Miriam Santiago ‘worthy of the fires of hell’



Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

She may be untouchable in the impeachment court. But in the eyes of God, Senator-Judge Miriam Defensor-Santiago could be “worthy of the fires of hell.”

In a blunt admonition of the feisty lawmaker, Fr. Catalino Arevalo, spiritual adviser of the late President Corazon Aquino, said Santiago should issue a public apology for repeatedly berating the House prosecutors in the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona.

“If you call anybody ‘you fool,’ you are worthy of the fires of hell.  And she called them gago, which is Filipino for fool, before millions of people,” Arevalo said in his homily at the historic Our Lady of Edsa Shrine yesterday during the First Saturday Mass in honor of the Blessed Mother.

“I did not say that. Jesus said that,” said Arevalo, the octogenarian Jesuit who delivered the homily at Aquino’s funeral mass in 2009.

Arevalo based his message on the Gospel reading on Friday, Matthew 5:20: “But I say to you that if you are angry with a brother or sister, you will be liable to judgment. And if you insult a brother or sister, you will be liable to the council. And if you say, ‘You fool,’ you will be liable to the fires of hell.”

Arevalo did not mention Santiago by name in the homily. But later when asked if he was referring to Senator Santiago, Fr. Arevalo’s telling pause was clear. He did not have to name her.

“Well, that was before millions of people. So she is, in conscience, bound to make a formal apology before millions of people if God will forgive her,” Arevalo told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

“That’s the teaching of Jesus. You don’t do that, and if you do that, you have to retract it by making a formal apology before millions of people, otherwise you remain worthy of the fires of hell,” he stressed.

Mocking defiance

Known for her sharp tongue and fiery temper, Santiago once again lashed at the House prosecution panel on Wednesday over its supposed incompetence and poor grasp of procedures in the impeachment trial.

This time, however, she was finally met with mocking defiance from a private lawyer helping the panel, Vitaliano Aguirre, who was caught on camera covering his ears as Santiago went on for minutes berating his team.

When asked to explain, Aguirre admitted doing it on purpose to protest being called gago on national TV by the senator while shutting out her “shrill voice.” The lawyer later resigned from the panel after the court cited him for contempt.

Santiago’s tirades on Day 26 of the trial arose from the prosecution’s sudden decision to rest its case against Corona after withdrawing five of the eight articles of impeachment it had prepared against the Chief Justice.

Enough of word games

With the ball now in the court of Corona’s defense team, a congressman yesterday said the chief magistrate’s lawyers should stop engaging in word games and finally prove that their client’s wealth was not ill-gotten.

Akbayan party-list Representative Walden Bello posed the challenge after Ramon Esguerra, one of defense counsels, assailed his move of filing before the Office of the Ombudsman a P78-million forfeiture case against Corona with the impeachment trial still ongoing.

He said Esguerra, a former criminal law professor at the University of the Philippines, as well as his fellow counsels “should stop issuing absurd interpretations of jurisprudence,” Bello said.

“It’s time they face the forfeiture case head on and prove beyond doubt that their principal had indeed lawfully acquired the assets in question,” he said.

Responsibility with Ombudsman

According to Bello, jurisprudence clearly lodged the responsibility of overseeing forfeiture cases with the Ombudsman, citing a 2005 Supreme Court decision (Major General Carlos Garcia v. Sandiganbayan).

“I am sure even Chief Justice Corona is disappointed that Attorney Esguerra overlooked the 2005 Supreme Court decision that reinforces the Ombudsman’s responsibility to investigate and file forfeiture proceedings, which Corona concurred in as associate justice,” Bello said.

On criticisms that he was engaging in forum shopping, Bello argued that initiating forfeiture proceedings was independent of the impeachment process. “(It is) not only a matter of the people seeking justice for Corona’s abuses but also an issue of urgency,” he stressed.

“Forfeiture can proceed independently of impeachment because it’s sole object is the confiscation of unlawfully acquired property. It has no effect whatsoever on Corona’s continued fitness to stay in public office, which is the sole concern in the impeachment,” Bello explained.  With a report from Cynthia D. Balana

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  • https://profiles.google.com/111695555257182953500 Purisima Tansengco

    “She may be untouchable in the impeachment court. But in the eyes of God, Senator-Judge Miriam Defensor-Santiago could be “worthy of the fires of hell.””

    If Miriam Santiago is “untouchable” in the impeachment court, than those who are afraid of her have no “BALLS’ at all.

    In a blunt admonition of the feisty lawmaker, Fr. Catalino Arevalo, spiritual adviser of the late President Corazon Aquino, said Santiago should issue a public apology for repeatedly berating the House prosecutors in the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona.

    == I agreed. She should not get away from downgrading, disrespecting, and cursing someone who are respectable in public. If Attorney Aguirre will have to be penalized for contempt, then Senator Miriam Santiago should have to be penalized also for misbehavior. She can be charged for libel for using the “gg” word “fool”. It is the behavior of Miriam Santiago that triggers the reaction from Atty Aguirre. If this justice is not resolved, then one can not expect any fairness in the trial when anybody in power acts as “god” and behaves with his/her own wish at the same time disregarding the other people’s rights..

    • Orson Powell

      ms. tansengco:

      hmmmm .. you are of the opinion that aquino and his followers, including you did not disregard corona’s rights? hey, corona might be guilty …… guilty or not, should corona throw in the towel because the yellow crowd declared him”guilty”?

      arevalo is a modern-day pharisee .. hindi daw s’ya me sabi and has to quote the bible to defend his utterance. kaya ang mga followers ng catholic church doesn;t even know the basic foundation of their faith. rather than teach the believers the true path of righteousness, these princes of the church are more interested in currying favors from the political warlords.

      • https://profiles.google.com/111695555257182953500 Purisima Tansengco

        Mr. Powell,

        If you can read, my comment is about Miriam Santiago. Why then you bring up Corona?

        Since you want to talk about your boss Corona, was he not given his right to take the defense witness stand in order to explain the discrepancies between his SALN and the documented bank deposit, including the other high value properties which he has not listed intentionally?

        Yet he refuses such right.

      • Orson Powell

        Ms. tansengco:

        he. he. he… relax ka lang … ang puso mo … ikaw din

        why not bring up corona? because you already judged him. ay naku, so simple … kaya nagagalit si miriam sa inyo eh …

        whooo … whooaaaa . now that’s better. miriam’s way … now you are getting entangled in your own web… corona’s got the right to testify —- personally. he’s got the right to not show up as well …is that too difficult to comprehend? corona chose the wise move … hey, why should corona allow himself to be subjected to little boy taunts? he. he. he… corona is way smarter than the bunch of kinder kids pretending to be persecution lawyers.

        hey aling puring, wait …. your bunch of bumbling oafs pretendinding to be lawyers will be given to shine. based on their not so funny performance, don’t bet the house on it. me thinks they’ll stumble and fumble along the way …

      • https://profiles.google.com/111695555257182953500 Purisima Tansengco

        The Corona camp people have unique behavior and characteristic: ego, sarcastic, name calling, arrogant and disgusting.

        You do have all of them and It will not worth my time of replying to you anymore.

        End of discussion.

    • Eloy Latigo

      Father, father, chillax! No use making patol to Brenda. We know that sometimes its really hard not to pay attention to her rantings or soliloquys, whether in the Senate, at home (perhaps that’s the reason why her son committed suicide, remember?) or elsewhere. But we must always remember the Tagalog saying: He who makes patol to a sira, is worst than the one who is sira. Because you already know that the person is rationally challenged sometimes, esp. when she is within the halls of the senate which is very strange indeed. To be honest, people must pity her. Because she experienced one of the most tragic moments that a parent can experience in her lifetime and that is, a parent burying her son. So there.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002571561379 Consuelo Santos

    Fr. Arevalo, where in the bible did you get that? Anyone who calls anybody a food will go to hell?
    Don’t you know that Jesus Christ, God is the only judge? To tell you the truth, we are all worthy of hell, including you. If it were not for the grace of God, we would all be there. But because the God i know loves us very much and would not want anyone perish in hell, He is giving everyone many, many chances. I don’t know about your god who convicts a person for one mistake? What about the prosecutors who have been lying and destroying the reputation of another sinner just like them in public? What about those who defy the rules of law? Don’t they deserve hell as well?
    If i were you, i would review my theology so that i may teach the right thing to the people under my care. Do not mislead the people. God is a forgiving God. All of us are still being given chances including yourself!

    • Orson Powell

      ms. santos:

      ito ang mahirap kung pati mga supposedly pillars of out faith namumulitika din ….. sa kagustohan nitong pari na maging mabango ke aquino at sa mga yellow crowd, di na nahiya na sumipsip. of course ang mga alipores ni aquino tuwang-tuwa dahil me pumanig sa kanila …

      tama ho kayo .. walang nakakaalam …. at walang makapagsabi kahit sino man kung ang tao pupunta sa langit o sa impiyerno …. iisa lang ang me karapatan humusga. ang bibilia napupuno ng mga peke na profeta .. madaming akala aakyat sa langit na tinawag pang “sons of devils” … ang daming pariseo at sadducees sa paligid natin ngayon … mas malala ang mga kasalanan nito … na akala mo ay sila ang ang me karapatan humusga ….

      bakit kasi sinasali pa sa usapan ang hindi dapat .. pero sa mga profetang bulaan at sa mga sumasamba sa mga salita n’yo, go ahead …. madami pang bakante sa kaharian ni taning ….

    • https://profiles.google.com/118170504329687052926 Leonardo Malabanan

      @Consuelo Santos,

      Mathew 5:22

      But I tell you that anyone who is angry with his brother will be subject to judgment. Again, anyone who says to his brother, ‘Raca,’ is answerable to the Sanhedrin. But anyone who says, ‘You fool!’ will be in danger of the fire of hell. [quote/unquote]

      • https://profiles.google.com/101439090799383304178 JP O

        Also in the bible:

        Ezekiel 10:14
        Each of the four cherubim had four faces: the first was the face of an ox, the second was a human face, the third was the face of a lion, and the fourth was the face of an eagle.

        Don’t use the bible as a fact sheet.

    • https://profiles.google.com/110365640807982725749 Jose Manabat

      God is a forgiving God.

      That’s a favorite line of the corrupt.

  • https://profiles.google.com/115966829848858713984 Tim de la Paz

    do you people actually listen ? she did not single out anyone and the attack was not on the personal character of the individual prosecutors. it was on the methodology of the preparation of the evidences that the prosecution supposedly have prepared. Her criticism was directed at the lousy way in which the prosecutors built up their case vs the Chief Justice.
    Remember, she was a judge herself in a court of law for a long time.
    Think back on the times during this trial that they, the senator-judges, themselves, were uttering suggestions on how the prosecution should word a question, or present evidence. Not just senator Santiago, but some of the other prosecutors.
    She had the right, and she was right, to blow her top.
    They are ALREADY lawyers, not just bungling students practicing courtroom procedures.
    If this trial is to be fair and in line with the constitution, and protective of the rights of the accused, then the prosecution should be professional in their conduct, demeanor, and presentation, and not present their case in a haphazard manner that they themselves recognize they have zilch, nada, zero, so that out of previously 7 or 9 articles they finally say, “hindi po, tatlo na lang, okey na ito”.
    Are you Tagalogs ? Is this priest a Tagalog ?
    Pag sinabi nating akala ko magaling ang plano ninyo, gago naman pala, are we referring to the individual, or the “plano”.

  • https://profiles.google.com/115966829848858713984 Tim de la Paz

    you priests should stay away from non-spiritual issues. you’ve messed up the country and the Filipinos’ mind enough. One or two EDSA’s may have been fine and justified, but remember there are systems in place for taking out those who abuse, misuse, or otherwise are inept, in their rule.
    Now you want to turn the Filipinos against Ms. Santiago without looking at the facts and correctly interpreting what was said.
    Look at the transcripts and I am almost sure you won’t find anything there that directly shows Ms. Santiago using that gag0 word in a personal way against any of those lawyers, rather that word was used to describe their bungling of their evidences.
    Lastly, please use Scriptures in their proper context, which is spiritual.

    • https://profiles.google.com/118170504329687052926 Leonardo Malabanan

      @Tim de la Paz,

      It is within the constitutional right freedom of speech and or expression irregardless of the nature of speech so long as it doesn’t bring down the person to disrefute.

    • https://profiles.google.com/118170504329687052926 Leonardo Malabanan

      @Tim de la Paz,

      It is within the constitutional right freedom of speech and or expression irregardless of the nature of speech so long as it doesn’t bring down the person to disrepute

  • https://profiles.google.com/111695555257182953500 Purisima Tansengco

    Former Senate President Ernesto Maceda said Saturday he doesn’t think Sen. Miriam Santiago’s almost daily tongue-lashing at the prosecution panel signals her “bias” toward Chief Justice Renato Corona in the impeachment trial.

    What can you expect from a pro-Corona mouth? It is not a surprise that Maceda tries to protect Miriam Santiago so she can justify and further do damages to the integrity and proficiency of the House prosecution team with her merciless and indecent scoldings.

    The resting of the prosecution on their case with the dropping of articles 1,4,5,6 & 8 have deprived Miriam Santiago the opportunity to degrade further the prosecutors. THIS MADE HER VERY, VERY ANGRY; and the rest is history.

    • Orson Powell

      ms. tansengco:

      miriam did damage to the integrity and proficiency of the persecution team? now, you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel …. where’s the integrity of the tupas and co? the lying retards would like us believe that a small lady and a “fairy” left documents for cong. banal. why didn’t these laughable congressmen tell us that ibong adarna’s alive and well.. … that these congressmen were able to dodge the excrement from ‘ibon adarna” that they succeeded in finding the “treasures” to convict tupas …

      miriam did not do the damage … miriam brought it out to the open… for you and i and the million filipinos to see how the idiots in the house short-circuited the process. how can you aling puring justify the speed with which the 188 yes men/women afixed their signature in the aic?

      • https://profiles.google.com/111695555257182953500 Purisima Tansengco

        How much do they pay you to answer to every posting that pointing out the short coming of your boss? What do they offer you to degrade the House Prosecution Team? Even if the prosecutors do not have as much trial experience as the Defense lawyers, as long as what their upholding is justice and righteousness, the majority of the people will be siding with them. They are not ignorant nor stupid to believe your propaganda and misleading.

      • https://profiles.google.com/112321137309552715304 Victor Magallanes

        Why is that when someone stands up against the wishes of the president, they are called paid hacks? I am no Corona supporter, I detest both GMA and Miriam and I abhor the oligarch system of this country. However, I am so sick and tired of the mentality of the noynoy’s supporters that whoever points out his mistakes are for corruption.

        The messianic complex that the yellow horde exhibits is already alarming. Continuously arguing with their emotions, they fail to see that they themselves could be victims of this type of mentality.

        You yourself has admitted that the prosecutors do not have the experience to try this case. Well then, there are 188 congressmen who signed the articles of impeachment. For sure, there are legal eagles in that lot who are capable. Or is it that those who are more informed, did not sign the articles. Remember Farinas?

        When you go to court, you must make sure that all your witnesses as well as your evidences are in proper order. You do not go to court and tell the judge that you are charging someone with robbery and then beg the court to additionally charge the suspect with murder merely because you suspect it. That is the reason why Farinas did not sign the articles of impeachment. “Di maganda ang pagkagawa.”

        Purisima, are you the only Filipino who has the right to speak your mind? We are also Filipinos who enjoys such right so stop calling people who opposes your views paid hacks.

        And by the way, do not blame me for this mess, I voted for Gibo.

      • Orson Powell

        aling puring:

        how much do they pay me to answer posts? secret …… i wouldn’t make you jealous i know tita simone’s army is paid peanuts. hmmmmm … you’re familiar with “paid” posters.. talking thru experience perhaps?

        let me repeat . nobody did anything to degrade the “persecution team” … it was self-inflicted.

        “justice and rightenousness” … whooooaaa . (thanks miriam) . when you steal, lie, fake etc. documents to fool the court, justice and righteousness are words not used to describe those deeds. if you call people wearing yellow as the majority, feel free to fool yourself.

        not the end of discussion. you’re more than welcome to pontificate.

      • https://profiles.google.com/111695555257182953500 Purisima Tansengco

        @ Mr. Pooh Well,

        I am not interest in how much do they pay you. You can keep that secret to your grave.

        Jealous? Ha, ha, ha! My asset can last many generations of your expenses. I’ll leave it to you to calculate my worth.

        I did the posting out of my furious on the graft and corruption in our country, and the losing of integrity in our highest judicial institution. Nobody pays me. Not anyone in the Prosecution team or the Administration know me. I am just a successful citizen who love her country and want to uphold justice. Unlike you, who work for 30 pieces of silver to sell your soul.

        Your claim of the “self-infliction” by the prosecutors is an egoistic perception and psychological illness from your people. Even if the prosecutors do not have the trial experience working in a hostile environment wherein many senate-judges have shown their political bias, the prosecutors have successfully presented the facts that Corona has lied in his SALN and unable to explain the hughe cash deposit in his dollar and pesos bank accounts.

        And btw, where are your proof in your allegation about “steal, lie, fake etc. documents to fool the court”?

        Majority of the people think Corona should be convicted is based on the survey, not my make up story. While your perception that majority are supporting Corona is either you are brain washed or you want to brain wash other people. Nevertheless, both show you are a low form of animal walking on two feet yet with animal instinct and treacherous mind.

        If you want more discussion, you are welcome to fart more.

      • simon jaring

        okey TUPAZ and CO. lied, but they lied because they are limited, they can not be able to make it, and maybe they are satisfied, they lied if we can call them a liar but remember they did not do it to steal millions of money,,, magkaiba po iyan,, you lied because you didnt make it and you lied because you steal millions of money,,, example, when PACQUIOA said he will knockout his opponent with in six rounds but he did not,,he lied but is understandable. okey, even Jesus Christ said,, i will not go in this feast,,, but later on he change his mind,, and he go and preach.

      • Orson Powell

        ay sus si simon … para kang halo-halo na salang gatas … di lang magulo, wala pang tamis …

        lying is lying … parang typical na kasabihan ng pinoy na okay daw ang white lies… parang sa paniwala ng ibang katoliko … venial sin lang daw ‘yan.. okay lang yan kasi hindi ka pupunta ng impierno .. me holding cell (limbo daw) . which again is a figment of someone’s imagination … nabibili ba ang salvation?

        your last sentence says it all .. you have no idea of what you’re yapping about

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002500634057 Manuel Alberto

        In the eyes of the filipinos, Corona is damaged person. He lost it at when he accepted this midnight appointment. You can adore and admire him but his reputation and integrity are gone. He’s a person filipinos won’t trust. As to “goof ball” Santiago, she’s just showboating because she knows people hates her so she figured, she migtht as well pissed the filipinos off. What a waste of intellectuals which she could have better used to benefit the filipinos. I think she really lost it. You may think I am a yellow sympathizer. Think not….I have not affiliations to any political parties. I am just expressing my opinion as I see it and what I noticed a lot of filipinos still in their old habits of admiring these corrupt people. Yet they don’t see the flight of these poor “kababayan” who hardlly surviving in their daily life.. Indeed, they never learn……..

    • Anthony Te

      Have deprived Miriam Santiago the opportunity to degrade further the prosecutors. THIS MADE HER VERY, VERY ANGRY; and the rest is history. – Ohh.. Did Senator Miriam Santiago tell you that herself personally? Sa lahat ng mga posts dito, I found yours the most amusing ones

      • https://profiles.google.com/111695555257182953500 Purisima Tansengco

        Mr. Te, it is amusing only to those people with low IQ.

      • Orson Powell

        aling puring

        kaya pala na amuse ka .. he. he. he…. oooops sensya ka na at hindi at marunong ng computer .. walang reply kasi doon sa post moe eh … pretty obvious naman kasi na “yellow” ka din .. color yellow represents cowardness if you’re not aware…

        whoaaa … to borrow miriam’s term again … ang yaman yaman mo pala . kamuntik ng ako mapaubo … in fact nalagot tuloy ang bra ko at nahulog ako sa bangko ng katatawa .. you’re the typical “mayaman” daw … am i supposed to genuflect or curtsy because you’ve got tons of money? \

        now, i’ll let you in on a secret. my ancestors were the richest people in panay. unfortunately, the spaniards came over and decided to screw my ancestors .. they exchanged the whole island of panay with a salakot and necklace of gold .. therein lies the lies and “panggugulang” ng mga mayayaman na kapareho mo … did i tell you who my ancestors were? datu marikudo and maniwang-tiwang … the royal blood of the aetas .. see, mayaman ka siguro but wala kang sinabi sa bloodline ko … royal blood ….

        by the way your survey … (hindi make up mo ha? ngeee. i don’t even want to see) . was done in the rarefied air of the elites … go to where i live .. the smokey mountain subdivision where the real people live. ….

  • Court Watz

    That is true,being a judge or senator is not a license to forget good manners specially in national television. Highest form of decorum must be shown by higher officials of the government. Uncivilized, barbaric, rude, and arrogant behaviour must be left to the past era of stone age. Kudos to Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre, Mirriam will learn a thing or two from him. Is the ICJ still considering the conformation of Mirriam’s appointment.

    Respect begets respect. Very well said.

  • simon jaring

    anyone who call his brother gag_ (without any reason) is in danger of fire in hell. i think Miriam has the reason but God will judge her heart. God is not a respecter of person (senator) but will judge the living and the dead fairly.

    • Orson Powell

      and you will be judged as well

  • ed roa

    If you were to ask the lead counsel of the defense, Serafin Cuevas, this allegation, that if you call your brethren a fool you will reap the fires of hell, this is not admissible because Fr Arevalo was not an actual witness to Jesus having said it. Hearsay! Hearsay! This should be stricken off the record. Miriam would have added to Fr Arevalo, show me your appointment papers signed by Jesus. Do you have Jesus power of attorney? I just hope Miriam doesn’t spit on the face of the good old priest as she did with Former Chief Justice Art Panganiban when she was excluded in the nominations for the Chief Justice position.

    • Orson Powell

      was miriam ever a supreme court justice? can anybody not a supreme court justice nominated for the position of cj? mr roa, pasensya ka na, hindi kasi ako abugado. paki educate mo naman ako.

      • https://profiles.google.com/111695555257182953500 Purisima Tansengco

        Kunwali pa hindi ikaw isang abogado, liar! I know who you are from my informer.

  • Edgardo Cruz

    Very respectful to members of the supreme court for being co-equal branch of the government but very
    disrepectful to members of a co-equal branch of the legislature.

  • https://profiles.google.com/102186492333959146469 Elino Napigkit

    Fr. Catalino Arevalo…in the eyes of God, Senator-Judge Miriam Defensor-Santiago could be “worthy of the fires of hell.”

    Fr., I do not know Sen. Santiago from Eve.

    For GOD’s sake are you stooping the teachings of the church to the level of human perception? Even our Lord JESUS said in effect…do not judge lest you be judge!

    If it is for you to judge, may I ask, what is the greater sin, that of Sen. Santiago or that of Kris Aquino?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001896692541 Marian Ramirez

    Madam Miriam Santiago should just come out and announce it is her wish to acquit this dishonest individual holding the key to the main gate of the highest court of the land no matter what. Instead, she come on strong, berates, insults and treat congressmen prosecutors together with the private lawyers supporting them like they are uneducated individuals. For if they are incompetent as she seems to believe so, what good is it to her since her advocacy all along is to ensure Renato C. Corona will not get ousted from his high court position? Her charade leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mon.mayuga1 Mon Mayuga

    TO ALL PROTAGONISTS in this discussion, please read the column of Prof. Randy David, “The ‘upper’ house,” in today’s edition of the Inquirer.

    This woman in the Senate (her behavior disqualifies her to be addressed as “Lady”) was not elected by the people to berate anyone publicly in their name. If she wants to scold anybody she should do it in her own living room and not before the eyes of the populace. They did not license her to air her shrill and indeed ear-splitting voice at hapless citizens of this country.

    She is a disgrace to the Senate.

    • Orson Powell

      seriously mr. mayuga, do you expect randy david or conrado de quiros to write anything good about anyone critical of this current dispensation?

      journalists/posters that tend to go opposite the yellows line of thinking are either called bayaran or supporters of the corrupt. whooaaaa.. thanks miriam for the word. pharisees and the saducees were the “paragons” of virtue/righteousness (according to them) … they were still called the sons of devils.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002147122621 Emily Gonza

    siempre si mirriam ang mas makasalanan sa daming taong nasaktan sa pag iinsulto nya..

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001896692541 Marian Ramirez

    I will go so far as encouraging fellow countrymen to keep fingers crossed and pray Madam Miriam D. Santiago will not act out and starts screaming at her fellow judges in the International Court in Belgium. We don’t want covering up our faces in shame as these judges hands are firmly pinching their noses. Mas lalong nakakahiya pag nagkataon.

    • Orson Powell

      guaranteed, ma frustrate ka sa pangarap mo … hindi kasin bobo ng persecution team ang miembro ng int’l court ….

  • https://profiles.google.com/102448085153233321123 teka teka

    hell hell hell

  • https://profiles.google.com/102448085153233321123 teka teka


  • https://profiles.google.com/102448085153233321123 teka teka

    my last inquirer visit

  • https://profiles.google.com/103042444806769289291 Alfredo Roman Desiderio

    The impression I have of Miriam Santiago’s antics is that she continues to measure herself against the late Haydee Yorac. Ms. Yorac was a model of integrity, intelligence, culture and compassion. Miriam remains miles behind. Some may say Miriam bested her when Haydee did not make it to the Senate while Miriam did. But there is one interpretation I dare propose: her election bid for the Senate was thwarted by the different powerful interest groups in Philippine politics and society at large because they were threatened by someone who would not bend the rules nor “look the other way.” These interest groups who use their power and influence to grow richer and more powerful at the expense of our people did not consider Miriam a threat. She is all sound and fury, grandstands all the time but she only looks out for herself. Ii it be more advantageous to side with a wealthy and powerful thief, she would use her lofty diction and labyrinthine sophistry to render useless the proceedings against the thief. Haydee Yorac never did anything of the sort. Miriam will always fall short of the stature of Ms. Yorac.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003530125609 Pedro Geronimo

    getting away with it! in the vernacular, “nakakalusot eh!” this calls to view the principle of “kung pwede lumusot, lulusot ang pinoy” and this practice is a main ingredient of “corruption.” getting away with doing improper things means breaking the rules. breaking the rules means lawlessness. lawlessness equates to injustice. anything goes! anong rule-rule? ito ang gusto ni sen. miriam, ito ang masusunod! should we then be surprised that corruption is deeply ingrained in our culture?

    so our youth learn early how to be corrupt, don’t they! kalokohan or lusot is strengthened most especially with the kind of parents who “pay” (ang lagay ba eh!) their children out of their misdemeanor, consistenctly every time.

    kung ano ang nakikita ng mga bata na ginagawa ng mga matanda ay siyang nagiging halimbawa at tinutularan.

    is sen. miriam above the law?

    • Orson Powell

      okay .. let’s do break the rules ..

      sino ang nagdala ng ninakaw na mga records ni corona? sino ang pumunta sa korte na pinangalandakan na 45 ang properties ni corona bago sabihin na hindi daw nila gawa? he. he. he… buti na lang kahit ang media na kampi ke retard eh me clips na si tupak ang me hawak ng papeles… sino ang me sabi na daming kasalanan ni corona tapos binawi dahil walang testigo?

      kaya kung ano ang nakikita ng mga bata sinusunod? me sayad ka din bata … hindi dapat nanonood ang mga bata ng impeachment … dapat nasa school.

      sino ang nagpapaplusot? he. he. he… kaya nasabon ni miriam ang mga inutil na abugado dahil walang pruweba, gusto senado ang mag provide para sa kanila…. whoaaaa

  • Good Lawyer

    Miriam’s boy pickup joke

    Miriam to Vitaliano Aguirre: Sana naka OFF ang ILAW.

    Vitaliano: Bhaakit?

    Miriam: para tayong dalawa ang mag ON.

  • https://profiles.google.com/112321137309552715304 Victor Magallanes

    By the way father, can Mirriam be still forgiven for what she did? Just like the church forgive those priests who molest little kids?

  • https://profiles.google.com/110564285086885819851 Orb Rightist

    Miriam is a brilliant legislator with a firm grasp of the law. But it does not excuse her bullying of the prosecutors and using foul language. I agree with her that the prosecutors competence are less than ideal but this can be said in a civil manner.

  • Antonio Bastonero

    she has overdone herself acting like a shrew rather than a fair lady worthy of a doolittle for a trainer…hope she learn her lessons there if ever she’ll be there…but, it will be too late then to know…better behave as she should be, else learn the bitter lessons…

    • https://profiles.google.com/118170504329687052926 Leonardo Malabanan

      @Antonio Bastonero,

      You can never teach a new trick to an old fat woman in the like of this fatso.

  • Grover Sinogbujan

    T’was very unChristian for Senator Santiago displaying crude arrogance…disgusting !

    • Orson Powell

      mr grover,

      and the priest was above reproach? the good father is assured of life everlasting, right?

      could that be everlasting as in what you get in the markets of baguio?

      • Grover Sinogbujan

        So…you tolerate such bullying/inappropriate behavior coming from an educated senator ? or you’re just a plain athiest ! whichever,someday you’ll find a match !

      • Orson Powell

        find a match? as in pusporo? he. he. he… santiago and the priest…. hmmm let me think … they’re both human beings .. both prone to commit sin … hindi ka siguro kasali kasi perfect ka … he. he. e..

        it is not bullying when the bobos of the persecution did not learn … ilang beses ng nasabon ,,, hindi pa rin natutto …

        atheist? he. he. he…. pareho kayo ng pari … parehong sira ulo

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003548064055 Maria Teodoro

    We hope Mirriam’s. Arrogance, and loud mouth, and rudeness be change, in tha Name of the entire Filipinos, because being in the telly which can be seen abroad is really disgusting of her hope they won’t
    Think Pilipinas are all the same like her Educated but. So. uneducated. In manners.Thank God she is not my Mum!
    about the forfeiture of SC J-C hope it won’t be late by the Ombman And the SB sa pagtalakay ng Kaso ni Corona baka kc malate like Gen R, then dina nila hinahabol ngayon ang Family niya? Pls. Ombman, move na asap baka wala na kayong abutan sa mga nakaw sa. Ating Bayan.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003509700803 Kabesa Kulas

    Attention CBCP and the Vatican: This priest is comitting blasphemy! First he said the words accusing Merriam, then later play safe by saying “God said this..”. Getting out of control of his deep emotion and obvious sympathy for the lying and fumbling prosecutors cum “honorable” congressmen, he can’t let go by saying Merriam should apologize publicly. Again, this is a sure sign of the moronic plague sweeping the nation, clergies not immune. This started from the top going down, take precaution and consult the doctors ASAP!

  • Rex Nine

    Miriam buangit…

  • Allan Espinosa

    What about the writer/s of the Psalm calling out those who don’t believe in God as ‘fools”? Will they go also go to the fires of hell? It is there in Psalm 14:1-3. “The fool says in his heart, “there is no God.”

    Fr Arevalo is a fool.

  • Allan Espinosa

    Fr Arevalo is a fool. How does he know that the Bible is right? Did he hear a voice from God? for your information, the Bible is full of inconsistencies.

  • Allan Espinosa

    Miriam may have been ‘foulmouthed’, but for someone to say she will go to hell is himself a fool.

    Fr Arevalo is a fool.

  • Rednaxela VD


  • Rednaxela VD



  • https://profiles.google.com/101439090799383304178 JP O

    Leave politics to the politicians. If Miriam has anything to be sorry for, it would be for stating the obvious. Fr. Arevalo keep your opinions to yourself and don’t rouse the public with useless propaganda. Statements from people like you still binds us from the chains of friarocracy that the Spanish slavers have instilled upon us.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000284226792 Jojo Labayen

    This priest is silent about those who have judged CJ Corona as guilty even before he could present his side. Didn’t the Bible say that one will be judged according to how he judges others in the end?

    Arevalo is just like this administration – selective in passing judgement.

  • simon jaring

    “the fool had said in his heart there is no God” is different from “whosoever call his brother you fool (without any reason) is in danger of fire in hxxx. magkaiba po iyan. iyong isa ay ayaw maniwala sa Diyos,, itong isa naman ay parehong naniniwala sa Diyos,, iyong isa ay general,, itong isa ay kausap niya at tinukoy niya (you fool),,, iyong isa ay Diyos ang subject matter,, itong isa ay damdamin nila ang subject matter,,,magkaiba po iyan. wala pong mali ang biblia. tama po lahat nakasulat sa biblia.
    the bible is correct,, if you say to your brother,”you fool” you are in danger of fire in hxxx. sigurado po iyan, dahil ang Diyos ay hindi sinungaling.

  • https://profiles.google.com/110365640807982725749 Jose Manabat

    Orson Powell: “…color yellow represents cowardness if you’re not aware…”

    just searched the net and gathered that the word, repeat – the WORD “yellow” could mean coward – but not the COLOR yellow, as you said. The COLOR yellow means intelligence (yellow note pads), loyalty, bright, sunny disposition, happiness, transparency, trustworthiness.

  • https://profiles.google.com/113099429527766755525 Dennis Jimenez

    Hypocrisy is just everywhere! I mean, sure, the priest could have his own opinion on Sen. Santiago’s tirade against the prosecution, but he is stepping out of line by castigating her to hell. Why is this even news in the first place? Instead of delving into politics, he should focus on the issue of pedophilia and rape in the Catholic Church, and poverty experienced by its constituents rather than dwell on politics. Miriam has taken on a lot of hits lately because of her support for the RH Bill. This is also probably one of them.

  • walt723

    She is the bringer of justice, Corona is 100% guilty. Calling a person fool if he really was, isn’t at all cursing. Those who mention Jesus and God that criticize Miriam. Look at your own self first as you are also fools. Fools who don’t recognize Corona’s guiltiness and fools who are trying to protect Corona.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YEB47AYSPROV34KQQBEY7MSG7I Melody M

      So you want justice… then there must be a fair trial by an impartial tribunal, without neglecting the rights of the accused.. Based on your comment you are already making judgments on Corona even if you are not in the position to do that..  Whether or not Corona is guilty at the end you should treat him also as a person who has a right to be protected.. most especially in this case wherein he has the right to be treated as innocent unless proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt… that is what justice under the rule of law..

    • JK Carable

      She was just doing her job. If you want a smooth trial at senate, then
      the prosecution should have picked better lawyers. they know they will
      be under strict supervision by seasoned senator-judges, then why are
      they groping all over the courtroom? She’s very frustrated with lawyers
      who don’t do their assignments. if you were definitely insulted by her
      chatters, then you don’t experience what real lawyers do at courtroom.
      they have very specified ethics and protocols. and she’s very frustrated
      that the prosecution, who happened to be seasoned lawyers, were
      performing like noobs.

  • antonioluna

    ayaw daw ni satanas kay brenda at baka sermunan at ipahiya lang sya hehehe

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1727181526 Ellice Dane Ancheta

    nakakashock ‘yung article na to. iniisip ko pa kung ano ang nasa mind ng spiritual adviser ni cory aquino para sabihin nya yang mga salita na yan against sen. miriam. who is he to judge naman? and if he wants to say something to her, sabihin niya ng personalan, not publish it in a national newspaper. grabe naman siya kung mag point out ng kamali ng tao. buhay pa nga yung tao tapos icondemn nya na sa implernyo? nung klase yan.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1787571990 Niki Sanders

    but Matthew 5:20 isn’t saying the text/words as quoted above! check you bibles. and if she is guilty, we don’t have – nobody has the right to judge / condemn her – only God alone.. 

  • Romeo_Tan

    Ang pari ang ibubulid sa dagat-dagatang apoy. Ang sabi ng Biblia sa Apocalipsis 21:8 Ngunit sa mga duwag at sa mga hindi mananampalaya at sa mga kasuklam-suklam at sa mga mamatay ato at sa mga mapakiapid at sa mga manggagaway at SA MGA MAPAGSAMBA SA DIOSDIOSAN at sa lahat ng mga sinungaling ang kanilang bahagi ay DAGATDAGATANG NAGNININGAS SA APOY AT ASUPRE na siyang ikalawang kamatayan. Bilang lider ng mga katoliko kailangan ipangaral nya na ang pagsamba sa mga diosdiosan(IDOLATRY) ay ipinagbabawal ng Dios.

    • beauseant

       Yung binabasa mo pa lang bibilia e galing sa Katoliko.

  • http://twitter.com/alderite Arnold Alderite

    “Let those who have no sins cast the first stone.” Father Arevalo should be very careful in passing  on judgment on the character of others. Being an ordained priest, and a former Aquino adviser, do not qualify him to cast judgment on anyone. 

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