Santiago: There is no hell


MANILA, Philippines – “There is no hell.”

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

This was how Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago countered on Monday a statement by a priest that she should be consigned to the fires of hell supposedly for calling as “fool” the prosecution team in the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona.

“Under Vatican 2, there is no hell; but even if there is, there is nobody there,” Santiago said in a statement.

“In theology, hell is not a geographical place, but is a metaphor for distance from God,” she said, reacting to Fr. Catalino Arevalo, who took a swipe at her during the weekend.

Santiago then went on attacking the priest, who she said sounded like a “publicity hound.”

“The priest is saying that he is close to God, and I’m not. I say to the priest, judge not, that you shall not be judged,” she said.

Santiago said she was told that Arevalo had approached certain journalists to make sure that his homily would be reported in the print media.

“It is like St. Paul writing letters to the Corinthians, and begging them to publicize his letters.  This priest sounds very much like a publicity hound.  And I thought humility in spiritual matters is a virtue.”

Under Vatican 2, Santiago said, the Catholic Church no longer clings to the monopoly on truth.

“Under Vatican 2, priests and nuns should be treated like everyone else.  They are not special people just because they have joined a religious community.  It does not make them any more smarter or holier than you and me.”

Instead of meddling in politics, Santiago said the priest should spend his energy fighting pedophilia within the Catholic Church.

“That priest should spend his energy fighting pedophilia within the Catholic Church, instead of meddling in politics and serving to divide church practitioners,” she said.

The senator also criticized Arevalo for making a literal interpretation of the Bible.

“Under Vatican 2, the story of Genesis is no longer a historical fact but a myth.  The Bible should not be read literally, but should be read in its Aramaic context.  Unfortunately, some of the religious refuse to accept the changes started by Vatican 2,” she said.

“I can engage in a public debate with the priest, and we can exchange quotation for quotation from the Bible.  But that would be foolish, because the Bible can be interpreted in as many ways as there are Christian churches,” Santiago added.

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  • Huka Shin

    I don’t pay attention to Miriam Santiago but I wonder where all her conceitedness comes from? What makes her think she’s smart? Isn’t she aware that many people consider her crazy?

    • Constantine Caacbay

      I don’t understand either! She’s not really smart. She only got a rating of 76% in the bar exam (as released by Randy David in his column at today’s issue of Inquirer) and she was never a smart senator, as well. I think she is not conceited but more of a mentally deranged woman who is no longer ashamed of whatever she does or say.

      • Brando Pascual

        76% is a good grade. I know a lot of people who graduated from college with good grades. But they fared very poorly in their actual application of what they have learned in schools. Miriam is a brilliant lawyer and few would contest that.

    • Tiger Jobs

      That is why she’s called the good insanenator!

    • Edu Manza

      She ignores being called Brenda and Rita, what’s new?

  • Jose Manabat

    In the 60s, graders have a class subject called GMRC (acronym for Good Manners and Right Conduct). Am sure Sen. Mirriam underwent that – but, unfortunately, she has not learned. Failure! Go back to Grade School, Senator.

  • Justanother Person

    “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad”

  • Lino Bog

    meriam is now thinking of convening the bishops, ministers, pastors and priests to amend the teachings of Christianity, and try to organize her own church and proclaim herself as master meriam …. just like ecleo. How sad….

  • simon jaring

    if MIRIAM believes there is no hell,,,then she is making God a liar

  • Constantine Caacbay

    The Vatican II that Miriam was referring too did not become the official teaching of Vatican. Until now it is still being debated upon it these things that were supposed to have been discussed and agreed upon were to be released or not. And Miriam has no business lecturing a Priest. Look she barely passed the bar exam getting only a grade of 76% and mind you she was never in the top ten of her class when she graduated from UP College of Law. So, what’s her authority to lecture anybody? Much more of a priest? Shame on Brenda

  • Pedro Geronimo

    “if you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you…” from a poem ‘if’ by rudyard kipling.

    i pray many of us will not join the “crowd” by picking up our own stones and throwing it on everyone else like headless chickens. as adults we need to see beyond the pettiness of the theme of this article. we should know what’s right or wrong here. any further argument will be downright useless and worthless.

    in child psychology and child upbringing conventions, some children may prove falling below certain standards of intelligence, but decency, common sense, and respect for people will dictate that we should not label anybody stupid, regardless.

    granted some people are disgusting, but subordinating our anger and contempt for such people to a must higher and more nobler cause is better than to end up like uneducated and immature people throwing expletives at each other like children. in this instance there can be no winners. biting our tongues is a good practice in discipline.

    sometimes, if the urge is to speak ill of anyone is compellingly high, forcing ourselves to say at least one thing positive about the person is better, even if it’s a lie. the best alternative of course is to remain silent. this is true discipline.

    let’s realize that a phony smile is still better than a real frown.

  • Elino Napigkit

    Father, may I ask, which is the greatest sin, Sen. Santiago’s antics or the immorality of some of your flocks?

  • ronald antonio venida

    Brilliant people do not sin (New Testament)
    Living in a religious life is closest to that.
    Although we’re all sinners.
    I love my priests.
    I love my German Shepherd, Pope Benedict XVI.
    Daang Matuwid tayo, hindi RH bill.

  • Odin .

    Fellow country men:
    (1) The church should stop meddling with political affairs because the church and state have long been separated for these reasons. This is BASIC knowledge or does everyone nowadays do not know that?
    (2) What has happened to our priests nowadays, it’s not because they are priests that they can say whatever they want whenever they want because they are moving under the name of the lord not with their own interests.
    (3) Not because one is god fearing means that they should believe everything those under the name of the lord imply or say, judge with prudence and with consideration of what knowledge you may not know.
    (4) Daang matuwid ba ngayon? Exact opposite, mas mahirap nga buhay ngayon kaysa noon?
    @ Ronald
    the church can not stop overpopulation no matter what they do, at least sa RH bill may magagawa pa to. BASIC knowldege.

  • Nor Muss Estudillo

    What is Santiago’s religion anyway? Does she believe in evolution? Is she an institution or she belong in institution? Just wondering, Ikaw sad?

  • Sadyangnim

    hahhahahahhahahahha..whe..heheheheh true enough…brenda………………………tax the catholic churh and all other religions……………………………………………………………………………….no more free them……go go go brenda

  • seekleer

    Deng!!! Santiago has smarts that every woman in the Philippines, especially lawyers who are women, should be proud of. She does not appear to be intimidated by the “cling-clang” of these macho,papogi, ignorant male breed. My “hats off”  for her intellect, wisdom and knowledge of the law. Yes, she may sound ascerbic, with toxic substance, but, how can you argue against the truth? Indeed, not because a person is a priest, that what he says is holy or credible. no-no-no, in Padre Damasos time, that could be said then, but in todays generation, all priest, you read it, ALL priest, is subject to character, honesty, integrity scrutiny just like everybody else. A lot of them priest have been convicted of malversation of funds, fathering children with nuns, falsehood and all satanic behavior and they are hiding behind the white clothes…..shame….

    • ValencianoEd


  • edleon

    Yes Miriam, flaunt to the whole world how bright you are… hooray!!! :)

    And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Mark 8:36 (NLT)

  • tekateka

    Nauuwi lang sa katamaran ang sobrang pananampalataya… walang himala, walang impyerno at walang langit… stop wishing and start working your bu-tt

  • gatak

    ay naku miriam. nakakahiya ka na.

  • Jon70

    Anybody is able to pretend to be smart …just follow what Miriam did.

  • alice_in_chains

    if genesis is just a myth then the entire bible must be is FU!!! if sen. santiago still goes to church, hear sunday mass or practice her (christian) faith, then she is fooling us all.

    • romarico

      So do you honestly believe that out of nowhere, God created man from mud and then woman from the rib of a man, got fooled by a talking snake just by eating a fruit? Sounds like a myth to me. If you believe in stories like that, then the story of Goldilocks, Three Little Pigs and Snow White should be true then. 

      • alice_in_chains

        romarico, you sound like you’re judging me that i have no faith nor respect in the bible. I HONESTLY BELIEVE YOU MISSED the context of the message. read again, GOLDILOCKS.

  • Jojo Perez Hipolito

    Senator Santiago, pakireview nga po ang mga taped lectures ng assistant ninyo kapag di kayo pumapasok noong araw sa MST… bakit po Genesis ang binabanggit ninyo sa argument ninyo samantalang New Testament po ang quotation ni Father… pati po ba sa Theology 77 din ang grade ninyo (just like your Bar Exam score)?

  • erisq2003

    Bilib na talaga ako kay Sen. Merriam… Plaban talaga, magaling sya mang puna, nung sya napuna, nangagalaiti sya.. Tsk Tsk tsk. Dapat pala talaga ganunin sya ni Aguirre e…. Mukahang malala na, di marunong ata tumaggap ng Mali…

  • free view

    Miriam’s latest behaviour in verbally attacking the priest in itself evidence, that she is indeed Loka-loka hahaha

    • ValencianoEd

      no way is she loka loka.  why, are priests above reproach? they are ordinary human beings like you and I.  She is right again when she said priests should be busy fighting phedophelia within their ranks, and not involve themselves in state matters.

      • free view

        hindi state maters ang issue behaviour as public official..excuse me po..if you don’t gget the point like the crazy senator..

  • joe_rizal

    kaya nga nag ka letse-letse yung relegion natin dahil pabago-bago yung biblia natin.may old testament, may King James at kung anu-anu pa? Kanya-kanyang bidahan sa interpretasyon. Talo lang yung kulang sa rason at nakakaaliw naman sa nanood sa mga spongklongs na nag dedebate sa parehong bibliya na hinahawakan nila. Personally, in all sense of the words-TAMA ang mga dinakdak ni Miriam. 

  • Hey_Dudes

    Whoever is the caretaker of this place Ms. Santiago just placed the padlock better look for another place to strut his wares.

  • Kawawa

    Hehe, medyo mainit ulo ng author kay Miriam. Eto lagi yung nagsusulat tungkol ke Miriam, e.

  • kilabot

    there is only a lake of fire for deviant priests! ‘decolores’ is the welcome song over there.

    • jurbinsky77

      In this instance it is specific, Miriam Santiago on the other priests, who among them?

  • joe_rizal

    Eto namang si Alvarado (kastila ba eto? o kamag-anak ni MAX Alvarado heheh) mag basa ka naman ng Newspaper ser or kahit man lang ilang pahina sa Vatican 2 art. Mahilig talaga kayong mga pare bumabanat sa gobierno. E Ayaw ni Pops Jun ng ganyan at baka wala ng bumigay ng limos sa simbahan natin. Bakit may maitutulong ba kayo kung sakali. Kung meron mag file muna kayo ng Income Tax para patas tayo. Puro lang naman kayo dada as if you are gods. Isa rin kayo ang dahilan kaya lalong naging makitid ang utak ng mga pinoy.

    • Kawawa

      Masakit lang naman matawag ng “gah-goh” kung totoo e. E totoo namang mga gah-goh sila.

  • Albin

    He, he, buking….ang palasyo ang nagpa-kalat ng homily…tapos sasabihin, di sila kasali…

  • indiots

    that is why wala ka na ring modo.

  • Kawawa

    Sa impyerno na lang ako kasama si Miriam, kaysa makasama ko si Aguirre sa langit. WAH.

  • Sio Koy

    what’s wrong with this picture?

  • Pan

    I have lost all my respect for this insane lady!

  • Edmund

    I like you Miriam… tama yung isang reader, yung pari ‘de colores’…  sumawsaw na naman itong paring ito..

  • fer1973

    kaawa awang sambayanang pilipino ang senadora eh di naniniwala sa genesis myth daw ito..walang dios ang babaeng ito na walang modo..kaya pala ganito ito mag react kahit nasa publiko dahil ang akala niya sa sarili niya eh matalinong matalino na siya…para sabhin ko sayo walang modo na babae..ang matalino eh yung alam ang salita at katwiran ng BRO. ELY ang sabihan mo niyan tingnan ko kung uubra ka…pari lang naman ang kaya mong debatehin sa bibliya dahil alam mo na walang alam ang mga pari sa bibliya, pero magpatong patong pa kayong lahat na senador o ministro ni manalo o mga obispo di kayo uubra ka Bro, ELY pagdating sa salita at katwiran ng dios sa bibliya. yan ang katotohanan..

    • Edmund

      uy, nag-promote…

  • Cerise David

    The dominion of the church is the sacred and divine.  If they want to engage in politics and other secular matters, then we should start taxing them.

    • Troy

      Cerise, just my opinion.  I think the good priest had no intentions to meddle in politics.  Since the impeachment hearings were very public affairs and viewed by millions, the priest was simply commenting on the very condescending attitude of the senator.

  • Son

    Bakit kelangang makisawsaw ng Paring ito sa isyu..unless may balak syang kumandidatong senador or mag-aartista???

  • Victor Magallanes

    Filipinos really need to know more about the Roman Catholic church and its dogma. There are a lot of misconceptions which are not being corrected because it suits the church’s agenda.

    The Greek Orthodox as well as the Russian Orthodox are two religions worth studying. May be, and just may be, Filipinos will learn the real history of the Roman Catholic church.

  • actnow

    Now, the bishops should ex communicated this loud mouth because she is now attacking the church dogmas. However, they may ignored this horrible woman because she is not sane afterall, she did not know what she is saying, need some medeical treatment first then fight her when she is mentally fit and psychologically sound.

  • Nielky

    Typical BI-Polar in a Manic Phase thats Grandstanding

  • tekateka

    This country is better off without the Catholic Church…

    We are all products of evolution, our Earth is 4.7billion years old. When the next asteroid will hit us.. we’re all gone kaput… use your brains, start to ask questions about m-theory, string theory, big bang, multiverse… itigil nyo na facebook.. masyado na madami pinoy bob-o…

    • Morskie52


    • botets

       katekateka ka talaga hahaha, parehas kau ni lukring matalno sobra, ibang level ka na dude at nag iisip ka na ng end of d world.. Mamalagi ka na lang sa bahay mo, gumwa ka ng basement bunker at mag stock ka ng pagkain mo good for 100 yrs malay mo mag evolve ka din uli..

  • rosamistika16

    I think there is no need for Sen. Miriam to pray and contrite. 

    There is no hell….so  she might also conclude that there is no heaven?!!!

    • tekateka

      yes miss rosa.. there is no heaven…  huhuhu. go to youtube and ask mr. stephen hawking why there is no god and how the universe was created… humans are a product of stardust! would you believe that???

      • Mang Teban

         get out of this planet,,,,bring stephen hawking with you…you are bound for planet named S_U_C_K_E_R_S, one born every minute.

      • tekateka

        Do you know what ‘Sucker’ means? your specie is primordial…

      • rosamistika16

        I would rather believe to what is written in the bible that what stephen hawking was talking… the first place he was not born 4.7billion years ago so I will never buy his stupid idea.

        next that you will tell me is that you descended from an ape! well, in that case I might believe that you really are!

      • Zoe Librando-Del Rosario

        Stephen Hawking became an atheist because he suffered an incurable disease. When this severe blow hit his psyche, his logical choice was to abandon God. His wife left him because of this demented belief. 
        If you look up the Papal declaration of 2002 evolution was deemed as coherent with creationism. If the Bible declared it happened in seven days, science might say 7 million years. Even if we were descended from apes, who then made the apes? God did. 

      • la mona segrestat


      • la mona segrestat

        science never said that humans descended from an ape.. but what science did mention is that humans and apes evolved from the same specie..

  • jesslink

    So where is your humility Madam Senator Santiago?

    • PaengSaAmerika

      Napalitan ng yabang at sobrang taas ng pagtingin sa sarili.

  • Reyjohn

    There is no h e ll? Try and risk and find out later on.  “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” – Keyser Sose & Charles Baudelaire.

  • Ka Boy Petite

    Sabi ni Madam Senator Miriam “walang
    impiyerno”. Opo, katotohanan, ang salitang “impiyerno” ay isang
    talinghaga sa antas ng teolohiya. Subalit, ito’y nagsisilbing gabay para sa
    sangkatauhan upang matukoy ang pagkakaiba ng masama (impiyerno) at ng mabuti
    (langit). Kung saan, ang langit at impiyerno ay IISA at hindi maaring
    paghiwalayin. Sapagkat, tayo, mga nilalang ng Dakilang Lumikha, ay narito’t
    nabubuhay sa IISANG MUNDO.


    Ang impiyerno ay gawa ng TAO, ito ang pag-abuso sa
    karapatang-pantao, ang malawak na grap at korapsyon, ang inhustisya, ang
    kahirapan sanhi ng mga iilang GANID na TAO… Samakatuwid, ang impiyerno ay
    tunay at hindi talinghaga, sa pang-araw-araw na pamumuhay ng isang TAO. – ito
    ang larawan ng lipunang Pilipino.


    Ako’y isang Katolikong Pilipino, hindi ko man na-aral
    at/o di ko pa nabasa ang kabuuang konteksto ng Vatican II – ang langit at
    impiyerno ay narapat na maging gabay sa pagpanday at pagpapa-unlad ng
    karapatang-pantao, higit sa lahat para sa ikaka-unlad ng “kalinawagan


    Kung walang talinhagang “impiyerno at langit” –
    ang sangkatauhan ay patuloy na paghaharian ng iilang Ganid na TAO!!! 

    • Neil

      totoo po iyan!!!!!!!

  • dodo

    sabi lang nya yan kasi takot syang mapunta sa impyerno. kung talagang nagaral cya nang mytheology si miriam, alam nya na merong impyerno. 

  • Patas

    As far as I know, this ‘inferno’ was not tackled during the Vatican 2. Purgatory was tackled, but not this inferno-thing. 

  • fer1973

    tanung ko lang mirriam satantiago, nakarating ka na ba sa impiyerno at alam mong di umiiral ang impierno at walang tao sa impiyerno??? sabagay ito yata si mirriam satantiago ang demonyang nagkatawang tao sa lupa kaya alam niya na walang impierno at walang tao sa impierno..sabi sa bibliya matatalino ang anak ng demonyo pagdating sa panglupaang kaalaman, pero sa bagay na nasa itaas lalo na sa impierno at alam din ni mirriam satantiago eh kahinahinala na ito dahil pati impierno alam niya na walang tao…

    • Neil

      oo nga grabe talaga!!!!lol

    • Neil

      lol she is a devil that’s why she knows…,huwag nalang po tayo pumatol sa taong may tuyo ang utak..baka tayo masiraan din ng bait.,tsek tsek

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    Where the h e l l does she think she came from ! ! ??

    For all I care, she can go back to that which is not a geographical place but is a metaphor for distance from God, so that somebody will be there.

  • antonioluna

    tama yan brenda walang impyerno pero mayroong mental hospital 

  • PaengSaAmerika

    Thank God this lady never became President. I couldn’t imagine how catastrophic it might have been if she was elected in ’92. I voted for her but I regretted it.

  • cruel168

    Lesson learn? Don’t vote meriam saltik santiago again to any public office, not even barangay chairman. Lets locked her in mental asylum forever and ever amen.

  • PaengSaAmerika

    Kaya tama si Lola… Ang lahat ng sobra masama. Pag sobrang dunong, sobrang husay ( ang pakiramdam sa sarile ), sobrang tagumpay eh nakakalaki ng ulo. Kaya lang me giveaways din naman: highblood pressure.

  • Hey_Dudes

    But indeed Madam Miriam.  There is this place you call do not exist.  Listen to your heart and you will hear the fire raging burning your soul with smoke disguised as phfart consuming the rest of you. 

  • Alia Amorsolo

    SHAME on you Miriam!! Tsk, tsk, tsk, you are no match with the Almighty, not even with all the neurons and active brain cells you claim to possess! Remember ” WHOM THE GODS WISH TO DESTROY THEY MAKE MAD FIRST “

  • g219h

    Miriam is just telling the truth,

  • tamumd

    Indeed..hell is a concept invented by man…specifically the Abrahamic religions to scare people! You go Senator Santiago….go get those priests!!! lol

  • magsasakasanayon

    Mirriam Defensor-Santiago, go to “metaphor for distance from God!”

  • Jeamergs

    Bwahahahhaha nagpapapogi lang si Father kay Pnoy.

  • gecz navarro

    Felt sad about her.. Yes, she’s good at political arguments.. but she’ll never win against the Almighty.. NEVER. Tsk3… sayang.. people look up to her pa naman.

    • y_emmitt

      did she say anything about the Almighty?

      • salvador

        i think no… not at all, @ gecz, be carefull you might be put in contempt of court, all what she had said is according to what he believed in,

  • GuestUzer

     “Instead of meddling in politics, Santiago said the priest should spend
    his energy fighting pedophilia within the Catholic Church”.

    Bwahahaha.. Bingo.. kahit me katok si Brenda naka bingo pa din. LOL

  • allan

    intelligence without character.

  • richard

    Miriam for President! Bakit kaya siya natalo nuong 1992 presidential election?

    • GreenStallion

      Dahil na realized ng mga tao na di sya karapat dapat maging Presidente ng Pilipinas. She maybe the brightest as what she portrays, but undoubtedly she has no character, manners, does not know how to respect others right. In other words she is conceited.

    • simon

      kamuntik ko nga ibinoto iyan,, pero 3 days before the election si TABAKO ang pinili ko,, because the saying of my great grandfather keeps ringing in my ears,,”anyone who can not control his tongue is like a kingdom without military defense” 

  • Jose_Mercado

    There is a_HELL. Ask Mr. Santiago, he surely know it’s hellish_marrying Miriam.

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    If she is right, how come there are devils like her running around making lives miserable.

  • WAJ

    I have nothing good to say about Meriam Santiago. Her personal attitude during the impeachment
    when she was embarrassing, scolding, humiliating the young prosecutors speaks of the true natural life of this woman.

  • akoyisangpinoy

    mahirap kasing tanggapin na ang isang taong kinitil ang sariling buhay ay nasa ipiyerno na, lalu na at ito ay mahal mo sa buhay at kayong mga magulang ang isa sa dahilan.

  • dannylao


    • MrPaulJ

       you are right… but are you sure that Fr. Arevalo did just that? hehehehe… baliw are those people who take half-baked stories as true

  • 4kingdaddy

    when her time comes…she will stand by the gates of heaven and debate st. peter on why she should be allowed to enter the kingdom of heaven….and st. peter, much smarter than miriam, tossed the key behind the gate and said:  now you can YAK all you want, but you will never enter the kingdom of happiness as i have no key to open it for you….the rest that may arrived here later and are accepted, will be carried by the cherubims over the gate….you, miriam, is too fat and heavy that no cherubims are willing to carry you over the gate…..gets mo?????

    • tekateka

      hahaha… you are funny and de lu sional

      • 4kingdaddy

        just trying to ease the tensions from some of our bloggers…..he…he…he……

  • wazgoingon

    The Senate Impeachment Court’s decision on Atty. Aguirre’s act is truly, to my mind, a humbling experience for the high horse rider, Miriam.  Let this serve as a lesson to her that she is not God’s gift to mankind.  Finally, the other Senators have found a way of putting her in place.

  • ValencianoEd

    Miriam makes sense.  She knows so much about Vatican 2.  I am impressed.

    • MrPaulJ

       Hey, no one has assimilated fully what Vatican II teaches 50 years after until now… So never believe on the credibility of the senator to be an “expert” of vatican II. Nakakahiya cya…

  • mangtom

    To the moderators of this comment forum, what was wrong with my posting that you need to censor it? You guys suck

    • free view

      haha try not to use common words that are not acceptable, it is programed to block if you use those words..try putting hyphen in between letters or mis pell the worked for me

  • mangtom

    free view: thanks for the tip. What puzzles me is that there are posters who use four-letter words and also profanity in Tagalog but get away with it. Their words are spelled in full.

  • Rolando

    Until the Catholic church accepts that Jesus is the only way to the Father, the Philippines will never succeed as a nation.

    • fides249

      Rolando, you do not know what the Catholic Church’s beliefs are. The Catholic Church  believe that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life! The Church is the Body of
      Christ with Christ as the Head and the Blessed Virgin Mary as the neck! The neck is
      where all graces from Jesus passes thru going to the other parts of the Body.

    • Rommel Jason

      How about China? and Singapore? and Hongkong? How about Dubai, UAE? Korea? Did they accept that in order to succeed as a nation?

    • MrPaulJ

       charot….. whaaat???

    • webspiker

      Kaya hindi tayo magkaroon ng progress dahil sa mga kaistupiduhan ng mga baliw sa religion.

  • ben987654321

    doesn’t senator tililing realize that she is contradicting herself and looking like a crazed fool who doesn’t want to lose any argument? first she espouses separation of church and state and claims the priest shouldn’t meddle in politics. then she tries to lecture the same priest on (gulp) a theological subject matter. so now brenda is also a religious expert. gosh somebody please put a plaster on her out of control mouth

    • edwin mylar

       Mirriam has a theology degree… So I’m sure she is fit to refute the priest..

      • ben987654321

        maybe, i’m not sure about that but even if she has, she cited the separationof church and state. so you’re telling me that brenda being brenda has also a privileged status of being able to transgress this principle of the separation of church and state. wow maybe she should join both the seante and the cbcp then? brilliant dude

      • paolo s

        This is a democratic country, If a priest can criticize her, what stop the lady senator on criticizing the priest/institution also? No one is exempted on a democratic process even if they claim to be holy. Freedom of speech.

  • Badjin

    To have high regard of someone who seems to be well versed on Vatican 2 puts a big question to the one who was impressed. This usually is a pitfall for peoples’ change of belief to another. Don’t just believe what she says because she had studied theology. Isn’t it that politicos also have master degrees in different fields and yet they also twist information to their advantage? Election is just around the corner.

  • oracle888

    Who does she think she is? Lecturing an eighty some year old priest with no reservation on  theology?!

    As the Bible says, evil has many faces. An Anti-Christ could be
    portraying as a person who have vast knowledge on the subject. Any
    people with an IQ of 80 knows hxll can be a metaphor of “place” in your
    heart, or could be a place in a different dimension where it is beyond
    scientific  understanding yet. She said there is nobody in hxll. Have
    she gone there already? Where is the proof? What or who is “nobody”?
    Sout? Energy?

    To cite Vatican II in her attack at Fr. Catalino Arevalo with no respect
    at all is a show of a person with limited knowledge but pretend to be
    an expert. The rest of her statement about Vatican II are just bluffing
    and have nothing to do with Fr. Arevalo. Wikepedia can provide more information on that.

    When she said she want to tell Fr Arevalo “judge not, that you shall not
    be judged”, she should tell it to herself first because that was what
    she has been doing to the prosecutors in the impeachment trials.

    I suggest that Miriam should have a public debate with Father Arevalo,
    or better off, someone who has a shrill voice like her.. And if she won,
    we can sent her to Rome, instead of Hague, as long as it is far, far
    away from here. The debate could also be a good test to see if her bp
    could go up as high as 250/120. We may need a special election afterward
    and Atty Aguirre or Congressman Tupas can run to occupy the empty seat..

  • San To

    Sen Miriam is another force of the devil! Corona is another

  • hustlergalore

    bakit ba nagpakasal itong si miriam sa simbahang katoliko kung ganun din pala ang paniniwala niya? LOL

    • paolo s

      It’s like Rizal who is baptized Catholic but attacked the friar of the Catholic Church at his time.

  • islandboy60

    Miriam, you may have so many diplomas and degrees but you were not educated at all! Your actions and your mouth is so vile and nauseating. You don’ t deserve to be a senator and an international judge. You think that you are the only smart person in the Philippines. What a shame. I feel like vomiting looking at you. And don’t drag the Catholic church into your foolishness. Small knowledge is dangerous…. Are you bragging that you know about theology so well? Oh, please. You are an embarrassment to the country right now and you will be an infamous Filipino in the ICC, when Filipinos are supposed to be proud of. You will be an embarrassment again, soon. I don’t want to see the day when Filipinos will deny you as one of their own when you serve in the ICC. Shame on you, Miriam

    • jess

       kung iintindihin natin sinabi ni mirriam, may punto siya. catholic ako… pero ipokrito itong  si father…. maraming pari ang baluktot pero wala sinasabi ang pari na ito… pero pag nakapag react sa cnabi ni mirriam, akala mo napakalinis ng bakuran nila…. father ilang pari ba ang maraming anak sa iba ibang babae… mga minor pa ang tinitira…

  • islandboy60

    What a poor soul you have, Miriam. You dragged the Catholic church into your mess, what you feel when someone says that your son committed suicide…. Probably because of your attitude?

  • sacrebleau

    “I can engage in a public debate with the priest, and we can exchange
    quotation for quotation from the Bible.  But that would be foolish,
    because the Bible can be interpreted in as many ways as there are
    Christian churches,” Santiago added.

    Ganun naman pala Miriam e. So Father Arevalo’s interpretation of the Bible is that there is a h e l l and you are worthy of going there. Ehe ehe he he. Get more fiber in your diet Senator, you are always angry.

  • Jose Maria Jude Duremdes

    With due respect to the servant of God Father Arevalo, I guess the Lady Senator was right, instead of making a statement which is adversarial and political in nature why not spend it Godly by being better than that..go higher,spread the good news that is what
     expected from you instead of cursing condemning or taking sides. Come to think of it under our Constitution the separation of the State and Church is inviolable.

  • 1tom9

    imagine corona, santiago and john lennon impeaching God and Satan in Philipppine Congress

  • webspiker

    Mirriam Tililing is the greatest pretender! 

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