Ateneo graduate tops Bar exam


MANILA, Philippines—Raoul Angelo Atadero of Ateneo de Manila University topped the 2011 Bar Examinations, the Supreme Court announced Wednesday.

Full list of the 2011 Bar passers

Bar Exam Results for 2011 A-D
Bar Exam Results for 2011 E-M
Bar Exam Results for 2011 N-R
Bar Exam Results for 2011 S-Z

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  • James Liston

    +amdg+ Kudos!

  • Dennis Yanos

    Another idiot in the making!!!  Hurrahhhh!!

    • Lateralus

       eto ang taong alimango, layuan ang taong ito, wala tayong mapapala sa dennis yanos na to.

      • antonioluna

         pagpasensyahan mo na inggit lang iyan hehehe

      • measme

        mga taong wlang magawa sa buhay dpat hindi pinapansin!!!

    • adam_d_ant

      he. he. he…. at least in the making pa lang..

      ikaw dennis full-pledged na … whoaaaaaa ….

  • renato

    Congrats Atty. Atadero.  Make us proud by applying the law to pursue the TRUTH.  Ad Majorem DEI Gloriam.

    Others in the Top 10 are:

    2. Luz Danielle Bolong (Ateneo Law School) – 84.5563
    3. Cherry Rafal-Roble (Arellano University) – 84.4550
    4. Rosemil Banaga (Notre Dame University) – 84.1226
    5. Christian Louie Gonzales (University of Sto. Tomas) – 84.0938
    6. Ivan Bandal (Silliman University) – 84.0901
    7. Eireene Xina Acosta (San Beda College) – 84.0663
    8. Irene Marie Qua (Ateneo Law School) – 84.0575
    9. Elaine Marie Laceda (FEU-DLSU) – 84.0401
    10. Rodolfo Aquino (San Beda College) – 83.7276

  • carlcid

    Ateneo de Manila has been performing much better than U.P. for the past decade. Other schools are also beginning to show improvement. U.P. seems to be in decline. I wonder how much government cutbacks have affected U.P.’s academic standing?

    • MalcolmXXX

      eh paano naman yung magagaling na professors lumipat sa masmalaking sahod katulad ng ateneo.


     ituro dapat ng mga law school ay kung paano ilabas ang katotohan at hindi kung papaano lusutan ang batas.

    • MalcolmXXX

      mag-aral ka muna ng law bago ka magsalita kung ano-ano.

  • measme

    Congratulations sa mga bagong lawyers!!! It’s my turn soon…….

  • Nancy


  • Samantha Defensor

     Congratulations, Atty. Raoul Angelo Atadero! Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

  • Paul


  • Neil

    Eh ano ngayon?   May mahigit 75 years na tayong panay ATTORNEY kinabibiliban at parang tinitignang pag-asa ng bayan at nilalagay sa PEDESTAL.    Parang ang paniwala,  ang mga ATTORNEY ang magpapaunlad ng ating EKONOMIYA at INDUSTRIA.  Eto siguro ang dahilan KUNG BAKIT NASASALAULA ang ating sistema ng HUSTISYA…

    Sa Japan,  China,  SCANDINAVIAN countries at iba pang mauunlad na bansa sa Europa,  dedma sa kanila kung sinong nanguna at numero uno  /  TOPNOTCHERS sa bar exam.   PANGKARANIWAN lang sa kanila ang propesyong abugasya..

    Ang kailangan nating i-propagate at bigyan ng pagpapahalaga ng ating lipunan Pilipinong gigiray-giray at napag-iiwanan sa Asia ay mga ENGINEERS,  SCIENTIST,  mga TEACHERS,  ECONOMIC MANAGERS, SOCIAL WORKERs, Community Organizers,  Doctors at nurses. TECHNICAL (VOCATIONAL) SKILLs para sa paglago ng INDUSTRIYA.      Ang mga ITO ang dapat tignang mga VIP ng bayan, sila dapat ang binobroadcast sa TV, radio, PAHAYAGAN at higit sa lahat TINUTULARAN.

    • MalcolmXXX

      masmaganda kung tumulong ka na lang sa iyong bayan.

    • Marlou Wang

      oo nga, kasi ang ABOCADO, siguro paiikotin lang ang kaso, tulad ni MEREAM LUKARET, para makahakot ng milyonmilyon na pera ng bayan.

      • adam_d_ant

        “malu wang” ang turnilyo:

        buti na lang at me sayad ka … for sure hindi ka papasa sa board …

        inggit ka lang ke miriam … punta ka ng senado, manood ka at batohin mo si miriam ng kamatis .. o di bida ka … that is kung matapang ka  … pero malabong mangyari kasi wala ka din “balls” … he. he. he… neutered na

        ang mga nauuto talaga ni budoy … ngee

  • Platypus09

    Am just glad that the Supreme Court knows how to use statistics in determining the real top ten by using the hundredths of a point to rank the actual ten topnotchers for ten spots only, unlike other disciplines who listed more than one individuals occupying each rank.

    Got the info from a rival newspaper.

    Can any staff of Inquirer post the topnotchers’ list?

    Am glad that the overrated UP testakers or students did not make it to any of the top ten spots.

  • Marlon

    since the establishment of the UP College of Law in 1911, there were only two (2) times that a UP graduate did not enter the Top Ten:

    1) 1984 – wherein SC Associate Justice Maria Lourdes P.A. Sereno was valedictorian of that class

    2) 2011 – wherein SC Associate Justice Maria Lourdes P.A. Sereno is singlehandedly destroying the institution of the Supreme Court

    just my thoughts.

    anyways, congratulations to all who passed.

    to those who failed, there will always be another time or, if you choose to or can’t help it, another path in life to take.

    • Constantine

      You are singling out Justice Sereno huh? Pity you!!!!!

    • Cyrus


  • Nueva

    problema galing sa supreme court ang results lol anyway congrats to the bar passers

    • thiefjustice

      hhhmmmm . . .

  • Nueva

    lol what is logic behind philosophy should you think like that hahahaha

  • Constantine

    Walang taga UP sa top ten.  He he he mukhang pinaglaruan kasi nga the UP College of Law faculty has petitioned the supreme court due to plagiarism case against Justice Del Castillo.  You can start from there.

  • Dennis Yanos

    Based on the various comments, I have to reform my earlier comment:  more idiots in the making!!  Give them some time and they will all join the chorus, circus, and theatrical exchanges not just in courtrooms but in the Senate and House of Representatives playing blind, dumb, and deaf roles in the impeachment of future Thief Justices, Justices, and other thick-faced crooks in public offices.  I hate lawyers.  The dirtiest profession in the whole of mankind.

    • Lateralus

      wuuu di ka lang siguro pumasa lol

    • alfred sanchez

       kawawa ka naman wala ka sigurong kamag anak na abogado o kaibigan na naging abogado kaya hindi mo alam ang pinagdaanan nila, sabagay kung tambay ka lang at nag iinom sa kanto ano pa ieexpect sayo, magtrabaho ka kase para hindi pulitika nasa ulo mo isa ka siguradong salot na squatter dito sa manila na asa lang ang buhay sa pulitiko

  • w4d

    Hopefully, these batch will include the lawyers who will serve with honor, integrity, equality, and fairness whether they practice in private or get elected to public office. But then again, that would be similar to hoping for a corrupt-free Philippines. Parang imposible’…..

  • Jackie Bernardt Viernes

    I am surprised that nobody from the UP College of Law entered the top 10. I am a UP grad and have firm belief in the premier University of our country. Is it a wake up call or another case to taint the reputation of UP Law?

    • Niccolo M

      I’m a UP grad too but I don’t mind if one doesn’t get into the top 10 this year.  It is as if being top 10 in the Bar or any PRC exam guarantees that you are a decent, hard-working, God-fearing, and honest worker.  What we need are not top-notchers, we need a few good men and women.

      • egelvor

        well said!!! Bravo

      • Platypus09

        Sour graping. You know that UP has been grieving with these results.

        UPians are plainly overrated in all of the licensing tests in all fields.

        I will not be surprised if UPian test takers in other fields are being given reviews that are actually taken directly from the exam test questions. And they topped like they are most intelligent students in the entire country. Hmm. And they keep these as secrets or hush – hush..!!  

        Opps, I am spilling the beans..!!!

      • MD Duag

        be careful with these: “given reviews that are actually taken directly from the exam test questions.”that would be a serious accusation. better back that up.

      • Platypus09

        I am not scared with your initimidation, so to let you know.

        Sometimes, the truth hurts. I might be telling the truth though. Let the truth prevail and to set us free, as they say.

        My opinions could be true, depends on how the readers take them. Opinions are open and bound for expression in a democraric country like the Philippines.

        If they think they are only my opinions, then let them be. If they think they are true, let them do what they need to do, like possible future close monitoring and investigation.

        Editor/author, please stop editing my posts. There are other posts worse than mine and you left theirs alone. I posted those thoughts for a reason. There is no need to delete some of them. Please be respectful as I respect yours.

        I did not advocate to delete your article, did I?

      • Kristel Keith Nieva

        This is a very serious accusation you are imposing. You need to have evidences to support you’re claim and not just base on your opinions solely. Tsk.

  • sk2tk


    • Trollollolloll

      shut up. fix your english first then post again. stop typing with your dick!

    • mxhdez

      What on earth are you trying to say? You’re allowed to type in Filipino, I hope you know that. Why can’t we stop stereotyping and just be happy for those who have made it? Some of them are there to fight for our rights and to uphold the law. Just be happy for those that took up Law for the right reasons. 
      Remember, the world by itself has no laws other than the physical laws such as gravity… Therefore, without laws there is anarchy and chaos.

    • adam_d_ant

      you talking about the inutile prosecution group?  can’t figure out what constitutes lying or lying of lying … he. he. he….

      the law are for people who’re smart  … inggit ka lang

      • noelpogi

        Give me 10 lawyers to give his/her opinion/interpretation of 1 article in the constitution and they’ll give you more than 10 interpretations. That’s what lawyers are.

  • trav man

    Do we need more lawyers???? We need country builders: doctors, teachers, engineers!! Not technocrats that distort the truth!!!

    • adam_d_ant

      hmmm   … doctors to work as orderlies in the states, teachers to work as nannies/caregivers all over the world, and engineers as factory workers in other countries as well . .

      why do we need lawyers?  because that’s what these people would like to do …

      why do we have idiots?  because we have close to one hundred million pinoys who’ll never make it as lawyers  …

    • John Roney

      If you know the law, you will also know how to circumvent it …. to steal from your pocket.

  • Niccolo M

    Let’s just be happy for the individual successes of these examinees.  Then let’s pray they work with integrity and professionalism.

  • panaloangtotoo2

    We don’t need another Brenda in the making! Brenda is a result of failing to distinguish what is right anymore – it is due to getting used to favoring parties who can pay more for a winning verdict. 

  • eric draven

    Congratulations sobrang dami pumasa

  • neverwint3r

    congrats to these passers. let’s hope these bar topnothers will be as great like enrile, cuevas, miriam, diokno, etc. this country needs a lot of good lawyers who knows the law and apply it.

  • kevin

    Sad to say but this is the shortcut way to dirty politics… become a politician..

  • Victoria


  • can ger

    Corona is a product of Ateneo and it might be one of these law passers follow his footsteps, what a dangerous! Wake up Phillipines from bad dreams.

  • can ger

    Kahit hindi sana top notcher basta maglilingkod ng tapat at mapabuti niya ang kalagayan ng bansa ay mas higit na kailangan siya ng mga mamamayan, kagaya na lang ng mga magagaling kuno na lawyers who are defending big time criminals, like fortun, sagisag, mendoza, and many more,,linamon sila ng salapi at kinalimutan ang maglingkod ng tapat sa mga mamamayan.

  • Platypus09

    Mr. Bar Topnotcher,

    Hopefully you will NOT be following the footsteps of your co-alumnus Atenean (from Ateneo), Mr. Corona, who has been very BAD in all aspects of his professional life as a lawyer. He has been a BIG shame to this country. Please don’t use him as your professional role model.

    You can do better than that by living and working as a decent and respectable lawyer whom the people of this country could admire or emulate.

    Do what is good for your country by being fair and just in all your judicial decisions, in conjunction with having respectable personal life.

    • sanjuan683

      heheheheheh UNGGOY KA TALAGA wala pa naman hatol very bad na sa iyo. hehehehehhehe Magaling ka pa naman kaya lang paminsan-minsan BOBO ka. Antayin mo ang hatol ng impeachment court huag KA bobo gamitin mo ang pag-iisip mo kung mayroon ka noon.  Kaso mukha wala ka noon . heheheheheheh WHOAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    • Rolando


  • nennen12345

    congratulations to all passers!

    • jesussaints

      Oo nga. Congratulations and GOODLUCK SA PAGHAHANAP NG TRABAHO! HAHAHA

  • rjgc

    Help the poor like Pepe Diokno. 

  • Laki Bayag

    That is one faggity ugly face, and am not talking about mine.

  • Allan

    To all Bar passers. Help the poor.  Don’t be greed. God has purpose why u  pass the exams .and not included on the 3k plus who did not make it.

  • John Roney

    I saw how Senator Santiago lambasted /insulted the prosecutor. It is unbelievable coming from the mouth of an elected senator. She is so unprofessional!!! and bad mouth. She seems to have a psychological problem.
     How did she get elected??

    • josh_dreamer

      santiago constitutionally knows a lot.. that is why shes very confidence unlike prosecution team did not meet the demand of the senator judge.. She can do anything as long as shes one of the member in senator judge.

      • I_kabod

        she can lambast anyone and has every right to speak of all the derogatory remarks she can think of.  

    • sanjuan683

      heheheheheheheh mga gunggong naman kasi ang mga prosecutors nagsampa ng case wala naman pala evidence. Kaya huag ka na makisali sa mga GUNGGONG dahil mahahawa ka ng pagiging GUNGGONG nila. WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

    • I_kabod

       psycho o hindi, hindi ko na iboboto yan. fail!

  • Mark

    It seems matino ang topnotcher na ito, pero teka ano kaya ang fraternity nito. Involve kaya sa mga hazing ng Aquila or Juris.

  • Rizaldy Alejo

    One best  and GOOD lawyer is Atty. Rene Saguisag follow him.

  • Guest

    When I think of Jimeno, I negatively think this is another batch of potential liars. “So young, so corrupt.”

    I hope these are righteous-minded batch that will not bring grief to our country.

    • 7 iron

      ano ka ba bading? ang ganda ni jimeno inaaway mo.

      • Guest

        Hehehe, I like your comment.

    • I_kabod

       ako naman, when i think of jimeno….hmmm i really can’t put my ideas here. baka ma ban ako.

      • Guest

        I’m maybe right what is in your mind.

        Fresh graduate, young, no court experience. It defies my logic why she was selected in the team of veterans, much more she campaigned against Corona in her student days. Common, run your imagination…

        I appreciate bright, young lady-lawyers with righteous fiber in their blood. But this Jimeno, she assumed the public face of Corona and become a bubbling liar in the public.

        Hindi ako bading, ha.

    • neverwint3r

      i don’t know where you got those ideas from, pero mali ang pagkakaintindi mo about the law profession. sabagay, maraming pnoy pa rin ang ignorant what being a lawyer is. try watching some legal shows on tv and maybe you’ll understand.

      lawyers are like doctors. they perform a public service. a doctor has sworn duty to save any patient whether that patient e isang kriminal o santo. lawyers likewise is bound to protect and defend his/her client.

      kaya nga, mali yung stereotype na sinasabi ng iba na, they became a lawyer to protect the weak or innocent. it’s BS. you might be surpised to know that a lawyer cannot select his client(with very frew exceptions), the client selects him.

      just imagine kung lahat ng lawyers will only try to dfend yung innocent e pano na yung mga suspect? in the first place, how will they know their client is guilty? mind-reader ba sila? there’s also a client-lawyer privilege which is sacred, so ang isang abogado di niya pwedeng traydurin ang kliyente niya.

      so it’s complete nonsense to judge a lawyer by his clients. the same lawyer might be defending an innocent man in the future. it’s just part of their job.

      • Guest

        Thanks for sharing the good view. However, I personally experienced the bad view of the profession – I was twice betrayed by 2 separate lawyers.

        Your view is the ideal one and I appreciate lawyers who adhere to this. But again this ideal view is rarely practice in the real world.


      • pedronimo


        Most lawyers defend their income not their clients. They took up law not to practice it but how to go about and around it, the Cueva’s way. No wonder, the phrase “Abogado de Campanilla” came to mean the defenders of the rich and powerful, not of the abused, not of the marginalized. Think about it the hundreds of thousands who dream of becoming a lawyer….to defend the aggrieved? That’s a lot bullshit. To earn a comfortable way of life, that’s more like it. Nothing wrong there, but nothing admirable either.

    • pedronimo

      Jimeno? So young, so beautiful, so smart, but so corrupt.

      • Tsinito

         How can you prove that she is corrupt?

  • noel

    dami na naman pumasa sa bar……sana sa matuwid na daan sila mapunta huwag sa baluktot na daan……

    • I_kabod

       sa maperang daan yan pupunta.

  • generalproblem

    congrats sana di pagnanakaw sa bayan at sa tao ang gawin mo. wag ka sanang tutulad kay corona at sa iba pang lawyer na bulok.

  • pedronimo

    Congratulations to all bar passers especially to the Atenean toppers. However, grades are only icing on the cake. More important is the texture, the firmness, and the rich taste of the cake- and that’s another story, the highest bar to hurdle – the actual practice of law:

  • Hagler

    Congratulations to all bar passers and also sa parents na tumaguyod sa inyo . Sana ay ibalik ninyo sa inyong bayan ang anumang matatamasa ninyo sa hinaharap!

  • Dwight Howard

    San Beda Law got 96.55% (96.67% excluding 2nd takers) passing percentage, the highest among law schools. Why no recognition? UP actually got 89% only (because the 94% excluded the 2nd takers).

  • Dwight Howard

    San Beda Law 96.55% (96.67% excluding 2nd takers)

  • Dwight Howard

    Overall Passing Rate1. San Beda – Manila : 96.55% 2. Ateneo de Manila : 90.76%3. UP Diliman : 89.56% 

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