucky Luciano


  • antonioluna

    unanimous daw ang desisyon sa pagtangap ng naturang ibidensya dahil lumiban si brenda, kung ito ang pagbabasihan natin laglag na talaga si cheap dog at tuloy tuloy na ang pagpapakulong kay pandakekak.

    pagnakulong na si pandakekak, FG at mga alipores nya ng tuluyan at kung magkakaroon ng pagkakataong makulong din ang diablong asong si cheap dog isunod naman natin ang mga alipores ni Pnoy na katulad ni puno, torres, llamas at naguiat.

    hindi tayo kailangang maging loyal sa isang administration sa sukdulang hindi na natin nakikita ang pagkakamali.

    huwag nating pabayaan maapektuhan ng religion ang ating malayang pag iisip, huwag nating hayaang supilin ng relihiyon ang ating mabuting adhikain para magkaroon ng mapayapa, maunlad at masayang pamayanan.

    • spearheads

      Anong pagbabasehan natin? Magpinta o magdrowing ka na lang at yan lang ang alam mo. Wala ka namang alam sa batas eh.

      • antonioluna

        sa katulad mong walang sariling pag iisip aba eh huwag kang magkisawsaw halata naman sa tanong mo, ano daw ang pagbabasihan anak ng tokwa, mangmang na zombie pa, humingi ka ng payo sa lider nyo sa relihiyon dahil nasanay ka na ng ganoon hehehe

    • iskul ob pilosopi

      pereho tayo, gusto ko rin makulong si GMA at Corona kasama sila Llamas at Naguiat.

  • RJ

    Mr. Rey Ban,Impeachment court was not created by party of politics. It is enshrined in our Constitution and this constitution was created by the Constitutional Commission and ratified by the people.This constitutional commission were composed of different representatives of our society selected by the people thru referendum. Impeachment is not a regular job unlike the courts as it only start to exist when an impeachment is filed. Since our courts are performing their jobs on a routine, they are more exposed to dirty manipulations.

  • SignTheWaiverNow

    This is a sad and scary development in the country! Illegally acquired evidences are admitted as evidence in a court of law.

    The institution that creates law is the first one to break it! tsk tsk….

    Too bad for the Philippines!

    • antonioluna

       magsaliksik ka, pumunta ka sa mga korte at magbasa basa ng mga jurisprudence ng ibang bansa para makita mo na hindi tinitingnan kung paano nakuha ang ibidensya maliban na lang kung ito ay contaminated, may nalalaman ka pang upholdruleoflaw eh loko loko ka naman hehehe

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Wala akong pakialam sa ibang bansa! Kung gusto mo maghanap sa ibang bansa ng jurisprudence, magpalit ka na ng citizenship mo! sino sa atin ang loko loko? hehehe

      • Fernando Tagudin

        Ang constitution natin ay nagtake off mula sa American Constitution, ang principle ng Republic (Republic of the Philippines) ay hango mula sa history at experience ng French at American Revolution

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        So what’s your point? =) Do you mean we should always follow the jurisprudence of the countries you mentioned? =)

      • Fernando Tagudin

        eh binabangit nga ang mga US jurisprudence, kung maalaala mo si JPE mismo nag re rekomenda ng librong tungkol sa impeachment court sa Estados Unidos na ang may akda ay nga Amerkano din at sagot ni Cuevas ang isa doon sa dalawang binanggit ni JPE ay nabasa na ni Cuevas

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Pero ang “rules on evidence” is long been established in the Philippines… why do we need to look at US jurisprudence?

      • Fernando Tagudin

        Impeachment is not equal to a regular court

        ika nga may sarili syang dating tulad ng sa dollar account maaring sa JPE led impeachment court ay dapat galangin at may posibilidad din na pabuksan ang dollar account kung ibang set ng senador naman ang nakaupo. Again using JPE statement nothing can stop the impeachment process unless thru a military force

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        I submit.

        I just hope that the Senate makes it clear that these rules are ONLY applicable to the impeachment court.

        I hope in their written/formal ruling, they make it clear!

      • antonioluna

        ah hehehe mangmang talaga kaya nga binanggit ko ang ibang bansa para dalawa ang pagkumparahan mo

    • Marlou Wang


      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Tumawa ka lang ng tumawa! Mas matimbang ang batas kaysa kanino man…

        Tandaan mo yan…. Kapag ang mga illegally acquired evidences na ang tinanggap sa korte, matakot ka na! =)

        Darating ang araw may papasok sa bahay mo at maghahanap ng ebidensya doon kahit walang search warrant! Kapag ang batas na ng baril at kapangyarihan na ang umiral, tingnan ko lang kung matawa ka pa! LOL!!!!

      • Fernando Tagudin

        Impeachment process po iyan at hindi regular na court case sabi nga po ni JPE ang impeachment ay may sarilng karakter at hindi isang regular na korte

        So sa akin wala pong dapat ikabahala ang ordinaryong tao

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Sana nga tama ka!

        Kapag ganito ang takbo ng pag iisip natin, siguraduhin lang ng lahat ng pulitiko na kaya nilang panindigan ang sinasabi nila….

        Panoorin mo ang report ni Jessica Soho sa GMANEWSTV…

        Pinapalandakan ng mga prosecutors na ang kanilang SALN are open to public… Ngunit ng humingi na ang GMA ng SALN ng mga prosecutors, limang congresista lamang ang nagbigay ng kanilang SALN.

        Pumunta pa ang GMA sa records section ng Congress para formal na huminge ng SALN, ngunit 3 buwan na ang nakakalipas at hindi pa nila ito makuha at ayaw sila bigyan ng kopya…

        Pinuntahan pa ng GMA ang opisina ni Niel Tupas at huminge sa kanyang staff…. AYAW PA DIN MAGBIGAY….

        Pinuntahan pa ng GMA si Niel Tupas mismo sa Senado para sa kanya mismo huminge at ang sagot sa kanila ay “puntahan nyo na lang ang staff ko”

        I hope maging bukas ang iyong mga mata at pag iisip na ang ginagawa sa CJ at sa pagbaluktot ng mga batas ay hindi dahil gusto nila lumabas ang katotoohanan at umayos ang ating bansa… Ngunit ito ay ginagawa para ma-persecute ang isang tao na gusto nilang maalis sa pwesto kahit walang basehan at dahilan… At sa kagustuhan nila na maisakatuparan ang kanilang ninanais, ay binabaluktot nila ang mga RULES AT BATAS ng bansa!

      • Fernando Tagudin

        Kaya po kunin natin ang magandang pagkakataon para maka ahon na tayo sa bulok na sistema ng gobyerno natin Nasimulaan na sa CJ natin at kung guilty..guilty at kung walang kasalanan i acquit, pagkatapos ni Corona isunod na sila PNoy at tupas kung corrupt din sila at tanggalin sa pamamagitan ng impeachment o ibang pamamaraan

        Kailangan nating umusad kung hindi ngayon, kailan pa?

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        I hope hindi ka isang NAIVE na tao…. Kung talagang isa kang maprinsipyong tao at gusto mo talagang umaayos itong bansa natin….

        Ano nangyare sa report ni Jessica Soho about the SALN ng mga prosecutors? I hope hindi ka nagpapagamit sa mga pulitiko na mga ito….

        Mukha ka naman isang reasonable na tao at ang tanging hangarin mo ay umayos ang bansa… Sangayon ako sa iyo dyan… pero huwag tayo natin sirain ang mga batas natin para maisakatuparan ito… Huwag tayo magpagamit sa mga gunggung na mga congressman na ito at presidenteng double standard…

        Imbes na lumalaks ang ating mga batas (which ito lang ang magiging sandigan natin upang hindi magkaroon ng garapalan pambababoy sa bansa), ito ay pinapahina natin sa pagbaluktot ng mga ilang tao sa kanilang kagustuhan….

        Tingnan mo…. NAGUIAT, PUNO, TORRES, LLAMAS…. sa pagbaluktot ng batas, walang nangyayare sa kanila…

        NAGUIAT – Industry Standard
        PUNO – Patay na mga tao, kahit isang kaso wala naisampa
        TORRES –  kumita na sa STRADCOMM, may naimbestigahan ba?
        LLAMAS – hindi ito priority ng presidente

        Ganyan ganyan mangyayare sa bansa natin kasi binaluktot na ang batas at kung sino lang gusto nilang parusahan, siya lang ang tatamaan at paiikutin ang batas para maparusahan ito…

      • cruel168


      • SignTheWaiverNow



    • goodguy

      Are hiding something illegal that you don’t want somebody to know even if it’s true? A good Christian should follow the truth regardless how was it obtained specially in this impeachment case. The truth will set you free.

    • Guest

      Ang Illegally acquired dito ay yung wealth hahaha… saka tama si Antonio Luna, hindi applicable dito yung mga doctrines regarding illegally acquired evidence. First, the doctrine applies only when the acquisition of evidence was illegally done by the State itself via unlawful exercise of police power; Second, the Thief Justice, being a public officer is also constitutionally mandated to declare his assets and liabilities and the public has the constitutional privilege to know. Public office is a public trust; Third, as a public officer, he cannot claim equal footing with ordinary citizens. It is well-settled doctrine that a public officer, enjoys lesser rights than ordinary citizens because compare to an ordinary citizen, he exercises powers pertinent to the State. Finally, kung wala talagang itinatago, what harm will it do?

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        On your point of “the doctrine applies only when the acquisition of evidence was illegally done by the State itself via unlawful exercies of police power”….

        Hindi ba ang BSP at AMLC ang nagbigay nito sa prosecutors? Isn’t BSP and AMLC are the State itself?

        Again, be careful in pursuing “alleged” criminals of the past administration without any regards to our existing laws…. Kasi in doing so, we are weakening the laws of our country!

      • Fernando Tagudin

        Allegation din po iyong sa BSP at AMLC kaya ingat po dahil kasalukuyang iniiimbestiga ito ng senate at wala pa pong nahahatulan my sala na taga BSP at AMLC doon sa suspetsang galing sa BSP/AMLC ang leakage

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Ayun naman pala e, bakit hindi muna imbestigahan kung saan nagmula ang leakage at kung sino yung small lady na sinasabi ng prosecutors? Ikaw na mismo nagsabi nyan na wala pang nahahatulan na may sala sa BSP at AMLC….

      • Guest

        BSP and AMLC do not represent the State as contemplated under the doctrine, besides wala pang proof that it was either BSP or AMLC that provided the documents, pure guess lang yun ni Sen. Enrile.. and that it was illegally acquired was another point…finally, mind you, the impeachment is a constitutional exercise, the supreme law of our country!

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Wow! BSP and AMLC do not represent the State… Nice!

      • Guest

        Yup, as contemplated under the doctrine. Don’t play stupid, you ought to know that if you really intend to go by that silly name…

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        No further arguments for you…. HAHAHA

        It sure doesn’t represent the State eventhough they have regulatory/supervision powers over all Banks in the Philippines…

        Nice try!

      • Guest

        Yup that’s it, regulatory/supervisory power over all banks, not over individuals, not over any citizen, only over all banks… unless you are saying that Corona is a bank under the regulatory and supervisory power of BSP/AMLA…

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        HAHAHAHA Moronic argument!

        Who leaked the fake documents? Was it CJ Corona? HAHAHA

      • Guest

        And who says its BSP/AMLA who leaked the docs in the first place? Wild guess pa lang yun “upholdruleoflaw”… anyway, nonsense arguing with you, for sure either a die hard INC ka o kaya isang court employee na nakikinabang jan kay CJ…

    • cruel168

      To educate you UpholdRuleofLaw, impeachment is political process, kahit illegally acquired pa mga evidences, basta authentic pasok yan kaibigan. Take note that only 11 of 23 senators are lawyers, the 12 senators may not have visceral fortitude to appreciate such strict judicial procedures. This is administrative case that needs substantial evidence only to prove the guilt of the respondent in which the penalty is removal from public office. Kung criminal case ito, tama ang opinion mo, kasi life, freedom, and property ang involve dito na nasa fundamental Bill of Rights. Ginagalang ko opinion mo, pero sana wag naman talino at kaalaman sa batas ang sinusulat dito. LAGYAN NAMAN NATIN NG COMMON SENSE, OPEN YOUR MIND TO SEE AND APPRECIATE THE RIGHT AND WRONG, and identify the devil in disguise. Sana naunawaan mo kaibigan. 

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Hindi ko pwedeng buksan ang utak ko to see and appreciate the right and wrong.

        Kaya nakapiring ang mga mata ng babae ng hustiya ay sa kadahilaan na ang kailangan lang nyang sundin ay ang batas…

        Di po siya pwedeng magpadala sa mga sinasabi ng ibang tao at ng kung sino man… BATAS AT RULES LANG ANG KANYANG SINUSUNOD…

        Kapag po sinabing hindi po katanggap tanggap ang ebidensya ayon sa “Rules of Evidence”… di po nya iyon dapat tanggapin… Kapag sinabi pong ang isang ebidensya ay “illegally acquired”, hindi po nya dapat ito tanggapin.

        At hindi dahil sa may gusto siyang pagtakpan bagkus ito ay para patas ang paglilitis at para proteksyunan ang karapatan ng akusado…. Sana naliwanagan ka kaibigan!

      • eae_eg

        WOW, pls TELL that to the CHIEF JUSTICE! mas kapa kapaniwala kpa kaysa kay corona..

      • cruel168

        HAHAHAHA, sa CRIMINAL AND CIVIL CASE applicable ang mga sinasabi mo kaibigan. Hindi sa administrative case, liberal ang impeachment court kaibigan. Sana naintindihan mo kaibigan, napakasimple lang nito, kahit grade six graduate lang maiintindihan.

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        So ano ang rules sa impeachment kaibigan? Ang rules sa impeachment ay parusahan ang gusto natin parusahan?

        Siguraduhin mo lang na ganyan din ang iaapply na rules kapag ang prosecutors at mga congressman na ang iimpeached….

        Pupusta pa ako! Hindi yan mangyayare, mistulang SALN lang ng mga prosecutors hindi na nila mailabas sa publiko e! ITAGA MO PA YAN SA BATO!

        Yan ang kahit kindergarten maiintindihan! HAHAHAHA

      • cruel168

        Kay corona lang muna tayo igan, saka na natin pag usapan ang impeachment ng prose at cong, iniiba mo topic eh. Sana maliwanagan ka sa mga paliwanag ko, alam ko nalilito ka lang sa pag analyze, kasi prime consideration mo ang acquital ni corona or avid fan ka ni gma or galit ka kay pnoy. Ganito lang kasimple basahin ang pagkatao at motibo mo igan. peace!

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Natatawa lang ako sa iyo kaibigan….

        Huwag ka tumulad sa mga idolo mong mahilig mag akusa ng walang basehan at dahilan….

        Unang una, may basehan ang pangamba ko na ito ay ginagawa upang mapaalis sa pwesto ng walang basehan ang hindi nila gusto ang pagmumukha….

        hindi ko na iisa isahin pa sa iyo kung ano ang mga nangyare sa nakalipas na dalawang taon kasi inaassume ko na matalino ka namang tao at hindi ka engot… hahahaha

        sabi mo… “saka na natin pag usapan ang impeachment ng prose at cong” – itong pag iisip na ito ay katulad ng pag iisip ng kasalukuyang pangulo natin na DOUBLE STANDARD!

        Kapag KKK – abswelto, walang kaso kahit isa… palo lang sa pwet! Kapag hindi kaalyado at hindi KKK – wala pa mang ebidensya at basehan, GUILTY agad at tanggal sa pwesto…

        Sana naliwagan ka igan! Minsan kapag dilaw na ang paningin mo kailangan mo na magpatingin sa doktor kasi baka may HEPA ka na! HAHAHAHA

      • batchmatters

        Ang akala ko dating dahilan kaya nakapiring yung lady justice ay para sa paggawad ng pantay na hustisya para sa lahat. Pero sa mga lumalabas at nangyayari ngayon, ay mukhang tinakpan talaga ang kanyang mga mata para itago ang mga  kabulukang nangyayari sa ating huridikatura

      • taga_ilog

        sir, ibinabase mo ang punto mo sa technicality, and isang ebidensya na hindi tinanggap ng korte ayhindi nagngahulugan ng kawalang kasalanan ng isinasakdal, isang halimbawa na rito ang dismiss ng kaso  ng alabang boys dahil sa ebidensya na hindi tinanggap ng korte. 

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        boss, ang pagdismiss sa isang kaso ay hindi nangangahulugan na walang kasalanan ang asasakdal…

        Maraming basehan para madismiss ang isang kaso… ika nga, mas mabuti ng mapawalang sala ang isang akusado na may kasalanan kaysa magpakulong ka ng isang tao na walang sala…

      • taga_ilog

        ganun ang ibig kong ipakauhulugan sa sinabi ko noong una boss, kung hindi man payagang gamitin ang bank accunts ni corona dahil sa illegal ang pagkakakuha nito, hindi nanagnaghulugan na walang sala si corona. pero sa hustisya sa pilipinas, madalas makulong ang mahirap na walang sala at makalaya ang mayamang may sala. isa na ngangh halimbawa ang mga alabang boys. ang mahirap walang magtanggol na matinong abogado, sa mayaman ng dahil sa teknikalidad na gaya ng ginagawa ngayon ni corona.

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        So ano gusto mo gawin natin boss? Kahit illegal ang pakakakuha sa ebidensya, tanggapin na lang natin?

        Ang tanging dasal ko lang ay ito ay pang impeachment lamang… Kung itong rules na ito ay pang impeachment lamang, then I submit and okay lang sa akin….

        Basta lang maliwanag ito na isaad ng Senado at hindi ito pwedeng gamiting jurisprudence/precedent sa Criminal at Civil case.

        Pangalawang punto ko, kung ang talagang habol ng ating mga tongressman at presidenteng PENOY ay katotoohanan at mapaalis ang mga corrupt sa pamahalaan.. bakit may double standard sa pag-apply ng hustisya?

        NAGUIAT, PUNO, TORRES, LLAMAS, at iba pa… nasaan na ang sinasabi nating paglilinis ng corruption sa pamahalaan? Kaya huwag tayo magpauto basta basta sa mga pangako nitong PANOT na ito at sa proseso ay pinapahina nitong MOKONG na ito ang mga batas natin…

        Ayun lang…. kung hindi nya kaya panagutin ang mga KKK, huwag na siyang bumalak pa na paalisin ang CJ kasi pare pareho lang sila… Ang pinagkaiba lang ay nasa pwesto si PANOT ngayon…

        Bilang mamamayan dapat tayo ay maging mapagmasid at matalino para di tayo nagagamit ng mga pulitiko…

        Tulad ng sinasabi ko kanina, nanghinge ng SALN ni TUPAKS ang GMANEWSTV (Jessica Soho) sa Records Section ng Kongreso at tatlong buwan ayaw pa din sila bigyan….

        Nanghinge sila sa staff ng opisina ni TUPAKS, ayaw pa din magbigay…

        Nanghinge sila kay TUPAKS na mismo, ang sagot sa kanila “puntahan nyo staff ko sa Kongreso”

        Ganyan bang klase ang gusto natin mangyare sa atin? Lagi na lang tayo niloloko at ginagamit? Mag isip ka mabuti parekoy!

      • taga_ilog

        Ang pagpayag ng senado na gamitin bilang ebidensya ang mga bank accounts ni corona ay mas makakabuti para kay corona higit sa lahat dahil mabibigyan siya ng pagkakataon na ipaliwanag ang mga nasabing account at mabigyan tuldok ang agam-agam at hinala ng nakararami  ukol sa kanyang “tagong” yaman na hindi isinaad sa kanyang SALN. Siya  rin naman mismo ang nagsabi na sasagutin nya at ipaliliwanag ” in due time”. mapapasinungalingan mo ba ang katotohanang ito? Ngayon ang sinasabi mong iba pa na kakampi umano ni “penoy” na may katiwalian din na kinasasangkutan bakit hindi rin imbestigahan, alam  mo may pagkaisip batang katuwiran iyan pasensya na kung masabi ko man ito. walang itong pinagkaiba sa isang bata na nagmamaktol dahil ung ibang bata ay di sinaway, di ko naman sinasabi na tama na di na lang pansinin ang ibang personalidad basta mahabol si corona, pero ika nga ni corona “in due time”. at sino nga bang nagsabi na si “tupaks” ay malinis? di siya nga mismo ay may kinaharap na kaso sa korapsyon? ang ibig mo bang sabihin nakapag walang malinis sa gobyerno wag na lang pansinin ang mga korapsyon?

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Hindi yan pag iisip ng bata…. Ito ay pag iisip ng patas na hustiya para sa lahat…..

        Sa sinasabi mong imbestigahan at kasuhan at litisin si Corona, hindi ba ito ang ginagawa na natin? Ngayon, nasaan ang imbestigasyon sa mga KKK? Bakit hindi ka magsigaw ng imbestigasyon sa mga KKK? Yan ang tinatawag na Double Standard…

        Wala naman pumipigil sa impeachment na nangyayare… Pero ang sa akin lamang, nasaan ang kahalintulad na paglilitis o maski na lang imbestigasyon sa mga KKK? ikaw ba ay nagsalita na patungkol doon?

        Dalawang taon na magmula ng pumalpak ang Luneta Massacre, may nakasuhan ba? Si Mayor Lim na kaalyado ni PENOY, natanggal ba sa pwesto? si Isko? Si Puno?

        Kung talagang ikaw ay naghahanap ng kaayusan dito sa bansa natin, diba dapat hinahanap mo din ang katotoohanan sa mga pangyayare na nabanggit ko? Wag double standard, yan lang ang sa akin….

      • taga_ilog

        hindi kita tinututulan sa lagay na iyan, hindi dapat double standard, ngunit yan na yata ang kalakaran ng pulitika natin noon pa, wala ring pinagkaiba kahit noong panahon ni GMA maging ang mga naunang administrasyon, bata-bata lang iyan. salamat 

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Eh kung ganun pala ang iyong sinasabi… Ano pa ang ginagawa nating paglilitis sa impeachment?

        Ito ba ay dahil lamang sa ayaw natin sa pagmumukha ni Corona? o dahil hindi siya bata ni PENOY?

        Ayan lang ang punto dito… Pag isipan mo lang mabuti, sa paghahanap natin ng mas mabuting bukas, hindi ba tayo niloloko ng mga kasalukuyang nakaupo sa pwesto at tayo ay nagpapagamit sa mga ito?

        Sa bandang huli, tayo din ang talo dito sapagkat, napahina na nila ang mga institution na dapat ay nangangalaga sa karapatan ng bawat tao… Sino ang kawawa? Hindi ba tayo din mga ordinaryong mamamayan?

        Saan ka mas dapat tumayo? Sa paglapastangan sa mga Batas natin o sa mga mokong na Presidente at tongressman natin na walang iniisip kundi ang kanilang sarili? Ayan ang dapat mong pag isipan…

        Kasi para sa akin kapag ang mga Batas at Insitution na ito ay palakasin natin at huwag natin ibaluktot ito sa kagustuhan ng iisang tao! Tingnan mo mabuti kung sino ang sinusunod mo?

        Parang ganito lang yan… Kung ang pari, sinabi niya sa iyo na ang isang gawain ay masama ngunit kapag ang gumawa na ng gawaing masama na iyon ay ginawa ng kanyang kaibigan tapos sabay sasabihin nya na ay “tama iyon ginawa ng kaibigan ko, wala siyang maling ginawa”… Sa palagay mo ba daapt ba natin pa siyang sundin? o mas mabuting sundin kung ano ang nakasulat sa bibliya?

      • taga_ilog

        naniniwala akong tama ng sinasabi mo, pero, naniniwala din ako na nilabag ni corona ang public trust, wag natin kalimutan na may mga hindi sya inilagay sa SALN nya an dapat lamang niyang ipaliwanag, un sigur ang unahin muna natin bago ang iba, ito ang nakaslang ngayon sikapin nating maisalang din ang mga banggit mo ng KKK kamo.

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Parekoy, dalawang taon na ang LUneta Massacre…

      • taga_ilog

        boss, hindi yon related sa kaso ni corona, sangayon ako sa iyo na kasuhan din natin ang ibang nagkasala sa bayan pero si corona muna, kung gaya ng sinasabi nya na wala syang ititinatago, wala syang dapat ipag-alala dahil kapag nalaman ng bayan na wala syang sala, pasasan ba’t magiging maayos din ang lahat, ang mahalaga ay lumabas ang katotohanan, 

    • dukaponte

      Hindi iyon matatawag na illegally acquired evidence dahil ang nagtestify naman niyan ay mga bank officials sa harap ng madlang people. Kung illegal iyon, dapat ang mga senator judges ay makulong dahil hinayaan nilang gumawa ng illegal ang mga bank officials sa harap nila at sa taong bayan.

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Mali, maliwanag naman nilinlang ng prosecutors ang korte… do you remember the aka “small lady”?

        Ganitong ganito ang mangyayare sa bansa natin kapag hindi natin itama ang mga kamalian…. Darating ang araw na sasabihin ng pulis, paano mo nakuha ang ebidensya….

        PULIS: may nag abot po sa akin na small lady….

        Kaya mag-ingat tayo sa mga ginagawa natin dito sa impeachment, at baka hindi natin namamalayan na sa kagustuhan natin maghanap ng mapaparusahan sa nakaraang administration…. Napapahina natin ang sarili nating mga batas….

      • Fernando Tagudin

        Ang impeachment ay may sariling karakter at hidi kahalintulad sa isang regular na court ayon kay JPE 

        Ang precedence sa isang impeachment court ay applicable sa isang impeachable na mga opisyales na tulad ng pangulo at mga huwes at hindi pwedeng i apply sa isang criminal o civil cases

    • Ed Molina

      this has been deliberated at length during a caucus in the senate. the decision was unanimous. are you saying that you’re better than all the senators who attended that caucus? why not read the article to see how they came up with their decision.

    • RomyLitz

      Illegally obtained documents have definitions in the rules of evidence and Sen.Enrile knows it did not fall under the technical definition.

    • John

      impeachment case po ito….it would be too bad for PH if we let a liar be the purveyor of our justice …

  • Ulipur

    Source: Makasaet

    The defense filed a petition to suppress, expunge and reject them.
    Fortunately for the sake of justice, the senator-judges decided to
    accept them.

    The next problem that looms large in the coming days is a possible
    petition (again?) that the defense will seek a TRO from the Supreme
    Court ordering the senator-judges to reject the bank documents for the
    reasons they are repeatedly, tirelessly, sometimes shamelessly claiming:
    they are inadmissible because they were illegally obtained.

    The claim sits well with the declaration of the Chief Justice that he
    did no wrong. So it is not wrong for the Chief Justice to hide wealth
    by not listing it in his SALN. Yet his Court dismissed a lowly employee
    for not listing a market stall in his SALN.

    This is the clearest proof that there are two standards of justice in
    this country. One is applied correctly and evenly against an ordinary
    mortal who was ordered dismissed from the service of the state. Another
    protects a Chief Justice from committing the same offense – hiding
    wealth not justified by official income.

    Why is there a democracy like the Philippines where legal
    technicalities and niceties are inapplicable for the poor state worker
    but are used to secure the acquittal of a Chief Justice who should be
    the epitome of fairness and equal protection of the laws?

    The answer to the question is not in the stars of the Chief Justice.

    • Fernando Tagudin

      You’re very correct Ulipur. We got brilliant lawyers here in our country who use the law to cover up wrong doings amongst them because most of them especially those who are in the government have one common interest of protecting themselves.

      Pity us who suffer…God please help our Philippines

    • pave25

      It seems you cannot take “YES” for an answer.

      What is wrong with you?

  • Ulipur

    Source: ABS-CBN News
    MANILA, Philippines – Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona on
    Wednesday said he will be opening his dollar deposits in his impeachment
    trial to prove he has nothing to hide.

    “Whether or not there was a TRO from the Supreme Court, I said I will
    open it in due time and the due time is next week. I have always said
    there is no problem with my dollar deposits because I can explain it, ”
    Corona said in a radio interview.

    The Chief Justice’s statement runs counter to the advise of his lead
    defense counsel, Serafin Cuevas, who said last week that opening the
    dollar accounts would not contradict anything presented in the trial.

    Corona’s dollar accounts have been the subject of speculation after the Supreme Court issued a temporary restraining order, stopping Philippine Savings Bank from opening the Chief Justice’s dollar deposits.

    Prosecutors earlier produced an allegedly leaked document that said
    Corona could own as much as “$700k”, allegedly $700,000, in PSBank.
    Defense lawyer Karen Jimeno earlier said Corona’s dollar deposits are part of his savings before he became Chief Justice.

    The prosecution’s document was also used to open Corona’s peso accounts, which contained at least P19,728,555.39 as of end-December 2010.
    This is higher than the P3.5 million cash and investments he declared
    in his statement of assets, liabilities and networth (SALN) for 2010.

    In a separate TV interview, Corona said he will also explain the
    supposed discrepancy between his SALN and the contents of his bank

    “Yun po ang pinalalabas ng mga naninira sa akin. Yan ay isang bagay
    na matagal ng pag-iintay na maipaliwanag ko. Sapul sa simula, ako ay
    magpapaliwanag. I will give an adequate explanation of each centavo that
    came in went out,” he said.

    He added the perception that he amassed illegal wealth was a product
    of a “professional demolition job,” and noted that some of his wealth
    came from his earnings when he was working in the private sector.

    “Pinalalabas kasi na ako daw ay walang-wala ng pumasok sa gobyerno.
    Eh hindi na totoo yan. Ako po ay top executive sa private sector, may
    naipon po ako, at ang pamilyang pinanggalingan ko ay hindi walang wala.”

    • dukaponte

      Kung totoo ang pinagsasabi niya, bakit siya nagsinungaling sa kanyang SALN? Excited na ako na marinig ang kanyang fairy tale. Kasi ang SALN niya ay kaunti ang pagbabago from year to year mula pa noong 90’s.

    • cruel168

      A, Malaki pala naipon mo corona e bakit hindi mo dineklara sa SALN, sana wala ka problema. At malaki pala kita sa private e bakit pumasok ka gov service? Hala, sa presinto ka na magpaliwanag, kwento barbero sinasabi mo.

    • taga_ilog

      SALN… so Corona  means to say that he filed wrong info in your SALN?

    • MannyKingfisher

       Wika ni Corona”“Yun po ang pinalalabas ng mga naninira sa akin.” ALAE siya ay matagal ng sirangsira mula ng umpisahan ang impeachment proceedings na ito.Ano pang dangal ang natitira kay Corona na habang lumilipas ang mga araw ay lalo lamang nababaon ang pangalan niya sa kahihiyan. Sirangsira na talaga ang kanyang pagkatao.

  • isalexus

    There is really no such thing as establish “law” in RP! Now they accept as evidence faulty documents branded as FAKES by the president of the bank and “INVENTED” by no less than the senate president! Obviousloy political expendiciency is tha name of the game. Next stop– “hearsays” are accepted evidence. It is more fun in the Philippines where they make “LAWS” and “RULES” as they go along.

    • dukaponte

      Hindi ang sinasabing fake na documents ng PSB president ang tinanggap na evidence, kundi iyong mga documents na sinubmit nila at testified nila ang tinanggap na evidence. Mga authentic iyon.

  • Atlason

    Even if bank accounts are accepted, it still will not sway 16 senator-judges required to oust Corona. Prosecutors have not proven anything – if there were, it is that these prosecutors are just liars and fabricators of fake evidence, engaged in corruption and currying favor from Pnoy so that their relatives will be given juicy positions in the administration.

    • marionics

      wow! this is the most brilliant legal argument i’ve ever heard IN MY LIFE!!! HAHAHA

      • Fernando Tagudin

        Iyan ang resulta ng isang taong lumaki at nag ka experience sa isang bulok at korap na sistema ng gobyerno kinasasadlakan natin sa kasalukuyan na walang ibang iniisip kundi lahat yan nababayaran.

        Kaya nga po itong impeachment process ay isang magandang pagkakataon para sa ating bayan para maumpisahan na ang pagbabago mula sa isang bulok tungo sa mga accontable na opisyales

        Kung hindi po ngayon, kailan pa?

      • marionics

        you are absolutely right and may i add that you have such great empathy

    • RomyLitz

      It is never about how evidences were revealed or exposed, it is how the senators, political or conscience stricken, vote for the TRUTH or for future votes of the people. Another factor,is the momentum of the media on the masses since the political judge senator have unique super sensitivity to majority’s pulse.

  • Atlason

     Even if bank accounts are accepted, it still will not sway 16
    senator-judges required to oust Corona. Prosecutors have not proven
    anything – if there were, it is that these prosecutors are just liars
    and fabricators of fake evidence, engaged in corruption and currying
    favor from Pnoy so that their relatives will be given juicy positions in
    the administration.

  • Ulipur

    Source: ABS-CBN NEWS

    MANILA, Philippines – Chief Justice Renato Corona on
    Wednesday said he lost trust in Philippine Savings Bank, which is why
    he decided to withdraw P37 million in his bank accounts on December 12,
    2011 – the same day he was impeached by the House of Representatives.
    In a TV interview, Corona admitted that he withdrew all the money
    from the accounts because he was told by friends and some depositors in
    PSBank as early as November that people were talking about his accounts.
    He also said that he heard that the branch manager was talking about
    his accounts.
    “Nawalan kami ng tiwala sa bangko,” he said, adding that the leak on his bank records could only come from the bank.
    Corona’s peso accounts has come under scrutiny after it was learned
    that he closed the accounts on December 12, 2011, the same day that he
    was impeached by the House of Representatives.
    Corona’s defense team earlier said about P37 million in the Chief
    Justice’s accounts belonged to Basa-Guidote Enterprises, Inc. (BGEI),
    the corporation owned by his wife’s relatives.
    The Chief Justice said he did not declare the money in his statement
    of assets, liabilities and net worth because the money was not his.
    “That is not just my defense but the truth. I didn’t declare because it’s not mine,” he said.

    • Reyjohn

      “Nawalan kami ng tiwala sa bangko,” said Corona referring to his lost faith in PSBank. Why then keep the dollar account in the same bank? Even your reasoning is beyond this world.

      • RomyLitz

        Corona is not a battle tested lawyer in court. He was never offered a job as a judge. He devoted his experience in teaching only. He is not an eloquent speaker. He does not even sound like a lawyer.

      • MannyKingfisher

         Alae may doctorate degree baga yan ay. kaya lamang yong Phd. niaya ay kadudaduda rin katulad ng pagkatao niya.

      • RomyLitz

        Even former Senator Saguisag declared in public his PH.D is very questionable.

    • RomyLitz

      To Corona,
      Are you not committing a crime by depositing the money in your account that is not yours? Granting it was not yours, can you document the traceability of this money? Where did the money go after your withdrawal?

      • taga_ilog

        Chief Justice Renato Corona on 
        Wednesday said he lost trust in Philippine Savings Bank, which is why 
        he decided to withdraw P37 million in his bank accounts on December 12,
        2011 – the same day he was impeached by the House of Representatives. 
        how convenient!! but how did they know that the bank leaked the info? 

    • Guest

      if this 37million is not his, then he just admitted that he is a thief. that he misappropriated the money of basa-guidote ent. as his own, depositing it in his own name. now this thief justice is really a thief, by his own admission on nationwide tv. what a moron. faced between 1) losing his exalted position/office, and 2) facing an estafa/theft case and a prison sentence, he chose the latter. what a stupid idiot. what people would do nga naman to stay in power……..sige, kasuhan na yan ng panggagantso! estafador talaga yan, gahaman sa pera at pwesto! patalsikin na yan, now na!!!!!

  • joboni96

    defense theory

    1. mayaman na dati pa
    > bakit wala sa saln yung dati ng yaman

    2. pinatago lang pera ng basa-guidote
    > abetting a criminal act

    3. pera ng anak niya
    > better interest rate for chief justice?
    unequal protection of law

    4. inutang lang yan
    > pwede ma authenticate loan agreement

    5. yamashita treasure
    > di pa rin dineclare for tax purposes

    sa ikakabuti ng bansang pilipino
    resign ka na lang cj corona

    wala ng matrabaho kongreso

    • RomyLitz

      Agree with you 101%. Pero takot na takot yan msg resign dahil tons and tons of criminal cases follows. He has to win this case with the help of his comrades in SC.

  • Webfeet

    Hello Ulipur

    BS! If it was not Corona’s, why did he not state  that on his SALN. Was he not getting any interest income from those money? If he was getting the interests, he should be declaring them in his income tax for his return or for BGEI. LOLOLOLOLO!

  • Webfeet

    Corona’s supporters are treating us like we are complete moron, lol. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to know that the accounts are his. I think the Corona’s supporters and paid spokespersons should learn basic arithmetic first before saying anything. 

  • Guest

    just look at this miriam santiagago. when voting comes on an issue bearing on a pivotal point, she absents herself. this two-faced dracula look-alike and think-alike certainly uses her supposed genius (yuck! who said that!) only to get voted into office or to enrich herself, playing safe and not taking a stand, for her own convenience and benefit. the people should kick her dirty butt* as well.

  • Sienjo

    Its time for Pnoy
    administration to abolish this RA 6426 and introduced a new law to give great
    power to the NBI to investigate bank accounts and income tax-returns of suspected
    persons and families doing corrupt practices, conduct arrest, search and call
    up witnesses. Clearly Corona cannot accumulate these enormous amount of money
    and properties base on his salary alone, there is no question about it, it came
    from fraudulent means, if he has earned his wealth through honest to goodness
    means then he should have file his tax-returns appropriately but he can’t
    because he is deceitful, just like GMA.

  • Mark ferry john Lamsen

    amend RA 6426! it only gives cahoots in gov’t to convert their pesos to dollars to escape scrutiny. look at what the highest magistrate in the land did!

  • rodger66

    lets wait until Tupas stands as witness as presented by the defense…magkalag-lagan na !!!

    • tarikan

      Oh boy rodger66, kailan nangyari sa trial na ang opposing counsel ay naging witness? Baka “trial & error” yung binabasihan mo haha? Hindi judicial court yun physics or chemistry lab yun.

    • ofwme2807

      mr hitler what will they get from tupas will his testimony destroy any of the evidences presented by the prosecution corona’s SALN’s ITR’s bank accounts properties???besides he will become a hostile witness for the defense he will only become a problem if they subpoena him because anything that he will say will be in favor of the prosecution…

  • RomyLitz

    To Sexy Midas and Macho Nato,

    Ypu can run but you cant hide. All your love nests condo are duely accounted by Tupas team.

  • batchmatters

    The day of reckoning is fast approaching and the nation should brace for it so it could move on. Opposing motions have been filed as well as pieces of evidence which the Senate would either reject or approve to acquit or remove Chief Justice Corona. But after all his secret properties and bank accounts have been publicized however, I quite wonder how on earth would the CJ, if retained, preside on cases involving dishonesty in handling a government position.This simply means someone has to give way or be forced to for purposes of judicious administration of justice of which the chief administrator’s probity and character are not suspect.

  • PinoyAkoPinoyTayo

    I wonder why Inquirer never reports ‘Defense scores a win’ in that 2 months of impeachment?

    • tarikan

      Why the PDI never reports “Defense scores a win”? Because all the defense say is “objection, irrelevant, out of order, hearsay, due process, rule of law, in due time, blah blah blah.” If they wanted to score, shoot some balls naman…shoot for the truth not suppress it. The moment of truth is on March 12th. The defense said they will present evidence to explain all those condos, lots, houses, bank deposits (pls include the $$$ deposits) in due time. Hey, it’s March 12th don’t forget! But what this I hear that you are again going to the SC (home court of the CJ) to make sumbong again for those bank docs? Magsamba na lang kau kaya?  

  • Guest

    the impeach trial is a foregone conclusion. it is a conviction. there is no other way around it. the crooked members of the senate cannot even use the proceedings to ask for money from pnoy (ransom), since the outcome is already clear. now, all they can do is to speed up the process by holding all-day sessions, as a matter of convenience and to satisfy the due process requirement. i bet many senators will be absent during these proceedings. all theyre waiting for is the vote. too bad for this idiot defense, and good for the incompetent grandstanding prosecutors, ana basa sealed corona’s fate. with her interview, this crook has lost whatever credibility is left in him.

  • Opel

    CJ’s reputation got damaged beyond repair. in car insurance parlance “total wreck” the latero will not be able to do a thing,its the junk shop who will make a killing.

  • Isidro

    We already know that Corona’s bank accounts are illegally obtained. Why then the senator-judges (court) admit these accounts as evidence? This aceptance of evidence by the senator-judges (court) could happen to anyone else. Yung illegally obtained pala na evidence ay i-accept ng court. Ganito ba ang justice system sa Pilipinas. Halimbawa yung isang tao na tinorture para magbigay ng statement – accepted pala nang court yung statement ng tortured na subject.

    • RomyLitz

      Illegally obtained means, according to rules on evidences, conducted by government institutions like the PNP, DOJ and NBI. These evidences cannot be excluded since it was done by a privare person or persons, did you get it? Sen. Enrile explained it this way. Read.

    • Fernando Tagudin

      Ang Impeachment court ayon kay JPE may sariling karakter at hindi pwedeng ihalintulad sa isang regular court

      Ang inimpeach ay ang pangulo mga huwes myembro ng ombudsman at ng COA pili lamang ito at mabibilang lang at hindi po na iimpeach ang isang ordinaryong mamayan

      Kaya wala po dapat tayong ikatakot bilang pangkaraniwang mamayan dahil hindi po tayo pwedeng ma impeach

    • ofwme2807

      will you please read the decision made by the senate impeachment court on this matter and understand….if you’re not convinced it doesn’t matter what matters is that they have issued the ruling on this one which must be followed.  corona and his team cannot go to the SC because the decision of the ic is final and not appealable..

  • Reyjohn

    GMA must be thinking: so what if Corona gets booted out?, he’s only one vote in SC, I got 7 and possibly 1 more vote on En banc. Corona can be sacrificed. Loads of acquittals for GMA coming up, Corona or No Corona in Supreme Court.

    • ofwme2807

      the conviction of the thief justice will send the right message and warning to all high government and impeachable officials in this country to do what is just and right in performing their duties…the thief justice is only one 1 person but the highest person in the judiciary so the message must be sent in the strongest term possible so everybody will follow the law and to show that no person is above the law not even the cj…   

  • radixpoint

    Truth shall set us free! We are now learning from the ancient past.

    Jesus said,  “I am the TRUTH”.

    The teachers of the law (Pharisees and Sadducees), said, “Stone and Crucify Him!”.
     The teachers of the law thought that the “Law is supreme over Truth”.

    KUDOS to our lawyers! You are beginning to realize that the “Truth is supreme over the law”.

    Filipinos must stop technicalities of the law being used to protect the “demons” in the government. Exorcise the government of corruption…start with the Crown.

  • Rednaxela VD

    Let the prosecution jump and celebrate for joy.  Im sure each item will be accounted for and explained one by one by the defense.  This is the weak and illegal foundation of the case against Corona but like a house of cards, it will come crashing down.

    • radixpoint

      The ordinary Filipinos should jump and celebrate for joy!

      Their representatives are as imperfects.

      But the “Triumph of Truth” over the “Twisting of the Law” is a beacon of Hope!

      • Fernando Tagudin

        Yan ang Pinoy may tinataglay na pag asa para sa sarili at umaasang uunlad din ang Pilipinas

        Hindi po tulad ng iba rito sa forum na pessimistic ang dating

  • Paitan

    Isa lang akong ordinaryong mamamayan na  nakikibaka sa buhay para matugunan ang mga pangangailangan ko at ng aking pamilya sa araw araw.
    Ako ay humahanga sa bawat panig,,kung paano nila gawan ng katuwiran at ipaliwanag ang mga batas na umiiral sa bansa natin na siyang ginagamit para igiit ng magkabilang panig sa usaping impeachment.. punto por punto..walang bumibitaw kung ano sa akala nila ay tamang interpretasyon ng batas ayon sa pagaaral nila. kahit tuldok o kuhit ay tiyak alam nila kung saan dapat nakalagay sa isang bahagi ng batas. batas na ginawa ng mga taong nabiyayaan ng talino.
    Tanong ko lng…Kung sakali ba na mahatulan si Corona..sino ba ang makikinabang?.kung maabsuwelto naman sino maapektuhan. Sumasangayon ako sa pagtuklas ng katotohanan. pero anot ano man ans resulta ng trial na ito, ano kaya ang epekto nito sa nakakaraming maralitang Pilipino.Di kaya ito’y labanan ng mga taong nakaluklok at ayaw bumitiw sa kapangyarihan??mararamdaman kaya ng marami nating  naghihkahos na kababayan kung mahatulan o maabsuwelto sa mga paratang sa isang CJ Corona??

    Mas natatakot ako,,,pagdating ng panahon na tayo ay haharap sa tunay na Supremo na siyang maglilitis sa atin pag dumating ang panahon na yon….

    • Fernando Tagudin

      Malaki ang pakinabang natin sa impeachment court dahil matututo na maging accountable ang mga pinuno natin at tayong pangkaraniwang mamayan matuto na ring iggiit ang accountabilty. Ang isang bansang may equality justice at fairness sa kanyang sosyadad ay isang mature na demokrasya 

      At ang susunod dito dahil napapamunuan na tayo ng maayos at matinong sistema maari na po nating ma enjoy ang mga sumusunod: tulad ng libreng paospital na first class ang service, mga inprastrakturang maayos at magagamit para sa pangkabuhayan tungo sa isang maunlad na bansa at pag umunlad ang bansa dadalhin nito ang kanyang mamayan tungo sa pag unlad ng kanilang mga sarili, giginhawa ang buhay natin at mababawasan ang iskwater at mahihirap at maari mo na ring iiwan ang biseketa mo ng hindi nakadena sa boung mag damag dahil walang mag kaka interes sa isang simpleng gamit sa labas ng bakuran mo at higit sa lahat hindi na po tayo maglalagay at mawawala na ang kotong at mga fixers sa LTO o sa Business Permit Offices ng mga munisipyo… marami pa po …at dahil po nasa hustong gulang na tayo pwede na rin po niyong dagdagan pa ito

      Iyan po ang nararanasan ng mga First World Countries na kung ikukumpara ang Pilipinas ay malayo pa po tayo

      Kunin po natin itong opurtunidad na ibinibigay ng Impeachment Process baka ito na ang Blessing in Disguise para umusad na po tayo at makaalis sa kinasasakdalan natin ngayon Kung Hindi Ngayon, Kailan Pa?

      Kaawanan po sana tayo ng ating Dakilang Manlilikha

      Mabuhay ang Pilipinas

      • Paitan

        Natutuwa naman ako sa isang napakapositibong pananaw mo..kaisa mo ako sa at iba pang  umaasa na sana nga ay kabilang sa mga maari nating matamasa ang mga nabanggit mo na lalo na para sa mga susunod pang henerasyon..

      • damatannapo

        Opo this is not a dream it is a possibilty

  • edmund

    Let us now see how these senators will vote now that there is a clear violation of law by the chief justice.

    • RomyLitz

      These 23 senator-judges may be classed into three, one, conscience oriented, two, people’s majority opinion and three, the bribed balimbings. The evidences are guides but these three types of senator-judges will vote accordingly and needs 16 only to evict Corona from his favorite and highly profitable chair.

  • RomyLitz

    The rules of court does not apply to the Impeachment Court since their objective is not to convict a criminal beyond reasonable doubt but to determine if a certain high government official ( president, CJ, commisioners) is still credible or constitutionally fit to assume a government post. The punishment of the accused is to remove his chair, thats it.

    • Reyjohn

      IC is just a no-confidence parliamentary voting panel that’s it and remove the official if majority 2/3 vote exists. If govt decides to file graft and corruption charges or forfeiture proceedings before normal criminal or civil courts, the testimonies, offers of evidence will have to be repeated again from square one.

      • RomyLitz

        If govt decides to file a criminal case or graft and corruption then the rules of evidence will be fully observed to protect the innocence of the accused. In this impeachment hearing, I agree it is akin to no-confidence vote under a parliamentary system.

  • otey

    The Senate seating as an Impeachment Court is not bound to adhere to the strict provisions of the Rules of Court. They should allow the presentation of evidence. If the evidence of guilt is strong, then appropriate action should be done, if none, then acquittal is proper.This is the essence of a Democracy.

    • RomyLitz

      Even if the evidence is super strong, it is non-appealable, if only 15 senators voted for conviction and Corona is free to sit in his favorite and profitable chair as primus inter pares of tge Supreme Court.

  • Kaloy

     Mabuhay ang Impeachment Court for this decision. We are behind you to support for any untoward consequence of this pro-people decision.

    Manong Enrile, once again you live up to your campaign promise: “GUSTO KO MASAYA KA!!”.

    We support you 100%.

  • pedro

    Sa opinion ko ay tama lang ang naging desisyon nang Impeachment court …. at para kay mr. corona kung above the board naman iyung mga ipon niya nothing to worry di ba?  ….. kaya tingnan natin sa 23 March kung ano ang end result nitong paglilitis na ito.

    • RomyLitz

      That is what I admired in one of the Defense Team, Ramon Esguerra , that Corona has nothing to worry if he speaks the TRUTH. Even with thousands of cross, re cross and redirect questions, the TRUTH will set him free.

  • RomyLitz

    To Sen. Enrile,

    Thanks a million for giving the TRUTH a chance to be heard instead of being blocked, suppressed, TROed, immaterialized and obscured by the Defense Team.

  • Rhine

    many here are parroting  others blog..and many orioles are singing their songs…how can it be a feast of the birds when storms is not yet over,, the eye of the storm is yet to bring its fury for everyone to see the after effect… after all,,it’s the whole country who will suffer….WHA…

    • Fernando Tagudin

      Let’s be optimistic… be on the positive side in behalf of our Philippines

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Nobody can be optimistic with the way this current administration is running the country….

        Again, we can’t be blamed for being pessismistic and doubtful of the intention for which this impeachment complaint arises. It is clear as day the rule of thumb of this PENOY administration is to apply double standards in pursuing their so called justice.

        However, in the absence of such circumstances, to the point of applying double standard even in the appointess of PENOY then it would be better for me to stay true to the Constitution and Law.

        It will be my best safeguard against double standard and persecution!

        If you can guarantee us that the same process that is being applied to CJ Corona now will be applied to KKK or partymates in Congress. Only then can you tell us to be optimistic…

        Let me ask you a straight forward questions…. Where were you when Naguiat “alleged” received a $100K in hotel accomodations and perks? Where were you when Llamas bought a pirated DVDs and found a AK47 in his car that eventually was whisk away by his bodyguards? Where were you when people’s lives were lost due to the blunder of Puno? Where were you when Torres was involved in STRADCOMM and still sits as LTO chief?

        I hope you are as vigilant to those events as you are showing with the impeachment trial.

      • Acrem

        And may I add:
        Where were you when a BIR regional director was sacked in August 2010 by the corona-led SC for SALN misdeclaration?

        Where were you when the SC dismissed an RTC court interpreter in Davao in 1997 for the same SALN offense?

        Still want to stay true to the Constitution and Law? GOOD!

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        so what is your point? lol

        Sorry, but i think you are confused! patingin ka sa doktor baka may HEPA ka na rin…. hahaha

      • damatannapo

        A court’s clerk interpreter in Mindanao was expelled sans all the benifits.

        Therefore this is applicable to everyone without no exceptions as what the CJ is trying to do

        I’m no fan of Pnoy and if his next in line for an impeachment procedure so be it

        As an activist during Marcos to the yellow crowd into that 86 snap election  and up to present I have all the reasons to be pessimistic too just like you but what pains me is that when we lost hope for that beacon of light ahead of us and that is for our nation This is not a dream it is a possibility

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Nope, Sorry but I am a realistic person…. If I see that our own President applies double standard in pursuit of Justice. Then I conclude that there is no hope for our future especially if the people are so thirsty for blood just to punish the crooks of the past administration at all cost.

        Without thinking if the person (in this case the President) pursuing their so-called Justice is the one who cannot even pursue Justice in his own house… LOL

      • damatannapo

        therefore we should stop said impeachment and accept the reality of what were experiencing now well we must jump ship na and in your case you can laugh everyday of your life in such quagmire

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        If you will agree that the President is using double standard in pursuing Justice, then its better to stop this non-sense.

        It gives false hope that once the CJ is removed, we will have a better future! (Although, removing him from office is still very far from reality) LOL

        See? Only those who thinks that once CJ is removed we will have a better future is NAIVE.

        It will only appear that this is being done for the sake of persecution and pork barrel! Intiendes? LOL

      • damatannapo

        Well if you will imposed and placed a road block for a nation to move ahead and accepts the fact that after Corona there will be no more case to be filed I’m starting to believe you lost every hope for a better Philippines

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        No, I lost every hope for a better Philippines under this present administration! LOL

      • damatannapo

        Siguro po hanggang dito na lang I learned something from you my friend but I beg to disagree Partner

      • SignTheWaiverNow

        Thanks! I am glad you learned something from me…..

        And I also hope and pray that this current administration will change his ways because if not we are bound for a disaster!

        Thanks Boss! =)

  • alexfrommactan

    I like the impeachment Court.

    While you can say that the House of Representathieves are mostly are Aquino’s pets, you cannot say that for sure with the majority of Senatongs. One day they would favor defense, then the next day the prosecution. They have the element of suspense. Are they just trying to ramp up the bid?

    But whatever it is though, the impeachment court is really difficult to read. I’m sure at the end of the day, it would be a surprise. Looking forward to know the ending of this drama.

  • San To

    The chief Justice has many accounts, millions of money! Anong pakialam niyo sa pera niya? Hindi naman niya ninakaw niyan at idineklara naman niya yan sa SALN niya! Kaya tiwala pa rin ang publiko sa kanya, walang betrayal of public trust. Ang mga pera niya ay galing sa MATUWID AT MALINIS NA PAMAMARAAN. MAYAMAN YAN AT ANG ALAM NIYAN AY MAGPAYAMAN. Inggit lang kayo, no? Baka natalo pa ni Corona sina Henry Sy at Zobel Ayala sa TOP TEN RICHEST MEN OF THE PHILIPPINES. Balato naman diyan sa empleyado ng hudikatura para magjoin kami sa rally pabor sa inyo. IT’S MORE FUN IN THE JUDICIARY IF YOU ARE THE THIEF JUSTICE. WAHHH!

  • San To


  • juan dela cruz

    If this 
    Republic Act No. 6426 refers to the Foreign Currency Deposit Act is not helping our country then scrap it! Sino bang g*gong gumawa nito? With this law, lahat ng public officials ay may lusot. It’s high we act on this. Let us stop making nonsense to the Filipino people. Tama na! Sobra na! Wakasan na!

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